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I had just got off work and was standing in front of the door. I worked the night shift so the sun was just coming up. there was a small brown box on the doorstep addressed to me . "hmm I don’t think I ordered anything." I picked up the box and took it inside. I sat it down on my kitchen table. I had just moved out of my mom’s house a few days ago. I opened the fridge and grabbed a soda. "just what I needed." I sat down at the table and popped the can open.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my box cutter. "ok what we got ." I cut the tape and opened the flaps. "o awesome bubble wrap." I pulled out the first layer and started popping it . "god it never gets old." I sighed to myself and looked in the box. "an old oil lamp the fuck?" I pulled it out and looked it over in my hand. I looked back in the box and found a note. "rub and play." I laughed.

"o god in such a perv." under that note was another note. it read, "I know you don’t know me john that’s cause you family does not want you to. I’m you uncle dug. I have chosen you to inherit my lucky lamp. we are both a lot alike so I hope you like the joke I left you on the other note. anyway, this lamp is very special do not lose it. if you have any questions simply wish for me to be there. I would love to meet you in person." I put the note down and looked at the lamp. I picked up my phone and called my mom. "hey john how are you?" she asked. "I’m good, but I got a box today the note on it said it was from an uncle dug."

my mom gasped. "john does not open that box you get rid of it right now dug is not a good person he did all kinds of satanic things." I had a very dark side and whenever anyone said someone or something was satanic or demonic it only made me want to learn more about it. "o gosh I’m getting rid of it right now ." I lied . "ok good if he sends you anything else just get rid of it." I hung up the phone and rubbed the lamp.

it got warm to the touch. I quickly sat it on the table and backed up in case it exploded. blue and purple smoke came out of the spout. "o I could so jizz my pants right now." I said with a huge smiled forming on my face. the smoke hung to the table and started to take form. first feet then legs and so forth. soon two beautiful girls sat on my table. they wore belly dancer clothing. they hopped down and got on their knees. "hello master ." the said speaking as one. "sup." they kept their heads to the ground . "so my uncle dug sent me a genie lamp with two genie inside it." I said to myself. they both suddenly got off their knees and sat back on the table. "thank goodness it’s you might have been anyone ." said the right one . "look he is so happy to see us." said the one on the left.

I looked them both up and down. the one on the left had purple hair in a ponytail. her skin was a bit pale but not like dead pale. her eyes glowed purple actually glowed. the one on the right had blue hair in a ponytail. she had the same kind of skin and her eyes glowed blue. I could not get the big ass smile off my face. "so master." I held up my hand and stopped her. "don’t do that I don’t like being called that sir or john will do just fine." they smiled at me showing perfect white teeth and slightly large canines.

"ok sir ," said the blue one, "since you have finally left that stupid women’s house you uncle has sent us to you we are yours to do with what you wish " she laughed , "literally" we all three said. we all started laughing, "that was too perfect" I said wiping away a fake tear, " ok now it’s your turn to give us names," said the purple one. I looked at them both. "really I get to name you?" they nodded . " ok give me a second……how about your sapphire." I pointed to the blue one. "and your emma ." I pointed at the purple one. "ok then that was easy it took your uncle an hour to name us good job." said emma.

"sir may I change my clothes I always hated wearing this stuff?" asked emma, "go ahead but do it in" she winked at me and her clothes changed, "never mind," she was now wearing a black T-shirt and short denim skirt. very short skirt it stopped mid thigh. her lips were covered in black lipstick and her nails were painted dark purple. she had black fishnet gloves on her hands and combat boots on her feet. "god damn." I whispered under my breath. " so are we just gonna have to sit on this table all day or what?" she asked. " I pulled myself out of my perverted thoughts.

