Animal Stories

Kryssy’s New Playmate

Fred and Kryssy had an amazing sex life. They enjoyed all kinds of physical intimacy, from the vanilla to some things that some consider taboo. Nothing too wild, but things that could possibly horrify those that still think sex should only be missionary with the lights off. One night while they were calming down from a particularly exhilarating romp, they began to talk about fantasies and fetishes they had. They discussed the normal male fantasies, like having 2 women at once, some light BDSM, etc. Fred looked down at Kryssy lying on his chest and asked, “what about you babe? Any wild fantasies or curiosities in that little head of yours?” Kryssy got very quiet, and kind of shifted her body like she was suddenly uncomfortable. “What is it babe? Don’t be afraid to tell me, you know I’d never judge you” Kryssy looked sheepishly towards the foot of the bed, trying her best to avoid eye contact with him. Clearing the lump that suddenly formed in her throat, she quietly began to speak. “There is one thing that has always excited, er, intrigued me, and I’ve never told anyone about it.” Fred sensed her uneasiness, and began to stroke her hair and face, trying to not only calm her down but also to coax out whatever it was she was holding back. After a few relaxing deep breaths, Kryssy began to speak again. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with beastiality. Not like some of those videos with women and horses. But like large breed dogs, Shepherds and Danes and such. Their cocks are not OMG huge, but they’re certainly different from a humans.” The words started flowing more quickly from her, as she began to get a bit more excited talking about it. “Would you ever do anything with a dog like that?” Fred asked her. “Well, I’m not sure” she replied. She paused for a moment, then began to speak again. “It certainly couldn’t be with a dog that was mine, or even a dog that belonged to a family member. That’s too close of a relationship for me.” As Kryssy looked down, she saw a shadow moving, and realized Fred’s cock had sprung back to life. She reached down and grabbed it, and it was just as hard as when they had sex earlier. “Does the thought of that excite you?” she asked. “You wanna see me be taken by a big animal?” His cock beginning to twitch in her hand, he replied “yeah I think that would be beyond hot. I don’t think I’d be ok with you going down on it, but if you wanted to jack one off, or maybe even let it fuck you really good, I would be ok with that.” Kryssy grinned with delight, and began to stroke his cock a little faster. She sensed her partner’s desire to see this happen, and said to him “well if the stars and planets align just right, and the opportunity arose, it’s something that I would probably do.” Now with both of their libidos racing again, Kryssy mounted Fred’s throbbing cock, and rode it to their second joint orgasm of the night before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

On Thursday of that week, one of Fred’s co-workers asked him for a huge favor. His name was Dominic, a life-long bachelor and notorious ladies man. “I’ve gotta go out of town for a family emergency. I didn’t have time to plan anything, so can you help a brother out and keep an eye on the house while I’m gone?” Fred thought for a minute and said “sure, we don’t have any plans for the weekend.” Dominic sighed with relief and said “thanks for helping a brother out. You and the little lady are welcome to just stay the weekend and enjoy the place. It’ll be like a free weekend getaway.” Fred smiled from ear to ear and said “that sounds life a fair trade. We could use a little break if even for just a couple days.” Dominic made good money, and being single had the stereotypical bachelor pad. The biggest selling point of agreeing to house sit was the hot tub that was sunk into the deck off the back of the house. Fred couldn’t wait to get home and tell Kryssy about their impromptu vacation. On the drive home, he was thinking about all the fun they could have in the outdoor hot tub, especially since there was snow in the forecast, which would make it all the hotter. Then a lightbulb came on in his mind. Kryssy had been to Dominic’s a few years back for a barbecue, so she knew all the amenities. What she didn’t know about was Dominic’s newest purchase, and most likely the reason they were asked to watch the house…. Rommel. Rommel was Dominic’s pure bred German Shepherd, a majestic beast with strong legs, broad shoulders and a huge head. Fred sensed this was the perfect opportunity to make one of Kryssy’s fantasies come true. But he would keep this a secret until the time was just right. Thoughts raced through his mind right until he pulled up into his driveway at home. He went into the kitchen where Kryssy was waiting for him with a hug and a kiss. After exchanging their hellos, they sat down at the dinner table, as she already had the meal ready to be served. While eating, Fred looked at Kryssy and said “hey, how would you feel if I told you I had a romantic weekend getaway planned for us?” They had both been working a lot lately, and barely had time for dinner and some good sex before they had to go to sleep, just to get up the next day and do it all over again. “That would be awesome. But I’m sure that’s not in the budget” Kryssy said while looking down at her plate. She knew they both needed it, but wasn’t willing to put themselves in a financial hole that would require them to work even more just to escape it. “That’s the best part babe,” Fred explained to her. “It won’t cost us a dime. Dominic has to run out of town unexpectedly for the weekend, and he asked us to take care of the place. He said we can crash there, and you know how great his place is.” Kryssy looked up at him and smiled, “yeah it is pretty nice, and we could certainly use a few days to ourselves.” When Fred reminded her of the outdoor hot tub and the impending snow, all Kryssy could do was smile. “That settles it then,” Fred said, “we’ll head over there tomorrow after work. Pack your weekend bag” he said to her with a wink and an evil grin, and Kryssy knew exactly what he meant. The weekend bag had everything they would need, like toys, lubes and other things to heighten their sexual experience. They cleaned up the kitchen, and raced upstairs for another glorious romp, both fired up for what the weekend might have in store for them. Little did Kryssy know, it was bound to be way more that she could’ve ever expected.

Friday seemed to drag by for both of them, as they were excited to start their much needed vacation, even if it was just at someone else’s house. Fred had texted Kryssy a list of things to pack for him clothes-wise, so that when he got home they could just pack up the car and leave. Dominic handed Fred the house key on his way out and told him to enjoy, and Fred responded “oh we will, trust me.” Fred raced home so he could shower and get the festivities underway. When he got to the bedroom, he saw Kryssy had both their clothes and the weekend bag packed and waiting on the bed, just as he asked. “Can I visit while you shower?” Kryssy asked, meaning she wanted to smoke a little weed and relax. “Of course silly,” Fred answered her, “you know you never have to ask” About 20 minutes later, they were in the car and off to Dominic’s. It was about a half hour drive away, so this gave them time to catch up on the day’s happenings. They both laughed that they were so consumed with excitement over the weekend that they didn’t get much accomplished at work. Before they knew it, they were pulling into the driveway, and they grabbed the bags and walked to the door. The house was dark when they walked in, Fred going in first to try and find a lamp or light switch. Kryssy stood by the open door, using the natural light from outside to help see. Fred found a lamp and turned it on, and beckoned Kryssy to come in and shut the door. She did so, and walked towards the front room where Fred was standing. When they sat the bags down and turned towards the kitchen, Kryssy looked down and gasped aloud. It was then she got her first glimpse of Rommel. She at first froze in fear, not knowing if the dog would try to attack the strangers that were before him. But the dog and Fred were familiar with each other, so the dog sat quietly. “It’s ok babe, the dog won’t get you. That is, unless you want him to” Fred said to Kryssy with a chuckle. She slapped him on the arm and told him to behave. They both kind of giggled, and walked through the kitchen towards the doorwall, which led to the deck where the hot tub was. Fred told Kryssy to take their bags to the guest room, and he would go get the hot tub fired up. Kryssy took the bags, and could hear the constant clicking of Rommel’s claws on the wooden floors as he followed close behind her. She figured it was just because she was new to him, and he wanted to make sure she wasn’t up to no good. She sat the bags on the bed, and when she turned around, the dog was right there, his snout even with her crotch. The dog began to sniff her most private area, and she tried to push him away. “no no doggy, that’s not for you” she said somewhat nervously. But the dog began to sense she was becoming excited, and began to pick up on the changing scent of pheromones coming from her. Her mind began to swim, and she completely forgot what she was doing. She suddenly heard Fred yelling for her from the kitchen. “You ok babe? You’ve been in there an awfully long time.” This snapped her back into reality. “The hot tub is ready whenever you are.” She hollered back “Ok, let me grab some towels and my stash and I’ll be out in a minute.” She took a deep breath and tried to compose herself. She took the towels and her herb from the bag and turned around to walk out of the room. But the dog was still right there, staring her right in the eyes. She thought to herself, “this is bad. Focus girl.” then she headed to the deck, with Rommel still right behind her.

Kryssy made her way outside, where Fred was already in the hot tub. “What are you waiting for? Get those clothes off and get in here!” She put the towels on the chair he had dragged towards the edge of the tub, and she saw that his clothes were there so it was obvious he was already naked. Fred switched sides of the hot tub, so that he could look back towards the house and see her strip down. Kryssy began to take her top and bra off, and felt something rub up against her pant leg. Again, it was Rommel, and she said to Fred “this dog won’t leave me alone. He hasn’t stopped following me since we got here.” She put her top on the chair, kicked off her shoes and began to prepare to finish stripping down. When she got her pants and thong down to her knees, Fred was smiling, knowing how much he loved her shaved pussy, and how much he was going to enjoy eating and fucking it all weekend. When she bent over to finish pulling them off, Fred saw something he didn’t expect. As Kryssy bent over fully, the dog sensed her wetness, and his penis began to appear from its sheath. This may be the weekend, he thought to himself, but the cards would have to play out just right. Kryssy sat her pipe and lighter on the table Fred had brought over to keep drinks on, and tiptoed into the bubbling water. She waded across and snuggled up next to her lover in the water, trying to keep as much of her naked body under the warm water and out of the nip of the cold winter air. As they relaxed in the water, they began to kiss kiss and let their hands explore. After about a half hour of playing, Fred suggested they take their party to the house where they could stretch out and be more comfortable. She asked if she could hit her pipe before they went in, as she wasn’t sure if Dominic smoked it or not and didn’t want to be rude and do it in the house if he didn’t. Fred told her to go ahead, so Kryssy say up on the edge if the tub to grab the lighter and pipe. As she did this, she spread her legs a bit to keep her balance. Fred looked across the tub, and the dog was staring intently at Kryssy’s pussy, and again his canine cock began to appear. It appeared maybe the stars would align, and he could see his lover give herself to this beast. Kryssy grabbed her items and walked around the outside of the tub towards the towels, moving quickly as to not freeze. She grabbed a towel and began to dry her upper body. When she bent over to dry her legs, she squealed and jumped a bit. Seems that when her legs spread so she could dry them off, Rommel had sneaked up behind her and stuck his nose directly into her wetness, trying to inhale as much of her scent as he could. This took Kryssy by surprise, the feel of his warm, wet, yet somewhat rough nose a new sensation on her bits. Fred giggled, as he saw it all unfold. And much like when they talked of this very scenario in bed that first night, his cock was as hard as steel at the thought of this happening, his beloved being intimate with a wild beast, was beginning to look like more of a reality.

As they made their way into the house, Fred instructed Kryssy to bring pillows and blankets into the front room, thinking it would be great to have sex in front of the fireplace. As he turned the switch to light the fire, he looked across and saw Rommel, with half of his cock still exposed, following Kryssy to the bedroom. As Kryssy grabbed the bedding, she turned around to walk back out and again found Rommel’s nose directly at her wet slit. The feeling of his nose began to grow her excitement, and she spread her stance a bit to allow the dog better access to her area. As she put her head back a bit, she kept mentally repeating “this isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.” She snapped her head back forward, and saw the dog’s tongue beginning to come out from behind his teeth, almost in slow motion. Just as it was about to make contact with her pussy, she hurriedly put her hands in between them. “No, no, this can’t happen.” She grabbed the bedding and side stepped the dog to get out to the front room where Fred was waiting. They laid the blankets down, and snuggled up near the fireplace, using the warmth of the flames to warm their bodies after being naked in the outdoor tub. They began to make out and grind on each other. Kryssy spread her legs a bit more, trying to give Fred more access to slip a finger inside her wetness. Before he could take his hand from her heaving chest and move it down there, Kryssy yelped again. “What the hell!” she exclaimed. Fred asked her what was wrong. “This dog won’t keep his nose out of my snatch. It’s like the third time already.” she explained. Kryssy told him that’s what had taken so long for her to come out with the blankets, that Rommel was standing in front of her with his nose up her business. “You seem to be having quite an effect on him, take a look” Fred told her. Kryssy gasped as she saw that Rommel’s cock was now more than half out of his sheath. The dog inched closer, as Kryssy’s yelp had made him jump back a bit. Fred took Kryssy’s face in his hands, kissed her gently, then began to whisper in her ear. “Touch it. You know deep down inside you want to.” She whispered back to him, “I don’t know if I can.” He assure her it would be ok, that this scenario fit all the criteria she had laid out before. He also told her that, just like with a man, it would be rude to leave the dog all hot and bothered and not provide a release. “Let me hit my pipe real fast. Just to take the edge off.” As Kryssy wrapped herself in one of the blankets, Fred went to grab his phone so he could have a photographic reminder of this night.

A few minutes later they met back on the blankets, laid down, and prepared for what was about to happen. “You’re sure you’re ready and up for this?” Fred asked her. “It’s now or never, and this may be the only chance I ever get. So fuck it, let’s do this.” she said to him. He loved when she talked dirty like this, and his softening cock began to spring back to life. “Come here boy, Kryssy has a treat for you” Fred said, becoming the dog to join them on the blanket. They scooted apart, allowing the dog to have room between. “Spread your legs and let him have a good whiff” Fred commanded her. She did as she was told, and the dog began to sniff around her naughty bits. From where he was laying, Fred could look under the dog, letting him see everything including the dog’s cock as it began to escape its sheath more and more. Kryssy closed her eyes as the dogs breath on her slit was beginning to excite her, causing her to being breathing heavier. Instinctively, just as when she was with Fred, she reached down and spread her pussy lips, giving Rommel full access to her. The moment his rough canine tongue made contact with her clit, she arched her back slightly and let out a low moan. The sensation was like none she had ever experienced before, and it was fantastic. As the dog began to lick her with more fervor, trying to lap up her increasing wetness, Fred called out to her. “Kryssy, you’re getting him very excited. Stroke his cock, let it unsheath and you can see what it looks like when its fully hard.” She did this, and the feel of his doggy cock was something she couldn’t begin to describe. The more she stroked it, the longer it seemed to be getting in her hand. When it was fully out of its sheath, she was shocked at both its length and girth. “It’s so big baby. I’ve never felt anything like this before.” Fred smiled at her, as they made eye contact under the dog as she continued to stroke him. “If it you think it feels big in your hand, wait until you feel it inside you.” Kryssy couldn’t believe her ears, that her lover wanted to see her taken by this majestic beast, the first time they had been intimate together with a third. “Are you sure this is what you want?” she asked him. “No he replied, “its what WE want. Who knows if we would ever have an opportunity like this again.” Kryssy nodded her head in agreement, and released her grasp on the dog’s throbbing cock. “How should we do it? What position would be best?” she asked. Fred gave her a sarcastic smile and said “doggy style, duh!” She stuck her tongue out at him, giggled, and turned over on all fours.

Fred told her to call the dog over to her, and to keep stroking his cock to make sure it stayed hard. She did this, and he began to prepare her for the beastly impaling she was about to get. He put a few fingers in her pussy, to make sure she was good and wet. He pulled a few wet fingers out, and began to spread her natural lube over her asshole. This took Kryssy by surprise, but it wasn’t uncommon for Fred to slip a finger or 2 in her back entrance while they were having sex. “You ready?” he asked her. He heard her gulp and nod her head yes, so he summoned the dog to her waiting entrance. It was only a few seconds before she felt the dogs claws on her shoulders, and she could feel him thrusting the air behind her. She used the glass fireplace enclosure as a sort of mirror, trying to see what was going on behind her. As she squinted in expectation of feeling an animal cock inside her for the first time, she look and saw Fred take hold of the dog’s cock. He had taken some of her pussy juice and worked it up and down the dog’s shaft to make sure it was wet. “Here it comes baby” he told her. Expecting to feel the head between her lips, Kryssy gasped out loud. It seems that Fred was lining the dock’s cock up at the entrance to her ass. She yelped as she felt the head move inside her. She had only had a couple cocks inside her ass before, and Fred’s 6 inches was about the most she could handle. The dog began to thrust more, and Kryssy was moaning loudly. The dog’s cock may not have been as big around as her human lover’s was, but it was certainly longer and was hitting spots that had never been touched before. Fred was busy snapping pictures, of Kryssy’s face contorted with the pleasure of the anal pounding she was receiving, as well as the dog’s cock sliding in and out of her ass. Fred looked and saw not only the dog’s musucular back legs being to tense up, but the dog’s cock began to swell even more. He knew what was about to happen, and wanted Kryssy to get the full experience. He reached down, grabbing the front of her thighs as well as the back of the dog’s legs. Kryssy screamed loudly and arched her back. The dog’s knot had become fully engorged, and was now inside her asshole with the rest of his cock.

Rommel was now thrusting furiously, and was really digging his nails into her soft human flesh. “I’ve never been so full before. It burns, but it feels so good!” she yelled out between labored breaths. Fred sensed they were both getting close to finishing, and reached under her to rub her clit. She began to breath even more heavily, and just as her orgasm began to hit, the dog tensed up and unleashed a torrent of his canine seed inside her ass. Kryssy began to twitch, as a series of orgasm after shocks waved through her. She could still feel the dog’s cock inside her, wanting to break free from him, but having to wait until the swelling of his knot subsided. She called to Fred, and he came to her. She grabbed his cock and began to suck on it like a woman possessed. A few moments later, she felt relief as the dog’s knot subsided and he withdrew from her. Fred went around back, and saw what looked like a river of runny dog semen running out of his lover’s gaping asshole. Being overcome with lust, he grabbed her hips, and with one thrust sank his cock balls deep into her freshly fucked opening. Kryssy yelled out again, not believing what was taking place. Here was her lover, putting his cock in her ass where just moments before a huge dog’s cock had exploded. The slick feeling was too much for Fred to handle, and he digs his fingers into her hips and unleashes his own load of cum inside Kryssy’s ass. He pulled out, and collapsed next to her trying to catch his breath. He opened his eyes as Kryssy asked if he was ok, and he asked her the same question in return. She turned gingerly onto her side next to him, her stretched out ass still more than a little tender from the back to back poundings she had just endured. “Are you glad you did it?” Fred asked her. She licked her lips a bit and responded, “oh God yes. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt, especially when you went right in afterwards.” He kissed her lips gently and told her he was glad, not only that she enjoyed it, but that they got to experience it together. It was the first time they invited anyone else, human or beast, into their lovemaking. But it certainly wasn’t the last time Rommel would be taken care of that weekend……

