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digital onlyfans promotion of models

Good afternoon! I will tell you about the best traffic sources for Onlyfans today. If you buy a promo from us. Fans will obviously know who you are subscribing to you. Big pluse what fans are big tippers. 1 package of promo 5 days long, to you comes ~720 – 1000 fans on average prince 350$ . 2 the package of 15 days promotion, comes 2100 – 4200 fans with a catch-up of 22 days, for which about 1000 more fans will come. 15 days total you maybe get ~5200 fans depending on the attractiveness of the model for fans. Price for 2 package – 650$.

Here are some statistics of our promo with the latest model:

Here are tips to help make your promotion successful:

Upload an attractive and high-quality profile photo to your Only Fans profile (this is the MOST IMPORTANT THING)

 Add an automatic message welcoming new subscribers and maybe try to sell them PPV photos/videos

✅ Make your biography teasing for possible new subscribers (describe what they can find in your profile)

We update your profile every hour, so feel free to change your photo/price/biography at any time convenient for you.

On the graph, you can see which countries visitors most often come to your Onlyfans from our promo:

Top countries visitors from our promo:
United States 27.31%
Great Britain 6.73%
Germany 6.05%
Spain 4.76%
Mexico 4.38%

Other 50.78%


The platform with 5 000 000 visitors every month on which you will be placed by keywords:

  • free onlyfans
  • onlyfans free
  • onlyfans free trial
  • onlyfans search 

Distribution of traffic from social networks from this platform.

reddit traff

We also offer traffic from Reddit, but it is more expensive and time-consuming. To do this, we need 20 ordinary photos and 20 intimate photos. And the description you have compiled about what functions your model performs. 1 promo package  costs $ 80 comes ~85 fans. Reddit is good traffic, but it’s still better to use more expensive traffic from the search engine. Since it is more efficient, it is easier to work with it and it will cost you less if you take it in volume.

For more details and to order a promo, please contact the telegram 

A vacancy or a job in a dating web application. Earnings for models in social networks, payment for chat and broadcast.

how looks fancy me
how looks friends in fancy me


Hello, friends! There is a vacancy in Fancy Me company – it works in the form of a mobile chat. Where you are paid to respond to messages and video broadcasts, there are both public and private.

Eroticism is prohibited on the platform everywhere except for a private video call and only after 2 minutes of broadcast. The system finds interlocutors by itself and settings for quick answers are also available.

The application is perfect for those who like to communicate and love the attention of men. If you manage to answer in 300 seconds, you are given points, which you can then exchange for real money at the end of the week.

Almost 2 times more payment for video broadcasts, go out more often in video broadcasts (I recommend giving at least 2 hours for communication in live broadcasts 6 days a week).

We make payments to Payoneer or to any card convenient for you. The minimum for the payout is to collect 5000 points. On Friday you will receive a report for the past week, and by the evening the payment! Send the details for payments to Telegram: @alonesfs, immediately specify your ID to withdraw or activate your accaunt when you start work!



To download the app and register

Fancy Me Invitation Code: dya72nxr

Send your ID to activate in a telegram: @alonesfs

Why you should use this link and code, because otherwise you will not be able to register, and if you beat some left code. Then you simply will not be able to get a reward because I will check your ID in the system how many points you have earned and you will receive your salary directly from me. I am the official representative of this application.

It is also prohibited in the system to smoke, drink, drug on the air, advertise other goods and services, and give your card details, mobile phone or contact details.

There are frequent and quick checks on the site, so it’s better not to violate it – you will be quickly blocked. If you have any problems, questions or nuances, write to me, we will try to solve them.

Fancy Me is so easy to communicate and earn

Show the world your beauty. Work for girls at home – Fancy Me app. Online model and streamer. Interact with one simple click! Communicate with ease

How to work in Fancy Me Application

This is an online mobile application in which you will earn money simply by communicating with other people. Communicate via video and audio calls. Exchange voice and text messages. Share photos. Conduct live broadcasts. Get gifts and earn points on it! The points are then converted into US dollars


What are the advantages of Fancy Me Application

No investment and no additional preparation is required 2. You can communicate from anywhere in the world 3. Any work schedule convenient for you 4. You can have fun earning money 5. If the user behaves incorrectly, it can be blocked 6.It can be combined with any other work 7.You can meet interesting people, make friends and possibly find love 8.Excellent practice of foreign languages


Start earning with FancyMe

  1. Download Fancy Me App
  2. Install and launch the app
  3. Enter the invitation code “dya72nxr” and contact us
  4. Enter a nickname
  5. Specify the date of birth (allowed from the age of 17)
  6. Set your profile photo
  7. Add two photos to the album

5 Tab

Fill in all the basic information (height, weight, education, bio, etc.)
Pass the profile verification
Add at least 6 photos to each album

1 Tab

Record a short video show (camera icon)

Congratulations! Now you can start earning!
The number of points earned can be viewed in the wallet
If you have any questions about work or cooperation, please contact us

24/7 Support


Download Fancy Me IOS or Android App
and start earning right now!


