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First Black Cock

I was hanging out in my house when the phone rang.


“Hello, Al. This is Karla. There is something that I need to talk to you about. Greg and I are having problems. Could you come over? You are someone I trust because you know us both so well.”

“Sure, I can. But wouldn’t you prefer to talk to Hanna she knows you both as well.”

“No, this is something that I need a guys opinion about.”

Now Karla and Greg had been our friends for a while. We met them while taking a parenting class together. Both Karla and my wife were pregnant at the same time. All four of us hit it off right from the beginning. So it was not a problem to my wife that I take off in the evening to head over to Karla’s.

“Tell Karla that I hope everything is alright and that I am here if she needs me.”

I got in my car and made the drive over. “What could Karla want to talk about that she could not talk to Hanna about? Why did she insist on me coming over when we could have talked about it over the phone?”

Well, I finally arrived at Karla’s house. I rang the doorbell.

She opened the door. “Hey Al, come on in. We have to go upstairs and talk since the baby is sleeping.”

Not thinking anything of it. I followed Karla up the stairs and into her bedroom. The baby’s room was right next to the living room. So, when Hanna and I would come over, we would go up to their bedroom to hang out, watch movies, or play games.

Karla and Greg had a huge bedroom where one side was the sleeping area and the other side was like a small living room. This is where we would go to hang out. I sat down on the couch and Karla sat down next to me.

“So Karla, what’s up.”

“Greg and I have been having problems. I think that he is having an affair but I am not sure.”

“Karla, from what I know about Greg, there is no way that he is having an affair on you. He loves you and the baby too much. He would never throw it all away.”

“Al, I will be frank with you. The reason I think he is having an affair is because he has lost interest in sex. We have not made love in six months.”

“Wow, really. I still don’t think Greg would do anything like that. We are supposed to have lunch together. I can talk to him if you want.”

“Oh Al, would you do that?”

“Yeah, you two are like brother and sister to Hanna and me. We would do anything for you guys.”

At that point, Karla stood up and extended her arms to me. So I got up and walked over to her. We had hugged before but there was something different about this one.

“Karla, are you okay?”

“Yeah Al, just hold me.”

With that, Karla squeezed me tighter and I became aware of her anatomy as she held on to me. My cock started to respond to what was happening and I was enjoying it a little too much.

“Karla, I’d better get going.”

As I tried to pull away, she held me even tighter.

“It is so good to be in your arms. I have not been held like this for a long time.”

Then she looked me in the eyes and gave me a slight kiss on my mouth. Being lost in the moment and her beautiful brown eyes, I returned her kiss.

“Karla, we’d better stop. This could get us both in a lot of trouble.”

Secretly, I had always found Karla attractive. She had long flowing hair. Big beautiful brown eyes. Also, I am an ass man but Karla had the largest tits that I had ever seen. There were times were I could not take my eyes off of them. She had an hour glass figure. She worked hard to lose her pregnancy weight. And I appreciated all of her hard work. Now, she was fitting nicely into my arms.

“Remember when you said you would do anything for us.”

As she was talking, her hands we sliding lower down my back.

“There is something that I need you to do for me.”

Now her right hand was rounding my hip.

“I need you to satisfy me Al.”

With that, she put her hand flat on my cock and gave it a squeeze.

“Uuuhh Karla, you make it hard for a man to say no.”

“I would never do this with just any man. I know that you care about my family and you would not take advantage of me. But I want you so badly right now. I must have a cock in me and I like the feel of yours right now.”

As she was talking, she worked my zipper down, pulled my cock out and started giving me head. She worked my cock into her mouth. I could feel my head working its way to the back of her throat. She pulled my cock out and looked up at me.

“I have wanted to do this a long time. I would fantasize about your big black cock fucking me. I have never had one and I wanted you to be my first.”

Then she went back to expertly sucking on my cock.

Right then, I thought that I heard something in her closet. I jerked and looked over in that direction.

“That was nothing. Now, let me suck this glorious cock some more.”

She proceeded to move faster up and down my cock. I felt myself on the verge of cumming in her mouth. Then I heard it again. I knew this time it was not my imagination.

I pulled out of her mouth and put my cock back in my pants. I walked over to the closet and opened the door. To my surprise, there stood Greg. He had his cock out and it was obvious that he was jacking off.

“What’s going on here?”

“Okay, Greg do you want to explain it to him.”

“Al, every since we met you my wife has talked about your cock. Do you remember that time we all went to the beach together?”


“Well, my wife saw the outline of your cock as we were coming out of ocean. That night she made me pretend that it was you laying the pipe to her.”

“Al, tonight was my idea. I wanted to give my wife a chance to fulfill her fantasy of fucking a big black cock. But, I wanted it to be with someone that we knew and trusted. However, the stipulation was that I get to watch.”

As Greg was talking, Karla was unzipping my pants to work my cock out again.

“So Al, this is her one shot.” My dick is out of my pants.

“This is going to be her once and only deal to sleep with another man.” Karla starts to suck my cock right in front of Greg.

“You are someone that we trust to respect that wish and fulfill her fantasy.” Karla’s head is bouncing up and down on my cock at this point.”

Greg backs up and sits in his chair to watch.

Karla opens the jacket that she was wearing to reveal that she only had one layer of clothing on the whole time.

I lay Karla on the couch right in front of Greg and begin to slide my cock into her.

“Oh Greg, Honey, his cock is so big.”

I looked over and saw Greg jacking off at this point. Even fully erect, his cock was half the size and thickness of my cock when was limp.

“Her pussy felt incredibly tight. It was almost like working my way into a virgin.”

“Mmmm Karla, your pussy feels incredible. I am going to give you the fuck of your life.”

I lift her legs above my shoulders. I angle my cock to enter in the deepest way possible.

“You wanted a big black cock Karla, then you are going to get it.”

I start to pound Karla. Karla begins to moan to the pace of my fuck.

“mmmm mmmm mmmmm mmmmm mm mm mm mmmmmm mmmmmm mm mm mmmmm”

At this point Greg comes over to get a better view. He is also jacking to the rhythm of me fucking his wife.

“I am about to cum. You wanted a black cock. You are going to get my black seed.”

I start to pump faster. Karla is moaning louder. Greg is jacking harder. Right then, Greg bends and cums all over Karla’s face. Just the scene in front of me is enough to send me over the edge and I cum inside of Karla.

As I am cumming, Karla screams in her orgasm. We all collapse on the couch. I look over and Karla has a big smile on her face.

This was not the last time that I fucked Karla. There would be one last time and Greg would get to fuck my wife Hanna.

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Thu, 19 Jan 2017 02:41:45 UTC

Pados ki bhabhi ki chudai

Hi all, mera name pritam h. Me surat m graduation kar rha hu. Yha ek hostel mein rehta hu. Mein college jakar ghr aya.
Phir maine mobile mai porn play kiya aur maine hilana shuru kiya mujhe wo window maise padose ki koi lady dekh rahi thi wo mujhe baad mai pata chala phir maine 15 min baad sab khatam kiya aur uutha tabhi meri nazar wo aunty pe gyi wo mujhe dekh ke ek aalag he smile de ke chle gyi phir mai hamesha window open he rakhta hameha wo jab raheti mai unhe dekh ta he raheta.

Mai unke bare mai bata ta hu unka naam natasha hai wo surat mai he rahene wali hai unka husband job karta hai aur wo gahr mai aakele he rahete hai unka mast gora badan hai aur boobs bhi kafi bade hai moti gand hai koi bhi dekhe toh uska kahda hojaye.