Animal Stories

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Barnyard Orgy Part 4

Chapter 7 <br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />Had it not been for the little kid’s enormous cock, Lynn would have &nbsp;<br />escaped. The woods were near, close enough and thick enough for quick &nbsp;<br />and safe hiding. She could easily have tiptoed off into the green &nbsp;<br />undergrowth while the older boy, Tyler, turned his back to piss, and &nbsp;<br />while the younger boy turned to watch him. The trouble was that Lynn &nbsp;<br />saw the young boy’s cock for the first time just as he was turning away &nbsp;<br />from her, and his snakelike prick hypnotized her, held her where she &nbsp;<br />stood, held her gawking and open mouthed. The vital seconds needed for &nbsp;<br />her escape passed, and the two leering boys turned toward her again, &nbsp;<br />licking their chops like hungry wolves and flexing their cocks. Lynn &nbsp;<br />continued to focus mainly on the younger boy’s prick. His cock was the &nbsp;<br />biggest cock she’d ever seen in her life, and his prick was growing out &nbsp;<br />of a set of loins no wider than the cock itself was long. It was &nbsp;<br />unreal. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;She likes your prick, Delbert old pal,&quot; Tyler said. <br />&nbsp;<br />Delbert giggled, looking crazy in a shy sort of way. &quot;Do you want me to &nbsp;<br />fuck you?&quot; the younger boy asked, making his pubescent monster cock &nbsp;<br />flop around like a five-pound bass. Despite his grubbiness and his wild &nbsp;<br />hair, which resembled a heap of straw, the little boy had a certain &nbsp;<br />charm, a certain combination of prettiness and sensuality that &nbsp;<br />fascinated Lynn. However, she couldn’t afford now to play games. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;No thanks,&quot; she said. &quot;Look, you guys are in a lot of trouble. If you &nbsp;<br />let us go now, I think I can convince Jenny to forget this whole &nbsp;<br />thing.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Tyler chuckled, and Delbert stood there smiling impishly and stroking &nbsp;<br />his cock. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;I mean it,&quot; Lynn said. &quot;Kidnapping and attempted rape are serious &nbsp;<br />crimes.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />From behind the barn came the sound of a man bellowing like a fucking &nbsp;<br />bull. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;It ain’t attempted rape anymore,&quot; Tyler said. <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn spun around. &quot;Jenny! What are they doing to her?&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Arms as strong as those of an octopus flailed around Lynn’s chest and &nbsp;<br />jerked her back before she could start to run. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Hold it there, baby,&quot; Tyler said, biting through her hair and sinking &nbsp;<br />his teeth into her neck. &quot;Jenny’s getting exactly what she deserves – &nbsp;<br />and likely exactly what she wants.&quot; His thick cock jabbed between her &nbsp;<br />legs, thigh-fucking her. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Let me go, you pig!&quot; Lynn shouted, and she twisted with all her &nbsp;<br />strength. Like the ropes from which she had recently been freed, the &nbsp;<br />boy’s arms tightened the more she struggled against them. <br />&nbsp;<br />The younger boy ran around, dancing in front of her like an obscene &nbsp;<br />puppet. &quot;Let me fuck her, Tyler. Let me fuck her. I know how to do it. &nbsp;<br />I’m good at it.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn kicked out, just missing driving her toes into the little &nbsp;<br />lunatic’s balls. Delbert danced backwards, laughing. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Let me put it in her from behind, the way all the animals do it,&quot; &nbsp;<br />Delbert said, his words juicy and slurred. Spit leaked from one corner &nbsp;<br />of his mouth, gleaming on his brown chin. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;I’d like to see that,&quot; Tyler said, panting out his words as Lynn &nbsp;<br />struggled with him. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;You goddamn pigs!&quot; she shouted. &quot;You act like pigs and you smell like &nbsp;<br />pigs.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Tyler’s fingers clamped her nipples like pliers. <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn nearly blacked out. Red-hot pokers of pain rammed deep into her &nbsp;<br />tits and she saw flashes of black and white light. She howled, biting &nbsp;<br />at Tyler’s arms. A moment later she crashed to the sun-baked dust, &nbsp;<br />Tyler’s rocklike body crushing her. Her jaw crunched the earth, and &nbsp;<br />gritty dust filled her mouth. She gasped for breath, sweat and tears &nbsp;<br />burning her eyes. She tasted blood and dirt. <br />&nbsp;<br />Tyler released her, falling beside her on his back and pulling her on &nbsp;<br />top of him. She lay there limply, aware of what was happening through a &nbsp;<br />haze of dizziness. Her head throbbed. Knots filled her throat. Her legs &nbsp;<br />were spread. A hot ball twisted between her cunt-lips, sliding suddenly &nbsp;<br />to the pit of her cunt. She was fucked, filled with cock. Beneath her, &nbsp;<br />Tyler was grunting like a pig, like the pig he was. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;She’s a wet slut,&quot; Tyler said. &quot;Oh, man, she’s as hot as a furnace &nbsp;<br />inside.&quot; His loins jerked frenziedly, his cock fucking inside her. &quot;Oh, &nbsp;<br />man, this feels good! Oh, man!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Tyler writhed under her, digging his thick fingers into the muscles &nbsp;<br />along her spine, biting her lips and jawbones. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Hurry,&quot; Delbert said. &quot;I wanna fuck too.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Shove it up her ass,&quot; Tyler grunted. &quot;Fuck her ass while I fuck her &nbsp;<br />cunt.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;What?&quot; Delbert said. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Gob some spit on her asshole and shove your cock in.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Wow!&quot; Delbert said. &quot;Hey, man, wow!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn wasn’t fully aware of what was happening until Delbert’s sharp &nbsp;<br />teeth sank into her asshole and he drooled gobs of warm spit down her &nbsp;<br />asscrack. At that moment, the words the boys had spoken roared through &nbsp;<br />her head like a brush fire, and she panicked, clawing at Tyler’s face. <br />&nbsp;<br />Tyler cursed like the devil himself, nearly crushing the bone of her &nbsp;<br />hands to restrain her. He rammed her arms behind her back and pinned &nbsp;<br />them there, meanwhile sinking his teeth into her ear. His breath &nbsp;<br />steamed and hissed like a volcano, and the boy needed to say nothing &nbsp;<br />for Lynn to know that he’d bite her ear off and break both her arms if &nbsp;<br />she struggled any further. <br />&nbsp;<br />Delbert’s stiff finger shot up Lynn’s asshole, making her wince and &nbsp;<br />grunt. She hated the feel of anything up her asshole. As much as she &nbsp;<br />liked to fuck cock with her cunt, she had never tolerated anything up &nbsp;<br />her ass, not even a finger. The idea of that grubby boy shoving his &nbsp;<br />arm-long cock up her ass was more than she could bear. She turned the &nbsp;<br />muscles of her loins to steel. <br />&nbsp;<br />Tyler groaned. His cock jerked inside her. She could feel its beating &nbsp;<br />arteries. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Wow!&quot; Delbert said. &quot;She really likes this. Her asshole’s sucking on &nbsp;<br />my finger.&quot; As he yanked his finger out of her, Lynn felt as if he were &nbsp;<br />pulling her intestines out. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Don’t do it,&quot; she squeaked. &quot;Don’t do it – please! I’ll do anything &nbsp;<br />you want. I’ll give you anything. Just don’t do that. Don’t do that. &nbsp;<br />Oh, please don’t!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Delbert giggled as if she’d said something funny, as if she were only &nbsp;<br />kidding. She felt the heat of his cock even before the fist-sized &nbsp;<br />cockhead burned against her asshole. She held her breath, whimpering, &nbsp;<br />tightening her asshole until the muscles of her loins were on the verge &nbsp;<br />of cramping. Beneath her Tyler moaned, his cock quivering inside her &nbsp;<br />cunt. <br />&nbsp;<br />The boy leaned into her. His slippery cockhead twisted, crushing her &nbsp;<br />asshole, opening her up against all the resistance of her loins and &nbsp;<br />will. Lynn screamed, writhing, nearly losing her ear between Tyler’s &nbsp;<br />savage teeth. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Feels great,&quot; Delbert muttered. &quot;Oh, yeah!&quot; His monstrous cock &nbsp;<br />squeezed up her asshole an inch at a time, until Lynn thought the &nbsp;<br />throbbing thing was going to come out of her mouth. &quot;Mm, her asshole is &nbsp;<br />tighter than Ruby’s cunt. Woww!&quot; The boy fell on her, driving the last &nbsp;<br />few inches of his cock in, mashing her asscheeks with his flat warm &nbsp;<br />belly. <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn bawled. The pain was unbearable. It was as if she’d been impaled &nbsp;<br />on a fence post. <br />&nbsp;<br />Help me,&quot; she whimpered. &quot;Somebody, please help me. Oh, it hurts, it &nbsp;<br />hurts. I can’t stand it.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Tyler released her ear, leaving the sensation of his teeth throbbing in &nbsp;<br />her lobe. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Let’s fuck her now,&quot; Tyler said. &quot;Let’s fuck the shit out of her!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />He released her arms from behind her, and Lynn pulled her arms out from &nbsp;<br />between her back and Delbert’s heaving stomach and let them fall &nbsp;<br />outward into the dirt, let them fall limp and helpless as if she were &nbsp;<br />crucified. She was as good as crucified – crushed between the two boys’ &nbsp;<br />brick-hard bodies, impaled on their merciless teenage cocks. She was as &nbsp;<br />good as dead, her fuck holes stuffed so full that she could feel her &nbsp;<br />tender tissues inside them stretching to the point of tearing. When &nbsp;<br />these boys finished fucking her, she’d be likewise finished. Her loins &nbsp;<br />now felt as if they were going to explode from the pressure. She hung &nbsp;<br />her head in the dirt next to Tyler’s face. <br />&nbsp;<br />Delbert grunted and panted like a billy goat, beginning to fuck his &nbsp;<br />cock in quick, inch-long thrusts in and out of Lynn’s asshole, &nbsp;<br />wriggling his bare young body against her backside. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Ahhh, feels great!&quot; he muttered. &quot;Feels really hot and tight, Tyler. I &nbsp;<br />don’t mind fucking her asshole. I think I like it better than I would &nbsp;<br />fucking her cunt.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Tyler writhed underneath Lynn, fucking his cock in mean circles, &nbsp;<br />bouncing his ass in the dirt and making his cock jerk. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Her cunt’s like hot raw liver inside,&quot; Tyler said. &quot;I bet it feels &nbsp;<br />just as good as her asshole. And it’s tight. Jesus, with you plugging &nbsp;<br />her ass her cunt’s so tight it’s practically skinning my cock. Oh uh, &nbsp;<br />yeah, yeah! Feels good. Ah, great, just great!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn chewed her lips. The cocks were fucking in and out of her freely &nbsp;<br />now, well-lubricated with her fuck juices. Tyler’s cock jerked and &nbsp;<br />screwed, while Delbert’s cock made long slicing thrusts. The younger &nbsp;<br />boy’s cock was endlessly long, seeming to pull out of her asshole in &nbsp;<br />slow motion, then to slice back in until his burning cockhead throbbed &nbsp;<br />in the pit of her belly, throbbed behind her navel. Lynn imagined the &nbsp;<br />boys’ cocks stretching the elastic tissues inside her loins like taffy. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;She’s leaking hot juice on my balls,&quot; Tyler said. &quot;Oh, Jesus, &nbsp;<br />slippery!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Yeah,&quot; Delbert said. &quot;I can feel it too.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;I could fuck like this all day,&quot; Tyler said. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Me too,&quot; Delbert said. &quot;All day and all night. Does it feel good, &nbsp;<br />girl?&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn grunted, letting the boy interpret her answer any way he wanted. &nbsp;<br />She was afraid that if she didn’t answer, the lunatic young punk would &nbsp;<br />fuck her even more savagely, and she’d scream if he fucked any harder. &nbsp;<br />The throbbing pain in her loins had spread throughout her body. She was &nbsp;<br />tense, grinding her teeth together. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;She loves it,&quot; Delbert muttered. &quot;Man, do I love hot girl ass!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;You’d love any kind of ass, you little goat-fucker,&quot; Tyler said. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;How’d you know about that?&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Seth told me.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;That big mouth. Shit, you oughta hear what he does.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Shut up and fuck before the bitch starts cooling off,&quot; Tyler said. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;I’ll fuck,&quot; Delbert said, and his loins hummed, fucking his cock in &nbsp;<br />and out of Lynn’s asshole harder and faster. <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn couldn’t bear it. She whined, howled like a hound bitch at the &nbsp;<br />moon. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Let’s cream her,&quot; Tyler panted. &quot;Let’s blast her full.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn thrashed, imagining herself a stuck butterfly. The big cocks &nbsp;<br />churned inside her, burning her insides with their friction. She &nbsp;<br />twisted, fought, dug her fingernails into the hot dust of the barnyard. &nbsp;<br />She felt Tyler’s cock swell inside her. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Ohhh, yeahhhhh!&quot; Tyler moaned. &quot;Ahhhhh! Ahhhh!&quot; And he began to laugh, &nbsp;<br />bucking his skinny loins, sending jets of jism up her cunt. <br />&nbsp;<br />The spurts of cum jabbed the pit of her cunt like warm fingers. Her &nbsp;<br />cunt tissues quivered, stimulated by the boy’s hot cum. As the boy’s &nbsp;<br />cock swelled to spurt again, Lynn’s clit, filing against his hard &nbsp;<br />prickshaft, stiffened with corkscrews of fuck-sensation. All at once, &nbsp;<br />the ache in her loins transformed from a hurting ache to a fuck ache. &nbsp;<br />She was fucked, creamed, buggered – and it felt good. She loved it. <br />&nbsp;<br />Tyler fired again as Lynn began to corkscrew her ass. Tightening her &nbsp;<br />cunt muscles, she sucked the hot cum out of the boy. Give it to me, &nbsp;<br />squirt me full, she muttered internally. I’m gonna milk you dry, tough &nbsp;<br />boy. I’m gonna suck you so dry you’ll faint. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Ohh, mannnn!&quot; Tyler groaned. &quot;Bitch cunt! Beautiful!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Delbert’s mammoth cock twisted and pistoned, grinding the guts out of &nbsp;<br />her. But his murderous prick no longer felt like a studded fence post. &nbsp;<br />Instead, it now felt like a warm, smooth, oiled tusk, and it gave her &nbsp;<br />pleasure, pleasure such as she had never known. Her asshole felt as &nbsp;<br />good as her cunt. <br />&nbsp;<br />Fuck me, you big-cocked baby, Lynn thought to herself. <br />&nbsp;<br />She squeezed the muscles of her loins to milk the jism from Tyler, she &nbsp;<br />manipulated the ass-fucking cock of the young boy biting and licking &nbsp;<br />her back. <br />&nbsp;<br />Come on, baby, shoot it, she thought. Screw it, shoot it! Come on, you &nbsp;<br />little fucker – cream – cream – creammmmmm! <br />&nbsp;<br />Delbert grunted. His cock jerked spastically. &quot;Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, &nbsp;<br />ahhhhhh!&quot; he bellowed. &quot;It feels so – ahhhhhh!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />The young boy’s cum shot up Lynn’s asshole like streams of volcanic &nbsp;<br />lava. Lynn had never felt jism so hot. The boyish stuff scalded the pit &nbsp;<br />of her belly. Still, she wanted every drop of it, wanted to feel her &nbsp;<br />asshole filled with it, wanted the young boy to shoot until he turned &nbsp;<br />blue in the face. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;I’m coming,&quot; the boy muttered, fucking and pumping and shooting. &quot;Oh, &nbsp;<br />jeez, oh, hell!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />The tension in Lynn’s loins was building fast. Fans of fuck-sensation &nbsp;<br />whirled up and down her cunt, up and down her asshole. Fuck tingles &nbsp;<br />slithered through the bones of her legs, quickly reaching her toes as &nbsp;<br />they clawed the dust. She tried to spread her legs even wider, tried to &nbsp;<br />get the two cocks into her even deeper. She was humping now, humping &nbsp;<br />and writhing, gyrating her fucked ass. All she cared about now was the &nbsp;<br />feeling, the tight, salty feeling mounting in her loins – and she &nbsp;<br />wanted to come, needed desperately to come. <br />&nbsp;<br />Tyler and Delbert shot simultaneously. <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn threw her head back and surrendered to the feeling. The balloon of &nbsp;<br />tension burst. Her loins exploded with orgasm. She whined, this time &nbsp;<br />with the agonized ecstasy of her spasms. <br />&nbsp;<br />Her fingers and toes clawed the dust. The two brick-hard male bodies &nbsp;<br />sandwiched her. She smelled sweat, tasted the blood of her cut lips, &nbsp;<br />jerked with the electrical firings of her loins. Now she knew what it &nbsp;<br />was to be fucked, to be fucked fully, all her fuck holes crammed full &nbsp;<br />of throbbing, shooting cock, her body wrapped in hot male meat. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Fuck meeee!&quot; she groaned. &quot;Ohh, fuck meeeeeee!&quot; She twisted her head, &nbsp;<br />gnawing at Tyler’s neck. It felt so good. <br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />Chapter 8 <br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />The boar was pink and hairy, the kind of pig Jenny imagined when she &nbsp;<br />thought of the word pig. And he was huge, an enormous oval mass of pork &nbsp;<br />and fat. The hillbillies had him penned in a cramped cage constructed &nbsp;<br />of silvery-gray wood. He could do nothing but stand in the pen. He had &nbsp;<br />no room to turn, no room to move forward or backward, no space even to &nbsp;<br />lie down. He snorted malevolently, his snout protruding between the &nbsp;<br />thick wooden slats in front, his curlicue tail quivering between the &nbsp;<br />slats behind. <br />&nbsp;<br />The old man and his bastard son dragged Jenny to the front of the pen &nbsp;<br />and knocked her down in the dirt. The boar jerked in his cage, glaring &nbsp;<br />out and snorting, his flat snout shivering. Flies buzzed around the wet &nbsp;<br />snout. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Homer, meet Jenny,&quot; the old man said. The pig grunted. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Say hello to Homer,&quot; the old man said, putting his dirty foot on &nbsp;<br />Jenny’s ass. &quot;You wouldn’t want my prize breeding boar to think you was &nbsp;<br />unneighborly now, would you?&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Hello,&quot; Jenny said, forcing out the syllables in monotone. They were &nbsp;<br />the hardest two syllables she’d ever been forced to mouth, but she knew &nbsp;<br />enough now to play along with whatever these loonies requested. It was &nbsp;<br />a matter now of survival. <br />&nbsp;<br />Homer’s nose dripped. He was breathing like a locomotive. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Well, well,&quot; said the old man. &quot;I think Homer is taking a shine to you &nbsp;<br />already. He thinks you’re a prize sow. Give the old boy a smooch on his &nbsp;<br />pretty snout, girly. Show him you take a shine to him too.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Like a cat she sprang away &nbsp;<br />on all fours, headed for the woods, headed for the corn fields, headed &nbsp;<br />anywhere to hide and be safe again. Seth dove on her before she’d &nbsp;<br />gotten five feet. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Wanna wrestle?&quot; the boy panted, wrapping his hard body around her and &nbsp;<br />crushing her to the dirt. <br />&nbsp;<br />His cock was like a glowing pipe pressed to her ass. He bit her &nbsp;<br />violently on the shoulders and neck, sinking his sharp teeth into her &nbsp;<br />flesh. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Let me go!&quot; Jenny whimpered, realizing as she spoke the words how &nbsp;<br />futile, how absurd they sounded. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Ever been ass-fucked!&quot; the boy growled. &quot;I love fucking ass.&quot; His cock &nbsp;<br />slid up and down between her asscheeks, slippery and throbbing. <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny tensed, clamping her loin muscles. She’d rather die than have &nbsp;<br />that dirty beast’s cock up her ass. No cock had ever violated her &nbsp;<br />asshole, and no cock ever would. One guy had tried to fuck her ass &nbsp;<br />once, a cop. Now he was a janitor, and he paid her half his salary each &nbsp;<br />month as penance for his filthy ideas. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Hold off there, boy,&quot; the old man said. &quot;First the little lady’s got &nbsp;<br />to pay her respects to the finest old breeding boar in the county. &nbsp;<br />Bring her over.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Seth tried to drag her, and Jenny kicked and scratched. There was a &nbsp;<br />limit to playing along with these lunatics. <br />&nbsp;<br />The old man was laughing. &quot;She’s a wild one, ain’t she? Well, looky &nbsp;<br />here – just in time.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;We tied the other one up in the smokehouse like you said, Pa.&quot; It was &nbsp;<br />the youngest boy’s voice. <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny looked up past Seth’s strangling arm to see Delbert and Tyler &nbsp;<br />swagger over to join the old man. The two boys’ cocks flopped and &nbsp;<br />wagged as they walked. The youngest boy’s cock hung half way to his &nbsp;<br />knees. Lynn must have taken care of both of them, Jenny thought – the &nbsp;<br />way their cocks are flopping soft. She wished now that Lynn was here to &nbsp;<br />take care of Seth. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Fine job,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;You two young ‘uns have yourselves a good &nbsp;<br />time?&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Both boys grinned and stroked their cocks as if they had pet snakes &nbsp;<br />dangling from their loins. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;She’s hot, Pa,&quot; Delbert said. &quot;You wouldn’t believe what I did to her. &nbsp;<br />I shoved my prick up -&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Later,&quot; the old man said. &quot;Plenty of time later to shoot the shit &nbsp;<br />about how we enjoyed ourselves. Right now there’s work to be done. &nbsp;<br />Tyler, boy, you help out Seth with the wild one, and Delbert, I got a &nbsp;<br />job for you.&quot; He pulled the young boy to him and whispered in his ear. <br />&nbsp;<br />Delbert grinned and trotted off. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;All right, you guys,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Haul that bitch over to smooch old &nbsp;<br />Homer.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny kicked and fought with all she had, but Seth and Tyler had hands &nbsp;<br />like vises and arms like cobras. Her toes dragged in the dirt as they &nbsp;<br />hauled her head-first toward the grunting hog. The pig’s huge flat &nbsp;<br />snout grew larger and larger as it drew near to her face, and Jenny &nbsp;<br />closed her eyes. All she heard was the buzzing of flies, the grunting &nbsp;<br />and panting of the hog, the laughter of her tormentors. Then she felt &nbsp;<br />the hog’s steamy breath on her face, and she screamed. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Kiss that hog,&quot; Harlan ordered. &quot;Do it the easy way – or we’re gonna &nbsp;<br />pen you up with him. No telling what Homer might do locked up in the &nbsp;<br />same pen as you.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny found herself on all fours in front of the pig. She puckered her &nbsp;<br />lips. She’d heard about hogs, and she had no intention of getting &nbsp;<br />penned up alone with one – especially with one the size of Homer. He’d &nbsp;<br />sit on her and then he’d eat her. Pigs relished the taste of meat – &nbsp;<br />that she knew. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Let her go, boys,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Stand away and let the pretty girl &nbsp;<br />kiss that pig. Look at her shake. She’s all excited over old Homer.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />The hands released her. Holding her breath, she pressed her lips toward &nbsp;<br />the snout of the pig. The slimy wetness, the heat of the pig’s snout, &nbsp;<br />made her nearly vomit – but she kissed it, smooched it with a loud &nbsp;<br />smack that would satisfy the old man. Homer snorted and licked her &nbsp;<br />face. Jenny fell back, screaming. <br />&nbsp;<br />The males guffawed. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Never saw a female react like that to a nice kiss,&quot; Harlan bellowed. &nbsp;<br />&quot;All right, girly, give old Homer a whiff of your pretty ass. Come on – &nbsp;<br />up on all fours. Let him smell it.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny did as he ordered, shoving her ass close to the hog’s snout. Her &nbsp;<br />throat was so dry it was cracking. The sweat of her body burned the &nbsp;<br />scrapes, cuts, and rope burns on her skin. Her head filled with the &nbsp;<br />buzzing of flies and the incessant laughter of the men. She kept her &nbsp;<br />eyes on the green of the nearby woods, imagining herself safe within &nbsp;<br />its shade. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Back up,&quot; Harlan roared. &quot;Back! Back!&quot; Jenny backed up. She felt the &nbsp;<br />pig’s hot breath on her asscrack and cunt. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Back!&quot; one of the boys shouted. <br />&nbsp;<br />The pig’s hot snout mashed to her cunt-lips. The boar grunted madly, &nbsp;<br />nuzzling her cunt and beginning to lick. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;He’s excited,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Look at the way his cock’s screwing in &nbsp;<br />and out. Stick your hand in there with him, Delbert, and catch his hog- <br />juice when he shoots.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />The pig’s slimy nose and tongue slopped up and down Jenny’s asscrack &nbsp;<br />and cunt-furrow as if he were feeding at a trough. The boar grunted and &nbsp;<br />snorted obscenely. Jenny’s ass was shot through with prickles. Her &nbsp;<br />loins pulsated. As angry and disgusted as she was, she couldn’t help &nbsp;<br />but to wriggle and gasp. The hog’s cunt-eating felt good. The &nbsp;<br />unresolved tension that had built up when she had sucked Harlan’s cock &nbsp;<br />suddenly filled her loins once more. She wanted again to come. <br />&nbsp;<br />The pig slobbered loudly, licking her cunt and asscrack from one end to &nbsp;<br />the other. The bristly hair around his mouth jabbed at her sensitive &nbsp;<br />cunt-flesh like tiny needles. His teeth nipped at her. Her pussy &nbsp;<br />throbbed like a huge raw sore. The pig snorted and squealed. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Look at him shoot,&quot; Delbert yelled, laughing. &quot;His cum’s real hot. &nbsp;<br />Eeek!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Catch it,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Get every drop you can.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny felt the sex-tension building. The realization that the big hog &nbsp;<br />was coming just from licking and sniffing her ass and cunt gave her a &nbsp;<br />strange thrill. She churned her ass, forcing it harder and harder &nbsp;<br />against the snorting hog’s snout. The fuck feelings began to move in &nbsp;<br />her loins. She’d be coming soon – very soon. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;He’s done, Pa,&quot; Delbert said. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Then do it quick, boy,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Feed the cream to the bitch &nbsp;<br />while it’s still hot.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Almost before the meaning of the old man’s words cut through the haze &nbsp;<br />of her consciousness, Jenny saw the grinning boy squat down in front of &nbsp;<br />her and offer her the handful of pig cum. The stuff was thick, and &nbsp;<br />whitish-gray, and the scent of it was much stronger than the scent of &nbsp;<br />any human cum she’d ever smelled. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Drink it!&quot; Harlan bellowed. &quot;Feed it to her, Delbert. Shove it down &nbsp;<br />her throat if you have to.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />At that moment, one of the other boys clapped his hands over her lower &nbsp;<br />and upper jaws, forcing her mouth to gape. Immediately, Delbert dumped &nbsp;<br />the handful of cum into Jenny’s mouth. Her mouth was forced shut, and &nbsp;<br />the hot pig-cum slid down her throat. As the hands released her jaws, &nbsp;<br />Delbert rubbed the rest of the cum into the skin of her face. Jenny bit &nbsp;<br />at his hand, but the boy was too quick and got away. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;All right, drag her around back,&quot; Harlan ordered. &quot;Old Homer licked &nbsp;<br />her pussy, so it’s only fair that the little bitch do some licking &nbsp;<br />herself. I’ll just bet that old Homer would love to have his balls &nbsp;<br />licked.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Her cunt still throbbing with lust, the feel of the pig’s hot tongue &nbsp;<br />still on her pussy slabs, Jenny found herself being dragged to the rear &nbsp;<br />of the pen. The hog’s salty cum made her lips burn, and the taste of it &nbsp;<br />on her tongue and in her throat made her feel dizzy, as if the pig’s &nbsp;<br />cum were whiskey. The boys dropped her on the ground, and she found &nbsp;<br />herself staring at the gigantic pink balls of the old farmer’s prize &nbsp;<br />boar. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Chew on them nuts!&quot; Harlan ordered. &quot;You lick those big balls real &nbsp;<br />good now – unless you wanna end up licking what’s under that twirly &nbsp;<br />tail.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />The moist ass-pucker of the hog glistened in the sunlight, quivering &nbsp;<br />slightly and seeming to pout, as if it wanted a kiss. One look at his &nbsp;<br />asshole was enough to send Jenny to the boar’s apple-sized balls. When &nbsp;<br />it came to a choice between a pig’s asshole and a pig’s balls, Jenny &nbsp;<br />didn’t even have to think. <br />&nbsp;<br />Homer shifted in the close confines of his pen, grunting, as Jenny &nbsp;<br />licked his fuzzy pink pig-balls. His egg-shaped balls felt like huge &nbsp;<br />soft grapefruit under Jenny’s tongue. As she licked and sucked, she &nbsp;<br />could feel humming vibrations in the spongy ball-flesh, could sense the &nbsp;<br />pig-jism brewing inside. This was the lowest, most disgusting act Jenny &nbsp;<br />had ever performed, but what made it most disgusting of all was the way &nbsp;<br />her pussy continued to drool and pulsate, as if she herself were a sow &nbsp;<br />getting turned on by the scent and taste of a randy boar. She was &nbsp;<br />drooling so much pussy juice that she could feel the hot, pasty stuff &nbsp;<br />oozing down the inner sides of her thighs. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;She’s juicing, Pa,&quot; Delbert said, and suddenly Jenny felt the crazy &nbsp;<br />young boy’s tongue lapping the pussy juice off her legs. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Hold it there one second,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;You can lick her legs, but &nbsp;<br />keep your dang tongue off her twat-hole. She’s getting too horny for &nbsp;<br />her own good. Her hole’s liable to swallow your tongue if you get it &nbsp;<br />too close. Seth and Tyler’ll be back directly with something to satisfy &nbsp;<br />the bitch like she really wants to be satisfied.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Over Homer’s jerking in his wooden pen as Jenny polished his balls, &nbsp;<br />over his snorting – over the buzzing of the ever-present flies, the &nbsp;<br />flies that continued to land on Jenny’s naked body, shitting on her and &nbsp;<br />biting her – over Delbert’s moaning and slurping as he licked her legs &nbsp;<br />- over the hum of lust and anger and confusion in her own skull – over &nbsp;<br />all these sounds came the barking and whining and howling of a hound, &nbsp;<br />and Jenny realized at once that they were bringing the big rust-colored &nbsp;<br />bloodhound. She backed away from the pig. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Let me go,&quot; she pleaded. &quot;Let me go and I’ll give you anything you &nbsp;<br />want. You can have my car. I have lots of money. You can have that &nbsp;<br />too.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Shut your bitch mouth,&quot; Harlan said, dancing up close to her and &nbsp;<br />kicking her in the ass. &quot;Eat them pig nuts and keep your dang bitch &nbsp;<br />mouth shut. Suck them nuts if you don’t want to be sucking that hog’s &nbsp;<br />asshole.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Fiery knots filled Jenny’s throat and swept through her stomach. She &nbsp;<br />imagined slicing up the old man’s face with a razor. Never in her life &nbsp;<br />had she hated any man more. But all she could do was to remain on her &nbsp;<br />hands and knees, kissing the hot balls of a grunting hog while she &nbsp;<br />awaited whatever the old man had planned for her. He would loose the &nbsp;<br />dog on her, she was afraid. He would let the dog tear the meat off her &nbsp;<br />bones. The old man had tied up the dog when she and Lynn had arrived at &nbsp;<br />the farm – the huge bloodhound with the mean, wrinkled frown and the &nbsp;<br />long fangs. And now he was going to let the dog loose to devour her. &nbsp;<br />The hound had already probably torn apart Lynn. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Here he is, Pa,&quot; Seth said. &quot;Me and Tyler can hardly hold him.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;This is gonna be wild,&quot; Tyler said. &quot;He was about breaking his chain &nbsp;<br />when we got to him.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Ease him up close to her ass and let him sniff,&quot; Harlan said. &nbsp;<br />&quot;Delbert, quit your dang licking and get your ass out of the way.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Aw, shit!&quot; Delbert said, giving Jenny a quick, last kiss on the cunt- <br />lips. <br />&nbsp;<br />Delbert’s kissing lips were immediately replaced by the cool wet snout &nbsp;<br />of the hound as it nearly shoved its snout up her cunt. The hound’s &nbsp;<br />breath was hot, and the hound whined and whimpered. Suddenly his floppy &nbsp;<br />tongue was lapping up and down her cunt-furrow. The men were laughing. