Forced Stories

Rape reversal by ladyboys

(Very first story submission…be kind!)

I met this hot Filipina girl, Kylie, with a deep voice in the mall. Not deep as in MANLY deep, but it was sultry, like liquid sex that was just dripping everywhere. Every time she spoke, I felt hypnotized and couldn’t stop thinking about banging her hot body. She had shoulder-length, black hair and cute tits that were big enough to handle, yet small enough to not be overwhelming, so it was a nice B-cup that stood perky. Her ass was to absolutely die for and I kept thinking how nice my cock would feel while pounding a tight little ass like that. Whether she wanted it or not, I was planning to tap that ass in my hotel room. I figured that if I could pump my first big load in her sweet pussy and leave her mind to deal with the pregnancy scare, then I could ravage the rest of her all night and there was pretty much nothing she could do about it. She would just give up and I could use her all night. Well, that was the plan anyway.

We made small talk over dinner. I can’t remember the name of the place because that was never important to me. My mind was thinking of the hotel room I had prepared. I had gags, ropes, and securing cuffs all set and ready under the sheets. I had two small cameras set up to catch all the action, especially my favorite, which was a helmet cam that I modified a bit. I could keep both hands on her and let the camera record every twitch of my cock as my balls empty themselves. I like being able to record the girl begging me not to cum in her, she’ll get pregnant, she’s scared, blah blah blah…It just adds to the excitement and my masturbation sessions afterwards. By the time she realized what was going on, she would already be locked down and unable to move while she woke to my cock furiously pumping her twat full of baby-making juice. I always hoped my bitches were fertile so I could leave that baby batter deep. My cum isn’t watery and fluid like most people. Mine is very thick and sticky, so once it goes in, no girl has ever gotten it out. I’ve heard of a few girls who ended up pregnant, but I never knew if I had a dozen or more kids out there…but back to the story…

I always have a little “roofie” on me, three to be exact. I placed a half of one in Kylie’s drink when she went to the bathroom. It would make her groggy, but still able to move. Nobody would suspect anything, including her. Once I got her into the hotel room, I could then put another drink into her with a full tablet, and then tie her up and wait for the effects to wear off. I noticed that she was talking to another cute girl on her way back from the bathroom. They looked my way and giggled a bit. The other was just as short, but with shorter hair and a nice body to match. Maybe I’d catch that one some other time. Kylie kept talking about different things and I acted like I was really interested. I was waiting for her to drink my surprise, but she didn’t. I felt the need to piss, so I excused myself to the bathroom. I returned quickly to find her drink gone, so I bottomed mine quickly, paid the bill, and we went out to catch a cab back to the hotel.

The hotel was only a few minutes away, but when we were almost there, I felt a dizzying sensation and found I had to fight a bit to keep my eyes open. “Are you okay, dear?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I think maybe the alcohol got to me,” I stammered. My brain was active, but my body felt sluggish. The obvious problem was not hitting me yet.

We got back to the hotel room and all thoughts had left my mind. I saw the bed and sat on it.

…and that was the last thing I remembered until I woke up. “Nice to finally have you awake, baby,” Kylie laughed. “You didn’t actually think I’d fall for that roofie stuff, did you? Oh, you poor little dear.” I tried to speak to say something, but I….I….the gag was in MY mouth! What in the absolute hell? I tried moving, but the ropes were holding ME, not her! “Oh, honey, my friend works in this hotel. I had him check out the room after you left and he told me about all the toys you have in here, so I planned a BIG surprise just for you.” I was gagged, tied down, face, down, my butt in the air, legs wide open, and no way to get out of it.

She had undressed down to her light, blue panties. I saw those perfect B-cups and I wanted to get my mouth on them so badly that for just a moment, I forgot about being tied. There was a knock at the door, so she left my view. I heard it open…I heard some whispers…giggling again…A LOT of giggles! There were at least four or five different voices! At this moment, I knew that I was in trouble, but I had no idea what extent of the trouble. “Since you were so kind to want something hardcore, I thought I would let you have all the hardcore action you can handle tonight, but YOU are the one getting fucked, baby.”

My mind was reeling, still under the effects of the roofie, but I knew something was out of place. Something wasn’t making sense. I was right! There were five more girls there and they were all getting undressed quickly…including the girl from the restaurant. She was there, too! They all stood close together with nothing but panties on. I was rock hard, but scared.
“Okay girls….ready? ONE!”…They all hooked their fingers into their panties…”TWO!”…They all turned around, so I could see their asses…”THREE!”…They all bent over and dropped the last bit of clothing at the same moment. I saw gorgeous flesh that I needed to sink my cock into. “Okay now, let’s show him the fun he’s going to have!” At that moment, my heart beat so hard in my chest, I actually felt pain. They all turned at once and I saw…cocks?

COCKS????? They were all ladyboys??? There was no clue at all, I mean, they LOOK like women! No Adam’s apples, no thick legs, no big shoulders…none of that. Oh shit! I struggled against my bonds, but they were not moving at all. In that moment, everything became clear. They were going to be the ones to rape ME and not the other way around! In a flash, these girls looked like vampires about to eat a virgin! They were all running their hands all over me and I felt their cocks brushing against me. They were all hard. Some were five or six inches, but I saw one monster that had to have been eight or nine…Shit, it was bigger than mine!

“Okay girls, you know what to do. We talked about this. He likes ‘hardcore’, so we’re gonna give him something HARDCORE, right?” Every one of them started high-fiving each other, laughing, and lubing their cocks. I felt fingers pressing something slimy against my ass and using her fingers to push it in. I started to struggle again and try to tighten my ass so she couldn’t get her finger in there. Whoever it was, she just laughed. “Baby, you’re gonna get fucked one way or the other.” I felt a sharp pain as someone smacked my ass. Another smack…and another…and they were all taking turns smacking me pretty hard. I could tell from the burning that my skin was turning red, which sent shrieks of happiness to the group. My eyes were closed during this assault, so I felt hands gripping my head in a rush of motion. The gag was ripped out of my mouth, but as I began to yell, I felt a large, mushy object being shoved right back in. I looked up to see the girl from the restaurant. Her face was in total pleasure as she rammed my face with her hard rod. She had a look of slight evil with it. Controlling me, gagging me, and forcing me to take her deeper down my throat seemed to be heaven for her. “That’s right, you bastard, you’re gonna get all our cum tonight.”

Wait…my mind processed…her cock in my mouth…all girls lubing up…NO CONDOMS!!!!! NO FUCKING CONDOMS! They were going to cum inside me unprotected! She could tell that the puzzle pieces finally clicked in place. As she fucked my face, she spoke one word with each thrust. “Yes…you…bitch…We’re…gonna…cum…so…much…in…you…to…night!” More cheers from the group. I was fighting to keep my jaw shut as much as I could to keep that cock from going down my throat, but it was growing more and more difficult with each thrust.

I felt weight behind me. I knew what was about to happen and I tried to squirm and move, but all I managed to do was to push up or down a little. I couldn’t move my ass to the side at all. I felt something hot pressing right on my ass and pushing slightly. My natural reflexes shut my ass tighter, but the pressure stayed firm. Every moment that I relaxed even a little, I felt the pressure get harder.

“Girls, do we do this nice and slow?”

“NOOOOO!” came a unified reply. “Fuck him hard! Ram his ass! Make him into a cock-whore!” were some of the calls the other girls made. It was Kylie! She was going to… She was about to go where nobody had gone before. “Well, baby, you heard the girls,” and with that, she suddenly grabbed my hips in a death vice and lunged forward with a strength I couldn’t have imagined. I was suddenly and completely impaled on her cock. I felt like a red, hot branding iron had been shoved up my ass. At the moment she de-virginized me, I tried to scream. My jaw opened all the way and the other girl took perfect advantage of that moment to easily ram her cock fully into and down my throat. I couldn’t stop it any longer. I was being spit-roasted and impaled simultaneously. Both girls were like overpowered jackhammers, viciously rocking my body. I could hear the cheers. I could hear the laughter. Tears started flowing and they laughed at that, too. The pain was so intense and I could feel every ridge on both cocks as one thrust after another continued to hurt. Oh my God, it hurt! I struggled to move. I struggled to breathe. I couldn’t move. Relentlessly they both pounded. The girl in my mouth said that she didn’t want to cum too soon, so she left my mouth. As I was heaving for air, another cock began raping my mouth. I could taste the precum on her tip. It was fucking nasty and smelled weird. She didn’t care. She was just happy to be in a hole, and down my throat she went. She was a bit bigger around than the first cock, so my throat got stretched a little more.

Kylie finally lay on top of me. She kept thrusting hard. Hands were gripping my ass cheeks, pulling them apart so she could get in a little deeper. I felt her balls slapping against me. Her cock kept pounding hard, non-stop, but she would grind in a little deeper every so often, and it would hurt more. I couldn’t yell or cry out in pain from the cock in my mouth, but the sounds I was making were pure heaven for her. I felt her cock getting a little stiffer and the tip got a little bigger. I knew what was going to happen and I tried one last time to tighten up and push the invading flesh out, but my only reward was more pain as she slammed her well-lubricated fuck-stick back into me. Kylie was holding my shoulders like a lover would. “Now you’re gonna know what it feels like to have cum pumped deep inside you,” she said.
Again, the other girls started to cheer. “Fill his ass, honey!” “Yeah, own that bitch!”
Kylie started thrusting harder. I could tell she was close. I pump that hard when I feel my balls about to explode. Every thrust seemed to push me deeper into the bed. She was giving me long power strokes. Every time my ass would bounce back up, she would pound down hard again. She started getting faster…and faster. The room was a bouncing mash of color. All I could see was the body in front of me.

“I’m gonna fill your ass, bitch!” Kylie hissed in my ear. “You are gonna be our fucktoy all night.”

The girl in front jumped away from my face, being replaced by yet a third cock. She held the cock from my mouth and asked, “Do you want her to cum in your ass, whore?”

“Please stop! It hurts! Pleeeeeease stooooop!” I could only yell.
She slapped my face and grabbed me. “I asked you a question. Do you want her to cum in your ass?” Meanwhile, Kylie kept pounding. Her cock had inflated to its biggest size.


“TOO LATE! I’m gonna cum…” Kylie cried out. “ I’m….gonna….AH…..AH……Oh….God….OH GOD….OOOOH…..”


As I begged, Kylie couldn’t hold her pleasure any longer. My begging sent her over the edge and she rammed one last time, holding herself as deeply as she could. She tried pushing in deeper with her legs and tried to crawl deeper inside me. “I’M CUUMMMMIIIIINNNNNG! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Her orgasm took her breath as her balls contracted, sending thick ropes of rape-juice clear into the deepest parts of my ass. I felt every jerk and twitch every spasm. I felt each blast of nasty sperm that claimed my no longer virgin hole. It was burning hot, sticky, nasty, and wet. I felt the warmth spreading. That bitch just raped me and bred me. Her aftershocks lasted quite a bit. I could feel smaller twitching and tremors from her cock. It was still pouring cum in me. She laid down on top of me to catch her breath, her cock softening slightly, but still locked tightly inside me. My ass had not stretched much, so every damn drop of her slimy fuck-juice was kept inside for the next girl to shove in deeper.

“I got it on video!” one girl happily cried out. “I got your cock pumping him full of cum!”

“I got his face on my phone, hahahahahaha,” another girl laughed. She started mocking my pain with “NOOOOOO, DON’T CUM IN MEEEEEE…hahahahahahaha.” Cheers erupted from the entire group as they celebrated their conquest of an anal virgin complete with him…ME…being filled with my rapist’s sticky seed. It was only the first load of many that my ass would be forced to swallow that night.

My legs began shaking from the sheer force of the fucking my ass had just endured. As a cock was shoved in my mouth again, I felt another cock mercilessly plunge into my freshly ravaged ass. It was a little bigger, and it shoved Kylie’s cum in deeper. I was too tired to fight. My ass opened easier for that cock, but it still burned. It still hurt so bad. Something began to tingle inside my ass during this new assault. It felt kind of good. As a result, my ass muscles finally relaxed a bit.

“The bitch is starting to like it!” the girl yelled. “Yeah, his ass is opening up.”
“Fine,” Kylie called, “but I tore his bitch ass open first. The tightness was all mine, hahahaha.” She walked over to my face and leaned in close to where a cock was choking me. “I came in you first. You’re my whore.” She spat in my face. “…and you’re going to be my whore forever, baby!”, and she brought her hand down on my ass harder than anyone had done before. As soon as I tightened from that slap, I heard it again…“Oh….gonna fill your ass up some more…mmmmm……oh…oh…..oh…” I had no fight left. I just laid there with my ass wide open and filled with thickening cock. I heard her moans of pleasure as she emptied herself into me. She kept doing tiny, but deep thrusts to milk the cum from her balls. I felt the fresh deposit of sperm, but it didn’t burn as much as Kylie’s did. Since my ass was tipped up, the cum couldn’t escape. It just crawled deeper into me. Girls kept rotating all night from my mouth. They got hard, fucked me, deposited cum in my ass, and moved off. Another girl took her turn. Over and over this happened all night. I lost track of how many times they used me. I heard them talking on the phone to friends. I heard the door knock a few times. To this day, I wonder if more girls showed up to the rape party I stupidly made for myself. I can’t lie though. By the end of the night, I was enjoying the feeling of cock. I wanted it in my ass. I wanted to eat it. I wanted to feel that warm gush of sperm entering my body again and again. Kylie made me cum during one of her very many turns that night and I think that was the point where I accepted my fate.

Kylie was right. I became her cock-whore. We make love sometimes since she and I are now together in a relationship, but she regularly has me service all of her ladyboy friends whenever they want. Every time they come to our apartment, she tells me to strip and get on my knees. Every girl she has over just uses me until they are finished. Sometimes it is just a blow job. Sometimes it is me being fucked. Sometimes it is every day or many times a day. Every time they use me, they rape me as hard as they can for as long as they can. I don’t even care anymore because I like the feeling of being controlled, held down, and raped over and over. I used to like the idea of pumping my cum into a woman, but now I only want cum pumped into me unless I get to empty my balls into Kylie. The more I get, the happier I am.

Forced Stories

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Personal Services Pt. 1

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Mary Conley checked her makeup in the tiny mirror of her compact. Her ruby-red lipstick was perfect, thick mascara and smoky eye shadow, light blush across her high cheekbones all checked out fine. After applying a light dusting of powder across her nose, she snapped the compact closed and slipped it back into her purse. She hoped she looked all right, dressed in a dark green pantsuit over a white blouse. She had never been summoned to the office of her husband’s boss. When she’d gotten the call from Mr. Beck’s secretary this morning, she’d been alarmed, thinking something had happened to her husband. But everything was fine, the secretary had assured her, Mr. Beck just needed to speak to her about a matter of some importance. Other than that, the secretary would give her no clue as to what he might want with Mary.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Fluffing her dark-red curls nervously, she looked up at the numbers as the elevator slowly climbed its way to the top floor. When the doors slid open, she stepped out into a richly decorated reception area. A pretty blonde who looked about 19 sat at a desk polishing her fingernails. She looked up cooly as Mary approached the desk.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;I’m Mary Conley,&quot; she said, and at the girl’s look of indifference, added, &quot;Mr. Beck wanted to see me?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;The blonde picked up the phone and pushed a button. &quot;Mr. Conley’s wife is here,&quot; she announced, then hung up and pointed at the door to Mary’s right. &quot;They’re waiting for you,&quot; she said in a bored tone. &quot;You can go in.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Thank you,&quot; Mary smiled, adding in her mind, &quot;little bitch.&quot; She moved to the door and opened it, stepping into a wood-paneled office that was large enough to host a revival meeting. There was thick shag carpeting on the floor, a pair of leather sofas and coffee table in one corner, and three men, one of whom was her husband, seated around the largest oak desk she’d ever seen. The man seated behind the desk rose to greet her.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;I’m Roderick Beck,&quot; he introduced himself with a disarming smile, reaching out to shake her hand. She recognized him of course, having seen him a number of times at company functions, although they had never spoken. Around 50, he was quite handsome, with a full head of slicked-back black hair over a deeply tanned face with steely gray eyes and a hawk-like profile. He was about six feet tall, with the lean frame of a powerfully built man who had not let his muscles turn to flab as he aged. He had the air of supreme self-confidence of a man who had single-handedly built an empire. She could feel the strength in his grasp as she shook the proferred hand. She couldn’t help but find him attractive, even a bit intoxicating.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;This is Harvey Feinberg, head of our legal department,&quot; he indicated the sour-faced, balding man sitting in a chair to the side of the desk who nodded, but offered no other greeting. &quot;And you know your husband, of course,&quot; he said with a smile.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Yes, of course,&quot; Mary answered with a nervous laugh. &quot;Hello, dear.&quot; Walter mumbled a hello, his eyes refusing to meet hers.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Please, have a seat,&quot; Beck pulled her attention back. He guided her to the leather armchair beside the one Walter sat in before the great desk. &quot;Would you like some coffee? Maybe tea or a soft-drink?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Coffee, please,&quot; Mary answered.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beck settled behind his desk, pushing a button on the phone. &quot;Amber, coffee for Mrs. Conley,&quot; he barked. Mary could tell he was a man used to giving orders. A moment later, the sullen blonde from the desk out front entered. She moved to a bar at the side of the room and poured the coffee, then brought the cup and saucer to Mary.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Thank you,&quot; Mary smiled sweetly, eliciting an icy glare.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Will there be anything else, sir?&quot; Amber asked, turning toward the big man.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beck waved her away with a negligent gesture. Mary could barely contain a chuckle at the little bitch’s treatment. When the door closed behind her, Beck turned his attention back to Mary. &quot;Now, Mrs. Conley…&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Mary. Please,&quot; she interrupted him, giving a bit of a flirtatious smile.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Mary,&quot; Beck amended. &quot;As to why I asked you here.&quot; He shot a look at Walter. &quot;I suppose Walt here has told you of his recent…predicament?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Predicament? No,&quot; Mary answered curiously, looking over at Walter, who was studiously examining the hairs on the back of his hand. She knew something had been bothering him for some time. He’d been drinking more and more, spending more time away from home. Any time she had inquired, he’d been elusive and vague, claiming pressures at work.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beck regarded Walter for a moment with a raised eyebrow, then growled, &quot;Feinberg?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;The little lawyer cleared his throat to get Mary’s attention, then read from a file he held. &quot;Over a fifteen month period, beginning in April of last year and lasting until three weeks ago, Walter Conley embezzled $320,760 from Beck Industries Incorporated,&quot; he intoned in a reedy, nasal voice.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary blinked at the little man, not comprehending. &quot;Embezzled…&quot; she turned to her husband, who avoided her eyes, then to Mr. Beck, who watched her closely with his hawk-like gaze. &quot;There must be some mistake,&quot; she said weakly.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;No mistake,&quot; Feinberg interjected, holding up another piece of paper. &quot;He’s already signed his confession.&quot; He passed the confession to Mary, who held it in shaking fingers and tried to read. After a moment, she glanced at a still-despondent Walter, then passed it back.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;What if he gave back the money?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;No good,&quot; Feinberg assured her. &quot;As it says here in the confession, Mr. Conley used the money to cover gambling debts.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Gambling debts? Mary looked incredulously at her husband who hung his head in shame. She knew he played poker and bet on sports, but $320,000? Finally, she turned her helpless gaze back to Beck.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beck sat forward in his chair, his steely eyes studying her face. Finally he spoke. &quot;I built this company with my own two hands,&quot; he rumbled. His voice rose as he continued. &quot;I put in hundred hour weeks, gave up on having a family, fought off take-overs and ruthless competitors. I put my own blood and sweat into it for the last thirty years!&quot; He was nearly shouting, red in the face with anger as Mary quailed before him. He took a deep breath, settling back as he calmed himself. &quot;That’s why,&quot; he continued in a more subdued tone, &quot;I take it personally when one of my people steals from me.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;With a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach, she asked in a small voice, &quot;What are you going to do?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;I could turn this over to the police,&quot; Beck said, pointing at the folder Feinberg held. &quot;A call to my golfing buddy the D.A. and old Walt there goes away for ten-to-twenty.&quot; Walter appeared as if he would be sick any moment now. &quot;We take away the company cars you both drive, foreclose on the mortgage the company holds on your home, and, since it seems he doesn’t have any of the money left, we’d put a lien against your personal belongings to recoup some of our loss.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary’s hands were shaking so badly she had to set the coffee cup on Beck’s desk lest she spill it.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Of course, without Walt’s income, you would have to get a job. In today’s market, with your lack of job skills, you might get on as a maid somewhere. If not, there’s always welfare. You’d certainly have to pull your kids out of that fancy private school they go to, send them to public school with the gangs and dope pushers. College is out of the question. You’ve got one nearing college age, don’t you?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Head spinning, Mary murmurred, &quot;Susan. She’s 17.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Ah, yes. Susan,&quot; Beck said, smiling. &quot;And your son John is how old, 16? And little Nikki is 14?&quot; Mary nodded blindly. &quot;Well, maybe they could get jobs to help make ends meet. At any rate, your life will be very much changed.&quot; He fell silent, letting the reality of the situation sink in for a long moment.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Or…&quot; he said finally.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary looked up hopefully.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;You could work off your husbands debt.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary was taken aback. She had no job skills, he’d said so himself. What could she do? &quot;W-work?&quot; she stammered. &quot;You mean for the company?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beck snapped his fingers at Feinberg, who whipped another document out of his folder.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;This is a personal services contract,&quot; Feinberg explained, handing the several-page document to Mary, &quot;between yourself and Mr. Beck for a term of 5 years. Your annual salary would be $64,000, which would revert back to B.I.I. against the amount of Mr. Conley’s debt.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary studied the contract, but all her reeling brain could pick out was a bunch of &quot;party of the first part&quot; and &quot;wherefore&quot; and &quot;thereas&quot; legalese. &quot;What would I be doing?&quot; she asked.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Just what it says,&quot; Beck answered with a wolfish grin. &quot;Personal services.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;That leering stare told Mary just how &quot;personal&quot; those services were likely to be. Her face burned hotly with embarrassment. She wanted to throw that contract back in his sneering face. But she did not. Finally, she asked, &quot;And if I agree?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Then Walt stays on at his present salary. Of course I’ll be keeping my eye on him,&quot; he gave Walter a warning look before turning back to Mary. &quot;You keep your house, your car, your belongings. Keep your kids in that school… Everybody’s happy,&quot; he concluded with an insolent grin.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary’s brain worked feverishly, searching for a way out. Despair gripped her stomach as she slowly reconciled herself to the fact that she was trapped. &quot;It seems I have little choice,&quot; she finally uttered. She turned to Feinberg. &quot;Where do I sign?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Not so fast,&quot; Beck interrupted. &quot;I didn’t get where I am today by accepting untested merchandise. Stand up and show me what I’m buying.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Taken aback, Mary rose slowly to her feet. She looked at Beck uncertainly.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Take off your clothes,&quot; he ordered. At her hesitation, he growled, &quot;Or get out now and I make a phone call.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Dropping her frightened eyes from the powerful man’s uncompromising gaze, Mary fumbled with the buttons of her jacket. She slipped the jacket from her shoulders and laid it carefully over the arm of her chair. A furtive glance at Beck’s intent stare told her she was to continue. After unbuttoning her sleeves then the front of her blouse, she unbuckled her fashionable belt and undid her pants. She was aware of Walter’s uncomfortable fidgeting and Feinberg’s cold gaze as well as Beck’s scrutiny as she let the blouse fall, laying it over the jacket. A quick intake of breath and she bent over to push her pants to her ankles. She sat on the edge of her chair to slip off her shoes and extract her feet from the fallen pants. At Beck’s gesture, she rose to her feet once again, now wearing only her bra and hose. She crossed her wrists self-consciously where her pubic triangle showed through the sheer fabric of her pantyhose.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beck studied her silently for a moment, then said, &quot;I can’t say much for your choice of underwear. Take it off.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Face burning in shame, Mary complied, slowly pushing down her pantyhose. Her bare ass met the leather upholstery of the chair as she sat to remove the flimsy garment. Rising again, her eyes staring unfocused out the window behind Beck’s head, she reached up to unfasten her bra. As it came off her shoulders, she dropped it unthinkingly to the floor.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Turn around,&quot; Beck commanded. &quot;Slowly.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Arms hanging limply at her sides, Mary turned woodenly before three sets of male eyes. Even in her dazed state, she was aware of the hungry looks they gave her, even her husband. Although 35 and the mother of three teenagers, she was very proud of her body. Strict dieting, three days a week at the health club and weekly visits to the beauty salon, as well as various cosmetic procedures by her friendly neighborhood plastic surgeon, gave her a face and body that could easily pass for ten years younger. Slender and firm, with an all-over tan, she had long, shapely legs, a tight little ass, flat tummy, and the best 36-C breasts money could buy. As she came back around, Beck was nodding appreciatively.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;I guess that answers the question of whether you’re a natural redhead,&quot; he joked, looking down at her black pubes, which were cropped short and trimmed to a neat little triangle. Mary clenched her teeth, fighting back tears of shame as she was sized up like a pet for sale. Beck let his eyes wander over her body a minute longer before continuing. &quot;Now then, Walter tells me you give a mean blowjob.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary’s eyes flared wide, a fresh red flush creeping up her face. Walter had actually discussed her sexual prowess with his boss? But then again, it wasn’t so surprising considering what a spineless worm he was. Unsure how to respond, she remained silent, dreading what she knew was coming next.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Come around here and give me a demonstration.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary hesitated, but thinking of her kids and what was at stake, she started around the desk.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Uh-uh,&quot; Beck stopped her with an upraised palm. &quot;On your hands and knees,&quot; he commanded. &quot;Crawl to me.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary stopped, staring in disbelief, but Beck’s face was uncompromising. She realized what he was doing: showing her who was in control. But her knowing did not change the fact. She would have to endure whatever humiliation he threw at her, otherwise her family would be ruined. Reluctantly, she dropped to her knees, then her hands, and crawled on the thick carpet around to the back of the desk. Beck pushed his chair back, swivelling toward her as she neared. She stopped at his feet, awaiting further commands but none were forthcoming. Looking up, she saw the smug look on Beck’s face. He raised one eyebrow expectantly, silently ordering her.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;With her hands shaking uncontrollably, Mary reached for Beck’s belt. She could see the bulge his cock was making in the front of his trousers and her hands brushed over it as she managed to unbuckle the belt and fumbled to unbutton his pants. Taking a deep breath in a futile attempt to calm her nervous trembling, she drew down the zipper and pulled the two sides apart. His cock popped out of the slit in his boxers before she was prepared and suddenly she was staring right at it from just inches away. She was mesmerized, staring at the largest cock she’d ever seen. It had to be at least 9 inches, nearly as thick as her wrist, straight as an arrow as it throbbed to full erection before her very eyes.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beck let her stare at it for a long moment before he spoke. &quot;Let’s see just how good you really are,&quot; he challenged.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Startled out of her trance, Mary flushed with embarrassment again at being caught staring. Taking the enormous prick gingerly between her fingertips, she opened her mouth and, after one false start, closed her lips over it. After a few moments of warm-up in which she ran her lips and tongue over the bulging ridge of his cockhead, she worked into a rhythm, sucking hard as she bobbed her head up and down, slipping about half of the giant prick into her mouth. Then Beck’s strong hands grabbed her head and pulled her down as he shoved his entire cock into her mouth, the bulbous head snaked down her throat.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;You’re right, Walt. She does have a deep throat,&quot; Beck chuckled, holding Mary’s head in place for a long moment before finally letting her back off.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary grasped the thick shaft in her fist as she pulled off it gasping for breath. Long strings of slobber hung from it to her mouth. Her eyes teared up. She barely had time to suck in a breath before Beck pulled her down again, forcing his big prick down her throat again, chuckling to himself as she struggled.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;This time when he let her up, Mary pushed his hands firmly away from her head and immediately went back down on his prick before he could protest, deciding she’d be better off by giving him a more enthusiastic blow-job than letting him shove that thing down her throat and choke her to death. The sooner she got him off, the sooner this humiliating experience would be over. She began sucking in earnest, bobbing her head up and down fast, sucking lustily. Every tenth stroke or so, she would let the enormous prick slide down her throat, giving Beck the deep-throat action he so desired. A satisfied grunt told her how successful her efforts were.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Then suddenly, Beck pushed her off his cock and stood, letting his trousers fall. He unbuttoned the boxers and let them slide down also. Mary was left looking up at his towering figure, massive cock jutting out over her head. He yanked her to her feet and spun her around, bending her over the desk. His strong hand in the middle of her back pushed her down, mashing her tits against the desktop.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Spread your asscheeks,&quot; Beck growled deeply.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Aware of her husband and the cold-faced lawyer watching intently, Mary complied with Beck’s command. Grasping each firm globe in a hand, she pulled her crack open, exposing her asshole and making her pussy gape. She felt the big head of Beck’s cock press against her. It slid up and down her slit, across her asshole and down over her distended clitoris. Mary whimpered in spite of herself. The juices seeping from the mouth of her cunt coated his cockhead.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beck chuckled wickedly. &quot;God damn, that pussy’s wet! You want it bad, don’t you baby?&quot; he asked, continuing to tease her with the head of his cock. &quot;You want my cock, don’t you? Say it!&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Yes, I want your cock&quot; Mary whined, tears of humiliation stinging her eyes, whether it was from being abused by a virtual stranger, her husband and the other man watching it happen, or the fact that it was so obviously turning her on, she didn’t know. She gasped as Beck’s big cock pressed against her pussy.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;I knew you were a hot little bitch,&quot; Beck stopped with his cockhead poised at the entrance to her vagina. &quot;Walt there said you weren’t that interested in sex. Oh, he said you were good at it, but you could take it or leave it. But you and I know better, don’t we?&quot; he asked, emphasizing his question with a shove of his cock, wedging the big head an inch into her.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;He says he hasn’t fucked you for six months,&quot; Beck continued. &quot;Now I know that hot little cunt hasn’t gone six months without cock, has it?&quot; He shoved another inch of cock into her, stretching her cunt wide. &quot;Has it?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;No,&quot; Mary admitted with a whimper.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;So who have you been fucking?&quot; Beck asked, sinking another inch of cock into her burning pussy. When she did not answer, he slapped her asscheek hard and thrust even more of his big cock into her yielding pussy, demanding, &quot;Who?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Randy!&quot; Mary yelped.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Ah, Randy,&quot; Beck sighed, as if her admission gave him as much pleasure as her body was. He shot an I told you so look at Walter, who looked on in impotent silence. &quot;And who is this Randy?&quot; Beck asked as his big hands grasped her hips. He slowly pushed his cock in to the hilt as Mary answered.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;H-he…unh…gives massages at th-…the health club,&quot; Mary stammered as her pussy was filled with cock.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;You fuck at the club?&quot; Beck queried, pulling his cock out and plunging it back in.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Yes,&quot; Mary gasped as Beck’s big prick began sliding in and out in long, deliberate strokes. &quot;I book a…ungh…massage every…*gasp*…Monday and Friday.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beck’s pelvis smacked into Mary’s ass as he stroked into her more forcefully and continued his interrogation. &quot;I thought you went to the health club three times a week. What happened to Wednesday?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary gritted her teeth. How did he know so much? Was there anything Walter hadn’t told him? She could barely think past that huge cock pounding into her creaming cunt.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Wednesday is his day off,&quot; she muttered, grasping the edge of the desk as she was rocked again and again by the powerful man slamming his enormous cock into her. Beck’s mocking laughter furthered her humiliation and her excitement. Knowing that her husband was helplessly watching gave her a perverse thrill as Beck jackhammered his huge dick into her faster and faster. Unable to control herself, a cry escaped her lips and she came with mind-numbing force.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Suddenly, Beck yanked his cock out of her with a wet sucking sound, leaving her spasming cunt grasping at air. He grabbed her by the hair and jerked her off the desk, spinning her around and pushing her to her knees just in time to catch the first spurt of his semen full in the face. He held her head with one hand and stroked his spurting cock with the other, sending gouts of hot cum onto her face and into her open mouth. Finally he plunged his cock into her mouth, allowing her to suck the last few drops of cum out of his deflating member. After she had licked it clean, he pulled away from her and began putting his pants back in order.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;You pass,&quot; he grinned down at her. He reached his hand out to Feinberg and snapped his fingers. Feinberg passed him the contract as Mary climbed unsteadily to her feet. Beck laid the contract on his desk and picked up a pen, passing it to Mary. He pointed, indicating where she was to sign.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary took the pen. She looked to her husband, whose eyes shied away. She stood for a moment, cum dripping from her face onto her boobs, then signed the document. Beck gave a satisfied grunt and passed the contract back to Feinberg, who took it as his cue to leave.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beck turned back to Mary, who stood woodenly. &quot;Welcome to Beck Industries,&quot; he stated exuberantly, giving her a slap on the bare asscheek which made her jump. &quot;You can get cleaned up in there,&quot; he pointed to the side door leading to his private washroom.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary walked around the desk with as much dignity as she could muster while naked and covered in semen. She gathered up her clothes, then went into the bathroom and shut the door. She went to the sink and turned on the water. She stopped, catching her reflection in the mirror.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Whore,&quot; she whispered, staring at her cum-covered face. Her lipstick was smeared, mascara ran down her cheeks and her hair was disheveled.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;She felt disgusted by the fact that she had been forced to fuck, but even moreso that it had excited her so, and even now it gave her a tingling rush to think of what had just happened. She bent down and washed her face, then wet a washcloth and wiped away the rest of the semen. She sat on the toilet to pee, then washed herself between the legs. She got dressed quickly and came out of the bathroom to find Beck alone, reseated behind his desk, already back at work.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;She stood awkwardly for a moment, but Beck ignored her. Finally, she asked meekly, &quot;Um, what now?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Beck looked up at her distractedly. &quot;Go home,&quot; he said. &quot;I’ll have my secretary schedule you when I want you.&quot; He turned his attention back to the papers on his desk.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Face flushing anew at the negligent dismissal, she turned to leave.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Oh, and Mary…&quot; Beck said, stopping her at the door. When she looked back, he wagged a finger at her. &quot;No more massages from Randy.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;She turned away from his arrogant grin and left the office. As she came out, Amber the little bitch secretary gave her a smug look that made Mary wonder whether she knew what had gone on inside. Mary glared at her and turned away. Walter was waiting as she came to the elevators. She pointedly ignored him as she pushed the button and waited. When the door opened, he followed her into the elevator.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mary angrily pushed the button and stood with her arms crossed, aware of Walter staring forlornly at her.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Mary,&quot; he began, reaching out to tentatively touch her shoulder.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Don’t you dare touch me!&quot; Mary rounded on him furiously. &quot;Don’t you ever touch me again! Not that you’ve showed any inclination lately. You haven’t touched me for six months! I hope you remember it well, because that’s the last time you’ll ever touch me! How the hell could you lose 320 thousand dollars gambling?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Walter backed into the corner before her fury, blinking at her rapid change of subjects. &quot;I just got in too deep,&quot; he answered sheepishly. &quot;My debt just kept growing and growing.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;So you stole to pay it?&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;I had no choice. Those guys break your legs if you don’t pay.&quot;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&quot;Break your legs?&quot; Mary shouted incredulously. &quot;You almost got your children thrown out on the street! You could have spent 20 years in jail! You HAVE turned me into a whore! A WHORE Walter! Well I’m his whore!&quot; she screamed, pointing up toward Beck’s office. &quot;You sold me for a pack of cards! And you’ll never have me again!&quot; she added, turning away in a huff and striding out of the elevator as the door slid open at the lobby.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Walter did not come home from work that night. Mary fixed dinner for the kids and went to bed early. She did not sleep, however, the day’s events clouding her thoughts. The next five years of her life belonged to a man she barely knew. A handsome, powerful man it was true, but also a ruthless man who had purposefully degraded her in front of others. Perhaps the most troubling aspect, though, was that it had excited her so, the way he had made her do things she never could have imagined. A shiver went down her spine as she wondered what more he had in store for his new whore.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Sometime after midnight, she heard Walter come stumbling in. She took cruel satisfaction in the sound of his drunken fumbling at the locked bedroom door. Finally he gave up and wandered away, no doubt to pass out in his recliner, where he’d spent many a night in the last six months anyway. Mollified somewhat by that small victory, Mary was finally able to fall asleep.