How to get the money earned

Points for communication and gifts are accumulated in the “points wallet” for 1 week, after which they are converted into dollars at the rate from the table above.

Important: you need to score at least 3000 points per week (this is 15 minutes of conversation) in order for the points to be converted into money. Less than 3000 points per week are burned.

Payments occur every week.
The money comes to your Payoneer e-wallet and from there you withdraw it to your card. We will also tell you how to get an electronic wallet))

The countdown of the new week begins on Sunday at 19.00 Moscow time

Send a request to our manager in a Telegram
Write down which operating system you have on your phone – android or iOS,

in response, the manager will send you a link to download the FancyMe application

Activates your account so that you can get started and receive payments

and will answer additional questions if they appear in the process

Write to our manager


Our managers answer and help the girls 24/7

Our managers work in the application themselves and test all updates
Therefore, our girls receive the most useful technical support.

The most favorable conditions
with regular bonuses and bonuses for the most active girls.


Do you like social networks and want to earn money just by communicating on a social network?

During the pandemic, many were left without a source of income. A huge number of companies have cut employees, and some have closed altogether. The entertainment industry – hostesses, consummation, dancers, strip and go-go suffered especially badly.

And even the girls who had crazy success on consummation are powerless before the Iron Curtain. After the closure of borders, significant restrictions imposed on the operation of bars and restaurants, they were left without work and means to earn money.

But, despite the numerous prohibitions, men still have a need to communicate with the fair sex. In this way, they not only feed their self-esteem (“Yes, I’m still egegey! That’s what a beauty got carried away with me!”), but they are also charged with positive energy and youth from the girls.

So the idea of creating an online application Fancy Me appeared – for communication between beautiful girls and personable men who are able to pay for this very communication.

What is the online job for girls?
Perhaps this is the simplest thing you can imagine.

Girls just need to be charming and flirtatious, flirt with men without crossing the line. It is enough to let him know that he is special — and that’s it, the man is already on the hook and is ready to pay the girl just for beautiful eyes!

Is working in an online application suitable for all girls?
In fact, for this, a girl should have 2 things: good looks and charisma!

Knowledge of the language, the ability to sing, dance and other talents are not required! Of course, if you know how to show magic tricks or do interesting gymnastic tricks, you can demonstrate them, but this is just a nice bonus.

Work on consummation online
What’s the catch? Great question! Only the answer to it is no. After all, there is no catch.

The girl is paid for communication, for conversation, for the emotions that she gives to the interlocutor.

Someone needs a little humor, someone just to look at the beauty, and someone needs sympathy or participation. And girls, as subtle psychologists, should feel it and give the interlocutor exactly what he needs.

At the same time, knowledge of the language is not required! The Fancy Me app will make the translation itself into the desired language.

Work online all over the world
What and how to talk to the interlocutors — the girl decides on her own.

You can study the traditions and mentality of different countries. After all, you will have to communicate with residents of the United States, Taiwan, the Arab Emirates, South Korea and other countries.

This is a unique opportunity to communicate with representatives of different cultures, nationalities and, quite possibly, make interesting acquaintances.

What is required for online consummation on the Internet?
Only the phone and uninterrupted Internet.

All communication takes place online. At this moment, both the girl herself and her interlocutor can be anywhere in the world: in the office, on vacation, in the village – absolutely no matter.

The availability of uninterrupted Internet makes it possible not to limit yourself to a specific workplace. This is just the option when work is always at hand.

How to start working as an online model?
Just download our Fancy Me app. After activating the account, the girl receives a training video and detailed instructions for work. It’s really that simple! No attachments are required. There are no risks at all — because you are in a comfortable environment for yourself.

Stable work online for girls
Leading in the Fancy Me app is an option for stable earnings without much effort. This is a really stable job, which is not afraid of the pandemic and the closure of the border — after all, men’s interest in beautiful and charismatic girls will never disappear!

We want to emphasize that this is not a webcam!! No need to undress! Just communication and energy exchange.

Download the Fancy Me app right now, chat, be light and charming and start earning — the money will flow to your e-wallet on a weekly basis!

And remember — you don’t lose anything and you don’t risk anything. But you can easily miss your chance. We are waiting for you in the Fancy Me app right now.

Tips for online modeling


  1. Show that you value yourself highly

Pretend that respect is very important to you, not just calls and gifts, for example: “I am pleased that you are interested in my body, but I am ready to bare it only for my only man and for mutual love, I’m sorry, you probably should find another girl, I’m sure such a persistent man will certainly succeed!!!”

After such a speech, he will be shocked and will forget what he asked for.

  1. Make a compliment, appealing to manhood

For example: I think that you are a smart man and you know that decent girls will not do….(insert your own version))

  1. Arouse positive emotions in him

No matter what you ask, the main thing is that the answer should be associated with positive emotions.

For example: what is the best gift you have received? What is your bravest act in life?

  1. Intrigue, that is, manipulate him to achieve the goal, by ambiguous hints, omissions, etc.

For example: if you agree to get to know me better, you will be pleasantly surprised.

