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Shelley had heard the stories before it happened to her. Here in the outreaches of a South American outback, she had found this cabin where she could be alone and gather her thoughts. She had come here to get over the hurt she had encountered from a broken marriage and a broken relationship. Of necessity, she had contact with the local tribes-people – which is where she had heard many stories of the strange legends and creatures of the forest. And where she had first heard of the people that were called, what was roughly translated into, ‘The Bearers’.

These were women who bore the young of some mysterious creatures that lurked in the forest. Oddly enough, despite the apparent horror of what they went through, these women were held in high regard – as if they were a chosen few. She thought it was all just legend and folklore nonsense, of course – until they came to visit her.

And Shelley remembered that first time when she could not understand nor fight the strange, exciting urge that beckoned her to strip and venture into the jungle. She remembered her stark shock when she first saw them. She had surprised herself at how little fear or loathing she felt – there again, during the telling of the stories it was apparent that none of the ‘Bearers’ had ever suffered or come to harm. Curiously, she just submitted to them and was rewarded with a delightful experience.

They came to her since then once every four weeks or so, which made her wonder whether they knew of or at least sensed the female menstrual cycle. It was mid-afternoon now, hot and humid as she gradually divested herself or her clothes. They were summoning her again. The heavy pheromones they were releasing were again seducing Shelley’s inhibitions and luring her into her lust delirium that drove her to the monthly impregnation ritual. She inhaled deeply and let the delicious opiate fill her head. Looking down at herself, she could admit that her body was still firm, her breasts jutting out proudly, and her belly still relatively flat. She ran her hands slowly over her body and delighted in the sensuous glow overcoming her.

She realized that her nipples were beginning to stand out as if her body anticipated the coming events. How perverse, she thought, here she was a seemingly respectable city girl about to experience something the strange horror of which would send most right-minded women to slash their wrists to avoid. She was about to be sexually ravaged by strange forest creatures and she would come back impregnated with their child!

Stepping out onto the porch, she felt a slight warm breeze caress her body. Walking away from her shack, she plodded into the forest ready to fulfil her responsibilities.

Arriving at the clearing she maintained for their rendezvous, where the procedure would take place, she noticed that they had already arrived and were waiting for her. As usual, there were four of them – the two ‘guardians’ whose purpose was to restrain her, and the male and female of the species who would perform the implanting and impregnation.

Had she been asked to describe them, she would have been at a loss, as she (and, she suspected, precious few others) had ever seen them. Around 18 inches high they resembled, as best, a cross between and octopus and a scorpion. The main bulk of the body was leathery in appearance, but with large black doleful eyes perched on the top – a bit like those of a crab. But it was the tendrils (or tentacles whatever they were) that made them quite unlike anything she could have imagined. Six of these were obviously for traction or grasping, but she knew that the male and female differed in that they each had a seventh special-purpose tendril.

She felt something brush against her ankle and, looking down, realized that the male was wrapping one of its tendrils around her leg, as if urging her on. ‘Horny little devil’ she smiled to herself before lowering herself down and lying on the vegetation on the floor of the clearing.

The two guardians had taken position either side of her and she felt their tentacles reach out and grab an arm and leg each. Her arms were pulled outwards while the others pulled her legs open and upwards to allow easy access to her sexual organs.

Bound and pinned thus, she was as firmly restrained and held down as if by ropes and staves. Even without the restraints, however, she knew that she would gladly have lain there and submitted to them. These were welcome and well-accustomed friends, she felt safe and comfortable with them.

She felt the movement between her legs as the female moved forward and, wrapping her coils around Shelley’s body, pulled herself up onto her belly. The female settled herself there and then wound her two hind most tendrils gently but firmly around each of Shelley’s upper thighs as the centre tendrils embraced Shelley’s waist. Almost perceptively, the foremost tendrils stroked her sides in a soothing caress.

The female had a special protrusion to her rear, much like the tail of a scorpion, which could be turned upward or downward. But Shelley knew that there, the similarity ended. This was a highly unusual and versatile tool which would play a vital part in the first stage of the breeding.

Once in position, the female brought down her tail until it nestled against the outer lips of Shelley’s vulva. The ‘stinger’ began a slow caress up and down between Shelley’s labia, groping for her vagina, stimulating her erogenous zone, prompting Shelley’s genitals for the impending sexual congress. As the stinger caressed her, the opening at its tip secreted its slick, gooey coital fluid, preparing the passage for ease of entry and with the fluid came more of those heady pheromones. Shelley inhaled them deeply into her lungs and then let out a soft moan as the rush overwhelmed her and touched off a light, satisfying orgasm. From the tip of the stinger, the probe began to emerge and carefully felt for Shelley’s vagina. Gently, the female began to push the probe into her body, slowly inching into and up her vagina. The stinger planted itself over the vaginal opening and its mouth flared outward to cover Shelley’s labia, making a secure, shielding seal.

Shelley gasped with pleasure at the intrusion and closed her eyes, trying to relax as the female pushed ever deeper into her body. Inside her, she could feel the tendril snake its way gently up her vagina. She could hear a feint gurgling sound as the invading appendage surged and swirled within her. The stinger’s mouth-like opening slurped and smacked against Shelley’s mons as it plied its probe within her. Copious secretions seeped past their united organs and streamed lugubriously down her crotch. It always tickled her in an erotic way as it crept its way into her, urging on her arousal. Shelley’s hips rocked gently as she enjoyed the delicate incursion. The tendril curled and spun within her wet clingy confines, stimulating her uterus to lift and poise itself for sexual union while relaxing her for the upcoming procedure. Shelley surrendered herself to the creature’s attentions, rising with the seductive sensations until they peaked and she was rewarded with another, deeper climax.

Eventually, Shelley felt the tip of the probe nudge against her cervix. It groped around there, determining its whereabouts, centring itself, pushing hard now to ensure a good connection. The probe was, in fact, a tube and inside was another, specially adapted tendril. Within the tube also, were the ova, which Shelley would carry. Now she could feel something push against the opening of her cervix. The egg would be not much bigger than the end-joint of her little finger, and soft and pliant in its makeup. The female, having positioned the ovum at the opening now began to push upwards.

Shelley let out a small gasp as it began its journey up that narrow tube. Despite the narrowness of her cervix and the size of the intrusion, she was surprised that she felt no pain – just an odd, pleasurable sensation as the ovum was pushed deeper and deeper into her body.

The female’s probe continued to push upwards into her cervix until, at last, Shelley could feel a presence in her womb – the egg was in! Now, the female had extended her probe right into Shelley’s womb and she could feel it move about inside her, presumably making sure that the egg was secure and comfortable in the inviting warmth of its host.

Apparently satisfied, Shelley could feel the tendril being withdrawn from her womb, down her cervix and, finally, the female began to extract the tube from her vagina. It made a slurpy sound as it pulled free of her vagina and the stinger broke its kiss with her vulva.

Its purpose fulfilled, Shelley could feel the female relax. Her tendrils slowly unwound their clutch of Shelley’s body and weakly lifted her body above Shelley’s belly, dragging her limp stinger behind her like a wounded arm. The female paused for a moment to gather strength and then slithered off her belly, lifted her stinger over her body and scuttled gingerly off to the side. Shelley looked after her with the concern of an intimate friend. Now she could feel the two guardians tighten their grip on her legs and thighs, pulling them further outwards while pulling her knees upwards so that her back arched slightly off the ground, exposing her orifices fully.

She felt the movement between her thighs, the tendrils reaching upwards across her belly, the bulk of the male drawing itself up between her outstretched legs and rubbing across her exposed nether regions. She let out a gasp of anticipation as he moved upwards and inwards, wrapping his body around her and enveloping all of her crotch from her pubis to her buttocks. His fore-tendrils reached upwards and wrapped around her slim waist to hold him against her pubis, his centre tendrils wrapped around her up-turned thighs in order to secure his position and pull himself closer, his hind tendrils reached under her butt, crossed her back and gripped her hips to pull his body around her crotch.

She could feel a nudging to her rear, pushing between the cheeks of her buttocks as his seventh tendril began its journey to anchor him to her body. Pushing inwards between her yielding cheeks, it lightly touched the tight little ring of her anus, gently teasing and lubricating it with more pheromone rich coital fluid. The intoxicating aroma reached Shelley’s head and again she succumbed to another sweet, fulfilling climax. As it swept over her, Shelley could feel her sphincter muscles relax and contract in anticipated rhythm until eventually, she relaxed completely and opened up to him.

The probe pushed up against the now unresisting entrance, about the thickness of a man’s little finger tip at first, it pushed easily into her receptive anus. She let out another groan of pleasure as it continued its journey inwards, thickening now to the width of a thumb until she could feel the larger bulb pressing against the entrance. Willing herself to relax, she opened herself up even more to allow the large protrusion to push its way inwards, stretching her anal opening until it almost hurt then, with an inaudible pop, it was inside her.

Waves of delirium began to engulf her as she could feel the tendril in her rectal passage moving, turning, with the creature using it to pull himself even closer to her exposed body.

Now she could feel the second probe, gently working around the front of her vagina. This thin, deft tendril would have a different and unique purpose. She could detect it now feeling around at the entrance to her urethra. This had been entirely new to her that first time but now she waited with eager anticipation as the thin tendril gently pushed against the opening and into her pee-tube. She could feel it slithering steadily inwards and upwards until, finally, she sensed it deep inside her bladder.

The male now began to drink; she could feel it, as the liquid drained out of her bladder. The process (or taste) seemed to excite him as he grasped her more urgently and the anchor tendril coiled stronger inside her rectum, pulling him tighter.

Having drained her, he now began to inject his own fluid into her body. Again, she only had her senses to guide her, but she estimated that the males pumped quite a bit of the nutrient into her bladder as she could discernibly feel it begin to expand under the pressure.

Against the lips of her vagina, she could feel him begin to grow the third tendril. Unlike a human penis that dwelt external from the body, his was retractable and literally extended out of his body directly into hers. The emerging organ now pushed against the lips of her vagina, the secretions and his mate’s prior enticements helping its smooth penetration. Shelley felt the lips urged apart as the member began to enter her, moving on into the damp warmth of her vagina. Her head lolled back against the vegetation beneath her, she cried out with pleasure at the new intrusion.

She could feel the anchor probe in her anus and the tendril, still deep within her bladder, pulling at her to ensure his even penetration. The inseminating appendage continued to grow outwards from the creature, pushing deeper and deeper into Shelley’s insides. Again she heard the obscene gurgling sound as the delving penile implant crept into the intimate reaches that a woman reserves for lovers only. She had no idea of its width, but she surmised that it was thicker than a human phallus though, with its gradual growth and the mucous it secreted she accepted his intrusion easily and with delight.

He was filling her now, conforming to her inner contours, pushing deeper until she could feel him nudge against the base of her cervix. There, the end of his organ pushed firmly against the entrance and she could feel what must have been like lips closing around the opening, effectively sealing himself to her. He was now prepared for insemination.

He began an action, which always drove her over the edge towards a transportation of delight. His whole organ began to pulsate, undulate and throb deep within her and against the lips of her vagina sending waves of ecstasy through her body. Sensing his time was fast approaching, he began to distend his anal anchor probe. Shelley felt it thicken and the bulb, which nestled within her anal muscles, began to throb and swell rhythmically, pulling them even closer until she felt that, under other circumstances, she would have cried out with pain. As his small body worked fervently against her crotch their contact began to make a slight, telltale sexual smacking sound. Unconsciously, her hips began to roll in time to his rhythmic pulling as if pushing up to meet a lover’s welcome thrust. Within her vagina, his main probe began to swell, exaggerating the sensations she felt within her whole passage. On and on he surged in her. The billowing, throbbing, undulating organ worked against the walls of her vagina, tugging and pushing, slipping and sliding against her delicate intimate flesh. Shelley’s pampered senses were propelling her to an impending, inevitable crescendo.

She could tell by his clasping, along with the increased grip of the guardians, that the moment was close. The creature seemed to give one last lunge before beginning its convulsions. Human sex had never been like this event, where the male pumped his sperm into her vagina. The human penises she had known did not come close to establishing such a presence in her as this organ; it was so large and so lively. A man’s penis issued its seed in a brief, barely discernable squirt issued haplessly into her vagina, not at all like the tremendous flow this vessel was about to deliver. As he began to ejaculate, she could feel the semen jet and gush up the narrow tube of her cervix, directly into her womb. On and on he pumped until she could feel her stomach swell with that precious, impregnating liquid.

Shelley threw back her head and screamed and cried in orgasm – her whole body wracked with the most intense, almost unbearable pleasure. Combined with the overpowering effect of the pheromones, her climax lingered and extended into what amounted to a fit of pleasure that always left her weak and powerless as the mating party withdrew.

Slowly, she subsided and could feel her alien lover begin to loosen his grip on her. She could have cried with frustration as he slowly began to withdraw his tendrils first from her bladder, then the impregnating organ and, finally and slowly, she felt the bulb being drawn from her ravaged rectum.

The guardians slowly slackened their pull on her legs until her butt gently rested back on the ground. Now it was the male’s turn to wearily lift his body from her and make his exit. He untied his coils from her legs and waist and braced them on the ground. With a sticky slurp he broke his contact with Shelley’s crotch and hovered over her waist.

Glancing up at his underside, Shelley quickly inspected the weapons just used on her. She saw the hole from which his urethra probe emerged, she saw the still swollen anal anchor toward the back of his body and she marvelled that she had taken it. What grabbed her attention most was his penile tube. Still too bloated to retract all the way back into his body, the fat, tender looking appendage hung below him about the length of Shelley’s thumb and continued to drip the last remnants of his seminal solution. He shakily rose as high as he could over her, stepped to her side, lowered himself a little and then slithered off on his tentacles in an undulating motion. As he parted, another dose of his pheromones wafted up from his underside and her exposed crotch, lapsing her back into a nice climactic repose.

The guardians released her and withdrew. Oblivious to them, she languished on the soft ground in the now still clearing and enjoyed her post-coital recuperation without concern. Shelley knew she was now being watched and she would be looked after and protected from harm. She lazily drew an arm over her chest and hugged her breasts to her as she traced small circles in her matted pubic hair with her other hand. She rested for a few minutes before rising and walking slowly back towards her shack, the excess sperm trickling down the inside of her leg.

At the edge of her porch she drew a pail of water from the cistern and squatted with her back against a post. She splashed water over her sex and then scrubbed the slick residue from her hair and skin with her wet hands. After a brisk rinse, she cupped her palm over her vulva and contemplated her role. Life grew in her, left there not by a lover but by mysterious forest creatures. Her womanhood was vital in this place. Rising to her feet, she kept her hand over her sex and stared out into the forest, ‘Are they watching me?’ She was feeling weary from her ordeal. Now she went to her bunk, drew the netting and lay in a grateful sleep. The gestation period was around 24 hours, but the first stage would begin within about twelve.

She had awoken a couple of times as she could feel the movement of the new life within her. Then, she was awake, as she could feel that the time was near. Deep within her, she could feel her body prepare itself – it seemed that something inside her was opening up, and she knew that her cervix was preparing for the passage.

Now she felt her body begin to spasm, and the sensation of the young life beginning to push its way out. It had found its way to her cervix, and was now pushing downwards and into the narrow tube. Taking deep breaths, Shelley forced herself to relax as it forced its way into the cervical passage, and downwards. This was the only time she would really feel any kind of pain but somehow, even the pain was pleasant as her tube was stretched to accommodate its passage. Eventually, she could feel him emerge from her uterus into the cavity of her vagina, could feel its tendrils in there exploring and anchoring himself.

She now relaxed, with the youngster nestled in the warmth of her vagina and could feel its feeding tendril begin to push outwards. She reached down, and pulled open the lips of her vagina to help it and, looking down there, could see the thin tendril emerge and curl round until it found what it wanted.

She could see the tendril move towards her urethra, gently but urgently push against the entrance until, with a gasp from Shelley, it penetrated her. She lay back and let the tendril make its journey upwards until she could feel it enter her bladder and the creature begin to drink greedily from the nutrient fluid deposited there earlier by its father.

Odd, she thought, she almost felt maternal towards the little critter. More odd still that this intricate relationship could have evolved and carry on unknown to the outside world for centuries. And completely baffling, that this quite natural understanding could emerge between them without any communication at all. Satisfied that the youngster was safe, secure and feeding, she fell into deep sleep.

The following morning, she arose and went about her usual morning chores – tidying up and making herself some breakfast. She found it relatively easy to move around, even with the growing life within her vagina.

Her chores done, she sat in one of the reclining chairs on the porch. The youngster within her was growing rapidly, helped by the nutrient it fed on within her body, and she could feel her vagina begin to distend. It would now be about the size of a woman’s fist but would grow a bit more, before emerging into the world.

Eventually, she could feel the time was near, and began a slow walk towards the clearing. Due to the size of the creature within her, walking was now a more delicate affair as she tried to keep her legs apart.

Reaching the clearing, she could see the male and female awaiting her – the expectant nervous parents, she thought.

Pulling up her skirt, she lay down on the vegetation, pulled up and opened her legs wide for the final stage. Propped up on her elbows she stared down at her sex to witness the miracle of life with her mating partners.

Suddenly, she felt the movement within her increase as the youngster prepared for its birth. The tendril slowly pulled out from her urethra, and the creature began to push outwards. She could feel its main tendrils emerge from within her and these curled back and pressed against her skin to help it pull itself out. Now the size of a man’s hand, the creature was stretching her almost to the point of pain. Shelley gritted her teeth and pushed downwards to help it until, suddenly, she felt it emerge with something approaching a slurping sound. She felt the trust and acceptance of the parents, as they required no guardians to restrain her now. They both approached until they were between her knees, the male cupped his tendrils before her vagina to catch his offspring.

Looking down, she could see it now – the creature which had found life within her womb, she had carried and, her body at least, had nurtured. It clung to his coils and he bore it off into the undergrowth.