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Red’s prick is out,&quot; Delbert said. &quot;It’s jumpin’ like a long worm.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Just stand aside, boy,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Let old Red put his prick where &nbsp;<br />he wants to. OK, Seth and Tyler, let him go.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Chains rattled, the dog growled, and Jenny’s face rammed into the hog’s &nbsp;<br />balls. With all her strength, she fought to remain on her hands and &nbsp;<br />knees. The hog bellowed squeals, and the dog whined. The huge hound was &nbsp;<br />up on Jenny’s ass, his paws gripping her flanks, his dog-claws tearing &nbsp;<br />her flesh, his hot slippery dog-prick fucking in and out of her cunt. &nbsp;<br />Jenny’s vision blurred, her head wobbled, her ass and pussy pulsated. &nbsp;<br />She was in hell, she was in heaven, she no longer knew where she was. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;He’s fucking her!&quot; Delbert shouted. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;All stand back and let Red do his work,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Keep eating &nbsp;<br />them pig-nuts, girly. Like the taste of pig-nuts, bitch? Like the feel &nbsp;<br />of a hound’s prick in your smelly twat-hole?&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Red likes blonds,&quot; Seth said, and they all laughed. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Want me to snap a few now?&quot; Tyler asked. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Be my guest,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Keep your hands steady if you can. Get a &nbsp;<br />few close up, too.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny chewed at the hog’s inflated balls, sinking her teeth into the &nbsp;<br />fuzzy ball-flesh. It was all she could do to keep from screaming, to &nbsp;<br />keep from wailing out her pain and her pleasure, her degradation and &nbsp;<br />her anger. She was on the verge of violent laughter, and on the verge &nbsp;<br />of tears. She was losing her mind, losing her honor, losing the last &nbsp;<br />vestiges of any innocence she still possessed at her young age. <br />&nbsp;<br />She was sucking on the stinking balls of a boar while fucking the worm- <br />like prick of a blood hound. This was all too absurd to believe – but &nbsp;<br />the hound’s prick was like a glowing poker inside her, and her loins &nbsp;<br />throbbed with the feelings his cock was fucking into them. And the &nbsp;<br />hound’s hot paws gripped her flanks, his long claws gouging her flesh. &nbsp;<br />It was happening, really happening. Jenny had never been more certain &nbsp;<br />of anything in her life. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Go, Red!&quot; Seth shouted. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Look at him hump her,&quot; Delbert said, giggling. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Ain’t never seen old Red fuck any bitch that good,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;His &nbsp;<br />prick’s pumping like a truck piston.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />The bloodhound howled, banging his hairy belly at Jenny’s upturned ass, &nbsp;<br />fucking his thin prick in and out of her cunt faster than any human &nbsp;<br />prick Jenny had ever felt. Not even some of the star athletes she’d &nbsp;<br />allowed to fuck her had fucked her with such agile speed. Her cunt &nbsp;<br />tissues sizzled from the friction of the hound’s fucking. The &nbsp;<br />unbearable fuck tension that had been striving to burst from her loins &nbsp;<br />for an hour now began once more to mount toward release. Small &nbsp;<br />prickling balloons began to inflate throughout her loins. Her clit &nbsp;<br />jerked and quivered as if electrified, stimulated by the intense &nbsp;<br />fucking of the hound’s slippery prick. Her pussy slabs were swelling, &nbsp;<br />and as she wiggled her ass, the juicy slabs shimmied against each &nbsp;<br />other, sucking the big hound’s prick. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Look at old Red’s eyes,&quot; Delbert said. &quot;They look like their gonna pop &nbsp;<br />out of his head.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;He’ll be coming directly,&quot; Harlan said, and before he’d got the words &nbsp;<br />out the hound’s orgasm began. <br />&nbsp;<br />The first spurt of dog-cum felt like a darning needle spearing the pit &nbsp;<br />of Jenny’s cunt. Jenny grunted, her loins jerking. The spurts of dog- <br />cum came hard and fast, like jets of hot water. The hound’s claws sank &nbsp;<br />deeper into the muscles of Jenny’s flanks. Warm dog spittle dripped &nbsp;<br />over her back. The hound’s prick flexed and jumped like a long stiff &nbsp;<br />finger. The hound whimpered. <br />&nbsp;<br />The men cheered, shouting at Red to fuck the shit out of her, to blast &nbsp;<br />the guts out of her. Red growled, humming his spurting prick inside &nbsp;<br />Jenny, leaning into her with all of his bulk of bone and muscle. Jenny &nbsp;<br />strained to remain up, strained to prevent her face from being driven &nbsp;<br />down against the slats of the hog-pen. If she were to collapse, the &nbsp;<br />hound would crush her, snapping her head off at the neck to finish her &nbsp;<br />off. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Lick them hog nuts!&quot; Harlan bellowed. &quot;Fuck that dog prick!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny licked the hog’s balls fiercely. They ballooned and contracted. &nbsp;<br />The boar’s ass shuddered, and she could hear him grunting and &nbsp;<br />squealing. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Homer’s shooting again,&quot; Delbert yelled. &quot;I’ll catch his cum.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny groaned with lust. The knowledge that she’d brought the boar off &nbsp;<br />again by simply licking his balls filled her once more with a strange &nbsp;<br />thrilling satisfaction. The prickling streams of fuck feelings that &nbsp;<br />always signaled the approach of her orgasm began to move in her body, &nbsp;<br />crawling up her spine, sliding down the core of her legs. When the &nbsp;<br />feelings reached her toes, when they reached her nipples, her lips, her &nbsp;<br />fingers, her entire body would flash with orgasm. She screwed her ass &nbsp;<br />in mad circles, fucking the hound’s prick, shimmying her pussy-lips &nbsp;<br />against each other to bring herself off. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Get Red off her,&quot; Harlan Yelled. &quot;Quick, before she gets what she &nbsp;<br />wants.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny swore as the hot dog-prick slid out of her, cursed as rough hands &nbsp;<br />gripped her asscheeks and forced her cheeks and pussy-lips apart. The &nbsp;<br />wind rushed inside her cunt, instantly quenching her first flickers of &nbsp;<br />orgasmic fire. She remained there shaking, the fuck tension throughout &nbsp;<br />her body on the edge of exploding, but stifled again. To make things &nbsp;<br />worse, Delbert’s grubby brown hand appeared near her face, offering her &nbsp;<br />once more a palmful of boar’s cum, hot and fresh from the boar’s balls. &nbsp;<br />And Jenny could do nothing but to drink, to lap it from the boy’s hand &nbsp;<br />like a kitten lapping up a saucerful of milk fresh from the cow. The &nbsp;<br />pig’s cum tasted bitter. The scent of it nearly knocked her out, but as &nbsp;<br />disgusted as she was with having to eat the slimy stuff, her lust raged &nbsp;<br />on. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Oh, fuck!&quot; she whined. &quot;Oh, damn it!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Here’s your chance, boy,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;She’s begging for it now.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Goddamn,&quot; Seth said. &quot;I’ve been waiting for this.&quot; And he mounted her. <br />&nbsp;<br />The feel of human hands on her flanks now, the feel of Seth’s big &nbsp;<br />teenage cock jerking against her ass, caused Jenny to coo and laugh as &nbsp;<br />if she were drunk. She licked the last of the pig cum from Delbert’s &nbsp;<br />hand, gyrating her ass against Seth’s cock and muttering, &quot;Shove it in &nbsp;<br />me. Shove the big thing in me. Oh, shove it in.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Give it to her,&quot; Harlan urged, and Tyler and Delbert encouraged Seth &nbsp;<br />in the same way, telling him to ram his cock in her and fuck her good. <br />&nbsp;<br />Seth slid the head of his hot cock up and down Jenny’s asscrack and &nbsp;<br />cunt-furrow, lubricating his prick with her fuck-slime, lubricating his &nbsp;<br />cock with the fresh cum of the big bloodhound, whom Jenny could now &nbsp;<br />hear whimpering and growling as somebody restrained him, Jenny rotated &nbsp;<br />her ass like a fan, crazy for the feel of the cock inside her. All her &nbsp;<br />life it had been the men who had gone crazy over her, it had been the &nbsp;<br />men who had begged her to let them slip their cocks into her body, but &nbsp;<br />now it was she who was begging. She could hardly believe the words &nbsp;<br />coming from her mouth as she pleaded with the grubby farm youth to fuck &nbsp;<br />her. <br />&nbsp;<br />Seth twisted his cock hard against her ass-pucker, massaging her &nbsp;<br />asshole. The stimulation felt good, but Jenny needed no further &nbsp;<br />stimulation. What she needed was the boy’s cock fucking in and out of &nbsp;<br />her cunt. She would come seconds after the overgrown hunk of male &nbsp;<br />cockmeat started fucking against the walls of her cunt. That was for &nbsp;<br />certain. She couldn’t remember having ever been this horny. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Shove it in – please!&quot; she moaned. &quot;Oh, please!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Seth’s fingernails gouged her raw flanks, holding her steady. Jenny &nbsp;<br />held her breath, relaxing herself, opening herself for deep &nbsp;<br />penetration. For a moment she was aware only of perfect blissful &nbsp;<br />silence, aware only of the pounding of her heart, of the quivering of &nbsp;<br />her sweat-misted body, of the openness of her cunt. Her lust was &nbsp;<br />exquisitely unbearable, on the knife-edge of complete satisfaction. She &nbsp;<br />felt the boy plunge into her. <br />&nbsp;<br />The spectators roared with glee. The bloodhound howled. Seth grunted &nbsp;<br />like a bull. Jenny felt her loins stuffed as if with an arm. For a &nbsp;<br />moment she felt total ecstasy, knowing that she was fucked at last – &nbsp;<br />and then the agony tore through her asshole. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Goddamn!&quot; she screamed. &quot;Oh, God, no!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />But it was too late. Seth’s billy-club prick throbbed in her asshole. &nbsp;<br />She was impaled on it to the hilt, the boy’s hard loins mashing her &nbsp;<br />asscheeks. She felt all her strength melt. Just missing skinning her &nbsp;<br />face off on the rough wood of Homer’s pen, she collapsed into the dirt, &nbsp;<br />crushed down by the panting, grunting, fucking youth. His cock fucked &nbsp;<br />in and out easily, savagely fucking her asshole. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;I got her in the ass,&quot; Seth muttered. &quot;I’m fucking ass. Oh, bitch &nbsp;<br />baby, you’re so tight up the shithole. Ahh! Ahhh!&quot; He gnawed at her &nbsp;<br />neck, her shoulders. He ripped at her hair with his teeth. His tight &nbsp;<br />belly smacked her ass. His cock fucked to the depths of her loins. <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny chewed her fist, tasting dirt and sweat, tasting a little blood, &nbsp;<br />still tasting the hog’s cum. Tears of anger blurred her vision. She &nbsp;<br />writhed helplessly in the dirt, rubbing her tits raw. Her asshole was &nbsp;<br />on fire. <br />&nbsp;<br />The hillbillies were all chanting, screaming like a mob for Seth to &nbsp;<br />fuck the guts out of her. Seth was laughing and growling and muttering. &nbsp;<br />He’d become an animal. His prick felt hotter and harder inside her with &nbsp;<br />each thrust. Jenny began to hump back at him, jerking her tightened ass &nbsp;<br />back up at him in self-defense. She found that the pain was less if she &nbsp;<br />moved with him instead of lying under him passively and limply. With &nbsp;<br />each savage downward cock-thrust, Jenny banged her ass up to meet his &nbsp;<br />prick, hoping to knock the wind out of his stomach. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;She’s a humping hot sow if I ever seen one,&quot; roared Harlan. &quot;Is she &nbsp;<br />tight, boy?&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Ohhh, Goddamn!&quot; groaned Seth. &quot;She’s tighter than a mule.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;I wanna fuck her,&quot; Delbert said. &quot;Hurry Seth.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;You’ll get your chance later, boy,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Give your brother &nbsp;<br />his piece now. He’s got it coming. He’s been waiting a mighty spell for &nbsp;<br />this.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Seth got his arms under her, wrapping them around her, filling his &nbsp;<br />hands with her tits. His fingers tightened like pincers on her nipples. &nbsp;<br />Shafts of pain shot through her tits. Her cunt and asshole cramped. She &nbsp;<br />whined like a she-cat, her fingers and toes clawing the dirt. <br />&nbsp;<br />Seth’s cock flexed wildly. Whining just as loudly as Jenny, he pulled &nbsp;<br />out and rammed in frenziedly. His cock began to quiver, and he began to &nbsp;<br />grunt like a boar. As he slammed in, nearly driving both cock and balls &nbsp;<br />up Jenny’s asshole, a great shudder racked his cock. At that moment, &nbsp;<br />Jenny felt the boy’s first spurt of hot cum shoot the pit of her &nbsp;<br />asshole. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Ahhhhh!&quot; Seth cried. &quot;Uhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!&quot; Another spurt creamed Jenny’s &nbsp;<br />asshole, and the youth bellowed. <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny relaxed for a moment, fascinated by the sensation of cum &nbsp;<br />squirting inside her asshole. This was something brand new, something &nbsp;<br />she’d never dreamed she would experience. The boy shot again, then &nbsp;<br />again. Jenny’s loins pulsated, responding to the spasms of his cock, to &nbsp;<br />the spurting of cum. Unbelievable, but her loins were tighter now with &nbsp;<br />fuck feelings than they’d been yet at any time since this ordeal began. &nbsp;<br />The ass-fucking, the spasming, shooting cock imbedded up her ass, had &nbsp;<br />stimulated both her cunt and asshole as if she’d been cunt-fucked by &nbsp;<br />some marvelous stud football player. She had not a second to waste. She &nbsp;<br />writhed with all her strength, stretching her muscles, curling her &nbsp;<br />toes, tightening her cunt and shimmying her pussy-lips together in a &nbsp;<br />last all-out attempt to bring herself to orgasm. Immediately she felt &nbsp;<br />the tight tingles begin to stream through her arms and legs, up her &nbsp;<br />spine, up and down and around and throughout her loins. Her cunt and &nbsp;<br />asshole flashed hot and cold, every nerve prickling as if they’d been &nbsp;<br />scoured, then sloshed with sea-water. Jenny squealed with absolute joy. &nbsp;<br />Nothing could stop her orgasm now. It was beginning, coming. She rolled &nbsp;<br />her eyes with pleasure. <br />&nbsp;<br />The spasms nearly knocked her out. She clawed at consciousness as hard &nbsp;<br />as she was clawing at the dirt. She couldn’t pass out now. She must &nbsp;<br />experience every agonizing bit of this orgasm even if it killed her. &nbsp;<br />She’d always marveled at the way her orgasms felt so good that they &nbsp;<br />almost hurt, but this orgasm was far beyond any she’d before &nbsp;<br />experienced. This orgasm was sheer pain, sheer pleasure – an ecstasy so &nbsp;<br />intense that it caused her to curse and shriek as if she were being &nbsp;<br />flogged with barbed wire. She ached to roll her naked body into a ball &nbsp;<br />and to crush the feelings out of her loins, but she was laid flat-out, &nbsp;<br />pinned face-down under the slobbering, grunting, spurting youth, and &nbsp;<br />all she could do was to lie there like a pinned butterfly and wriggle &nbsp;<br />as her orgasm drilled into every cell of her body. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;She’s so tight!&quot; Seth groaned. &quot;Oh, Jesus! Asshole squirming inside &nbsp;<br />like a nest of hot worms. Oh, man! Ahhh!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />The contractions of his cock were lessening, the last cum oozing out of &nbsp;<br />him, but Jenny had a long way to go. As her orgasm continued she wished &nbsp;<br />she could die. But she knew she wouldn’t. She knew this orgasm would &nbsp;<br />continue torturing her to near insanity, and that she would remain &nbsp;<br />fully awake, jerking and quivering to its every agonizing twinge, &nbsp;<br />squealing her pleasure like a sow. <br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />Chapter 9 <br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />The door to the smokehouse stood open, allowing Lynn to look out &nbsp;<br />directly upon the woods. She watched the dry breeze as it twisted and &nbsp;<br />swooped through the summer leaves, making them quiver and turn and &nbsp;<br />flutter, allowing Lynn to see them from every angle under the softening &nbsp;<br />wash of the late-afternoon sun. The breeze seemed actually visible to &nbsp;<br />her now, visible as a flow of heat waves scurrying this way and that &nbsp;<br />among the leaves. The smokehouse was suffocatingly hot, but Lynn felt &nbsp;<br />fairly comfortable, being stark naked, bathed in sweat, and having &nbsp;<br />plenty to drink. Tyler and Delbert, after fucking her mouth and &nbsp;<br />asshole, had wrapped a chain around her waist and padlocked her to the &nbsp;<br />iron stove in the center of the hut-like smokehouse. As she sat on the &nbsp;<br />bare ground of the smokehouse floor, she leaned back against the cool &nbsp;<br />iron of the stove, watching the breeze in the leaves, daydreaming, and &nbsp;<br />drinking the wine and water the two boys had left her. Oh, such wine! <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn had never tasted wine like this. It had to be homemade. A deep &nbsp;<br />rose color. A little bubbly. And tasty. Lynn smacked her lips after &nbsp;<br />each sip. And potent. The first sip had made her giggle. The alcohol &nbsp;<br />had shot directly to her brain. And now she’d been sitting here for &nbsp;<br />what seemed like hours, sipping and giggling and sipping more. The boys &nbsp;<br />had left her a half gallon of the stuff in a glass jug, and she’d &nbsp;<br />sipped down more than a quart. The wine made her terribly thirsty, and &nbsp;<br />she sipped water along with the wine. She’d drunk nearly a half gallon &nbsp;<br />of that, and her bladder was screaming for relief. She continually &nbsp;<br />crossed and re-crossed her naked legs, trying to avoid pissing in the &nbsp;<br />dirt under her ass. <br />&nbsp;<br />Despite the ballooning of her bladder, Lynn felt good. She couldn’t &nbsp;<br />remember ever having sat alone like this just relaxing and daydreaming. &nbsp;<br />It seemed that she’d spent every waking moment of her life in the &nbsp;<br />company of Jenny. Jenny was a good old girl. Life was never boring with &nbsp;<br />Jenny around. And the two of them were both rich and popular. That was &nbsp;<br />Jenny’s doing too. The scheme of blackmailing all those men had been &nbsp;<br />Jenny’s idea from the start. Lynn had just played along. Yes, Jenny had &nbsp;<br />given Lynn a good life. Still it was good to sit like this by herself &nbsp;<br />and to daydream and relax. And it felt good even to be chained up. &nbsp;<br />She’d never felt quite so sexy – naked and chained, her ass still &nbsp;<br />throbbing with the feel of the enormous cock that had fucked her. <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn glugged down some more wine, sucking it directly from the wide &nbsp;<br />mouth of the jug. The rosy liquid dribbled out of her mouth as she &nbsp;<br />drank, dripping from her chin to her tits. She giggled as she carefully &nbsp;<br />placed the jug back on the earthen floor. Her tits and belly were all &nbsp;<br />sticky now with dried and drying wine. Some of the wine had even run &nbsp;<br />down into her cunt-bush. She was beginning to smell like a wine bottle, &nbsp;<br />but she didn’t care. She imagined herself a whore-slave, a tramp. How &nbsp;<br />disgusting she must look! She giggled. If the rich boys could only see &nbsp;<br />Miss Lynn Smith now, she thought. Would they kiss her ass now, or would &nbsp;<br />they piss on her? Who cares? She might enjoy that for once – getting &nbsp;<br />pissed on. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Lynn, you’re the whore of the earth,&quot; she said out loud, listening to &nbsp;<br />the words stumble out of her mouth. She wasn’t quite sure, but she &nbsp;<br />seemed to be moving and speaking in slow motion. Forming the words with &nbsp;<br />her lips and tongue was something like a game now. &quot;Lynn, you’re quite &nbsp;<br />drunk,&quot; she said, vaguely aware that there was something wrong with the &nbsp;<br />way she’d pronounced the word drunk. Somewhere in the distance Jenny &nbsp;<br />was screaming. And all those guys were shouting and laughing. The &nbsp;<br />sounds seemed to come from very far off, carried on the dry wind. She &nbsp;<br />could hear the hissing rustle of the woods more loudly. Jenny screamed &nbsp;<br />again, and that big red dog was yapping. Something was happening, but &nbsp;<br />Lynn had long ago given up trying to imagine what. She’d been listening &nbsp;<br />to the intermittent screams and shouts and barks for what seemed like &nbsp;<br />hours now. Those sounds had become natural to her ears, blending in &nbsp;<br />perfectly with the rustling of the woods, with the chirping of birds, &nbsp;<br />with the glugging sound of the wine in the bottle as she drank. <br />&nbsp;<br />She studied her body. A drop of wine hung from one of her purplish &nbsp;<br />nipples. She carefully lifted her tit, leaned her head forward, and &nbsp;<br />licked the luscious droplet off her nipple. Her loins flooded with &nbsp;<br />tingles. She giggled. <br />&nbsp;<br />This all felt good. The temperature was just right – dry and toasty. &nbsp;<br />The sweat covering her body made her feel slippery and sexy. She rubbed &nbsp;<br />her legs together, they shimmied against each other as if oiled. Her &nbsp;<br />crotch throbbed, the piss-ache and the fuck-feelings all blending into &nbsp;<br />one. The heavy chain around her middle – part silvery, part greasy and &nbsp;<br />black – cut gently into her belly-flesh like a tight belt. Even the &nbsp;<br />feel of the chain was sexy. She’d had dreams about being chained up &nbsp;<br />like this, she’d had dreams about being sexually abused, but she’d &nbsp;<br />never imagined that they would one day come true. Now it was happening &nbsp;<br />- and it was really quite exciting, even more exciting than her dreams &nbsp;<br />had been. And the wine was good, too. The wine was very good. She &nbsp;<br />picked up the jug and poured some more down her throat. <br />&nbsp;<br />She might have dozed after that. She had no way of knowing. But &nbsp;<br />suddenly she was no longer alone. The glare of the sun, and silhouettes &nbsp;<br />danced before the doorway of the shed. She smiled at the figures, &nbsp;<br />having the strange sensation that she was suddenly being visited by &nbsp;<br />pagan gods from the nearby woods. <br />&nbsp;<br />The figures entered the shed and began to unchain her, their hot, &nbsp;<br />coarse hands falling everywhere on her naked body. She giggled, letting &nbsp;<br />them paw her. She even spread her legs, wishing one of them would shove &nbsp;<br />his hand up her cunt. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Come on, dizzy cunt,&quot; one of them said. &quot;Time to get some sun.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Let me fuck her first,&quot; the other one said. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Nothing doing,&quot; said the first one, chuckling. &quot;Your pa wants her &nbsp;<br />outside now. Plenty of time for fucking later. He says we can have the &nbsp;<br />other one all to ourselves all night.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Shit!&quot; the second said. And four hands gripped her by the arms and &nbsp;<br />shoulders and dragged her, toes dragging, out into the white-hot glare &nbsp;<br />of the sun. <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn giggled all the way. She even giggled when they dropped her onto &nbsp;<br />the hot, dusty clay of the barnyard. There she sat, blinded by the &nbsp;<br />sunshine and by the wine-blur. She was aware of another naked body on &nbsp;<br />the ground next to her, pressing up against her side. A hand fell on &nbsp;<br />her tit, the fingernails clawing. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Lynn,&quot; the body next to her whispered. &quot;Lynn.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Giggling, Lynn forced the hand away. &quot;Jenny, don’t pinch my boob!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />A huge foot fell on Lynn’s thigh. She looked up, recognizing the hazy &nbsp;<br />face of the old hillbilly farmer. Through the blur, he looked even more &nbsp;<br />comical than she had remembered him. His gray hair and shaggy beard &nbsp;<br />appeared to flare out in all directions, his head like that of a lion. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;You look happy,&quot; the old man said. &quot;Been having a good time?&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn giggled. &quot;Wheeee!&quot; she squealed, feeling crazy. <br />&nbsp;<br />The old man chuckled. &quot;That’s what I like to see – a pretty gal like &nbsp;<br />you feeling good, having a good time. I bet you’re just aching to get &nbsp;<br />your pussy licked.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn giggled. &quot;Lick my pussy, Daddy.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;I’ll lick it!&quot; Delbert cried. <br />&nbsp;<br />Trough her woozy haze Lynn could see the young boy dancing before her &nbsp;<br />with his tongue hanging out, With that arm-long prick of his up and &nbsp;<br />wagging like an excited dog’s tail. <br />&nbsp;<br />The old man grabbed the boy’s arm before he could pounce on her. &quot;Damn &nbsp;<br />it, boy, hold off. You’ll get to do all the cunt-licking you want &nbsp;<br />tonight. Right now we’ve gotta give these pretty gals the chance to do &nbsp;<br />some cunt-licking of their own.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Delbert and the other two boys cried out and whooped and the old man &nbsp;<br />gave Jenny a kick in the ass, sending her sprawling on top of Lynn, &nbsp;<br />cursing. Lynn was tickled, suddenly finding Jenny squirming on top of &nbsp;<br />her, and she wrapped her arms and legs around her friend, wrestling her &nbsp;<br />and giggling. Lynn couldn’t resist kissing Jenny all over the face and &nbsp;<br />humping her horny cunt at Jenny’s belly. Lynn had been aching to make &nbsp;<br />out with Jenny for years, but Jenny had never allowed it, always &nbsp;<br />playing the bitchy resistant role. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Let go of me, you bitch!&quot; Jenny growled. &quot;What in the hell are you &nbsp;<br />doing? You’re drunk out of your mind. Get the fuck away from me!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny clawed and punched Lynn until Lynn finally gave up, letting Jenny &nbsp;<br />roll away from her. Despite the new scratches pulsating in her neck and &nbsp;<br />shoulders, Lynn rolled on the ground, laughing giddily, the exciting &nbsp;<br />feel of Jenny’s naked flesh still pasted to her own. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Now that ain’t nice,&quot; the old man said. &quot;That ain’t nice at all. &nbsp;<br />Little Lynn is all hot and wants to fuck, and little Jenny throws her &nbsp;<br />off. That ain’t nice, Jenny.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;That ain’t nice,&quot; Lynn said, lying in the dust, panting. <br />&nbsp;<br />Her arms and legs were thrown wide, and the sunshine and wind licked up &nbsp;<br />and down her body, under her arms and between her legs like a huge hot &nbsp;<br />tongue. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Lick my cunt!&quot; she cried to nobody in particular. <br />&nbsp;<br />She’d never in her life felt so uninhibited, so dirty. She’d imagined &nbsp;<br />acting the role of the complete slut, but only in her most secret &nbsp;<br />daydreams. Now she was acting it out in real life. Her cunt throbbed. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Suck my cunt!&quot; she yelled. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;You heard her, bitch,&quot; the old man growled at Jenny. &quot;Suck your pretty &nbsp;<br />girlfriend’s cunt.&quot; He dropped to one knee and rammed two or three &nbsp;<br />fingers up Jenny’s ass. Then, appearing to pick Jenny up on those &nbsp;<br />fingers, he flung her forward until she plopped between Lynn’s spread &nbsp;<br />legs in a cloud of dust. <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny resembled a mad cat. Lynn had never seen such a look of anger and &nbsp;<br />disgust in her friend’s eyes. The effect though upon Lynn was only &nbsp;<br />further giddiness. Jenny looked absurdly funny. Lynn grabbed her cunt- <br />lips and yanked her pussy wide open, then drove her spread crotch at &nbsp;<br />Jenny’s face. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Suck my pussy!&quot; Lynn squealed. &quot;Oooh, Jenny, suck my pussy! I love &nbsp;<br />you, darling. Taste me. Eat me out.&quot; The words flew out of her mouth. &nbsp;<br />Lynn humped, sliding her open cunt-furrow up and down Jenny’s shocked &nbsp;<br />face. <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn gushed. Jenny’s face looked as if she had been slapped with a &nbsp;<br />sopping towel – flushed and dripping. Jenny’s reluctant tongue finally &nbsp;<br />came out and began to slither up and down the throbbing edges of Lynn’s &nbsp;<br />pussy-lips. The feeling was marvelous. Lynn squealed and groaned. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;If that ain’t the damnedest thing I ever seen,&quot; the old man said. &quot;You &nbsp;<br />young ‘uns watch this close now. You might learn something. Tyler, get &nbsp;<br />up close and get us some nice shots.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn was aware of the spectators milling around herself and Jenny. She &nbsp;<br />could hear their panting, their whistling, their muttering. She could &nbsp;<br />hear clicking noises periodically. But she was too interested in &nbsp;<br />watching Jenny suck out her cunt to focus her eyes on anything but &nbsp;<br />Jenny’s bobbing head. She could hardly believe that that beautiful &nbsp;<br />blond head was actually between her own legs. When she and Jenny had &nbsp;<br />been small girls Lynn had licked Jenny’s hot crotch to orgasm a half- <br />dozen times, but Jenny had always refused to return the favor. Now, &nbsp;<br />after all these years, Jenny was finally sucking Lynn’s pussy. Lynn had &nbsp;<br />never witnessed a sight more satisfying. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Taste good?&quot; Lynn asked. &quot;I bet you love it. I bet you’ve been wanting &nbsp;<br />to do this for years, but you’ve just been too chicken.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />She leaned forward and ran her hands through Jenny’s hair, feeling &nbsp;<br />Jenny’s warm scalp under her palms. She gripped Jenny’s head and worked &nbsp;<br />it in circles, guiding Jenny’s flicking tongue over every inch of her &nbsp;<br />crotch. Her cunt writhed inside with the feeling. She threw her legs &nbsp;<br />around Jenny’s head and tried to force Jenny’s entire face up her &nbsp;<br />gaping cunt. Jenny choked, suffocating between Lynn’s legs. Lynn &nbsp;<br />released her and Jenny sucked in air. <br />&nbsp;<br />The onlooking males let out a chorus of exclamations. Jenny’s face was &nbsp;<br />scoured red as a beet, her nose dripping pussy juice. Lynn loved her. &nbsp;<br />She threw herself forward and kissed Jenny all over the face, savoring &nbsp;<br />the taste of her own pussy juice. A new impulse hit her. She wanted now &nbsp;<br />to suck Jenny’s cunt, to suck Jenny’s cunt while Jenny continued to &nbsp;<br />lick and suck her own. She threw herself in the dirt and wrapped her &nbsp;<br />arms around Jenny’s loins, turning Jenny on her side and thrusting her &nbsp;<br />head between Jenny’s legs. They were sixty-nining now, sixty-nining on &nbsp;<br />their sides, and Jenny’s cunt was oozing more pussy juice than Lynn &nbsp;<br />could believe. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Mmm!&quot; Lynn moaned. &quot;Mmmm! Mmmm!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />It tasted good. It felt good. This was almost like sucking herself off. &nbsp;<br />Lynn had sixty-nined many times with boys before, but never with &nbsp;<br />another girl. This was so much easier than sucking cock. Just lick and &nbsp;<br />suck and nibble, with lots of slurping. No throatful of hot cockmeat to &nbsp;<br />choke on. No aching deep in her throat as a big cock stretched her &nbsp;<br />tender tissues. <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny’s head was firmly clamped between Lynn’s thighs. Jenny’s tongue &nbsp;<br />was buried deep in Lynn’s pussy, twisting and thrusting, rubbing Lynn’s &nbsp;<br />sensitive cunt tissues until she wanted to scream. Lynn thrust her own &nbsp;<br />tongue up Jenny’s crotch. Jenny was like a seething cauldron inside, &nbsp;<br />and Jenny was full of jism, the most potent jism Lynn had ever tasted – &nbsp;<br />and Lynn had tasted the jism of hundreds of males. What’s more, jism &nbsp;<br />was leaking out of Jenny’s asshole. The realization that Jenny, like &nbsp;<br />herself, had today been fucked up the ass, made Lynn groan with &nbsp;<br />excitement and happiness. <br />&nbsp;<br />Up the ass feels good, doesn’t it, honey? Lynn thought. It feels almost &nbsp;<br />better up the ass than it does up the cunt. We’ve both been ass-fucked &nbsp;<br />now, honey. We’re like twin sisters. <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny groaned, as if in response to Lynn’s thoughts. She munched wildly &nbsp;<br />now at Lynn’s crotch, and Lynn returned the favor, sucking and chewing &nbsp;<br />Jenny’s pussyslabs like a ravenous wolf. Hot feelings were building in &nbsp;<br />her loins, and she could sense the same incredible tension mounting in &nbsp;<br />Jenny’s loins. They’d both be coming any moment. Lynn crushed Jenny in &nbsp;<br />her arms and legs, humping furiously while she sucked. Within seconds, &nbsp;<br />her orgasm struck. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Uhhhhhhhh!&quot; Lynn grunted. &quot;Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhhhh!&quot; She felt the &nbsp;<br />world spinning end over end. Her loins cramped with spasms. She was &nbsp;<br />aware of her toes crossing and clenching. Then Jenny’s cunt was &nbsp;<br />throbbing around her lips like the hot walls of a living heart. &nbsp;<br />Electrical tingles passed from Jenny’s spasming cunt into Lynn’s lips. &nbsp;<br />Their crotches throbbed in unison. Lynn humped and writhed, swallowing &nbsp;<br />the pussy juice that ran from Jenny’s cunt. <br />&nbsp;<br />Awhile later – it seemed like minutes – Lynn uncurled, falling away &nbsp;<br />from Jenny and relaxing breathless in the dirt while a dry breeze &nbsp;<br />fluttered over her body. Before she could catch her breath, Harlan had &nbsp;<br />picked her up and was carrying her away under his muscular arm. <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn giggled.