" o yea we can talk in my living room," I said going to in. it was connected to my kitchen anyway I lived in a small trailer alone. they got off the table and followed me into the living room. "I plopped myself down on my futon couch, "god ok i know I only get like three or well maybe six wishes so first one is I want a better tv." emma and sapphire sat down on both sides of me emma on my right and sapphire on my left," sure thing" said sapphire . she clicked her tongue and the instead of the fat ass tv it was now a wide flat screen, "o don’t worry about the whole limited wishes thing we are not that kind of genie ," said sapphire.

they both moved closer to me and put their arms behind my back snuggling into my sides . "is this ok sir?" asked emma. I nodded my head . this was the best day ever I had two super hot girls snuggling up to me . "so what kind of genie are you two?" I asked putting my arms over their shoulders. "we are family genie we get passed down the line from person to person. you uncle wanted to pass us down to you cause he knew you had an open mind and would not think of us as evil like everyone else in your family did. "

I remembered the other note I had read. "o yea I wish my uncle dug was here." sapphire clicked her tongue and my uncle slowly materialized into the room. "its about time you wished me here gosh ." I was expecting an old man or someone, not my age. instead it was someone that just a few years older than me. "you my uncle dug?" she smiled at me. he was white with brown flat hair. he was very well built. his eyes were green. "yep. I wished to look young forever but I’m actually forty-three." he walked into the kitchen and grabbed a chair from the table. he put it down in front of me backward and sat down.

"im glad i was right about you john the rest of our family think those two are demons and that i sold my soul to the devil." i laughed at the stupidity of it. " they are just so close minded they think anything not go is a demon or evil." i nodded my head smiling i was happy to meet someone who understood.

" i know right my mom is so horrible ." he nodded his head. "well anyway have they told you the rules of wish making yet?" o shook my head. " ok first you cant make someone fall in love with you." i shrugged . "i guessed that already." he smiled . " two you cant bring people from the dead the magic of a genie does not work in the void. three you cant wish for immorality you can wish to be healed but when you time to die comes the genie magic will not work on you how ever there is a way around that you can make wishes before your time comes to avoid it extending your like ."

he stopped to breath. "four you can not i mean can not let humanity know about genies a friend or two yea but don’t let it start spreading around if you do they ." he pointed at the to girls . "will be relocated to another family." he took a deep breath. " ok that it now if you could wish me back home i was in the middle of something." i smiled at the look in his eye when he said something. "i wish you were back home." he vanished. " well those rules are easy to work with."

"hey emma i wish i had a sweet sound system over there in the corner." "sure think sir" a high quality stereo system appeared in the corner. " and here is the remote." it appeared in my hand. "sweetness." "sir is there anything else." asked emma. her hand was on my chest and slowly moving down. i saw the lust in her eyes. "emma come on really its the first day and you already want to sleep with him you such a slut." my head turned to sapphire . "but hes hot and i have been in that lamp for over a week in smoke form ." sapphire got up shaking her head. "what ever im gonna get something to eat. what you guess want. i gave her funny look as she opened the door and turned to me. "what ?"

"well you a genie cant you just make food out of nothing." a loud smack made me turn to emma. "i knew dug was forgetting something. we cant use our powers for our own gain only our masters." i turned back to sapphire. "um pizza sounds good meat lovers ." i turned to sapphire . " that sounds awesome." she said. sapphire closed the door. it was just me an emma now. "now where were we." she got down on her knees and jerked by belt buckle open . lets get this cock out. " my dick had gotten hard just from seeing her on her knees. " hey whats up with sapphire does she not like sex or something?" emma had my dick out and in her hands. "no its not that she likes girls ." " o…. o wow that’s amazing." i looked down at emma who had my cock in her mouth and was sucking it like a animal.

