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Real stories of cheating. Real feelings and feelings. Everything is as it happens in life. Spicy stories about cheating, their causes and subsequent actions of deceived wives and husbands. Is always sex on the side can definitely be considered treason. Publish your real life stories and get advice, approval or criticism. Maybe it will be a love story, friendship or a fun romance.

My cheating at The conference

This happened when I was 26 years old. I am married. The only person I had ever had sex with was my husband. We were trying to have a baby so I had gone off the pill. I had to go out of town for a conference for my work. The conference was to start on Tuesday and finish on Thursday afternoon at 3pm. There were no flights until late Thursday so I scheduled a 1pm flight on Friday. That should get me home about 3:30.
The conference finished on time and I went back to my room. There was nothing on TV so I went down to the gift shop to buy a book. When I got off the elevator I noticed a guy standing by a chair in the lobby. I was in the gift shop about 15 minutes and didn’t find anything to read. I figured I would go back up and watch TV until supper time. The guy was still standing in the lobby. As I got to the elevator, he came up behind me and also got on. When we got to the 6th floor, I got off and turned to the right to go to my room. There were only 4 rooms in that wing. He also got off and started following me. I took about 6 steps and turned and shouted “Are you following me?” He jumped back and said “I am only going to my room.” I let him go pass me and he went into the last room on the left, right next to mine.
I went into my room feeling like I did the right thing, but also a little embarrassed. I turned the TV on and tried to find something to watch. About 15 minutes later the phone rang. I answered it thinking it was my husband. The voice on the other end said “Hi this is Dale. I have the room next to you. I just wanted to say I was sorry I scared you.” I said that was OK, I may have over reacted a little. He said that he thought I did the right thing. He said he would like to make it up to me and take me to dinner. I told him thanks but I was waiting for a call from my husband thinking this would put a stop to anything he was thinking. He said that he really wanted to make it up to me and would take me to a nice place. Pick you up at 6. What could I say but “OK”. See you then. He said by the way what is your name? I said Beckey.
I put on a turtle neck sweater and a black skirt that hit just below the knee. At about 5 till 6 there was a rap at the door between our rooms. I had not noticed these were adjoining rooms. Dale asked me if I was ready and hoped I didn’t mine that a friend was also coming. I said that was OK with me. We went down to the lobby and Dale introduced me to Larry. Dale had a rental car and got directions to a nice restaurant about 4 blocks from the hotel. We went in and were seated. I sat down and Dale sat on one said and Larry sat on the other. We ordered and had small talk while we were waiting for the meal to come. Dale was talking and I felt his hand on my knee. I didn’t do anything and as we talked his hand moved up on the outside of my skirt. Then I felt Larry doing the same thing. I have to admit that I was getting aroused. By the time the meal arrived both their hands were about half way up my legs. We finished eating and again their hands were on my legs, this time under my skirt. I still did not stop them. The check came. Dale paid it and we left. I was relieved that things had not progressed. Dale asked if I would like to go to a bar. I told him the two drinks I had with the meal were more than enough. He and Larry both had a laugh and we were on our way back to the hotel. Dale parked and we started talking. Dale leaned over and gave me a long kiss. I returned the kiss and put my arms around him. He slid his hand down my waist and started rubbing my ass. Larry, who was in the back seat, leaned over the seat and started rubbing my back. His hands slid around to my breast. After a couple of minutes Larry said lets go up to Dale’s room. We went up the room. As soon as we got in Larry started kissing me. His hands slid down to my ass. Dale closed the door and came up behind me, reached around and started rubbing my breast. He stepped back and started to pull off my sweater. Larry broke the kiss just long enough for it to come over my head. Dale then unsnapped my bra and slid his hands under the bra to rub my bare tits and nipples. After he took off my bra, he unzipped my skirt. With one motion, he slid off my skirt and panties. All of the sudden I realized that I was nude in front of two men that I had met less than 4 hours ago. Larry and I were still kissing. I started thinking about my husband. I needed to stop this. All those thoughts went away when Dale started rubbing my pussy. Larry led me to the king sized bed. He put me on my back and started to lick my pussy. I was in heaven. Then I felt mouth on my tit. I looked up and saw that Dale was nude. I reached over and touched his dick. Other than my husband’s it was the only dick I had ever touched. He was hard as a rock. Larry got off and Dale got into position to fuck me. I asked him to put on a condom but he said they did not have any. I was so horny, I told him to go ahead but not to come in