Forced Stories

Tue, 30 Jul 2013 22:56:10 UTC

HAVING THE HEADMISTRESS – A tale of mind control and abuse

The story i’m about to tell, be it good or bad, is the story of my life over the last two years. I would tell you that it’s true in every aspect, but i feel certain that no-one would believe me so i shall save myself ridicule and say no such thing. It’s the story of my ability. . . my ability to control people to do whatever i want, whatever i desire.
I discovered this talent by accident a couple of years ago, and to this day i don’t know how it works and i don’t know why it works, but work it does, and with an effectiveness that means that with a simple gesture and the power of thought i can get anyone to do my bidding, no matter how disturbing my wish may be. They are simply powerless to refuse.

It all started on a crisp spring morning in 2006. I was pouring myself a second cup of coffee in the staff room of the secondary school where i work as a music teacher in the suburbs of london. It was five minutes until lessons started when in walked Sylvia Denby the Head Mistress and, therefore, my boss. At the ripe old age of forty nine she was eleven years my senior and though i doubt she had ever been classically pretty she was certainly attractive in that strong, Queen Boadicea kind of way that just makes you wish she was breast feeding you. . . ahem… or is that just me?… Those breasts, those huge round jugs, the countless times…
I’d fantasized what they must look like in the flesh. But those fantasies were nothing compared to what i’d dreamt of doing to that beautiful, round, mature backside of hers that fanned out wide and deliciously from her still relatively slim waist. Unfortunately, this sexy older woman was also a first class tyrant who took great pleasure in making mine, and everyone elses, working lives as miserable as possible, and in doing so causing my fantasies of her to lean more towards torture than tendernous.

But, getting back to the morning in question, she had just walked past me, wearing a tight knee length skirt, figure hugging sweater and suit jacket, her hair tide tightly in a bun at the back, and yet again not saying a word of greeting to me when i noticed a small, white feather caught in the hair at the back of her head. Without thinking about what i was doing i reached out to pluck it off and, in doing so, managed to accidentally brush the back of her head with my hand. The moment contact was made i felt a curious tingling sensation run through my fingers but, before i had time to wonder what this feeling could be, she turned round in a flash and snapped ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing Robert?!!’
‘S. . S. . Sorry Sylvia’ i stammered back, god she made me nervous, ‘I was just getting this feather, it was caught in your hair’.
Calming down slightly she said ‘Well, in future i’d appreciate it if you kept your hands to yourself, unless you’d like a sexual harrassment case on your hands’.
And with that she stormed from the room, leaving me wondering what the hell had just happened and desperately wishing that someone would catch her giving a student a blowjob. Divorced, sacked and imprisoned, that should sort the bitch out. But all this was just wishful thinking and, as the bell rang for lessons, i had to put it out of my mind and get to class.

A few hours later as the bell rang for lunch and the corridors filled with children desperate to get outside, i headed down to the technical department with my digital camera in hand to get some photos processed for the music department walls. In a world of my own i strolled into the tech room and was stopped dead in my tracks by the sight that met me.
Right there in front of me was Sylvia Denby, snooty head mistress, on her knees, blouse open, huge tits on show, and hungrily sucking the cock of Jamie Roper, a thirteen year old student from her study group.
So engrossed were they in what they were doing that i managed to step sideways into the open door of a supply cupboard without either of them noticing me. Heart pounding in my chest i glanced carefully around the door and just stared, unable to take my eyes off the rapidly bobbing head of my boss as she gave ‘head’ to this child right there in front of me.
Hypnotized by the rythmic movement of her jiggling jugs and wonderfully disgusting slurping sounds as she lapped at his underage penis. By this time my own cock was already raging and i took the oportunity to free it from it’s prison and stroke it while i watched.
Without thinking, i raised my camera in my other hand and quickly and quietly started taking pictures of the scene before me.

Before long Jamie tensed, his legs locking straight as he gripped the back of his teacher’s head and thrust hard into the back of her throat, letting out a long, low groan. After he had finished Mrs Denby raised her head and swallowed everything the boy had given her, licking her teeth and lips clean.

Quickly returning to my hiding place in the cupboard, i waited until i heard the classroom door open and close again before i emerged, certain that the coast was clear, and slumped down into a nearby chair to sit and ponder what the implications were of what i’d just witnessed. It was then that the thing that had been niggling at the back of my mind became clear. I had wished this, willed it to happen. Surely not, nobody has that kind of influence over people do they? Nobody can control another human being by simply wanting something to happen… can they? Well, there was a pretty simple experiment i could do to test my theory but that would have to wait until tonight, for now i had some bussiness with our head mistress to attend to.

An hour later and i was stood outside her office door. It had to be now, if i left it any longer i’d lose my nerve so, taking a deep breath, i knocked.
‘Yes?’ came the answer through the door and when she saw me enter the room her face developed that sour, lemon sucking expression she reserved for all her most distasteful minions.
Walking up to her i had to surpress the urge to run away and, gritting my teeth, slapped the large envelope i had been carrying onto her desk.
‘What’s this?’ she asked.
‘Open it’ my heart was pounding hard again.
With a frown she slit the envelope and withdrew it’s contents and, with a squeal, dropped it, sending half a dozen large pictures sliding accross the desk top, all portraying herself sucking a young boy’s penis.
With tears in her eyes and her hands over her face she started to splutter and sob. . . ‘I didn’t. . .
I wouldn’t. . . I’ve never. . . I don’t know why it happened’.
‘Save it’ i snapped, ‘i don’t care what you do or who you do it to but the fact is, Sylvia, i’m sick of you, sick of the way you talk to me, sick of the way you treat me, and it’s going to change’.
‘What are you going to do’, she stammered.
‘Nothing’, i said.
‘Nothing?’, she looked confused.
‘Just so long as you’re a good girl from now on’ i said, walking around her desk to stand next to her, ‘From now on you’re going to be nice to me, you’re going to say hello to me, all of my appraisals will be good ones, and if the mood takes me you’re going to give me some of what little Jamie Roper just had. . . whenever the mood takes me’.
And with that i reached down and squeezed one of her large round breasts, ‘Understood?’
Tears ran down he cheeks as she nodded in submission.
‘Good’ I said, ‘Now stand up and face your desk’
After a moments pause she did as she was told and i took her place in the chair behind her.
‘Slowly pull your skirt up over your waist’, i ordered.
Reluctantly, she did as she was told. Pulling it up over her shapely thighs and, with an effort, squeezing it over her wide hips so that, barely inches in front of my face, was the almost naked butt of my boss, clad only in a tiny black g-string.
Breathing heavily i whispered, ‘Bend over the desk’.
Obediently she did as she was told and, bending over so that her pelvis was against the desk, she pushed her deliciously mature arse into the air, causing her cheeks to spread slightly.
Being an ass man, this was heaven. I’ve loved the female butt since before i can remember and the more my wife denies me it, the more i want it, so this vision before me was like something out of a dream.
Reaching out my hand i tentatively touched the soft pale skin of her buttock, causing by cock to stand harder than i though it possible. Then, reaching out with both hands, i started to knead her arse like there was no tomorrow, squeezing it so hard that her husband would surely see the bruises. Hooking my fingers around her g-string i tore them down and, leaning forward, buried my face between her cheeks, my tongue finding her pussy lips and slipping between them, working it’s way as deep into her as possible.
Imagine my surprise when she started to push against me, grinding herself against my face. Here i was, to all intents and purposes raping the woman, and she was getting off on it.
Well, we couldn’t have that so, standing up, i raised my hand and brought it down as hard as i could on her buttocks, causing them to ripple irrisistably and making her scream so loud that the whole school must have heard.
Again i raised my hand and brought it down hard, watching her writhe in pain. I repeated this half a dozen times before i could take no more and, unzipping my trousers and freeing my iron hard cock, i positioned myself behind the head mistress. Gripping one hand tightly on either side of her plump, juicy pussy i pulled her flaps apart and, without a thought for the woman bent over before me, forced my dick into her waiting cunt.
The feeling was just out of this world as i started to pump in and out of my boss, knowing that i had blackmailed her, given her no choice, made her my slave.
As my excitement grew and i felt the end getting close i grabbed the back of her head and viciously forced her face into the table top, pushing harder and harder with every thrust until, after barely a minute, i emptied wave after wave of my sticky seed into her now gaping pussy. With my last stroke i collapsed over her back, pinning her to the desk and sinking my teeth deep into the back of her neck and causing a small bead of blood to form there.
After what could have been seconds or could have been hours i managed to gather myself together a little. Reluctantly i pulled my now deflating cock out of her and, wiping it with a tissue from the box on the desk just beside her head, tucked it away and zipped my self up.
‘You’d better get yourself sorted out’, i said, ‘Haven’t you got a lesson to teach in twenty minutes?’
Sniffling quietly, she stood up and, in a daze, pulled up her panties and straightened her skirt.
As i walked to the door i turned to her and stated ‘Same time tomorrow, there’s a good girl’, then simply turned and walked out of the office, leaving her wondering what had just happened and how, all of a sudden, i was in charge.
Following a similar line of thought it wasn’t long before my mind returned to the idea that i had somehow controlled her. Not in the blackmail sense that i was now controlling her but by the touch to the back of her head and the simple wishful thinking that had seemingly caused her to interfear with a minor earier that day.
And so, on the drive home that evening, i started to think about my little family. . .

My wife, Dawn, five foot five inches tall, short blond hair, her thirty seven year old body at that fantastic point of maturity where she still retains her wonderfully full and firm c-cup tits, slender waist and firm arse, but the spread of age is just starting, causing her hips to widen and her once tiny figure to gain the type of curves that send men, and boys, wild.

Then there’s my daughter, Annie, thirteen years old and the absolute image of her mother at the same age. Long blond hair, full pouting lips, small breast buds just developing, tiny waist widening slightely at the hips and lovely slender legs ending in perfectly suckable little feet and toes. I’m not proud to say that i’ve been entertaining inapropriate thought about Annie for some time now but i will say that i would never have considered acting on them. . . until now.

So, with my mind swirling with thoughts of my beautiful young daughter i couldn’t help desiring and a sexy wife that had always denied me the one sexual act i had ever truly wanted from her, i headed home to start my experiments, my experiments to find out if i really could control someone to do as i wish. . . to perform my every desire. . .
But that my friends, is another story. .

TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Forced Stories

Mon, 27 Mar 2017 21:15:16 UTC

The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part II

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Galloway took Valerie to his cabin in the woods. She was kept in a spacious room he had outfitted as a torture chamber. He had taken women there before; she was not the first to be brutally used by him and his friends.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; He placed her in a room fitted with a cot and a chair and with access to a toilet where she could shower and fulfill her bodily functions. A man servant stayed on the premises and gave her regular but small meals. The servant was well paid and had the full use of her body to fulfill his animal desires so long as he did not beat her or mark up her fine young body. The servant whose name was Ramon raped her daily two or three times as he felt the need, but used only her tight cunt. She was told to wash up each time her fucked her.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; On the third day of her captivity, Ramon told her that morning he would not be fucking her that day. He instructed her to wear a black bikini bra and panties that he brought to her after her light evening meal, and explained that she would be presented to Galloway and some of his friends to entertain them. He told her to wash carefully and to especially wash her vagina and anus with the provided tools.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;If they are not clean, you will be severely punished, bitch. I will inspect them when I return after your supper. The guests intend to use your lovely cunt and asshole plenty tonight, so please be ready.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; Ramon led Valerie out naked except for the very brief black panties and brassiere at 8 p.m. that evening to a group of five men and Galloway. He placed her against a metal pole in the middle of the torture chamber and carefully handcuffed her arms behind her around the pole. The men disrobed down to their shorts; they were all young and well endowed. At the sight of her lovely body and face, their cocks grew stiff and jutted out against the cloth of their briefs. Before removing her C cupped bra, Ramon pushed a rod from the pole against the middle of her back forcing her chest with her breasts out and her flat belly forward temptingly. He then removed the bra and her breasts with their light brown aerolas and firm long pink nipples thrust forward. Her pear shaped breasts were firm and hard and now jutted slightly upward. Ramon stood aside as the men admired her fine young body.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Take off her panties, Ramon, and let my guests see her tight young pussy and fine well shaped ass they will be enjoying tonight,&quot; Galloway directed.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; Ramon pulled her panties off slowly revealing her cleanly shaved cunt and its beautiful rose petaled pussy lips. He ordered her to spread herself open so they men could see her lovely cunt slightly opened. She closed her eyes and obeyed, her face reddining as the men began to remove their undershorts revealing big, hard, ready tools they planned to insert in her holes.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Valerie was now open and vulnerable to their use; her fine young body completely naked and helpless before their lust. She knew she would be ravished by all of them many times that night. She knew she could expect no quarter. They would ruthlessly plunder her with their big stiff cocks all night long. Her nipples hardened at the realization, and she sank to her knees weak before the onslaught of their hard young cocks.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; One of the men stepped forward, his eight inch rod hard as steel. He told her to look at him but to remain on her knees.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;That’s perfect, Valerie. I’ve been watching you swim at the gym and wished I could fuck you many times. Now I get to. Take my cock in your mouth, bitch. Let’s see how much of my eight inches you can swallow.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; He gently pushed his cock head in her mouth and let her lick it for a few seconds before he put both hands on the back of her head and held it and pushed in to the back of her throat gagging her. He pushed his cock deeper into her throat. He held her nostrils closed with one hand while the other pushed her head forward to take more of his rod. She was powerless as he began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth slowly inching it deeper down her throat. She paniced thinking he meant to keep her from breathing until she fainted. He got six inches of his cock in her and held it there as he finally let her breathe again. He pulled out slowly leaving her to gasp and choke.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Now, all the rest of you fuck her throat for awhile and then we will fuck the shit out of the bitch,&quot; he said as he walked away.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Valerie was forced to take all the men’s cocks down her throat briefly, but not one of them allowed himself to spill his seed in her throat. Finally after all five had briefly fucked her throat, Galloway grabbed her pear shaped tits and raised her roughly to her feet.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;Ramon take her handcuffs off and put her in the stocks so we can use her doggy style in her ass and cunt,&quot; he ordered.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; With her arms and neck in the stocks, Valerie was bent over and open to the fucking frenzy that was to follow. The man who had first fucked her throat walked up behind her and spread her ass cheeks and admired her puckered brown anus. He inserted his middle finger into the tight sphincter and pushed it roughly into her. She whimpered as he probed her anus with a finger and her tight pussy with the fingers of his other hand. He rubbed her clitoris. She felt herself being aroused by his penetrating digits and began to move her ass slightly, surprized by the pleasurable sensation of the act.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;That’s it, Valerie. You want to be fucked in both holes, don’t you. You want it real bad, real hard and real deep, and we want to give it to you till you are totally fulfilled and dripping with our cock juice. We can use all three of your holes with you. We’re going to rape you harder and deeper than you’ve ever been fucked before.&nbsp; We’re going to fuck your brains out tonight, whore. For you are a whore from now on till the end of your life. We may rape you to death tonight for all you know. You are such a sweet little bitch.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Go ahead and fuck her, Mark. Fuck her hard&lt;&quot; she heard one of the men say.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; And fuck her he did. He thrust his cock in her tight young cunt the full length in one swift hard thrust and reached her cervix with the stabbing thrust. She screamed in pain as Mark thrust the full lenght of his cock into her tight cunt over and over. He seemed to thrust his sword deeper into her with each thrust. The violence of his cock action shaking her hard breasts as he rammed in and out of her tight, slender young body. Never had she been taken this brutally; she felt as if he wanted to kill her with each impaling thrust to her tender vagina.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; He was holding her tightly by her ass as he plowed his tool into her. He did not care how badly he hurt her because he enjoyed her squeals of pain as he used her. He pulled out before he came and slapped both ass cheeks.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;Who wants to fuck that tight little ass hole of hers, now?&quot; she heard him say.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;I’ll stretch it for the rest of you,&quot; a second man said.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;I’ll fuck her mouth while you assfuck the bitch,&quot; a third man said.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Valerie felt herself being filled with long hard cock in both her ass and mouth now. Her anus burned from the deep impaling cock as it stretched her tight rear hole. Her rapist has his cock embedded deep in her bowels and fucked her with swift, vigorous strokes. She was being choked by the seven inch cock in her throat as he thrust up into her face forcing her to take the full length of his hard rod.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; For the next nearly two hours each of the men used her cunt, asshole and mouth in turns. She felt faint as they took turns thrusting deep into her sweet young helpless body. They began to spurt their sperm into her orifices. Soon she dripped cum from all three sore holes.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; But her torture had hardly begun. They began to use various sized dildos on her ass and cunt. They fucked her with studded steel dildoes ranging from six inches to nine inches in length and of various circumferences. They inserted a seven inch butt plug in her anus and a eight inch plastic dildo attached to a rod which in turn was fastened to the floor. They stopped to eat and drink before they resumed their fucking of her much used entrances. They took her out of the stocks and double and triple teamed her for most of the rest of the night. Near dawn they carried her unconcscious body to her room and Ramon fucked her until the sun came up even though she did not realize it because she was still out. It took her days to recover from the orgy. Ramon told her she would be kept there and used as her master’s fuck toy until he grew tired of her.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;What will he do with me then?&quot; she asked a day or two later when he brought her a lunch.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Who knows,&quot; he said with an enigmatic style, &quot;maybe he will give you to me and my friends down in Mexico.&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Forced Stories

Mon, 25 Mar 2013 18:34:04 UTC

The House Of Ordeals

Brutal, non-consensual multiple rape fantasy story. Contains extreme graphic sexual sadism, obscenity, torture, snuff and offensive content.
All characters are above 18 years and above. None of this is real.

Part one. The arrival home.

It’s nearly two in the morning. The black van cruised down twisted streets, surrounded by the monoliths of silent factories and warehouses. This district is deserted by night and filled with noise and smoke in the day.
Down to the end of the farthest street, obscured by a vast red bricked and grimy building is the house of ordeals. It sits at the edge of this district, facing a dormant and polluted sea where no man roams without reason.

The black van turned slowly and stopped before a great black iron gate, chained and padlocked shut. The tops of the gate were spear like and cluttered with barbed wire. Two vicious Dobermans barked and bared their fangs but fell silent when the obese driver squeezed himself out of the van, He stared at the dogs with watery, psychotic eyes and they backed away to let him unlock the gate to his house. The gates creaked open, he got back into the van and drove in, stopping only to get out and lock the gates behind again, ensuring security and safety from prying eyes. The gates were walled up with dark steel and no one outside could look into compound. High walls made from solid rock stretched around like a prison with the top of the walls covered with broken glass. No one could get in or out for that matter. At dead center of the unlit land stood the terrible three storied concrete house surrounded by a clogged drain filled with fetid water. Broken and burned out vehicles were stacked up front, and the sides of the windowless house piled oil drums, rusting and reeking. The only point of entry appeared to be an automated garage shutter door behind the building , away from the street. Beyond the back wall of the compound was the dumping ground of unused metal. The garage door rattled open like a menacing beast, with chains and pulleys screaming against grating metal and the darkness inside yawned. The van was driven in and the shutters descended slowly like the mouth a monster and shut out the world beyond.

Inside the garage was dark, and with engine turned off, the obese driver got out and made his way to the locked gate. With a set of keys chained to his dirty jeans, he unlocked the padlock, unlocked the gate and pulled it open. He was fumbling excitedly for the other key for the heavy iron door that would open to his house of disturbing pleasures. It was almost silent in the cramped and filthy hall. The tv was on, tuned to cartoons. An irony, a surreal counterpart to the horrors that was happening behind closed doors. No. The horrors were not for him and his cult family. The horrors were for the victims that belonged to the cult. He stepped over crushed beer cans and dirty clothes and approached the grotesque altar. Upon a black cabinet stood the clay statue of Graheg sprayed with black paint and smeared with semen; This idol is of rape lust energies condensed into a fat gruesome shape with a bald and deformed head. Plastered upon its body is the hair of the victims offered to Graheg. Before the statue were six pairs of panties, crumpled up and reeking of sweat, blood and semen. Two of them were white, one light blue, another pink, one beige and the last one red. Most of them were simple briefs but the white and pink ones were thongs. All of them were S or XS in size. Such is the standard of the sacrificial victims. Young, slender, petite, and most important of all, virgin pure. Only the virgin were sacrificed to the statue. Only the virgins were raped and defiled and tortured the most. That is the way of pleasing Graheg. The obese man, who is known as One, or The Elder, offered his thanks to Graheg. “Master, “He said, “I come to honor you again, for bringing us young favorable flesh. I thank you for the latest teenage girl in the elder room and the girl that was the subject of my last devotion and dedication to you, she who is now buried alive beneath this building. I thank you sincerely for keeping our family safe from the authorities and may you continue to bless us with pure virgin teens for our continued depravity….” He bent forward to kiss the protruding penis of the statue. It was black and thick with veins the size of earthworms. He wrapped his lips around the phallus and sucked on it three times and ended the ritual by kissing the head of the penis. He reached out for the last pair of panties, the red one, picked it up and held it to his face. He took a deep whiff. It was fresh, only four days old. He took three deep breaths, the smell of her triggering off his memory. He remembered being angry, having pulled off her shorts to see her in red panties. He never liked the color red but she was a virgin and he had to carry on the ritualistic raping for three days and three nights before burying her in a steel coffin beneath the house in the basement. He gingerly put back the panties and picked up her identity card that was left next to her garment. He looked at her name again, Alicia Lim. He looked at her face again and wondered what she was feeling right now, trapped in that steel box, naked and cruelly bound tight with barbed wire. He remembered how she howled into her gross gag. Her face wrapped up in black industrial tape and 5 inch thick rubber bands. His cock hardened immediately when he thought of the rotting bloodied meat that was shoved into her mouth as packing and sealed in. He recalled the scent of the super glue he used to seal her lips together. And her pleading eyes. Her pleading eyes that poured tears when he told her she would be buried alive. Her death would not be merciful though, not the quick passing out from lack of air. The coffin was designed with a tube that ran out of the earth so that she still would have air. It would be the lack of food and water that would eventually kill her and that would take at least three days. Three days, bound in barbed wire, gagged with rotting meat and sealed into a hot steel box and buried. Three long, torturous days. This was only day one. 30 hours or so since her burial. He wondered what she was feeling now, lying there, body covered with the sperm of four men. Such is the ritual procedure for Graheg. Such is the sacrifice.
He was broken out of his reverie by the sound of muffled screaming. It was faint but he could pick out such a beautiful sound anywhere. It was coming from behind the door of number 2. The second eldest. One put down the identity card of his last victim and pondered if he should look in, to see what Two was doing to an obviously terrified girl behind the black door. His cock was already hard as he stepped closer and reached out for the handle…..