"fucking shit your really good this." she had the whole thing in her mouth all eight inches. "thanks a lot of past masters have wished for a lot of sexual acts you name it i have done it." i decided to test this. "ok have oooo lord." she put my dick back in her mouth . " have you ever gotten double anal." she nodded her head without taking out my dick. "mmm" she moaned on my dick sending vibrations through it i could tell she was using her magic ." i thought you could only use your magic for my gain." she pulled her mouth of my dick but kept pumping it with her hand. "i am using it for you gain duh." she got up and pushed her skirt to her ankles and stepped out of it .

she was not wearing panties. "do you do this to everyone who rubs your lamp?" she straddled my lap and put her pussy above my dick. "sometimes they have to wish it but if there hot like you i do it myself." she put her right hand on the back of the couch and held my dick with the other."god tell you what you the biggest dick i have had without wish making." she slowly lowered herself onto me. "god that’s my fucking jam!" once the head was inside her she let herself fall onto it the rest of the way. " o fuck yea." her pussy was super tight and she had perfect control over her vaginal muscles . "god damn this a good pussy." she started to bounce herself on it. " o o fuck you dick is so fucking hard. " i grabbed her tight ass and squeezed it. "o i like that." she said showing her beautiful teeth. "then your gonna love this." i pushed my index finger into her ass.

"O GOD JOHN !" she bit down on my shoulder sending pleasure filled pain into my body. "o yes you like to get rough don’t you." she nodded her head not taking her mouth off my neck. i started thrusting as she came down and moving my finger in and out of her ass. " mmmm fuck john i gonna cum ." i felt her pussy tighten on my cock and grow very hot." o fuck you pussy loves this dick don’t it." she bit down harder as her orgasm shot through her. i felt her break skin but my hormones turned the pain to pleasure .

she stopped bouncing and rested with my dick berried in her pussy. she was shaking from her orgasm. when she finally took her teeth off my neck her mouth had my blood on it. " sorry john i did not. AAAAH!" i flipped us over so that i was her and she was laying with her back on the couch. " that is so damn sexy." i picked her legs up and held them together in the air. i started to thrust hard into her pussy. " o god john i just came im o fuck fuck deeper please deeper!" she reached up and held her legs allowing me to grab her hips and put more force into my thrusts .

i pulled my dick out and replaced it with my finger. i finger fucked her pussy good and deep lubing up my finger. "o fuck john you fingers are so damn good don’t stop im gonna cum don’t stop!" i pulled my fingers out of her before she could. "why did you O SHIT MY ASS!" i shoved two fingers into her ass and spread them around making it loosen up a bit. i pulled my finger out and positioned my cock at her ass. without warning or any control over myself o thrust my full length into her asshole. "O MY GOD MY ASS FUCK IT HARD LEAVE ME SORE !" she screamed. i pounded into her ass hard and fast as i could . it felt amazing .

i could feel myself close to cumming . " O JOHN JOHN JOHN SPANK ME PLEASE I NEED TO BE PUNISHED FOR BEING A SLUT !" i was more then happy to do it . i smack her ass hard leaving pink making her scream and leaving pink hand prints. " O US IM YOU SLUT PUNISH YOUR SLUT !" her words were to much i pulled my cock out of her ass slammed it as deep into her cunt as i could and blew my loud. " O GOD JOHN IM CUUUUUUUUMMMING!!" i had never had such a strong orgasm. ropes of cum just kept shooting out of my cock. when my balls finally became empty she spread her legs and i collapsed on top of her.

"aww he’s all tuckered out." she said. i felt myself falling asleep.

Supernatural Stories

Tue, 28 Jul 2015 10:24:45 UTC

Amber’s Ghost Part 2

I still remember it all so clearly, no matter how many days or years it has been since then. On that first night it happened to me I told myself to keep it a secret; mostly due to fear then, but now, well, I don’t know. I just knew that I couldn’t keep it all in my mind anymore so I decided to write all of my memories of it into a special diary. Maybe it would be useful later, maybe not.

After the night of my first encounter, the days and following weeks seemed uneventful. Even with it still fresh on my mind I did my best to focus on my schoolwork. My mom still thought I had been masturbating that night or exploring my body, however she put it. I knew some stuff about sex and all that, but I didn’t feel like having that conversation with her just yet. Would she even believe me if I told her what actually happened? Would I even be able to tell her? The feeling of the tightness around my throat was a constant reminder to keep it my secret.