me. He didn’t say anything and slid his dick in my pussy. Larry took off his cloths and came up to my head. I took his dick in my hand and pulled it to mouth. I now had dick pumping in my pussy and one in my mouth. The feeling was fantastic. Dale started pumping harder. He said I am about to cum, where do you want it. Cum in my pussy. I want to feel your cum in my pussy. One last hard pump and he pushed as deep as he could. He held still and I could feel his dick twitching and the cum hitting the walls of my pussy. Dale got off and Larry took his place. Dale came up to my head and I put his cum covered dick in my mouth and I cleaned it off while Larry was fucking me. It did not take long for Larry to cum. When he finished I also cleaned his dick. They then laid on each side of me and started to rub my body from head to toe. It was not too long before Larry was hard again and we again fucked. It took him much longer to cum this time. I guess Dale seeing me fucking Larry got Dale aroused again. As soon as Larry pulled out Dale took his place. When he was finished again we just laid there with their hands all over me. I was one well fucked lady. Larry asked me if I had ever done a DP. I told him that the only person I had ever had sex with was my husband. That is until now. He then asked about anal. I told his I did once in a while but wasn’t real fond of it. Dale had started sucking on my tits again and I could feel his dick getting hard again. Larry had reached down and was fingering my pussy. He then slid his finger to by butt. I wanted to stop him but I was feeling so good I did not want it to stop. He inserted his well pussy lubed finger into my ass. I have to admit that it felt good. He started pumping in and out. I couldn’t believe that I was getting turned on by having a finger up my ass. He pulled his finger out and Dale rolled over on me and started fucking me again. I was getting fucked for the 5th time in less than 2 hours. I usually did not get that much in a week. After Dale came, I noticed that Larry had gotten up. When he came back, he was putting some lotion on his dick. He told me to lay on my side facing Dale. He put his dick against my ass. Dale started sucking on my tits. Larry I’m not sure I want to do this. He said “Let’s try it. I will stop at any time you say.” Ok just please take it easy. I felt the pressure of his dick as it started to go in. Please slow it hurts. He stopped and let me get used to it. He then pushed a little more in. It was hurting but starting to feel good at the same time. He kept pushing slowly until his entire dick was in. He held still for a short time and then slowly started pumping. I could not believe that I was liking this. He began to pump harder and faster. My pussy was on fire with nothing touching it. Larry kept telling me how tight my was ass is. He went faster and then pumped his cum up my ass. He left his dick in my ass until it soften and fell out.
I stayed with them all night but did not get much sleep. Every time I would fall asleep one of them would want to fuck me. About 7am Dale woke me up and he was hard again. He told me to get on top and ride his cock. While I was riding Dale, Larry got behind me and told me to hold still a second. I then felt his cock pushing on my ass hole. It was a tight fit but he managed to slide it in. They both started pumping. I cannot tell you how good it felt. Dale came first and Larry a few minutes later.
I had cum coming out of my pussy and ass. Larry said “let’s go get some breakfast.” I said I needed a shower first. Dale said no just wash you face brush your teeth and comb you hair. I went into the bathroom and peed. There was cum dripping out of my pussy and ass. When I came out Larry gave me my sweater and skirt to put on. I told them I need my under ware. They both said that I should go without. OK I said but if anyone says anything they really owe me. As we got in the elevator I could feel some cum running down my leg. I said I need to go back and clean up. Again both said no go like you are. When we sat down at the table, I made sure my skirt was pulled down to cover any leaking cum. Dale slid his hand under the table and slid it up about half way. I think the waiter knew what was going on but didn’t say anything.
After we finished, we went back up to the room. Larry said he would like to have one more round before I had to get ready to leave. Why not. When I took my skirt off I saw a big wit spot where I had been sitting. They both laughed. I fucked each of them one more time I picked up my skirt, sweater and bra. When I got my panties Dale ask if he could keep them. I handed them to him and gave he and Larry a big kiss We gave each other our E-mail so we could keep in touch in case we were ever in the same area again. . I then went to my room to get ready to go. I took a shower and finished packing. On the plane flight home all I could think about was how great I felt and how horny I still was. I swear I could still feel their cum inside me.
When I got home my husband asked how everything had gone. I told him great and I wanted him now. We fucked several times that night, more than we usually do in a week.
I E-mailed Dale and Larry told them that I was pregnant. I did not know for sure who the father was, but as far as I was concerned it was my husband. I still would like to see and play with you two again. It was the most fun I had had in years