The female approached cautiously and tentatively extended a tentacle under Shelley’s thigh and around her hip. Shelley responded to the prompt and being careful not to bump the female, threw her leg over, rolled onto her stomach and then rose to her hands and knees. The creature wrapped a strong tendril around Shelley’s waist and deftly pulled herself up and perched upon Shelley’s rump. The female’s tentacles braced herself on Shelley’s hips and thighs in a supportive manner, not at all like the tenuous, restraining way during implantation. Shelley lowered her head to watch the coming event.

Arching her stinger beneath her, the female curled it behind Shelley’s butt and brought the appendage upward in contact once again with Shelley’s open, swollen vagina. Shelley watched intently as the end of the stinger opened up in a vertical slit and broad lips spread out and enveloped her outer labia. The strange, mouth-like orifice mounted, clasped and sucked at Shelley’s sex. Once a firm connection was made with her pubic mound Shelley felt the inner tendril gently part her labia, opening a passage and then the female began to secrete a fluid down into Shelley’s birth canal.

This was obviously some sort of postpartum procedure, an anaesthetic/antiseptic to heal her, prevent infection and prepare her for next month’s cycle. Shelley never refused it, it felt like a soothing, warm douche and she saw it as a special bonding moment. The fluid filled her vagina and then started to seep into her uterus. Once a goodly amount of fluid was injected, the creature slowly drew it out and then slowly pushed it back in making a steady, gentle current. Shelley watched transfixed as the coupled organs passed the fluid back and forth between their bodies, like two mouths kissing. The fluid sloshed and gurgled as it flowed between them. Some of it drooled out at small gaps in their contact. The stinger’s mouth adjusted its purchase and made distinctive kissing and smacking sounds as it worked on Shelley. With two free tentacles, the female began to gently stroke and caress Shelley. They rolled along her sides and belly and slid up and down her back. They delicately curled and twisted over her thighs.

Shelley remembered how the female always tenderly stroked her during implant and wondered about this strange procreative dependence as this creature tended to her sex organs that she had just lent it. There seemed to be such care and concern in this creature. Shelley wondered if they really cared or if they only needed her for her womb. Were they intelligent or just highly organized? Did they enjoy this contact or was it just instinct? Shelley reached back with her hand and placed it over the tentacle on her thigh. She was thrilled as the tip of the tendril curled up in the palm of her hand and then lightly caressed her wrist. She didn’t know how long their therapy session lasted; it seemed it was always over too soon. With one final smack and a slurp the female pulled away the stinger from her vulva and the medicinal fluid gushed out and splattered on the ground between Shelley’s knees. She slowly eased herself down the back of Shelley’s thighs. She hovered there a bit, examining Shelley’s sex with a swipe of a tendril, and then slowly backed into the forest.

Shelley wearily stood up and paused for a moment to let the remains of the juices run out of her vagina and down her leg. Opening her legs in a semi-crouch, she peed, relieving herself of what was left within her and watched the remains of the deep blue liquid stream onto the forest floor. She smoothed down her skirt and parted for home.

Her mind went back to what she had asked herself before. She couldn’t stay here forever. Some day, her reproductive years would come to an end. Some day, she would have to go back home, to live in the city. But what about her duty to these creatures, who relied on her and her body to bring forward new life – or was she perhaps thinking that, after what she had experienced, ‘normal’ sex would never be quite the same again.

Erotic Horror

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Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister <br />Police and dogs, they all came, but they found nothing. Of course I was a person of interest, but they found nothing, only a backpack found several miles into another state. It is so fun to watch local law enforcement running around, looking for the lost. <br /> <br />I went to work a couple days latter; blaming high fever for my absence. Other than wearing more baggy close as I wait for my meal to go down, noting really changed much. The girl and I had little to do with each other on a regular basis, other than I was her teacher and neighbor, but who ever jumps to conclusion about a female teacher and a female student. <br /> <br />Its now early summer, and my meal has yet to go down but so far. I guess I couldn’t expect such a strong person to go down without a fight. Of course, she…if I can still call ‘it’ she…has stopped moving a long time ago, I’m still surprised there’s anything left. Of course, hunger hasn’t been a problem for months. It should be for years. <br /> <br />With summer in full swing, at least for the students, I’m out of work. There isn’t much to do anymore, and I stopped doing summer school years ago. I have often though about moving, but the selection here is nice. I look out my window and see waves of children playing in the street, or walking to their latest sports practice, or just laying around in the yard. I like this planet…so many choices, so many shapes, so much uniqueness. What they call ethnicities…I call flavors. <br /> <br />Oddly enough, one that has wet my pallet isn’t all that far away, or all that different from my last….Christina’s younger brother. Since his sister’s disappearance, he’s been very depressed, no longer the energetic child that he once was. He simply sits on the deck behind his house, mopping around. I don’t know why I didn’t mention him before, the two were practically stuck to one another whenever they had the chance. The boy should have graduated middle school by now, but I haven’t been paying that close attention to him. He looks much like his sister did, light brown hair that sits just above his shoulders, cream colored skin, and very toned. Unlike his sister, he doesn’t seem like an early bloomer from a masculine perspective. <br /> <br />Finally, one day, I find myself in my own backyard, just wondering around, tending to my plant, when I here a crash in a back alley way. I stand and move to my high fence, crack it open and look behind my home. That’s when I see him. He appears to be picking up trash from a tipped over can. I look to him, its such a shame to leave him alone. <br /> <br />“Justin is it?” I call out. <br /> <br />The boy looks up at me in a way that makes him look just like his sister. It stirs me in a very familiar since. <br /> <br />“Yes?” He responds in his still very adolescent sounding voice. <br /> <br />“How about you come over for something to drink.” <br /> <br />He shrugs. <br /> <br />Eventually, I have the boy on my couch sipping a glass of lemon aid. It seems to calm his nerves slightly. I sit in an easy chair across from him, look to him and respond, <br /> <br />“You miss your sister.” <br /> <br />The boy nods his head yes. <br /> <br />“You two were very close. I could see how you would. I think I may know a way in which you can be with her again.” <br /> <br />He looks up to me. “You do? Where is she?” <br /> <br />“How about this…I will do something for you, and you can do something for me. In the process I’m sure you will find what you are looking for.” <br /> <br />The boy thinks about it for a moment, then nods yes. I stand from my current location and place my wet glass on the table, I extend my hand to the boy. He thinks for a moment. He had always seemed to be more cautious than his sister. <br /> <br />“I’m sure your sister misses you.” I say to him. Its enough to push him to take the chance. He places his glass on the table and I reach forward, pulling him up. I lead him up stairs and into my room, or my parlor if you will. He steps boldly forward, stopping only as I come behind him and close the door. Then I turn, look down to the young boy, I bend down and kiss him square on the lips, but he is not like his sister. He back off immediately. <br /> <br />“What are you doing?” <br /> <br />“Come on,” I say as I stand back up. You said you would do something for me first.” <br /> <br />“Yeah, so? And what do you mean, aren’t you pregnant?” <br /> <br />“SOOO,” I say as I return his childish whine, ignoring the pregnant comment. “Its been a long time since I’ve been with a man. Nothing personal, but you are old enough. Come on. Don’t you want to see your sister again?” <br /> <br />The boy eats it up…the part about his sister anyway. <br /> <br />“Yes.” He responds in a meek tone. <br /> <br />I pull him forwards, and try to kiss him again, but as before I quickly realize he’s not that into it. So, I push him down towards the bed. I kneel down and unbuckle his belt, and pull down his pants. He still wears briefs. I smile at the site, then pulls down his briefs were I see his small, childish manhood. He’s uncut. There are few hairs to get in my way, and while I’ve like the occasional boy every once in a while, typically I would say he’s too young and throw him back. <br /> <br />I take his small, Penis into my mouth and begin suck on him. I continue the motion, licking it up and down. I use one of me hands to play with his probably recently descendant balls. I begin massaging them. This starts his breathing deepening. I can hear a slight moaning in his throat. I then reach up, and take off his shirt, allowing his young chest to breath. I find myself quiet surprised by the definition of this young boys body. His is very much in shape, a decent physical specimen, but his lacks one of his sister’s better features. I can fix that. I push him down. I stand up and pull of my own cloths. I am as naked as he. I stares up at me, transfixed on my luscious body made richer by his sister’s nourishment. I bend over and look to his member once more. I take it in my mouth. Unlike before, where it seems as if he was fighting the sensation, now, his member rises and rises, and rises. Before I know it, I’m having problems holding him my mouth. I back off for a moment, to gauge this item. Its over seven inches long and I don’t think he’s completely hard, and its thick. As I saw before, he’s uncut. I reach forward and pull down his foreskin and find its head, full of blood, and ready for service. <br /> <br />‘Just like his sister…very, very gifted.’ <br /> <br />I reach forward and begin sucking. The boy’s body twitches slightly as its obvious he is very tender to the touch. I feel safe to extend this, I want to play with him a little. I reach behind his scrotum and feel the entrance of his man hole. I push at its entry way. I immediately feel some resistance. <br /> <br />‘Good.’ <br /> <br />I reach my hand down to my crotch. I begin massaging it, massaging out my own, private member. I make myself erect. I then stand from the bed, and grab the boys hips. He looks at me as if to say ‘what are you doing.’ I press myself up behind the boy and push myself in. There is no hesitation. I push directly into his body, ramming myself as far as I can go. <br /> <br />“Ughhhh!” He grunts, but does not scream. Mine is only a mimesis, a copy, a forgery I decided to have in case I realized that, one day, a new sex may be necessary for my disguise. As a result, its not as hard as a real males. Its more fleshy. Of course, this male, once he is mine, shall bluster this aspect of my body and allow me really be hard, just like his sister has made my body more rounded. <br /> <br />I try to fill him as best as possible. This sensation of being inside another is one I’ve never felt before. I’ve only had the young or dyeing, these siblings are the first fully living, fully health, full blooded human’s I have had since I arrived on this planet. It’s a shame though…I really liked them both. I sort have grown to like these creatures, but this is survival…no…this is fun. I feel his insides, I feel the shape, and the curves of this orifice that was never designed for this purpose. It grabs me and tries to drain me, suck my own, false member. It begins to pump me out. I must keep enough thought to send to him what, and only what I want. I want him to join what his sister once had. I transfer over the necessary fluids. This will take. His sister had to come to an orgasm for my venom to effect her, and right now, with every thrust and gyration I make into this young boy, I can feel his sister’s remains bouncing around my insides providing me a sensation I have never felt before. I ejaculate what I need into him, and watch him change. This more familiar fluid is easily taken by his body, and not defended against, like my venom. <br /> <br />His chest balloons. He looks down to it, and gasps, but I jump on top of him, and take his now open mouth into my own. I reach forward and grabs his B-cup chest…its all I wish too spare for the moment. I massage his new members and he moans into my mouth uncontrollably. He has no defense for this from this…this feeling of pleasure. I can feel his manhood below me pulsate, but I don’t want to miss this. I withdraw from him, bend down his crotch and suck on his member as much as possible until it voluntarily gives up everything I want. It fills my mouth with his seed, and the taste is like nothing I’ve ever had. I’ve had the tendency to prefer females for there ease of access and their innate stupidity, but now…this boy has introduced me to a flavor I had not known. Something that I had been afraid to try for the purpose of having to establish this ‘front.’ It is so wonderful…I only wish I could keep him around. But a promise is a promise. <br /> <br />As his erection dies, I look forward to the young boy’s face with is now blocked by his ample chest. He doesn’t look down at me. Instead, he looks up at the ceiling. I reach up, I want to see the look on his face before I devour him. <br /> <br />He is crying. His face and eyes are red. He is in distress. <br /> <br />“What’s wrong?” I ask him. I’ve had my share of his species, but I’ve never had this reaction before. <br /> <br />“This is what you did to her…didn’t you?” He says looking at me in a pathetic way. <br /> <br />I smile, I’ve never had one figure me out, but… <br /> <br />Later in the week… <br /> <br /> I sit in front of my computer. I type into an internet search bar: While I really like this area, two that have gone missing may introduce more attention than I care. The police are around, and they are asking questions. Fortunately, my care is currently in Miami where I am check into a hotel. So I just remain quiet while I wait for them to disappear. So far, the new has figured that he has just vanished to try and look for his sister…they were so close, and now they are together. And by the time anyone expects anything different, they’ll just be two aspects of brown sludge on their way to the processing plant. And just think…I can still feel him moving. <br /> <br />Twins <br />Coldness…an odd coldness, that’s all he can describe it as. There appears to be no up, no down, just an empty space. The only since of time is the odd pulsating of some sort of all encompassing fluid that seems to surround everything in this world. <br /> <br />‘Were am I.’ He thinks to himself. ‘Maybe I can see.’ <br /> <br />He forces himself to recognize light, colors, and patterns. There is an odd sheen of light in the background. It provides an eerie glow. Inside, objects are distorted by a sort of pale liquid. Nothing is easily identifiable. Most objects appear to be worn out, dried up husks. There appears to be little sine of anything similar to life. <br /> <br />‘Where am I. I don’t want to be here.’ He thinks. <br /> <br />He begins to realize his ability to look around. He begins to search visually, his mind realizing that there must be something that can be found, but not realizing what he is even looking for. Then finally, in the corner of the space, he finds a familiar object. It’s a young girl. She’s curled in a ball, and appears to be in some sort of stress. Ever so often, small bits of light seem to leave her body, and the girl seems to shrink in some manor that isn’t clear to him yet. <br /> <br />Quickly realizing this is what he is looking for, he begins to turn his focus to arriving at her location, only to find that is this will alone that allows him to travel threw this odd space. He arrives at the young girls location. He places his arms on her shoulders looks to her and instantly responds, <br /> <br />“Christina…Christina.” <br /> <br />The young girl looks up to him. She looks nothing like she did when he last saw her, she looks younger, years younger. <br /> <br />“Christina!” yells. <br /> <br />“Justin…” the girl replies in a sad tone. “Why…why are you here…you shouldn’t be here. WHY ARE YOU HERE!” <br /> <br />“I came to find you.” <br /> <br />“No now your going to die!” The girl yells and begins crying. The rears immediately change to spots of light, and drift off into the distance. Then, small lights drift away from here, her own age seems to reverse slightly as well. <br /> <br />“What’s happening to you? Why are you…well shrinking?” He asks. <br /> <br />“She ate us! She’s digesting us!” <br /> <br />“Nothing’s happened to me.” He says looking over himself. “We need to get out of here!” <br /> <br />“How? Were dead!” <br /> <br />“Were not! Come on! We’ll find a way out!” <br /> <br />“We will?” The girl asks. <br /> <br />“We will.” <br /> <br />The boy embraces his sister. <br />“Ughhhh.” <br /> <br />I roll over. My stomach aches with cramps…upset stomach I assume. I stand up from the bed, wonder over to the side, and without warning projectile vomit all over the place. I look up look towards the mess on the floor to find… <br /> <br />“What…how?” I say looking towards the two on the floor. <br /> <br />Both Justin and Christine lie on the floor, both covered in a mucus like fluid, both embracing each other. Then, they break. Christina is younger, much younger that when she last saw her. She now about the age of her younger brother. The two look at each other, and their surroundings, and then too Ms. Harland. She sits on all fours looking over the edge of the bed, watching the two with a blank face. <br /> <br />“Wha…how…why…huh?” Ms. Harland starts. <br /> <br />Justin looks towards her, along with Christina. They instantly become infuriated. The two stand from their previous position and look towards the woman. <br /> <br />“Well, I’m guessing this won’t end well.” <br /> <br />The two stands, and Christina starts, <br /> <br />“Why…I trusted you!” <br /> <br />“Well,” Ms. Harland starts as she sits back. “I am not from this world. My planet is dead. Mainly from war, of course the supper nova that we were to busy fighting with each other to care about didn’t help. If you human’s think your about to destroy your planet, your nothing but a bunch of tree huggers, to barrow one of your own expressions. Of course, we have special dietary requirements. There’s only a few of us left now. Most went to the other side of the galaxy, but I decided to look threw our database and I found this place. The inhabitants were suppose to be rather primitive, not what I would call intelligent or developed. Of course, at that time, when one of our probes last came by, the most intelligent creatures on Earth was what is called a T-Rex. When I came here, your parents were probably not even born. I adopted your form with some of my equipment and I just integrated into your society. I figured that I could just feast off of your kind. Of course, I kept a low profile, feeding off of the unwanted, people far off in other parts of the world, its actually easy with my equipment. Then…I got use to your lifestyle, and the people, but I can’t stop eating. Your food doesn’t seem to hold me like…well, you do. I’ve been looking for alternatives, and I think I’ve found some, but well, old habits are hard to drop. I had seen you, Christina, for years. You were everything that I had grown accustom to desiring in both a sexually and hunger. Then, your brother came over looking for you and, well.” <br /> <br />“So…why shouldn’t we call the Air Force on you?” Justin replies angry. <br /> <br />“Well, you still need my help. It looks as if Christina has nourished me enough to hold me over till I can make my own substitute food.” <br /> <br />“Well,” Christina looks herself over. “I look like I’m thirteen.” <br /> <br />“You probably are. To be honest, I’ve only heard of what happened to you too, I’ve never actually seen it. Our digestive systems are different than yours. They extract an…an energy rather than the matter itself. So you two can send me packing to the nearest secret base in the desert if you want, but remember…I am still your best chance.” <br /> <br />“How?” Christina asks. <br /> <br />“Look at you two. You were always together before, now you don’t have four years separating you. I have technology, which I use on a regular basis, that can…allow people to think that’s how things always were. Of course, you can show up at your parents house as is, and well, be subject to all that questioning. But if you do…I’ll save you a jar at Area 51.” The woman looks to the two with an all knowing smirk, before responding, “Besides, I think you two will make a nice set of twins.” <br /> <br />Two months latter… <br />The twins enter into their new high school for the first time. The semi-popular set walk in with their friends talking and having fun. As before Christina wears her little skirts, longer than before of course, as now the school requires students to wear a uniform. The two move to their first class of high school, and take their seats up front in the class, and both prep for the arrival of the teacher. Then, after the early morning bell rings, the student watch shocked as the new teacher moves inside the room. She has a shapely body, and a decent sized chest, legs that has a natural sheen to them that one has to wonder if she’s wearing pantyhose. She wears a tight black skirt, a set of low cut heels, and a tight, white blouse that allows her bra outline to show threw. She steps into the room, looking at the overlooking the room as she presses her small book up against her ample bosom. She walks up to her desk as every eye in the room watches her, nearly all of them with an air of lust…two pairs in a ‘not you’ look on them. <br /> <br />She places her small book on the table, looks at the class too start, <br /> <br />“Well hello class, welcome to 9th grade Health and Human Sexuality. I’m Susan Harland, I’ll be your teacher for the semester. Now, student’s this class is much more aggressive than the ones your use to, and as such, I have a permission slip for you to stay here. If you stay, you can expect to never look at your bodies in the same light again.” She then winks at the two students sitting up front. <br /> <br />Christina and Justin look at each other, then back forward. <br /> <br />“To put it simply, if you stay, its going to be an interesting school year.” <br /> <br />The End

Erotic Horror

Tue, 19 Jan 2010 18:04:39 UTC

Adventures in Horticulture

Emily house-sits for her botanist neighbor and gets seduced by an enormous flowering plant in the professor’s greenhouse.

