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Mom’s Best Friend Part 7

Chapter 13<br /><br />And then Dean, Adam’s twelve-year-old son was the only innocent&nbsp;remaining in the group. Mary and Adam agreed that it was time to do&nbsp;something about it. The boy had been prepared for it with a father-and-son conversation after school that day.<br />He talked to the boy vaguely about sex, wanting to leave the more&nbsp;detailed aspects for Mary, who would find that an exciting part of the&nbsp;seduction. Adam stressed the importance of secrecy regarding everything&nbsp;the boy saw or did, in his home, pointed out that other people didn’t&nbsp;believe as they did, and that they could cause serious trouble if they&nbsp;ever got even a hint of what was going on.<br />&quot;Are all of you doing … sex things?&quot; Dean asked nervously.<br />&quot;Yes, Dean, all of us. And now we feel it’s time to welcome you into&nbsp;the group. You’re going to do all the things a man does with a woman.&nbsp;Do you like the idea?&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, yes. Who am I going to do it with first?&quot;<br />&quot;Mary. She’s already your friend, and now she’s going to be your&nbsp;teacher. She’s a very good teacher, the best possible, and she’s very&nbsp;eager to teach you as she taught Sharon and Emily. Mind you, I did some&nbsp;teaching myself.&quot;<br />&quot;What are we going to do?&quot;<br />&quot;I think it’s best not to go into that right now, Dean. When she comes&nbsp;to visit this evening, you’ll go to the bedroom with her and she’ll&nbsp;take over from there. One thing I must warn you. No matter how excited&nbsp;you get between now and then, don’t jack yourself off or you’ll spoil&nbsp;the whole thing. Do you think you can resist the urge?&quot;<br />&quot;Yes. I won’t even play with myself.&quot;<br />&quot;That’s good thinking. It may be better to stay around me or Emily.&nbsp;That should help keep temptation from getting too strong.&quot;<br />&quot;Thanks, Dad. You’re really something.&quot;<br />Adam gave his son another reminder of the need for absolute secrecy;&nbsp;then they went to the kitchen to find Emily preparing the evening meal.&nbsp;Adam helped her with the work while Dean looked on, admiring his&nbsp;sister’s thighs and wondering how soon he would be allowed to run his&nbsp;hands over them and feel more. He had often seen how her ass bulged her&nbsp;tight pants or bathing suit, and he trembled as he thought of taking&nbsp;her panties down to see and feel those plump buttcheeks.<br />Mary and Sharon arrived for dinner. At the sight of the woman, Dean&nbsp;flushed hotly and felt perspiration trickling inside his clothes. Mary&nbsp;smiled warmly at him and gave him a loving hug, letting him feel her&nbsp;boobs. Then she sat and slowly crossed her long legs, avowing him to&nbsp;see her big, smooth-looking thighs.<br />His father hadn’t actually said that he was going to fuck Mary, but&nbsp;Dean hoped with an his heart and mind that he was going to. He had&nbsp;overheard older boys talking about fucking, and they made it sound so&nbsp;exciting. As he kept stealing glances at Mary’s thighs, he tried to&nbsp;picture her naked, then found it more exciting to imagine her taking&nbsp;her dress off and showing him how she looked in her bra and panties.<br />When the meal was finished, the group went to the living room, where&nbsp;the adults had a drink while they all chatted, sharing the excitement&nbsp;which fairly crackled in the air since all knew what was going to&nbsp;happen in a little while.<br />Although Dean didn’t know it, they were deliberately stalling the&nbsp;session until dark so that the others could go to the balcony outside&nbsp;the master bedroom. From there, the L-shaped design of the house&nbsp;permitted a view into Emily’s bedroom. It was for that reason that they&nbsp;had chosen Emily’s room for the seduction of the boy. Too, the back of&nbsp;the house was totally screened from view so that they would have&nbsp;absolute privacy for all that was to happen that evening.<br />Finishing her drink, Mary put her glass down, uncrossed her legs and&nbsp;raised the hem of her dress. All eyes were on her as she rubbed her&nbsp;inner thighs with the tips of her fingers, her hands moving closer to&nbsp;her crotch as she licked her lips, eyes shining with excitement.<br />&quot;I’m feeling very horny,&quot; she announced. &quot;I think I’m ready to go to&nbsp;the bedroom with Dean for our … uh … little talk. Are you ready,&nbsp;Dean?&quot;<br />&quot;Y-Yes,&quot; he stammered, his face hot.<br />Getting to her feet, Mary took him by the hand, and they turned and&nbsp;walked from the room. As they left the room, the girls giggled&nbsp;excitedly at the prospect of watching Mary seduce the boy; they they&nbsp;hurried up the stairs with Adam.<br />When they reached the balcony, they saw that Mary and the boy were&nbsp;standing beside the bed, kissing as they embraced. Mary whispered&nbsp;something to the boy, and his hands moved down her back and began&nbsp;rubbing her behind through her dress.<br />&quot;I’ll bet his little cock is hard right now,&quot; Emily whispered, and she&nbsp;and Sharon giggled again until Adam told them to be quiet, not wanting&nbsp;to upset his son during his thrilling experience. As he did, he&nbsp;unfastened the waist of his daughter’s skirt, pushed it down, and she&nbsp;stepped out of it.<br />Sharon was wearing pants, and he opened them and pushed them down to&nbsp;her knees; then he lowered her panties to bare her ass, and went to his&nbsp;daughter to do the same. He didn’t object when his daughter opened his&nbsp;fly and took his stiff cock out.<br />In the bedroom, Mary and Dean enjoyed a few kisses. Then she raised the&nbsp;hem of her dress and sat on the edge of the bed with her knees apart.&nbsp;They watched the boy drop to his knees between them.<br />The audience could see that he was saying something to Mary as he&nbsp;fondled her thighs eagerly, the bare skin feeling smoother and far more&nbsp;exciting than silk. While Dean went on feeling her thighs and staring&nbsp;at them and at the bit of black nylon panties he could see in her&nbsp;crotch, Mary opened the top of her dress, and said something to the&nbsp;boy. Dean looked up to watch as she pulled the dress down to her waist.&nbsp;He gave a little cry at the sight of the bulging cups of her black bra&nbsp;and the white skin between. The cleavage of her boobs was deep and&nbsp;thrilling, and the boy hungered to see her tits bare, to rub them with&nbsp;both hands.<br />He got part of his wish when Mary invited him to feel her jugs through&nbsp;her bra. He hurried his trembling hands there, squeezing and rubbing as&nbsp;she sighed and looked beyond him, smiling at the audience she knew was&nbsp;on the balcony as she delighted in the feel of the hands on her bra.<br />Dean put a hand between the cups and felt the upper slope of one tit,&nbsp;then did the same with the other. Mary smiled and told him to get up on&nbsp;the bed; then she held him by the back of the head and pressed his face&nbsp;to the cleavage of her boobs. He seemed very content, and she held his&nbsp;face there for a while, feeling his deep inhalations. At last she&nbsp;released him and told him to strip naked.<br />The boy didn’t hesitate as he got off the bed and began undressing. He&nbsp;paused when only his briefs remained, and she saw the form of his stiff&nbsp;prick making a bulge in the garment; then he emitted a little gasp as&nbsp;he pushed the briefs down and his hard little cock leaped to freedom.<br />&quot;Come here, darling, and let me feel your nice hard dick,&quot; Mary told&nbsp;him, and he went to her and she closed a hand gently around his tool.&nbsp;&quot;My, it feels nice and strong, Dean. Have you ever wondered what it&nbsp;would be like to stick it in a woman’s cunt and fuck her?&quot;<br />&quot;Y-Yes. Are you going to let me do that, Mary? I really want to. I want&nbsp;to do everything there is.&quot;<br />&quot;That depends on you, dear. If you do everything I want you to, you’ll&nbsp;see me bare naked and you’ll feel me, too all over. Then you’ll lie&nbsp;down on top of me, stick your cock in my cunt and give me a wonderful&nbsp;fuck.&quot;<br />He assured Mary he’d do anything she wanted and try to do it well,&nbsp;explaining that this was his first lay and he really didn’t know much&nbsp;about sex. Mary told him she was sure he would be a very good lover and&nbsp;that she would teach him everything; then Dean was on the bed with her&nbsp;again. She reached behind her back to unhook her bra, being careful not&nbsp;to hide the view from her audience.<br />When she showed him her naked tits, Dean let a cry break from his&nbsp;throat. The audience couldn’t hear it, but they saw his mouth open, and&nbsp;they could guess. Sharon held her breath as she watched his trembling&nbsp;hands come up hesitantly. Then they were on Mary’s boobs and she seemed&nbsp;to be sighing as the boy fondled. Her lush jugs were so big and&nbsp;beautiful that his hands looked too small to cope, but Dean did his&nbsp;best, and her eyes told her she was enjoying it.<br />She kept him playing with her tits for a long time, then told him she&nbsp;wanted her boobs sucked.<br />Dean looked delighted, and then he was holding her left tit in both&nbsp;hands and sucking. He began the task tentatively, but excitement soon&nbsp;carried him away and he kept trying to get a whole boob into his mouth.&nbsp;He tried so hard that his jaws ached, and a couple of times Mary had to&nbsp;tell him to be more careful with his teeth.<br />He sucked the beautiful boob until Mary took it from him and they both&nbsp;examined it; then she had him lie on his back and, her big ass arched&nbsp;toward the window, she lowered herself over him and stuffed a tit into&nbsp;his wide-open mouth.<br />While he sucked voraciously, Mary put a hand in her hot crotch and&nbsp;began fingering her cunt. It was the most exciting thing she had ever&nbsp;done, and she felt tremors of passion sweeping over her as she thought&nbsp;of all the exciting things that were still to be done.<br />Mary had only intended giving her cunt a bit of a fingering, but once&nbsp;she started, it felt so good that she kept diddling her twat while Dean&nbsp;sucked her tit. Then she triggered a big come and fell atop the boy,&nbsp;panting, her big ass jerking strongly until the waves stopped crashing&nbsp;and she sighed warmly as she sat up beside him.<br />&quot;That was a lovely tit-sucking, darling,&quot; she said, her eyes shining.&nbsp;&quot;Would you like to see some more of me now?&quot;<br />He told her he would, and she left him sitting on the bed as she got&nbsp;up, turned her back to him and worked the dress down over her hips. At&nbsp;the sight of her magnificently rounded ass, only partially covered by&nbsp;the little black nylon panties, Dean let out another dry-sounding cry&nbsp;which partially caught in his throat.<br />As Mary stepped out of the dress, Dean had to fight to focus his eyes&nbsp;on her. She turned, her knockers swaying enticingly, and showed him the&nbsp;frontal view, a sight as thrilling as the rear view had been, the boy&nbsp;decided.<br />Standing with her hands on her hips, Mary told Dean to come and kneel&nbsp;before her. She saw his hard prick twitching as he hurried to her; then&nbsp;he was on his knees and his hands were on her thighs.<br />Mary left him free to do what he wanted as she stood with her thighs&nbsp;together to keep his hands out of her crotch. He made the best of her&nbsp;generous gift, thrilling to the feel of the big, silken asscheeks under&nbsp;his hands, exploring all of her from her waist to her knees, his hands&nbsp;never staying in one place very long.<br />Telling him to stop, she moved her feet wide apart and let him look up&nbsp;into her crotch. When she gave him permission, he raised one hand, palm&nbsp;up, then earned it to her crotch where he felt the warmth of her cunt&nbsp;through the sheer nylon. Dean thought his pounding heart was going to&nbsp;shatter as he rubbed her cunt mound gently.<br />&quot;Your hand feels so good in my crotch, darling,&quot; she told him, &quot;but I&nbsp;think your face would feel even better. Put your face between my thighs&nbsp;and suck my panties. I’m going to train you to suck cunt as excitingly&nbsp;as your father and sister do,&quot; she added as she put a hand on the back&nbsp;of his head and guided his face into her crotch. He began sucking at&nbsp;once and liked it so much that he hoped she would let him keep on doing&nbsp;it for a long time.<br />The nylon of her panties was warm, so warm; then it became wet as he&nbsp;sucked, producing exciting sounds, wondering what her cunt looked like&nbsp;and how soon Mary would let him see it. It surprised him that he found&nbsp;no taste in her crotch, none of the unpleasant odor he heard older boys&nbsp;talking about. Her box just smelled clean and beautiful and very&nbsp;exciting. While he sucked, both his hands continued to play with her&nbsp;lovely big behind.<br />Outside, as he watched and fondled two bare asses, it was all Adam&nbsp;could do to resist the urge to bend one of the girls over and bury his&nbsp;cock in a tender cunt to blow his load. Still, if he did, he reminded&nbsp;himself, it-would spoil the rest of the performance for him, so he&nbsp;contented himself with fondling pretty young asscheeks.<br />Dean had been sucking for a long time before Mary patted him on the&nbsp;head and told him to stop; then she turned her back to him again and&nbsp;once more smiled to the audience.<br />&quot;All right, dear,&quot; she told Dean, &quot;we’re coming to the big moment now.&nbsp;Feel my panties a little, then peel them down and have a look at my&nbsp;bare ass. It’s a really big one, but your father thinks it’s beautiful.&nbsp;I hope you will, too.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, yes, I know it is! It’s the most beautiful thing I ever saw,&quot; Dean&nbsp;told her, and then both hands were rubbing the seat of the stretched&nbsp;panties. The hands rubbed for only a few seconds, then Mary felt them&nbsp;moving up to the waistband of her panties, and she took a deep breath.<br />She loved having someone take her panties down, but it had never been&nbsp;as exciting as it was when his trembling fingers managed to grip the&nbsp;nylon. Then he was slowly pulling her panties down, baring plump,&nbsp;silken asscheeks.<br />He paused when the upper half of her ass was bared, blinking in an&nbsp;effort to focus properly. Then he resumed unveiling her butt and pulled&nbsp;her panties down until the garment slipped from his fingers and fell&nbsp;down her legs. Resting a hand on his shoulder, Mary stepped out of her&nbsp;panties and kicked them away.<br />She would have taken him back to bed then, but his arms wrapped around&nbsp;her and she heard an impulsive cry. His face pressed between the cheeks&nbsp;of her ass and she could feel his labored breathing. His hands came&nbsp;around her, and she felt him stroking her pussy bush while his young&nbsp;face pressed and pressed more firmly, as though Dean was trying to get&nbsp;it entirely into her smooth crack.<br />But it was her cunt that needed attention then, had to have another&nbsp;come, so she took his hands off her belly and invited him to get on the&nbsp;bed with her. While he staggered to his feet, Mary told him how much&nbsp;she had enjoyed the feel of his face between her asscheeks. He glowed&nbsp;as they went to the bed, and then she lay on her back, raised and&nbsp;parted her knees and invited Dean to look at her cunt.<br />He got down on his hands and knees and stared in her crotch. Some boys&nbsp;had bald him he would shit his pants if he ever looked at a real cunt,&nbsp;but Dean knew how wrong they had been as he stared at the soft pink&nbsp;lips; then he watched as she parted her puffy gash with the tips of&nbsp;long, well-manicured fingers and showed him inside, telling him that&nbsp;was where his cock would be when they fucked.<br />&quot;First, though,&quot; she told him as her finger diddled, &quot;my cunt needs a&nbsp;nice sucking. Give me a good sucking and licking and make me come.&nbsp;After that, we’ll enjoy a beautiful fuck and you’ll shoot all your&nbsp;cream in my snatch.&quot;<br />Dean was eager to get started, but Mary made him wait while she gave&nbsp;him a lecture on the art of cunt-lapping. In the course of the lecture,&nbsp;she guided one of his fingers into her slit and showed him where her&nbsp;passion bud was located. He assured her he wouldn’t forget.<br />Ready then, Mary sighed as he hurried his face to her crotch. His mouth&nbsp;touched her snatch and then Dean was sucking again. It was much more&nbsp;exciting with his mouth right on her hot, wet cunt, Dean realized, and&nbsp;he sucked voraciously while his hands rubbed as much skin as he could&nbsp;reach.<br />Mary’s sighing and panting told him he was doing the job well, and then&nbsp;his tongue licked into her gash and her sighs became deeper, warmer as&nbsp;he probed her juicy puny and told himself that he would be content to&nbsp;spend the rest of his life with his face in her hot crotch, even if he&nbsp;never got to fuck her.<br />When she told him to, his tongue w&laquo;t searching for her clit. There was&nbsp;a moment of panic for him when he failed to find it on the first try;&nbsp;then he licked a little closer to the top of her twat and heard her&nbsp;loud gasp when he licked slowly over her clit as her ass squirmed on&nbsp;the sheet.<br />While Mary kept urging him on with hotly panted words, he lapped her&nbsp;cunt beautifully. Then she warned him that she was going to come. Not&nbsp;knowing what was expected of him, the boy just went on licking her clit&nbsp;as he rubbed her smooth hips. Then her body jerked, cries of ecstasy&nbsp;broke from her throat and she pushed his face away from her crotch.&nbsp;Dean stared hotly as she panted and jerked through what struck him as&nbsp;being a very long and strong climax, acting as though she were&nbsp;suffering great pain.<br />But when the orgasm passed and she opened her shining eyes, Dean knew&nbsp;that there had been no pain at all. Her eyes shone, her whole face&nbsp;seemed to glow, and he sensed her great joy.<br />She confirmed that with words, telling him that his mouth and tongue&nbsp;had done the job beautifully and that a boy who could lap her cunt so&nbsp;nicely was going to get to do it often, if he wanted to.<br />Eagerly, he told her he loved eating her cunt. She bathed him in a warm&nbsp;smile as he offered to go down on her again. Turning over to lie face&nbsp;down, Mary invited Dean to play with her ass some more while she&nbsp;thought about it. His hands hurried to the big, smooth cheeks and then&nbsp;he felt the firmness of her flesh as he squeezed.<br />After playing for only a little while, he drew the firm cheeks apart&nbsp;with both hands, then his face was pressed between them again, and he&nbsp;was licking her crack and the exciting bung he found there, making Mary&nbsp;purr with delight as she realized what tremendous potential he had. Any&nbsp;boy who would so eagerly suck a woman’s cunt and get his tongue into&nbsp;the crack of her ass without being told, she reasoned, could be trained&nbsp;into a perfect lover, one who would do anything and everything to&nbsp;please a woman.<br />The licking of her crack and tonguing of her brownie, so thrillingly&nbsp;performed, made Mary want to arch her ass sharply so that he could get&nbsp;his tongue right inside her butthole to ream her. She had heard of the&nbsp;act but had never experienced it. On second thought, she decided to&nbsp;wait a while for that and to have him eat her cunt again.<br />When she told him to sit up, he did so, licking his lips, his eyes wide&nbsp;with delight. She told him how exciting it had been and that another&nbsp;time he was going to be allowed to do even more. Then she told him to&nbsp;lie on his back and eat her cunt another way.<br />Mary knelt astride his head. He looked up and let a low, quavering moan&nbsp;break from him at the sight of pussy, tits and lower slopes of&nbsp;beautiful asscheeks; then she told him she was going to deliver her hot&nbsp;cunt to him to be sucked and lapped.<br />She let her body come down slowly, and Dean held his breath as her open&nbsp;pink gash approached slowly, so slowly that it was maddeningly exciting&nbsp;as he waited for the feel of her cunt on his mouth, the confinement of&nbsp;his face in the thrilling warmth of her wet crotch. Soft, warm cunt&nbsp;brushed lightly over his nose and he groaned in her muff. Then she&nbsp;delivered her cunt to his mouth. His next groan was muffled in her&nbsp;cunt; then he was sucking, his hands fondling her smooth, naked&nbsp;asscheeks.<br />As he sucked and licked cunt, Dean wanted to tell her that it was his&nbsp;favorite position, and he would want to eat her that way every time,&nbsp;but talking was out of the question at that time, so he concentrated on&nbsp;sucking and licking her juicy, delicious cunt until she climaxed again.&nbsp;When she did, it was a thing of wild excitement as her wet crotch&nbsp;rubbed all over his face, smearing it with tasty Juice.<br />&quot;Oh, you darling boy,&quot; Mary said, sighing as she got off his face and&nbsp;rubbed a hand in her wet twat, &quot;what a delightful cunt-lapping that&nbsp;was. If any boy ever deserved a good fuck, it’s you,&quot; she told him;&nbsp;then she was lying on her back with her knees raised high and wide&nbsp;apart as she invited him to get aboard her naked body and get his dick&nbsp;into her slit for his very first fuck.<br />Trembling, he did so, lying on her smooth warm body, his face between&nbsp;her tits as he purred with delight. She told him to get his cock into&nbsp;her slit. He raised up a little, reached between them and found his&nbsp;stiff prick, then he was probing her box with it, probing until he felt&nbsp;his rod slip between the lips of her cunt. He pushed his dick slowly,&nbsp;going out of his mind with excitement as he felt the ecstatic joy of&nbsp;pushing his cock into a woman’s cunt, getting it right inside her hole&nbsp;where it was warm, soft and thrillingly wet.<br />As he began fucking slowly, Mary pressed her big tits together,&nbsp;confining a warm, sweating face between them, adding to Dean’s delight&nbsp;and nuking the fuck such a thrilling thing that he felt sure no other&nbsp;boy or man had ever enjoyed so thrilling a screw.<br />He panted, and she felt him drooling between her big tits as he humped&nbsp;his hard little cock in and out of her already juicy cunt; then she&nbsp;released her boobs as her hands rubbed down his back to cup his jerking&nbsp;butt.<br />Dean was just wondering how long he would last when he felt the&nbsp;churning in his balls and knew he was almost at the breaking point,&nbsp;that his fuck was almost finished. He tried to hold his load back, but&nbsp;it was hopeless.<br />Grunting and groaning, his body jerking in her warm crotch, he pumped&nbsp;his fuck juice into the depths of her pussy, and she held his&nbsp;shuddering body until it was all over.<br />&quot;How did you like your first fuck, darling?&quot; Mary asked when he opened&nbsp;his eyes and sighed as he savored the feel of his spent cock soaking in&nbsp;her hot, juicy cunt.<br />&quot;I can’t tell you, Mary,&quot; he replied in a weak voice. &quot;I don’t know&nbsp;enough words. Please say you’ll let me get on you and do it again&nbsp;soon.&quot;<br />&quot;Yes, darling,&quot; she assured him warmly, &quot;you’re going to fuck me often&nbsp;from now on. I love the way you suck and fuck, and tongue my asshole.&nbsp;You’re going to be a very busy boy from now on.&quot;<br /><br /><br />Chapter 14<br /><br />Having discovered the joy of fucking Mary, Dean was eager to get into&nbsp;Sharon’s twat. He was even more eager to strip his beautiful older&nbsp;sister naked, fondle her firm young body and stick his tool into her&nbsp;pussy.<br />All this came out in the course of a family conference later that&nbsp;evening, when all of them were fully clothed again.<br />Adam and the girls told how excited they had been while watching the&nbsp;exciting performance; then it was Mary’s turn to tell of how thrilling&nbsp;the seduction of the boy had been, how she especially enjoyed the way&nbsp;he had tongued her crack and her bung, promising him she would teach&nbsp;him exciting variations of that game.<br />The girls had been excited by that act, too, and had agreed that it&nbsp;would be exciting to take Dean to a room and have him lick both their&nbsp;asses.<br />&quot;There’s something we have to make clear right from the start,&quot; Adam&nbsp;told the group. &quot;Dean, you can count on getting all the fucking you&nbsp;want from now on, but Mary’s cunt is the only one you’re allowed to get&nbsp;into.&quot;<br />&quot;Why, Dad?&quot; the boy asked, obviously disappointed.<br />&quot;Because Mary is fixed up so that she can’t become pregnant. The same&nbsp;doesn’t apply to Sharon and Emily.&quot;<br />&quot;But you fuck them, don’t you?&quot; Dean asked.<br />&quot;Yes, I do, but I wear a rubber when I do. You see, your cock isn’t big&nbsp;enough yet to wear a rubber safely. What you must remember is that just&nbsp;one drop of your sperm getting into a pussy could knock a girl up. I&nbsp;want the three of you to keep that in mind each time you play and get&nbsp;horny.&quot;<br />&quot;Then I can play with the girls and see them bare naked and feel them&nbsp;up and all that?&quot; Dean asked.<br />&quot;Yes, of course. In fact, there’s also a way you can fuck them.&quot;<br />&quot;You mean up the ass, Daddy?&quot; Emily asked, and she wondered how it&nbsp;would feel to take a hard prick up her shitter.<br />&quot;That’s right. Lots of people, men and women, like being ass-fucked. I&nbsp;think it’ll be especially good with Dean, because his cock is nice and&nbsp;slim. We could have a little demonstration of ass-fucking later. Are&nbsp;all of you interested?&quot;<br />The girls and Dean assured him they were, and they agreed that they&nbsp;would give it a try later, after Dean had recovered his vitality.<br />Leaving the others to chat, Adam went to the well-stocked bar and&nbsp;poured a couple of drinks. He returned with them and guessed that&nbsp;things would soon warm up as he noticed that the three females had&nbsp;raised the hems of their dresses, and that Dean was trying to look at&nbsp;all six thighs at the same time.<br />The evening wore on pleasantly, and Adam saw that the others were eager&nbsp;to move beyond the stage of conversation and get into action. More than&nbsp;anyone, Sharon and Emily made that clear as they sat together on a&nbsp;couch, Sharon with a hand between Emily’s thighs, Emily with a probing&nbsp;hand inside the younger girl’s blouse, fondling her firm young tits.<br />&quot;Since you two seem so interested in playing,&quot; Adam told the girls,&nbsp;&quot;perhaps you should put on a little show for us. Who knows, it might&nbsp;help Dean get a hard-on and then we could have a real orgy.&quot;<br />&quot;How about your cock, Daddy?&quot; Emily asked. &quot;Is it hard?&quot;<br />&quot;It’s very hard,&quot; he assured her as he watched her playing in Sharon’s&nbsp;crotch while she showed him how her pale-blue nylon panties snugged&nbsp;against her warm pussy.<br />With help from Mary, Adam quickly rearranged the furniture, so the&nbsp;second couch was facing the one on which the two girls sat. Before&nbsp;sitting, Mary drew the hem of her dress above her hips; then Adam was&nbsp;seated to her right and Dean to her left as they watched the two girls&nbsp;petting on their couch, sharing hot kisses, each fondling the body and&nbsp;thighs of the other. While they watched, Adam and his son fondled&nbsp;Mary’s thighs and the crotch of her panties; then she gave the boy&nbsp;permission to unbutton the top of her dress, and there was even more&nbsp;for them to play with.<br />On the couch, the girls removed each other’s clothes gradually,&nbsp;unhurriedly, until Sharon took Emily’s panties off. Then they were both&nbsp;naked.<br />While their audience watched intently, they went wild with passion,&nbsp;sucking and fondling tits, stroking warm little pussies until they&nbsp;agreed that it we time to produce some comes. Seconds later, they moved&nbsp;into an end-to-end embrace. For the first time in his life, Dean saw&nbsp;two females lapping cunt in the sixty-nine pose.<br />It was so thrilling to the boy that he couldn’t just watch. He left the&nbsp;couch and went to play with the two writhing, naked bodies, stealing&nbsp;all the feels he wanted, his cock so hard that he couldn’t believe it&nbsp;possible.<br />Mary didn’t mind when Dean left her, especially when Adam put an arm&nbsp;around her and fondled one boob with a gentle hand while his other hand&nbsp;rubbed so excitingly in her crotch that her panties became nicely moist&nbsp;there.<br />There was a wild flurry on the couch as the two girls climaxed at the&nbsp;same time. In his arousal, Dean clutched at both cheeks of Emily’s ass.&nbsp;His fingers dug into the firm flesh hard enough to make marks on her&nbsp;sensitive skin, but she didn’t seem to mind as the girls untangled and&nbsp;she got up smiling, looking very pleased with herself and her partner.<br />When Adam began undressing, Mary and Dean followed his example. As Mary&nbsp;began to push her panties down, Dean begged to be allowed to do that&nbsp;for her, and she smiled as she tugged them back up and waited for him.<br />&quot;Your daddy made the crotch of my panties wet with pussy juice, Dean,&quot;&nbsp;she told the naked boy as he crouched before her. &quot;Why don’t you make&nbsp;my panties a little wetter with your mouth, darling? I love having the&nbsp;crotch of my panties sucked.&quot;<br />It was all the invitation the boy needed as he dropped to his knees,&nbsp;and ran his hands up her thighs. Then his upturned face went to her&nbsp;crotch. While the others watched intently, Dean sucked greedily.<br />He mouthed and sucked and licked so excitingly that Mary realized that&nbsp;she was on the verge of coming. As the first shock wave struck, she&nbsp;clutched at his head and pulled it tightly against her, her hot crotch&nbsp;jerking against his face until the waves had all pawed.<br />The girls were impressed, and then they watched as Dean slowly pulled&nbsp;Mary’s wet panties down, taking his time about it. When her panties had&nbsp;been pulled to just below her ass, Dean began kissing the plump, smooth&nbsp;cheeks, but she told him to hurry and strip her because she had a&nbsp;surprise for him, one that he would like very much.<br />Seconds later, Mary stepped out of her panties and knelt on the couch&nbsp;with her head down and her big butt arched high, her asshole and cunt&nbsp;clearly displayed for all to see.<br />&quot;Adam darling,&quot; she said with a sigh, &quot;since Dean likes asses so much,&nbsp;I have a feeling he’d enjoy doing a nice ream job on me. What do you&nbsp;think?&quot;<br />&quot;I think the two of you are even wilder than me,&quot; he told her, &quot;but I&nbsp;think you’re right about a nice reaming.&quot;<br />Adam and his son went to the couch to admire and play with her ass&nbsp;while the girls watched, not knowing what the proposed reaming was all&nbsp;about. They watched as Adam showed his boy how a tongue should be&nbsp;curled into a roll so that it could be worked up an asshole just like a&nbsp;cock. Dean had so enjoyed kissing and licking her crack that he knew it&nbsp;would be sheer delight to get his tongue right up Mary’s bung and use&nbsp;it as a prick to ass-fuck her. There was no trace of apprehension, no&nbsp;thought of taste he could encounter there. Her bung was a beautiful&nbsp;little ring in the valley of her ass and he wanted to ream her.<br />Crouching behind her, he rubbed his hands over both smooth cheeks, and&nbsp;probed her crack with a gentle finger as she trembled and sighed. Then&nbsp;he was holding her well-fleshed hips as he licked up and down her&nbsp;crack.<br />When he decided that her ass crack should be wetter, like her cunt, he&nbsp;poured saliva into the top of it and watched it trickle all the way&nbsp;down through her crack into her crotch, to make her cunt even wetter.&nbsp;With a gentle hand, he smeared the juice over her pussy. His face&nbsp;returned to her beautifully arched, white ass and went between the&nbsp;cheeks to plant a loving kiss on her butthole, a kiss which made her&nbsp;tremble with lust.<br />Mary groaned that she wanted to see the boy as he worked on her ass,&nbsp;and Adam hurried away, returning with a mirror which he positioned&nbsp;against the other couch so that she could watch. When the mirror was in&nbsp;place, Mary groaned at the sight of the boy with his face pressed&nbsp;between the big cheeks of her butt, looking a; though he was trying to&nbsp;get his whole face up her asshole.<br />And then she felt his tongue probing, trying to curl into the tight&nbsp;bung. Trying to help him, Mary used her ass muscles as though she were&nbsp;shitting. He felt her brownie pushing out to meet his tongue, and as it&nbsp;opened, his tongue pushed inside.<br />Wrapping his arm tightly around her big thighs, Dean kept his face&nbsp;pressed against her ass. Then his tongue was working in and out of her&nbsp;bung as she panted with lust and tried to describe the thrill of the&nbsp;reaming to the others, who stared in disbelief as Dean went on tongue-fucking her up the ass. Finally it became too much for Mary, and she&nbsp;had to tell him she couldn’t take any more.<br />Dean wore an expression of regret as he let his tongue come out of her&nbsp;shitter and pulled his face away. Before he let her go, he planted one&nbsp;loving, moist kiss on each cheek of her ass, then got to his feet,&nbsp;looking very pleased with himself.<br />&quot;Finish up the job with your big cock, lover,&quot; Mary panted as her naked&nbsp;butt swayed. &quot;Stick that big prick up my asshole and fuck me blue.&quot;<br />Delighted, Adam told her he’d get the Vaseline, but she told him to&nbsp;forget it and slip it to her dry, adding that the boy’s mouth had&nbsp;prepared her asshole enough for his big cock.<br />In no mood to argue, Adam knelt behind her, his pecker throbbing with&nbsp;desire, and steered his cock between her asscheeks.<br />The children moved in close, watching the prickhead as he guided it to&nbsp;the bung which looked much too small to admit his dong. Then with a&nbsp;groan, Mary felt the cockhead push into her asshole, stretching it as&nbsp;it had never been stretched before.<br />Dean watched the head of his father’s prick vanish up Mary’s butt; then&nbsp;he wanted to see something else so he lay face up on the bed, working&nbsp;his way until he was lying with his face under her wide-open crotch. He&nbsp;reached up, rubbed her wet, warm pussy, then slipped a finger into her&nbsp;slit and began fucking her with it. Mary let him know what a brilliant&nbsp;idea that had been as he went on fingering her twat while his father&nbsp;fucked her up the ass, delighting her and the girls, who stared in&nbsp;mounting arousal, each of them thinking that Dean would soon be&nbsp;diddling them that way, wondering how it would feel.<br />Adam went on buggering her big ass, his belly making exciting sounds as&nbsp;he allowed it to spank the big cheeks; then the tightness of her&nbsp;asshole provided more friction than he could stand, and he couldn’t&nbsp;hold back his load.<br />Panting the message to her, he gave her bung a few more strokes of&nbsp;cock, then pressed tightly against her warm, white ass. His load&nbsp;exploded strongly, shooting up into her butt in shot after shot as she&nbsp;purred.<br />But Mary’s purring changed to other sounds as the boy’s stroking finger&nbsp;triggered a climax which she enjoyed with Adam’s cock still up her&nbsp;asshole. It was a wonderful orgasm and seemed to go on forever.<br />Faced with the available asses of the two girls, and having only one&nbsp;cock to serve them, Dean didn’t want to risk offending one girl by&nbsp;choosing the other, so he tossed a coin, hoping it would win him a ride&nbsp;on Emily’s bigger ass. When it fell tails, appropriately, he smiled and&nbsp;led Emily to the couch. As he did, Adam went to get a jar of lubricant;&nbsp;then he went to the couch, and he was gentle as he greased his&nbsp;daughter’s bung to provide an easy film on which his son’s cock could&nbsp;ride. Because of the smallness of Dean’s cock, Adam wasn’t sure that&nbsp;her brownie needed lubricating, but he decided to take no chances.<br />As Adam pulled his finger out of the greased butthole, Dean hurriedly&nbsp;knelt behind his sister and used both hands to fondle her pretty ass.&nbsp;He wanted to play awhile with the silken cheeks, but acting like a&nbsp;bossy big sister, Emily told him to hurry and get his cock up her ass.<br />Her attitude annoyed him, and he told himself he was going to have a&nbsp;talk with his father about that; he rubbed the head of his dick on her&nbsp;bung for a few seconds, then gave a slow push and his prick slipped&nbsp;into the greased brownie with ease. He took his time and slowly fed the&nbsp;rest of his cock up her shitter. When it was all the way in, he pressed&nbsp;against warm, smooth asscheeks and felt his prick throbbing in her&nbsp;tight butt.<br />He held her by the hips then, as his father had held Mary, and then he&nbsp;was buggering the girl, doing it slowly, loving the feel of his cock&nbsp;pumping in and out of the very tight hole. He saw Mary kneeling close&nbsp;to Emily and reaching under her to play with her tits, making it more&nbsp;exciting for Dean as he went on riding his sister’s ass.<br />Because he had already shot a load, Dean was able to keep the ride&nbsp;going for a long time. But then he reached the stage where it could be&nbsp;extended no longer, so he began riding her ass with fast strokes,&nbsp;making her grunt and groan, and then his sperm pumped up his sister’s&nbsp;ass with very strong force.<br />When it was all over and Dean had taken his spent cock out of her bung,&nbsp;Emily decided that fucking up the ass couldn’t begin to compare with&nbsp;taking it in the cunt, yet she thought it was an interesting game and&nbsp;that from time to time it would serve as a nice change of pace.<br />Deciding that her daughter looked neglected, Mary went to the couch&nbsp;with her and soon had her writhing in lust as she sucked her little&nbsp;titties and played with her hot little cunt until the girl was crying&nbsp;for a come.<br />Raising and parting Sharon’s pretty legs, Mary pressed her face into&nbsp;the warmth of the sweet young crotch and began sucking her cunt. She&nbsp;sucked well, and it wasn’t long before Sharon’s legs scissored a&nbsp;message of ecstasy as a strong orgasm enveloped her and took her for a&nbsp;beautiful rocket ride. The ride proved to be a long one, such a long&nbsp;one that along the way she passed through heaven and kept on going.<br /><br /><br />Chapter 15<br /><br />&quot;Darling,&quot; Mary said as she and Adam spent a quiet evening at her house&nbsp;while Sharon was at Adam’s, romping with Emily and Dean, &quot;there’s&nbsp;something I have to tell you. It’s been bothering me, and I have to get&nbsp;it off my chest.&quot;<br />&quot;Anything that comes off that beautiful chest will have to be&nbsp;beautiful,&quot; he told her and cupped a tit through her dress, fondling it&nbsp;lovingly. &quot;Tell me and then you’ll feel better.&quot;<br />&quot;Well, it’s about King,&quot; she began nervously.<br />&quot;Don’t be afraid, darling. I love you, remember?&quot;<br />&quot;All right, dear, but it’s so difficult. You see, until you came into&nbsp;my life, King was all I had for sex. He served me well. Since you, I&nbsp;don’t need him anymore–I mean for sex.&quot;<br />&quot;I’m with you so far, dear. Keep going.&quot;<br />&quot;Well, you see he got hooked on lapping and fucking a woman, and it&nbsp;hurt him when I cut him off.&quot;<br />&quot;Poor King, it would hurt me if you were to cut me off. I can&nbsp;understand how he felt.&quot;<br />&quot;You see, dear, after I cut him off, I felt sort of disloyal. He’d&nbsp;looked after me, but I refused to look after his needs then.&quot;<br />&quot;Mary, you’re a very loyal person, and I can well understand your&nbsp;feelings.&quot;<br />&quot;All right, here’s the rest of it. One night, he came to me, put his&nbsp;snout in my crotch and cried. I couldn’t stand it, so I stripped and&nbsp;let him lap my cunt a little. Then I went down on all fours and let him&nbsp;fuck me.&quot;<br />&quot;I think that was the only decent thing for you to do, Mary. You’re not&nbsp;a selfish person.&quot;<br />&quot;Then you’re not angry?&quot;<br />&quot;Angry? Why in hell should I be angry? He was your lover until I came&nbsp;along and interfered. As I see it, the poor animal is hooked on you and&nbsp;it would be an act of cruelty not to give him a piece of tail from time&nbsp;to time.<br />&quot;Oh, darling!&quot; she said and turned to throw her arms around him. &quot;No&nbsp;wonder I love you. You’re such a man, such a wonderful man.&quot;<br />&quot;I’m only what you make me, dearest. Now let me tell you something. I&nbsp;assumed you were still letting King fuck you, and I’ve been dying to&nbsp;watch. I didn’t ask because I was afraid I’d embarrass you, but I’ve&nbsp;been waiting for you to invite me.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, Adam, I’ve been such a dummy about this whole thing. I’d love to&nbsp;have you with me when he fucks me. We can do it tonight, if you want.&nbsp;He hasn’t had a screw for almost a week.&quot;<br />&quot;Mmmm, it sounds too good to be true, my angel. Let me get you nice and&nbsp;horny, then bring him in and I’ll get to watch him ball you. Oh,&nbsp;Christ! This is really going to be a treat!&quot;<br />&quot;Darling, would you like to fuck me before he shoots his juice up my&nbsp;cunt?&quot;<br />&quot;No thanks. I want to have a hard-on during the performance. I’ll be&nbsp;hot to fuck you later. I don’t mind riding a wet deck.&quot;<br />&quot;Riding a wet deck?&quot; she asked, puzzled.<br />&quot;It’s an old navy term. It means getting into a cunt after it’s already&nbsp;been fucked.&quot;<br />&quot;You can ride my deck anytime, lover-wet or dry.&quot;<br />They got up and began undressing. While Adam stripped naked, he had&nbsp;Mary leave her bra and panties on, and she liked that, liked it because&nbsp;it meant he wanted to take them off for her, and Mary always enjoyed&nbsp;the way he did that.<br />&quot;Oh, lover,&quot; she sighed as he pushed his briefs down and his stiff tool&nbsp;leaped out, &quot;one look at that delicious cock and I could forget all&nbsp;about King.&quot;<br />&quot;Thanks, darling, but why settle for one cock when you can have two?&nbsp;Besides, I’ve been waiting a long time to see that big dog humping your&nbsp;sweet ass,&quot; he told her, kicking his briefs away as she hurried into&nbsp;his arms.<br />While they kissed, he fondled lovely asscheeks through her panties and&nbsp;around them. During their second passionate kiss, Adam pushed a hand&nbsp;inside her panties and played with silken cheeks of which he knew he&nbsp;would never tire, just as Mary knew she would never tire of the big&nbsp;cock which throbbed as it pressed against her belly.<br />Before taking her onto the couch, Adam unhooked her bra and took it&nbsp;off; then he was handling her big tits, driving Mary wild with passion.&nbsp;She was sighing hotly as Adam took her panties down.<br />&quot;Are you sure you want me to let King fuck my cunt?&quot; Mary asked as he&nbsp;inserted a finger in her pussy and gave her a slow diddling which kept&nbsp;her ass squirming.<br />&quot;I’m positive,&quot; Adam assured her. &quot;I can still see it in my mind, that&nbsp;time I watched through the window when he lapped your beautiful cunt&nbsp;and balled you. This time I won’t jerk off, though. I’ll get you in the&nbsp;same position and then I’ll be your big dog.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, yes, Adam! I want you to watch King fucking me. I’d like to let&nbsp;the kids watch, too, but I’m afraid I’d shock them too much.&quot;<br />&quot;I’m not so sure about that, darling. I think it would be wild. Now&nbsp;that you mention it, I’d love to see the big brute fucking Emily and&nbsp;Sharon. He’d look so big mounted on Sharon’s little body with his big&nbsp;cock rammed up her little slit.&quot;<br />&quot;If you think so, Adam. Anything you want. I guess the girls would love&nbsp;being fucked by a dog at that. Yes, we’ll do it, Adam. I’d give&nbsp;anything to watch King screw Sharon. We’ll do it and we’ll all watch.&nbsp;Maybe I’ll let them watch me getting dog-fucked first, just to show&nbsp;them how thrilling it is. Do you want me to get him now, dear?&quot;<br />&quot;No, darling, your tender little cunt isn’t ready.&quot;<br />&quot;Isn’t it, Adam? What does it need to be ready?&quot;<br />&quot;It needs a nice sucking to make it juicy and very slippery. It needs&nbsp;more than just a sucking. I’ll get my tongue up your slit and give you&nbsp;a lapping that’ll make you come.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, lover, that’s such a terrible thing to do! It will make me suffer&nbsp;so.&quot;<br />&quot;Yes, you poor little angel, you’re going to suffer so badly. You&nbsp;didn’t know how cruel I could be, did you?&quot;<br />&quot;No, but I’m so small and weak and you’re so big and strong. I’m&nbsp;helpless, Adam, I can’t stop you from eating my cunt and making me cry.&nbsp;I’m going to try, though. I’m not going to let you open my legs.&quot;<br />Adam took the finger out of my cunt and Mary closed her crotch,&nbsp;pressing her thighs tightly together. When he reached to part them, she&nbsp;kept them closed and sounded like a terrified little girl as she begged&nbsp;him not to eat her twat.<br />The exciting game drove Adam wild as he forced his hands between her&nbsp;thighs and she went on begging as he parted her legs wide and stared&nbsp;into her crotch as she went on playing the game. Even then, she thought&nbsp;they would play the game again soon. In her mind, she saw him dragging&nbsp;her to a bed, tearing her clothes off and raping her while she pleaded&nbsp;and begged for mercy she wouldn’t want or get.<br />Mary was still begging and pleading when his face went down into her&nbsp;crotch and he began sucking her hot, juicy cunt, his hands caressing&nbsp;her ass lovingly. She stopped playing the game then, and her hands went&nbsp;to his head, mussing his hair as she moaned with passion, rubbing his&nbsp;head as she urged him on and he sucked and lapped her snatch eagerly.<br />When his tongue curled around her hard passion bud, Mary felt orgasm&nbsp;approaching and knew it was going to be a beauty, one of those&nbsp;sensational and shattering ones that would leave her limp and drained.<br />When climax struck, it was like lightning that hit first in her crotch,&nbsp;then fanned out through her whole being. As it surged more and more&nbsp;strongly, Adam held her tightly, his arms around her jerking ass, his&nbsp;face pressed into her pussy bush.<br />&quot;Oh, my darling,&quot; she panted a little later, &quot;that was a new, all-time&nbsp;record. You’ve never sucked my cunt so beautifully, and I’ve never had&nbsp;such a come in my life.&quot;<br />&quot;I’m glad to hear it, angel. Did it make you ready for a good fucking&nbsp;by a big, horny dog?&quot;<br />&quot;Oh yes, lover! But I’ll have to rest for a minute. Right now, my cunt&nbsp;couldn’t take it. I think it’d kill me.&quot;<br />They rested for a few minutes, Adam lying with his cheek on the muff of&nbsp;hair which crowned her well-lapped cunt. Then she told him she was&nbsp;ready. He got up and watched the exciting motions of her bare ass as&nbsp;she went to get her dog.<br />When Mary returned to the room with the animal, he looked more than&nbsp;happy, his long tail wagging and his tongue hanging out. It was obvious&nbsp;King knew that he was going to fuck his woman again. Adam felt his cock&nbsp;throbbing strongly and wondered if he would shoot off in the air while&nbsp;watching the exciting performance, one the like of which few men had&nbsp;ever seen, he guessed.<br />Mary sat on the edge of the couch, her crotch wide open. She jerked a&nbsp;little at the touch of the cold snout on her inner thigh; then the dog&nbsp;was licking while Mary rubbed his head and talked to him in the loving&nbsp;tone she always used when he was licking her snatch.<br />&quot;That’s my good dog, King. You really know how to lap a cunt. Yes,&nbsp;baby, it’s nice and juicy, isn’t it?&quot;<br />As she talked to the licking animal, Mary parted the lips of her cunt&nbsp;and held them open so that King’s rough tongue could reach the&nbsp;sensitive interior of her horny snatch.<br />Looking at Adam, she saw him standing, holding his hard cock in his&nbsp;right hand, a lustful expression on his face. She wondered if he were&nbsp;thinking of that time when he had seen King lapping and fucking her.<br />&quot;Oh, Jesus! He’s going to make me come!&quot; Mary panted and took one hand&nbsp;out of her crotch to rub the animal’s head and urge him on.<br />The big tongue kept licking over her clit. Mary let out a wail which&nbsp;rose in pitch and broke as she fell back on the couch. Her lush, white&nbsp;ass jerked strongly as she rubbed her body hotly on the rough fabric in&nbsp;her second magnificent come of the day.<br />Again Mary had to pause to rest. At last she sat up, sighing, and told&nbsp;King what a good dog he was and how beautifully he had lapped her cunt.&nbsp;Standing, she turned her back to him and bent to sway her beautiful&nbsp;ass, telling him he was about to mount her and collect his reward for&nbsp;the lovely cunt-lapping he had given her.<br />Hurrying to her, King put his snout under her ass and sniffed, liking&nbsp;the aroma of woman cunt he found there, his cock beginning to harden&nbsp;and stick out of the furry sheath. But the dog, Adam thought, couldn’t&nbsp;possibly be more excited than he was at the prospect of watching his&nbsp;woman being mounted and fucked by a big dog.<br />Telling the animal to sit, Mary went to Adam and gave him a passionate&nbsp;kiss. Then he released her and she knelt on all fours, her lovely tits&nbsp;dangling pendalumously, her silken ass beautifully arched, her knees&nbsp;apart.<br />Adam wanted to drop to his knees beside her so he could play with her&nbsp;body and kiss and tongue the crack of her ass but he didn’t dare.&nbsp;Despite the fact that the big beast was well-trained, Adam didn’t want&nbsp;to run that kind of risk. He had only one cock, and he didn’t care to&nbsp;have it used for dog food.<br />Knowing how she was exciting Adam, Mary went on with the teasing game,&nbsp;making them both wait. Looking at the animal again, Adam saw that more&nbsp;of his cock had pushed out of the sheath. As the animal stared at&nbsp;Mary’s cunt, the sheath peeled back, all the way back over his balls&nbsp;and Adam gasped as he saw the length of the beast’s big prick.<br />Mary saw it, too, and knew how ready the dog was. She decided it was&nbsp;time to stop teasing and take a good fucking.<br />&quot;All right, King,&quot; she said warmly, &quot;come now and mount my ass. Mount&nbsp;me and get your big cock up my hot cunt. Fuck me!&quot; she panted.<br />Staring intently, Adam was surprised that the beast didn’t leap for&nbsp;Mary. When she called him, King got to his feet, looked under to see&nbsp;that his cock looked as ready as it felt, then went to her unhurriedly&nbsp;and sniffed at her cunt.<br />King mounted her naked body with easy grace. As he did, Adam was again&nbsp;startled by the size of the dog’s stiff cock, almost as big as his own,&nbsp;and streaked with blue veins which gave it an unnatural appearance. But&nbsp;there was nothing unnatural about the way the big cock jabbed in the&nbsp;air as he adjusted the position of his hind feet, the prick jabbing&nbsp;closer and closer to Mary’s cunt as Adam hunched beside them for a&nbsp;closer view of the fucking, the mating of animal and beautiful, naked&nbsp;woman.<br />The dog stopped his futile jabbing, repositioned his hind feet and,&nbsp;seeming to sense that he had the slit lined up, jabbed strongly. Mary&nbsp;groaned as he rammed half the length of his cock into her hole, paused,&nbsp;then fed her the rest of it.<br />His forelegs wrapped around his woman, King began fucking her. He&nbsp;humped like a pro, keeping Mary panting and sighing as the long cock&nbsp;pistoned in her twat, moving so fast that it was almost a blur.&nbsp;Watching intently, Adam was able to see the beast’s cock on each back&nbsp;stroke, wet with Mary’s hot cunt juice.<br />Instinctively, Adam had his cock in his hand as the show went on, and&nbsp;he was jacking himself without being aware that he was doing it. When&nbsp;he realized he was very close to shooting his load, he released his&nbsp;dick at once, thankful he had stopped in time, so that when King was&nbsp;finished, it would be his turn to play dog with his beautiful woman&nbsp;bitch.<br />But King showed no sign of being finished as he kept panting while his&nbsp;magnificent prick pistoned in Mary’s twat. Adam wondered whether she&nbsp;was going to have a come while the beast was still humping her and&nbsp;giving her cunt a first-class screwing.<br />The answer to his unasked question came within seconds as he saw the&nbsp;dog give a few faster strokes, then press against the warmth of Mary’s&nbsp;silken ass. His body jerked strongly and Adam knew that the dog was&nbsp;shooting his juice up her twat and, knowing how Mary fucked, he guessed&nbsp;that her cunt was sucking cock, draining the animal’s balls.<br />When King was finished shooting his load up her sucking cunt, he&nbsp;dismounted. Remaining kneeling, Mary told him to go out of the room,&nbsp;and he did. Adam followed him to the door and closed it. Seeing that&nbsp;Mary was still kneeling and panting, he guessed the beast had brought&nbsp;her close to orgasm but hadn’t finished the job.<br />&quot;Hurry, Adam!&quot; she panted in confirmation. &quot;He brought me so close. Get&nbsp;your cock into me quick. I want to feel you on my bare ass, lover. Get&nbsp;that sweet cock up my cunt and fuck the hell out of me.&quot;<br />Adam was panting with eagerness as he dropped to his knees behind her&nbsp;and pulled her silken cheeks back against his belly, marveling at the&nbsp;lovely feel of them. Then he released her, took his stiff cock in hand&nbsp;and went looking for her cunt. He found it very quickly, and it felt&nbsp;hot and soft and excitingly wet. He heard her moan as he rubbed the&nbsp;head of his cock up and down her slit a few times; then he very slowly&nbsp;pushed his swollen prickhead between the lips and Mary groaned as she&nbsp;felt it stretching her twat.<br />&quot;Oh, yes, darling!&quot; she panted. &quot;This is it! This is real fucking. That&nbsp;was only a novelty. Give it all to me, lover! Make me feel that&nbsp;beautiful big prick up between my tits.&quot;<br />Adam doubted he could get that far into her, but he tried his best.&nbsp;Even after his cock was in her hole to the balls, he pulled her behind&nbsp;tightly back against him and pressed hard, feeling his cock throbbing&nbsp;in her hot snatch as he held her well-fleshed hips lovingly, the way&nbsp;she liked to be held when he fucked her that way.<br />Wanting to make sure she would come, he fucked her slowly, his belly&nbsp;making an exciting spanking sound each time it slapped against her&nbsp;asscheeks. It was a sound she never tired of hearing, a feel she loved&nbsp;so much she promised herself that one day she would ask him to smack&nbsp;her naked buttcheeks with his hand, perhaps to give her a real spanking&nbsp;that would leave her behind hot and red and tingly.<br />But for the time being, his cock was giving her everything she could&nbsp;want, and she loved it as the big rod filled and stretched her gushing&nbsp;cunt.<br />And then it became better as she felt the first warning flash which&nbsp;told her an orgasm was on the way. Mary told him she was getting very&nbsp;close. To his surprise, Adam wasn’t, so he indulged in the luxury of&nbsp;some fast stroking. His hands gripping her tightly, he panted as he&nbsp;pistoned his cock in her cunt furiously. Then he felt his balls&nbsp;tingling, and hoped he would time it right so that he would pump his&nbsp;sperm up her cunt just as she was enjoying her come.<br />The low, quavering cry began, her body jerked and then she was coming.&nbsp;Adam pulled her beautiful behind tightly against him as he rammed his&nbsp;cock up her pussy and held her against him as his balls sent spurt&nbsp;after strong spurt shooting up into her sucking, convulsing cunt.<br />Unlike the dog, Adam chose to remain mounted on her ass for a long time&nbsp;after the fuck was over. When he did dismount, his well-used cock soft&nbsp;and shrunken, Mary tiredly lowered herself onto the thick carpet.&nbsp;Adam’s arms went around her, crushing her luscious boobs against his&nbsp;chest as they kissed lovingly. The torrent of passion had subsided for&nbsp;both, but the glow of their love went on.<br />Later, they talked of how they were going to enjoy it when King mounted&nbsp;Emily and Sharon to show them what it was like to be fucked by a big&nbsp;dog.