Animal Stories

Sat, 17 Nov 2012 14:37:58 UTC

Cherry Hill riding club part 6

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Jenn was halfway downstairs when she saw Emily. Their eyes met, and Emily was hoping she had not shoved their relationship beyond the breaking point. When Jenn got to the bottom of the stairs, she took 3 steps, and pulled Emily against her, hugging her tightly.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Thank you Mom, for making me feel so much better&quot; Jenn whispered in Emily’s ear.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily relaxed a bit, and enjoyed the feel of Jenn’s sexy teen body against hers. Jenn pulled back, gave Emily a look and brought Emily’s head forward, pressing her lips against her Mom’s, giving her a drawn out, passionate smooch. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Mom, can we go out for dinner? I’m so hungry, and I don’t want to waste time making dinner, when we can just sit back, relax, and let our favorite restaurant do all the work for us!&quot; Jenn said, smiling.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Sure baby, just let me grab the car keys, and we’ll be off&quot; Emily replied. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Soon, they were seated at Carlo’s Trattoria, Emily and Jenn were both big fans of Italian food, and Carlo’s had the best they had ever tasted. Since they were regulars, and Carlo was very happy every time when they came in, and he got to ogle their fine, sexy forms, Carlo allowed them the liberty of letting Jenn have wine with her meal. Where he came from, back in the old country, wine was as much a part of a fine dinner as plates and silverware. Jenn was 17, she was with her Mom, and Carlo thought the age limits for drinking alcohol were really excessive. He agreed with age limits in bars were young teens would do nothing but get drunk, or worse, end up driving drunk and killing themselves. In his trattoria, no one got trashed, his diners were responsible drinkers, and Carlo had no problem when Emily ordered a glass of wine with dinner for both of them. They settled back, talking about everyday things, not really mentioning what had occurred between them earlier. That changed to some degree, after Jenn had downed some of her wine.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Mom, what happened earlier, I just wanted you to know, I liked it, I liked it a lot, and don’t feel bad, or guilty. It’s not like you took advantage of me, I knew what was going to happen when you removed the ice bag, and I saw the look of sexual hunger in your eyes as you looked at me pussy. I spread my legs just a bit more when you saw my pussy, and I realized that I couldn’t wait to feel your tongue against me. My poor pussy was so red and sore, I got fucked so hard, and your soft wet tongue really helped me feel better, bringing on that wonderful wave of orgasm. I hope that I licked you as good as you did me, did you enjoy it Mom?&quot; she asked, her eyes gleaming. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily recalled the heat, the feel of her pussy being licked by the skilful, experienced tongue of her daughter, as she replied, &quot;Oh baby, it was fantastic. I haven’t been licked like that since your Dad passed away four years ago.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; That stopped them for a minute, it had been 4 years since their husband and father, Will Lawner had died in a car accident. His car had skidded off an icy road, flipped over and over, and he had been killed at the scene. It was still a pretty fresh wound, and they didn’t talk about it too much. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn said, &quot;So you liked how I licked you?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily said, &quot;Oh yes baby, you licked me so well, and gave me a wonderful orgasm. Your tongue was so hot and wet, so good, ummmm, it felt like you knew what you were doing. All those sleepovers with Cherry no doubt taught you how to lick pussy so well, I imagine you had more than few sessions between that girl’s thighs, right?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn gasped, her face turning bright red. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily giggled, and said, &quot;No worries baby. I didn’t spy on you, but more than a few times, I’d heard giggles, sighs and now and then what sounded like moans of pleasure coming from your room late at night during your sleepovers, I’d been tempted to peek in, but I’d resisted that urge.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; With a grin, Jenn replied, &quot;Judging by how well you can do that Mom, I’d say that you did your share of muff diving, didn’t you?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily giggled wildly, and Jenn joined her. Muff diving, she hadn’t heard that for a long time.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; After their laughter died away, Emily said, &quot;Yes, I was a muff diver, and I loved it! I learned how to lick pussy when I was accepted by my sorority. The idea was that we should be free and open with our sisters, and I licked every sorority sister, many times. Those were great times, there was lots of one on one times with my sisters, and once a month, in the secret, specially designed playroom that only the sisters knew about, there’d be an all sister orgy, and oh my god. Licking, being licked, using dildos and vibrators on each other, cries of delight, shrieks and howls of orgasm would fill the playroom as my body would cum, over and over, surrounded by my sexy sorority sisters who were cumming all over the place, also. It was an all sorority sister, all night orgy, and I would cum so many times, I was totally exhausted when I tumbled into bed, just as dawn was breaking.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily’s face was flushed, and she could feel the dampness as her pussy creamed up at the recall of those hot, sex filled nights. Judging by Jenn’s flushed face, she had a feeling that Jenn was similarly turned on.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; With a giggle, Jenn said, &quot;Well, your talents are still razor sharp!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Their conversation came to a halt as the waiter approached, and they set about to eating. The Fettuccine alla Fra Diavola, fettuccine pasta served with large shrimp in a spicy garlic tomato sauce that Emily ordered, was perfect. Jenn was equally enthused about her dish, Fusilli al Salmone, corkscrew pasta served with fresh salmon and leeks in a pink vodka sauce. They were hungry, and didn’t let the meals sit out on the plate long enough to get too cool. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn started talking about Cherry, what a wild child she could be. Emily wondered if Jenn was going to tell her about her day at Cherry Hill, but Jenn didn’t. Emily realized that it could have been too much for Jenn to share at this time, no problems, she would see for herself soon enough, hopefully.&nbsp; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A week later, and Emily hit the mark. A DVD, with the title &quot;Cherry Hill riding club part 7 Jenn&quot; had been added to Jenn’s collection. Oh god, this was it. Emily could feel her lust factor go from 0 to 100 in seconds, her pussy started to cream up, and she could her nipples become stiff, rock hard points. Jenn was out with her friends at a bridal shower, Emily figured she’d have more than enough time. Just in case Jenn came home early, she set the security chains, that had to be opened from the inside. She quickly got her 8 inch vibrator, and scurried back to Jenn’s room. Her pussy was practically dripping, she wouldn’t need any extra lube.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She turned on the DVD player and TV, and inserted the DVD. It cued up to the beginning as she propped up three pillows against her back, and spread a thick bath towel right under her ass as she settled herself into position. The way her pussy was dripping with lust, she figured she’d need it. Try explaining to Jenn why her quilt had a giant wet spot! </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She took the remote, and pressed the PLAY button. The action began as the others had. Jenn was riding a horse around a sun dappled meadow, the camera following. She steered the horse towards the camera, and she saw Jenn’s face, alive with lust, her eyes gleaming with heat. The scene changed, they were now in the barn.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She heard Cherry’s voice &quot;Are you ready to become a full fledged member of the Cherry Hill riding club baby?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn growled out huskily, &quot;Oh fuck, more than ready. Your popping elixir has made me so fucking horny, I’m dripping! Bring on the horse cocks, I need it!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry stripped Jenn naked, and ordered Jenn, &quot;Now, down on your knees baby.&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily knew she’d explode way too early if she even nudged her clit, so she cupped her breasts, fingers tweaking at her hard, aching nipples, feeling the surge of pleasure going straight to her creaming cunt. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn knelt, and Cherry led Midnight in. She secured his legs, then let Jenn stare at the cock. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Now, stroke that big cock, watch his cock grow baby.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn did so, and her look of wonder as she watched that massive cock surge up was recorded as Cherry had taken the camera off the tripod, and was in for the close up action. She played with his cock, until his huge cock was throbbing.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Now, lick that cock, run your tongue up and down that hard cock.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily watched, her pussy creaming crazily, as Jenn’s pink tongue slid out, and she started to run her tongue up and down Midnight’s huge shaft. She ran her tongue down the hard shaft and back up again, she licked at the head, then her mouth went down and up again, Jenn’s tongue started to flicker all over his shaft. She then ran her mouth down again, planting a line of kisses along the shaft, then she went lower, licking at the big balls, running her tongue around them.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry growled huskily, &quot;Oh yeah Jenn baby, ummm, you know how to handle a cock, now, give Midnight the best suck job you can, you’ll love it when he fills your mouth!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn swirled her tongue back up, and licked eagerly at the strange looking head. Emily could see her licking her lips, making them as slick as possible, and then she watched her very own daughter lean in and open her mouth as wide as she could. Both of Jenn’s hands were wrapped around his pole, stroking his thick cock and Jenn was barely able to squeeze the strange looking head in to her mouth. It looked like a tight fit, but once the head was in Jenn’s mouth she slid her lips down his shaft as far as she could. Jenn made it a few inches, pulled back, then slid her mouth down again, she was able to take little bit more, and Jenn got into the rhythm of the blow job, as she started to bob her head back and forth, taking in just a little bit more each time. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily growled, &quot;Oh yeah baby, suck that cock, suck it, and let that beast spew his cum all over you!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn picked it up, she knew how far she could take it, and her lips started to glide back and forth smoothly, her mouth sucking on him, hands pumping that cock, eager for her first load of horse cum. Emily could hear her making little &quot;mmm, mmm, mmm&quot; sounds around his cock as she sucked him. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry said, &quot;Oh yeah Jenn, good girl. Work up Midnight’s cock to a gusher, you’ll love it!’ </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; With encouragement like that, Jenn worked over that cock, as as Midnight started to snort, Emily rammed her vibrator deep inside, turning it on and feeling the tremors deep down inside. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily could see Midnight’s cock throbbing and pulsing wildly, his huge cock squirting, Jenn’s cheeks bulged with the volume. She looked like she was trying to swallow as much as she could, but she had to pull her head back and his cum spewed out. Jenn gulped down what was left in her mouth as Midnight wasn’t done yet and his wildly squirting cock was now giving Jenn a full facial, covering her face with a sheet of cum. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; That sent Emily roaring over the top, seeing her daughter doing such perverted nasty sex just made her crazy, and her pussy exploded with a force that brought shrieks of pleasure from her, she could feel her cunt squirting like a hose, her body jerking and thrashing wildly, she was cumming like crazy, my god, it was one of her most powerful orgasms. She kept her eyes open, watching as Jenn pointed his big cock down at her body, still pumping that beast, and Midnight’s cock obliged, thick ropes splattering, warm cum splashing, long, thick trails all over her body, neck, tits, belly, her smooth shaven mound all got splattered.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn stood up, grinning, her body displaying the work of her horse cock sucking, letting the camera film her face, covered with dripping horse cum. Her tongue came out, licking at some of the thick, sticky semen around her lips. The camera then trailed lovingly over her body, capturing the explosive, gushing orgasm that Midnight had unleashed on Jenn’s mouth and body.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry’s voice, said, &quot;Did you like that baby?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn cried, &quot;Oh my god, I fucking loved it!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry said, &quot;Then you’ll love what’s coming next!&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The camera was placed back on the tripod, then Cherry led Jenn over to the fucking table. On the table, on her hands and knees, Jenn let out a growl of lust as she was strapped down. Cherry took the jar of lube, and spread a generous sized glob of lube along Jenn’s lips, then added two more that were slid up her tight tunnel, when you are going to take on such a monster cock, there’s no such thing as too much lube.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry left the frame for a minute, when she came back, she was leading Snowflake towards Jenn.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry cooed, &quot;Come on Snowflake, we’ve got a nice hot pussy for you, all ready to be fucked hard and filled up.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; With Cherry’s hands stroking at him, Snowflake’s cock quickly grew, and she ran thick globs of lube up and down, making Snowflake’s massive fuckpole glisten. She signaled to him, he knew what that meant, and he lifted his front legs, and they slid into the grooves built for them. Jenn was positioned so that long knob end was against her tight pussy lips. Jenn’s shrieks of pain filled the speakers, Emily’s cunt was throbbing, she started to ram herself with her dildo as she watched Jenn, her very own daughter, losing her horse cock virginity to a horny stallion in a deep, hard thrust. The screams and shrieks of Jenn losing her horse cock virginity, as that rock hard horse cock split open her tight pink walls, the panting of the horse, the liquid sounds of Jenn’s pussy getting fucked deeper than ever, filled the speakers. After several cunt splitting thrusts, the lube took away the abrasive edge, and Jenn, like the other members of Cherry Hill, seemed to be able to take the huge pole, she was starting to let out sounds of pleasure. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The camera was lifted off the tripod, and moved in for extra hot, close up shots. The camera moved around the table, capturing hot shots from all angles. Jenn’s face was turned to the side, glowing, she looked almost delirious with pleasure.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn growled, &quot;Oh yeah horsey, fuck me horsey, fuck me, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily’s favorite scene was where she could see Jenn’s eager pussy stretched wide around that massive shaft. She imagined herself in that position, strapped down, getting the most cunt filling fuck ever. She felt her pussy give a giant lurch, Emily had been fucking herself silly with the dildo, polishing around her throbbing clit, and she knew she was seconds away. Fortunately, so was Jenn.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn shrieked out, &quot;I’m cumming, fuck, fuck FUCK, AWW GAWWDDD!!&quot; and she let out a wild scream of pleasure. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The horse let out loud snorts, and Emily could just imagine the huge load of thick creamy cum filling Jenn’s pussy. Emily felt her own throbbing pussy explode, as her cunt burst apart in a blast of sheer pleasure, and her howl of orgasm joined the sounds from the TV. Fuck, it felt like she was turning inside out as her body flopped around on the bed, she felt like she was out of control, as she finally slumped down, breathless, watching as Cherry helped the horse down, letting him wander through the barn. Jenn’s pussy had been filled to overflowing, and the camera closed in on her well filled hole.&nbsp; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;And now for my fun part, the extra special service you only get at Cherry Hill, cleaning up all the horny, messy pussies my horses create!&quot; Cherry giggled.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry put the camera back on the tripod, and moved it closer to the action. She positioned the bench right behind Jenn’s up-thrust ass. Facing the camera, she slipped off the robe she was wearing, giving the camera a full frontal view of her nudity. Emily saw that her mound was shaved bare and smooth, she looked so sexy, and Emily wondered how it felt to be hairless down there. She smiled to the camera, then she took a kneeling position on the bench, and plastered her mouth against Jenn’s well fucked cunt, ready to clean up that messy, tasty pussy.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She heard Jenn coo, &quot;Oh yes, lick me Cherry, suck out all that tasty load of horse cum, and make me cum baby!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry was more than eager to do so, and Emily watched, her cunt still buzzing, as Cherry’s mouth and tongue worked on getting that load out of her. She watched as Cherry slipped her hand down, eager to stroke herself. Cherry applied her oral skills to giving Jenn the best lick job she could, and it took little time before Jenn cried out in pleasure, as Cherry skilfully brought her cresting to another orgasm. Emily could hear Cherry’s moans into the soupy mix she was eagerly licking up, as her fingers brought herself to climax. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry faced the camera, smiling, from the nose on down, she was plastered with a mix of Jenn’s juices and a thick sheet of horse cum, thick streams dripping off her chin, splattering down over her tits. Streams started to dip off her tits, other streams were rolling down the valley between her breasts, and roll down her belly. She did this for a minute, letting the cum make thick trails on her body, she opened her mouth, showed the thick spunk that her mouth was filled with, then eagerly swallowed it down, giving the camera a big grin of satisfaction. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Ummm, my favorite part, I love being a horse cum slut. Cherry Hill riding club, were my horses will make you feel so good, come and ride a big stallion’s cock, and you’ll cum like never before. I’m looking forward to the next horny pussy, all messy and so juicy with a huge load of horse spunk, that I can lick clean!&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry giggled, blew a kiss to the camera, and the screen went blank.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily was floating in a hazy afterglow, god, she’d never seen anything so fucking hot in all her life. She was determined to be part 8 of the Cherry Hill volumes, and she was going to confront Cherry very soon.&nbsp; <br />&nbsp;</p>