The door was not locked, thankfully and he slowly pushed it opened. The sound of gargled screaming and choking became more apparent and when One looked in, he knew why.
The sight he beheld was amazing to him and probably very terrible to the young naked girl.
She was gagging on Two’s large, uncircumcised black cock. He was sitting on her small chest, his large, stretch marked bum was rubbing against her upper chest and neck.
He was furiously fucking the girl’s face, her entire head buried beneath and crushed repeatedly by his fat, wobbling belly. His monstrous and hairy inner thighs clamped the sides of her poor head.
One could hear sloshing sounds. “Brother, brother, what have we here?” The sweating brother was grunting as he thrust his hips in and out, in and out of the girl’s face.

“What the fuck do ya want? You can see I’m busy.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, no way to talk to an elder.”

“Fuck you what do you want?” He was panting and grunting some more. The girl gave a weak muffled garbled noise. One stepped further in the room and studied her young body.
She was petite, small, probably Asian Chinese. Her breasts were barely fully grown but the mound was nice and curved and fleshy and soft.
It was bouncing back and forth because of the rough thrusting of her face rapist.
Her stomach was flat and he could see her breathing hard and irregularly, trying to catch air perhaps, having her throat plugged up by a large, long cock.

Her legs were spread tightly to the ends of the bed and secured by bondage shackles that were fixed to the iron rods beneath the bed.
The bed was creaking audibly with every thrust. Her legs were smooth and tender, body covered with sweat.
“My dear brother,” One said, walking around the bed to see where her clothes had gone to, “how many times have you flooded this poor girl with your slime?” He stopped to stare at her cleanly shaven crotch, red raw from prior pounding, with a pool of light-yellow mucus like sperm dribbling out of her vagina.
“I don’t….know…” the brother replied between pants, ”maybe four…five times….” One saw her light-blue t-shirt, ripped and strewn on the floor. Just by his feet were her shorts, black running shorts, cut or torn apart. He looked around, looking for her bra and panties….
”Are you going to fuck off?“ The other brother yelled. “The Crone has some girl for you in your room, and she’s preparing a fresh one right now…just been abducted…go watch her prepare her or whatever…I’m not going to be done so soon…”
“Oh come on, let me watch you face rape this youngling…”
“Whatever. You hear that bitch? We’ve got an audience!” One did not hear any noise as response.
The second eldest continued his assault upon the poor bound girl eating his cock against her will. One sat at the edge of the bed, rubbing himself and studied her right, athletic leg that was straining against the bonds, tugging and jerking trying to break free.
He began stroking her just beneath her knees, up and down his rough hands felt up her thighs. He could see her legs twisting and jerking away from his hands.
So busy she was, trying not to vomit from that thing sliding in and out of her throat while trying to avoid caress of the first brother. He watched his brother now going at her face.
He could see his sweat streaming down his broad hairy back and pooling around her chest. He could even smell the sourish odor rising from his heated body.
He imagined the girl having the worst brunt of his brother’s smell, his dirty, sweaty, slimy crotch banging against her pretty face.
He got up and moved to the head of the bed to have a look. Every time his brother pulled his torso backwards, One caught a glimpse of the teen’s face, mouth held open by a ring gag, strapped merciless around her head. When the grotesque groin was shoved back into her face, his knotted, thick public hair practically buried her nose.
His cock was driven in deep, right up the edge of his blackened wrinkled ball sacks that banged against her quivering lower lips with every thrust.
One really wondered what she was feeling, having a disgusting sperm coated cock slipping and sliding along her tongue and the insides of her throat.
She had short hair, and from what he could see, she was quite attractive in that innocent schoolgirl way. Her white bra was still entangled around her upper arms and pulled back behind her head.
Her eyes turned instinctively to stare at One, wide eyed and full of fear, perhaps pleading with him silently to make the monster stop fucking her face.
Tears were streaming out of her eyes and her hair was plastered to her wet skin. She had been crying quite a bit.
He could hear more gurgling, the sound of retching against thick flesh and sporadic screams trapped in her throat. One waved at her when her eyes caught his again.
Several times, she rolled her eyes up into her head perhaps from the pain she felt every time the fat man shifted his weight.
Her arms had disappeared behind and under the bed, probably strapped down with cable ties or rope.
The brother continued fucking her this way, grunting and spitting on her face, oblivious to his brother’s presence.
He was caught up in the act, feeling his already drained groin give rise to more sperm. His thrusting was starting to become more vigorous.
The brother watched, standing there looking down at the two of them, The fucking and the movement was hypnotic.
Two was grabbing her by the hair now, pulling her head into his every forward motion as if it would drive his cock in deeper.
It was a disturbing thing for such a young girl to go through but that made it all the more erotic and passionate.
Her legs were still jerking and tugging, never giving up the fight, as if by some miracle her bonds would break and she could run free.
Not a chance. Her rapist started making louder, deranged noises and kept going harder and harder.
One stepped back, knowing that his brother was about to gush straight into her. He almost ejaculated as his brother let out an inhuman roar, as he burst forth his load deep into her throat.
The gurgling screams became louder as she probably tried to throw up the hot slime sloshing down into her stomach.
Her eyes were screwed shut and she was retching, yellowish cum spilling out of her nose. One turned to see her stomach contracting and tensing, as if she was trying to stop the sperm from flooding her stomach. The brother kept pushing out whatever was left inside him into her, slowing his thrusts, yes but still sliding in and out nevertheless.
Every push forward released a bit more sperm until he was completely spent.
He let out a big, satisfactory breath of air as his brother clapped slowly, applauding the great show. “Bravo, number two, bravo!”
Two tiredly and finally pulled out his spent cock, taking almost three second to fully release it from her mouth and throat.
Before she could have any chance to release some deep-seated scream, he unhooked his black underwear that hung by the bedpost and shoved it into the opening of the ring gag.
He carefully wiped up some cum from the sides of her mouth then pushed the soiled garment in, filling her mouth to capacity. From the back of her head, he pulled out the leather flap then clamped it across her mouth and threaded it through the other side like a belt. He pulled sharply on it, sealing the sperm and his underwear into her mouth.
When he was finally done, he settled down at the side of the bed and slapped his right hand onto her right breast, mauling and massaging it.
“Now that was a good facial don’t you think!” He teased. She still had her eyes screwed shut, head thrust backwards towards the ceiling crying into her mouth-filling gag.
He turned to his eldest brother looking on. “You want to have a go at her? She’s tight like fuck!”
“No, no,” he said, patting his brother’s shoulders, “she’s all yours.”
“I‘m hungry!” Two said, “Famished after all that fucking!”
“well go grab yourself some food then.”
He got up to leave the room, “you coming?”
“No not yet, let me have a few private words with your baby over here.”
He laughed then left the room. When the door shut, one turned to the shivering girl on the bed.
“You know….my brother…..he’s not going to stop raping you…” she mewed into her gag, started to cry audibly.
“He usually keeps going for three, maybe four days before he finally gets bored….I pity you… I really do….he’ll rape your face, your cunt, your ass, between your breasts, and he’ll do it over and over again.
That’s how he is. The only thing he knows what to do is fuck. And when he’s done with you, he wouldn’t have the balls to kill you.
I suppose that’s a good thing, because my other brothers out there…some of them have a hard on for torture…. “
A deep, unsettling moan and wail escaped her gagged face. One just laughed, “of course, my other brothers will rape you first before any torture begins…so you will live probably another week if you’re lucky, feeding on sperm and whatever we decide to shove down your throat. But lets not jump the gun ok? Have fun with my brother first and I’ll see you perhaps, in a few days time….”
The eldest left her to that unsettling news, laughing as he listened to her wailing and struggling on the bed and he shut the door behind her.
He entered the hall. His brother was smoking up outside.
“Where’s The Crone?”
He gestured to the closed door of the matron. “I think she’s about to re-gag the new girl, you should go watch, or go fuck your toy in your room, whatever, I’m going to go eat after this!”
“Alright brother, happy eating, oh and one question…whatever happened to the girl’s panties? I never found it anywhere in the room…”
The brother laughed, “She wasn’t wearing any…”
The eldest nodded with a smile, then slowly, with anticipation, Number one approached the room, where the crone is, preparing the new girl with two of his other brothers watching on….

Part 3 – The Crone, The girls and the two brothers.

The Crone is always the ruse, the black magic woman who attracts the young, pretty teens to help her with her ‘disability’ and her ‘plight.’ She is obese, appears ‘sickly’, ‘helpless’, ‘depressed’. The girls often have pity on her, with all her ‘homeless things’ weighing down her wheel chair. “Push me somewhere safe dearies, there are bad men always stealing my things.” The girls comply; bring her somewhere ‘safer,’ sometimes, to the ‘safe house’ where she pretends to be staying. A dilapidated shack away from main streets. When the girls help her, her magic makes no one else see, no witnesses. All sense of caution in the girls vanishes as prudent energies are eaten away by black magic. The crone lures the girls away from their daily life and into a life of sexual abuse and primordial lust and terror and sometimes, death.
The latest capture is not of one, as the brother was mistaken, but two. Two exchange students. Barely out of school. One from America, another from Taiwan. Lured in similar fashion, together, to their explicit fates. One always cherished that quickening of the blood when he first laid eyes on the new victims. He stood at the door frame, door ajar, the large bed in front of him. His near naked brothers were at the two sides, standing on chairs, taking photographs. He admires his grotesque looking brothers. The one on the left is a seven foot albino she male, with a deformed belly and long frightening hair that drops past to the half of his back. He has a yellowing bridal gown on, complete with veil. He has a terrible hatred towards young females. The things he does to them out of that hatred is unspeakable. The elder erotically hardens, wondering which of the unlucky girl is going to be chosen to be his ‘playmate.’ The other brother is another obese, perverted Asian-Indian man who also dresses like a woman. An oversized lacy black bra holds his large drooping breasts back but do not be mistaken. This other she male LOVES young girls. Especially virgin girls. He is often charged up with Viagra so he can go one raping them for hours on end. He was giggling and snorting through his panty hose mask, taking pictures excitedly of the two girls on the bed. He rubbed his eel like cock through his black fish net like thong underwear. One could hear the two girls crying noisily through a simple tape gag slapped across their mouths. The crone hadn’t re-gagged them yet and the elder was happy to witness such a ritual. The crone was sitting on a stool behind the bed, each large calloused hand stroking and petting the heads of the two frightened girls. “Hello my elder prince,” she greeted one, “you are just in time for your favorite scene…”
“Hello your majesty,” he said, bowing,” such fine specimens you have here…I particularly like the small Asian one…”
“Oh no no no my dear elder, you have your own little Chinese fuck toy in your room as a gift…this pretty one belongs to one of your brothers….which reminds me…” She looked down at the two girls who seem to have no idea where to look except the ceiling, One did not blame them, for all around the innocent girls were terrible, nightmarish looking freaks just waiting to get their hands on their bodies…”My little pretties, “she said, “look at me…” slowly, they arched their heads back reluctantly, eyes quivering with utmost fear, full of tears, moaning and sobbing into their stupid gags, “First of all, thank you for helping poor little old me to my ‘house,’ you must have been shocked quite badly, and literally with the Taser I hid beneath my blanket on my lap. Hahahaha and look at both of you now. All bound up and gagged and on a bed in a room full of bad bad men….this is the price you pay for being such ignorant, kind hearted puppies….har ha harrr.” Her laugh was discomforting, the laugh of a deep voiced witch showing her full ugliness. Her hair was clumped and balding in some areas, her eyes big and black, her skin almost just as black like she had been charred, burnt at the stake. Her skin looked greased and diseased. And she was fat and distasteful to look at. She stuck out her unnaturally long pink slimy tongue at the girls who started whimpering noisily. She stood up suddenly, an ugly dark brown dress stuck to her sweating body. Her stomach protruded above the girls as if she was pregnant full term. She was full of nightmares. “ One of you,” she said, “will be gagged by me. The other one, would be gagged by my white prince over there,” she gestured to the she-male bride. He barely smiled, his face old and muscular and tensed with an angry angry look. “Now, who will be gagged by whom hmmm? Is it you?” She bent over to the screaming Taiwanese girl. “Little miss, Nicole Lee?” Nicole started pleading behind her gag and the sound she made, like a young kitten, turned on the elder exquisitely. He studied the small thing. Slender, shapely body, a 24-inch waist, around five feet two. She had long straight black hair tied in a pony tail. Her youthful beauty was Pan-Asian. Sweet and innocent. Her skin, without blemish and smooth and fair. She had on a white floral dress that hugged her upper body and waist nearly like a second skin. He reckoned she was a B cup, with breasts perhaps slightly larger than the naked teen he had seen in the other room. Her fair legs were exposed from her knees downwards and the lower part of her dress was fairly loose. Her legs were of course crushed together and secured with black cable ties. Such young, tender looking legs….One cable tie trapped her ankles together, cinched with a shorter cable, another around her knees, also cinched with cable. Her arms were taut behind her and he guessed it was also bound with cable ties. The strip of tape on her mouth was black and almost peeling off with all her tears. He so wanted to crawl onto the bed, onto her and run his hands up the sides of her dress to feel out her panties….
The crone bent down, kissed the forehead of the Chinese girl then turned her attention to the American. “Little miss Samantha Roberts. 19 years old. Look at you! Such well formed breasts for your age! Is that a DD cup? Hmm?” The American teen mewed into her gag, which also seemed to be peeling off. “ I asked you a question little one,” The crone snarled, “are you a double D?” the girl nodded weakly then gave out deep sobs of humiliation. She did not dare look at the men in the room staring at her body with rape lust and bloodlust. She had a pink tank top on that was stretched to its limits, as if it was a size or two too small. Her perfect waist was exposed, and the elder found her belly button really cute. He wanted to stick his little finger into it. She was certainly pretty, sharp jawline, a sharp nose and well-moisturized skin. Her eyebrows were arched upwards with fear and her brown hair bunched up around her shoulders. “And such a cute braid you have my sweet!” The crone looked up at the two brothers, “whoever gets her, make sure you don’t mess up her braid you understand?” “Yes mistress,” both of them said in unison. The Indian brother chuckling. Excited.
“So!” The crone clapped her hands, “who shall be gagged by yours truly? Lets begin the selection process!” This was exciting to the elder. The crone loved being dramatic, mostly to scare the girls and to turn on the men. She delayed the gratification as much as she could, dropping hints of what was to come next bit by bit.
“My albino king!” She called out loud, “come on down to the end of the bed there and show these girls your crowning glory!” He stepped down from his pedestal, passed the phone to the elder. And stood at the end of the bed. “Now girls! Look up to your master! NOW!” Their terrified eyes turned towards him, almost unbelieving the horror they were seeing. He slowly lifted up his dress, with relish, to reveal his cleanly shaven crotch. With no penis. The old stitch marks were visible, like thick worms criss-crossing the hole where his testicles and penis used to be. A dried up mound was left there, white skin grown over it. He was leering at the screaming girls. “ You see my dear, one of his old victims, -Graheg rape her soul- bit off his poor manly cock a long time ago. It was his fault really, not using a ring gag on her and the doctors could do nothing to save it. He has been a very very VERY angry monster since. A man with no penis will be driven mad but thankfully, he has found a way to channel his madness….” She leaned over the two terrified girls for effect. “You see my dearies, one. Of you.” She said slowly and with relish.” Will NOT be raped.” She paused, staring down at two of them. They were not sure what to make of the sentence. “ I mean,” she went on, “how could he possibly rape any girl now? With a strap on?” She laughed hard. This angered the Albino freak. He was growling. She did it on purpose. to heat up his blood. “No no no,” she gestured to him, then to the girls below her. “One. Of you.” She leaned in closer, “will. Be. SEVERELY. Tortured.”
A long, unearthly loud wail came from their gagged mouths, noise spilling out of the loose tape gags. They shook their heads violently, the American had her eyes shut, chest heaving with crying, the other had her eyes wide open in disbelief. The crone pressed down the tape on their faces one by one. “Its going to be a very long and a very, very, VERY painful journey for one of you pretty ones! So WHO WILL IT BE?!” She jumped onto the bed maniacally. Jumped up and down shaking the bed, her fats wobbling beneath the dress, rocking the mattress, sending shockwave after shockwave into the vulnerable girls. She suddenly stopped, glared down at both of them and pointed her fat finger at the American girl. The panicked teen shook her head from side to side, obviously crying out “no no no” through her gag. “EENIE!” The crone started, “MEENIE!” she pointed to the Chinese girl, “MY-NEE, MOE! Catch the tiger by the toe!” Every word fell on either of the girls. “If it growls, let her go!” she was pointing at the Chinese girl. Then, “EENIE, ME NEE, MY NEE, MOE!” The last ‘moe’ ended with the Asian girl. She scrunched up her body then started to push herself away frantically from the psychotic witch woman. The crone bent down and dragged her back to the center of the bed, “I’m not done with the rhyme yet sweetie!” She growled hot into her ears, then she quickly pointed her finger at the American teen who stared at her with renewed panic. In the poor girl’s heart, she was somewhat relieved when the rhyme ended with her new friend. At this stage, she didn’t care. Let someone else be tortured please, she thought. The crone was still pointing her finger at the girl in the black shorts while shouting, “WHICH!” She pointed back to the other girl, “ONE!” “WILL. BE. TORTURED.” She stared at the American girl, her heat thumping, trapped in an eternal moment of stress.

“FIRST?” the Asian girl stopped breathing.


The fatal finger ended pointing at the Caucasian girl. The crone clapped her hands, the teen wet herself on the bed, too terrified even to make a single sound. She was it.
“Take this filthy whore from my sight,” the crone commanded the albino torturer. “And TAKE YOUR TIME WITH HER. HAHAHAHAHHA!” The madness in the room escalated as the screaming teen, who had urinated on herself, was swept up into the arms of the large beast. He was clearly pleased he could start having fun. He grinned like a madman. She trashed and struggled over his shoulders as he turned to the door. Elder held the door open like a faithful doorman. His mind now utterly confused. Should he stay to watch the Taiwanese girl be re-gagged or watch his deranged brother prepare the other girl for her horrific fate?

He could not decide…..

Part 4 – Gagging Nicole lee.

The sound of the American teen screaming into tape faded away and was cut off by the bang of the torture chamber door. The elder was left in a daze, his mind wandering into territories of torture and pain about to happen, wondering vaguely how long that poor girl would last in such a room. He forced his mind to return to the preparation room, where the only sounds left were the mewing and sobbing coming from the small Taiwanese girl, and the heavy breathing of the fat Indian rapist, who was leering at the terrified child while massaging his erect cock. She dared not look at him, knowing in her mind that he would be the one raping her. The crone looked at the rapist and said, “Why don’t you stop touching yourself and come straddle this sweet thing here so she can’t squirm away from me hmmm?” She looked down at her, “And as for you…. you’re getting a bit too noisy my dear. Look at that tape gag, all wet and useless and not sticky anymore. Tsk Tsk Tsk. I really suppose it’s time to change that gag into something more….uncomfortable….hmmm?”

The Indian man was approaching the bed with glee before the crone stopped him. “NO, wait wait WAIT! Where’s the video camera?!” The crone looked at the elder, “perhaps you want to film this? Perhaps you can narrate something for her dear parents?” The girl let out a weak whimper, reminded somehow that she was probably never going to see home again. The elder was holding the phone of his white skinned brother and realized it could perhaps do. “No, no!” the crone yelled at him, get the high definition one! We want her parents to see every single thing we’re going to do to their innocent pet.” The elder left the room reluctantly to bring in the recording equipment. The Indian rapist was going ‘hee, hee, hee, hee’ licking his lips. The crone reached under the bed, pulled out a wrestling mask and put it on to disguise herself. She then proceeded to stroke the girls face, wiping away her tears rolled down her cheeks. Nicole was terrified looking up at the masked face. The mask had holes at the top that let clumps of witches’ hair stick through. There was a broad painted grin with razor teeth on the mask and oval red paint around the eyes. The real eyes that stared out of the hole was all black. The elder returned, aimed the camera at the bed, catching the length of the girl and the crone sitting behind holding the girls face with both her wrinkled hands. She was staring straight at the camera. The red light showed it was on and recording.

“Hello Mr and Mrs Lee! Greetings from the House of Ordeals! You must be shocked! To see your 18-year-old daughter tied up on the bed like this! By the time you receive this film, it would’ve been days since this recording, and god knows what has happened to your little girl! “ The crone looked at Nicole, “say hi to mommy and daddy!” She broke down immediately, crying noisily into the soiled tape-gag. The witch looked back to the camera, “ As you can see, she’s a little bit lost for words. She doesn’t quite know the kind of ordeals coming for her but I assure you, she’ s going to have lots and lots of cock! For an example!” She looked to the Indian beast and said, “show her family your black mamba!”

The elder turned the camera and pointed it at the crotch of the beast, he was already slipping his hands into the black thong and pulling out his throbbing, eel like penis that was quickly growing larger in his hands. He held it up to the camera, squeezing it and masturbating. Ugly veins ran along the side of the shaft, filling up with rape lust and blood rush. In the background, the crone went on, “Can you imagine, Mr Lee? That big, black disgusting thing slowly entering your daughter’s mouth? Slithering like a fat snake into your little girl’s tight, innocent vagina?” Gushing thick sticky sperm up her bleeding anus?
All that and much much more Mr and Mrs lee, we PROMISE you! And now…. for the event we’ve all been waiting for…”

The camera panned back to the girl on the bed, she was crying uncontrollably and the crone had clamped one hand over her mouth., squeezing her cheeks.
“We are going to shut your daughter up good and proper!”

The crone stood up, the camera followed. Her dark brown dress was now darker as it was soaked with fetid sweat running down her fat thighs. She grabbed the young girl’s shoulders and forced her to sit up, facing her rapist. “Come!” she commanded the rapist, he crawled unto the rape bed like a pig, his black cock and balls dangling out the sides of his thong, his mouth open, tongue salivating. The girl screamed, pushed against the bed away from him but bumped up against the sweating body of the crone behind her. The crone shoved her to the rapist, he caught her, grabbing the sides of her arms. He then turned her around roughly and pulled her to his body. He fell on his bum, bouncing the bed under his weight, spread his legs wide and hugged the struggling girl against his own sweaty body. Her arms, bound behind her with cable ties at the wrist and above the elbows were crushed against his heaving chest. She could feel his black lacy bra, his large unsightly breast pressed against her upper arms. He wrapped his left arm around her waist and clamped his huge right hand over her mouth. He pulled her head backwards and pressed it against his hairy chest, angled his own head and buried his face in her soft creamy neck. He snorted her flesh nosily.

He crossed his fat legs over her waist and torso and bent his knees to firmly pull her against him. His cock was rubbing against the back of her body, up against the fabric of her dress. He snorted her hair. “mmmmmmmm.” He said with relish, “ you smell so goooood.” The tip of his slimy tongue explored the insides of her right ear but she couldn’t even move or turn her head away. His arms and legs were like a terrible and powerful vice. A prey trapped by a predator. He kissed her ears and whispered hotly into her ear, “I bet your naked body smells better…” She moaned under the weight of his hand across her mouth. Tears rolling over his fingers.

All this was video recorded in close range for the family to watch. Close up of his dirty hairy underarms, his stretch marks on his bloated stomach, his face covered in black panty hose to distort all identity. A hole around his mouth area so his tongue could roam free. All this to show what a monster this man was and that this monster was going to slowly strip and rape their daughter.

Elder was horny just by filming.

The crone was standing on the bed, towering over the man and the small girl clamped to him. Such a contrast, a petite fair skinned girl in a white dress against an obese black man with black bra and thongs. He was nearly twice her size. She couldn’t fight him. The crone bent down into the girl’s face. “You ready for a lesson on how to effectively gag a teenage girl? Har har haar…” She held the girl’s jaw. “Step number one. Always, ALWAYS use mouth stuffing! Lots and lots of mouth stuffing! Why? We want to clog up your screams of course, because YOU my dear, “she wiped away Nicole’s tears with a thumb, “will be screaming quite a bit.” She released her grip on her jaw, “Always use material that can soak up the saliva! This way, when the material is dense with your spit, it muffles the screaming even more! We want you very muffled you see….and while we’re at it, the mouth stuffing should be something disgusting, something bitter and sour and sickening. It’s going to be clumped up and pressing down on your tongue for a very very long time, so it should be as uncomfortable and distressing and should taste horrible for you as much as possible. So now!” The crone clapped her hands with glee, “what could we POSSIBLY stuff into that little mouth of yours?” She pretended to think, the Indian rapist then said, “How long have you not showered Madame?”
“A few days, why?” The crone answered, playing along. The rapist grinned, “and how long have you not changed out of your sweaty underwear?”
The crone gave a big fake surprised look. “Oh you naughty naughty boy, giving me such ideas, but I think it’s perfect!”
The girl twisted and tried shaking her head beneath the hand over her face. She was catching on. She started making guttural noises of denial. The crone started doing a slow sexy dance in front of the terrified girl. She twisted and gyrated her hips as her hands slowly started hiking up her dirty brown dress. Her fat grotesque thighs were wet with sweat. She was wearing some kind of thick sweat tights over something bulky. In a disturbing way, she started humming an out of tune song while tugging and pulling down the tights, all the while stepping closer to the girl. She let the tights drop, exposing thick adult diapers. The rapist hugged the girl tighter to his body all the while going, “HUR HUR HUR, HUR HUR HUR” hot into her ears. She was trying to struggle, twisting and jerking uselessly in his grip. The crone stepped even closer while pulling off her own wet dress.

Her black pendulous breasts popped free and dangled like sagging fruits from a poisoned tree. Her body bathed and shined with dirty sweat. She tossed the dress away, and posed for the trembling girl. She started unfastening the diaper. “You should smell this…four days of sweat and juices, trapping the heat of my sour crotch, my thick panties heavy with my foul fluids, of piss and menstruating blood. A witch spell to increase your fear my dear, to increase your disgust and panic and terror. YOU SEE THIS MR AND MRS LEE!” She didn’t even look at the camera, she just let the diaper drop, falling upon the girl’s bound legs held down by the legs of the madman behind her. The witch exposed the reeking, beige cotton briefs plastered to her soggy crotch. The smell hit the girl immediately, almost making her vomit. The rapist took deep breaths, apparently turned on by this deranged event. He was rubbing his crotch into the small of the girl’s back.

“This is going to be very yummy my dear, but before you TASTE it, I want you to appreciate it’s deep disgusting stench while making me wet at the same time! Make me cum into your mouth packing Nicole Lee, make me cum with your face!”

With his powerful right hand, the rapist released his grip over her mouth, grabbed her hair at the back of her head then shoved the girl’s face into the stinking wet panty covered crotch of the obese woman. The girl screamed into the thick hairy crotch as the crone began rubbing her loose, foul vagina into the nose and mouth and cheeks of the poor girl. The crone slapped away the hand of the rapist and took over grabbing the girl’s hair so that she could control the pacing of her head movement. The crone spread her legs wide to open up her flesh and pressed the face deeper into her. The girl was suffocating, forced to take noisy snorts. The smell was unbearable. Almost immediately she felt like her face was catching a rash, the sourness reached into her throat and threated to pull out whatever half digested food she had in her stomach. Her nose felt like it was going to break as it was flattened and pulled and pushed against the disgusting organ. The crone was yelling and chanting, rubbing her crotch up and down and round and round and round into the panicking face. The rapist felt the girl buck and twist against him so he tightened his grip, almost cumming into her back.
“I’m coming!” the witch yelled, “I’m coming I’m coming!” She tightened her grip on the girls hair, the teen screamed, face already red raw from all that rubbing then she felt the squishing splurge of wet slime squirting from the deformed vagina.
Something of a terrible feeling clawed its way into the girl and amplified her nausea and terror. Her mind flooded with discordant images of herself tied taut and naked on a bed of nails while fat men climbed on top of her to rape her. She saw the face of her parents fading away into the black as the crone had one last orgasm. Then she pulled her body away, leaving a sticky mess that clung between the girl’s face and the crotch with fresh secretions. The discharge was red and yellowish and murky colored. The Elder zoomed in the camera to show the mess of the girl’s face.

“And now!“ The crone yelled, exhausted and heighted, “NOW you’re ready to have your MOUTH STUFFED!” She teased herself out of the panties, slowly rolling it down her fat stomach, down past the dripping crotch, exposing a mass of dense, gooey pubic hair. The inside part of the panties had a layer of slime on it, with obvious blood pooled and collected within it. It was a terrible sight. The girl had her eyes screwed shut, tears streaming, mind screaming, heavy breathing. The woman stepped out of her gift for the girl and let it dangle between the fingers, the garment sagging and heavy. She carefully turned the panties inside out so that the slime was on the outside. “Open your eyes Nicole!, OPEN YOUR MOOOOUTH!”
The rapist had the girl’s face clamped shut again with his hand, this time with his thumb and finger, he squeezed her nose shut while keeping his palms squashed against her mouth so no air could be taken in. The girl burst open her eyes at the sudden stoppage of oxygen and fought uselessly against the mad grip. He held on to her to what felt like eternal minutes, letting her fight, letting her use up the air she had trapped in her body, letting her almost pass out from asphyxiation. From the madness of those moments, Nicole saw the crone balling up the unwashed soiled panties in her hand. She made sure the girl was staring at the mess in the crotch in front of her face now, inches away. “Open up darling!”