With a month having passed by I found myself more focused on life again, though it was mostly just school for me. Then it came to that time again. I felt the cramps in my stomach and soon after the flow of my period. It was my second one and already I hated it. I assume most girls do though. With that happening and my focus on maintaining my 4.0 grade average, I had all but let that night slip from my thoughts.

After the cramps were finished and my monthly visit over, I felt rather peppy and cheerful. When I got home from school that day, I sat down with my mom and had the talk with her. It was a little weird and awkward, but she explained to me about sex and how it’s done safely. She went over the whole condom thing and how I should wait until I find the right person. Masturbation came up again as well. All in all the conversation went better than I thought. She gave me and tight hug and told me she loved me no matter what, which ended the conversation that most young people dread having and I’m sure most parents too.

That night I showered and dressed into my pajamas and watched some tv in bed. As I started to fall asleep I reached for the controller and turned it off. My dreams were pleasant. I was out with my best friend Rachel, just walking through the mall. It was a normal kind of social dream, at least for me. We continued to walk until I felt a sudden hand on my shoulder. It turned me around to face a man, but I couldn’t really make out his face. He started to kiss on my mouth and before I could do anything his hands ripped my shirt right down the middle. I instantly woke and sat right up, feeling my heart beating in my chest like crazy.

My covers were all at the foot of the bed and I was completely naked. I had left my door opened partly every night since that last time, including tonight, but now it was closed. Before I could get out of bed, I felt hands on both of my shoulders pushing me lay back down. I was pinned against the bed again, just like last time. I saw the imprints of fingers form against my breasts, moving about and feeling them. Then the sucking started again. My pink, hard nipples being sucked against the empty air. I could feel it causing tension in my chest, like a pulsating warmth. The feeling made me shiver and I moaned very softly. The flesh of my breasts started to slowly grow out, forming into shapely mounds. They still weren’t that big, but now they could easily be grabbed by a hand. Just then, both of my hands were forced to move, one moving to breast and the other moved down between my legs.

My hand squeezed my breast and rolled my nipple between my fingers. My other hand slipped a finger inside of me, wetting it and slowly moving back to my clit. Unlike last time, my fingers started to move quickly, sending a sudden and strong sensation through my body. It caused me to moan out and I shivered more. While I couldn’t help but to rub my own clit, I felt my legs being spread open. After several intense minutes of rubbing myself, I was able to stop. My arms were gently moved and pinned down again, while my legs remained open.

I looked at my door, hoping my mom would come in again, but everything seemed quiet out in the hall. A few moments went by with nothing happening until I felt a warmth cover my clit, then it felt like it was being licked. I couldn’t sit up to see, but I could feel it; the licking and sucking. It just seemed to continue and continue, only increasing in urgency as it made me shiver and moan. In my center I could feel a sensation building, almost like an itch being scratched over and over again, but with no pain. It was a warm, tingle at first that seemed to grow and once it reached it certain point, it sky rocketed and I had no idea what was happening.

There was an explosion inside of me and my body shook all over and tensed up. I remember trying to grip at the bed with my fingers and my toes curling up. Goose bumps covered my skin and my hips lifted into the air from the bed. It all crashed through my body and mind so suddenly that it felt like forever in an instant. Of course I know now that I had experienced my very first orgasm. I was free to move around again and I sat up slowly, looking over my slightly damp body, with two curved boobs curving outward from my chest now and capped with rock hard nipples. Between my legs the bed was wet and so was I. I touched over my breasts and even my vagina where my wetness quickly latched onto my fingers. I don’t know why, but I brought that finger to my mouth and tasted myself again. My body seemed to relax now and I managed to get up long enough to clean up some before putting my pajamas back on.

