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The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 4

<p>Mulder entered the meeting room in rather dishevelled state.&nbsp; He’d not expected to be summoned back to headquarters quite so soon, and he’d barely had time for a quick shower before the black helicopter landed on the hotel roof to pick him up, leaving Miss Shell deeply sleeping, her new vibrator discarded beside her, its batteries flat. Like Mulders.&nbsp; Scully caught his eye, saw he was in no mood for banter, and ignored him for the rest of the meeting. </p><p>The Director began by requesting a brief status report from each of them.&nbsp; Scully reported good co-operation from the subject, Mulder mentioned the unexpectedly slow progress with the reprogramming at the school. </p><p>The Chief Scientist felt the need to summon up a PowerPoint presentation to accompany his Brief Status Report. Colored skyscrapers and sliced pizzas appeared behind him as he droned on.&nbsp; Scully glazed over and Mulder dozed off.&nbsp; When at last he finished, the Director summarized: </p><p> &quot;We have one fit, healthy 16 year old source of top quality SuperSpunk, to adopt Scully’s terminology. It has a hypnotic effect on females, and makes them highly susceptible to post-hypnotic command.&nbsp; Mind control, in a nutshell. &quot; </p><p>&quot;More significantly, fluid collected from a vagina dosed with SuperSpunk has the same hypnotic effect on males. Magic Potion, we are now calling it.&nbsp; The CIA are particularly interested in that. In much of the world where they operate, mind control of females is merely a novelty, the females there are already controlled in much more direct and brutal ways.&quot; </p><p>&quot;But mind control of males, that’s the Holy Grail.&quot; </p><p> &quot;SuperSpunk and Magic Potion are both most effective when fresh.&nbsp; We know that SuperSpunk preserves quite well dried, but we still haven’t got a handle on how to preserve Magic Potion, so research on that has a high priority. We’re also under pressure to deliver usable quantities for field operatives as quickly as possible, even if it doesn’t keep. They specially want it because it’s undetectable. Unlike other drugs, it leaves no trace, and we don’t know of any adverse side effects.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Having only the one source is the main bottleneck, so we need to look after him, and especially, we need to make sure we don’t waste any more of his output.&quot; </p><p> Scully felt all eyes in the room turn on her, and her cheeks flushed. </p><p> &quot;He is, after all, The Boy With The Golden Cum.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Question&quot; interrupted Mulder. &quot;What happens if a male ingests the SuperSpunk?&quot; </p><p> &quot;Nothing, apparently, at least in dried form. We’ve not tested fresh, do you want to volunteer?&quot; &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Try the TSA&quot; suggested Mulder. </p><p> Ignoring this, the Director continued: &quot;Agent Scully, you’re the subject’s first controller, and he seems to respond well to your command, so you’re tasked with collecting all his output until further notice.&nbsp; Do we still have the girlfriend?&quot;</p><p> &quot;Affirmative&quot; said Scully. &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Good.&nbsp; Get her manufacturing Magic Potion.&nbsp; And I propose we use the subject’s existing network as well, as far as possible.&nbsp; Mulder, get on with the reprogramming, and look out for candidates we can use to boost production.&nbsp; The profile is someone easily relocated, even if only short-term, preferably with above average vaginal secretion. Squirters would be ideal. We can’t officially use any of the underage ones, you understand?&quot; </p><p> &quot;Sir?&quot; queried Mulder.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;I said, we can’t OFFICIALLY use any of the underage ones, understand?&quot;. &quot;Ah, yes, now I do&quot; said Mulder.</p><hr /><p>&nbsp;Scully found Greg playing a video game.&nbsp; His suite had been upgraded with a big TV, surround sound, a selection of games consoles, and a computer with fast internet access, filtered to block outgoing traffic, as he’d quickly discovered.&nbsp; He could watch and read all the news about the continuing manhunt for himself and his girlfriend, now dubbed &quot;the new Bonnie and Clyde&quot;, as the list of crimes attributed to them continued to grow.&nbsp; </p><p>The media, it seemed, had come down firmly on the side of Marisa as accomplice rather than hostage, though all were careful to state that this was not absolutely certain.&nbsp; Pundits cited &quot;Stokholm Syndrome&quot;, and invoked memories of Patty Hearst.&nbsp; But he was blocked from sending anything out. Emails he could read, but not answer.&nbsp; He quickly gave up and accepted the situation, getting what enjoyment he could, but mainly waiting eagerly for the next visit from the redhaired woman, or Marisa.&nbsp; Somehow, he found he redhaired woman winning out in this competition – even when Marisa was with him, he found himself thinking about the mystery woman. He didn’t even know her name. </p><p> &quot;Hey, Greg, how are you feeling?&nbsp; Have you missed me?&quot; and she stopped his answer with a brief kiss on the lips.&nbsp; She looked at the screen.&nbsp; Greg had paused the game in the middle of a military-style firefight. &quot;Still serving your country, I see&quot;.&nbsp; Greg, unaware of the keyphrase, thought his erection was due to the kiss.&nbsp; And maybe it was.&nbsp; Another kiss followed, and her hand found the bulge in his shorts, and squeezed it.&nbsp; He’d gotten used to hanging out in teeshirt and boxers, finding fresh ones set out for him daily, though sometimes he just stayed all day in one of the luxurious bathrobes that also appeared daily with the towels.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Let me help you serve your country&quot; she purred, and released his now stone hard cock from his shorts. She pushed him back into the lazyboy and lowered her head so her curtain of auburn hair hid her face and his cock, and he felt the sweet soft moist warmth of her lips close around him, her tongue finding The Spot, then teasingly just missing it, circling round, building his desire.&nbsp; </p><p>She decided not to give the third keyword, instead she’d see how long it would take to get him to cum purely from her blowjob.&nbsp; The answer was, not long at all.&nbsp; She didn’t let up, gave him no chance to back off and regroup, and he blew his load inside her mouth.&nbsp; She didn’t swallow, but took an empty glass from the bedside and spat his cum into it. &quot;Thanks&quot; she said, and kissed him hard on the lips, pushing her tongue in between, and he tasted his own cum on her.&nbsp; Then she was gone, taking the glass with her. </p><hr /><p> Now that Greg’s semen was officially designated Extremely Valuable, Scully could see that she wasn’t going to be getting to keep much more of it.&nbsp; By keep, she meant swallow.&nbsp; Still, she could get a good deal of pleasure from it by doing her share of Magic Potion making. One ejaculation of Greg’s provided enough SuperSpunk for several pussies, maybe as many as ten, but all she had so far was two – her own, and Marisa’s. &nbsp; </p><p> The recipe for Magic Potion was really simple.&nbsp; Insert some of Greg’s SuperSpunk into a vagina, preferably immediately before or after orgasm, and collect the juice that accumulates over the next hour or so.&nbsp; Since even a small dose of SuperSpunk had the effect of doping the subject for at least an hour, it meant that Potion making was not a task that could be done at the same time as anything else, apart from sleeping. </p><p>Greg had been using small bottles for collection, but tampons were simpler and more efficient. They just needed squeezing to extract the juice.</p><hr /><p>Scully collected Marisa from her suite and brought her to Greg’s. &nbsp; </p><p> Once she’d got them sitting on the couch, she explained what was going to happen. &quot;Greg&quot; she said &quot;From now on, your cum is extremely valuable to us.&nbsp; We want it all.&nbsp; We will help you produce as much as possible, but you are forbidden to waste it.&nbsp; If you jack off, make sure you catch it all in a cup, then dial zero on this phone, and someone will be here to collect it. Same goes for you Marisa. If you jack him off, catch it in a cup.&nbsp; If you suck him off, spit it in a cup, don’t swallow.&nbsp; Dial zero to get rid of it.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Marisa, once Greg has cum, smear a little inside your pussy and then insert one of these tampons.&nbsp; After an hour or two, bag it up and dial zero.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Greg, if you happen to cum inside her, try to get her to dribble out as much as possible onto a plate or cup, then put a tampon inside her if she’s too far gone to do it herself.&nbsp; I think that’s all.&nbsp; Enjoy.&quot; And she stood up to leave. </p><p> &quot;Miss?&quot; said Greg.&nbsp; &quot;Sorry, I don’t even know your name.&quot; &quot;Dana. Call me Dana.&quot; &quot;Er, Dana, I just thought – I’m sure I’d be able to give you a lot more semen if you were to collect it in person.&quot;&nbsp; Scully couldn’t help smiling at that.&nbsp; &quot;Direct little fucker, aren’t you?&quot; she said.&nbsp; To Marisa, she asked: &quot;How do you feel about Greg fucking other women?&quot; </p><p> Marisa, compelled to be truthful, answered: &quot;Well, he must have fucked about a hundred in the last year,&nbsp; so I guess I’m used to it. I don’t think I mind. I’ve helped him take them home, even helped him undress some of them.&nbsp; It can never erase the fact I was his first, I got his virginity. I like it best when he lets me watch. It’s like I’ve trained him and then I get to admire how he performs. It’s so hot when he makes them cum. And I get off on showing him stuff he finds sexy, like masturbating and making out with other girls, and I love seeing how he watches me when he’s fucking someone else. I love how he kisses me while other girls are sucking his cock, he gets so passionate. Just as long as he keeps fucking me too&quot;, and she snuggled up against him.&nbsp; </p><p>Scully wondered if she was really fully released from Greg’s spell, or if this was some lingering post-post-hypnotic suggestion he’d cunningly implanted.&nbsp; Oh well, it suited her purpose anyway, the last thing she needed was an outbreak of teenage jealousy. </p><p> &quot;Good&quot; said Scully. &quot;Then you won’t mind this&quot;, and she stood up and swiftly removed her jacket, skirt, shirt, bra, and panties, and stood before them naked but for black stockings and suspender belt. These weren’t her usual field agent attire, but they seemed appropriate for this assignment.&nbsp; She rotated slowly for Greg’s benefit, then licked her fingers and started rubbing them into her pussy. </p><p> &quot;Greg&quot; she said, as she continued working saliva into her cunt, &quot;I’m going to fuck you. You are going to cum inside me.&nbsp; Then I’m going to put some of your cum inside Marisa.&nbsp; Then we’ll both need a bit of a lie down, I expect.&nbsp; That’s when I want you to take those two tampons and put one into each of us. Understood?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Yes, Dana.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Marisa, has he got a hardon yet?&quot; &quot;Yes&quot;, Marisa confirmed. &quot;Tell me how it tastes.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Mmmmm… Good.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Spit on it Marisa, make it really wet.&nbsp; Wet enough to fuck me. Tell me Marisa, have you ever sucked pussy?&quot; &quot;No.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Well, here’s your chance. I want you to suck mine, just as soon as I’ve made Greg cum inside me&quot;, and Scully straddled Greg where he sat on the couch.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Ready to serve your country?&quot; she asked, and dropped herself onto his cock.&nbsp; She wriggled her butt to settle herself comfortably, then turned to Marisa. &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Kiss us, Marisa&quot; Scully commanded, and Marisa joined them, kissing them both in turn. &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Suck my tits, both of you&quot; commanded Scully, and Greg and his girlfriend worked cheek-to-cheek sucking on Scully’s C-cup boobs while she rocked back and forth on Greg’s dick.&nbsp; &quot;You enjoy serving your country, eh Greg?&quot;, and she speeded up, now bouncing on him so her tits swung free of their mouths, Greg and Marisa turned their lips and tongues to each other, and Scully found herself crossing the tipping point into orgasm. &quot;Serve my cunt you fucker…&quot; she screamed as it hit her, and she felt Greg’s hot cocklava erupt inside her, pulse after pulse until he’d emptied his balls into her. &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Get your face under me, quick&quot; she ordered Marisa, as she lifted off Greg, and landed her pussy over Marisa’s open mouth before his cum could escape. &quot;Come here Greg, I want to suck you&quot; she ordered, and Greg stood where she could take his dick and clean it up with her tongue. &quot;Suck it all out Marisa. Don’t swallow.&quot;&nbsp; Scully lifted off the teenager’s face, and turned to embrace her. &quot;Now gimme. Every drop&quot;, and she rolled off the couch onto the floor with Marisa on top of her. Gravity helped, and the mixture of Greg’s cum ,Scully’s cunt juice and Marisa’s saliva dribbled into Scully’s mouth.&nbsp; Scully wriggled out from under, and signalled to Marisa to lie back on the couch.&nbsp; Scully raised Marisa’s legs high and buried her face in her gash, probing deep with her tongue before releasing her mouthful of fluid.&nbsp; She used two fingers to rub it deeply into Marisa’s cunt.&nbsp; &quot;That should do it.&nbsp; Good Girl, Marisa&quot;, she said, before flopping on to the bed and switching off like a light.&nbsp; Marisa was already out of it, even as the gasps and shudders of her orgasm subsided. </p><p>Dutifully, Greg unwrapped the two tampons and inserted them as ordered.&nbsp; Once each tampon was installed, he kissed the place where its thread dangled out. </p><p> Then he paused to admire the pair of them. Marisa, the slender, blondish teenage girl, with her short skirt pulled up round her waist, bald pussy bare, cum drying round her mouth. Dana, the mature redhaired woman, flat on her back on the bed, legs splayed, naked but for stockings and suspenders, sweaty, a dribble of cum on her chin, blissful half-smiles on both their faces. Again, the mystery woman, Dana, had resisted the effect of his cum long enough to do what she needed to do, while Marisa had been knocked out instantly. </p><p>Greg headed for the shower, once more in awe at the blend of power, control and sheer sexuality embodied in the beautiful and mysterious Dana. </p>

Mind Control Stories

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The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 14