Cheating Stories

Sun, 12 Oct 2014 15:08:42 UTC

Cheating for the first time

It had been a whirlwind year. From graduating at University up north, to getting married, the arrival of our son and then accepting my first position in a job in the Big Smoke. And so it was, as a young family we headed excitedly down to London to start our new life together…

One of my first tasks in my new job was to appoint myself a Secretary. We interviewed three girls, myself and my boss, all very well qualified, though one woman was a good fifteen years older than me, so it would’ve felt a bit like having my mother at work.

Which left a choice of two. One girl had slightly more experience, but in all honesty was a bit of a plain Jane, frumpy, with big NHS glasses and spots around her mouth. The other girl, less experienced but oh my, those dark brown eyes, raven hair and hour glass figure was spell binding, so once the interviews were completed I advised my boss she was the girl for me!

“Are you sure now, John? Maybe not as well qualified as the second girl, but she’s certainly got the looks…! Well its your choice, just remember, you’ve a wife and a baby at home, so you can look, but don’t touch!”

How could I forget? Since becoming pregnant within a month or so of our honeymoon ,my wife had slowly reduced the amount of sex we had. And since my son was born, its been an absolute non-starter! I daren’t push it too much, as he is certainly a demanding baby, crying half the night, thankfully my wife doesn’t work any more, so is happy to go and look after him, while I rest before work. But a man still has his needs, at least with my new Secretary I got to work and chat with a stunning, vibrant young woman, and though she was off limits, it did no harm to admire her gorgeous latin looks, lovely full breasts through her silk blouses and long stockinged legs.

At home I would occasionally try it on with my wife, only to be quickly rebuffed and resort to a wank on the toilet instead. Initially my wanks always consisted of imagining fucking my favourite actress, or someone similarly untouchable. Very occasionally I would toss off over Anne, the one and only girl I’d had an innocent little fling with at Uni. But even then our little affair only amounted to a couple of dates in the movies, a kiss a cuddle and a grope. As a childhood sweetheart, my wife was the only woman I’d ever slept with.

Increasingly nowadays though, my wanks revolved around, Zita. I’d imagine various scenarios in my head, us fucking across my desk, going out to lunch, but instead opting for a blow job in the car, at a beauty spot overlooking the town.

My favourite fantasy though started with the usual rebuttal from my wife. As I lay in bed frustrated, I’d hear a knock at the door. With my wife sleeping by my side, I’d creep out the room to answer the door. Standing there, in a faux fur coat and high heels would be Zita, which she would flash open to reveal a black Basque, stockings and suspenders.

“Take me John!” is all she would say, and with that, I would lead her silently up the stairs into the bedroom next to mine. While my wife slept obliviously in the adjacent room, I would slowly undress my secretary and proceed to fuck her brains out.

I imagined various scenarios, taking her roughly from behind, doggy style, whilst grabbing folds of her thick black hair, or me lying down flat on the bed, whilst she mounted me and slowly ground my cock to orgasm.