When morning came, I once again got up to look in the mirror. I was expecting everything to be back to normal like last time. My fingers quickly undid the buttons on my top and I pulled it open to look. My normal soft, puffy nipples were instead still erect. My breasts were quite as large as last night, but were still bigger than before. I reached to rub a nipple to try and mellow it out, but instead I got a sharp sensation in return that seemed to move right down to my clit. I tried to touch the other one next and once more a ripple of pleasure coursed right to my clit, making my legs shaky.

For the first time since trying it on, I took out my training bra and put it on. There was no way I was going to be able to hide my nipples under my shirt otherwise. It was hard to concentrate at school and to this day I don’t even know how I managed to get by. As soon as I got back home I went right to my room to check on my boobs. They were still hard and I avoided touching them this time.

As I thought about it I realized that my mom hadn’t interrupted this time. Whatever the ghost was trying to do last month seemed to work this time. While I kept looking at myself in the mirror, I undressed to look over the rest of my body. I turned and looked at my backside and then back around, doing a small circle. I felt over myself gently with my hands, feeling my soft skin while I watched my reflection in the mirror. There was something satisfying about it that made me continue.

Before long I moved my hand up, running it over my smooth skin until I reached my breast. I touched a fingertip upon my hard nipple and just like this morning it shot a wave down to my clit. It made me shiver and then I touched the other. I kept touching them, sending those pleasing little waves through my body while my free hand dipped between my legs. My eyes watched my reflection the entire time mimicking ever motion I made. Soon my hand was quite busy between my leg and I used my other hand to lean against the mirror now as I masturbated. I moved closer and closer to my reflection until I touched my nipple to the glass. Even further I leaned in and gave my reflection a soft kiss as I closed my eyes.

I opened them again as I stepped back a little, feeling myself getting close to that climax that I felt last night. The warmth grew again until it exploded, sending me into a shaky ball of pleasure. I felt my thighs becoming wetter and wetter as my orgasm held me. I looked down at the mirror, a little scared that I had made myself bleed, but instead I found my wetness intensely squirting from me. No matter how much I tried to hold back, those several spurts splattered down my thighs.

I went and got a towel to clean up the mess I made, both on myself and on the floor, doing my best to dry it. Before getting dressed, I looked at myself in the mirror one last time and saw that my nipples were soft again. I touched each one, finding that they were back to their puffy form and it didn’t send a jolt through my body anymore. Once I finished cleaning up I went to take a shower and afterwards I started on my homework. I stopped to have dinner and finished the last bit of work after eating. Eventually I made my way into bed and to sleep.

The rest of the week was uneventful and on the weekend I went to the mall with my friend Rachel. She was more developed physically than I was and we were the same age, just a month off. She was a blonde and a little taller than me and her breasts were already B cups. It had been almost a year since she started wearing a bra and since she had experience with it, she was going to help me. Most other teens probably had their mom help with this stuff, but I felt more comfortable doing it with Rachel since we talked about everything since elementary school.

We picked out a few A cup bras and took them to the fitting room. I slipped out of my shirt and started to look at the bras. This was a new experience for me; I had never thought about buying bras before and definitely not trying them on. Before I could think too much on it, my thought was interrupted by Rachel.

“Looks like someone is cold.” She said with a giggle, her eyes looking slightly down at my boobs.

“Huh?” I responded, unsure of what she meant at first.

I looked down too and saw that my nipples were fully hard again. Just looking at them started to make me a little wet between my legs. Then Rachel casually reached up and pinched them both, which nearly made my legs give out as that pleasure rapidly made its way through my body and down to my clit. I fought back a moan with all of my power.

“You have really nice nipples.” She complimented me with a smile. “I wouldn’t worry so much if they don’t really big.”

“Yeah… thanks.” I said back to her and smiled too, my brain too distracted by the throbbing started between my legs now to say much else.

I tried on each bra, carefully avoiding much contact with my nipples while Rachel hooked them in the back for me. They all seemed to fit to my liking so I dressed back up and we went to buy them. Before leaving the mall, I stopped into the restroom since it was about a 20 minute walk back home. As I sat in the stall, I wasn’t even sure why I had gone in there. I really didn’t need to go that bad, but something in the back of my mind wanted to come in here.