Adventures in Horticulture

It was not too much to ask, a simple chore, really. Her neighbor, Prof. Masterson, a kind elderly woman who had always been a good friend, had asked Emily to tend to her house while she was away at a botanical exposition. The professor had fallen all over Emily with praise but there really was no reason. Emily was happy to do it and the chores involved were quite simple. She was asked to collect the mail and water the plants inside the house and the adjoining arboretum. It could hardly take more than 20 minutes and Emily had always been fond of the old lady, she was more than happy to oblige when she was asked.

The instructions were to water the plants only and to not dwell in the greenhouse too long. She had even reemphasized that last point just before she left for the airport. “Just water the plants in the arboretum and leave as quickly as possible, dear,” the professor had told her. “I’ll explain it all to you some day, but for now, remaining too long in there might prove… disruptive to your constitution.”

Emily had no idea exactly what that implied but she was sure it was only some precaution about allergies or skin rashes and paid no more mind to it. She saw it as a mere detour from her daily routine, something she could polish off quickly when she got home from work.

Emily was a single, professional woman in her late 30s. Physically fit with an attractive figure, she was a brunette, more attractive than most, but she kept her looks concealed behind thick glasses and a toned-down wardrobe. She had no qualms about men in her life and in fact had always enjoyed a vigorous sex life. But, being a bit of a bookworm, she simply enjoyed being alone and had consequently devoted her life more to her career than to romantic pursuits.

The people in the cul-de-sac enjoyed her as a respectable and dependable neighbor who kept her property neat and attractive and caused no disturbances or detractions. She was the perfect go-to person for house sitting or monitoring and she was called upon often for this kind of favor. It made her proud to be so respected.

It was Saturday afternoon and in spite of Prof. Masterson’s concise warnings, Emily had her heart set on curling up with a good book in the warm sunlight of that arboretum. She had noticed a chaise lounge-chair right by the door into the house so she knew it could not be dangerous in there. She would finish up the chores, roll the lounge chair into the sunlight and enjoy her book all afternoon.

As she unlocked the front door and entered her neighbor’s house she could hardly wait to finish up the work and settle down for her relaxing read. She set down the book she was reading, a thoroughly smutty romance novel, on the kitchen counter and then filled the water can at the sink. She attacked all the plants upstairs first and then worked her way through the ground floor. There were a wide variety of exotic plants which Emily figured was probably typical for a plant biology professor. She tried to remember all the specific instructions she was given for each plant and was careful not to make a mess but she was anxious to get this out of the way and get into her book. She finished faster than usual and returned the can to the sink.

That taken care of, Emily collected her book from the counter and made her way through the study to tend to the plants in the greenhouse. Opening the sliding door she stepped into the humid warmth and felt it close around her before she shut the door into the house. She shut her eyes and tilted back her head to enjoy the sun on her face. She inhaled the fresh earthy scents of the ferns, vines and trees about her and knew this would be the perfect place to curl up with a good book and heal her senses with full effects of nature.

First, she had to tend to her chores. She set her book on the lounge chair and picked up the water can from where she left it by the door. Emily put the can under the spigot and turned it on while her eyes scanned the enclosed garden and took note of the circuit she needed to take to finish this job. She was anxious to finish and filled the can to the top so she could get all the watering done in one trip. The can was heavy so she applied it to the big trees first to get the bulk of the load emptied fast. Next came the vines around the edges and last but not least, the big, odd-looking plant in the sunny corner of the room. She got close to the center stalk and dumped the can to flow around the plant’s base the way the professor had shown her. She emptied the can and then stood back to look at the thing in its whole.

She figured it had to be some kind of tropical plant because of its lush foliage; some deep jungle because she had never seen anything like it. It had big, broad leaves in a thick clump around its base. Arrayed within this clump were five 6-inch long buds with purple petals closed tight around them. The most dominating feature of the plant was a long pinkish-purple stalk that grew up out of its center that was about 3 to 4 inches thick and rose to about 7 feet tall. At the top of the stalk was a huge pink bulb about the size of a large cantaloupe with thick, shiny, pink petals.

Emily imagined the thing to be absolutely beautiful when in bloom and made a mental note to ask Dr. Masterson to show her the blossom when it was time. She knelt down to look more closely at the five tightly wrapped buds around the base. Examining them, they appeared to be wrapped too tightly to be anywhere near blossoming. She was about to stand up when she heard a slight crackle and pop. She heard more and then she noticed the leaves opening up around the stamens. She thought it must be the afternoon sunlight and she watched all five of them spread apart to reveal bright, deep-purple flowers with 6-inch, dark yellow, cone-shaped anthers sticking out of the centers. It was a stunning display and she stood up to take in the entire scene. She inhaled deeply and it was then that she notices the enticingly sweet aroma of the blossoms.

She looked up to see if the big bloom was opening, but no, it seemed to be waiting for some other event. She stroked the stalk and found it sturdy and strong. She lightly touched the big bulb and felt its softness. The petals encompassing the bud were voluptuous and full with a kind of tough, leathery feel. Emily wondered what intricately beautiful and large blossom such a bud concealed. Her hand played down the stalk and stroked its length to test its sturdiness and texture. She would have to ask Dr. Masterson about the nature of this odd plant and its unique configuration.

At last, her job was done, time to relax and get into her book. Returning the water can to its place by the spigot, she scooped up the book and dragged the lush lounge chair over to the sunny spot beside the big, pretty plant, plopped down, kicked off her sandals, and started to read. It felt cozy enough to take a nap on and she thought she just might but she was eager to continue into her story where she had left off.

She quickly lost herself in the imaginative distraction. As the story evolved Emily relaxed in the warm rays of the sun. She felt a weariness she did not know she had slowly melting from her. This being one of her usual tawdry romance novels, it was not too long before Emily tripped upon an elaborate love scene. She relished these lurid trips into explicit lust, specifically crafted to tease a woman’s libido into her conscious mind. As she read along, this one promised to be exquisitely sensuous and, subconsciously unaware, she raised her hand to her mouth and began tracing the outlines of her lips.

Further she read and her mind sank into the lavishly detailed encounter of the two characters in her book. Her fingers strayed, lightly stroking her cheek and then caressing the lobe of her ear. It fueled her intense passion, her flesh hungered for stimulation to match that being fed her mind. The wanton fingers slowly drug across her neck and lightly lingered on her throat before plunging downward to the opened collar of her blouse; threatening and teasing her cleavage. Her flame burned hotter and with no overt awareness on her part, Emily’s finger tips began following the laced edge of her bra. Up and down they surreptitiously crept. Her pulse climbed precipitously and her chest heaved with each breath. Her fingers boldly crept lower until finding the nipple of her breast. The nipple was hard beneath the fabric of her brazier and tip of her middle finger began circling it round and round.

Emily stopped her reading and lifted her head from her book. Her trashy romance novels always got her worked up but this time she was feeling especially horny. She bit her lip and looked anxiously out through the glass walls of the greenhouse; suddenly nervous that some one might have witnessed her fondling herself. About her, Dr. Masterson’s garden was peaceful and serene. None of the surrounding houses were tall enough to look down into the greenhouse from and the high hedge protruding above the cedar fence encircling the yard was far too dense to see through. Emily could not be seen in here. She took a deep breath, sniffing in that wonderful smell of the big purple flowers, and stretched in the warm sunlight. It began to feel stuffy to her and she was getting a little overheated. She was feeling just so wicked and erotically charged.

She decided to take off her blouse, the notion just popped into her head. She stood up and swayed from the dizzying rush in her head. She looked about the garden again and then started unbuttoning her blouse. It felt odd to expose herself to the raw sunlight and even more so to be doing it in somebody else’s home but the notion just seemed to fit in with her erotic mood. After she tossed her blouse of the chair she continued to strip off her bra. She arched back and lifted her nude breasts to the sun and felt the delicious warmth on her skin. She cupped her fair-sized boobies in her hands and gently squeezed them. The sensation only drove her sensuous mood higher and she knew her pants would have to come off too.

She was feeling carefree and dangerously depraved but nothing would stop her now. She unhitched her pants and dug her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and pushed both garments down her legs in one swift motion. She stepped out of them, took a wide stance in the bright sunlight and let her hands wander over her body like an impassioned lover.

This behavior was so unlike her and she was a little shocked at her own actions but it all felt so delicious and delightful. She stretched again, shook her short brown hair loose and then settled back down in the lounge chair to get back into that book. She sat cross-legged on the chair with the book on her lap. The action continued hot and heavy as she read. Her hands began to roam once again over her skin. One hand cupped her tit and she lightly brushed her thumb back and forth over her nipple. The other hand crept to her crotch.

Quite subconsciously, her fingers encroached on the dense hair at the border of her pussy. Teasingly, her hand approached her moist slit, looking for the little button that drove her wild. Her finger had parted the wet folds and was lightly stroking her lubricating juices up over her clit. Round and round Emily worked her little bud and her nipple as she read. She was climbing close to orgasm when she caught herself well in to her self-pleasuring and realized it was not even an especially erotic part of the story. She was too close to interrupt herself now, though. She pushed the book off her lap, laid back in the chair and went to work in an all out dash for orgasm. As one hand continued to busily twitch her clitoris from side to side, two fingers of her other hand sank deep into her cunt and began churning her hungry depths.

Emily could not believe how worked up she was getting and could tell that the quick pace of her passion was leading her to an epic climax. She doubled her speed and intensity as both of her hands began stroking and plunging on her pussy in a frantic race for relief. She dug her heals into the chair cushion and began to rock her hips in an opposing rhythm to her busy hands. She worked as if she were under the body of an impassioned lover driving to fuck her brains out. She grunted and moaned wantonly, letting herself go to the moment, she felt wild and free. Her nipples were hardened to dense nubs that sent thrills throughout her body as they jiggled on her heaving chest. A chill titillated her flesh and she was covered goose bumps and at the same time a heavy blush of sweat. She wanted this so much and it was coming so big and so fast. In an all out fury to lapse her joy she heaved her hips violently into the air as her finger dug and pinched against her inflamed cunt.

She drew in a big breath and then it hit her. She screamed in triumph as an enormous orgasm seized her. The wave of ecstatic delight and release burst through her like a bolt of lightening. Every muscle in her tender body clenched as pleasure touched upon her in a magnitude she had seldom known. She shook and twitched in the throes of joy that she thought would nearly drive her insane. She rode it well and tried to make it endure. The onslaught slowly passed and she released her straining muscles, threw her arms to her sides and let her body drop limply onto the lounge chair.

Devastated by the bliss, she lay stunned and let her blood spread slowly back out to her exhausted limbs. As her mind started to recover, she tried to piece together what had provoked that sudden and incredibly out-of-proportion lust-frenzy. She lazily turned her head to the side, toward the odd plant, and inhaled deeply to enjoy its sweet aroma.

Almost instantly, a wave of intense pleasure surged through her. To her absolute dismay, Emily was cumming again. As quickly and every bit as intense as the climax she just had, her body was lost in the effects of an entirely new jolt of physical joy. Her muscles clenched and she drew herself into a ball as the orgasm ripped through her. Her vision went dark and she rolled onto her side. She let herself go again and was soon giggling from the rewarding delight.

As this second climax finished its course, Emily slid over the side of the chair and onto her hands and knees on the tile floor. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Emily was none-the-less enough of a pragmatist to wonder how two of the most intense orgasms of her life had struck her so suddenly, and the second one with no stimulation to prompt it at all. She shook her head to clear away some of the fog.

As the last of her tremors subsided and she gradually regained full control of her body she pieced together in her mind how this masturbatory session was different than all her others. It was neither her book nor her mood, it had to be her environment and in particular something in it that had changed just recently. She lifted her head and saw before her the wide open blossoms around the base of that big, odd, tropical plant and her inquisitive mind reasoned it had to be some narcotic effect of those big yellow anthers protruding up so daring from the center of those blossoms. She had to test her theory. She took off her glasses and laid them on the chair and then crawled from the hard tiles up on to the lush moss bed that surrounded the tantalizing plant.

Her inviting round hips swayed and her ample tits swung beneath her as her soft form approached the curious plant. She could feel the effects her two mighty orgasms had on her; her inner thighs were wet with the slick dew weeping from her overcharged cunt; her skin was on fire with amplified awareness; her nipples ached with the hardness of arousal. When she had crawled up to the thick foliage at the base of the plant she sank to her elbows and in a very unscientific manner, tested her assumption with a much too forward approach and inhaled the heady fragrance of the blooms at point-blank range.

All too quickly Emily confirmed her hypothesis with devastating effect. Her previous orgasms were completely eclipsed by an onslaught of physical pleasure she thought might be the death of her. An intense climax tore through her and in an instant robbed her of her body’s control. The kind of stimulation she usually felt with only her clitoris was magnified and felt throughout her entire being. Waves of pure ecstasy emanating from her pussy spread out ward and washed her in absolute bliss. The inside of her cunt clutched at its emptiness and the churning muscles within filled her with a want for penetration like she had never known. She gasped for her next breath and with it came another quaking spasm of climax. Emily was lost in it all like some cocaine/LSD trip she could not shrug off. She longed to thrust her fingers into her voided pussy and fill her need but to her dismay her arms would not respond. She was bound in place, not at all against her will, with her face buried in the intoxicating foliage, and her body wracked with almost unendurable delight.

Unnoticed by Emily, the big plant was going through some changes of its own. As Emily had approached the base of the plant, the large bulb at the top of the long stalk had slowly opened. Three thick rubbery petals had spread apart to reveal a long slender pistil at their center. It was a vivid pink, about 8 inches in length, an inch and a half in diameter, with 3 fat stigma at its tip. As the petals separated the pistil at the center began to twist and undulate around in the air, bending and reaching as though searching for something near the bloom.

If she had kept enough of her senses, Emily would have witnessed the stalk bend to one side and then it too began twisting round and round as if groping for something it sensed nearby. She did not see the stalk bend lower nor did she notice that it had stopped waving around in a circles to stoop over her back. She did feel the cool, wet droplets of thick goo that drooled from the spread petals and fell upon her back, but she was too lost in her ceaseless rapture to pay them any mind. Regardless of her stupor, the odd plant’s stalk was now crouched over her upturned butt in what might have startled her as a very sinister if not suggestive position.

Emily reveled in her organic sex trip as the thick arm of the strange plant arched over her back and the big, three-petal flower was poised directly over her soft round ass. Lower the flower dropped, the pistil reached down to her, its three stout stigma undulated and rubbed against each other as if tasting the air for a yearned target. Thick drops of slippery excretions oozed from the pistil on to her butt and ran down over her crotch. She did not even flinch when the petals first touched her ass-cheeks. However, when the hovering plant bulb encountered her flesh it moved much more quickly.

The three broad, thick petals opened widely and then the whole grotesquely huge flower dropped onto Emily’s upturned butt. A copious flow of thick, slippery sap oozed out from the petals and the long pink pistil at their junction. The coating flowed over her, up her back, around her hips and down her legs. The goo flooded over her crotch and drenched her pubic hair into a glaze of slime. She was almost completely oblivious to it but powerless to do anything about it anyway. It was, in her mind, simply a soothing warmth.

The petals took on life of their own. They groped over her skin, feeling her contours and exploring her position. Two of the big, probing flaps felt their way around the soft globes of her ass while the third extended itself behind her tender upper thighs.

The long pistil became even more active. Under the protective tent of the surrounding petals it slithered and probed over her butt. Lead by the three fat stigma at its tip, it searched over her skin until finding the cleft of her ass. It gently groped the tight groove, extended itself, ever reaching for something it sensed further down.

With the advance of the pistil toward Emily’s sex, the broad petal over the back of her thighs pressed its way between them and gently forced her knees apart. Gaining access, it wrapped itself over her mound and up beyond her waist. The other two petals accommodated the advance by releasing her hips and reacquiring a firm clasp around her butt cheeks.

With her entire crotch in the plant’s embrace, the pistil was in position to engage her. More of its slippery sap was applied within its almost water-tight clench around her muff. She was aware of only a slight clumsy fumbling around her soggy, imprisoned gash but once the relentlessly groping fingers of the stigma had found the opening to her snug crevice there was no doubt in Emily’s mind she was being entered and her heart thrilled at the promise. The pistil penetrated her slowly, but steadily. Its firm but pliant phallus moved into her, following her contours and expanding outward to contact every untouched pore of her vagina. Her yearning to be filled was at last satisfied and her fluttering cooze finally had something to clench against.

Pushing in all the way to the back of her canal, the busy fingers at the tip began feeling around in the cramped limits of Emily’s pussy. They finally settled around the rounded bulge of her uterus. They spread out until the membrane between them formed a cup centered over her cervix.