Without warning, the rapist released his thumb and finger then ripped the wet tape from the girls’ mouth. Her first animal instinct was to suck in as much air as she could. Her mouth burst open and the dirty panties was shoved in without mercy. The taste hit her immediately as the slime covered part was pushed down upon her tongue. Slowly and horribly, the crone began stuffing Nicole’s cheeks, pushing and prodding and pressing the large underwear in. She used both hands and fingers, digging into the cavity, making room to stuff some more, and pushing the panties into the insides of her cheeks, bit by bit by bit by bit. Nicole trashed, gagged, almost threw up, her stomach constricted, eyes rolled into her head, trying to turn away while the rapist repeated into her ear demonically, “Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy panties, yummy yummy yummy yummy panties!” She started screaming again, the only defense against the madness was screaming. She screamed into the mouth packing as it was slowly shoved deeper in. She could feel the thing at the back of her throat now, pushing against the back of her throat, causing her to cough. “ Good, good, good” the crone said, “gag reflex. Try not to swallow it, heh heh heh, just a bit more dear… just a bit moooore!” The last part was the elastic band of the panties going in. By this time, the girl’s mouth was full, cheeks bulging and swollen with the soiled thing, mouth locked open and distended jaws already starting to ache, tongue crushed and immobile in a pool of gunk, the roof of her mouth sore. Her head felt like it was going to burst from the pressure of all that stuffing. Her ears rang. “There!” The crone finally said, “All in! See? Took a bit of work but you did it! Good girl!” The man’s hand clamped down over the stuffing and her lips, holding everything in while the naked witch climbed off the bed to fetch some things. “That was just part one of an effective gag my dear! Now, here comes part two and three and four!”

She returned with four long black cable ties, a roll of black industrial tape and a 4-inch wide band made from thick rubber. She dropped everything else on the bed except the first cable tie. “This my dear, “she introduced, “ will be used to strap your mouth stuffing in!” The rapist held her jaw and head in place as the crone used both hands to jam the cable tie across the center part of Nicole’s stuffed mouth, curled the plastic strip around her head, threaded the heavy duty plastic tie into the loop at the back then pulled it shut mercilessly. It zipped up tightly, almost cutting into cheeks of the girl. The crone tugged harder, making sure it was very tight. The first tie locked the mouth stuffing in so tightly that the stuffing bulged a little over and below the center tie. She then proceeded with the next cable tie. She pushed it against the upper part of the stuffing, threaded it again and zipped it tight. This forced the panties in harder. A third tie locked in the lower portion of the balled up stuffing. It was impossible now, for Nicole to push out the stuffing with her tongue. It was secured cruelly in place. The last of the cable tie went just above the first and central tie and was pulled tight. Four cable ties to hold in one mouth stuffing.

The crone stepped back and was proud of her work. The gag was good but not good enough. “There, nice and secure. And now, for the third part of your gag…” She picked up the roll of industrial tape. It was wide enough to cover a mouth from just below the nose to near bottom of the chin, with extra strong adhesive. Three to four times more than normal duct tape. Double backed and water proofed so no amount of saliva or tears or cum splattered on her face would loosen it. The crone peeled off the edge and ripped open a length of it, without tearing it off. “Now my dear, “ she said, positioning herself in front of Nicole, “I’m going to wrap your lower face shut ok? We’re going to seal up that mouth of yours so nothing can escape. Are you ok with this? Means you can’t eat, you can’t drink, you can’t vomit, can’t speak, and the only thing you can do is chew on my dirty underwear in your mouth. Is that ok? Of course it is. You are meant to be seen, stripped, fucked, tortured, beaten and sodomized. Not heard or listened to. You understand? Now now, stop crying, you’ll choke. Are we ready? Yes we are, yes we are…”

The rapist used both his hands to press down Nicole’s head and push up her jaw, compacting the panties in her mouth. The crone ripped more tape from the roll and plastered it across Nicole’s mouth packing and tight cable ties. Her mouth was not complete closed because of the bulk of the panties so the 4inch strip barely hid the lips. The witch pressed the tape firmly into Nicole’s face, rubbing the loose end into her right cheek. The pressure flattened half of her lips. The roll went tightly around the left side of her face, across the back of her skull and up front again, across the first layer of tape to force in the packing. The crone wound the strong tape around once more, the second layer crushing down all flesh beneath Nicole’s nose. The third, tight round went over the flesh just above her chin, pushing in the mouth packing more if that was even possible, sealing her lower lip. Elders’ hands were shaking while filming in close up. He loved the gagging of young girls, especially in such a merciless, cruel way. The sound of tape ripping, the sound of mewing and sobbing getting more and more muffled made him hard and terribly excited. A fourth round of tape wrapping was applied with even greater pressure, forcing Nicole’s cheeks to bulge under the immense tightness. The blood pressure in her head increased, face turning red as a fifth round buried the first four rounds of tape underneath. The crone ended with a final sixth round of tape, just to make sure. Finally, the tape was torn and plastered down behind Nicole’s head. Tossing the tape aside, The crone used both thumbs to massage down the cruel layers.

“And now, for the grand finale, “ she said, picking up the 4 inch wide black band.” With great strength she pulled the band wide enough and slipped it over Nicole’s head. When the band was halfway down her face, the crone purposely released it and it snapped shut around her nose like a trap. Immediately, she could not breathe. The rapist pushed the girl forward and got out of the way, letting Nicole fall back down onto the bed. She trashed, a choked, barely audible noise escaped her throat. She bucked frantically, twisting her face into the bed hoping to push off the band that crushed down her nose. She tossed her head back in panic, veins standing out on her neck. Not a sliver of air was entering her.
“Very good!” The Crone said, “This ensures that your mouth is truly sealed and the band is truly tight enough!” The rapist climbed on top of Nicole and straddled her stomach, his ungodly weight pinning her down, forcing the last remnants of air out of her stomach but with no where to go. She could not breathe in nor force out any air through her sealed face. Her bladder almost burst, her entire body pressurized and contracted. She was almost passing out. Her eyes went wide and full of inhuman panic. “Try to breaaaatheeee.” He teased, taking deep noisy breaths himself to emphasize his disturbing humor. “Ahhhhhh…” he released then sucked in more air with relish, “such fresh beautiful air! Can you feel it Nikki?” Blood was rushing in her head, her lungs screaming for life as he started rubbing his cock on her stomach, pushing her dress up and down her body. Her vision was turning black, her life flashed before her eyes but before she could truly lose consciousness, the rapist grabbed the tight ends of the band and tugged it forcefully down, letting her nose pop free. He adjusted the band around her lower face as she greedily sucked precious oxygen through her flaring nostrils. But it was hard to breathe in enough because of the weight of his body on her stomach. She felt every breath as only half or even a quarter breath. She hyperventilated and it made her dizzy, almost about the puke again. He playfully snapped the thick band across her tape wrapped mouth, checking the tension. It was incredibly tight, squeezing her lower face in without remorse. She was heaving and grunting. The crone was laughing, snapping pictures of Nicole’s gagged face with the camera phone. “Now THAT is what I call a gag!” She gleamed, showing one picture to Nicole. “See how your lower face is contracted in? Nice and tight and soundless! Shall we sound check?”

As if on command, the rapist who was still straddling her, pinched both her breast through her dress and bra and twisted her nipples mercilessly. Nicole arched her back, screamed with eyes screwed shut but only a distant howl came from somewhere in her throat. The noise barely audible from outside the room.
“No one is going to hear you now!!!!” The rapist said with glee. He bent his body down and devoured her neck, she squirmed and screamed uselessly some more as he continued rubbing himself on her body.

“You ready for fucky fucky?” he said repeatedly into her ear, “fucky fucky fucky fucky!” He slobbered her neck some more. In the background, the crone laughed and cheered. The filming carried on. “Fucky fucky fucky!” She cried nosily into her inhuman gag.

He suddenly stopped humping her stomach and held her face both hands. He stared down into it. He was breathing heavily. Her eyebrows arched upwards with intense fear. He lowered his face to hers and he playfully rubbed his nose against hers. He licked her tears streaming down her face and over her gag. He licked her left eye, then her right eye. She could smell his rancid breath, his saliva leaving a stench on her skin. Her curled his tongue into her nostrils, letting his brown spit pool into her nose. She could not turn away from disgust as he held her head firmly. “I’m going to lick every inch of your sweet body,” he teased, but first…” he grinned in her face, “we should start getting rid of your dress…very slowly… Oh, oh, I can’t wait…” he kissed her gagged mouth three times. Kissed her forehead, kissed her eyes, “I can’t wait to see you in your little bra and panties….”

Part 5. The Girl gifted to elder (first person perspective.)

I could not bear watching anymore. The fat Indian rapist was going to begin undressing poor Nicole Lee with his mouth alone. That was his fetish. I never actually seen him do this but I will once the film is available. The crone had taken over the filming. And I had a choice.

Watch again, like I have been doing since I came home. Or proceed to my own little teen, bound, gagged and prepared in my sex room.

My own hard on gave me the right answer. The flutters in my stomach was turning into a storm of excitement, getting unbearable, watching my brothers play with their girls while I did nothing. NO. A special treat was waiting for me and I believed that it was time to visit my sweetheart and have my fair share of unprecedented lust.

It was silent in the hall when I closed the door to the room where my brother and crone was. Surprisingly, the torture room was also silent and I could smell the pungent smoke reeking from under the door. The mad albino bride was probably smoking his cruel blend of intoxicants, preparing himself, charging up for his long deranged night ahead. I fought the urge to step into that room, just to see how the American teen was doing. How would she be bound? Was she already naked? Has she been re-gagged? But no. No peeking. My urgency for sexual release was mounting and I needed to explode, to ejaculate profusely, and preferably into my teen rather than wasting the seed on masturbation and voyeurism.

I needed to rape her sooner rather than later.

The time was now.

I went to my door. Knocked on it three times and pressed my head against it. I could hear a panic sobbing. Then a muffled screaming.
“This is the police!” I yelled, starting the mind fuck. “Is there a Stacie Tay in there?” I banged the door some more then listened. She was screaming uncontrollably, I could barely make out a ‘yes’ through that thick gag of hers and perhaps “please help me, please help me.” The crone always gagged the girls well. Knowing that Stacie would be blindfolded, I pretended to kick down the door. It burst open and there she was. Trashing on the bed.

She was still clad in her light blue school uniform. Her skirt was short, inches above her knees and her shirt was fitting, landscaping her teen-age breasts, which appeared large enough to fit the palm of my hands. “Oh my God! Stacie? Is that you?” I grinned. She was not blindfolded. A thick black velvet bag was snugly pulled over her whole head, with its drawstrings pulled tight and tied off around her creamy neck. She was nodding her head furiously, twisting her young body against her bonds. She was heaving heavily, being hard to breathe through such a thing. Her body was slender and petite, just the way I liked it. The crone knows all of our tastes well and I silently thanked her and Lord Graheg for such a fine gift. “We’ll get you out of here Stacie, hang in there!” I said urgently, as I pulled my sweaty t-shirt off my large deformed body. “Let me unbind your legs first ok?” I lied. She nodded her head, sobbing through her gag. I was hard, very hard and I stepped out of my shorts. The room was dank, stank of sweat and sex. It was barely lit, a single yellow bulb hung above the bed, illuminating the bed and the girl stretched out on it. I peeled off my leather thong and slid it down my thick legs as I scanned her lower body. She still had her sneakers and socks on. “The cable ties around your feet is hard to cut through, give me some time ok Stacie? You’ll be alright, I promise you.” She cried in relief. I studied her bonds. Her ankles were each secured with black cable ties and a third held both of them together. A thin but sturdy rope was threaded through the third cable tie and ran to the foot of the bed, in the center where it was tied off, forcing her legs to be pulled straight. I circled the bed to the end, to see how her arms were bound above her head. Her head was resting on her upper arms which were bound together tightly with cable ties. It cut into the sleeve of her uniform. Another cut right around her elbows that were bent so that the rest of her arms fell down the height of the dirty yellowing mattress. At the wrists, it was strapped together with cable ties and attached to an iron bar beneath the bed, similarly to the way the first girl was bound, she who was face raped. Stacie made more noises, tugging at her legs, wondering what was going on. “I’m behind you now, working on your arms.” She tiled her head back, trying to see her savior, “I think it’s easier to undo your arms first. The paramedics are outside, one of them will bring scissors then we’ll cut you free ok? Then I’ll remove your hood and your gag, and then you’ll be safe and sound. Be patient. Your mom and dad have been worried about you. Are you relieved Stacie?” She nodded her head again, mewing like a child, like a kitten, sounds that sounded earnest perhaps even joyful. I grew more excited at the ploy, “You’ll see them real soon, they are outside the house O.K.? waiting for you…” I stood behind her head now, letting my erect oily penis dangle above her head. The first thing she sees must be horrific to her. She was crying into her gag, tears of release from her nightmare that she believed was ending. I lightly touched her neck. She was startled, I started to undo the drawstring….”I’m sorry I scared you…can you tug at your hands? See if you can break out of your binds please? I’ve loosened it as much as I could…” She tugged. Nothing happened. She shook her head. “No?” I unknotted the drawstring and pulled the lower bag open. “Just a second more Stacie… “ I pinched the ends of the bag above her head and began tugging it slowly off her head… ”Just a second more…” Her lower face, wrapped in black tape is exposed, “…and you can see the face of the police man, that has come to save you….”

I pulled the bag off dramatically, her eyes went wide seeing the black, uncircumcised eel dangling down at her, “PEEKABOOOOO!!!!” I yelled into her face and for a second, she was shocked into silence, completely unmoving. Then she sucked in air through her nostrils and screamed. I could almost feel her relief vanishing in that terrified scream. Disbelief was flooding her, followed by waves and waves of panic. She was jerking her body against the binds, twisting her head this way and that. Her gag was tight, very tight. Tape wound and wrapped her lower face shut. Upper cheeks bulging under the strain. Tears rolled down her face. I playfully pumped my pelvis back and forth, letting my balls and cock swing and bounce above her face. “SURPRIIIIIISE! APRIL FOOOOL!!!!” I shouted, a tad overjoyed. Even if it wasn’t April, the effect was there. I had raised her hopes, and then sent it crashing back into her black horrifying reality. “ My name is officer Elder,” I said as I stepped up into the bed then squatted over her face. She immediately turned away from my dirty open anus inches from her eyes. I bent my head down to look at her from between my own legs, “and you are under arrest!”

I straightened up, crossed over her body and stood with my legs at her sides, looking down straight at her. I lowered my body, sitting on her just below her chest pinning her down. I stared into her face, breath reeking. “You are to remain gagged at all times.” I leaned in to take a deep whiff of her neck and hair. It smelled of fresh shampoo and sweat. She tried to break away from me but could barely move. “You are to be tied up at all times…” I buried my face into the left side of her neck and bit her tender flesh there with my lips, she mewled and gurgled into her gag, “Any kind of muffled screaming or struggling will not stop me from touching you.” I started kissing her gagged lips noisily, “Any kind of pleading through your gag will not stop me from stripping you.” I then cupped her young breasts from below, locked my fingers over them and squeezed them tightly through her uniform, “and any kind of sobbing and crying…” I lowered my face into her right ear and said slowly, “ … will not stop me from raping you.”

I licked the insides of her ear with my fevered tongue while my hands continued to squish her young breasts. I couldn’t wait to remove her shirt. I held on to her face next, with my thumbs pressed under her chin, I pushed her head back, exposing her neck. I ran my tongue from the top center of her chest all the way up her neck to her lower jaw. Then I licked it that way again, pressing my wet tongue hard against her skin. “mmmm, you taste very nice…” Up and down her neck I licked and tasted her, the top and bottom of my tongue lathering her delicate skin. This prospect excited me, sitting on a teen taken from school, licking her this way while she was tied down, unable to stop me. I kissed her bulging cheeks. To think that she’s terrified of me made me even want to terrify her more. I vaguely thought about what mouth stuffing the crone had used on her as I dug my crotch into her belly then pushed up against her body. She let out a guttural scream. Bit by bit I dislodge her shirt that was tucked into her skirt. I could see she was wearing a white t-shirt beneath. More clothes to peel off…. I clasped the sides of her bound arms then ran my hands down the sides of her body, feeling her curves, her ribs, her waist. Such a small waist. I tucked my hands beneath her shirt, her t-shirt and stroked her stomach in small circular motions with my thumbs.

Such soft, smooth skin.

I started unbuttoning the lowest button of her uniform. “Here are some facts” I said professionally, unbuttoning her second button, “Firstly, I’m not keeping you here for ransom. I don’t want money from your family…” The third button is released, shirt opening up as I go along, “What I really want though…is to press my face into the crotch of your panties…” She cried noisily, uselessly into her merciless gag. I laughed, unbuttoning her fourth and fifth buttons, letting her light blue uniform top fall on either sides, exposing her school t-shirt. Catholic college it said. I shifted a little then slid my long erect cock under her t-shirt and let it rub against her soft skin. I kissed her wet eyes. “Are you a nice catholic girl?” I fumbled with her second last button, then very slowly and menacingly, I said into her ear, “Are. You. A. Virgin?” She screwed her eyes shut, shuddered, wept. I rubbed my throbbing cock some more against her skin, “I asked you a question Stacie…” the sensitive bottom part of my penis head sliding over her belly button. “Yes or no?”

She slowly, reluctantly nodded. I nearly ejaculated with that answer.

“Very gooood.” I whispered. “This is going to be more fun…” I devoured her neck, clamping my lips over her skin and sucking hard on it against her tortured whimpering. I pulled her shirt apart, bursting the last button. She sucked in her breath, shocked. I released my lips from her skin with a wet pop then looked down at her rising and falling chest, then to her terrified face. She looked sick. “Never had a man, slowly undress you….never had a naked, obese man sitting on your young body?” She shook her head, sounding like she was choking on her own sobs. Face cramped with trepidation. My hands were now tucked under her t-shirt, feeling out her waistline, her lower ribs, pushing her t-shirt up slowly exposing more of her stomach. “Never had a man…do this to you?” I slid my body backwards, cock leaving her stomach, I bent down then tucked my head under her t-shirt, my face pressing into her stomach. Then I shoved my head, slowly and deliberately upwards, wriggling my sweaty long hair and rough face against her stomach, her solar plexus, snorting her sweaty skin as I felt the top of my head and forehead rub up against her tight teenage bra. She could feel her body trying to twist away but I was pinning her down. She screamed. A distant muffled, trapped scream. I half kissed, half munched on her skin around her stomach with my lips, half aware that my cock was bouncing and rubbing up against the sides of her legs, sometimes grazing the hem of her skirt. I squeezed her hips with my thighs. I almost gushed. I could feel the tightness of her t-shirt over my head and the tops of my shoulders, the tension seemed to be keeping my face buried in her stomach and ribs. I started licking her deliciously, my eyes catching glimpses of her simple pink cotton bra. Both of my hands slid up the sides of her body, up along her ribs. My wrists caught her t-shirt and I pushed it up all the way so that my palms ran over the sides of her bra and ended up cupping her armpits. It was cleanly shaven. I wasn’t sure f the crone had shaved it or she was naturally hairless under her arms. Her t-shirt was bunched under her neck now, her screaming and trashing continued, being exposed like this. I sat up, contented, looking down at her young shapely body, her soft B cup breasts neatly bundled in a tight pink cotton bra. It looked like it was pushing her breasts together and augmenting it, but it wasn’t quite a push up bra. It was simple, with no design and no bulky padding. It showed the right amount of young flesh and it made me excited.
I climbed off her body and she took in a deep breath, relieved somewhat from my grotesque weight. Her scared eyes followed me as I reached into the drawer of the table next to the bed and pulled out a hunting knife. She panicked. I laughed.
“Oh don’t worry my dear Stacie. I’m not going to hurt you…. How can I? I ADORE your tender tender body…” I climbed back on top of her. She froze as I started cutting away her shirt and t-shirt, sawing off the sleeves, stabbing through the material, ripping them apart, pulling them out from under the cable ties that held her upper arms together. Part by part I pulled the scraps and strips of destroyed clothes out from under her slender body and tossed it to either sides of the bed. I jammed the knife into the mattress just at the side of her face and it shocked her. She trembled and squirmed.

It was so refreshing just seeing her upper body covered only in her little pink bra. I licked my lips then bent down to kiss her chest, I slobbered parts of her breasts that were exposed, ran my tongue through the center of her cleavage. She cried and sobbed and mewed into her gag. With my right hand, I slid it up the side of her legs, slipping my excited hands under her skirt. I felt the sides of her shorts. “Ahhhh.” I hissed into her face, “one more article of clothing to remove… very good, I love this…” My other hand ran up the left side of her legs. Her shorts felt small. I buried my face into her chest, suckling on the bare flesh of her breasts as my hands roamed to her back until my fingers poked out of the back of her skirt, I gripped the edge of her skirts waist line then pulled it apart. The buckle that held her skirt broke immediately and I heard the small sound of the zip coming down as I pulled the skirt open from the back. Her crying got louder. “Excuse me, “ I said into her face, “As I pull off your skirty skirt skirt k?” I back crawled then with my hands , I cleanly pulled her skirt off her hips and down her long slender smooth legs. My cock was so hard and excited I almost came again, seeing her in her small, light pink cotton shorts. It molded perfectly around her 24 inch waist and petite torso. Most of her upper and inner thighs were exposed. Such skimpy shorts….
“You must really love pink don’t you my dear Stacie?” I teased her, admiring her lightly tanned, unblemished legs that were lashed together with cable ties around and under her knees. I pulled the blade from the mattress, got off the bed and slashed open her skirt clumped around her ankles. I left her sneakers on and looked at her young form stretched out in all her glory. Small pink shorts, tight, tiny bra, black tape wrapped around her head, arms raised and vanished behind the bed, stomach flat, skin perfect. “ You are such a fine fuck toy!” I said, admiring her then slowly climbing back onto the bed. “Tell me, “ I said, a s I straddled her again, rubbing my bloated cock on her bare stomach once more.
“Your skirt is so short, your shorts are so small. I bet…” I leaned into her face, “your panties must be tiny….hmmm?” I began rubbing my crotch into her shorts…” you ARE wearing panties right? Hmmm?” She nodded. I clapped my hands once, loudly. “very gooood!” I clamped my thighs against the sides of her hips, gripping her shorts. “should I wriggle your shorts off or?” I cupped my hands just under the sides of her bra, “should we get your pretty little bra off first?” She mewed and mewed, more tears streaming down her bulging cheeks. She was so attractive, so young, so vulnerable and so scared. My hands roamed in unison up and down the sides of her body, following the inward curve.

I lowered my face to the center of her chest then curled my tongue under the small center part of her bra then gentle bit down on the garment, my open hands slipped up and under her right bra cup then the left. I tugged my head forward, allowing both her soft flesh to bounce free. She screamed uselessly again as my large hands buried her small breasts and began massaging them gently, feeling its softness, its tenderness, its youngness. She twisted and bucked. I groped her, I ran my thumbs around her nipples, p ink and virgin like. I love how her nipples felt under my thumbs. Her sobs were coming fast, with every harder squeeze resulting in a short sharp scream that was lost and muffled. I turned and rolled her nipples between my thumb and index finger. I rubbed my naked crotch against her shorts, desperate to wriggle them off with my lower body. Soon, soon she’ll be completely naked. I grabbed her loose bra now sitting across her upper chest and pulled it in opposite directions. The back hooks snapped
To her dismay, I tugged it off carelessly pushing the broken thing past her head. I was too lazy to get off her to grab the knife. Where it had gone, I didn’t even care. I pulled at the thin bra straps until they burst and after two or three attempts bursting parts of her bra, I finally managed to wring the thing off her body and tossed it far away. She was completely topless now and completely at my mercy.
Jamming my hands around her arms just above her armpits, I held her down even more as I lowered my face and sunk my open mouth upon her left breast. I sucked on her flesh hard, my tongue wagging against her nipple. She struggled and squirmed and groaned into her gag. I licked, and sucked and slurped her youthful tit while my free hand explored and massaged her other tit. I found myself squeezing my eel between her bound legs, penetrating her between her upper thighs just under her small shorts. It was tight that way and I started fucking her just under her crotch. It was strangely satisfying but I fought not to cum. I continued licking and sucking on her breasts, taking turns with each soft mound, sometimes squeezing both breasts together, sometimes playfully biting down her nipple, making her scream. She was sweating, I was sweating. She was struggling and I let her bound legs crush my cock and masturbate me. Her legs felt smooth and my cock slid up and down the crevice between her legs, sometimes allowing my penis head to poke against her crotch just for fun. I desperately wanted to see what kind of panties my lovely teenage sex kitten was wearing.

“Time for your shorts to go…” I whispered into her ear. A long tearful ‘Nooooo’ escaped her gag as I squeezed my thighs around her hips and shorts then dragged it down her body. I must’ve gotten it down around her thighs before I slid my torso up against her again, my raw, throbbing cock rubbing hard against the crotch of her panties. My heart was racing. Her panties felt snug and small.
“ I can feel your paaantieeees…” I kissed her gagged face, nestled my head between her young breasts then crawled backwards. I snorted and slobbered her sweet skin all the way down the center of her body as I crept backwards. Kissing her belly button as I moved lower and lower. My chin grazed the elastic waistband of her panties, then my lips, my nose until I finally came face to face with the tiny triangle of light pink barely covering her cleanly shaven virgin crotch. I hugged her legs hard to stop her from struggling, she was shrieking. I buried my face into her little panties, taking a deep, erotic whiff. She bucked frantically, cried and cried and cried as I rubbed my face into her glorious soft virginity hidden under so little cotton. My nose was pushing apart her tight lips through her panties, I was breathing her in through nose and mouth. A sweet mixture of sweat, soap and subtle laundry detergent filled my senses. She hardly had any fat, maybe just a little baby fat around her untouched pussy. I took long hard snorts, loving every second of this fantasy, face pressed against a teenage girl’s virgin cunt through her little pink panties while she cries into her tight merciless gag, bound and hopeless on my bed.

Part 6 – The raping of Stacie

The witch had taught me the dark arts, to tune into my victims’ consciousness and feelings, to prey upon that, to amplify, to intensify and manipulate. I crawled back onto her body, my face in hers. I tuned into Stacie’s psyche and what screamed back was a tightly wound ball of fear, a sustained fright coiled in her gut, tensed up and sickened.
“I love young Chinese girls.” I said slowly. “With such lovely long black hair…” I stroked her head, loving how the length wasn’t too long, just touching her shoulders. And it was straight and clean and reminded me of tenderness, unspoiled by age. She was only 18.

I climbed off her, to get rid of her shorts completely. In a daze, I fumbled for the blade from the floor then started slicing off her shorts. I kept my eyes locked on her crotch, the shaving done, most probably by the crone, was clean and smooth. Impatiently, I destroyed the shorts and pulled it off from her ankles in pieces, discarding the thing. I reached under the bed for the pack of cable ties. It was time to spread her out nice and wide. I grabbed one of her ankles tight, then sliced off the rope that pulled her legs taut towards the bed, her ankles still cinched together. I dragged her legs to the left of the bed first, she tried to pull it away from me but I tugged hard at it, straightening her body once more although at an angle. I sat on the ground, pulling both her feet down with me, bending both her knees so her legs angled downward. “We are going to spread open your youthful legs to all kinds of indecency.” I said loudly. I could hear her trying to make a sound that was half cry and half squeal. With my free hand I pulled out a long cable tie and looped it around her left ankle and through the intersection of iron rods that crossed just below the edge of the bed. The hand that held her ankle pinched one end of the new cable and with the other hand, I carefully threaded it through the loop. Once through, I tugged at it hard and fast, locking her foot to the corner of the bed. Two more cable ties made sure she was never going to get loose. I grabbed her right ankle next, using the blade to dig into and cut loose the cinch. Hanging on to her foot, grabbing the pack of cable ties, I stood up. Her right leg came up with me but her left remained locked down. I pulled her legs apart form each other, spreading her wide open. She screamed, tried to pull her leg away from my grip but I held on, moved to the right of the bed and sat down again on the floor. The bottom of her knees bend over the sides of the bed as I positioned her right foot against the rods. I then zip tied her down, hard, fast and sharp. I sat back for a second, relieved that the hard work was over. Her young legs were wide open now, bent and secured to each end of the rape bed. I stroked her calf that was tense. She didn’t even try tugging at her bonds, knowing it was no use. Getting up to my knees, I looked at her face but her head was twisted back, away from me. She was sobbing. Her thighs were amazing. Slender and fair, smooth and soft. My eyes followed the length of it until finally resting on her crotch and that little piece of light pink g-string she had on.