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this is my first story – work in progress

She had come over for one reason, and he would be damned if she left without getting what she came for. He closed the door behind her, grabbed her wrist & stepped forward, pinning her between himself and the wall. As she looked up at him, he planted his big hands on each of her shoulders. He looked deep into her eyes but couldn’t tell exactly what color they were, blue, grey, yellow, it didn’t matter. This wasn’t about eyes or feelings, it was about letting go giving into the feral, primal, animalistic wants and desires they both felt.

Pulling her towards him, she felt her back press against the wall. She grabbed his hips and he leaned in to kiss her, his body grinding into hers their lips met. Instinctively, they opened their mouths and let their tongues touch as they tasted each other for the first time. To remember the moment he bit her lower lip. Goosebumps formed on her naked arms as he ran his fingertips up and down them. He cupped her shoulders with his hands and ran his fingers up the back of her neck, her thick soft hair offering little resistance as his now paw like appendages grasped her hair tightly taking control of her head. For as forceful as his previous action seemed to be, he held the mixture of hair and skull firmly but gently in his grip as he kissed he slow and deep over and over. Pulling away for a moment to catch his breath she looked into his big beautiful eyes and he losend one hand of his grip. Pushing back a smile, he tilted her head back and as if he were a vampire and bit her neck just above where it meets her shoulder. As she reached for his shirt she moaned softy, he could feel her hand closing tightly around the fabric.

Kiss her with the passion of 1000 lovers, make love with all the disregard of a multi billion dollar oil company.