Animal Stories

Sat, 05 Apr 2014 18:07:49 UTC

Barnyard Orgy Part 3

Chapter 5 <br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />It was a blazing sunny afternoon, and the fresh country air had cleared &nbsp;<br />Harlan’s head. He was on his way back to the farm, and he felt like &nbsp;<br />singing, but instead he listened to Tyler and Seth discuss their doings &nbsp;<br />last night with Candy Lee. So it was true after all – what Seth had &nbsp;<br />claimed happened last night. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Oh, and didn’t she cuss us out when she peeled off in her big &nbsp;<br />Lincoln?&quot; Seth said, slapping Tyler’s knee. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Swore like a trooper,&quot; Tyler said. &quot;Called us every damn name under &nbsp;<br />the sun.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;And we just stood there and laughed, Pa,&quot; Seth said. &quot;You shoulda seen &nbsp;<br />us.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Harlan smiled, shifting the pickup into second gear as they neared the &nbsp;<br />crest of a steep hill. &quot;Piss on her, eh? Well, I guess you young ‘uns &nbsp;<br />could afford to chuckle at her mean-mouthing and name-calling after &nbsp;<br />you’d pissed on her.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />He shifted the truck back into third, and they coasted down the &nbsp;<br />backside of the hill. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Pissed on her and down her throat,&quot; Seth said. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Down her throat?&quot; Harlan said. &quot;You boys is shitting me now.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Harlan listened to both boys swear they’d pissed down her throat. The &nbsp;<br />more he listened to the two boys, the more he questioned whether he &nbsp;<br />should believe any of their story. At the same time, they sounded &nbsp;<br />mighty convincing, and Harlan did want to believe their story. It was &nbsp;<br />the best story he’d heard in years, and it kind of made up for the &nbsp;<br />story Cal had told him this morning about Jenny Kane and Lynn Smith. &nbsp;<br />Seth and Tyler had done justice to that bitch city woman, Candy Lee. &nbsp;<br />And that was good. Too bad, though, that they couldn’t have got hold of &nbsp;<br />Jenny Kane and Lynn Smith instead. Those were the two meanest city &nbsp;<br />bitches Harlan had ever heard of, and after listening to their foul &nbsp;<br />mouths last night he was churning inside with anger toward them. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;How’s Delbert doing back there?&quot; Harlan asked to get his mind off &nbsp;<br />Jenny and Lynn. <br />&nbsp;<br />Seth and Tyler, sitting side by side – Seth in the middle, and Tyler &nbsp;<br />next to the passenger door of the pickup – swung their heads to look &nbsp;<br />through the rear window. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Laying on that pile of gunny sacks and sleeping like an old hound &nbsp;<br />dog,&quot; Seth said. &quot;His hair’s blowing in the wind like a horse’s tail, &nbsp;<br />but he’s sleeping like he ain’t never gonna wake up.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Harlan chuckled. He’d had to carry Delbert from Ruby’s bed – where Ruby &nbsp;<br />had been herself sleeping like Rip Van Winkle – and he’d thrown the &nbsp;<br />snoring boy on the pile of gunny sacks in the open rear box of the &nbsp;<br />pickup. He’d safety-pinned a sack around the boy’s naked loins, making &nbsp;<br />him look like a naked baby in a gunny sack diaper. Delbert would likely &nbsp;<br />wake up cussing with itchy balls, but the boy had grown too big for &nbsp;<br />Harlan to attempt to dress him while the boy was knocked out. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;He’ll likely sleep for a week,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;The fool boy fucked &nbsp;<br />himself near to death.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Seth and Tyler laughed. Seth slumped in his seat and plopped his large &nbsp;<br />bare feet up on the dash board, and Tyler did the same. Within a few &nbsp;<br />minutes, both boys closed their eyes and began snoring. <br />&nbsp;<br />Lazy young ‘uns, Harlan thought. Don’t want to do nothing but fuck and &nbsp;<br />sleep. <br />&nbsp;<br />The pickup was moving through open country now. Shoulder-high midsummer &nbsp;<br />corn waved like grasses on the hills to the right and left. That &nbsp;<br />summery scent of sun and sweet clover rode on the wind through the open &nbsp;<br />windows. Harlan felt drowsy. His cock was bone hard, and he rubbed his &nbsp;<br />prick as he drove. Somewhere along the way he was going to have to stop &nbsp;<br />and jerk himself off. His cock felt like his prick was about to split &nbsp;<br />down the middle. Ruby Adams, Candy Lee, Jenny Kane, Lynn Smith – he &nbsp;<br />couldn’t get any of those bitches out of his mind. He’d never raped a &nbsp;<br />female before, but if any of those bitches were to appear to him now, &nbsp;<br />he’d stop the truck and fuck their bitch city asses right there in the &nbsp;<br />middle of the road. <br />&nbsp;<br />Seth and Tyler snored in unison. Their four big feet lay plastered &nbsp;<br />against the windshield, and their chins slumped onto their bare chests. &nbsp;<br />Tyler’s jeans were as worn out and faded as Seth’s, and Harlan could &nbsp;<br />see the boy’s hard prick throbbing in his pants. Tyler’s prick wasn’t &nbsp;<br />enormous – no more than eight inches, Harlan guessed – but it was still &nbsp;<br />a respectable size, big enough to choke Candy Lee near to death. Lucky &nbsp;<br />goddamn pricks, Harlan thought, imagining the two boys fucking Candy &nbsp;<br />Lee. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Shit!&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Goddamnit!&quot; He had half a mind to turn the truck &nbsp;<br />right around and to speed back to the city and find himself a city &nbsp;<br />bitch to fuck with his aching ten inches. <br />&nbsp;<br />That wouldn’t work, though. The hogs needed feeding. And two days worth &nbsp;<br />of chores had piled up. They had to get back to the farm. All that work &nbsp;<br />to do. <br />&nbsp;<br />He was glad now that he’d agreed to bring Tyler along. The boy was &nbsp;<br />going to stay for a few weeks, and he’d promised to help with the &nbsp;<br />chores. A good strong boy, same size as Seth – that was Tyler. And &nbsp;<br />Harlan could sure use the extra help. <br />&nbsp;<br />Shit, Harlan thought, maybe Tyler would be enough of a help that Harlan &nbsp;<br />himself could rest a few days, maybe sneaking back to the city to enjoy &nbsp;<br />a fuck vacation like Delbert had enjoyed yesterday. He needed a rest, &nbsp;<br />needed some good tight fucking – surely he did. In five years now, ever &nbsp;<br />since his wife had died, Harlan had done hardly any fucking. No &nbsp;<br />slippery-cunted wife around to slide his prick inside, and the young &nbsp;<br />’uns abandoning the farm one at a time, with only Seth and Delbert left &nbsp;<br />- shit, it wasn’t fair. He was working harder and harder and fucking &nbsp;<br />less and less. It wasn’t right. Shit, he deserved a restful week in the &nbsp;<br />city, fucking every bitch he could lay his hands on. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Damn right!&quot; Harlan said out loud. &quot;Goddamn right!&quot; He grabbed his &nbsp;<br />cock and squeezed, feeling the hot sensations shoot through the core. &nbsp;<br />He felt his eyes roll. <br />&nbsp;<br />Up ahead, amidst the heat waves rising from the blacktop a half mile &nbsp;<br />off, Harlan thought he saw figures dancing. So horny I’m hallucinating, &nbsp;<br />he thought. Next thing you know I’ll see scarecrow dancing out of the &nbsp;<br />cornfields and parading down the road like a marching band. He shook &nbsp;<br />Seth. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Wake up, boy. What’s that you see up ahead?&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Seth sat up, rubbing his eyes. &quot;What, Pa?&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Up ahead, near the top of that hill. Accident or something?&quot; As the &nbsp;<br />truck drew closer, Harlan could see tiny figures standing in the middle &nbsp;<br />of the road, jumping up and down and waving their arms. A blob of &nbsp;<br />bright yellow was perched next to the figures, reflecting the intense &nbsp;<br />sunlight. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Car trouble, maybe,&quot; Seth said. <br />&nbsp;<br />Next to him, Tyler sat up and leaned forward to take a look. <br />&nbsp;<br />They were a quarter-mile away now. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Hey,&quot; Tyler said, &quot;I know that car. Only one car like it I ever seen. &nbsp;<br />Can’t be more than one. Yellow Corvette. Belongs to a rich cunt called &nbsp;<br />Jenny Kane.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Harlan braked the truck, and the boys braced their hands on the dash &nbsp;<br />board to save their heads from the windshield. &quot;Jenny Kane, you say?&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Harlan could make out the jumping figures now. They were two females &nbsp;<br />for sure – shaped like hourglasses. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;That’s right,&quot; Tyler said. &quot;You know her? Hangs around with another &nbsp;<br />bitch called Lynn. Big-shots around town. Ain’t worth stopping to help. &nbsp;<br />Once they get what they want they’ll spit in your eye.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;We’ll see about that,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;They know you, Tyler? They know &nbsp;<br />you on sight or by name?&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Fuck no,&quot; Tyler said. &quot;They won’t look twice at anybody who ain’t &nbsp;<br />rich. Now if I was to drive a Rolls Royce, and if I was to get my hair &nbsp;<br />cut once a week at the beauty shop and put on fancy clothes, why then &nbsp;<br />they might notice I’m alive.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Don’t worry, boy,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Just play along with whatever I say, &nbsp;<br />and maybe we can get those bitches riding your dong.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;No way,&quot; Tyler said. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Just play along, boy. Hear? And you too, Seth.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Harlan pulled the pickup onto the shoulder of the road behind the &nbsp;<br />yellow Corvette. Jenny and Lynn, looking like a set of Playboy &nbsp;<br />centerfold twins in their bare feet, their slick tennis shorts, and &nbsp;<br />their matching yellow bikini tops, came running up to the side of the &nbsp;<br />truck, their waist-length hair trailing behind them in the breeze. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Oh, thank God!&quot; the blond one said, smiling coquettishly with polished &nbsp;<br />teeth. &quot;Can you help us? Our car broke down.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Yes,&quot; the brunette said with the same smile. &quot;Our car broke down &nbsp;<br />twenty minutes ago, and you’re the first people to come along.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;We’ll see what we can do,&quot; Harlan said. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Meanwhile, you two fine ladies climb in here and rest yourselves. &nbsp;<br />Dang, your pretty feet are likely blistered from the asphalt. Mighty &nbsp;<br />hot day. Seth and Tyler, get out so the ladies can rest themselves.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Yes, sir,&quot; the boys said in unison. <br />&nbsp;<br />Harlan and the two boys checked out the Corvette while the two girls &nbsp;<br />sat inside the pickup cab, nudging each other and giggling. Giggle your &nbsp;<br />damn tits off, Harlan thought. It’s the last giggling you’ll be doing &nbsp;<br />for a spell. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Looks like they’re out of gas,&quot; Seth said. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;OK,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;You two young ‘uns ride in back with Delbert. When &nbsp;<br />we get them bitches to the farm, we’re all gonna have more fun with ’em &nbsp;<br />than the two of you had with Candy Lee.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />The boys got wide-eyed for a moment, then both grinned. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;You’re out of gas, ladies,&quot; Harlan said, sliding in beside the two &nbsp;<br />girls. &quot;Our farm’s up the road a spell. Come along for some ice-cold &nbsp;<br />lemonade, and then we’ll bring you back here with a couple cans of gas, &nbsp;<br />enough to get you wherever you was going.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Carver Lake,&quot; the blond said. &quot;We and a lot of other kids are having a &nbsp;<br />big party there tonight and tomorrow.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;We’ll get you going in plenty of time,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;By the way, we &nbsp;<br />ain’t been introduced.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Jenny,&quot; the blond said, &quot;and my friend is Lynn.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Pleased to meet you both,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;I’m Harlan, and those are my &nbsp;<br />worthless young ‘uns in the back.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />The girls laughed, and Harlan grinned. <br />&nbsp;<br />Go on and laugh your fool heads off, Harlan thought as he started the &nbsp;<br />truck. You won’t be laughing long. As he pulled out onto the road, his &nbsp;<br />cock was jumping like a fish out of water. <br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />Chapter 6 <br />&nbsp;<br />&nbsp;<br />If the ropes didn’t hurt so much, cutting into her tender skin, Jenny &nbsp;<br />would swear she was having a nightmare. This was the type of thing she &nbsp;<br />saw in the movies or heard on the news, not something that could ever &nbsp;<br />really happen to her. <br />&nbsp;<br />But each time she moved, each time she breathed, she was painfully &nbsp;<br />aware of the reality of the situation. Her heart was thudding, she was &nbsp;<br />having trouble breathing, and she was sick to her stomach. For the &nbsp;<br />first time in her life, Jenny thought she might faint. Tears streamed &nbsp;<br />out of her and she finally gave up fighting the ropes that bound her. &nbsp;<br />The more she fought, the tighter they got and the more they hurt. Her &nbsp;<br />arms and legs were already numb. She wished to God that Lynn would stop &nbsp;<br />struggling. <br />&nbsp;<br />Stop your goddamn squirming, she wanted to shout. Can’t you see you’re &nbsp;<br />just making it worse? She’d have shouted that at Lynn had her own mouth &nbsp;<br />not been stuffed with a wadded-up wool stocking, the stinking sock that &nbsp;<br />the old bastard had pulled off his smelly foot and shoved into her &nbsp;<br />mouth before tying the gag rope around her head. Thank God she hadn’t &nbsp;<br />vomited. She would have choked herself to death, would have drowned on &nbsp;<br />a lungful of vomit. <br />&nbsp;<br />Lynn stopped struggling, hopefully having come to the same conclusion &nbsp;<br />as herself – that struggling was only making the ropes hurt more. They &nbsp;<br />were bound together – herself and Lynn ass to ass and back to back. &nbsp;<br />They were on their sides – Lynn on her left side, Jenny on her right &nbsp;<br />side – in the hot dust of a barn yard. The sun was intense, blinding &nbsp;<br />Jenny and making her sweat like she couldn’t remember ever having sweat &nbsp;<br />before. Salty sweat ran into her eyes, making them itch and burn. Sweat &nbsp;<br />oozed under the coarse ropes binding her arms and legs, and the raw &nbsp;<br />areas caused by her struggling against the tight ropes were stinging. &nbsp;<br />She and Lynn were bound together like mummies, legs stretched out &nbsp;<br />straight, crisscrossing ropes wound around their bodies from head to &nbsp;<br />foot. <br />&nbsp;<br />They were both stark naked, and their sweating flesh was glued &nbsp;<br />together. Lynn’s skin felt hot against Jenny, irritably hot. You &nbsp;<br />goddamn hot bitch, Jenny thought. Cool off, damn it. <br />&nbsp;<br />A fly landed on Jenny’s nose and walked up and down it despite Jenny’s &nbsp;<br />attempts to shoo it away by wrinkling her nose and wincing. She stared &nbsp;<br />at the fly, cross-eyed, saw it rubbing its hairy black legs together. &nbsp;<br />Shitting on me, she thought, and she jerked, causing the ropes to slice &nbsp;<br />into her flesh at the same time the fly buzzed off. Lynn groaned &nbsp;<br />sharply, sounding angry. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Well, well, how you girlies getting along?&quot; came the voice Jenny &nbsp;<br />despised more than any of the others. It was Harlan, the leader of this &nbsp;<br />clan of smelly, psychotic hillbillies. She could see his big naked feet &nbsp;<br />now pounding in the dust close to her face. This farm was like a nudist &nbsp;<br />camp. <br />&nbsp;<br />Harlan squatted. His huge, sausage-like prick dangled against her nose. &nbsp;<br />His cock reeked – uncircumcised and probably unwashed for months. One &nbsp;<br />of his sons was uncircumcised, too – the one he called Seth. It was, &nbsp;<br />disgusting. Uncircumcised pricks smelled. Jenny had refused ever to &nbsp;<br />touch one. Now she had one practically shoved up her nostril. She tried &nbsp;<br />to hold her breath for awhile, but that was impossible. She breathed &nbsp;<br />sharply, taking in life-giving air along with the nauseating scent of &nbsp;<br />the old man’s cock. She wished she were dead. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Enjoying yourselves?&quot; Harlan taunted. &quot;Nice day. Good day for a party. &nbsp;<br />Me and the young ‘uns decided to save you some gas. You can have your &nbsp;<br />party right here. No need to drive all the way up to Carver Lake. &nbsp;<br />That’s why we brung your fancy yellow car up here to the farm, so you &nbsp;<br />can party without worrying about your poor car abandoned out there on &nbsp;<br />the highway. We’ll be partying shortly, soon as we take care of a few &nbsp;<br />chores. The young ‘uns is working like a pack of corn huskers so they &nbsp;<br />can get done quick and begin partying. Well, take it easy now, and &nbsp;<br />don’t fret. We’ll all be by shortly to commence partying.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />His rough fingers closed around Jenny’s nipples, and he pinched hard. &nbsp;<br />She swore at the top of her lungs, but the words never sounded, &nbsp;<br />absorbed by Harlan’s rotted sock. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Calm down,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;I know you can hardly wait, with your itchy &nbsp;<br />clit. Just rest easy. Ain’t you never heard of work before pleasure? I &nbsp;<br />know you’re dying to suck my cock, but you’ve gotta wait. All there is &nbsp;<br />to it.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Harlan farted, a huge stinking fart. Unbearable. Jenny visualized &nbsp;<br />herself turning green. She closed her eyes and held her breath. When &nbsp;<br />she opened her eyes again and strained for air, Harlan was gone, but &nbsp;<br />his horrible fart still hovered around her head. Jenny wept. She hadn’t &nbsp;<br />cried since she’d been a small girl, but she cried now. That man was an &nbsp;<br />animal. She had never been so humiliated. If she ever got away from &nbsp;<br />this place alive, he’d pay for this. Her revenge would be infinite and &nbsp;<br />everlasting. <br />&nbsp;<br />What a deceptive devil this man Harlan was! He’d been a gentleman, &nbsp;<br />bowing and smiling worse than any of the suckers in town, the men she &nbsp;<br />and Lynn had enticed into bed for the purpose of blackmail. The irony &nbsp;<br />had been that those suckers had treated them like princesses, had wined &nbsp;<br />and dined them, had made passionate love to their pubescent bodies, and &nbsp;<br />in the process these men had been damning themselves, had been setting &nbsp;<br />themselves up for unending blackmail. On the way to the farm in the &nbsp;<br />pickup, Jenny had seen in Harlan the ultimate sucker, the ultimate ass- <br />kissing male. The man had appeared to be as tickled as a peasant in the &nbsp;<br />presence of his queen. He was a psycho. Jenny imagined herself now as &nbsp;<br />the stupid little girl who had accepted candy from a stranger and ended &nbsp;<br />up – it was too horrible to even think about that now. <br />&nbsp;<br />The sun rained down like acid. The breeze kicked up dust and whirled it &nbsp;<br />up Jenny’s nose. The air smelled of pig shit. Flies continued to land &nbsp;<br />on Jenny’s sweaty body, making her flesh itch. She squeezed her eyes &nbsp;<br />shut, willing herself away from this place, willing herself up at the &nbsp;<br />party at Carver Lake, a can of cold beer in one hand, a cigarette in &nbsp;<br />the other, she and Lynn surrounded by a few dozen worshipping young &nbsp;<br />males, young males with rich parents and big cars. The sexual tension &nbsp;<br />in the air would be enough to make the boys cream, but she and Lynn &nbsp;<br />would choose only two lucky boys to lick their asses tonight. They’d &nbsp;<br />choose the cream of the crop. Jenny Kane and Lynn Smith only accepted &nbsp;<br />the best – the richest, the handsomest. Everybody knew that. Jenny Kane &nbsp;<br />and Lynn Smith stood on top, the envy of every female in town, the &nbsp;<br />perfect and rarely obtainable fruit desired by every last male in town. &nbsp;<br />They were Cleopatra and Salome. They were goddesses. And Jenny was the &nbsp;<br />golden goddess, the most desired of the desired. All bowed to her. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;I want this one,&quot; came the cracking pubescent voice. &quot;Wow, she’s got &nbsp;<br />better tits than Ruby.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />The little monster, brown as a jungle savage, scampered on his hands &nbsp;<br />and knees in the dust. Jenny saw his turquoise eyes glint in the sun &nbsp;<br />like the gemstone eyes of a pagan idol. His white teeth flashed, and he &nbsp;<br />panted like a dog and sat back on his heels grinning at her. He was &nbsp;<br />filthy with sweat and the smell of hay and manure. His cock was the &nbsp;<br />largest Jenny had ever seen. His prick stood halfway up his belly, &nbsp;<br />beating his muscle ridges with its apple-sized prickhead. <br />&nbsp;<br />At least it’s circumcised, Jenny thought. If I have to suck one of the &nbsp;<br />filthy things, let it be his. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Hold off there, boy,&quot; came the thick voice of Harlan. &quot;You and Tyler &nbsp;<br />get the other one first. Me and Seth are particular to this blond one.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;But, Pa!&quot; the boy whined. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;But nothing. Do as we discussed or get to work on the chores we ain’t &nbsp;<br />finished yet.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Oh, fuck!&quot; said the boy. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;That’s what I’m aiming to do,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Just as soon as we get &nbsp;<br />these pretty ladies untied. Oh, look how they’s all sweaty and red- <br />faced. They’s raring to go. You can tell that.&quot; He caught Jenny’s left &nbsp;<br />nipple between his dirty toes and tweaked it. <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny moaned. She hated the man, but she hated even more the feelings &nbsp;<br />his filthy toes squeezed through her tit. Her cunt contracted, and &nbsp;<br />immediately fuck juice oozed out between her cunt-lips. It was &nbsp;<br />unbearable – to get turned on by the toe-tweak of this gross, smelly &nbsp;<br />old farmer. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;She’s hot,&quot; the boy they called Seth said. He was standing over her, &nbsp;<br />stroking her lips with his dirty toes. His uncircumcised prick, as &nbsp;<br />mammoth as the youngest boy’s and the old man’s, flicked off a hot gob &nbsp;<br />of precum, which glued itself to Jenny’s nose like a drop of hot wax. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Dang right she’s hot,&quot; the old man said. &quot;So let’s get at her before &nbsp;<br />she cools off.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Hands rough as the ground upon which Jenny lay began untying the ropes, &nbsp;<br />horny fingernails gouging her flesh. She watched the uncircumcised &nbsp;<br />cocks of father and son throb as the men freed her. The purple heads of &nbsp;<br />both enormous cocks peeked out from their fleshy foreskins, both &nbsp;<br />dripping precum like jellied sharks. The air reeked with the scent of &nbsp;<br />uncircumcised cockheads, the rancid aroma overpowering even the horrid &nbsp;<br />smell of pig shit. As the rough hands yanked the smelly sock out of &nbsp;<br />Jenny’s mouth, she gagged, then gagged again and again, but she vomited &nbsp;<br />nothing. Her stomach was empty. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Little sow’s taken sick,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Likely not enough to eat. You &nbsp;<br />know these city women, Seth, always dieting. Why we’ll take care of &nbsp;<br />that. Give her some good old cockmeat to chew on.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />The old man was sitting on her tits now, staring down at her like the &nbsp;<br />devil himself, and grinning at her out of his snarled gray beard. His &nbsp;<br />teeth were yellow, his eyes a watery blue. Gray hair covered his belly &nbsp;<br />and chest. His cock smelled worse than was imaginable, the slippery &nbsp;<br />head of his prick beating off precum on her chin. In the background &nbsp;<br />somewhere, Lynn was begging to be let go as Tyler and the little boy &nbsp;<br />dragged her off. Jenny couldn’t worry about Lynn now, though. All she &nbsp;<br />could think of was the slimy cock rubbing her lips and cheeks, rubbing &nbsp;<br />its terrible stink into her skin. The smell would be permanent in her &nbsp;<br />flesh, like cum stains on her panties. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Lick that hog,&quot; the old man growled. &quot;Suck that hog clean.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Slimy precum covered Jenny’s lips, seeping into her mouth. The smell of &nbsp;<br />the old man’s cock roared through her nasal passages like ammonia &nbsp;<br />fumes, making her skull expand. She winced as if she’d been slapped &nbsp;<br />across the face, and then, as if she’d been suddenly possessed by a &nbsp;<br />demon, she licked the slimy cockhead, licked and kissed his prickhead, &nbsp;<br />and her loins filled with sexual tingles. She was hot between the legs. &nbsp;<br />Fuck juice oozed out of her. She hated the old man more than she had &nbsp;<br />ever hated anyone in her life, but she took his cock into her mouth and &nbsp;<br />began cleaning his filthy prickmeat, infuriated that the touch of his &nbsp;<br />cockmeat to her lips should fill her with such a crude lust, detesting &nbsp;<br />herself for savoring the rancid cheesy flavor while she swallowed scrud &nbsp;<br />and precum eagerly. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;That’s it, girly,&quot; Harlan said. &quot;Work your pretty tongue between the &nbsp;<br />head-meat and the foreskin. Clean it all out in there. I ain’t had a &nbsp;<br />good head bath in quite a spell. Now, that feels downright &nbsp;<br />pleasureful.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />As Jenny whirled her tongue slowly around his hot, throbbing cockhead, &nbsp;<br />licking out every tasty crevice, the old man began to hump, fucking his &nbsp;<br />cock deeper into her mouth, forcing the foreskin back and forth over &nbsp;<br />the head. The man’s cockhead slipped into Jenny’s throat completely &nbsp;<br />uncapped – naked and burning hot. Three quarters of his huge cock &nbsp;<br />fucked her mouth now, and the arteries of his rock-hard cockshaft &nbsp;<br />fluttered against her lips. Precum rolled down her throat. Jenny’s head &nbsp;<br />seemed to be filled with cock. Suddenly, incredibly, she longed to &nbsp;<br />taste the old farmer’s hot jism, and she began to bob her head and to &nbsp;<br />suck as if she were sucking off some handsome rich boy’s cock. The old &nbsp;<br />man’s cock slid farther down her throat, the silky hot head massaging &nbsp;<br />her sensitive throat-flesh. Her nose twisted in his wiry gray pubic &nbsp;<br />hair now, every inch of his cock buried in her face. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Christ, Pa,&quot; Seth said. &quot;Christ!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Ain’t she a pretty sucking bitch?&quot; Harlan said. The old man had braced &nbsp;<br />his hands on the ground and was humping savagely, fucking his enormous &nbsp;<br />cock in and out of Jenny’s face. <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny’s head filled with tingles. The tingles spread down her throat &nbsp;<br />and through her tits. Another bundle of sexual feelings pulsated in her &nbsp;<br />loins, and she wrapped her naked legs around each other and began to &nbsp;<br />squeeze her thighs together rhythmically, squashing her slippery pussy- <br />lips together, working her clit between them, aching for an orgasm, &nbsp;<br />aching to come at the same moment that the earthy farmer began spurting &nbsp;<br />down her throat. <br />&nbsp;<br />You’re crazy, she kept telling herself. This is humiliating, degrading. &nbsp;<br />You hate this man. You hate doing this. You would kill this man and his &nbsp;<br />bastard sons if you could. Bite his cock off, wrench his balls with &nbsp;<br />your fingernails. Show him he’s dealing with Jenny Kane. <br />&nbsp;<br />But at the same time these thoughts hurled through her mind, the old &nbsp;<br />man’s enormous cock rubbed pleasure into her lips and gums and throat. <br />&nbsp;<br />The hot cock tasted horrible, but her taste buds craved to taste even &nbsp;<br />more of his prick, craved an even cheesier, more masculine taste. The &nbsp;<br />old man was a salty dog, a seasoned fucker, and she couldn’t get enough &nbsp;<br />of his cock, enough of his thick precum, enough of his throbbing &nbsp;<br />masculinity. As one part of her mind screamed kill, another part of her &nbsp;<br />mind begged come. Come, you salty bastard. Shoot that hot cockjuice &nbsp;<br />down my throat! <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Oh, she’s sucking like a vacuum cleaner now!&quot; Harlan gasped. &quot;She’s &nbsp;<br />got a cunt-tight throat, Seth, and her tongue’s slipping and sliding &nbsp;<br />like a snake. Oh, Jesus, I can feel the cream foaming up in my nuts.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Shoot it, Pa!&quot; Seth urged. The boy was bending down close to Jenny’s &nbsp;<br />face, watching his dad’s cock fuck in and out of her mouth, pumping his &nbsp;<br />own cock all the while, popping his juicy purple prickhead in and out &nbsp;<br />of the foreskin. &quot;Cream her, Pa. Make her choke on it.&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny tightened her mouth and throat, trying to suck the very core out &nbsp;<br />of the man’s enormous salty cock. She could feel his balls throbbing &nbsp;<br />and jumping against her chin. She shimmied her legs together, desperate &nbsp;<br />herself to come. <br />&nbsp;<br />The old man’s cock swelled like an inflating balloon, at the same time &nbsp;<br />hardening from rock hard to steel hard. His sinewy, leathery body &nbsp;<br />shuddered, and he bellowed like a lust-crazed boar. Jism as thick as &nbsp;<br />soft butter shot down Jenny’s throat. And his cum was as salty as &nbsp;<br />butter and as hot as tar on a sun-drenched roof. Jenny swallowed, &nbsp;<br />savoring the seasoned taste. As wad after wad of the thick stuff rolled &nbsp;<br />down her throat, she thought of condensed jism like condensed milk – &nbsp;<br />thick and rich. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Ohhh, Christ!&quot; Harlan groaned. &quot;Suck it out, bitch! Ahhh!&quot; <br />&nbsp;<br />Jenny twisted her head, biting, sucking frantically. Her toes clenched &nbsp;<br />as she shimmied her pussy-lips against each other and the point of no &nbsp;<br />return neared in her loins. Hot cum oozed down her throat. Her eyes &nbsp;<br />swam. She knew she’d be coming any second. <br />&nbsp;<br />&quot;Oh, no you don’t,&quot; Seth said. <br />&nbsp;<br />The boy’s rough hands gripped her ankles, and suddenly a burst of air &nbsp;<br />washed across her dripping pussy like a slosh of cold water. The boy &nbsp;<br />had forced her legs apart. She writhed, trying to bring herself off by &nbsp;<br />contracting her cunt. But the boy forced her legs farther and farther &nbsp;<br />apart. The hot feelings teetered on the brink for one last endless &nbsp;<br />moment, then sank back down into her loins. Jenny groaned, gagging &nbsp;<br />endlessly on the cock in her throat. <br />&nbsp;<br />You goddamn son of a bitch! she wanted to shout at the boy. I deserved &nbsp;<br />that orgasm. I sucked off your old man’s smelly cock. I deserved to &nbsp;<br />come. You bastard! <br />&nbsp;<br />Suddenly, all the desire had passed out of her. Once more she was &nbsp;<br />repulsed by this degrading scene, even more repulsed than before the &nbsp;<br />old man a shoved his cock into her mouth. She could hardly believe now &nbsp;<br />that she’d sucked his prick, couldn’t believe that she’d swallowed the &nbsp;<br />old man’s cum. As the old man’s deflating cock flopped out of her &nbsp;<br />mouth, she burped, tasting the over-seasoned flavor of his cum. Then &nbsp;<br />she gagged, and gagged again, sure she would vomit, but she didn’t. The &nbsp;<br />old man’s cum remained in her stomach, soon to become part of her own &nbsp;<br />flesh as her digestive juices went to work.

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Sat, 17 Nov 2012 14:35:34 UTC

Cherry Hill riding club part 5

<p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily was snooping in Jenn’s room every day, eager to see &quot;Cherry Hill riding club part 7 Jenn&quot; added to her daughter’s collection. Her pussy was hornier every day, fuck, she couldn’t wait to see her daughter taking on the hard, stiff horse cock. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Two weeks after Jenn had agreed to losing her horse cock virginity, Emily was at home, relaxing, when Jenn and Cherry entered. Jenn looked somewhat dazed, her face was flushed, and she walked gingerly, and Emily felt her pussy pulse with heat. Oh, it looked like Jenn had got her horse cock virginity plucked. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Are you okay Jenn, you’re looking a little flushed, sweetheart.&quot; Emily said innocently.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She saw the look that Jenn and Cherry exchanged.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn replied quickly, &quot;Yeah, I’m just a little under the weather, they got a stomach bug going around at school, and I think I have it, now. You know how these things get around.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily grinned inwardly at the obvious lie, and said, &quot;Well, why don’t you go upstairs and lie down for a while. I’ll make you a cup of herbal tea, and you just take it easy for the rest of the day.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn said, &quot;Thanks Mom, I think I will. Cherry, do you wanna hang out for a while?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry said, &quot;Well, I need to get home, I still gotta do my chemistry homework, or Miss Stinson will not be pleased. And I need to keep my grades up, or my parents are gonna take away my cell phone for the rest of the school year.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily watched as Jenn gingerly made her way up the stairs. On an impulse, she said, &quot;Would you like an ice pack sweetheart? I can bring it up with your tea.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Oh that’d be great Mom&quot; Jenn said.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily brewed up her tea, got the bag, filled it up with crushed ice, and took it upstairs. Jenn was lying back, and she took the ice bag, holding it, waiting for Emily to put down the tea and depart.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Okay sweetheart, you rest, I’ll be downstairs if you need me.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Thanks Mom&quot; Jenn said softly.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn looked so damn sexy, Emily couldn’t resist, she leaned down, and pressed her lips against Jenn’s. Jenn looked startled for a minute, but then Emily felt her lips warm against hers, and she felt Jenn’s mouth push back against her. Emily’s pussy felt warm twangs of heat as she held the kiss for a few more seconds, Emily was aching to slip her tongue out, but, that might have been too much. Emily pulled her head back, breaking the kiss, and saw Jenn’s eyes wide, looking into hers. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily saw her smile, and she said softly, &quot;That felt nice, Mom.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily was a bit flustered, taking a chance like that, and she said, &quot;Well, sometimes a Mom just has to kiss it and make it better. Call me if you need me baby.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily went to the top of the stairs, and then crept back to Jenn’s room. Emily peeked in, saw Jenn pulling off her skirt and panties, she spread her legs, and her bare, smooth shaven lips looked red and sore. Oh yes, she did indeed take on that cock. She pressed the ice bag against her hurting lips, hissed a bit at the initial weight, then let out a sigh as the ice started to numb down her stretched out entrance. She lay back, keeping the ice bag against her, recovering from her experience. Emily crept away from her door, and went downstairs quietly. She took her cup of tea, sipping at it while she thought about it. What was it like, how painful was it, did she enjoy it? Emily wondered if she would enjoy it, if she had the courage to go through with it. Her mind was whirling with the things that were crowding her mind. More than ever, Emily needed to see Jenn’s DVD join her special shelf. Then, she’d confront Cherry alone, and if need be, threaten to tell on her if she didn’t let&nbsp;her find out for herself, what it felt like. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily’s last comment, about how a Mom has to kiss it and make it better, ohhh my, she knew what she wanted to kiss. Emily felt it, it was so naughty, incest, my god, that would be incest. So what, who gives a damn? My daughter just got horse fucked, here I am, wanting to take that same wild ride, and I’m worried about a little incest? It’s not like we’d be breeding and be creating a deformed baby. Emily didn’t believe in religion, she thought it was just a load of shit, to try and control people. She wondered about just marching in there, then pulling the ice bag away, and licking gently at Jenn’s sore, swollen pussy lips. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She went upstairs quickly, before she could change her mind. She breezed in to Jenn’s room, making Jenn jump, she still had the ice bag pressed against her.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn whipped a sheet over her, and gasped, &quot;Mom, what…what do you want??&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily was right at the foot of the bed, and she cooed, &quot;Well, as a Mom who has to kiss it and make it all better, that’s what I’m here for.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn gaped at her, and Emily grabbed a corner of the sheet, and whipped it away. Jenn still had the ice bag pressed against her, and Emily gently took her hand, and lifted it away. She saw the red, sore lips, and she felt a rush of lust and the Mom doctor feeling.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Oh baby, it’s so red and sore. Let Mom kiss it and make it all better&quot; Emily cooed.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn relaxed, her legs still spread wide, watching with wide eyes as her Mom settled in between her legs. Emily saw her smile of desire.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn cooed, &quot;Umm, oh yes Mommy, my poor little pussy got fucked so hard, and it hurts, kiss me Mommy, kiss me right there and make it all better.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily grinned, she was going to enjoy this. She adored licking pussy, in college, she’d been a dedicated pussy lapper, and she had licked every sorority sister, many times. Those were the best times of her life, there was lots of one on one times with her sorority sisters, and once a month, in the secret, specially designed playroom that only the sisters knew about, they’d have an all sister orgy, and Emily was in her element. Licking, being licked, using dildos and vibrators on each other, cries of delight, shrieks and howls of orgasm filling their playroom as sexy females sorority sisters were cumming, it was an all sorority sister, all night orgy, and Emily would cum so many times, she would be totally exhausted when she tumbled into her bed, just as dawn was breaking.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Being a dedicated pussy licker, she was going to give Jenn the best lick job she could. She gently, very gently ran her tongue up and down Jenn’s sore, swollen lips, Emily’s tongue sliding feather light against her. Jenn let out a soft moan, and ran her fingers through Emily’s hair. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Oh yes, you are so right, Mommy kissing it is making it feel so much better&quot; Jenn crooned. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily felt a rush of lust, and she slid her tongue in, very gently parting Jenn’s pink seam, hearing her daughter let out a little gasp, and sliding her tongue gently, gently up and down her lips. She could taste Jenn’s juices starting to flow, and the taste of those female juices always fired her up. She kept giving her daughter the gentle sliding tongue, enjoying the way Jenn was responding. Emily could see Jenn’s clit rising quickly, so hard, so pink, and so ready to be licked. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Ummm, oh yes, kiss it some more Mommy, it makes it feel better and better&quot; Jenn crooned huskily.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily’s own pussy was throbbing with heat as her tongue started long, broad sweeps over Jenn’s twitching clit, listening to her daughter’s cries of pleasure. Emily ran a hand down, unzipping her jeans, slipping her fingers under her panties, seeking out the steamy, wet heat, burying her fingers deep, moaning into the pink lips of Jenn’s pussy.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Ooooh, oh yes, Mommy’s kissing is making me feel so good&quot; Jenn cooed. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily finger-fucked herself wildly, licking Jenn’s clit, she could feel both her daughter and herself racing towards orgasm. Jenn stiffened suddenly, pulling her mother’s mouth tightly against her. A rush of Jenn’s juices gushed out, flooding her mouth, Jenn letting off squeals of pleasure as she tumbled into orgasm. That gave Emily the final push she needed, and she felt her own juices gushing over her hand as she moaned loudly, her pussy exploding around her plunging fingers, feeling her walls gripping tightly at them. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Coming down from her orgasm high, Emily was terrified. She just gone down on her daughter, she saw Jenn looking at her with wide eyes, my god, she had even masturbated herself while licking her own daughter! Jenn could very well be disgusted and sick at her for being such a pervert. Jenn stood up, facing Emily, and Emily saw the smile curving her lips. Jenn moved forward, she her hands came up, and started stripping her down. Emily watched, it seemed almost surreal, to see her clothes being stripped off by her daughter, and cast aside. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; When Emily stood, totally nude in front of her daughter, Jenn whistled. Oh yes, her Mommy was so damn sexy, it had been a while since she’d see her Mommy naked. At the age of 34, her Mom was a total MILF; sleek black hair with hints of brown, sparkling blue eyes, slender build, gorgeous 34D-cup breasts, a pert heart-shaped ass and shapely legs. She’d seen more than a few guys giving her Mom close, hungry looks when they were out and about.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;That feels so much better Mommy,&quot; Jenn whispered huskily, &quot;And to thank you, lie down and let me do the same to you.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily did so, seeing Jenn grinning at her. Jenn took off her blouse and her bra, letting Emily get a good look at her nudity, she was similar in body style to her Mom, and Emily felt her pussy pulse, seeing her daughter displaying her naked charms and assets for Emily’s eyes. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Ummm, oh yes, Mommy licking my pussy, kissing it and making it all better, getting so excited, and making my hot little pussy, and her hot little pussy cum&quot; Jenn crooned, &quot;Now, it’s time for my Mommy to get as good a licking as she gave me.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily watched, her eyes wide with lust, as Jenn’s face got between her thighs, she could feel her hot breaths against her wet opening. Jenn ran a finger along Emily’s labial lips, making Emily moan with the contact. She watched as Jenn then ran two fingers along her, and slipped them inside, bringing another moan of pleasure as Jenn’s fingers plunged in, her juices coating them. Jenn pulled her fingers out, and Emily watched, her pulse thumping, as Jenn slid her fingers into her mouth, moaning at the erotic taste of her mother’s juices as she licked every drop off her fingers.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Ummmm, oh yes, you taste so good Mommy, so delicious, I want more&quot; Jenn purred. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn took the plunge, plastering her mouth against Emily’s bubbling heat, her tongue shooting out like an arrow, burrowing deeply into Emily’s churning pussy. Emily let out a growl of desire, oh fuck, that felt so wonderful. She stroked her fingers through her daughter’s long hair, looking down and seeing Jenn’s head bobbing between her legs. My own daughter is licking my cunt, she thought, and that thought made her lust start to roar. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Oh yes, Jenn, yes my sweet baby, lick Mommy’s cunt, fuck, it feels so good, lick me baby!&quot; Emily gasped. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn heard her Mommy, and it spurred her on. Cherry and Jenn had been dedicated to licking each other since they were 15, and on a dare at one of their sleepovers, they’d discovered how great it was to lick pussy, then have their pussy licked, also. They had really become cunt lappers par excellence, and Jenn was eager to bring her licking skills to bear on Mommy’s throbbing pussy. Her tongue slid up, down, sideways, around and around in swirling circles, making Emily’s head spin. She grinned as she saw Mommy’s, hard, bulging clit, she was going to enjoy bringing Mommy off. She wanted to see if she could make Mommy squirt, so she buried two fingers deep, finding the spot, and her fingers started to polish Emily’s G spot, listening to Emily’s growls of pleasure. She then surrounded Emily’s throbbing clit, wrapping her tongue around it, swiping at it over and over, intent of licking her Mommy to a frenzy.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily could feel it building, she’d had a G spot polish several times during her sorority days, she was panting, tossing her head from side to side. It built to a crescendo, and Emily’s voice let out a loud wail of pleasure, she locked up and felt that squeezing urge to pee. Emily tightened and squeezed, and felt the glorious burst of her orgasm releasing, her pussy squirting wildly, gushing her girl cum all over Jenn’s grinning face. Jenn wondering about whether her Mom could squirt was answered as she felt the splatters of her Mom’s cum squirting against her face. Jenn stayed with Emily, keeping her tongue right there, catching every last shudder of orgasm. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily slumped back, catching her breath, and Jenn cuddled against her. Jenn closed her eyes, and slipped into sleep. Emily quietly slid out of Jenn’s bed, now that the nova bright burst of passion had faded, she felt unsure, nervous, and decided it might be best to withdraw, and see what happened. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She went to her local coffee bar, and sat sipping a hot cup of Costa Rican, as she ran back what had happened. Fuck, she wasn’t quite sure, she just had that overwhelming urge, eager to use the pussy licking skills she had learned in her sorority. Judging by the way her daughter had licked her pussy, it felt like she’d had more than few sessions between a girl’s thighs. Cherry, probably, she’d heard giggles, sighs and now and then what sounded like a moan of pleasure coming from Jenn’s room late at night during their sleepovers, she’d been tempted to peek in, but she’d resisted that urge. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; An hour later, she was back home, and wondered about what was going to happen. She heard the door to Jenn’s room open and close, then the sound of footsteps descending. She took a deep breath, and turned toward the staircase. <br /> </p>