Phir ek din mai balcony mai study karaha tha tabhi wo bhi balcony mai aayi aur mujhe dekh ke hasi maine unhe hi bola wo kch nhi boli aur andar chli gyi phir wapis bhar aayi aur mujhe dekh ke hi boli maine normally pucha aapka naam kya hai unhone bataya ki natasha. Phir ese he 5 min baat kiye baad unhone mujhe aapne ghar bulaya mai samaj gaya wo ussdin ka bhul nhi payi thi mai bhi jath se chla gaya phir jaate he door open he tha mai aander aaya ki uunhone mujhe baith ne ko kaha mai baith gaya

Phir kafi der baate kiye unhone mujhe kafi pucha kya padhai karte ho etc. Phir maine kaha ki mai chlta hu padhai karni hai aur jate jate unka no leliya maine aur phir hostel jaate he unko msg kiya hi.Reply tabhi aaya hi maine kaha ki aap bohot aache dikhte ho.Unka reply aaya kch bhi maine kaha sachi yaar phir thanx ka reply aaya phir maine aapna window open karke phir se kaam shuru kiya wo dekh kar has rahi thi maine socha abhi baat aage badhate hai toh maine msg kiya kya dekh ke has rahi ho unka reply aaaya kch nhi maine pucha pasand aaya hai kya mera phir kch reply nhi aaya phir next day mai clg se aate he unke ghar gaya ghar jaate he unhone kaha ki aao baitho maine direct pucha ky aap mujhe pasand karti ho mai aapko bohat pasand karta hu toh wo kch nhi boli mai direct bola daro mat mai ye kisi ko nhi bataunga it will be private phir wo boli sachi…!!! to mai samj gaya

Maine direct unkhe lip kiss karna shuru kiya thoda wo dhakal rahi thi par 2 min baad sab thik hogaya maine pucha ghar mai koi hai unhkone kaha nhi toh maine unko bed room mai chalne ko kaha phir maine unke kapde uutare aur boobs chusne laga

Phir wo puri nangi thi unko bed pe sulake maine aapna muh chut pe rakh diya aur jam ke chatne laga wo bohat mon kar rahi thi wo boli phle kabhi mere husband ne ese nhi kiya wo toh sex bhi nhi karte sirf 2 min mai zadh jaata hai unka bohat chota bhi hai maine kaha aab mai pure wishes full kar dunga tumhare aur 30 min chatne ke baad maine apna lund unke mu mai diya wo boli itna bada hai tera maine kaha hila hila ke huaa hai usne 2 min mu mai liya aur phir maine condom lagaya aur chut ke uupar rakha aur phir ek he jakte mai pura andar dal diya wo zir se chliayi tabhi maine lip lock kar diya aur dam damm se andar bahar karraha tha aur jam ke chod raha tha phir 10 min baad hum dogy style mai aaye

Phir 15 min chod ne ke baad mai ne unke mu mai chod diya phir hum yahi so gye aur 15 min .. Baad maine unko lambi kiss di aur waha se nikal gaya.Aur next day mai phir gaya toh unhone kaha ki chlo kahi ghume chlte hai phir hum malls mai gye kafi ghume unkhone mujhe kafi t-shirt bhi leke di aur mere pasand ki bra panty bhi li aur phir hum movie mai gye tabhi maine kiss karna shuru kiya boobs dabaye aur hum ghr ke aur nikal gaye aur ghar jaate he humne shuru kiya maine mast jam kar choda

Phir hum tv dekhne baith gye aur tabhi mujhe aapne gf ka call aaya aur maine cut kardiya unhone pucha cut q kiya main bola wo movie ke liye kah rahi hai mujhe nhi jaana hai tabhi wo boli jaa aur kch mazze leke aa. Pahir maine unko call kiya ki mai aab kal aata hu gf ke flat pe jaara hu aur unhone kaha ki saari takat waste mat kardena mujhe bhi chaheye hai aur phir mai raat mai hostel aaya aur mast sogaya.

Tab se hum kai bar sex karte hai bohat mazza aaraha hai.

Please mujhe coments pe bhejo koi ladki mere sath sex ya sex chat karna chahti h to mail me..

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Mon, 19 Jan 2015 16:17:07 UTC

Akele me randi bulai

Hello friends mera nam viraj hai mai 20 sal ka hu mai rohtak me job karta hu akele he rehta hu meri pehle koi gf ni thi an to hai or mai use kafi bar chod bhi chuka hu par uski story mai bad me sunaunga mai tab naya naya rohtak me aya tha company me mere boht sare frornd bane ladko me to sex ki bate hoti he h to ek din mere ek frnd ne muje ek number diya ki kabhi sex ka men kare to bula liyo.
Mane mazak me wo no le bhi liya.
Ek dopahr meri chutti thi mai room pe he tha kafk der se mere rum ke upar wale floor pe jo land lord bhaiya bhabi rehte the unki awaze aa rhi thi mane boht tim bad upar jake dekha to upr se sex ki awaze aa rhi thi mai khudko rok nai pa raha tha par control kiya or wapas aa gaya.
do din bad bhaiya be kaha ki aaj rt ko hume jind jana h ek shadi me mainw usi waqt soch liya tha ki aaj rt ko to kuch karna he h .
maine uss number pe cal ki or ek ldki ke lie bar ki shuru me usne 3000 kahe par 2000 me maan gai .
rat me wo 11 baje aai mai bilkul akela tha use dekhke lag ni rha tha ki wo randi h usne saree pehni hui thi or patki si thi.
kafi sunder lag rhi thi.
mane use ander bithaya or pani diya uske bad usne khud he apne kapde utaar diye
kya lag rahi thi wo apne kapde utarne ke bad bilkul kuwari ldki jesi mai bina kuch soche uspe tut pada uske lips ko chusta raha or wo sath deti rahi sath me uski chut me ungli dalne ki koshish ki or boht asani se ander chali gai isse pta chl rha tha ki wo kitni bar chud chuki hogi mane apna lund chusane ki koshish ki par wo mani nai to mane bhi zyada tim waste ni kia mane sidha use chodna shuru kia lund uski chut me bina problem ke ghus gaya pat kafi maza aa rha tha mujhe bhi or use bhi uske bad uski gand ki bari thi .
mane use ghodi banaya or uski gand me pale diya .
use boht zyada to ni lekin kafi dard hua pr dhire dhire isme bhi maze lene lagi subah tak mane use 3 baar choda.
dosto apko meri story kesi lagi muje neei email id pe mail zarur kare

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Thu, 23 Jun 2016 10:22:17 UTC

sex with my new

am sandhya frnds call me sandy am frm kerala born and brout up in delhi so that am not shytype and am fun loving girl .comming to story finished my btech and joined in a it company as trainee .my boss was abot 40 y old hes little attracted to me .my office mate told me that he can give me promotion if i impress him .one day i wear green colour sleevless chudi .he saw me and tell me that i look good in sleevless ,i said thanks .another day he told my he likes my armpits .i asked him without shy that is he armpit fetish .days passed after that we chatted through gmails and became frnds one day he told me that hes going to give me promotion but one condetion he wants to see me nude thats all if am intrested he asked me to come to his appartment in eve .i think alot of time and make a decission to go ,next day eve its sunday i go to his appartment .

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Sat, 11 Oct 2014 11:11:11 UTC