“Don’t you wish?” I said, getting up, “That someone would find you and save you right now?” I sat down on the bed, just next to her waist and placed my hand on her flat stomach. She sucked in air in a panic, then breathed out with short sobs. He eyes were still screwed shut, terrified. I stroked her smooth abdomen, slowly in circles. “Someone to come bursting through that door? To stop me from touching you?” I lowered my body, to wet her ribs with my hot tongue. I licked up wards, towards the center of her body, rib by rib, then my tongue found the underside of her right breast, covering the curve, her nipple, then inwards her chest, under her chin, her neck. I straddled her, fully erect. Mimicking a small girl voice, I teased her, “Mr. policeman…Mr. policeman…where are you?” I giggled into her ears, smelling her, kissing her gagged face, my groin rubbing up and down her inner thigh. “This fat man is going to rape me mr policeman…please find me…I’m only a virgin…”

To rush the blood to my groin, in preparation for penetration, I descended her fine body like a slow animal, inhaling her scents, the layer of sweat on her skin, her chest, stomach, the area above her panties, then finally her glorious virginity. I licked her bikini line slowly and lavishly, I rubbed my face into her tight thighs, the smooth fair skin. She twisted, mewed, cried as my hands slid beneath the thin elastic band of her panties, rubbing her meticulously. I bit and pulled at the fabric of her panties, right next to her pussy then let the panties snap back playfully. With my thumbs, I played with the elastic, rolling it against her skin, my tongue exploring beneath the panties, sliding up and down at the edge of her tight lips. She was sucking in her stomach, as if it was the only way to somewhat pull away from my wandering tongue and hands. There was no way for her to stop what was happening. I grew hungrier, pulling away the crotch of her panties to expose more flesh. My wet, slimy tongue found itself inside her, licking the outer layer of her cunt before digging deeper. I pushed her legs further apart, with my thumbs, I pried open her teenage hole like fresh fruit and started sucking on the inner walls of her pink meat. She screamed, lurched, the sound she made making me hornier and hornier as I started lapping up, taking deep licks inside her. Lowering my face to lick her beneath her thighs and crotch, I bit the string riding up the crack of her ass, pulled on it and snapped it back three, four times. Loving the sound of it, making her feel it. My hands stroked her inner thighs, my fingers pulling at her panties, away as much as possible from her crotch. I pulled her panties over my head and buried my face deep, sucking hard, drinking her up, tongue lashing and flicking like a snake. I was about to come. It was getting too much. I grabbed the edge of the right corner of the crotch of her panties with one hand and with the other I grabbed the string that held it together. And pulled, Hard.
Her panties snapped. Gently, ever so gently, excitedly, I peeled the torn panties from her body, snapping the other end, discarding the tiny thing altogether. I rubbed her fine thighs pushed her legs apart and stared down at her completely naked body. I crawled back on top of her, my cock bouncing blindly, desperate for entry. I held on to my member with my right hand, guided it to the tip of her virginity. “Last chance…” I said into her face, “for anyone to save you….shall I count to five? If no one bursts through that door to stop me, I’m going to start fucking you….” I played with her mind this way, letting the final seconds of hope to tick away slowly. I was kneeling astride her, giving me secured balance, “One…” I smiled at her, tears streaming madly form her eyes, body shuddering, she was shaking her head violently. “two….” I directed the tip of my black cock to rub up and down her barely opened hole. “three…” I pushed the tip slightly between her lips, making her feel it, licking her tears, her cheeks. I could hear her pleading, saying no, no, please, no. “Four….” I pushed my cock in a bit more, still sliding my cock up and down that hole, the tip feeling warm and throbbing… Her pleading got louder, half screaming, shaking her head, jerking her body, eyes wild. ” and…” I sucked on her neck, so I can hear her scream when I pushed my self in.


She arched her back, released a long, deep throated scream into her tight gag as my hard eel like cock forced its way all the way into her young body. I had to push hard against the tightness, but not violently. I wanted her to feel herself tearing apart. I moved my lower body forward a step, still kneeling, then drove my hungry cock in deeper. I twisted my hips slightly, moved from side to side to open her up more. God, she was so tight. So warm, so fitting. She cried loudly, her whole body was screaming at me to stop as I paused, my thick 7-inch cock mostly inside her, my hairy balls hanging just outside her fresh cunt. “Does it hurt?” I teased her. She was shivering, almost not breathing, making unintelligible noises. I pulled out halfway through then pushed it in harder. I felt the tightness give way just a little as she screamed more and more, choking on her crying, coughing into her gag, terrified, hysterical. I could feel my cock getting wet. Probably with her blood. “Does it hurt!?” I shouted. She nodded absentmindedly between high pitched squeals and shuddering. “Gooooood.” I dragged my cock almost out of her then pushed it in again, slowly at first, one thrust at a time, sliding in and out for effect. She sounded like she was choking. Then with a burst of energy, I started to really rape her. Five, six deep, rigorous thrust, her tightness strangling my cock, roughing up my skin, burning it. She was mostly dry but the blood lubricated her just a bit. I stopped thrusting, snuggled my cock deep inside her, letting my full body weight crush her down.
“Shall we get slippery? Hmm?” I pulled my cock out, unsatisfied with the roughness. She heaved, noisily as my cock popped free. I climbed off her, reached to the side table, pulled the drawer open and picked out the tube of lubricant. I sat on her stomach, my bloodied cock bouncing and staining her fair skin. She was bleeding a lot. I opened the cap and squeezed out a large glob of clear lubricant onto my long cock and lathered it generously. I repositioned, squatting over her chest so she could see what was going on. With my right palm I coated my cock with the gel, making squishing noises, the blood making the gel a bit more slippery. I squeezed more from the tube into the palm then I slapped it onto her burnt and torn vagina. She let out a muffled scream as my finger dug into her bloodied hole, forcing in the thick gel. I rubbed it against her inner walls, stuffing her cunt with gel, pushing it in deeper with my finger first then two fingers, finger fucking her, making her slippery inside. I reached for the drawer again and pulled out a small spray bottle. I pumped water, spraying over my excited cock, then I sprayed her cunt generously. I rubbed my cock and almost came, the water made my cock oily and very very silky wet, Perfect. IN fornt of her face, I rubbed the remnants of the lube under my balls and between my ass like I was cleaning it. It excited me. I tossed the things aside, and repositioned myself again. “You ready Stacie? You ready for some serious fucking?” I led my wet cock to her hole again, “this is your first time, you better remember it!” A new wave of electricity washed through my body as my sloppy, messy wet cock squished itself into her. I dug my arms beneath her, pulling her body to me, hugging her tight as I forced my cock deep into her and let it rest inside her. “I’m going to cum inside you…” I whispered the began pushing and pulling my lubricated monster in and out of her. It was wet and slippery now, still tight but so much easier. It was bliss as my heart realized again how lucky I was to be fucking an attractive, slender, virgin teenage girl. I started grunting, excerting, fucking, humping her. The sound of wet skin on skin, the sound of the bed creaking as I rocked in and out of her harder and harder. I thrust my pelvis to and fro, “mmm, yess….yess…” I fucked her hard, biting down on her breasts, licking her neck as I entered a hypnotic state of rape. Each thrust raised my lust, raised my heat. I rained down sweat on her, she continued crying. I pushed in an dout rhythmically, then with bursts of power, I became rigorous, violent, growling into her face as I sped up, going faster, harder, deeper. Her whole body jerked up and down the bed in tune with mine, my fat stomach rubbing up against her body, her legs straining to shut but unable to do so. She strained her arms, cable ties cutting into her skin. She pushed her tongue against the mouth packing, trapped under rounds of tape. She bit down on whatever was stuffed into her mouth and fought against the pain. I saw all this, felt all this inside her as my mind violated her mind, entered her heart, felt what she felt. “mommy’s at home with daddy…” I said, fucking her, “wondering if you’re ok…and here you are…being raped….the cops are searching for you…asking people if they’d seen you….maybe your face is in the news….and people sit and wonder if you’re ok….and here you are, naked, spread on a bed, gagged, fucked, raped.” I nibbled her ear, changing the pacing of the fucking, slowing down, then suddenly , violently banging her and banging her. “no one knows you’re here…no one is stopping me…no one I coming to save you…” I suddenly stopped in forward thrust, deep and tight inside her. I panted into her face, catching my breath. Her face screwed up with pain and disgust. “should I stop fucking you Stacie? Hmm? Want me to stop? It hurts?” She mewed a soft yes, nodding. I laughed. Laughed loud and hard. Then I brutally started the raping again. ”NO. FUCKING. WAY! NO. FUCKING! WAY!” with every word I pushed in hard, balls slapping against her groin. “NICE AND TIGHT! NICE AND TIGHT!” I fucked and fucked and fucked against her straining and weeping. I slobbered her bare body, bit down hard on her flesh listening to her garbled screaming. I loved it! I was sweating like a pig, every forward pump rained down sweat on her lavish body. I spat into her face, rubbed my saliva into her eyes and nose. In a fever of passion, I pulled out of her, quickly slapped y torso onto her body and positioned my nearly exploding cock on her chest between her soft breasts. I squeezed her tits together so it gripped my cock and I fucked her between her breasts. She titled her head as far away as she could from my coc and I purposely pushed myself forward so that my balls rubbed against her breasts and the tip of my penis poked against her chin. The lubricant on my ass made it easy to slide up and down her body. I slapped my cock on her face, then rubbed its underside up and down the gag and her nose. “You like this hmm? You like it?” I got off her chest, mind spinning with sex, and clumsily found myself driving my cock deep inside her for the third time. I hugged her again and fucked her some more ,”daddy’s little fuck, daddy’s little fuck!” I kept repeating, pulling her body to me and I pushed my body into her, finding that synchronized rhythm. .I was nearly there, I slowed down, sped up, rode it out, biting her ears, her cheeks, listening to her weeping and mewing and moaning and huffing as I crushed her, pushing and pushing and pushing. I pulled out my harms from under her, and clamped down my right hand on her mouth, forcing her into the bed, pushing my body up and letting my pelvis continue to pulverize her. I was reaching climax, I grunted, growled, told her repeatedly I was going to cum all over inside her. “Here I come!” I yelled, fucking her harder for that final round, “here I come, HERE I COME!”
With a great shudder and explosion, I emptied myself into her, I rammed her hard, every ram bursting forth my thick slimy sperm deep into her. I’m sure she could feel it and a long deep cry of despair escaped her. I gushed and gushed and gushed, pushing out all that I could. “oh fuck, oh fuck, of fuck!” I kept ejaculating copiously into her, when I pulled out my cock and rammed it in again, I felt the slime spill out from her bloodied cunt. My sperm, the lubricant, her blood made it all the more squishy and sloppy. I kept on rocking in and out, my groin hot, electrified. I breathed in and out heavily, feeling my energy spent, entering her, controlling her, eating her entire soul. She was mine, truly truly mine now. I heaved a final sigh or relief, of a total satisfaction and finally pulled myself out of her completely. I rolled to the side of her, panting against her body. She was noisy, crying as usual, innocent sounds, devastated sounds, defeated sounds. I kissed her breast, her face. “I love you, I love you…” I hugged her like a bolster, my wet cock on her hips sliding upon her stomach as my legs cradled her, I smelled her sweating body, her sexed up and abused body. The heat rose from her body and I breathed it in, recharging myself. My mind searched. Had I prepared the straps at sides of the bed mid way through? I rolled off. And checked. Yes, they were there, attached to the bed pole under the mattress, halfway down the length of the bed. My legs were weak when I stood up but I was recharging. I found the blade. I grabbed her right leg, bound the bed and cut off the cable tie. Without a word of explanation, I pulled her leg up into the air and forcefully pushed it down. She screamed unbearable as her thigh muscled pulled hard. I bent he leg as far as it could towards her body then reached for the strap. I circled it across her knees and dragged the strap downwards to secure it to the other end. I threaded it in and pulled tight. Her leg was now bent nearly inline with her waist, exposing her right butt cheeks. I went over to the other side, she already knew what was going to happen next. Round two.
I detached her ankle from the bed, pulled up her leg and forced it down like the other leg. I secured it with the strap. Now spread wide again, legs open, bent. Her perfect little ass was exposed in full glory. Her lower body was pulled off the bed, spine curving up, ass at an angle. I walked to the side of the bed, to find the lubricant. As I picked it up, she was still screaming from pain, sounds muffled in the gag. “You ready for some anal sex love? Oh this is going to hurt much more than what just happened. This is going to be so fun!” I moved back to the foot of the bed and crawled on. I nearly emptied the tube of lubricant onto my hand. The sight of her battered crotch nearly drove me mad with lust. I bent down to lick at the slime and blood dripping down the sides of her crotch. I licked her ass crack slowly. It was clean and perfect. Then I slapped the lubricant on and massaged it into her asshole. I rubbed her ass cheeks, dug my fingers into her tight hole, lubricating the insides of her anus. I could see her straining hard, panicking, gurgling into her gag, pleading, sobbing, squealing as I made sure her ass was well lubricated. I rubbed the slime and lube on my cock, still hardened and wanting more more more. I slapped her ass cheeks hard and crawled between her legs to face her again. “Aww, why are you crying Stacie? Not having fun?” She could feel my cock feeling out her legs, the sides of her crotch, poking around her bloodied cunt. “You think your friends are having more fun now? Good clean fun having tea and shopping without you? While you are here? Naked, about to anally raped? Maybe they are watching a romantic comedy now…and you are all helpless and in pain and no one has found you. They will be laughing as you are crying. Alone. With just me, your naked rapist, about to come into you once again and again and again.” I grabbed my monstrous cock, poking it around her ass, playfully letting the tip enter a little then pulling it out for fun.
“I’m going to do lots of things to you my dear…and you cannot stop me yes? We’ll be having lots and lots of sex….
I positioned my cock head, in a kneeling position, pushed her legs down and apart with my hands then rammed in. The melody of her screaming in tune with my fucking was music to my ears. Her ass, even tighter than her virgin cunt, was unbelievable. I prodded her, ass raped her, pushing in pulling out, going progressively faster. I fumbled, as I fucked her, for the bottle of water, I sprayed as I pulled out my cock then pushed in some more, deeper. I sprayed everytime I pulled backward, pushing in the water and oil and lube, wetting her tight hole, wetting my cock, getting more and more slippery. Yes. This was good. This was right. Like a dog I straddled her, positioned for best leverage and continued to rape her, balls slamming hard against the base of her spine as I went on and on. Since I had ejaculated so much, it took longer for me to raise the sperm again so the fucking went on longer than usual, sloshing in and out, in and out as licked her body and whispered menacing things to her. I reminded her of her new future as a sex slave, as a piece of cunt meat and ass meat and breast meat, a teenage fuck toy to be flooded with sperm from me and my two sexually deviant brothers. “Yes my dear, you heard it right. I have three more brothers, two of which would so want to rape you in multiple ways. Maybe three of us will rape you together hmm?” I said all this ramming her ass, fucking her hard, “One fucks your mouth, one fucks your ass, one fucks your cunt, as the fourth brother, the torturer, pierces your breast and nipples with needles and hooks. Or maybe staple your eyelids open so you can see our ugly faces as we rape you all day and all night and all week long. How about that?” In and out, in and out, deep and tight, muffled screaming, muffled crying, tearing her ass hole open, more blood trickling down onto the soiled bed. “The ugly witch will sit on your face, make her cum with your nose. You’ll smell her sour cunt to sleep, you’ll suck on my cock to sleep.” I was going to come again, as I threated her with promises, with torture, the blood rushed to my groin, the acidic sperm rising, “ I’ll throat fuck you to bed understand? You eat my sperm, my brother’s sperm, the witches’ piss….” The load was coming, rising higher and higher, “ We’ll shit on you in the toilet, you’ll be tied up tight and gagged and cramped into the used toilet, We’ll piss in your hair, mop you face into our unwashed asses. You like that hmm?” I was nearly coming, fucking her as harder and harder. “Oh yes, YES, so much to do with you, so MUCH!” On the edge on the edge, “So much more FUCKING to do! So Much to do to you! SO MUCH SO MUCH!” I exploded a second orgasm deep into her, gushing into her ass. A heavenly breath escaped me, I was seeing stars and bliss. I cam and came, really draining me out. I pushed and pushed till there was nothing left to ejaculate. I pulled out , sat on the bed in front of her spread legs, spent completely. I lay down, stretched my back and stared at the ceiling. I could hear her crying softly, tired, fatigued.
“So much to do…” I whispered…”so much more to do….”

Part 7 – The Ordeal of Samantha Roberts.

The elder left his fuck toy, bound, spread and crying into her gag. He entered the hall, which was surprisingly silent. Either the other girls had passed out, were already killed or their gags were truly effective or perhaps. He liked to think it was the latter. That both the Taiwanese teen and the American teen were both suffering copiously and unable to draw help and attention no matter how hard they screamed. He wondered about the first teenager, face raped in the room by his brother. What diabolical things were being done to her now? He marveled at the magic of this House of Ordeals. The way it seem so hidden, so unknown to the outside world, to the authorities. Five girls, bound, gagged, raped, tortured and no one knew how to find them. No one knew they were even here.
The stench of burning aphrodisiacs was in the air and there was an unusual heat. He followed the warmth to the torture room. Immediately, his cock hardened again. Something cruel was happening inside, he knew it. Disturbing and erotic ideas ran through his head, burning girls at the stake, branding, hot coal. Any of it was possible considering this heat. He could no longer delay his curiosity. He still heard no screaming and wondered how she was gagged. Carefully he touched the handle, and slowly turned it. He opened the door. The hum of the heater hit him. The heat was much higher now, he could feel the humidity stick to his skin. The steaming box was in operation and he knew the American teen with the big breasts was bound and trapped inside.
“Brother…”The albino monster greeted, “how nice of you to join us.”
“She’s inside obviously.”
The albino’s face turned into rage again but not at his brother. “Yes…. She tried kicking me…in the groin…”
That wasn’t good. Not good at all. She was already warned of his disdain and the object of his torture. And she kicked him right there. NO. Not good at all.
“I’m letting her sweat it out. Uncomfortably. Severely.”
The elder approached the black box that stood on steel legs, a meter by a meter by a meter. She must be very cramped in there. He playfully knocked on the side of the door and listened in. Nothing. She must be well gagged. Maybe even wrapped up to contain the heat. There was only one opening, at the top and elder could see it has been padlocked shut, at three points. There wasn’t any sound of kicking or struggling. The heater was positioned beneath the box and blowing hot air through holes bored underneath. He knew the design of it, he helped his brother build it. He sat in a chair opposite the albino, who was smoking his aphrodisiac herbs.
“How long has she been in there?”
“Nearly an hour.”
‘I can smell her.”
He grinned with menace.
”Tell me, how did you set her up?” The brother handed him the smoking pipe.
“As per standard protocol, my yellowed, unwashed underwear, soggy from my sweat, is in her mouth, stuffed with the small raw red chilies. The chili padi. Nasty, stinging little devils. I think her tongue and lips should be swollen by now. Everything is sealed in with a thick black leather padding gag attached to a head harness. I’ve pulled that tight around her face and head, forcing her mouth down around the underwear with the straps cramping her head from the front and back. She can’t expel anything, can’t move her jaws, side ways or otherwise. It’s tight, very tight. I’ve rubbed the chilies into her eyes, seed and all and taped each eyelid down. She really hated that, it hurt her bad. She was obviously screaming and crying a lot. I told her this was just the beginning of her pain. She still has her t-shirt and shorts on. They come off later, when I need to abuse her flesh. I pulled a double winter sweater on her, tied it down with thin rope. Her arms are still bound behind her so I just used the arms of the sweater and tied it around her body. After I’ve oiled her down with heat rub of course and more chili. I’ve wrapped her legs in a thick, itchy blanket. Tied that down with ropes. Then I forced her body to bend forward and secured her upper body to below her bound legs with belts, pulling hard and tight so her stomach and chest is crushed in and against her legs, it’s difficult for her to breathe I reckon. I bound her ankles with a length of thick rope, dead knotting it twice and pulled her feet towards her buttocks. I wrapped the rope between her body and legs twice then over her back to keep her bound and curled in a ball. I secured a belt round the back of her neck, pulled her head down and forced it into her lap then belted her down, under her legs so she could not lift her head. A bundle of joy I must say.”

The elder, by now, was hard as a rock and taking in many deep puffs, exciting him more. He turned to look at the box again, no wonder there was no struggling. “Was it hard to stuff her in?” The albino shook her head. I was angry and all that energy did the work. Oh, and you see that black wire sticking out the top? Its headphones, wrap taped around her head. It’s connected to the audio player running at full volume on repeat mode.”
The elder loved that auditory torture.
“Death metal? Noise?”
“Oh no, much worse. All the voice messages she’s been getting on her phone. From mom and dad, friends, teachers, police. All looking for her, sending her plenty of messages. So many heartwarming ones, so many worried ones, so many telling her to come home, that’s she’ll be ok. That the police are looking for her…”
Elder laughed. “So cruel you are….she must be so heartbroken, listening to her loved ones that way and not able to respond. So close, so close.”
“That’s the way. I make things worse too.”
“Our satellite phone. The untraceable one. Hooked up to the audio machine. She can hear the calls.”
“Don’t tell me you call her parents.”
He grinned.
“You know the crone hates that trick. Too risky.”
“And no one trusts my technologies. It’s completely untraceable. Scrambled, bounces off twenty countries, through the internet. Masked, hidden, invisible.”
“And you let her hear them answering the phone…”
“Of course. Without the voice mic plugged in. She can scream all the wants, no one hears her at the other end.”
“I don’t think she has one, but I called all her friends too, just to let her hear them for the last time. I let her parents talk a while, they keep saying hello? Hello? Samantha is that you baby? Please talk to us, please tell us where you are, please come home, and all that shit. It drives her mad. When I finally end the call, you should hear the way she cries after that. So deep and painful and full of despair. It’s delicious.”
“So brilliant and cruel my brother, it’s so mean.”
“Oh I’m just getting started…you’re just in time for part two…”
They both got up. The albino put on his grotesque torture mask, a clown mask of all things. He handed an executioners mask for elder to wear. All this is to scare the poor girl. The torturer grabbed the keys, went over the box and unlocked them one by one. When the heavy duty locks were removed, the lid popped open. The heat that escaped was immense. Elder wondered how the girl endured such a thing. She must be dehydrated, thirsty, and delirious perhaps. “Turn off the machine.” Elder shut down the heater while the albino gripped the ropes around her body and dragged her out of the hell hole. Elder helped by supporting her lower body, they both hoisted her out then the albino dropped her to the floor without care. A barely audible scream escaped her. She rolled to the side, truly, a mummified ball in an ugly brown blanket, wholly wrapped save her head and feet, which stuck out. The headphones taped to her head looked ridiculous. The black leather mouthpiece looked like it was glued across her mouth, eating into her skin, pushing out her cheeks. The straps dug into her face as well, definitely leaving a deep line on her skin, if ever the harness was removed. I admired the harness, straps went under her chin, up to the sides where it was attached to another strap that connected the mouth piece on one end and circled to the back of her head where it was strapped through a belt like buckle. Straps from the top of the mouth piece ran angled to the bridge of her nose where it joined a single strap that went over the center of the head and back again, to be buckled at the same spot. Her hair was wet with sweat, sticking to her face but surprisingly; her braids were still neatly in place. Her face was extremely red. The brother proceeded to unleash her, untie her from her bondage position. She was moaning, perhaps somewhat relieved she wasn’t being slowly cooked anymore. Elder watched on, wondering what the next step was. He was aware of the bondage torture table just behind the box. He also noticed the steel pole attached with straps and prepared ropes. She was straightened out on the floor and rolled out of the blanket that held her legs together. Her shorts were soggy, sweat running down her tanned legs. . The smell of her sweating body and teenage fluids excited both of them although in different ways. The elder wanted to rape her, the albino just wanted to inflict greater pain. He removed her headphones.
“and how was that you little bitch? Got your blood nice and hot now for some serious pain yes?” She struggled weakly, moaning and weeping. He dropped down on her, left knee grounding into her stomach, she jerked up wards, he grabbed her face and banged it into the floor. The thud was loud and disorienting, he held on to her gagged face., pressed his leg harder into her stomach. He spat into her face then backhanded her , the second slap coming hard and fast. He pinched her nose shut, leaned his weight in. “You ready to bleed, cunt?” With his other hand he pinched her right breast hard and twisted. “So much flesh to tear into, to BURN.” He grabbed a handful of hair and dragged her up, a distorted shriek electrifying the scene. He pulled her to the pole, kicked her bound legs and he fell hard on her knees. “Hold her there,” he instructed the elder who took over. The brother went to take his cutter and returned, kneeing on the floor behind her. He grabbed one leg, then snapped open the cable ties that bound her ankles. With both hands, he repositioned her feet so that it was on each side of the pole then pulled her legs towards him. The elder pushed her backwards until her bound arms wrapped in the sweater were pressed against the pole. The albino crossed the girls ankles then unhooked the ropes that hung from the pole. He began to stringently tie her feet together, looping the rope through eye holes drilled into the concrete, specially measured and designed so the victims legs would be secured to the floor and she would not get away. The elder didn’t want to help secure the straps from the pole to her upper body as he reckoned, the sweater and her t-shirt had to be removed first. This was no mere, kneeling torture. Other parts of her body would be abused. The kneeling just made it worse. The albino, forced her legs further together and tied them down at the knees and her hips. He circled the ropes around the pole and stringently tugged it tight so her lower body was held against the pole. He got up to take another device especially for this position. The elder backed away. The albino had explaining to do. The girl was scared, shivering, sweating , weeping softly, very afraid. She became visibly frantic when she was shown the board. It was large enough for her to kneel on. The nightmare was the rusty nail tips that were sticking out of the board. They were hammered in from the other side, with just their tips sticking out. Sharp, bent, used. She could see wood, blood stained, not with droplets but in pools soaked in, from previous tortures. She started shaking her head violently, crying loudly, pleading uselessly, making unintelligible noises. “I hope you’ve taken your tetanus jab Samantha baby…and oh! Speaking of jabs.” He put the board down. Elder was first confused, then he realized. Jabs. She hadn’t been chemically prepared yet. Oh yes. This would be exciting.
“I hope you’re not scared of needles..” The albino shouted from somewhere in the room, opening fridges, extracting used needles from dustbins. Samantha continued shaking and crying from fear. He returned, keeping his eye on the vial he had stuck a syringe into, pulling out the right dose. He paused in front of the frantic girl, ripped off the tape form her eyes and showed her exactly what it was he intended to do. “This my dear, “ he said, pulling out the needle and squirting a little of the drug into the air in front of her face. “Is a highly concentrated psycho stimulant. It speeds up the connection between body and brain, so you can feel the pain up front and amplified. It induces anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, thought disorder, muscle cramping and dehydration. It will keep you wide awake for a very long time and keep you very alert, so you can know every single thing I’ll be doing to you. You understand sweetie?” He stepped in closer, her eyes were swollen from the chili, from the crying, they were bloodshot, wild. “if you’re feeling terrified and you’re hurting, this will make you feel it five times worse.” She panicked as he grabbed her face and pushed her head against the pole. He turned her face so her neck faced him and he tapped her neck to find a vein. When he did find it, he slowly pierced her skin, digging into the vein and administered the drug. It should hit her fast, considering the rush into blood, straight into her heart and brain. Usually, the drug is euphoria inducing, in the right environment, with the right people and mood. But this state of fear, it will only be giving her panic and terrors. Just what the albino wanted.
“There,” he said, pulling out the needle. “We are good to go.” He slapped her hard again. His blood pumping. He picked up the board from the floor. Scooped his right arm under her ass and lifted her struggling screaming form just enough to slip the nail ridden board beneath her knees. Then he purposefully dropped her down it. She lurched backwards, then to her side, trying hard to pull herself off the thing but it was no use. Her legs were bound to the pole and she could not dislodge herself from the board. But leaning to the side helped, because her upper body was not tied down to the pole yet. The albino knew this, he grabbed her shoulders and forced her to center again and pushed her body down into the board of nails. The pain shot through her body, blood was slowly pooling around her knees. Her body was tensed, her head jerked back and forth, short bursts of gagged screaming, her body shuddered with the pain. The albino stepped on the back of legs and pushed her down harder into the board. “Do you like it bitch?!” He stomped down hard and leaned all his weight upon her joints, he held onto the pole and bobbed up and down with pleasure, listening to her scream and cry. He pushed his heel in, twisting his feet to hurt her in whatever way he could. He finally got off, panting, spitting in her face. He grabbed the straps that hung from the pole just behind her head and strapped her in at the neck.
Pain has now been established at her knees, the very first incursion into young flesh, now broken and bleeding. She looked like she was about to throw up. The drug surging through her, elevating her stress, her terror, her pain. It was time to move onto other parts of her body.

Part 8 – The ordeal of Samantha continues.

Samantha was quivering, kneeling on the board of nails, weeping in a kneeling position. The albino was rummaging around, looking for his tools. Elder could see she was trying to control her pain, her body looked tensed, her eyes shut, sweat pouring down her face. She was biting down hard on the underwear stuffed in her mouth. “So here we are!” The albino yelled, returning with rusty garden shears. “Open your eyes baby see what I’ve got!” she barely opened them, fearful, panicking. “We got to get rid of your clothes right? One at a time…” she mewed into her gag as he stepped closer. “We need access to your lovely young flesh yes?” She started pleading through her gag, shaking her head. This excited him more. “But of course, we should really tie your arms down to the pole…” He moved to the back of her, she turned her head to follow him. She felt him fidgeting with the leather straps along the solid pole she leaned against. She felt him thread the straps beneath and around her bound arms then pulled it tight like a belt, hooking metal teeth into the holes. He did this thrice, once around her upper arms, another at her elbows and a third strap securing her wrists to the pole. Elder admired the device, it was well designed, the straps ran through the pole and hung out from each side. Made from thick leather, it was hard to break. There were many holes in the straps with heavy buckles so he could pull it as tight as possible, designed to fit different arm girths, crushing arms together to the pole. The pole was steady, driven and anchored deep in concrete so it was stable. No amount of struggling would budge it. The albino tightened her neck strap, forcing the back of her head to press against the top end of the pole. When he was done trying her down this way, he dragged a stool in front of her, adjusted the height and sat down, facing her.
“you all ready to go topless baby?” He laughed, handling the shears. “Say goodbye to your last piece of protection!”

He slipped the blades beneath the sweater and started to cut, slowly, upwards, from the side. He cut through ropes that bound the sweater to her body, ropes that didn’t need to hold her down anymore. She wept as he did this, she could feel the tension of her arms bound behind her to the pole and the loss of other ropes didn’t free her one bit. He cut carefully, so he wouldn’t damage her tank top. He wanted to strip her one garment at a time, to heighten her fear. “Bit by bit by bit.” He cooed as he snipped off the ruined sweater up along side her chest, past her neck a through the shoulder area. The sweater split open at the side to expose her tight tank top and the profile of her large breasts. The thin pink fabric was stuck to her skin, wet from all the sweat. Elder could smell her from where he stood watching. It made him hard. The albino also appeared more excited, not with fuck lust but with pain lust as he exposed more of her sensitive flesh. He stepped over to the other side and started snipping off the rest of the sweater, slowly cutting upwards, ropes falling away.
He was silent, suddenly, breathing heavy. He seemed calm, collected, focused. This scared her. She didn’t know exactly what was going to happen next. She dared not even make a sound as the shears finished off her sweater and it fell to the ground in ruins. She started heaving heavily, chest rising and falling, her lovely breasts stretching against the wet cloth hugging her body. Her arms were bound behind her tightly with black cable ties. Both mad men could clearly see the shape and color of her white bra through her top which was soggy. Without warning, the albino dropped the shears nosily then with his right hand, he pinched her right breast through her clothes, exactly at her nipples and twisted hard. She bucked against the pole and the sudden struggle shot renewed bursts of pain through her nailed knees. She screamed, long and hard before he let go of the twist. “You were getting too quiet my sweet!” The albino laughed and moved away to get his steel trolley. He ceremoniously brought it to the front of her, pushing slowly and excitedly, the contents of the metallic tray was covered by a black cloth. Her eyes widened, mind not daring to wonder what was beneath the cover.