She was quite delirious with the constant pleasure of her fragrance induced orgasms, but with the sturdy stem of plant pressed firmly up her quim and the snug embrace around her butt Emily might have thought her rapture to be complete. That was when the petals wrapped around her mounted a steady pull and release action that sent the entire encounter to a new level. As the petals pulled inward, they drove the pistil into her. As they released the pistil drew back out slightly with a light suck on her uterus. She was getting a nice rhythmical humping motion to go along with her penetration and with that she lost all control. With her face buried among the lush leaves she began moaning her delight every bit like a woman being passionately ravaged.

On and on the big flower pumped and sucked at Emily’s pussy, fueling in her the psychedelic mind trip of extreme gratification. The huge petals gripped her fiercely and the pool of gooey sap sloshed around her crotch as the pistil impelled into her. Her moans of delight gradually got weaker until they were merely a fickle coo and whimper. She was becoming oblivious to everything but the intense pleasure and whatever use the plant made of her sex was a happily discarded mystery. With her body surrendered, Emily’s mind drifted deeper into an opiate delirium of sexual delights, until at last, she reached her absolute limit of endurance and lapsed into unconsciousness. Her arms crumpled beneath her and her knees slid out behind her. Her torso dropped onto the soft moss and her head pulled free of the stamen’s perfume. Unrelenting in its embrace, the big flower still worked on her captured sex. In the firm grasp of the thick petals, her hips were still held aloft and a sickening gurgle accompanied the slow draw and thrust of the flower against her helpless body.


The first thing Emily noticed was a chill. She instinctively searched about her for the covers. Failing to find any, her eyes blinked open as her mind tried to piece together what was wrong. All she could make out was that it was dark and whatever was underneath her did not feel like her bed linen. With a shriek she bolted upright when she realized she was lying nude on the mossy ground inside Prof. Masterson’s greenhouse. She sprang to her feet and groped around herself looking for her glasses and something to cover up with. Wild notions spun through her confused mind but nothing fit as to how she had lost her clothes or her consciousness. Her fingers sporadically found scattered articles of clothing and some fragment of her scattered memory told her to look for her glasses on the lounge chair.

She put them on and then climbed up weakly to sit in the chair. Images were coming to her; recollections of sensations; bizarre notions began to trouble her. At the base of all these thoughts the conclusion began to form that she had been in something sexual and it somehow involved that big, weird plant. Oh, such scandalous shame!

Trembling and filled with a sudden embarrassment and panic she snatched up her clothes from the floor as if she had found herself sitting before a hundred shocked witnesses. Clutching them tight to her nakedness she bolted to the sliding glass door, threw it open and hopped into the study. She spun around and looked into the greenhouse gloom as the full realization of her afternoon exploits bloomed within her mind.

“Emily,” she hailed herself? “You fucked a plant.” She bit her lip as she stared out at the strange bulb-thing in the corner of the arboretum which appeared quite innocent-looking, like it had when she first saw it. She scolded herself in her mind for her depravity, though, she had to admit it was not her fault; the professor’s shrubbery had quite honestly seduced her. Professor Masterson! What would she say when she found out Emily had sexually abused her foliage! No wonder she had been warned not to stay in there so long. How embarrassing it would be for the professor to find her out.

Emily had to fix this. She had to erase the evidence and make it look like nothing had happened. Her hands trembled as she quickly pulled her clothes back on. Her mind went over all the details she needed to check to disguise her shameful rut with the amorous blossom. She found that the more she thought about it the more details of what transpired became clear. Memories of the intense pleasure and the erotic delights awoke in her. She pushed those thoughts aside and steeled herself for the task at hand.

She took a deep breath and forged back into the greenhouse. She needed to work fast before she succumbed to the plant’s chemistry again. She tossed the book onto the lounger and then fell to her knees to comb the moss to where it did not look like someone had been lying on it. She was astounded to see that the plant’s huge blossom and the stamens around its base had all closed themselves and were looking ironically non-sexual. She quickly swept the tiles with her hands to erase any tell-tale prints and felt confident she had done a fair job. Fair enough until she could check it over in the daylight. She wheeled the chair back to its place by the door, snatched back her book and slipped inside.

That would have to do, she thought. She stood in the doorway watching the plant. She felt safe back indoors, where she could think about the utterly stupefying joy she had felt with that incredible aromatic flower. She doubted if she had ever experienced such erotic pleasure in her life. Then questions began to form. Was she an unwitting agent in the plant’s reproductive process? In its nutritional needs? Where did old Dr. Masterson get such a thing? What was she doing with it in her home? How did she know it was ‘disruptive to your constitution’? Why did she keep a lounge chair in her greenhouse? Maybe Emily did not have as much to be ashamed of as she thought.

Feeling a little braver, she ventured back into the arboretum and strolled slowly up to the odd plant in the corner. She stood at its base just underneath the big bulb folded her arms and stared at it with a thoughtful frown. She wondered what her life would be like if she had one of these. For that matter, what would life be like if every woman had one of these? She thought of the ridiculousness of being afraid of a horny houseplant. She almost had to laugh at herself. With one arm akimbo, Emily raised a finger up to the big bulb in a scolding manner and said, “Naughty, naughty!”

The carbon dioxide she emitted must have triggered something in the plant again. She heard a feint cracking sound and looked down to see one of the stamens at the base opening up. She gasped and scrambled back to the safety of the door. Pausing in thought, she stood in the doorway and looked back at her ravager. A smile slowly spread across her face and she spoke in a somewhat sexy voice, “You be good ‘till I come back.” She blew it a kiss and closed the door.

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Erotic Horror

Fri, 27 Jan 2017 00:53:35 UTC

Called in Sick

Call in sick <br />There she is. Always in her short little skirts, always with those legs shaven so smoothly than she looks like she’s always wearing a set of perfectly sheer nylons, that is when she’s not wearing them. Often I find myself playing, guess what’s she’s wearing while I sit dazed in class. Only I wish that I could focus more attention on her at times, but of course decorum does not allow that. I have had my eyes on this girl for ages it seems like. The first time I saw her was when her family moved in. This was the first time I realized just what type of girl she was going to be. She was ten then, yet already looked like a grown woman…without the bust; that, she grew into latter and I was able to watch ever last minute of it. I specially liked it when it turned out our rooms were facing each others, just a stroke of luck. Every so often, this beauty would leave her curtains open allowing me a watch that none existent bust of hers to grow to a full D-cup by my best estimation. That, combined with her long, naturally curly, light brown hair and her hazel eyes and that lovely, oh so naturally, unadorned cream colored skin makes me shiver every night I just think about her. <br /> <br />But for years, I’ve been able to hide my thoughts, and my inhibitions until finally one day she ended up in my class. That’s when things really got bad. That’s when I started to truly admire those legs of hers, that’s were I nearly confirmed that 42D cup size of hers when we had a girl’s only Health sessions in my class. Of course, now the beautiful ten year old is a voluptuous eighteen year old, a senior, and one of the favorite students of the staff. Very rarely does a day go by when a one of my contemporaries doesn’t comment on something that she’s done. I myself often find me, playing with what God gave me to her image, replacing the girl’s I see in the few porno’s I have with her image. <br /> <br />After months of this, my hunger for her has grown and I had to have her. I wanted her, and I figured out how to get her. <br /> <br />“A C-.” She nearly yells in shock. Its now after class, and her section has left, and I’m about to have my ‘bye’ hour when she comes up and talks about this latest test grade. <br /> <br />“Well I’m sorry Christina, but you didn’t do that well, I’m sort of surprised about this. I’ve also been grading your paper, and it too leaves much to be desired, specially from you.” <br /> <br />I’m not lying, her work is normally in the high B low A range, but for some reason, she just crashed recently. <br /> <br />“Well, practice has been getting in the way…Ms. Harland, you have to let me make this up, I can’t fail health.” <br /> <br />“Huh,” I scoff, “even with a few low grades, you are far from failing the class. Now…I can’t let you make up the test, you know my rules, but I will allow you…re-work your paper.” <br /> <br />She nods yes. <br /> <br />I bend over and open my desk draw only for the realization that the papers are all at my house. I sit back up look to her and say, <br /> <br />“Sorry, it looks like I took those home alrea…” before I can even finish the sentence, the girl yells, <br /> <br />“Well, can I come over and work on it? You’re just right next door.” <br /> <br />It was something I hadn’t thought of…what do you think I said? <br /> <br />By four, the young girl ditched her cheerleading friends, and showed up at my front door. I crack it open to see her in her little, yellow cheerleading outfit, one that immediately causes a wet spot to form in my crotch. <br /> <br />“Come in Christina.” I say as I let her in the door. I watch the tight butt of hers sway as she enters the house. I am really going to miss that sight. <br /> <br />She turns towards me and comments, “I was wondering, can you help me with it, I was having some problems with it.” <br /> <br />“Problems?” I ask as I close the door, and head to my dinning room table where her paper sits. “With what?” <br /> <br />“Well…my parents say that…people shouldn’t really think about sex as being pleasurable…that its all about having children.” <br /> <br />“Well, sex is all about having children. Its just that, that pleasure is an incentive for us to fallow threw.” <br /> <br />“Well…I figured that…its just that…I’ve…” She pauses. <br /> <br />“You what?” <br /> <br />“I’ve…I know were suppose to be open about these things in class, but…I’ve never…even really dated a guy. I’ve always been to busy with extra-curriculars.” <br /> <br />“So, you feel as though you have no frame of reference?” <br /> <br />“Well, I guess, I mean, I ask my friends, and they’ve all had sex before. So they all know how to work there way around pleasure, I don’t.” <br /> <br />“Have you ever masturbated?” ‘What…I am the health teacher after all?’ <br /> <br />“Yes.” She says with a bright red face. “But not often.” <br /> <br />“Well it’s the same thing. You can use that as a frame of reference. But I don’t know what you are talking about…its just a research paper.” <br /> <br />“I know…I know…but…I…” <br /> <br />Then, from nowhere I hear the words, “Would it help if I gave you a frame of reference.” Shoot out of my mouth. <br /> <br />She looks to me with an innocent face, smiles and says, “Yes.” <br /> <br />I have here. <br /> <br />“Well, then, let’s go upstairs.” <br /> <br />I lead the young woman up to my bedroom, ensuring to close the blinds when we arrive. I then walk over to her and kiss her full on the lips, ensuring it is a deep, wet, long kiss. She hesitates at first, then eagerly accepts the kiss. I move my left hand down to her crotch and begin feeling her smooth underside while my right hand moves around to her rear, feeling the oddly seductive feeling of her bra strap as it fights to hold all her flesh in place. <br /> <br />I rub my hand along her bottom side. I try to feel for a build up of wetness, but her little cheerleading brief is just too thick. I take my hands, move them both up to this silky undergarment’s sides and in one move, push down the bloomer. She then backs off. <br /> <br />“Ms…Ms….” She says out of breath… “I thought you were just going to give me one of your videos or something…not this.” <br /> <br />I want her…I ache for her. My own area is nearly soaked with the anticipation of having her. Every part of me hungers, burns for her. I can’t let this go now. <br /> <br />“What’s the point.” I start, realizing I must have made the mistake a few times of playing my videos right after seeing her change. After all, if her curtains were open, and I could see her clearly, she sure can see anything over here just fine. “You feel as though you need a frame of reference. Well, the only real way to give you one…is too give you one. Come on, we’ve talked about lesbianism in our class. There are no children, nothing broken, just two girls exploring each other at their own pace.” <br /> <br />The girl processes this for only a few seconds, then, she kicks off her little white shoes, pulls that brief down to the ground, and removes it. I catch a dark spot in the clothing item, a sign that I was much closer than I thought to getting her juices to leak threw. She then steps back up to me, puts her arms around me and kisses ME, full on the lips. We stay that way for a moment, rapped in each others arms before an internal sensation tells me its time to move on. I gently push this girl down on the bed. I undue the small button on the front of her pleated skirt and pull them off her young body. An intoxicating whiff enters the air, and as I look to her still hidden crotch I see a dark spot in her blue, satin panties that seems to have been soaked in a combination of some water and semen. I look up to her blushing face and comment, <br /> <br />“Have you cum already.” <br /> <br />She shakes her head no, but its under duress…she was close. I decide to completely unclothe this morsel of human flesh. I remove her top and then her bra, revealing those fleshy globes I so always adorned from a far. Even on her back, these perfectly tear dropped shaped mounds seem to hold their shape, standing proudly off of her chest. Then I move down to the area in which I’ve found the best….all-around… stimulating, her vagina. I pull down her soaked panties and find her cunt drooling with fluid. This virgin child, who seems to even be reluctant to play with herself, is so hot and bothered because of its sheer innocence. A shame it must end tonight. With her panties gone, there is nothing to stop her smell from entering the room at full burn. She fills my nostrils and my body begins to grown for her, but I owe her this one chance. I move my body up her breast and take one of them in my mouth and sample the taste of her clear skin. I suck on her nipple, causing this girl to moan in wild ecstasy. <br /> <br />“Uh, Ahhhhh!” The sounds are so unlike this quiet girl who always seems so reserved, but she is a cheerleader, something she was forced into but still. I continue my assault on her body. My free hand moves to her other breast were her nipple has turned rock hard and supper sensitive. Just touching it causes her to buck wildly. I play with it only momentarily before moving my hand down to her crotch. I wipe a finger across the surface, just glazing her clit and picking up her fluids. I then bring it around, but dare not lick it. Instead, I take it to her mouth and feed it to her. She eagerly sucks on her own taste, her own fluids…she enjoys it. <br /> <br />“Now you know why.” I say to her. <br /> <br />I move down to her crotch and look at what I have waited so long for. I extend my tongue and tease my taste buds with her juices. The taste sends shivers down my spine. I try her again, only for the same result. I then stick my tongue into her perfectly formed, untouched lips and push as far into her as I can go. <br /> <br />“AHHHHHH!!!” She bucks violently, pushing my tongue out, but rewards me by expelling more of her fluids as she orgasms. I push my mouth up to this port and drink up her fluids, swallowing them down, realizing that this is the best part, the part I had been hoping for. It lasts a full half a minute, but the girl continues to shiver for another two. <br /> <br />I watch her, I let her enjoy the experience. Then, when her eyes finally open and she looks down to me, she smiles at me kindly, as I do to her. <br /> <br />“I love you.” <br />I say to her. <br />“I have waited for this for so long. <br />Good bye.” <br />I extend my mouth beyond the limits that these humans are forced to deal with, and trap her midsection in my mouth. I suck down with all my might, trapping her in an awkward position, her legs forced up to her chest. She looks completely surprised and stunned. She tries to scream, but my venom has long since taken effect. I suck her down, inching that beautiful smile, that beautiful body into mine. <br />Finally, once her hair has disappeared into my mouth, I reseal my mouth to its human proportions. <br />I stand from my position, move and lie on the bed and prepare for her to reciprocate. I place my hand on the large bulge in my body, and feel as she wiggles and kicks and moves. I feel her trying to breath, I feel her heart beat, I feel her warmth. My body fills with ecstasy as I find it harder and harder to move, to think about anything else, anything at all. I feel her as she gets weaker and her mass reduces. <br />After ten minutes, no movement. <br />She’s a quarter of her original mass, and all I can think is <br />‘I’m glad I called in sick.’ <br />

Erotic Horror

Tue, 12 Jan 2010 21:37:36 UTC


Hi I am ana, I am Thai. Was born male, begin stealing hormones at 12, now I 19. and me 5′ tall natural breast kk smallish but almost a "b" cup. I was happy to be Thai Lady Boy. so very very happy. this story is true, but not right names, and it made a choice ffor me, but I not want that choice.

I was new to area I moved to. someone at my work tell me bout a nice young people club no alcohol. Friday nite came, and I went to club. ooked nice outside. inside was too. a pretty american girl behind bar, very tall very nice body, she smile at me and ask what I would like, i order ice tea. we talk a bit, pretty much bout nothing important. she ask where I from, I tell her I am Thai. She remark that they have alot of very pretty ady boys there. i ask how she knew and she say internet, she like to watch them and look at them. I smile, and whisper, I am one. She go and take care of another person and come back. big smile says she will like to get to know me better. me smiling and say, I would also. She ask me name and I tell her most call me Pixie cus i am so small.

She look at me and ask if I am functional, I smile nod my head, blushed a bit.

She take care of customers and in between talk to me. then she go in back room. 2 guys teens come up ssay hi, tell me i am pretty. next thing I know 1 has me by neck, other pulling out his cock, shuv my mouth over it, and tell me suck it or his friend strangle me. I giv him head. before I knew it, was picked up hand over me mouth and carried outside, there was another building. they took me in, loooked like a dungeon. all kinds of weird things. a large chest of drawers, metal painted red and had black drawers.