Another outcome I fantasized about was the door opening whilst she was riding me, and my wife’s face appearing. She would simply stand there, aghast, as this other woman milked the spunk from my cock. Zita would simply turn and smile at my wife, whilst I grabbed her big tits, or squeezed her beautiful fleshy bum, unable to stop myself from emptying into this big, lusty, tanned-skinned whore….

The best one though is her simply entering our marital bedroom. While my wife sleeps alongside me, Zita, would silently walk into the room, pull back the covers and mount me. She would slowly, silently fuck me, with my wife sleeping throughout, right beside us. As I cum inside her, Zita would lean forward and feed one of her breasts in to my mouth, and I would hungrily suck and bite, revelling in the sensation of her nipple swelling between my teeth, as I proceeded to shoot my seed high inside her deep Latin cunt.


A couple of months on, and Zita has settled in to her role wonderfully. We get on brilliantly and coming to work is an absolute pleasure. I have to pinch myself in fact at being so lucky to have such a gorgeous and willing secretary.

As the days and weeks pass, we begin to flirt with each other too. I make a point of complimenting her on her appearance every day (it’s not hard!) as I’ve noticed she has begun to wear sexier outfits. Tight fitting, short skirts, and even some days come to wok with no bra on. The sight of those brown nipples under her white blouse is simply mesmerizing!

And today is no exception. Her raven hair is up in a cute little pony tail, which reveals the delicate nape of her neck. As I watch her typing away, I’m imagining lightly kissing it as I stand behind her, my hands cupping both her breasts.

In many ways she’s the complete opposite of my wife, who is blonde, petite and with a pasty complexion. Zita, is long-legged and tall, with dark, dusky skin, and jet black long hair. Her breasts aren’t that big, but they are certainly bigger than my wife’s and more than a good handful I’d imagine.

As I gaze at her, I continue my little fantasy. I really did wonder what it would feel like to hold another woman, to touch her breasts, to take one in my mouth. To feel her pussy grip my cock, to have her lips encircle my hardness…


Its late in the afternoon now and most of our colleagues have now left the building as my gaze averts from my paperwork to watch Zita getting up from her desk to carry a large armful of the day’s files in her arms. I can see the inevitable is about to happen, and so it does as the top file spills off the pile and on to the floor. In her attempts to stop it falling, Zita manages to drop more and before you know it, files are all over the place.

“Damn!” she cries, bending down to pick them up.

As she does I catch a tantalising glimspe of her cleavage, through her loosely buttoned blouse.

“Here, let me help.” I say, as I get up and walk over to her assistance. Picking up a couple of files I hand them to her and our faces are inches apart.

“Thank you.” Zita replies, “I’m so clumsy!”

“You’re gorgeous.” I hear myself reply without thinking, before brushing back some of her dark hair behind her ears. It’s the first time I’ve actually touched her and I feel electricity shoot through my veins.

We freeze, looking at each other intently, trying to read each others emotions in our eyes, to see if they are reciprocated.

Before I know it we’re stood back up and pulling at and undoing each other’s clothing, with frantic little kisses as the button’s and zips are undone. Within seconds her blouse is open at the front and I get to feast my eyes on her breasts. They’re housed in a white, balcony bra, which pushes them upwards and forwards like two large scoops of ice cream, I cannot resist burying my face in the cleavage in between and Zita laughs and cradles my head, as I turn to the left and nibble at top of her right breast. They’re bigger than I expect, and much larger than my wife’s. My God! Its years since I touched breasts this size!

I’m rapidly losing control as I experience the pleasures of another woman’s body for the first time since being married. I need to fuck her now!

I quickly unzip my pants and pull out my cock and I’m pleased to hear Zita pipe up “Now that’s a sight for sore eyes!”

She’s hoisting up her skirt now and edging backwards to sit on the desk. I move towards her, cock leading the way. My hands go between her legs and rub her already moist, white lace panties.