With seemingly nothing else better to do while I tried to go, I pulled my shirt up and looked at my boobs. I couldn’t resist touching my nipples anymore and I started to play with them. I bit my lip to keep from moaning too loudly. As I teased them, I felt a wetness against my skin, right between my breasts, then it moved down like a tongue licking me. It went quickly and the warmth closed over my clit. That invisible mouth started to suck and lick my clit while my legs were pressured into spreading out more. I couldn’t stand having this thing touching me like this, but it felt so good. My fingers continued to play with my nipples while I was sucked on.

Soon I felt that warmth in the pit of my body starting to build and I knew that soon I would have that heavenly feeling again. I started to rock my hips some as I got closer and closer, but before I finished I heard Rachel calling me.

“Comon Amber, you’ve been in here forever. What are you doing?”

I could hear her walking toward the stall and even with her getting closer, the teasing on my clit didn’t stop. I was really close to finishing and instead of that mouth going to faster, it slowed down some. With Rachel almost to the stall, I reached my hand to try and finish myself only to have my hands pinned to my sides. Then something grabbed my hair and tugged my head back some.

“I’ll be right out! I had to go.. you know.” I managed to yell out to her just before she got to my stall.

“Really Amber? You couldn’t wait until you got home? Jeez. Fine, I’ll be right outside.”

I felt some relief as she started to leave and that was quickly replaced by the pain of being pulled up to my feet by my hair. I stumbled forward a little and caught myself with my hands on the door. My hips were tugged back some and then a hard smack landed on my butt. I winced some and winced again as another hit me on the other side. Everything stopped for a moment and I felt my body tingle and go numb.

A few minutes later, a warm tingle crawled over my skin and my hands moved on their own to unlock the stall. Then my whole body moved on its own as I walked out and to the mirror. I undressed without any control before sitting sideways on the sink counter. To my luck or to my misfortune, no one seemed to be in the bathroom with me. My hand moved down between my legs, with my middle and ring fingers slipping into my pussy, while my thumb pressed on my clit. My hand fingered me vigorously and quickly regained my arousal from a few minutes ago. Instead of it continuing, it stopped again and suddenly I was back in control.

My first thought was to quickly get dressed and run out of the bathroom, but instead I watched my reflection in the mirror, my nude body on display with my fingers inside of me. I started to move my fingers again, bringing it back up to speed. The sound of my fingers sliding in and out echoed in the bathroom. I’m not sure how long I took, but I eventually reach that feeling and once again I watched as several spurts of my wetness shot out over the sink and floor. Before getting dressed I leaned and kissed myself on the mirror, then hurried to meet back up with Rachel.

Supernatural Stories

Tue, 30 Jun 2015 16:22:39 UTC

Amber’s Ghost

[The following is a fictional story about a young girl named Amber and her experiences with the paranormal. All writings of this story are completely fantasy and do not portray any persons in real life. ]

For as long as I could remember I have seen things move on their own or heard things that didn’t appear to be there. Like one moment a cup would be in one spot then when I looked at it again it would be in another spot. Things like this only seemed to happen when I was alone.
I think it started when I was around five or six years old. Random objects moving short distances without anyone touching them. I would hear footsteps or doors opening on their own. On occasion I would even feel like there was someone touching me.

Around when I turned fourteen, puberty hit me. One night after I had finished having my first period I was lying in bed reading. It was a book I had to read for school and I preferred to finish those kinds of assignments earlier rather than later. The book was flat on the bed and I was lying on my stomach, propping myself up with my elbows. The book was pretty good and I found myself getting really into it as I read, letting the rest of the world dim out in the background.

Everything was in complete silence until I heard the door creak. I quickly looked up from the book to check to see if someone was coming in. Of course no one was there though. The door was slightly open now where it had been mostly closed before. Stuff like that had been happening for years so I suppose I had just gotten used to it by now and easily went back to reading.