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Mom’s Best Friend Part 4

Chapter 7<br /><br />That evening, Adam took Mary and her daughter to visit his children.&nbsp;Emily, his fifteen-year-old daughter, and Dean, her twelve-year-old&nbsp;brother, seemed to be well-brought-up children and greeted their guests&nbsp;politely, if not too warmly. Mary sensed that there was some resentment&nbsp;in the girl, and that it was aimed in her direction.<br />&quot;I’m sure you’re right, darling,&quot; Adam told her later, as they talked&nbsp;over drinks in the kitchen while the children talked and watched&nbsp;television in the living room, &quot;but she’ll soon get over it.&quot;<br />&quot;I’ll help her all I can, Adam. I understand just how she feels. After&nbsp;the death of her mother, she became, in a sense, the woman in your&nbsp;life. Now I come along and challenge her. It’s only natural she’d&nbsp;resent me, at least in the beginning.&quot;<br />&quot;With that kind of understanding, dear, I’m sure you’re going to make&nbsp;out just fine with her.&quot;<br />&quot;Thanks for the high opinion, dear, but I’m not sure I deserve it,&quot;&nbsp;Mary said, then knew she had to tell about her session with her&nbsp;daughter that afternoon and her almost overpowering desire to go down&nbsp;on Sharon.<br />When she told him she had to talk to him, they agreed to go to her&nbsp;house where they could be alone. They told the children they would be&nbsp;gone an hour or so, then they drove to Mary’s house.<br />Mary poured tall drinks for them, and they went into the living room&nbsp;where she told him everything that had happened that afternoon, leaving&nbsp;out nothing, not even her desire to go down on her own daughter and&nbsp;suck her cunt.<br />&quot;You truly are an amazing woman, my darling,&quot; he told her, &quot;but you&nbsp;don’t need to worry about your desire for her. Until I met you, I was&nbsp;quietly lusting after Emily’s pretty young body. It would have been&nbsp;only a matter of time before I fucked her.&quot;<br />&quot;So it would have been incest, but at least it would have been a male-female relationship, not a homosexual one. I can’t understand it, Adam.&nbsp;My sex life’s better now than it ever was. Why should this happen to&nbsp;me?&quot;<br />&quot;The answer to that is easy, dear. Sexuality tends to breed sexuality.&quot;<br />&quot;Like the more you get the more you want?&quot; Mary asked.<br />&quot;Yes. You’ve discovered the joys of cunt-lapping and cocksucking, so&nbsp;now you want more. You want to try other, different things–things like&nbsp;sucking Sharon’s little tits and her cunt. That isn’t strange at all.&quot;<br />&quot;But doesn’t that make me a lesbian?&quot;<br />&quot;Not at all. Society builds fences and applies names, labels. It tells&nbsp;us what we may or may not do. I say the labels and rules society&nbsp;imposes are against human nature. Who’s to say you shouldn’t make love&nbsp;with Sharon?&quot;<br />&quot;Then you don’t feel that incest is wrong?&quot;<br />&quot;That’s right–or homosexuality, either. I’ve never sucked a cock, but&nbsp;I’ve had mine sucked by men a few times. As it happened, I enjoyed it&nbsp;very much.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, I’d love to have seen that, but I don’t want to change the&nbsp;subject. Please tell me more. I want to be convinced.&quot;<br />&quot;In that case,&quot; Adam told her and put a hand under the hem of her dress&nbsp;to fondle a firm thigh, &quot;I’ll try my best to convince you.&quot;<br />&quot;You have very convincing hands, darling,&quot; she told him with a little&nbsp;sigh as the hand moved higher; then she raised her ass off the couch,&nbsp;and he pushed the hem of her dress up high, feasting his eyes on her&nbsp;lush thighs.<br />Adam talked to her of human nature, of love and of human desires. He&nbsp;returned to the theme of society and churches having distorted human&nbsp;nature by damning human acts which were basically acts of love. &quot;The&nbsp;same group glorifies war and killing, yet they condemn love. Just how&nbsp;rational is that?&quot;<br />&quot;I have to admit that your logic sounds much better. You wouldn’t be&nbsp;horrified then if I told you I made love to my own daughter, that I&nbsp;sucked her cunt?&quot;<br />&quot;On the contrary, I’d be so excited you’d get your cunt well sucked and&nbsp;fucked. As a matter of fact, I think I’ve talked myself into something&nbsp;while I was at it.&quot;<br />&quot;Emily?&quot;<br />&quot;Yes. I saw her in her bra and panties a couple of days ago and I&nbsp;almost shot off in my pants. She’s really ready to get fucked, whether&nbsp;she knows it or not. It could make you jealous, though. If you tell me&nbsp;not to, I promise I won’t touch her. If it doesn’t matter to you, then&nbsp;my darling daughter is going to get fucked. Hell, she’s going to get&nbsp;laid sooner or later by some boy, and he’ll probably do a lousy job.&nbsp;Since I’m her father and I love her and know what fucking is, I can&nbsp;show her how beautiful it is and help her enjoy the real thing.&quot;<br />&quot;Of course I wouldn’t be jealous, darling. How could I? In fact, I’d&nbsp;love to hear all about it. I want you to tell me all the details. Will&nbsp;you?&quot;<br />&quot;Of course. And you’ll tell me all the details? I mean after you’ve&nbsp;seduced Sharon and lapped that tender young cunt of hers?&quot;<br />&quot;I have a hunch that’ll be tomorrow, when I see you. In fact, I want to&nbsp;take her home early tonight and take her to bed with me. After it’s&nbsp;over, I may let her sleep with me.&quot;<br />&quot;Great, but in that case, I’d better not fuck you. We should keep your&nbsp;cunt nice and fresh for her, in case she wants to suck you, too. I&nbsp;imagine she will.&quot;<br />&quot;Hmmm, I’m afraid you’re right, and I’m so in the mood for one of your&nbsp;beautiful fuckings.&quot;<br />&quot;How about a fucking with my tongue?&quot; Adam asked as her thighs moved&nbsp;apart and his hand went to her warm crotch, gently stroking her cunt&nbsp;through sheer nylon.<br />&quot;Oh, darling, that would be so wonderful! If you like, I’ll suck your&nbsp;beautiful cock and drink all the jizz you can shoot,&quot; she added,&nbsp;feeling the way his hard cock was making his pants bulge.<br />&quot;I’d like that very much, my darling. Lift your pretty ass and I’ll&nbsp;take your panties off. We really don’t need to waste time getting all&nbsp;undressed.&quot;<br />Again Mary lifted her behind off the couch and Adam took her panties&nbsp;down and off; then she sprawled back to open her cunt for him. Dropping&nbsp;to his knees, he felt his way up her thighs and made her squirm with&nbsp;his sexy, gentle touches until he had a hand in her crotch. She sighed&nbsp;deeply as he played with her cunt, which had warmed up with exciting&nbsp;quickness.<br />&quot;Oh, yes, darling,&quot; she panted, &quot;suck me! Suck my cunt. It’s so hot for&nbsp;you.&quot;<br />&quot;Sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t, not in this position.&quot;<br />&quot;You can’t?&quot; she asked, frowning.<br />&quot;That’s right. In this position, I can’t see and feel your beautiful&nbsp;ass. Now if I were to lie on the carpet and if you were to kneel with&nbsp;your cunt and ass right above my face, then you’d really get a terrific&nbsp;cunt-lapping.&quot;<br />&quot;Then what are you waiting for?&quot; she asked, and he laughed as he gave&nbsp;her pussy another little pat before moving away from her and lying on&nbsp;his back on the soft carpet.<br />Mary went to him and would have knelt astride his head at once, but he&nbsp;told her to stay on her feet with her short dress in place.&nbsp;Understanding, she went to him and slowly raised one foot to take a&nbsp;step over him.<br />As she did, Adam looked up under her dress and his cock throbbed some&nbsp;more as he feasted his eyes on sheer nylons which clung to her legs and&nbsp;thighs, saw her lush white thighs and the black suspenders, then looked&nbsp;up at her scarlet gash and the lower slopes of her beautiful ass.<br />&quot;Wait just a second,&quot; he told her. &quot;I have to open my fly and let my&nbsp;cock out before it breaks off. Jesus, how beautiful and exciting you&nbsp;are, darling. When I was a boy, I used to think of how exciting it&nbsp;would be if I could lie down and look up a woman’s dress. Now I know.&quot;<br />Mary watched as, with a little difficulty, he took his hard prick out&nbsp;of his pants; then he sighed and she was sure she could feel his eyes&nbsp;on her thighs and ass and cunt as he rubbed her legs with both hands.&nbsp;At last he told her he was ready to suck and she dropped over him,&nbsp;kneeling with her crotch above his face, raising the hem of her dress&nbsp;so that he could more clearly see her pussy and butt.<br />&quot;Oh, darling, it’s so exciting this way, with all my clothes on,&quot; Mary&nbsp;told him as he fondled her thighs with both hands, then reached around&nbsp;her to find her big asscheeks and give them a loving massage. &quot;It makes&nbsp;me hot and horny, like we’re doing something forbidden.&quot;<br />&quot;I can see that you really are a naughty little girl, Mary. Of course I&nbsp;suspected that when I looked up your dress and saw that you weren’t&nbsp;wearing panties.&quot;<br />&quot;Am I a naughty little girl? You could give me a spanking right on my&nbsp;bare behind, Daddy.&quot;<br />&quot;Thank you, but that lovely ass is too beautiful and too tender. I&nbsp;couldn’t stand the thought of doing anything to hurt it.&quot;<br />&quot;Do anything you want, Daddy. I’ll be your pretty young Emily. I’m all&nbsp;horny for you, and after a while I’m going to take my daddy’s big cock&nbsp;in my mouth and suck it. What are you going to do to me now, Daddy?&quot;<br />&quot;I’m going to suck your tender little cunt until you have a great big&nbsp;come, Emily,&quot; he told her, going along with her game and finding it&nbsp;very exciting.<br />He played with her ass and crotch, and she trembled hotly when he told&nbsp;her to put her crotch on his face, telling her again that he was going&nbsp;to suck her cunt and make her have a big come.<br />&quot;Oh, yes, Daddy. Yes! Here comes my little cunny right now. See, Daddy?&nbsp;I’m putting it right on your mouth 80 you can suck it and lick it for&nbsp;me.&quot;<br />As Mary talked, sounding very girlish, Adam looked at her twat as it&nbsp;came down slowly. His hands held a thrillingly smooth pair of&nbsp;buttcheeks, and he could easily believe she was his daughter if he&nbsp;wanted to, but they had played that game. It was more than enough that&nbsp;he had Mary’s tasty, hot cunt to suck and her plump, silken ass to&nbsp;fondle. Her pussy touched his mouth lightly then, and he kissed it. His&nbsp;grip on her ass tightened as she sighed loudly, and he began sucking,&nbsp;making exciting, wet slurping sounds in her box.<br />He was content to suck for a long time before sending his tongue up her&nbsp;slit to lap. As he did, he heard her louder sighs and felt her crotch&nbsp;rubbing subtly on his face, making it wet the way he liked to get it&nbsp;wet. He hadn’t been licking long before her sighs changed to loud&nbsp;panting, as though she were gasping for breath; then she was crying out&nbsp;loudly as she climaxed and laved his face with the mingled juices&nbsp;trickling from her well-lapped cunt.<br />Mary rested on his face for a little whisk after her orgasm, then knelt&nbsp;up again. But Adam didn’t take his hands off her ass, and he smiled up&nbsp;at her as he offered her a second lapping. Her lovely body still&nbsp;glowing, Mary accepted, though her clit told her that it needed a&nbsp;little more time to let some of the sensitivity pass before it would be&nbsp;able to take another delightful licking.<br />Just a few minutes later, he heard her sigh and saw her crotch coming&nbsp;down toward his mouth again. He welcomed it and began sucking her box,&nbsp;lightly at first, letting intensity build gradually until his tongue&nbsp;went into her slit again and Mary’s ecstasy became so great that she&nbsp;was squeezing her boobs with passion and joy.<br />When she climaxed for the second time, the shock waves were so strong&nbsp;that Mary thought she might die. But then came glorious resurrection&nbsp;with the whole world taking on a warm, golden glow.<br />&quot;You’ve been overeating, darling,&quot; Mary said as she got off him, &quot;and&nbsp;I’m getting very hungry.&quot;<br />&quot;Would you like me to make you a ham sandwich?&quot; Adam asked teasingly.<br />&quot;No thank you, dear. I think a nice drink of warm cream would be just&nbsp;right. Do you have some in this beautiful big dispenser?&quot; she asked as&nbsp;her hand closed around the shaft of his strong prick and squeezed&nbsp;gently.<br />&quot;I think I have enough for a nice drink. Care to help yourself? I love&nbsp;the way you drink, the way you handle the container.&quot;<br />&quot;That container is very precious to me, darling,&quot; she told him as she&nbsp;played with his cock. &quot;Tell the truth, Adam–would you mind standing up&nbsp;so I could kneel at your feet? I think I’d like it that way.&quot;<br />&quot;The way you suck my cock, darling, I’d stand on my head if you wanted&nbsp;it.&quot;<br />They got off the bed. Adam stood near it, his hands on his hips,&nbsp;telling her she’d be more comfortable sitting on the edge of the bed,&nbsp;but Mary declined, telling him she wanted to be on her knees, in an&nbsp;attitude of prayer while she sucked on his big dong.<br />She trembled as she dropped to her knees, then gently massaged his&nbsp;throbbing cock with her hands, kissing and licking it and making it&nbsp;shine with her saliva.<br />Mary had been playing with his cock for a long time when she finally&nbsp;pushed the rod between her lips and told herself that her mouth had&nbsp;become a cunt for him, that he was going to fuck her new cunt and shoot&nbsp;a big load of rich jizz into it.<br />As she had done previously, she sucked delightfully and took his prick&nbsp;out of her mouth from time to time to make the blow job last longer.&nbsp;Then she couldn’t wait any longer for her drink, so she sucked greedily&nbsp;and soon she got what she wanted as his cock expanded and began&nbsp;shooting cream. She drank greedily until his big balls were drained.&nbsp;His cock softened as he took it out of her mouth and put it back in his&nbsp;pants.<br />Picking up her panties, he put them on and snugged them around her body&nbsp;with loving care while she held her dress up. He patted the crotch and&nbsp;seat of the clinging garment, then they left to rejoin the children.<br /><br /><br />Chapter 8<br /><br />When they returned to Adam’s house, they found the children getting&nbsp;along fine. Mary was delighted, as was Adam. Mary offered to help&nbsp;prepare a snack, but Emily thanked her and told her she could handle&nbsp;it. Sensing that it was the thing to do, Mary went into the kitchen&nbsp;with the girl, helping only a little as they chatted, Emily seeming to&nbsp;warm to her almost in spite of herself.<br />&quot;Emily,&quot; Mary said impulsively, &quot;I guess you know that your father and&nbsp;I are serious about each other. I think we’re very good for each&nbsp;other.&quot;<br />&quot;You do seem to be good for him,&quot; the girl admitted as she stacked some&nbsp;biscuits on a plate, not looking up.<br />&quot;The one thing I want to stress, Emily, is that I’m not going to&nbsp;compete with you for his affection. He has enough of that quality for a&nbsp;dozen people.&quot;<br />This time the girl did look up. For a second there was no expression at&nbsp;all on her face; then she surprised Mary by turning on a winning smile.&nbsp;&quot;I hadn’t thought of it that way,&quot; she said and looked genuinely&nbsp;pleased. &quot;Sharon makes you sound like a pretty wonderful woman. Dad&nbsp;does, too, for that matter.&quot;<br />&quot;I don’t think I’m all that wonderful, Emily, but I like being happy&nbsp;and like having happy people around me. If we want it, we can have a&nbsp;wonderful life, five warm, friendly people living and loving together.&quot;&nbsp;It wasn’t the time to say it, but Mary had thoughts which almost made&nbsp;her tremble, thoughts of all five engaging in wild sexual romps with no&nbsp;holds barred.<br />The TV was turned off and forgotten as the two families ate and&nbsp;chatted. Emily had come totally into the spirit of the evening&nbsp;following her chat with Mary, and she proved to be vivacious. She&nbsp;showed more than a little of her thighs, and Mary liked what she saw,&nbsp;telling herself that since she was going to get involved in lesbian fun&nbsp;and games with Sharon, it would be sheer delight to romp with Emily as&nbsp;well.<br />She wondered how she would seduce the girl, then thought that perhaps&nbsp;she should leave that to her daughter, and went on to think that it&nbsp;would be easy as well as pleasant for her to seduce twelve-year-old&nbsp;Dean. That thought caused her thighs to press warmly together.<br />It was still a little before ten when Mary decided to take her daughter&nbsp;home and seduce her. Emily sounded sincere in asking them to stay&nbsp;longer, but Adam, who knew why Mary was taking her daughter home early,&nbsp;said nothing, and they left a few minutes later.<br />During the short drive to their home, Mary and her daughter talked&nbsp;warmly.<br />&quot;All of a sudden, I’m just so happy. Life seems so beautiful,&quot; Sharon&nbsp;said impulsively.<br />&quot;I’m pleased, dear,&quot; Mary told her and patted her on the thigh. &quot;Do you&nbsp;think our little session this afternoon had anything to do with the way&nbsp;you feel?&quot;<br />&quot;I’m sure of that. Gee, it was really exciting. I’m still excited about&nbsp;it.&quot;<br />&quot;That’s nice, darling. Perhaps we’ll go to my room when we get home and&nbsp;do something about that. Would you like that, or are you tired?&quot;<br />&quot;Are you kidding? I’ll never be too tired for things like that. Do you&nbsp;really mean it, Mother?&quot;<br />&quot;Of course I do. Why do you think we left so early?&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, Mom, I’m so excited! Tell me,&quot; she went on, lowering her voice,&nbsp;&quot;did you and Adam go back to our place and fuck?&quot;<br />&quot;We really went there to talk about some very important things, but&nbsp;after we’d talked them all out, we were both so horny that we had to do&nbsp;something. I sat on his face and he lapped my cunt twice, and then he&nbsp;took his cock out and I sucked him off. He gave me a big drink of&nbsp;cream.&quot;<br />&quot;Ooh, Mother! You’re so sexy and exciting,&quot; Sharon said, then put a&nbsp;hand on her mother’s warm thigh.<br />&quot;It’s a good thing we’re home,&quot; Mary said as she turned the car into&nbsp;the driveway. &quot;That naughty hand of yours doesn’t make for safe&nbsp;driving.&quot;<br />As Mary turned off the ignition, Sharon’s hand became very naughty as&nbsp;it worked into the warmth between her mother’s thighs and stroked her&nbsp;panty crotch, which felt a little moist.<br />&quot;You really were naughty with Adam, weren’t you?&quot; Sharon said as she&nbsp;stroked and her mother’s crotch began to get hotter.<br />&quot;Well, his mouth did leave my pussy very wet and when we finished, he&nbsp;just put my panties on and we left. All that juice had to go&nbsp;somewhere.&quot;<br />&quot;I’d love to see you two in action,&quot; Sharon said in a warm whisper. &quot;In&nbsp;fact, I’d love just to see his cock. From what you tell me, it must be&nbsp;something special.&quot;<br />&quot;Who knows what could happen in the very near future, darling,&quot; Mary&nbsp;told her daughter. &quot;For now, though, let’s get into the house and out&nbsp;of our clothes. I know what’s going to happen there, even if you don’t&nbsp;yet.&quot;<br />They hurried into the house, and Sharon kept asking her mother what she&nbsp;meant, but all she got by way of answers were excited smiles. Then they&nbsp;were in Mary’s bedroom, undressing eagerly, ready to romp, Sharon aware&nbsp;that her mother planned something more than fingering, but not aware&nbsp;what it was.<br />Both wore garter belts and nylons, and Mary told her daughter that they&nbsp;could leave them on for the time being since they wouldn’t be in the&nbsp;way. &quot;Besides,&quot; she added, &quot;I think nylons make a woman’s legs look&nbsp;sexier.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, yes, Mother. I love the way the tops expand around your thighs and&nbsp;contrast with your white skin.&quot;<br />&quot;Thank you, angel,&quot; Mary said as she reached for her daughter. &quot;Now&nbsp;let’s share a loving kiss before we get on the bed. This is going to be&nbsp;a night you’ll remember for a long time, and so will I.&quot;<br />Sharon moved smoothly into her warm embrace, and they kissed with&nbsp;passion which kept mounting as their mouths mashed wetly together. When&nbsp;Mary’s hands went slowly down to her daughter’s behind to fondle it,&nbsp;Sharon did the same to her, thrilling to the feel of the plump, smooth&nbsp;cheeks. Before the kiss ended, Mary felt her daughter’s heart pounding&nbsp;and knew how exciting and how passionate their meeting was going to be.&nbsp;She thought again of how she was going to suck the girl’s tender young&nbsp;cunt, and she trembled violently.<br />The kiss finished. Both of them starry-eyed, mother and daughter got&nbsp;onto the bed and moved into another hot embrace. It lasted for a long&nbsp;time and left them breathless.<br />&quot;Oh, Mother, tell me what we’re going to do,&quot; Sharon asked, her voice&nbsp;small, the tone warm and excited.<br />&quot;We’re going to do lots of sexy, exciting things,&quot; her mother told her,&nbsp;&quot;and we’re going to have lots of nice big comes. This morning, when you&nbsp;got up, you were a girl. When you go to sleep tonight, you’ll be a&nbsp;woman and you’ll never look back.&quot;<br />As she listened to the words, her heart hammering at her rib cage,&nbsp;Sharon thought it sounded as if she were going to get fucked, but since&nbsp;that wasn’t possible, she told herself, her mother must have something&nbsp;special in mind, something very special and very thrilling, she felt&nbsp;sure.<br />For a little while, they fondled and sucked tits, Sharon delighting in&nbsp;the feel of her mother’s boobs in her hands and in her mouth. It was no&nbsp;less thrilling when Mary sucked her tits, doing it so excitingly and&nbsp;making the girl think of her mother sucking Adam’s prick. She thought,&nbsp;too, of the hint her mother had given earlier, a hint which indicated&nbsp;that she might soon get to see that big cock which seemed to work such&nbsp;magic on her mother.<br />And then there was a hand in Sharon’s crotch, and it felt so good as it&nbsp;gently rubbed her virgin cunt. She kept sighing and moaning, then found&nbsp;that she was able to reach into her mother’s crotch and feel her hot,&nbsp;moist cunt, and that added to her thrill as mother and daughter stroked&nbsp;pussies and exchanged sighs.<br />&quot;Sharon, darling,&quot; Mary whispered as her hand moved excitingly in the&nbsp;girl’s twat, &quot;did you really like the sexy way I kissed your mouth?&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, yes. It was so beautiful, so exciting. I never knew a kiss could&nbsp;be like that.&quot;<br />&quot;A kiss can be better than that, dear. How do you think it would feel&nbsp;if you were lying with your legs wide apart and I kissed you just like&nbsp;that–on your warm cunt?&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, Mother!&quot; Sharon responded with a little shriek. &quot;That would have&nbsp;to be the most exciting thing in the whole world. I never dreamed that&nbsp;you’d do that.&quot;<br />&quot;I’ve never done it, angel. It’s going to be the first time for me. Of&nbsp;course I’m not going to stop at just kissing your sweet little cunt.&nbsp;I’m going to kiss it and suck it and get my tongue in your slit and&nbsp;lick. I’ll keep doing it until you have a great big come. Do you like&nbsp;the sound of that, angel?&quot; she asked, her hand still gently stroking&nbsp;her daughter’s warm little pussy.<br />&quot;I like that more than I can tell you, Mother. It seems so hard to&nbsp;believe that it’s going to happen. Do I get to suck your cunt after you&nbsp;show me how it’s done?&quot;<br />&quot;I hope you will. That sucking and lapping I got from Adam was divine,&nbsp;but it just made me hungry to get some more of it. Now that’s enough&nbsp;talking. I’m really hungry for your little pussy and I’m going to suck&nbsp;your tasty cunt juice right now.&quot;<br />Reaching for a pillow, Mary placed it under Sharon, who raised her&nbsp;behind to help, then she moved around to stare into the smooth, warm&nbsp;crotch of her daughter, her tongue licking suggestively over her lips.&nbsp;She bent as she moved closer, and Sharon moaned loudly as she felt&nbsp;warm, moist breath in her muff, bathing what was already a very warm&nbsp;pussy, making it warmer.<br />Hands that were strong but gentle, claimed willing legs and raised them&nbsp;high, bending them back over her body; then the hands were holding her&nbsp;smooth thighs, her virgin cunt beautifully presented. A low quavering&nbsp;moan broke from the girl as her mother’s mouth kissed her hot cunt, and&nbsp;then Mary was sucking greedily. She sucked for about a minute, then&nbsp;took her mouth off the soft, wet pussy and smiled at her daughter<br />&quot;Do you want me to stop now, darling? Have you had enough?&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, no, Mother, don’t stop! Don’t tease me. Suck my cunt and make me&nbsp;come!&quot;<br />Her smile brightening, Mary licked her lips again and tasted her&nbsp;daughter’s pussy juice, then returned her face to the warmth of the&nbsp;young twat, found the soft, moist cunt and resumed sucking. After&nbsp;sucking for just a little while, she licked her tongue into the slit&nbsp;and felt her daughter’s body jerk in her hands, heard the louder moan&nbsp;of ecstasy as she probed deeply.<br />As she sucked Sharon’s box, Mary wondered why she had waited so long to&nbsp;seduce her daughter; then she realized that the old Mary could never&nbsp;have done such a thing, not even to save her life, and that the new&nbsp;Mary hadn’t been born until Adam came along.<br />And with that thought came another, and she formed a mental picture of&nbsp;Adam, naked, his face buried in her daughter’s crotch, sucking her&nbsp;cunt. It was followed by a picture of Sharon lying naked, her legs wide&nbsp;apart; she was panting as Adam lowered his nude body onto her and&nbsp;slowly pushed his big, hard prick up her virginal cunt and popped her&nbsp;cherry.<br />And then the pictures were turned off. Her mind returned to the scene&nbsp;of the action as she heard louder, different cries from her daughter&nbsp;and knew she was very close to coming. Her tongue licked over the hard&nbsp;little clit a few more times, then Sharon erupted in wild climax,&nbsp;ecstasy contained in her every cry until the waves finally stopped&nbsp;crashing over her and she sighed warmly.<br />As mother and daughter lay resting, they talked of how thrilling the&nbsp;experience had been and of how they would repeat it often.<br />&quot;Mind you, dear, it would be a mistake,&quot; Mary told her, &quot;to introduce&nbsp;you to lesbian acts and leave you there. It could give you a wrong&nbsp;outlook on life and on sex.&quot;<br />&quot;What do you mean, Mother?&quot; Sharon asked, hoping she had already&nbsp;guessed the answer.<br />&quot;I mean you must also discover the joys of sex with a man, the&nbsp;wonderful joy of having your body fondled and the ultimate pleasure of&nbsp;taking a cock up your cunt in a beautiful fuck.&quot;<br />&quot;Is … is Adam going to fuck me?&quot;<br />&quot;Yes. How do you feel about it?&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, Mother! Call him up and tell him to come right now, this minute.&quot;<br />&quot;I’m afraid we can’t do that, darling. You see, Emily has to be trained&nbsp;first. She’s a virgin, too. Right this minute, Adam’s having a long,&nbsp;exciting talk about sex with her. Tomorrow afternoon, he’s going to&nbsp;break her cherry. In a couple of days, he’ll come here and give you a&nbsp;magnificent fuck.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, yes, Mother. I only wish I didn’t have to wait so long for it.&nbsp;It’ll hurt the first time, won’t it?&quot;<br />&quot;Yes, dear, it will. But it’s a part of the process of maturing. It&nbsp;only hurts the first time. After that there’s nothing but pleasure if&nbsp;you get a man who’s a good lover–like Adam.&quot;<br />&quot;I’m so excited, Mother!&quot; Sharon said with a sound like a squeal. &quot;But&nbsp;it’s going to be so hard to wait.&quot;<br />&quot;It needn’t be, dear,&quot; her mother told her warmly. &quot;After all, I’m sure&nbsp;we can find things to do to help time pass easily.&quot;<br />&quot;Yes, Mother, such beautiful things.&quot;<br />&quot;Did I hear you say something about wanting to try sucking my cunt?&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, yes. I really want to do that. Can I do it now, Mother?&quot;<br />&quot;If you don’t, I’ll be very hurt, and I don’t think you’d want to do&nbsp;that to me.&quot;<br />&quot;You know I’d never do anything to hurt you,&quot; Sharon said as her mother&nbsp;opened her legs, then sighed at the feel of a gentle young hand rubbing&nbsp;on her warm cunt.<br />There was no more talking then, only a silence that was emphasized by&nbsp;warm sighs and a few panting sounds. Mary sensed that Sharon was&nbsp;delaying the actual cunt-lapping not out of fear or apprehension, but&nbsp;because she wanted to prolong the act, wanted to tease herself by&nbsp;waiting.<br />Sharon turned a little, sucked one boob, then the other. She began&nbsp;kissing her way down her mother’s smooth, slightly rounded tummy, all&nbsp;the way down until she was grazing in her pussy bush. Mary knew that&nbsp;the eager young mouth was just seconds away from her cunt, which was&nbsp;more than ready to receive a good sucking, despite the two it had taken&nbsp;from Adam just a little earlier.<br />Sharon gave a little cry as she positioned herself and gazed fondly at&nbsp;her mother’s cunt; then the cry was repeated as her hands went to&nbsp;Mary’s thighs, then moved to her well-fleshed hips. The next cry which&nbsp;came from the girl was muffled by Mary’s warm crotch as her mouth found&nbsp;the cunt and pressed warmly onto it, bonging a groan of ecstasy from&nbsp;her mother.<br />Instinct and memory combined to tell Sharon just what to do, and she&nbsp;kept her mother moaning and panting through a magnificent cunt-lapping&nbsp;until the woman cried out in orgasm and her big thighs captured and&nbsp;held her daughter’s pretty face, rubbing it until the spasms passed.<br />Mary sighed as her legs fell apart and Sharon looked at the well-sucked&nbsp;cunt. It looked so good that she felt an urge to suck her mother’s&nbsp;snatch again. She did.

Erotic Novels

Sun, 09 Sep 2012 17:28:03 UTC


"Peter…PEter, wake up".
My eyes slowly began to focus, and the face attached to the voice that was hailing me from my deep slumber came into view.
The face, and the surroundings seemed unfamiliar in my foggy-headed state .
"You have to help me out".The pretty face speaking,rousing me, was saying franticly.
As consciousnss rose, the puzzle began to fit.This was Donna. The sexy, cock-hungry nymph, who I met at the bar last night, was waking me up, with urgency.
"What? What is the problem" I asked, as my eyes took in the luxurious surroundings I awakened in.Right… I was at her house, in her bed,
partially covered by deep crimson satin sheets.
"It’s Trina,the nanny. She has something unexpected happen, and She won’t get here until noon, and I am already late for work. Can you PLEeease stay till she gets here?
They won’t be a problem. They are downstairs,eating their breakfast, and will play in the basement afterwards. You just need to stay. I just need an adult here is all.
You can even go back to sleep if you like?They will be fine".
With this I felt her hand grip firmly,my cock,swollen and hard, with morning wood. That bladder-induced boner,
that all men experience after a night of fierce drinking and debauchery.
"Sure. No problem" I replied, grinding my hips forward slightly.
"MMmmm" she purred. "I wish I had time to drain this thing again for you" she crooned at me, her eyes all a glitter with lust," But I reAlly have to go".
With a final squeeze, and a "Thankyou Thank you Thank you. I promise to make it up to you" , she released her grip,turned ,
heading for the heavy oak door, that if I remembered correctly, led to the ensuite.The very place I needed, at that moment, to rid myself of the pulsing piss-hard-on.
Slowly slinging my legs off the bed and rising, unsteadily, I felt the cool satin slide off my swollen cock, and the sensation,caused a pearl of clear sticky pre-cum,
to form at the tip, as I followed her, cock jutting out, and swaying back and forth as I walked.
She was applying the final make-up touches as I made my way to the toilet,
and seen her eying my thick meaty cock, and the syrupy pearl now begining to drip from the tip in a long slow string, through the large mirror.
I could feel her eyes still apon me,as I pushed my stiff tool downward, and the heavy stream of piss began splashing loudly into the toilet bowl.
"I really appreciate this Peter. I assure you, the kids will be no problem at all. They will just amuse themselves in the romper-room, till Tia gets here.
Just make yourself at home. Feel free, andlike I said, you can even go back to sleep if you like".
I recalled her telling me about her kids. Two. A boy,and a girl. 12, and 9.The thought re-establishd itself at the memory, as it was quite amazing how a woman,
with a body like a goddess,could have had children. I felt her close at my back, and a hand again wrap itself around my still spouting cock.
"Let me help you with that" she cooed. "WOW! You really had to pee didn’t you darling" she addd as she directed the slowing,
but still heavy stream down and into the bowl."You make me so wet"she added."BUT!… I gotta go".With that, and a kiss on the neck, she wheeled,
and headed out through the other entrance,and as I pumped out, the final spurts of piss, heard her quick footsteps disappear down the hallway,and the
what I recalled as being, a large, and sweeping grande staircase.
More sleep appealed, so I took my swinging meat , back to the luxury of the bed,and was asleep again, in no time. the sumptuous sheets covering only my thighs and hips.

