The production of pornographic products occupies an important place in Japanese mass culture. Despite the existence of article 175 of the Japanese Penal Code , which has remained unchanged since 1907, which establishes a ban on the production and sale of any pornographic products, there is no de facto strict legal ban on the production of porn films, only the publication of material with a demonstration of pubic hair is strictly prohibited, however, since the 1980s this ban has been only partially observed. Supervision of the permissibility/inadmissibility of the production of this type of product is carried out not by the state, but by voluntary organizations, such as the Japanese Society of Video Ethics, which are guided by their principles and interests in issuing permits or prohibitions. All this has led to the fact that the annual volume of pornographic production in Japan reaches 35,000 films per year, which puts Japan in a unique position in relation to other Asian countries where the production of pornography is either completely banned (China), or carried out, but in much smaller volumes.

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