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Isis christens noah

<p>I like to tease my slaves, telling them exactly what I’d do before I do it, letting them toy with their thoughts till they’re nice and hard.  My newest pet, noah, has an ass fetish and I love to rub it in his face, literally.  This is my first encounter with him, the christening of my new pet.  I told him I’d bend over and let him rub his cock on my ass till it made him cum all over it.  He can rub the head along the strap of my thong as it rests against my ass, teasing the little bundle of nerves just below the hood of the head.  And &quot;maybe if you’re extra special good&quot; I told him &quot;I’d allow you to do me anal&quot;.</p><p>I could feel his cock get extremely hard in his pants.  With a faint smirk I sat down on his left leg, straddling his legs with my ass near his knee.  I reached down between his legs to feel his growing hardness. He layed back gently, watching me, his hard cock growing by the second, his heart beat begin to beat quickly.  I pushed him back further so he was laying on his back.  Standing up now I turned around and sat on his stomach, closer to his chest so he could watch my ass as I stroked his cock through his pants.  He leaned foward then, pushing his lips against my ass several times, his cock hot and throbbing by now.  &quot;OH YES!! Kiss my ass bitch!!&quot; I exclaimed as I rubbed his hard shaft through the thick denim pants.</p><p>I slowly unzipped his pants and pulled his cock from the opening.  I slid down to sit on his lap with his dick behind me.  Holding his hard cock in my hand I rested it so it pressed just below the small of my back, at the start of my crack.  He moved his hips back and fourth so his dick would slide along my crack, an innocent begging look on his face as he looked up at me, his Mistress.  I leaned forward and rested my hands on his knees, slowly rocking back and forth against his rubbing, making his cock press harder into the crack.  &quot;Enjoying this my pet?&quot; I asked him. He moaned softly as he watched my ass, the urge to push his cock into my ass grew inside of him, he nodded then biting down hard on his lower lip, nigh drawing blood.</p><p>I sat up erect on his lap and slipped my index finger between my flesh and the thin strap of the black sheer thong, pulling it aside so his cock could rub deeper into my crack, pressing harder against the &quot;V&quot; of flesh.  He looked down at his cock noticing that it was almost in my ass, slowing down his rocking motion, careful so it wouldnt go in without my permission.  &quot;Not today my pet.. I plan to take things slow and pleasureful…&quot; I smirked back at him as I grabbed his cock and teasingly rubbed it along my small puckered hole, rubbing his precum all over it.</p><p>He nodded obediently, feeling the warming sensation inside of his dick again, his calf muscles tightly flexed to fight back the sensations.  I moaned faintly, feeling my pussy throb with excitement, because I know how horny he is. Slowly, I stroked his shaft, tugging gently on it as I pressed it to my crack.  Sweat beads formed around noah’s forehead, the warming within his cock growing quickly  He curled his toes to temperarily resist an orgasm again.  &quot;Mistress.. i’m going to cum..&quot;  The silent pleading in his voice excited me even more.  I slipped my hands down to grab his balls, still rocking my hips so his cock grinds against my ass.  &quot;Well then…&quot; I said &quot;I guess you should cum.&quot;</p><p>He let out a groan as he shot his hot cum onto my puckered hole, his calf muscles loosening, the white load releasing all over my ass.  I blushed faintly feeling his hot cum squirting against me.  I reached back and rubbed my middle finger down along my crack to rub his cum more evenly over my pale flesh.  noah felt every muscle in his body loosen, extremely exhausted now but he still had a small grin on his face.  &quot;Thank you, Mistress&quot;.</p><p>&quot;I’m glad you enjoyed it.  Once you’re rested, fetch a towel to clean me off.&quot;  Without hesitation he retrieved a towel from the linen closet, draping it gently over my shoulder.  I leaned forward so my ass would stick out a bit more.  &quot;Wipe it off&quot; I demanded.  He used the towel the wipe his cum out of the crack of my ass, looking up at me then.  &quot;Won’t it be a bit sticky, Mistress?&quot; he asked with genuine concern.  &quot;Well… wet the towel.&quot; I said &quot;Unless you wish to bathe me.&quot;  He looked around the room, I could tell there was something else on his mind.  &quot;Improvise.&quot; I ordered.  He smirked a bit as he leaned foward, using his tongue to dampen my pink asshole.  &quot;Like this, Mistress?&quot;</p><p>I laughed softly at the gentle tickling sensation.  &quot;Yes, lick it clean… you’re such a good boy.&quot;  He moved his tongues in circles around my hole, wiping my ass with the towel every so often.  I could feel my pussy and ass both tighten to the sensation, seeing as the nerves are so close together.  He buried his face deep in my crack to get his tongue closer to my pussy, lightly licking over the lips as his nose nuzzled my ass hole.  He pulled his face back, licking his lips clean of her juices.  &quot;Is that good Mistress?&quot; watching me with curiousity, sitting down on all fours as he waited for his next order.</p>

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Thu, 03 Feb 2011 08:49:19 UTC

Fucking my wife in the ass

<p><strong><font color="#000000">It was noon and I had just gotten home from a structure fire, my wife was laying in bed topless wearing a </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">thong.&nbsp; my wife went nuts when she smelt the smoke on me and in my hair.&nbsp; I laydown in bed and spoon with </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">her.&nbsp; As my cock got hard i spread opend her ass and started to push at her bown hole.&nbsp; while rudding my cock in </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">her ass i was rubbing her clit and tits.&nbsp; then she turned over and got on her knees.&nbsp; i got behind her and started </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">to fuck her pussy. I then got some ky and her dildo and lubed up her ass hole.&nbsp; i stared to fuck her ass with the </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">dildo and fuck her pussy with my cock at the same time.&nbsp; a short time later i pulled both my cock and the dlido </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">out and switched them around.&nbsp; i took the dildo and shoved that in her pussy and shoved my cock into her ass. i </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">fucked her ass with my cock while she road the dildo.&nbsp; i shot stream after stream of hot thick cum into her ass.&nbsp; I </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">then pulled out of her ass and removed the dildo from her pussy and started to fuck her pussy with my cock.&nbsp; i </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">parted her ass and was watching my cum ooz out of her ass.&nbsp; I then started to lick her ass and my cum, i had her </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">turn around and kiss her with a mouth full of cum.&nbsp; as we kissed cum started to ozz out of our mouths and down </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">her chin and on to her tits.&nbsp; afterwards&nbsp; we both went to shower off.&nbsp; she bent over in the bath and i stuck my </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">again rock hard dick into her ass and fucker her again.&nbsp; this time i pulled out if her ass and fucker her pussy were </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">i shot some more cum in her pussy.&nbsp; she then got out of the shower, got dressed and went to work with an ass </font></strong></p><p><strong><font color="#000000">and pussy full of cum. &nbsp; </font></strong></p>

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Tue, 29 Mar 2011 01:42:28 UTC

Great Experiance

<p><strong><font face="tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif">Hi my name is Amber and I am a 20yr old female. I have been with my boyfriend for a year now. We have both learned new things with eachother. Well my story is this……..</font></strong></p><p><strong><font face="Tahoma">Like always I am sitting at the computer playing games and reading sex stories and I am getting really hot and very horny. My boyfriend is working and when he got hom he came in and gave me a kiss. He asked me if I was horny and of course I told him yes. I love to have sex. Even though I am 7 months pregante. Well I had to take a shower anyways so he got in with me. We were making out for a little bit and then he started to play with my clit and just making me tingle all over and i just wanted him to put his cock into my wet waiting pussy.  So i shoved his cock into my pussy while the warm water was rushing over our bodies. We fucked face to face for a few minutes then I truned around so my ass was facing him and he stuck his nice 7 inch cock into my pussy and was fucking the shit out of it. Then he decied to play with  my asshole and it made me even hottier than before. I wanted him to fuck me hard so I told him to. He fucked the living shit out of my pussy while moving 2 fingers in and out of my asshole.  His cock had slide out of my pussy and next thing I knew was I was holding my ass cheeks apart so he could stick his cock into my ass and he slide it in. When he got it in I told him no I didnt want it but he started to fuck me even harder and all I could do was to bit into the towel and try not to scream out loudly. But we fucked for about 30 minutes and now I want him to do it all the time.</font></strong></p><p><strong><font face="Tahoma"></font></strong></p><p><strong><font face="Tahoma"></font></strong></p><p><strong><font face="Tahoma"> My first story please tell me good or bad just tring to think on how to put things and it didnt work i know it. I will be writing more on paper first.</font></strong></p>

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Thu, 03 Feb 2011 08:35:13 UTC

Best Friend’s Sister

This happened a few years ago right after my high school graduation. My best friend "Jon"s family invited me to their cabin on the lake for the summer. I couldn’t wait, it was even better when I found out that Jon’s sister "Jane" was going with! Jane was 2 years older than me and VERY SEXY!! I couldn’t help myself but to stare at her 34D boobs, and her size 5 ass, I know I used to sneak a peak at her panties! And that is how this awesome story came about. <br /> <br />We had been at the cabin a few days and Jon’s parents wanted to go to town for groceries. Jane had been gone all day so I figured it would be a good time to sneak into her room and find her panties!! I’m a per that way, I will sneak into any girl/women’s house to find out what kind of panties she wears. So I played sick and stayed home. After they had been gone a few minutes I ran up to Jane’s room and started digging around, and I found some of the best panties ever!! I never knew she had such panties!! I ripped off my jeans and underwear and started trying her panties on, thongs, boyshorts, string bikinis, she had them all and they were very sexy!!!!! I was just starting to rub my cock and I heard the front door shut! I heard voices and it was Jane and a guy. I grabbed my stuff and hid in her closet. No sooner I got the door shut and caught my breath she walked in with some guy that I had never seen before. <br /> <br />The guy was very large, I mean like 6-6 260, and ripped!! And that is when I got the shock of my life. The big guy asked how much? I couldn’t believe it my best friends sister was selling herself for money!! OMG!! I was biting my lip when she started taking off her clothes, down to a sexy leopard bra and matching gstring. She got down on her knees and started to take off his jeans and pull out the biggest cock I had ever seen!! It was like 10" long and bigger round than you would imagine. Again the guy looked down at her and asked "how much", Jane looked p and said "$300.00 and you have to wrap it up." The guy looked down and smiled and said "get your rubbers out I’m to fuck the shit out of you!", Jane stopped and said "you don’t have a rubber? It’s not like I keep them around here for my parents to find are you nuts?" The guy just stood there and said" what are we going to do? I don’t have anything." Jane looked up saying,"I really need some cash, you can fuck my ass bareback for half price. Is that OK?" <br /> <br />This is when I about shot my wad!! She was going to take that massive cock in her ass? No way! I was going to have to see this, not like I had a choice being stuck in the closet. The big guy whipped out his wallet and threw a bunch of cash on the bed and told Jane to get ready. Jane stood up and took of her bra showing her beautiful tits, then she pulled off her gstring and showed us her shave tiny pussy. I was in heaven, best summer ever!! And it wasn’t even over!!lol <br /> <br />Then she reached in her bag and pulled out some lube and handed it to the big guy, he quickly lubed up his cock, it smelled like cherries, guessing it was flavored lube. Jane got up and bent over the bed, the big guy walked up behind her and started to shove it in her ass, Jane stopped him and said to go slow she had only been ass fucked one time before. She reached back and grabbed his cock and guided it to her ass slowly rocking her ass back and fourth letting him in, it was a awesome sight! As she let go and worked her ass back he grabbed her hips and pushed in, she screamed like I have never heard a girl scream before! He started pounding her ass harder than I have ever seen in a porn!! A did manage to look away from her ass for a second and she had tears running down her face, I am guessing he made it fit, but man, it was awesome to watch. <br /> <br />He fucked her harder and harder must have been about ten minutes he said he was getting close to cumming. I had to give the guy credit I had already cum twice just watching, this guy was amazing to last this long!! As he pounded her she suddenly told him not to stop that she was going to cum to! He must have gave her two pumps and she started to squirt all over!! He started to moan and ripped his huge cock out of her ass grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face to his cock. Jane closed her mouth and her eyes, he stopped and said "open your mouth bitch!!" Jane started to open her mouth and he shoved his cock in her mouth straight from her ass!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, is this really happening? I could see Jane starting to gag at the taste of her ass. The guy started jerking off in her mouth and must have cum a gallon! It started running down her face and all over her big tits, he then pulled out of her mouth slapped it on her chin and pushed her to the bed. He quickly put his clothes on and bolted to the door, Jane just layed there, cum on her tits, and a shit streak on her chin. And I just stood there on the closet waiting for her to leave or something, then I got the second biggest shock of my life! Jane looked at the closet and told me to come out. I came out with nothing on but her gstring and a awkward smile. <br /> <br />Jane looked me for a while and just smiled. I didn’t know what to say, I just stood there dick in hand with the biggest hard-on ever. After all I had seen and all she had done all she said was I looked sexy in her panties and that her secret is out. I was at a loss of words, what is there to say? My best friends sister just got her ass pounded right in front of me. I did get out the words, "How did you know I was in there?" Jane smiled at me and said she had seen her parents in town and they told her that I was going to be at the house. Jane looked at me and asked if this was going to stay our little secret? I said um, I guess!lol Jane said I could fuck her ass as a deal sealer but there was no way she could take anything up her ass till it heeled up from being destroyed by the big guy. <br /> <br />I have yet to get the fuck to keep my mouth shut but hey! I got the show of a lifetime!!!! I am happy with that!:)

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Tue, 15 Feb 2011 04:09:13 UTC