"Wow! It looks a whole lot bigger than Daddy’s",I heard from a haze of half-sleep. The whispered words seemd like a part of my dream so I payed little attention,
wanting only more rest.
"Oh yea" came a reply. "a LOT bigger. not just longer, but a lot thicker too" said the second whisper.
"Think he’d let me touch it Mikey. I’d really like to touch it".
"I don’t know Tabby.Mommy says that all men like to have their penis touched, and especially with your mouth. I know I like it. Here, touch mine".
"No. I touch yours all the time. I want to touch his. Cuz… it’s so big.It’s even bigger than uncle Jamals thingy. Remember uncle Jamal Mikey"?
"OH yea! I remember.He cummed on your face,and made my bum bleed.Mommy called him "her big-black sausage".
At some point I realized, that I was not dreaming, and that what my ears were witness to, was a convo, between Donnas’kids.
I was rocked. I could feel my whole body stiffen,and my face began to get hot, but they just kept right on with their whisperd conversation, and for some odd reason,
I was spell bound by it,and was eager to learn more,so I kept my eyes shut,faining sleep,and listend, now, fully awake.
"He cummd lots. I wonder if mommy’s new friend cums lots too Mikey. Do you think he does"?
"Not sure Tabby. But I tell you what… If you give me sucky,I will touch it, and if he doesn’t wake up, then you can touch it too. ok"?
"AWWWWWW! That’s not fair!You get to touch it first.I want to touch it first Mikey".
"Ok then.You touch it for a second,and THEN give me sucky .ok"?
I was not sure what the fuck was going on, but I was frozen, felt the urge to chase those kids the hell out of there,but something, curiosity maybe,
something, held me from doing it, and so I lay there, listening to their exchange, eyes closed.Then I felt it.
A very small hand lifting,my cock which at that moment I realised,was begining to stiffen.
"Oh my god Mikey! It is so heavy, and look! It is growing too"!
The boy must have been watching my eyes, because he said,"Cool. He didn;t wake up,let me touch it too",and I felt a second hand begin to fondle me.
"Ok Tabby, now suck me. We had a deal".
"Ok, but I still wanna play with his thingy ok? It is just so big, and feel how hard it is getting? Maybe he will cum. Wouldn’t that be cool"?
"Wow Mikey! Your pee pee is hard and pokey too.You aint going to fuck my mouth when I sucky are you" You always seem to do thAt when it is hard and pokey".
I was totally alarmd, totally discusted at what I was hearing, yet,
I wanted to hear more,so lay there,with two small hands weighing, squeezing, and stroking my now near raging cock.
I could not resist. I peeked through slitted eyes, down my body, and witnessed the cutest little angel,with long flowing blond hair,and the blust eyes,
opening her tiny mouth ,and her brothers’ small cock,pushing into it while she begin to suck .She sucked, but her eyes were glued to my now engorged cock,
which she and Mikey were now holding straight in the air, both looking at it admiringly.
"HOLY cow. It is SO big. No wonder Mommy was making all that noise last night, and why she squeeled out loud when he put it in her bum".
At this point,I sort of realized,that the kids must have gotten up, through the night,and were watching me pound the hell out of their mothers holes.
Pound them I did too… all three,
and Donna welcomed me whole heartedly, and even forced it to the balls in her throat, when I was cumming, without losing a drop.
Drained me, holding it in, till my balls stopped contracting.
"Look Mikey. ambreezy-ah is coming out. Can I lick it?I bet it tastes good"?
"It is "ambrosia Tabby, and sure. But you gots ta suck me more after".
I noticed them both watching my face, as little Tabitha moved to intercept the pre-cum running down my shaft, so closed my eyes tightly again,
just before feeling her warm wet tongue-tip lap the gob and trace it to the source. I could feel my cock throb when she lingered there, that little tongue poking,
twirling and jabbing into my piss-hole, and the feeling was almost unbearable.
"Ok littl sister. That is nough. Suck my dick now. The next one is mine.
I am sure I was flushed. I had, to this point never had any relations with a minor before, let alone a male, yet here I was,
with two juveniles stroking my massive hard-on,
and knew, in my heart, that when the next globule of pre-cum made it’s way out,that I was going to let it happen.
I was going to let that young boy lick my cock.
And what is worse… the realization of it, was pushing me nearer, and nearer, the brink of cumming.
I could feel the lads small hand now using the squeeze and stroke thing, trying to work more pre-cum out,and it was working.
I remember thinking that this boy had done this before. He knew how to do things.I slitted my eyes again, just as his tongue made contact, and just like his sister,
he dragged it all the way to the bulbous tip, and poked it into the pisshole, but didn’t stop there…
for after probing in there a bit, he opend his mouth wide, and tried to wrap it around the swollen tip, which he managed, after several attempts.
I almost had a pre mature ejaculation right then,but wassavedbytlittle Tabby’s disgruntled chatter.
"AWWWW! I wanted to suck it Mikey. Let me suck it please? You can lick my kitty, and I will suck it.I bet I can make him cum? Then we can see if he cums lots.
My kitty is all moist and gooey… and you can even poke me too if you let me suck it"?
The kids jaw must have been hurting, despite the fact that he was twirling his tongue all over the fat head,because he gave in and said,
"Ok Tabby.. You suck him, and I will poke your kitty and watch. You are better at sucking than me anyway. But I can bum-fuck better than you can.
Everybody knows that.It’s cuz I like it in my bum, and it makes me wiggle, and makes my dink hard".
I peeked at them getting into position, her onto her elbows and knees between my thighs, her littl butt stuck in the air, and he, kneeling behind her.
Her hands pulled my hardness towards her but paused as Mikey pushed his stiff little cock into her tiny little pussy,
before proceeding to tongue her way all over my cum heavy nut sac.
She was better .. This young thing had sucked cocks before, and not just her brothers cock, which was about the size of one of those large sized crayons we had as kids, but man cock.
This little angel,knew her way around man cock, and seemed to enjoy it, quite a lot.Mikey fed it to her for several minutes while Tabby licked and suckd on my balls,
and then , with a heave, and a groan, slammed it into her, and froze. The boy had actually cum. Whether he ejaculated or not?? I do not know.But he orgasmed for sure.
At this Tabby rose onto one hand, and moved her mouth to my cock head,and I watched in amazement as she slid it , with not alot of trouble into her mouth.
I swear that I was about to explode, and actually had to fight it off for several seconds before shifting slightly to dislodge it from that warm mouth.
" I think he is gonna cum Mikey. Help me." Mikey moved to the side and gripping my shaft at the base with both hands,(which not quit reached all the way around),
began a two-hand jerk while the little girl sucked, tongue-twirled, and forced as much of me into her mouth as was possible.(about 3 to 4 inches in all).
"Take it all Tabby. You can do it.. Take it all in your mouth like Mommy does".
I must say, that she tried, but just as it hit th tight clench of her slender throat, I could take no more.
I exploded and watched as her cheeks bulged with the first stream.
Seen her eyes go wide as saucers, as it blasted cum straight down her throat, startleing her and forcing her off my spurting cock.
Mikey continued to double fist jack me, and the cum flew everywhere. like a volcano erupting, much to their delight,then, after a brief moment,
I felt that young mouth again cover my knob and begin to suck. When I say suck,I mean just that.
She was sucking the cum out of me,like a cum hungry slut, yet she was merely a 9 yr old child.
I peeked again, and watched the girls’cheeks bulge, and she would swallow… bulge and swallow,and the lad was licking a a thick creamy blob off his lips and cheek,
that had splattered there when the cum shower was shooting spunk into th air like a geyzer, and all over them. He kept jerkin, and she kept sucking and swallowing,
and it felt like ages before my dick began to slowly stop jetting stream after stream,and was only then, that Tabby relased it from her mouth,
though Mikey continued a slow stroking, and leaned in to lap at the lava,that had , and was still ,rolling out and down my shaft, coating his hands.
?MMMM he said,"His stuff tastes lots better.and Oh my GOD!! Look how much there is. Did you see how far it went up in the air?,and look at your face…
(I snuck another peek, and her tiny little cute face was glazed like a donut, with cum dripping from her chin, as she peered at my cock through one eye,
the other having been blasted shut.)
"That was a LOT of cum" she replied, with an almost awe-like air in her voice, and an "I can’t believe it" look on her face.
"I drank about as much as daddy cums, and still look at it all over the place. he even cums WAY more than uncle Jamal Mikey.
He’d fill your bum up for sure with one squirt".At this comment she chuckled.
As my dick, still twiching and oozing, began to soften to a semi-hardness, the boy released his grip, and it fell with a slap to my belly.
Tabby immediately grabbed hold and began to lap up any remnants, as the lad did the same with the thick coating covering his hands,
till he offered one hand to Tabby to clean off, which she eagerly acceptd, and which made my dick twich even more as I again peeked at them.
I lay there, ass and thigh muscles twitching and tingling, with my face buried now in the fluffy down filled pillow, to hide the fact that I was breathing hard.
"Take it off my face Mikey,and rub it on my kitty please. It feels SO good when it gets rubbed on my kitty".
"Look Tabby. My penis is all hard again, and see here? some cum even fell on it. Wanna suck it off while I rub some on your kitty"?
"MMMM Yes.He does taste lots better than anyone else.. Daddy uncle Jamal,uncle Franky,and even Joey. Better than all of them,
and he shoots as much as all of them put together". At this they both giggled, and as I lay their fighting to regain my composure, battling the demons,
of realizing that I was a sick pervert,she calmly lay on her back,helped him straddle her,and guided his stiff little prick into her mouth,
while he concentrated on rubbing the goo,he retrieved from her face onto,and into her little hairless pussy.
They had settled on the side of the bed, that my head was turned into,so I got to watch this.
"Mikey. That feels so good she mumbled, grinding her little hips upwards, "Lick it please.Lick it, and I will suck your dicky ok"?
I lay there in total shame,watching as two young kids, brother and sister,69’d beside me.
and shamed I was,but evidently,my cock feels no shame,for I felt it again begin to stiffen.
"Put your finger in my bum Mikey" Said the little blond angel,pausing only long enough to say it.
"Put two in mine Sissy"he replied.
"Yes two in mine as well Brother dear"…
"Well then put three in mine .. Your fingers are small".
I noticed a couple of things, as I lay there in shame, peeking at the two kids humping each others face,and fingering each others ass…
One:.. The boy REALLY liked having his ass poked.. so much in fact, that before long, he had urged his sister to drive her whole small hand in and out of it.
and TWO:… when he was getting his ass fisted, and raised his head to orgasm…(there was very little to no cum),
I noticed pussy juice trickling out of Tabby’s little cunt.
That little 9 yr old girl,was wet.. like dripping wet.And by the way she humped and moaned, and sucked so eagerly on her brothrs cock,SHE too was capable of orgasm.
I wasn’t sure what I had fallen in to here.I allowed myself to be seduced, and taken home, by a delicious sex-goddess, only to discover,that she,had somehow
given birth to two up and cummers. The apple actually hadn’t fallen far from the tree,and as weird as it is.. I discovered also, that the whole thing,enthralled me.
I liked it.
.. but was also, very confused.
I rolled away from them, and sensed them freeze in their tracks for a moment, as I sat up ,back to them, ignoring them as though they did not exist.
I rose and walked straight out the door, cock wagging, still drooling remnant-strings,and into the second entry to the ensuite, off the hallway.
Finding myself alone with my thoughts, I climbed into the tiled shower stall, allowing the many fawcets, to pound my body from several directions,
with hot steaming water, and tried to stabilize my racing thoughts.
I could vaguely see them moving around, through the opaque-glass, as I tried to concenterate on washing off the nights sweat and body fluids.
I realized , that I was spending an extended amount of time washing my prick, which was once again, standing at attention, and waited,
for the shapes to disappear, and the whispering noises to cease,before opening the door, grabbing one of the big fluffy white bath-towels , and stepping out,
drying my hair.
"Hi Mister. What’s your name"?
Startled once again, I instinctively dropped and wrapped the towel around my waist, to cover my exposed genitals.
This didn;t work to well however, as all it did was make a very noticable tent, at which, the kids giggled, like kids do.
"I’m Micheal, but everyone calls me Mikey, and this is my sister Matilda, but we all just call her Maddy".
"Peter" was my only response, to the two kids propped up on the granite top of the long vanity.Still buck naked, and shameless.
I noticed drying patches of semen on the pretty little girl Maddys cheek and chest, and one of her long ringlets was standing up oddly.
I realized that it was caused when Mikey had grabbed a handfull of cum-spattered hair while face fucking her.
"Were you awake mister…Peter"? asked Mikey, and the question sent a sort of shock through me.
"Awake for what, when"? I lied, after a short pause.
At this answer, they broke into laughter, poking and pinching at each other.
"Ha Ha" said Maddy. "I win… you lose Mikey".
As I moved towards the bedroom, and my clothes, I heard their feet hit the tile behind me.
I began dressing, slipping into my boxer-briefs, before dropping the towel,
(which still did not disguise the ten inches of slightly stiff cock-meat),
They had hopped up onto, and were sitting on the bed, Maddy cross-legged ,like the cutest little girl I had ever seen,
Mikey lounging back on an elbow,relaxed with his legs crossd, and dangling over the edge of the bed.
"You kids need a bath or something" was all I could muster to say to them.
"Yea. We know. A enema too" replied the lad,
" Cleanliness is next to Godliness Mommy always tells us", Maddy squeeked out.
"Why don;t you do that then" I chided, "and maybe put some clothes on while you are at it".
"Why"? asked Mikey . "Why put clothes on?. Mommy says that the human body is a beautiful thing, and should be admired,so why hide it"?
"And Daddy always said that sex is not a sin.That it was perfectly natural,and a gift from God", the little angelic girl added.
I was speachless. Silenced by two small kids, who didn’t even have pubic hair on their genitals.
I continued dressing, and moved to the large bay window that overlooked the very large, well landscaped back yard.
It had a pool, a sprawling three-tierd deck,on which there were two dogs, one,a gigantic Great Dane,
and a thick muscled Bull Mastiff, were tugging back and forth, on a thick length of knotted rope.
There was a giant oak tree, with a wrought-iron spiral staircase, leading up to a rather large double-storied tree-house.
It was completely surrounded by tall, (20 feet at least), box cedars, and was at least two acres in size.
It had a trampoline, and an elaborate jungle-gym, with various swings,teeter-totters, rope ladders and bridges, a fireman-pole, and other playful attachments.
"Well then… get cleand up and go play in the back yard or something then". I said to them.
"Ok mister…Peter", replied Mikey as they moved towards the bathroom again.
"ok mister-Peter" mimiced Maddy, the tiny cock-sucking angel.
I glanced at the huge grandfather-clock standing in the corner to my left, and it read 5 minutes to 10, and I thought.
"Holy shit! what the fuck am I gonna do with these two for two freaking hours"?
I made my way to the kitchen, where the smell of brewed coffee drew me, and pondered this, discarding several scenarios, as they appeared in my minds-eye.
I was once again tearing myself apart mentally,pondering between how the fuck I was going to get out of there, and the endless possibilities, when they re-appeared.
Naked, and smiling.
"Are you sure you want us to go play outside mister…um Peter"?asked the boy.
"You can come play with us too mister-Peter, if you want. Were fun ya know"? said Maddy.
"Oh I am sure you are", is what I mumbled into my coffee-cup, but said" Maybe some other time", aloud, after swallowing the sip.
"Ok then mister-Peter" said Maddy
Taking her brother by the hand, they scurried, and skipped off towards the French doors, leading out onto the deck.
"Lets go milk Bruno Mikey. He hasn’t cummed in two days, and like Mommy says… "dogs are people too".
Again that electric like shock shot through me, and I stiffened.My cock did as well somewhat.
They halted, and Mikey turned and spoke,hand on the door-knob.
"Wanna watch a movie or something mister… um Peter. We gots lots of movies.
I like the old ones made before we weres born,with Gramma and Grampa in them, but Maddy likes the newer ones we made after.
If you want, I can show you where the movie room is, and where the movie closet is? There is some real cool ones".
"Yea"said Maddy."Trina watches them all the time when we play outside or in the romper-room. She really likes them".
"Who is Trina"? I asked.
"Oh she is just our nanny" she replied.
"Ok then. Just tell me where it is, and I’ll find it".
"No you won’t mister…Peter" said Mikey."The cops couldn’t even find the movie closet. They only found the movie that was in the dvd players. Not the whole bunch".
I was curious."Ok then Mikey. Show me"
The race was on, and they took off towards the stairs,Maddy falling behind quickly.
When I reached the bottom of the elaborate staircase, they were waiting for me,about halfway down the long hallway.
They were standing in front of a large gothic archway, that framed an Identical sweeping staircase, that led down, below ground level.
When they seen me, off they darted down the stairs, and I followed.
The wide granite steps swept left, (as opposted to the ones leading up to the 2nd floor which swept right), and landed in a large room around 30 feet wide by 40 long.
There was a billiards table, several pinball machines, and a few of those two player game tables , like ms pac man, along one wall.
A bar that sat about 15 people took up the far end.
"That is the sauna, that is the laundry room, that is our romper room, that one goes to the garage"… Mikey was giving me the tour like a real estate agent.
"and THAT.. is the video room", he said pointing to the last door on the right, nearest the bar.
I could see it was large, through the french doors, one being opened, and had several comfortable lounge chairs sectionals, and coffee /end tables
scattered about it.As I entered, I seen the large flat-screen on one wall, and several other smaller ones arranged here and there.This was clearly a viewing room.
Maddy picked up a remote, and clicked it, making the flat screen come to life. Giggling she said."I wonder what Trina has been watching".
Another click, and the screen came to life.The vid was of a small dark-haired girl, , very young, standing with a blindfold on, and her hands tied behind her back.
Several men, and what looked like young men and boys , were all standing around her, wearing masks, and jerking off.
In the background were several naked women, also wearing various masks, lounging and masterbating, with various objects.
The young girl had semen all over her, and as I noticed that, I also noticed,that the location for this video was this very room.
As I realised this fact, two of the strokers let loose and added to the drippings.
"Who is the girl" I ask.
"That is Sylvy" Micheal replied. "She is Toms’ daughter. Daddys’ friend Tom.
Maddy skipped over to the screen and pointed at one of the men stroking. Pointed at his cock, which was large, hard, and had some sort of tribal tattoo on it.
"THat’s Tom" she said smiling.She then pointed towards a long legged dark haired woman in the back ground, who was being licked by a younger, (a teen I guessed…
judging by her small barely visible breasts), being licked and fingered. "And that is Andrea, she added Sylvys’ mommy".
"This one is Sylvys’ nishation" said Maddy.
"Initiation", corrected Mikey.
"I ni she ation" she answered smiling that incredibly cute smile of hers.
"Trina must have been interupted" said Mikey,"cuz the good part is coming up, where Mommy and Andrea put the vibes in her bum and pussy hole,
and Jackson gets to fuck her mouth".
Maddy pointed Jackson out. A skinny lad of around 10 or so,who was wanking to beat hell.
"I like vibes in my bum and pussy hole", added Maddy, smiling devilishly."Don’t like how Jackson fucks my mouth though. his dinky is too small,
and, and makes my nose bleed when he fucks my mouth. I like big dinkies", she added , matter of factly, seeming proud of her self.
As maddy made her case, one of the remaining men stepped forward, and grabbing the girl by th hair,
leaned her head back roughly, and deposited a thick load, in her mouth and over her face."That’s Daddy", squealed Maddy.
Daddy, was a well built fellow, not too tall,with a 7 or 8 inch dick, that was still twitching as he tossed the girl aside roughly.
and walked straight towards the camera. The camera faded to black.
"So where is this "closet" I inquired. and Mikeys eyes lit with sudden delight. "OHH it is back here" he said, leading me back out towards the rec-room.
"You will never find it by yourself.
He went behind the bar, and came up with two remotes , one in each hand, then urged me to follow him, after disgarding one of them.
At the far end,just passed a space invaders table, he opened the door to what was an excesize room.He pointed the remote at one of the many floor to ceiling mirrors,
then tapped a sequence on the remote,speaking the numbers aloud as he did so."7, 3, 9,6,3,9" he mumbled, and with several clicks, and a whirring of small motors,
one of the plate mirrors, spun slowly on a central axis, revealing the hidden room.
"Cool eh" said Mikey delightedly.
"That it is" I replied
Mikey preceeded me, with Maddy close behind, and flicked on a light switch.The room was around 6 feet deep, but ran the full width of the the right.
Around 30 or forty feet was my guess.with both walls , lined with shelving which held every sort of sexual aid available.
The final 8 or ten feet, on each side housed the collection.and the end wall was a collage of screens, monitors, and electronic equipment,
with a large comfy desk chair in front of it.
There had to be thousands of dvds and cds, as well asf several hundred UHF and beta tapes,
There was even one large shelf that held 30 or so 8 mm reel to reel tapes, along with the projector, to watch them.
Rows were categorized. Reading things like.. "Reunions", dates clearly marked on the sleeves. "Beasty" "Annuals and Initiations".. "BDSM" and so on.
Mikey picked up an empty dvd case, and said ,"See this is the one that Trina was watching out in the viewing room"It read, Syvlys’ initiation
It obviously went into the blank space I noticed in the "Annuals and Initiations" section..
"Maddy, go get the dvd out of the player please" said Mikey, and as she scooted off,continued with.."Trina always watches them in the viewing room,
but you can watch them here and in any room that has a tv in it. Daddy has it all rigged up so you can do that".
"Impressive" I stated. What does your daddy do for a living"? I asked.
"He is a electrical engineer", he answered, "and a potato farmer".
Odd combination thought, and as I pondred this, Mikey continued is oration.
"Well my Grampa, Daddy’s daddy, Grampa Anton,was a potato farmer, and daddy inherited it, when Grampa died.He doesn’t just grow potatoes though.
he grows all kinds of stuff, and has a cattle and dairy farms, and even a horse farm".
Maddy was back and handing the dvd to Mikey to put away,but not before putting in her two cents.
"Grammy LOVES the horse farm.She likes riding the horses, and fucking them".(giggles)I wanna fuck the horses too when I grow up. They gots HUGE cocks,
and they cums tons. I like cum.Mommy says I am a good girl cuz I like cums lots"
So here I was,standing in a room filled to the ceiling with mostly illegal porn, and sex toys costumes and props, in front of a state-of-the-art,control booth,
with two naked kids, that new more about sex than most adults that I knew.
What was wrong with this picture?…
"Wanna watch one mister.. um Peter? Just pick one. Look there is all kinds".Pointing he said."That is Maddys’ initiation, and here is Mommas’ gangbang ones,
and Grammas’ gang bang ones right there.Gramma Zoe, Not Gramma Eva Mommys’ Momma, Not Daddys". he added, to clarify.
The ones he was pointing out, all fell under various subtitles.
A large capitalized "FAMILY" stretched accross three shelves on each wall of the collection,that included many of the vhs tapes and the reel to reels.
"What is on those" I asked, pointing to the reel to reels.
"Mostly my uncle Franks stuff. Grammy Evas’ brother,but lots have Grammy and Grampa and some other uncles and aunts in them too. and THAT one,
he touched one that was not in a box, has Mommys’ Gramma in it.She lives in Ireland, and is real old.I mean real old in the movie too.
Dad says she can really suck a cock and she squirts out her pussy . Says that is where Mommy gets it from.
I recalled how last night, Donna had smiled up at me,and slowly slid my thick turgid fuck stick all the way down,effortlessly to the base,
where her tongue lashd out andlapped at my cum heavy nut sac. Recalled how dispite the girth of my member, which most women to date,
have a hard time with, when the initial gag factor hit,she didn’t back off like most
but pushed it further in, swallowing and swallowing.Gripping and releasing my cock til her nose touched my belly.
Recalled also how she squirted like a power washer when I was hammering her asshole…Something that most women can’t handle as well,
Yep… she was good alright..A real keeper some would say.
Maddy touched her finger on one. One of a set with green tape on the box."That is Grampa John.. Mommys’ Daddy. He was nice, but died. I drinked his cum".
Mikey piped up. " I did too,AND he let me fuck his bum. Was the first bum I ever fucked. " he stated matter of factly.He was some sort of Baron over in Ireland".
"Mikey likes fucking bums" said Maddy,"but not as much as he likes his bum fucked" she added."He even let Jamal fuck his ass, and it even bleeded"!
"Yea.. That was cool" said Mikey. "It hurt.. but felt real good".
"You wanna fuck Mikeys ass mister-Peter? she asked me. " He would let you. He likes big cocks too. Specially in his bum. We can make a movie".
"I will pass, but thanks for the offer" I said. Mikeys face flushed red at this exchange.I noticed also his dick starting to become erect as well.
She, as well as he, seemed disappointed at my answer.
"Awww" said Maddy, the disappointment evident in her voice." I like watching big cocks go in Mikeys bum. An sometimes, I get to drink the cums.
I LOVE drinking the cums" she added." I drinked so much cum once, that I threwd up. LOTS!!. and Daddy made Suzie,she’s our other nanny before,
he made her lick it up off the floor". She touched a tiny finger to one cd.."Thats the one right there if you wanna watch it?
It’s really cool. guys kept poking their peckers at me, and I just sucked on their pee hole and swallowed it all up. I was only little then,
she added. How old was I Mikey"? she asked.
"You were really little Maddy. I think you were just 4 or 5.Daddy said that you liked cum, even when you were a baby
said you would suck it out even then and liked it.
Mommy said that they have it on tape, but that it is on one of the ones they made before they labeled everything to keep track,and has a bunch of stuff on it.
He pointd to a grouping of 20 or 30 tapes from a camcorder, that were clearly unmarked.
"Mikey pointed to one vhs tape in particular, saying" This one is where Mommy and Daddy met.
"Yea", piped in the little cum loving angel,"Daddy looks just like Mikey in that one". It was under the family heading, and was marked,Club Gathering, with a date.
"Gammy and Grampa’s is in it too. And uncle Mike, and uncle Frank, and even auntie Tula" said Maddy.
"There are a few with both Gramma and Grampas in them" added Mikey.
"Mommy said that there were people from all over the world in those ones.Aunty Tula lives in Greece, and Uncle Frank, and uncle Mike, and uncle Milo live in Croatia.
They are Daddys’ uncles.Uncle Pat, auntie Heather, and auntie Carol are Mommys" .
That one caught my curiosity. and I retrieved it from the shelf."Ok, do you know how to Put this one on"? I asked Mikey, and not surprisingly, he did.
He sat in the chair, looking like a very young studio producer, and began clicking buttons, then popped it into a vcr and askd."Where do you wanna watch it"?
The viewing room is fine" I replied,
Maddy was jumping up and down with delight, and led the way to the viewing room. Mikey clicked a few more buttons on the remote, and the mirror revolved shut.
The closet , once again, had disappeared.Mikey replaced the remote behind the bar, and it told me that these kids, werwe trained to take precautions.. Well trained.
Maddy was still hopping about excitedly, as I settled onto along comfy chesterfield,and then she set her little bare ass onto a large automan in front of me.
Mikey, chose to stand, near the big screen , to the left, and clicked the play button on the remote that he had picked up from a coffee table when we entered.
After a brief pause, the screen, and the speakers came to life. and Mikey turned the volume down.Someone was going around a large room, with a hand held camcorder,
and Maddy lept up ran to , and pointed at the screen as a couple came into view. "That’s aunty Carol" she said, pointing at an attractive young lady,
on her knees blowing a big hairy fellow who was seated.The camera zoomed, and it was apparent that the big hairy fellow, had a sizable cock,and that
aunty Carol, was very much enjoying the act of swallowing it.The camera then panned, and focusd on a group of people dancing. All naked, half them with hard,
or at least semi-hard-ons,and many were not only dancing, but fondling, with the hands that did not hold drinks.
Maddy again pointed."There is aunty Tula. She is so pretty",and the fact was, she was stunning.She seemed to be lost in the music, swaying, seductivly to it,
eyes closed, and several pairs of eyes, not just the camera holder, seemed to be focusd on her.The camera went blank, and after a few seconds, It flashed to life.
The group, of what seemed like about 30 people, were now gathered around two kids, one, looking like Mikeys’ twin.
"There is Mommy and Daddy" said Maddy pointing, then clapping her hands, and as she said this, the little girl,got to her hands and knees while the boy knelt behind her,
his young cock pointing stiffly out and up. He was smiling, with a red face, which really made him look like Mikey. Another young lad, around the same 10 or 11 age,
then came into view kneeling in front of the girl, and she turned then to the camera, smiling a perfect Maddy smile, and I made out the features of a very young Donna.
Again Maddy was pointing."That’s uncle Joey, Mommys’, brother and he is gonna cum in mommys’ mouth. I watched as the two pre-pubescent boys spit roasted the small girl,
as the crowd of adults gathered around them, drank, fondled, and in some cases, sucked or licked, shouting out encouragements and directions to the three kids.
The kid named Joey came first, ,(probably due to Donnas’ sucking skills I thought),and as he collapsed back onto his heels,
another young boy was pushed and prodded, reluctntly it appeared through the crowd, and in front of the child porn star Donna.
Again, Maddy was pointing excitedly, as a large powerfully built young man with an obvious farmers tan, and a very long, rather thin cock,
did the final urging to the boy, forcing him to his knees before Donna. "That’s Grampa Anton" squeeled Maddy,"and uncle Enio. Daddys’other brudder".
"He’s nice" she added. "I drinked his cums"."I wanted him to fuck me" Said Mikey, but all we did was jerk each other off on aunt Elizabeths’ face.
Aunt Elizabeth is Grampa Antons’ sister.uncle Enios’ mother" he added, when I raised an eyebrow.
"Watch. You will see aunty Lydia in a minute" he said, and he no sooner spoke,
and a charming little girl, with extremely long dark hair appeared through the legs, past the cocks and pussys of the adults, and straddled the girls back.
She faced the kids dad, who was humping away at Donnas’ pussy like a rabbit, and he slowed, as she threw her head back and offered up her tiny hairless pussy.
The crowd was cheering and many of the women were now either jerking , or on their knees sucking.Donna was doing most of the work now,
since the lad behind her,the childrens dad, seemed to be concentrating on licking that little puss, and she was rocking back and forth.
As the second boy to be sucked, lowered his head, you could see his buttocks clenching, and Donnas hand reached up, and grabbing them, held him tight to her face.
When she finally released his ass,and therfore his spent penis, he too fell back on his haunches, and Maddy let out a cheer of .."Good girl Mommy".
She kind of squatted slightly, and dug her hand betwen her snow white thighs. After rummaging around a little she raised her hand, spreading her sticky fingers and said.
"My kitty is gettin all juicy. Hey mister-Peter. can I play with your cock, and drink your cums"? again that electric shock, that redened my face, rocked me.
She stared right at the obvious bulge in my jeans,, making me feel very uncomfortable.
Mikey, who had been mauling his cock while watching the screen, turned as well at this comment, and smiled, seeming anxious for my reply .
A thousand visuals ran through my head, and I felt my cock jump in my pants, which I was certain, did not go un noticed by the little nymphette, and her brother.
"Ummm, I don;t think so Maddy" I stammered, "I think maybe you guys should maybe go outside and play now. Like you were going to. Your nanny should be here soon".
"Trina don’t care", Said Mikey. "She is just our nanny, and does what Mommy tells her.She’s really nice,and likes sucking cocks too, and would just LOVE sucking yours".
"Thankyou, but no thankyou" I replied".
"aWWWwwww" whined Maddy, pouting in the manner that most pre-teen girls sometimes do, when they don’t get their way."Come on then Micheal. Lets go".
I smiled as she hung her head pouting, stomping her little feet and swinging her arms overdramtically, as she headed out into the rec- room, towards the stairs.
Mikey rolled his eyes and shook his head, but said not a word. He simply did what he was told, and followed her, his penis poking out proudly in front of him.
"Come on Micheal", She shouted,Let’s take care of Brutus, before he ends up stuck bum to bum with Goliath again".
If I recalled correctly…both dogs were male. I shook the thoughts from my head, and went back to watching the childrens mother and father fuck on the screen.
I re-arrangd my stiffness to a more comfortable spot, and pondered what I had discovered.
Fact… these kids, are part of an incestuous family, that goes back at LEAST 4 generations.
Fact…they seem to all be wealthy,and belong to some sort of multi generational sex club.
Fact… they appear to be located world wide, or at last in several countries.
Fact… they are not only into incest, but beastiality, and judging by some of the paraphinalia,and outfits and stuff in that closet, bdsm as well.
The one that they said was their Grampa, was now talking loudly over everyone, urging the little boy daddy to "jam it in her ass son"..
I doubt he could hear him, as the one straddling young Donnas’ back , now had the fingers of both hands knotted in his hair, and was humping his face furiously.
Apparently little Donna did however, for she slid forward, dislodging his dick, which now resembled a very greasy bone from a turkey leg.
With cheek to the floor, she reach both hands back and spreadher tiny cheeks. The camera operator, moved in and zoomed on her little pink puckered hole,
and it was obvious, that this was one juicy little girl. A shakey leg passed briefly in front of the camera, and the lads turkey bone appeared,
and began jabbing away at Donnas asshole.With little effort, and a few grunts and groans, it slid in, and the boy was again rabbit fucking her almost desperately.
I noticed that One of the older men in the crowd,had bent one of the younger boys over, and was also feeding him a good thick eight inches of cock, in his ass.
By the strained look on the kids face, he wasn’t enjoying it much, but the older fellow seemed to take no heed.
You could hear his balls slapping against the lads upper thighs.The crowd, began cheering littl daddy on, or at last those that wre not engaging did.
With a big grunt, and an arching back, he unloaded in her, and immediately collapsed over her, pinning her to the floor.
She continued to grind on his bone, apparently working every little drop of semen from his cock.After a moment of having breaths, he rolled off.
The camera zoomed out, just as Donna.. Sweet little Donna, turned to the camera, and smiled the most devilish Maddy smile I had seen anywhere.
"Hello. You must be Peter", said a soft melodic voice to my right, almost causing me to jump out of my skin.
"Oh my Christ! Don’t sneak up on me like that. Yes. I am Peter, and you must be Trina"?I said rising and extending my hand.
She took it, and shyly bowed her head.
She was a tiny thing. Asian, with long pitch black hair, and when she looked up, had huge eyes, like those of one of those anime girls.
Her hand was as soft as silk, and warm.As she raised her eyes to mine she smied, and did quick glance at the bulge,
and the 50 cent piece sized wet spot in my jeans.I felt my face flush.
"Ahhh… the kids are playing outside" I stammered. She giggled, and said."I know. They were milking the dog, when I came in.Milking is the term we use.
Maddy is now having Brutus clean the mess up, which I am sure will end with him also cleaning up her gooey little kitty as well".
"Can I get you anything" she asked smiling up at me." A drink? something to eat?.. Something for that"? she pointed at the wet spot, and the large bulge.
"Umm. No thank you. I am fine thanks. So that is Donna when she was Maddys’ age I take it.
"Yes" she replied, still smiling her eyes sparkling, and taking quick glances back at my package." Donna, as well as Danny". (Finally I knew his name.).
"My father too was at that gathering, but is only briefly viewable on this tape".
"So you are all good with this whole.. incest wild sex parties thing I take it"?
Again she giggled before answering."Yes. Actually, I was fathered, by an older brother, and I too had a child by our father, though I miscarried".
"Sorry to hear that" I responded.
"It was long ago, and far away in Bangkok, where all that happened.But ty for your concern Sir".
"Peter is fine" I said, and noticed her still catching quick glances at my crotch, and the wet spot that had now grown to dollar size.
" Are you sure I can’t get you anything Sir?.. ahh I mean Peter"?
"Really Trina. I am fine, thank you anyway"…"That you are" she muttered, and looked sheepishly up at me.
"Well then, I should go tend to those children.We don’t want either of those brutes knotting our poor little Maddy. That would be a terrible thing".
She bowed, and backing away, turned and left. STILL I heard not a foorstep.
My interest in the video seemed to had faded, so I clicked the off button on the remote, and was soon making my way back up to the main floor.
Trina, was hustling them back inside, when I reached the kitchen, and she had to push the two monster dogs out by the snout, as they were following along like puppies,
behind the little blond haired Maddy.
"Not you guys ," you go play. Get the ball".she said, as she closed them out behing the door.
"Now I want you two, to take a quick shower, and I will meet you for class in 10 minutes", and then added.."Seperately please, or I will be waiting for you,
and we already missed this mornings history class, so need to catch up".
"Home schooled I see" I said as they scampered off.
" yes" she replied."many of the children of the tribes are home schooled".
"The tribes"?
She again looked up at me with those dark eyes, that seemed to entrance."Yes. Surely you have heard of the lost tribes of Israel"?
"Somewhat yes" I replied," but not to much extent. What do th lost tribes, have to do with all of this"?
She smiled at me, like a teacher would at a student, who doesn’t quite grasp a concept. "I am sure that Donna will , at some point , enlightn you Sir".
"Please. Just Peter if you don’t mind", I asked.
"Peter then. It is simply habit for me".
"Please, explain to me. Don’t leave me hanging like this", I begged.
Again she giggled, that sweet resonant giggle."I some how doubt that you hang very much sir… Peter, as she again glanced at th wet spot on my jeans.
. " Peter, sir",she continued,"Have you not ever wondered, about Genesis?. How Adam and Eve had children,that apparently populated the earth?
Does it not seem obvious, that incest, had to be somehow a part of that populating? Therefore, is it really such a sin,as it is viewed these days?
Would it not be more likely that incest, and all the other , pleasures of the flesh, be instead…sacred. Gifts from God so to speak"?
"Well now that you put it that way, it certainly has me wondering", I replied.
"Well there you go. You seem a smart man. You will figure it all out in due time. And that is YOUR lesson for the day, and now I must attend the children, and theirs".
Again she bowed, backed away, turned and left.I watched her slender frame retreat silently down the hall, her hips swaying as to some unheard music.
The wet spot, and my member grew…….