Zita is pulling me closer, her left hand round my bum, her right hand tightly gripping my hardness, guiding me to her…

“Give me your cock John. I want your cock so badly!”

I want her too. Its all I’ve dreamed about, thought about, wanked about, for weeks on end and now it looks like its finally going to become a reality.
My hand grabs a hold of her white panties and hoisting them to one side, I see Zita’s dark hairy minge for the first time. My cock nearly erupts at the sight!

“Fuck me.” she whispers enticingly, pulling me between her legs and gripping my hips with her long and slender legs, “Take me now, John.”

I place my hands on her soft, peachy behind and as I enter her we both gasp. This is the first woman I’ve ever entered other than my wife and it feels wickedly good!

Zita brings her hand around my neck and we start to kiss, tenderly at first, then with more frantic, lusty pecks, as I begin to thrust slowly, deliberately into her.

“I’ve dreamt of this moment..” Zita breathes in my ear, much to my surprise.

“So have I” I reply, “You’ve no idea…”

It doesn’t take long before my pace quickens and I push her flat down against the desk. Pulling at her blouse, I open a couple more buttons until her breasts are accessible. I scoop them quickly out of the white balcony bra that contains them and sigh as they flatten out against her sternum.
God, this is even better than my fantasies…!

I reach down and grab the gusset of her bra for leverage and then really start to drive into her, making her tits dance and wobble to each thrust. What a fucking sight! I instinctively grab at one of her breasts, squeezing, kneading it in my palm, as Zita flings her head back and shouts, “Fuck!”

As I look down at her on the desk, her big tits wobbling to my thrusts, ecstasy etched on that tanned face, my eyes catch a glimpse of the photo of my family on the desk and I experience a sudden rush of guilt.
I stop for a moment.

“What’s wrong, John?” Zita asks, sitting up again to face me, her hands touching my chest.

“Nothing. Nothing at all” I reply as I pull out of her. “Let’s do it in my chair.”

I suggest, realising that at least that way I won’t have to look at my wife while I’m fucking my secretary.

Sitting back, I motion to her and Zita turns her back to me and then slowly lowers herself on to my cock. Her weight surprises me and feels wonderful.

As she begins to gyrate on my cock any feelings of guilt at my adultery soon disappear. Man alive! She feels wonderful. My hands instinctively reach around to cup her breasts and I revel in their softness as they overflow in my hands.

“Squeeze my tits, John….” Zita murmurs as her head falls back against mine. I catch the smell of her hair, freshly shampooed before work in my nostrils. Her breasts truly are wonderful, soft and heavy, her nipples respond instantly to my kneading motion and I instinctively start to buck at her from underneath.

“That’s it John, fuck me! Cum inside me!” she cries, and I’m shocked at how enthusiastically she’s bouncing on me. Before today my wife was the only woman I’d ever fucked, and generally it was pretty dull and timid missionary sex, with me doing most of the work. Zita’s passion therefore is a revelation to me.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” she cries, as she jumps up and down on my cock with increasing force, her hands gripping my thighs, her French nails seemingly penetrating my skin…The weight of her body is pressed heavy against me now, as her breathing intensifies and I feel her pussy walls tighten their grip, readying to milk me for all I’m worth…

Seconds later I could hold back no more., “I’m cumming Zita. I’m cumming inside you!”

As I spray my love juice high up inside her dark, hairy cunt, I feel Zita’s body tense and twitch above me, as possibly for the first time ever, I experience the wonders of a simultaneous orgasm.
Sweaty, exhausted and motionless after our sudden burst of activity, emotions are swirling through my head as the enormity of what I’ve just done hits home. My fantasy has become a reality and I’ve fucked another woman, other than my wife. I’ve committed adultery and fucked my secretary. I’m horrified but at the same time enthralled, as my hands finally relinquish their grip of her breasts.