Jane’s Posh Little Arse-Hole

Lots of men will dump a girl as soon as they’ve fucked them. But I hang on until I’ve given them anal. Sometimes I find a real slut so this happens on the first night but I actually prefer the girls who need some persuasion as they usually haven’t tried it before and the tightness can of course be deliciously unbearable. My favourite conquest so far is Jane.<br /><br />When I first saw Jane’s lovely fat bottom it was bulging out of her jeans from the other end of the bar. I knew I just had to have her and went straight over there. I approached her from the front as if I hadn’t noticed her arse. When I got nearer I saw that her face wasn’t a patch on her bum but all I could think about at that moment was the joy that could be had in riding that bottom. She did have very soft and pure white skin and her posh voice kept me erect. Not that I could think much about what she was saying. Already I was thinking how I wanted to defile her perfect cheeks with my shaft and pollute her bowels with my cock-muck.<br /><br />It was a completely natural reaction. Jane’s lovely big bottom stuck out from her body as if begging to be mounted. I was imagining all sorts of filthy animalistic sex with her but just about managed to keep chatting her up. A little later I was able to see her rear closer-up as it wiggled towards the bar. And I then knew for certain that it was the perfect specimen for the anal abuse I intended to inflict upon it.<br /><br />A good few drinks later she invited me back to her place and I experienced the joy of mounting her and pounding her pussy from behind. I rode her big, round, plump and womanly arse for hours while she called me a stud in the mirror. She refused to try anal but I examined her anus which looked as perfect and untouched as her milky white buttocks. <br /><br />Her favourite position was doggie, as is naturally mine, and over the next few weeks I did her almost every night. It was so pleasurable to look down at her big arse which wobbled slightly as I pounded it. She would do almost anything: cum-swallowing, role-play: she’d put on her horniest slut-wear for me and act out any depraved fantasy I could think up; but she was still reluctant to take it up the shitter, where I so badly wanted to give it to her.<br /><br />I eventually made her come round to the wonders of rectal sex over the phone one evening. &quot;You’re such a dirty fucker wanting to fuck me in the arse.&quot;, she said playfully. It was clear she was curious and eventually relented: &quot;OK. You can try putting in my bum.&quot; I was ecstatic. &quot;But you’ll have to wear a condom.&quot; Of course, doing it with a condom wouldn’t really count. I wanted to feel her beautiful sphincter tight around my bare cock. My policy is that for a girl to be dumped (and made to feel like a completely worthless whore) I must give her full uncovered anal and pump a big load deep into her guts while my fat hairy bollocks contract right up against her cheeks.<br /><br />She finally agreed to me not wearing a condom but there was still another hurdle to get over. &quot;You can pull out and spunk over my bum,&quot; she suggested. But naturally I’d sprayed her perfectly round buttocks with my hot jizz most nights for three weeks and, if I was going to be allowed up her rectum, then that’s where my cock would want to stay until it had unloaded. I wanted to pump the entire contents of my fat bollocks eight-inches deep in her but she voiced concerns about the idea. Rather than continue the conversation, I told her I’d be straight round, even though it was gone 1am. She always enjoyed me being masterful in the bedroom so I’d already decided that by the end of the evening she’d have my sperm swimming deep in her bowels.<br /><br />When I arrived at her flat she was wearing stockings, knee-high fuck-me-in-the-arse boots, and nothing else. I got her to bend over so I could take her from behind as usual. While fucking her pussy very hard, I ordered her to pull her fat bum cheeks as wide apart as she could which she dutifully did. I continued to pound her pussy but the sight of her little anus winking at me was just too irresistible and I knew it was already time to invade it. I pulled my cock out.<br /><br />&quot;What are you doing?&quot;<br />&quot;I’m going to fuck you in the arse,&quot; I said.<br />&quot;What’s wrong with my cunt?&quot; she asked, frustrated that I’d left her cunt before she’d had time to orgasm. <br />&quot;There’s nothing&nbsp; wrong with your lovely cunt&quot;, I reassured her. &quot;Now pull your cheeks as wide apart as you can!&quot; I ordered. She dutifully displayed her lovely anus for me. I positioned my fat tip against her opening.<br /><br />There was no lubricant required as my cock was still slippery from her very wet pussy. I pushed the tip against her naughtiest hole. Then she howled like a bitch in hell as her sphincter gave way. The tip was now firmly inside but I managed to stop myself from ramming it into her for a moment until she relaxed again. I pushed my rock-hard prick further and she completely submitted as eight fat inches of solid cock slid slowly up her waiting rectum. She clearly needed it up there badly and was taking it like an absolute pro.<br /><br />Once I was all the way in, she seemed to relax. &quot;How does it feel, my darling?&quot; I enquired.<br />&quot;It’s frightening…&quot; she moaned. &quot;I love it!&quot;<br />&quot;What do you love?&quot; I asked, innocently.<br />&quot;I love your fatness in my arsehole…&quot;<br /><br />Ladies have always commented how fat my cock is. As well as being a full eight inches in length it has enough thickness to satisfy even the most well-used granny pussy.<br /><br />I slowly pulled back and pushed in and the tightness was unbelievable. But once I’d worked up into a steady rhythm I proceeded to pummel her lovely tight shit-hole for nearly an hour of pure pleasure. When I’m fucking a girl in her littlest hole, I always relish every moment and shivered with delight every time I looked down to see my steel-like cock disappearing between her soft, white, innocent-looking cheeks. I’d waited weeks to do this to her and,at last, I was defiling Jane like I’d promised myself the moment I first met her. <br /><br />&quot;I love your big fat cock fucking me in the arse!&quot; she moaned. My anal-invasion gave her waves of shuddering orgasms. &quot;Oh, I can feel your balls!&quot; she cried as she worked up to another climax while my bollocks banged hard against her fat bottom. She would’ve made an ideal prostitute since her arse-hole could take it so deep. &quot;Do you like it?!&quot; she cried.<br />&quot;Oh I adore fucking your lovely tight arse&quot; I said.<br />&nbsp;&quot;Are you gonna prove how much you like it?! Fuck you!! Fucking prove it to me!!!&quot; She had gone from the poshest woman I’d ever met to an absolute gutter-slut whore.<br /><br />She was really getting hysterical now, and though I wanted to prolong the pleasure for hours, she was clearly finding it too much to bear. &quot;Are you gonna cum?! Are you gonna cum?!&quot;<br />&quot;Where, darling?&quot; I panted.<br />&quot;Inside me! Shoot it in my bowels!&quot; I was getting close now.<br />&quot;Beg me again, beg me…&quot;<br />She seemed desperate for me to spunk so I would stop abusing her little brown hole in this degraded way. Then she seemed to forget who she was and yelled, in her poshest voice, &quot;Spunk up my shit-hole, you pervert!&quot; This sent me over the edge. My cock expanded, she screamed very loudly, and I let out a huge grunt as the spunk forced its way up my shaft and great jets shot out inside her. I held on very tight to her hips so she couldn’t move and she got the lot balls-deep inside her posh little arse-hole.<br /><br />There’s nothing like fucking a woman in the arse when they’ve never had it done to them properly before. Especially when you’ve got an eight-incher and you know you’ve entered virgin territory. She absolutely loved it, although she said that she preferred it throbbing deep in her cunt.<br /><br />But there was no way I was going to use her cunt again. I left shortly after I’d used her arse and stopped contacting her. She kept texting me so I said I’d only go round there if she put her door ajar, rubbed KY in her anus, and stuck it in the air while holding her cheeks apart. So sure enough, three nights after the first invasion, I pushed open her door and found her on the bed with her head buried in the pillows and her bottom high in the air, ready for me. I gave it to her in the arse while she sobbed quietly. After half-an-hour I shot another bolt balls-deep in her bowels then left before she had time to recover. I didn’t even have to see her face! <br /><br />I used Jane’s tight arse-hole a few more times before I just had to stop going round there. It was serious cock-fun but this was utter abuse! Also, Jane’s hole wasn’t quite as tight anymore and it was high time I found another virgin anus to violate.<br />