Erotic Novels

Fri, 07 Apr 2017 16:51:08 UTC

Mom’s Best Friend Part 3

Chapter 5<br /><br />The first thing Sharon noticed when she got home from school was the&nbsp;happy look on her mother’s face and the gleam in her eyes. The next&nbsp;thing was the bouquet of long-stemmed, red roses. Despite being only&nbsp;thirteen, it wasn’t hard for Sharon to connect the two, and to realize&nbsp;that there was just one missing ingredient–the man.<br />&quot;You’ve got a boy friend!&quot; she gasped aloud, not yet sure whether or&nbsp;not she liked the idea. &quot;Tell me about him, Mother.&quot;<br />&quot;You sound more like a mother talking to your daughter,&quot; Mary told her.&nbsp;&quot;Just for that, I’m not going to tell you a thing about him–except&nbsp;that his name is Adam, he’s forty-one years old, a widower, he’s very&nbsp;handsome and charming and sensitive and he has a daughter of fifteen&nbsp;and a son of twelve. Now that’s all,&quot; she said, more than a little out&nbsp;of breath.<br />&quot;How did you meet him? Where? You hardly ever go anywhere.&quot;<br />In her lighthearted, lightheaded mood, Mary couldn’t help wondering how&nbsp;it would sound if she told her daughter that she met him when he was&nbsp;being a peeping Tom at her window, jerking himself off while he watched&nbsp;King licking her cunt and fucking her.<br />&quot;He’s a businessman and I met him in the course of business. You’re&nbsp;going to meet him soon, and I have a hunch you’ll like him. You’re not&nbsp;going to get upset about my having a relationship with a inane are you,&nbsp;Sharon?&quot;<br />&quot;No, Mother. You’re young and pretty, and I guess you deserve it. It’s&nbsp;just that after all the things I heard you say about men and marriage,&nbsp;I’m surprised. Are you going to marry him?&quot;<br />&quot;I don’t know for sure, dear. I guess it’s a possibility, but it’s a&nbsp;little early for such major decisions. For the time being, we’re going&nbsp;to get to know each other a lot better. To this point, we seem to be&nbsp;perfectly suited for each other.&quot;<br />Stealing another glance at her mother, seeing that her face was still&nbsp;flushed, that she was a little red around the mouth, as though she had&nbsp;been necking heavily, Sharon wondered if her mother had been in bed&nbsp;with her man, but she pushed the thought away. They talked of school&nbsp;and other things, but it wasn’t what either of them was really thinking&nbsp;about.<br />Adam came to visit at eight that same evening, and Sharon saw at once&nbsp;why her mother liked the man. She was pleased, too, that he didn’t&nbsp;bring her any gift, was not trying to buy her affection or approval,&nbsp;and he didn’t talk down to her as so many adults tended to do.<br />Her mother had greeted him at the door with a warm kiss, but after&nbsp;that, they chatted like friends, with no hand-holding or other displays&nbsp;of affection. They seemed to welcome Sharon in their conversation, and&nbsp;she stayed with them for about a half-hour, then excused herself and&nbsp;went to her room.<br />Mary and Adam found many things to talk about, and they were still&nbsp;talking long after midnight when Mary was sure her daughter was soundly&nbsp;asleep. She didn’t want to take chances, though, so she took Adam to&nbsp;the basement room where the couch served them well as he made love to&nbsp;her with his hands and mouth for a long time before he was ready to&nbsp;fuck her.<br />&quot;I’d love another fuck, Adam,&quot; she whispered as he stroked her cunt&nbsp;gently, &quot;but tell me the truth. Would you like me to suck your cock?&nbsp;You’ve sucked my cunt so well and so often.&quot;<br />&quot;If it’s the truth you want–yes, I’d love that. I haven’t had my cock&nbsp;sucked in so long. Are you sure you don’t mind doing it?&quot;<br />&quot;Far from minding, dear, I’ll enjoy it very much. Your cock felt so&nbsp;good in my cunt, now I want to feel it in my mouth. I want to feel your&nbsp;cream shooting in my mouth. Lie back, darling, and I’ll suck you off.&quot;<br />But instead of doing that, he had her lie back on the couch and he went&nbsp;down on her for the third time that evening, sucking and licking her&nbsp;cunt thrillingly until she climaxed strongly, being careful not to make&nbsp;too much noise, though she didn’t feel like being careful about&nbsp;anything.<br />Her twat was still tingling warmly as her man lay on his back beside&nbsp;her and she crouched beside him to play with his big, strong prick. It&nbsp;would have felt so good, she thought, to straddle his body, to guide&nbsp;his cockhead into her slit, then lower herself on it and impale her&nbsp;snatch, but she told herself that it would feel better to suck on the&nbsp;big dick and feel his warm, rich cream shooting into her mouth.<br />As she started to take the cock into her mouth, she felt a hand tugging&nbsp;at her and changed her position so that her lover had her ass to play&nbsp;with while she went to work on his prick. A hand squeezed one smooth&nbsp;cheek, and Adam again told her how beautiful and exciting her ass was;&nbsp;then she was opening her mouth and slowly pushing the big velvet&nbsp;cockhead into it, making Adam groan with delight.<br />If her former husband had done anything for her, Mary thought, it was&nbsp;teaching her how to suck a cock. He had begun the training during their&nbsp;honeymoon, and while she had been nervous, she began enjoying the act&nbsp;during her first blow job. She got to enjoy it more and more until it&nbsp;reached the stage where he wanted nothing but cock-sucking. Only then&nbsp;did she stop enjoying giving head.<br />But she was enjoying the act immensely as his big, beautiful cockhead&nbsp;filled her mouth and she held his dick with one hand, while the other&nbsp;explored, touching belly, thighs and balls, cupping the heavy, hairy&nbsp;sac gently with a silent promise that she soon would drain it, and that&nbsp;there would be other cock-suckings in the beautiful future.<br />Seeing how much her man was enjoying the blow job, Mary took it slow,&nbsp;removing his rod often from her mouth to let it cool down a little. He&nbsp;let out a little grunt of objection the first time Mary took his dick&nbsp;out of her mouth. When she told him it would last longer that way, he&nbsp;smiled and told her to take all night if she wanted to.<br />Mary wasn’t the type to time a blow job, or any other sexual act, but&nbsp;when she started, she heard the antique clock on the mantel deride&nbsp;quarter to twelve. When it struck midnight, his cock was still hard and&nbsp;strong, and it delighted her to see that she had made the blow job last&nbsp;so long.<br />&quot;Do you want me to finish you up now, darling?&quot; Mary asked as she took&nbsp;his cock out of her mouth one more time, her hand giving the shaft a&nbsp;little squeeze.<br />&quot;Make it last as long as you like, my angel. It has to be the most&nbsp;beautiful cock-sucking any man ever received. Try to finish by ten-thirty. I have an appointment then.&quot;<br />Mary laughed, teasingly licking the head of his prick. Her hand gave it&nbsp;a few slow, loving pulls, and then she pushed the tool into her mouth&nbsp;again and resumed the delightful blow job, keeping him panting and&nbsp;moaning with lust. He had carried her beyond heaven with his mouth, and&nbsp;she was determined to do no less for him.<br />But even in taking, Adam was giving, too, as he fondled her ass so&nbsp;lovingly, stroking the cheeks, fingering her bung and, from time to&nbsp;time, pushing a hand between her thighs to tease her pussy.<br />And then she heard a change in his sounds and felt his body tensing.&nbsp;There was no time then for teasing, no need for further delay. His cock&nbsp;had been well-sucked and now it was time for him to fire his load and&nbsp;for her to taste his sperm.<br />Making muffled moaning and humming sounds in her throat, Mary sucked&nbsp;more greedily, taking more and more of the shaft into her mouth. As she&nbsp;felt his dick expanding, she drew her head back a little so that only&nbsp;the cockhead was in her mouth.<br />The first spurt of cream in her mouth was just a small one, but the&nbsp;second was much bigger. So was the third and the fourth and the rest as&nbsp;Adam shot much more jizz into her mouth than she would have expected,&nbsp;considering their morning fuck session.<br />She sucked until his balls were drained. At last he pushed her head&nbsp;gently away from him still moaning like a dying man. As he did, she&nbsp;heard the clock strike the quarter hour and was delighted to see that&nbsp;she had been sucking his cock for a half-hour.<br />While her man recovered from the magnificent blow job, Mary was content&nbsp;to lie with her cheek on his belly, one hand stroking a strong, hairy&nbsp;thigh. She observed that while his thighs and the base of his belly&nbsp;were hairy, the rest of his body was free of hair, smooth and thrilling&nbsp;to touch. It was just, she told herself, another way in which her&nbsp;exciting man was so perfect. She wondered how it could be that no other&nbsp;woman had claimed him before she found him–or, more to the point, she&nbsp;amended, before he found her in her room, getting fucked by her dog.<br />It was a wonder to her, too, that instead of his having been horrified&nbsp;at the sight, it had so taken him that he had to meet her, that he had&nbsp;sent her a letter, the letter which had first filled her with terror&nbsp;and shame.<br />&quot;Come to me, my beautiful angel,&quot; Adam said tiredly. &quot;I want to kiss&nbsp;the mouth that did such wild, wonderful things to my cock. I’ve never&nbsp;been sucked like that no man ever has.&quot;<br />She hurried into his arms, and then their mouths came together in a&nbsp;fiercely passionate kiss which went on and on before it ended and he&nbsp;told her again what a magnificent job she had done and Mary glowed with&nbsp;pride.<br />&quot;I don’t know how long that lasted, but it seemed like hours.&quot;<br />&quot;I know exactly how long it lasted, darling. It was thirty minutes,&quot;&nbsp;and then she told him about the clock.<br />&quot;Christ, at a million dollars a minute–and it was worth at least that–I owe you a hell of a big bill.&quot; &quot;Don’t bother with money, darling,&quot;&nbsp;Mary told him. &quot;Income tax would take so much of it. The next time we&nbsp;get together, lap my cunt in that special way of yours, and then I’ll&nbsp;owe you.&quot;<br />They laughed, and then Adam didn’t want to wait until the next time.<br />&quot;But you must be tired, my poor angel.&quot;<br />&quot;I’ll never be too tired to eat that magic cunt,&quot; he assured her. &quot;Now&nbsp;open those beautiful legs and my mouth will say thank you in a&nbsp;different way.&quot;<br />&quot;You know I can’t say no to a cunt-lapping, dear, especially the way&nbsp;you do it, but at least lie back so I can serve you your hot, juicy&nbsp;snack.&quot;<br />&quot;And I can play with that beautiful ass while you feed me. That sounds&nbsp;perfect, better than perfect, my darling,&quot; Adam told her. Then he lay&nbsp;back and she slowly straddled him.<br />Mary allowed him to stare up into her open gash, his hands coursing&nbsp;over her silken butt. Then she gave a warm sigh and her crotch came&nbsp;down slowly until Adam felt the lips of her cunt on his mouth and he&nbsp;began to suck it. Her snatch was deliciously juicy and warm. As his&nbsp;hands fondled the cheeks of her beautiful ass, he went on sucking and&nbsp;lapping while she squirmed and sighed with joy until she felt her&nbsp;climax building and she panted that message to him.<br />His tongue curled around her clit. Then Mary came again, and her crotch&nbsp;massaged his face while wave after delicious wave broke over her. Mary&nbsp;told herself that the rest of her life was going to be full of such&nbsp;magic moments with her magic man.<br /><br /><br />Chapter 6<br /><br />&quot;Mother, are you having sex with Adam?&quot; Sharon asked her mother as they&nbsp;met in the kitchen after school the next day.<br />&quot;Yes, dear, I am. I’ve never lied to you, so I see no reason to start&nbsp;now. After all, sex is a natural thing between a man and a woman,&nbsp;especially when they’re in love.&quot;<br />&quot;I’m glad for you, Mother. Is sex always good?&quot;<br />&quot;No, dear, it isn’t always. It is with Adam and me, though, and I have&nbsp;a hunch it’ll only get better.&quot;<br />&quot;It wasn’t good with Daddy, was it?&quot;<br />&quot;In the beginning it was. Then it died out. I’m not saying it was his&nbsp;fault or that he was a bad man. Things just died between us.&quot;<br />&quot;I think you’re being very generous to him. I’m still just a kid and I&nbsp;was younger then, but I know he spent every evening drinking beer and&nbsp;watching TV. He was usually drunk when he went to bed, wasn’t he?&quot;<br />&quot;You’re more than just a kid, dear. Actually, you’re very observant.&nbsp;Yes, it’s true that your father lost interest in sex. I was hungry for&nbsp;a long time, and since Adam came along, it’s like being born again in a&nbsp;beautiful new world.&quot;<br />&quot;Sex must be so exciting,&quot; Sharon observed with a little sigh, &quot;and&nbsp;I’ve got so long to wait.&quot;<br />&quot;I know, dear. I can understand how you feel. I was thirteen once, you&nbsp;know. When I had that longing to grow up and try sex, I’d go to my&nbsp;room, take my panties off and masturbate. I take it you do that when&nbsp;you’re in the mood?&quot;<br />&quot;Gee, Mother you’re really frank. I keep wondering about it. I hear&nbsp;other girls talking about it, and they make it sound nice, but I’m&nbsp;afraid.&quot;<br />&quot;Afraid? Why?&quot;<br />&quot;Because, well, I heard that if you do it too much, you can break your&nbsp;cherry and that too much of it makes your pussy too big and men don’t&nbsp;like that.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, you poor lamb, that’s all garbage. It’s like telling boys that if&nbsp;they jack off, they’ll grow hair on the palms of their hands. Those are&nbsp;just things that are said to scare children. I suspect most of them&nbsp;began with churches or religious parents who think that to have fun is&nbsp;a sin.&quot;<br />&quot;You mean there’s nothing wrong with masturbating? It isn’t abnormal or&nbsp;anything?&quot; Sharon asked, surprised.<br />&quot;It’s as normal and as natural as breathing, dear. Far from being a bad&nbsp;thing, it’s a good one. People who don’t masturbate suppress natural&nbsp;feelings, and suppressed feelings can lead to trouble. It’s natural for&nbsp;people, children as well as adults, to get horny from time to time. I&nbsp;pity anyone who doesn’t. When that happens, there comes a certain&nbsp;tension. Masturbation is nature’s safety valve.&quot;<br />&quot;You mean anytime I feel that way, it’s all right to go ahead and&nbsp;finger my pussy?&quot;<br />&quot;Well now, when you say anytime, I’m not sure I can go that far. If you&nbsp;fingered your pussy in class, it wouldn’t go over too well.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, Mother!&quot; Sharon said, and they both laughed. &quot;I wish we’d had this&nbsp;talk before.&quot;<br />&quot;I’m sorry, dear. The fault’s mostly mine. I should have paid more&nbsp;attention.&quot;<br />&quot;Don’t blame yourself, Mother. You’re wonderful. I wouldn’t want any&nbsp;other woman in the world for a mother,&quot; Sharon said and hugged her&nbsp;mother tightly.<br />&quot;Mmmm, this must be my week,&quot; Mary said and beamed. &quot;First Adam told me&nbsp;so many wonderful things, and now you. If you keep this up, I’ll start&nbsp;believing it all.&quot;<br />&quot;You should believe it, Mother. It’s true and I’ll bet what he tells&nbsp;you is, too. Mother, now that we’ve gone this far, I guess it’s time&nbsp;for me to ask you something.&quot;<br />Mary hugged her daughter more tightly; then she asked in a whisper, &quot;Do&nbsp;you mean you want to learn more about fingering your pussy?&quot;<br />&quot;Yes,&quot; her daughter replied and blushed.<br />&quot;Then let’s go to the bedroom for a little lesson. You’re going to like&nbsp;it a lot, dear,&quot; Mary told her as they left the kitchen.<br />In the bedroom, Sharon hugged her mother again, and Mary felt her&nbsp;trembling. &quot;Nervous, darling?&quot; she asked.<br />&quot;Yes, I guess I’m plenty nervous, but I feel kind of excited, too.&quot;<br />&quot;That’s a good way to feel, darling. I always feel that way when I’m&nbsp;getting ready to finger myself. I like it best in the mornings when I’m&nbsp;still sleepy. Sex is always best first thing in the morning, as far as&nbsp;I’m concerned.&quot;<br />&quot;Tell me about it, Mother. Tell me what you do and how you feel.&quot;<br />They sat on the edge of the bed. Mary put an arm around her daughter,&nbsp;then tried to explain it in full detail, not just her actions, but her&nbsp;feelings as well. Since she had decided to be totally honest with her&nbsp;daughter, she told of some of the fantasies she enjoyed while&nbsp;masturbating, fantasies which included a man who sucked and fondled her&nbsp;tits and ass and cunt, and who fucked her. While she talked, her&nbsp;daughter squirmed with passion. It wasn’t long before Mary was doing&nbsp;the same.<br />&quot;It must be thrilling to have a man suck your cunt, Mother,&quot; Mary said,&nbsp;her voice breaking.<br />&quot;Yes, darling, it is and your day will come. You’re close to fourteen&nbsp;now. Just a few more years and you’ll be ready.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, Mother, I know I shouldn’t ask this, but I can’t help it. Has Adam&nbsp;sucked your cunt yet?&quot;<br />&quot;Yes, darling. Last night after you were asleep, we went down to the&nbsp;rec room and played for a long time. We were both naked, and he did&nbsp;everything to me. He sucked my cunt and made me come three or four&nbsp;times that way, and I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him off.&nbsp;I’ve never met a man as exciting as Adam. He’s such a lover.&quot;<br />&quot;Oooohhh, Mother!&quot; Sharon squealed. &quot;That’s so exciting! Did you ever&nbsp;suck Daddy’s cock?&quot;<br />&quot;Yes, he’s the one who taught me. Adam tells me nobody ever sucked his&nbsp;cock as beautifully as I did. I hope he really meant it. I did my best,&nbsp;and it took me half an hour before I made him shoot his cream in my&nbsp;mouth.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, Mother,&quot; Sharon squealed and pressed closer, &quot;I’m so horny!&quot;<br />&quot;Now that you mention it, dear, I’m pretty horny myself. I think after&nbsp;you’ve had your come, I’ll need one, too.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, yes, Mother, do it! I know, you do it first and I can watch you.&nbsp;Come on, Mother, let’s take all out clothes off and do it right now.&quot;<br />&quot;Wait a minute, dear, I’ll have to think about that a bit,&quot; Mary said,&nbsp;trying to find the strength to resist, but she searched in vain, and&nbsp;then they were standing by the bed, undressing, Sharon almost tearing&nbsp;her clothes off in her hurry, eager to see the mature body of her&nbsp;mother, sensing that it was going to be a very beautiful one.<br />&quot;What a little beauty you are, darling,&quot; Mary said as she eyed her&nbsp;naked daughter. &quot;Your titties are coming along so nicely. It’s hard to&nbsp;believe you’re not even fourteen yet. That’s a nice little pussy bush&nbsp;you’re developing, too. Turn around and let me see your ass.&quot;<br />Eagerly, the girl turned and Mary smiled as she looked at her&nbsp;buttcheeks. Like her own, they were perfect mounds, and she hoped they&nbsp;would stay that way as Sharon developed.<br />&quot;You’re going to have an ass like mine, I think,&quot; Mary told her. &quot;I’ve&nbsp;always felt mine was too big, but Adam swears it’s the most beautiful&nbsp;one he’s ever seen. He loves to kiss and lick it, and it drives me&nbsp;right up the wall, it feels so good.&quot;<br />Moving closer to her daughter, Mary put a hand on one cheek and&nbsp;squeezed. She found firm flesh and skin that was smoother than silk;&nbsp;then she found herself enjoying it too much and took the hand away.<br />&quot;That felt nice, Mother, nice and sexy. I guess I’m sexy all over&nbsp;today,&quot; Sharon added as she turned and watched her mother unhooking her&nbsp;bra. She gasped as the garment was removed, and her eyes blinked at the&nbsp;sight of the big boobs, so big yet so firm and smooth-looking.<br />&quot;Oh, Mother, what a beautiful big pair of ti … breasts you have. Gee,&nbsp;you’re beautiful.&quot;<br />&quot;Thank you, darling. It’s all right to call them tits. I like the word.&nbsp;Adam and I use all the strong words. It makes it more fun that way.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, please, Mother, let me touch them. Let me feel your tits.&quot;<br />While Mary hesitated, thinking that perhaps it was time to draw the&nbsp;line, Sharon reached for the big, firm boobs, and then she was panting&nbsp;as she fondled them. Her hands felt good, so good that Mary’s nipples&nbsp;hardened fast, elongated excitingly, the size of them delighting her&nbsp;wildly aroused daughter.<br />&quot;Honest, Mom, I’m not queer or anything,&quot; Sharon panted as she fondled&nbsp;the luscious tits, &quot;but this feels so good. I never knew tits could be&nbsp;so exciting to feel like this.&quot;<br />&quot;Yes, dear, it’s exciting for me, too. By the way, I don’t think queer&nbsp;is a nice word, but we’ll talk about that later. I think we’re both&nbsp;ready for some fingering, don’t you?&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, yes, Mother. Take your panties off and show me the rest. Then&nbsp;we’ll finger our pussies. Oh I’m so horny!&quot;<br />Since Adam had made her so proud of her plump, well-rounded ass, Mary&nbsp;turned her back to her daughter, then slowly pushed her panties down,&nbsp;delighted by the gasp she heard.<br />&quot;No wonder Adam says your ass is beautiful, Mother,&quot; the girl said with&nbsp;feeling. &quot;It really is. I hope mine will look like that someday.&quot;<br />Mary was pushing her panties down when she felt two smooth hands on her&nbsp;ass, one squeezing each cheek. When her panties fell around her ankles,&nbsp;she stepped out of them. Then she was naked except for her garter belt&nbsp;and nylons. As she did, she had to warn herself of the danger of things&nbsp;getting out of hand. Never before had she felt any sexual arousal&nbsp;toward another female, and it frightened her that she was becoming so&nbsp;wildly passionate in the presence of her own, innocent daughter. A&nbsp;couple of strong orgasms would settle them both down, she decided.<br />Taking her daughter onto the bed, Mary told her all she knew about&nbsp;masturbation and explained the function of her clit, telling her that&nbsp;while general playing with the cunt felt nice, the clit was really the&nbsp;trigger of the orgasm. She parted willing legs and found Sharon’s&nbsp;passion bud. As she touched it, the girl panted and squirmed.<br />&quot;Feels nice, darling, doesn’t it?&quot; Mary asked as she stroked the little&nbsp;clit with a finger she had wet in her mouth.<br />&quot;Oh, yes. It almost hurts, but it feels so good. I never knew it could&nbsp;feel this wonderful. Mother, I want you to do it all the way and make&nbsp;me come, but please do it to yourself first and let me watch.&quot;<br />&quot;All right, dear,&quot; Mary said, then pushed the finger all the way into&nbsp;her daughter’s cunt and worked it in and out a few times. &quot;I’m really&nbsp;in the mood for a big come anyway.&quot;<br />&quot;Ooh, that feels so good,&quot; Sharon said as her mother took the finger&nbsp;out of her pussy. &quot;Is that what it feels like when a cock is working in&nbsp;and out of your cunt?&quot;<br />&quot;Something like that, dear–only a cock is so much bigger around and&nbsp;longer. It really stretches a cunt. &quot;<br />&quot;How big is a cock? How big is Adam’s?&quot;<br />With her right hand, Mary showed her daughter what the circumference of&nbsp;Adam’s tool was, then showed her the length of it. The description so&nbsp;thrilled Sharon that in that moment, she knew she was going to find a&nbsp;way to look at the real thing. She didn’t know how she was going to&nbsp;arrange that, but she knew that somehow she would. Then her mother lay&nbsp;back on the bed and parted her legs.<br />But before Mary’s hand reached her crotch, Sharon’s was there, feeling&nbsp;the warm slash, patting it and rubbing it gently as she panted with&nbsp;arousal, telling her mother how exciting her twat felt.<br />When Mary told her to, Sharon took the hand away and wet it with her&nbsp;mouth. When the hand returned to the warm, soft cunt, Sharon understood&nbsp;why it would be wet as it slid more easily over the soft lips; then she&nbsp;parted them and looked at the shiny wet interior of the first cunt she&nbsp;had ever really seen. She had checked her own with a hand mirror, but&nbsp;that wasn’t really the same.<br />As she admired and patted her mother’s snatch, she recalled what Mary&nbsp;had said about Adam sucking it and sensed that it would be a thrilling&nbsp;thing to do. For a moment, she considered putting her mouth on her&nbsp;mother’s twat, but she rejected the idea, fearing that it would upset&nbsp;her mother and spoil everything.<br />&quot;All right, dear, I’ll take over now,&quot; Mary said. &quot;I’ve just got to&nbsp;have that come and I think it’s going to be terrific.&quot;<br />Sharon took her hand out of the warm crotch then, and her mother put&nbsp;one of hers there, showing how she rubbed her twat a little before&nbsp;starting; then Mary’s hand stopped rubbing, and Sharon watched a finger&nbsp;slip into the slit, working in and out for a little while.<br />Sharon saw the look of passion on her mother’s face, saw her naked body&nbsp;squirming and decided that must be the way she looked when Adam was&nbsp;lying on top of her, fucking her with his big prick. At the thought,&nbsp;she trembled and felt a fresh surge of passion; then she saw the finger&nbsp;as it came almost totally out of the cunt, just the tip left inside.<br />Sighing, Mary told her daughter she was stroking her clit and that she&nbsp;was going to come quickly. That didn’t surprise the girl as she saw how&nbsp;fast the finger stroked, heard her mother’s labored breathing and the&nbsp;sighs, deep, loud sighs which were almost moans. She saw, too, that her&nbsp;mother couldn’t keep from squirming her bare ass over the bed and in&nbsp;her lust, Sharon wanted to be a man, wanted to throw herself on Mary&nbsp;and fuck her with a big, hard prick.<br />Neither knew how long the fingering had been going on when Mary panted&nbsp;loudly, her voice breaking, that she was going to come. Sharon caught&nbsp;her breath and held it, then she saw her mother’s body jerk strongly,&nbsp;her back arching in passion. Her body fell onto the bed, and she cried&nbsp;out loudly as orgasm swept over her.<br />All through the climax, Mary’s face was contorted as though in pain,&nbsp;but as the spasms passed, that changed to a smile of contentment, and&nbsp;she sighed warmly and opened shiny eyes which were suddenly filled with&nbsp;very bright stars, Sharon saw.<br />&quot;Help me, Mother. Help make me come, too.&quot;<br />Smiling, Mary had her daughter lie back with legs wide apart, then she&nbsp;put a finger back into her own pussy, to wet it. She heard Sharon give&nbsp;a little cry of delight as the finger went to her crotch.<br />Crouching over the girl, Mary slowly pushed the finger into her little&nbsp;cunt and drew a sound that was both sigh and moan as the finger probed&nbsp;inside. With her left hand, Mary fondled a firm little tit, the touch&nbsp;adding to Sharon’s arousal; then she went on fingering her daughter’s&nbsp;cunt.<br />Mary couldn’t understand how, so shortly after having discovered the&nbsp;real love of a man, she could get so wildly aroused by a female, but&nbsp;she was, and there was nothing she could do about it. She hungered to&nbsp;press her face into the virginal crotch of the girl and suck her cunt,&nbsp;but she was able to resist, if only barely.<br />&quot;Oh, Mother,&quot; Sharon panted, her voice rough with passion, &quot;I’m going&nbsp;to come!&quot;<br />&quot;Just relax, darling and let it happen.&quot;<br />As she talked, her tone warm, Mary went on with the thrilling fingering&nbsp;of her daughter’s cunt until she saw the pretty young face contort with&nbsp;passion, heard a loud gasp followed by panting and grunting as the&nbsp;naked body, glistening with sweat, jerked strongly in orgasm.<br />Taking the finger away from Sharon’s pussy, Mary impulsively took her&nbsp;in her arms and held her tightly, her face pressed against the base of&nbsp;the smooth young tummy so that she felt the fuzz of Sharon’s cunt bush&nbsp;on her cheek.<br />It would have been so easy to part Sharon’s legs and press her face&nbsp;into her crotch to suck her, that Mary became frightened and kept&nbsp;warning herself that she mustn’t do it. And then the orgasm passed and&nbsp;there was a golden glow on Sharon’s face as she opened her eyes and&nbsp;looked surprised to find herself on Mary’s wide bed rather than&nbsp;somewhere up among the stars.<br />&quot;Oh, Mother, it was so good. I never came that good before.&quot;<br />&quot;You have a sensitive little cunt, darling, and now you know the best&nbsp;way to use your fingers. Anytime you want to, all you have to do is put&nbsp;them together.&quot;<br />&quot;Mmmm, I want to come again,&quot; Sharon said, and then her right hand was&nbsp;in her crotch, rubbing her pussy which still felt a little tingly.<br />As she watched her daughter fingering her twat, it triggered a need in&nbsp;Mary to do the same, so she sat on the bed, Indian style, and slipped a&nbsp;finger in her snatch; then she was fingering her box again. It felt&nbsp;good, so good that she decided one more come couldn’t hurt. Again Mary&nbsp;felt the desire to go down on her daughter, and she gave herself a firm&nbsp;warning not to take the big step into lesbian incest.