The Mansion: Day Two – continued<br />— 15:00 #7=Kylie<br /><br />There remain six Witches on duty: Mary Anne (the Sarah Palin lookalike, and skilled bodypaint artist), Krista (skinny little 12 year old daughter of Mary Anne), Mackenzie Murphy (17 year old willowy pole dancing enthusiast), Miss Shell (Greg’s former history teacher), and two 16 year olds, Marisa (Greg’s longtime girlfriend, and his original slave), Melanie (the second girl he’d enslaved).<br /><br />After a shower together, Greg and the 3 M’s – Mackenzie, Marisa, Melanie have a soak in the jacuzi. Greg leaves them in the water and goes for a wander, winding up in the lounge, where Mary Anne is busily applying bodypaint to her youngest daughter.&nbsp; She looks up and calls &quot;Not ready yet, don’t look.&nbsp; But there’s someone in the Fuck Room who is ready.&nbsp; Go check it out.&quot; she dismisses him and turns back to her work.<br /><br />In the aptly named Fuck Room he finds Miss Shell, Mary Anne’s freshly painted masterpiece.&nbsp; She’s apparently wearing black fishnet stockings, suspenders and a lace-up basque with peek-a-boo nipples, which are standing out proudly indicating her inner state of arousal.&nbsp; She’s reclining on the little stage, sexy legs artfully arranged, and she’s slowly and methodically sliding her realistically cock-shaped purple gel vibrator all the way into her pussy, and drawing it all the way out, relishing the moment when the molded head plops out of her already swollen pussylips, before easing it in once again.&nbsp; The shaft is streaked with her froth.&nbsp; &quot;Hi Greg, I’ve been waiting for you&quot; she greets him, and Greg, mesmerised by the wet-dream-cum-true sight of his gorgeous history teacher resplendent, nude, but painted in the sexiest of sexy lingerie, can only stare as his cock springs to attention unbidden.&nbsp; Their eyes meet, they see their own lust reflected in each other, then Greg is focussed between her legs, drawn to her special place midway between the two painted stocking tops, and Miss Shell removes the vibrator so he can gaze at her pouting lips and the glistening pale pink flesh within, then he’s greedily slurping her juices as his tongue delves in as far as it can and his open mouth encloses her sopping gash and he sucks her in, her bloated lips filling his mouth, surrounding his tongue, and he strums the tip on the little nub of her clit and she’s trembling, spasming, gasping and cumming a flood of hot pussyjuice into his mouth, spilling over his face.&nbsp; He releases her lips and presses his face into her gash, rubbing his nose up and down against her clit and pushes her over the edge again, she’s clutching his head, pulling him into her, legs wrapping around him, screaming out her orgasm for the whole Mansion to hear.&nbsp; As she subsides and softens, lying back dreamily, only then he slides along her body, rigid male flesh thrusting into yielding soaking female, his tongue finding hers, his face wet with her juices, giving her the taste of her own pleasure, and she languidly moves her hips to answer his deepening thrusts.&nbsp; He finds no need to spin this out or delay the moment, and he releases one more spurt of his precious semen into the upper reaches of her love canal.&nbsp; She breathes one enormous sigh of contentment and relaxes the arms and legs that enfold him, she’s gone.&nbsp; He kisses her tranquil face, then gently sucks the unpainted nipple of her left breast, and slips out of her, moving round to drape his sloppy dick on her face, and she dreamily turns her head to suck on it.&nbsp; It’s partly deflated, and he crams as much as he can of it into her mouth, so she can suck the last drops of cum out of the tube.&nbsp; As he’s doing this, a Fluffer arrives to insall the tampon.<br />&nbsp;<br />— 16:30 #8=Miss Shell<br /><br />(remaining: Mary Anne, Krista, Mackenzie, Marisa, Melanie)<br />Greg zones out for half an hour, until Mary Anne finds him, tells him the rest of them are going to have dinner, would he like to join them?&nbsp; Realising he’s starving, he rouses himself and heads for the dining room.&nbsp; The afternoon’s mess has been cleaned up and a table for 6 has been set. <br /><br />Greg is surprised and delighted to see what Mary Anne has done with her youngest daughter.&nbsp; Krista has been transformed into a delightful, playful pussycat, like something from the musical Cats, but done with bodypaint, whiskers on her cheeks, her slender body and limbs tabby striped, with a white belly, and, as usual in Mary Anne’s artwork, nipples and clean shaven pussy left unpainted, should Greg want to taste them.&nbsp; She just lacks a tail.<br /><br />Somehow Greg had been in denial over the issue of Krista’s precocious sexuality, while steadily escalating his sexual contact with her. He’d started by enjoying seeing her naked, then seeing her touch herself while she watched him fucking her elder sisters. He’d enjoyed kissing her in a sexual way, lingering with lips and tongues, he’d certainly not missed out on chances to grope her tiny slit, putting his fingers into her to deliver his semen when he had her making his Hypnojuice, the Magic Potion that is the reason they’re all here. <br /><br />Since her arrival at the Mansion, he’d gone on to suck her nipples, and she has begun to suck his cock, even trying to imitate her mother’s deep throat skills.&nbsp; Clearly this journey isn’t over, and it has only one destination.&nbsp; He’s got to suck her little pussy, and he’s got to fuck her, pop her cherry, and shoot his load inside her.&nbsp; These thoughts have him solidly erect long before dinner was finished.&nbsp; Sitting between Melanie and Marisa, the two girls he’s felt closest to during his whole crazy campaign of enslavement, they quickly notice his condition, and Melanie goes down on him, her head bobbing in his lap as she teases and sucks his cock.&nbsp; Across the table Krista is having a second helping of ice cream, Mackenzie is eating an apple, Mary Anne is drinking coffee, paying no attention to the blowjob that Greg is receiving. &quot;What do you think of my little kitten?&quot; Mary Anne asks.&nbsp; Greg can only confess the truth: &quot;Gorgeous.&nbsp; Good enough to eat. You know I’m going to have to fuck her now, don’t you?&quot; &quot;Yes, of course&quot; replies Mary Anne, &quot;that’s why I painted her like that.&nbsp; With all this fucking you’re doing, I want her to be something different, something you’ll remember.&quot; &quot;Oh, Mary Anne, I’d remember Krista anyway, I think I’ve always had the hots for her, even before I fucked Abbey and Kylie.&quot; and across the table to Krista he added &quot;Hey, Krista, you little sexkitten, are you ready for this?&quot; and he stood up, dislodging Melanie, his cock springing out. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;Not here&quot; interupted Mary Anne, &quot;Come on kids, let’s slip into somewhere more comfortable&quot; and she shooed them all out of the dining room and straight into the Fuck Room.&nbsp; The Fluffers had long since carted Miss Shell off to bed, so the stage was clear, and Mary Anne led her little kitten by the paw and turned her loose to hop and skip onto the stage and whirl around the pole, prowl and strut like a cat, before stopping, posing, legs teasingly a little apart, back arched to thrust out her firm little butt, smiling shyly at Greg. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;Ladies and Gentleman&quot; announced Krista, &quot;May I present for your pleasure, My Little Pussy&quot; and she spun round the pole again, clearly she’d been learning from Mackenzie, managing to place one foot far up on the pole, opening her legs into a near-perfect split, and revealing the soft unpainted flesh around her virgin slit.&nbsp; Applause from the audience of one woman, three girls and one very horny Greg.&nbsp; Gracefully back on both feet, she bowed, then: &quot;Now I must ask for a volunteer from the audience.&nbsp; You Sir&quot; and she reached an arm out towards Greg, &quot;Would you be so kind as to step up here.&quot;&nbsp; Greg plays along, striding purposefully to the stage, his hard cock swinging proudly with each step. &quot;Good evening Sir, that’s a nice cock you have there&quot; and she bends at the waist, legs straight, and sucks his cock into her mouth, pushing as far as she can, trying once again to let it down her throat.&nbsp; With a gasp she lets go, Greg’s cock sways as she releases it, dribbles of her saliva stringing off it.&nbsp; Then she throws her arms, and legs, around Greg and kisses him full on the mouth.&nbsp; He stands, holding her up with his hands under her thighs, as she whispers in his ear &quot;Come on Greg, fuck me now. Don’t make me wait any longer. I’m ready.&quot;&nbsp; He turns to the ‘audience’ Krista’s back turned to them, they can see Greg’s rigid cock touching Krista close to her pussy.&nbsp; He steps off the stage, still carrying her, and eases her down onto her back on the edge of the raised padded platform that forms most of the room’s floor.&nbsp; He kneels between her legs, admiring her lovely little slit, then bends his head to lick.&nbsp; The others crowd around, Mary Anne behind him, rubbing her magnificent boobs against his back, Melanie coming alongside Krista, kissing her lips, whispering to her: &quot;Greg was my first too&quot;.<br /><br />And then it happens. So many months since he first saw the little 11 year old, her mother’s spy, sent to rat on her older sisters should they get up to any &quot;immorality&quot;.&nbsp; Krista, now 12, painted by her mother to look like a sexy kitten, and with her mother looking on, finally gets Greg’s cock inside her.&nbsp; He touches the head of his cock to her pussy lips, feels the thrill of contact, of the pleasure to come, slides slowly inward, feeling the tightness of her little unused love tunnel grip him, pushes slowly inwards, tight but sliding, and then he’s all the way in.&nbsp; No barrier, no hymen, no cherry to pop. Krista’s eyes are wide, lips parted, staring up at him intensely, like she’s recording, she doesn’t want to forget a second of this.&nbsp; &quot;Welcome to Womanhood my darling&quot; says her mother, and Melanie kisses her lips and adds &quot;Best of both worlds, sweetheart. Kissing a girl while you have a cock inside your pussy, what could be better?&quot; and stifled any reply of Krista’s with her mouth.<br /><br />Greg held still, all the way in, just feeling waves of pleasure wash over him, not daring to move in case he should cum already.&nbsp; But then Mary Anne comes round and takes his face between her boobs, offers a nipple for sucking, big, mother’s nipples, not the tiny virginal buds of her daughter’s.&nbsp; And tells him to get on with it. &quot;Come on Greg.&nbsp; Shoot it in her, you know you want to. You can fuck her again tomorrow, now she’s one of the team&quot; and to Krista, &quot;no pain, darling?&quot; &quot;No Mom, I think the hairbrush must have got my cherry. But he’s filling me up, it feels so good&quot;, and she moves her hips experimentally. Greg answers, and their movements start to build, her breathing goes ragged, Greg gives up any pretence at making this last, and fucks her for all he’s worth.&nbsp; Before he blows, she bucks and thrashes as the orgasm washes over her, and that does it for Greg, he too slips the leash and spurts his load as nature intended, every drop inside her.<br /><br />She gasps, goes wide eyed, and the light of awareness fades like a tropical sunset.&nbsp; She’s gone.<br /><br />18:30 #9=Krista<br /><br />(remaining: Mary Anne, Mackenzie, Melanie, Marisa)<br />The four remaining Witches close around Greg as he slides out of Krista.&nbsp; No blood, but a good deal of frothy lovejuice mingled with the last drops of his semen.&nbsp; Melanie scoots down to lick his cock clean, but does not swallow. Instead she delicately kisses Krista on the lips, inserts her tongue, and lets the blend of juices dribble into the 12 year old’s mouth.&nbsp; Krista is still aware enough to swallow.<br /><br />Now the four of them keep Greg in the Fuck Room.&nbsp; Mackenzie does a slow swaying dance by the pole, nothing energetic, Mary Anne cradles Greg’s head, holding him to her breasts.&nbsp; Melanie and Marisa settle where they can easily take turns on his cock, happily asleep now. <br /><br />Someone was monitoring them. Well, of course, someone was always monitoring, that’s how the Fluffers always managed to turn up when needed.&nbsp; This time it had a different result.&nbsp; The TV screens round the room lit up, and there appeared a succession of friendly teenage faces, and Greg heard his name: &quot;Greg wants to see your titties&quot;.&nbsp; Looking to the nearest screen, interested, he saw half a dozen or so girls baring their breasts for the camera.&nbsp; And not just any girls, these were some of his favorite slaves.&nbsp; Former slaves, now.&nbsp; There was Priscilla, the latina/asian beauty whose virginity he’d inadvertantly violated while Marisa and Melanie looked on.&nbsp; And here were Marisa and Melanie, excitedly watching: &quot;Hey, it’s Priss&quot; &quot;Wow she looks great on TV&quot;.&nbsp; On and on the video played, and it wasn’t long before Marisa declared &quot;We have lift off&quot;, telling the others that Greg was once more getting an erection.<br /><br />Too tired to fuck at this point, Greg watched the screen passively as His Girls made out with each other, and with some dude who was clearly standing in for Greg, and whose face never clearly showed.&nbsp; But his dick was there to see when he blew his load into Juanita’s sweet mouth.&nbsp; Around then, Mary Anne took charge, and directed Mackenzie to sit on Greg’s dick, and she rocked back and forth in reverse cowgirl as Greg continued to watch the screen. The combination of the making out between the on-screen girls, most of whom he’d fucked at least once, Mackenzie’s rocking on his cock, Mary Anne’s breasts pressed against him, and Marisa holding his free hand between her legs while necking with Melanie, all these things converged to let one more orgasm rise up in him and send a smallish jet of cum to escape his cock. It was still enough to make Mackenzie stop her rocking and roll off him in slow motion to the side, wriggle herself into a comfortable position, and drift off.<br /><br />19:30 #10=Mackenzie<br /><br />(remaining: Mary Anne, Melanie, Marisa)<br />It took nearly an hour of attention, including a lengthy expert deep throat blowjob from Mary Anne, while Melanie and Marisa took turns at kissing Greg and lowering their pussies onto his face. Pussies hot and wet from the day’s sexual excitement, and as yet unfucked by Greg.&nbsp; But finally, Greg was once more nearly ready to blow.&nbsp; &quot;In me, Greg, stick it in me&quot; ordered Mary Anne, and he rolled over onto her, into her, and fucked hard at her loose velvet gash, and coaxed out yet another dribble of spunk from his overworked balls. It wasn’t enough to knock her out, not at once, and she ordered him: &quot;Gimme your cock, let me suck it&quot;, and she cleaned him up, swallowing the last drips she’d been able to suck out of him.<br /><br />20:30 #11=Mary Anne<br /><br />Exhausted, numb from the day’s long series of ejaculations, Greg had a late night snack with his two remaining girls,&nbsp; the ones he’d been saving for the end of the day, but now he was too fucked out to want anything but sleep.<br /><br />So the three of them settled in the giant master bed in Greg’s room, and Greg slept while Marisa and Melanie consoled each other with a lengthy 69 session beside him. Awakened, and aroused, by their combined orgasms, he joined in by entering Marisa from behind – as she was on top – giving Melanie a close up view of his cock pounding and finally erupting inside the pussy she’d been sucking.&nbsp; He left Melanie to install the tampon, and went back to sleep, waking sometime laster to find Melanie had finally taken him inside her, astride him. Doing all the work, she milked an almost-dry orgasm from him.<br /><br />22:00 #12=Marisa<br /><br />01:00 #13=Melanie.<br /><br />It had been one very long fucking day.<br /><br />

Mind Control Stories

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The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 2

<p>Scully poured herself another coffee and sat down beside Mulder. &quot;How’s it going?&quot; he asked.&nbsp; &quot;Good&quot; she replied, &quot;He’s co-operating fully. We have his entire network mapped out, including the second tier, and were ready to start reeling them in.&nbsp; Nearly all of them are at his school, so you’ll start there.&nbsp; There are three or four families, and a few other loose ends you can handle while you’re there.&nbsp; I’m still debriefing the subject&quot;.&nbsp; Mulder took the bait: &quot;or has he been debriefing you?&quot;.&nbsp; &quot;Bit of both, if you must know&quot; she admitted with a sly grin. &quot;Well&quot; said Mulder, &quot;Don’t wring him dry just yet, you know the Director wants him in good condition&quot;.&nbsp; &quot;He’s young, he’ll recover&quot; she said, unconcerned. </p><p> &quot;Which story did you tell him anyway?&quot; asked Mulder. &quot;The one I thought he’d find easiest to believe.&quot; replied Scully. &quot;Which one’s that?&quot; &quot;Guess.&quot; </p><p>&quot;His mother was abducted by aliens when she was pregnant?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Wrong.&quot; </p><p>&quot;His mother was abducted by aliens BEFORE she was pregnant?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Wrong again.&quot; </p><p>&quot;His father IS an alien?&quot; &quot;Still wrong.&quot; </p><p> &quot;His grandfather?&quot; &quot;Wrong again. Let me give you a clue: No Aliens.&quot; </p><p>&quot;What? None at all?&quot; &quot;Nope.&nbsp; Counting those all as one, you’ve got 2 guesses remaining.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Secret Cold War genetic experiment by the Soviets?&quot; &quot;Nope.&quot; &quot;By us?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Nope.&quot; &quot;Not the French?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Again, Nope.&quot; &quot;What’s left?&nbsp; Not the Natural But Rare Genetic Mutation? You didn’t tell him that one?&quot; Mulder looked astonished. &quot;Finally, you got it.&quot; </p><p>Mulder looked puzzled.&nbsp; &quot;Why not just tell him the truth?&quot; Scully shook her head in a familiar gesture of weary resignation. &quot;Don’t be a fucking idiot Mulder.&quot; </p><hr /><p>&quot;Are you sure you got all his post-hypno hooks?&quot; asked Mulder, once he’d stopped sulking.&nbsp; &quot;Yep, sure&quot;. She showed him the list on her iPad: </p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>These apply to all the slaves: </p><ul><li>obey all commands, in person and by phone, using voice recognition only, no code-words</li><li>feel pleasure on obedience, whatever the command </li><li>don’t talk about any of this to outsiders. </li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>These apply to all the females: </p><ul><li>enjoy sexual intercourse and oral sex with him, both giving and receiving. </li><li>spontaneous orgasm on key phrase &quot;<em>good girl</em>&quot; </li><li>&nbsp;always nude when visiting his place, as long as his father’s not around. His mother is controlled, so he doesn’t care what she sees. </li><li>feel no modesty around him (he watches them peeing and showering, and he fucks them in front of each other, even mothers and daughters) </li><li>wear only skirts without panties. Some exceptions to that, he thought he sas being careful. </li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Some of them got a couple of extras: </p><ul><li>preceive his penis as nine inches long. </li><li>have an orgasm every two minutes whenever they’re fucking. </li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>For the families he’s enrolled, he’s added these: </p><ul><li>always nude at home, unless there’s any un-enslaved around </li><li>mothers ordered to put all their daughters on birth control, including under-age/virgins </li></ul><p>&nbsp;&quot;Pretty comprehensive list.&nbsp; He was well on his way to Cult status, if you ask me.&quot; observed Mulder. </p><p> &quot;But wait, there’s more&quot; added Scully.&nbsp; &quot;He’s had some of the women try to control their sex partners by copulin ingestion followed by voice-control.&nbsp; He wasn’t aware that this has limited effect unless the Magic Potion is made using his own SuperSpunk.&nbsp; But he also ordered them to make themselves completely available sexually to their partners at all times, giving blowjobs, masturbating in front of them, all that good stuff. That probably gives them more control than the copulin dose, the guy’s aren’t actually controlled, they just don’t want to spoil a good thing by causing an argument.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Pretty smart kid. Are you sure he’s Secure?&quot; asked Mulder. &quot;Oh, definitely&quot; said Scully. &quot;He obeys my voice.&nbsp; And I’ve set up a 3-part keyphrase:&nbsp; When he hears ‘Serve your country’ twice, followed by ‘Serve my country’ – or ‘cunt’ – he ejaculates.&nbsp; The first two phrases give him an erection, and then reinforce it.&nbsp; Can’t expect him to cum right off from cold, he’s just a male&quot;, and she gave Mulder a smugly superior grin. &quot;It will come in handy when we start ramping up production.&quot; </p><p> &quot;He could have been a whole lot worse&quot; mused Mulder. &quot;He’s only gone after his own sexual fantasies, and they are pretty much straight down the line. Nothing sadistic or weird, no revenge or degradation. And he’s not had his slaves doing crimes for him.&nbsp; He could have had them robbing banks by now, or he could have been pimping them. Plus he’s been careful not to make any of them pregnant.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Yes&quot; said Scully, &quot;he’s not a bad kid really.&nbsp; Though the scale of his network is worrying.&nbsp; He’s got more girls than he can even get round to fucking, and he’s been putting all his energy – and semen – into extending his empire, just for it’s own sake.&nbsp; He’s got all these girls on birth control, yet he always pulls out so he can collect his semen.&nbsp; I think his power was starting to corrupt him.&nbsp; That’s why we went in hard and fast, we didn’t know his intentions, or what defenses he had.&quot; </p><p> &quot;None at all,&nbsp; as it turned out&quot; said Mulder. &quot;He’d no idea he’d been spotted.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Yes, he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was.&nbsp; It was the School Prom that did it.&nbsp; He’d no idea the ripples that caused. School Prom’s just don’t get cancelled for lack of interest.&nbsp; The homeland surveillance program highlighted an anomaly,&nbsp; enough to warrant a second look.&nbsp; After that we just kept on finding more, especially once we started listening to phone chatter round the school, it was clear there was something going on, and it all led back to Greg.&quot;&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;So, &quot; said Mulder, &quot;the Moral of the story is …&nbsp; Dont Mess With The Prom?&quot; &quot;Exactly.&quot; </p><p> &quot;For the control phrase&quot; said Scully, getting back to business, &quot;I propose we implement it exactly as the Director ordered&quot;, and she clicked playback. Her iPad replayed the Director’s voice: &quot;The password will be need-to-know. Just we three, for now.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Fine by me&quot; said Mulder. </p><p>&quot;Now, I’m gonna call the kids’ parents, put them out of their misery&quot; said Scully. &quot;Call me when you reach the school.&quot; … </p><hr /><p>Under Scully’s supervision, Greg phoned his mom, and Marisa’s mom, and handed over control to Scully.&nbsp; She took the phone and informed them of the second cover story – that Greg and Marisa were in Witness Protection, and were helping the authorities, that they were not criminals but heroes, but this must all be kept secret, else it would surely endanger them.&nbsp; Greg and Marisa would not be able to return home for the forseeable future, possibly a year or more, and their cover must not be blown.&nbsp; News would soon be announced that they had died in a firefight with law enforcement, but this was only a cover story, and the parents would hear from both Greg and Marisa as soon as the news breaks, to reassure them that the report of their death is not true. Each mother was given the task of breaking all this news to her husband. </p><p>As expected, Greg and Marisa’s fathers called police, who refered them to the FBI, and eventually found themselves routed thru to Scully, who confirmed the whole story, and secured their co-operation by getting Greg and Marisa to speak to them briefly.</p><hr /><p>&nbsp;Mulder pulled up in the school parking lot and stepped out of the car.&nbsp; The Principal, Mr Pulaski, was waiting by the curb.&nbsp; Mulder greeted him: &quot;You must be Pulaski. I’m Mulder&quot;.&nbsp; The principal shook his hand and said softly &quot;I’ll suck your cock for fifty dollars.&quot; &quot;Maybe later&quot; replied Mulder, and they walked together to the Principal’s Office. </p><p>So far, the handover was progressing well.&nbsp; The first was Marisa. Scully brought her to Greg’s room, and left them alone for two hours.&nbsp; Returning, she found them both asleep, naked, entwined in each others arms.&nbsp; Romeo and Juliet.&nbsp; How touching, she thought.&nbsp; Waking them, she ordered Greg to transfer control of Marisa to herself.&nbsp; As a parting shot, Greg’s last words to Marisa before the handover were &quot;Good girl&quot;.&nbsp; Marisa suddenly started panting, moaned, shuddered with pleasure and snuggled back down beside him.&nbsp; </p><p>Scully waited a minute, then gently spoke to Marisa.&nbsp; &quot;You control some slaves, don’t you Marisa?&quot; &quot;Yes&quot;. &quot;Do you have all their numbers in your phone?&quot; &quot;Yes.&quot; &quot;Do any of them have slaves under their control?&quot; &quot;No.&quot; &quot;Here’s your phonebook.&nbsp; Cross off the ones that are NOT your slaves&quot; said Scully, handing over a sheaf of printout.&nbsp; </p><p>Then Scully had Marisa transfer each of her slaves by calling with the order henceforth to obey any voice that spoke the 3 magic phrases in sequence:&nbsp; ‘Need to know’, ‘Just we three’, and ‘for now’. &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Good girl&quot; said Scully, when she decided they’d done enough for today, and was rewarded with a brief look of gratitude from Marisa before her eyes widened and she panted, moaned, and practically swooned with pleasure. Once the school principal had been done, Mulder followed up with a call of his own to arrange this meeting.&nbsp; The greeting phrase was something the Principal would never have said, so it confirmed that the control arrangement was working. </p><p>In the office, Mulder produced his list of students still under Greg’s control. They were summoned in turn to the Principals office. Pulaski waited outside, as ordered, while Mulder went through the same procedure with each: &nbsp; Greeting the girl by name, he said &quot;I’m Agent Mulder, and I have someone on the line wants to speak to you&quot;, handing her his phone.&nbsp; Each reacted with surprise at Greg’s voice – it was all over the news that he was missing, a fugitive, after a dramatic drugs bust at his house.&nbsp; They’d assumed Mulder was FBI, and was there to ask about Greg.&nbsp; </p><p>Then, each one the same, froze, slack jawed, as Greg gave them their instructions.&nbsp;</p><p> &quot;Hi sweetie, yes, this is Greg.&nbsp; Don’t talk, just listen. I’m ok. You are not worried about me, or Marisa. There’s a man there with you, his name is Mulder.&nbsp; From now on, you are going to answer all his questions truthfully and obey all his orders exactly as you have obeyed mine.&nbsp; After this phone call, you no longer have to obey me any more.&nbsp; Is that clear?&quot;.&nbsp; Each girl replied &quot;Yes&quot;, and Greg said &quot;Now give the phone back to Mr Mulder, there’s a good girl&quot;.&nbsp; </p><p>Mulder enjoyed their different but similar reactions, as the orgasm hit them.&nbsp; It was like a series of auditions, each one had her own personal twist on the theme of panting breath, moaning, gasping, shuddering, wide eyes rolling up, knees trembling or buckling entirely.&nbsp; Mostly he was able to catch his phone, though a couple of times he was glad the floor was carpeted.&nbsp; </p><p>After the first two, he made them sit down before he passed them his phone. </p><p> By the ninth girl, Mulder has a hardon that was straining to escape the pants of his black suit.&nbsp; Nine teenage girls aged 13 to 17 had just had orgasms in front of him, and then gazed blankly into his eyes, awaiting his command.&nbsp; The first three he’d simply commanded them to return to class, say nothing about him or Greg, and in future obey commands from him or from any voice that quoted the code phrases &quot;Need to know&quot;, &quot;Just we three&quot;, and &quot;For now&quot;. </p><p> From the fourth one, he added: &quot;Did you just have an orgasm?&quot; (&quot;Yes&quot;).&nbsp; &quot;Are you wearing panties?&quot; (&quot;No&quot;) &quot;Show me.&quot; </p><p>From the seventh, &quot;Stand up and turn right round, slowly. Is your pussy wet?&quot; (&quot;Yes&quot;) and &quot;Stand still while I check&quot;, and he felt his dick stiffen even more as he slipped a finger into each slit, found it slick with her juice. </p><p> So, by the ninth, Mulder knew what he wanted. He looked thru his notes, then ordered Pulaski to fetch the cheerleader Geri King.&nbsp; Mulder harbored an unfulfilled lust for cheerleaders, ever since his own days as a nerd at high school, when he could only fantasize about the cheerleading team, none of whom ever gave him a second glance. Plus his notes told him Miss King was on birth control, so he could do her bareback, and ejaculate inside her. His notes included medical records for all of Greg’s slaves, and he’d been pleased to see that all the girls were clean, not a single case of any Sexually Transmitted Disease among them. </p><p> The thought made his dick even harder, as he waited for her to arrive. Bareback sex with a teenage cheerleader, here we come. </p><p> Geri King entered the Principal’s office, looking every bit as good as he’d hoped. Mulder sent Pulaski to wait in reception.&nbsp; He greeted her like the others and handed her his phone.&nbsp; There followed the usual sequence:&nbsp; a look of surprise, a pause, then &quot;Yes&quot; followed by the unmistakable signs of an unexpected orgasm pulsing thru the girls body, her face aglow, her gaze unfocussed, her eyes wide and pupils dilated.&nbsp; </p><p>Then she shakily handed Mulder his phone. Her face aglow, she looked gorgeous. A stay ringlet of her light brown hair had escaped her hair tie, and dangled beside her flushed cheek. Her lips were moist, and slightly parted.&nbsp; He could see she had a terrific figure inside that school uniform, D cup breasts contained in a sports bra, flat tummy and broad hips, firm smooth legs extending from the short skirt. </p><p> &quot;Did you just have an orgasm, Geri?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Yes&quot; she said in a shaky voice.&nbsp; &quot;Are you wearing panties?&quot; &quot;No.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Show me.&quot; She lifted the hem of her school skirt, revealing her totally bald pubes, with mucus glistening between the lips of her pussy.&nbsp; </p><p>Mulder reached out and slid two fingers inside her, they slid in easily on her slick juice, until he had them all the way in.&nbsp; He curled his fingers, gently played round her g-spot.&nbsp; She gasped and leaned back, spreading her legs wide and raising her hips to give him better access.&nbsp; &quot;Take off all your clothes, Geri&quot; he instructed, and in a moment she was naked, and even better built than he’d dared to hope.&nbsp; Mulder also stripped. </p><p>&quot;Suck my dick&quot; he told her, and she squatted before him to take him in her mouth.&nbsp; I could cum in her mouth, thought Mulder, gazing down at her pretty face, her bright blue eyes wide open looking up at him as he steadily thrust his dick in and out between her lips, feeling her tongue working around the head.&nbsp; She’s good at this. And he wondered how she’d received her training.&nbsp; Was it all under Greg’s spell, or had she been sucking cock already, how many boyfriends had it taken to get her this good, as she licked his shaft, sucked his balls, slapped his dick on her tongue, and tried to get the whole length of him down her throat. </p><p> But he’d set his sights on pussy, so: &quot;Stand up now, turn around, place your hands on the Principal’s desk&quot;.&nbsp; She obeyed, presenting him with her gorgeously athletic butt.&nbsp; He bent his knees and guided his dick between her buttocks and found her pussy, warm smooth and juicy.&nbsp; His dick slid into her all the way.&nbsp; Then he slid out, right out to the last inch, and in again, setting a pace that she matched by rocking her pelvis.&nbsp; He found his stride, then, contained the urge to finish, and settled in for a good long fucking workout.&nbsp; She was up for it, bouncing against him, meeting his thrusts until he finally let off his brakes and sprinted all out for his personal finish line, when an orgasm overtook her and she roared a full throated cheerleader roar that must have echoed round the corridors and the reception area where Pulaski waited. That was it for Mulder too, and suddenly all the pent up lust he’d felt from this morning’s parade of schoolgirl orgasms erupted from his balls and pumped up the length of his dick and out into the depths of her sopping pussy, and he stopped, buried ball-deep inside her, feeling the aftershock tremors ripple thru her. God that felt good, my first cheerleader, he thought as his pulses subsided. &nbsp;</p><p> &quot;Now suck my dick again, clean it all up&quot; he instructed, though it was hardly necessary, as Geri was ready to do this anyway, and once more she squatted before him, this time with his cum dribbling out of her swollen cunt in blobs and dripping on the carpet in front of the Principal’s desk.&nbsp; Let Pulaski sort that out, thought Mulder. </p><hr /><p>After he had sent Geri back to class, Mulder checked his list.&nbsp; Over 40% of the girls in this school had been enslaved by Greg, though he hadn’t gotten round to fucking them all, especially the younger ones, many of whom – his notes showed – were still virgins.&nbsp; Mulder hadn’t intended taking over Greg’s sexual activities, but, hey, it was there on a plate for him, the gift of a lifetime.&nbsp; So, he decided, the best thing was not to waste it.&nbsp; He called Scully and told her the work at the school was taking longer than he’d expected, so he’d be staying here at least a week.&nbsp; </p><p>Scully didn’t even pretend to be surprised. </p><p>He needed a place to stay, and some company would be nice.&nbsp; He delegated to Pulaski the task of booking him into a comfortable hotel, and ordered him to fetch the history teacher, Miss Shell, when classes finished. &nbsp; Meanwhile, he had schoolgirls to reprogram. &nbsp; </p><p> Miss Shell was just as Greg had described: 5’5&quot; with nice full hips, D cup breasts, a prominent butt and a face that looks like a young Claudia Schiffer. She didn’t look a day over 25. He gave her the phone.&nbsp; The same pattern – surprise, pause, &quot;Yes&quot;, orgasm, hand over the phone.&nbsp; </p><p>Fuck, this never gets old, thought Mulder. He liked the way her more experienced body absorbed the orgasm, surprised, but less overwhelmed, more like she was savouring it, and she seemed to spin it out far longer than any of the teenagers had. He enjoyed confirming that she wasn’t wearing panties, that she was on birth control, and discovered that she was so wet from her orgasm that the juice was dribbling down the inside of both her thighs. Yes, she would do very nicely indeed. So…. </p><p>&quot;Go home, pack an overnight bag. Shower and dress in stockings, suspenders and high heeled shoes, with a full length coat over that, and nothing else. Bring any vibrators or dildos that you have. If you haven’t any, go out and buy one that suits you, and make sure you’ve got fresh batteries. Come to my hotel room at 7 tonight. You will stay the night and go direct from the hotel to school tomorrow, so make sure you have work clothes with you.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Now, kiss me.&quot;&nbsp; She raised her pretty face to his, and they shared a long and succulent kiss, full of promise of the pleasure they would share tonight. </p>