Every few minutes or so I moved my fingers to scratch an itch on my face. It felt like my hair was brushing along my skin so I kept pulling it back over my shoulders. As I continued to read it became more and more frequent until I had enough and got up. I grabbed a hair tie from my dresser and walked over to the mirror. I wasn’t much to look at back then. I had simply brown hair about shoulder length and matching eyes. I was pretty thin and my chest was flat while other girls at school had already started to develop.

I finished tying my hair into a ponytail and went back to get comfy on my bed again. This itching on my face seemed to have stopped after fixing my hair and I got back into reading again. Again my mind phased the world out as I read and again my concentration was broken by the feeling of something on my skin. I felt it on my neck this time, like something pressing again it. I moved my hand to rub at it only to feel it on the other side. With a sigh I got up again and went to the mirror.
Both sides of my neck had a small red mark now. As I leaned in closer to look I heard my door softly close. I spun around to look and it was in fact fully closed now.

“Hello?” I called out hoping one of my parents would respond.

I walked over and opened the door and looked out in the hall, but no one was there. I shut the door again and locked it this time even though my parents didn’t want me locking it. I got back into bed again and this time I rested sitting up against my pillows. It took longer this time, but I managed to get back into the book. After some time passed I felt the ‘itching’ on my face and neck again and kept rubbing at them. By now I figured I had probably been bitten by a mosquito or something.
With it getting late I closed the book and got up to use to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I readied my toothbrush and started brushing while looking at myself in the mirror. The buttons on my pajama top caught my eye and I looked down to see that the top three were unbuttoned. I thought back for a minute and I knew for sure that I had buttoned them all since I easily get cold. Once I finished brushing, I buttoned my top back and headed back to my room.

I laid down and got comfortable and even put the t.v on even though I normally didn’t watch it before bed. Before I turned it off I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to the light in my face sometime in the middle of the night. My hands lazily felt around for the controller until I eventually sat up, not being able to find it. As I woke up more I felt a little chill and noticed the blankets were all at the foot of the bed. I was for the most part a very calm sleeper so I found it weird that I would have kicked them all down like that. As I went to lean forward to pull them back up I saw my top hanging and looked down. It was completely open, not a single button was still hooked. I quickly reached up and turned my lamp on, thinking that someone had come in and did this.

My normally little puffy nipples were hard and wet. I couldn’t believe how tensed up they looked. I had gotten used to weird stuff happening but this made me scared.

“Mom, Da-.”

I tried to call for my parents and when I opened my mouth I felt my tongue pulled forward and out of my mouth. It was stretched as far as it could go with the feeling of someone sucking on it. At the same time, another touching feeling was on both sides of my hips, like fingertips on my skin. The waistband of my pajama bottoms pulled out a little then my pants started to slide down. So much was happening so quickly that I froze up, unsure what to do. When I finally tried to move from the bed I felt something pin my arms to my sides and then my pants were quickly removed from my legs and tossed through the air. My tongue was still being held by something and I could feel it being sucked. Since I couldn’t speak I took a breath in and tried to scream. Just as I was about to, a pressure closed around my neck. It felt like a hand choking me. The air I managed to push out was barely a whisper, let alone a scream. The pressure loosened almost right away and I tried to scream again only to feel the pressure tighten once more. I tried again for a third time and that also ended the same way. Some tears were forming in my eyes now while I laid there, defeated.

My tongue was freed eventually, but I didn’t try to talk or scream. I could feel a wet sensation on my neck, like another tongue was licking me then I felt it sucking on my skin. The feeling moved down my body; kissing, sucking and even biting moving down my skin. A warm wetness covered over my right nipple and I watched as it pulled up against the air and felt it being sucked on. It was such a weird sensation. The feeling of the sucking changed back and forth from soft to hard over and over and it made me shiver some. When the sucking stopped, my nipple remained very hard. Even the flesh of my breast had risen some.