They rip of my dress, 1 smiled and said hope u r not too attch to u cock cause when we done u not going to have it, i started to scream. a ball was stuck in my mouth and strapped behind my head. they wrapped small rope round my cock and tie behind my back. One of them pick up small hammer, my eues wides wonderring what he was doing, he smack my balls 5 maybe 6 times, i try screaming. another tell me to shut up. they put needles in me tits 1 each, had rubber tibe that went to a bag of liquid. they open a lil valve, I cud feel liquid going into my breast.. another wrap white fat nylon around base of my sack made it pretty tight and he put meedle in sack, also connected to bag of liquid. he smile and said, will make nice coin purse. I try hard to scream

they then tie me to bench on hands and knees, I am wondering why there r 6 of them now. they take turns doing me anal and making me suck them off.My breasts getting bigger and bigger, and me sack was to.. My legs so weak cud not stand I tried many times.

they sit me on knees in front of small wood table and lay ny now largish breast on it. One came over with a hammer, he had something in other hand. he showed me other hand, had nails in it, I start to scream and my jaw was grabbed mouth forced closed and lips gglue together. he took nail pressed hard into my nips, and hit it with hammer, I almost passsed out, wish I would have. then he do it to other nip.

they pull table out so me on knees again. I feel cock in ass again. crying so hard. they pull nails out, it hurt more than when they went in. Blood trickled down. a few more fucked me. then 1 say, well time for him to lose his sack. i try to scream. did no good

they put me on bench, my sack was very big now along with me breasts.. another white strap was put around sack towards top. Both tightenned alot. the girl tending bar came in and asked if it was time. they all smiled and said yeah. she was carrig something hiding it. turn out to be a knofe. she smiled said, I wud ove to of let u fuck me. she place knife over my balls ran the flat part of blade back n fourth i crying so bad, shaking my head, trying to beg her not to. she place knife between the 2 white tie straps. I closed my eyes, I knew what she was about to do. I felt someone kissing me, I oen eyes to look it was her. she say u r so dam pretty, prettier than most girls. tears rolling down my cheeks. she said, so ur gonna be a girl. then she smie and said, I am realy sorry Pixie, u r beautiful. I froze. felt the blade cut a tiny bbit. then she said, she cudnt do it. a guy said u cut them off clean or he wud rip them off. and then torture her too. she on her knees infront of me. smiled and said, looks like I am next. dropped knofe, and said, Do with me what u will, i wont do it. a gut came over pick up knife and my balls, smiled at me and said, u r really pretty for a guy. my eyes big, i felt the blade slice thru my sack, didnt really hurt. He stood there holding it.

The girl from behind the bar had tears running down her cheeks, she said, I am so sorry she kept saying it over and over. One of the guys said, ur turn bitch. she tried to run, they grabbed her. ripped her clothes off. I exspected her to have a cock, but she didnt.

i watched them fuck her for a good 2 hours, one after another, and put needles and nails in her breast and nipples. She passed out. someone hit me. her and I woke in emergency room. found is both on roadside.

all 6 went to prison, I lied told them she was just another victim had nothing else to do with it.

She is my best friend now, and I am now a woman, I had SRS, she never left my side. This happen almost 2 years ago.

Erotic Horror

Wed, 08 Apr 2015 23:17:44 UTC

Hot day for Hot sex

I had been working for five days straight in the hot sun, as a lifeguard, and I took my friends shift for the night of saturday. Saturdays were slow and I could just relax and get paid. I showed up for work in my tight red bathing suit with my white short shorts that barely covered my ass. My fresh 18yearold tits were being mashed into me from the tight bathing suit but still looked nice and big. <br />A man came in about an hour before closing and i had seen him before. He came to sign in and whispered in my ear how happy he was to see me. I blushed and pushed the sign in sheet toward him. He looked down at it, then around the pool, once he saw no one was there he grabbed my arm. <br />"Follow me." <br />"Where?" <br />"I said follow me!" <br />I was scared and my heart started racing, i tried pulling back but he just pulled harder. Sucking in a breath to yell he clamped a hand over my mouth. <br />"Trust me, baby, your gonna like what daddy has for you." <br />I screamed into his hand and tried to get away but he grabbed my shoulders and led me to the break room and locked the door. Taking my towel from the shelf he ripped off a piece and tied it around my mouth. He threw me onto the ground and watched me wiggle under his stare. <br />"Ah, baby, daddy will make it all better." <br />He knelt down by my legs and i tried to kick him but he pinned both legs under him. Using another piece of my towel he tied my hands to the poles behind me and used a knife he had to cut open the top of my bathing suit. My breast poured out of the bathing suit and he grabbed them. <br />"Oh, my baby has grown up!" <br />He put my nipple into his mouth and started licking and when i started trying to kick he bit my nipple and i screamed into the towel. <br />"Behave, slut! Or I will make this hurt!" <br />He put his face into my breast and started drooling and licking everywhere. I tried to move out from under him and he turned around and tied my legs apart to two different poles. He stood up and gazed down at me. My arms tied above my head with my breasts exposed and the bathing suit cut to my belly button. Then he looked down at my white shorts and saw a little wet spot. <br />"Hmm, whats that? You Whore! You like it! Nasty fucking Whore!" <br />Since I was wet he got furious and ripped my shorts off and cut the rest of my bathing suit off. He looked at my clean shaven pussy and slapped it hard. I arched my back in pain and he slapped my tits. <br />"MmMMM!!" I murmered in pain. <br />"Oh, if you liked that you will like what I have." <br />He pulled his bathing suit down and exposed his 7in. dick and slapped me in the face with it. Then he went and rubbed it in my juices that were flowing out. I hated myself for liking what was happening but it just felt good. <br />I begged him behind the cloth to not do it, that i was a virgin. But he plunged forward and ripped through me. Holding it for a second as I screamed in pain before he pulled out and pounded back in. I thought I would rip in half with his force. He slapped my face as he plunged inside. Soon he started pumping extremely fast and hard and I could feel myself starting to get really excited. <br />"Fuck yeah, baby! Oh man your so fucking tight! Yes, yes, yes!!! Oh little slut ima cum all over your face, yeah thats right bitch, fucking take it!!" <br />He started pumping harder and even faster and his head fell back and a groan came out of his lips. <br />"FUCK baby! I’m gonna…….cum…..FUCK!!!" <br />He pulled out just for his cum to come squirting all over my face and stomach. He was shaking in pleasure. He then looked down at me and started rubbing my clit really fast. <br />"Yeah, baby, your gonna cum for daddy. Fucking cum for me bitch. I know you liked it. I felt your pussy tighten. Fuck yeah baby." <br />I started to shake with pleasure and felt my pussy contract and he plunged three fingers deep into my pussy and I screamed as I squirted onto his chest. <br />"Yeah baby, I knew you liked it. Fuck yeah. I’ll see you sometime soon baby." <br />He got up and smiled down at me, pulling his bathing suit back on. Leaving me laying there, for someone to find me…. <br /> <br /> <br />(wanna find me? lets create a story together baby. :]

Erotic Horror

Tue, 01 Dec 2009 15:36:08 UTC

Evil John birth day

All charters are 18 years old.<br />As the night began June a female cop was out driving around. Look for trouble. Edda the last demon girl was with her. Her Bose called over the radio. Hey June can u head over to the video store a teen male was shoplifting and we need to find him. Ok June said but it will be my last call tonight I on vacation next week. Ok the man said. When they turn down the ally mark a skinny looking nerd was walk down slowly hold a few DVDs in his hands. As the cop car past him by. Edda golden necklace had a small compass that point a small lazer light at the teen back. &nbsp;June hit her brakes hard. Stop the cop car. Great said the teen boy. Edda look at the golden compass and said no way him. She look back at the nerdy boy. June pick up her radio and spoke. Sorry boss I don&rsquo;t see anyone out tonight. Her boss got on o well look like the teen got some free porn tonight enjoy ur vacation June see u in two weeks. She got out and pointed her flash light. Hey who boy come here. Mark the young male who just turned 18 walk over to her. She grab the videos from him and flip threw them. Not a bad choice she saids but mine she flash her big tits at him. Mine are real. Mark fainted. Edda laugh out load. No fucking way. June just grin evil. She pick up her cell phone. Hey Cross we found the host. Really u found him at last after a million years of searching for the perfect male specimen June. See June said that was ur mistake did u look for a nerd she snap and sent her his picture. No way Cross said. I send my witch. Boom a orange fog appeared a second latter. Pumpkims a small teen girl was wearing a evil cat shirt and a blood stained skirt. With candy cane socks. And some flip flops. Her blonde and black laces hair was cut short as she skip over to them. She grab the phone and look at the compass. Yep Cross she said sucking on a sucker. It him alright. Cross spoke in firm manner. You know what to door. Yep pumpkims said she snap her fingers and a dark evil book appeared in her hand. Edda spoke it that the book of the demon world. Yep now let go over their in the old garage so not unwanted eyes can see the horror that about to happen. Fist we need a few things. The first is a sacrifice a hot female a hooker will do just fine. Second a offering that will be you she pointed at June. What me what kind of a offering relax it just sex the deal must be sealed with a orgasm an look to me u need a fuck ur so up tight. If I were u pumpkims I watch my mouth u little. Witch pumpkims wave her broom at her and laugh. The third Edda said. A good camera to film the hole thing for Cross. Fine I get the hook June walk out. Hello Wanda. Male or female officer June. the one female who rated to my boss on you. Wanda said yes I know the one I send her ur way. And June. Yes June said. Enjoy and thanks Wanda said. After 30 mins June returned with a white hooker named starlight a tall red head. She was wear a red dress that was veal crowed on. She walk in and saw an nerdy teen male tied on the hood of a police car. June was slipping on &nbsp;a black robe. And a small orange hair girl was helping Edda set a video camera. She look a round the room. It bigger then it look from the outside and warmer too said the hooker.Now what ur delight tonight. A light came on an the evil book turned it self into a dark black bed. A hood nude mask black man was their standing in front of it his foot long cock swaying between his legs. His dark sun glasses covering his red glowing eyes. His body was rip like a body builder who won many awards. Starlight lick her lips and said to her self please let this slut let me fuck him tonight might have to do him for free. Ok girls so what need to be done her tonight. The man by the bed. See this teen boy like to watch. Let make him happy alright. Mark the 18 year old male jerk a little at her. Ok that will be 100 dollars for the boy. As for the stud over their what his wants tonight. Edda spoke again. Let see a blow job for starters, pussy no condom please, and kissing lot of kissing. Starlight was undressing her 36 c breast were making mark eye&rsquo;s pop out of his head. Then her red pussy hairs made his cock hard. And her stockings made a tear come from the teen male eye&rsquo;s . starlight spoke. Ok that&rsquo;s, not wanting to lose the jog. 400 more. Fine June said counting her money. BUT that film she pointed at pumpkims will be 500 also. Fine pumpkims pulled out her billfold and hand her money and so did June. O said pumpkims it also master and slave and ur the slave. Fine said starlight bend over to kiss the small girl. That will be more. She pulled out all pumpkims money from her billfold. And put it in her handbag.She look at the camera any lines my dear. Yes hi this is starlight and welcome to evil sex I offer my self as a offering. After the red light goes on. Well honey starlight pointed at her purse. June said I got it. She threw a few more 100 dollar bills in it. Ready 1,2,3 go, the bed glowed red in color. And the black man stood ready. Hi and welcome to evil sex. I am starlight watch me sacrifice my pussy on this huge black cock for ur viewing pleasure tonight . She wink at June and walk over to the huge mask black man. He spoke &nbsp;it a deep voice. ON UR KNEES SLAVE. Yes master starlight said. She got down on her knee&rsquo;s. OPEN UR MOUTH AND SUCK ON MY HUGE DICK TO UR DOOM. Yes my master starlight said. Mmm so big she said sucking on his huge cock. God u my tight little pussy master. She deep throat his cock as far down her throat as she could. YES. Spoke the evil man pulling her up by her nipple&rsquo;s. Ahh yes starlight climed on top of him. She grip his huge chest and took his huge cock and put it in her pussy. YES I LOVE UR BIG DICK. Ahh she moaned out. YES SO FUCKING BIG MASTER AHH. She stick her tongue in his mouth. He grab her ass and was ramming his huge cock hard in her pussy. Her sweat was drip of her. SO FUCKING HOT AHH. After 5 mins her body&rsquo;s was steaming. FUCK I AM BURNING UP AHH. She was not able to stop her riding his cock a red light was coming off her &nbsp;YES I CUMING MASTER I CUMING.Her orgasm was near as her breast flap way like a bouncing ball. THE EVIL BLACK MAN YELLED AS HE CUM DEEP IN THE GIRL. Her last Blood Curdling Scream was herd. As she bust into flames as the evil book closed. And green circle appeared. From golden necklace and door rose &nbsp;from it on the floor. &nbsp;as it open a dark mass was their look at the 18 year old male tied down the ball in his mouth fell out. As he screamed out and the demon entered in it. The rope rip off him as he struggle hold his throat. Soon he stop eyes wide open. Now it ur turn pumpkims pointing the camera at her. She saw the teen body changing in front of her first. He grew a full 4 ft now he is 10 feet tall. His chest was rip like champion body builder who never lost. His cock grew two feet long. Two horns grew from his head. 20 feet bat wing came from his back. His feet look like loins paws. And a 12 foot long tail came front his legs with a changing tip that was from penis to a 3 foot sword. She took of her robes. June was a 7 feet tall long black hair women who love evil tattoos she had s huge skull on her back with two cobras come from it eyes. Her pussy hair were in the shape of an evil face complete with an evil grin. She touch her huge 36 dds breast. She was rubing some baby oil on her pussy as she walk over to him. She took his cock deep in side her pussy. Shit so big. She was riding him on her hood. Yes fuck me. She look in her car pumpkims was their filming her threw the wind shield. Ahh u mother fuckers. U like me fucking his big coke just look at my huge flap breast se said I bet u wish u were here now boys she was nearly jumping on his cock. The beast grab her breast hard turning them purple. Ahh June yelled out as he kiss her. O GOD SHE SCREAM OUT AS SHE ORGASM. &nbsp;Roar came from the teen. As he threw June on the floor. I am JOHN ROAR THE DEMON. He look at his gold pocket watch. Only 30 years is left till he has to go back to the demon hell.So who do I have to thanks he was going threw starlight purse. He pulled out her &nbsp;cards an evil machine appeared. As spit of a nice pile of cash. That a told of 60,000. Not bad he look at Edda and gave her 30,000, get me a big jeep sister. She node at took off. Now he took the camera and pointed it pumpkims. Who was undressing her self. Her tight teen body was wet . As she crawled over. And was giving him a blow job. His evil tail change it tip to a steel 9 inch penis that spring in to action. It drive deep in her 18 year old pussy. Ahh she moaned a little as she suck his coke as his evil tail fuck her till she orgasm as a green light came off her. She was more power with her magic. Thanks my lord she said standing ageist the wall as he was rubbing her flat chest he pulled out 5000 dollar and told her to get a boob job. He smack her pussy with his hand. Easy john. Why he said as his snake tongue came out and &nbsp;her nipple with two evil jackolantern piercings. He knelt down and kiss her pussy clit she yelled out ouch as he left his evil gold piercing on her pussy clit. Their now u bare my mark my little witch I will fuck u again soon now take June home. A few mins latter Edda pulled up john it time to go home.<br />The end?<br />

Erotic Horror

Mon, 23 Jul 2012 20:35:28 UTC

Man Kills Hooker With His Huge Penis

The Curse and Tragedy of My Huge Penis. <br />Short Story by Carolyn Matthews. <br /> <br />Hello, my name is Robert Williamson, and I am sitting in my <br />penthouse overlooking Central Park. I hear a knock at the door, <br />so I get up from the couch to get the morning newspaper. As I <br />walk back to the living room, I open the paper and read the <br />headlines. It says "Man’s Torso Found in Central Park!", and the <br />line below it has "Man’s Head is yet to be found!" <br /> <br />Oh my God, I thought last night was all a dream, but it was not! <br />What kind of person have I turned into? Well, let me start out <br />at the beginning so you will understand better what drove me to <br />do such a terrible crime. <br /> <br />I am a very wealthy man, and I have everything I want in life <br />except for one thing. That one thing is a normal sized penis. My <br />penis never developed as I grew older, and at the age of thirty <br />five, it is only four inches long. About a year ago, I was <br />reading a fascinating novel about an "Amazon King" in South <br />America that was worshiped for the size of his penis. The book <br />claims that he was the father of over two thousand children over <br />his lifetime. I turned the book over and found that the author <br />is still alive, so I had my assistants track him down. I called <br />him on the phone a few days later, and he told me that <br />everything he wrote in his book was the truth. I asked him if he <br />would like to guide our expedition to the Amazon so I may view <br />the King’s preserved remains. He gladly accepted. <br /> <br />We traveled through the jungle for two weeks, then suddenly the <br />ancient temple appeared in a clearing. To make a long story <br />short, I brought along a team of Doctors and they cut of the <br />King’s penis. Back at the airport, I wave to Doctors as they <br />get on a flight back to Germany. Then I board my private jet and <br />return to New York. About three months went by, then I finally <br />get the phone call that I have been waiting my whole life to <br />receive. The Doctors successfully cloned the King’s penis! I <br />immediately fly to Sweden and the best surgeons in the world <br />remove my penis and attached the new one. Oh my God, I am in so <br />much pain for the next few weeks that I wish I would die! <br /> <br />I fly back to New York and began to feel better after a few more <br />days. One morning I wake up and felt a very pleasant tingling <br />sensation between my legs. I pull the bed sheet away from my <br />naked body, and I see the biggest hard cock of my entire life! <br />Oh my God, it is beautiful! It is perfectly formed, and must be <br />about twelve to fourteen inches long! I start stroking it up and <br />down, and it gets even larger. The sensation is incredible! <br />After about five minutes, I ejaculate a huge load of sperm that <br />shoots straight up in the air for three or four feet! <br /> <br />Anyway, I play with my new cock two or three times a day. After <br />a few weeks pass, I notice that it continues to grow. Pretty <br />soon I can’t go out in public because it hangs down to my knees <br />even when it is soft. I really want to try it out on a hooker, <br />so I have my assistants arrange to have one come over and take <br />care of my needs. To make another long story short, I had to pay <br />the hooker an extra thousand dollars to let me fuck her. I get <br />about twelve inches of my hard cock in her, then she tells me to <br />stop because she can’t take anymore. <br /> <br />She starts screaming, so I put my hands over her mouth, and <br />shove my cock inside her pussy as hard as I can. Suddenly, <br />something breaks inside her and all twenty four inches of my <br />cock slide in easily. The hooker goes limp and blood starts <br />gushing out of her mouth! Oh my God, I am disgusted at myself, <br />but I fuck her dead body anyway! After I finish, I take a shower <br />then call my assistants to come over with a cleanup crew. They <br />arrive within the hour, clean the carpet and dispose of the body. <br /> <br />I do not go out in public during daylight hours, but at night I <br />like to walk through the park wearing my black raincoat while my <br />huge cock flops back and forth between my legs. Last night I <br />went out for a stroll and have a few cigarettes. A young man <br />comes up to me and asks for a "light", then we have conversation <br />for a while. He confides in me that he is gay, then asks if he <br />can suck my dick. <br /> <br />I open my raincoat and he immediately gets down and starts <br />playing with my penis. As it starts filling with blood, the <br />young man looks up at me and says "Oh my God Mister, this must <br />be the biggest fucking cock in the world!" He opens his mouth <br />and takes in about five or six inches. My cock is swelling to <br />its full size very quickly as I reach out with both my hands and <br />grab the back of the young man’s head. He starts gagging and <br />struggles with me, but I am more powerful than he is. I give my <br />hips a big thrust and my cock slides down his throat! After a <br />few seconds, the young man becomes motionless and stops <br />breathing. <br /> <br />I wait for my cock to become limp, but it does not! Oh my God, <br />someone can walk by at any moment and see this dead person <br />hanging off the end of my cock! I always carry a very large <br />sharp knife with me for protection, so I pull it out of my <br />pocket and cut the man’s head off. Oh my God, what a fucking <br />mess I have made! I button my raincoat together, then reach down <br />with both of my hands to support the head while I quickly walk <br />to the back entrance of my building. Nobody sees me as I take <br />the elevator up to my penthouse. After I take a cold shower, the <br />head falls onto the tile floor. <br /> <br />This is a short story, so I will it here. I hope there are not <br />too many spelling and grammatical errors! Carolyn. <br /> <br />