Mind Control Stories

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The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 13

The Mansion: Day Two<br /><br />Overnight, Scully’s second wave of Witches has arrived: Melanie and her mother Terry, and the Yamamoto family – Rika and her three daughters Mayu, Karina, and the freshly deflowered Mika, bringing the Coven population up to 12, excluding still-virgin Krista. <br /><br />The dining room now has a banquet table, and Greg finds everyone already sharing a noisy breakfast. Everyone except Abbey, who is still under the influence of her late night invasion of Greg’s sleep, and the two youngest, Krista and Mika, who had become instant best friends and raced off together to the pool.<br /><br />Greg is overwhelmed by hugs and kisses as his former slaves greet him enthusiastically. All are wearing the Mansion’s luxurious bathrobes, as are Greg and Marisa.&nbsp; Clearly, nobody’s on duty yet, but that is soon to change.&nbsp; Greg hardly knows which way to turn, so many old friends/sweethearts/sextoys/playmates, he can’t choose one ahead of another.&nbsp; Marisa and Kylie had cornered Melanie and Karina and the four were deep in catchup conversation.&nbsp; The adults formed another group, Miss Shell with the three mothers, Rika, Terry and Mary Anne. That left Mackenzie and Mayu.&nbsp; Cool, thinks Greg, and he joins them: &quot;Mayu, great to see you&quot;,&nbsp; pulling both girls into an embrace so Mackenzie won’t feel left out. &quot;Come on, Mayu, Mackenzie has something to show you&quot;, and he takes both girls by the hand and leads them swiftly to the Fuck Room.<br /><br />&quot;Hey Mack, do you think you can give us another show?&quot; he suggests.&nbsp; As she heads off to start the music, Greg and Mayu start tugging impatiently at each other’s robes, and in a moment they are in a naked embrace, lying on piles of cushions.&nbsp; Then the music starts, and Mayu sucks on Greg’s cock while Mackenzie recaps her performance of yesterday.&nbsp; Mayu releases Greg’s cock and lies between his legs sucking his balls while Mackenzie reaches the climax of her dance routine, a real climax, again, then leaps from the stage and straddles Greg’s head, planting her soaking pussy on his mouth, leaning forward in 69 to suck on his cock, look into Mayu’s eyes, and break off sucking so they can kiss. <br />&nbsp;<br />Wrapping her arms around Mayu, she slides a trail of pussy juice down Greg’s chest until she straddles him in reverse cowgirl, and his cock pops suddenly inside her, making her gasp.&nbsp; Released from the kiss, Mayu lowers her head, resumes sucking Greg’s balls while Mackenzie bounces slowly on his shaft.&nbsp; Then Mackenzie is squatting, holding herself so only the head of Greg’s cock is inside her, and Mayu licks her way from balls to shaft to clit. Mackenzie shifts, Greg’s cock pops out, Mayu engulfs it in her mouth.&nbsp; Mackenzie is stroking Mayu’s hair as she sucks Greg, then guides his hot lovestick back into Mackenzie, clamping her mouth over her clit.&nbsp; Then back to Greg’s balls as Mackenzie bounces another flood of juices out of herself.&nbsp; Greg feels he is about to cum, but he wants Mackenzie awake to dance some more, so he tips over sideways, dumping her off, and turns to Mayu. &quot;Quick, Mayu, I’m gonna cum&quot;, and she lies back, legs in the air, he plunges right into her and thrusts rapidly as he erupts in his first shot of the day.&nbsp; His thrusting slows to a halt, and he lies there on top of Mayu, whose lights have just gone out.<br />&nbsp; <br />— 10 AM: #1=Mayu<br /><br />&quot;Hey Mack, come here&quot;.&nbsp; Mackenzie, hot from her own orgasm, and a bit surprised at the way Greg dumped her off, moves in alongside him. &quot;I don’t want you spacing out just yet, Mack. I want to see some more of your lovely dancing before I cum inside you.&quot;&nbsp; Satisfied by this, she snuggles against him and the zombied-out Mayu.&nbsp; Greg kisses Mayu. &quot;First time I’ve fucked you, babe, and I just couldn’t hold on.&nbsp; Next time I’ll make it last a bit longer.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Not if I have anything to do with it&quot; chuckles Mackenzie, and he playfully tickles her ribs, making her jump away.&nbsp; As Greg rolls off Mayu, a Fluffer glides silently in to plant a tampon, and cover the dreaming girl, now on mental vacation for the next 12 hours. <br /><br />Mackenzie heads off for a shower as Greg looks round and sees he has an audience.&nbsp; Mayu’s youngest sister Mika, and her mother, the petite doll-like Rika had come in while Greg’s vision was obscured by Mackenzie’s ass, and were kneeling, Japanese style, nearby. Greg noticed for the first time that mother and daughter were almost the same size.&nbsp; Together they closed in on him. &quot;Hi Greg said Rika, &quot;I see you’ve had your way with Mayu, at last.&nbsp; She was complaining that you’d never fucked her&quot;, and she kisses him.&nbsp; Mika moves in behind Greg and they make a Japanese Greg Sandwich. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;Mika has some news for you, go on dear, tell him&quot;, and Mika speaks softly in Greg’s ear. &quot;I’m not a virgin any more. I couldn’t wait for you Greg, but now I’m ready and I want your cock inside me, I want you to fuck me like you fucked my Mom.&nbsp; Remember that day I came home from school and you were fucking Mom? and then you taught me how to suck your cock? And I really wanted you to fuck me too, but you didn’t.&nbsp; Was it because I was a virgin? Cos now I’m not, you got no excuse, you gotta fuck me.&nbsp; Fuck me all the way and cum inside me, I’m on the pill like my sisters, so it’s ok, and I want to feel you cumming in my pussy.&quot;&nbsp; While he’s hearing this, Rika is gently exploring his cock with her fingers, and as Mika’s words start to have an effect, Rika slides down so she can explore with her mouth as well, and it’s not long before Greg is fully erect again.&nbsp; Mika is also aroused by her own words, and is idly stroking her clit, and noticing how wet she is getting. &quot;My pussy is getting wet, Greg.&nbsp; It’s wet for your cock, I’m ready now.&nbsp; Fuck me while Mom watches, like you fucked Mom while I watched, remember?&quot;<br /><br />And that does it.&nbsp; Between mother’s sucking and young ex-virgin daughter’s sexy talk, Greg is ready and more than willing.&nbsp; He retrieves his cock from Rika’s mouth, and turns over to lower himself onto Mika, and into her tight but very juicy little twat.&nbsp; Her pussy grips him tighter than anything he’s felt before, even the virgins he’d taken, Priscilla, Kylie, Mika’s sister Karina, none felt as tight and firm as this, and the intense feeling of sliding the tight ring of her cunt up and down his shaft tells him it won’t be long.&nbsp; He’s been encouraged – but not commanded – by Scully to cum as soon as he can.&nbsp; She felt he should retain as much free will as possible, in the circumstances.&nbsp; And it isn’t long.&nbsp; With Rika stroking his back and ass, with his tongue in Mika’s mouth stifling her gasps and moans, with her tiny 14 year old body bucking and spasming under him, he blows his second load of the day, right up her pipe.<br /><br />— 10:30 #2=Mika <br /><br />Fluffers do their silent duty, and Mika is laid out peacefully beside her oldest sister. Rika, caressing Greg, says: &quot;If I fetch Karina, you could make it a set.&quot;<br /><br />But Karina doesn’t need fetching, she turns up of her own accord, with Melanie, Marisa and Kylie, just as Greg, once more revived, is entering Rika from behind.&nbsp; &quot;He likes this&quot; says Karina to the others,&nbsp; and scoots in on her back under him, to play with his balls as his cock goes in and out of her mother’s pussy. &quot;Hey, give me a cushion, somebody&quot; calls Karina.&nbsp; With the cushion under her head, she can lick Greg’s balls, and his shaft as it comes out of her mother.&nbsp; And her mother’s soaking clit.&nbsp; &quot;Eat me, somebody&quot; calls Karina, getting horny on having such a close up view of Greg’s hard cock ramming into her mother’s cunt.&nbsp; &quot;Gravy Train, guys&quot; calls Marisa, and crouches on all fours, burying her face in Karina’s snatch, Melanie follows by slipping in under Marisa, on her back, to suck Marisa’s pussy, and Kylie at the end of the line goes down on Melanie.&nbsp; Greg looks over his shoulder to see the chain of naked girls feasting on pussy, and this definitely rings his bells, especially as the head of the chain is licking his balls and teasing her tongue back towards his asshole, and he finds another dose of cum to pump into Rika.&nbsp; &quot;Train wreck&quot; calls out Karina, as she’s forced to get her head out of the way of Greg’s final frantic pounding, and the rest of the train collapses in giggles.&nbsp; As usual, a Fluffer arrives to deal with Rika, and she’s now laid out beside two of her daughters.&nbsp; Greg invites Karina in for a cuddle, and the other three girls close in to make it a group hug and grope. &quot;Looks like you’re the last of the Yamamotos&quot; says Greg, looking over at the three spaced out bodies.<br />&nbsp;<br />— 11:00 #3=Rika<br /><br /><br />Greg has a shower in the Fuck Room’s ensuite, along with the four teenagers, and they play and soap each other, rinse off and explore each other in the warm wet spray.&nbsp; Greg hasn’t yet recharged, so they have a quick snack together, still all naked, because they can, followed by a rowdy splash around in the pool, and then a relaxing soak in the jacuzi, Greg and four enthusiastic teens, all ready and willing for him to fuck.&nbsp; Just as soon as he’s ready.&nbsp; Melanie discovers the first signs of revival in Greg’s cock, abandons the jacuzi, fleeing to the Fuck Room, yelling &quot;Run for it. The Monster Dick has Awakened From its Slumber&quot;, with the other girls close behind, and Greg lumbering after them like a bear, holding his cock to keep it from swinging wildly.&nbsp; Entering the Fuck Room he finds Karina hoisting herself into the love swing, Melanie and Marisa each side of her holding her arms and legs.&nbsp; Kylie meets him and leads him to the swing, which has Karina’s pussy at just the right height for him to enter.&nbsp; As Greg starts to fuck Karina, the other three girls crowd closely around him, and he can share kisses with Marisa and Melanie.&nbsp; The girls do the work, Greg has only to stand still.&nbsp; Kylie presses against his butt, and the Two M’s guide Karina and the swing back and forth.&nbsp; Kylie ducks under Greg’s ass and starts to suck his nutsack, Karina is rubbing her clit as his dick goes in and out of her, and that’s all it takes for one more load to boil up from his nuts and squirt out of his cock.&nbsp; A Fluffer arrives, and the Last of the Yamamotos is laid peacefully beside the rest of her family.<br /><br />— 12:00 #4=Karina<br /><br />In the lounge, after lunch, Greg finds Mary Anne putting the finishing touches on an impressive artwork.&nbsp; Her canvas is her daughter Abbey, and the art is body paint that has her seemingly dressed in a skin tight superhero or circus costume, except for unpainted cutaways for her boobs, a circle round her navel, and a larger circle around her pussy and asshole.&nbsp; The effect is erotic in the extreme, the colors and lines guiding the eye towards her pussy, like a flower guides a bee to the pollen.&nbsp; Greg looks with curiousity turning to lust as Abbey slowly stands, stretches, then stands arms and legs wide apart, for his admiration.&nbsp; &quot;Like it?&quot; she asks, but she has only to look down at his growing erection to know he does. &quot;Hmmm…&quot; Greg pretends to be considering. &quot;Not sure.&nbsp; Can I try it on?&quot; &quot;Absolutely&quot;, and she opens herself to him and he slips inside her, cock in pussy, tongue in mouth, standing, right in the middle of the lounge, with Abbey’s mother Mary Anne, her sisters Krista and&nbsp; Kylie and the others – Miss Shell, Melanie and her Mum Terry, Mackenzie and Marisa – all looking on, all naked.&nbsp; This time it takes him longer to reload, and he steadily fucks Abbey through 3 or 4 climaxes, her juices running down her legs and trying to disolve her paintwork, before he finds his own charge rising from his balls, and then he has a grasp on it, is able to hold it, neither bursting out nor falling back.&nbsp; The room is silent but for the slap of their flesh and the squelch of her pussy and the ragged gasps of her breathing, joined now by squelches and gasps from Miss Shell, who has joined in with her vibrator and is fucking herself enthusiastically.&nbsp; Most of the others had been idly, automatically, touching themselves as they watched Greg pumping into the gloriously decorated Abbey, and now Mackenzie takes up the rhythm, plunging three fingers into her sopping pussy.&nbsp; It looks like all the Squirters in the place are going to go off at once. Krista and Kylie are holding onto each other, fingers strumming each other’s clits, while their mother, Mary Anne is fingering herself and holding up one of her marvellous breasts so she can suck her own nipple.&nbsp; Terry is standing behind her daughter Melanie, massaging her boobs with both hands, while Melanie’s own hands are busy lower down. But Marisa is the first to explode in orgasm, loudly, surprising even herself.&nbsp; Then the others see, she’s been keeping eye contact with Greg the whole time, and somehow, across the room, it was Marisa that Greg was fucking all along.&nbsp; Marisa’s outburst triggers a wave of lust, and orgasms erupt around the room as surely as if Greg still had the Good Girl spell, and Greg is also washed away, his fluid pumping into Abbey, as Miss Shell and Mackenzie flood their juices over the cushions.<br /><br />— 13:30 #5=Abbey<br /><br />As the excitement subsides, and Greg lowers the blissed-out Abbey onto a couch, a Fluffer arrives to install a tampon and make Abbey comfortable. <br /><br />Licked clean, Greg surveys the room. Flushed post-orgasmic faces stare back at him.&nbsp; &quot;Let’s go to the Fuck Room&quot; he declares, and exits, most of the others close behind.&nbsp; Miss Shell stays to be Mary Anne’s next canvas. Marisa stays to watch the artist at work.<br /><br />Greg spends the next recharge period in the midst of five of the eight remaining females. <br />Kylie wants to learn to pole dance, and Mackenzie is giving her instruction, while Greg is snuggled between mother-and-daughter Terry and Melanie, sharing soft kisses, stroking their breasts, tweaking their nipples, and Krista curls up between his legs like a kitten.<br /><br />Terry and Melanie are reminiscing with Greg. &quot;Remember that time you had us both masturbate in front of you?&quot; asked Melanie. &quot;That was so hot. I’d always tried to be quiet and secretive when I’d masturbate at home, I didn’t want Mom to hear me.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Me too&quot;, added Terry with a laugh, &quot;I always made sure you were asleep, and I’d keep my door closed, and I’d still bite on the pillow to keep from moaning out loud. There must have been nights when we were both masturbating at the same time, if only we’d known.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;There are now, that’s for sure&quot; added Melanie. &quot;Yeah, we don’t hold back now, do we Mel?&quot; replied Terry.<br /><br />As they talked, they were once again touching themselves, moving fingertips gently on clits. &quot;Now Melanie shares my vibrator&quot; said Terry proudly, &quot;and we’re still naked round the house, like you told us. Now if either one of us gets horny, we’ve got no qualms about just rubbing out a quick orgasm. Or a slow one.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;Yeah,&quot; added Melanie, &quot;and we’ve taken to showering together too. Save Water, shower with your Mom&quot; she laughed.&nbsp; &quot;Yes, dear, but I don’t think we’re really saving any water, we spend too long in there.&quot;<br /><br />All the while Krista lies between his legs admiring his tackle, kissing licking and sucking gently until it starts to reawaken. Then she tries to keep all of his cock in her mouth as it grows beyond her capacity.&nbsp; She tries to take it down her throat, but gives up with a sudden gasp as she almost gags.&nbsp; &quot;Ready down here&quot; she calls.<br /><br />&quot;Hey Greg, can I ask you something?&quot; says Melanie. &quot;Sure, what?&quot; &quot;Well, you’ve fucked me in front of Mom, but you always went off in private to fuck her.&nbsp; You never let me watch.&nbsp; So, can I watch now?&nbsp; Will you fuck Mom first so I can watch?&nbsp; Pleeeeeze?&quot; and she made little-girl-pleading faces at Greg so he just had to laugh.&nbsp; &quot;OK, Melanie, are you ready to watch me fuck your mother?&quot; &quot;Yeah, Motherfucker, come on and fuck me&quot; added Terry.&nbsp; Well, this was more than enough, and in a moment Greg had Terry flat on her back with her legs up behind her ears, as he pounded into her squelchy velvet love tunnel. Melanie positioned herself where she could watch, and Greg could watch her too, and matched their rhythm as she sluiced her fingers in and out of herself, calling encouragement to them both. &quot;Come on Mom, I wanna hear you cum&quot;, and Terry is grunting and gasping with every thrust of Greg’s as he fucks the daylights out of her, and she cums in a frenzy of yells, grunts and moans, and keeps on cumming as Greg keeps on pounding, his sweat dripping on her face and tits until at last he summons up his sixth ejaculation of the day, and releases it far up inside her, then collapses breathless on top of her. &quot;Whooo-hooo MotherFucker, what a Fuck!&quot; cries Melanie, approvingly, and a ragged round of applause breaks out from Mackenzie, Kylie and Krista, who have watched slack jawed the whole thing.<br /><br />— 14:00 #6=Terry<br /><br />Greg and his three companions shower and then raid the dining room for cake, icecream and soft drinks.<br />Krista and Kylie get into some sisterly teasing, leading to a minor food fight, then Greg discovers the joys of licking ice cream from the bodies of naked teenage girls.&nbsp; They clear a table and lay Krista on it, and start decorating her with blobs of icecream and then swirls of whipped cream from a can.&nbsp; She wriggles and giggles as Greg tickles her with his tongue lapping up the tasty treats cunningly positioned by Kylie, with creative input from Mackenzie.&nbsp; Then it’s Greg’s turn, and he’s hauled up onto the table and has his cock and balls liberally sprayed with cream, which the girls gather round to lick off, and, if they happen to find his cock, they suck it, until it is standing proud once again.&nbsp; Then Krista escalates things by fetching a large tub filled with swirls of softserve icecream, and pushes it right onto Greg’s cock.&nbsp; He yelps, it’s like he’s had a deepfrozen cunt jammed onto his dick, the cold soft squishy icecream surrounding his shaft and running down to chill his balls.&nbsp; &quot;Arrrrgh! Cold!!! Krista you cheeky little cunt.&nbsp; Come back and lick this mess up before my balls freeze off.&quot;&nbsp; But he needn’t worry, as Kylie rescues his ballsack with her warm mouth, and Mackenzie and Krista work on cleaning up his shaft on either side, ending when Mary Anne arrives to investigate the noise, and surprises Greg with another of her skills, by expertly deep-throating his chilled member, and keeping it down her throat until her warmth floods through him.&nbsp; When she finally comes up for air, Krista tries to imitate her, nearly gagging again.&nbsp; &quot;Mom, you got to teach me how to do that. I nearly puked. How do you do it?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Well, Krista, remember all those summer vacations at Bible Camp…&quot; and she gave her daughter a knowing smile. &quot;Practice, sweetie. It just takes practice&quot;, and she continues to deep-throat Greg until he starts showing signs of too much appreciation. She stops and yells: &quot;Kylie my girl, stop diddling yourself and stick that little snatch of yours onto this cock before it explodes&quot;, and Mary Anne helps her daughter climb onto the table and straddle Greg, then Mary Anne places her generous boobs onto Greg’s face, where he finds a nipple to suck as Kylie’s tight little pussy bounces on his cock, squeezing out another measure of ballcream.&nbsp; Mary Anne has to help Kylie off and sit her down on a chair, and a pair of Fluffers materialise to install her tampon and carry her off to her bedroom.<br /><br />— 15:00 #7=Kylie<br /><br />(the day continues in the next chapter)<br />