Anal Stories

Thu, 03 Feb 2011 08:32:07 UTC

Ass Afficionado

<p><u>Ass Afficionado</u> , by Fyre</p><p>I heard a report the other day, on that entertainer feature network, that when Marilyn Monroe died, she had a full enema inside her body. The reporter said that either Marilyn or an unknown murderer filled an enema bag, added barbiturates, put it inside of her bowels, and she held it there. The skin inside absorbed all the chemicals and it killed her. An overdose. Now the freak in me wanted to know all sorts of things that the G-rated network would never disclose. I wanted to know whether Marilyn (Norma Jean) was a regular enema user. I wanted to know if she cleaned out her colon before Jack Kennedy or Frank Sinatra came to fuck her, and if they swabbed her sanitized pink, puckered asshole with their tongues. I wanted to know if she inserted the enema and didn’t realize the amount of drugs her body would absorb before she expelled the liquid. I wanted to know if Marilyn was so effective at holding the water in that she accidentally killed herself, or if she truly intended to kill herself with her intestines full of the hazardous water. I wanted to know if Marilyn expelled the water after she took her last breath and all her body’s muscles relaxed, or if there was a plug in her ass, holding it in. Was the liquid actually still inside her body when the police found her? How? I wanted to write to that police drama &quot;Cold Case&quot; to see if they’d reinvestigate the details.</p><p>Now I am curious about all of these things because I have become an ass afficionado. I wasn’t one until recently, when I met my new man and learned that he was fascinated by porn. I asked him to show me one of his movies, and when he did, I just looked at him and said, &quot;Oh YOU want some anal sex, don’t you?&quot; He hung his head, and looked rather fishy and boyish.</p><p>&quot;I’ll give it a try&quot; I shrugged and pointed at the screen, &quot;but let me work on it. I know she’s acting like it’s about the same as fucking her pussy, but you and I know that’s not the way it works. That hole is an exit.&quot;</p><p>I didn’t want to disappoint him. I wanted to grin and act all gung ho, but I worried that it was going to hurt like hell. I knew from looking at the length of the scene in the movie, he hoped to spend some quality time in my tight little ass, gripping the pale skin of my hips as he rode me hard. I knew that he really wanted to slam it to me. What had I promised to do?</p><p>We watched the rest of the movie and one young woman was so enthusiastic about her ass-fucking that she screamed and gyrated, trying to take in more. &quot;Deeper! Deeper!&quot; She screamed and panted. Another male actor was delighted to stick his dick in her too, so there she was, all over the big screen, taking in not just one dick, but two. Holy shit! These little sluts in these movies had no idea how high expectations are raised when our men see these shameless fuck sessions. Shit oh dear. And on the big screen, it was suddenly wall to wall asshole stretched out by two marvelous huge cocks. Complete with the surround sound shrieking &quot;Oh yes, oooh yes, oh Baby Baby Baby.&quot;</p><p>My own man pulled out his 9-inch dick and started stroking, holding his hand loose and massaging the ridge at the base like he was about to start a fire. I loved to watch him masturbate, but I quickly took advantage of the situation to get my own pussy pumped. I leaned over a chair and he stood behind me, fucking my pussy doggy style, watching the actress call out. She ultimately took the cocks that had just been deep inside her ass, swallowed them down her throat, and exclaimed that they tasted great. Oh my goodness! My man pulled out and squirted his jizz all over my ass.</p><p>I was more than a little uncomfortable. My man was into sodomy. A small-dick boy had poked me in the ass once or twice, but after watching the video, I knew this was going to be different. I thought about how hard my man got, and how he would be sure to fill me to capacity. I was sure that it was going to feel like he was skewering me up to my neck. I had an image of myself on a rotisserie, his dick shoved up my ass, spinning over a bed of hot coals. I was skeptical that I would be able to show the same level of enthusiasm as the actress in the movie. I didn’t even think anyone could <u>pay</u> me enough to show the same level of enthusiasm as the actress in the movie. (How much do these girls make anyway?)</p><p>My one experience with ass-fucking had been confusing. The boy who had tried it was sort of grossed out, thinking &quot;Ew! Is it going to smell like shit?&quot; Once inside, he came quick and sloppy, with loud exclamation, like he’d just slammed his dick into an electric pencil sharpener, then pulled it out all pointed and done. My man now wouldn’t do me like that. His dick was fat! With my previous experience, there was an embarrassing time after the initial penetration of running to the toilet, making gassy noises, and feeling like I was going to ultimately mess all over the floor. Not acceptable.</p><p>I was going to have to teach myself to take it up the ass, and take it hard. I was going to have to learn to clean it thoroughly so I could be confident there wasn’t going to be an awful mess. I was going to have to be convincing or my man was going to be terribly disappointed and I was going to feel like a loser.</p><p>I began researching enemas. My goal was to be able to fuck my man like the girl in his movie fucked that hard dick, able to suck it off after the fact. I tried the small, cold enemas from the drug store shelf. I stood there in line, anxious and self-conscious, trying to make sure the woman behind the counter wasn’t the same gal who’d sold me one the week before. (I’d lied that I was using them to prepare myself for surgery.) I wasn’t impressed that the liquid was filled with diarrhetics and that the amount of liquid was probably about a cup and a half. What good was that going to do?</p><p>I checked their effectiveness by slamming myself in the ass with my smallest dildo until the muscles in my ass contracted and I expelled the last of the liquid. I found these enemas short-lived, and only marginally effective. And I wasn’t sure I was making any progress. This dildo was much smaller than my man, I used lots of lube, but it was still piercing and invasive. How did the movie girls do it? How did they keep going at it for most of an hour (my man says filming those scenes can take ten hours a day) and how in the hell did they learn to enjoy it? </p><p>What was I, a fucking wimp?</p><p>I went on the internet. Before long, I found several gay sites with plenty of instruction and a brown, unobtrusive box arrived in the mail. I opened the carton in the privacy of the bathroom on a quiet morning when my man had to work. I took out the bag, the clips to hold it up, and the long tube. At the end of the tube I screwed on an attachment like a narrow straw. I undressed, leaving my clothes in a pile by the door, and filled the bag with warm water. I quickly learned that the water had to be pretty much body temperature. Those skin surfaces inside were not used to touching anything cooler or warmer. Enemas, even as warm as bath water burned like a son of a bitch and I suspected they seared off a layer of skin. I soaped up the nozzle so that it was slippery enough to insert into my tight ass. (Oh shit how would I ever get his goddamn dick inside?) I pushed the water in from the bottle and then pushed it out. Lather, rinse, repeat. Another side effect was that the water didn’t all expel. A lot of it was absorbed by my body and some of it just slurped around. After about an hour, I really had to pee.</p><p>But I thought I was making progress. Before long I could put over a pint of water inside. Some of the articles on the internet said that true enema fanatics could take almost a gallon of water at a time, until their bellies expanded. They really got off on how long they could hold it inside. Some of them made mixtures of water and coffee or water and wine, counting on the absorbing properties of the colon to make them either jittery or drunk. Absolutely perverse! I wondered if they knew about Marilyn Monroe and her barbiturates. The article that suggested these methods did warn that you had little control over how much of the extra chemical your body was going to absorb inside your bowels. No shit!</p><p>I listened to an interview with porn star Jenna Haze. She was on Playboy Radio talking to Tiffany Granath. She disclosed that what she did to prepare for an anal sex scene was a combination of fasting and enemas. She said she’d never had an embarrassing experience on a set. I got a pad of paper and took notes.</p><p>Nervously, I decided I’d be ready. I called my man I’d be ready for a round of sex on Friday night. Thursday, at noon, I ate a salad, then after that, I cut off the solid foods. Yogurt for dinner. I did one of the box enemas that evening, and the diarrhetic went right through me. I evacuated most of what I had inside, then went to bed. I wanted to masturbate, then thought I’d better save it. Let the tension build.</p><p>Friday noon, I did another enema, water only, using a hot water bottle system that I purchased at Wal-Mart. I filled the pink bladder with tepid water. I attached the hoses and a nozzle that inserted into my ass. It sprayed water in several directions. Naked, I leaned over in the bathtub, the bladder of water under my knees and pushed on the bladder. The water started flowing through the tubes and filling up my bowels.</p><p>The feeling was intense. I’d already gotten most of the debris out the night before, so now it was more a &quot;final rinse.&quot; The first water was a little cool and I could distinctively feel the water spread into my colon. Awesome! I knelt on the bladder and pushed a little more water in. I started to feel a little full, and I wanted to distract myself from the feeling so I could push more water inside after a minute. </p><p>I put my hand down and started diddling on my clit. Good distraction! I clenched the muscles of my anus to hold the water in, and rubbed my cliterous. I held the water, held the water, held the water. I rubbed my clit, rubbed my clit, rubbed my clit. I pushed on the bladder and forced a little more water inside. I rubbed my clit some more. I folded the rubber bladder in half to push the last bit of water inside. I thought I was holding about a quart! I felt so—so stretched. It was nice and cool inside. Water dripped a little from the nozzle, rolling cool water over my hand while I messed with my clit so I could hold it as long as possible.</p><p>Then it felt sudden that I needed to expel the water. I stood, stepped out of the bathtub and perched on the toilet. I pushed some of the water out, then clenched my ass shut. The longer I could hold the water, the better a rinse it would be. On the toilet, I played with my clit a little more. I felt all electrified and in tune with my body. I got the hair clippers and spread my thighs so I could trim my pubic hairs. I challenged myself to hold the water that little while longer. I felt the delicious vibration of the clippers as I trimmed my bush to about an eighth an inch. After I finished, I rolled my clit between my forefinger and thumb. I felt the fullness of the water in my ass. </p><p>I pushed the water out, as much as I could. </p><p>Oh dear! I wasn’t counting on liking the enema so much. I filled the enema bag again, this time with slightly warmer water. I inserted the nozzle in my asshole, and started pushing on the bag with my knee and forearm. The water squirted out, a jet flying off to the left and hitting the side of the tub. I pushed the nozzle inside a little deeper, then the water started filling me to capacity. I put my right hand between my thighs and I kept masturbating. The intensity against my clit was so effective at taking my mind off the filling feeling in my butt. I got one of my man’s razors and shaved the line of hairs that grew inside my pussy lips. I held the water in, held the water in. I arched my back as much as I could and pushed on the bladder of water to force every drop of water inside. Oh, I was such a good girl to take all this water! I reached back between my legs and tentatively shaved the circle of fine hairs from around my anus.</p><p>Oh fuck! I was so, so full! My rectum was all full of water and I could feel the water push up into my lower intestine, farther than a dick could probably reach. I pushed on the bladder of water some more, and I could even feel the water push more inside and my tummy started to distend. Oh fuck. This was about as full as I was going to get. I stood to cross the bathroom, clenching my ass closed. Oh! Oh! The water splashed out behind me, all over the bathtub.</p><p>I squatted and released the water. Oh it felt great. It really felt great. There was a little white pasty mucus from my bung hole coming out with the water, but other than that, I was spotlessly clean. After I was sure I had expressed all of the water, I walked naked into my bedroom and got a dildo from the drawer in the nightstand.</p><p>I went back into the bathtub. I soaped up the dildo and then I squatted down onto it, pushing it right into my butt. Oh my god. Oh fuck. It felt great! I had a squeaky clean ass, and the dildo slid in. I started rocking it in and out. Oh there was a little to push out. I got up, the dildo plugging my ass and went to the toilet. I pushed. Nothing much. More clear mucus. I went back to the bathtub, rinsed the hot water bag out and filled it a quarter way with warm water. I pushed the dildo back into my asshole and started riding it. Oh, oh oh yes!!! I think I’m gonna like this! </p><p>I got done with my little session in the tub and I laid on the bed. Oh my god. I was wonderfully exhausted. The enema was so thorough, and expelling it was it’s own little reward. I felt deliciously scoured clean. After a brief rest on the bed, I felt energized, and ready to take on the world. </p><p>I could hardly wait for my man to get home from work. I was fasting all day, so I sipped at my Diet Coke and chewed ice. In the middle of the afternoon, I peed and made sure I didn’t have anything else inside my colon by pushing the dildo back inside and working it some more. I came, and it was a different sort of cum. I wanted to experiment some more, but I decided to hold out and wait for my man.</p><p>He arrived with a bottle of white wine. I drank a glass. It went right through me, since I hadn’t eaten for almost 28 hours. My man was going to get the fuck of his life, but he didn’t know it, he didn’t have any idea. I drank another glass of wine, and I was feeling a buzz. </p><p>Of course I had already flashed out the credit card at Victoria’s Secret, so I had quite the show for him that night. I stripped down to a pale pink teddy that laced up the front. I took my time unlacing it, flashing my perfect 36C breasts. He took my ruddy nipples into his mouth and sucked, long and hard. Electricity shot right through me. I was ready to cum right then! I wasn’t surprised. Doing the enema had made me so aroused, and I’d carried that with me all afternoon. The idea of his big cock ramming in and out of me the same way that the girl had taken it in the video, well that was a huge turn-on for me too. Still wearing the teddy, I took his hand and led him into the bedroom. </p><p>I turned on the lights. He looked at me funny. &quot;No way you’re going to miss a second of this.&quot; Men are always so much more visual than women, but I’ll admit that I wanted to see that big thick dick of his slipping in and out of my ass. He stripped off his clothes. He already had a boner stretching out, as big as the state of Florida.</p><p>&quot;You sure you’re ready.&quot;</p><p>I remembered the several bags of water I’d deliriously flushed through my system. &quot;Oh I’m ready. Yes baby, I’m ready.&quot;</p><p>The wine was going through me too. He’d brought my glass into the bedroom, so I took another sip. Then he picked me up and put me down on the bed, on my back. He carefully unlaced the rest of the teddy, and unsnapped the crotch of my teddy. &quot;Take that thing off, will you?&quot;</p><p>I pressed my breasts together and offered him a good shot of my cleavage, my nipples jutting out, then I pulled the teddy off over my head. I tossed it in the corner. I laid back on the bed, ready for him to do his thing.</p><p>He started by trailing fingers softly across my skin. He was picking up the natural electrical currents inside of me and swirled them all together. He teased me by circling his thumb around my nipples, then he sucked on each one in turn. I could fell that my pussy was already soaked. I wanted him so bad.</p><p>He took me vaginally at first. He put it in, and pushed my left leg up high, so that when he went inside me missionary style, he had my leg to hold. It went up over his shoulder, my ankle by his ear and it enabled us to both see the penetration of his cock into my love canal. He slid it in slowly, and then with one leg up and the other down, he could come at me from an angle. He &quot;stirred&quot; my juices with his beautiful cock. I could see him roll his hips in a circle as he directed his dick to hit the walls of my cunt, all the way around. Oh it felt wonderful! Then with my legs spread so, he put his hand on my clit, right above where he was grinding it, and he started to trace tiny circles around that little head as he stroked his dick in and out. Oh! Oh! Oh!</p><p>I don’t have any trouble cumming over and over, but it was rare for a man to take the time to find out how many times I could cum. My man was as patient as they made them. He could stroke me with my ankle up by his ear and stroke, stroke, stroke, sliding it in and out so slo-o-owly that we both were gasping with pleasure. Then he shifted around and pushed the other ankle up, so that his hips were mashing into my pussy and I was on fire. He fucked and fucked like a madman.</p><p>&quot;Hey, you, I want some of that in my ass.&quot; I told him.</p><p>&quot;You do? Oh shit.&quot; He kept pumping away, now invigorated by visions of asshole plums dancing in his head. &quot;Shit Girl, well let me take some of the edge off first.&quot;</p><p>He flipped me over so I was on my hands and knees. He stood by the side of the bed and entered me doggy style. Oh! Oh! This was my favorite position, and he was still inside my cunt. I was so wet, I made slurp, slurp, slurpy sounds as he glided in and out. I knelt with my ass up, leaning against my forearms on the bed. I gripped the bedspread to hold my position. He was jamming at me so hard, he physically moved me forward on the mattress. I didn’t want to slam my head against the headboard. </p><p>He was hitting all the perfect spots and as hot as I was, I started to cum. I clenched his dick hard with my vaginal muscles as I clenched the blankets with my hands. I felt my body force out more fluids–I was cumming and dripping all over the place. My body had absorbed a lot of water from those enemas. I was saturated. It felt fabulous. Who needs to drink eight glasses of water a day when you can push three or four into your asshole and hold them in and take the liquid that way? I felt like I had a new lease on life.</p><p>My man pulled his twitching dick out of my vagina and he started jacking it. &quot;I’m going to cum!&quot; he announced, his hand sliding back and forth in the pattern he always used. His palm brushed past the head, and I saw it bulge and cum started spurting out. I stuck my tongue out and he aimed at my mouth, and jets of cum flew onto the bed, some of them hitting my mouth. I took my forefinger and scraped the white cream off my cheek and tasted it. God, I loved eating cum!</p><p>Then my man positioned my ass up, doggy style again. &quot;I’m going to start teasing you a little, okay Baby?&quot;</p><p>I nodded. I was still recovering from that great climax, but it would only take a moment for me to be ready again. He wanted me kneeling doggy style with my ass over the edge of the bed. He stood behind me, his own dick still pulsing out beads of cum. He was softer, but not completely soft. I knew that he would be rigid in no time. My man slicked his hands up with lubricant. We kept a pump bottle on the nightstand. He leaned down and studied my spotless asshole. He put his thumb on it, and slowly started tracing a circle around it. I leaned into his hand, enjoying feeling the trace around that tight hole. Then he inserted a finger. I would have normally recoiled against the sudden invasion into a hole designed as an exit, but after all my preparations, I was ready. It was like he was coming home. I wanted more.</p><p>&quot;Come on, Baby! I’m ready. None of this sissy stuff.&quot;</p><p>Then two fingers. He inserted them like he was picking up a bowling ball. Two in my asshole, one in my cunt. Oh it felt good! The ridges of his knuckles pressed against the sphincter muscle, and I put my hands on my ass cheeks and held my asshole open to him. &quot;Ahaa!&quot; He said, excited, and he quickly expanded the opening, this time using two fingers from his left hand, and two fingers from his right. I was going to be able to take this, I thought. So far, everything felt great.</p><p>He kept inserting lubricated fingers inside my gaping asshole. I was bucking against him, wanting more. I looked down to check on him. His dick was standing at attention again. &quot;Fuck that ass!&quot; I told him. &quot;Fuck me in my ass.&quot;</p><p>I didn’t need to tell him again. He dashed a squirt of lube across his dick and another on my asshole. He used his hand to spread the lube across his dick. I knew that the second erection would last and last. His glistening hard dick was just inches from my asshole. He was ready to plunge it in.</p><p>And Ooh I was so ready! I’m not going to tell you that it was anything like a good pussy fucking, because it’s not. It’s incredibly different. There’s a whole layer of skin blocking that dick from my cunt, but all the wires are still there. And having everything clean and a little wine in my system….ooooh, I could take it all night! My Baby stuck it in and Yes, it felt uncomfortable for maybe ten seconds, but he just held it there stiff as a pole and let my body adjust to the size. Then when I started rocking against it–the lightening started sizzling and rockets went off. If it started to feel a little intense, I just did what I did in the tub, I diddled my clit, letting the fireworks there distract me momentarily from his sheer size. </p><p>For a little while, I just felt slammed. Yes, it felt good, but I was at his mercy, you know what I mean? I couldn’t move much, I couldn’t react. I just crouched there on the edge of the bed, my ass over the side, his dick slamming into my asshole. It felt like almost too much. Then oh shit, it started to feel glorious. He reached around me and started jamming on my clit with his hand. I arched my back and I felt like the girl in the movie, &quot;Deeper, Baby, deeper!&quot; </p><p>He grabbed onto my hips and started slamming harder and faster. He pushed my lower back down, and I think he could feel the tip of his penis pushing to bust out, he could feel the motion through my flesh. The idea of that big ole dick of his just ramming my asshole, well it was such a turn-on. I looked at him through my legs, my ass high, trying to see what it looked like, his pink shaft disappearing inside of me, over and over. I couldn’t see him directly, not from that position, but I could see the reflection of him in the mirror on the inside of the door. He stood directly behind me, his hard dick lined up, pistoning in and out. Oh my god, it felt so good!</p><p>I couldn’t get enough! I clenched my sphincter around his dick and heard him catch his breath. Oooh that must have felt so tight! I clenched and clenched, gripping his dick with my tight, pink ass… &quot;Give it to me!&quot;</p><p>Oh sweet mother of god. The orgasm was so fucking insane! I felt it build and build, the clenching was starting to set it off. I could feel his dick hitting my G-spot, but it was coming at it from the wrong angle, and a layer of skin blocked it off. It felt exotic, like fucking my pussy through a layer of cloth. And from all the prepping I’d done with the enema a few hours before, my body was ready to explode! I felt the sensations build, higher and higher, and then there wasn’t much I could do. I clung to the layers of blanket on the bedspread, my man fucking and fucking from behind, the mattress slipping off the side from perpetual motion. I was completely absorbed by the intensity of having his dick in my ass. </p><p>The orgasm started washing through me, and I was its victim. It came over me like a wave, overpowering all my senses. There was a slight trickle of sweat rolling down my face. I closed my eyes, flooded with sensations. All I could feel was pushing and resisting, my body caught in a tug of war. I was about to bust! I was overwhelmed by the slam of his hard dick and my muscles clenching as hard as they could. I had no control. &quot;Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!&quot; My fingers balled into fists. I started spasming against the soft cotton of my quilt. I wanted to push, push, push against him and he resisted by gripping the flesh of my ass like a pillow and jamming away. Phenomenal. I was crying out, yelling from the intensity, not wanting him to stop. I was pushing so hard, pushing, pushing, pushing. Cum started flying out, like jets of clear piss. My man saw the fluids flying. I could feel his dick tighten. &quot;Shit Baby, shit! I’m gonna cum!&quot; He gripped my hips, thrust his rod as deep as it would go and blew his load. I was still writhing and pulsing from my own orgasm and he more or less fell over me. We collapsed in a tussle of panting and heaving breasts. I couldn’t move. Muscles in my legs started twitching involuntarily. The flutter in my tummy didn’t quit for almost an hour.</p>