The sucking started on my left nipple next. Just like the right, it was pulled up firmly into a sucking sensation and once again it made me shiver some. It lasted about the same amount of time until everything seemed to stop. I felt my arms get released and I sat up to look around. I couldn’t help but to look at my nipples again. Both of them were so hard, standing away from my body like they were begging for more attention. The complete flatness of my chest was gone too. There was a slight curve to my breasts now, though probably not noticeable through a shirt.

I sat there for a few minutes trying to understand what happened. I kept trying to tell myself I was dreaming, but I know that I was awake. The thought of a ghost or something touching me like that.. I didn’t know what to think. I finally got up to get my bottoms which hand landed by my mirror. As I bent down to get them something grabbed me and held me in place. It felt like a hand was touching and rubbing my stomach then moving up to grab my breast. Those unseen fingers squeezed both of them and I could see the imprints of it in the mirror.

While my breasts continued to be squeezed I felt my right hand being moved by something. Instinctively I tried to pull away, but it had a strong hold on me. My hand was made to move to my front and slowly between my legs. All I could do was watch in the mirror. My breasts being grabbed and my own hand being forced to move. My fingers slid over my vagina and started to rub back and forth. My middle finger dipped inside of me and pushed in some then slid back out, covered in a little wetness. I tried even harder to pull away, but I couldn’t move at all. My wet middle finger curled back while my index and ring finger spread the skin of my labia open some. My own wet finger kept moving on its own and touched to my clit. The sensation made my hips move forward against the touch some.

I had never masturbated before and somehow my hand was expertly teasing my clit into a hard, aroused state. It kept rubbing and rubbing, gently, but quickly and it was on for several minutes. I was even unable to keep my hips from moving. Again my hand moved down between my legs and I could feel that I was even wetter there now. My hand pulled back and came up allowing me to see the wetness on my fingers. It moved higher and higher, stopping just over my shoulder.
I felt warmth close over my index finger, then sucking, like someone’s mouth was there. Then I felt my hand being moved toward my face. I tried to turn my head only to find that I still couldn’t move. My middle finger slipped through my lips and into my mouth. It moved across my tongue, making me taste myself. I didn’t really find it bad tasting, but it was still very weird and I was scared.

My breasts were released finally, only to feel the hands move to my hips. The pulled back on my some and another pressure made me bend forward. With my reflex, I reached forward and put my hands on the mirror for balance. I felt warmth close against my back and the slight pressure like someone was laying against me. My hips were pulled more, making me stand on my tip toes. Then someone knocked on my door.

“Amber?” I heard my mom call for me.

As soon as the door started to open, I felt everything stop and I was free to move. I quickly picked up my pants to cover my nudity.

“Everything okay in here… oh.” My mom just looked at me speechless for a moment.

“I’m sorry, I just heard some moving in here and I though you would be well asleep by now.”

“Oh no mom, I was just-“ I tried to answer, even though I wasn’t sure what I would say.

“It’s okay. I understand my little girl is growing up. We all have an interest to learn about our bodies at a certain age.”

At this point I was just about dressed again, just finishing up with the buttons on my top.

“I know you just had your first visit.” How did she know about the ghost? I thought to myself.

“All of us girls have to get it sooner or later and I know it can be scary or weird. So if you need to talk more about it or want to talk about sex, you can talk to me.”

“Oh no mom, it’s not like that.”

“Okay okay. Just make sure you get enough sleep for school.”

With a kiss to my cheek, she turned and left the room, closing the door behind her. When I woke up in the morning, I got right out of bed and went to the mirror. I quickly undid the buttons on my top and found my nipples to be back to their normal, soft puffy state. I put my hands against my breasts and even though my nipples were normal, I could feel they had still grown some. It was going to be a long day at school and even the thought of telling anyone about what had happened made me remember the feel of the pressure around my neck. It was going to be my secret, for now at least.

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