Mind Control Stories

Thu, 13 Sep 2012 08:00:50 UTC

The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 3

<p>The guy in the sex shop had seen many things, but this was by far the best.&nbsp; The shop belonged to his uncle Bernie, and Jim liked working there. Though the pay was lousy, it helped him survive as he struggled to finish his graduate studies, and it wasn’t open in the mornings. At first he’d hoped there’d be other benefits, but the customers were mostly dirty-old-men or flamboyant gays.&nbsp; He’d no objection to either, but he wasn’t interested in their company. A steady stream of mousy or overweight housewives and the occasional hooker made up the female customers, and the hookers weren’t even offering a discount. Only rarely did some swinging couple or group turn up to liven the place up. </p><p> The young woman was wearing a raincoat, belted, though it wasn’t raining.&nbsp; She had a gorgeous face, and there was a voluptuous figure under that coat, he was sure.&nbsp; She seemed a bit dazed, not quite sure of herself.&nbsp; She asked about vibrators and dildos, and he directed her to the right shelves.&nbsp; In five minutes she was back at the counter, empty handed.&nbsp; &quot;Can you help me?&quot; she asked. &quot;I don’t know how to find one that suits me.&quot;&nbsp; Oh, man, was this girl for real?&nbsp; </p><p>He led her back to the display of sex toys. &quot;Well&quot;, he started, &quot;it depends on your taste.&quot;&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;My taste?&quot; she looked shocked. &quot;I didn’t realize they were flavored.&quot;&nbsp; Was she shitting him? Or (but don’t get your hopes up) maybe flirting with him? &quot;No, they’re not flavored. I meant YOUR taste.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;MY taste?&quot; she asked again, with a deer-in-the-headlights look. &quot;OK, I really need to get one that suits me&quot; she said hesitantly, more to herself than to him, and she reached under her coat and dug around for a couple of seconds, then withdrew her hand,&nbsp; and held it out to him.&nbsp; It was his turn to look surprised. &quot;Here&quot; she said. &quot;Taste. This is my taste. Can you help me find something that suits it?&quot;&nbsp; </p><p>A slow realization dawned on him like a bank of floodlights coming on one by one, and slowly, carefully, he reached out and took her hand, raising it to his face. He felt the wetness, and he smelled the smell of her on the two outstretched fingers. He sucked her fingers, and knew her taste, oh yes he did.&nbsp; He held on to her hand for as long as he could, licking and sucking those two dainty delicate fingers. He had a boner stuck pointing the wrong way in his jeans, God this was hot. &nbsp; </p><p> She was looking at him expectantly. &quot;Do you know what would suit me now?&quot; He felt dizzy. He glanced over at the counter, half expecting to see his own corpse slumped over it. Died and gone to heaven? Whatever, just go with it. &quot;Well, I think so, but I’ll need another taste to make sure.&quot;&nbsp; She held her hand out to him again. &quot;No, it’s worn off.&quot;&nbsp; She reached under her coat again and came back with her fingers freshly coated in her juice. He sucked them greedily, oh, this woman was beyond belief. If she was playing with him, he was happy to play with her, see where the game would go. &quot;Well?&quot; she asked. &quot;Can’t be completely sure with the fingers. Need to go direct to the source&quot; he said hopefully. &quot;OK&quot; again, and she stood patiently before him.&nbsp; This isn’t happening, he thought, as he slowly crouched down. &quot;Don’t wake up, don’t wake up, please please don’t wake up&quot; ran through his racing mind as he reached for the flap of her coat, going slowly in case this isn’t really what she meant.&nbsp; But she just stood there.&nbsp; He pulled the two sides of her coat apart, and there before his face was a pair of creamy thighs, black fishnet stockings below, the black strip of suspenders running up to black lacy belt above, and framed by all this erotic beauty, was a completely smoothly shaven pussy.&nbsp; Her legs were parted slightly, and he pressed his face against her, tried to reach her with his tongue.&nbsp; Then he clasped her round the backside and lifted her left leg, opening her so his mouth could close over those seeping lips.&nbsp; She hooked the leg over his shoulder, and he steadied her with both arms as he sucked and slurped at her wetness, for god she was wet.&nbsp; She idly stroked his head as he ate her out for as long as he could.&nbsp; Until, at last, he felt her tap-tap on his head.&nbsp; He looked up, her juices glistening on his nose and chin.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Well?&quot; she asked. &quot;I really need to get a vibrator or dildo that suits my taste.&nbsp; What do you recommend?&quot; </p><p> She’s still playing her game, whatever it is, he decided.&nbsp; Maybe it’s a dare or something. &quot;Well, Miss, I must say you have excellent taste.&nbsp; Never tasted finer. I’d suggest a gel vibrator with a realistic shape, molded to feel just like a real cock.&nbsp; We have several sizes.&nbsp; Would you like me to measure you for size, it’s important to get the right fit?&quot; &quot;Oh, yes please. If you don’t mind. I didn’t know it would be so complicated.&quot; </p><p>&quot;That’s why it’s always best to shop in person.&nbsp; You can buy all these things online, but the only way to find out what suits you best is to come into the store, where you can get expert advice tailored specially for you&quot; the spiel rattled off nicely now and calmed his nerves. &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;If you would like to come to the fitting room back here, I’ll just grab some samples.&quot; He led her by the hand – afraid to let go of her in case she suddenly ran away, or vanished, or something – into the back room.&nbsp; This was where customers could watch videos, and where the hookers sometimes came, though Uncle Bernie had a policy of not letting them bring their Johns into the shop.&nbsp; It was ok if the guy was in the shop already, though, as if that made any difference.&nbsp; There was a mattress on a divan base, an ancient sofa and an even older armchair.&nbsp; All looked like they’d been dragged in off the street, which they had.&nbsp; There was a DVD playing on the projector, and on the screen a pair of skinny asian girls were sharing an enormous black cock. </p><p>&quot;Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be back in a second&quot;, and Jim raced to the shop door to flip the sign to &quot;closed&quot; and slip the latch, then grabbed a pack of condoms.&nbsp; From under the counter he grabbed a couple of vibrators in their packaging, then zoomed to the back room doorway. Here he paused for breath.&nbsp; On the screen, one of the asian girls was lowering herself onto the big black cock, while the other one sat astride the guy’s face.&nbsp; Jim’s tasty customer had parked herself on the sofa. Her coat was hanging open, and Jim noticed for the first time that she was wearing nothing else above the suspender belt.&nbsp; Her boobs, firm but ample, easily a D he reckoned, were both uncovered.&nbsp; She had her legs apart, and was methodically, repeatedly dipping two fingers inside her pussy, then sucking them.&nbsp; Her face indicated she was concentrating on the taste.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Oh, my, she’s quite something&quot; Jim thought. &quot;Here we are, Miss&quot; and he set down the boxes. &quot;Just sit back on the sofa there, make yourself comfortable. You might like to raise your knees.&nbsp; Here, let me put this cushion behind your back, it’s not good to slouch.&quot;&nbsp; She was now arranged on the sofa, facing the projection screen, with her legs nicely apart.&nbsp; He knelt beside her and quickly unwrapped the smaller of the two vibrators he’d brought, then slipped a condom onto it. &quot;Relax, and we’ll see how this one fits.&quot; and he guided the thing between her thighs and slowly inserted it into her vagina. Still fearing he was going to wake up at any second, he began to stroke in and out. &quot;I haven’t switched it on yet, as we’re just measuring you up for size.&nbsp; How does this feel?&quot; &quot;Mmmm, pretty good. Is this what suits my taste?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Not sure yet, Miss. You see, your taste changes considerably after orgasm.&quot; &quot;I had an orgasm this afternoon, does that count?&quot; &quot;How long ago was that Miss?&quot; &quot;About half past three.&quot; &quot;It would be best to have a fresh one, if you can manage it&quot; he said, all the while delving steadily in and out of her cunt with the condom-clad device. &quot;OK, I’ll try.&quot; And she took hold of the thing herself and cranked up the pace, rapidly fucking herself with singleminded concentration. &nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Miss&quot; said Jim, with his fingers crossed, &quot;you might like to try something a bit larger.&nbsp; &quot;Oh, yes, yes, let me try it&quot;.&nbsp; Jim was swiftly dumping his pants and rolling a condom onto his erection, which he knew to be both longer and thicker than the small vibrator he’d given her.&nbsp; &quot;If you’d like to stand up, we can try fitting this one from behind.&quot;&nbsp; She stood, then looked at his condom wrapped dick.&nbsp; &quot;But that’s not a vibrator. That’s your dick, unless I’m very much mistaken.&quot; &quot;Yes, and it’s the same size as the other vibrator.&nbsp; The boss doesn’t like customers opening all the boxes if they’re not buying, so I’d like you to try this for size before we open another box.&nbsp; If it’s too big, you can go back to the one you’ve got already.&quot; </p><p>&quot;OK&quot;, she sounded only half convinced, but she turned her back, and her butt, towards him, and leaned on the armrest of the sofa.&nbsp; He spat on his cock and rubbed in the saliva, then slipped between her butt cheeks, found her hole, and plunged in.&nbsp; She reacted at once, &quot;Oh, yess.&nbsp; That’s better.&nbsp; Fuck yes.&nbsp; This suits my taste, fuck yeah&quot; and he gave her a thorough pounding, her words becoming meaningless gasps and moans, blending with the muted screams and moans from the onscreen porno babes, until she reached a crescendo &quot;Fuck yes fuck me fuck I’m fucking cumming, woooohoooo…&quot; and with an explosion of profanity surprising for such a beautiful young history teacher, she orgasmed extensively and copiously.&nbsp; Jim understood this was his chance too, perhaps his last one, and he let go all restraint and pounded her until his own orgasm overtook him his cum filled he condom. He pulled out and dumped the condom in an ashtry.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Shall I check if you’ve had a change of taste?&quot; he asked. &quot;OK&quot; she said, and he helped her sit down where he could easily reach her pussy for a lengthy exploration of the flavor of her post orgasmic flood of juices.&nbsp; He was astonished at how much juice she’d made, and a new stain was spreading on the already much stained cushion beneath her. &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;So, he asked, which one did you prefer?&quot; &quot;Oh, the second one, for sure. I’d no idea it would be so complicated.&nbsp; Thank you for your expert assistance.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Will that be cash or credit card? And should I include a spare set of batteries?&quot; </p><p>Sometimes, just sometimes, this was a great place to work, thought Jim. </p>