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Mon, 12 Aug 2013 02:38:57 UTC

Cherry Hill riding club part 4

<p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; As she felt her orgasm start to recede, Emily came to her senses. Naked, outside her daughter’s door, spying on Jenn and Cherry fucking, and masturbating to what she was seeing. She raced back to her room, hastily pulled her clothes back on, and crept towards the stairs, intending to sneak downstairs, and quietly out the door. She didn’t make it, when she heard Jenn and Cherry talking. She crept back to where she had been, and listened.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;So what do you think baby? Think of that hot horse cum spraying all over your sexy body! Then the most filling fuck ever, you’ll love the way that huge cock splits open your sexy pussy. I’ll be there with you baby, and after the horse has filled you up, you’ll feel my hot mouth dive into your slushy pussy, like you’ve seen I love to clean up messy pussies, and I’ll suck out every drop, and give you one more orgasm!&quot; Cherry urged. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn was flustered, as she said, &quot;But it looks so big, I may not be a virgin, but geez, I mean, geez!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Well, I have something to take care of that. Before you get mounted, I’ll give you a cup of a special drink. I call it Cherry’s popping elixir!&quot; Cherry giggled.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn looked interested, as she asked, &quot;What’s in it?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Well, it’s got a little bit of muscle relaxant, a little bit of tranquilizer, a dash of orange juice, and some herbs that will make you so horny, you’ll be begging for that big horse hose!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn asked, &quot;But how can you be sure it works? Unless…oh my god, have you?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry grinned, &quot;That’s how I know, because I was lucky enough to get my horse virginity taken 6 months ago!&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; As Jenn, and in the hallway, Emily, listened, their pussies starting that tingle, Cherry related what had happened. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Her Aunt Mary and Uncle Stan owned a farm with lots of horses, and Cherry was welcome to come over anytime. Being a regular visitor, she got more than a few looks at the horny stallions, seeing them mate with the mares. She could feel a horny itch deep inside, when she saw their massive cocks. Over the last few months, Cherry’s fantasies had centered in, what it would be like to service a horse’s huge cock. Cherry finally reached the point where she couldn’t help herself, she had to act on her fantasy, she just had to play with a stiff, rock hard big cock. She was alone in the barn, her heart thumping, she stripped naked, and started to stroke Snowflake up to a hard, stiff state. She loved his shiny white coat, and his cock was a long, stiff beauty. She was sizzling with lust, she opened her mouth, wanting to suck Snowflake’s cock. She was just about to slide her lips over his cock head, when her aunt and uncle appeared, staring at her. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Oh my god, when I saw them looking at me, I was mortified. What they must be thinking, seeing their 17 year old niece, bare ass naked, ready to suck on a horse cock, I just whipped my head back, and returned the stare, I was frozen, I couldn’t move. Then, I saw them smile.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Oh fuck, what happened next?&quot; Jenn whispered huskily.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Aunt Mary said, ‘Well, looks like our little niece Cherry is ready for it. Go and get a glass of our Relaxation juice for her, would you Stan?’ &quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Aunt Mary smiled again, and extended her hand to help me up. I was in a daze, they’d found me naked, about to suck on a horse, and they were more than cool about it. Then Aunt Mary said, ‘Cherry, are you interested in sucking a horse cock?’ I couldn’t exactly lie and I said, ‘Yeah, I’d really like to try’. She said ‘Perfect, your uncle and I will help you realize your desire.’ When my uncle returned, he gave me a cupful of Relaxation juice, and my Aunt told me to drink it down, it would make me feel so good. I did, it had a nice, fresh orange flavor, and Aunt Mary led me over to a set of doors, and rolled them open. This was another section of the barn I had not been in before. I noticed a table like apparatus off to the side, and a flat smooth area on the floor, with a thick rubber mat. My uncle brought in Midnight, leading him over to the area with the mat, which I call the sucking area. He pulled up the leg restraints, and his legs were fitted into them, and secured. He then picked up a camcorder, and started to record the action as my Aunt led me over, it seemed so surreal. &quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Smiling, Aunt Mary said, ‘There you go Cherry baby, Midnight’s all secure, and ready for you. Kneel on the mat baby, get his cock all stiff and hard, and give him the best suck job that you can! Midnight’s a real shooter, he’ll fill your mouth and cover your body with his thick creamy horse cum!’ &quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;I realized that I was more than eager, I was starting to feel very horny. His cock was massive, and I thought in the back of my mind, just treat it like a blow job. My heart was racing as I knelt down on the ground. The first thing I noticed was Midnight’s huge set of balls, I could only imagine how much cum they must produce.&nbsp; I grabbed his cock with both hands and started stroking it. Since I had sucked my boyfriend’s cock more than a few times&quot; she paused, giggled, then continued &quot;it seemed like a sensible idea to do to Midnight, what I do to Billy. That huge cock quickly grew right before my eyes and I was truly amazed by its size. It had to be at least 18 inches long and thick as a fire hose. Besides the sheer size, the shape of the head of his cock was the most dramatic difference compared to Billy’s cock. I was just slowly stroking and admiring Midnight’s cock for a couple of minutes.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry paused, remembering that day, then continued, &quot;I was getting more and more turned on by the idea that I was about to give Midnight a blowjob. Having a camcorder right there, recording how nasty and perverted what I was doing, just made me even hotter. I was eager to finally fulfill my fantasy of the past few months. I was going to do it, I was going to suck off a massive horse cock. I started on his cock, the way I start on Billy’s cock. I ran my tongue down the hard shaft and back up again, I licked at the head, then my mouth went down and up again, my tongue started to flicker all over his shaft. There was lots of shaft for me to lick, that’s for sure. I ran my mouth down again, planting a line of kisses along the shaft, and got a close up look at his huge balls. They smelled wild and musky, and I ran my tongue over his sack, licking at the big balls, I could imagine all the cum stored in them, waiting to unload all over me.&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;My Aunt Mary growled huskily, ‘Oh yeah Cherry baby, ummm, you know how to handle a cock, now, give Midnight the best suck job you can, he’ll love it, and you’ll love his appreciation!’ &quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;I swirled my tongue back up, and licked eagerly at the strange looking head. I made my mouth as full of spit as I could, licked my lips, and then leaned in and opened my mouth as wide as I could. Both of my hands were still stroking his thick cock and I was barely able to squeeze the strange looking head in my mouth. It was a tight fit, but once the head was in my mouth I slid my lips down his shaft as far as I could. I only made it a few inches, pulled back, them slid my mouth down again. I was able to take a little bit more, so I started to bob my head back and forth, taking in just a little bit more each time. His cock had a wild, musky, animal taste that turned me on, fuck, I was getting so horny. I took in as much as I could, I knew if I tried any further, I’d gag on it, so I made a mental note of how far I could take it, and my lips started to glide back and forth smoothly, my mouth sucking on him, eager for my first load of horse cum. As I sucked him, my hands kept stroking at his stiff, long shaft, fuck I felt so nasty, I was actually sucking on a horse’s cock, and being taped doing it!&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;After five minutes I needed a break, my jaw was sore. I took Midnight’s cock out of my mouth and caught my breath. I then started licking the entire length of his cock again, giving my jaw time to rest up. I trailed my wet tongue up and down, at the base of his cock, I ran my tongue over his swollen balls again, enjoying the wild, musky taste. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;My Aunt Mary said, ‘Oh yeah Cherry, good girl. Work up Midnight’s cock to a gusher, you’ll love it!’ With encouragement like that, it made me hotter, more determined, thinking what a perverted slut I looked like, totally naked, and sucking a horse cock! I stopped licking his balls and worked my tongue back up the shaft. Once I got to the top I opened my mouth up wide and took his cock back in. I started pumping my head on the animal’s huge cock as fast as I could, stroking his rod, I was determined not to stop until I made the horse cum.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry was breathing hard, as she continued, &quot;About two minutes of intense sucking passed when Midnight started to snort, my hands felt a huge pulse traveling up his shaft, and his cock burst. My mouth was filled with the first hot blast, I tried to gulp down as much as I could, but he was cumming like a fire hose, my mouth was filled to overflowing, and I yanked my head back, closing my eyes, just as I felt a thick stream splatter me right over my nose. I gulped down what was in my mouth, as he continued to spray my face. His cock throbbed and pulsed wildly, his huge cock squirting wildly, his cum gushing all over my face in waves. Midnight splattered my entire face with a thick spray, my god, when I saw my face on the recording, it looked like I’d had a dozen guys stroking off all over my face!&nbsp; I kept stroking him, pointing his cock down towards my body, and I could feel warm, thick ropes of cum splashing all over my naked body. I opened up, and took his cock back into my mouth, to get the less powerful shots and dribbles. That was good, I could taste that yummy horse cum, now that he wasn’t going off like crazy, and it tatsted thick and creamy, and unlike anything I’d tasted before, I loved it!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;When Midnight finished cumming Aunt Mary helped me to my feet. ‘Oh yeah, good girl Cherry, tell me baby, are you horny?’ Oh god, I was hornier than I’d ever been in my life, she smiled, and led me towards the table off to the side. ‘We thought you might, our relaxation juice helps you relax a bit, and the special herbs we add make you so horny you need a big horse cock to put out that fire. Now, you are going to get fucked by a horse, you are about to lose your horse cock virginity! You’ll love it Cherry, you’ll love it as much as I did, when I had my horse cock virginity taken!’ &quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry continued, &quot;I was far too horny to give a damn about the size of that big cock, my cunt was a burning fever pit, and I needed it stuffed, and fucked hard. They led me over, and I got a good look at it. It was like a surgical table, well padded, with a fence like apparatus. There were straps attached to the sides, and Auntie Mary helped me up onto the table, and told me to get on my hands and knees, and open my legs wide.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;She said, ‘Since you seemed to like Snowflake so much, his cock will get the honor of deflowering your horse virginity!’ &quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Oh fuck, that had me going, I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. I took my place on the table, and watched with interest as the straps went around my ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. My Auntie Mary buckled them shut, then tested that they were firmly holding me in place. I could hear the clip clop of hooves, I took a look, and there was Snowflake, his beautiful shiny white coat, oh, I was burning up for that cock.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;My Aunt Mary said, ‘Oh yes Cherry, you’ll love it. Just need to get you lubed up a bit, and you’ll be all ready.’ &quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;I could feel her fingers, slick and slippery, spreading a big glob of lube around the entrance. Two more globs were applied, and her fingers spread them up into my passage, and I watched as Auntie Mary got Snowflake ready, stroking him up to a stiff, pussy filling erection, that massive cock was spread with a thick coating of lube.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry paused for a minute, the spread her legs wide, and whispered, &quot;Jenn, stroke my pussy. Don’t let me cum too early, I’m so fucking horny just remembering it!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; They shared a long, open mouthed kiss, and Emily saw Jenn’s hand traveling down, down to Cherry’s sexy treasure box. Jenn was using her other hand to stroke at her rapidly growing heat, Emily had her hand between her legs, she could feel the building heat, and she was eager to stroke her throbbing clit to another orgasm.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry let out a moan of pleasure as Jenn’s soft fingers slid along her lips, then continued. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;The frame was moved into position, and my head was placed on one of those circular pillows. I could look down, and on a ledge just below, I could see a mirror, and the reflection of my face. My Aunt Mary said, ‘It’s exciting to watch your face as you come closer and closer to orgasm.’ The table was adjusted, and I could hear Aunt Mary telling Snowflake to hop up, baby, and he obliged, there are special slots in the table where his front legs fit in comfortably and he knew what to do. I could feel the table being rolled back a bit, tilted a bit more, then Aunt Mary said &quot;Perfect, prepare yourself Cherry my dear, you are going to get the best fuck ever!’ &quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;I took a deep breath, I felt Aunt Mary’s fingers spreading my lips apart, as I felt the long, hard knob press against me. Snowflake pushed, his cock forced apart my lips and began to drive up me, my first howl was a sheer shriek of pain. My head spun as that huge shaft stretched the walls of my cunt apart, like nothing else ever could. Inch by inch it forced its way in, I could feel that huge cock splitting my cunt open, wider and deeper than it ever had been. I let out another loud shriek of pain as Snowflake’s cock split open my deeper inner cunt. Oh fuck, I felt like the world’s tightest virgin getting her tight virgin cunt split open for the first time, by the biggest cock on Earth. I could feel my throbbing cunt stretched wide around that massive shaft as the horse plunged as deep as he could force his cock, splitting open my cunt as deep as he can go, bringing another howl of pain. Snowflake pulled back, and again plunged deep, drawing another cry of pain from me. On the third plunge, my howl was part pain, and part pleasure, my cunt was starting to throb with a mixture of pain and pleasure, as his massive cock pushed in again, and began painfully moving forward and back, in and out. The 4th plunge drew a grunt of pleasure from me, as my cunt began to throb with a more pleasurable feeling. Snowflake’s cock had been well greased, and after the first few abrasive thrusts, the fucking rhythm became easier. Snowflake started to fuck my burning cunt rhythmically, his massive cock thrusting deep into me just like a piston. I opened my eyes, looked down, and see my eyes glazed with a mix of lust and ecstacy that I’d never seen before. Snowflake gave my burning cunt the splitting apart that I was craving. Snowflake knew just what to do, there had obviously been other girls here before me that he had fucked, as he reared back and forth, driving his massive cock into me again and again as his massive pussy splitter power fucked my burning cunt wildly. I could feel my horny, eager pussy stretched wide around that massive shaft with each plunge in. I was getting fucked like never before, I was getting my brains fucked out, I was delirious with pleasure as his huge pussy splitter slammed deep up my cunt, giving my horny cunt a power reaming like it had never had before.&nbsp; Snowflake’s big cock started throbbing, he was snorting hard, and his huge cock exploded. I felt it throbbing, pulsing wildly in me as he began tossing off, and I could feel Snowflake’s throbbing prick pumping his hot spunk into me, filling my womb, flooding my cunt. I was looking at the reflection of my face, seeing the white hot lust in my eyes, and I let out a scream of all pleasure as I exploded. I could feel my fiery fuck-hole spasming wildly, my orgasm made my body shake and jerk wildly in the restraints. My cunt was throbbing wildly, on fire with my orgasm as his juices squirted up me. I was breathless, it was my most intense orgasm ever, I was in another world, oh fuck, yes, Jenn, yes, yes YEEESSSSS!!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry squealed as she tumbled into orgasm, Jenn let out a cry as her pussy was rocked by climax, and Emily joined them, watching from the hallway, biting down to keep from howling with pleasure, as her orgasm gave her juicy center the slam of pleasure.&nbsp; They spent several minutes just recovering, until Cherry could relate the rest of her story.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Aunt Mary helped Snowflake down, and let him wander in the barn. She said, ‘Stan, come in for a close-up, frame that just fucked pussy of our sweet niece. Oh yeah, look at all that thick spunk, and Cherry, I’m gonna clean it all up!’ She pulled into place what I call the kneeling table, and I felt her mouth plaster tightly against my dripping hole. Oh fuck, that felt wonderful, I could feel her mouth, tongue darting in and out, scooping out thick globs, her mouth sucking, eager to suck every drop of horse cum out of me. He tongue started to flick rapidly at my still swollen clit, and it didn’t take long out before I let out another loud cry of pleasure, as my Aunt skilfully licked me to orgasm.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;A few days later, they gave me a DVD, and when I got home, I watched it, and masturbated myself silly, cumming again and again as I watched myself get sprayed and then horse fucked, my god, I came like crazy.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;That’s where I got the idea for Cherry Hill riding club, and I called the relaxation juice Cherry’s popping elixir, since that’s what we are there for, to pop tight horse virginity cherries!&quot; Cherry giggled, then she continued, &quot;My Aunt and Uncle have allowed me to use the barn, their horses and the relaxation juice, the only payment is a DVD copy of each new member taking their turn, for their own personal enjoyment. They have a copy of my horse deflowering, as well as a copy of every chapter in the Cherry Hill riding club.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn said, &quot;Oh fuck, after hearing that, you got me, I have to try it, I wanna be the next chapter!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry cooed, &quot;Oh yeah baby, you’ll love it!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Getting herself together, Emily was pumped, she crept downstairs, and silently out the door. Oh yeah, Jenn was going to lose her horse cock virginity, she couldn’t wait to see that DVD.</p>

Animal Stories

Tue, 09 Jul 2013 19:26:33 UTC

Jane’s Story – Mom’s Black Lab Toby

My name is Jane, I’m in my late thirties now. The story I’m about to relate to you is true, happening when I was sixteen years old. I am an only child, my parents told me, “They didn’t want to mess with perfection by having more children.”

I had just come home from school. Dad and Mom were still at work, they wouldn’t be home until six. I was trusted at home alone after school, but I had to make sure every door and window was locked. Today was late gym class, I was sweaty and wanted to take a quick shower before doing my homework. But first I had to let Toby, our black lab, out, he had been cooped up since I left for school. He ran out into the back yard and pissed on his favorite tree. Then he comes loping back, wanting to get back into the house. I let him in, then I went to my room.

Being the silly girl I am, I put on some music and performed a strip for myself. I had a full-length mirror and watched myself take my clothes off. I had watched movies of female strippers, and I emulated them. The music ended about the time my last article of clothing hit the floor. I stood there and admired my reflection. I was developing nice breasts, I was already in a “B” cup bra. My waist was defined, my hips were widening. No wonder all the boys wanted to date me, I was hot. Being blonde, my pussy hairs were blond also. I could see the definition of my slit, my clit was safely hidden. I also know about masturbation and how to get an orgasm. I usually played with myself every night, dreaming of some male actor or rock star. I’m still a virgin, and I wanted to remain that way until marriage.

I had just finished my shower and was wiping down my body when I heard sirens, and they were close. They got louder and louder, they sounded like they were on my block. My shades were drawn, and I couldn’t see outside. I went to the window and peeked out, I saw the fire engines but couldn’t see anything else. I dropped down to my hands and knees and lifted the bottom of the shade. Now I could see the firemen dragging out hoses, there was smoke coming from the neighbor’s house across the street.

I was watching for maybe five minutes when Toby came into my bedroom. Seeing me on my hands and knees, Toby must have been enticed to come up behind me, and his long tongue licked my pussy. I jumped and rolled onto my butt.

“Toby, get out of my room,” I screamed at him.

He paid no attention to me. He stuck his nose between my legs and licked me again. This time his tongue licked me from my butt hole and over my clit. Now I don’t know if you know, but a dog’s tongue is very strong, it slipped inside my slit, across my virgin opening. It really felt good and I wanted him to do it again. I spread my legs, Toby didn’t need a second invitation, I let him lick all he wanted. It took a couple minutes before I had an orgasm. My orgasm was like I never had before. It felt so good, maybe because it was so taboo. I pushed Toby’s head away, and he ran out of my bedroom.

I went back to looking out through the window under the shade, watching the firemen work. I was on my hands and knees again, thinking that Toby was back downstairs. The next thing I felt was my head being rammed into the window sill. I felt this hairy body on my back. Toby was on top of me, his front feet on my thighs, holding me tight. He was heavy, and I couldn’t get up. When I tried, he growled.

Now I knew I was in trouble, Toby must have thought I was a female dog and he was going to breed me. I struggled to get away, I twisted sideways, that was no help. I tried to lay down on my belly, that didn’t work either, his paws held me up. All the time Toby was growling, then he snapped his jaws like he would bite me. I stopped struggling, there was nothing I could do now.

Toby started humping me like I saw him do to my Mom one time when she was on her hands and knees washing the kitchen floor. I was only eight, but I remember Daddy laughing so hard. She couldn’t get Toby off her either. Mom was fully dressed, and Toby finally jumped off her. My Mom’s face was all red.

Dad said, “Next time he mounts you, you won’t be dressed.”

Mom threw the mop rag at Dad. “Shut up, your daughter is right here.”

But I was nude, and I felt his prick bumping against my butt and the back of my thighs. I tried again to get away. I must have made a mistake because I felt the tip of Toby’s dick go inside me a little bit. I started to cry, I was going to lose my virginity to a damn dog.

Toby’s dick pulled out of me when he pulled back. Again he humped forward, his dick sliding on my clit, I felt sensations I had never felt before. His dick was hot and wet, and he kept humping me, only harder. It was starting to feel good, so I let Toby continue. He didn’t do this long though. Toby jumped off of me, licked my pussy and jumped back on. He started to hump me again, his dick trying to find my vagina. I twisted my hips back and forth, trying to keep that from happening. Toby’s dick was bumping me harder and harder. I don’t know what happened, but Toby’s dick somehow lined up with my vagina, and his cock slipped inside of me. He rammed forward,and I felt a sharp pain when my hymen ripped. Then I only felt the heat of Toby’s cock thrusting inside me.

Toby was humping me hard now. He was inside me all the way, I was being fucked for my first time by a dog. Toby stopped humping me, I could feel his cock expanding inside me. He was swelling up, his dick felt good. It was so hot, it felt hot like a curling iron. Toby pushed more of his cock into me. Toby’s paws were tight against my thighs when he pushed his cock deeper into me. I felt the bump on his cock slip inside my pussy. Little did I know that his knot was inside me and it would swell into a huge ball.

I soon found out how big that knot would swell. My pussy was full of Toby’s cock and knot. A few seconds later he was fully swollen, and he was pumping a liquid inside me. I was sure he was coming, he was pumping me full of his doggy sperm. I knew that I couldn’t get pregnant from a dog fucking me. His hot semen was coating the insides of my vagina. I liked that feeling.

He relaxed, his weight resting on my back. Toby stayed this way for a few minutes before he tried to get off of me. There was no way he could pull his cock out of me. I had heard of a dog doing this when he bred another dog. Now it had happened to me. Every time Toby pulled, I had these crazy sensations, and I would have another orgasm. I was resigned to the fact that I would be found by my Mom, knotted with Toby.

Toby was getting anxious, he wanted to get off of me. He jumped up, his front legs were now along the side of me. His one back leg was up off the floor, but his cock was stuck fast in my pussy. I looked back and saw both of us in the mirror. I saw his pinkish red shaft buried inside of me. I cried, thinking about what I would say to my Mom and Dad when they found me. They would think I was fucking Toby and that was not true. Toby had basically raped me by growling and snapping his teeth.

Toby turned, his butt was now against my butt, but he was still locked tight in my pussy. His tail was over my back and I could feel his balls against my ass. He pulled, and I slid on the floor. He started walking towards my bedroom door, dragging me behind him. His cock firmly locked in my pussy. I was moaning because his knot felt so good inside me. He jerked hard, and the sensations gave me another orgasm. He continued jerking, my boobs were flopping he was jerking that hard. I kept having orgasms, some almost made me scream, they felt so good. Then Toby stopped pulling, he stood still, but I could feel his sperm still being pumped into me. We stayed this way for maybe thirty minutes.

My pussy was so full of his doggy sperm, it was starting to leak out. That’s when Toby pulled hard again, and his knot and cock pulled out of my pussy. There was a gush of liquid, it splashed when it hit my wood floor and puddled under me. My pussy felt empty now. When his cock was out, so was the heat from it, my pussy felt cold inside.

I held my pussy closed and ran to the bathroom. I dribbled dog sperm all the way until I sat on the toilet. I pushed, and another gush of Toby’s sperm and cum spilled from my pussy into the toilet. I kept pushing until it was all out of me. I wiped with toilet paper, my pussy lips were still wet. I kept wiping until my pussy was dry. I took a big ball of toilet paper and cleaned up the floor. Toby had licked up most of it, so I was mostly cleaning up his slobber. I went into the bathroom and flushed the toilet paper down the drain.

When I went back into my bedroom, Toby was lying on the floor, licking his cock. It was huge, thick like a big pointy red pickle and about five inches long before his knot. His knot was still quite big, I couldn’t believe that my pussy let that slip out. Toby kept licking his cock, and I kept watching. Soon his knot disappeared, and his cock slid back into his hairy sheath. No one would know that I had just been fucked by a dog.

I dressed in shorts and a top. I peeked out the window again, the fire was out, and the firemen were putting away their hoses and equipment. This time Toby could only smell my pussy, it was totally covered. He sniffed, turned around, and walked out and downstairs. When I went downstairs, he was lying in his dog bed in my parent’s room.

Mom and Dad came home at their usual time. I had already started supper. Dad would do the grilling as soon as he opened his evening beer. Everyone acted normal, including me. After supper, the evening was spent watching TV and reading. About nine, I decided to go to bed. I said my good nights and gave kisses and hugs. I thought that Toby may follow me up the stairs, but he didn’t. He was sitting by my Mom and didn’t even open an eye. Upstairs, I got ready for bed and climbed between my sheets. I was tired, and it wasn’t long, and I was asleep.

Toby didn’t bother me for the rest of the week. He didn’t even sniff my crotch or butt. He bothered my Mom though. He was poking his nose pretty hard into her crotch every chance he got. She kept shushing him away until he finally went to his bed and laid down. I saw Daddy watching her. Every time Toby poked his nose into Mom’s business, he smiled. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it.

Dad is the regional manager for an agri-equipment manufacturer. Dad would have to travel for his job and usually would be gone for a week or sometimes more. Next week he would be out of town and would be flying back on Saturday. Dad left while I was at school and Mom was at work. When I got home from school, Toby was already in my bedroom waiting for me.

“Get put out of here. mutt,” I yelled at him. Toby just wagged his tail and sat up. “Go, get out.”

Toby stood up and walked towards me. He stuck his nose under my dress and shoved his snout into my crotch. His nose was cold when it touched me. I pushed his head away and undressed, taking off my school uniform. This would be my last year that I had to wear it. Next year I would be going to the public high school. “Yeah!”

As soon as I was standing there in my panties, Toby came over and pushed his nose back into my crotch. “Get away… Go,” I yelled at him. That didn’t help the situation at all, maybe it made things worse because he started to growl again like last time. Was my fucking dog going to rape me again?

Toby insisted on pushing his nose into my crotch. He was pushing very hard against my clit. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling sensations in my pussy. I pulled my panty crotch aside so Toby could lick my slit. Toby’s long tongue was at the ready, and he started licking. The licking lasted only a minute or two before I was feeling horny. I stuck my thumbs in my panties and lowered them down. Doing so I leaned over, and Toby licked my pussy from behind. His wet tongue went right in my slit and licked my clit. It felt so good. Toby kept licking me, and I let him.