Erotic Horror

Tue, 17 Nov 2009 22:43:52 UTC

Demon Surrogates

Disclaimer:<br />This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. I only hope that more is written about male pregnancy/transgender pregnancy. Thank You and Enjoy.<br /><br /><br />Demon Surrogates<span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span><br /><br /><br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>It&rsquo;s a clear spring night outside the bedroom of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace&rsquo;s windows. The warm spring air has just come in for the season, pushing out the frigid air brought about by winter. With their apartment almost ten stories above the city below, the bedroom window is wide open letting the nice air in. Mrs. Wallace is lying on their bed, lost in a deep sleep. Her blonde hair covers her pillow, while the covers are down enough to show the outline of the nipples, sitting on B-Cup breasts under her nightie. Even after 3 children, she still enjoys how her husband gives her tits a good licking/biting during their love making. Mr. Wallace is, of course, lying next to her in his own sleep. He&rsquo;s roughly 6 ft, and stands taller than his wife&rsquo;s 5 ft-3 in frame. He&rsquo;s got brown hair, and just a hint of a stubble beard, per his wife&rsquo;s liking.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>Mrs. Wallace, in her dreamy state, feels a pair of hands running up her body. Feeling the pair of hands, she fidgets ever so slightly, but keeps her eyes closed. She recognizes the rough hands feeling her up right now, as she thinks to herself that her husband had a frisky dream. It wasn&rsquo;t at all uncommon for Mr. Wallace to want a good fucking after a sexy dream, and the same to Mrs. Wallace as well.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>She keeps her eyes shut as she feels her husband&rsquo;s hands slowly move up to her nightie-covered breasts, and starts to tease the nipples a bit. In only a few moments, she lets out a moan, unable to resist the urge. Almost instantly, her husband flips her from her side to her back, and clamps his mouth over hers in a deeply passionate kiss. Mrs. Wallace returns the kiss, with fervor, and opens her mouth to let in his tongue. Eagerly, he sticks his tongue in her mouth, and makes contact with her tongue. The contact alone is enough to sent electricity through both lovers. Mr. Wallace breaks their kiss, kisses her cheek, then takes her ear into his mouth, tonguing it in the process. One of the advantages to being married for so long is you always know what gets your husband&rsquo;s/wife&rsquo;s juices flowing, and for Mrs. Wallace, this was a big one. She grabs the back of his head, and urges him to continue. Enjoying the slow torture going on with her ear, she reaches for his rock hard dick, and starts to stoke it through his boxers.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>&ldquo;Hmmm, aren&rsquo;t you two just a pair,&rdquo; a distinctly female voice calls. The two of them stop immediately, and look over to see a hooded figure sitting in the chair directly across the bed. &ldquo;Ohh, I&rsquo;m sorry, I was just enjoying the scene, please continue,&rdquo; the figure insists, with its legs crossed. It&rsquo;s Mrs. Wallace who starts up again, stroking her husband&rsquo;s still hard dick through his boxers, and Mr. Wallace moves to the other ear, and starts to work on it. As he bites at the earlobe, then sticks his tongue in her ear, her moans egg him on. At the same time, the little voice in his head that&rsquo;s saying, &ldquo;Wait, there&rsquo;s somebody weird in your house, and watching you make love to your wife,&rdquo; is shrinking quickly until it plays no part in the decision making process.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>Mrs. Wallace, letting go of her husband&rsquo;s tool, brings her hands up to his face, and brings him in for another deep, passionate kiss. As they tongue wrestle, spit dribbling out the side of their mouths, the hooded figure starts stroking itself, a large red cock pointing out from the black robe. The robe is hiked up, to allow better access by the figure, and has it&rsquo;s muscular female legs on display. As Mrs. Wallace breaks the kiss, &ldquo;Come on hon, let me suck the cum out of you.&rdquo; Needing no other further encouragement, Mr. Wallace lets his wife have her way. She rolls him onto his back, and practically tears off his boxers to get at his 6in dick, hard and ready. She starts by licking the head, almost like a lollipop, savoring its taste. She uses her free hand to play with his balls, eliciting a groan of approval from her husband. She runs her tongue up and down his prick, making it shine with her spit. She slowly makes her way back to the tip of his dick, savoring every pulsing vein in his weapon. She takes him into her mouth, and deep throats her lover&rsquo;s dick, enjoying every sensation it gives her. She keeps bobbing her head on his tool, having ever intention to taste his cum on her tongue. His face scrunches up, and she can feel his dick get bigger in her mouth as it gets ready to shoot its treat into her belly.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>&ldquo;That&rsquo;s enough of that now. I&rsquo;ll be the first on to cum tonight love birds,&rdquo; the hooded figure calls out again. Almost on cue, Mrs. Wallace backs off her husband&rsquo;s dick, leaving him frustrated at the lack of cumming. The hooded figure no longer has a hood, actually, it no longer has any clothes at all. It&rsquo;s quite obviously a woman, just a red one, almost demonic. The horns atop her head prove the point. Atop the chest of the creature sit a pair of impressive D-cup breasts, but that&rsquo;s not the surprising thing. Where there should be a cunt on this demon, there is in fact an 8 in cock, hard and ready to go. As the demon walks over to the couple, Mrs. Wallace speaks, &ldquo;Have something particular in mind dear?&rdquo; Smiling at the obvious invitation, the demon responds, &ldquo;Ohh, you have no idea. On your back slut, I&rsquo;m going to stretch you farther than you&rsquo;ve ever been before.&rdquo; Pushing her husband out of the way, Mrs. Wallace spreads her legs wide, &ldquo;Cum and get me you hung stud!!&rdquo; The demon takes it&rsquo;s cock in hand, and slowly sinks it&rsquo;s girth into the tight cunt of Mrs. Wallace. Mr. Wallace idly jacks himself, trying to get off on his wife fucking another man&hellip;..or whatever it is. &ldquo;Come on you stud, bottom out in me. I want to feel your head at me womb.&rdquo; The demon leans down to kiss Mrs. Wallace, and the creatures tongue snakes out, and massages he tongue, making her body shudder from the feeling.&nbsp;<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>At last, the demon bottoms out in her cunt, &ldquo;Hehe, I think you&rsquo;ll do nicely my dear.&rdquo; Being so stuffed full of cock, more than she ever had before, she was unable to respond, her mouth gaping from the shear feeling alone. &ldquo;Now, you&rsquo;ll get a treat. Hubby, get up here and treat my breasts.&rdquo; Almost in a trance, he does as he&rsquo;s told, and moves on top of his wife, and starts to lick and bite the demon&rsquo;s breasts. Surprisingly, as soon as he does this, Mrs. Wallace starts to lick, and tongue her husband&rsquo;s asshole. Mr. Wallace moans into the demon&rsquo;s breasts at the new feeling. Feeling satisfied, the demon starts to fuck the cunt it&rsquo;s buried in. It starts slowly at first, enjoying the vice its dick was in. Soon enough however, nature takes over, and it starts to ram it into her, like an engine piston. Mrs. Wallace breaks off eating her husband&rsquo;s ass, &ldquo;FUCK ME YOU STUD!!!! OHH GOODDD!!!!!&rdquo; Her cries ring out as her entire body tenses up, and her back arches as her orgasm ripples through her entire being. Simultaneously, a high pitched wail rings out, more animal than human, as the demon lets loose it&rsquo;s pent up load into her willing, and eager cunt. Hr. Wallace feels the creatures breasts tense up, and the muscles contract as its own orgasm ripples through its body.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>After both come down from their high, the demon&rsquo;s prick is still rock hard. &ldquo;Okay, one down, one to go.&rdquo; Pointing to Mr. Wallace, she instructs him, &ldquo;Eat her out, and it better be good.&rdquo; Pulling back from its sex partner, the demon pulls it&rsquo;s dick from the cunt, leaving a small trail of cum along the way. Eagerly, Mr. Wallace dives into his wife&rsquo;s well-fucked cunt, savoring the flavor. Unknown to him, there&rsquo;s now a tattoo on his wife&rsquo;s belly, a sign of things to come, but he&rsquo;s not coherent enough to notice. As the husband starts eating out her husband, the demon slaps the globes of his ass, &ldquo;Hmmm, it&rsquo;ll be a tight fit, but it&rsquo;ll do,&rdquo; the demon remarks. The creature takes its hands, and spreads his cheeks, exposing his asshole, shiny from his wife&rsquo;s attention. The creature takes its dick, well lubed from all the juices, and pushes into Mr. Wallace&rsquo;s asshole. Through gritted teeth, the creature slowly pushes past through all his internal resistance. Mr. Wallace keeps eating out his wife, his hands twisting and turning the sheets in agony as his once normal asshole is stretched beyond capacity. When the demon finally bottoms out, even Mr. Wallace is surprised at how good it feels to be so full of dick. Seeing Mr. Wallace settle down, the demon gives his ass a good slap, &ldquo;I knew you&rsquo;d love it slut. You&rsquo;ll love what comes later too.&rdquo; The demon pulls out of Mr. Wallace&rsquo;s ass-cunt, and pumps it back in, getting a groan from the person the ass-cunt is attached to. The demon slowly gets a rhythm going fucking the hell out of Mr. Wallace.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>Meanwhile, Mrs. Wallace can&rsquo;t get enough of her cunt getting eaten. It&rsquo;s already one of her weaknesses as it is. Her mouth is hanging open, drool dripping down her mouth, unable to scream for the feeling coming from her well-used cunt. She&rsquo;s gripping her breasts, and tweaking her nipples, but that&rsquo;s all she can do right now it seems. The creature picks up its pace, trying to pump its load into its next vessel tonight. Mr. Wallace&rsquo;s dick is steel, and has a trail of pre-cum dripping onto the bedspread, begging to be touched. In an instant, Mr. Wallace feels the weapon in his ass get larger, and he knows what&rsquo;s coming. The animal like creams of the creature can be heard as it pumps it&rsquo;s cum deep into his ass. At the same time, his own dick starts it&rsquo;s spewing and every muscle in his body contracts as his own orgasm hits, like a freight train. During his orgasm, his asshole tightens, creating a tighter vice around the creatures cock, encouraging it to cum more.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>After the demon has finished it&rsquo;s cum spray of Mr. Wallace&rsquo;s inside, it collapses on all fours, unable to move for some time. Eventually, the demon gets up, and once again sits in the same chair it had occupied earlier. &ldquo;Damn, I need to visit all of you more often, that was one good fuck. Now, next to your wife slut!&rdquo; Mr. Wallace struggles to take his place next to his wife. Unknown to him, he now also has a tattoo on his belly, similar to the one his wife now has. The creature, smiling at them, &ldquo;Now, for the fun part.&rdquo; With that, the demon snaps its fingers, and the marks on each of their belly glow a red color. Immediately after, they feel it. The telltale stirring of life within their bodies. Mrs. Wallace is familiar with it having been the mother to three children. Mr. Wallace, however, is not so familiar with pregnancy, nor one quite like this.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>In an instant, both their bellies swell to sizes reflecting the children they will soon bear. They both start screaming, not so much in pain as in surprise, as they both witness each other&rsquo;s growth around their midsection. Oddly enough, both their eyes are on Mr. Wallace, who has never swelled to the size he is now. His slightly hairy belly started to look like he had a beer-belly, but they knew better than that. As it got bigger, Mr. Wallace could feel it moving, like a woman would a normal child, except there was nothing normal about this child. He gripped his growing belly as it expanded to sizes he never thought possible for a man.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>In a matter of minutes, both husband and wife looked to be full term, and they both knew it when they each felt the urge to push. For Mrs. Wallace, it was nothing new, having given birth to three children before, but for Mr. Wallace, it was terrifying to say the least. He felt the urge to take a shit, and then a searing pain in his asshole. Almost be instinct, he pulled his knees to his chest, trying to get the thing inside him out.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>The demon appeared at Mr. Wallace&rsquo;s side, &ldquo;You know, I never tire of seeing men giving birth to my bastard children through their asshole. I guess it&rsquo;s something about men that excite me.&rdquo; The demon child&rsquo;s head appeared at the man&rsquo;s asshole, just a little red skin visible. The creature smiling at seeing this, &ldquo;Come on now, it&rsquo;s just like taking a shit. Besides, I was kind to you after all, I could have knocked you up without stretching your ass on my pole.&rdquo; With his wife&rsquo;s cries of pain next to him, he let his own out as his anal cavity was stretched to accommodate the body of the brat in his belly.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>&ldquo;Ohhh, the head&rsquo;s out hubby,&rdquo; the creature said clapping its hands proudly, &ldquo;Now for the rest slut.&rdquo; Screaming at the top of his lungs, he pushed out the rest of the creature&rsquo;s offspring out onto the bed covers. Clapping loudly, the demon speaks again, &ldquo;Very well done hubby. And look at that, your asshole is so big I thing I could fits a few fists up there. Hehe, it kind of gives a new name to the &lsquo;Grand Canyon&rsquo; joke doesn&rsquo;t it. Ohh, and your wife gave birth perfectly. I&rsquo;d expect nothing less from a woman after all.&rdquo; With Mr. Wallaces asshole gaping and bloody with the child on the sheets wining, and the same for his wife&rsquo;s cunt and her child, the creature takes both children. &ldquo;Well, it&rsquo;s been fun, and thanks for the kids. Who knows, I may want more eventually.&rdquo; As it turns around to leave, it makes one last remark, &ldquo;I almost forgot, I come from a big family, and there are a lot of relatives that might want to start a family. I hope you don&rsquo;t mind, but I&rsquo;ll give them you address, just in case.&rdquo; With that, the creature leaves, leaving both Mr. and Mrs. Wallace a mess, covered in cum, blood, and afterbirth.<br /><span class="Apple-tab-span" style="white-space: pre"> </span>With the rise of the sun, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace wake up to everything the way it was. &ldquo;Wow, that was one weird dream,&rdquo; Mrs. Wallace remarks. Mr. Wallace responds, &ldquo;Hmm, you mean a demon and getting knocked up and all.&rdquo; Wide eyed, they look at each other. Mrs. Wallace finally says something, &ldquo;That&rsquo;s awesome. I don&rsquo;t think we&rsquo;ve ever had the same dream before.&rdquo; Making light of it, Mr. Wallace agrees. He gets up to go to the bathroom. In just a few seconds, Mrs. Wallace hears him screaming. &ldquo;SARAH, GET IN HERE!!!&rdquo; Mr. Wallace screams. Mrs. Wallace hurriedly runs into the bathroom, &ldquo;Honey, What is &hellip;.&rdquo; she stops mid sentence as she sees the still obvious tattoo on her husband&rsquo;s belly. Almost instantly, she lifts up her nightie to see the same on her belly. Both were speechless to say the least, but they were completely terrified when they discovered the same tattoo on the bellies of their three children as well.<br /><br /><br /><br />THE END<br /><br />[email protected]om<br /><br />All feedback/comments/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Erotic Horror