Mind Control Stories

Mon, 27 Aug 2012 07:30:40 UTC

The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 12

<br />Mulder spent a wonderful night in bed with Annie King, mother of Geri and Debi, and newly appointed porn videographer.&nbsp; She’d been so horny after this assignment that Mulder resorted more than once to the Good Girl spell, and she’d spent ages lazily sucking his cock as he lay only half awake.&nbsp; They had their first really good fuck as the early dawn light was filtering into the bedroom, and Mulder pumped a hefty load of cum deep inside her.<br /><br />In the morning, Mulder uploaded all the captured video, but left the spy-cams in place on motion-trigger.&nbsp; No harm collecting what he could.&nbsp; He wasn’t sure if the King’s had been given Greg’s domestic nudity directive, so he added it to their standing orders, and they breakfasted naked before the girls had to dress for school.&nbsp; As he kissed Geri goodbye, and enjoyed a last feel of her naked slit under her school skirt, her cheeky little sister ducked down between them and grabbed a quick suck on Mulder’s rising cock.&nbsp; &quot;Don’t forget to ask Mom&quot; she said, then she was gone, skipping down the path ahead of her sister.<br /><br />So Mulder asked Annie.&nbsp; Did she want him to deflower her younger daughter? <br /><br />&quot;You asking me, or telling me?&quot; she replied.&nbsp; &quot;Asking&quot; said Mulder. &quot;Well, I guess that makes you a whole lot different from our darling Greg.&nbsp; Horny fucker just took what he wanted.&nbsp; Me as well, he fucked me good.&nbsp; Best fuck I’d had for years. And I’d still give him anything, anything at all. Including Debi.&nbsp; But since you asked… and asked nicely, Agent Mulder, the answer is Yes.&quot; &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;Better you than Greg, and better Greg than some other horny teenager who’ll just fuck her for his own pleasure. So be my guest, Agent Mulder.&nbsp; Come back soon, and we’ll have a Debi Deflowering Party.&nbsp; You can do it how you like, nice and private, or all in a great big gangbang like last night’s shindig.&nbsp; Up to you.&nbsp; Either way, I know you’ll be kind, and you’ll make it a joyful experience that helps her become a confident woman, not some guy’s property.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;Meanwhile, Agent Mulder, looks like you’re packin’ heat.&quot; She ran a finger the length of the erection he’d had since Debi left. &quot;Would you like me to help you with that?&quot; &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;Thanks Annie, but I’ve got a busy day ahead of me at school, and I…. &quot; Mulder paused. &quot;Yeah, why not.&quot; &nbsp;<br /><br />So she did. <br /><br />———————-<br /><br />When he eventually got to the school, Mulder resumed his routine in Pulaski’s office, calling in each girl on the still too long list, handing her the phone, and giving her the necessary commands.&nbsp; Around lunchtime, he had Pulaski send for Emily.&nbsp; He didn’t need to command anything, she greeted him with a big smile and a warm embrace, wrapping arms and legs around him.&nbsp; At 100 lbs she was light enough to carry on his dick, thought Mulder. But he put his hands under her tiny ass to support her and found bare skin under her school skirt. In a moment he had a bulging erection, and in another moment he had it inside her, and he bounced her hard and fast on his dick until they overbalanced and toppled together onto the couch as he worked off the morning’s building frustration.&nbsp; He came inside her, and when she finally stood up there was another huge wet patch on the couch, adding to the stains it had collected last week.&nbsp; Let Pulaski deal with that as well, thought Mulder. He sent her back to class with their mixed juices still dribbling down her legs.&nbsp; The whole school’s been mind-controlled into silence, so I don’t suppose anyone will mention it even if they do notice, he thought.<br /><br />For the rest of the week, he cycled between Colleen’s and Annie’s beds, and he finished each school day by getting the lucky last two girls of the day to give him a blowjob.&nbsp; Life could hardly be sweeter.<br /><br />———————–<br /><br />On Thursday morning he got Pulaski to arrange a special assembly of all the boys in Geri’s control group, in the school gym,&nbsp; with Geri to perform the handover, after which Mulder planned to take her back to Pulaski’s office and fuck her, but Geri had other ideas.&nbsp; Mulder had given her enough leeway to enjoy herself in her final act as slavemaster, and she certainly did.&nbsp; She’d asked Mulder to put the gym into lockdown, and when she hit the floor in her cheerleader outfit and turned a slow cartwheel that clearly revealed her lack of panties, she was guaranteed 100% attention from her audience of boys, even if they had not been her obedient slaves. She spoke clearly: &quot;Hello boys, I’m so pleased to see you all here.&nbsp; And you are all delighted to be here, and delighted to see me here before you&quot;. &nbsp;<br /><br />This, of course, was the truth, because her saying it made it so. Some of Greg’s erotic fantasies must have been contagious, thought Mulder, watching from the sidelines, as Geri licked her lips, took a deep breath, and forged ahead with her plan.<br /><br />&quot;You’ve all seen me in the cheerleading team, I’m sure.&nbsp; You think I’m sexy&quot;. This was true already, but no harm making sure. She twirled, making her skirt flare out, showing her nakedness beneath. &quot;You’d love to see my pussy, wouldn’t you?&quot;&nbsp; – stunned silence – &quot;Wouldn’t you? Answer me!&quot; she demanded. &quot;Yes, Geri&quot; came the chorus.&nbsp; &quot;And you’d love to jack off looking at my pussy, wouldn’t you?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Yes Geri&quot;.&nbsp; &quot;Well, now you’re going to.&nbsp; Get your dicks out&quot;. &nbsp;<br /><br />Mulder had to admire her style.&nbsp; He was more than half tempted to obey her himself. &quot;Now gather round me in a circle&quot;. She moved to the middle of the floor.&nbsp; &quot;Hey, Tom and Phil, pull that stack of mats over here into the center&quot;.&nbsp; There were five thick safety mats making a stack over 3 feet high.&nbsp; The boys got them in place, and Geri hopped on to them, and sat in an easy lotus, revealing her bare shaven pussy.&nbsp; She surveyed her audience, cocks obediently poking out from their pants, some stiff and proud, many only halfway there, a few still hanging limp.&nbsp; &quot;Jack those cocks boys, make them really hard for me.&quot;&nbsp; And then, like it had just occurred to her: &quot;Has anybody here ever jacked off thinking about me?&quot;&nbsp; Some hands went up, like in the classroom, then a few more. &quot;Don’t be shy, you know you must answer me.&quot;&nbsp; That settled a couple of waverers.&nbsp; Geri picked one boy, a tall skinny one, the first she’d seen raise his hand, and with an already very stiff cock. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;You, yes you, come here.&quot;&nbsp; The boy advanced, slowly lowering his hand. &quot;When you were jacking off, thinking of me, did you imagine something like this?&quot;, and, not waiting for an answer, she called out &quot;Everybody, watch this&quot;, and slipped off the mat and down on her knees before the lucky boy, taking his cock into her mouth, and giving him head with frenetic enthusiasm.&nbsp; Breaking off for a moment, she looked up into his eyes: &quot;Cum in my mouth. Don’t try to hold back. Shout it out. Tell the world when you cum&quot; and she resumed sucking and jacking him until he obeyed her command, and she greedily sucked every drop from him.&nbsp; Looking up at him again, she showed her tongue, covered in his cum, then closed her mouth and swallowed, showed him again, this time clean. &quot;All gone. Mmmmm&quot;.&nbsp; She stood up, kissed him on the cheek, whispered &quot;Go sit over there&quot;, and hopped back onto the pile of mats.&nbsp; That went well, she thought. Just like a porno.<br /><br />&quot;Now guys, take off all your clothes and dump them over there&quot;.&nbsp; She waited till they were done, then commanded. &quot;Gather round me. Take the hands of the boys on each side of you, and close the circle until you’re all squeezed up side by side.&nbsp; Don’t leave anyone out, I want you all in one circle.&quot;&nbsp; Some shuffling ensued.&nbsp; There were 34 boys (Mulder counted), and by shuffling and squeezing they managed to make a ring about 6 yards across.&nbsp; Geri’s eyes scanned them, turning right around so she could see everyone, and as she did she had one hand between her legs, pressing on her clit.&nbsp; She was enjoying this.<br /><br />&quot;Now turn to face the boy on your right&quot; commanded Geri, &quot;and keep looking at me.&nbsp; Shuffle towards me, all of you.&nbsp; Go on, squeeze right in.&nbsp; I want you real close to me, so you’re going to have to squeeze right up against the boy in front of you. That’s it. You’re doing this to get closer to me.&nbsp; You want to be closer to me, so you can see me.&nbsp; You don’t mind squeezing up close to each other, you don’t mind pressing your naked body against the boy in front, and you don’t mind the boy behind pressing up against you.&nbsp; I’m going to show you my body, that’s what you want.&quot; &nbsp;<br /><br />She pulled off her top and unhooked her sports-bra, so her gorgeous breasts swung free, and she tweaked her nipples to attention with her free hand.&nbsp; She discarded the tiny skirt so she was as naked as the boys, and she opened her legs wide and used her fingers to spread her pussylips. Pity this isn’t a turntable, she thought. &nbsp;<br /><br />The shuffling boys, all looking at Geri, strove to get closer to her, and as the circle shrank, they found themselves squeezed ever closer in front and behind.&nbsp; Most of the boys had erections, and these were now pressing against the buttocks of the boy in front, a pleasurable feeling in itself, as long as the spell of Geri’s command kept them from examining the implications.<br /><br />&quot;Now, reach round the boy in front of you and take hold of his cock.&quot; Geri was enjoying this.&nbsp; There was no way in hell most of these guys would have done anything like this if they’d had any say in the matter. Squeezed up like this, they were only about 7 feet from her, all round. &quot;Put your other arm around him, you’re going to need to hold on&quot;.&nbsp; She was idly fingering her pussy as she gave these last commands, and there was a tremor of lust in her voice now. &quot;You like my titties.&nbsp; My perfect D-cup titties.&quot;&nbsp; This wasn’t a question, it may have been a command, or simply a statement of fact.<br /><br />&quot;Now,&nbsp; very slowly, start wanking the cock you’re holding.&nbsp; Do what you’d like to feel me doing to you.&nbsp; Imagine the hand holding your cock is mine.&nbsp; Look at me. Keep time with me&quot;.&nbsp; She was fingering her pussy in a slow and steady rhythm that gradually became more intense, until she was masturbating wildly, plunging fingers in and out of her sopping cunt, turning round and round on the mats so all the boys could see her, see her pussy. &quot;Wank those cocks, boys. Fuck it feels good.&nbsp; You feel good. You’re going to cum soon, don’t hold back and don’t be quiet. Shout it out when you cum, yell it out.&nbsp; I’m wanking your cock, I’m gonna make you cum, don’t stop wanking the cock you’re holding until it cums, come on, cum for me.&quot; and she had to break off as an orgasm tore thru her.&nbsp; Then she hopped off the mat, unplanned, as a ragged chorus of &quot;I’m cumming&quot; &quot;fuck I’m cumming&quot; &quot;fuck Geri I’m cumming&quot; and other variations burst from all directions.&nbsp; She scooted down on her knees, and pushed her head in between two boys, grabbed the hand that was wanking the dick and joined in, then got her mouth over the head of his cock just as the boy let fly.&nbsp; With cum dripping from her lips she called out &quot;OK, let go of them cocks.&nbsp; Anybody not cum yet, get close to me and jack yourself off, I want you to cum on me. Cum on my face.&nbsp; Cum on my titties. Cum on my legs. Cum all over me&quot; and she resumed frantically rubbing her clit to another orgasm as a smaller crowd of boys gathered round her, frantically wanking themselves, cum splattering on her from all sides.&nbsp; And then they were done.&nbsp; Geri sat back on her heels, cum running down her glistening body in rivulets, dripping off her chin and boobs, she even had some in her hair. &quot;Anybody not cum yet?&quot; she asked.&nbsp; No reply.&nbsp;&nbsp; She stood up, and spoke up loud and clear, confidently, proudly in command of them all, a warrior princess addressing her men, even as their cum still flowed on her naked skin.<br /><br />&quot;Now guys, I just remembered. All of you, gather round and listen. I got an important message for you all.&nbsp; After today, you don’t need to obey me.&nbsp; Instead you’ll obey anybody who says these 3 Magic Phrases: Need to Know, Just We Three, For Now.&nbsp; Got that?&quot; &quot;Yes, Geri&quot; came the chorus.<br /><br />&quot;And before you go, remember what we just did.&nbsp; You all had a really good time with me today.&nbsp; You enjoyed wanking another boy’s cock, and you enjoyed having your cock wanked by another boy. You saw your school cheerleader naked, masturbating, giving herself orgasms, and some of you squirted your cum all over me.&nbsp; Some of you got cum on your backsides from the boy behind you, and you enjoyed that too, because it’s all part of the lovely horny sex we just shared.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;From now on, you’re never going to be nasty to anyone because they’re gay, or because you think they’re gay, or because somebody tells you they’re gay.&nbsp; You’re never going to use the word Gay as an insult.&nbsp; Most of you aren’t gay, but you still enjoyed what happened here.&nbsp; In future, if someone offers to suck your cock, whether it’s a boy or a girl, be nice to them. Let it happen if it pleases you or excites you, otherwise be polite and refuse nicely. If it’s a boy, and you let it happen, it doesn’t mean you’re gay. Not if you still want pussy. Even if you don’t feel attracted to boys, why not let him suck you if he wants to, and think about me, imagine it’s me sucking you off, and tell me all about it next time we meet. If you do, and you know you can’t lie to me, I might even give you a blowjob myself, just so you can compare. I’ve heard that boys give the best blowjobs, because they really know what it feels like, so maybe you’ll have something to teach me.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;And never call a girl a slut, or a slag, or a whore just because she likes sex as much as you do. Even if you’ve just shot your cum all over her tits, you’ll respect her wishes, and treat her with kindness, never talk bad about her behind her back.&nbsp; And if a girl doesn’t want to have sex with you, respect that too.&nbsp; Never force her. Let her go.&nbsp; Go and jack off if it’s all too frustrating, or find another girl, there’s plenty of girls out there that DO love to fuck.&nbsp; Don’t hang around pestering someone who’s not interested, that’s just wasting your time.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;You’ll remember today for the rest of your lives, and every night that you don’t have someone to share sex with, you’ll imagine me, and you’ll jack yourself off and you’ll give yourself an orgasm with the memory of today replaying in your mind, until you make a better memory.&nbsp; And any time you see me, you’ll be pleased. Remind me you were here with me today, and if I say to you ‘let’s hang out’, you’ll come with me and it will fill you with pleasure to do whatever I ask until dawn.&quot; &nbsp;<br /><br />She looked across at Mulder, still waiting on the sideline, and asked: &quot;Was that alright?&quot;.&nbsp; Mulder, grinning like a fool at Geri’s extraordinary improvisation, merely nodded.<br /><br />Geri released the boys then, leaving them to wipe the cum off themselves and get dressed and return to class. &quot;Agent Mulder, I’m covered in cum. I need a shower.&nbsp; Want to help?&quot; and she headed for the showers, hips swaying and boobs bouncing. Mulder, now somewhat in awe of her, followed.<br /><br />In the shower he gave her the fucking they both needed to relieve the pressure of her erotic performance, and he didn’t need to call her a good girl for her to know that she truly was one. &quot;I liked your speech&quot; he told her. &quot;I wasn’t sure you’d approve&quot; she said. &quot;You took a bit of a liberty with the ‘Lets hang out’ part, but the rest of it more than made up for it.&nbsp; Overall, I approve&quot;, and he held her close, and kissed her deeply.<br /><br />&quot;Maybe I should have made them suck each other off.&nbsp; That would really have been something. And swallow. Just a bit harder to arrange, I didn’t think it thru&quot;. She faked a pout, then smiled.&nbsp; &quot;Thanks, Agent Mulder.&nbsp; I’ve been wanting to do something like that for ages, only I knew Greg wouldn’t let me. He kept getting girls to masturbate and make out to please him, but he’d never have approved this. Thanks for giving me the freedom.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;You’re quite a girl Geri, pulling a stunt like that. Quite a girl….&quot;<br /><br />&quot;Go on&quot; she whispered. &quot;Say it. Pleeeeze….&quot;. &quot;You’re a good girl&quot;, and she sighed and held him tight.<br />

Mind Control Stories

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The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 11

The Mansion: Day One<br /><br />Greg wakes before Marisa, his closest companion, bed sharer and sleeping partner, but lazes in bed until she surfaces.&nbsp; They shower together, and start to play.&nbsp; Before the inevitable happens, Marisa skips away from Greg, grabs a bathrobe -thus declaring herself &quot;off duty&quot; – and goes in search of breakfast.&nbsp; Greg, naked, his erection deflating, follows. They breakfast together, then go exploring. In the indoor pool, they discover the three sisters, Abbey (18), Kylie (16) and Krista (12) playing in the water.&nbsp; All are, of course, naked. Which means &quot;on duty&quot;. Greg has a duty as well, and his dick is ready to do it.<br /><br />They mess around in the water until Krista discovers Greg’s erection.&nbsp; She tells on him, and in a moment he’s on a lounger by the poolside with three wet heads jostling for a suck at his cock. Kylie abandons it to her sisters, and straddles Gregs’ face instead, so he can tongue-fuck her pussy. Abbey tells Krista &quot;watch this&quot;, and she also straddles Greg, impaling herself on his cock, getting it right up inside her. Abbey rakes her nails down Kylie’s back as both girls buck their hips to pleasure themselves on Greg’s face and dick.&nbsp; Krista can only watch, and tease her own clit, as her sisters drive Greg right off the cliff, and he erupts invisibly inside Abbey. &nbsp;<br /><br />Marisa leaves them to it, and goes to the gym. She wants Greg to fuck her tonight, and not before, so she can wake beside him again tomorrow morning, not in the middle of the night.<br /><br />Kylie dismounts and kisses Greg’s juice-soaked lips, stepping away as Abbey leans forward to lie on top of Greg, arms around him, already spacing out from the effect of his cum inside her.&nbsp; From nowhere, two tracksuited Fluffers appear and help lift Abbey off Greg and lay her down on the next lounger.&nbsp; One slips a tampon into her vagina, the other finds towels to cover her.&nbsp; There’s cum on Greg’s cock, and some has dripped onto his thigh from Abbey as the Fluffers lifted her off him. Kylie bends her head to lick it up, collects it all on her tongue, shows it to Greg.&nbsp; He understands.&nbsp; &quot;Come here Krista.&nbsp; Lie down on your back, legs in the air and open wide.&quot;&nbsp; She obeys.&nbsp; Greg comes to her and cradles her head in his hands, kisses her very gently and slowly, while Kylie lowers her head to Krista’s virgin pussy and deposits the cum she’d collected.&nbsp; Greg fingers Krista, working the cum as far as he can inside her, and Krista fades away.&nbsp; Once more, out of nowhere, a Fluffer appears with tampon and towels for Krista, and makes her comfortable on a lounger.<br /><br />Leaving the two sisters blissed out by the pool, Greg and Kylie stroll hand in hand back to the dining room, where they have an early lunch.&nbsp; Only halfway thru does it occur to Greg to remark: &quot;We’re still naked&quot;.&nbsp; Kylie laughed, &quot;Well, how about that.&quot;&nbsp; They hang out together for a while, discuss the decor, explore, and wind up in her bedroom, still naked, for a long slow fuck that finally ends with Greg shooting his second load of the day inside her as she lies on her back. She drifts off to nirvana, as Greg withdraws and reaches for a tampon from the stock beside the bed.&nbsp;&nbsp; He covers her with the bedding and takes a shower. &nbsp;<br /><br />Strolling in bathrobe back to the lounge, he wonders once more at his luck.&nbsp; He’d thought when the raid happened, that it was all over, he’d spend the rest of his life in jail.&nbsp; And here he is living like a Sultan, living something damn close to the Islamic Terrorist’s idea of Paradise.&nbsp; Hah, Bin Laden, you evil old fucker, I’ve got this and you’re fishfood. <br /><br />In the lounge, he finds Miss Shell sitting with Mary Anne, mother of the 3 girls he’d just been playing with. Both ladies are naked, therefore, On Duty.&nbsp; Or not quite naked, Miss Shell has a thin gold chain round her waist.&nbsp; Mary Anne is massaging her shoulders, and they are discussing bodypaint, and wondering whether it might fit in with Greg’s preference for nudity.&nbsp; &quot;Hi Greg.&nbsp; Come sit with us.&quot; Miss Shell smiles sweetly at him. &quot;Mary Anne does a wonderful massage.&nbsp; You should try it&quot; suggests Miss Shell, after Greg had settled in beside her and they’d exchanged a long slow wet kiss. &quot;I’d like that&quot; says Greg, and they move across to the massage table set up at one end of the lounge.&nbsp; It is a specially constructed table, with a padded face hole so Greg could lie comfortably face down, and another hole, strategically placed where his dick and balls could hang.&nbsp; There is a wheeled platform below, like a padded version of the trolleys car mechanics use.&nbsp; Greg, still naked, hoists himself onto the table and looks down thru the face hole to see Miss Shell scooting underneath on the trolley.&nbsp; She is upside down relative to him, and she winks at him as her face passes the hole.&nbsp; Then he has a view of her breasts, ribs, belly button, and finally pussy directly below him, and discovers the true purpose of the second hole as she gently takes hold of his sleeping cock and begins caressing his balls while Mary Anne starts into a slow methodical massage of his upper back.&nbsp; The massage works its way down his body, until he finds he was having his ass massaged and his cock sucked at the same time.<br /><br />The sucking breaks off: &quot;Hey, Greg&quot; says Miss Shell. &quot;It looks to me like you’re ready to fuck me now.&quot;&nbsp; She scoots out from under him. &quot;Shall we?&quot; she asks, and takes his hand as he rouses himself from the table. She takes him in her arms, and the pair of them subside into the padded cushioned surface behind the massage table, where Miss Shell soon guides his revived erection into her already soaking fuckhole.&nbsp; She plays him like an instrument, and guides him to climax before he’d meant to.&nbsp; Out of habit, he said &quot;good girl&quot; as he sprays his cream inside her, but her orgasm is entirely due to his physical efforts.&nbsp; Once again, Greg sees his partner in lust leave him for her own inner vacation land.&nbsp; He gets off her, looks round for a tampon, and sees that Mary Anne already has the matter in hand.&nbsp; Since Miss Shell is still semi conscious, he uses her mouth to clean off his dick.&nbsp; She sucks and licks dreamily, then fades away completely.<br /><br />&quot;Come here Greg.&nbsp; Lie down with me, let me finish that massage&quot; says Mary Anne. &quot;You don’t have to fuck me, you know.&nbsp; Not if you don’t want to.&quot; &quot;Oh, but I do, Mary Anne&quot;, and he beds down with his head on those marvellous pillows, the breasts that inspired Mulder – and many others before him – to thoughts of tittyfucking.&nbsp; He dozes, waking later to find Mary Anne guiding his already hard dick between her spectacular breasts, which she’s lubed up with massage oil.&nbsp; The tittyfuck is indeed exquisite, and Greg’s excitememt cranks up a notch as he notices Krista arrive, already recovered from her small dose of Greg’s semen. &quot;Hi Mom&quot; says Krista, &quot;Hi Greg.&nbsp; Are you gonna fuck my mother, motherfucker?&quot; and she giggles like it was the first time she’d said that. But Greg reaches out, takes her hand, pulls her close. &quot;Not yet, sweetheart.&nbsp; Kiss me.&quot;&nbsp; Greg had been giving Krista what she thought of as kissing lessons, and now she does her best to show him what a good student she’s been. He has one arm round her, and he slides it down her body, then works it slowly up between her legs until he’s gently rubbing her slit. &quot;Want me to suck your titties now?&quot; he asks. &quot;Oooh yes please&quot;, and she brings one tiny breast-bud to his lips. The combined effect of kissing sucking and rubbing has her gasping. &quot;Ooooh Greg this is so nice.&quot;&nbsp; Mary Anne stops tittyfucking Greg’s cock.&nbsp; &quot;That’s my youngest daughter you’re feeling up. Does this mean you’re ready to fuck her too?&quot; and Mary Anne uses a wetwipe to clean the oil from his dick, before giving him a quick suck, making sure there’s no lingering taste of oil. &quot;Krista, dear, have you ever sucked Greg’s cock?&quot; &quot;Not yet Mom.&nbsp; Kylie and Abbey never let me.&quot; &quot;Well, come here, you can try it now.&quot;&nbsp; So Krista learns from her Mom, and becomes a little cocksucker like her sisters before her. Greg can still reach Krista’s pussy, and he’s probing inside her tight litle hole with two fingers. &nbsp;<br /><br />She leans in and kisses Greg while Mary Anne continues her magic, until he’s ready to blow.&nbsp; &quot;Fuck me now, Greg&quot; says Mary Anne, pulling him to come over on top of her, and he enters her loose wet gash, losing himself between her breasts, and she clutches his butt and pulls him into her, and he fucks her hard and fast, holding back nothing, and his cock erupts another dose of SuperSpunk all the way up inside her.&nbsp; He looks up, sees Krista watching, eyes shining, touching her clit with one hand and squeezing a tiny nipple with the other.&nbsp; &quot;Mother Fucker&quot; she says, smiling.&nbsp; He pulls out and rolls onto his back beside the spaced out Mary Anne.&nbsp; Krista moves in on him, licks and sucks his cock clean of his cum and her mother’s juices, swallows. It’s enough to knock her out for a short while, and Greg arranges her close to her mother as the ever-present Fluffer moves in to insert a tampon in Mary Anne and throw a blanket over mother and daughter.<br /><br />Greg is hungry. He runs into Marisa on the way to the dining room, and they have a snack together from the buffet.<br /><br />&quot;Have you seen Mackenzie yet?&quot; Marisa asks. &quot;No&quot;. &quot;She was in the gym earlier, she’s so fit, and she’s determined to stay in shape.&nbsp; Said she had something to show you,&quot; and Marisa gave a sexy little smile.&nbsp; When they’d finished, they set out together to find Mackenzie, which turns out to be easy.&nbsp; There’s pulsing music coming from the Fuck Room,&nbsp; and there’s Mackenzie, the 5’8&quot; skinny brunette with B cups, long legs and a nice heart shaped ass, completely nude, practicing pole dancing.&nbsp; When she notices Greg enter, she signals the control room to restart the music, and she begins her routine. &nbsp;<br /><br />Greg sits on the edge of the Throne to watch, Marisa clambers in behind him, wrapping her legs around his waist, stroking his back, watching Mackenzie over Greg’s shoulder. Mackenzie is athletic, and energetic, and has clearly been practicing. Her perfect split reveals a hairless pink slit and tiny puckered butthole. She spins, twists, grinds, shows and teases in perfect time to the music. Cranking the sensuality up a notch, she rubs her slit up and down the pole, as she gazes directly into Greg’s eyes.&nbsp; Naked, his penis gives away his mood, rising rapidly to attention, but Mackenzie has a set of moves she wants to complete, and does her damndest to bring herself off on the pole, but then suddenly gives up and thrusts two fingers into her pussy, reaching in to strum her G-spot and drive herself into a squelching frenzy as she masturbates herself to a gasping orgasm before him, staring straight into his eyes.&nbsp; Still keeping eye contact, she slowly leaves the stage, holding out before her the fingers that were inside herself, offering them to Greg to taste, then straddles him like a lap dancer without limits, lowers her pussy onto him so his dick slides in easily, and grinds at him. &nbsp;<br /><br />All without a word spoken, she’s like a dream girl, and Greg has no trouble at all summoning up another load of spunk from his balls.&nbsp; Mackenzie closes in on Greg and brings her mouth to his, and the long warm wet open mouth tongue kiss is all it takes to tip him over the edge and let the semen spurt out of him and into her depths.&nbsp; She stays astride him, arms round his neck, until he realises she’s no longer with him, and he lowers her gently to the cushioned floor, then slowly withdraws.&nbsp; He uses her pretty mouth to clean his cock.&nbsp; A Fluffer materialises with a tampon and a blanket, and Greg steps away.<br /><br />Marisa rises from the Throne, takes Greg’s hand. &quot;You need a shower. Come on&quot;, and leads him to the wet room off the Fuck Room, where she soaps and rubs him, and finally risks a quick suck at his half deflated penis.&nbsp; &quot;Dinner and a movie?&quot; she suggests.&nbsp; &quot;Oooh, are we having a Date?&quot; he asks. &quot;Yeah, why not.&nbsp; And if you play your cards right, you might get to Third Base afterwards.&quot;<br /><br />Marisa sets Greg like an alarm clock.&nbsp; After the movie, it is still too early for her, so she teases and tantalizes him, never quite letting him get to orgasm, while making sure she has plenty for herself.&nbsp; He licks and sucks her, he fingerfucks her, he makes her cum again and again, but she doesn’t let him put his cock inside her.&nbsp; She licks and sucks him, but keeps control, keeps him away from the edge, calls unexpected breaks, insists she desperately needs Ice Cream, which means a trip to the buffet, and spins out the time until it’s almost 9 pm.&nbsp; Then she melts into his arms, and whispers &quot;Take me now. Fuck me. Cum inside me&quot; and suddenly Greg has renewed stamina, and he fucks her without restraint, without consideration, bangs away at her tight little teenage lovehole, clutches her perfect ass, sucks her pert little B-cup titties, delves his tongue deep in her mouth as his cock plunges deep in her cunt, and she cums again, and again, and still he doesn’t.&nbsp; Now he’s reached his stride, he knows there’s another load of cum building up in his balls, but he can go on like this forever, the pleasure never ending, never overwhelming, the rhythm steady, her eyes rolled back in her head, she’s almost in a coma already and it’s not from his SuperSpunk, unless his pre-cum has the same effect.&nbsp; He flips her over and burrows into her from behind.&nbsp; He pulls her onto hands and knees, doggystyle, and she’s gasping and moaning again as he pounds hard against her butt, until finally, finally it rips thru him, starting in his balls, rising up his pipe as he keeps up the pace and then it’s too late to back down, too late to stop, and the last dose of cum for the day spurts out into her squelchy pussy.<br /><br />Flopped beside her, he barely notices the Fluffer.<br /><br />A dreamless eternity later, no time at all, Greg awakens to the sensation of a warm wet mouth methodically grazing on his cock.&nbsp; It’s hard already, he notices, before drifting away again.&nbsp; Next thing he notices, the feeling has changed, the mouth now has no tongue, or teeth, but it’s a tight slippery warmth, and he relaxes and lets whoever it is milk his cock with her cunt.&nbsp; Its dark, so he uses his hands.&nbsp; Breasts midsized,&nbsp; C maybe.&nbsp; His mind won’t work, he still does not know who this is, until she gasps and moans and a flood of wetness warms his balls.&nbsp; &quot;Abbey! Hi&quot; he manages. &quot;I wish I could suck you off&quot; she whispers. &quot;Not allowed.&nbsp; Pussy or nothing, them’s the Rules&quot; says Greg. &quot;Pussy it is then&quot;, and she redoubles her efforts, gets into a squat, and presses down on him, slides up, repeats.&nbsp; &quot;Oh, that’s gonna do it Abbey, yes, don’t stop&quot;, and he thrusts to meet her half way, and squirts one more time, then holds her close so he can roll her over and dismount.&nbsp; Silently, ghostlike, a Fluffer appears and deals with the already zonked out Abbey, while Greg goes for a piss.&nbsp; When he returns Abbey has gone, only Marisa is asleep on the far side of the enormous bed.<br /><br />Occasional echoes of the Ninja Dream return, but it’s only a Fluffer changing Marisa’s tampon, every two hours, all through the night.<br /><br />And in the morning, he and Marisa wake together, and another day begins.

