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I found my daughter’s secret account in social networks … I’m shocked by my girlfriend, even ashamed

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Every woman has her own secret …

At first glance, their life seems simple and beautiful. Many want to be in their place, hoping that it will bring them happiness. Desperate housewives promised to dispel all the myths about exemplary life in the American suburbs. And they did it.

Season one. The mystery of the Young family.

What pushed a successful and contented woman with her life — at least so she seemed — to commit suicide? What made her leave her husband and son? What secret did she take to the grave?

Sometimes it happens that the people whom we have known for a long time, in fact, turn out to be not those who we say we are. It usually turns out that they do not think at all what they say, but they say behind your back is not something that they can easily say to their eyes. But sometimes everything is much more complicated: a different name, another life … and a terrible secret that led these people to your town. And we thought they were just looking for a quiet life.

The first season only introduces us to the lives of four women – Bree Van de Kamp, Gabrielle Solis, Susan Mayer and Lynette Scavo, investigating the death of their girlfriend Mary Alice Young. Was it murder or suicide? Who could kill her and why? These and many other questions arise again and again, and they search for answers to them, simultaneously solving their own problems.

Susan cannot sort out her relationship with her new neighbor, Mike Delfino, Lynette barely copes with her four children and her spouse, who always disappears at work, Brie fights with her uncontrollable son and cannot find common language with her teenage daughter and her husband, who considers her “too much perfect ”, Gabriel desperately hides an affair with a gardener, and all this while another neighbor, Idi Britt, makes their lives even more difficult.

For this year they will have to go through a lot, learn the impartial details of Mary Alice’s life and each other’s lives. And then they will face a difficult problem. Is it possible to forgive and understand a woman who has bought someone else’s child? Is it possible to justify the murder of the mother of this child by attachment to him or even by love? And finally, is it true that a crime is not so terrible if it is committed in the name of the family? They will have time to think about it.

Season two. The Mystery of the Applewhite family.

Another autumn is coming to Wisteria Lane, and the atmosphere continues to heat up. This is a time of disappointment in Fairview men, who turned out to be far from the most loyal and positive. This is the time of the collapse of hopes and parting with the old life, the time of dealing with problems – with confidence, willpower, the past and alcohol. This is the time when we say goodbye to one of our usual heroes forever, regretting that we did not know everything about him.

In many events of this year, the family, which we met at the end of last season, will play a significant role – Eppluites, mother and son, trying to become exemplary neighbors and with all their strength protect their own secrets. Who is this prisoner in the basement of their house? What role will he play? How will the life of one of our heroes change their random visit?

Families are crumbling, new heroes are appearing, turning housewives upside down. How will Lynette deal with her husband’s revealed secret? Can Gaby and Carlos prove that “love” is not just a beautiful word for them? Will Bree find her happiness, despite all the trials that she will have to go through? Will Susan and Mike be happy and find what they are so eager for? With each series of questions more and more, but for the characters are experiencing more and more.
In the final, we learn how it all began. Flashbacks take us back to the past – on the very day when Bree, Lynette, Susan, Gabrielle and Mary Alice came together for the first time, giving rise to a new story. So are they ready for the next year of their life, which I’m not afraid to call the most confusing and generous event in all the time that we see with Mrs. Young after life on Wisteria Lane.

Season three. The mystery of the family Hodge.

Orson Hodge. Kyle Maclachlan put a lot into this role, turning him into his favorite and most mysterious hero in just a couple of episodes. It would seem that everything indicates that he is a murderer – he killed his wife, killed his mistress, tried to kill Mike. But you believe him. You believe, seeing how he treats Bree and what she feels for him, looking for more and more new excuses, and then, having learned the truth, you understand that everything is exactly as it should be.

Housewives will have to face even more trials than usual. Susan must make a choice between two men. Brie is trying to decide who is more important to her and who she believes more – her husband or girlfriend. Lynette is trying to get used to the new state of affairs in the family, very difficult and ambiguous. And Gabrielle is given time to make the most important decisions in her life, in the end to face a new love, it is not known just whether she will help to forget the old feelings.

Bree’s son Andrew will pleasantly surprise us by clearly demonstrating how much his mother means to him. But a lot more people will disappoint us.

Fate will once again confront our heroes with the Young family, which, however, will not play a significant role in the events.