Anal Stories

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The New New Girl in the Bar

<p>I work at a golf course, or country club more specifically. In other words we have a pool, a bar, and tennis courts as well as the golf course.&nbsp; My girlfriend works in the bar and for those of you who haven’t read my first story &quot;The New girl in the bar&quot; I’ll briefly describe my girlfriend . . .&nbsp; 10.&nbsp; Her name is Jessica and I love her and could not picture myself anyone other than her. Tho neither of us are completely innocent . . .</p><p>One day at work Jessica reminded me that her friend Ashton was starting work in the bar today (which I remembered her telling me a few days before). I had heard about Ashton through Jessica, but had never met her.&nbsp; I walked into the bar area later that day on break. Jessica told me I needed to come meet Ashton.&nbsp; OMG, she was absolutely gorgeous, a perfect 10 and a half on the same 1 to 10 scale. She was dark complected, with beautiful legs and breasts equal to Jessica’s. Ashton and Jessica could have been twins from the neck down, but then I saw her butt. There’s really no way for a guy to describe the perfect ass, but I was looking at it and I think Jessica noticed.&nbsp; </p><p>The next day, I was walking down the hall towards an empty bar when I overheard two girls talking. One was Ashton and the other was one of the owner’s daughters (Candice) who also worked in the bar. &quot;He’s cuter than she described him&quot; said Ashton, but who were they talking about . . . &quot;I would deffinately not mind letting him be my first.&quot; she said.&nbsp; Their conversation carried on to something else and never went back to that subject so I went on around the corner to say hey.&nbsp; &quot;Well speak of the devil&quot; said Candice. Obviously, neither of them realized that I had overheard them, but I wasn’t telling.&nbsp; Granted, my mind was quite unsettled for the rest of the day and that night.</p><p>A few days later, Jessica approached me with the question, &quot;Is there anything going on between you and Ashton?&quot;&nbsp; No, I said Honestly (not yet there wasn’t). She beleived me because she can tell when I’m being honest and when I’m lying.&nbsp; &quot;Why would you ask something like that?&quot; I said.&nbsp; &quot;Well, I was just making sure you two weren’t having too much fun without me.&quot; </p><p>I almost jizzed in my pants a couple of times over the next few days just thinking about what she could have possibly meant by this.&nbsp; Yes, Jessica and Ashton are both that hot, but I never would have thought . . .</p><p>Back to the story.&nbsp; One day the next week, Ashton and I were closing together me outside and her in the bar.&nbsp; All that day we had been flirting and hinting at what we wanted, but we both knew nothing like that could happen between us. I finally finished up my work outside and walked up to the bar to keep Ashton company while she closed down the bar.&nbsp; The bar was empty. No customers, no tired golfers, no Ashton.&nbsp; I looked around to find her but couldn’t. I checked the parking lot to see if her car was still there and noticed that not only was her car there but so was Jessica’s. Hmm . . .</p><p>I walked back inside to use the phone and call Jessica’s cell. Just as I stepped around behind the bar and reached for the phone I tripped and fell flat on my face.&nbsp; I looked back to see what it was that I had tripped over and saw a pair of Khaki shorts. They were the shorts that Ashton had been wearing that day. Most guys know what I’m talking about when I say, super instant hard-on plus tingly horny feeling.&nbsp; I then noticed under the counter and white bikini top.&nbsp; This is Jessica’s I thought, but that doesn’t make sense she only wear’s a bikini when she’s . . . </p><p>When I got to the pool I couldn’t see anything till my eyes adjusted, but then I saw them.&nbsp; Ashton was laying on the stairs of the pool with Jessica straddling her kissing her chest. They were both topless.&nbsp; Jessica turned to look at me and said &quot;bout time you joined the party.&quot;&nbsp; She went back to kissing Ashton as I jumped into the pool with half of my clothes still on.&nbsp; As I waded over to them Jessica reached around behind her and pulled on her bikini bottom never breaking the kiss with Ashton.&nbsp; Yeah, I knew what she wanted, damn right she was gettin it.&nbsp; I pulled the bikini bottom the rest of the way down as she stroked my already full hard on with one hand and plunged two fingers into Ashton with the other.&nbsp; She pulled my cock right up to her anus and positioned it at her asshole. I pushed and slowly sank into her still tight ass.&nbsp; She came within a few strokes and I then noticed that Ashton had been rubbing her clit when she reached up and started massaging my balls.&nbsp; Put it in my pussy&quot; said Ashton.&nbsp; Jessica still never broke her kiss with Ashton as I pulled out of her, put two&nbsp;fingers where my cock had been, and plunged into Ashton’s pussy.&nbsp; She moaned the loudest sexiest moan I had heard in&nbsp;a long time and came quickly as Jessica&nbsp;was still kissing her chest and rubbing her clit as I slow fucked her.</p><p>After Ashton’s orgasm subsided Jessica climbed off and grabbed both our hands and dragged us to the pool house.&nbsp; She pushed me up against the wall and went straight down to my cock.&nbsp; Ashton stood behind Jessica and bent at the hip to caress the top of my cock while Jessica was on her knees putting my balls in blowjob heaven.&nbsp; I blew my load pretty quickly though not many guys could have&nbsp;held out&nbsp;long with that kind of attention.&nbsp; They kept on sucking and licking and kissing, keeping my cock from ever getting soft.&nbsp; Jessica then moved around behind Ashton as&nbsp;Ashton was halfway deep throating me and began playing with&nbsp;Ashton’s clit. She then moved her hand up and started rubbing her asshole though I wondered why she didnt put a finger or two in. I watched as Jessica then sat up and staring into my eyes began licking Ashton’s asshole. Ashton was now moaning on my cock as she neared her second orgasm.</p><p>Jessica then asked &quot;Okay Ashton I think he’s ready, are you ready.&quot; I was confused, what more could there be.&nbsp; Jessica then explained to me that Ashton was an anal virgin and wanted me to be her first.&nbsp; I blew a load down Ashton’s throat as Jessica finished explaining this situation.&nbsp; Ashton kept kissing and sucking. Jessica sat up again and dove her tongue into Ashton’s pussy. She let out and long moan that shook my cock to life again. She kept on moaning and I couldn’t help but begin to move my hips with her oral strokes on my cock. Jessica slowly moved her hand up to Ashton’s asshole and started probing her hole with her index finger.&nbsp; She wiggled her finger around and worked an inch into Ashton’s hole while still tossing her clit with her tongue.&nbsp; Ashton moaned louder on my cock.&nbsp; Jessica then backed off and inserted her index finger into Ashton’s pussy to get it wet. She moved it right back up to Ashton’s asshole but this time slowly pushed it all the way in and began thrusting in and out.&nbsp; Ashton’s knees began to buckle but she continued her work on my cock.&nbsp; Jessica then repeated this with two fingers and Ashton moaned louder and longer. Jessica really starting pushing and twisting her fingers and Ashton could take no more, she had to back off my cock and kneel down.&nbsp; </p><p>Jessica then said to me, &quot;Okay, your turn honey&quot;. Jessica then laid down and spread her perfect legs. She pulled Ashton right down on top of her and Ashton went to licking Jessica’s clit. I moved around behind Ashton and repeated what Jessica had done with two fingers. Ashton moaned the most beautiful moan I’ve ever heard and had a third orgasm, yet she kept on working on Jessica’s clit. Jessica then had an orgasm and Ashton moved up to straddle Jessica.&nbsp; I then witnessed the most passionate kiss I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t help myself and had to do it then.&nbsp; I moved up close behind&nbsp;Ashton and again plunged my cock into her gorgeous pussy, and massaged that beautiful ass of hers.&nbsp; I pulled out and Ashton quickly looked back at me and said &quot;Please start easy.&quot;&nbsp; She watched as I aimed my cock to her hole and began to push.&nbsp; Jessica reached around her and spread her ass for me.&nbsp; Her asshole slowly gave way to my decent sized cock.&nbsp; &quot;oh, god&quot; she said as the head of my cock disappeared into her ass. Jessica reached under her and played with her clit as they resumed their kissing. I kept pushing until I got half of my length in and Ashton began pushing back on my cock. She wanted it inside of her.&nbsp; We both pushed as Jessica moved to fingers to her vagina opening. Jessica plunged her fingers in and caused Ashton’s anal muscles to release and I sank into&nbsp;her. Her anal muscles then naturally contacted tight around the full length of my cock and I blew a load deep into Ashton’s ass.&nbsp; I began pushing to keep my cock from receding and kept it hard.&nbsp; When I was fully hard again I pulled out an inch and plunged back in as Jessica was now fucking Ashton’s pussy with three fingers. I pulled out and stroked longer and longer strokes until I was slowly&nbsp;thrusting the full length of my cock in and out of Ashton’s extremely tight, but now wet with come, asshole. &quot;Oh yeah baby fuck my ass, that feels so good. Go deeper.&quot;&nbsp; Ashton’s was screaming and bucking her hips as both of her holes were being fucked.&nbsp; I blew another loaded into her and she began to orgasm but neither of us nor Jessica stopped the pounding. We slowed and sped up and slowed and sped up in this position until Ashton had another orgasm.&nbsp; She roled over and Jessica climbed on top off her and I sank into Jessica’s ass as Ashton finger fucked Jessica’s pussy.&nbsp; I blew another load into Jessica’s ass, and she and I collapsed on top of Ashton.&nbsp; The three of us made out&nbsp;for close to an hour until all three of us feel asleep on the pool floor.&nbsp;</p><p>I woke up a few hours later and looked up at the poolhouse clock. It was now 230 am.&nbsp; I looked over at Jessica, who was still asleep, and then to Ashton who looked up into my eyes.&nbsp; We both knew what we wanted.&nbsp; She spread her legs wide as she was laying on her back and pulled me by the hand over to her. I climbed on top of her and started to push my cock into her pussy.&nbsp; She pulled back and grabbed my cock. &quot;No&quot; she said &quot;wrong hole&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Anal Stories