Thu, 19 Jan 2012 05:36:02 UTC

The Hitch-Hiker

<p>1.45 AM, on a Wednesday morning. Not my favourite time to finish work but, the new server was up and running and I didn&rsquo;t have to be back in until 2 PM, this afternoon.</p><p>I drove at a leisurely pace, well aware of the many speed cameras along this stretch of the A12, my only fellow road users were Dutch and Polish Lorries on their way to Harwich or Felixstowe. I was singing along to an old Beatles song on the radio, when I saw her walking alongside the road.</p><p>She looked beautiful. Mid 20&rsquo;s, at a guess. She had a slim waif like body and wearing an old fashioned hippy afghan coat. Her face looked unearthly and ethereal; a consequence of the cool night air and the yellow sodium street lights. I pulled over beside her and opened the window. &ldquo;Hi. Are you OK? Do you want a lift somewhere?&rdquo; She smiled and wordlessly got into my car.</p><p>In the overhead light I could see she had a lovely shock of auburn hair framing a heart-shaped face and delicate Elvin features. &ldquo;You know, it&rsquo;s very late. It&rsquo;s not safe to hitch, especially here. We must be half a mile from the nearest house&rdquo; Her hand reached out and rested on mine. Once again she smiled at me, but didn&rsquo;t say a word. A truck whistled past, barely clearing my wing mirror. This wasn&rsquo;t a good place to park.</p><p>I put the car in gear and started to move off &ldquo;So, where are you headed? I turn off in a few miles. I go up the A133 toward Clacton. I could take you home if it&rsquo;s not too far out of the way&rdquo; No answer, the car was silent except for the sound of the purring engine &ldquo;Shall I turn the radio up?&rdquo; She shook her head, and then she indicated the slip road for the A120 and spoke for the first time &ldquo;Here&rdquo;</p><p>You want me to turn off here? Ok, how far are we going? Coggeshall? Braintree? You&rsquo;re not heading for Stanstead, are you?&rdquo; &ldquo;No. Turn here&rdquo;</p><p>I followed the road for 3 more miles in silence, until we reached a lay-by, screened by trees from the main road, just past Coggeshall. &ldquo;Here. Turn in&rdquo; she said</p><p>We pulled in to an utterly dark lay-by. No streetlights made it through the trees. When I turned off the engine there was only the light from the muted radio, and the moon. Her hand grabbed my leg and ran up my thigh &ldquo;Emm; you don&rsquo;t need to do this. I didn&rsquo;t pick you up for sex. I just thought you needed&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;..&rdquo; Her mouth covered mine. Her hand was in my crotch kneading my rapidly expanding erection. She climbed over the gear stick and put her knee between my legs. Her hungry lips seized mine and she urgently started to remove her coat. She shrugged it off and threw it on the passenger seat. Her blouse soon followed and her bra too. She grabbed my head and forced my face down to her chest.</p><p>I started to gently kiss and lick her nipples and she started to gasp and moan. She seemed desperate for sex, a ravenous nymph. She pulled her nipple away from my mouth and her hands fumbled at my belt buckle and trousers. &ldquo;Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me now&rdquo; &ldquo;Hold on a minute&rdquo; I said, &ldquo;hold on. STOP&rdquo; Her hand stopped trying to pull my trousers down. A few seconds passed as I gathered my confused thoughts. &ldquo;Look, I stopped because I thought you needed a lift. Nothing else. You are very beautiful and I would love to make love to you, but this is just so&hellip;.. Sordid&rdquo; &ldquo;You don&rsquo;t want to fuck me?&rdquo; she asked. She seemed sad, almost distessed. &ldquo;No. Yes&hellip; but let&rsquo;s be nice to each other. I can take you back to my flat; we could have a drink, talk a little&rdquo; &ldquo;No&quot; she spoke bitterly &quot;It has to be here&rdquo;</p><p>&ldquo;I could take you home afterwards or you could stay the night&rdquo; I pleaded &ldquo;No, it has to be here. Now. I feel alive here&rdquo;. I glanced around at the lay-by. On one side was a farmer&rsquo;s field. On the other side was the Coggeshall road. Not my idea of a romantic spot. But….. &ldquo;Ok&rdquo; I said, &ldquo;if you want, but just a bit slower, OK?&rdquo; I lowered the passenger seat and laid her back. My hand slid up her tummy and gathered her small breast, brushing her nipple with my thumb. Her skin was cold in the morning air, and I turned the heating on. I leaned over her to kiss her lips passionately as my hands started to slowly undo her jeans. She had gone from ravenous wolf to passive doe in a few minutes, but I could feel her passion still bubbling under the surface as her tongue slipped into my mouth and caressed mine. She lifted her bottom, to help me take off her jeans and I could see a wild tangle of red pubes covering her pudenda. I slid my hand through the wiry bush and she parted her legs to allow me access to her wet, slippery hole.</p><p>I moistened my middle finger in her pussy and ran it over the hardened bud of her clitoris. She moaned and lifted one leg, placing her foot on the dashboard opening her labia wider still. My tongue traced a path down here body, kissing her neck, lingering on the erect bud of one nipple. Slowly I traced a path over her perfect flat tummy; delving into her pretty navel. I lingered on her bush, inhaling the heady erotic aroma of sweat and sex pheromones and something….. earthy. I moved lower. My tongue flicked over her clit, and I felt her muscles tighten in her womb. I moved lower my tongue delved into her vagina and I moved my left hand over her bush, middle finger now massaging her clit I could feel her enjoyment as her pussy and tummy muscles began to clench. My right hand went under her buttocks and I began to work my index finger into her vagina. She moaned and her pussy muscles grabbed my finger. &ldquo;Please&rdquo; she said &ldquo;fuck me now&rdquo; I could not refuse a lady. I grabbed a condom from my glove compartment and awkwardly mounted her on the passenger seat. Her pussy was gloriously wet, slippery and tight. I could feel her stomach muscles rippling beneath me and she started to make &lsquo;hunnnnh hunnnnh&rsquo; noises. As she came, her orgasm was beautiful to behold; it was glorious, reckless, loud, wild and unrestrained. Her reaction tipped me over the edge and I felt a small piece of heaven as I ejaculated uncontrollably. I lay over her, kissing her lips and enjoying the moment.</p><p>&ldquo;You are gorgeous, utterly utterly gorgeous. I want to see you again. This cant end here&rdquo; I moved to allow her some room. I reached down to retrieve my trousers. At some point I had lost my mobile phone. I looked under the driver&rsquo;s seat and soon found it. Coming up, I said &ldquo;Look, I don&rsquo;t even know your&hellip;.&rdquo; She had gone I had not even heard the car door I drove along the road&hellip; a mile left. I turned around and drove a mile in the other direction and stopped to think. She must have walked into Coggeshall, or gone across the field. Dejectedly, I drove home. </p><p>It was three months before I saw her again. I was browsing Yahoo News, on the internet, and recognised her beautiful Elvin face and the copper coloured hair, immediately. She was on yahoo News, with the headline: &lsquo;Body found in Essex field&rsquo; &lsquo;The body of a 26 year old girl has been found in a shallow gave, in a farmers field, 42 years after she was first reported missing. The girl has been identified as Sarah-Ann Carter, who disappeared after attending the Isle of Wight festival in 1969. The Discovery has rocked the community in the sleepy village of Coggeshall, Essex&hellip;..</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Erotic Horror

Sun, 26 Jun 2011 16:00:24 UTC

The Vampire Next Door

Note: The following story is a work of fiction. <br /> <br /> <br />I used to think that there was only one kind of vampire that could possibly exist. I was wrong. Vampires do exist and there’s more than one kind of vampire in the world. There are vampires who can walk in the daylight and vampires who only lurk around at night; vampires who are allergic to garlic and vampires who aren’t; vampires who can turn into bats and vampires who cannot; etc. <br /> <br />My name is Quentin Sanders, by the way, and this is the story of how I got bitten by a vampire who only drank warm blood from her lovers. <br /> <br />I am not a vampire now because the vampire who bit me was one of those vampires who can only pass on their "disease" by giving their blood to others to ingest, and I did not ingest any of her blood. <br /> <br />For that, I am grateful to her because, even though she drank about a liter of my blood, she spared me my mortal life, free of blood-thirst. I don’t even want to think of what it would be like to be a vampire, having to go out and hunt for human blood in order to satisfy an immortal craving. Yes, I’ve heard about how some vampires make do without human blood by feeding off animals, but hey, why take the risk? And some vampires can only drink human blood and nothing else! <br /> <br />I first laid eyes on this vampire two months ago. She had just moved to our street and into the house next door to the one I lived in…. <br /> <br />——— <br /> <br />I wake up one Saturday morning and realize that I’ve been woken up from my sleep by this annoying scraping sound coming from outside my bedroom window. I look outside and I see this little woman pulling a large box behind her, making her way to the front door of the house next door. Damn! I think to myself, that must be very stressful on her small physique. What do I do? I rush out of my bedroom and out of my house, wasting only enough time to put on a pair of work shorts and a t-shirt. <br /> <br />I come up behind her and say, "Need a hand with that?" She turns around to see me and she smiles. She says, "I can manage, but if it will make you feel better, then sure, I could use a hand." I smile back and lift the box from the bottom end, while she lifts it from the top end. We’re both able to carry the box into the front door of the house and set it down in the kitchen, without making any more of that annoying scraping sound. <br /> <br />"What’s in this box?" I ask her. She answers, "My refrigerator." "Oh, do you need help taking it out of the box and setting it in the right place in the kitchen here? I don’t mind, really." She thinks for a while, weighing factors that are unknown to me, then she looks straight into my eyes and I’m hit by some strange…thing, I don’t know what, but she seems to have probed past my defenses and it’s like she can see all my hidden motives and intentions. She finally says, "As long as you don’t go telling everyone about my refrigerator, I will let you help me." I sigh, then shrug and say, "Pshh. It’s just a refrigerator. Why would I want to tell other people about some household appliance, unless it can do something really cool like teleport you into another dimension?" She laughs and seems to relax a bit. <br /> <br />I tell her, "By the way, you look Asian, but I don’t know which country you come from." She tells me, "I’m from the Philippines. I came to this country when I was a teenager." Figures, I think to myself. She’s got the height, or the lack of it; the facial structure, and long, shiny, black hair. As we open the box and slide the refrigerator out, I ask her how old she is and she tells me that she’s thirty. I think and tell her that she looks as if she were only in her early twenties. She blushes and says thank you. We both move the large refrigerator to the corner of the kitchen, near the entrance to the dinning room. <br /> <br />"What’s your name?" she asks me. I say, "Quentin Sanders. What’s yours?" She says, "June Santiago. How old would you be?" "Thirty two." "Cool." Then I notice the refrigerator and say, "Wow! This doesn’t look like a refrigerator. It looks more like a big luxurious… casket for something, I don’t know." The refrigerator is a rich maroon in color, with gold plating on the edges of the doors. It looks so polished and new. June has a worried look on her face. I notice it and say, "But, it’s just a refrigerator after all, and I guess it can’t beam me up to the mothership, now can it?" She relaxes again and says, "No, but it’s really nice inside. Sometimes I just want to get inside, shut the door behind me, and just sleep in the cold. I don’t do that, really, it’s just a fantasy of mine." She smiles nervously. "Right," I say, trying not to sound suspicious. "Well, is there anything else that you need my help in moving?" "No," she says, "I’ll have everything inside before eight o’clock tonight. I work better in the night, for some reason." "Okay," I say and wish her a good day and tell her that it was nice meeting her. Then I leave for my place. <br /> <br />——— <br /> <br />I live alone. Most of the time, I am at my desk in the corner of the living room, on the internet because that’s where I work. I’m an online worker. I’m like an electronic salesman. I don’t work for any one company; different companies pay me a commission for the customers who buy their (the companies’) merchandise through me. <br /> <br />I’m chatting with a customer about the superiority of the GNS brand of car batteries to the HandyDuke’s brand, when the customer interrupts my stream of persuation with, "Thanks for helping me with the refrigerator this morning. Could I come over to your place for dinner? I’ll pay you for cooking. Oh, and sure, I’ll purchase a GNS battery for my car. Put the order in for me, please." I reply with, "Uh, wow! What a surprise! It would be my honor to have you over for dinner tonight, and you don’t have to pay for it. It would be my pleasure. What time? And, no problemo; I’ll put in the order for you. You should have the package delivered to your doorstep by Tuesday next week. I can have a mechanic replace your batteries for you, no extra fees applied." "Sweet! How about nine? And, thanks for offering mechanical assistance, but I should be able to handle that. I’ve spent a lot of time with my car so I know it inside-out and back-to-front." "Nine sounds fine! And thanks for purchasing. I feel like I’m definitely going to get a raise in my commission. Recently, I’ve been selling stuff like hot cakes." "Awesome! It’s no surprise to me because you’re really good at what you do. Have a nice day, Quentin, and see you at nine this evening." "Thanks, June. I’ll have something really good whipped up for us." <br /> <br />During the rest of that day, I sell a boat, three tool sets, a short science fiction story, a Shrek movie characters figurine set, and a box of innovative sex toys. All in all, business is good. <br /> <br />Late in the afternoon, I leave my desk to go put on some clothes that would be proper for walking around in the outside world. I exit the house, get in the car, and drive to the supermarket to buy some groceries for the night’s dinner. <br /> <br />———- <br /> <br />It’s nine in the evening and someone knocks on my door. I have dinner prepared on time and am glad that June is on time as well. I open the door and oggle her sexy, curvy body. She’s wearing a nice tight-fitting white dress that hangs low on her breasts, revealing a lot of cleavage, and only reaches down as far as her mid-thighs. Her hair is in a neat bun and she has make-up that makes her face look somewhat paler, or is that really make-up, I ask myself? I tell her, "You look so extremely beautiful, I was about to ask you if you had shown up at the wrong house. I don’t get a lot of gorgeous women knocking on my door." She smiles and says, "Thank you, Quentin. May I come in?" "Of course, please!" I open the door wider so she can enter. <br /> <br />We sit down at the dinner table and eat a delicious pork and vegetable dinner, which recipe I downloaded the other day from the internet. We sip some red wine once the meal has been finished, and retire to the sofa. We talk about all sorts of things such as my work, my leisure, my beliefs and ideals, and basically, my whole life. After a while, I notice that she now knows a lot about me and I still don’t know anything about her, other than what she told me that morning. I say, "Well, June, I feel like you know everything there is to know about me, and I hardly know anything about you. It seems rude on my part that I haven’t asked you a question about yourself. Plus, I also feel a bit vulnerable now that you have all this information about me and I don’t have any on you. Heck, we’re not enemy spies or anything like that; it’s just that I want to be fair." <br /> <br />She nods her head and tells me, "I understand how you feel. After everything you’ve told me, I think I can trust you. How about I make myself vulnerable to you, and at the same time, give you a lot of information about me? I can’t do that now, but if you’ll stop by my place, tomorrow at noon, you will have something of me to think about. Just come on over. The door will be unlocked. Go into the living room and there will be some things there for you to inspect. And don’t forget to bring a sharpened stake and a mallet." With that said, she puts a pale hand over mine and leans close to press her lips against mine. She gets up from the sofa and says, "Thank you for the wonderful dinner, Quentin. See you tomorrow or…" She smiles with a hint of sadness in her voice and turns, making her way to the door. I follow her and open the door for her. She goes down the steps and makes the turn to her house, looking back at me for the last time that night, smiling and crossing over to her front lawn. <br /> <br />——– <br /> <br />The next morning, I wake up at my normal time, around the seventh hour. The day proceeds normally, with me busy on my computer, selling things and making a living. Then noon approaches, and something bothers me. What is it? I remember, and I quickly sell whatever it is I am trying to sell – I think I just broke my own record for the fastest sell. <br /> <br />I go down into my basement and open a box that is clearly very old and hasn’t been opened in almost a decade. Inside this box is a bunch of old stuff I used to collect and play with when I was a kid. I take out two things from the box: a wooden stake and a mallet. Taking these, I go up to my bedroom, change into black trousers, a red shirt, and put on my grey shoes. I leave my house and walk over to June’s place. <br /> <br />The door is unlocked, just like she said it would be. I enter her house and close the door behind me. Walking into the living room, I see picture frames on the walls and tables. There are a lot of them. After looking at eight of the pictures, I notice that the time between the taking of these pictures is long, too long for a thirty-year-old woman like June, however, there she is in every one of them. Her style of clothing also changes with the time periods the pictures were taken in. She’s been around the world, not just the Philippines and my country, but also in other places such as Africa, Europe, other parts of Asia, South America, and the Poles, North and South. Not all the pictures are photographs; many of them are hand-drawn, and all these ones seem to have been done before the time of photography. <br /> <br />All these pictures, whether photographed or drawn, are dated, and the oldest date on these pictures is found on that of a woman – June, most likely – on a hill, on the outskirts of a village, sitting under a tree and posing in a way that the right side of her neck is exposed to the viewer. And on her neck is the unmistakable mark that would’ve been made by a pair of fangs. "Oh, shit!" I whisper to myself. On the floor, I see a message written with a thick black marker, on a white A4 sheet of paper, that reads, "Come into the kitchen, open the refrigerator, and brace yourself for whatever you may see." <br /> <br />My legs are weak now for some reason, but I will them to move as I make my way into the kitchen. There in the corner of the room is the maroon refrigerator. I steady myself, grip the mallet in my right hand and the stake in my left hand. I go to stand in front of the refrigerator, an arms length of distance between me and the household appliance. With my left hand, still holding the stake, I open the refrigerator door and quickly take a step back, with stake and mallet ready for action. I gasp at the sight of what is inside. <br /> <br />Cold, white air pours out of the interior of the refrigerator. Frost has encrusted the entire inner walls, but what sends a great shiver throughout my entire body is seeing June, standing upright and stiff, legs together, arms crossed over her upper torso, hands over her shoulders, head bowed down. Her hair and entire body (she’s naked) is white as a sheet of paper, covered in frost. She seems to be in a sleep so deep that her chest isn’t rising and falling from breathing. She could be dead! Then I think to myself, why did she ask me to bring the mallet and stake along? Did she want me to kill her, on finding out that she was a vampire? No. Last night, She had told me that she would be seeing me again. But she had ended that statement with the word "or." What am I to do now? <br /> <br />Then I remember something else she had said the other night. The whole reason for this, for me being here today at this time was so that I could learn some things about her and she would be vulnerable to me. This is what she meant. Now that I know her secret, I know a lot more about her than any normal person should know. She is also, right now, very vulnerable in this state of hibernation or whatever condition she is in. The question is, again, what should I do, now that I know? <br /> <br />——— <br /> <br />It is late in the afternoon, and I have sold only one item since noon – a bottle of water. I’m thinking to myself, why would someone go online to buy a bottle of water? Why couldn’t they just go to a store nearby and purchase one, or even better, fetch a cup of water from the tap in their kitchen? I guess some people love attention so they’re willing to do the darndest things in order to get it. I probably shouldn’t be complaining about this, because it is those kind of people who comprise the majority of my customers. I log on to a chat room and discuss the most unworthy topics with people I know nothing about. <br /> <br />The night has come and I decide that two hours of chatting online will be enough for me today. I log off and close the web browser. It is time to eat, so I go to the kitchen to look for some stuff to put together for dinner. I hear a knock on my front door so I stop searching for food in my kitchen and go to stand before it. <br /> <br />I speak through the door so the person on the other side can hear me. "Who is it? If you’re a vampire, I’m sorry to tell you that I don’t give blood." June’s voice answers, "Quentin, it’s me. Could I talk to you?" I say, "Sure. I hope you don’t mind talking through the door because I’m a bit scared, after what I saw today at noon." She tells me, "Actually, I do mind talking through the door. Look, you don’t have to invite me in. I can talk to you while standing outside. I just want to be able to see you when I say what I have to say." I reply, "Uh. You don’t happen to have hypnotic eye powers do you? You can’t make me invite you in by telepathic suggestion?" She says, "Honestly, I do not have that ability, but there are other vampires who do. I can’t come in unless you invite me of your own free will." I consider what she just told me and everything that I currently know about her. "All right," I say, and I open the door. <br /> <br />I’m standing a meter away from the doorway and she’s standing half of that distance away from the doorway as well. She’s wearing a pink t-shirt and a black skirt that stops just above her knee. I’m wearing black boxers and a light blue singlet. In her right hand, she holds a mallet, and in her left hand, she holds a stake. I have nothing in my hands. She attempts a happy smile, but only reaches as far as a sympathetic one. Then she tosses the mallet and stake at my feet. <br /> <br />She says, "Thank you for opening the door and thank you for not using those on me today. You could’ve but you didn’t so I’m grateful." I tell her, "You’re welcome. Thank you for not sucking my blood the other night when you had the chance. Or maybe you’re just waiting for the right time, and if that’s the case, then it’s never." She smiles then gets serious and says, "You’re right – I am or was waiting for the right time. You see, unlike other vampires, I only drink blood from people who are willing. I’ve never forced myself onto anyone in all my four hundred and fifty three years of existence as a vampire." "Well, there’s a first time for everything, and I’m not going to be your first time for that." She looks sad and I feel terrible about what I’ve just said. Hang on, I say to myself, this lady is a creature who drinks the blood of other human beings, and you’re feeling sorry for her, after you’ve turned her down? What is wrong with you? <br /> <br />She attempts to brighten up her sad facial expression, but fails, and says, "All right, well, thanks for the brief friendship. I enjoyed it. I’ll try to find someone else to satisfy my thirst; someone willing." I nod my head in agreement. She bids me good night and leaves. <br /> <br />———- <br /> <br />Three days later, I see June bring a man into her home. He’s tall and handsome and seems totally infatuated by her. An hour later, I hear a loud slap, a few seconds later, the man almost runs out of her house and gets into his car, driving away at high speed. It is plain to me that she must’ve popped the question and his answer was "no." June comes out of her house and looks out at the street, maybe wishing him to come back. She turns back to her house, and I see a big red mark on the left side of her pretty face. "Aw shit, June!" I utter softly as I see her walk sadly back to her home. <br /> <br />That evening, around eight o’clock, I ring the doorbell at June’s house. She opens the door and I see her face. I say, "Wow! I didn’t know vampires could heal like that!" What should have been a blackened and bruised left side of her face isn’t blackened or bruised. She has healed completely and in record-breaking time too. "Do you have a special vampire’s-only lotion for that or do you simply command yourself to heal?" She hasn’t heard a word I’ve said because she’s staring at me with her mouth wide open. Oh and I forgot to mention to you, the reader, that I’m standing stark naked in front of this woman’s front doorway. I ask her, "May I come in?" She swallows and opens the door wider for me to enter. <br /> <br />I go to stand in the middle of the living room. She locks the door and turns to see me. She notices what I’ve got on my neck. It’s a temporary tattoo of a black-lined rectangle with the words, "Sink fangs into here," printed inside. She laughs and laughs. Soon she can’t stand so she laughs and stumbles to the nearby couch, clutching her stomach as she goes into a fit. Now I wish I brought the stake and mallet with me. Here I am, offering myself to her, and all she can do is laugh her head off. I turn towards the door, but after I’ve taken one step, something hits me softly in the head and gets stuck there. I pull it off and look at it. It’s a pair of underwear. Turning, I see June on the couch. She’s taking off her bra and flinging that at me as well. Her other clothes are on the floor. Now she’s naked and she parts her legs wide enough for me to see clearly that junction between her thighs. She plays with her pussy, hidden by black fuzz. My cock becomes erect and she smiles at that. <br /> <br />She gestures for me to go to her, and I obey the unvoiced command. Standing before her, she tells me, "I’m going to enjoy you first, before I suck your blood. I can already smell it, warm and fresh. Mmmm!" She grabs my dick and pulls, causing me to step closer to her. She grabs my ass with both hands and takes my cock, deep into her mouth. I stand and groan with pleasure before her as she works her mouth on my penis. She takes my right hand and places it on her head. I realize what she wants me to do, and so, I run my fingers through her unbelievably, soft, silky hair, rubbing her scalp and the back of her neck, at intervals. <br /> <br />Damn! Her tongue swerves around my penis’s head and shaft like a slick serpent. I gently push her head further against my dick until I can feel her chin moving against my balls. She continues to suck my cock expertly and also strokes the area where my balls connect to my body. Then she takes her mouth off my cock and gives me a rapid, mean handjob. I sense that my balls and cock are ready to unload so I tell her, "It’s coming." Just as I am about to explode, she opens her mouth around the tip of my penis, and I shoot gooey, white strings of semen into her oral cavity while she continues to jerk me off. <br /> <br />She swallows my ejaculated fluid and looks up at me, showing her mouth, empty of white ooze. I am pleased and caress her face. She smiles and goes back to toying with my cock. She pulls back my foreskin and sucks the bare head. "Oohh! Yeah!" I say, shutting my eyes in extreme ecstasy. She flicks her tongue over the area where my pulled-back foreskin borders with the head of my penis. I utter a moan of approval and pleasure. Then she completely envelopes my penis head with her mouth and sucks it like a lollipop. "Oh, gosh!" I say. My hands are trembling because of the strong sensations she’s making me feel due to her attention on my dick. I dig my fingers into her hair, massaging the sides of her head and moving my "lollipop" around inside her mouth. Her lips and tongue make smacking suction sounds on my penis head as she works wonders on it. I look down at her and she looks back up at me, smiling as she continues to make those titillating sound effects on my body. <br /> <br />After I’ve ejaculated the second time into her mouth, I push her back against the couch so she’s sitting up straight. Then I part her thighs, holding her legs in my arms, and bring my waist against hers. I try to insert my penis into her cunt, but I miss on the first two tries. She giggles and reaches down to guide my cock into her pussy. Third time’s the charm; my dick goes in, and I am now sexually penetrating a vampire woman’s vagina. Both of us say, "Mmmm!" and I begin thrusting into her. She wraps her arms around my waist and looks down at my cock as it moves back and forth into her pussy. I continue to run my fingers through her hair and massage her scalp as I fuck her on the couch. After five minutes, we both lay on our sides and I continue to ram my cock into her cunt, but now she’s also meeting my onslaught with her own perfectly timed and maneuvered thrusts. I say, "June, you’re really really good at this." She replies, "Four centuries of experience, baby." <br /> <br />She ejaculates and soon after, I do so as well. I ask her, "Does this mean you’re going to get pregnant?" She shakes her and and says, "No. I’m on birth control." "So you can have children?" "Yes, but I’ve decided not to. Are you disappointed in me?" "No. It’s your choice." "Thank you." She stops thrusting and I stop as well, but we remain connected. We cuddle and kiss each other for a long while, then she asks, "May I suck your blood now? I’m really thirsty." I tell her, "Yes, you may. Just don’t drain me completely. I need blood to survive too, you know." She chuckles and kisses me. Then I turn my neck to her and she kisses the tattooed area, then sinks her fangs into the designated spot. <br /> <br />What I feel now is a sensation of pleasure, different from the sexual variety. It feels like ejaculation, except instead of your body pushing something out, something is being drawn out from you by an outside force. Because of this sensation and my losing of blood, I feel high. I also feel numb and paralyzed. I sense that June also knows how I’m feeling, and even more so. She knows that I will soon be feeling disconnected from reality and even dejected, as a result of what she’s doing to me. She caresses me and moves her hands lovingly all over my body while she drinks my red nectar. I distantly feel her hand take my hand and put it between her thighs, then she pushes all four of my fingers into her cunt and gently, but thoroughly, fucks her pussy on my digits. It’s working. This woman knows what she’s doing because I feel myself coming back from the realm of dejection. The sensations I’m getting through my neck and hand become stronger and I feel like I’m coming back to first person mode, rather than being a far away spectator staring through fog. Oh, her sucking of my blood is so divine and her hand-fucking herself with my hand is nothing short of brilliant! I’m feeling it all now, one hundred percent aware and there. <br /> <br />I still can’t move or do anything other than breathe, but I can feel my body and it feels fucking great! Finally, I feel her fangs withdraw from my neck. She licks the blood that oozes out of those two holes she made along my carotid artery and places a bandaid over it. In ten seconds, I’ve dozed off with her arms and legs wrapped around my body. <br /> <br />——- <br /> <br />I wake up and it is the morning of the next day. I’m still naked, but I’m in a comfortable bed, with a warm blanket over my body. I feel so cozy. Wait! This isn’t where I usually wake up! Where am – Oh! I remember. I sigh and relax. <br /> <br />Five minutes later, June walks into the room. She’s not naked. She’s wearing a long, white night shirt. Good for her. She smiles and says, "I’ve got some breakfast ready in the kitchen. You might want to have some clothes on before you leave. Do I have your permission to go into your house and get some clothes for you?" I reply, "Yes, you have my permission." I think she can read my thoughts through her special blood-sensing abilities because she says, "Hmm. Someone’s feeling down today and their blood is telling me that there’s only one way they can feel better." She smiles and pulls off her night shirt, dropping it on the floor. Naked, she gets into bed with me and we make love for an hour and a half, ending up feeling so tired that, after we shower and have breakfast, we go back to bed and sleep until noon. <br /> <br />THE END