palam ki ek story

05/06/2016 today……
hello friends mera naam karan hai aur main
delhi se hoon. Mujhe 9 class ke baad se hi sex
mai bahut interest raha h Or aaj ap sbke sath
apna pahla or ek behtreen haadsa aap
sabke saamne rakh raha hoon(not a story or
fantasy,,, maine sex pahle v kiya so its nt
also my first sexprience,,,,, its my first i
ncident ever had been with me). to dosto yeh
ek mahine pehle ki baat hai. main aksar dosto
Ke sath ghumne ka shokeen rha hu. main abhi
ek student hu or meri age 22 year hai. main dwarka
se nehru place ja rha tha aise kuch kam se
Mujhe bus mein bahut jada maza aata
hai kyuki bus mein bahot bheed hoti hai aur
mast mast ladkiyan aur auratein jati hai. bus
Mein mai ja rha tha subah ka time tha toh
Maine private bus pakad li ki 764 ki
Service to ab achi hai lekin in bus mai
V same fare same bus route toh mostly
Log isme jaate h isme seat purani bus ke
Jaisi hi left or right side do do logo ki jagah.
Now i am going to start my story
Bus stand pe khadi thi mujhe seat mil gyi
Mai window wali seat pe beth gya fir dhere
dhere bus me bheed ho gayi or mere bagal wali
seat pe bhi ek aadmi aa ke baith gaya. mera to
Dimag kharab ho gaya. lekin usko palam
Station tak jana tha. fir wo wahan utar gaya.
So fir meri seat khali dekh k ek garam si sexy
si 5’2 hieght wali. moti si aunty jo thodi der
ek stop pahle bus mai enter ki thi vo tab se
humhari seat ke bagal mai hi khadi thi.
Vo ek hariyanvi aurat thi usne nose me
bahot sexy si ring pehni hui thi. uski age 37 years
ke kareeb lag rahi thi. saare mein maal lag rahi
thi. wo jaise hi mere paas aake baithi to seat
pe jada jagah na hone ki wajah se wo mujhse
chipak k baith gayi(jada jagah na hone ka
Reason vo moti v thi jisse unki gand pure
Tarike se adjust nhi ho pa rhe the).
uski gori chikni baaju meri baaju se touch ho
rahi thi or uski kamar
meri kamar se aur uski gaand meri body se.
main to dhere dhere garam hone laga. main
V seat pe comfortable nhi ho pa rha tha mai
V dab rha tha lekin maza kuch or hi tha ese
Dabne ka bheed bahut jada ho chuki thi
Itni jada ki ek insan jse khada h vo apni
Position v change nhi kar skta khair
maine apna ulta haath seat ke uppar rakh
liya. aur apni ungliyan uski gardan se touch
Hone lahi fir maine dheere dheere uski
Garden pe hi sehlane laga to usne
achaanak apna face meri taraf
kiya aur dekhne lagi mujhe. toh maine fatafat
seat ke uppar se haath hata liya aur fir main
apne dono haath mod ke apne ek dusre
haath mein karke baith gaya aur fir thodi
deer baad main isi tarah apne haatho ko
mood ke apne right hand se uske right side
waale mote mulayam boobs pe dheere
Dheere touch karne laga
Use koi react nhi tha maine
Fir halke halke press karne laga
uske blouse ke uppar se.
uske chuche pe haath pherte pherte mera toh
lund khada ho gaya hai aur bahot tight ho
gaya tha aur jeans ke uppar se hi khada hua
lund dikh raha tha. wo mere lund ko dekh
rahi thi jeans ke uppar se aur uske nipple bhi
khade ho gaye the. uske nipple mast aur mote
main nipple dabaya jaa raha tha. so she start
mooning. then ekdam se usne apna haath
meri thigh ke uppar rakh diya aur mere pe bag
Jisse maine ap tk thoda side mai rakha tha
Ab mere bag ko maine apne lund ke upar rakh
Liya taki kisi ko dikhai na de kuch v or bag rakhne
Ke bad toh usne kuch socha hi nhi sidha jake
Mere lund ko pakad ke dabane lagi. Main toh
pagal ho raha tha bahot tharak ho rahi thi mujhe
aur mera dil kar raha tha ke abhi bus mai hi
Chudai start kar du toh maine apna haath uske
chucho se hata liya aur uske pet pe haath
pherne laga to uska pet undar ghuss gaya
gudgudi ke maare aur woh mere lund ko
dabayi jaa rahi thi. fir maine dhere dhere apna haath uski
saare mein ghusa diya aur uski chut k paas
haath pherne laga. uski chut bilkul chikni thi
aur juicy . tho main apna haath uski chut ke
pass ghoomate ghoomate chut ke uppar rakh
ke chut me apni badi ungli ghusayi. uski chut
geeli ho gayi thi.
tho maine fatafat haath bahar nikaala aur
sidha hoke baith gaya aur main aise hi usse
baat karne laga. Kuki ab bheed v kam ho rahi
Thi or humhari destination v karib thi
to maine jaldi se uss aurat se uska number
pucha aur number leke usko apne mobile se
call kiya bus se utarne ke baad. Tb mujhe
Pta laga ki vo palam ki hi rehne wali h
Use bank ke kisi kam se yaha aana
Tha jo thodi der mai ho gya uske
Bad vo apne ghar chali jayegi aur mai apne
Dosto se milke movie dekhne gya tha
Meri aankho ke samne vohi seen chal rha tha
Humhari seat ke bagal wali seat pe
Do ladkiaa aake beth gyi mere dimag mai bus
Sex chal rha tha or kuch nhi thodi der bad movie
Strt hui light off thi mne zip khol ke apna
Lund dheere se bahar nikala or use halke se
Sehlane laga mai hakikat mai toh ladkiyo ko
Dikhana chah rha tha ki yes to balle balle or no
Panga pr mai ab jangli ban chuka tha
Mere dost movie dekh rhe the mre dost mere
right side bethe the or vo ladkiya left side maine
toh maine popcorn ke wraper se apne lund
ko cover kar liya taki mere dosto ko na dikhe
or bag bhar jama kara diya tha..
Khair uske kuch der baad mai lund sehlane
laga to toh unhone koi notice nhi kiya thodi
der tak suddenly uska phone ring hua or
usne phone pe baat krni strt ki head down
aage wali seat pe sir laga ke jisse nazar
pero pe ho jati h tab uski nazar mere lund
pe padi mai tirchi nazar se dekh rha tha
usne thodi der dekha use sure nhi tha phone
cut krne ke bad usne thoda or gor se 2-3 baar
dekha or ek bar mobile ki light kardi usne tab
Use dikh gya vo mujhe gusse mai dekhne lagi
or usne apni dost ko bta diya dono ne thodi der
mera Lund dekha thoda gusse mai v fir 2 min
baad vo uth ke chale gye or fir interval ho gya
lekin mai or nhi ruk skta tha toh dosto ko bye
bolke interval k bad nikal gya
phir maine unhi aunty ko call kiya
aur maine kaha. yaar main karan bol raha
hoon. Or meri halat bahut kharab ho rakhi
hai kya tum mujhse mil sakti ho. tho woh boli
nahi main nahi aa sakti kyuki meri ladkiyan
ghar pe hai aaj unka tuition nahi hai. ek kaam
karo. aap hi mere ghar aa jao. mere husband
tho raat ko aayenge. aur meri ladkiyan bhi so
rahi hain abhi. to mai jaldi se bus pakad
Palam chala gaya to wahan us area me
ek chota sa park tha, aur woh park
ke bahar khadi mera intejar kar rahi thi toh
usne mujhe aate hue dekha aur mere aage
aage chalne lagi phir woh ek gali mein ghusi
aur main bhi peeche peeche gaya aur fir woh
apne ghar mein ghuss gayi aur uske baad
main undar ghar mein gaya to usne main
gate pe kunndi laga di aur mujhe undar waale
apne bedroom mein le jaa ke bitha diya aur
woh soft drink leke aayi. phir hamne soft
drink khatam ki to usne bedroom ka
darwaja band kar diya aur night bulb jala
diya phir mere paas baith gayi. main usko ek
tak dekhe jaa raha tha. woh bahot sexy lag
rahi thi aur uske sexy hoton ko dekh ke tho
main deewana ho gaya tha. woh boli kya hua
kya dekh rahe ho. phir boli tumhari girlfriend
hai. maine kaha haan ek thi, uska naam
rekha tha par ab nahi hai tho woh boli koi
baat nahi,
ab main hoon na tumhari girlfriend, karan jo
tum girlfriend ke saath karna chahte the ab
woh sab mere saath kar sakte ho toh maine
smile ki aur uski taraf pyar se dekhne laga
tho ekdum se usne mere haatho mein apni
ungliya daal ke mere haath pakad liye aur
apne hot mere hoton pe rakh ke buri tarah
choosne lagi. aur main uski peeth pe haath
pherne laga. aur mera lund tho waise hi
natkhat hai aur lund jeans ke undar uth uth
ke angdayi lene laga aur tight ho gaya tho
maine apni zip khol ke uska haath apne
underwere mein daal ke lund pakadwa diya
aur woh jor jor se hilane lagi jaise ke aaj to
lund ukhaad hi degi. to phir maine uska
haath bahar nikaala aur usko bed pe lita diya
aur uske pairo par se uski pajeab utaar di aur
uske pairo ko choomne laga. woh tho siskiyan
le le ke apna haath mere sar mein pherne lagi
aur apne chucho ko dabane lagi maine uske
pairo ko choomte choomte uske paiticort ko
thoda uppar kiya aur uski chikni jaango ko
choomne laga tho woh
ahhhhhh.hmmm.ahh.oh maa.ohh maa karne
tho maine apne kapde utaar diye .aur uska
paiticort uski chut ke uppar tak utha diya fir
uski dono taango ko fehla ke uski panty ko
utaar diya aur uski chut ko apni jeeb se
chaatne laga tho wo pagal si ho gayi aur mere
lund ko pakad ke jor jor se hilane lagi.
aaahhhh. maaa. aaahhhhh. karne lagi
tho dus minute tak chut chaatne ke baad
maine uska paiticort khol diya aur uske
kamar se saree bhi utaar di aur uske pait ko
choomne laga aur uske navel mein jeebh daal
ke lick karne laga tho usne apne haatho se
mera sar pakad ke apne pet mein ghusa diya
aur apni kamar uppar utha utha ke apni chut
mere lund pe lagane lagi tho maine uske
dressing table pe rakhi ponds ki creem apne
lund pe lagayi aur thodi si creem uski chut ke
undar ungli daal ke lagayi tho yaar kya batau.
uski chut undar se bikul malai ki tarah lag
rahi thi. aur bahot geeli aur garam ho rahi
thi. mera toh dil kar raha tha ke uski chut ko
khaa jaon. phir maine apne lund ka topa uski
chut ke ched pe rakh ke thoda sa undar dala
tho uski chut ne muh mein mera lund ka topa
pakad ke muh band kar liya aur mere lund ka
topa choosne lagi. mera lund tho baawla ho
gaya aur main bhi. toh mujhse raha nahi gaya
aur maine pura lund uski chut mein ghusa
diya aur uske uppar lait ke jor jor se usko
chodne laga woh uii. maaa. aahh maa. kari
jaa rahi thi. main to bas uske naram naram
chucho ko choosne me usko chodne mein aur
uska sexy hot chehra dekhne mein mast tha.
usko choodte waqt aisa lag raha tha ke, pata
nahi woh kabse pyaasi thi. uske bade bade
brown nipple ko apne daanto se kaat raha tha
chudai karte karte. woh tho itni garam ho
gayi ke kya batau dosto, uska pura badan
mujhse chipka hua tha, phir pandrah minute
baad woh jhad gayi aur phir mera bhi undar
uski chut mein hi jhad gaya tho usne mera
lund bahar nikaal ke kapde se mera lund
saaf kiya aur apni chut bhi aur fir hum dono
ek dusre ki bahon mein nange lete rahe aur
hoton ko chooste rahe aur main uske pure
badan pe haath pherta raha aur fir tees
minute baad mera lund phir se khada hone
laga tho phir maine usko lund choosne ko
kaha tho woh ghodi ban gayi mere uppar let
ke aur apni chut mere muh ki taraf kardi aur
apna muh lund ki taraf karke lund choosne
lagi aur main niche let ke uski gaand mein
creem laga ke ungli karte hue uski halki se
geeli chut ko chaatne laga mera lund phir se
tight ho gaya. phir maine apne lund pe creem
lagayi aur uski gaand ke ched pe thodi aur
creem lagayi aur usko lund pe bithaya. jaise
hi lund ka topa uski gaand mein ghusa toh
woh uchal ke lund ke uppar se bed pe let
gayi aur aayiii. maa. aayi maa karte hue boli
nahi main gaand nahi dungi, bahot dard hota
hai, to maine usko kaha ki , aapne jada
gaand nahi marwayi hai isliye dard hua, agar
aap roz gaand marwaogi tho phir dard nahi
hoga, to woh hasne lagi aur boli ke
please.aaraam se karna please karan(agar vo apni gand nahi v deti toh mai konsa unhe force kar rha tha jo mre man mai tha maine bola lekin kahi na kahi unka v man tha) phir
maine bahot saari creem ungli pe leke uski
gaand ke undar lagayi aur five minue tak apni
ungli se choda, jub uski gaand thodi dheeli ho
gayi tab phir dobara maine uski gaand ke
ched pe lund lagaya aur usko kaske apne
bahon mein leke apne uppar lita liya aur
dhere see lund uski gaand ke ched pe lagaya
aur thoda sa lund ka tope undar kiya aur aise
hi phir dhere dhere undar ghusa diya uski
gaand mein woh uiii maa karne lagi tho
maine apne hoton se uske hoton ko daba ke
choosne laga
aur dhere dhere choodta raha , phir pandrah
minute baad main phir se jhad gaya aur lund
undar daal ke aise hi leta raha usse chipak ke
uss waqt shaam ke sawa chaar baj gaye the
phir kuch deer baad Humne kapde pehne aur
main fir apne ghar nikal gya. ab jab bhi kabhi
hame mauka milta tha hum karte the lekin
Jo bacho ki maa h or family h toh problem na
Ho isly ab v hum kabi kbi kar lete h
Jab jarurt had se jad ho jati h or hum maze karte
Hain bahot. so friends aap sabko meri real life ka
incident ksa laga
please batana zaroor
meri fb id h prince.gaur.547
And whatsapp no. H 9069739723