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On the Road Again

<p>On the Road Again     </p><p>Brent was happy to finally get the chance to be away for a few days.  His wife had certainly changed over the last few <br />years.  She used to be sexually adventurous but no more…. Straight ‘slam bam thank you ma’am’ and that was even <br />more and more rare lately.  He missed the pure sexual passion he enjoyed with a woman when he was single or even <br />newly married.  He had decided that he would risk an affair if the opportunity presented itself in the next few days. If <br />he resided in a bigger center he probably already would have.  Living as he did in a town of 1500 people didn’t really <br />offer the opportunity for secret liaisons.  Everyone knew everything about everyone.  He even had to take special <br />precautions when he went online to play with women on the internet.  People where he lived are prone to just show up <br />at other people’s homes unannounced. It would appear ‘curious’ if Brent answered the door all flushed with a major <br />hard on…..  Today though, was a chance to get away alone for 3 days.  </p><p>He was going to a city about 200 miles away to take some training for work, with any luck one of the women he had <br />been playing online with would get a chance to come to his hotel room…he had brought his laptop to chat when he got <br />there….there were three women who had offered to come and visit when he asked, surely one of them would come <br />through, they all seemed to be as horny as he was.  The only concern was the weather, it was the worst part of the <br />winter, he hoped that he wouldn’t get snowed in – alone that is. </p><p>Nothing it seemed could take the joy out of Brent’s heart or the excitement out of his loins. He was due into the city at <br />about 5:30pm.  He’d have a shower and go online and see who was willing to come and play for real.  He was excited <br />and had a difficult time keeping speed down, staying just over the speed limit when ‘BANG’ a horrible sound came out <br />of the engine.  His car drifted to a stop with steam pouring out from under the hood.</p><p>Brent’s heart sank. &quot;Damn, I can’t believe it.&quot; He muttered.</p><p>His first thought was not of the car but the time he was going to miss in the city.  He wasn’t even going to try to see <br />what he could do about the car.  It was still under warranty so he pulled out his cell phone and called AMA right away.  <br />He told them approximately where he was and reminded them that where he was would be about 50 miles from <br />nowhere, and that it was very cold out.  They appreciated his predicament but informed him the closest tow truck was <br />over an hour away.  He said that he would do his best to stay warm while he waited. </p><p>Brent put on his coat and settled in for a long cold wait.  Almost no traffic was out on this secondary road today, <br />probably because of the cold.  A few cars went by but nobody even slowed down when they went sailing by him, <br />rocking his car with the wash as they whined by.  </p><p>He had been there only about 15 minutes when he started to feel the temperature.  His feet were the first to get cold, <br />and his toes were already starting to ache.  He knew he’d be completely frozen in the hour plus that he was told it <br />would take the tow truck to get to him.  He decided that he’d have to get a passing vehicle to stop and wait with him or <br />give him a ride to the city.</p><p>Brent zipped his coat up tighter, opened the door and stepped out into the frigid air.  He opened his hood  -  the <br />universal trouble signal and stood beside his car waiting for someone to come down the road.  It was less than five <br />minutes later that he saw a semi truck coming down the road.  He raised both his hands as a signal and as the truck <br />went by he saw the brake lights on as the truck moved to the side of the road.  It took about 60 yards for the truck to <br />stop.  Brent ran up to it stepped up to the passenger door and opened it. </p><p> The warmth of the cab was welcome as he quickly climbed in to the heat.  He then took his first look at the driver of <br />the truck.  He was pleasantly surprised to see that it was a woman.  A beautiful woman at that.  She was wearing a <br />loose fitting button up shirt, jeans and running shoes.  Her long hair fell down her back in a shower.  </p><p>She smiled at him, &quot;Trouble?&quot;</p><p>&quot;Yes, damn cold out there I’ll tell you.  My car died about 45 minutes ago and I’m about numb.&quot;</p><p>&quot;I would think so&quot;</p><p>&quot;I’ve called for a tow truck and it won’t be here for at least a half hour.  Can I get a ride to the city, or have you got <br />time to wait until the tuck gets here?&quot;</p><p>&quot;Well I do have a schedule to keep.  I can give you a lift though.  Do you know where they are taking your car?&quot;</p><p>&quot;Yeah, they told me the dealership it was going to&quot;</p><p>&quot;Ok good, let’s roll then&quot;, she replied as she slipped the truck into gear and started to move ahead.  She was soon up to <br />highway speed.</p><p>Once she had finished shifting gears, she turned to Brent, reached out her hand and said, &quot;I’m Kris by the way.&quot;</p><p>Brent took her hand, and answered, &quot;Nice to meet you Kris, I’m Brent.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Oh, you’re hands are freezing!&quot; she said. &quot;I’ve got the heat turned as high as it will go in this thing; I hope you’re <br />warming up.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Yes, it’s great, thanks.  I thought I was going to freeze to death. I’m ok now except my hands and feet.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Well take your shoes off, the heat will get to them sooner.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Ok, thanks&quot; Brent replied as he slipped of his shoes and slid his feet into the heat from the blower.</p><p>&quot;No problem, make yourself comfortable, we have about an hour and a half to get to the city.&quot;  Kris responded.   To be <br />honest it’s nice to have some company for a change.  I haven’t had anyone to talk to except waitresses for six days.  <br />I’ve never picked up a hitchhiker before actually.  I’ve been warned against it, there’s lots of freaks out there.  You’re <br />not a serial killer or pervert are you?&quot; she giggled.</p><p>&quot;Not a serial killer for sure……define pervert&quot; Brent answered with a chuckle.</p><p>&quot;Ha ha….. I see&quot;, she smiled to herself.  &quot;So Brent the pervert is it?&quot;</p><p>&quot;Not lately&quot;, Brent answered.  For some reason he felt comfortable with this easygoing friendly woman. As they <br />chatted he proceeded to tell her all about his passionless marriage and that this trip was to provide the opportunity for <br />him to experience passion again.  She in turn told him about her present lack of involvement due to her work.  She <br />spent twenty five days a month away from home.  Most nights were spent in her rig, which she explained was her ‘true’ <br />home.</p><p>&quot;Well it looks comfortable,&quot; Brent noted as he turned to look into the sleeper behind them.  </p><p>&quot;It is…go ahead and take a look if you want.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Ok&quot;  Brent replied as he slipped out of his seat and through the entrance of the sleeper.  He felt a real transition as he <br />moved from the mechanical cab with all its buttons and dials, into this space which was defiantly a woman’s bedroom.  <br />The blankets were a soft pink and the pictures fastened to the walls were defiantly feminine.  There was a small <br />TV/VCR built into the storage rack at the foot of the bed that he imagined she watched chick flicks on.  He saw a <br />woman’s magazine laying on the nightstand, and then was slightly intrigued when he saw a pair of panties carelessly <br />tossed on the floor.  A strange woman’s panties would interest any man.  Wait, they weren’t panties but on closer <br />inspection – a thong.  He immediately imagined this beautiful woman in a thong…the thought aroused him.</p><p>&quot;So, what do you think?’ Kris asked.</p><p>&quot;Very nice, you must be quite comfortable in there.  TV and everything.&quot; Brent said as he sat back down in the <br />passenger seat.</p><p>&quot;Yep, and there’s beer in the little fridge – party central&quot;, she laughed. </p><p>&quot;What is going on up there?&quot; Brent asked looking ahead on the road.</p><p>Kris started to gear down as they approached traffic stopped on the road ahead. &quot;Don’t know, accident maybe.&quot;</p><p>They came to a stop in the line of cars and trucks.  Kris switched on her CB and keyed the mic.  She asked if anyone <br />knew what was stopping traffic.  The response came back that it was an avalanche on the road ahead about 2 miles.  <br />The best estimate was 4-5 hours before the road would be open again.  </p><p>&quot;Great&quot;, Kris moaned.</p><p>They happened to be only a couple of hundred yards from the entrance to a rest area.  Kris slipped the truck into gear <br />and maneuvered her way to the entrance and was able to find a spot to park alongside the other trucks.</p><p>&quot;Well,&quot; Kris sighed, &quot;Looks like we’re here for a while.&quot; <br />&quot;I guess so. So much for my wild night in the city&quot; he replied with a frown.</p><p>Kris felt a pang of sympathy for Brent. &quot;Well we aren’t in the city, but this is ‘Party Central’ she responded with a <br />smile.  &quot;I’ll grab us a beer.&quot; </p><p>Kris slipped out of her seat and climbed through the opening into the sleeper.  Brent turned to watch her pass and as she <br />bent over the bed to reach into the little fridge he stared at her tight little ass.  It was gorgeous.  And, he noticed, no <br />panty line. She must be wearing another thong he surmised, because her jeans were so tight on her that had she been <br />wearing panties he surely would have seen the tell tale lines.  </p><p>&quot;Here you go&quot; Kris stated as she handed Brent a beer and sitting facing him on the side of her seat.</p><p>&quot;Thank-you, and thanks again for picking me up out there.  I wish the damn car hadn’t broken down though – I would <br />have likely made it past where the avalanche is.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Hmmm maybe so…..but then I would have been stuck here on my own.  It’s nice to have some company – although <br />you are an admitted pervert…&quot; she laughed.</p><p>&quot;Ahhhh like I said though, it’s been a while since I’ve been a pervert – not by choice however.  Besides, you never did <br />define pervert&quot; he added.</p><p>&quot;Hmmm true…I suppose ‘pervert’ is subjective.  What some might consider perverted, others consider a turn on.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Exactly.  My wife considers all but straight ‘man on top’ sex a perversion.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Really!?  Well that’s perverted in its own way&quot;, Shelly stated then took a long drink of her beer.</p><p>&quot;My sentiments exactly&quot;, Brent answered then took a drink and added, &quot;So what do you consider perverted?  You <br />know, just to have another woman’s perspective&quot;, he smiled.</p><p>Kris seemed reflective, carefully phrasing her answer.  She was a very attractive woman; her not too slender body filled <br />her blouse and jeans to perfection.  The topic of conversation, her attractiveness and her close proximity was defiantly a <br />turn on for him now.</p><p>&quot;Well, it depends on my mood actually.  Sometimes, when things are ……you know….. involved, less things seem <br />perverted&quot;, Kris answered with a shy smirk.</p><p>&quot;Ha ha…&quot;, Brent responded with a smile, &quot;Well put….even if it was evasive.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Well a lady needs a few secrets&quot;, Kris grinned.</p><p>&quot;Hmmmm, I suppose.  Hey are you finding it getting colder in here?&quot;</p><p>&quot;Yes actually, but I’m not surprised, when this rig idles it doesn’t give lots of heat.  I’ll put on the electric back in the <br />bunk – should help&quot;</p><p>&quot;Ok. Boy you’re set up with about everything.  Question though, what about a washroom?&quot;</p><p>&quot;Nope sorry.  There is one over there though&quot;, she pointed at a building on the edge of the rest stop.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Ok, I better go out then.  This beer is going right through me.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Ok, I’ll try to warm this place up while you are gone&quot;.</p><p>Brent slipped out of the cab and into the cold.  He raced across the parking lot to the washroom.  He did his business <br />and was back to the truck in a few minutes.</p><p>He climbed into the passenger seat, and closed the door.  Kris was no longer in the driver’s seat.  He turned and saw her <br />in the bunk, again reaching into the fridge.  &quot;Another beer?&quot;</p><p>&quot;Please&quot;.</p><p>&quot;I turned on the electric heater back here.  C’mon back.&quot;</p><p>Brent could defiantly not refuse that offer, she was sitting up on the bed with her pink comforter tucked up to her chin.  <br />She was obviously cold as well.<br />He climbed onto the bed and sat up beside her, there was no other option, thankfully.  Brent took the beer Kris offered.<br />  <br />&quot;Thanks.  And it is quite a bit warmer back here.&quot; He added removing his coat.  </p><p>&quot;Want to watch a movie or something?&quot; Kris asked.</p><p>&quot;Ummm define ‘Something’&quot;, Brent grinned.</p><p>&quot;Oh, you’re bad! ….  Oh that’s right you ARE a pervert.&quot; She laughed, &quot;Pick a movie!&quot; she stated in pretend authority.</p><p>&quot;Ok, ok….geez…. Where do you keep them?&quot;</p><p>&quot;Under the TV in the cupboard&quot;</p><p>Brent opened the cupboard and reviewed the titles.  He really didn’t care what they watched; he just wanted to get back <br />onto the bed with Kris.   He grabbed one that sounded interesting and slipped it into the VCR.  He turned back and <br />climbed along the bed back to sit/lay beside Kris.  </p><p>&quot;You warm enough now? Kris asked.</p><p>&quot;Yeah it’s warm enough in here, but I can’t shake this chill.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Here, c’mon&quot;, Kris said as she lifted the blanket for him to climb under with her.&quot;</p><p>&quot;MMmmmm nice&quot; Brent sighed as he snuggled under the blanket with Kris.  He could feel the heat radiating from her <br />body.  He was so close to this gorgeous woman, but there had been no real contact between them yet. He was no fool <br />though; no woman would let a man lay with her on a bed without there being a good chance that she would have sex <br />with him.  There was still a need to play his cards correctly though.  Until they were getting very intimate, there was <br />still the chance that she would call it off. He felt that he needed be forward, but not forceful.</p><p>Brent was watching but not paying any attention to the movie, he was getting hornier by the minute as he considered <br />his situation.  He couldn’t resist any longer and subtly moved his arm under the blanket as he took a drink of his beer.  <br />His arm gently lay against Kris’s, which she didn’t move away.  Taking this as a positive sign, Brent reached out his <br />hand and laid it on hers.</p><p>&quot;This is very nice&quot;, he told her.</p><p>&quot;Mmmmm. It is.&quot; She replied, &quot;You know what?&quot;</p><p>&quot;What&quot;</p><p>&quot;I’m starting to get the ‘things seeming less perverted’ feeling&quot;, she said with a smile, turning her face toward him.</p><p>Brent leaned toward Kris and met her lips with his.  They held a passionate kiss, their tongues probing each other’s <br />mouths.  Brent lightly sucked on Kris’s tongue, she fully turned toward him wrapping her arms around his neck and <br />pulling him toward her.  </p><p>She gently broke her kiss and leaning toward his ear whispered, &quot;How much of a hurry are you to get to the city?  If <br />you want, we could stay here all night….. would that fulfill some of your ‘passionate desires’?