I was standing bent over, leaning on my hands on the top of my mattress. Toby gave one last lick and then he mounted me. My pussy was too high, and Toby couldn’t reach me as he humped. Somewhere in my mind, a switch went on, and I dropped to my hands and knees on the floor. Toby immediately mounted me and grasped my waist, his paws pushing back on my thighs, locking him and me together. I could feel his pointed cock trying to find my hole so he could fuck me. This time I didn’t move to stop him, I wanted Toby to fuck me. He kept trying, and his cock kept bumping me. I reached back to guide his cock into my pussy, but he did it by himself.

As soon as his cock touched my wet opening, he rammed his hips forward, sinking his hot red cock inside me. I rocked forward so he wouldn’t go deep in me. I wanted him to work his way in at a slower pace. Toby kept humping me, he only had a couple of inches in. I used my hand stop him. That is when I noticed that his knot had grown. It was so big that my hand stopped it. I let go of Toby’s cock and he pushed the rest of his cock in me, except his knot was too big to enter. Toby kept trying to ram his knot into my pussy. Trying as hard as he could, it never happened. I reached back to feel how big the knot had grown, it was very big. I wondered how my poor vagina could hold that inside me.

The next time Toby pushed, I held his knot tight so he couldn’t pull back. He must have thought that his knot was in because a flood of liquid gushed into me. Toby kept pumping his sperm into me for the longest time. After a few minutes, he tried to jump off me. I let go of his cock, and he pulled it out. There was a sucking noise coming from my pussy. I stayed on my hands and knees, hoping his cum would stay inside until I crawled to the bathroom.

I started to crawl when Toby started to lick me. He was licking up all his cum as it spilled from my cunt. Toby’s tongue was licking my clit, and I had my first orgasm. I crawled some more, and Toby kept licking. I had two more orgasms before I sat on the toilet. I pushed the cum liquid that was left in me out. I used a bunch of toilet paper to wipe myself dry, just like I had before. I went back into my bedroom and pulled on my panties. I dressed in shorts, leaving my white school blouse on. I would be putting on a clean one for school tomorrow. Mom came home and fixed her and me something to eat.

After supper, I did my homework and watched some TV. I was tired, so I kissed Mom good night and went up to bed. I fell asleep, I woke up about 11 PM, I had to pee, so I got up and went into my bathroom. I was headed back to my bedroom when I thought I heard a voice downstairs. Did Mom leave the TV on? I went down the steps, the TV was off, but the voice was coming from my Mom and Dad’s bedroom. The door was slightly ajar, and I could see the light was still on. I crept silently nearer to their doorway.

“Oh god, oh Toby, that feels so good… fuck me… jam that knot of yours into my hot cunt.”

It was my mother, and she was fucking Toby! I crept up to the door and peeked in, Mom was on the floor on her hands and knees. Well, she wasn’t really on her hands, more on her elbows. Her face was turned sideways on the floor. Toby was mounted on her, and I could see that his knot was in my mother’s pussy. I could see Toby’s butt hole moving, he was pumping his sperm into her pussy. I couldn’t pull my eyes away, I had to see what would happen next.

Toby stayed locked in mom’s pussy for a couple minutes before he tried to pull out. He pulled hard, and his knot started to appear. Mom’s pussy lips spread wide and his knot popped out. The rest of his cock was still in her. Toby moved, and his fat cock popped out of her and hung down between his legs. Mom just stayed like she was, ass in the air, her pussy lips wide open. Toby returned to her pussy and started to lick it. Mom slowly rose up onto her hands while Toby kept licking up his cum. When she was up, she humped her back and pushed the rest of Toby’s sperm out, Toby’s tongue lapping it all up. There was no mess at all.

I headed back upstairs before I could be caught. I remembered how Mom finished her fuck with Toby. I would have to try that next time. I wanted him to knot me again because that felt the best and I had a ton of orgasms.

I had a feeling my mother would be fucking Toby every night while Dad was gone. I would sneak down and listen by their door. Mom made sure her door was closed and I couldn’t see anything. I could hear though, and from the sloshing sounds, Toby was fucking her pussy hard. I would slip my finger into my wet pussy and finger fuck myself, thinking it was Toby’s cock.

Saturday morning came, Dad would be home today. Mom said, “I’ll pick up Dad, and we’ll be home around 3 PM. Finish any homework you may have left, and clean up your room.

I couldn’t wait for Mom to leave, this meant that Toby and I would have at least three hours to play. Mom dressed up all sexy to welcome Dad home. Usually when he came home,they would spend an hour or so in their bedroom. Mom and Dad always fucked a lot after his trips. I wasn’t supposed to know that, but I’m not that naive or stupid.

My homework was all done, so I cleaned up my room. I left the mop and bucket in my room in case I left another mess on the floor like I had the first time. I closed the window shades and stripped all my clothes off. I lay back on my bed, my feet on the floor. I waited to see if Toby would come to my room. I started to play with my clit, it felt so good when I rubbed it. I must have scented the air because Toby was in my room in a flash. I spread my legs, and his snout went right to my pussy. I let him lick me for the longest time.

My pussy was wet, and I was horny as all caboggies when I dropped to my knees on the floor. Toby tried to mount me, but I stayed upright, teasing him. He didn’t like that, and he growled. I didn’t move, Toby growled again, I still didn’t move. That is when he snapped his jaws and pushed me down. I was flat on the floor. He pulled on me with his legs, trying to get me into position to mount me. I teased him more by not moving. That is when he growled hard and put his mouth on the back of my neck. His teeth were against my neck, he could have bitten me and probably broke my neck, killing me. I lifted my ass in the air fast.

Toby jumped off me and stuck his snoot back into my pussy, licking me good. I was horny, but when his tongue went into my vagina, I felt like a dam was released in me. My pussy flooded with my juices. That is when Toby mounted me. His cock lined up perfectly with my hole, and he drove his tool deep in me. There was no hurt like before. Toby was fucking my pussy so hard. I wanted his knot in me, so I did nothing to stop it from entering my cunt.

I felt his knot go in, but when he pulled back, it came out. Toby pushed his cock back into me, and the knot went in again. He did this a few times until he stayed still so his knot wouldn’t slip out. I started to move my butt back and forth, it felt good inside me. Toby started to fuck me again. When his knot was swollen big enough, he pulled it back tight against the inside of my pussy and his river of sperm flowed into me. I kept moving my butt, I was full of Toby’s cock, and his knot filled me completely. My pussy walls were stretched tight.

Toby stopped fucking like he did the last time and tried to pull his knot out, that wasn’t happening. We were locked tight together again, and it felt so good I had my first orgasm. Toby’s knot was swollen tight inside me, I couldn’t move anymore. My fingers found my clit, and I started to rub it. Toby had other ideas, he jumped off me and started heading for my bedroom door. He was dragging me across the floor. I grabbed at anything within my reach, trying to stop him from dragging me out my door and down the stairs. I weigh eighty-nine pounds, Toby eighty, I didn’t stand a chance. I was able to grab the leg of my bed’s foot board, I clung to it like my life depended on it. Toby tried to drag me more, but couldn’t, his knot was still big enough to stay put in me.

The pressure I felt inside of me was intense, my body shook from the concentrated stimulus I felt inside, as another orgasm rocked my small frame. Toby’s muscles were much stronger than mine. My fingers could no longer hang on, and I was dragged out my bedroom door. Toby headed right for the stairs and started down. My poor body thumped from stair tread to stair tread. I was crying by the time I was on the last stair. Toby pulled me towards the kitchen. I never felt so helpless, being dragged around by my pussy. If any of my friends saw what I was going through, I would be the laughingstock of the school, maybe the whole town.

I worked my way back up on my hands and knees. Toby looked back at me and stopped moving. I still had another hour before my parents would return. I got down into position like my Mom did. Toby stood still as his knot started to soften. He kept pulling, trying to release himself from my cunt. I felt my pussy lips stretch, he would be out soon. He pulled again and I felt a snap and heard a pop as his cock and knot pulled out. This time his cum stayed inside me, my vagina opening was upwards. Toby turned and started licking his cum from inside me, his long tongue felt like a scoop. I raised up a bit, and more cum rolled onto his tongue. Toby knew what to do, my Mom made sure of that. I just copied what she had done.

Finally, I was empty inside. Toby stopped licking, and I flopped down on my back. I looked under Toby’s belly, my eyes opened wide when I saw the size of his cock. The thickness was unreal, how could my little pussy take such a large cock. Toby’s back was humped upwards, for what reason I didn’t know. His cock hung down, almost reaching the floor.

He laid down and started licking his dick. I was fascinated as I watched it shrink back into his shield. Soon he looked like a dog ready to take a nap, which he did. I returned to my room to dress, but first I washed clean.

There were heretofore passions that were woken up in me, there was no going back. My virginity was torn asunder, my pussy had been filled with cock and cum. Surprisingly, I was very happy. The only drawback was nobody could know.

I was sitting on my bed reading when Mom and Dad returned home. I dashed down the stairs and ran to my Daddy’s arms. He always has been and always will be my hero. After a bunch of kisses and hugs, Daddy reached into his pocket and took out a phone.

“Here, this is for you.”

It was a new iPhone, the latest and best. My old phone was about four generations old, this was the latest and brand new. I had lived with hand-me-downs since I was ten, now at sixteen I had my own brand new one. I gave Daddy the biggest kiss I could.

“Okay you two, the love fest is over, time to unpack and then start supper.”

After supper, the dishes were loaded into the dishwasher, and the big stuff was hand washed. Mom and Dad usually go to bed early after he returns from a trip, tonight was no different. At nine, I was told to go to my bedroom because they were tired and would turn in early.

I went to my room and undressed. I was looking at my image in the mirror when I looked and saw my window shade wasn’t drawn. Anyone driving by would have been treated to the sight of a naked teen. I peeked out, and no one was around, I drew the shade down.

I put on a long T-shirt, my hard nipples pushing out the fabric. I could see my dark areola’s through the thin material. I put panties on, I was going to go downstairs for soda. No sense showing my pussy to my parents or making it easy for Toby to stick his nose in my bare crotch.

I went down the stairs, I saw that Mom and Dad’s door was closed. There was a light shining from the crack at the bottom, and I heard voices. I crept closer and listened.

I heard my Dad say, “Miss me while I was gone?”

“Of course I missed you. I always miss you.”

“Did you get horny?”

“Yes, very.”

“Did you rub one off?”

“Many, each one better than the last.”

“Did you miss my cock?”

“For sure, I wanted that thick cock deep in me.”

“Did you use your special dildo?”

“Yes, a couple of times.”

“Did Toby benefit from my absence?”

“Every night.”

“That’s good, I wouldn’t want you searching for strange cock outside this house.”

“I wouldn’t do that, you’re all I need.”

“I think it is time to show me how much you love me. Where’s Toby?”

“He’s in his bed, but he has one eye on us.”

“Do you like Toby’s cock?”

“You know I love it.”

“Why do you love it?”

“Because it’s big and his knot is large.”

“Will you show me how much you love it?”

“Of course, just say when. You know how much I love to fuck him.”

“How do you feel when he is inside you?”

“Like his bitch, I fantasize I’m being bred. His prick is so hot, and he cums so much.”

“Tell me what you like best.”

“His knot, I like it when he pulls it out of my cunt. The pressure makes me cum every time.”

“Time to strip, Honey. Time to prove to me that you love me.”

Their room was quiet, my Mom and Dad must have been undressing. I tip-toed around the corner and out of sight of their bedroom door. I didn’t want to be caught and ruin their night and mine also.

“How do you want to do it tonight, missionary or doggy?” My Dad asked.

“Doggy, I want to be fucked good.”

I heard my Mom call, “Come here, Toby, come to Mama, she needs you to fuck her.”

I heard Toby’s nails as he walked on the hardwood floor.

“Not too fast, Honey. Make him work for your pussy. I want to hear him growl and snap.”

There were scuffling noises coming from their room. Mom must be pushing Toby away, not letting him at her pussy. I heard some low growling, then I heard Toby’s jaws snap shut. I wish I could see what was going on inside that room.

“Not yet!” I heard my Dad say. “I want that mutt to be horny as hell. I want to see him slam your cunt hard.”

There was more growling, louder now. I heard my Mom, “He’s going to bite me if I don’t give it to him soon.”

I could tell by the tone of my Mom’s voice, that she was horny and wanted Toby’s cock in her cunt.

“No he won’t, make him work harder. I want to see if he can make you be his bitch.”

“John, he’s biting my arm and trying to bite my neck. Toby is trying to rape me!”

“Lay down, his cock can’t reach your cunt if you are on your belly.”

I heard growling, and then my Mom screamed, “John, he’s lifting me up, I can’t stop him. He’s going to fuck me.”

“Shut up, let him work for it. Move your ass so he can’t stick it in.”

“You know that doesn’t work, he’ll keep poking me with his cock until he gets lucky and it slides in.”

“I know, but I like the thought of Toby raping you. I want to see you fight him off until he succeeds in fucking you.”

I heard some loud noises now. I remembered how Toby forced me to submit to him. I wondered if he was doing the same to my Mom. I heard my Dad say, “Has he hit it yet?”

‘No, but he is getting closer. His cock tip almost found my opening. You know how he rams into me when he feels my cunt around his cock.”

“OWW… he almost got it in that time. He hit my taint!”

I heard a real scuffle break out now. Toby was growling, and his jaws were snapping loudly.

“Damn it! He bit my cheek, and it hurt. I have to fuck him now John before he really hurts me. Please!”

I heard my Dad say, “NO… don’t fuck him yet.”

I heard my Mom crying. Toby must be really hurting her. Then Dad said,“Okay, let him find your cunt and fuck you.”

I heard Mom scream, “Oh god… his cock is so hard. It hurts.”

“What hurts?”

“My pussy, his cock is hurting my pussy.”

“How is it hurting your pussy?”

“It’s long and thick. His knot isn’t in yet.”

“Tell me, Honey,. What is the best part of fucking Toby? What do you really like the best?”

“Tied with his knot. It feels so good tight inside my cunt.”

“What’s happening right now?”

“He’s fucking me.”

“You like fucking him?”

“Oh god, yes. His knot is in, and it’s swelling.”

“Is his cock tied in your cunt?”

“Not yet, but soon. He’s pumping cum now.”

“Tell me when he’s tied.”

“I think he is tied now. He pulled back and didn’t pop out.”

“Is he pumping a lot of cum?”

“Oh god… he’s pulling hard, I’m cummiinnggg… oh my god, it feels so good. The pressure in my pussy is fantastic! I’m so full of his cum, and he’s still pumping more into me!”

I listened as Toby fucked my Mom. I could hear noises, his cock sloshing around in her wet pussy. I wished I could see what was going on. I had a good idea from my experiences with Toby, but seeing is better. I was getting pretty hot myself, from the noise. I rubbed my clit, feeling how wet I really was. I slipped my finger down, pushing it up into my pussy. I fingered myself for awhile until I heard Mom squeal, “He’s pulling, so damn harrrddd…”

I heard my Dad say, “Is he tied to you that tight?”

Then I heard my Mom scream again, “I’m cummiinnggg…oh fuck… oh fuck… he’s fucking me so hard… he’s locked in my cunt, yes, he’s tied that tight. Oh my god, I’m cumming again…”

My ear was tight against their door, I wanted to hear everything. Mom was having orgasm after orgasm. Toby must really be fucking the shit out of her.

“OW, OW,” I heard her scream. “He’s pulling his knot out, and it hurts.”

I heard what I thought was a bumping noise. It must have been my Dad’s knees hitting the floor.

“Hold still,” he commanded. “I want to fuck you while his hot cum is still inside your pussy.”

I then heard sloppy, sloppy noises as my father fucked my mother’s dog cum filled cunt. In a few minutes, I heard him ram her hard and then stop. There were moans, my father was filling my mom’s cunt with more cum. I wondered what kind of mix of cum was in my Mom’s belly. I’d bet that Toby’s cum was a lot more than my Dad’s.

“Toby, come here.” I heard Mom say. “Come here and clean me up.”

I had a mental visual of what was going on now. Toby would be lapping his tongue at my mother’s pussy. Toby was an expert at cleaning the cum from a woman. After a few minutes I heard some movement, they were getting back in bed for the night.

I tiptoed back to the stairs, before climbing them to my bedroom. I crawled in bed, I was tired, and soon I was fast asleep. I heard rustling going on downstairs, that is what woke me up. Mom was shushing Toby outside. I heard her pouring coffee. I got up and put on my robe. I was on the last step when I heard Mom say, “John, didn’t you get enough last night? Let me make a cup of coffee without you trying to feel me up.”

They both saw me when I entered the kitchen.

“Sleep well, last night?”Mom asked.

“Yes, Mom,” I replied. “I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.”

“Good. Dad and I are going over to Aunt Gilda’s today, she needs a visit from us now and then. Would you like to go too?”

If there was one place in the world that I didn’t want to go to, it was Aunt Gilda’s. Her place was old and stuffy, just like her. She was my Grandmother’s sister, which made her my Grand-Aunt. She usually ended up crabbing at me because I let it be known I didn’t want to be there. I always rushed out the door when I knew we were leaving.

“No, Mom, I don’t want to go. I’ll be okay here. I have a school science project that I want to work on. You and Dad go have fun, I’ll see you when you return.”

“Okay, dear, I understand why. You’ll have to fix your own lunch and dinner, we won’t be back until late, we’re taking her out for dinner.”

“I’ll be okay Mom, there are leftovers in the fridge to reheat. You guys have a good time, don’t worry about me.”

I was happy to be left alone for the day. There was time for me and Toby to try something new. I didn’t know what, but there had to be something. From the front window, I watched Mom and Dad drive away. I really did have a science project to work on, and I spent an hour rounding up the necessary items. I worked for another hour, building the project before I stopped for the day. It was lunch time, but I wasn’t hungry, my mind was on Toby.

“Toby, wanna go outside?” I called to him.

Toby came bounding out of my parent’s bedroom. I must have woken him up from his morning nap. It was a race to the back door, Toby winning by a landslide. I opened the door, and he rushed to his favorite pee tree. He really unloaded this time. His leg was lifted for at least a minute. When he was done, he came bounding back inside. He looked at me like, “What’s next?”

I ran to the stairs and climbed them as fast as I could. Toby right behind me. I ran into my room, tearing my clothes off. When I was naked, I dropped to my hands and knees on the floor. I looked back and saw Toby rushing over to me. When he was close enough he jumped up, his front legs and chest landed on my back, that’s when I collapsed to the floor. Toby tried to crouch down to reach my pussy, but that wasn’t happening.

I raised my ass up, my knees now supporting my weight. Toby’s front feet were on the floor, I was now in position to be fucked doggy style. Now I was able to support his weight. His initial rough and tumble mount is what knocked me down. Toby sensed that I was ready and his front feet came up and pressed tightly against my thighs. There was no way that I could get away from him now. I felt his cock poking around, looking for the entrance to my vagina. I wasn’t going to help him out this time, he could find it on his own. It turned me on more to feel his cock looking for my pussy.

He kept poking, a couple times he came close. I held my ass still, his cock poking closer until he found his mark. I felt the heat of his cock as he thrust into my well lubricated pussy. He pummeled my cunt, his cock spurting his juices into my clenching pussy. My pussy milking his cock as it swelled inside me. Toby pushed harder, his knot slipped inside, spreading my swollen pussy lips to the extreme. Once his knot was inside, Toby remained still.

I could feel the knot increase in size, effectively locking him and me together. I wanted to stay tied to Toby, the feelings inside my pussy were intense. It wasn’t long before I experienced my first orgasm. As a sixteen year-old girl, I would bet that I already had more orgasms than some adult women. My pussy was full of doggy cock and hard knot. The end of Toby’s cock was soft and flexible, I could feel it curling around inside my cunt.

Toby pulled back, his knot locking tight against my pussy inside. That was when I felt most of his cum explode from his cock. It was like a steady pump, pump, pump until I was full. Toby’s cum built up pressure inside me, I felt like a balloon being blown up. When the pressure was too much, small spurts would leak out between his knot and my pussy lips. Of all the sensations he gave me,this one always brought on more orgasms. My young body shaking because these were very explosive orgasms. Now I knew why my mother fucked her dog. She enjoyed the more intense orgasms.

Toby made a move to jump off me. I grabbed his hind leg, effectively stopping him from pulling his knot out of me. All this time, his cock was pumping more of his seed deep inside of my pussy. Toby didn’t like that I had a grip on his leg, he turned, trying to bite my hand. I let go when his growls became threatening. Toby turned, he and I were ass to ass, his cock locked inside my pussy. I looked over to my mirror and saw the two of us. The sight brought on another orgasm for me. This one not quite as intense as the last.

I had had enough cock for the morning. I wouldn’t stop Toby from pulling out now. Toby must have sensed that I was ready for him to pull out. I felt the pressure build as his knot spread my opening and stretched my labia. With a rush, his cock was out. Loads of juices and cum poured out of me, onto the towel that I had placed beforehand. I humped my back and more spilled from my stretched vagina. I waited a minute, then raised up onto my knees, gravity emptying the remainder from me.

Toby had cleaned his cock, and it was now back in its sheath. He came over to me and licked my crotch, his tongue licking from asshole to clit. I stood up when Toby stopped licking. I tossed the towel into the hamper, I had to remember to wash towels before my parents came home tonight. It was half past one, Toby and I had been fucking for about an hour. Right now I felt like I wanted to nap, but my science project needed to be done by Monday. I retrieved a cold soda from the fridge and went back to work on my project. Toby went into my parent’s room and curled up in his bed. No doubt resting up for his and my next session of fucking.

I could continue this story, but fucking a dog becomes pretty repetitive,. There is only so much you can do with a dog. Don’t get me wrong, dog sex has been my favorite sex since the first time. Men have pleasured me,women have given me pleasure, and I have returned that pleasure. But my ultimate pleasure is a horny, thick cocked, big knotted dog.

I’m married and have two girls. They have no idea that their mother is into dog sex. Maybe they will, and maybe they won’t have an experience like I did. That would be their business, just like it was mine back then. For sure I can’t condemn either of them if they do.

My husband knows, has known since our engagement. I wouldn’t take his ring until he knew what he was getting into. After he watched me the first time, we fucked like two nymphomaniacs. We have settled down some now, but I fuck my dog at least twice a week. My husband also likes to have his dick bathed in hot dog cum while he fucks my pussy.

I have a Labrador appropriately named Rox, he gets them off in me a lot. Labs are the perfect sized dog for women, the point of their cocks line up perfect with a woman’s pussy. Every time I remove my panties, Rox is at the ready. When I drop down, it takes only a few seconds for him to be deep inside my pussy. I still get that old thrill as he searches for my pussy opening. That doesn’t happen to often anymore, he pretty much knows right where to shove his cock. I sure love to fuck him.

My husband and I have joined a club and contacted others that have the same fetish. We meet with other couples and have sex with each other’s dogs and sometimes with their partners. It just makes for a fun time for everybody.

I hope you enjoyed my story, I enjoyed telling it to you. Maybe in the future, I’ll have more to tell, like the time I knotted with a Great Dane and it lasted for hours. His dick was okay size, but that knot was huge. I was tied for about an hour and quit counting after the sixth orgasm.

The End.

Animal Stories

Fri, 22 Jun 2018 01:10:22 UTC

Cherry Hill riding club part 3

<p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Over the next few weeks, more volumes were added to Jenn’s collection. The Cherry Hill riding club now was up to 6 volumes, as Hannah, a long legged redhead became part 3, Susan, a petite blonde with rich honey colored skin was part 4, Naomi, with black hair and rich, bulbous curves was part 5, and Tara, a 6 foot tall strawberry blonde became part 6.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily couldn’t get enough. Hannah, with those long legs, natural copper colored curls, getting her body splattered which a massive load, then getting her horse virginity fucked away as she took her turn on the fucking table, growling and screaming with pleasure as a massive, horny stallion reamed out her pussy, made her cum like a train. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Susan, that petite blonde who was no bigger than 5 feet, Emily watched in open mouthed wonder as she swallowed that prick, then having another stiff cock fucking her tiny pussy, her shrieks of pleasure filling the barn as her little pussy got forced open by that horny stallion that was lucky enough to fuck her. Another screeching burst of pleasure at the end of her dildo shook Emily.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Naomi, oh that bulbous body and big, swollen boobs, watching the stallion squirt his creamy load over those big milk jugs made Emily tingle. Her howls and cries of pleasure filled the barn, as Midnight, that lucky stallion who got to fuck Penny in part 1, got a repeat performance, ending Naomi’s horse cock virginity in a hard, cunt filling thrust, with Naomi’s shrieks and howls accompanying her horse cock deflowering. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Tara was similarly covered all over her with a thick rich load, sucking a huge horse cock to a squirting release. Taking her turn on the table, Tara’s shrieks echoed through the barn, as Snowflake was lucky enough to get a repeat performance with a horny pussy, and Emily tingled as she watch the white horse having its way with Tara, breaking open her horse virginity. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily’s dildo and her pussy got maximum action, watching each volume, and masturbating to Earth shattering orgasms were making Emily crazy. She couldn’t get enough of watching horny teens get their sexy young bodies sprayed with thick gushes of horse cum, then watching them get strapped down, watching tight pussies getting split apart, losing their horse cock virginity, as rock hard horse cocks split open tight cunts, the barn filling with screams and shrieks as their pussies got the stretching of their lives. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Then watching Cherry plaster her mouth against each just fucked cunt, sucking out the load, and licking each girl to one last climax. Seeing the huge load all over her chin, dripping down, splattering her body, as she swallowed the big mouthfuls, as she smiled and invited her to come and join her riding club, for a suck and fuck she’d never forget. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily could feel the pull, oh fuck, she could visualize herself in that situation. Now, could Jenn? </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; When Emily got home after work, she heard Jenn and Cherry upstairs. She crept up the stairs, and heard them enjoying one of the DVDs. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Yeah, yeah, splatter her body, blow that cock all over her, oh fuck, look at that fucker go!&quot; Jenn cried.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Isn’t it great, look at that cock spraying! Fuck, it’s such a turn on, it drives me so fucking horny, I love to suck out that load from the freshly fucked cunts of my riding club! It also tastes so hot and delicious!&quot; Cherry growled. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily could feel her panties getting damp, she slid quietly over to Jenn’s door, and peeked in. The girls were on Jenn’s bed, naked, and rubbing their pussies. The TV was angled towards the door, and Emily could see Cherry getting Tara onto the table, and securing her with the straps. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; On the TV screen, Cherry said &quot;You’ll love it baby!&quot; as she tested the straps, making sure that Tara was securely strapped down.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Oh fuck, I’m so horny, I don’t think my fingers are going to do it!&quot; Jenn moaned.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry took the DVD remote, and pressed the &quot;Pause&quot; button. She looked at Jenn.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Would you like something more?&quot; she cooed. &quot;How does this sound? I’ll strap on my dildo, and fuck you while we watch the show!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn whispered, &quot;Oh, that sounds so hot!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;While my dildo is fucking you baby, I’ll have my Joni’s butterfly purring away against my clit, and we can both cum like crazy!&quot; Cherry cooed.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry dug into her backpack, and pulled out her goodies. She showed Jenn the &quot;Joni’s butterfly,&quot; a soft plastic cup slightly smaller than Cherry’s palm, with a soft nub lined with shallow grooves on the concave side. A pair of elastic straps were attached to the edges, and an insulated wire led to a black plastic battery case, a little larger than a cigarette lighter.&nbsp; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry’s voice started to sound her excitement, as she said, &quot;I’ll strap this baby around my hips, and that will hold the vibrating nub nice and snug against the outer folds of my pussy. It won’t even penetrate me, it’s not designed to. That’s why the woman who invented it called it a Butterfly. The sensation is like a butterfly lightly brushing its wings against you. The straps hold it in place, leaving your hands totally free, and the remote control dials up the amount of vibration you want. Since it can be worn undetected beneath ordinary clothing, I’ll bet my strap on will fit easily over this baby.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; As Cherry strapped on her dildo, 9 inches of hard pleasure ready to fuck her daughter’s pussy, Emily slipped over to her room, got her 8 inch vibrator, stripped herself naked, and took her spot again, Emily needed a little more than just her fingers, also. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry grinned, and said, &quot;Oh yeah, no problem. I’m gonna enjoy this ride as much as you! Ok Jenn, I’m gonna lay back, and prop my head up so I can watch the show, and you mount up in reverse cowgirl, so you can watch the show too! Fuck, my pussy is dripping like crazy already, are you as hot, and wet baby? Mount up baby, and let’s enjoy the action.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry took the DVD remote, and pressed the &quot;Play&quot; button. The action started to flow again, as Cherry led Snowflake over.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn took position, nudged herself against the head, and slid down, pushing hard, letting out squeals of pleasure as she felt herself get wonderfully stuffed. Emily saw her daughter slam down, taking in every bit, then lift up, and start a slow fucking rhythm going, her eyes staring at the TV. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Well, I guess if she wasn’t before, Jenn is no longer a virgin, Emily thought, and stifled the giggle that she wanted to make.&nbsp; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily saw Cherry, the butterfly remote in her hand, and Emily could hear a gentle buzzing noise as she started that vibrating pleasure. Cherry sucked in her breath, and moaned as the butterfly started to caress her most intimate spot. She turned her head to the TV, eager to watch the action also, her hands lightly gripping Jenn’s hips as Jenn rode that hard dildo.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily started her vibrator going on a low speed, and started to slide it around her lips, feelings the juices really start to churn.&nbsp; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; On the screen, after applying plenty of lube to Tara, Cherry played with Snowflake’s cock, greasing his pole up. Snowflake snorted excitedly, he knew what was coming next. Emily was watching the screen for a few seconds, then Cherry and Jenn, back and forth, she did her best to take it all in.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily’s center was becoming very hot and wet, she slid her vibrator inside her, pushing up, stifling her moans of pleasure as felt her walls take in the vibrating pleasure.&nbsp; The sight and sound of the action on the screen, Tara getting penetrated drew her attention, her pussy giving another lurch as she watched Tara’s 6 foot tall body get impaled on Snowflake’s huge cock. Her screams and shrieks filled the barn as her tightness was forced open, pink walls being split open by the most pussy filling cock ever. After a few abrasive thrusts, the fucking rhythm became easier, and Tara’s howls started to change over to more pleasurable sounds.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn was riding Cherry’s dildo, her hands tweaking at her nipples, grunting with pleasure. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry cooed, &quot;See baby? Just a bit of roughness, then it becomes all pleasure. Look at Tara, see that look of bliss on her face? The best fuck of your life.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry dialed up her butterfly a couple of notches, and Emily could see her hips pushing up as she started to hump at the pleasure.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Oh yeah, feels so good, fuck me baby, ride my cock, make yourself cum baby&quot; Cherry cooed.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily dialed up her vibrator also, the noise filling Jenn’s bedroom should cover her vibrator. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The action on the screen was approaching a climax, and judging by the sounds, all three of the ladies watching were set to join in.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Tara howled, &quot;Fuck me horsey, fuck, fuck, I’m cumming, FFFFUUUUCCCKKKK!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Her scream of pleasure echoed, her body shook crazily, in the grip of a wild and massive orgasm. The horse started snorting loudly, as he pumped his massive load into Tara, emptying his balls into her hot, accommodating tunnel.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Oh my god, so fucking hot, fuck, fuck, FUCK!&quot; Jenn howled. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Her body started to shake wildly, watching her daughter fuck herself set Emily off, she felt the wave of pleasure slam her, making Emily giddy and breathless, stifling the howls of pleasure she wanted to make.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry growled, &quot;Yes, fuck, feels so good, cumming, oh fuck yes, yes, YES!&quot; as her Joni’s butterfly teased her to a shaking, sweet release. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Coming down from her orgasmic plane, Jenn slid off Cherry’s dildo, and cuddled in against Cherry, watching the action onscreen as Cherry plastered her eager mouth against Tara’s well fucked opening, fingering Tara to one more climax while sucking out the thick, big load that had just filled her. Her image turned to face the camera, with a big smile, her chin dripping with thick trails of horse cum, she swallowed her mouthful, and urged us on to come to Cherry Hill, join the club, and get a riding like we’d never had. She giggled, blew a kiss to the camera, and the screen went blank.</p>

Animal Stories

Thu, 04 Jul 2013 18:04:45 UTC

My New Guard Dogs

My New Guard Dogs (F, best)

Summary – Jessica moves to a new house and buys two, large, guard dogs to keep her company.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don’t be a dick with other people’s lives!