Erotic Novels

Sun, 09 Sep 2012 17:21:08 UTC

Kristine the homeless girl after her shopping trip

We went to the mall and ended up at Victoria Secret and Kristine
picked out a few outfits and short robe and panties and then
got a few pair of jeans and tops. She told me no one ever took
her on a shopping trip and she was over joyed. I asked her
if she was having a good time with all the guys and she told
me its the best time i have had. I said would you like to try
more then one guy at a time or two…maybe something like
4 guys and you would be the center of attention. She waited
a minute or two and said do you think i could do it, I said I
think you can try and if you like it then it will be fun. She
said well i guess i try it and see if I like it.

I made a few calls and got 4 guys all under 30 and these guys
I have partied with before they all said they could make
it and would take there time with her. I told them she is new
at this and forcing her will turn her off. They all agreed
and I told them be at my place at 7P. I told Kristine there
names and what they looked like…John was 25 and about
6’0 and 185 and had about 9 inches and Keith was 27 and
about 6’1 and 200 and had about 9 or better. I said james
is 30 and about 6’3 and 200+ and a big dick over 11 and
he is blk. I told her sam was also blk and was about James size
and also a big dick. She said do you think i can handle those
guys I said nothing like finding out. We had lunch and headed

She tried on all the outfits and picked the one she would
wear tonight and had a drink along with me. well we sat around
and about 6P she headed for the shower and got ready. I went
and changed into jeans and clean t shirt and went back to
he living room. Kristen came out in a see through top showing
off those big tits and small panties and garder belt with
stocking. She looked outstanding. About 7P the guys started
to get there and by 7:30 they were all there, she asked them
if they wanted a drink and served them as she moved around
in that hot outfit, some of the guys padded her on her little
ass and complimented her on her outfit and told her how sexy
she looked. We had drinks and she said are you guys going
to stay dressed all night or are you going to get changed
and relax so we can party. The guys looked at me and I took
off my tee shirt and they followed then there pants most
were wearing boxers and 1 was commando like myself. Kristine
when to each of them and sat on there laps and let them feel
her big tits and squeeze her tight little ass. by the time
she was done most had semi hard dicks and she said time to
take off the boxers and show your stuff. At that point she
took off the cover and those big tits were free and exposed.
As they took off the boxers she went to each of them and put
her hand on there semi hard cocks and got down and kissed
them and started to suck on them going one to other. within
20 minutes they were fully hard and ready to party.

She stood in front of them and took her panties off and let
her garder belt and stocking on and the guys started to move
her to the bed room. We got to the bed room and one of the guys
put her on the bed and another started to kiss her inner thighs
and work up to that little pussy. She moaned and john and
james started with her james put his big blk cock on her mouth
and John started to rub his hard cock on her pussy and before
long she was sucking james big cock blk cock and working
hard on it telling him how big it was and then John put his
9inches into her little pussy and she moaned and spread
wide for him and then he started fucking her, as james was
still getting his big blk cock sucked before long John traded
postions with James and he started by rubbing his big huge
cock on her pussy and started to push it into her and she moaned
lound and said your so big and thick and before long he was
balls deep in that pussy and fucking her good.. then Keith
and Sam come over and they put there cocks near her mouth
and she was sucking on three cocks as james was fucking her
and James also started to finger her tight little ass and
now she squirts all over James started to move her by picking
up her legs and pushing in and then up in that pussy.. She
was fucking and meeting his thrusts taking all of that big
cock when james moaned and shot his first load into that
pussy…He fucked her for a while after he came and then
Keith took his place and fucked her good for about 20 minutes,
after keith fucked her Sam took his place an put that monster
cock of his in that pussy she squirted again and he fucked
her hard and deep and she was more then just fucking she was
loving it. He fucked her for a while and James came over and
put his big cock on her tight little ass hole and pushed his
big blk cock into her ass and now she was lossing it she was
fucking big huge cocks in both holes the other two were being
sucked and she was not even started but had come about 5 times
already. The fucking lasted for hours switching positions
and they all got everything they wanted. When they were
done they sat had a drink Kristen laid there her pussy and
ass dripping cum and her face had cum on it also.

She sat up and said oh my god i can’t believe how great
this is and you guys are just really hot to fuck. That was
the hint for them to start again and they fucked her again
for another two hours shooting load after load in that pussy
and ass and mouth. About 10P she said she needed a rest and
went to the bathroom and the guys told me this was a great
party and she was so hot. I told them she is a nice girl that
loves to fuck and takes what you give her. So each of them
gave her 100 dollars for herself and she started to cry,
I said why are you crying she said I don’t want the money
for fucking , I said its not for the fucking its for you to
spend on yourself its there way of saying thanks. She sat
there and had a drink and the guys said they had to leave she
kissed each of them and told them we have to do this again
soon. All the guys said anytime your beautiful and sexy.

Well to find out more of what happened you will have to read
the nextt part.

Erotic Novels

Thu, 10 Nov 2016 01:04:58 UTC

Mom’s Best Friend Part 2

Chapter 3<br /><br />At home, Adam was a model father who made sure that his children knew&nbsp;he was eager to share things with them, to listen to their problems and&nbsp;help work them out, rather than giving them pat solutions.<br />When their mother had been alive, the house had often rung with&nbsp;laughter, and Adam knew it was up to him to restore that as quickly as&nbsp;possible after her death. It wasn’t easy, but he worked at it; seeing&nbsp;what he was doing, the kids tried, too, so that it was not long before&nbsp;the family, the survivors of the old family unit, resumed a reasonably&nbsp;normal state as they picked up the threads together and went on with&nbsp;their lives.<br />The children didn’t question his nightly walks, taking his word for it&nbsp;that he liked a little solitude and exercise before going to bed.&nbsp;Frequently, they were not even aware of the walks since they were&nbsp;asleep before he left the house.<br />The house where Mary lived with her daughter and her dog wasn’t on his&nbsp;list, but Adam kept working new areas, constantly looking for new&nbsp;faces, new talent, something different and more exciting. He doubted,&nbsp;however, that he was ever going to find anything more exciting than his&nbsp;beautiful lesbians, whom he visited once or twice a week, not wanting&nbsp;to go more often for fear of spoiling it and making it boring.<br />Usually, if he were patient and waited long enough, they gave him a&nbsp;performance of some kind, but there were some nights when all they did&nbsp;was strip and get into bed. Even those nights were interesting enough&nbsp;since they both had beautiful bodies, but it was so much more thrilling&nbsp;when he watched one or both of them eating pussy and doing their other&nbsp;erotic things to entertain him while he perched on the fire escape.<br />It had been a dull evening, he had spotted a couple of women in bra and&nbsp;panties, but that was about all. If things were going to improve, he&nbsp;told himself, it was just about time for it since it was a bit after&nbsp;eleven, a good time for people to be going to bed, he knew from&nbsp;experience.<br />He was walking in the service lane behind Mary’s house, checking&nbsp;windows all around, when her light came on. He stopped, saw that she&nbsp;had a big dog with her; then he let out a little sigh as he saw her&nbsp;approach the window and knew she was going to close the drapes. He&nbsp;started to leave, then stopped on a hunch. He watched as Mary closed&nbsp;the drapes; then his heart gave a little leap as he noted the little&nbsp;triangle which had been left to permit a view into the room.<br />He cased the layout quickly. Since the dog was in the house, he didn’t&nbsp;have to worry about going into the garden, and the gate from the lane&nbsp;hung open. Walking softly, Adam hurried into the garden. Luck was with&nbsp;him, since below the window was a low stand of the type used for&nbsp;hanging clothes on a line.<br />Getting onto it, he found that the level was great, perfect, and the&nbsp;chink in the drapes provided him with a clear view of most of the room.&nbsp;All he had to do then was hope nobody spotted him there and called the&nbsp;cops, but it was a risk he was prepared to take.<br />Mary hadn’t begun undressing, he observed, and she was sitting on the&nbsp;bed, patting her dog and talking to him. She was an attractive woman,&nbsp;early thirties, he guessed. The hem of her dress was up a little, and&nbsp;he liked what he saw of her thighs. He liked, too, the way she filled&nbsp;the front of her dress, and he guessed that her tits would be big and&nbsp;quite firm, lovely to stare at while he played with his cock.<br />When Mary got up and reached to unfasten the top of her dress, Adam&nbsp;slowly unzipped his fly. When he took his cock out, it was hard. His&nbsp;practiced eye looked around the room for a nightie, and he was pleased&nbsp;at not seeing one.<br />Mary wore no slip, and as she pulled the dress over her head, he gazed&nbsp;excitedly at thighs which were even more beautiful than he had&nbsp;anticipated, a little on the big side, but beautifully firm-looking,&nbsp;smooth and hairless. Her tummy was just slightly rounded, just enough&nbsp;so that it didn’t look boyish, and her black nylon panties hugged her&nbsp;crotch excitingly. He hoped she wouldn’t take them off too quickly.<br />She went to fold her dress over the back of a chair, and he was&nbsp;delighted at the way she filled the seat of her panties. The panties&nbsp;were small and sheer so that he could see her shadowy crack. Generous&nbsp;portions of round, white cheek peeked around the tiny garment, and Adam&nbsp;felt his cock throbbing with desire.<br />As she turned to face him again, she said something to her dog while&nbsp;Adam feasted his eyes on the bulging cups of the black bra; then her&nbsp;hands went behind her back, and he held his breath as he awaited the&nbsp;unveiling of her big, promising tits.<br />When she took her bra off, Adam almost gasped aloud. He had seen tits&nbsp;that big before, but never that big and that firm. She looked like an&nbsp;overdeveloped teenager, and Adam looked at her face again to confirm&nbsp;that she was as old as he had first guessed. He told himself that she&nbsp;had to be at least thirty. He noticed, too, that her face was&nbsp;beautiful, not in any glamorous way, but the face of a woman with&nbsp;warmth and humor, yet it was a face, he saw, that had known unhappiness&nbsp;and perhaps still did.<br />Dropping the bra onto a chair, she stood before the mirror on her&nbsp;vanity and played with her boobs. It wasn’t, he observed, the casual&nbsp;rubbing of tits after taking a bra off; she was playing with herself,&nbsp;and there was a look of passion on her face, passion that was just&nbsp;beginning to build and had a long way to go before it peaked.<br />He sensed that he was going to see her strip naked and finger her cunt&nbsp;or fuck herself with a fake cock, and he trembled with arousal. He&nbsp;didn’t often catch a woman playing with herself, and he found it wildly&nbsp;thrilling when he did. This was going to be one of those very good&nbsp;ones, he told himself, a five-star special, perhaps.<br />After she had been playing with her tits for a while, Adam saw that her&nbsp;nipples were aroused and stuck out temptingly, long and hard and very&nbsp;suckable. Pausing to talk to the dog again, Mary rubbed a hand on the&nbsp;crotch of her panties, and Adam became positive that he was in for a&nbsp;beautiful performance of finger-fucking. For just a moment, he wondered&nbsp;if she were going to include the dog in her act, then told himself he&nbsp;was asking for too much. Things like that only happen in books, he told&nbsp;himself.<br />Mary went to pat the dog again, and then she stood with her back to the&nbsp;window. Again Adam felt his cock throbbing and his heart pounding as he&nbsp;stared at what her beautifully rounded, white buttcheeks did to her&nbsp;little black panties. There was no portion of the female anatomy Adam&nbsp;didn’t appreciate, but he had a special fondness for a lovely, firm,&nbsp;well-rounded ass, and she measured up magnificently, top of the scale,&nbsp;he decided; then he thought his heart or his cock would explode as Mary&nbsp;slowly pushed her panties down to bare that lovely ass. She did it&nbsp;unhurriedly and, beautiful as her big tits were, he was thankful that&nbsp;she had her back to him so that his eyes could feast on her magnificent&nbsp;big ass. Then she stepped out of the panties and tossed them onto the&nbsp;chair with her bra.<br />Normally, Adam was content to just watch a woman as she undressed, but&nbsp;there was something different in Mary’s case, something more than her&nbsp;luscious tits and butt. He was seized by an almost overpowering urge to&nbsp;smash through the window and grab her, but then he told himself that he&nbsp;was not a rapist. Even if he were, the big shepherd would make very&nbsp;short work of him and what the dog left would languish in jail for a&nbsp;long time.<br />Adam watch her sit on the edge of the bed and talk to the dog while she&nbsp;opened her legs, showing him a glimpse of her cunt; then she was&nbsp;playing with it, confirming his hunch that she was going to masturbate&nbsp;for him.<br />Adam stared, trembling, then trembled more violently as Mary fell back&nbsp;across the bed, her ass partly over the edge. She raised and parted her&nbsp;shapely legs, drawing them back over her and showing him her cunt. It,&nbsp;too, was beautiful, he decided at once; then it was partially covered&nbsp;by her hand as she stroked it while she talked to the dog who, Adam&nbsp;observed, remained seated, even though he stretched toward her as&nbsp;though he wanted to get at her.<br />Taking the hand out of her crotch after she had parted the lips of her&nbsp;cunt, she spoke to the dog, and he got up and hurried to her.<br />&quot;Jesus Christ,&quot; Adam gasped under his breath, &quot;she really does have him&nbsp;trained.&quot;<br />The dog went directly to Mary and began licking her cunt. King used his&nbsp;long tongue well, and Adam could see that by the expression on the&nbsp;woman’s face as the animal kept lapping her cunt. While he watched,&nbsp;Adam kept his hard cock in his hand, giving it a slow pull from time to&nbsp;time, being careful not to lose his load since he sensed that the show&nbsp;was far from finished.<br />And then he watched Mary climaxing, pushing the dog out of her crotch&nbsp;and rolling over on the bed, her plump ass jerking as the come really&nbsp;gripped her and held on strongly. Again he hungered to get his hands on&nbsp;those beautiful big buttcheeks, to be lying on her with his cock pushed&nbsp;into her tight hole.<br />She rested for only a short time, then she sat up and talked to the dog&nbsp;again. Adam was afraid she would hear the hammering of his heart as she&nbsp;dropped to the carpet on her hands and knees; he knew the dog was going&nbsp;to fuck her and he was going to watch.<br />He saw King’s prick slipping out of the sheath, red and wet-looking as&nbsp;he approached her arched ass; the dog paused, sniffed at her twat, then&nbsp;mounted her for his woman fuck. As he did, Adam gasped again at the&nbsp;sight of the animal’s cock. The sheath had rolled all the way back so&nbsp;that his balls were bared, and his cock looked as big as a man’s. As&nbsp;Mary turned to talk to the dog, urging him on, Adam saw her face; the&nbsp;smile she wore was beatific. In that moment, she was the most beautiful&nbsp;woman he had ever seen.<br />The animal’s cock jabbed the air a couple of times, then he rammed&nbsp;about three inches of it up her cunt and slowly worked the rest of it&nbsp;into her hole. Then he was busy fucking her, both dog and woman panting&nbsp;while, outside, Adam thought he would go out of his mind. He thought of&nbsp;how he hungered for the feel of her lovely cunt, yet while he was&nbsp;forced to remain outside, there was a dog fucking her. Adam decided it&nbsp;wasn’t fair to the human race and especially to him.<br />Adam couldn’t keep from jacking his cock as he watched. Then he saw the&nbsp;animal jerking as he shot his load into the cunt of the naked woman and&nbsp;Adam lost control, his jizz spurting against the wall of the house. It&nbsp;was a big charge and when he finished, he felt deliciously weak.<br />So did the dog, Adam thought with a smile as King pulled his cock out&nbsp;of Mary’s slit and curled up on the carpet, licking his dick, his&nbsp;interest in the woman obviously gone.<br />&quot;Crazy fucking dog,&quot; Adam said quietly to himself. &quot;If I’d just&nbsp;finished fucking that beauty, I’d go right on loving her up with my&nbsp;hands and my mouth.&quot;<br />He watched as Mary got up, got onto the bed and turned the light off;&nbsp;then he left, but not before he got her name and address from her&nbsp;mailbox. As he walked to his home, Adam vowed that he would get to know&nbsp;Mary and that they would be lovers. All he didn’t know was how he was&nbsp;going to arrange that.<br /><br /><br />Chapter 4<br /><br />Adam wrestled with his problem for two days and the greater part of two&nbsp;nights, yet he couldn’t come up with the solution he sought. He didn’t&nbsp;go walking those evenings, wasn’t interested in watching other women&nbsp;undressing for bed, wasn’t interested even in his two beautiful&nbsp;lesbians. The only thing on which his mind would dwell was the&nbsp;beautiful, exciting woman with the dog and how he was going to arrange&nbsp;to meet her.<br />Phoning her was out of the question, Adam reasoned. Before he could&nbsp;begin his approach, she would hang up on him. Over and over again he&nbsp;told himself that a letter was the only approach. Though he didn’t like&nbsp;the idea, he finally faced the fact that there were no alternatives, so&nbsp;he spent an entire evening writing, throwing away, changing and writing&nbsp;some more.<br />It was after midnight when he finished and as he reread his letter, he&nbsp;still wasn’t sure it was right.<br />He began the letter by telling of the tragic loss of his wife and went&nbsp;on to tell how, after a long period during which masturbation was his&nbsp;only sexual outlet, he accidentally became a peeping Tom. He told her&nbsp;how he had tried to fight it, realizing the danger it involved, but&nbsp;that he hadn’t had the strength to stop.<br />Then came the really tough part where he told her what he had seen when&nbsp;he peeped into her window that night. He didn’t dwell on details,&nbsp;saying just enough so that she would know what he had observed–the&nbsp;lapping and the fucking King had given her. He told, too, that in his&nbsp;wild arousal and jealousy of the dog, he had jacked off outside her&nbsp;window.<br />Much of the letter was an impassioned plea for her to agree to see him,&nbsp;pointing out that he was a loner, an unhappy lonesome man, and that he&nbsp;sensed it was a problem they shared, that in getting to know each&nbsp;other, in talking of their problems and of life, they could, hopefully,&nbsp;build a new life for themselves, one which would be full and rich and&nbsp;rewarding. If not, he pointed out, at least they would have discussed&nbsp;their problems and perhaps even that would be helpful to both. After&nbsp;much debate with himself, he mailed the letter on Friday evening,&nbsp;knowing she would receive it on Monday. He hadn’t signed the letter,&nbsp;for obvious reasons, but he promised he would phone her on Monday for&nbsp;her answer.<br />On Monday morning, at ten o’clock, Adam went to a quiet restaurant&nbsp;where there was a phone booth in the back, and his hand trembled as he&nbsp;fed a dime into the slot and dialed her number.<br />He heard nervousness in her voice when he told her he was the writer of&nbsp;the letter and begged her not to hang up. She told him she wouldn’t.<br />Nervously, she told him of her terrible humiliation at his having&nbsp;caught her with her guilty secret. Then he reminded her that he had&nbsp;confessed his guilty secret to her in the letter, so that they were&nbsp;even.<br />Both were trying, and gradually much of the nervousness passed so that&nbsp;they were able to talk a little more easily. Then they agreed that he&nbsp;would go to visit her at ten-thirty.<br />&quot;You’re sure you’re not afraid to have me in your house alone?&quot; he&nbsp;asked considerately. &quot;We could meet in some public place, a park for&nbsp;instance.&quot;<br />&quot;No, I’m not afraid. Something in your voice and in the tone of your&nbsp;letter tells me I won’t be in any danger with you.&quot;<br />There was a florist shop next to the restaurant, and Adam bought a&nbsp;dozen beautiful red roses which he earned as he got out of his car in&nbsp;front of her house and turned up the walk. Mary had seen him coming and&nbsp;opened the door before he could ring the bell. She was pleased to see a&nbsp;handsome, well-dressed, clean-cut man, with just a few traces of gray&nbsp;hair around his temples, but she couldn’t keep from blushing, and she&nbsp;apologized for it, stammering a little.<br />&quot;I’m nervous, too,&quot; he told her, &quot;and you blush far more beautifully&nbsp;than these roses,&quot; he added as he gave her the bouquet. Her hands&nbsp;trembled as she took it and thanked him, then led him into the living&nbsp;room where a coffee service had been set up.<br />Conversation was difficult in the beginning, and Adam saw that it was&nbsp;up to him to get things started. He repeated much of what he had told&nbsp;her in the letter; that helped loosen her up so that she was able to&nbsp;talk about the emptiness of her own life, her bad marriage, starvation&nbsp;for sex and finally, how by accident she had learned that, in a&nbsp;forbidden manner, her dog could serve her needs much better than her&nbsp;husband had.<br />&quot;It’s all right while it’s happening and for a while after,&quot; Mary told&nbsp;him, &quot;but then comes the shame. I have cruel little voices in my head,&nbsp;telling me I’m no longer a woman, that no man would want me and that&nbsp;I’m only good enough for dogs,&quot; she said, and Adam saw tears welling up&nbsp;in her eyes.<br />&quot;Don’t talk like that,&quot; he scolded. &quot;I know what you mean. I hear&nbsp;voices, too, after I’ve peeped at other people making love while I was&nbsp;jerking off like a little boy. It can’t be worse for you than it is for&nbsp;me. That’s why I’m convinced we’re each other’s only hope.&quot;<br />They talked on for more than an hour, then reached the stage where they&nbsp;were discussing various sexual acts. There was a different kind of&nbsp;nervousness then, a strongly sexual one. As their conversation became&nbsp;more intimate, the feeling grew in both of them until it was straight&nbsp;sexual arousal and both knew it.<br />When he asked if he might sit beside her on the couch, she nodded and&nbsp;gave him a nervous smile. Seeing that she was trembling as he sat, Adam&nbsp;put an arm around her waist, felt the firmness of her flesh. Then his&nbsp;mouth was on hers, and they were kissing in passionate abandon. It was&nbsp;obvious that they would be screwing in just a little while, and Adam&nbsp;couldn’t believe his good fortune.<br />Still, not wanting to make even one blunder, he kept his hands off her&nbsp;thighs and tits until she took one hand and guided it to a nyloned&nbsp;thigh, just above her knee. They were kissing at the time, and as his&nbsp;tongue played with hers, his hand squeezed and rubbed up the sheer&nbsp;nylon until it was on the skin of a luscious thigh and Adam and Mary&nbsp;were sighing into each other’s mouths.<br />&quot;We don’t need to wait any longer, Adam,&quot; Mary told him after the kiss,&nbsp;while his hand on her thigh triggered electric sensations for both of&nbsp;them. &quot;Take me to my bed now. Strip me naked and we’ll make love. I&nbsp;know it’s going to be so good. I’ll try to be good for you, too.&quot;<br />&quot;I want that, Mary, more than I want life,&quot; Adam told her. Then they&nbsp;were walking hand in hand to her bedroom where she bent over the bed,&nbsp;displaying her lush thighs as she drew the covers back.<br />As she did, Adam began undressing. He did it fast, and by the time she&nbsp;had removed her dress, he was naked, his cock looking big and proud and&nbsp;beautiful in erection. Mary let out little squeal as she looked at it&nbsp;and thought of how good his prick would feel in her hot, churning cunt.<br />She reached to unhook her bra, but Adam caught her hands and told her&nbsp;he would do it. Before doing so, he fondled the cups of her bra,&nbsp;telling her what lovely tits she had and how firm and youthful they&nbsp;were; then he took her in his arms again and while they kissed, he&nbsp;rubbed his hands down her silken-smooth back to feel the luscious big&nbsp;buttcheeks he lusted for. She loved the way he fondled her and the way&nbsp;his hard prick throbbed against her belly.<br />As their kiss ended, Adam slipped the hooks of her bra. Then he stepped&nbsp;back with the garment in his hands, staring hotly at her lovely, naked&nbsp;tits while Mary panted with lust, surprised that she felt proud of her&nbsp;body, more proud than nervous at baring it to this stranger, this&nbsp;beautiful, romantic man.<br />&quot;I still can’t believe that breasts can be so beautiful, so big, so&nbsp;firm,&quot; he told Mary as he held a boob in each hand and fondled gently.<br />&quot;With you, I want to call them tits. I want to hear and use all the sex&nbsp;words. Do you mind?&quot; sheasked.<br />&quot;Mind? Far from it. I’m going to suck these luscious tits, darling. I’m&nbsp;also going to suck your lovely cunt and make you come with my tongue,&nbsp;but I’m going to suck and kiss and lick a lot of other places as well.&nbsp;We’re going to go wild, Mary, and it’ll be hours before we come back to&nbsp;earth.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh yes, Adam, yes, and you’ll fuck me with that big, beautiful, hard&nbsp;cock I feel against my belly. I want to feel that lovely cock inside my&nbsp;hot cunt. Do you really want to fuck me, Adam? Do you want to put your&nbsp;cock in my cunt and fuck me?&quot; she repeated, loving the sound of the&nbsp;words.<br />&quot;I want to fuck you more than I want to breathe,&quot; Adam told her. Then&nbsp;he was kissing her mouth again and her big, bare tits were mashed&nbsp;against his chest. Both his hands clutched her satiny asscheeks as they&nbsp;shared saliva.<br />&quot;Aren’t you going to take my panties off?&quot; she asked as he eased her&nbsp;down onto the bed and loomed above her.<br />&quot;You can be sure of that, darling,&quot; he told her, &quot;in a little while.&nbsp;There are so many things to do first. I intend to make the unveiling of&nbsp;your beautiful ass a very special event.&quot;<br />Mary accepted that with a sigh; then she was sighing more loudly as&nbsp;Adam fondled and sucked her tits in a way they had never been sucked&nbsp;and fondled before. While he sucked one luscious boob, he fondled them&nbsp;both. His ardent touches drove her farther into the throes of lust.<br />After he had been sucking her second tit awhile, she felt one of his&nbsp;hands rubbing down her tummy, and she opened her legs wide to make a&nbsp;path for it. Adam’s hand followed the path right down into her crotch,&nbsp;and he felt the warmth of her soft, tender cunt through sheer nylon,&nbsp;his rubbing hand providing a maddening thrill for her as he continued&nbsp;to suck the silken jug which she pressed up at him, sighing and panting&nbsp;and moaning with desire.<br />&quot;Oh, Adam, my panties are all wet in the crotch and my cunt is so hot&nbsp;and juicy for you,&quot; Mary said, her behind squirming on the sheet.<br />&quot;Then I guess I’ll just have to do something about it, won’t I?&quot; he&nbsp;said as he raised his face from her tit and licked his lips. &quot;I think&nbsp;I’m going to love the taste of your wet panties. Open your legs nice&nbsp;and wide, Mary.&quot;<br />&quot;You’re going to … to suck my panties?&quot;<br />&quot;Yes, darling. I’m going to have a nice taste of nylon-filtered cunt,&nbsp;and then I’ll take your panties off and suck and lick your hot, juicy&nbsp;twat until you can’t stand another come. I’ll probably suck for at&nbsp;least an hour.&quot;<br />All Mary could do was moan with passion; then she cried out more loudly&nbsp;as his face went into her crotch, brushed an inner thigh, and then he&nbsp;was sucking and lightly chewing on the wet crotch of her panties,&nbsp;rocketing her to a new plateau of passion, one she had never before&nbsp;achieved.<br />As he sucked, Adam worked his hands under her, and she raised her ass&nbsp;to help. He fondled her lush, smooth buttcheeks while he went on&nbsp;sucking and slurping in her crotch, making her panties very wet and&nbsp;adding to the searing heat of her cunt.<br />Abandoning herself totally to him, Mary was sure than no woman in&nbsp;history had ever been as well loved, then reminded herself that they&nbsp;were only getting started, that she still had her panties on, wet&nbsp;though they were, and that the actual cunt-lapping and fucking was yet&nbsp;to come. She wondered if her heart could stand it all, wondered if it&nbsp;were possible to die of too much joy, but the thought didn’t bother her&nbsp;at all; then she gasped as she realized that, despite the fact that her&nbsp;panties were still on, she was right on the verge of coming.<br />She opened her mouth to pant the words to her lover, but she didn’t&nbsp;make it. Instead of words, she emitted a series of groans and high-pitched wails, and her body jerked through an orgasm that was as&nbsp;magnificent as any she had ever known, better than any, she decided as&nbsp;the delicious waves kept sweeping over her while Adam kept his face&nbsp;pressed into the warmth of her wet crotch, inhaling deeply, his hands&nbsp;holding the cheeks of her ass firmly.<br />&quot;Oh, Adam,&quot; she sighed, &quot;I’ve never had a come with my panties on in my&nbsp;life. You work miracles.&quot;<br />&quot;There are going to be a lot of miracles, darling,&quot; he told her, &quot;and a&nbsp;lot of comes. Lie face down now so I can unveil that work of art you&nbsp;carry in your panties.&quot;<br />Sighing, her eyes shining, Mary turned over and lay face down as his&nbsp;hands went to her buttcheeks which were only partially covered by her&nbsp;panties. As he played there, she thought of how she had always&nbsp;considered her ass too big and had never dreamed that one day a man&nbsp;would call it a work of art and would handle it as though he meant what&nbsp;he said. When he bent to kiss and lick bare skin around the cuffs of&nbsp;her panties, Mary groaned deeply. She had never been kissed there and&nbsp;wondered how she had been able to live without it, or would be able to&nbsp;in the future if things turned out that way.<br />And then she felt him beginning to peel her panties down and tried to&nbsp;raise a little to help him. He lowered them until two inches of the top&nbsp;of her crack showed. He paused and pressed his lips there in a&nbsp;thrilling kiss. Before taking his mouth away, he licked the top of her&nbsp;crack and made it excitingly wet, then he went back to peeling her&nbsp;panties down, his voice breaking as he told her over and over how&nbsp;beautiful she was.<br />Her wet panties were caught in her crotch, but he freed them with the&nbsp;same gentle touch, then took them down her legs and off. Telling her to&nbsp;look, Adam untangled her panties, found the wet crotch and put it in&nbsp;his mouth. Mary trembled as she saw and heard him sucking juice from&nbsp;the nylon, the thrill so great she thought she would faint. Then he&nbsp;kissed the wet crotch of the garment and dropped it onto the chair.<br />Returning to the bed, he knelt up beside her and gazed lovingly at the&nbsp;perfect rounds of her ass. Then he crouched beside her and settled down&nbsp;to play with them, using his hands and his lips and his tongue as she&nbsp;squirmed, sighed and panted and rubbed her bushy cunt mound on the&nbsp;sheet.<br />From time to time, his lips would leave a cheek and his hands would&nbsp;pull the firm mounds apart; then his face was between them and he was&nbsp;licking deeply, wetly in her crack, the tip of his tongue playing&nbsp;teasing games with her bung, her groans becoming a little louder as he&nbsp;tickled her asshole.<br />&quot;Is your pretty pussy ready for another come now?&quot; he asked. When she&nbsp;told him it was more than ready, he had her turn over, bending her&nbsp;knees up and moving them wide apart as he stared into her crotch where&nbsp;he saw a cunt that was truly beautiful.<br />&quot;But don’t all cunts look the same?&quot; Mary asked.<br />&quot;Not by any means. I’ve seen cunts that were so-so, others that were&nbsp;positively ugly. A truly pretty cunt is quite unusual, and you have a&nbsp;beautiful one to look at and to touch and to suck and to fuck. I plan&nbsp;to do all of those things to it, if you’ll allow me.&quot;<br />&quot;Allow you? Oh, you wonderful, crazy man. I’ll die if you don’t. I’ve&nbsp;never been treated this way, never responded to any man like this.&quot;<br />While she talked, one of his hands was stroking a silken inner thigh,&nbsp;finding it firm, firmer than he would have expected. The hand moved&nbsp;higher, the tips of his fingers brushing the tender lips of an&nbsp;obviously hot cunt. She moaned again as his hand covered the moist&nbsp;twat, pressed warmly over it, then began to rub tenderly.<br />Telling her he had to shake hands with her cunt, he parted the pussy-lips, stroking gently between them with the same loving touch. Slowly&nbsp;he worked a long, gentle finger into her slit and felt her tremble, saw&nbsp;beads of sweat standing out on her naked body as the finger worked in&nbsp;and out and she told him it was better than any cock she had ever felt&nbsp;in her snatch.<br />While a hand rubbed over her smooth tummy, Adam went on diddling her&nbsp;twat for a while, then brought his finger higher until the tip of it&nbsp;found her clit and made her body jerk strongly.<br />Whispering softly to Mary, he went on stroking her clit lightly until&nbsp;he saw passion contort her face. She cried out as an almost unbearable&nbsp;orgasm claimed her and swept her away. Removing his finger from her&nbsp;slit, he pressed his hand warmly on her cunt and held it there until&nbsp;the spasms finally weakened and then passed. When she was able to talk&nbsp;again, Mary told him with awe that it had been the most magnificent&nbsp;come she had ever known. He smiled as he promised her more and better&nbsp;ones, a promise she felt was impossible for him to keep.<br />Lying close to her, Adam began kissing her thighs and tummy and hips,&nbsp;using his hands as well as his lips and bringing her quickly up again,&nbsp;hot and trembling as she sensed that this time his mouth would find its&nbsp;way to her cunt. In her aroused state, she felt sure it wouldn’t take&nbsp;much muff-diving to make her have another come<br />He worked slowly, ardently, and then she felt warm, moist breath in her&nbsp;crotch. Mary wanted to tell him to hurry, to get his mouth right on her&nbsp;cunt, but all that came out was another groan. It was followed by a&nbsp;loud, quavering cry as his tongue licked slowly over her twat. She&nbsp;heard a muffled groan from her crotch, felt an unbelievably exciting&nbsp;kiss on her gash, and then he was sucking her cunt while his hands held&nbsp;and rubbed her hips and thighs. Mary knew she was going to fly over the&nbsp;rainbow again.<br />As Adam sucked her cunt and she moaned, Mary found it impossible to&nbsp;believe that just one mouth and one cunt could combine to produce such&nbsp;fantastic sensations. But there was an even greater sensation to come,&nbsp;and it happened when his tongue came into play and he began lapping her&nbsp;open cunt.<br />His tongue probed deeply, into her hot, juicy box. It lashed inside her&nbsp;snatch, and Mary told herself that his tongue must be more than just a&nbsp;tongue and that what he was doing to her had to be more than just cunt-lapping. He was not just a man, she decided, but a god or perhaps a&nbsp;devil.<br />Mary felt him shifting his position subtly. Her cry filled the room as&nbsp;his tongue found her clit, found it and did such wildly wonderful&nbsp;things to it that she feared her cries would be heard blocks away. But&nbsp;she didn’t care, didn’t care about anything except the erotic magic he&nbsp;was working in her cunt and throughout her entire being as he licked on&nbsp;and on until climax struck. Mary knew it was going to surpass even the&nbsp;previous ones, so she stuffed a hand into her mouth and bit down to&nbsp;stifle the cries she felt fighting for escape from her throat.<br />Her hunch about the intensity of the come proved very right. While the&nbsp;waves kept crashing over her, Mary kept his face trapped in her crotch,&nbsp;her thighs rubbing it as her legs scissored and her body jerked as&nbsp;though in electric shock. Finally it passed. Mary felt such a glow of&nbsp;warmth and contentment and ecstasy that she didn’t even try to describe&nbsp;it to her lover, knew she couldn’t even begin to try, but later, when&nbsp;he raised his sweating face from her silken crotch, he read all her&nbsp;thoughts in her eyes.<br />&quot;My God, Adam my darling,&quot; she said as she found his hard, throbbing&nbsp;dick and squeezed it, &quot;it must be time to do something about this&nbsp;beautiful cock. Such a long time it’s been hard. Isn’t it hurting you?&quot;<br />&quot;Now that you mention it,&quot; he told her with a warm smile, &quot;it would&nbsp;feel a whole lot better buried in that beautiful cunt of yours. Does&nbsp;your cunt feel wet enough to take a stiff prick?&quot;<br />&quot;You wonderful, crazy lover. My cunt feels wet enough for a marathon&nbsp;swim. Fuck me, my darling lover. Fuck me now and shoot all your cream&nbsp;into me and make my cunt even wetter. I can already feel juice&nbsp;trickling into the crack of my ass, but I want to be wet with your&nbsp;cream.&quot;<br />Reaching between her parted legs, Adam patted and rubbed her wet twat,&nbsp;then used the tip of a finger to follow the wet trail down between the&nbsp;lower slopes of the big, silken asscheeks. For a little while, he&nbsp;played in her wet crack; then she saw him moving up over her. Her eyes&nbsp;went wide with delight. She held out her arms to welcome his body onto&nbsp;hers, his cock into her hot, wet cunt for what she knew was going to be&nbsp;the greatest fuck of her life.<br />&quot;You’re beautiful to begin with, my darling,&quot; he told her as he knelt&nbsp;between her legs and stared at her, &quot;but you’re especially beautiful&nbsp;when you’re horny. What a sweet, beautiful fuck this is going to be. I&nbsp;only hope I can make it last long enough so that you can have a big&nbsp;come with my prick inside you.&quot;<br />&quot;Another come would kill me,&quot; Mary told him and sighed, &quot;but I don’t&nbsp;care if it does. I’m so happy, I can’t stand it. I think it would be&nbsp;nice to die this way.&quot;<br />Telling her that it would be even nicer to live that way, he lowered&nbsp;himself gently onto her, being careful not to hurt her. Mary felt his&nbsp;cock probing her crotch. It found her cunt, and the cockhead rubbed her&nbsp;gash for a few seconds; then she was moaning and he was panting as he&nbsp;slowly pushed his rod between the soft pussy-lips and slowly worked it&nbsp;up her cunt in a series of short, very gentle strokes, until it was&nbsp;totally buried in her hole. She wrapped her arms tightly around him,&nbsp;telling him she would never let go and that he would have to spend the&nbsp;rest of his life lying on her body with his prick buried in her cunt.<br />For a little while, he lay with his full weight on her. They both felt&nbsp;his cock throbbing in the tight warmth of her juicy cunt; then he was&nbsp;ready to give her the fuck they both wanted, but when he tried to get&nbsp;his weight off her, her arms tightened around him.<br />&quot;Be heavy on me,&quot; she panted. &quot;Be rough. Fuck me hard, my darling&nbsp;lover. Make me know you’re fucking me.&quot;<br />Adam had wanted to be gentle, but since it was not the way she wanted&nbsp;it, he decided to really pound the meat to her. He was heavy on her&nbsp;body and he rode her roughly, his cock stabbing and jabbing strongly,&nbsp;making her pant and grunt. The next time he screwed her, he vowed&nbsp;silently, he would do it gently, but this was one rough fuck that both&nbsp;she and he would remember.<br />Adam knew he wasn’t going to be able to make their fuck last very long,&nbsp;but then he sensed that she was almost ready to climax again. Mary&nbsp;panted confirmation of that, asked him to fuck hard, and then her arms&nbsp;and legs were wrapped tightly around his body and she was crying out&nbsp;and jerking in yet another magnificent orgasm.<br />Adam waited until it had passed, smiled down into her face, then broke&nbsp;the grip of her arms and took his weight off her body, supporting it on&nbsp;his hands. When he started fucking Mary again, he did it slowly and she&nbsp;loved it, sighing and telling him that she had never been fucked so&nbsp;gently and beautifully. He surprised himself by making the slow fuck&nbsp;last a long time. Then his balls flashed the signal that it was time to&nbsp;come.<br />Lowering his body onto her again, he gave her a few more long strokes&nbsp;of stiff cock. Then she was holding his jerking body strongly as he&nbsp;fired his hot load into her greedily sucking cunt.<br />&quot;Yes, baby, yes,&quot; she whispered as spurt after spurt of jizz shot into&nbsp;her hole. &quot;Give it all to me. Shoot it in my cunt, darling. Yes … yes&nbsp;… yes,&quot; she cooed until he was finished and, with a deep sigh, he&nbsp;became just a little heavier on her. But his tired body was a beautiful&nbsp;burden for Mary, and she didn’t want to part with it, ever.<br />They lay for a little while, resting. Then they got up and walked into&nbsp;the kitchen, her garter belt and nylons the only clothing in sight.&nbsp;Mary produced a bottle of whiskey, and they drank a toast to the&nbsp;miracle they had found.<br />At one point, Adam had his back turned to her. When he turned to look&nbsp;at her, he saw tears in her eyes. Putting his drink down, he took her&nbsp;in his arms and asked about them.<br />&quot;I’m so afraid, Adam. It was so beautiful. It was like I was just born&nbsp;again. I don’t want it to be just a one-time thing. I couldn’t stand&nbsp;that.&quot;<br />&quot;You sweet, darling dumb-dumb,&quot; he said, laughing as he gave her a&nbsp;smack on one cheek of her ass. &quot;I feel exactly the way you do, and as&nbsp;far as I’m concerned, this is just the beginning of our life together.&quot;<br />They kissed, and then Mary felt better. There were still tears in her&nbsp;eyes, but she told him that they were happy tears and he understood.