&quot;</p><p>&quot;Mmmmm, I’d love to, but I have quite a few desires……. Are you wanting to fulfill them?&quot;, he responded.</p><p>&quot;If you are willing to fulfill mine…..&quot;, she whispered as she nibbled on his ear.</p><p>&quot;I’d love to.&quot; He whispered in response, &quot;Name a desire, and I’ll gladly fulfill it.&quot;  </p><p>&quot;Hmmmm……probably a lot like yours.&quot; She continued to nibble his ear and lick his neck.  &quot;You say you miss <br />passion?  You’re tired of ‘wham bam thank-you ma’am’?  The most passionate thing to me is foreplay. I like to build <br />and build first….&quot;</p><p>&quot;MMMmmmmmmm, I love that&quot;, Brent responded and then whispered in her ear, &quot;I want to make you so hot you are <br />begging to cum.  I want to tease and tease you….nibble you, caress you, lick you, ….  I want to excite you to the most <br />extreme height of passion you can imagine…..  I want to excite you mentally, visually, physically….in every way…&quot;</p><p>Brent’s hands roamed over Kris’s back pulling her to him, his hands gently massaged her shoulders under her long <br />flowing hair, and down her back to the gentle swell of her hips.  He leaned down kissing and lightly licking her neck <br />and throat.  </p><p>&quot;Mmmmm&quot;, she moaned and ran her fingers through Brent’s hair, &quot;That feels so good.&quot; </p><p>Brent continued his kissing, nibbling and licking down Kris’s throat to the top of her chest.  With one hand on her back <br />he uses his free hand to start on the buttons of her shirt.  As he loosens the first button his lips touch her chest with soft <br />gentle kisses. Releasing the next button he kisses the tops of her breasts, still constricted by her lacy white bra.  As he <br />kisses Kris’s chest and partially exposed breasts he feels her heart racing and her breath shortening…. She is beginning <br />to show her excitement.  He can feel his own excitement too.  His quickly rising member is struggling to grow in his <br />jeans.</p><p>Kris slides down on the bed and Brent follows her continuing to nibble on her chest and now exposed tummy.   Brent <br />nibbles and licks on her tummy as she starts to writhe under him.  Her shirt is now fully open and her breasts are simply <br />covered by her bra.  Brent continues down her tummy with kisses. Upon reaching the waistline of her pants, he reaches <br />up and unfastens the button.  </p><p>Brent loves to undress women, it is one of the sexiest things in the world to him.   With one hand holding her <br />waistband, he gently pulls down her zipper very slowly.  He follows the opening  zipper and as the tender sexy flesh of <br />her abdomen is exposed he nuzzles and licks it to her panty line.   <br /> <br />Kris is now growing in more excitement.  She almost savagely gropes at Brent’s pants, feverishly unfastening his belt, <br />button and zipper.  She wants his cock – now.  Brent feels the relief on his member as she loosens his pants.  As soon as <br />she has his zipper down he feels his cock, now released, growing to it’s full length.   <br /> <br />Kris reaches up, takes Brent’s pants and slides them down his thighs he raises one knee then the other as Kris slides <br />Brent’s pants over his feet and off of him.  She raises her hips as she removes Brent’s pants as an invitation to him to <br />remove hers.  He hooks his thumbs on her waistband and pushes down. The pants slip over her tight sexy bottom and <br />then down her legs.  As her flesh is exposed he again follows with his tongue and lips kissing and nibbling her hips, her <br />tender thighs, and down until he pushes the pants over her feet.  </p><p>Her socks are next, he slips them off , then taking each toe in turn he slips his lips over them, draws them into his <br />mouth and gently sucks on them.  Kris immediately goes wild.</p><p>&quot;MMmmmmhmm…mmmmMMMMmmMMmm&quot;  she moans as he sucks her toes and licks her feet.</p><p>She leans up and pulls her arms out of her shirt as Brent licks and nibbles back up her ankles and calves.  Brent reaches <br />for his own shirt, raises himself up to his knees as he pulls it up and over his head.  He throws it on the growing pile of <br />clothes on the floor.  Kris reaches out for him, &quot;Come here&quot;, she says with a smile taking Brent’s arm.</p><p>Brent lays down beside Kris and looks into her face.  &quot;It’s getting warm in here now&quot;, he grins.  </p><p>&quot;mmmhmmm, almost too warm. If you keep teasing me like that I won’t be able to help myself – remember, we have <br />all night….&quot;</p><p>They had each expressed their desire to prolong the excitement, and here they were after only fifteen minutes down to <br />their underwear, both hearts racing and excitement growing rapidly in them both.</p><p>&quot;I know’, he said , &quot;I love to tease though&quot;, he said as he gave her a light kiss.  </p><p>&quot;So it seems&quot;, she replied smiling broadly as he nibbled her neck. </p><p>&quot;You know what I’d like right now?&quot;, Kris asked.</p><p>&quot;Whatever it is….. Yes.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Hehe… ya nut….Seriously, I’d love a backrub.  Sensual but …… it’d let me cool down a bit sexually&quot;</p><p>&quot;Sure…. I’d love to….roll over gorgeous.&quot;<br /> <br />Kris immediately rolled onto her tummy.  ‘Mmmmm’ Brent thought ‘I knew she had on a thong. Gorgeous gorgeous <br />ass…..mmmMMmm.</p><p>Brent’s hands found the small of Kris’s back and he started to gently knead and rub.  Slowly he worked his way up her <br />back to her shoulders, then back down.  This time as he passed the strap of her bra he deftly squeezed the clasp and it <br />released.  As the strap fell away from her back Brent focused a gently rubbing of Kris’s skin where the bra strap had <br />been.  He continued to run his hands down her back to the top strap of her thong.  Slipping over it he continued down to <br />her tailbone.  Kris was quietly moaning in appreciation to Brent’s massage and the moans became subtly higher in pitch <br />as he ran his hands over the perfect mounds of her bum.  </p><p>Brent was an ‘ass’ man and massaging Kris’s bum was, despite her obvious pleasure, more of a turn on for him than <br />her.  He was mesmerized by the sexy swell of her ass and the firm and soft feel of her flesh.  If his cock was hard <br />before it was supremely hard now.  He leaned down and gave Kris’s ass a light kiss and a gentle nibble, first one cheek <br />then the other.  Then tracing the string of her thong, he first kissed then slid the tip of his tongue from her tailbone <br />down to the cleavage of her cheeks.  Slightly separating them while he massaged, he continued down to lick between <br />the cheeks of her bum. </p><p>Kris was thoroughly enjoying this attention and raised her hips presenting her ass to him.  Taking the strings of the <br />thong from her hips, he slipped it down her legs, then as she raised each knee in turn  he slipped the thong off of her.   <br />This was the sexiest sight he could remember, Kris was laid out on the bed, now completely naked with her ass up and <br />inviting him.  </p><p>Brent knelt behind her again and as he resumed his backrub on the swell of her hips he lowered his face to her sexy <br />bum.  He licked and sucked down the line of her ass almost to the tightly puckered hole.  Then, with a deliberate pause <br />of 3-4 seconds, he slid his hot wet tongue over her rosebud. Kris jumped and whined in pleasure as he licked then <br />tickled deliberately tickled her sphincter with the tip of her tongue.  She pushed her ass back against his tongue and he <br />slipped just the tip of it through the tight ring of her bum. </p><p>&quot;Ahhhhhh MMMMMMmmmmm ah ah AH!&quot;, she moaned as Brent touched ever so little into her tight little bum with <br />his tongue. </p><p>Kris reached back and placing her hands on his, spread her ass farther inviting him to slip more of his tongue into her <br />ass.  With a final long wet lick across her ass, Brent gently backed away from her gorgeous bum and proceeded to <br />massage up her back again. </p><p>  With a whimper. Kris lowered her bum and relaxed again as Brent massaged up to her shoulders and neck.  He <br />nibbled on her neck and then lowered himself down onto her back.  His cock, fully engorged, but still restricted in his <br />underwear, laid neatly between the cheeks of Kris’s ass.  </p><p>He nibbled up her neck to her ear and whispered, &quot;Told you I was a pervert.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Mmmmm, you are…..and I love it.&quot; She whispered back, squeezing his cock with her ass cheeks.  &quot;Nobody has ever <br />licked my ass before…’s fantastic.   Do it some more? Please?&quot;</p><p>&quot;Later….. I promise.  Someone was getting way too excited……&quot;, Brent teased.</p><p>&quot;Mmmm, I was wasn’t I?…….And&quot;, she made a deliberate squeeze with her cheeks on his cock, &quot;so was someone else.&quot;</p><p>&quot;mmmmm, that’s right…. Your bum is a serious turn on for me.&quot; Brent responded. &quot;I’ll love sliding my tongue way <br />inside it…MMmmmm&quot;, he added with a slight press of his hips sliding his cock along her ass.</p><p>&quot;MmmmmMMM.  I can’t wait.&quot; She purred.  &quot;Do you like anal sex?&quot; she asked.<br />&quot;I’m sure I would If I ever get to do it.   I’m obsessed with the prospect.  A few women have let me try, but I’ve never <br />been able to get it in.&quot; he admitted as he raised off of her to lay beside her.</p><p>&quot;Really?&quot;, she said turning to face him, &quot;I’ve done it, a long time ago….I liked it.  But my last boyfriend thought it was <br />&quot;sick – only for queers’, so I haven’t done it for a long time.&quot;</p><p>Smiling at Brent she added, &quot;I’d love to let you tonight.  The trick is lots of lube and a willing partner…. And baby <br />you’ve got me willing.&quot;</p><p>A coy smile spread across Kris’s face, she winked and reached into a bedside closet, &quot;And, in so far as ‘lubricant’, there <br />should be some in here&quot;, she giggled as she handed Brent a shoebox.</p><p>Brent looked inside and realized that this was Kris’s ‘toy box’.    He grinned at Kris, who giggled with a look on her <br />face of excitement with a slight blush of embarrassment.  </p><p>Brent excitedly rummaged through the box.  He loved toys, but his wife had not allowed them at home for years, much <br />to his displeasure. </p><p>&quot;Yep there’s some lubricant in here&quot;, Brent stated with a grin  as he withdrew a large tube of flavoured oil from the <br />box. He noticed that about a third of the lubricant was gone.  &quot;And some other ‘interesting’ things.&quot;</p><p>&quot;Well…..&quot;, Kris grinned as she blushed, &quot; …..a girl has needs, you know.&quot; </p><p>&quot;I know………I noticed&quot;, he replied with a smile.  &quot;Let’s just leave this handy – we might have use for these <br />things……&quot; </p><p>&quot;Well we don’t have use for ‘these’ things&quot;, Kris replied as she tugged on Brent’s underwear.  He was on his knees and <br />as Kris lowered his shorts his penis flopped free against her breasts.  She leaned forward to slide them down further, <br />and as she slipped them over each knee she deftly opened her mouth and inhaled his half erect prick.  </p><p>As Kris supported herself on her hands and knees in front of him, Brent reached down and took her hanging breasts in <br />his hands.  Brent’s cock was rapidly growing as Kris kept it all in her mouth, manipulating it with her tongue.</p><p>&quot;Ahhhhhh mmmMMmm&quot;, Brent groaned as Kris kept her lips locked on the root of Brent’s cock.  </p><p>As she manipulated it with her tongue, she allowed it to grow inch by inch down her throat.  </p><p>Kris raised one hand from the bed and cupped Brent’s balls.  With gentle squeezes and kneading of his scrotum, she <br />expertly sucked and licked on Brent’s now fully erect cock.  She now began to slide her lips slowly up and down <br />Brent’s cock.  With the lubrication of ample saliva, Kris’s lips and tongue were like liquid velvet on Brent’s throbbing <br />cock.</p><p>Moving his hands from Kris’s breasts to her sides he indicated to Kris that he wanted her to lay down. As she lay down <br />she reluctantly released his cock from her mouth.</p><p>As Kris laid on her back, Brent, staying on his knees, leaned down and kissed his way down her tummy.  His cock was <br />hanging in Kris’s face and she resumed her manipulations.  Brent continued nibbling and licking his way down her <br />tummy to her pubic swell, lightly covered with will trimmed hair.  As he continued lower with his lips and tongue Kris <br />spread her legs to allow him access to her pussy.  Brent licked down her inner thighs teasing her with his proximity to <br />her itching pussy.  The aroma of her womanhood aroused Brent and unable to delay any longer he slipped his tongue <br />into Kris’s slippery pussy.</p><p>&quot;MMMMMMmmmmm&quot;, Kris groaned as she thrust her pussy out to him.  </p><p>Her guttural moan on his cock was very exciting to Brent.  He could feel her starting to hump against his face as he <br />licked along her slit, then alternately slid his tongue deep inside and tickled her clit with his tongue.</p><p>She was sucking very hard on his cock and humping against him very strongly after only a few minutes of his licking <br />and sucking her pussy.  He raised his hips to remove his cock from her mouth, while slowing his action on her slit.  </p><p>&quot;Now, now…….We’re not getting too excited again, are we?&quot; he teased.</p><p>&quot;Oh, God – Yes!!&quot;</p><p>&quot;Well don’t we want to ‘build and build’…..?&quot;</p><p>&quot;It sounded good then……Now, I want to cum!!&quot;, she whined as she thrust her pussy against him deliberately.</p><p>&quot;Well, I love to tease, so I think I’ll hold you off for a bit yet……You haven’t begged enough yet…&quot; he replied.</p><p>Reaching beside him, he fumbled in the ‘toy box’ and withdrew something that had interested him.  It had a battery <br />pack with two cords coming out of it.  On the end of each cord was a little bullet shaped vibrator about as big around as <br />his thumb, and half it’s length.</p><p>Sliding his elbows into the crook of Kris’s knees, he eased her legs back and as he continued to maintain Kris’s <br />excitement with little licks and sucks her puckered little asshole was exposed to him.   </p><p>&quot;Mmmmm&quot; Kris moaned in anticipation knowing Brent would lick her ass now too, as well as her pussy.</p><p>Taking slightly longer licks now, Brent slipped his tongue again over her pussy moving closer to her fully exposed <br />rosebud. </p><p>Kris squealed in ecstasy as he took long licks from her clit right down to, and over, her asshole.</p><p>Kris was instantly moaning and bucking against Brent’s tongue.  He allowed her only a few licks before he backed off <br />yet again, against Kris’s obvious objections.   </p><p>Brent then took one of the little bullets and squeezed some of the lubricant onto it.  He then took the lubricant and <br />squeezed some onto Kris’s puckered little asshole, to her obvious appreciation. </p><p>He lowered his cock to Kris’s eager mouth again and she swallowed it completely.  As Kris sucked on his cock, Brent <br />rested the little bullet against her slippery little hole.  Brent took Kris’s clit between his lips and as he sucked on it she <br />again began to moan.  Sensing her growing anticipation, he started the tip of the toy into her ass, then with a hardsuck <br />on her clit, slipped the little toy in.  It slid into her easily, only the little string of a cord showed out of her tight little <br />bum.   </p><p>Brent now eased Kris’s excitement by moving from her sensitive clit and began to lightly lick her pussy.  </p><p>While he playfully ran his tongue along her very wet slit he realized that Kris was following his lead with the toy.  </p><p>He felt her fingers gently slide over his tight hole as she took long deep sucks on his rigid cock.  Her fingers were slick <br />and cool with lubricant as she erotically smeared it over his anus.  