Hi, my name is Jessica Clark. I’m a 23 year old administrative assistant, living in Palm Springs, California. I’m five feet eight inches tall, with a very thin frame. I have long blonde hair, large breasts, shapely ass and a hungry little pussy!

I had moved to Los Angeles after high school, hoping to become an actress. After all, everyone said I had the looks for it, and I received a lot of praise for my acting in the high school plays, even winning an award! However, like most ‘California Dreams’, I had to find a steady job, and got a position in Palm Springs! My boss is great, the work is easy, and the money is fantastic!

My boss, Mr. Gallagher, likes to look at me, and I don’t mind. He pays me VERY well, so I dress professionally but provocatively for him. Trust me; I know how to show off my ‘assets’! I let him stare down my braless tops and pretend I don’t notice, or, I take my time getting the files he asks for (they are always in the bottom file cabinet). I wiggle my ass, flash him my panties, and spread my legs when I’m at my desk, knowing he is watching me while I file papers or paint my finger nails. I have a banana every day for lunch, and I take my time eating it while I’m doing my online shopping. Sometimes I drizzle chocolate syrup on it, giving both of us a little treat. I only do it once in a while though, when Mr. Gallagher has been ‘extra’ nice to me, like buying roses for my desk, or giving me the afternoon off. I don’t want to spoil him, and besides, too much chocolate is bad for my figure!

I think all the sexual stimulation I give him was the reason I got my last big raise! He even told me that with the money, I could ‘buy some nice new clothes’, because ‘girls like me deserve nice things’. I did buy some sexy lingerie, and flashed him a bit more, knowing the frilly lace would turn him on! I’m thinking that I might even ‘forget’ my panties one day, if I can figure out how to ask him for more money. I don’t think I’ll fuck him or blow him though. He’s married, and I feel he is getting enough for the money he is paying me!

Anyway, with the extra money, I moved out of my tiny apartment and bought a house! It is a cute ranch home just outside of the city. A nice investment! Only two bedrooms, but I have a big yard and sweet neighbors (who like to look at me too!). The only problem? I was scared to be alone!

An older lady at work told me I should get a guard dog to protect me and keep me company, since I didn’t have a boyfriend. She winked when she said it for some reason. She gave me the phone number of a breeder outside of L.A., and I went there yesterday to get a dog. OMG! The place was huge and they had so many pretty doggies! I told them I wanted a ‘big’ dog, and the nice man helped me pick out a huge Shepherd/St. Bernard mix, which was ‘exceptionally trained’, he said. His name was ‘Hammer’. The dog loved me! He licked my face and hands, and even tried shove his nose up my skirt! The dog’s little, red wiener stuck out of his sheath, and I giggled and pointed out that it looks like my lipstick, when I twist it out of the case! He said it means the dog likes me! Yeah, right! All males like the smell of a hot pussy. When I noticed the dog in the next cage looked exactly like Hammer, he told me they were brothers, and his name was ‘Mallet.’ I had to have them both! I couldn’t break up a family, I told him!

The nice man told me that normally, he wouldn’t sell two males to a small girl like me, because they fight for dominance. However, these two have never showed any aggression to each other at all, ‘taking turns, and sharing nicely’, so he allowed me to buy both! I couldn’t believe how much they cost, but I had already fallen in love with them! The way they looked at me, I swear they were smiling. I loved the way their tongues hung down – long, fat and pink! They looked at me with their goofy expressions, on top of their wide, muscular bodies. I felt safer already! I loaded both Hammer and Mallet into my car.
Before I left, I asked the nice man how they got their names. He told me “because they liked to ‘pound’ things”. “Pound? Like a ‘dog pound’?” I said. They couldn’t pound nails, of course. I didn’t get the joke…

I brought them home and let them play in the back yard while I went out and bought them food, bowls, brushes and toys! We spent a quiet evening getting to know each other, playing in the back yard and wresting in the living room. They were so BIG! They knocked me around the floor! I climbed on them, they climbed on me, and they both licked my face, arms and legs until I thought I would pee! We had so much fun! Once, they sat down, side by side, with their little ‘lipsticks’ sticking out, staring at me, with their heads cocked! So cute, I wish I’d have taken a picture!

I went to bed and slept peacefully for the first time in many nights. Hammer and Mallet tried to climb up on the bed with me, but I pushed them down and told them ‘No!’ Surprisingly, they obeyed and slept on the floor, next to the bed. ‘Not enough room for all three of us, guys!’ I told them. I didn’t know how I could have stopped them if they had been determined to climb into bed with me!

This morning, everything changed.

I woke up to the alarm clock and nearly stepped on them! They were so excited to see me! I let them out and drank my coffee. Then, I fed them, admiring them while they ate. Hammer was so handsome, and Mallet had eyes that would melt your heart! I was a lucky girl to own two beautiful dogs!

I’m used to walking around totally naked in the morning, so, when I stripped in front of my boys, I was taken aback by their reaction! Like any typical male, they began to get excited! They began to wag their tales, their wieners stuck out, and they tried to jump on me! I had to push them out of the way to close the bathroom door to take my shower! Wow! I thought, two horny men living with me! I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out! I love to fuck, but, this is ridiculous!

After my shower and drying my hair, I went to my room, still naked, and began to get made up for the day. Hammer and Mallet followed me every step of the way and kept sniffing at my ass! I had to swat them away! I picked out some sexy clothes to wear for Mr. Gallagher, but when I bent over to grab my favorite pair of black pumps, Hammer stuck his nose right into my twat, gave it a huge sniff, and licked me!

“Hammer!” I said, turning around. “Bad Doggie! Don’t lick mommy’s pussy!” I almost gave him a smack on his nose, but he looked so sad! I felt bad that I had yelled at him! He was only being curious after all! I remember hearing that a dog’s sense of smell is so much better than a human’s. Being a male, he probably smelled my pussy and couldn’t help himself! I have the same effect on human males, so, I was used to it. Men see a pretty girl with full lips, a nice set of tits, a round ass, and they do crazy things. Like my boss, Mr. Gallagher.

I decided to let him smell my cunt, just to get it over with. If we are going to live together, we have to get to know each other, right? It made perfect sense. One little sniff of my juicy little pussy for each of them, and then I can get ready for work without being bothered.

I sat down naked on the edge of my bed and opened my legs to let Hammer sniff my cunt all he wants too. He walked over to my pussy like he was stalking prey! He got up close and sniffed it again and again. Then, he shoved is nose right into my cunt, and suddenly, he began to lick my pussy! Over and over his tongue slid up my slit! OMG! His tongue felt so fucking good! I had never felt anything like it before!
Hammer’s tongue was long, fat and pink, and he was doing his best to push it deep into my fuck-hole! I let Hammer lick my cunt, spreading my legs wider, and opening up my pussy lips for him! It felt so good, feeling his tongue licking me up and down! He put his huge, pink tongue up my cunt as deep as it could go! His tongue felt like a slick, wet snake probing my juicy hole. It was like he was trying to get every drop of my pussy juice! I felt myself cumming, and rubbed my clit while his tongue tickled my insides. He would slurp his tongue on my fingers, hitting my clit, and then plunge it back into my hole.
“Aaaahhh! Hammer! Lick me! Lick me!” He acted like he understood and began to lick harder! Mallet sat down and started whining. He seemed upset that there was not enough room between my legs for the both of them!
I spread my pussy lips again and humped his face, forcing my clitty against his hot tongue. He began to lap at my love button and I started to cum! I never had an orgasm like that before! It was almost an out-of-body experience. My toes curled and my thighs quivered. I felt my hairy lover go deeper into me as my pussy started to tingle, and I clamped my legs around his strong, muscular body. “Ooohhh!” I moaned, “Lick mommy’s pussy, Hammer! Eat my fucking hole!” I began thrashing my head side to side as I came, pushing my creaming cunt hard against his hot, slurping tongue. “Aaaaaahhhh!” I cried out as I came over and over again! Once, twice, three times with his tongue dancing on my clit and then shoved deep up into my cunt.

“Whew! What an orgasm!” I said, “Wow, Hammer! What a good boy you are!” I had to push him away from my twat, or else he would have kept licking me. “Maybe later…” I said to him, patting his head and scratching him behind the ears.

I looked down to see if licking my cunt made him horny too. Yep, his little pecker was sticking out, a little longer and thicker than before, but still a thin, red rod, poking out from his sheath. His thing was so cute! I decided to get a closer look and got on the floor with my two, strong protectors. That may have been a mistake!

Hammer and Mallet were so excited to have me on all fours like they were! They began to get excited – dancing around, licking me and nudging me with their huge heads. I crawled away from the bed and felt two sets of tongues trying to lick me from behind. “GAWD!” I moaned. It felt twice as good as before!
I spread my cheeks for them, like a horny little slut, and they began to lap my cunt AND MY ASS-HOLE! I stayed that way, with my ass presented to them, as they licked my cunt, my ass-checks, my ass-hole, my thighs… It felt so good! They loved my ass, and even tried to get their tongues up into my shitter! I had only had my ass-hole licked one time, I loved it, but it felt nothing like this! I felt another little orgasm building, when suddenly; I felt a weight on my back and a slimy ‘poke’ against my ass-cheeks!

Hammer was trying to fuck me! I started to crawl away, but I thought, “What the fuck?” He made me feel good, so I’m obligated to do the same for him, right? It’s not like his little pecker is going to hurt me or anything… “Come on and fuck mommy’s clam, Hammer!” I snorted! ”Clam-Hammer? Are you a ‘Clam-Hammer’ doggie?” I giggled at my own joke. “Come on, you can do it!” I wiggled my ass for him, helping him to find my soaking wet fuck-hole with his slimy, little, doggie dick.

Hammer found my juicy cunt and slid his little pecker into me with no problem. I giggled again, feeling so naughty, as he fed his long, thin dick into me. He suddenly began to hump me, fast! His cock felt like it was going a hundred miles an hour! Then, I got a surprise. His cock began to grow! I could feel it getting bigger and bigger with every thrust. “What the fuck?”
His cock pushed my pussy lips wide apart, then wider, and then I felt some kind of ‘lump’ slide into me. He fucked me hard and fast, and I felt the ‘lump’ getting bigger! His cock grew until it was enormous! I had never had such a big thing in my cunt! The lump grew so large; he couldn’t get it in my little hole any longer. But then, determined to have his way with me, he slammed it all the way into my tiny fuck-hole!
“Ahhhh!” I cried as the hard thing forced its way into me. I felt it expand even more, filling up my cunt. It couldn’t come out anymore, it had gotten so large! We were somehow locked together now! Hammer kept pounding my cunt, again and again, hard and fast. What a fuck he was giving me! I reached down and felt my swollen cunt, stuffed full of doggie-dick!
“Fuck me, Hammer!” I cried. “Fuck your mommy with your fat doggie cock!” I started to cum again and then felt his cocks swell even more. Hammer whined and thrust deeper into me. I suddenly felt something very hot inside my pussy. His sperm! Hammer was shooting off into my pussy! I could feel him blasting his doggie goo into me! There was so much of it! It was so warm and wet, and he kept shooting it! It was filling me up! I came over and over again, feeling his thick cock slamming into me and his hot cum blasting so fucking deep inside of me!

Hammer finally stopped fucking my pussy and I felt his weight on top of me. What a monster! I looked back and saw his happy, tired face, his long tongue hanging out. Men, they are all the same! I loved the feeling of his lump keeping us tied together. Most men would have pulled out after they came, leaving my empty and wanting more. This was nice, like we were cuddling after sex. I liked how full my pussy felt. “Damn! Hammer and I are going to be best friends from now on!” I thought.

I heard Mallet pacing back and forth behind us, so I called him over. I felt bad for him, since he didn’t get to cum, but Hammer and I sure did! Mallet walked over to me and licked my face as I petted him. I couldn’t get away from his wet tongue, since I was locked up with Hammer, but I didn’t mind a little doggie spit, after everything that had happened. I put my head down and turned to avoid his tongue, and that’s when I saw it; Mallet’s cock!

His cock was HUGE! No longer a thin, pink rod, it must have been a foot long! It was very thick and pointed at the tip. The color was a mixture of purple and deep-red. It was gnarly looking; bumpy, with pulsating veins running along its entire length. It was wet, shining and throbbing right in front of me.
“That’s what is up my cunt?” I thought? No wonder I felt so full! These boys are ‘growers’, not ‘show-ers’, that’s for sure! I looked at Mallet’s lump. It looked like a pomegranate, only bigger. It almost reminded me of a swollen set of testicles, but his huge testicles were still hanging down behind it. Oh, well, ‘in for a penny, in for a pounding’ as my daddy always said (I think?).
I reached up and felt Mallet’s cock, giving it a gently stroke. “I can’t wait to feel your big doggie cock inside my little muff, Mallet.” …I snorted again! “Muff-Mallet and Clam-Hammer! Perfect!” I giggled like I was crazy! Mallet whined and seemed to like me playing with his fat cock! Poor boy, his brother got laid, and he could only watch. I felt so sorry for him! His cock was so hard! I bet his balls were full too! I knew I had to help him
“Does my little Muff-Mallet need to shoot his doggie sperm too?” I asked him. “Come here, let mommy help you, sweetheart.” My pussy was still stuffed tight with Hammer’s cock, so I decided to see if Mallet would like a blow job. After all, what guy didn’t like a warm, wet mouth wrapped around their cock? Gently gripped Mallet him behind his lump and brought his penis to my mouth. He move closer and stood still, like he was trained to do this!
I gave his cock a little lick, tasting the difference between human cock and dog cock. “Not bad!” I thought, I could get used to this! I began to lick him, and took him into my mouth. Mallet helped by standing over me, giving me full access to his cock. I licked him up and down, slurped him back and forth and took his fat shaft down as deep as I could. He began to shoot out a thin, watery fluid. I don’t think it was cum, but I swallowed it anyway! I tried to look at it to see what it was, but his cock kept shooting, hitting my eyes, my face, my shoulders and my breasts. It was warm, wet and slippery. Must be like a guy’s pre-cum, I figured. I licked and sucked on Mallet’ cock, giving him a better blow job than I did for any of my boyfriends!

Hammer started getting fidgety, probably wanting me to suck his doggie cock too! He tried to jump off of me and pull that fat knot out of my pussy, but told him “No, Hammer!” We ended up butt to butt, with his lump still stuck in my pussy. “Stay!” I said, and squeezed him tight with my pussy. “You had your turn, Hammer!” I told him, “Now, give Mallet a chance to shoot off his doggie sperm too!”
I went back to work on Mallet, trying to get him off too. What a sight I must have been! Naked, on the floor with a big, fat dog cock stuffed in my pussy while I sucked off another one!
Hammer was getting restless, so I wiggled my ass for him, while I jacked, licked, and sucked his brother’s cock. I used all the tricks I knew, trying to make Mallet shoot his load into my mouth. He started to hump my face a little. Normally, I hate it when a guy tries to fuck my face, and I make them stop, but with Mallet, it was different. I wouldn’t let a man dominate me like that, but with a big, strong animal, it somehow felt ‘natural.’
I let him have his way with me. I felt his cock slide into my throat. He was very gentle. I was able to swallow most of his pre-cum, but a lot of it dripped onto the floor. I felt him squirting it against the back of my throat over and over. I ticked his balls for him and sucked him off until finally I felt his cock swell even larger and he whimpered a little and began shooting his cum into my mouth! There was a LOT of it! I swallowed as best I could, but a lot of it ran out of both sides of my mouth. It was a lot thinner than a man’s cum. I kept sucking and swallowing his hot, doggie cum the best I could until he was finished. My face was wet with dog sperm, and my belly felt full.
”Feel better, now boy?” I asked him, licking the dripping cum from my lips. I swear he tried to kiss my face with his big, fat tongue as his way of saying “Thank you!”

Hammer’s cock felt softer, so I finally let him separate from me, and he pulled that fat thing out of my sore pussy. I think a gallon of cum must have gushed out of my well-fucked hole! He was very nice though and licked my pussy clean. Then, both dogs lay down and cleaned themselves off, licking their softening cocks. I watched their cocks get smaller and thinner, and finally slid back into their hairy sheaths.

I looked down at my horny boys and decided to skip work today. I called work and told them I wasn’t feeling well, it was a lie, of course. I just wanted to stay home and play with my new friends.

The man at the store was right, they did take turns and play nice, and, they sure did like to ‘pound’ things!

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Animal Stories

Sun, 20 May 2018 13:18:53 UTC

Cherry Hill riding club part 2

<p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; When Emily saw that the DVD of Cherry Hill riding club part 1 stayed in Jenn’s room, she deduced that it was a copy for Jenn to keep, and Emily was overjoyed. When Jenn was out, and Emily knew that she’d be alone for a while, she have the DVD going, ramming her overheated pussy, watching Penny get splattered with a load of steaming horse cum, then watching her get horse fucked, howling with pleasure as Penny’s cunt was getting rammed with that massive cock, she watched the hottest, nastiest, most perverted, and most cunt tingling scenes she ever watched. My god, her orgasms felt like they were going to rip her apart.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A few weeks later, she saw a new DVD had been added, &quot;Cherry Hill riding club part 2, Macy.&quot; Another heated masturbation session ensued, Macy was a tall, lithe blonde with deep blue eyes, and Emily eagerly watched as Macy stroked an eager stallion up to full glory, then sucked on a throbbing horse cock, the camera again moving in for close up shots of Macy giving that lucky stallion her best blowjob. Emily’s pussy started to throb and pulse with need, as Macy sucked that monster to a big release, that stallion was a real shooter. Macy got a thick plastering all over her face, a sheet of horse cum, then long, thick trails all over her body, neck, tits, belly, her smooth shaven mound all got splattered. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Macy stood up, her body displaying the work of her horse cock sucking, letting the camera trail lovingly over her body.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry’s voice, said, &quot;Did you like that baby?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Macy cried, &quot;Oh my god, I fucking loved it!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry said, &quot;Then you’ll love what’s coming next!&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The camera was placed back on the tripod, then Cherry led her over to the fucking table. On the table, on her hands and knees, Macy was already making low moans of lust as she was strapped down. Cherry took the jar of lube, and spread a generous sized glob of lube along Macy’s lips, then added two more that were slid up her tight tunnel, when you are going to take on such a monster cock, there’s no such thing as too much lube.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry left the frame for a minute, when she came back, she was leading a white stallion towards Macy.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry cooed, &quot;Come on Snowflake, we got a nice hot pussy for you, all ready to be fucked hard and filled up.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; With Cherry’s hands stroking at him, Snowflake’s cock quickly grew, and she ran thick globs of lube up and down, making Snowflake’s massive fuckpole glisten. She signaled to him, he knew what that meant, and he lifted his front legs, and they slid into the grooves built for them. Macy was positioned so that long knob end was against her tight pussy lips, then mounted, and as Macy’s shriek filled the speakers, Emily’s cunt was throbbing, she started to ram herself with her dildo as she watched Macy losing her horse cock virginity to a horny stallion in a deep, hard thrust. The screams and shrieks of Macy losing her horse cock virginity, as that rock hard horse cock split open her tight pink walls, the panting of the horse, the liquid sounds of Macy’s pussy getting fucked deeper than ever, filled the speakers. After several cunt splitting thrusts, the lube took away the abrasive edge, and Macy, like Penny before her, seemed to be able to take the huge pole, she was starting to let out sounds of pleasure. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; As in riding club part 1, the camera was lifted off the tripod, and moved in for extra hot, close up shots. The camera moved around the table, capturing hot shots from all angles. Macy’s face was turned to the side, glowing, she looked almost delirious with pleasure.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Macy growled, &quot;Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily’s favorite scene was where Emily could see Macy’s eager pussy stretched wide around that massive shaft. She imagined herself in that position, strapped down, getting the most cunt filling fuck ever. She felt her pussy give a giant lurch, Emily had been fucking herself silly with the dildo, polishing around her throbbing clit, and she knew she was seconds away. Fortunately, so was Macy.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Macy’s screams and howls of pleasure reached a crescendo, as she shrieked, &quot;I’m cumming AWW GAWWDDD!!&quot; and she let out a wild scream of pleasure. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The horse let out loud snorts, and Emily could just imagine the huge load of thick creamy cum filling her pussy. Emily felt her own throbbing pussy explode, as her cunt burst apart in a blast of sheer pleasure, and her howl of orgasm joined the sounds from the TV. Fuck, it felt like she was turning inside out as she body flopped around on the bed, she felt like she was out of control, as she finally slumped down, breathless, watching as Cherry helped the horse down, letting him wander through the barn. Her pussy had been filled to overflowing, and the camera closed in on her well filled hole.&nbsp; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;And now for the extra service, cleaning up all the horny, messy pussies my horses create!&quot; Cherry giggled.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry put the camera back on the tripod, and moved it closer to the action. She positioned the bench right behind Macy’s up-thrust ass. Facing the camera, she slipped off the robe she was wearing, giving the camera a full frontal view of her nudity. Emily saw that her mound was shaved bare and smooth, she looked so sexy, and Emily wondered how it felt to be hairless down there. She smiled to the camera, then she took a kneeling position on the bench, and plastered her mouth against Macy’s well fucked cunt, ready to clean up that messy, tasty pussy.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She heard Macy coo, &quot;Oh yes, lick me Cherry, suck out all that tasty load of horse cum, and make me cum baby!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry was more than eager to do so, and Emily watched, her cunt still buzzing, as Cherry plastered her mouth against Macy’s well fucked opening, and worked on getting that load out of her. She watched as Cherry slipped her hand down, eager to stroke herself. Cherry applied her oral skills to giving Macy the best lick job she could, and it took little time before Macy cried out in pleasure, as Cherry skilfully brought her cresting to another orgasm. Emily could hear Cherry’s moans into the soupy mix she was eagerly licking up, as her fingers brought herself to climax. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Just like last time, Cherry faced the camera, from the nose on down, she was plastered with a mix of Macy’s juices and a thick sheet of horse cum, thick streams dripping off her chin, splattering down over her tits. Streams started to dip off her tits, and roll down her belly. She did this for a minute, letting the cum make thick trails on her body, she opened her mouth, showed the thick spunk that her mouth was filled with, then eagerly swallowed it down, giving the camera a big grin of satisfaction. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Does this look good? Then come and join Cherry Hill riding club, come and ride a big stallion, and you’ll cum like never before. I’m looking forward to the next horny pussy, all messy with a huge load of horse spunk, that I can lick clean!&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry giggled, blew a kiss to the camera, and the screen went blank.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily was ready to relax, but she heard the front door open and close. She flew up off the bed, then she heard Jenn’s voice, say &quot;Mom, are you home?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily ejected the DVD, slipped it back into its case and placed it next to part 1. She quickly turned off the power as she called, &quot;I’m upstairs sweetheart, I’ll be right down!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She hoped that Jenn would stay downstairs, and good luck was with her as she heard Jenn’s footsteps go towards the kitchen. Phew, that was a close one. She straightened out the bedspread, took a last look around, grabbed up her clothes, and raced to her bedroom. Safe in her room, oh if Jenn had come home 5 minutes earlier, and had come upstairs quietly. Emily giggled nervously as she thought about Jenn opening the door, seeing her Mom completely nude, lying on her bed, watching that DVD and fucking herself silly with a dildo. Emily got dressed quickly, and trotted downstairs to join her daughter. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn was at the kitchen table, drinking a glass of apple juice, a thoughtful expression on her face.&nbsp; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, and said &quot;Hey sweetheart, what’s new today?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Not too much, just thinking about something that Cherry said to me.&quot; Jenn replied.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily felt her heart speed up a bit, as she asked, &quot;It’s certainly got you thinking, what did she say?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Well&quot; Jenn said, choosing her words carefully, &quot;it was along the lines of maybe stepping out of your comfort zone, and trying something wild and crazy. She said we’re only young once, so why not try something wild and free, while we can still do it?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Sounds interesting and intriguing, any more you’d like to tell me about this idea Cherry has?&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Jenn turned, locked her eyes with Emily, and for just a second, it looked like Jenn was ready to tell her. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Then, Jenn stepped back from that edge, and replied, &quot;Well, I’m still thinking it over whether or not to do it.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Emily thought about watching her daughter’s sexy body getting splattered with horse cum, then her screams and howls as she was penetrated by a rock hard monster sized horse cock, it sent lustful twinges through her pussy.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She said, &quot;Well, I trust your good judgement in new and interesting things. What Cherry said makes sense though, the time to try out the new, different and exciting things is now. There are a few things I wish I would’ve tried back when.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; What Emily said had been pretty self serving, she’d do almost anything to watch Jenn be a new chapter in the Cherry Hill riding club. <br /> </p>

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