Chat manager /translator on a dating site – a vacancy in the company “Alone Agency” in the city (region) Indonesia Jakarta.

The direct employer “Alone Agency” in the city (locality) of Jakarta is looking for a new employee for a vacant job in his organization for the position of “Chat manager/translator on a dating site”.

Mandatory requirements of a direct employer for the work experience of the desired employee: not required.

Type of employment at a vacant job “Chat manager / translator to a dating site” in the company (firm/organization /sole proprietor) “Alon Agency”: Full-time, full-time or 8-hour shift day or night.

The vacancy for the position of “Chat manager / translator to a dating site” refers to the industry (sphere) of activity: “Art, entertainment, mass media” → “Other, other”.

A direct employer represented by the company (firm, organization) “Alone Agency” can offer approximately the following remuneration: from 400 euros to 1500 euros for the vacant position of “Chat manager / translator to a dating site”. Pays 15-20% of all income!

Alone Agency is a marketing agency. We promote the accounts of top models and monetize content.

We have created a system for making money on dating sites.

And we are looking for ambitious chat managers to manage this system.

What is needed for this job:

Knowledge of English at intermediate level and above
The ability to work at night. Remote work
The desire to communicate on behalf of the model in chat rooms and sell content

Money: on average, our operators earn from $500 to $ 1500. It all depends only on the time devoted to communication.

Earnings come from the content sold. Our photos and videos are high-level and fly like hot cakes, you just have to offer them to customers.
Payment — 1 time per month, without delay.

Work schedule: we expect you to communicate on behalf of the girl for at least 8 hours a day. The more dialogues you have, the more money you will earn.

If you have a great desire, but have not worked in this field before — we are ready to teach you, but only on condition that you like our field and you really want to earn!

We are also recruiting promoters for Onlyfans who can conduct traffic from the USA and Canada. We pay 20% of the income of our models.

We also accept models who want to work seriously.

Applications are considered in Telegram: @alonesfs

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At the end of the free period, the amount you`ve set it will automatically be transferred to your balance. There is also a regular subscription with a fixed price.

The standard commission is 20%.

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Contact telegram: @alonesfs

One2fan search adult models platform looks like TikTok

An interesting offer from the Tik Tok platform will appear soon. Only with adult support. The company will conduct casting and will be ready to pay you for your videos that are similar in format to the video on Tik Tok, examples here:

Those who will pass the casting (this requires 2 short videos up to 1 minute in TikTok format) will be offered a contract. Starting earnings for 10 videos for a free tape (not nudity), 10 private videos (nudity) and 5 plot videos lasting from 15 seconds to 1 minute. – will be $ 100. You can experiment on Tik Tok for now.edited

 How to shoot on TikTok
Shoot a video for at least 15 seconds, select the music that is currently in trend, create a unique design. Use settings: slow motion, filters, effects and timer. Before you start shooting video, you can immediately add the filters and effects you want.

● Effects, they are also masks. Located in the lower left corner. When pressed, a plate appears below, with all possible masks.

● Speed. Responsible for the speed of music playback. You can speed up or slow down the shooting.

● Filters. The setting is also on the right side of the panel. You can choose any filter to overlay.

● The timer allows you to count down before recording starts and select the time when shooting will end.

IMPORTANT! When creating a video! 1. All videos must be filmed through the TikTok program or similar to vertical orientation, they do not need to be posted publicly, they must be saved to your device. 2. The video must be at least 15 seconds long, no more than 60 seconds 3. The video must be analogous to the one-touch, but in the TikTok style. 4. Videos must be made in different locations and clothing (must not be duplicated) 5. All videos must be with background music

Trial content. Storyboard.
Example 1: Dress Up Challenge. from 1 to 10 seconds – in ordinary sports or home clothes (clothes must be neat), dancing to the music for 10 seconds, going down – the clothes are replaced by a frank version (you can nude). Important! the second part of the video will be available only for a fee for the user, so it is important to make videos with similar scenarios. from 10 to 15 seconds to lure with a dance to music More examples can be viewed by following the link –

Trial content. Storyboard. Example 2: Nude video. from 1 to 6 seconds to the music while sitting close-up in the frame in underwear or a swimsuit at 6 seconds closing the camera with the hand 7 seconds – the hand is removed and there is no clothes on the video (naked chest) from 7 to 15 seconds – playing with the breast to music, touching to yourself

Telegram contact – @alonesfs