He felt her finger move away from his excited tight <br />ring, soon replaced by what he knew was the other little bullet. </p><p> He instinctively pressed back against it and Kris, with a light scrape of his cock with her teeth dragged her mouth off <br />of his twitching cock, then, with a pause, she swallowed it again as she slipped the toy into his ass.  </p><p>He could barely feel the little toy in his ass, but the eroticism of it was extremely exciting to him – he began hump his <br />cock eagerly between Kris’s hungry lips.  Kris too began to hump her pussy against Brent’s now very eager licking and <br />sucking, matching Brent’s humping his cock into her mouth.    They were both getting more and more aroused, the <br />foreplay was going to have to end – they were too eager now to hold back any longer.  They were both desperate to <br />fuck.</p><p>With a last long deep lick along Kris’s pussy, Brent raised himself up from Kris, simultaneously drawing his cock from <br />between her eager lips as she lowered her legs from behind his.  Brent turned and laid beside Kris, and with the passion <br />he almost forgot he had, drew her close to him as they kissed in supreme arousal.  </p><p>Kris, eager to feel Brent’s cock inside her, rolled over and climbed onto of him.  Holding their kiss, Kris maneuvered <br />her pussy down his tummy until she felt the tip of his cock touch the sensitive skin of her pussy lips.  She sucked his <br />tongue into her mouth as she simultaneously sat down hard on his cock.  </p><p>A deep moan escaped both of them as Kris’s pussy swallowed Brent’s hard cock.  She gyrated on it for a few seconds as <br />they tagged their tongues in each other’s mouth,  then Kris began to rhythmically ride up and down on Brent’s cock <br />with long, sure, movements.  </p><p> Brent reached for Kris’s ass, and as she rode him with increasing tempo his hands found her cheeks and with eager <br />squeezes and firm pulling assisted her in riding her slick pussy along his twitching cock.</p><p>Kris, now nearly oblivious to anything except the sexual pleasure and tension building in her loins, raised herself to her <br />hands and knees, almost savagely driving her pussy down onto Brent’s cock with frantic thrusts of her hips.</p><p>Brent sensed her nearing release and fumbled on the bed for the control for the toys that were in his and Kris’s ass.  </p><p>Finding the control, he made it ready in his hand as he thrust his cock hard and deep into Kris as she met his strokes <br />with her own.  Brent sensed Kris getting closer and closer to orgasm – her breath was getting quick and was punctuated <br />with sharp squeals of  excitement.  He knew he was too nearing orgasm.  </p><p>Brent was almost at the point of no return, the physical pleasure that Kris’s pussy was exerting on his cock was nearly <br />matched by the eye candy that she presented. Her face was drawn into the tension of sexual pleasure and her breasts <br />bounced in rhythm with her now frantic gyrations.</p><p>Brent knew this was the time.  </p><p>He flicked the switch on the control of the toys.  Instantly he felt the warm buzzing in his ass.  Instantly too, Kris <br />groaned in pleasure.</p><p>&quot;AHHhhhh, uh uh uhhhhhhh&quot;, escaped her as she ground her ass down on Brent.</p><p>Kris felt the vibration of the toy in her ass, coupled with the same vibration of Brent’s cock in her now dripping wet <br />pussy. That was it, her orgasm arrived with a furry.</p><p>&quot;I’ M cuumMMMMING!!!&quot; she squealed as she humped less frantically and more deliberately on Brent’s cock. With <br />hard sure thrusts, her wet twitching pussy swallowed his cock again and again.</p><p>&quot;Cum for me, cover me with your juices&quot; Brent managed to say just as his own orgasm hit.  </p><p>&quot;I’m gonna CUM!&quot; he moaned.</p><p>&quot;Yyyesss&quot; cum in me, cu-um in me…I wa-ant to feel your cum&quot;, Kris whispered in broken response.<br />&quot;MMMmmmm, YESSssss,&quot; she continued, &quot;I can feel your cock squirting inside me – fill my pussy with your cum…&quot;</p><p>Waves of pleasure rolled over Kris as spurt after spurt of cum spewed into her from Brent’s cock.  </p><p>She squeezed her pussy down on him as her orgasm rolled on and on…relishing the sensation of Brent’s twitching <br />vibrating cock in her as her ass was gently warmed by the vibrator in her.</p><p>Slowly the sensations subsided to warmth in their loins.  Brent still clutching the control slowed down vibration of the <br />toys, then turned them off.</p><p>&quot;That was fantastic&quot;, he managed to say as Kris lay back down on him, the skin of her breasts damp with sweat from <br />exertion and excitement.</p><p>&quot;Mmmmmm, I came so HARD!&quot;, she told him as she laid her head on his chest.</p><p>&quot;I know… It put me over the top…..You cum good…. And you look so sexy when you cum….&quot;</p><p>&quot;Hehe…really? …</p><p>&quot;Mmmhmm…… , very&quot;, Brent replied and then kissed the top of her head, in response she turned her head and gave <br />Brent a light kiss on his chest.</p><p>They laid quietly in the afterglow, regaining their breath and composure for a few long moments.  </p><p>Kris, gently stirring, broke the silence,  &quot;I think it’s my turn to head over to the bathroom&quot; she commented as she <br />gently rose off of Brent.  <br />&quot;I’ll be right back…..&quot;, she smiled as she stood.  &quot;Hehe….I guess I won’t need this&quot;, she giggled as she reached back <br />and taking firm hold of its cord, slipped the little bullet out of her bum.</p><p>She quickly slipped into a pair of jogging pants and shoes then threw a coat around her.  She zipped the coat up to her <br />chin and slipped out of the cab.</p><p>As the cold air from the open door hit Brent naked on the bed, the urge his him as well.  He too stood and slipped the <br />toy out of his ass.  Throwing on his clothes, he too slipped out and headed to the washroom.</p><p>After racing to and from the washroom, Brent returned to the truck, quickly opened the passenger door, and slipped <br />through it to get out of the cold.  He quickly shed his clothes and slipped under the covers of the still warm bed.   </p><p>Kris was not far behind him and as she came through the door of the truck, she promptly got undressed and joined <br />Brent under the covers.</p><p>&quot;Man its so cold out there….Warm me up&quot; she said as she snuggled into Brent. </p><p>&quot;I know, …. Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.&quot;  Brent replied, pulling Kris close.</p><p>&quot;Well,&quot; she grinned, &quot;It seems that you’re not a monkey, not a brass one anyway&quot; she giggled as she reached out and <br />began to fondle Brent’s privates.</p><p>&quot;MMMmmm, nope….guess not&quot; he replied.  &quot;But keeping with the animal analogies – Wanna fuck like bunnies?&quot;</p><p>&quot;MMmmHmmm, lets…..&quot; she agreed, already feeling Brent’s cock starting to grow in her hand.  </p><p>Having Brent becoming aroused in her hand relights the passion that is residing within her. She begins to subtly rub her <br />pubic mound against Brent’s leg in rhythm with her stroking of his swelling cock. His cock is growing quickly, a <br />reflection of Kris’s skill at stroking his cock.  She too is showing physical signs of her arousal.  Brent can feel the <br />wetness of her juices on his leg as she humps firmly against it. </p><p>&quot;When was the last time you masturbated?&quot; she asks bluntly.</p><p>&quot;Oh, a few days ago&quot;, he answers, surprised at the question.  &quot;You?&quot;</p><p>&quot;The day before yesterday&quot;, she replies.  &quot;Does your wife know you jerk off&quot;</p><p>&quot;No, and she wouldn’t like it&quot;</p><p>&quot;The she probably wouldn’t like me jerking you off then either….&quot; She giggles.</p><p>&quot;No, probably not.  Do you use your toys most of the time when you play?&quot; </p><p>&quot;Mmmhmmm…… </p><p>&quot;I’d love to see you play.  Would you let me watch for a bit?&quot; he asks, feeling his cock twitch at the prospect.  <br />Watching a woman play with herself is one of Brent’s favorite sexual turn-ons. </p><p>&quot;Hmmm…..would you like that?&quot;</p><p>&quot;mmmhmmm, I’d love to watch you use your toys&quot;</p><p>&quot;Well…ok, if you’d like to watch.&quot; Kris responds as she flips the covers off, and moves to the side of the bed.  </p><p>Taking a long pink toy from the box she smiles at Brent and proceeds to give him the show he desires. Kris turns her <br />back to him and keeping herself propped on her knees, lowers her head and shoulders onto the bed.  She is presenting <br />her ass and pussy to Brent from only 2 feet away.  He can smell the musky fragrance of her sex, and it is a huge turn on <br />for him.  </p><p>She plays at teasing him.  Her sexy ass raised in the air, she wiggles it seductively and slides her fingers over her <br />glistening slit.  Kris can feel Brent’s eyes riveted on her ass and she hears his excited breathing as she slides the toy <br />slowly over her clit and lips….then as a special treat for Brent she teases the little brown rosebud of her ass with the tip <br />of the toy.  </p><p>Brent is overcome with the pure eroticism of her play and can’t help but to take his cock in his hand.  His stroking is <br />almost an unconscious reflex as he is riveted on Kris’s play.  He watches in pure sexual excitement as Kris turns the <br />base of the vibrator causing it to emit a slight buzz then slides the tip of it slowly along the lips of her pussy.  </p><p>Up and down her pussy she runs the tip of the vibrator, then she maneuvers the toy so the tip is spreading her lips.  She <br />pauses, then, with a sure practiced stroke slips the toy deep into her wet pussy.</p><p>&quot;mmmMMmm&quot; escapes her lips as the vibrator slips into her.  She begins to ride the toy in her hand and Brent can hear <br />the wet sexy sounds of Kris’s play over the light buzz of the toy and her light moans.</p><p>Brent has a fantastic view and is becoming very aroused.  He reaches for the lubricant and squeezes some onto his <br />hand.  Again taking his cock in his hand he begins to stroke it again.  His hand, now covered in lubricant feels even <br />better on his now raging cock as he strokes totally enthralled by Kris’s show.  </p><p>Kris, while continuing to slide the toy in and out of her pussy with one hand, has found the lubricant with the other.  As <br />Brent watches, mesmerized, she raises the tube of lubricant over her ass and squeezes out a long stream between her <br />cheeks.  Now dropping the tube on the bed, she runs her fingers through it over the tight ring of her asshole.  </p><p>Kris turns little circles inside her pussy with the toy with one hand, the fingers of the other continue to caress her bum.  <br />She wiggles the tip of a finger on her puckered hole, and then deliberately slides the finger into her ass.</p><p>&quot;MMmmmm&quot; they both moan, Kris from the sensation, Brent from the view.</p><p>This, happening only inches from Brent’s stare excites him greatly, and Kris knows it.  She can hear his excited <br />breathing and the increased ‘slap slap’ of his hand on his cock.</p><p>She is aroused by her own actions and by knowing how aroused she is making Brent, she has the desire to feel his cock <br />and her toy inside her at the same time.</p><p>She starts to slide her finger in and out of her bum and looks over her shoulder at Brent.</p><p>She urges him, &quot;Come fuck my ass&quot;.</p><p>Brent has thoroughly enjoyed the show, but is thrilled to have this opportunity. </p><p>&quot;MMmmmm, Gladly.&quot;</p><p>He squeezes a bit more lube onto his cock and then places himself behind Kris on his knees.  </p><p>Taking his cock in his hand he slides the tip of it down the crack of her bum, until he feels it touch the little pucker of <br />Kris’s asshole. </p><p> He holds his cock there as Kris ever so slightly wiggles her ass against him.  </p><p>Kris, leaving the toy buzzing inside her pussy, reaches back and taking a cheek in each hand spreads her ass, and starts <br />to push her ass back on Brent’s cock.</p><p>Brent can feel the pressure of Kris’s well lubricated ass against his also slippery cock.  He feels the tightness of her ass <br />start to open up for him.  He can feel the tight ring as it dilates allowing the first half of his cockhead inside her.  Kris <br />steadily and slowly continues to push back. Brent feels the tight ring of her ass slowly, surely, accepting the head of his <br />cock.  Then, with a quick sure push from Kris, they feel the head of his cock slip past her sphincter muscle – into her <br />ass.</p><p>Kris pauses for a moment, to get accustomed to the feeling of Brent’s cock in her bum, then with a sure steady motion <br />pushes back and swallows the full length of Brent’s cock inside her.</p><p>Brent is in ecstasy.  As Kris’s tight ass snuggly grips his entire cock he feels the toy, still buried in her pussy, erotically <br />buzzing along the length of his excited hard cock. Kris holds her ass still growing accustomed to Brent’s cock. </p><p>She takes the toy in her hand again, and as she holds his cock tightly in her ass, she begins to stroke the toy in and out <br />and out of her quivering pussy.</p><p>After only a few moments of Kris’s play with her toy, Brent feels her begin to relax and her grip on his throbbing cock <br />softens.  He has resisted the urge to withdraw and thrust into her ass over and over as long as he can stand.  </p><p>As she becomes more involved with her toy he slowly starts to slide his cock, inch by inch, out of her ass.  He stops <br />with just the head of his throbbing member inside her and then begins to stroke his lubricated tool back inside Kris’s <br />tight ass.  He feels her tense up from the pressure of his hard thick cock slipping into her ass again, but he also feels her <br />begin to push back against him – welcoming the sensation of having both her holes filled.</p><p>&quot;Ahhhh&quot;, she moans in pain and pleasure as he fills her ass with his hard cock.  The pain, although real, is not a totally  <br />unpleasant sensation.  She feels it slowly give way to the pleasure deep inside her, and as Brent now thrusts more <br />forcefully into her, she bucks harder against him – matching his thrusts with her own. </p><p>She presses the toy deep inside herself now, as deep as Brent’s cock is thrusting into her ass.  Taking one of the pillows <br />from the bed above her head, she places it under her hips and lowers herself unto it.   She has relinquished all control of <br />the situation and begins to relish the feeling of Brent now strongly pounding his cock over and over into her ass.  She is <br />a willing if less active participant and as Brent’s balls slap against her on each stroke, she turns small circles with the <br />toy inside her excited pussy.  </p><p>Kris hears Brent’s excited breathing behind her.  She senses from his excited quickening humping of her ass, that he is <br />near cumming.  She raises her ass slightly and presses back.  Brent’s hands take her ass and spread her cheeks, <br />providing incredible, deep, penetration.  </p><p>&quot;Cu-um for me&quot;, she urges as his excited fucking of her ass breaks her speech, &quot;Cum dee-eep in my a-ass&quot;.</p><p>&quot;Aa-ahhh…. I’m gunna cum….cum in your ass&quot;, he manages to say between clenched teeth.  </p><p>With a deep thrust, he slams his cock deep into Kris’s ass and releases a strong spurt of cum up inside her.  She feels <br />Brent abruptly stop his movements and then the pulse of his cock as it releases wad after wad of cum inside her ass.  </p><p>The pure sexual eroticism of it sends her over the top, and she feels her own orgasm come crashing down on her.  <br />Waves of pleasure and release wash over her.  </p><p>&quot;AHhhhhHHH, ughhh, uh uh&quot;  she squeals.</p><p>The twitching squeezes of her orgasm on Brent’s cock is the most fantastic sensation he has ever experienced, and as <br />Kris moans in pleasure he holds his cock deep deep inside her as she continues to rock against her toy and his cock.  </p><p>Completely spent from their climaxes, they crash onto the bed in a tangle of arms, legs, sweat and cum.  <br />Not a word escapes either one of them for several minutes as they regain their breath and lay exhausted in the <br />afterglow.  </p>