“So,” he began, “let me introduce to you my toys…” He played with the ends of the black cloth, teasing but never really revealing the terrible array of pain instruments. She screwed her eyes, terrified. “Open your eyes bitch!” He yelled impatient, “unless you want me to glue them open!” she slowly opened her eyes and dread filled her like water in a tank. “I need you to use your imagination Samantha…imagine how I would use these tools on you…I’ve got your entire body to explore with these things…ha ha haaar…” His laugh was deep and menacing. “Lets start from your left,” he said slowly for effect, “and we move down the buffet of your inevitable torture…”

Very slowly, he flipped open the cloth revealing the first portion of the tray. “Section one….” He began, Samantha was already starting to weep noisily into her gag, “These are scalpels of various sizes. All stainless steel, they all get hot really fast under fire….all very sharp obviously, some serrated, some thin and clean. Some curved, some clawed and forked. Here you see some with needle like points, all different sizes, for piercing of course. Here is a rounded blade, the rolling kind. And here, “ he picked up one thicker than the rest. He pressed a small button at the bottom and the small rectangular blade started jerking up and down in a sawing motion, like a fucking machine, “Is one of my favorites…” Her mind reeled into the horrors of what would be done to her. Senseless noise escaped her.

“Second section.” He exposed a smaller compartment and picked up a silver nail clipper. “This one, I like too. Nice and slow, with small small cuts…” He grinned.
She could see that beneath each section, its corresponding number was printed in white bold fonts.

He unfurled the third section with relish, showing a collection of needles and thin black thread. She wept louder, “some parts of you need to be sewn up, some parts sewn open, can you guess which?” She was starting to feel nauseated with dread.

The fourth section scared her even more. Fishing hooks of various sizes gleamed against the black wood of the compartment, most of them were already stained with blood, some were stand alone hooks, others were small and attached to coiled lengths of fishing strings, at least 5 to 10 hooks on one string. There were small steel chains and balls of iron with different weights in an adjoining compartment. Small little silver clips with sharp teeth hung from the chains. There was also a roll of fishing string. “Imagine Samantha…” he reminded her with menace, “imagine what I can do with these little babies….” She let out a long despairing noise.

In the fifth section, he slowly revealed to her a staple gun and a stationary stapler. ‘Useful to attach things to your body I reckon…” There were boxes of different staple sizes.

There were matches and lighters in section six. “Fire fire burning bright! Cooking flesh is my delight! Scorching skin will be your plight!” he rhymed like a maniac against the sound of her garbled weeping. A small Bunsen burner attached via tube to a gas canister sitting on the second level of the trolley.

Section seven showed hot glue guns and glue tubes.

Section eight had an unplugged soldering iron…

Section nine had nails of various lengths and thickness, all rusty, and a small hammer. Scattered and mixed with the nails were thumbtacks and various safety pins. Elder wondered why he hadn’t group them with the needles.

Pliers and cutters sat in section ten, alongside tweezers and small tongs.

She nearly passed out just looking at the objects on display.

Samantha was making deep throated noises with every breath now, terrified. She started to pull and tug at her bonds, mildly at first, then quickly, almost ignoring her pain at her knees, desperate to break free from this madness before her. The albino stared at her into her eyes filling her with fear. He was holding up the nail clipper now….
He spoke with a deep slow whisper…”we need to remove your top….how can we torture you with your top on? How can we start our romance if you still have your bra protecting you? Hmm?” He chuckled, she started crying loudly as he pushed the trolley aside, pulled himself on the stool forward so he was very near her body. He touched her bare stomach under her top, she squealed, thinking he was starting to hurt her but no, he merely held the lower part of her top, feeling the thin fabric between his fingers and started clipping at it slowly, from the center near her belly button. Clip, clip clip, he purposefully and meticulously snipped. Her stomach was heaving in and out, faster with every second, heart pounding with horror. He grinned as he went on, clip, clip, clip, exposing her flat stomach, her solar plexus, ever so slowly cutting upwards, the bottom of her bra cups came to view, a white cotton bra. Elder could see her chest now, robust teenage flesh bundled tightly in her white bra as the pink top began opening up more and more like a curtain with every clip. The Albino resisted ripping apart the top, choosing to be patient, cutting through her chest and finally her neckline. The tightness of the top caused the two sides of the now maimed garment to spring open, exposing her well formed double D breasts in the tight bra. Slowly, the clip found its way to the left strap of the tank top. Clip. It fell away. Then the right. Clip. She moaned as her pink top fell and pooled around the back of her legs. Such a glorious sight. This young American teen in her white bra now, and black shorts, kneeling on a bloody board, body strapped to a pole.

Her tears streamed down over the leather pad over her mouth as she watched him pull the trolley near to him. He was watching her breast under all that cotton, wondering how he should start. She watched him through her tears, trembling, daring not to breathe. “Only your little bra left, between me and these…terrible tools…” he said, looking at the tools. “Oh what should we do to you first?” he studying his array, then pinched out a silver clip with jagged teeth, the one with a short chain attached to it.
“let’s test out your threshold hmmm? Shall we?” She shook her head in fear not defiance, the noise in her throat rising as he pressed open the clip and brought it close to her face, to show her exactly what it was, then he pretended it was a little creature, opening and closing the clips mouth playfully while lowering it to her right breast. He positioned the clip just over her nipples hiding underneath her bra. “here it comes…” She started screaming even before he clipped it on. When he did, her body jerked slightly at the sudden burst of pain. She tensed her body and fought against the burst, releasing a long gagged drawl. The clip pinched hard on her nipple but no blood came out. She had too much protection from the bra. She hummed a monotone to block out the pain. He gripped the clip and twisted it. She screamed some more, crying after the scream. Sobbing. Shaking her head. He released the clip, spat into her face. He picked out a lighter quickly, the type with a metal head. He lit it in front of her face and she flinched, taking deep breaths, afraid of what would come next. Her eyebrows arched up with fear. He let the fire burn bright, grinning in her face. “Hot, hot, hot…” he said. He let the fire heat up the metal. Then without warning, he released the gas killing the flame then tucked the lighter, burning hot head first into her left bra cup. Upon contact with fresh skin, she screamed and struggled and bucked, he pressed the hot metal against her left nipple, relishing her screaming and struggling. She was trashing her head left to right. He let it burn her, tilting his head, watching her face cramp up with pain. He pulled the lighter out, slowly dragging it against her young skin, staring at her. He yelled into her face. “This is nothing! Bitch! Nothing! Foreplay!” He appeared to be getting angrier, as if these mild tortures were irritating him. He was craving for blood now. His hand was trembling, her screaming subsided, catching her breath. She was sweating now, the drugs amplifying everything she was experiencing. He picked out a six sided dice and held it up to her face, adjusting his seat.

“You ready for a game Samantha baby?” He positioned his tray closer, tols gleaming in the bright white light in the torture room. He was getting started. He rolled the dice in his hands, cupped over it, then tossed it onto a small empty box on the tray, the dice bounced and stopped at four.
“Wow!” He exclaimed. “So early in the game, and you’re already at fishing hooks!”

He gently put both his hands on her rib cage, left and right. “You know what this means…” She started sobbing noisily. She started pleading again knowing it was no use, She tried to pull her body away, also knowing it was no use. “Time to unhook your bra…” He laughed at the joke, slipped his hands behind her back against her louder sobbing and half fear screams, “so that we can start hooking up your tender breasts…” He found the small clasp, gently undid it then ever so slowly, he held each open end and pulled it in opposite directions. Elder watched closely, the release of her white cotton bra and nearly ejaculated when he saw her large tits bounce free as the albino uncapped the bra from her body and pulled it over her head. Picking up the shearers that he dropped, he proceeded to cut the straps, letting her bra, mangled and forever lost, drop to the floor.
Elder stared at her round, soft breasts, her pink nipples and saw the red marks on the left breast where she had been burnt. The albino toyed with her nipples between his fingers, turning them slowly this way and that, delaying the inevitable pain that was to come. He held up his left hand, palms open before her like he was showing her a magic trick,” with this hand,” he said, “I’m going to pick out your first experience of sharp, acidic pain…”

She started heaving loudly, guttural, primal noises of NO. He started to giggle like a little child as he fished out the coiled fishing string, with the hooks tied upon it. He waved it in front of her terrified face. It pumped his blood watching her face turn into fear, knowing that she was all bound and topless now and he could start inflicting all sorts of pain upon her. With his right hand, he let the string of hooks dangle between her breasts. She jerked against her bonds, one last desperate attempt to somehow break free from this oncoming terror as he playfully allowed the small sharp hooks to slide and scratch against in the insides of her right breast. He pinched the lowest hook, the one at the end of the string, licked his dried lips from all that heavy breathing and carefully positioned the hook at the bottom, central part of her right tit, right at her ribs where the skin of her breasts joined the skin of her chest. He bent his head down a little to get a clearer view. “Here it comeees!!!” He gingerly pierced her tender flesh , the first sight of blood driving him crazy, the first sharp burst of pain sent shocks into her, it was like a sting that didn’t go away. He tugged the line upwards, hooking her deeper while he slowly hooked in the second hook into the side of her breast, pushing it into and under her skin. He tugged again and started circling her breast, slowly, deliberately pushing in the sharp little hooks as he went along the girth of her breast in a clockwise direction. Carefully, he released more string, mindful that at the end of the coil was another set of six nasty little hooks, to go around her left breast… Blood started dripping onto her torso and ribs, she was struggling and screaming and her crying was free and filled with pain. He pulled and tugged, some pierced parts started to tear a little, flesh ripping slightly. By the time he reached one full turn, the sixth hook had been cut and buried into her meat. Blood rolled down around her breast now from the little fresh holes. The albino was relishing this, the elder watched on fascinated, listening intently to the pitch of her crying, rubbing his erect cock. Samantha was shaking from the pain, which has only begun. The albino neatly circled the thin fishing string around her breast. After the third round, and without any remorse, he pulled the fishing line fast and tight, standing up to do this, he leveraged himself and tugged as hard and as viciously as he could. The hooks dug in deeper but did not break out. The string tightened considerably, biting into her skin, bulging out her breast. It was turning red from blood pressure and from the streaming crimson that streaked down her body like little red veins. He went round her breast two more times and paused when he had reached the point where the first hook was pierced. He carefully calculated the amount of string left. He needed to begin circling her left breast now.

He let the rest of the fishing line fall, studying the six hooks at the other end. He ran the line up through the valley of her breasts then circled it, anti-clockwise
Around her left breast.

After the third round, his fingers had reached the line of hooks at the other end. They were ready to be inserted one by one. He tugged mercilessly and hard on the fishing line, giving him a bit more slack. He pulled hard, never releasing the tension, the cinch pushing out her breast, cutting into her skin, the tension pulling against the hooks in her right breast, tightening, always tightening.

It was terrible, the tightness, the sharp sting, the prolonged pain of torn and hooked flesh. She was hysterical somewhat, swaying her body left to right, eyes screwed shut, sweating profusely. The albino reminded himself that the drug in her system was amplifying the pain. “Does it hurt Samantha? Hmm? Are you in PAIN?” He giggled loudly as his deft fingers began hooking her left breast. Like a meticulous model maker, he turned the hooks this way and that, slowly piercing her along the insides of her left tit, pulling the line after every hook had pierced. She was steadily screaming now, pauding only to catch her breath. The muffled quality of those screams, mixed with the crying noises, was such a turn on for the elder. He leaned into the albino’s ear and said, “I want to rape her…” The albino ignored him, he was focused on keeping the fishing line taut as he circled her left tit, piercing in the fourth and fifth hooks. He kept pulling, dragging and digging the hooks in, tearing slightly her skin listening to her screaming. The final hook reached just at the top of her left breast. He gave the line tension one last drag then carefully hooked it in. Both her breasts were bleeding now although not exactly profusely. Both her breasts bulged out, started to change color as blood flow was starting to show. Both her breasts appeared to be bunched closer to each other now, two melons touching each other, turning purple, thin hairline veins starting to show. The lower part of her heaving body, stomach contracting and tense, dealing with pain, looked like a work of art. Streaks and crooked lines of blood rolling down to pool and soak into the waistline of her soggy black shorts. Sweat streamed down her legs, her face was wet with tears and sweat. Small, signals of pain sounded from deep inside her gagged face and tense throat. She was extremely thirsty, throat sore from screaming. Pain still shooting from her knees and now sharp stings throbbed and pulsed around the insides of both her breasts. The taut fishing strings hurt her breasts from the inside, the pain concentrated and condensed in the core of her breasts. The albino sat back in his chair studying his handiwork. “Well done!” he grinned in her face. “Oh I’m not done yet sweetheart, don’t look so relieved. So much more flesh left to cover and see? He turned to the tray, “we still have so many hooks left! Bigger ones! And the weights! So much more we can do!” He laughed. She wept, disbelieving in the terror, disbelieving that more was coming. He suddenly grabbed both her breasts with his unruly paws and squeezed. New forms of pain shot through her chest like lightning, bursting into her head, she threw her head back, banging against the pole and screamed skywards, neck muscles bulging out, body swaying against her bonds. He clenched and turned her breasts, one clockwise the other anti clockwise, causing as much new damage as possible to her hooked points of pure pain. Her core felt like it was going to burst. He released his grip, fumbled for the small bottle of spray from the second level of the trolley and brought it out. “Now this!” he said with glee, “is filled with pure and thick salt water…” Her body shook with heavy sobbing, knowing what he was about to do. He purposefully moved the spray closer to her wounds…”bite down on my dirty underwear Sam, this might sting quite a bit…” He brought the nozzle close to her open wound and fired it off, close range, elevating the excruciating pain. The stinging shock made her jerk wildly as he fired off some more. The cries she made was almost inhuman, she nearly passed out but the drugs in her kept her wide-awake and alert to her pain. He sprayed some more; two, three bursts on each and every wound, taking his time to go around the 12 puncture wounds around her tits. He shot close, so the salt water was forced into her damaged flesh, seeping inside, stinging internally. Her body was dripping now with salt water and sweat and blood. He loved it. Her tits were turning slightly purple from the tightness. He put the spray aside and flicked his fingers hard against random wounds as if he was hammering in the hooks, plain and simple way of adding pain unto pain. He flicked her nipples hard a few times each, laughing as her nipples wobbled. He then dug the tips of his fingers into the thin, taut fishing line at the sides of her breast, and pulled, released, pulled, released. He was clearly enjoying this. She was clearly not. The pain was unbearable.

“Since you rolled a lucky four…” He said looking into the compartment on the tray for the right one, “let’s have four more hooks in your beautiful tits, one for each shall we?” She moaned and wept. “where’s mommy and daddy now hmmm?” He picked out a medium sized hook. It was new. Sharp. He held it before her terrified eyes. “ Do you think the police have any idea where you are?”
He pinched together the flesh around her left nipple first, then abruptly let go, as an idea hit him. “Let’s make this more interesting.” he said. He turned to face the tray and picked out a pair of pliers. He carefully used the tool to hold eye hole side of the hook. The sharp side jutted out from the tip of the pliers. With his free hand, he turned on the gas of the Bunsen burner. “Brother, could you please help me light this up? We’ve got a hook to cook for dear Samantha here…” He turned to the frantic girl, “silver is such a wonderful conductor of heat did you know? Your daddy ever brought you fishing Samantha? Hmm? ANSWER ME!” He slapped her breasts hard. She shook her head, crying. “Awwww what a pity…don’t worry, In a few seconds, I’ll show you exactly how to hook a living, writhing thing… like yourself…. Har har har har!! I AM YOUR DADDY NOW! And you deserve all the love you can get!” The fire burst from the burner and the albino brought the hook into the blue flame. “SO much love to give you pretty Samantha with your pretty braids and your pretty breasts with your pretty blood….” The hook was turning red fast. Samantha was getting more and more frantic. “Nice and hot, nice and BURNING hot!” He pinched her left nipple again to extrude the flesh then brought the freshly fired up hook close, turned the pliers to position the curved point then, against the backdrop of a deep throated scream of immense pain, he slowly punctured her skin along the rim of her light brown areola. She looked like she was having a fit but being bound kept her spasms to a bare minimum. Her struggling must’ve caused greater pain from her already injured knees. The burning silver hook sizzled as blood began to ooze from the wound. He twisted the pliers slightly and with more force, he dug the hook deeper into her breast, he turned the pliers a little again and pulled at it until the sharp tip pierced out from the other side of her areola. “There,” he said releasing the pliers to let the hook hang in her flesh. “And the finishing touches…” He picked out a fishing weight attached to a chain with a clip on its end. He clipped it to the end of the hook then let it drop. The weight pulled against the hook in her and he let it dangle and swing like a pendulum. The noise from her was a mixed mess of short sobbing bursts with intermittent sounds of screaming as she struggled to deal with the new onset of pain in her body and breast. “Just three more to go sweetheart!” He was already preparing the other hook.
It went in systematically just like the first, except through her right areola. The hook was heated up to a hot red and pierced slowly through her flesh, soundtracked by more hysterical screaming, sweating and body buckling. The albino spat in her face several times throughout his procedure. When he was done with the second hook, after chaining it to another fishing weight, he sat back to study his handiwork. Two dark grey weights on shining chains attached to medium sized hooks that pierced deep into her two tits. Blood and sweat dripping, she was getting nauseous again dizzy with pain. He pulled at the weights for fun just to hear her scream in different ways. He would never get bored with the sounds of gagged crying and mewing and despair. He loved it. He wanted to hurt her some more….

Part 9: The Escalation of Samantha’s Pain.

The albino’s blood was pumping, his hands were shaking with excitement as he picked out the third medium sized hook and held it between his fingers of the right hand. “Where should the other two go hmm?” Samantha was pleading through he gag to stop. “Maybe we should hook your tits closer together yes?” He didn’t bother burning up the hook, instead he used the sides of hands to push her breasts together, the pressure forcing the other hooks around her tits to dig in deeper. She wailed as he studied how her flesh was bunched up now at the center. He gripped her tits and pushed them harder together so her flesh meshed, blood dripping form wounds. With his deft fingers he pierced through the surface of her left breast then wriggled the hook deeper and dragged it out into her right breast. Just barely the tip of the third hook protruded. She was of course gurgling with pain, sweat running down her tensed face. He left go of her tits and the hook surprisingly held her flesh together but it looked like it might tear through anytime. He picked up the fourth hook, pushed her tits together again and surgically inserted it through the front of her two breasts, successfully and artfully holding both tits together with the instruments of pain. “Time to roll the dice again! And I just realized, 6 sides die with more than six options! How silly of me, I’ll roll it twice and add them!” He quickly picked up the die and tossed it. “5! And…” He rolled it again, “3! That’s an 8! Let’s see, what is 8?!” He checked the compartments of the tray. His face lit u p. “Oh we need a power point for this…” He picked up the unplugged soldering iron and let the black wire dangle. “You’re going to LOVE this one! The pain is very very different!” Samantha’s face turned pale almost instantly. A rising, terrified protest began in her throat as the albino fumbled around for a power point. Tears flowed freely, her breathing turned into hyperventilation as her mind reeled at the possible uses of such a terrible machine. She started screaming again, she tried struggling to break free but it was no use as he pushed in the plug and the red light came on. He held on to the thing like a weapon and waved it in front of her face. “I’m thinking we can draw some pictures on your tits! This leaves nice, deep burn marks…I hope you like the smell of burning flesh because I do!” She shook her head furiously, eyes widened and body trembling with pre-emptive shock. The iron began heating up, he licked his lips, she kept jerking against her bonds, coughing into her gag because of the panic rising steadily in her. He pulled his stool closer to her. The soldering iron had already heated up. “Left or right breast first?” tears rolled down her face. “I say right!, right? Hahaha!” He held the thing with his right hand and with his left he squeezed her fleshy large breast. “hjere it comes!” she screamed into her gag even before contact. When the tip touched her skin, the pain shot through her innocent body like a bolt of electric hurt. Her skin sizzled as he pushed the tip slightly just at the rim of her areola and dragged the iron hot instrument upwards the top side of her breast. She struggled furiously and howled into her gag causing the burn line to be jagged a little. “stop moving bitch! You’re messing up my art work!” He laughed hard, his tongue sticking out as he drew a few more lines with the burning thing. The smell of fresh excited him, the sizzling sound of evaporating blood made his heart race. He slowly and painfully drew his first smiley face somewhere along the side of her right tit. The pain was of course excruciating. Young flesh on fire, each drag brought a renewed hurt as he punctured two small holes in the circle and drew a smile. He move don to her left breast, tracing the outline of her other areola, burning a deep brown streak of pain around her nipples, slowly, menacingly, he let the terrible hot iron scar her deeply. He started writing on his slave, spelling out S L U T right across her flesh. She was sweating profusely, crying loudly and gurgling and groaning in that muffled way that was so erotic. Elder was a silent watcher, masturbating as he watched his brother finish off SLUT. The albino jabbed the burning thing into her right breast again, just under her nipple and purposely let the tip sink into her skin. He punctured many holes after that, like hot knives burning inn soft butter. Her flesh bubbled and swelled around the puncture marks that were turning nearly black. She threw her head in all sorts of direction, trying her best to distract form the pain that exploded in her brain with every contact. Sweat ran down her lovely body, pooling around her shorts. He thought unpleasantly of the other big breasted girl, the one who bit off his cock and his anger fueled him to cause greater harm to this bitch, who could do nothing to hurt him. It was he who would hurt her, very very badly. He slowly took his time to write W H O R E right across her right breast, the O circling her nipple. Her body was now defiled with insults. He spat onto her left breast then started chanting something sinister. She felt as terrible emotion of fear escalating, of dread and impossible helplessness fill her up. When he finished chanting , he burned the magickal formulae into her skin. She realized that this black magic was ANCHORING all the terrible feelings he had somehow raised in her. With every turn and puncture and drag of the hot iron tip, the disturbing feelings escalated and remained at that stationary vibration. He was sealing in those emotions with a spell. “you WILL never be at peace, NEVER!” He directed all his powers into finishing off the sigil of horror. When he was done, he put the iron down then pinched both her nipples and twisted hard. He was losing energy, about to pass out from all the pain. Just then, there was a knock on the door. The elder opened it. It was the crone. A figure was standing behind her.
“my dearie sons, look who dropped by!” Elder’s face lit up with an evil smile of appreciation. The albino turned away from his object of anger and saw his old old friend walk in. “Good evening Masters,” The DarkStalker bowed as he came in, “I don’t suppose you need a hand torturing this beautiful one?” The albino grinned, “Why the hell do you think I called you? Come in! see! There’s plenty of toys here and I was JUST getting started with her tits! Pull up a chair!” He turned back to Samantha, who was now even more afraid with a second torturer in the room, “We still have lots to do to this rich little abused meat!”

Eleven. Epilogue

The elder hides in a cave, thousands of miles north of the house of Ordeals.
He is masturbating to fractured memories, episodes of the past month clings to his scattered mind. The last sexually pleasing thing he did was the most vivid. The hanging of Samantha Roberts, the stretching of her body, her naked form. Then memories of what happened next came haunting him again. Did it take a lot for elder to be haunted? He after all dealt with demons, but nothing like the demon that came up that night a month ago. All the fire, all the screaming, Graheg in psychic pain. For a demon to be in pain. What was that like? Elder never wanted to admit ’retribution.’ He never believed it in. He believed in a balancing of forces. Something had come undone, something had become inbalanced in the house of ordeals and it had something to do with the girl who died, buried alive in the basement. It was her fault, elder decided. It was her bloody fault.

Graheg was still with him, parts of its consciousness and spirit and energy didn’t die in the fire. It crawled into elder and hid in his subconscious. The witch mother was gone. Completely. Her power translated and spent in some other domain now. Elder wonders about darkstalker. He was the only other aspect of the house that survived the ordeal of the house of ordeals. He and Samantha of course. Sam was always his toy to begin with so it was right that he escaped with her, bound, gagged, trapped in that black suitcase on wheels. Did elder remember the very end? The smoke and debris, the collapsed house, the burning wasteland? Did he remember watching Darkstalker leave dragging the suitcase with sam inside? Perhaps. His memory is hazy but he wishes to remember the best parts only.

Elder was eating pussy when his phone rang. His Asian chinese girl had her legs bound and spread cruelly across the filthy bed. Her mouth still stuffed with someone’s soiled underwear, he cannot remember whose. Tape , round and rounds of thick heavy duty tape kept the garment bulging in her mouth. Her pussy was clean shaven, he remembers the taste, sucking on her raped cunt. The phone was ringing, distracting him. Irritated, he stopped his dessert and answered. “What?!” It was the albino. “We want you to come watch us inflict terrible pain unto dear samantha’s virgin cunt.”
“Why the hell should I leave my own games to watch yours?”
“because you want to know what color panties she’s wearing my dear brother, you always loved the revealing of a teens panties right? Plus staple gun. I know you like to watch me use the staple gun…” Elders cock grew hungry with those words. “mmm.” He clicked off the phone and crawled back on top of the Asian teen, licking her frightened face. “I’ll be back.”

A cold chill had run up elder’s spine when he transited form his room, through the hall into the torture chamber. For a second his mind drifted to the burial basement but he didn’t bother about the feeling. He should have. It was the first sign that something was going wrong. The black candle that was usually lit in the hall for protection was blown off but no one seemed to have noticed. That was the other sign…
Samantha was crying into her gag when elder entered. Albino was seated before her spread legs with the cart of tools by his side. Darkstalker was in a sofa watching everyone with delight, occasionally touching himself as he imagined the stripping of Samantha. “Wecome brother! We can started now…” A moan escaped sam’s gagged face as the albino carefully selected his instrument. A small curved silver scissors. “say goodbye to your shorts my sweet.” He cooed, she cried as he pulled his seat closer to her cunt. Elder sat in a nearby sofa leaning forward, lighting a cigarette. He could see the sweat running down her tanned taut legs, dripping onto the floor. He loved the way she was spread, he imagined the pain she felt in her arms, especially the thumbs under all that leather. The rope was creaking, her face red. He psychically entered her mind. It was filled with terror. He was already expecting a new range of pain. She was forcing he rmind not to think of the tools on the tray and what would be used and how it would feel on her soft virgin meat between her legs. She was trembling. Slowly, Albino inserted the open silver blades between the fabric of her shorts at her right inner thigh. He snipped upwards meticulously, cutting through, towards her cunt. He cut along the bikini line and stopped just as part of her shorts fell open slightly to reveal the soggy white panties. Then he returned to his initial cut, just an inch apart and started cutting again upwards. He was systematically turning her shorts into a Hawaiian grass skirt. Just strips of cloth. He hummed as he continued cutting, revealing bit by bit the cotton white panties she was wearing. HE didn’t cut through the elastic band of course. That would just make her shorts fall away and would spoil the show. He did cut the strips at different lengths. Snipping some strips half off so more of her inner thighs and legs could be exposed. By the time he went past the sides of her shorts bending his head between her legs to cut at the back of her shorts, pieces of the strips were clinging to her sweaty flesh. He started working on the left side of the shorts…

Elder is cold in the cave. There is the sound of water running down ancient rock from somewhere deeper inside. He never ventured further than needed, crouching in a corner before a make shift fire built from gathered wood from broken trees nearby. The cave, the expanse of rock and the small woods wasn’t too far from a dirt road. He had walked here, fleeing, as far as possible from the house of ordeals.
His train of thought is broken now, he remembers samantha’s shorts hanging around her torso in shreds, the basic outline of her panties beneath. He was licking her skin, her thighs, up and down her bikini line. “Enough!” Darkstalker was saying. Give her pain! Come on!” He was getting impatient.

Her shorts was finally falling away with the last few snips of the silver blades, revealing her flat stomach and white low cut panties, soggy from her sweating and all that water having splashed on her. Both the boiling and non boiling water to wash off the filth. The tortures started small and almost meaninglessly. A lighter heated up, the metal pressed against her inner thighs. At some stage, elder remembers getting in his knees and biting her cunt through her panties. No blood flowed, not yet. Albino was laughing, slapping sam’s face hard several times. All the while, an uneasy cold was settling into the house as the girl in the basement was breathing her final minutes of lost air in that coffin, her mind given up, her sub consciousness latching on to dark, unsettled finalities bred from despair and anger. Perhaps, her full potential of a life fully lived was cut short so destructively that she had become destructive herself. Bound and gagged with barbed wires, air running out, young teenage angst evolving in her desperate houses. Her heart slowing, death coming. She was bait for something larger and more terrifying in the air. Something got hold of her in her final throes. Something spoke to her in that dark. Something came through her broken body and it wanted violence.

Elder remembered peeling off samantha’s panties with his teeth.

Her remembers the albino sitting fat and cross legged on the floor next to her right leg with a pair of pliers. Oh the screaming. The digging of steel into the small nail of her left foot. That tiny breaking sound of a toe nail being broken off. The trashing.