Indian Stories

Sun, 05 Jun 2016 09:24:00 UTC

hot pune ladki ko service diya aur khush kiya

Main aaj aap ko meri ek sacchi story batane jaa raha hu……main PUNE main raheta hu. Mera naam RAHUL hai …..meri age hai 28years….5.8” height aur good looking hu. Main marketing ka kaam karta hu. Aur mera kaam puneke bahar ka hi hai…Ek din main kaam ke silsile main MUMBAI gaya tha. Waha muze 2 mahine ka kaam tha. Main mere ek dost ke ristedaar ke yaha paying guest ban ke raha. Unke ghar main ek uncle the Mr ANIL JADHAV jo ki 40 saal ke the. Unki wife Mrs. SUJATA jo ki 37 saal ki thi. Unke Ek ladaki Miss Rupa Singh jo ke college main path rahi thi. Actully Rupa Pune ke koi hostel main padhati thi. Vaction main hi ghar par aati thi…Jab main waha phucha to sirf uncle aur aunti hi the. Muze ek room de diya tha waha mera sab saman pada raheta tha aur ek cupboard bhi tha. Pahele main bahut sharmata tha. Fir dhire dhire baat cheet karte main wo logo main gul-mil gaya. Aunti bahut hi accha khana pakati thi. Bilkul ghar ke jaisa. Aur uncle ka bhi nature kafi accha tha.

Main roz subhah 10 baje office chala jaata tha aur shaam ko 7 baje ghar aata tha. Fir hun sab log saath main khana khate the. Fir main sone chale jaata tha. Roz mera yahi routin raheta tha. ..Muze ek hi baat kabhi kabhi khatakti thi ….Aunti muze kabhi kabhi aisi nazaro se dekhati thi ki mere tan badan main aag lag jaati thi. Waise usko dekhate koi nahi bol sakta tha ki wo 37 years ki hai aur wo bhi Ek Ladki ki maa. Figure main wo thodi se moti thi..lekin fir bhi ekdam tight figure tha. Muze pahele badi sharam aati thi…wo jaise mere taraf dekhana chalu karti..main apana muh niche kar deta….kyu ki wo age main mare se badi thi…kabhi kabhi to wo uncle ke saamne hi muze dekhati raheti…main dar jaata tha. ..Waise wo baat badi pyaari pyaari karti thi. Dono bade pyaar se muze rakhate the…muze waha koi pabandi nahi thi…kabhi bhi kitche main jao…kuch bhi khao…koi bolne wala nahi tha. Nature main dono bade acche the.

Ek din shaam ko main office se ghar aaya….to aunty ne door khola. Fir main fresh ho ke sofe pe beth gaya. Uncle ghar par nahi the. Maine aunty se pucha “Uncle kaha gaye hai”. To wo muskurakar boli “aaj wo apne friend ke bete ko dekhane hospital gaye hai aur raat bhar wahi rukane wale hai” aur muze bataya ki main waha uncle ko khana de ke fir aau…Main jaldi se hospital pahucha. Waha kafi bhid thi. Uncle ko khana diya. Fir thodi der waha ruka aur khali tiffen le ke ghar pahucha…badi tez bhook lag rahi thi…. Ghar jaake hi sab se pahele maine aur aunty ne khana khaya. Fir main TV dekhane laga aur aunty apna kaam karne lagi……wo kaam karte karte baar baar meri taraf pyaasi nigaho se dekha rahi thi…..main ekdam dar gaya tha…..