Anal Stories

Thu, 03 Feb 2011 23:01:32 UTC

Never say Never – my GF first anal sex experience

<p>Well, I always swore I’d never let anyone fuck me in the ass, but I found out that the old saying &quot;Never say Never&quot; is very true. On Tuesday nite, Buck gave me a great back massage with warm sesame seed oil. (I just love the way that kind of oil feels – so smooth and silky.) He rubbed my back for a long time like he always does and then put some of the warm oil on my butt cheeks and thighs. He massaged the oil into my legs and butt cheeks then poured some of the warm oil into the crack of my butt. That felt so good back there. When he slid a finger into my asshole, it was sooo wicked and nasty. I felt relaxed, very excited and was looking forward to what I knew would happen next.<br />  <br />Buck got up on his knees, sat across the back of my thighs and started rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my ass. He’d rub it extra against my other hole and added more warm oil. He moved further forward on his knees and pushed harder against my ass.The head of his dick felt so huge. At this point, Buck stopped pressing and just held perfectly still while I wiggled my ass against his dick. We kept this up until I felt the head of his cock pop into my ass. My asshole burned for a second when that happened but then it felt so good with his cock in there. Buck continued to hold still in this position while I kept moving my ass and pushing more of his cock in there. I played with my clit when Buck began moving his hips. I never felt so full back there before.<br /> <br />Buck began to rock on his knees and started sliding his dick back and forth in my ass, getting harder and deeper. I laid there, face down on the pillow, my tummy on top of another pillow, with my ass up in air. As Buck began to ream out my ass, I reached back and grabbed Buck by the hair. I pulled his face down next to mine and I screamed: <br />&quot;Fuck me! Fuck me harder, asshole!!&quot;. </p><p>Buck slid his cock in and out, almost pulling it all way out, then all the way back into my ass until his ball sack was up against my ass. I rubbed my pussy and my clity as he fucked me in the ass harder and harder.<br />  <br />Buck’s behemoth of a dick didn’t hurt like I thought it would and I began to cum now from rubbing my fuck button. I felt Buck’s cock get bigger in my ass and knew he was ready to pop his load in me. He moved forward and mounted my ass higher. He pinned me down to the bed as he humped me harder than ever. As I felt the hot steamy goo when he started squirting deep in my ass, I came, too, And not from rubbing my clit. I felt a spasm and came again as Buck unloaded another squirt of cum pumped deep in my ass. Two more strokes filled my ass with so much of his love juice, I was overflowing. After that, Buck just sat still on top of my legs. We both just held still as our bodies twitched for a minute. He started moving his cock again. Buck was still firm and pulled his cock all the way out of my butthole, then suddenly shoved it back in hard, plowing deep into my ass, this time without any resistance. After only a few of those cock strokes so nice and deep in my ass, I came hard again!! I think Buck did, too.<br /> <br />Buck moved to get off me but I clamped my asshole down hard around his cock so he couldn’t get away from me. I wanted more of his cock and cum but he was totally spent. He got softer and I let him pull his dick out of my ass. I can’t ever remember seeing Buck so completely wasted after fucking me. He was moaning, breathing hard and kept mumbling about how he had never cum so hard in his life. Eventually Buck got up to get a warm, wet towel and wiped our fuck juices from my ass, my back and my legs. I just laid there, with my ass twitching, loving how Buck’s hot cum felt in my well used ass and recalling how that third orgasm was so incredibly wonderful.<br />  <br />So that’s how I lost my virgin ass cherry…. OMG, I never imagined I would ever let someone fuck me in the ass let alone cum so hard that way… An anal gangbang would be sooo wicked and naughty – have Buck and maybe two or three other guys fuck me in the ass and my pussy at the same time. I guess this means I’m really an anal cum slut now..LOL  </p><p>You know what they say — &quot;Never say Never&quot;, right? … <br /></p>

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Thu, 03 Feb 2011 10:18:27 UTC

Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours
by brwneyedwitch70

It had been a busy day at work, I didn’t get a chance to call you so I decided to stop by your hospital room to say hello. Your surgery had been a simple procedure, but you were still required to stay a few days to make sure that your knee was better. I was surprised to hear that you would be out in two days. Being away from you had been difficult at first, but knowing that I’d have you all to myself again soon was enough to keep me horny.

As I was driving toward the hospital, I noticed a costume shop. "Why not stop in." I thought to myself. We were always talking about dressing up and doing some role-playing games. Why not go in to see if something catches my eye. As I walked in to the store, I noticed there was much more than just costumes—this was an adult bookstore. I quickly walked around the store and then something caught my eye. It was a "How To" book, I quickly thumbed through the pages until I found what I was looking for. I walked around the store to have a look around and decided on making my final purchases.

I went back home to change, hoping that I wouldn’t be late for "visiting hours," but as luck would have it, I didn’t make it in time. I got to your floor and I talked to the nurse on staff. I explained to her the situation and how it was your birthday today and I hadn’t been able to stop by earlier because I forgot your gift. She listened to me patiently and gave me permission to visit you. She made a note on your chart not to bother you for the next few hours and quickly informed me that you didn’t a roommate. I entered your room rather quietly; I took off my rain coat and adjusted my costume. I walked to your bed and watched you sleep before making my move.

"Mr. Winters, I am here to check your body temperature," I whispered softly in your ear.

"But nurse, they just took my vitals just a few minutes ago" you said with an annoyed tone. You happened to look over and noticed that I was standing slightly over you dressed in a very short white nurse’s uniform, with thigh-high stockings and high heel shoes. My top was open exposing a white see-through bra.

"Well hello there patient, I am Nurse Naughty-Nice. I will be checking your body tonight" I smiled coyly.

"Tabby, what are you doing here? Do you know there are nurses that can walk in right now? " you asked with some concern.

"Oh no Mr. Winters, tonight you are going to be MY patient and do what I tell you."

I began to unbutton my nurse’s uniform slowly at first just so you could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties just the lacy thigh highs and bra underneath the white uniform. I slowly began to lift the hospital sheets off of you. "Now, I must check out your body’s reflexes…let me check and see if your body responds to the stimulus?" I said with a fake accent.

I pulled up your hospital gone gently caressing your bandaged knee. "Oh..Mr. Winters, I will be careful with you. I will not hurt you, but I will make you scream in pleasure."

I carefully climbed on your bed. I asked you to adjust the bed so that your upper body was slightly more elevated than you lower half. I wanted you to see what I was going to do to you! I began to caress your cock with my hands and then I began to kiss it.

"Now, my patient" I began to ask between the licking and sucking of your cock, "tell me how does this feel?"

"Mmmm. Tabby, oh my god." was all that managed to come out of your mouth. "Yeah baby suck my cock. It sure missed your pretty mouth and pussy on it."

Your cock was getting harder and harder in my mouth. I wanted to savor your taste in my mouth…but I wanted to also give you a surprise….

"Now Mr. Winters…I am going to test your body’s reflexes when introduced to a new stimulus," I said, as I climbed on top of your cock. I slowly lowered my pussy onto it…slowly, savoring every inch of your beautiful cock. When I finally hit the base…I slowly raised myself up.

"MMMMMMMmm god…Mr. Winters…your cock is making my body feel…OHHhh yes….yes..wonderful…" I tried not to scream as my first orgasm shook my body.

I unbuttoned what was left of uniform…I moved your head closer to my breasts. "Now Mr. Winters, I need you to open your mouth. I will give you something to suck on." I shoved my tit into your mouth and asked you to suck on it.

As you nibbled, sucked and licked my tits — I continued to ride your cock to another orgasm…the poor hospital bed springs were squeaking as I rode your cock. I could almost feel your orgasm hit…but…I still hadn’t given you my surprise… I slowly lifted myself off of you.

"Now Mr. Winters….I will try a new test. I will need your assistance…since it is the first time I have tried this test."

I went over to my purse and pulled out a little tube. I opened it and squeezed out some of the lubricant. I spread some of it on your cock and a little on my hand. I again began to straddle your cock.

"Now for my surprise Manny" I said as I slowly spread the lubricant on my butt…I put some lubricant on your fingers and asked you to work them in my butt.

"Manny I am scared…so please go slow…"

"Tabby, you know I wouldn’t hurt you" and you slowly began to fuck me with your fingers…"

"Oh …Manny…it feels kind of good….keep doing that….oh yes….yesssss…"

When I felt comfortable with your fingers in my anus I knew it was time to give you what you had been asking for; I asked you to remove your fingers…and I slowly lowered myself unto your cock. I felt the cock head go in and stretch my ass. Your head went in first and it felt good, but when you began to inch your way into my virgin ass, it became painful.

"OHMMMMMy it hurts. I don’t know if I want to…" I wasn’t able to finish what I was saying before I felt my butt open up a little more as you grabbed my hips and pulled me down quickly. The excitement of having my virgin ass seemed to be too much for you and you couldn’t control your primal urge to shove your cock deep inside my ass. You raised my hips up and then lowered them at a fevered pitch…faster and faster you fucked me. You treat my ass as if it were pussy. You pump your cock hard into me. My anus stretching to meet your demands.

"Oh Manny….mmmmmm god yes…." The sensation turned from pain to pleasure with each stroke of your cock deep inside my butt.

"Tabby…mmmmm it feels so tight…I’m sorry that I pulled you down…but it felt so tight…I wanted to feel the rest of you….Ohhhhhhhh yes…baby….grind your ass…grind it for me…."

"Mmmm gggrrrr…" I replied. I had taken out my new vibrator and was using it on my clit and just about to plunge it into my pussy, when I felt my pussy tighten and relax as your cock pumped my butt. "Manny I’m coming…." I managed to say before I cried out, "OHHHHHHH baby…that’s it"

As if on cue…your pace got faster and faster…your cock fucking, stretching, abusing my ass like it was my pussy.

"Tabby, I am going to cum…in your ass…and its going to be a lot…ohhh my here it comes…GGGGGGRRRRR…"

I felt your cock explode inside me; I could feel your seed gushing into me and as you pulled out….I felt all of it as it began running down my thighs.

When it was over, we feel asleep in each other’s arms. I kissed you good night and whispered, "I hope you liked your surprise, you helped me overcome my fear of the pain and I only felt the pleasure." I kissed you some more.

"Oh by-the-way, the nurse will be waking us up in about 5 hours…so we have plenty of time to practice some more…" I whispered in your ear.

Anal Stories

Thu, 26 Jan 2017 01:43:49 UTC

How I lost my anal v-card (u wont believe who/what it was to)

<p>I was taking my shower n thinking of my dog. I had just gotten him. a perfect big golden retriever n i called him duke. when i was rubbing soap on my legs i had a thought. i wondered what it would feel like if i stuck a finger up my ass. i slowly started to finger my ass with my pinky. i didnt feel much since i had small hands when i was 11. i moved up to putting 2 fingers in; my thumb n index finger. it felt soo good. i started to moan n jack off at the same time. i allmost came right then n there when my mom came in n told me that i was using to much water n to hurry the fuck up. so i finished rinsing n turned the water off.</p><p>as i heard the final drops from the shower head hit the bottom of the tub, i heard panting outside the bathroom door. i knew it was duke but i didnt know what he was waiting for. i pulled the towel off the rack n started to dry off. i spent some extra time drying my dick too. (hehehe).</p><p>when i came out of the bathroom, duke instantly jumped off the ground n started trying to climb up my leg. i swatted him away n went into my room. little did i know that the door didnt latch when i shut it.</p><p>i heard the creak of the door opening…but i didnt think anything of it. then all of a sudden, my dog hops up on my back n starts shoving his huge cock up my tight ass as hard as he can. i screamed in pain n fell forward on my belly. he continued thrusting for about 3 minutes i guess. i dont really remember. i could feel his balls tapping on mine with every thrust. </p><p>when he finally took his dick out of my ass…i looked down n saw his dick dripping of cum. i squeesed the cum he pumped in my ass out n dipped my finger in it. it tasted better than my cum. it was sweeter than mine. mine was a little salty. </p><p>n every day since then, i fuck my dog duke every chance i get. hes very nice n rough. plus he’s got nice soft fur. thnx for reading my story. i hope u liked it even tough its a little short.</p><p /><p>KELLI!!!! (aka. master aka. mommi) I &lt;3 U!!!!</p>

Anal Stories

Thu, 03 Feb 2011 09:31:58 UTC

bottle stretching

Im a 19 year old male slim straight but love pushing my anus to its limits whether its enema/masturbation/sex/
Recently though ive been wanting to go bigger but beeing that im not openly gay enough to buy myself a large dildo and dont wana fuck a horse lol I had to find something and after plenty of nights of stretching my hole with watever I could find I came across a full water bottle just when I was going to give up. So 1st I tried just lubeing up real good and just slowly work my way in. That worked until my dirty mind gave me a idea. I grabbed a big bottle of lotion I was useing to help with lube and squirt the whole bottle in my anus filling me up. Then covered in more lube the full water bottle slid right in my anus spreading my cheeks and anus wider than before. I then threw on some real old small gym shorts that I had to squeeze into so that the bottle and lotion wouldn’t come out. After watching tv and eating a tuna sub and taking a nap (3 hours) I had to stop but it was only because everyone came home. My cousins and his friends actually woke me up to tell me everyone was outside but there’s no telling how long they were there staring at my stretched anus. I figured that cause they didn’t wana leave my room 😉

Anal Stories

Sat, 26 Jul 2014 20:19:37 UTC