Mind Control Stories

Thu, 13 Sep 2012 05:23:15 UTC

The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 10

Scully brought her first troop of Magic Potion makers direct to The Mansion, so they could settle in before the arrival of Greg and Marisa.<br /><br />There were six of them: Miss Shell the glamorous history teacher, 17 year old Mackenzie Murphy, and&nbsp; 18 year old Abbey were all Squirters, meaning they were prone to secrete large volumes of vaginal fluid during sex, especially when orgasming.&nbsp; The other three were Abbey’s mother Mary Anne, an Evangelical Christian and Sarah Palin lookalike with spectacular breasts, and Abbey’s two sisters, Kylie (16) whose virginity Greg had siezed, and 12 year old Krista. Scully was a little doubtful about including Krista, but nobody else seemed to have any qualms, and in fact Greg had already used her to produce Magic Potion, though she was still a virgin.<br /><br />The Mansion was an ideal place for them.&nbsp; Remotely located, with extensive grounds, it was easily isolated. Security was invisible, but impenetrable.<br /><br />The Mansion’s owner and former occupier had a great deal of wealth, the source of which he was currrently discussing with government officials in a place where they were unlikely to be interrupted.&nbsp; He’d not be back any time soon.<br /><br />While living in The Mansion, he’d enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle, and had been in the habit of entertaining – and being entertained by – numerous young women of different nationalities and dubious immigration status, and the decor reflected his predeliction for the pleasures such young women could bring.&nbsp; Not quite the Playboy Mansion, but close.<br /><br />Outside was a secluded terrace, a swimming pool and jacuzi, lawns and a tennis court.<br /><br />Inside, there were a dozen guest bedrooms, a Wet Area with another swimming pool, jacuzi, showers and loungers, a well equipped gym, a games room, a lounge with comfortable couches and a bar, a dining room like a small exclusive restaurant, a Home Theatre (with the emphasis more on Theatre than Home) and what can only be described as a Fuck Room.<br /><br />Greg had once considered getting a Fuck Room built for him at school, but neither his imagination nor the education budget could have stretched to this.&nbsp; Most of the raised floor was essentially one big mattress, with cushions all around. Invisible speakers surrounded the room with sound. The walls and ceiling were mirrored and there were some large TV screens around the walls. There was a small stage with a lighting rig and a stripper’s pole.&nbsp; A love swing hung near the stage, and a large, comfortable throne-like armchair on a raised dias commanded a clear view of the whole room. A short connecting passage led past shelves of towels and robes to an ensuite wet room, tiled, with shower heads all round, a room-sized shower.<br /><br />The place was studded with cameras, and behind a large one-way mirror was a control room, where the video feeds could be recorded or relayed to the TV screens, or both.<br /><br />A separate building provided accommodation for the support crew, and housed the recently decontaminated lab, repurposed for Magic Potion collection, analysis, quality control, and research. &nbsp;<br />——————<br />In the Lab, Scully ran thru the figures with the Chief Scientist. The lab techs had invented a whole new jargon. It started as a joke, but the Magic Potion makers were now called &quot;Witches&quot;.&nbsp; With their arrival at the Mansion, Scully removed herself from the program, leaving Greg with a &quot;Coven&quot; of seven Witches, including Marisa.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /><br />One ejaculation of SuperSpunk from Greg (one Dose) had an effect that lasted around 12 hours, however ingested. Lesser amounts lasted proportionally less time, so 1/6 dose lasted 2 hours.&nbsp; During this time, the Witch is sedated and also producing full strength Magic Potion if there’s any SuperSpunk in her vagina.<br /><br />After some tinkering with the numbers, and a confusing presentation by the Chief Scientist, Scully realised it was just as effective – and far easier – to give a Witch a full Dose, and collect Magic Potion for 12 hours, as it was to divide a Dose into six portions, and collect from 6 Witches for 2 hours.&nbsp; As long as the vagina kept producing fluid, it would be one hundred percent pure Magic Potion, even in the twelfth hour after the Dose.&nbsp; And fluid production was easily stimulated by means of the Good Girl Orgasms, which, if anything, were even more effective on an already sedated Witch.<br /><br />Support staff were assigned the task of caring for the Dosed Witches, making them comfortable, changing tampons every two hours, and keeping the flow going by issuing &quot;good girl&quot; rewards in the form of a playback of Scully’s recorded voice. For reasons that escaped Scully, these became known as &quot;Fluffers&quot;.<br /><br />Thus, the most efficient production routine – and one that incidentally suited Greg nicely – was to give each Witch one full dose vaginally, insert a tampon and leave her to it, with change of tampon whenever saturated, and a &quot;good girl&quot; from one of the Fluffers to keep the juices flowing.<br /><br />The reason this suited Greg was that it meant he got to deliver the Dose to each Witch in person, by – as the Chief Scientist would have said – Copulation with Ejaculation in Vagina.<br /><br />So Greg’s waking hours became a constant round of fucking, as often as he could manage. &nbsp;<br /><br />The Witches had their own routine – a session with Greg for as long as it took to make him cum, followed by 12 hours of blissful zombie-trance.&nbsp; On emerging, she’d have time to shower, eat, exercise, relax, study or whatever before she had to report for duty.&nbsp; The on-duty Witches gathered mostly in the lounge, but could be anywhere.&nbsp; On duty Witches wore the Duty Uniform, which consisted of nothing at all, except perhaps high heels, stockings and jewelry.&nbsp; Off duty they mostly wore bathrobes.<br /><br />This made the etiquette very simple for all.&nbsp; Greg could fuck any on-duty witch anytime, anywhere in the Mansion, and she’d never refuse.&nbsp; An off-duty witch could refuse, though it’s unlikely any ever did.<br /><br />The relationship between Greg and the Witches was not as before. Now, instead of being Greg’s obedient slaves, they were Scully’s.&nbsp; And Scully’s orders were to do what it takes to maximise the production of Magic Potion.&nbsp; This was not the same as obeying Greg’s commands, though the distinction wasn’t always obvious. Greg too was a slave, bound to Scully’s orders, though she prefered to let him retain as much independence as possible.&nbsp; Like Greg before her, Scully had implanted the directive that her slaves would feel pleasure from obeying her commands, so Greg was constantly feeling pleasure just because he was doing Scully’s bidding, even aside from the fact that Scully’s bidding was to ejaculate as often as he could inside every available Witch, and the Witches in turn felt pleasure not because they were pleasing Greg, but because they were pleasing Scully.&nbsp; This all gave a heightened sense of eroticism to everything they did, as long as they thought that it led, however indirectly, to more Magic Potion.<br /><br />In short, whatever aroused Greg also aroused the Witches, whether or not they were &quot;on duty&quot;, and being anywhere near Greg instantly and automatically made them wet.<br /><br />—————-<br /><br />Greg arrived with Marisa after a long day’s journey, and went straight to bed in the luxurious Master Bedroom, with its enormous circular bed, where they’d celebrated their change of scene by fucking each other’s brains out, Greg cumming inside Marisa only after she’d been completely satiated with orgasms, begging him &quot;Cum in me Greg, Cum in me&quot; until he did, and she went out like a light.&nbsp; Greg rolled off her and flaked out beside her, barely noticing the Fluffer discretely installing Marisa’s tampon. &nbsp;<br /><br />Tomorrow he would meet The Witches, and the Magic Potion Production Project would begin in earnest.

Mind Control Stories

Thu, 13 Sep 2012 05:10:37 UTC

Hypnotic life

My name is Eric and I have a story that you all need to hear I am 26 years old I was adopted as a baby and joined a wonderful family. My adopted parents died in 2010 leaving my adopted brother and his family as my only family members. My brother and his wife had a daughter who they named Elena I just called her Elly. When Elly was 16 her parents were in a car accident my brother died on impact my sister in law survived but was gravely injured. I received a call from the hospital at around 1pm I sped to the hospital when I entered her room she called me to sit beside her.

Sarah said, “Listen Eric me and your brother had a discussion a long time ago that if anything were to ever happen to us that we wanted you to take care of Elena.” I responded, “I would be happy to take care of her but are you sure I am the right person for this responsibility?” Sarah said “yes you are the right and only choice there is something important I have to discuss with you about Elena. But first go get Elena and bring her here as fast as you can understand?” I nodded turned and left the hospital driving straight the school and practically ran to the office signed some papers. A few moments later Elly comes dashing to the office when she saw me she came running and gave me a hug, “hi uncle Eric what’s going on what are you doing here?” I motioned her question off and told her I had to take her to the hospital. Elly got a weird look on her face, “why am is sick?” I shook my head no and responded, “its your mom and dad Elly they were in a car accident I have to take you to see your mom fast.” Elly’s usually bright face went gloomy and grabbed my hand, “lets hurry uncle Eric mom is waiting for me.” I signed the last form and took Elly to my car as she got in she crawled through the driver side door she had a thigh length skirt on and it slid up her back. I could not believe my eyes this girl was going commando and even more of a sight was how wet she was. Elly slid into her seat and buckled up I slid in the driver seat and got us moving.

I drove to the hospital a few miles over the speed limit all the way to the hospital pulled into one of the parking spots Elly jumped out of the car as I unbuckled and had my door open as I reached for it. Elly grabbed my hand and was almost pulling me into the hospital with her. After we entered the hospital I led the way to Sarah’s room when we entered Elly let go of my hand running to the bed side. Elly crying, “mommy are you going to be ok?” Sarah coughing, “no I do not think I will make it baby the surgery I need to have the doctor said I only 5% chance of survival.” Elly almost collapsed onto Sarah’s bed before she did Sarah brushed Elly’s right cheek with the palm of her hand Elly immediately stood up straight. Sarah motioned me to come closer, “Eric there is a few things you need to know about Elena but it is not private here to tell you so after you leave here with Elena take here to my house gather up what you both need and make sure to go to my room in the closet there is a safe the key to it is under the dresser taped to the bottom. In it you will find all the information that I can’t tell you here.

Sarah took her attention from me and looked at Elly touching her right palm against Elly’s right cheek, “Elena I am passing your controls to your new master Eric do you understand?” Elly responded in a monotone, “yes mother I understand Uncle Eric now controls me.” Sarah looked back at me, “Eric take your right palm put it on Elena’s right cheek and say (Elena I am your master now give me full control) then tap her on the forehead.” I asked, “why am I doing this?” Sarah smiled, “like I said it is not private enough here but.” Sarah grabbed me and pulled me down to whisper in my ear, “Elena is under hypnosis controls has been since she was 12. Inside the safe I was talking about are all of Elena’s birth papers are there as well as legal forms for you to sign. Inside the safe as well are a bunch of small books inside the cover of the black book labeled 1 is a letter that will explain everything.” I stood back for a moment taking everything in then did as I was told by Sarah. The minute the phrase finished Elly fell to the floor. I jumped to catch her but Sarah started laughing, “Eric do not worry about Elena she collapsed because when you took control of her she had an orgasm.” Elly was on her knees trembling on the floor in front of me I stood there watching her for a moment. Sarah interrupted the silence, “Eric please take her home get her stuff and the safe you must read all the info we left for you.” Elly came back to her senses a few minutes later, “why am I on the floor like this and why am I wet all over my legs?”

Sarah laughed bringing Elly to her feet and whispering in her ear a moment later Elly turned to face me. You saw me squirt didn’t you master I am so embarrassed Elly lowered her head covering her face. I walked over and gave her a hug, “do not be embarrassed about stuff like that around me but enough of that for now we need to get your stuff from your house.” Sarah smiled, “Elena go with Eric start your new life and remember your father and I both love you.” Elly started crying, “yes mom let’s go Uncle Eric.” I gave Sarah a hug and took Elly’s hand walking out of the hospital to the car I let Elly in first then got in myself and drove to my later brother’s house. Elly ran into the house I walked in and went straight for her parent’s room grabbing the safe and the key then went through the drawers found some cash and a couple suspicious DVDs. Then I grabbed movies and other stuff that I saw useful after I finished up in there Elly ran up and grabbed the safe and box out of my hands putting them in the car. I looked out in the car and she had the trunk packed full and the backseat half full she had left just enough room for the cooler. Elly came back in and grabbed the cooler packing it full of food from the freezer and fridge.

Elly said, “that is everything of use master did you get everything from my parent’s room?” I told her I thought so we will come back another day and go through everything here to make sure.” Elly smiled then said, “ok master after we search through the house what are we going to do with all of the stuff and house?” I will leave that up to you sweetie this was your parents’ house. Elly (shaking her head) said “no master it is your choice I do not care about any of this stuff except for pictures you are all I need in my life master.” I smiled then told her “if that is how you feel we will clear the pictures out and look for other important stuff in a few days then we will sell all of the stuff. We will put that money in a college savings for you so just in case you want to go to college.” Elly said, “no master I don’t want to go to regular college I want to attend culinary school.” I smiled then told her “we will let you go to the best culinary school we can find I promise.”