Achanak wo mere paas aake TV dekhane beth gai…main kuch nahi bola. Usane salwar paheni hui thi….aur dupata nahi pahena tha….thodi der ke baad wo boli…”Beta Milk piyoge”…maine kaha “haa aunty”….to wo has kar kitchen main chali gai……muz se raha nahi gaya…main bhi piche piche kitchen main gaya…..wo mere liye milk garam kar rahi thi….muze kitchen main dekh kar wo muskurane lagi…aur apni zaban hotho pe ghumane lagi…..main bhi himmat kar ke uske paas gaya…aur dhire se mere dono haath uske gol gol gaand pe rakh diye…aur usse zor se meri aur khicha….wo sharma kar boli…”Beta kya kar rahe ho ?” Maine kaha “kuch nahi kar raha hu”….aunty ne dhakka dekar muze apne se alag kiya aur Boli “Beta sharam karo main tumhare se Badi age ki hu”…maine bhi kaha “to meri taraf yu roz dekhate hue aap ko sharam nahi aati ?” To wo kuch nahi boli……fir main dhire se uske paas gaya aur usse zor se pakad ke chumne laga….wo dhire dhire meri baaho main pighal ne lagi….fir maine uske kapdne nikal ne shuru kiya….pahele wo naa naa bolti gai…fir wo bhi apane aap hi kapde utaar ne lagi…..Maine kaha…”cudwana hai to nakkare kyu karti ho “…..wo boli “aj se pahele main uncle ke sivay kisi aur se nahi choda”..maine kaha…”ek baar mera lund le logi to kisi aur se nahi mangogi”….ye sun kar usne apne dono haath se meri pent utar na shuru kiya…jaise hi mera lamba sa lund dekhi….wo pagal ho gai….dono haatho se lund ko haath main leke chumane lagi…..wo boli “ barso se issi lund ka muze intezaar tha”…aur fir se muh main leke pagalo ki tarah chusne lagi….muze bhi maza aa gaya….ek badi age ku aurat jab pagalo ki tarah mera lund muh main lekar chusne lagi…..aur wo chusati hi rahi…..fir maine dhire se usse pakad kar sofe pe letaya…aur meri fingur ko uski chut main daal kar hilane laga….wo to maano pagalo ki tarah hawa main uchal kuc karne lagi…mano koi choti si bacchi ho….wo baar baar apni gaand upar uthati thi….usse bada maaza aa raha tha…ab wo ek pal ke liye bhi nahi rahe sakti thi…usne zor se chilla kar kaha….abhi daal de meri chut meain ye tera lund…aur faad daal aaj isse… sun kar main bhi pagal ho gaya…..aur mera lund uski chut pe rakh diya…aur hilana chalu kiya….

Wo to maano swarg ke maze le rahi thi…apni gaand uchaal uchaal ke mera lund dalwa rahi thi….aur bol bhi rahi thi….chodo….zor zor se chodo…..faad daalo meri chut ko….bahut maza aa raha hai…..aaj jee bhar ke chodo muze……saari raat chodo…..main zor zor se jatke maarte gaya…kuch der baad wo shaant pad gai…to maine kaha..”Kya hua?” To wo boli..bus thak gai….to maine kaha…itane main thak gai…thodi der pahele to saari raat chudwane ki baat kar rahi thi…to boli…wo to main josh main thi….maine kaha…main to abhi bhi josh main hu…chal aaj teri gaand bhi maar lu…badi acchi hai teri gaand… wo boli…nahi bete bahut dard hoga….to maine kaha ek baar gaand marwayegi to bada maza aayega…aur mane usse zor se pakad kar ulta leta diya aur uski gaand maarne laga…Pahele wo chilaai….fir usse bhi maza aane laga…..wo abhi apni gaand upaar kar kar ke marwa rahi thi….maine kaha…dekha kitna maza aa raha hai…to boli haa bete..tere uncle ne aaj tak meri gaand nahi maari….tu pahela hai jiko meri ye gaand naseeb hui hai…aur meri gaand ko tera ye lund……ye sun kar mera lund maano hathoda ban gaya aur uski gaand main ghsne laga…thodi der baad….

Mera paani uski gand main nikal gaya….saari gaand uski mere paani se bhar gai…aur main thodi der shant ban ke uski gaand pe hi so gaya….wo raat hum aise hi nange ek dusre se chipak ke so gaye….subah jab jaage tabhi saath main bath liya……maine bathroom main bhi ek baar usse choda….wo abhi trupt ho gait hi…..yahi 2 mahino main maine bahut baar choda…jab jab undle market jaate..ya bahar jaate…wo nangi ho ke mere paas aa jaati…main bolta bhi…itani badi hoke ghar main nangi ghumati ho…to kaheti hai…bade bacche nange hi ghumate hiye kahani bilkul sacchi hai…..iske baad main aap ko meri dusari kahani sunaunga…tab tak ke liye….bye……Agar aap may se koyi Ladki ya Aurat milna Chahay Tu Mujay Mail karsatty Hai Mera Email Id Note Karlay

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Mon, 16 May 2016 07:04:52 UTC

Awesome Experience with Friend’s friend

Hi All,

I am reading stories more than the decade. I am a big fan of sex stories and Thankful to SS giving me a chance to post my real story.

Dear Readers If any grammatical mistakes in my story kindly excuse me.

Well, am Single/Never Married male from Secunderabad. I met a woman through one of my friend ’s friend one. She’s mind blowing.. was introduced to her by my friend’s friend. We both greeted each other and spoke for sometime and we departed.

Let me explore how she look likes 5’9, Fair, Sparkling eyes, long hairs and stat’s are 36-30-38. The first time is flattered. I reached my home and masturbated thrice, I haven’t slept whole night thinking of her.

I had to visit one of my friend’s place for weekend’s party met few old friends. Some female calling my name when I turned to see who’s calling me… to my surprise same women, I met her at other friend ’s place. I excused my friends and just moved with her to the balcony we both were sipping scotch and knowing each other very well and exchanged our contact numbers. We were the last people to move out from the party and I dropped her at the place said good night to her.

I received a text on my mobile from her stating thanks for your presence with me and it was nice to be with you in a lovely evening wish I could spend some time with you. Have replied to her.. you have some many lovely evenings ahead. We chatted almost another few hours random topics and suddenly diverted to Adult topics and knowing each other liking’s in Romance, Foreplay, Penetration, after play etc., we both literally flirting with each other having fun over phone till 4 am. we both said to each other good night. Morning my phone ringing at 11 am she’s the one calling have answered call hello and said one moment someone at my door…. doorbell is ringing when I opened to my surprise my sweetheart at the door I welcomed her and closed the door.. she hugged me from back wow what a feeling… was in seventh heaven. I asked her what do you like to have Tea, Coffee, soft drinks or Liquor ?….. She answered me in a different way… which made me aroused like anything .. we started smooching and it was lasted for 20mins we both were crazy and from the living room to the bedroom while smooching and we both ripped off our clothes and became naked while smooching… she kneels down and started giving me a blowjob which is amazing I was in heaven the way she playing with my cock which is 7+ inches in erection… her tongue is mesmerizing my cock was moaning like anything which is experiencing the first time in my life… she is awesome after 15mins have told her am going to cum now… She wants me to shoot it completely in her mouth which I did and she ate and licked entire cum.

It’s my turn now… was kissing her from neck to spine, lower back, ass crack her body is shivering like anything her moans were resounding in the room… have to suck her boobs for a long time which she never had… areola are stiff and steady was pulling with my teeth and my tongue is playing with nipples….. she says it one of the best feelings ever had. Slowly have licked her navel too…. Coming to heaven hole which is cleanly shaved and its shining slowly I made my way to between her thighs have started licking her pussy… again she was shivering the moment my tongue started exploring her around pussy. My tongue started licking upper part of her pussy wow what feel it was while licking upper part of her pussy my index finger slowly exploring inside of her pussy which is warm hmmmm…. She was sounding like aaaaaaaaah hmmmmmm Ummm Ummmmmm Please don’t stop please go ahead it’s a great feeling which is making me feel like floating in air ….. more than 40mins licked her pussy she loaded her orgasm’s twice I ate it completely it was yummy.