What else did elder remember?

That she was cleanly shaven, her young pussy lips nicely hidden, smooth cunt, shapely, rounded wet with saliva. A small razor running up the side of her bikini line, opening up a wound….salt…

Perhaps, samantha’s pain and the black despair of the girl in the coffin created the portal. No one knows. Maybe the demon that came through the basement death wasn’t a demon at all, but a righteous anger, or a dark angel or even the disturbed aspect of the tortured girl in the box. No one knows.

What everyone knows was the violence. And that Graheg was afraid. The witch was afraid. Certainly. Can one imagine that? The terrible witch who only knew how to instill fear in young girls, was afraid herself. The terrible rape god Graheg was afraid itself. Imagine the terror of the beast that came through…

Elder was fucking Samantha, with her panties ripped apart and tossed, with parts of her virgin cunt was mutilated with staples, her pussy lips pulled out, folded and stapled open, each crack of the stapler shooting sharp merciless pain through her entire body. Elder fucked her that way. Were there heated pins involved before the rape? Needles? Elder thinks adrenaline was pumped into her system at some stage to keep her sharp and alert.

Maybe there was fire and candles too, burning her cunt.

There was certainly fire when that other demon awoke, bursting through the body of the girl who died, coiled in barbed wire in a box.

How can an angel be so violent? Elder thinks in the cave. And the noise it made…

Perhaps, the reason why Darkstalker could escape was because the girl in the basement didn’t direct any anger towards him. He was never there at her rape, at her live burial, so he was not in her mind. He was not part of the ritual to Graheg. The brothers, the witch mother, the demon Graheg. All of them were in her mind. They were her targets. She remembers the Graheg the most. How it manifested in Elder, how elder raped her.

And why was Elder spared? Maybe that was the ultimate torture. To reel at the sense of family lost. To be the one left behind, to be granted life and memory rather than death and oblivion. That’s what they say isn’t it? Death is too easy. They must live and suffer the consequences…


Elder was raping Samantha, hugging her youthful body, drilling his hard cock into her virgin cunt kept open with staples. Her fucked her hard, listening to her garbled gagged screaming, biting her tits through the tank top. Pumping and pumping. Maybe her thumb was dislocated through that act. He heard a popping sound from above her head followed by howling.

He continued anyway, continued fucking her so hard he didn’t realize the ground was shaking. Through the noise of Darkstalker cheering and albino laughing, they did not hear the witch mother screaming.

It was only when the walls started to ignite with a strange unholy fire did they actually stop to take stock. Only when the cold, that was mounting, turned suddenly into a massive, unsettling heat did they stop and realize that something big and ugly was going to happen.

The girl in the coffin had drew in her final breath and the demon who manifested through her suffering, drew in its first.

Then all of hell broke loose.


It was time to leave the cave. To keep moving.

It was time to forget. The guts and stomach being ripped out from the witch’s body. That look of terror on her face as she faced the thing that had come from the basement.

All the blood. Elder cannot forget.

He cannot forget the broken neck of his brother, head twisted around, 360 degrees. The lungs pulled out through the gaping mouth of the other brother.

All the other girls gone.

What happened to them? Their discarded panties and bras, ropes and tape, leather straps, chains, cuffs; those were the only tangible things left. And the empty beds. Were they set free? Were they…taken?

The worst was seeing the statue of graheg on the floor, smashed, the panties on the altar burning. And the noise. The noise of two demons fighting, of Graheg retreating….of the walls collapsing….of the land turning into some kind of frozen fire…

A piece of the graheg statue, its penis, was kept by Elder as he fled the scene. Maybe that is how Graheg had remains with him. He was vomiting as he ran, going past the bodies of his brothers that still convulsed long after death. Elder could not bear thinking. What it was like for the body to die but the spirit to still twist and turn in destroyed flesh and bone. The ground had opened up, noxious gas had risen, choking everything but never killing Elder and Darkstalker. Elder remembers watching Darkstalker slash the ropes that held Samantha hanging. Somehow, a suitcase was in the corner, elder remembers it was the albino’s suitcase, used to transport girls or to keep them in a tight box torture. How darkstalker still had the sense to pack up a girl, elder did not know. He admired the man for that. Keeping calm and economical and productive in the face of carnage of confusion. It was almost funny. All hell breaking loose but Darkstalker still insisting on having things his way. He was certainly not done with Samantha. That much Elder knew, watching him dragging that suitcase through the wasteland, away towards the rover, vanishing past trees in the distance.

And the sirens screaming, coming for the broken house of ordeals. Spirits of his family screaming in the fog that was somehow being sucked into the ground.

Where was his family now? In some kind of hell? Where were the girls?

So many unanswered questions.

Elder leaves the cave. Carrying with him the broken black penis of Graheg.
Elder leaves the cave to find another country, another town, to gather his thoughts and perhaps to start it all over again, when the time is right, when the terror at the house of ordeals had settled into a manageable memory. He believes he can do se, even though he was supposedly spared to relive the horror all over again, he believes he can overcome what had happened. His lust would help him achieve that. Lust is the greatest power beyond all other powers that wishes to destroy him.

He sticks his hand in his pocket as he moves towards the rising sun. He feels the softness of the little white panties he picked up as he fled. He doesn’t know whose panties it is, but it reminds him of his life ahead, of the possibility of finding a fresh teen victim once again. He pulls out the panties and sniffs it deeply. He will be O.K again. The memory of his family will live on in heart forever. He will hunt again.

Forced Stories

Fri, 15 Apr 2016 11:24:49 UTC

Justine the model student part 5

<p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">Getting the mail one morning, I noticed a white envelope for me with no return address. Eager, I ripped open the envelope and saw an invitation to the house of a buddy of mine. He was a horny bastard, even worse than myself. With the reputation of a man-whore, he would fuck anything breathing, so his appetite for sex serves as a great service for horny college girls who wants to pass his course. He taught Human Sexuality, surprise, surprise. Having been a family man myself for many past years, I wasn&rsquo;t a usual guest at his Whorehouse, but&nbsp; now that my sexual antics with Justine have reached Peter&rsquo;s ears, I was very sure he had been aching to meet her. </p> <p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">I instructed Justine to wear the sluttiest outfit she owned, and not to wear any underwear. She ended up wearing a miniskirt and her low-cut singlet. I didn&rsquo;t tell her where we were going, but strapped her in my car and had forbidden her to touch herself for a fortnight. I could tell she was getting more and more frustrated by the day. Her legs would be clamped together at school, her pelvis grinding against my leg whenever she was giving me blowjobs… I stopped in front of his house and noticed dozens of cars lined up in front of me. I got to the front door and Peter answered, smiling when he saw me. His smile grew even bigger the moment he saw the nervous Justine. </p> <p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">&ldquo;Come in, you&rsquo;re just in time, we&rsquo;re about to have a little competition,&rdquo; Peter stepped aside and I ushered Justine in. His house was just how I remembered it. Naked girls running everywhere, juices running down the inner part of their thighs. Men wanking to the sight of girls with perky young breasts grinding against each other, while moans and screams of pleasure could be heard from the rooms of the mansion. In the rumpus room, girls were seen strapping on what looked like a vibrating g-string and lying down on the floor with their legs together. More men were gathering to watch, and Peter took Justine&rsquo;s hand, dragging her from me. I joined the men on one side of the wall, while curiosity consumes me. Justine strapped on a g-string and copied the other girls. There were about a dozen of them, their bodies lustful. There were other girls watching with the men, and a few were even giving them blowjobs or handjobs. Two girls in the corner were fucking each other with a double ended dildo, desperate for some attention. </p> <p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">&ldquo;Okay, girls, when I turn on the vibrators, the first one to orgasm gets to cum, and remember, I can just randomly turn these off at any time,&rdquo; Peter announced and pressed a button on the remote. There were soft vibrations coming from the g-strings and most of them moaned in pleasure. Some were furiously using their hands, while others grind against one another, desperate to orgasm through their clit. The moment Peter announced what was going on, I knew Justine would win, I don&rsquo;t usually pleasure her through her clit, so she was a bit uncontrollable there. As predicted, Justine screamed in pleasure and squirmed on the floor, buckling her hips. The vibrations suddenly stopped while the girls groaned in frustration. Justine sigh and sat up. A brunette suddenly smacked her pussy quite hard, probably for revenge, but Justine&rsquo;s legs gave a little squirm, she obviously enjoyed it. The vibrations came back on again, and girls squealed in delight. The short break did not plague Justine, and sure enough, in mere seconds, a final moan cemented her as the victor, and the other girls sigh in disappointment. &ldquo;Now girls, you all know what to do,&rdquo; Peter cooed.</p> <p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">The hoard of girls grabbed Justine and yanked off her g-string. A red head with large breasts stuck two fingers up her pussy and finger-fucked her. Justine moaned louder and louder, while her body jerked at each thrust. &ldquo;Oh my God,&rdquo; a brunette one yelped, fondling Justine&rsquo;s breasts, &ldquo;she&rsquo;s already on her way!&rdquo;</p> <p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">&ldquo;Horny little bitch!&rdquo; A blonde shoved another two fingers up Justine&rsquo;s pussy.</p> <p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">&ldquo;I got her g-spot!&rdquo; The red head screamed in delight while the other girls surrounding her start licking Justine&rsquo;s breasts, butt hole and clit. </p> <p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">&ldquo;Oh my God! Oh fuck! Oh Jesus! Fuck me harder!&rdquo; Justine screamed, squirming while a tear rolled down her left eye. With fingers to fuck her, Justine wanted to be slammed so bad! With a loud squeal, a streak of fluid from Justine hit the red head in the nose. The blonde got down to Justine&rsquo;s pussy with her ass up in the air and began sucking her clit, still swelling red from pleasure. A man next to me walked over to them, pulled down the blonde&rsquo;s g-string and started fucking her from behind. </p> <p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">&ldquo;Okay, my little whores, it&rsquo;s time to leave her be,&rdquo; Peter laughed while the other girls moved away from her and Peter picked Justine up. &nbsp;&ldquo;Here&rsquo;s your whore back,&rdquo; he smiled and handed me to her. I know exactly what comes next. I went up the stairs, carrying Justine, while men from the rumpus room began fucking the losers of the competition. After a little stroll upstairs, I finally found a vacant bedroom and dropped Justine on the bed. She woke up, startled. </p> <p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">Justine got up from the bed and ripped off my jeans. She pushed me onto the bed, and slammed down on my waiting hard cock. She was so tight, so wet. Her wet juices were leaking down towards my own thigh, she fuck me harder and harder. Her perky tits bouncing up and down, while the muscles of her pussy clenched hard around my cock, begging me to cum in her. I pulled her out and threw her down the bed, rotating her so that her ass was up in the air. Not wanting her to win, I slammed into her through doggy-style, with her screaming in pleasure. </p> <p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">&ldquo;Oh my God! Fuck me! Harder! That&rsquo;s it!&rdquo; she cried. </p> <p style="text-align: justify" class="MsoNormal">After a while of her squirming in pleasure, squealing as my balls hit her spent clit, I finally cum, with Justine gasping for air. She then collapsed on the bed, the fluids overflowing her cunt, soaking the bed sheets. </p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal">——</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal">&nbsp;</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal">Thanks for reading! I&rsquo;m sorry for not posting any stories lately, it&rsquo;s been a while. If you would like to hear more about Justine, vote me up and give me some comments? :D<span style="font-size: 8.5pt; font-family: Verdana, sans-serif"></span></p>

Forced Stories

Fri, 11 Jan 2013 12:06:49 UTC

Training: Her Story Part 1

I sat across from the couple and licked my suddenly dry lips. Could I do this? Could I really sit here and tell them my story? She said I had to. He said it all led up to this. All of my training, led to this. If I couldn’t do it, I would have failed. Him. I would have failed hi,. My heart started racing and I knew I would do it. I would find a way, I could not fail.
I smiled like he had shown me. Just a small uptilt at the corners and looked slightly down and to the left, letting my head fall a bit to that side so that my hair slid away and exposed the long column of my neck. I could see the man looking, and he licked his lips, his breathing getting just a touch faster. I had him. I had to get her too. If I couldn’t get her too, the story wouldn’t matter. They had to buy into me, my body, to insure that they would enter the program. I took a deep breath and leaned forward, adjusting my chair as an excuse, letting my blouse gape open and exposing to them both that I had on nothing underneath. My nipples were hard and pressing against the material. I could feel the moisture begin to pool on my seat. Of course I wasn’t wearing underwear, he never allowed that.
I saw her eyebrows rise just a bit and her chin tilt up. There. That got her. She clung a bit more tightly to her husband’s hand. Time to begin.
“I suppose every good story starts at the beginning,” I almost whisper. My voice permanently husky after all of the years of training. He likes it that way. Smoky. Sexy. I drag my mind from him and try to look the couple across from me in the eyes. It’s hard to do, I’m so accustomed to looking down…waiting. I have to be more assertive now. I’m a recruiter. This is my big chance to show him he hasn’t wasted his time.
The couple leans a bit more toward me, lips moistened by furtive tongues slightly parted. I tell them this will take some time, ask if they would like any refreshments before we begin, let them know they can stop me at any time. He makes a motion with his hand, he’s getting impatient for the story to begin. I nod slightly and settle back into my chair. My mind slips back to the beginning, and I begin to speak.
“You see me here before you, a finished product. A product of the program you came here to learn more about. You may enter the program, but know that you will never become what I am. It is too late to start your training. It must happen at a much younger age.
My earliest memory is coming to the program in a van. There were no windows and I was afraid. I didn’t know where I was, or how I had gotten there. When the van stopped and the door opened, I saw him for the first time and the look on his face set me at a sort of ease. I was still hesitant, but when he reached his hand out for me, I took it and followed him.
He led me into a small, cold room and told me to take off all of my clothes. He said that they were dirty, and only good, clean girls could have dinner. I was very hungry, so I did as he said. I stood before him completely nude, too afraid to think of modesty or trying to cover my body. He looked me over and, after taking my hand again, he led me away to a bathroom of sorts. There was a large tub, and it was full of warm water. He helped me in and instructed me to remain standing. I did as I was told. It just didn’t occur to me not to. He began to bathe me, with almost clinical detachment. I turned and squatted and leaned as instructed, the warm water soothing my tense muscles. Just when I thought he was finished, he told me to spread my feet further apart. I didn’t realize he was going to wash there. For the first time, I hesitated. I didn’t know him. I had a voice in my head, a voice I recognized by couldn’t place, telling me that no one should touch me there. He looks into my face and I can tell I’ve upset him. He grabs my arm, spinning me around to face away from him, and before I can get past the slight vertigo from the rapid spin, my bottom is aflame. He’s struck me. I pull in air, but before I can decide if I’m going to use it to scream, moan, or sob, three more strikes land. I feel a tear trailing down my face as I’m spun back around to face him.
He asks me if I had heard a question in his voice and I shake my head no. He stands there, just staring at me and slowly, I allow my feet to slide apart on the slippery bottom of the tub. He takes up the rag again and begins to wash between my legs. The rag is scratchy and rough and it hurts, but I just close my eyes and hang my head. I don’t say a word. I can’t remember the last time I’d spoken.
He drops the rag and begins to feel around between the lips of my vagina. I squeeze me eyes tighter. I know this isn’t right. I don’t know how I know, but I know. My shoulders roll forward and my chin lowers to my chest. I try to disappear inside myself, waiting for this to be over. I can’t tell you how old I was then. As I said, my memories begin with this day. I know that my chest was small, my breasts the size of small apples, high and perky and I had light brown areolas and nipples that seemed much too large to belong to the breasts they lived on. As he inspected me, I opened my eyes just a touch and could see my nipples beginning to grow and stand out from my breasts.
He noticed too. He leaned forward and took one between his teeth, nibbling at it and laving it with his tongue. His fingers got rougher in their exploration and suddenly, one of them slid up and touched something that had me flinching away. I couldn’t decide if had felt good, bad, painful….I just knew it wasn’t right.
I felt my mind start to drift, taking me away from what was happening in that bathtub. I could feel my body swaying slightly with his ministrations, but I couldn’t connect to the sensations.
Suddenly, I felt something cold and hard under me and I blinked, trying to come back to the moment, to take stock of my new surroundings. He was standing over me, and I was laying on a table of sorts. The table was high and my legs were in stirrups. I didn’t know then that’s what they were, and I was confused. I had never seen anything like this table. What was it’s purpose? I felt exposed, I had no covering and the room was so cold.
He moved from my side, down to the end of the table where the odd foot rests held me open to his gaze. He picked something up from a small cart next to the table, and I felt something cool and slippery being massaged into my most private area. I tried to close my knees, but suddenly, a sharp pain on what I now know is my clit jolted me. He just stood there, looking at me until I spread my legs again, knowing that the punishment would continue just as the spanking had if I continued to disobey.
The massaging began again, and moved down to my anus. My breathing completely stopped. This couldn’t be right, surely he wasn’t touching me there. But, of course, he was and as he continued to rub in the cool, slippery substance I began to notice an occasional burn as something pressed against me. After a time, I realized that whatever this substance was that was being used had an analgesic effect and I was feeling the burn less and less often, and almost in a muted sense.
He turned from me suddenly, opening drawers on the cart and moving things around. When he turned back around, I could tell he had something in his hand. I tried to lift my head to see, but his eyes lifted sharply to mine, the tightening around his mouth telling me I had messed up…again. I quickly dropped my head back down and closed my eyes.
I felt the muted burn and pressure again, and then I was screaming. Something was moving inside of me. He was putting something inside of my anus! Oh God, it burned. He acted as though he couldn’t hear my pleas for mercy, and my squirming only garnered me another sharp pinch on my clit. I tried so hard to stay still after that. It hurt so very badly, and I cried and moaned, but I daren’t move. He had already shown me, repeatedly, that the pain could get worse.
Once he had shoved the…whatever it as far as he wished for it to go, he grabbed my hands from my face and jerked me into a seated position. We’ll just say that this change didn’t help the discomfort any and leave it at that.
He pulled me down from the table and held me until I was stable on my feet. He crooked his finger for me to follow him and turned to leave. It struck me as I limped slowly behind him, every step, every breath, reminding me of the thing in my backside, that other than the explanation as to why I had to remove my clothes, and the instruction to spread my legs, he hadn’t spoken at all.
He led me into another room, with a small table laid out for a meal. Sitting around it were 3 other men. They looked up as we came in, all of them looking at me intently. He sat down and pointed to the chair next to him. I moved to it, and as I tried to sit down, I winced and moaned in agony, immediately standing back up straight. He made the face again and jumped from his chair. He pushed his hand between my shoulder blades so hard that I fell forward and he continued the pressure until I was laid down on the table, my face pressed against the rough wood.
I began to whimper, wondering if it was going to be pinching or spanking this time, when I realized one of the other men at the table wasn’t looking at me, he was looking at him. He nodded slightly and stood, coming around behind me where I couldn’t see him anymore.
I heard his belt buckling jingling and that’s when I knew. It was to be spanking, and this time with a strap. I clinched my eyes shut as tightly as I possibly could, and held my breath, waiting.
I quickly learned how very wrong I was, about what was to happen, and about how I thought I had figured out the levels of pain.
My legs were roughly jerked apart and as I fought for balance with my toes barely touching the floor, the edge of the table digging mercilessly into my lower stomach and groin, the new man pushed something big into me. I bit my lip, trying desperately not to scream. My ass was full from whatever had been shoved in there before, and now my pussy was being stretched beyond capacity. A hand fisted in my hair, pulling my head back as the invasion continued, digging deeper and deeper into me. I could hear grunting behind me, I could feel a body pressed against my legs.
I went limp from the pain and prayed for my mind to take me to the place it had taken me during my bath, but the pain wouldn’t allow for it. Just when I thought there was no way I could take more of this thing tunneling into me, it began to retreat. I opened my eyes to see the other two men, eating their meal eyes riveted to me and what was happening.
My head, still held back at a painful angle, was beginning to throb and the coppery scent of blood invaded my nostrils. I didn’t know what he was doing behind me, I just knew it hurt.
One set of eyes before me flicked up and behind me and a head nodded. The one that had responded to whatever was happening stood and began to loosen his belt as well. He climbed onto the table, kneeling in front of me. He grabbed my jaw and his fingers dug into the joint, forcing my mouth open. Just before he put…the…thing…into my mouth, I heard him say, "Use your teeth and we will hurt you."