Erotic Horror

Tue, 01 Mar 2011 02:11:57 UTC

Nothing Left

The room was stark and bleak, yet the air seemed warm. A little too warm it seemed for the the absence of anything resembling a source of the heat. The floor boards were raw, unstained, and looked like they had been fervently scrubbed many times over. Alone in the middle of the room was a large bed with four rusty bed posts. The girl was still shaking from the scalding bath she had just endured from the cold blank elderly blind women. After the searing bath she had been lead naked to this room and locked inside. The girl approached the bed with apprehension. It seemed a little too inviting. The mattress was covered with a blood red satin sheet that shimmered in the dark lighting of the room. She reached out, her hand still trembling, and felt the covering. It was so smooth and fine. It felt like warm butter as her hand slid gently across it. Cautiously she lowered her naked body down upon it. The girl felt the the warm sheet slide across the back side of her exposed thigh. There was only one pillow and the girl instinctively reached out for it as if the comfort it could bring would change everything she had been through. The girl hugged the pillow to her breast and stroked her face across it like a little girl with her favorite teddy bear that would make all the bad things go away. Her eyes grew heavy as she spread her body across the mattress as she lapsed into something between sleep and dream. <br /> <br />She never fully regained consciousness when she felt the small soft hand slide across the back of her calf. The girl couldn’t remember how much time had passed since the bath, and her strange acceptance of the warm soft bed. The small hand continued to slide slowly and gently up her leg. The girl’s legs were slightly apart and she was laying face down with her head turned to one side, half buried in the pillow she was clutching. As the hand slid upward it arched downward between her legs just above her knee. Her head seemed to swim in an ocean of half inky consciousness that she could not shake away. Her actions were dictated by the small soft hand that slowly glided up and between her legs. She instantly, with total absence of free will, ever so slightly, was bending one leg, opening the gap between her legs. Her pelvis pushed upward just a little as if, on its own, to invite the hand to continue. Why was she doing this? The girl thought. Why could she not bring herself fully awake. She wanted to sit up to see who belonged to this strange touch that seemed to dictate her every movement. <br /> <br />The hand felt so small and was now inside her thigh slowly approaching the spot it seemed to be seeking. It lingered, slowly drawing small circles across the creamy softness of her thigh with small fingers. What was happening? The girl’s head swirled this way and that trying to remember how she had gotten here. How she had ended up in this dream world. Her body controlled by this person she could not see. At the first touch of a tiny finger on the soft folds of her exposed vagina, the girl realized she was wet. She also realized as the probing fingers slid softly around the area that she had been shaved completely of any pubic hair. When this had happened she could not say. She did not remember the brutal old ladies who had scrubbed and abused her doing this. When she felt the first finger slide inside her she slightly regained some concentration. But it seemed only for the purpose of opening herself up a little more so the small finger might slide deeper. <br /> <br />The girl was dripping wet now as she felt the finger work it’s way in and out of her. On the next inward thrust two, no, three fingers entered her. The girl’s body withered in a state of denial and ecstasy that she could not control. Why was she allowing this to happen? Why could she not confront the person this tiny hand belonged to, that was penetrating her body, and yes, also her mind. It became clear to her at that moment who was in control here, of the situation, of her body….all of it. Her mind reeled and her body withered and arched as a thumb softly pushed against her clit. <br /> <br />Her body was owned plain and simple. Her movements in control of someone unseen! The girl’s hips pivoted upward to accept more of the penetrating invasion inside her. It seemed her body wanted more. It thirsted for it. The pumping motion of the small soft hand grew faster. The wetness of the girl’s cunt dribbled down her thigh. She gasped as the small hand clenched into a fist and fully slid inside her. The owner of the hand let her fingers unfurl as it moved back and forth in a circular motion. She felt the fingers sliding, probing the inside walls of her pussy. Then in one brilliant explosion the fingers found the spot they were seeking. The girl was facing downward on her stomach pressing her face into the pillow, with somebody behind her, their hand fully inside her. She was sopping wet, and could feel the wet sheet beneath her as she withered around in uncontrolled orgasm. The girl was now totally on her knees with her chest pressed flat against the mattress. Her nipples were swollen hard and she could feel them rubbing across the soaked sheets. She felt like a whore with her ass in the air wanting more and more of this obscenity. Then she heard a small giggle from behind her as the orgasm faded. Yes it was definitely a feminine hand and soft laughter, she knew that now. <br /> <br />The girl felt the hand slide out of her, the controlling presence in her mind also seemed to recede. Frantic, she sat up, clutching the pillow to her breast and swollen nipples. The girl turned to see who or what was doing this to her. To her horror her eyes fell on the small form of a young pale girl. The pale girl wore an old tattered looking Victorian dress, sagging white tattered stockings, and small black shoes with one large buckle on each. She had long black greasy looking hair, with bangs that seemed to be trying to hide her face. The small girl continued to giggle, as the older girl looked in fear as a pasty white face, with red glowing eyes, peered at her from under the hair. The ghastly looking small pale girl brought the hand that had, just seconds before violated the girl, to her mouth and started to lick the slippery orgasm from it, giggling the whole time. She noticed that the small girl had horribly sharp yellowed teeth, that looked like they had been filed to a razor sharpness. The pale girl’s blood red eyes never once dropped her stare, and her giggle seemed to echo sickly in the older girl’s mind, as she continued to clean her hand. <br /> <br />The older girl sat feeling sick. The hand that clutched the pillow to her breast sagged, and once again her head swam as she felt the force of the little girls mind enter her. With a hiss the small girl, being satisfied she had thoroughly cleaned her hand, began to speak. “You didn’t think we were finished did you?” the small girl said in a low screechy voice. “Oh on the contrary, I’ve just begun. And I definitely want to play some more” the small girl hissed with a grin. “When I’m done you’ll know. Because there will be nothing left for me to take.” The older girl slouched onto her back with her legs spread wide. She rolled her head back and forth trying to shake the little girls mind from it. She screamed inside her head as her body ached for the violation she knew was coming. The ghostly pale girl ran all four fingers up through the folds of the older girl’s wet cunt and instantly brought it to her mouth. The older girl glanced up just in time to see the evil twist of a grin on the girl’s face just before she lowered it between her legs. Everything went sickly surreal for the older girl as she felt the small girl’s hand and tongue feverishly explore and violate her cunt. The older girl’s hips once more arched and began an up and downward motion. The girl’s tongue and fingers met every downward thrust of the older girl’s pelvis. And then she felt the tense strain begin to build and she knew the unwanted orgasm was only seconds away. She felt tears well up in her eyes but the controlling mind of the small girl would not allow a sound as the they rolled down her face. The older girl exploded with a white flash of blinding light in her mind, and a gushing orgasm between her legs. She felt the pale girl lap at her dripping orgasm like and animal licking the blood from a fresh kill. <br /> <br />The small girl stood on the bed, still in control of the girls mind, and grinned looking down at the older girl. The small girl reached up under her dress and pulled a pair of stained and tattered panties down her slender pale legs. The young girl tossed the panties to the floor and laughed as she knelt down and straddled the older girl’s head. She mounted the older girl’s mouth and began to ride back and forth. The older girl looked up in total submission and saw the blood red eyes roll back into the girl’s head. Unwillingly her tongue stroked and entered the pale girl’s baby smooth gash. It was cold and had a sweet sickly taste, with an overpowering smell, like old flowers from a funeral home. The young girl looked down and laughed as she feverishly grabbed at the older girl’s hair and pressed her face up between her legs, smearing a slippery wetness across it across her mouth. This went on and on until the young girl was positioned in a standing squat cradling the older girl’s head pressing it against her cunt controlling the older girl’s body and mind to frantically lick at her pale cold gash. Finally, in a hiss and screech, the little girl exploded in a gushing orgasm across the older girl’s face. <br /> <br />The young girl dropped the girl’s head on to the pillow and stood. The girl watched as orgasm dribbled down the inside of the young girl’s thigh. The small girl hissed “Now I m done with you, and there’s only one more thing I want.” Like a blur of darkness the small ghastly girl dropped to her knees and sank her needle sharp teeth in the girl’s throat. The older girl’s body was paralyzed as she felt the little girl feed from her jugular vein. She could feel something warm spray across her chest as the young girl gnawed at her flesh. The room began to spin and turn dark as the older girl’s last breath escaped between her lips.

Erotic Horror

Fri, 24 Sep 2010 21:04:41 UTC