Elly smiled said, “thank you master but can we go home now?” I motioned Elly out of the door telling her “of course Elly let’s go to your new home.” Elly smiled and said, “ok master I can’t wait to start our new life together.” I smiled and told her “me either Elly once we get home and unload stuff we need to go shopping for a few things my house is setup for one person only, so we need some other stuff.” Elly started to jump up and down before saying “mom and dad never let me go shopping with them except for groceries.” I told her “well you will be living with me, so we need to get stuff that you like as well.” Elly ran up and gave me a huge hug then she said, “thank you master let’s go home.” We drove back to my house and pulled into the garage I got out and unlocked the door and we started unpacking the stuff from the car. After everything was inside the house Elly started putting the food in the fridge and throwing out stuff I left in there.

Elly stood up and faced me before saying “master please promise me you will not cook leave all that to me the way you were eating was not healthy.” I told her I promised and that I would not cook anymore that I never learned to really cook much anyway. Elly said, “that is good master I will happily cook food for you anytime you want it I know a lot of recipes I used to read cookbooks and memorize the recipes that sounded good. I even wrote down recipes in a notebook got a collection of over 700 recipes written down already.” I told her that I can’t wait to start trying some of your cooking but first let’s go get the shopping done do we need to make a list of groceries we need? Elly said, “no master as I was putting stuff up I got a look at everything you have in the kitchen I know what we need its going to cost a lot of money to get all the food and spices we need. Do you know the other items you said we needed?”

I nodded and told her “yes I know everything we need extras for and you will need to get your shampoo and other hygiene items.” Elly said, “ok master I will make sure to do that what kind of soap do you use?” I told her I use Irish spring body wash. Elly said, “I like Irish spring let’s just get more of that for both of us to use I will just need to get other items.” I smiled and told her that sounded good we will be taking the van this time since we will be picking up a lot of stuff. Elly asked, “ok master are we ready?” I told her “Let’s go Elly van is on the side of the house take the key and go unlock it while I lock the door.” I handed her the keys and pushed her out the door. Elly laughed then said, “yes master” Elly ran around to the side of the house. I locked the door walking out to the van and getting in the driver seat and turned on the ignition. I pulled out and drove to the stores we stopped at a couple home stores and picked up towels, washcloths, cookware, and dishes. Then we stopped at the electronics store and picked up 2 flat screen TVs, a Blu-ray player, and a stereo. Then we went to the grocery store both of us grabbed carts and started going down every aisle picking up everything Elly said to. By the time we finished at the grocery store both our carts were packed full and had 2 store workers pushing 2 more carts behind us.

I asked if she was sure we needed all this stuff. Elly said, “yes Eric I am sure this is everything to stock the kitchen completely where I can cook you any kind of meal you want.” We checked out the total bill came to over $1200 we paid for everything and got it all in the van when we got back to the house we unloaded all the food and Elly started putting it up while I unloaded the other stuff from the van. Elly smiled and said, “master you go ahead and let me handle putting the kitchen together and you can handle the other stuff.” I told her that sounds good that if she needed my help just call for me. Elly shook her head and motioned me away I smiled and grabbed the rest of stuff putting the towels and stuff up in the hall closet. Took 1 of the TVs to Elly’s room along with a Blu-ray player and set them up for her and put all her hygiene stuff in the bathroom. I walked back to the kitchen to see Elly up on the chair putting plates up as she stretched up to put stuff in the cabinet her skirt hiked up baring her ass and juicy pussy to my view. My cock went instantly hard as I stared at her ass she turned around to see me standing there with a hardon and smiled a sexy little grin before jumping off the chair.

Elly walked toward me and said, “you know master all you have to do is take me if you want me I am yours.” I stared at Elly as she got closer and closer to me and said, “Elly we really can’t do this not yet until I decide which papers to sign we can’t do this.” Elly smiled and said, “are you worried about getting caught in bed with me then how about I just pleasure you with my mouth master?” I told her that it still was not a good idea. Elly said, “you say that, but this here says otherwise please let me do it one time for you master I know this must hurt.” I told her that I was glad she was willing to do that for me Elly put her finger to my mouth before slipping her hand down the waistband of my pants I told Elly to stop before anything happens that we will regret later.

Elly smiled, “are you sure master it would be my pleasure to do that for you?” I got down on my knees next to her and pulled her into a hug before replying, “it makes me happy to hear that from you but I have to go over the papers tonight I need to know the rules. So, for now no Elly I am sorry sweetie.” Elly pouted a little before smiling again asking, “ok master I understand but you said this was my home as, well right?” I shook my head yes and said, “Elly this is your home now as well I promised your mother that I would take care of you.” Elly smiled then just yanked her clothes off in an instant before turning to face me and said, “sorry master even at home with my mom and dad I walked around naked all the time I am calmer this way I hope it is ok with you?”

I smiled saying, “Elly you are beautiful and you’re just trying to tempt me, aren’t you?” Elly’s skin turned a bright red from her forehead to her stomach she looked up at me and said, “yes master I am I am sorry.” I shook my head and gave her an ok before telling her that I was going to read the papers and everything else to just call me when dinner was done. Elly smiled grabbing food from the fridge still naked going straight to work. I stood there watching her naked body running around the kitchen bending over to get pots and utensils before turning toward my room grabbing the safe and envelope off the couch. I took everything to my bed and first went through the papers and rules under each. I set the adoption and marriage papers on my nightstand before opening the safe.

Contents of the safe:
1: $50,000 cash
2: A collar fancy made with a silk lining.
3: 2 black diaries both having numbers 1 and 2 printed on them with read me first labeled across them.
4: 4 red diaries labeled advanced control and pleasure controls.
5: 1 blue diary labeled perfect wife/slave controls
6: was a letter addressed to me which I opened on sight.

Letter read:

Yo Eric,

How’s it going bro if you are reading this then me and Sarah died but don’t fret if all else is true Elena will be still alive and you will understand why you will love her being with you. Elena is a hell of a cook and she loves the house being clean she is already yours bro whether you knew it or not. Once I finish telling you what I wanted to tell you must read the black books first once you do you will understand everything. The rest of the books are for either better control or to become the perfect wife. But bro please do not do the perfect wife control it turns her personality off and binds her to a specific mindset. Let her grow on her own no matter what her mind will always be on you. Just to let you know we were planning on giving Elena to you as a gift when she turned 17 just be good to her she is still my little girl. Also, all the money in the safe is yours bro use it to make your house livable for Elly. There is also a collar in the safe I am sure you saw it that is Elly’s wedding ring if you choose to marry her. That collar is a family heirloom from Sarah’s family if you and Elly decide not to use the collar just put it on display so Elly can always remember her mother the collar used to be worn by her and Elly loved it. Love you brother

I folded the letter up and put it in the envelope putting it back in the safe. I grabbed the 2 black books and started reading them it was basic commands and triggers as well as guidelines for each command. Then in the second book it started taking on darker tones the second book was a list of dangers that prolonged use of commands or modes could do to Elly’s mind. Most of the controls had no bad issues it was mainly the controls that were labeled modes that flips on certain aspects of Elly’s personality and switches others off.

I read through the rest of the black books I picked up the first of the red books and a folded letter dropped out from the cover. Once again, my name was printed on it and it read.

Dearest Eric,

You are receiving this letter one of 2 ways either I handed it to you on gift day or something happened and you are awarded custody of Elena. Either way it has happened now you should at least know about the females of my family Elena is bound to you in every way a woman can be. You can’t change her so do not try next try to stay open minded the controls were placed on Elena to keep her under control so that you did not end up in jail. But we also found out some very pleasant control words one is where every time you touch her bare skin she will orgasm on contact. I left a few commands open for you to define more and left some blank for you to create your own. I just ask one thing if you use a personality altering command keep her in it no more then 1 hour anymore and it could screw her mind up and you would never have that sweet girl act right again. Read through the first book 2-4 you can take your time reading. Love Sarah

I read through the 1st red book and got through half the second one before I heard Elly calling me to dinner. I walked in met by an incredible smell of spaghetti and turned only to walk right into Elly who was standing on a chair so my mouth ended up right next to her bare pussy. I pushed back to hear Elly let out a huff then a giggle. Just in that short contact my nose and mouth were covered in her juices I licked around my mouth getting a good taste of Elly’s pussy. Elly was scooping out noodles onto plates then jumped down off the chair holding out our plates for me to pour sauce onto them. After done I grabbed the forks napkins and carried them to the table. We sat down next to each other Elly still naked giving me a full out show uncensored. We finished eating Elly cleaned up the dishes and then grabbed her clothes and asked which room was hers. I pointed out the one across from mine she skipped into the room and started putting up her clothes. I walked to the door and stepped into the doorway only to be greeted once again by her pussy in full view she was bending over a box scooping stuff out of it. I walked away a moment later back to my room and picked up reading where I left off in the second book. Finished the second book and part of the 3rd before putting it down and walking out to see what Elly was doing.

As I walked into her room she was on the bed fingering herself I stood there frozen for a moment before Elly opened her eyes saw me standing there and started cumming instantly. I watched her squirt out for a good 2 minutes the whole time staring right at me. Elly jumped up instantly and started cleaning up the mess she just made. I walked over to her and raised her head up to me and told her that was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Elly looked up at me with blushed cheeks asking, “really master you thought that was beautiful?” I leaned down and kissed her on the nose shaking my head yes. Elly jumped into my arms and hugged me tightly I hugged her back before telling her that I would do everything I can to make her happy.

Elly smiled, “I know master same goes for me to you” Elly hugged up to me pressing her naked body against me. I stood up and slid her off me onto her bed then sat down beside her. I looked at her and gave her a smile I asked, “Elly did you know you have been under constant hypnosis by your parents?” Elly smiled answering, “I was actually wondering about lost time not long-ago master.” I shook my head yes and told her the whole story. Elly tilted her head to the side and asked, “master you could have hid all of this from me and I never would have known why tell me now?” I smiled and replied, “Elly I did not want to start this life out under a lie I wanted to give you the chance of telling me if you wanted to keep the controls in place or release most of them except the ones protecting me.” Elly got a shy look on her face for a moment before looking at me with deep red cheeks then said, “can I speak honestly master?” I shook my head yes and said, “yes Elly speak honestly nothing you say will make me upset.”

Elly smiled the blushing easing up a little before saying, “first keep the controls in place master I find it hot being under your control. Second as I said master I am yours and no one else’s as long as it is you with the controls you can play me like a video game for all I care.” My jaw dropped hearing her use that in a sexually explicit phrase she just gave me a sexy grin and said, “master I love you with all of my heart even before I stole that kiss from you I always loved you that is what drove me to steal the kiss in the first place. So, no matter what happens as long as I am with you I am happy I promise.” I smiled leaned down and kissed her on the forehead Elly got up from my lap and finished cleaning up the mess she made. After she finished cleaning up she came to the living room where I was sitting and sat beside me.

Elly sat there quietly for a few moments before looking at me and asked, “master may I ask a question a serious one?” I turned to face her and muted the tv replying, “Elly I told you already this is your home you can ask me anything you want.” Elly smiled before saying, “thank you master I have been offering myself to you nonstop do you not find me attractive?” I watched for a moment as tears started welling up in Elly’s eyes I replied, “Elly I promise you I find you very attractive but I can’t jump to a single choice right away I hope you understand. Whatever choice I make affects you and me and the future of both of us.” Elly smiled responding, “master talk it over with me and we can discuss the pros and cons of both then after hearing my side of the choices then you can make your final decision.”

I smiled nodded then explained everything to her. We discussed both choices soundly I was surprised that Elly left out sex as her points. After about 2 hours we finished talking and Elly stood up leaned over kissing me on the cheek and said, “ok master I will let you hash out your decision now that you listened to my side of the choices.” I put my hand on her cheek replied, “Elly I am glad you gave me your side of the choices I will put your side into account when I make my final choice I promise.” Elly turned to leave then stopped and looked back over her shoulder giving me a seductive wiggle of her ass before saying, “Also master if you make the right choice you can have me anytime you want me.” Staring at her and hearing her say that made my cock instantly harden as she walked down the hall. I sat there dumbfounded for about 15 minutes before coming back to reality and headed to my room. I sat down on my bed and took out the last few books I had not read yet after I finished reading the last of the books I put them all back in the safe. After putting them back into the safe I grabbed the envelopes with the different forms.

I pulled the adoption forms out and read them over there was a highlighted section on the adoption papers that stated “If both parties admit they love each other before Elena’s 18th birthday they have permission to get married.” I went over the contract fully and they even posted financial info out on the forms stating that if I adopted Elly we would get $2000 a month if we did not get married before or by her 18th birthday Elly would gain all of her money in her own name. I put the papers back in the envelope and pulled out the marriage forms and instantly saw a letter hand written from Sarah and my brother.

Sup Eric.
If you are reading this letter that is just telling me you are being the same ignorant person you have always been. I noticed growing up with you that you always sat there with a grumpy look overthinking everything. Bro cheer up we are giving Elena to you once she learns your ways she will adapt to your way of life to please you. Yes, Elena is young but just like with Sarah you can mold Elena into your ideal woman without taking away her personality. We trust you with Elena completely Eric just take care of our little girl and she will take care of you. Love Sarah and your brother.

I read the letter 2 more times before putting it in the envelope I read over the marriage forms and noticed that Elly gets nothing after signing the marriage forms everything goes to me immediately. I read over everything and then understood if I married Elly that moment the marriage is official Elly will switch into perfect bride mode. She will retain the personality she had before but will be in insta command mode and orders, requests, or questions answered truthfully gives Elly pleasure. I also noticed that once I sign the papers it states she becomes mine I must take care of her and give her a wonderful life. If I signed the papers all accounts and property is immediately transferred to me. I finally finished reading everything I put everything back in the envelope and set it down on the bed before getting up. I walked out of my room and stopped in Elly’s door I chuckled as I noticed she was still naked and on top of the blankets. I walked into the room and lifted her tiny body off the bed with one arm and pulled the blanket and sheets down. I set her back on the bed and pulled the blanket over her as I leaned in to kiss her forehead Elly grabbed me and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. Elly opened her eyes and looked me right in the eyes. Elly smiled and said, “I love you master” she rolled over and pulled the blanket over herself drifting back to sleep. I chuckled and tucked her in I left her room went to the kitchen grabbed a beer and drank it down fast followed by 2 more before returning to my room. I scooped up everything and put it back in the safe and plopped down on the bed letting myself drift to sleep while thinking about everything. As morning rolled around I was woke up by the smell of something incredible I walked into the kitchen to see Elly on the chair still naked cooking bacon and making waffles. Elly turned to me and said, “good morning master did you sleep well?” I walked over and kissed her on the forehead told her good morning then replied, “yes Elly I slept well after we do the shopping today we need to discuss some things seriously.” Elly smiled replying, “understood master what are we going shopping for today?”

I tussled her hair a little eliciting a giggle from Elly before responding, “I would like to get a couple things for the house that I had no real use for like a vacuum and a new mop.” Elly smiled, “ok master how about we goto the home stores and just shop for whatever we want.” I stood up and went to my room grabbing the shoebox I put all the cash in carrying it back to the living room. I sat back beside Elly on the couch and counted the money after I finished I told Elly that there was $8k in cash that came out of her house that is the spending budget. Elly smiled, “of course master also may I ask for a cell phone master I have a couple friends that I would like to talk with.” I told her we would stop by my cell carrier and get a phone added for her on my account. Elly ran to her room and got dressed returning 20 minutes later dressed in a midthigh skirt and a tank top both pink and her long red hair tied up in a ponytail. I pulled on a clean shirt and combed my hair before we left the house as we walked outside I opened the garage door. Once the door opened my next-door neighbor came up to the garage door she is about 28 typical dumb blonde beach bimbo. Her IQ would probably be a 22 if they released scores like that always wearing a skimpy bikini that she wore 2 sizes smaller then needed. Alice giggled replying, “aww that’s how it is you like them a lot younger no wonder I couldn’t get you to fuck me like I wanted.

Elly giggled replying, “Eric this girl is just a horny nerd and it is only for you she doesn’t stay in the bikini nonstop after talking with you she changes into her sweats.” Alice got a surprised look on her face replying, “how did you know that?” Elly laughed, “you are actually smarter then you let on to be aren’t you but you think acting stupid will get someone to fuck you faster.” Alice dumbfounded stuttering a response, “how do you know all of this stuff” Elly giggled walking toward Alice stopping right in front of her. Elly reached out her left hand and pressed it against Alice’s crotch and started rubbing. Alice started moaning as Elly expertly rubbed her pussy through a very thin bikini. Elly giggled asking, “Eric tell this silly girl that you do not like girls that are dumb as dirt you actually like them with intelligence.” Alice looked me in the eyes and watched as I nodded Alice lost her composure and had a massive orgasm while staring me in the eyes. Elly slid to her ear and whispered something to Alice who got really red in the face before nodding. Elly and Alice then shared a kiss before Alice stood up straight and adjusted her bikini over her wet pussy and winking at me.

I watched Alice leave before asking what just happened Elly gave me a sexy grin and replied, “Alice is just horny as hell and needs someone to fuck her master I told her I would discuss this with you she will just be a weekly booty call until she graduates college.” I laughed responding, “what are you doing Elly trying to setup sex dates for me?” Elly giggled, “actually master it is also for me to I will get to play with them as well.” I laughed and told her to get in the car so we can get the shopping done. We drove around to 3 different stores picked up stuff that we needed for the house. After loading everything into the car I noticed Elly staring over at a GameStop/comic store. I laughed and told her to wait on going to game stores until she sees the game room at the house. Elly shifted her head sideways before asking, “game room master?” I laughed and told her one of the rooms was made into a game room I will show it to her when we get back home. We did stop by the store anyway to look at comic books and yugioh cards for Elly. I watched Elly as she looked around before she stopped shifting her vision and locked onto something. I walked over behind her and looked down to notice her looking at cards in protected showcases. I asked if she liked to play yugioh she responded with an energetic bouncing head nod. I went through and bought a ton of cards from the cases and binders I spent over $900 from loose cards and bought a ton of boxes of booster packs.

After I paid for everything and we left the store Elly asked why I bought so many yugioh cards I told her I was buying them mainly for her but the game looked interesting so I want to create a deck to play with her. Elly giggled, “yay game of sexy yugioh winner can make the loser do what they want.” I laughed as we drove towards the house Elly said, “master I have 8 decks made I can teach you how to play using one of them and then you can take my extra cards and the new ones and build yourself a deck or 2.” After we pulled into the garage I saw Alice walking over towards us wearing sweats and a pair of glasses and her hair messed up. Alice stopped a few feet from me and Elly and said, “this is how I usually look I don’t care about my appearance because I am more into school I just need to take my mind off school and flip the fuck me stupid switch.” Elly walked over to me and whispered into my ear, “master bring her inside and fuck her just use her as a fuck doll.” Elly looked at Alice and said, “when you come before my master asking for his cock you better be naked understood slut?!!” Alice got red in the face and instantly stripped herself naked her small C cups bouncing with every movement. Alice stood there naked as the garage door closed Elly grabbed Alice by the hand and led her into the house. I picked up Alice’s clothes and brought them inside the house dropping them on the dining room table. I walked toward the couch and heard Elly telling Alice to eat her pussy like a good slut. As I walked around the side of the couch I watched as Elly had a handful of Alice’s hair pulling her mouth onto her pussy hard.

Elly looked up at me with a sexy grin pointed at my cock and then at Alice’s ass I pulled my shorts down and got behind Alice. I rubbed my cock up and down Alice’s slit Alice took a moment break from licking Elly’s pussy and yelled, “please stop teasing me just slam it in and fuck me!!!!!” I did as she asked and slammed nuts deep into her instantly looking down to see blood dripping around my cock. Alice smiled, “thank you for getting rid of my virginity now please give me a good hard fuck take my mind off of school and life and just fuck me stupid.” I started slamming into Alice she was half moaning and half squeaking each time I bottomed out in her juicy pussy. Elly giggled saying, “wow master she was a virgin and now she is a complete slut she is loving you fucking her hard.” Alice gave me a sexy grin putting her hands on my stomach making me stop thrusting then stood up moved next to Elly and sat down. Alice leaned over kissed Elly sat back and put her ankles behind her head and said, “now just plow me pick me up do whatever you want” I slid my cock back into her eliciting a loud moan from her. Elly got over Alice’s face and sat down and instantly started moaning as Alice buried her tongue inside Elly. I looked over and saw in Alice’s purse was a skinny purple vibe I grabbed it and put some of Alice’s juice on it and inserted it into Alice’s ass and turned it on. Alice instantly froze up Elly jumping off her face only to see Alice with open mouth frozen in a silent scream and a look of sheer lust on her face. After a few moments Alice snapped out of her daze and smiled telling me to keep going. I started slamming into her again at full force while her anal toy vibrating hard in her ass. We kept shifting positions for a bit I finally slammed hard into her and asked her where she wanted me to cum. Alice let a loud moan telling me to cum inside her pussy. I slammed deep into her and shot my load inside her pushing her into another orgasm. As soon as I pulled out of Alice Elly jumped between her legs licking at her pussy drinking my cum as it dribbled out of Alice.