Ump humph !” She was riding on me such which is one of the best pleasure which I had first time in my life Grunting my cock like anything…. I shove my cock deep into her heaven hole. I bumped into Cervix with each thrust. She was holding me tightly and wrapped her legs around my waist… Oh, God… It’s mind-blowing … you are getting such a Cock that has never been used before to fill your thirsty pussy. Filling her pussy with my high nutrients sperms which is making her crazy and wants more more more …. Moans like aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaah hmmmmmm

I inserted my cock into her pussy entrance which is tight have slowly pushing and she’s shouting with pain I pushed with more pressure it went more than half cock …. Wow and tears are coming from her eyes I didn’t stop started ramming with more pressure entire cock inside her pussy which is getting more and more lubricated functioning awesomely and she started enjoying penetration which is making her crazy…… she started saying fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me hard …. Enjoying. I want this fuck every day. Doggie is Marvellous she has lovely ass 38… we had doggie for almost 20mins… had on the sofa for sometime…. Under shower too…. The great sex we had until Sunday evening.. which was unforgettable.

She moved to another state now.

I haven’t mentioned the names. Privacy is Important.

You can write your comments to Thank you for your time to read my real story.

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Mon, 12 Mar 2018 16:47:26 UTC

pune Ki hot Aunty

Last month jub mai mumbai tour par tha or aise hi hotel me time pass kar raha tha abhi mera cell phone ring de raha tha. Maine dekha to koi unknown number tha jaise hi mane call recive kiya or hello kaha to ek surili awwaj aayi is this tushar maine kaha yas kya mai aapko jan sakata hu? usane kaha mai Mrs. Shaha bol rahi hu maine kah kahi ye madam mai aapaki kya sevakar sakata hu usne kaha mai aapse dost karana chati hu maine kaha welcome to usane bataya ki who puna ki rahane wali hai or fir hamarai bat chit chalu ho gayi bus only introduction .

usane kaha mai aapko rat me call karati hu ok bye rat ko mai phone wait kar raha tha to uski call aa gayi or usane muze puna ka invitation de diya maine kaha chalo yar or ek friend mil gayi. Jab hamane time or date fix kiya jab mai Pune gaya who shivaji nagar station par mera wait kar rahi thi maine use call kiya to usane kaha sbi ke atm ke pass aajana aur hamane apane dress code bata diye jaise mai waha gaya usane muze pahachan liya aur pucha tushar?

Maine kaha yas yar kya mast ledy thi age near about 48 years thodisi fatty lekin bahot hi sexy sarri bhi black with matchhing blouse mera to wahi khada ho gaya tushar tumane bahot der laga di mai adhe ghatese wait jkar rahi hu mane kaha gadi late ho gayi na us liye accha ok chalo hum coffee lete hai ok fir hamane station pass hi ek hotel me coffee pi us doram who mue aache tarah se check kar rahi thi fir maine kaha kahiye mem kya earada hai. Usane sirf ek smile di aur kaha chalo chalet hai fir usane ek auto book kiya or hum chal pade maine dire se pucha kaha le ja rahi ho to usane kaha aapne ghar. Ok fir karib 30 minit bad ek complex ke pass utar gaye or us complex me uska 4th floor par flat tha usane chavi se door khola maine dekha who ek bahot shandar flat tha usane muze sofe pe bithaya aur andar chali gayi.

Fir usane muze pani diya aur kaha tum baotho mai abhi kuch nashta lati hu app aaram se TV dekhe maine pucha madam gahr par aap akeli ho ha mai akele hi hu husband tour par gaye hai esi liye to tumhe bulaya hai aur kah kar smile deti hui andar chale gayi .Karib 25 minit ke bad who aagayi wow kya najara tha ab who ek bahot hi patali night goun me thi aur usane snacks or chai samne table par rakh di aur musase sat kar baith gayi.

Fir edhar udhar ki bate ki jaise jaise who muze jada sat kar baith rahi thi mai samaz gaya ab maine bhi apana apana hath usake piche se le gaya to usne ne mere taraf apan a sir gumaya. Maine uske gulabi hontho par aapnne honth rakh diye usne bhi mera saath diya aur hum dono ek dosre ke honth chose jaa rahe thi kareed 5-7 min tak hum kiss karte rahe jab aalag huye to dono ki saanse tej chal rahai thi me use chumte huye usake gale ko chatana chalu kiya who bhi muzse acchi tarah se chatwa rahi thi fir maine usake boobs ko press kar raha tha who mast ho rahi thi fir mai pet aur kamar par aa gya fir mene goun ke uppar se hi uski choot par aapne muh laga diya aur hontho se choot sahlane ki kosis karne laga usne mujhe roka boli bedroom me chalo who ek shandar bed room tha bo muskura rahai thi kuch der me kada raha aur hum kiss karane lage.

Bo sexy ada ke saath let gyi aur mujhe nasili nigahon se dekhti hui muskura rahi thi mene jhuk kar uske per par haanth rakhna chaha tab bo ek dam bistar par palti maar gyi aur bistar ke kinaare par pet ke bal let kar ak per mod kar gaand uppar utha kar mujhe lalchane lagi bo kuch der khelne ke mood me thi mene fir jhukkar uske per ka angootha aapne hontho me dabaya kuch der baad u se bardaast nahi huaa to usne per uppar kheech liya me bistar ke bahar hi khada tha aab bo bistar par kuch aur uppar khisak kar aadhi let gyi aur madak aada se usne aapne dono per felaye

aur dheere dheere saaree uppar karne lagi me khada khda dekh raha tha bo aapne honthon par jeev fer rahi thi aur neechhe se gaand uppar utha utha kar mujhe lalcha rahi thi usne aapne jaanghon tak nighty upar ki aur ek haanth aandar daal kar aapni choot masalne lagi aur doosre haanth se aapne boob dabane lagi bo bahut hi bindaas tarike se chudna chhati thi mebhi mastar hon bindaas tarike se chodna jaanta hoon mene bhi aapna kaam suru kiya ,me bistar par chad gya aur gutno {nee} ke bal kisi janbar ki tarah chalet huye uske pere ko chatne laga.

Pere se hote huye jaangon ke chate huye uski choot ko aapne muh me bhar liya bo cheekh padi bo fir bistar par palat gyi aab uski gaand mere saamne thi mene fir neeche se choomna suru kiya aur uski gadrayi jaanghon ko koob sahlaya khoob chata aur nighty uppar kar di gaand dekh kar to me dhanya ho gya mast gori badi gaand thi dosto mene poori goolaiyon par jeev feri bahut sahlaya uske muh se aawazen nikalne lagi bo aabhi bhi pet ke bal bistar par leti thi me uske uppar tha

fir mene apne saare kapde nikaal diye aur uski penti bhi nikaal di jo geeli ho chuki thi aab me nanga hi uske uppar aa gya aapna lund uski mast gaand se khoob ragda aur aapne hontho me uske kaan chabata raha jis kaaran bo behatasa chillane lagi cheekhne lagi ye cheekh usse aarahe maze ke kaaran uske muh se nikal rahai thi aab bo seedhi let gyi aur beth kar mera lund dekh kar lapak kar aapne haath me le liya, mera lund dekh kar uski aankhon me chamak aa gyi usne mujhe ek dhakka diya jisse me bistar par seedha gir gya bo mera lund aabhi bhi pakde huye thi aab bo mere lund ke uppar jhuk gyi aur mera poora lund aapne muh me le lya kareeb10 min. tak choosne ke baad bo mere upar let gyi aur mujhe behatasa choomne lagi mene use aapni baahon

Me bhar kar palti maari aur me aab uske uppar aa gaya usko choomte huye mene aab uske kapde nikaalna suru kiya kuch hi der me aab bo mere saamne bilkul nangi leti huyi thi kayamat thi mene neeche se uppar tak use chooma usne bhi poore josh ke saath mera saath diya hum dono etne uttejit ho chuke the ki poore bistar par ek dosre se naag- naagin ki tarah lipat rahe the aur yahan bahan palti maar rahe the kabhi me uske uppar kabhi bo mere uppar dono bhooke sher ke tarah ek dosre ko kha jaane ke liye betaab the aab bo boli bas tushar aur mat tarsaao pls.

Daaldo aandarrrrrr aur ye kahte huye usne berahmi de mera lund pakad kar aapni choot me bahut jor se ragad diya me dard se karah utha mere lund ke saath saath meri bool bhi uski muthhi me aa gye the mene uske haanth se aapna lund chudaya aur uske dono per aapne dono haathon se pakad kar uske sar ki taraf mod diye neechhe se uske gaad uppar uth gyi me ghutno ke bal betha tha mene aapni jaanghon par uski gaand rakh kar aapne lund ki seedh me uski choot lakar uki choot me aapna lund ghused diya ek hi jhtke me poora aandar kar diya.