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Sun, 09 Sep 2012 17:17:46 UTC

My Aunt’s Mangoes Part 1

Hi Friends! this is my first story 6 months pehly ye sb hua.. My name is Sameer _ from Pakistan. age 19 Ye Story Meri Aur Meri Khala Ki Hai … Unki Age 30 Hai Unky Boobz 36 Size K bary Bary Hain.Actually Khala ki Shadi Ek Aisy shakhs k Sath Howi Hai Jinki Dimaghi Halat Pori Tarah Thk Nai Hai..khala K 2 Kids Hain dono Baap pe gye hain Thory Pagal Hain…Ye Tab Ki Baat Hai Jab khala aur unky Hubby K beech Jhagra Hua Tha, Tab Wo Hamary Ghar Agyi Thi… .

Garmi K Din Thy Aur Main Itna Bara B Nai Hun , Tou Unko Kaha Maine Ki Mery bistar K Sath Apna Bistar lgaly Q,k Hum Raat Ko Cell Phone Pe Movie Dekhengy..

Unhony Aisa He Kiya.

Raat Ko Cel Phone Unko Diya Q.k mujhy Nind I Thi.

Kuch Dair Baad Unhony mjy kaha Sameer Movie Khatam Hogai Dosri Lgalo Phr Sojao.
Maine Ghalti Se "Nashaa" Movie Lgadi Mjy Pta B Nai Chala..
Aur Haath Maine Unky Boobs Pe Rakh Diya Tab Koi Sexual Feelings Nai Thi Unko B Bura Nai Lga.Q.k unhony plates wali bra pehn rakhi thi to Unko Feel Nai Hua.

Par Kuch Dair Baad Maine Mehsos Kia K Unhony Mera Hath apni Boobs Per Press Krna Shoru Kiya.

Maine Mai Dabana start Kiya To Usny Mery Ankhon Ki Taraf Cel Phone Ki Screen Light Ghumai Meri Ankhen Aadhi Khuli Thi Maine Dekha Nashaa Movie Mai Last Sex Scene Jari Tha. usually Stand Fans Lagy Howy Thy Tou Awaz Koi Aur Nai Sun Raha Tha
To Usny Kaha K Sameer mery Bistar Pe Ajao..

Meny Kaha Nai Khala Koi Dekh Lega.
To Usny Kaha Ary Pagal Is waqt sab so rhy Hain.. jaldi Ajao Please..

Main Directly Unki Bistar Pe Tapak Para.

Unhony Kaha K Ye Ksi Ko Btana Mat , maine Kaha Don’t Worry Khala . Itna Bewaqoof Nai Hon.

Unhony Kameez Upar Ki Aur Bra Hata K Left Wali Breast nikal K Kaha Chooso Isy.

Maine To Pehly Boob Pe Haath Phera (ye mera first time tha) usko press kiya o.m.g itny soft thy k kiya btaaun…

Usny Kaha Choosny Nai Hain Kia?

Maine Kaha G Chos Raha Hn. aur Chosna Start Kia , Friends I Can’t Explain Kitna Mazaa Araha Tha,

Usny Mera Sar Pakar K Boobs Pe Press Krna Start Kia.

Maine Kuch Dair Baad Kaha "Khala Is Mai Doodh Q Nahi Hain?"

Usny Kaha " Beta abhi Boht saal Hogye Meri Phudi pe Bacha Bahir Nai Aya Is liye"

Maine Kaha Oh Ye Baat Hai ? Usne kaha Haan Beta.

Ab Jaldi Se Apni Khala K Boobs Pe Bite Kro , maine Slowly biting start ki.
Bht maza araha tha yaro.

Phir maine Kaha Khala Dosra Boobs Chooson? usny kaha Haan Magar Pehly Meri Bra Pechy se Kholo … Maine Kholi aur Dosra Right wala Boob Left wali se Bara Tha thora sa.

Phr maine Unki Choot Pe Hath Rakha To Bilkul Clean Shaved Thi.

Maine Kaha Khala Ap Mera Lun Pakro Tou Unhony Pakra Aur Kaha Wow Sameer Ye to bht bara hai. Bilkul Tery Khaalu Ki Tarah Par Unko Sex Ki Koi Ilm He Nai Hai.

Main Bht Excited Tha Tou Unhony Mera Lun Hath mai Pakra Meri Muth Maarny lgi

Main Boht Jaldi discharge ho Gya Aur Maine Unki B Ungli Kr K Pani Nikal Dia..

Tab Cell Phone Ki ghanti Baji K Khala K Choty Bety Ka Pait mai Dard Hai, Maine Unsy Kaha K Hum Phir Kbi Krngy apko to Main Kho0b Chodunga, Unhony Kaha, Sameer Believe me Aj se Mai Tmhari Randi Hon , tum Gaand Marna Chahogy To Mai Mana nai Krungi….

(Rubeena) meri x_gf thi kbi Kbi Us k sath kisSing waghera krleta tha, khala ne kaha Tm Rubi K Sath Nai Milogy Q.k Tm sirf mery ho, meny kaha OK khala Love You, unhony Directly mery lips pe Ek lamba sa KisS Kiya Aur Hum Dono Unky Ghar Gye Unky Bety ko wahan se Utha k Doctor k Pas Le Gye…
Baaqi ap log k ResPoNse K Baad.
My Email : [email protected]