Forced Stories

Sat, 23 Jan 2016 20:17:16 UTC

Breeding Farm

The breeding farm&nbsp;is a secret located on a large estate in the country side.&nbsp;I began the farm a few years ago from increased demand for natural insemination from women.&nbsp;My philosophy&nbsp;is to impregnate women clients with my seed. Women are referred by their doctor, their lawyert, and&nbsp;personal application&nbsp;to be considered as a client. After medical tests, counseling, and an interview then the clients are selected and placed on a waiting list. I also go to my favorite nightclubs, bar, or restaurants seeking young women as possible candidates for impregnation.The&nbsp;Love and War in Texas&nbsp;is my&nbsp;favorite bar and restaurant.&nbsp;I sat on the couch with a bevy of young females next to me.&nbsp;My cronies were standing nearby with other young females. All were drinking and eating and laughing. This was&nbsp;my entourage. They attend to&nbsp;my needs and desires.&nbsp;They&nbsp;are bigger, taller, and more aggressive than other males. That&nbsp;gave them&nbsp;the afforded right to breed.&nbsp;I impregnated females with no thought to the consequences.&nbsp;I had, over the years, placed&nbsp;my money and assets in overseas trusts, secret partnerships, and dummy corporations.&nbsp;My accountants were stealthy in hiding&nbsp;my wealth,&nbsp;my attorneys ferocious in defense of it. Armed men&nbsp;protected&nbsp;me from males who sought revenge against me. There are only five women that recieve yearly support&nbsp;from me.I&nbsp;picked out a female. She was sitting at the bar. She was white,&nbsp;red head&nbsp;and young.&nbsp;I guessed she was in her early twenties, about 5′ 5&quot;, 125 pounds. Her hair&nbsp;was shoulder length&nbsp;. She wore a plain black dress that came down to her shapely thighs. Her breasts were small. Each just a handful. Perfect for me. She kept flipping her phone open. Then she would look over at me. She was waiting for a phone call. And, she also wanted me.&nbsp;I always found that to be the case with females.<br /><br />My&nbsp;presence,&nbsp;my celebrity, and&nbsp;my stature transfixed females.&nbsp;I was 6’3′, 225 pounds of&nbsp;rugged muscle.&nbsp;My&nbsp;well groomed salt and pepper hair&nbsp;made me&nbsp;an&nbsp;distinguished imposing&nbsp;figure of a man.&nbsp;&nbsp;I was the alpha dog in&nbsp;my pack, so&nbsp;I had one of body&nbsp;guard’s go to the bar and invite the&nbsp;young woman&nbsp;to join me.&nbsp;She accepted.<br /><br />As&nbsp;she approached&nbsp;I saw she had blue eyes and perfect white skin.&nbsp;I stood up from the couch and held out&nbsp;my hand in greeting. She smiled.&nbsp;I took her hand in both of mine, and smiled back.&nbsp;I instantly noticed the gold band on her left ring finger.&nbsp;My smile widened. There was nothing sweeter than impregnating a married female.<br /><br />Her name was Diana, and she was waiting on her husband.&nbsp;I stepped aside and motioned for her to sit. She did. As&nbsp;I sat, Diana’s phone rang. Her date was a no show. He hoped she understood. She&nbsp;closed her phone.&nbsp;I heard only half the conversation, but understood.<br /><br />&quot;Sit with us Diana, no need for you to be alone tonight,&quot; said I.&nbsp;Diana nodded and whispered, &quot;I don’t really want to be alone tonight.&quot;&nbsp;I smiled at that,&nbsp;I knew&nbsp;I would have her tonight, all night.&nbsp;My personal limo driver drove&nbsp;us to Diana’s place. The driver had standing orders to wait for&nbsp;me until&nbsp;I finished&nbsp;my business.&nbsp;Diana hurriedly walked to the elevator with me. &quot;I don’t want any of my neighbors to know what I’m doing,&quot; she insisted.&nbsp;I soothed her conscience, &quot;It’s ok baby, I understand.&quot;&nbsp;Diana&nbsp;lived on the third floor of the building. The apartment itself was a one bedroom. A small kitchen, and living room. The bathroom was in the bedroom. I, towered over everything in the apartment,&nbsp;I towered over Diana too.<br /><br />&quot;Come to me,&quot;&nbsp;I commanded. She smiled at&nbsp;me and walked over.&nbsp;I smiled down at her, not so much because of her beauty, but because of what&nbsp;I was about to do to her.&nbsp;I had thought out the scenario&nbsp;I wanted&nbsp;my next conquest to be like. Rough. Hard. Diana was lucky/unlucky enough to be&nbsp;my next conquest. &quot;Undress honey,&quot;&nbsp;I growled.<br /><br />Diana stood there in&nbsp;my shadow for a moment then shed her clothing. Her pumps were first, next her dress and then the bra and half-slip. Finally she took off her bikini panties. She stood in front of me, in splendid nakedness.&nbsp;I smiled. She was the obedient type; she had no resistance within her. She trembled as she looked up at me. Diana knew she’d let&nbsp;me do anything to her. She anticipated what&nbsp;I wanted her to do.&nbsp;So, she bent down on her knees and began to open&nbsp;my fly.&nbsp;I let out a small laugh and said, &quot;You can do that later, I will have you now&quot;.<br /><br />I&nbsp;kicked off&nbsp;my shoes and socks, pulled off my shirt, and undid&nbsp;my belt. Diana saw that&nbsp;I intended to waste no time and helped take off&nbsp;my pants. She then pulled down jocks.&nbsp;I stood there, in front of her. Naked. She gasped at&nbsp;my meat. It was fully erect and throbbing. She had seen large men before but not like this. She was surprised at&nbsp;my length and girth.&nbsp;My cock was literally the size of her forearm.&nbsp;I bent down and kissed Diana tenderly on the mouth. She responded eagerly to&nbsp;my kiss and grabbed the back of&nbsp;my neck with both her hands. Then, without warning&nbsp;I picked Diana up and kissed her harder.&nbsp;I thought to myself, &quot;Rough and&nbsp;hard that’s what I’m giving out tonight. Diana wrapped her legs around&nbsp;my waist.&nbsp;I then artfully placed the inside of&nbsp;my elbows underneath her legs so that her ass was directly above&nbsp;my cock<br /><br />Diana dripped with moisture. She was eye to eye with&nbsp;me with her hands wrapped around&nbsp;my bulging neck. She was totally within&nbsp;my power. She couldn’t move or get away if she had wanted to, and she didn’t want to. She hoped that&nbsp;I would be gentle with her. She hoped that&nbsp;I would go slowly with her. She knew&nbsp;my&nbsp;long hard thick&nbsp;cock was more like a muscled arm.&nbsp; She would satisfy me. She was a pleaser. She tightened her grip on&nbsp;me so she could pull herself closer to&nbsp;my ear.<br />When she was close enough she kissed&nbsp;my lobe and said, &quot;Please be gentle with me John, please be gentle with me, I have never had a cock that massive before.&quot;&nbsp;I smiled and lied; &quot;Yes baby I’ll be gentle with you. I promise.&quot;&nbsp;&nbsp; I carried her to the bed,&nbsp;I stared at the&nbsp;beautiful young&nbsp;woman who was face down on the bed. Her hands gripped the sheets with her fists. Her legs&nbsp;were spread&nbsp;I could see that no matter what she might have said in the beginning, her dripping little cunt was proof enough that she wanted me, wanted&nbsp;me to take her.&nbsp;I needed the release.&nbsp;I needed to hear her begging for it. Moaning from pleasure, creaming on&nbsp;my cock, as she squealed out her pleasure. And having her at&nbsp;my mercy, so she couldn’t stop&nbsp;me after that initial orgasm…&nbsp;I couldn’t wait to feel her milking&nbsp;my cock of all&nbsp;my cum.<br /><br />&quot;You look so pretty&nbsp;laying with nowhere to go, baby.&quot; She turned her head some, glaring at&nbsp;me&nbsp;but&nbsp;her cries made&nbsp;me so hard. &quot;And you’re so wet for me.&nbsp;I can&nbsp;caress, lick and suck&nbsp;that little clit a couple times and have you dripping cum on my fingers. Do you want that? Do you want me to make your pussy cum?&quot; Another glare, tinged with lust, was sent&nbsp;my way and she&nbsp;wiggled her ass&nbsp;.&nbsp;I chuckled and crawled up on&nbsp;the bed.&nbsp;I saw her tense up, her body completely rigid.&nbsp;My fingers wrapped around her ankles and&nbsp;I spread her legs wide, pushing them up as well, until she was on her knees, both her holes open to&nbsp;my gaze.<br /><br />And gaze&nbsp;I did. Her pussy was shaved, giving&nbsp;me an unobstructed view of her puffy lips, her barely hidden pearl. Sliding one finger from her asshole to her slit,&nbsp;I felt her shiver as&nbsp;my finger&nbsp;slid between her lips. As&nbsp;I lifted&nbsp;my hand, a trail of her sticky juice came with&nbsp;me and&nbsp;I smeared it over that crinkled little brown hole. She jerked at this, squealing &quot; OOOOHHHH.&quot; &quot;No please,&quot;&nbsp;&nbsp;I ignored her and pushed&nbsp;my finger into the tightest ass I’d ever had the pleasure to feel. She grunted &quot; UUUUUHHHH&quot; as&nbsp;I sank two knuckles deep and I&nbsp;pulled back out, only to smear more of her cream over it. Two fingers pushed back through this time and&nbsp;I used&nbsp;my other hand to spread her ass cheeks.<br /><br />&quot;Does my little&nbsp;vixen like it? Does she like feeling me finger her tight ass? I bet she’d love to feel something else in there. Something bigger, harder. But not today.&quot; She visibly relaxed and&nbsp;I bit back a laugh. Like she could’ve stopped&nbsp;me if&nbsp;I wanted to fuck her ass. But that pussy of hers was too good to pass up. Wrenching&nbsp;my fingers from her butt,&nbsp;I used both hands to spread her open. Her pink folds were drenched, glistening with her readiness.&nbsp;I shuffled behind her, setting&nbsp;my cock at the entrance to her treasure.<br /><br />&quot;Okay baby. No anal tonight, because you asked me so nicely.&quot; She moaned &quot; OOOOOHHHHH…MMMMMMM&quot;&nbsp;as&nbsp;I slowly began to press inside. Her cunt sucked&nbsp;me in, pulling at me, rippling over inch after inch.&nbsp;My hands flexed on her ass,&nbsp;my fingers digging in hard as&nbsp;I moved forward until&nbsp;I felt&nbsp;my thighs pressed against her skin,&nbsp;my hairy&nbsp;balls getting gooey as they rested against her pussy lips.&nbsp;I twitched as&nbsp;I felt myself as deep in her as&nbsp;I as possible. &quot;Let’s go for a ride baby,&quot;&nbsp;I whispered.<br /><br />Then&nbsp;I pulled back and thrusted hard, she screams&nbsp; &ldquo; OMG STOP! STOP! OH PLEASE STOP!&rdquo; . Her body bucked up against&nbsp;me and I held her tight, punishing her with the force of my thrusts. My palms slid up to her waist and I pulled her back onto me as&nbsp;I shoved in&nbsp;deeper. She was soooo fucking tight, so wet for me. She was screaming&nbsp;<br />&quot; OMG! OMG! AAAAAHHH! &quot;. She screamed &quot; AAAAHHH! TAKE IT OUT! AAAAAHHHH!&quot;&nbsp;I looked down&nbsp;at her hands, watching as she clenched her fingers into the sheets, clawing at the material.&nbsp;I stared at that movement as&nbsp;my hips slammed into her and&nbsp;I covered her body more,&nbsp;my weight collapsing on her, keeping her legs spread but flattening her more into the mattress.<br /><br />Then&nbsp;I brought&nbsp;my hands up, covering hers and linking&nbsp;my fingers between her outstretched hands. She cried out&nbsp; &quot; AAAAAHHHH! AAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH! PLEASE STOP! Pleeesssse Sttttttoooopppp! &quot; as&nbsp;I humped against her, buried deep and not really slipping out.&nbsp;My hips&nbsp;and balls slapping&nbsp;against her WAP..WAP..WAP..WAP as I rammed her like a pile driver. &quot;How’s my little&nbsp;vixen doing? You like this? You like my cock inside your&nbsp;tight cunt. Stretching, tearing, and scraping your small tight tunnel?&quot;<br /><br />She twisted her head so she could look at&nbsp;me and I saw the pleading gaze, I&nbsp;knew what she needed to get off.&nbsp;I had her in such a position that she couldn’t rub against something, couldn’t touch herself.&nbsp;I took one hand and slid it beneath her body, squirming around until&nbsp;my fingers found the wetness. She groaned &quot; OOOOOOHHHHHH&quot; and then let out a small squeal &quot; OMG! MMMMMMMMMM&quot; as&nbsp;I pinched her clit.<br /><br />Her body jumped and squeezed&nbsp;me and I fought to keep from coming. Toying with her pleasure button,&nbsp;I rubbed it hard, moving back and forth like a windshield wiper in a monsoon. She grunted &quot; AAAAAAHHHHH..UUUUUUHHHHH&quot; and buried her head into the pillows.&nbsp;I pistoned into her again and felt her little box grip&nbsp;me hard. She screamed &quot; OMG! OOOOOOOHHHHHH..AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH ‘ into one of the pillows and&nbsp;i scraped a nail over the distended nerves.<br /><br />&quot;Let me feel it my little cumslut. Let me feel you milk my cock.&quot; She thrashed as&nbsp;I kept a grip on her, her twitching body yielding to&nbsp;my touch. She sobbed and&nbsp;I felt her shuddering.&nbsp;I didn’t stop after she’d gotten her pleasure. No,&nbsp;I used her cum to keep her slippery for&nbsp;me and&nbsp;I traced figure eights over her little nub. I pulled out then rammed back into her it was like<br />cutting through hot butter as I sliced into her tight canal again. She was gripping me tightly with her vaginal muscles and it felt like a velvet glove as I continued to slice into her. She started exhaling deeply as if she was releasing a great pressure. I could see her lips pucker as she blew out. I could feel every ridge of my cock slowly sliding into her tight pussy. <br /><br />She cried out again &quot; OMG! STOP..STOP..PLEASE TAKE IT OUT..IT HURTS&quot; and&nbsp;I knew she was asking for&nbsp;me to stop. But&nbsp;I snickered as&nbsp;I bit her neck, sucking hard and staring at the bruise. She looked back over her shoulder again and I looked directly into her tear filled eyes as I slid my hands up her spine and firmly grabbed both of her shoulders, pulling her hard against me,&nbsp;as&nbsp;I began&nbsp;slamming into&nbsp;her again.&nbsp;I was close now. Close to cumming. Close to filling her up like I’d&nbsp;planned to do.&nbsp;I pictured it,&nbsp;my cum sinking into her womb, making a baby. So&nbsp;I doubled&nbsp;my efforts.&nbsp;I held tight to her hips and hammering away at her body, giving her punishing thrusts and delighting in the noises she made. &quot; AAAAAAAHHHHHH..AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH..OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH..MMMMMMMMMMMM.&quot;&nbsp;I felt my&nbsp;balls tighten, could practically feel the cum boiling in&nbsp;my sacs. &quot;I’m going to cum baby. I’m going to come inside your&nbsp;cunt. You want it. You want to feel my sperm inside you, to feel it coat your walls. I’ll give it to you just like you want it. I’ll give you all my cum, and we’ll make a baby.&quot; I pushed in&nbsp;bottoming out in her pussy hitting her cervix. I heard her moaning a deep long soulful moan &quot; oooooohhhhhh..oooooooohhhhhhhhh&quot;&nbsp;as I pushed in deep and held it there with my balls laying against her little bud of a clitoris. &ldquo;ooooooooooooo&rdquo; turned to grunts &ldquo;ugh, ugh, ugh&rdquo; as I ground against her womb. She shrieked &quot; NNNNNNOOOOO…NNNNNNNOOOOO&quot; and bucked against&nbsp;me. My cock&nbsp;grew harder longer and&nbsp;thicker&nbsp; I was pounding at her cervix, hitting the entrance to her womb! That was when she started turning her head from side to side moaning &ldquo; no, no, no, oh God no&rdquo; and I could feel her muscles starting to&nbsp;spasm and tighten and spasming around my rock hard cock. She gasped and her whole body was shuddering. She was beginning to orgasm again! Her body had betrayed her!The walls of her pussy starting to clamp down on my cock and squeezeing me and her cervix opened up wide! I used that opportunity to push&nbsp;further into her.&nbsp;Slidding through the opening of her cervix and into her open womb! There was a loud popping noise as the head of my cock entered her womanhood! She wailed out &ldquo; OH..OH..OH..OH&nbsp;MY God, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO&nbsp;MMMEEEEE!!!&rdquo; She put her left hand up behind her head and grasped my hand that was pulling her hair.&nbsp;She sent me into further frenzy as I&nbsp;grabbed her shoulders with all of my strength, smashing my thighs against the back of her thighs and driving my cock another half inch&nbsp;into her cervix. &ldquo;AAAAAHHHHH! Oh God, Oh God, Oh&nbsp;MY God! Please<br />Take it out, Its too deep, I can&rsquo;t take it!&rdquo; The head of my cock now buried&nbsp;inside of her womb was so engorged it felt like it was going to pop off and explode. Her cervix was convulsing around the head of my cock so strong it felt like it was a mouth sucking my cum out! I&nbsp;feel my balls tighten. My cock grew even&nbsp;thicker inside of her and started spasming. She must have felt this too, because her eyes grew wide with a look of panic and fear of what she knew was coming. At that moment she remembered that she hasn&lsquo;t been on birth control! She started to sob &ldquo;no, no, please no&rdquo; even as her uterus was convulsing and her cervix was clamping down on the head of my cock! With a new look of panic on her face she screamed, &ldquo;no, don&rsquo;t cum inside me, I&rsquo;m not on<br />birth control! please no, don&rsquo;t get me pregnant.&rdquo; It seemed like slow motion as I felt my sperm leaving my balls and traveling up my long shaft and finally exploding out of the engorged head of my twitching cock into her open waiting womb! Stream after stream of thick white cum filled her belly as I pushed in&nbsp;further and&nbsp;holding deep in her. She just looked back over her shoulder and into my eyes with her beautiful tear filled eyes almost whispering now, &ldquo; no, no, noooo, you didn&lsquo;t, you shouldn&lsquo;t have&hellip; &rdquo; I continued&nbsp;holding my rock hard cock deep inside her as her womb convulsed, sucked, and drained every drop of cum from me. As I finished cumming inside of her I started to pull my cock , there was a loud pop as her cervix reluctantly released the head of my cock. She sighed and looked back at me. She knew now that I owned her and her life would never be the same. As my cock slid back out of her a long string of my thick sticky semen<br />trailed down her inner thigh. She collapsed on the&nbsp;bed in front of me, and just laying there sobbing. Too tired to fight&nbsp;me anymore, her legs were splayed wide and her freshly fucked&nbsp;pussy was red, sore&nbsp;and used. She shuddered and&nbsp;I watched the first dollop of&nbsp;my cum start to seep out of her. As it dribbled down between her lips&nbsp;I felt a twitch in&nbsp;my cock. He couldn’t go again so soon, could he? As&nbsp;my&nbsp;cum pooled onto the sheets though,&nbsp;I grabbed&nbsp;my cock and began stroking it.&nbsp;I needed her again, needed to feel her around me. She lifted her head and looked at me, no doubt getting ready to ask to be released. She saw&nbsp;my erection and shook her head. &quot; Not again,&quot; she mumbled. &quot;Not so soon.&quot;<br /><br />I&nbsp;grinned and nodded, jumping back onto the bed and flipping her over. Her arms crossed over her head, blocking her vision. And her breasts squished together. With a grunt of satisfaction &quot; UUUUHHHH,&quot;&nbsp;I knelt between her thighs and pushed myself into her battered hole once again. &quot;Yes baby. Again and again. We’re making a baby tonight.&quot;She screamed &quot; PLEASE NO MORE…PLEASE…NNNNNNOOOO…OMG! STOP&quot;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a name="fb_share"></a><a href=";title=Send%20a%20story%20via%20email&amp;username=literotica" target="_blank"></a><a href=";title=Send%20a%20story%20via%20email&amp;username=literotica" target="_blank"></a>

Forced Stories

Sun, 23 Dec 2012 19:28:46 UTC

The Program: Her Story Pt. 1

I sat across from the couple and licked my suddenly dry lips. Could I do this? Could I really sit here and tell them my story? She said I had to. He said it all led up to this. All of my training, led to this. If I couldn’t do it, I would have failed. Him. I would have failed hi,. My heart started racing and I knew I would do it. I would find a way, I could not fail.
I smiled like he had shown me. Just a small uptilt at the corners and looked slightly down and to the left, letting my head fall a bit to that side so that my hair slid away and exposed the long column of my neck. I could see the man looking, and he licked his lips, his breathing getting just a touch faster. I had him. I had to get her too. If I couldn’t get her too, the story wouldn’t matter. They had to buy into me, my body, to insure that they would enter the program. I took a deep breath and leaned forward, adjusting my chair as an excuse, letting my blouse gape open and exposing to them both that I had on nothing underneath. My nipples were hard and pressing against the material. I could feel the moisture begin to pool on my seat. Of course I wasn’t wearing underwear, he never allowed that.
I saw her eyebrows rise just a bit and her chin tilt up. There. That got her. She clung a bit more tightly to her husband’s hand. Time to begin.
“I suppose every good story starts at the beginning,” I almost whisper. My voice permanently husky after all of the years of training. He likes it that way. Smoky. Sexy. I drag my mind from him and try to look the couple across from me in the eyes. It’s hard to do, I’m so accustomed to looking down…waiting. I have to be more assertive now. I’m a recruiter. This is my big chance to show him he hasn’t wasted his time.
The couple leans a bit more toward me, lips moistened by furtive tongues slightly parted. I tell them this will take some time, ask if they would like any refreshments before we begin, let them know they can stop me at any time. He makes a motion with his hand, he’s getting impatient for the story to begin. I nod slightly and settle back into my chair. My mind slips back to the beginning, and I begin to speak.
“You see me here before you, a finished product. A product of the program you came here to learn more about. You may enter the program, but know that you will never become what I am. It is too late to start your training. It must happen at a much younger age.
My earliest memory is coming to the program in a van. There were no windows and I was afraid. I didn’t know where I was, or how I had gotten there. When the van stopped and the door opened, I saw him for the first time and the look on his face set me at a sort of ease. I was still hesitant, but when he reached his hand out for me, I took it and followed him.
He led me into a small, cold room and told me to take off all of my clothes. He said that they were dirty, and only good, clean girls could have dinner. I was very hungry, so I did as he said. I stood before him completely nude, too afraid to think of modesty or trying to cover my body. He looked me over and, after taking my hand again, he led me away to a bathroom of sorts. There was a large tub, and it was full of warm water. He helped me in and instructed me to remain standing. I did as I was told. It just didn’t occur to me not to. He began to bathe me, with almost clinical detachment. I turned and squatted and leaned as instructed, the warm water soothing my tense muscles. Just when I thought he was finished, he told me to spread my feet further apart. I didn’t realize he was going to wash there. For the first time, I hesitated. I didn’t know him. I had a voice in my head, a voice I recognized by couldn’t place, telling me that no one should touch me there. He looks into my face and I can tell I’ve upset him. He grabs my arm, spinning me around to face away from him, and before I can get past the slight vertigo from the rapid spin, my bottom is aflame. He’s struck me. I pull in air, but before I can decide if I’m going to use it to scream, moan, or sob, three more strikes land. I feel a tear trailing down my face as I’m spun back around to face him.
He asks me if I had heard a question in his voice and I shake my head no. He stands there, just staring at me and slowly, I allow my feet to slide apart on the slippery bottom of the tub. He takes up the rag again and begins to wash between my legs. The rag is scratchy and rough and it hurts, but I just close my eyes and hang my head. I don’t say a word. I can’t remember the last time I’d spoken.
He drops the rag and begins to feel around between the lips of my vagina. I squeeze me eyes tighter. I know this isn’t right. I don’t know how I know, but I know. My shoulders roll forward and my chin lowers to my chest. I try to disappear inside myself, waiting for this to be over. I can’t tell you how old I was then. As I said, my memories begin with this day. I know that my chest was small, my breasts the size of small apples, high and perky and I had light brown areolas and nipples that seemed much too large to belong to the breasts they lived on. As he inspected me, I opened my eyes just a touch and could see my nipples beginning to grow and stand out from my breasts.
He noticed too. He leaned forward and took one between his teeth, nibbling at it and laving it with his tongue. His fingers got rougher in their exploration and suddenly, one of them slid up and touched something that had me flinching away. I couldn’t decide if had felt good, bad, painful….I just knew it wasn’t right.
I felt my mind start to drift, taking me away from what was happening in that bathtub. I could feel my body swaying slightly with his ministrations, but I couldn’t connect to the sensations.
Suddenly, I felt something cold and hard under me and I blinked, trying to come back to the moment, to take stock of my new surroundings. He was standing over me, and I was laying on a table of sorts. The table was high and my legs were in stirrups. I didn’t know then that’s what they were, and I was confused. I had never seen anything like this table. What was it’s purpose? I felt exposed, I had no covering and the room was so cold.
He moved from my side, down to the end of the table where the odd foot rests held me open to his gaze. He picked something up from a small cart next to the table, and I felt something cool and slippery being massaged into my most private area. I tried to close my knees, but suddenly, a sharp pain on what I now know is my clit jolted me. He just stood there, looking at me until I spread my legs again, knowing that the punishment would continue just as the spanking had if I continued to disobey.
The massaging began again, and moved down to my anus. My breathing completely stopped. This couldn’t be right, surely he wasn’t touching me there. But, of course, he was and as he continued to rub in the cool, slippery substance I began to notice an occasional burn as something pressed against me. After a time, I realized that whatever this substance was that was being used had an analgesic effect and I was feeling the burn less and less often, and almost in a muted sense.
He turned from me suddenly, opening drawers on the cart and moving things around. When he turned back around, I could tell he had something in his hand. I tried to lift my head to see, but his eyes lifted sharply to mine, the tightening around his mouth telling me I had messed up…again. I quickly dropped my head back down and closed my eyes.
I felt the muted burn and pressure again, and then I was screaming. Something was moving inside of me. He was putting something inside of my anus! Oh God, it burned. He acted as though he couldn’t hear my pleas for mercy, and my squirming only garnered me another sharp pinch on my clit. I tried so hard to stay still after that. It hurt so very badly, and I cried and moaned, but I daren’t move. He had already shown me, repeatedly, that the pain could get worse.
Once he had shoved the…whatever it as far as he wished for it to go, he grabbed my hands from my face and jerked me into a seated position. We’ll just say that this change didn’t help the discomfort any and leave it at that.
He pulled me down from the table and held me until I was stable on my feet. He crooked his finger for me to follow him and turned to leave. It struck me as I limped slowly behind him, every step, every breath, reminding me of the thing in my backside, that other than the explanation as to why I had to remove my clothes, and the instruction to spread my legs, he hadn’t spoken at all.
He led me into another room, with a small table laid out for a meal. Sitting around it were 3 other men. They looked up as we came in, all of them looking at me intently. He sat down and pointed to the chair next to him. I moved to it, and as I tried to sit down, I winced and moaned in agony, immediately standing back up straight. He made the face again and jumped from his chair. He pushed his hand between my shoulder blades so hard that I fell forward and he continued the pressure until I was laid down on the table, my face pressed against the rough wood.
I began to whimper, wondering if it was going to be pinching or spanking this time, when I realized one of the other men at the table wasn’t looking at me, he was looking at him. He nodded slightly and stood, coming around behind me where I couldn’t see him anymore.
I heard his belt buckling jingling and that’s when I knew. It was to be spanking, and this time with a strap. I clinched my eyes shut as tightly as I possibly could, and held my breath, waiting.
I quickly learned how very wrong I was, about what was to happen, and about how I thought I had figured out the levels of pain.
My legs were roughly jerked apart and as I fought for balance with my toes barely touching the floor, the edge of the table digging mercilessly into my lower stomach and groin, the new man pushed something big into me. I bit my lip, trying desperately not to scream. My ass was full from whatever had been shoved in there before, and now my pussy was being stretched beyond capacity. A hand fisted in my hair, pulling my head back as the invasion continued, digging deeper and deeper into me. I could hear grunting behind me, I could feel a body pressed against my legs.
I went limp from the pain and prayed for my mind to take me to the place it had taken me during my bath, but the pain wouldn’t allow for it. Just when I thought there was no way I could take more of this thing tunneling into me, it began to retreat. I opened my eyes to see the other two men, eating their meal eyes riveted to me and what was happening.
My head, still held back at a painful angle, was beginning to throb and the coppery scent of blood invaded my nostrils. I didn’t know what he was doing behind me, I just knew it hurt.
One set of eyes before me flicked up and behind me and a head nodded. The one that had responded to whatever was happening stood and began to loosten his belt as well. He climbed onto the table, kneeling in front of me. He grabbed my jaw and his fingers dug into the joint, forcing my mouth open. Just before he put…the…thing…into my mouth, I heard him say, "Use your teeth and we will hurt you."

Forced Stories

Sat, 23 Jan 2016 20:14:53 UTC

Her rape fantasy.

<p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">This story is an example of a wild night an ex and I had, she had always wanted to live out a rape fantasy she had and this was our first opportunity to try. </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">To start we were both in our early 20&rsquo;s, we knew my roommate would be out for the weekend and we had always had really rough sex(I&rsquo;m fond of it and got her into it over the relationship to the point where she would beg for it over normal sex) so she asked if we could play this fantasy out over the weekend. We broke down the idea and how we wanted to play it out and came up with the following…</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">I would wear some type of mask, she picked out a couple and I would have my choice of which. </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">we set up a safe word just in case. </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">I would use tape to tie her up and I was allowed to do pretty much whatever I wanted. </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">She had no idea when it was gonna happen <img src="file:///C:/Users/labtop/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image002.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" width="19" height="19" /></span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">So, those were the basic ideas and we didn&rsquo;t want to talk it out to much cause we were worried it would ruin the overall feel. The roommate left Friday morning and she came over that night around 7(normal thing for her to do, she&rsquo;s out of work at 6, we hangout, go sleep what not). When she got to the door she was a little surprised because it was unlocked and partially open. Normally we have a plug in light in the short hallway to our living room but I had undone that and it was pitch black out(winter). She came in and was obviously a little freaked, she fumbled for the light switch and after finding it made her way to my room, surprised again that I wasn&rsquo;t home. about 2 hours later I got home, she asked where I had been and I told her just out and about which she gave me a wicked grin to. Nothing happened that night but I had set the idea a bit in her head <img src="file:///C:/Users/labtop/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image002.gif" border="0" alt="Smile" width="19" height="19" />. </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">I should prob just briefly go over what she looks like. She&rsquo;s about 5&rsquo;3, DD chest(I couldn&rsquo;t tell you what number, they were big but I didn&rsquo;t ever inquire). She was a little over weight but she wore it well. Cute ass and dark brown hair with beautiful green eyes, similar in shade to a lime(weird reference but its what I thought, lol bright and green)</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">We hung out a bit on Saturday, movie and relationship stuff and around 7 I asked her to run home(maybe 10 mins away) to grab something she had forgotten. She gets back, same situation as above. Door cracked, light out, she comes in and…nothing, I get home 30 mins later <img src="file:///C:/Users/labtop/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image004.gif" border="0" alt="Winking smile" width="19" height="19" />. When I come in I can tell she’s almost irritated at me for not doing anything but she forgives and we sleep. </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">Sunday(obviously) is when the fun starts. she had plans with a friend this day so those two go out, get nails done, waxed up and whatever and she comes home…door cracked again. She opens it slowly expecting, comes into pitch black hallway…she comes up to my door, slowly opens it to find me sitting on bed watching tv. lol now she looks pissed, the adrenaline is going and she’s angry so she is about to quiz me when she says &ldquo;forget it&rdquo; and lays down, falls asleep on the bed…Now the fun <img src="file:///C:/Users/labtop/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image004.gif" border="0" alt="Winking smile" width="19" height="19" />. Around 1 she gets a call on her phone, knows its mine but not sure why I&rsquo;m calling if I&rsquo;m…hum I&rsquo;m not in bed. Of course she’s half asleep at this point and really doesn&rsquo;t put two and two together(which I figured), I ask her to come help me get some stuff out of the car(not to unusual, I work nights sometimes and shop late often). </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">She heads out into the dark hallway, about half way to the front door a cloth bag goes over her head and I (firmly but gently) slam her to the ground. Stunned for the first second she starts to resist but its already to late, I&rsquo;ve got her pinned to the ground with one hand holding her head to the floor while the other pins both her hands behind her back. At this point I should prob go over what she’s wearing because I laid it out for her, these pieces being some of my favorites unbeknownst to her. Her top was a silky purple…tank top? I&rsquo;m sure you know what I&rsquo;m talking about but she slept in it once a month or so and it normally got me to look twice. The pants were matching, purple and silky, I also laid out her favorite thong because she was fond of sleeping in those(I have no idea if this was true or if she just liked sleeping in them around me, I find about half the women I date say the same thing half hate sleeping in them). It was a thin blue material with small hearts cut out of it throughout exposing her skin in certain places. </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">Anyway, now that she&rsquo;s pinned to the ground with my hand on the back of her head and her arms behind her back I grind into her a bit. She can feel my 8&rsquo; through the thin material and this really livens her up. She grew up with 2 older brothers and a navy dad so she was taught to fight. lol She struggles quite a bit and I start to lose control of her, she bucks up and swings at my face(which is what convinces me that she’s still half asleep and not entirely with it. I have a little training also so I divert her arm, tuck it under her and with the other hand pull her hair so that I&rsquo;m standing behind her, lips pressed against her neck and have complete control over her body now. She lets out a little whimper which makes me even harder and my hand is pressing against the top of her ass while holding her wrist behind her back. Slowly moving her hand down my front I rub it against my dick and whisper into her ear &ldquo;This can go easy for you or it can go very hard&rdquo; she can feel my dick stretching against my pants. she then stammers out &ldquo;what…what do you want me to do&rdquo;. </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">At this point I&rsquo;m not convinced that she&rsquo;s awake but she still tells me that she wasn&rsquo;t entirely with it. I tighten my grip on her hair and push her hand harder into my dick. I then whisper into her ear &ldquo;You&rsquo;re not going to do anything except shut up, and go along with whatever I do to you&rdquo; which causes her to immediately draw a breath and whimper again. I walk her a couple of steps over to a cushy chair we have and bend her over it. at this point she still mostly has the linin bag over her head and can see very little. I stand over her for a second or two, well aware that shes still a little freaked out because of the situation, the dark and the possible stranger molesting her. I put my hand on her ass(other hand is holding both of hers around mid/lower back while shes bent of the chair)and give it a good squeeze. her breathing increases and she shifts a little to try to get my hand off of her. with that I tighten my grip on her hands and give her a firm smack on the ass. she starts to try to stand up and my hand on her ass reaches up and grabs her hair, taking control of her body again. I had the Tape in my pocket so I bend her back over, take it out and secure her hands using the tape. </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">I stand her up, turn her around and pull the hood covering her face off. I can see hair tussled in her face, the sad semi desperate look in her eyes and the small quiver in her lip, but that turns to a small smirk as the mask I&rsquo;m wearing calms her fears a little. That smirk disappears a second later as my hand rips her shirt open(button up). One of breasts pops out from the opening and I move my hands up, one pulling her head back while the other grips her chest and I suck her tit into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around her nipple and taking soft bites from it she lets out a hard moan(partly from the rough treatment of her hair, she LOVED having her hair pulled) and her arms flail a bit behind her as I roughly grip her breast. As I continue to suck her tit my hand slides down her stomach and presses between her legs. I can feel her warmth coming between her legs and know what I want next. </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">At this point I&rsquo;m still holding her hair in my hand, I pull her up to my lips and whisper into her ear again…&rdquo;Get on your knees bitch&rdquo;. she does what shes told and I pull my cock out, still holding her hair in my hand. Looking down into her eyes I firmly say in a growl &ldquo;If you bite it I&rsquo;ll beat that pretty face black and blue&rdquo;. With my hand on the back of her head I rub my dick against her cheek, slapping the head against her. In a voice I can barely hear she say it but says &ldquo;If this is all you want that&rsquo;s fine, I&rsquo;ll suck your dick but nothing else…promise that and I&rsquo;ll go along with it&rdquo; I look down into her eyes and say &ldquo;You&rsquo;re my bitch for the night, I don&rsquo;t know how you aren&rsquo;t getting this but I will do what I want, however I want and you&rsquo;ll take it you powerless little bitch&rdquo;. I can see her tits get hard under the material under her shirt and tighter my grip hard again which causes her mouth to open as she gasps, to which I force my dick into her mouth. She normally sucks dick pretty well but I think the situation is have an effect on her nerves because she gags on my dick far more than normal. It doesn&rsquo;t hurt that I am being extra rough, forcing her up and down, unbuttoning her top while I do so so I can see her big breasts bounce up and down as I continue to choke my girl on my dick. I guess she had forgotten to take her mascara off because as her eyes tear up a bit and begin running down her cheeks. I pull my dick out of her mouth and look deep into her eyes. fighters spirit the entire way she looks up at me and says, with drool all over her chin, &ldquo;Hurry up and finish you&rsquo;re taking forever&rdquo;. </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">Laughing at her spirit I stand her off the ground, smile with a wicked smirk and put a hand firmly around her neck, then say &ldquo;bitch, I have you all night…don&rsquo;t you worry I&rsquo;ll take my time and have all the fun I want with every hole of yours I want.&rdquo;. I move her over the chair, pull her pants down, pull that cute little thong to the side(ripping it a little, lol I paid for that later) and as she protest I slid my 8&rsquo; fully into her. her back arched as she felt me deep inside her. My hand pulled her hair and head back, pounding away at her. Each thrust pushed a gasp out of her, harder and harder into this girl I was completely dominating, my other hand holding the tape between her hands. After what seemed like 20 mins of this her knees gave out and collapsed on the the ground. As my dick came out of her I sprayed my cum all over this dirty girls face and tits. </span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size: 12pt">Seated on her ass and leaning forward on her hands she looked up at me with an extremely satisfied look on her face. &ldquo;That was fucken amazing, I&rsquo;m so glad we did this&rdquo; she said as she wiped a finger along the cum on her tits, then lifting it on the tip and swirling her tongue around it. I leaned into her, looking her straight into her eyes. Quickly I gripped the back of her head and said &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t know what you&rsquo;re smiling about, this night just started&rdquo;…</span></p><p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal">&nbsp;</p><p style="margin-bottom: 0.0001pt" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; font-size: 12pt; line-height: 115%">If you enjoyed that please let me know, your comment might convince me to write the rest.</span>&nbsp;</p>

Forced Stories

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