Bo cheek padi auke aankhe band thi aur usne aapne dono haanthon se mere baajo pakad rakhe the lund aandar jaate hi uske naakoon meri baahon par gad gye meri baahon se khoon nikalne laga mene parwaah nahi ki aur aapni speed bada di 15 min tak ek si speed me me use chodta raha use kuch paresaani hone lagai usne mujhe rukne ko bola me ruk gya aur aapne per mere haathon se chuda kar seedhe kar liye per seedhe hote hi use kuch rahat mili kuch der ruk kar usne thoda uppar uth kar meri gardan aapne dono haathon se padkad li aur ek hi jhatke se uth kar meri god me beth gyi mera lund aabhi bhi uski choot me tha .

usne mujhe peechhe ki taraf dhakka diya me let gya aab bo mere uppar thi aab bo mujhe chod rahi thi bahut jor jor se aapni kamar aage peechhe kar raha hi aachanak uski raftaar bad gyi uske muh se cheekh nikal rahai thi aur jor jor se kamar hilate huye bo pagalo ki tarah chilllane lagai aur kamar jor jor se hilati rahai hilati rahai aur hilati rahai aurrrrr ek joordaar jhatke ke saath bo chilala padiiiii aur ek dam rukh gyi aur kuch der baad nidhaal ho kar mere upaar dhaam se gir gyi.

Uski saanse bahut rez chal rahai thi mere lund ki hala to kharab ho hi gyi thi mathani ki tarah math gya tha mera lund mene piyaar se uske sar par haanth fera use chooma bo bilkul laas ki tarah mere uppar 15 min. tak padi rahi fir bo samanya huyi to aapne haathon ke shahare thoda uppar uthi uske chare par gajab ki khushi thi muskura rahi thi bo mujhe usne piyaar se chooma par meri aag aabhi shaant hona baaki thi mera lund khambe ki tarah uski choot ke aandar aabhi bhi aag ugal raha tha par bo ek dum khadi hogyi uski choot ka bahut saara paani mere lund ke chaaroon orr fel gya thya me uske dono pere ke beech me pada tha fir bo bistar se neechhe aa gyi aur bathroom chali gyi me bese hi pada raha bath room se aakar usne aapni nighty mera lund aur aas paas ki jagah saaf ki hum dono hi pasine me tar ho gye the fir me bhi uth kar beth gya aur hum dono hi coolar ke bilkul paas jaa kar khade ho gye usne mere seene par haanth rakha

Fir mere seene ko choomte huye aapna sar rakh kar chipak kar khadi ho gyi mene bhi use piyaar kiya aur baahon me bhar kar khada raha jab maine usase ek bat puchi madam aapko mara number kahase mila maine socha usane iss ki story padh kar liya hoga lekin usane kaha usaki ek friendne diya use net use karan aata hai aur usane tumhari story padhi hai to madam aap mera number apane mobile me save kiya hai kya aapko problem ho sakati hai usane muze bataya nahi mane yad kar liya wow realy jara batao to sahi usane kha nine seven six five four five seven two one five aur kaha kya socha mai bhool jaungi maine kuch nahi katha thanks kaha kar usako ek deep kiss kiya aab hamri garmi kuch kam hui to hum log fir bistar par aa gye aab tak bo fir chudne ke liye tiyaar hi gyi thi mene es baar use dogy ki tarah hone ko kaha usne foran aapni gaand meri taraf kar di mene gaand me lund daalna chaha par usne mana kar diya

Fir usne neeche se haanth daal kar mera lund pakda aur aapni choot me daal liya mene bhi use chodna suru kiya fir aapni speed badayi aur etni badayi ki poora palag aawaz karne laga bo chillane lagi par me kahan manne baala tha bahut der se control l kiye huye tha acchi tarah se chodta raha uski badi gand jo mere saamne thi jise dekh kar aur josh aa raha tha bo boli please aab chod do please kya jaan hi nikaal doge meri please mene kahan thik hai aur aapni full speed se dhakke maar maar kar uski choot me aapna paani chood diya kuch der baad hum uthe aur bathroom se aakar aapne aapne kapde pahne bo behad khush thi bo boli aaj pahli baar mujhe etna maja aaya me tuhen kabhi nahi

Bhool paaoongi mene uska maatha chooma usne bataya ki mere husbend business karate hai or muze jyada time nahi de sakate me ghar par aakeli rahti hoon bahot udas thi bahot dino se sex ki aag me jal rahi thi jab friends ke sath bat share ki to usane muze tumhara number diya ok mem aap khush to ho to usane kaha bahot khush hu tushar ab hum friends go gaye or mai nikal pada….argr koi female service chahati ho to mail kare

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After one morning

She had an argument with me which made her upset.. never i knew she was so dismal that booked the ticket to visit her sister’s place which is 400 miles away from our place.
She had gone to college and i dint know a thing about her plan. I was engulfed in daily life. I then texted her asking the plan for evening. She told that she is leaving for her
sister’s place in the evening. I was a bit shocked that i dint know that our small bicker had affected her deeply. To this date i cannot figure out the seriousness of it.

Anyway i couldnt stay away from her as i love her and couldnt see her going that way. So i came to her place and requested her to let me go with her. She was
reluctant not to go with me. But i sorted our personal things out and convinced her to let me come.

after few hours…………..AFTER boarding the train

I had got a seat in other compartment than hers. we managed to get seat together. We both ate dinner which we bought from the Station
After that we climbed on our respective upper berths alloted. We then were normal and had forgotten our morning argument.
The berths we were on was adjacent to each other. We had an old tamil couple below and a single middle aged man with an woman in mid-twenties.
The side upper and lower berth was taken by two military personnel who seemed to be weird from the start of our journey(you ll get to know later)

We then set our beds and planned to watch a movie on my laptop. It was some random movie that i dont remember as i was not interested, neither was she.
after some time i asked her to come to my bed and shift the laptop on hers so that we can watch comfortably. So she obliged and shifted on my bed.
The bed is basically for only one grown man. But we adjusted ourselves.

Well let me describe the SHE…
a girl well grown into a twenty-izz.. having long beautiful black hair.. pale white skin.. her body curves developed young and natural…height around 5’4
…her eyes which you can immerse into…

Back in the train now we were compacted into each other on the single bed…we were watching movie….we were lying down and watching… i was hugging her from behind and watching..
after some time almost everyone had slept. Even we were sleepy.. we shut down the laptop.. and kept on her bed.. she was too lazy to go back to her bed.. and we both were liking the warmth
of each other as it was cold outside.

we started caressing each other..i was way too deep into having a movement with her at that point of time.. so i started touching her breasts from outside her tshirt. we had put a quilt
over us so that no one can notice. She suddenly felt a bulge near her ass. she then turned towards me and started kissing me with passion. i knew we have started something which we cant
climax as we were in public place i.e train. I then raised my head to check if anyone was was watching us. All were sleeping so resumed our kissing. the kiss was wild and adventurous
as we had never made out in train. I then put my hand into her tshirt and touched her voluptuous breasts which were warm. she gave a soft moan when my cold hands started running around the
breasts. she took her hand to my penis which was already hard and started moving the skin up and down..the place was so closed-out that it was hard to accomdate an erect penis..
i couldnt wait to fuck her…the tension was high.. i put my fingers into her vagina…she was wet and swarming with warmth inside.i stared rubbing her clit while inserting the other
finger into her..then i signalled her to turn showing her back to me. With much distress she turned..Now my penis was near the vagina. i slowly removed her jeans and started rubbing
my penis with her panty. slowly i pulled the panty till the legs. she was naked and i could touch her bare ass. i directed my penis into her opening below the ass..(we never planned to have
so no condom)i started thrusting slowly to which she moaned..i put my hands on her mouth..and started fucking her which she was like people will get up.. So i slowed a bit…
she was so wet that the watery liquid had flown till her asshole..i could feel the wetness..we were having the time of our life

Suddenly i noticed a little movement on the the side berth seat beside us. what i saw was unexpected. the military guy who was sleeping on that seat had his hands under his pants and
he was masturbating. There was no light , so i could not see it properly but i was sure he was masturbating seeing us. He hadnt slept at all.. he was noticing us. to confirm my suspicion
i told her that is he is watching. she checked and confirmed my suspicion. At that point of time i was not in a position to judge that person or whatever.. i thought what can we do!!

we both were hungry for sex that we least cared what he was doing or what he was we continued our fucking..i again started thrusting penis and my hands were pressing the nipples.
we dint have much room for other we continued having sex in the spoon position.. then i checked the guy …he was sleeping facing away from us.. i think he came before us..
must be hungry as hell.. i was now touching her ass and pressing it hard..and penis was deep into her vagina…it was too hot inside.. i was about to come…so i slowed it down..we then thought..
that was it is a train we cant put fire in the train with our desire of fucking i gently removed my penis and she slid her panty up and buttoned her jeans back..

we then hugged in the same position and slept peacefully..
Eventually that morning fight brought us a wonderful memory.