“Well that was fun!” declares Zita, getting up from me, as my limp cock slips out of her, “I didn’t know you had it in you, to be honest.” she adds, rather cuttingly. as she hunches her skirt back down over her thighs.

She’s clearly more assured than I am about what’s just happened, but clearly I’ve much more to lose; a young wife, a family, a home, all I’d worked and saved for.

Despite all of this, the overriding sensation though is one of elation. Little did I know but this moment would mark the start of a lifetime of adultery.

Cheating Stories

Sat, 24 Mar 2018 17:54:20 UTC

my first time cheating

Hi I’m Jill. This is a story of my first time cheating on my husband, Scott. Neither of us had had sex with anyone else ever. I did not plan it, I just got seduced. I was 23 at the time and had been married for 4 years. My husband was working full time and going to school part time so when he was home he was either busy with studies or too tired to do anything. To say our sex life was bad was an understatement. It wasn’t that he didn’t try, he was just too busy.
We had moved into a mobile home court where you buy the land and move your home onto it. There were a lot of nice people there and we became friends with several of the families. The couple next door, Larry and Dianne, had a 3 year old girl and since both worked they wanted to know if I could baby sit for them. I said I would love too. The extra money would come in handy.
Dianne would drop her off about 7am and Larry usually picked her up about 3pm. My husband usually got home about 4:30. Larry would come in and have a cup of coffee and we would talk about 15 to 20 minutes. He would then take her home. This went on for about 4 months.
It was Tuesday and I was surprised when Larry got here about 1:30. I was wearing a jump suit that could not have been taken as sexy. He said something had happened at work and they let everyone go home early. I told him that his daughter was taking a nap and he could just stick around until she got up. I went over to fix him his cup of coffee. I got the coffee started and Larry came over and put his arms around me. I tried to pull away but he held on and started kissing my neck. I put my hands on his and pushed back against him. I turned around and started to kiss him. He pulled me close and we kissed for several minutes. The next thing I know is he is unzipping my jump suit. I wanted to stop him but I didn’t either. He broke the kiss long enough to pull it off my shoulders then resumed the kiss and unsnapped my bra. He slid my bra off and pulled my jump suit along with my panties down. He walked me to the couch and laid me down. The next thing I remember is his cock pressing against my pussy. I wanted to stop him but knew that it was too late. He pushed in and started to fuck me. I don’t remember anything else until he pulled out and I had cum dripping out of my pussy. I looked at Larry and noticed he had only pulled his pants down. I guess that he knew if he had taken the time to get undressed I would have come to my senses and stopped him. He ask me if I was OK. I said I was and got dressed while Larry got us a cup of coffee. He sat there for another 20 minutes and said next to nothing. The kid woke up and he went home.
If I had been smart that would have been the end of the story. I was feeling so guilty that I could not sleep and all I could think of was how I had messed up my marriage. I thought it was best to tell my husband before he found out from someone else. On Friday evening I told him I had sex with someone else. He was stunned and wanted to know who it was. I didn’t want to tell him but he insisted. I finally told him it was Larry. Scott told me that I had to tell Larry that I told Scott about the sex. I told Scott that I didn’t want to do that but he insisted.
I went over to Larry’s and told him Scott need him to help with a project. When we walked in Scott went to the bedroom. I told Larry that I had told Scott and we would not tell anyone but he needed to know that Scott knew. The color drained from his face and he wanted to make sure I was not going to tell Dianne. I assured him we were not going to tell anyone. He got up and left.
About 5 minutes later Dianne and Larry came over. She had hate in her eyes. She came in and called me a whore and slut. It was not something I had not called myself the last few days. Scott told her to come over and sit by him so they could figure out what to do. He put his arm around her and both of them looked really sad. Dianne put her hand on his leg and her head on his shoulder. He said something in her ear. She looked surprised for a few seconds and then said Yes I think that would be a good punishment. Scott looked at us and said that Dianne and I are going to the bedroom and have sex. You two will come back there and watch. If you do not we will both ask for a divorce. Do you both understand? Larry and I looked at each other and he said can we have a minute to talk about it. Scott said Ok but do it quickly. We went into the Kitchen and Larry said he did not think we had much of a choice. I said that I was not sure I could watch Scott having sex with someone else. Larry said wasn’t that better than a divorce? I took a deep breath and agreed. We told Scott and Dianne that we would do what they ask.