  1. Flirt – gestures, facial expressions, humor, a compliment said casually, but falling into the goal of an emotional state.

For example: I like it when you look at me like that, while smiling playfully

  1. Be unobtrusive, no matter how strange it would sound

go online one day and don’t start calling him or writing to him (it concerns those whom you would like to make permanent in a long-term “relationship”)

  1. Be interested in his life and work

For example: have you had a hard week? are you tired?), show minimal appearance of care, men really appreciate it!

Just chat in the app and earn money at a convenient time for you

The Fancy Me app
is the first online application where you can earn money just for chatting. Go on the air, communicate with men one-on-one in the format of audio and video calls and earn.

The main concept of the application is based on COMMUNICATION with users 1 on 1.

Points are awarded for personal video calls to the girl. The more and longer you communicate, the more you earn.

Also, points are awarded for gifts that users send you in personal correspondence and while watching your live broadcasts.

This kind of work is ideal for girls who love social networks, communication and men’s attention to themselves.

Especially quickly adapt, become successful and popular presenters in the Fancy Me application, it turns out for girls who previously had experience working on consummation, waitresses or dancers.

Girls earn points in the app for one-on-one COMMUNICATION and gifts received from men,
and then the points earned are converted into dollars and paid.

Video Calls
Most of the earnings come from private calls, in 1 minute you get 200 points, the longer the conversations, the more money

  1. communicate with them on any topic
  2. make compliments
  3. flirt
  4. smile a lot

You get 50% points from the value of the gift

  1. You can ask for a gift in private correspondence, for example for a photo or just to lift the mood.
  2. Users also give gifts during the LIFE SHOW

Conducting a Live Show
Thanks to the Liveshow function, you attract the attention of app users to yourself and your account.

And you can also receive gifts from those who watch the live show and additional bonuses from the application itself.

All other functions are more auxiliary, in order to interest the user to call you.

IMPORTANT: if unacceptable content is sent to you, you can send a complaint to the user and block it. If you don’t want to see the user during the video call, you can use the “blur” button and thus only see yourself.

The transfer of earned points into dollars takes place at the following rate

3000 = 2.2$

5000 = 3,37$

20000= 14,37$

50000= 38,17$

100000 = 80,83$

300000 = 255,98$

500000 = 471,54$

Previously, applications were everywhere, both in the Play market and in the Apple Store, but then they were removed for several reasons:
It’s still dating and communication for money, if you just download it from the playmarket, then it was impossible to withdraw money there.
And if you download it from

our link, then you can.
Therefore, Android users ask you not to be afraid that you are downloading the application from an unofficial source, everything is fine with it, no viruses and the application does not cause harm.

Work for chat manager /translator on a dating site Onlyfans – a vacancy in the company “Alone Agency” in the city (region) Forest City, North Carolina USA.

The direct employer “Alone Agency” in the city (locality) of Forest City, North Carolina USA. Is looking for a new employee for a vacant job in organization for the position of “Chat manager/translator on a dating site Onlyfans”.

Mandatory requirements of a direct employer for the work experience of the desired employee: not required.

Type of employment at a vacant job “Chat manager / translator to a dating site Onlyfans” in the company (firm/organization /sole proprietor) “Alone Agency”: Full-time, full-time or 8-hour shift day or night.

The vacancy for the position of “Chat manager / translator to a dating site Onlyfans” refers to the industry (sphere) of activity: “Art, entertainment, mass media” → “Other, other”.

A direct employer represented by the company (firm, organization) “Alone Agency” can offer approximately the following remuneration: from 400 euros to 1500 euros for the vacant position of “Chat manager – sexter, chatter / translator to a porn site Onlyfans”. Pays 15-20% of all models income!

Alone Agency is a marketing agency. We promote the accounts of top models and monetize content.

We have created a system for making money on dating sites Onlyfans – social platform revolutionizing creator and fan relationships.

And we are looking for ambitious chat managers to manage OnlyFans sexually explicit videos of our models .

What is needed for this job:

Knowledge of English at intermediate level and above
The ability to work at night. Remote work
The desire to communicate on behalf of the model in chat rooms and sell content


Money: on average, our operators earn from $500 to $ 1500. It all depends only on the time devoted to communication.

Earnings come from the content sold. Our photos and videos are high-level and fly like hot cakes, you just have to offer them to customers.
Payment — 1 time per month, without delay by Cosmopayment, Skrill, Paxum or USDT Cryptocurrency.

Work schedule: we expect you to communicate on behalf of the girl for at least 8 hours a day. The more dialogues you have, the more money you will earn.

If you have a great desire, but have not worked in this field before — we are ready to teach you, but only on condition that you like our field and you really want to earn!

We are also recruiting promoters for Onlyfans who can conduct traffic from the USA and Canada. We pay 20% of the income of our models.

We also accept models who want to work seriously. Please do not write to those who are not serious. Knowledge of the Russian language will be a big plus in the selection of candidates.

Applications are considered in Telegram: @alonesfs