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My love for tribal meat

It was a new project and we were very excited.My job was to study the behavior of the tribal people on the Lakshadweep islands.a very rare tribe called the rathman tribe.we were six people altogether included me and my husband.

Yea I am married. Zayn and I are happily married for 2 years now. His looks had me captured and he was very fun loving. Moving on to my sexual needs I was amazingly satisfied. At 5’6 I could take all of my husbands stamina. Id have him exhausted at occasions. My body is a perfect slim ,but besides my low stature, my curves took away breaths of other bachelors. When we arrived at the rathman island my husband took off with two other guys to study the local topography. I was arranged a meeting with the tribe head.

I was guided by the tribals to their leaders hut. Many tribals just followed me and stared at my breasts . I had worn a push up bra ,that made my sufficient breasts a little more attractive. I did that for zayn ,but the tribals seemed to have the best of it. My shirt hung till my waist ,where my shorts almost ended. That exposed much of my fair legs. I felt very exposed.

A tribal took me to the hut and guided me to the door . Then took off after taking a last look at my breasts. I entered the hut through the open door. A man stood at the far end of the spacious hut.

An athletic figure,with just a loin cloth on his body. He was topless like the rest of the tribals. But his abdomen and chest were perfectly toned. His eyes looked right at my body. His face was perfect ,his head was shaved and there was no facial hair. He scanned my chest. He was the kind of guy who made committed women have second thoughts. But I was reminded of my job and stopped admiring his body.

“Hello!! You must be riya,”he said. I was taken aback by the fact that he could speak English and he knew my name.”aaaaa. Yes,the tourism authorities must’ve informed you”. He smiled his sexy smile.” we dont need the authorities,”his voice was very pleasing. He came close , grabbed my hand and planted a kiss on my wrist.”this is how they greet a lovely lady in the west,dont they??”. He made me smile, and surprisingly, he made me blush.

“Very impressive,”I said in a teasing manner.”that is our job. Pleasing our guests,”he said that with pride and a smile on his face.” my name is a little big,you can call me alan,the name I got when I studied in goa.

An educated ,handsome and chivalrous tribal head had all my attention. He then accepted all my questions. I noted down all about their lifestyles. We talked like old friends .many times he touched my lap. But I didnt mind that.

” A last question. Tell me all about marriages?”I asked.

“We dont get married,” he said.”if a man is attracted to a woman he performs a ritual describing his need to bond with the female. And if the lady accepts it she will perform a ritual . Only Then can they meet.”he said with his eyes piercing right through me.

“Would you like to see the ritual?”he smiled. “yes please. I’d love to,”I replied.

He stood up and started dancing. It looked weird but his performance was cute.

“How does the lady reply?,”I asked inquisitively.” im afraid I cant show u that . It can be only be performed by a lady,”he said.

“Oh but at least you can give me instructions so that I can perform it? “i asked excitedly. I had a thing for dance and he had me intrigued

“I dont think….,”I interrupted his speech.”oh alan please.i insist!”

“Ok,”he continued.”u need to follow particular rules to this ritual. Without following those rules,the ritual goes wrong and u end up committing a sin.”

“I am ready to do it,”i said willingly.”ok,” he said as he approached me looking into my eyes. He came very close to me,lifted my arms in the air. I started breathing hard. He reached for the end of my tshirt,still looking into my eyes and lifted my tshirt. I was powerless,i didnt stop him.”our women do it topless. Skin is our cover we need to show it.”
“But i must say, your beautiful,”he told me.i was speechless and somewhat captured by him. I still had my bra and shorts on . he checked me out again. Surprisingly i wasn’t offended and i saw his loincloth rise a little.

“Ok,”he said.”lets get on with a ritual.” he reached behind me. Put his hand on my hips on my shorts and pushed me down. I still had my arms raised. He took me down .”you need to spread your thighs,”he said as he spread my thighs apart. I wasn’t comfortable so i brought my thighs back together. But his hand brought them apart and he slapped my pussy.”aaaahhh,”i yelled softly. He was turning me on. He made me do the ritual and his body was in constant contact with mine . Every touch sent shivers across my body.i was beginning to get wet.

“In the end,”he said looking into my eyes.”the women has to touch the mans feet,accepting him mentally and sexually. But obviously u don’t need to do it.”

“It will be a sin,wouldn’t it?”i said as i came close to him. I didn’t know what i was doing,but his eyes had me. He had me. I couldn’t resist it. It was like in a dream,i bent down to touch his feet. He brought me back to my feet by the arms.

I looked into his eyes he was smiling.He kept looking at me. “i guess we must finish it then,”he said. He came forward and moved his index finger over my lips. I was trembling with guilt,i wanted him so desperately. His fingers moved to my chest, slowly over the strap of my bra,he put a finger under it and pulled it aside. I helped him with the other strap and he pulled down the cover that hid my breasts. I started breathing faster. I was so very aroused. He moved his hands to my shorts and unbuttoned it. I took it off for him. He came close to me . He wanted me to react first ,he was clever.

I couldn’t handle the distance so i shoved my lips on his. He reacted comfortably. His tongue complimented mine. His hands caressed my buttocks. My hands were on his chest. I slowly moved my hands to his loin cloth and removed it. His thing was enormous. I felt it as i kissed him. In the mean time he slid my semi wet panties down my buttocks.

Then he drew his lips away from me. I fell to my knees and took the large thing in my hand. I started shaking it,he shoved it into my mouth. I welcomed it with a smile on my face and i looked into his eyes. It almost reached my throat. He gave violent shoves in my mouth. I was a little suffocated but i kept taking it. He was enjoying it. He lifted my hands and held both with one. He kept pushing it in my mouth. I was living it all. After five minutes he lifted me on my feet. Still holding my hands above my head. I was his slave.

He saw that in my eyes and kissed me . Then there was a sudden charge of energy in him. He turned me facing away from him and let his huge penis into my rear. It had little trouble accepting it coz it was bigger then zahns. I was very guilty but i kept going. He came slow,but in no time i was rocking like a to a fro pendulum. I wanted to scream but i kept it low. Zahn would recognise my voice. I enjoyed the pain ,the blows and the energy. Zahn was nothing in comparison to him. He held my dangling breasts and touched his lips to my neck. I was out of the world ,it was the best sex id ever had. My eyes rolled to the top and i turned my lips to alans . I screamed in his mouth. He smiled ,i couldn’t imagine it any harder. That’s when he changed tracks and i experienced a little change in pace. He was a animal. I couldn’t imagine anything faster then this. He kept the pace for five hands were numb now,they were still above my head. He then turned me around and kissed me,with the other hand carresing my breasts. I brought down my hands.”you are a animal,” i teased as i grasped for breath.” then pet me ,”he smiled.
The smile charged me and i jumped on him. My legs crossed his back. He held me by the ass. My hands behind his head. I kissed him violently. I was in heaven.

Then i managed to put his penis in my pussy and i started to bounce on him. My nose against his and my eyes in his. I moaned softly , so did he. My husband would’ve ejaculated by now at this pace,not this guy. The passion was filled too the rim.

He filled my void. I was all given to those eyes. He carried me to a stack of dried grass and hay. Giving it to me all the way.

He then laid me down, came on top of me and kept going into me. We kissed and breathed like we were one.

We kept going for ten minutes. Then he stood and searched for a cloth. I assumed it was to clean off the cum from his penis. I stood up and grabbed the fellow back to me.” lets taste some of your tribal cum,”i told him with a smile on my face. And kneeled before him to collect my prize.

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