We walked to the bedroom and Scott and Dianne started kissing. I thought I was going to pass out and closed my eyes. Scott looked up and told me I had to watch or the deal was off. I opened my eyes to see Dianne’s top coming off. Then her bra. Scott started sucking on her tits. Dianne seemed to be enjoying it. Then off came her pants and panties. That was the first time I had seen a woman nude in a sexual way. Scott, who was still dressed, had Dianne lay on the bed and started giving her head. Dianne’s hips were moving and she was making those sounds of pleasure. Scott got up and started to take off his cloths. He got his shirt off. Dianne then sat up and had him come to the bed where she took off his pants and underwear. She took his cock in her mouth. I was not sure I could take any more. Larry put his arm around me as we watched. Scott pulled his cock out of her mouth and got on top of her. Scott told her to hold her legs up so we could get a good look at them fucking. Scott put his cock at Dianne’s opening and pushed in. He started pumping her hard. Both of them were enjoying it. Larry and I were both in shock. He held me close and we watched them fucking. Scott was going faster and then pushed deep and stopped releasing his cum deep inside Dianne. They were still for a short time and Scott pulled out. His cock was wet with his and Dianne’s cum. He then looked at Larry and I and said one more thing for you two. Larry, you clean your wife’s cunt and Jill you clean my dick. You can only use your mouth, no hands. Larry and I looked at each other and he hung his head and walked over to Dianne. I did the same. As my head got close to his cock I could smell Dianne’s pussy. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and took his cock in my mouth. It did not taste too bad, in fact if it had been under different conditions I would have liked it. I looked over and Larry was giving Dianne’s pussy a workout. Her squeals let everyone know she was enjoying it. Scott’s cock started to grow in my mouth. Scott leaned over and kissed Dianne and said something in her ear. She smiled and said yes. Scott and Dianne sat up and looked up at us. Scott ask Larry if he enjoyed the sex with me. He hung his head and said yes. He then ask me the same question and I said I did not remember the sex. Both he and Dianne grinned and told us to get undressed and fuck if we wanted to. Larry looked at me and pulled me to him. We got undressed and started foreplay. Scott and Dianne were doing the same. The four of us fucked for hours. Scott and Dianne got dressed and went into the living room. About 20 minutes later Larry and I did the same.
When we sat down, Scott looked at Larry and I and said here are the rules. Dianne is going off her birth control today. For the next 5 months she and I will fuck whenever we want. You two may fuck if both Dianne and I say it is OK. There will be no more fucking on the side for you two. After the 5 months we will all agree on what we will do after that.
I looked at Larry and ask if Larry and I could have a few minutes to discuss it. Scott looked and Dianne and she said OK 5 minutes. Just remember if you do not agree we will both file for divorce Monday.
They got up and went to the bedroom. Larry looked at me and said I don’t think we have much of a choice. I agree I said. Do you think they will let us have sex I ask? I really enjoyed the sex this afternoon. Me too. You are really good in bed said Larry. We talked until Scott and Dianne came back in the room. We told them we would agree to the terms.
During the 5 months of punishment, Scott and Dianne usually let Larry and I have sex whenever we wanted but we always ask first. A few times one of them would tell us no and to hold the thought until they got home. Now that the 5 months are up Larry and I fuck a few times a week. Dianne became pregnant. We do not know if it is Scott’s or Larry’s. Scott and I have now gotten into the lifestyle and I have found that I like to be a sub and also like to have sex with the ladies. Scott and I have had many MFF and a few MMF. I do like both. We are thinking of having one of our girlfriends move in with us.

Cheating Stories

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