Alice had 2 more orgasms as Elly cleaned her up Alice sat up on the bed touched her pussy and said, “thanks to both of you I had a good first time and if you don’t mind making me your fucktoy once a week I would be happy then I can focus on school the rest of the time.” Elly smiled handing Alice her clothes off the table. Elly said, “let me and the master talk it over we will give you an answer soon and I know you had a fun time your face is still flushed.” Alice giggled, “first thanks again for drilling me, second take your time on deciding after that fuck my mind should be good for a few weeks.” Alice was about to leave and then stopped for a moment before turning around and said, “can I ask something without either of you getting mad at me?” Elly and I both nodded and listened to her questions. Alice said, “first why do you keep calling him master?” Elly smiled, “he is my master simple answer I serve him and feel pleasure from doing anything for him.” Alice laughed for a moment and said, “you both have not had sex together yet have you?” Elly shook her head, “not yet I am saving myself for him but he asked for time to sort everything out first.” Alice smiling, “I know it is tormenting you not being able to let him take you the way you want. But it is to protect you both from the law until he decides but when It happens I promise if its like my first time was you will enjoy it. Ok that is it for now thanks again I think after a shower I will go straight to bed.”

More coming soon.. if i get comments asking for it.

Mind Control Stories

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The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 9

When he got to the King’s, Geri let him in and introduced him to her mother, Annie and little sister Debi, almost 14.&nbsp; Mulder had them both sit down before he passed his phone to each of them to hear Greg’s handover speech.&nbsp; As he expected, they slumped happily after their Good Girl orgasms, and sat placidly gazing into space.<br /><br />He got Geri to help him unpack the gear and position the cameras, miniature state-of-the-art hi-def 3D spycams.&nbsp; By the time they were done, he had the lounge covered from multiple angles, plus some in the bathroom to capture anyone peeing or showering, as he’d noted that Greg had specifically instructed his slaves to allow him to watch these things.&nbsp; The master bedroom too, he had enough cams to view the bed from all angles, including a pair looking down from the ceiling.&nbsp; But the lounge seemed best, it was a large room with a big L shaped couch,&nbsp; a couple of lazyboy armchairs, and plenty of lights.<br /><br />Editing wasn’t his problem, so he simply activated them all as he installed them.<br /><br />Meanwhile Annie had rustled up a quick meal for the four of them, Mulder hadn’t eaten since breakfast and was glad to have home-cooked food however hastily prepared.&nbsp; After dinner the 2 daughers cleaned up while Mulder showed Annie how to work the handheld camera. She had used one before, and knew at least the basics already. &quot;Keep it steady, and get in close&quot; were the only extra instructions Mulder thought she needed.&nbsp; The spycams would cover the wide shots.&nbsp; He also told her to obey only orders he directed to her by name,&nbsp; ignore any orders he gave to everyone, and &quot;Just keep the camera going.&nbsp; Hand it over to Geri if you need a break, I don’t want it to miss a second.&quot;<br /><br />Then the visitors arrived, in two groups.&nbsp; There were 6 of them in all, teenage schoolgirls aged from 15 to 17.&nbsp; All wore short pleated skirts, clearly Greg’s favorite garb,&nbsp; and three wore sexy over-the-knee socks that left an ample stretch of bare thigh showing.&nbsp; Mulder also wondered if these girls were subject to Greg’s no-pantie rule.&nbsp; He looked forward to finding out.<br /><br />The visitors were:<br /><br />Mandy, a fresh faced 17 year old with a slim frame and C cups breasts. Greg banged the bejesus out of Mandy doggy style, although with a condom on since she wasn’t on birth control, and she was huffing and puffing up a storm.<br /><br />Emily 16, was the smallest of the lot of them at about 5’2&quot; and 100 pounds with long brown hair and A cups, she was smaller and looked younger than the Geri’s 14 year old little sister Debi.<br /><br />Shannon, the fake-blonde that Karina mentioned, around 5’5&quot; and 115 pounds with C cups.<br /><br />Priscilla, 16 who was half Mexican and half Asian with C cup boobs, who’d lost her virginity to Greg while drugged.<br /><br />Hailey (senior,not virgin was 5’4&quot; and had dark brown bobbed hair with bangs, a cute button nose, chubby cheeks and D cups), one seriously hot fuck!<br /><br />Juanita, a buxom little Mexican-American girl with long dark brown hair, D cup breasts and a smile to put one at ease.<br /><br />Mulder knew from his notes that Greg had fucked all these girls, except the tiny Emily. &nbsp;<br /><br />Mulder got Scully to put Greg on the phone, and he did the rounds.&nbsp; Greg gave them each his customary parting gift of a &quot;good girl&quot; orgasm, so in short order all were sitting around looking dazed but happy. Several had relaxed with their legs apart, and from where he stood Mulder could already confirm that these at least were devoid of underwear and pubic hair. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;OK, everybody, listen up: Need to know, Just We Three, For Now.&nbsp; This means you’re all bound to obey me, and you’ll feel pleasure every time you do. Now lets try it. Lift your skirts, everyone, show me if you’re wearing anything underneath.&quot;&nbsp; Obediently, they all complied.&nbsp; Mulder surveyed the scene, nine naked and hairless pussies. He made a circuit of the room, feeling up each girls pussy in turn.&nbsp; All nicely moist from their Good Girl treat, most especially Emily’s, whose juice was still dribbling down her thigh and had almost reached her knee. Good, another squirter. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;Very good everyone.&nbsp; Now, put a hand up if you’re on birth control.&quot;&nbsp; He was pleased to see Emily raise her hand along with Annie King and both her daughters.&nbsp; He wasn’t surprised that none of the other girls raised their hands, his notes told him Greg had used condoms when he fucked them.<br /><br />&quot;Who’s been fucked by Greg?&quot;.&nbsp; This time everyone but Emily and young Debi King raised a hand.&nbsp; &quot;Emily, Debi, are you virgins?&quot; &quot;No&quot; &quot;Yes&quot;.&nbsp; As expected.<br /><br />&quot;Well, as you now know, Greg can’t be with us at present.&nbsp; He’s given you all a good deal of pleasure over the last year or so, and now’s your chance to give him some pleasure back, even though he’s not here, and have some yourselves at the same time.&nbsp; We’re going to make a personalized porno, specially for Greg. Annie has the camera, and there are some other fixed ones mounted around the house.&nbsp; So, smile, you’re on camera!&quot;.&nbsp; Mulder was gratified to see the room light up as the eight teenagers turned on their most radiant smiles.&nbsp; Annie was grinning too, and Mulder gave her a wink.<br /><br />&quot;Remember, this is for Greg, so show him what you think will please him.&quot;&nbsp; This way the girls own inventive imaginations will direct them, Mulder wouldn’t need to keep on issuing orders. &quot;And one more thing:&nbsp; for the rest of today, you’ll have no inhibitions about giving and receiving sexual pleasure with anyone here. Every time you hear, or say, Greg’s name, you’ll feel more aroused, and you’ll desire sexual contact. You will freely stimulate yourself and others all the way to orgasm, and when you reach orgasm, you will tell Greg, call his name, he’ll be watching and listening via the cameras, and you can be sure he’ll have a hardon for you.&nbsp; Try to tease him into jacking off at the sight of you.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;Now, Greg wants to see your titties.&nbsp; Tops off, everyone&quot;.&nbsp; Mulder was enjoying this, the instant obedience, the rising sexual heat.&nbsp; No wonder Greg got carried away by it all.&nbsp; A sea of teenage flesh.&nbsp; Annie moved among them like a pro, asking each one to give Greg a greeting, and lift her skirt to show Greg that she was complying with his ban on underwear. Greg’s name was echoing round the room, and each time he heard it, Mulder knew it was ratcheting up the sexual heat by another notch.<br /><br />Already Geri and Emily were necking, each fingering the other’s slit.&nbsp; Little Debi was sitting on the floor masturbating furiously, rubbing her pussy in a frantic circular motion, watching her big sister make out with her friend. Priscilla and Juanita had hooked up in a Latin combo, and Mandy and Shannon were each sucking one of Hailey’s D-cup breasts, while Hailey fingerfucked herself with three fingers and rubbed her clit with the other hand.&nbsp; Mulder fetched a beer from the fridge and watched the orgy develop. Annie was doing well covering the action, and was currently focussed on Hailey, who was clearly and loudly claiming the First Orgasm of the party, and her calls were pushing others towards their own tipping points.<br /><br />&quot;Hey well done Hailey.&nbsp; Now girls, don’t be left behind. Greg wants to hear you cum&quot;.&nbsp; The Latinos were next across the line, in a photo-finish flury of moans and screams as they held each other tight and thrust fingers into each other’s cunts.<br /><br />&quot;Greg wants you all naked now. Take off everything except those sexy long socks&quot; commanded Mulder, and he also stripped down to the buff.&nbsp; The girls discarded their skirts, and Mulder went round picking them all up and dumped them behind the couch on the heap of tops and bras discarded earlier.&nbsp; Not since his last mission in Germany had he been in a roomful of bare naked girls with shaved pussies, and that time they’d all been over 18, or at least had IDs that said they were. Mulder dismissed his memories of the German FKK club scene, and brought his mind back to the present.<br /><br />Mandy and Shannon had moved into 69 on the floor.&nbsp; Mulder helpfully put a cushion under Shannon’s head.&nbsp; Hailey had collapsed in an armchair, the Latinos were sharing soft kisses and a post-orgasmic cuddle in the corner of the L-shaped couch. The tiny Emily was sitting beside them with Geri kneeling between her legs feasting on her pussy, and Annie was hovering over them with the camera.<br /><br />Geri’s mouth was busy, but her pussy wasn’t doing anything.&nbsp; Mulder closed in behind her, and stroked her pussy to make sure she was ready, then slid his cock between her legs.&nbsp; She reached under herself and guided him in.&nbsp; Annie held the camera steadily, recording Agent Mulder fucking her daughter, while she sucked her friend’s pussy.&nbsp; She tracked the camera up to Emily’s flushed face.<br /><br />Emily looked into the camera and said &quot;Hi Greg&quot;, and had to pause as a pleasure-wave washed over her. &quot;Too bad you never fucked me, Greg. I’d have flooded my cum all over your cock, like I’m gonna do over Geri’s face, Greg.&nbsp; Oh Greg, Greg Greg Greg FUUUUCK ME I’M CUMMING….&quot;, and Annie panned the camera down to catch Geri getting the full flood of Emily’s squirting orgasm.<br /><br />Time for the toys, thought Mulder, so he withdrew from Geri before he lost control, and rummaged in the bag that had held the cameras.&nbsp; He fished out a purple 6.5 inch jelly vibrator, a slender &quot;Virgin&quot; vibrator (that he thought might suit Debi) and a pink gel double-ended dildo, which he thought might look well joining two Latina pussies.<br /><br />Debi was resting on the other armchair, watching the orgy unfold, and idly fingering herself in a relaxed manner. &quot;Here, Debi, I think you’ll find this a good fit for that little virgin pussy of yours.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Thanks, Agent Mulder.&nbsp; Are you going to fuck me? I wanted Greg to be my first, but he’s gone.&nbsp; Will you pop my cherry, Agent Mulder?&quot;&nbsp; And she looked so sweetly at him, seductive woman-child that she was.&nbsp; &quot;If your Mom says it’s ok, maybe, later&quot; said Mulder, in the manner of an adult fending off a child asking for ice cream.&nbsp; &quot;Meanwhile, I’d like you to see how you get along with that little gadget&quot;.<br /><br />&quot;Hey, guys, try this&quot; he said to Priscilla and Juanita, giving them the long pink toy.&nbsp; Annie observed as they arranged themselves like bookends, on their backs, butts together, legs wide apart.&nbsp; Once more Mulder helped arrange the cushions, and the two dusky teens wriggled their butts closer, and each set about feeding an end of the pink monster into the other’s pussy. Hailey, recovered and interested in more, came over and took charge of the thing, gripping it round the middle and pulling and pushing it each way so it fucked in and out of both girls in turn.&nbsp; &quot;Hey, Hailey, tell Greg what you’re doing?&quot; said Mulder, and she smiled up at the camera.&nbsp; &quot;Hi Greg. Remember the first time you fucked me? At Lauren’s place? God, you made me so wet when you sucked my pussy, remember, Greg? You made me cum and cum, before you even started to fuck me. Now I’m fucking Priscilla and Juanita, both at once.&nbsp; D’you like what you’re seeing Greg?&nbsp; Does it make you want to join us?&quot;. &nbsp;<br /><br />Annie then directed the camera at Priscilla, who was aiding Hailey’s efforts by strumming her own clit with one hand.&nbsp; She had her eyes closed, but she opened them when Mulder spoke: &quot;Hi Priscilla.&nbsp; Say hello to Greg, he’s watching you now.&quot; &quot;Oh, Hi, Greg.&quot; She savoured his name, and the thrill it gave her to say it. &quot;Greg, you bastard.&nbsp; I’ll never forget how you took my virginity. At Melanie’s, remember Greg? You got me high as a kite,&nbsp; took me upstairs, took off all my clothes and then you just stuck your dick right up me. Right in front of Melanie. And Marisa!!&nbsp; I thought she was your girlfriend! I was totally high, but I was still there, you know, and I’ll never forget. And once you’d fucked me good, you went and groped Melanie’s Mom!!! Yes, I heard about that.&nbsp; What a horny fucker you are Greg.&nbsp; You know we all talk behind your back, Greg, we all share stories about the most outrageous sexy horny fucking shit you get up to Greg. But fuck, Greg, it felt soo good I just gotta forgive you, you dirty dirty fucker Greg. And I’d suck your dick for you any time, Greg, fuck me, if I say your fucking name once more Greg I’m gonna fucking cum – don’t stop Hailey, I’m fucking there – oooh Greg I fucking love it fuck fuck fuck GREG!!!!&quot;. &nbsp;<br /><br />Annie was right in place for all of this, and tracked back so she could take in Hailey’s hand and the dildo and Priscilla’s hand as she shuddered to a halt and her legs flopped wide, muscles relaxing all at once. She reached down and pulled out her end of the dildo, she’d had enough for the moment.<br /><br />Annie turned her attention to the other end, to Juanita.&nbsp; She’d been fairly quiet all thru Priscilla’s moment of joy, but was panting softly and had that glazed look that Mulder had come to recognize. &quot;Did you just come too?&quot; asked Annie. &quot;Mmmm, yeah, sure did&quot;.&nbsp; &quot;Hi Juanita &quot; said Mulder, &quot;Greg wants you to talk to him.&nbsp; He’s here, behind the camera.&quot; &quot;Oh, hi Greg. Mmmm Greg.&nbsp; Oh Greg I’ve just had the most wonderful orgasm. I was thinking about you, remember the first time you fucked me in your girlfriend’s bedroom?&nbsp; And the times after that, always Marisa and me together, you love your threesomes. Remember how I used to suck your cock Greg?&nbsp; I could tell you liked it best from me.&nbsp; Marisa’s sexy, but I KNOW how to suck cock, don’t I Greg.&nbsp; Here, like this…&quot;<br /><br />Mulder had seen the opportunity, and moved in on Juanita, draping his cock on her cheek, so she only had to turn her head a little to take it in.&nbsp; She didn’t mind the taste of Geri, and she sucked, and sucked and pleasured Mulder’s dick with such genuine enthusiasm that Mulder could only stand and gasp, and suddenly, unexpectedly he erupted in Juanita’s mouth, popping out to splatter her cheek, then she sucked him back in to extract and swallow every last drop.&nbsp; Then turning to the camera, she spoke: &quot;Did you see that Greg.&nbsp; I’d do that for you any time, you know that Greg, but you never did let me swallow your cum. I miss you Greg&quot;. And she daintily scooped up the cum on her cheek with a long finger, and licked it clean.<br /><br />Annie turned her focus to the sixtyniners, who seemed to have sucked each other to a standstill.&nbsp; She &quot;interviewed&quot; Shannon, who was on her back with her head on a cushion, Mandy’s cute little ass just clear of her chin.&nbsp; &quot;So, Shannon, what have you to say to Greg?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Hi Greg. Greg Greg. Mmm that’s nice, Mandy, don’t stop.&nbsp; Put your fingers inside me, yeah, that’s it.&nbsp; Greg, so nice to see you.&nbsp; I bet you wished you were here now, you could fuck all of us Greg.&nbsp; Hey, Greg, remember the first time you fucked me?&nbsp; I do.&nbsp; It was that sleepover at Melanie’s, you got us all high on something, then you went off with Mimi, but then you came back and you fucked me, remember Greg? Right there on the living room floor, with all the other girls lying around watching.&nbsp; If I hadn’t been so high I might have felt a bit embarassed, Greg.&nbsp; But I wasn’t, and I could see some of the other girls were rubbing themselves as they watched us. You think we all forgot what happened when we were high, but we didn’t.&nbsp; At least, I didn’t.&nbsp; It’s just that I don’t mind, I’d fuck you again any time, Greg, any place. In front of anyone. Greg.&nbsp; Oh Greg, I’m gonna cum. Yes Mandy, just like that, don’t stop, Greg I’m cumming, oh I’m cumming, Mandy I’m gonna cum in your face, Fuck Greg Fuck…&quot; she seemed to be struggling to get there, so Mulder leaned close and whispered in her ear, too soft for the video to hear: &quot;Good Girl, Shannon&quot;.<br /><br />Once her tremors had subsided, Annie turned her attention to the other end of the 69.&nbsp; Mandy looked up, her lips and chin glistening with Shannon’s juices, and sat up, still straddling Shannon’s face.&nbsp; &quot;Hi Greg.&nbsp; Have you been looking at my ass? Do you remember my ass, Greg? Remember, Greg, that time you fucked me? Your Mom took me and Tawny back to your place after school. It was a really weird day. I didn’t figure out until after that you’d doped us somehow. And you and Marisa took us into your bedroom, and you stripped us both buck nekkid and then you got me down on all fours and you fucked the shit out of me like a dog.&nbsp; I remember Tawny just staring at us, and you banging away at my cunt for ages.&nbsp; And Marisa, she was there the whole time too, I think.&nbsp; And your Mom, she must have heard us, you weren’t exactly keeping it down. So, Greg, I kinda think you fucking raped me, I’d no will to resist.&nbsp; But I’m glad you did, cos you made me so fucking horny, and you gave me such amazing orgasms.&nbsp; Tawny’s jealous you didn’t fuck her too. Or instead. But I know how to comfort her.&nbsp; She’s not here, but you know, sometimes we get together, and talk about you and make out, and we usually end up like this, eating each other out at the same time, and wishing you were there to see it.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;So, fuck you Greg. Thanks for fucking me that once, wish it had been more often. I hope you enjoy jacking off to this video, Greg.&nbsp; I know I would.&nbsp; Hey, Shannon, are you asleep down there? Come on, I wanna cum&quot;. And Mulder took pity, whispered in her ear, and her eyes widened as the wave swept over her.<br />—–<br />It was getting late, the visitors would soon be leaving. They had to throw Debi out of the bathroom, where she’d been doing product comparisons with the slim Virgin Vibrator and the six-and-a-half inch jelly vibrator, which was shaped very much like a real cock.&nbsp; The video replay confirmed she’d been able to achieve four distinct orgasms, while urging an imaginary Agent Mulder to fuck her harder, harder, harder.<br /><br />Just as they were leaving, Mulder intercepted Emily and took her in his arms&nbsp; &quot;I missed you tonight.&nbsp; But I’ll see you at school tomorrow.&nbsp; Meanwhile, be a good girl.&quot; Mmm, she slumped against him, dangling from her arms round his neck. And he kissed her.&nbsp; Then they were gone, into the minivan taxi that Mulder had ordered.<br />

Mind Control Stories

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