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Mom’s Best Friend Part 6

Chapter 11<br /><br />As a form of adjustment to eventually living together in Adam’s house,&nbsp;the two families met almost daily, usually at Adam’s home. Dean sensed&nbsp;that there was something happening that he didn’t understand, and Adam&nbsp;and Mary agreed that they should bring him into the sexual circle&nbsp;before too long, but that first, there were two items to be attended&nbsp;to: Emily had to be introduced to lesbianism, and Sharon had to have&nbsp;her cherry popped. After that, it was up to Mary to take the innocent&nbsp;little boy to a bedroom and demonstrate some very interesting facts of&nbsp;life.<br />It all could have been done in a day, they agreed, but that would come&nbsp;under the heading of rushing. Nature aided them in slowing things down&nbsp;on at least one front when Sharon got her period. Mary laughed at her&nbsp;anger, even as she hugged and consoled her, telling her that a few days&nbsp;of having her pussy out of order wasn’t all that terrible.<br />But life wasn’t all sex for either family. The children had strict&nbsp;rules about homework and study, and they obeyed them without protest.&nbsp;Beyond that, there was reading to be done so that young minds would&nbsp;develop along tenth young bodies, broadening beyond the things they&nbsp;learned in school. Even young Dean picked up the reading habit, not&nbsp;because he had been told to, but became he saw that his father and his&nbsp;sister enjoyed reading, and reasoned that there must be something to&nbsp;it.<br />&quot;I’m glad we are what we are, Adam,&quot; Mary said so him as they chatted&nbsp;that Sunday while the children were outside, enjoying the swimming&nbsp;pool.<br />&quot;Me, too, but please be more specific,&quot; he told her.<br />&quot;I’m thinking of how, after we discovered each other and found our new&nbsp;lives, we could have gone hog-wild about it.&quot;<br />&quot;I suppose there are those who would say we did–I mean with the kids&nbsp;and all,&quot; he told her with a grin.<br />&quot;Sure, but who cares about that? What I mean is that the kids are&nbsp;learning that there’s a time and a place for everything, including sex.&nbsp;They’re going to develop very healthy sexual attitudes, once they get&nbsp;over the newness of it. You and I were never given that chance.&quot;<br />&quot;True, with us to guide them, they’ll grow up to be complete, balanced&nbsp;human beings, healthy bisexual people. I’m sure they’ll be a credit to&nbsp;us.&quot;<br />&quot;I’m with you, even if our methods were a little less than socially&nbsp;acceptable. Speaking of that, do you think it’s about time to take&nbsp;Emily off the hook? The poor lamb is really dying for her first taste&nbsp;of pussy.&quot;<br />They agreed as usual, then went out to the pool to talk to the children&nbsp;who were obviously enjoying their day immensely. Yet as Emily saw the&nbsp;adults approaching, her smile changed into a look of hot anticipation&nbsp;as she hurried to meet them.<br />&quot;Yes, dear,&quot; Mary told the girl before she could ask the question. &quot;Go&nbsp;on inside and dress up in your sexiest things. I’m ready, and I’ll be&nbsp;in in just a few minutes.&quot;<br />&quot;Where’s Emily going?&quot; Sharon asked her mother.<br />&quot;She and I are going to have a nice long talk, dear. I’d like you and&nbsp;Dean to stay out here with Adam. We’ll come back out when we’re&nbsp;finished.&quot;<br />Again Dean looked puzzled and wondered when they were going to let him&nbsp;in on the secret they all seemed to share. Sensing how the boy felt,&nbsp;his father went to him and put an arm around his shoulders, telling him&nbsp;to cheer up, that there were some wonderful surprises in store for him&nbsp;within a few days.<br />In the house, Mary slipped an arm around Emily and told her she looked&nbsp;stunning.<br />&quot;Thanks, Mary, so do you, but I don’t understand why I had to put&nbsp;clothes on. I hope that what we’re going to do will call for no clothes&nbsp;at all.&quot;<br />&quot;It does, dear, but we’re going to be civilized about it. It’ll be a&nbsp;little game. We’ll sit and talk as though we’ve just met and don’t know&nbsp;what’s going to happen, then I’ll seduce you, very slowly and very&nbsp;gradually. It’ll be subtle at first, and then the pace will step up and&nbsp;won’t cool down until we’ve sucked each other’s cunts and had our big&nbsp;comes. How does that sound to you, darling?&quot;<br />&quot;Like the most exciting thing that ever happened to me. I know how good&nbsp;it feels when Daddy sucks my cunt, and I’m dying to find out how it&nbsp;feels to do it. I’ve never really seen any other cunt, and I’ve never&nbsp;touched one.&quot;<br />As they walked up the stairs to the master bedroom, Emily followed the&nbsp;exciting woman, looking at the motion of her big hips and wondering how&nbsp;they were going to look and feel when they were naked. Mary’s dress was&nbsp;shorter than she usually wore, and the girl looked hotly at her big,&nbsp;smooth, firm-looking thighs. Impulsively, she bent for a better look up&nbsp;Mary’s dress, and felt her heart pounding at the stolen glimpse of&nbsp;silky-looking upper thighs. By the time they reached the room, Emily&nbsp;was already trembling with passion.<br />Leaving the heavy drapes open, Mary drew the light sun drapes across&nbsp;the window so that the room would remain comfortably warm and bright;&nbsp;then she turned and smiled at the trembling girl and did a little&nbsp;trembling herself at the thought of stripping and making lesbian love&nbsp;with a beautiful fifteen-year-old, one whose cunt had so recently been&nbsp;opened for sex by her father’s big cock.<br />As she sat on the edge of the wide bed, Mary allowed the hem of her&nbsp;dress to hike well up her thighs and liked the way Emily stared; then&nbsp;the girl was sitting beside her, making sure that she, too, displayed&nbsp;her lush young thighs.<br />Mary slipped an arm around the slim-waisted girl, then began talking&nbsp;about how lucky they both were to be females. To her delighted&nbsp;surprise, Emily discovered that she could carry on a conversation&nbsp;despite her wild arousal and her eagerness to see and feel Mary’s naked&nbsp;body, and do other exciting things with her, the kind of things Mary&nbsp;did with her daughter.<br />After a little while, Mary opened the top button of her dress to show&nbsp;more of the cleavage of her lush boobs, then took the first tentative&nbsp;step as a hand went to one of Emily’s firm thighs and squeezed gently.<br />&quot;You have lovely thighs, dear,&quot; Mary said and her hand moved a little&nbsp;higher. &quot;Do you mind my feeling your thigh like this?&quot;<br />&quot;Oh no, it feels nice,&quot; Emily told her, not trying to hide her&nbsp;excitement. &quot;You have beautiful thighs, too. I’d love to feel them.&quot;<br />&quot;You’re just like your father, dear. Go ahead and feel my big thighs. I&nbsp;like the idea of a pretty girl’s hand on my thigh. I’m sure it’ll make&nbsp;me very horny.&quot;<br />Emily’s little hand trembled as it moved, and there was a tension in&nbsp;the room which crackled like electricity as Emily felt the firm, smooth&nbsp;thigh and squeezed it, sighing warmly.<br />For a little while, each was content to feel the thighs of the other,&nbsp;but both knew the pace would be stepped up soon.<br />Through Emily’s chiffon blouse, Mary saw the girl’s well-filled black&nbsp;bra and decided that would be her next step. Adam had told her that his&nbsp;daughter’s firm young jugs made beautiful sucking, and she was anxious&nbsp;to find out, yet not so anxious that she was willing to upset the&nbsp;gentle pace of the seduction.<br />The arm that had been around Emily’s waist moved slowly up until her&nbsp;hand was cupping one tit gently, causing Emily to sigh warmly again.<br />&quot;Do you like it when your Daddy sucks your tits, darling?&quot; Mary asked&nbsp;as she fondled.<br />&quot;Oh yes, I just love it. You have such nice big fits, Mary. Do you like&nbsp;having them felt and sucked?&quot;<br />&quot;Mmmm, very much. I’m beginning to feel naughty, Emily, very naughty.&nbsp;If you’ll let me, I’d love to open your blouse so I could see better&nbsp;how nicely you fill your bra.&quot;<br />Before the girl could find her voice, Mary was busy opening the&nbsp;garment, unbuttoning it slowly, her own big knockers rising and falling&nbsp;with her labored breathing as she anticipated baring the young tits to&nbsp;fondle them and suck them.<br />Again, Mary told the girl how beautiful she was and at the same time,&nbsp;took her blouse off. Instead of going for the cups of her bra at once&nbsp;as she had planned, Mary instead rubbed the silken skin below the bra&nbsp;with one hand while the other hand rubbed smooth shoulders and back,&nbsp;causing the girl to purr with delight at being so exquisitely handled.&nbsp;Her father’s touch was wild, but this was different somehow, and she&nbsp;guessed it was part of the charm of lesbian sex, two females sharing&nbsp;gentle touches, sharing the feminine mystique.<br />After she had fondled the girl for a while, Mary brought her legs up&nbsp;onto the bed and curled them under her with a nice display of thigh,&nbsp;then she was unfastening the top of her dress, smiling warmly at her&nbsp;trembling young partner as she slowly pulled the top of her dress down&nbsp;to her waist to display the contrast of white skin and big, bulging bra&nbsp;Cups with soft-looking white skin between.<br />With a little cry, Emily turned fully around to face the woman; then&nbsp;her hands were on the bra, and she was rubbing and squeezing. They had&nbsp;been playing with each other for only a little while when Emily felt&nbsp;her bra being unhooked. A few seconds later it was gone, and then&nbsp;Mary’s eyes and hands were feasting on tits which felt almost as firm&nbsp;as apples, flawless in their beauty.<br />As she fondled the naked jugs, Mary saw water in Emily’s eyes and&nbsp;wondered if she were going to cry, but she wasn’t concerned since she&nbsp;knew that any tears the girl spilled would be happy ones.<br />When Emily asked to take Mary’s bra off, the woman gave smiling assent,&nbsp;then felt fingers trembling as they fought with hook which proved&nbsp;surprisingly stubborn. In time, Emily slipped them all; the bra fell&nbsp;open and as she pulled it off, the girl gasped and her eyes refused to&nbsp;focus for a few seconds.<br />A dry sound came from Emily’s throat as her hands went to the&nbsp;beautiful, big tits and began swarming all over them as she told the&nbsp;woman how exciting they felt and how eager she was to suck the big&nbsp;jugs.<br />But that was pretty much what Mary had in mind as she pushed the girl&nbsp;down gently onto the bed, and gave the firm tits another loving&nbsp;squeeze; then her warm mouth was wide open as it claimed one tit, and&nbsp;she began to suck it while Emily squirmed and sighed in passion.<br />Mary suckled the boob for a long time before her face moved to the&nbsp;other, and then she was sucking with the same delicious greed. Needing&nbsp;something to do with her hands, Emily found that she could reach one&nbsp;thigh and hip of the beautiful woman, and then she was rubbing there,&nbsp;working her hand around to a partially panty clad buttcheek and&nbsp;delighting in the thrilling feel of it as she went on savoring the joy&nbsp;of having her tits sucked by a woman.<br />&quot;Will that hold your lovely tits for the time being?&quot; Mary asked as she&nbsp;sat up and looked into the shining eyes of the girl.<br />&quot;Oh, yes. It was beautiful even better than when Daddy sucks them.&nbsp;There’s something special between two women, isn’t there?&quot;<br />&quot;Yes, darling, we’ll talk about it later. Just lie back and I’ll feed&nbsp;you my big tits to suck. You’re going to like that very much, darling,&quot;&nbsp;Mary added, then she was fondling her big jugs, with both hands and&nbsp;panting with lust.<br />Moving a little, she bent over her partner, held her right tit in her&nbsp;right hand, squeezed it, then lowered it gently to Emily’s face. The&nbsp;girl’s mouth opened wide to receive it, but instead of pushing it in,&nbsp;Mary rubbed her nipple slowly over Emily’s lips, making a full circle&nbsp;of her mouth; then, with a warm sigh, she pushed the silken tit into&nbsp;Emily’s mouths filling it and leaving a lot of boob still outside.<br />Emily began sucking at once and brought her lands into play, holding&nbsp;and rubbing the exciting jug as she sucked it, telling herself that if&nbsp;sucking a tit was so great, then sucking the woman’s cunt was surely&nbsp;going to be the ultimate thrill.<br />Since neither was aware of time, they had no idea how long Emily spent&nbsp;sucking the big knockers, but when Mary eventually took the second boob&nbsp;out of the girl’s mouth. it had been more than well-suckled, and the&nbsp;nipple felt a little raw, just nicely so.<br />&quot;Whatever are we doing with all these clothes on?&quot; Mary said as she&nbsp;knelt up and looked at the shining eyes of the girl.<br />&quot;That’s what I’ve been wondering,&quot; Emily replied.<br />They both got off the bed and looked at each other as they removed&nbsp;their skirts, then peeled their panties down and tossed them away.&nbsp;Impatiently, Emily asked Mary if they were going to go down on each&nbsp;other at last.<br />&quot;Before we eat cunt, Emily, we’re going to play an exciting little game&nbsp;called riding. I read about it and Sharon and I tried it and enjoyed it&nbsp;a lot. I think you will, too.&quot;<br />They returned to the bed, naked. Mary took the girl in her arms, and&nbsp;they kissed passionately; then they were lying side by side, face to&nbsp;face, and Mary showed Emily how each could get a thigh between the&nbsp;thighs of the other, the thigh right up in the warmth of a crotch.<br />With only a little difficulty, they picked up the rhythm, and then they&nbsp;were rubbing, their cunts moving over silken skin. The effect was wild,&nbsp;Emily felt, understanding why the game was called riding. As the couple&nbsp;rode, there was no conversation, only the warm sounds of sighs and&nbsp;panting.<br />When other sounds were heard, they were the sounds of orgasm, the cries&nbsp;and groans and gasps as one after the other rocketed into delicious&nbsp;climax. Afterwards, they continued to lie together, their bodies&nbsp;excitingly wet with the sweat of their lovely lust. Emily was wide-eyed&nbsp;as she told of how much she had enjoyed the game, and how she would&nbsp;want to play it often.<br />&quot;You will, dear. You’ll play it with me often and with Sharon as well.&nbsp;But for now, there are other nice thing; to be done. I’m very anxious&nbsp;to taste your warm little cunt. I’m going to suck it and lick it and&nbsp;give you such a come you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. Are&nbsp;you ready to have your cunt lapped?&quot;<br />&quot;Oh yes, Mary! I guess I’ve been ready all my life, only I didn’t know&nbsp;it.&quot;<br />&quot;How sweet, my lovely little angel. Lie on your back now, and I’ll put&nbsp;a pillow under your behind,&quot; Mary said and reached for one.<br />Emily was panting in hot anticipation as she lay back with her legs&nbsp;wide open to present her tender little cunt to be sucked. Mary stared&nbsp;hotly at her twat, a hand rubbing in her crotch where it was wet and&nbsp;very warm.<br />Mary’s tongue came out and licked over her lips as she reached down to&nbsp;stroke the girl’s warm pussy, making her sigh, then groan with desire&nbsp;as her heart pounded strongly; then she gave a little cry as she&nbsp;watched Mary’s face coming down, saw her wet lips parting. Then the&nbsp;face was in her crotch, and she felt the woman’s warm breath bathing&nbsp;her box and making her so horny that she wanted to scream.<br />She did scream, a little high-pitched wail as the mouth touched her&nbsp;cunt in a light kiss while two gentle hands claimed her hips and held&nbsp;tightly. The kiss soon became more intense, and then it wasn’t a kiss&nbsp;any longer as Mary began sucking her cunt.<br />The thrill was so great that Emily told herself she couldn’t stand it,&nbsp;yet the only alternative was to take her cunt away from the woman’s&nbsp;mouth and that she refused to even consider.<br />Anyone standing outside the door would have thought that someone was in&nbsp;agony in the room, but both Emily and Mary knew better as they shared&nbsp;the ecstasy of their lesbian lust.<br />Mary sucked greedily, wetly, so wetly that Emily’s little cunt couldn’t&nbsp;contain all the juice and she felt some of it trickling down into the&nbsp;crack of her behind. As she became accustomed to the intensity of her&nbsp;passion, Emily wanted the muff-diving to go on forever, though even as&nbsp;she felt the wish, she knew that sale was going to climax soon.<br />And then, as Mary’s skilled tongue licked over and around her clit,&nbsp;Emily shrieked in ecstasy. The sound drifted through the window so that&nbsp;those at the pool were able to hear it. Sharon and Adam recognized it&nbsp;for what it was, but Dean looked troubled.<br />&quot;Your sister is all right, Dean,&quot; Adam told him. &quot;In fact,&quot; he added&nbsp;with a grin, &quot;I’d say she’s more than all right, wouldn’t you, Sharon?&quot;<br />&quot;I’d say she’s the happiest girl in the world right now.&quot;<br />&quot;You’ll understand too, Dean, very soon now, and you’re going to be the&nbsp;happiest boy in the world. Come on, let’s have another swim,&quot; he added,&nbsp;and Sharon smiled as she saw the bulge of a hard-on in his swimming&nbsp;trunks. Later, in the water, she confirmed that hardness with a naughty&nbsp;hand and got one cheek of her ass squeezed as a reward for her effort.<br />In the bedroom, woman and girl were panting as the climax passed for&nbsp;Emily and she opened her starry eyes wide, her young body still&nbsp;glowing. They talked of how good the orgasm had been, and Mary assured&nbsp;her that every one could be like that.<br />&quot;It’s wonderful to have a man lap your cunt, dear,&quot; Mary told her,&nbsp;&quot;especially a beautiful lapper like your father, but it seems that&nbsp;there’s a special magic about it when two females do it. Perhaps you’ll&nbsp;understand a lot more after you’ve sucked my cunt. You do want that,&nbsp;don’t you?&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, yes, Mary. I want it so much. What a thrill it will be for me to&nbsp;suck my first cunt! When I have my face in your crotch, my mouth tight&nbsp;on the lips of your cunt, I think I’ll go out of my mind. I’m more than&nbsp;ready now, if you are.&quot;<br />Telling the girl that she was almost ready to have her cunt lapped,&nbsp;Mary lay back with the pillow under her am and invited Emily to play&nbsp;with her twat for a while. Emily was eager to do so, and she rubbed the&nbsp;warm box in mounting passion, then probed the slit with a finger and&nbsp;soon had her partner panting and sighing.<br />&quot;Oh, yes, Emily! I’m ready now,&quot; Mary panted and her voice was low and&nbsp;husky with passion. &quot;I’m so ready to have my cunt lapped.&quot;<br />As Emily took her finger out of the hot, juicy slit, Mary raised her&nbsp;parted legs back over her body and presented her pink, open-lipped cunt&nbsp;to the girl. The sight of the juicy snatch was such that Emily trembled&nbsp;strongly, then licked her lips as she positioned herself to suck it.<br />She lowered her pretty face slowly, brushed hair back from her face and&nbsp;gave a little squeal of delight when her mouth was about an inch above&nbsp;the pink pussy. Impulsively, she stuck her tongue out and slowly licked&nbsp;up from the base of Mary’s crack to the top of her cunt. They both&nbsp;moaned as Emily felt the woman shuddering with arousal; then she&nbsp;touched the cunt lightly with her lips in a gentle kiss.<br />Emily found no taste at all, just an exciting suggestion of a musky&nbsp;perfume, and she enjoyed it as she inhaled deeply. Then her mouth&nbsp;pressed down more firmly on Mary’s cunt, and she began sucking as her&nbsp;arms wrapped around the big thighs of her nude partner.<br />She had known that sucking a cunt would be lovely, but it was even more&nbsp;than that, and she couldn’t find a word to describe the erotic thrill&nbsp;as she sucked wetly, hungrily, her hands rubbing silken skin as she&nbsp;heard Mary purring in ecstasy. Both experienced a new thrill when Emily&nbsp;brought her tongue into play, using it as Mary had used hers, probing&nbsp;and licking her snatch deeply, then bonging it up to the top of the&nbsp;slit where the hard, sensitized passion bud awaited a good licking. She&nbsp;gave it just that.<br />Emily licked in the top of Mary’s slit for two or three minutes, and&nbsp;then she felt the tension in the woman which told her she was getting&nbsp;close to an exciting come. She went on licking her puffy gash, and then&nbsp;Mary was jerking and panting as the tendrils of climax caught her and&nbsp;did wild things to her for a long time before the final spasm passed.&nbsp;When she opened her eyes, Mary saw Emily crouched on the bed beside&nbsp;her, looking very pleased with herself and with life.<br />&quot;That was beautiful, Emily. You eat cunt like an angel.&quot;<br />&quot;I’m glad I pleased you, Mary. I’ll do it again right now if you like.&quot;<br />&quot;No thanks, but you could put on a little show with Sharon for me. How&nbsp;does that sound?&quot;<br />&quot;I think I’d rather eat your pussy–but that does sound like fun.&quot;<br />&quot;I’ll teach the two of you how to play sixty-nine. It’ll give you&nbsp;something to do when you’re alone and bored.&quot;<br />&quot;I don’t think I’ll ever be bored as long as I live,&quot; Emily said as&nbsp;Mary went to the window and called her daughter. Sharon came running,&nbsp;wriggling her pretty ass for Adam, who still had a hard-on.<br />Sharon was breathless as she hurried into the room, but she had enough&nbsp;breath left to hurry out of her bathing suit when her mother told her&nbsp;to. Then she got onto the bed with Emily, and the two girls began&nbsp;playing with each other, to the delight of the naked woman who watched&nbsp;intently.<br />Mary knew what a thrill it would be for Adam to see their daughters&nbsp;romping in the nude, but that would mean leaving Dean alone, and she&nbsp;didn’t think that would be fair, so she decided that her lover would&nbsp;have to wait until another time.<br />The girls played with tits and apses and pussies, and it was obvious&nbsp;that they were both enjoying their game. When Mary asked, both told her&nbsp;that they were very ready to go on to mutual cunt-lapping.<br />Delighted that she had thought of the idea, Mary helped guide the two&nbsp;girls into position. Each fitted her mouth to the cunt of the other,&nbsp;and they began sucking.<br />While she watched the pretty girls lapping each other’s twats, Mary&nbsp;decided to warm her right hand in her crotch. It felt so nice that she&nbsp;thought she should make it feel even nicer, so a finger went into her&nbsp;slit, and she began stroking, her big tits swaying.<br />A few minutes later, Mary climaxed with much panting and gasping, her&nbsp;boobs performing a wildly erotic dance while her plump ass jerked&nbsp;strongly. As she was coming out of the orgasm, she smiled at the sight&nbsp;and sound of both girls experiencing strong comes, their naked bodies&nbsp;writhing together on the bed.<br /><br /><br />Chapter 12<br /><br />Sharon began to entertain high hopes when she learned that only Adam&nbsp;was coming to visit that evening. If her hopes were realized, she would&nbsp;part with her virginity that evening. When Mary refused to admit that&nbsp;there was anything special about her lover’s visit, Sharon’s hopes&nbsp;dimmed, but only a little.<br />When the bell rang, Mary admitted her lover, and Sharon watched as they&nbsp;kissed passionately and Adam fondled her butt.<br />&quot;Gee,&quot; Sharon said as they moved apart, &quot;some women get all the luck&nbsp;and all the kisses and everything.&quot;<br />&quot;Would you like a kiss, Sharon?&quot; he asked, going to her. He took her in&nbsp;his arms and brought his mouth down warmly on hers. As he had done with&nbsp;her mother, he put a hand on Sharon’s firm young behind and fondled it,&nbsp;adding to her excitement by getting his tongue into her mouth.<br />When the kiss ended, Sharon felt a little weak-kneed, and her eyes&nbsp;shone brightly with excitement. More than ever then, she wanted Adam to&nbsp;pop her cherry, and she sensed that her dream was going to come true&nbsp;despite what her mother said, or refused to say.<br />While Mary poured drinks for herself and Adam, Sharon got herself a&nbsp;Coke and took it to her room. She had intended to study, but her sexual&nbsp;desire was so great it was out of the question. She turned her radio on&nbsp;and tried to make the hunger go away, without much success.<br />She would have been more excited had she known that Mary and Adam were&nbsp;talking about her, and about how Adam was going to screw her in just a&nbsp;little while.<br />&quot;How exciting our lives have become, darling,&quot; Mary said as they sipped&nbsp;their drinks and Adam fondled a firm thigh. &quot;To think that you’re going&nbsp;to fuck my thirteen-year-old daughter, and tomorrow I’m going to strip&nbsp;for your twelve-year-old son, teach him how to lap a woman’s cunt and&nbsp;then give him his first piece of tail.&quot;<br />&quot;That we ever met, Mary, was sheer luck. Think of the odds against it.&nbsp;Since then, though, we deserved an the joy we’ve found, because we&nbsp;dared to help ourselves to it.&quot;<br />&quot;And we’re going to go on darling, aren’t we, lover?&quot; Mary asked as his&nbsp;hand moved closer to the crotch of her panties and she moved her thighs&nbsp;farther apart.<br />&quot;You’re so right, darling,&quot; he told her as his hand moved to the warm&nbsp;nylon of her panties, where the garment snugged against a cunt that was&nbsp;much warmer. &quot;I have a hunch we’ll do things so wild that we can’t even&nbsp;think of them just now. We’ll invent whole new sexual acts.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, darling, yes,&quot; Mary said with a warm sigh as he gently stroked her&nbsp;crotch. &quot;I’m so horny, lover. Do you think it’s time to take little&nbsp;Sharon off the hook?&quot;<br />&quot;Why not? I’ll fuck her first, then it shouldn’t be long before I’ve&nbsp;got a hard-on again and I can give you a fuck. It’ll be a joy few men&nbsp;know to fuck a tender young virgin, then fuck her mother. Want to call&nbsp;her now?&quot;<br />&quot;Yes, I’ll … Wait, I’ve got an idea. Let’s strip!&quot; Mary said&nbsp;excitedly. &quot;I want to see the look on her face when she walks into the&nbsp;room and sees us both naked. She’s really been dying to see your big&nbsp;cock.&quot;<br />&quot;She’ll do more than just see it tonight, angel,&quot; Adam said as they got&nbsp;to their feet and began undressing. Then Mary called to her daughter&nbsp;who, sensing that it was the big call she had been waiting for, turned&nbsp;her radio off and felt her heart pounding as she walked to the living&nbsp;room.<br />With a loud gasp, she stopped in the doorway as she stared at the two&nbsp;naked people who were smiling with excitement.<br />&quot;My God, Mother! You said his cock was big and beautiful, but it’s so&nbsp;huge!&quot; she said, her voice almost breaking as she walked toward them.<br />&quot;Take it in your hand and play with it, Sharon,&quot; Adam told her. &quot;Feel&nbsp;how velvety the head is and how hard the shaft gets when I think of&nbsp;sticking it in your tiny little cunt to fuck you.&quot;<br />&quot;Oh, yes! I want that,&quot; she told him as her hand closed around his&nbsp;prick. &quot;I really want you to fuck me. I don’t care if it hurts.&nbsp;Besides, Emily told me it doesn’t hurt all that much,&quot; she added, then&nbsp;closed a hand gently around the cockhead and gave it a loving squeeze.<br />&quot;We won’t even think about things like hurt, dear,&quot; her mother told&nbsp;her. &quot;Think of beautiful things while you strip naked and show Adam&nbsp;what he’s getting.&quot;<br />Sharon was eager to undress, to be naked like the other two, but before&nbsp;starting, she just had to squat before the naked man. Then she was&nbsp;fondling his big balls, delighting herself with the thought that they&nbsp;were full of man cream. Semen seemed like such a clinical term for the&nbsp;magic juice of a man’s balls, she thought.<br />Straightening up, she began undressing as the adults looked at her&nbsp;admiringly, both of them seething with arousal.<br />&quot;What beautiful little tits you have, Sharon,&quot; Adam said. &quot;And they’re&nbsp;not so little at that. In just a few years they’re going to be as big&nbsp;as your mother’s big beauties.&quot;<br />Trembling with delight and excitement, Sharon pushed her panties down.&nbsp;She liked the way Adam looked at what she was showing him. She wished&nbsp;she had a big patch of cunt bush, like her mother, but she sensed that&nbsp;Adam was more than delighted with the peach fuzz she wore on her little&nbsp;cunt mound. Then her panties fell and she stepped out of them,&nbsp;beautifully naked and terribly eager to have her body fondled and&nbsp;kissed and fucked. She wondered if he was going to suck her snatch&nbsp;before fucking her. She hoped he would.<br />Adam looked lovingly at the trembling little girl as he held his arms&nbsp;open in silent invitation and she moved eagerly into his embrace. While&nbsp;he kissed her, his hands cupping the cheeks of her pretty little ass,&nbsp;Sharon felt his big cock throbbing against her.<br />After the kiss, Adam turned her around to admire her lovely ass. He&nbsp;fondled it some more, then drew a little gasp from her as he picked her&nbsp;up as easily, as if she were a much younger child, and carried her to&nbsp;Mary’s bedroom, her mother following.<br />&quot;How does my beautiful little daughter feel about being carried to bed&nbsp;to be fucked by a great big man?&quot; Mary asked.<br />&quot;Oh, Mother, it’s so exciting! I feel like I’m going to faint.&quot;<br />&quot;That’s all right, darling. Adam’s big prick will revive you very&nbsp;quickly,&quot; Mary told her, and they all laughed.<br />In the bedroom, Adam stopped before a mirror so that they could all&nbsp;admire the reflection of the naked girl being held in his arms; then he&nbsp;deposited her gently on the bed and got onto it beside her. Sharon&nbsp;asked her mother if she was going to stay. Mary assured her she was,&nbsp;telling her she wouldn’t miss it for the world.<br />Unhurriedly, Adam began making love to the girl, and she responded&nbsp;thrillingly as his hands and lips moved all over her body while she&nbsp;squirmed and panted with lust. She loved the way he sucked her tits&nbsp;with such a gentle yet ardent style, elongating her little pink nipples&nbsp;and making them feel hard and very sensitive.<br />When Adam told her to, Sharon stretched her jaws as she worked at&nbsp;getting the head of his cock into an excitingly warm mouth. Then she&nbsp;achieved her goal. While she sucked on his dick, she tried to picture&nbsp;her mother sucking his big cock and drinking his cream. She found the&nbsp;thought almost exciting as the act of sucking his cock, and then he&nbsp;told her to take it out of her mouth.<br />Adam noticed that Mary was fingering her twat as she watched the action&nbsp;and decided he had to fix her up before fucking her daughter. Sharon&nbsp;would be thrilled, he reasoned, to watch him lapping her mother’s cunt&nbsp;and she wouldn’t feel neglected.<br />He told Mary to lie across the bed to have her cunt lapped, and she did&nbsp;so eagerly. Adam explained to Sharon that her mother needed help first.&nbsp;As he had guessed, the girl was more than delighted at being a&nbsp;spectator. She stared in rapt fascination as Adam went down on her&nbsp;mother and gave her what appeared to be a lovely cunt-lapping, one&nbsp;which made her come strongly, then left her panting with delight, her&nbsp;hunger satisfied for the time being.<br />&quot;Oh, Adam, that was so exciting to watch!&quot; Sharon told him when he took&nbsp;her in his arms again.- &quot;I sure would love to have you suck my pussy&nbsp;like that before you fuck me.&quot;<br />&quot;I’ll give you all the cunt-lapping you can take, you beautiful little&nbsp;woman,&quot; he assured her as he put a hand in her crotch and stroked her&nbsp;virginal snatch.<br />He played with her tits and twat for a long time and then whispered to&nbsp;her that he was ready to suck a beautiful little cunt. She trembled as&nbsp;he lay on his back and waited for her to mount his face, but before she&nbsp;did, Sharon paused to look at his big cock as the hard rod jutted like&nbsp;the mast of a ship.<br />Hurriedly, she knelt astride his head and he put both hands on her ass&nbsp;and held there as he looked up, his body trembling at the sight of the&nbsp;little pink gash. Neither seemed to be in a hurry to start, so she&nbsp;knelt as she was and enjoyed looking down as the man’s face, liking&nbsp;what she saw in his eyes and what she felt in her crotch as he slowly&nbsp;fingered her little cunt with one hand while the other fondled a cheek&nbsp;of her ass.<br />Adam played with her for a long time before both his hands went to her&nbsp;hips and exerted a subtle downward pressure. It was signal enough for&nbsp;Sharon and, with a warm sigh, she slowly lowered her body until she&nbsp;felt her cunt touching his lips. He fastened his mouth to her box with&nbsp;exciting greed, and then he was sucking, his hands rubbing her hips,&nbsp;thighs and the cheeks of her pretty little ass while her mother looked&nbsp;on, so wildly aroused that she began fingering her twat once more,&nbsp;wondering how many comes she was going to enjoy during the seduction of&nbsp;her daughter.<br />Until that moment, Sharon had believed that having her cunt sucked by&nbsp;her mother or by Emily was the ultimate sexual joy, but as she rode&nbsp;Adam’s face and he sucked her churning twat while his strong hands&nbsp;played with her, she found a greater thrill than she had ever known. A&nbsp;part of that delight came in the thought that she, a thirteen-year-old&nbsp;girl, could so wildly arouse the handsome, mature man–her mother’s&nbsp;lover.<br />While he caressed her ass with both hands, Adam worked his tongue into&nbsp;her virginal slit and gave her another shot of ecstasy as he lapped&nbsp;excitingly in a way which further stimulated her pussy juices. He&nbsp;seemed to lap them up as fast as her cunt could produce them.<br />Sharon saw a blurred image of her mother fingering her twat as she&nbsp;stared intently, then she saw and heard her mother coming, saw her big&nbsp;tits bouncing wildly as her body jerked strongly and her smooth thighs&nbsp;rubbed hotly together.<br />And then as the tongue continued to lick inside her cunt, Sharon&nbsp;realized that she was going to come. She had been so intently watching&nbsp;her mother enjoying her orgasm that she had missed the early warning&nbsp;signs and suddenly she was right on the edge of explosion.<br />She cried out her message, her voice breaking, then the strong hands&nbsp;tightened their grip on the cheeks of her ass. Her head fell back, eyes&nbsp;closed, mouth slackly open. Then she was wailing her quavering song of&nbsp;ecstasy, a little girl who was all woman as she climaxed, her hot, wet&nbsp;little cunt rubbing over the face of her man, her pretty little butt&nbsp;jerking in the strong but gentle captivity of his big hands.<br />Unable to restrain herself, Mary hurried onto the bed. Kneeling at&nbsp;Adam’s head, she pulled Sharon into a warm embrace and held her&nbsp;tightly, the young face between her boobs as the waves of orgasm&nbsp;stopped crashing and Sharon sighed warmly as though returning from a&nbsp;long and tiring journey.<br />Delighting in the naked embrace of her mother, Sharon forgot about Adam&nbsp;and her crotch pressed down firmly on his face, but his twitching cock&nbsp;made it very obvious that he didn’t mind.<br />Adam made that even more obvious as his hands moved over her silken&nbsp;smooth behind; then she felt a finger in her crack. It teased her&nbsp;little asshole for a few seconds, then she felt it pushing slowly into&nbsp;her bung and begin pumping in and out.<br />&quot;Oh, Mother,&quot; she said excitedly, &quot;he’s finger-fucking my asshole! It&nbsp;feels just like a cock in my butt.&quot;<br />While her mother held her and Adam went on fingering her bung, Sharon&nbsp;wondered how it would feel to be kneeling while he worked his long,&nbsp;strong prick up her ass. She’d heard that people did that, had heard of&nbsp;a girl at school who liked fucking but feared pregnancy, and so she&nbsp;allowed her boy friend to fuck her up the ass instead of in her cunt.&nbsp;She promised herself that she would offer her ass to Adam that way and&nbsp;sensed that he would accept with pleasure. She thought it was called&nbsp;buggering, but she liked the sound of ass-fucking better.<br />&quot;I think you’d better let Adam get some air, dear,&quot; her mother said as&nbsp;she released Sharon. The girl raised her crotch from his face at once&nbsp;and looked down to see that his face was shiny wet from the juice of&nbsp;her well-sucked little cunt. She saw, too, that he was smiling and&nbsp;looked very happy, perhaps as happy as she, Sharon thought.<br />Adam had her lie on the bed then. As he fondled her titties and her&nbsp;warm little twat, she tried to tell him how thrilling the cunt-lapping&nbsp;had been. Then Mary went to the dresser and took a rubber from the&nbsp;drawer.<br />Sharon watched intently as her mother fitted the latex sheath over&nbsp;Adam’s big cock and rolled it down the shaft. It made his prick look&nbsp;even bigger, she thought, bigger and mysterious-looking, almost, but&nbsp;not quite frightening. The fact that he had the rubber on was another&nbsp;reminder to the girl that she was just minutes away from getting her&nbsp;first fuck, and she felt strong tremors of passion racing through her&nbsp;body.<br />Recalling how he had taken his daughter’s cherry, Adam decided to play&nbsp;Sharon the same way as he slipped a finger into her wet slit and began&nbsp;stroking. Sharon responded instantly, and he observed her pretty ass&nbsp;rubbing on the bed. He knew he was turning her on, making her more and&nbsp;more ready for her first fuck.<br />When he saw Mary reaching for her daughter’s little titties, he took&nbsp;his hand away and let her take over in that area while he concentrated&nbsp;on the girl’s cunt, thighs and tummy. The little slit was tight around&nbsp;his finger as he diddled her, and Adam thought of how tight her gash&nbsp;would be when it was strangling his cock as he fucked her. What other&nbsp;man, he wondered, ever got to fuck two eager young virgins within the&nbsp;space of a few days?<br />When Sharon began to pant more loudly as she writhed in mounting&nbsp;passion, her mother caught Adam’s eye and let him know with a nod that&nbsp;she thought her daughter was hot to trot, that it was time for him to&nbsp;bury his big boner in the tight warmth of her juicy little pussy. When&nbsp;Adam stopped diddling her crack and left his finger in her twat, she&nbsp;kept her body in motion so that she was fucking his finger. That told&nbsp;him that the timing was indeed right.<br />He smiled at the girl and saw her eyes shining as he moved so that he&nbsp;was kneeling between her parted legs. She knew that her first fuck was&nbsp;coming. There was one fleeting thought of pain in Sharon’s mind, then&nbsp;it went away as she looked at the big cock and wanted to feel it inside&nbsp;her cunt, stretching her hole and turning her from girl into woman.<br />And then Adam was looming above her. Sharon heard her mother tell him&nbsp;that she would guide his cock to the target. His weight resting on his&nbsp;hands, Adam lowered himself until his cock was in the girl’s little&nbsp;crotch, then Sharon heard her mother panting as she reached to clutch&nbsp;the big prick. Sharon felt the latex rub over an inner thigh, then it&nbsp;was being guided right to her little gash, and she sighed loudly as she&nbsp;felt it on her sensitive cunt-lips.<br />Adam felt the contact, too. He pushed slowly and heard the girl cry out&nbsp;in ecstasy as she felt prick pushing between the lips of her cunt,&nbsp;stretching her hole as the head slipped slowly inside. Crouched close&nbsp;by, her mother stared in awe and excitement as she saw how Adam’s dick&nbsp;changed her daughter’s slit into a big circle. She watched, panting, as&nbsp;he fed cock into the young virgin’s little cunt.<br />Little-girl hands clutched at Adam’s body as cries of joy filled the&nbsp;room. Then the head of his cock found her barrier and pushed gently.&nbsp;Her cherry felt thin, he thought, as though it would break easily.&nbsp;Hoping that was the case, he smiled down at the girl as strong hip&nbsp;muscles bunched; then he drove ahead with his cock, and it barely&nbsp;hesitated at the barrier before it went all the way into her hole and&nbsp;her virginity was a thing of the past. To his delight, he saw that her&nbsp;cherry broke even more easily than his daughter’s had. She barely cried&nbsp;out at all as her arms wrapped tightly around him and she moaned as he&nbsp;fed the rest of his prick into the tightness of her little cunt.<br />Then he was fucking her with long, slow strokes while her mother found&nbsp;and caressed his hairy balls and sent a finger into her own cunt to&nbsp;diddle herself as she watched her delighted daughter taking her first&nbsp;fuck, her little legs spread wide. Mary heard the sound of sweaty&nbsp;bodies rubbing together, and she trembled at the sight and wild sounds&nbsp;of the big man fucking the excited little girl, her own beloved&nbsp;daughter.<br />Although he did his best to slow down, Adam knew he didn’t have a&nbsp;chance, given the stimulation of the tight cunt and the caressing of&nbsp;his balls. When he felt his load building, he knew it would be futile&nbsp;to fight it, so he pressed down on Sharon and began riding hard and&nbsp;fast. Then he was jerking in her crotch and his sperm was shooting&nbsp;strongly.<br />&quot;Oh, Adam, you wonderful lover,&quot; Sharon told him a little later when he&nbsp;got off her and sat beside her, smiling as he rubbed her tummy, &quot;that&nbsp;was so great. I wish I could grow another cherry right now so you could&nbsp;fuck me again and take it from me.&quot;<br />Both adults hugged the girl warmly, and they shared the golden glow&nbsp;which seemed to bathe the room and, perhaps, the whole world, Sharon&nbsp;thought.

Erotic Novels

Sun, 09 Sep 2012 14:34:14 UTC

Acidfuck Part 1

Let me tell you that we don’t get to the sexy part right away. Rest assured I will be fucking and sucking and all that good shit in a short while, but first we have to cover the drugs. Come on, you know you love that shit. This is a long one, so settle in.

Now on with the story. LSD doesn’t feel like it looks in the movies. It’s a psychedelic, not a hallucinogenic, and that is absolutely crucial to understand. There are no snakes crawling down the walls, the people around you don’t turn into fish and their words don’t become the lyrics of a Jimi Hendrix song. Or at least, not on any trip I’ve had. Maybe on a really fucked up trip where you combined it with another drug you might see that shit, but not on the beautiful ride of psychedelic euphoria that I’m familiar with.

I was a hardcore stoner since 16, which was unusual for the girls in my town, and especially unusual for the Asians. I’m not a hundred percent Asian, I’m mixed race. My mom is a ginger so I came out as a white girl with jet black hair, thin Asian eyes, and fucking freckles. Hilarious I know, but I’ve grown to love my distinct appearance. Another benefit of not being a pure Asian is that I didn’t land with those tiny Asian tits (no offense ladies). My boobs aren’t huge though. I rock a set of 34Cs, and I think they’re the perfect size. Just a little more than a handful, but still perky and firm. Fuck yeah.

The guys in high school gravitated towards me and thought it was badass that I smoked weed. I’d join them behind the gym during our lunch period and light up a doobie. Sometimes I’d go back there with just one guy, and we’d make out furiously between hits. Once I went back there and got finger banged so hard I could barely stand. Taking a world history test after lunch was hard as fuck that day.

I never ventured beyond ganja in high school, not much else was available where I lived, but when I went off to college at UC Berkeley, a whole new world opened up. No I didn’t start doing blow and mainlining heroin on a daily basis, none of that shit. I looked at drugs as an opportunity to expand my consciousness and appreciate the world in ways I could never fathom otherwise. I wasn’t looking to get hooked on a rush, I wanted something that lingered within me and sought to unearth a fundamental level of inner peace.

Everyone’s gotta start with shrooms, it’s the classic beginner hallucinogen, you try salvia too, which is legal basically everywhere by the way. We could walk down to any of the myriad smoke shops near the Cal campus and pick up some serious shit to blow our fucking minds. It was awesome. Acid was on my agenda from the first day. I love acid culture, the late 60s, the rebellious outside appearance with a soft and peaceful core. I was a glutton for the whole affair: Easy Rider, the Grateful Dead, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and have you even heard of the Quicksilver Messenger Service? A friend told me to read the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test, and four chapters into the book I knew that I needed LSD in my head ASAP.

The only thing holding me back was finding some quality acid. You’d think it would be really easy in Berkeley, but my freshman social circle wasn’t familiar enough with the lay of the land to find me the drug I so desired. A chance meeting at a party answered my prayers.

I was hanging out on the outskirts of the crowd. I just watched the happenings for a while, the people drinking and dancing. I’m a people-watcher for sure. When I got bored I reached into my purse and retrieved a gorgeous blunt I’d rolled a few hours before.

"Need a light?"

I looked up to see a blonde dude I’d never met before. Just under six feet tall. I don’t care too much. If a few inches are the determining factor in your taste in men, fuck you, you materialistic cunt. And don’t get mad at my language, I have my opinions and I want you to know about them.

The dude lit up my blunt and I took a deep breath in. Good shit. A strain called Charlie Sheen. Can you fucking believe it? I took another look at him: brightly colored tee shirt with day-goo pineapples on it. Weird but kind of sick, and messy hair, wavy and longer than most guys’ though not quite shoulder length. And he had an extremely youthful face, with soft cheeks and pink lips. He kept looking at me as I smoked.

"Wanna hit?" I asked.

"Sure thing, thanks."

He took two hits. Puff, puff, pass. This dude knows the drill.

"That’s good shit," he said, "You know your ganja."

"Yeah I’m a stoner. Can’t hide the truth."

"No need to. We’re the most fun people to be around."

"That’s for sure."

"You do anything besides weed?" He asked.

"I’ve done shrooms and salvia, but lately I’ve been trying to get my hands on some acid."

"Well shit, you just met the right dude, I got a great hookup, serious shit. Here, lemme give you my number and you can hit me up whenever you want some. I’m E by the way."

"I’m Amy."

I wanted to drop acid right then and there, but I had a busy week ahead, and I knew I needed to be as relaxed as possible to have a really good trip. So the next Friday, I texted E.

"You free to trip tomorrow?"

"Hell yeah. Meet me at my apartment by noon at the latest. It’s an eight hour ride and you’ll enjoy it more if it’s light out."

Did I tell you he’s a sophomore, cuz that’s important. That’s why he has an apartment off campus. Sweet deal, two roommates, but a bedroom all to himself. I envied him. My roommate was a square for sure.

E opened the door and greeted my with a toothy grin. He wore shorts and a tee shirt with some crazy M.C. Escher tessellation shit on it. He had green mirrored sunglasses. If he were in a crowd of a hundred people and someone asked you to point out the stoner, you point to him without a moment’s hesitation. "That’s the man. He’s tripping balls for sure."

"My roommates are gone in the city today," he told me, "We have the run of the house, come on in."

It was dank inside, they would have to air it out for a solid month to get the weed smell out, but I love that kind of shit. He took me to his room. There were posters in bright day-goo colors all over the walls.

"You know Quicksilver Messenger Service?" I asked.

"You bet! I’ve never met anyone else my age who’s heard of them!"

"Me neither!"

He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a ziplock sandwich bag. Inside were two tiny white paper squares.

"Here’s our ride," he said.

I eyed them closely. Not the brightly colored cartoon-covered tabs I thought they might be, but I trusted them.

"Open." He commanded.

I did as he instructed and he gently placed the tab under my tongue. His fingers were soft. I shuddered slightly at his touch. He placed his own tab under his tongue and proceed to give me the proper instructions, though his voice was muffled by the fact that he couldn’t lift his tongue.

"You gotta keepf it under yooour tongue foor fisteen minuss." He struggled to say. I giggled at his slurred speech.

Fifteen minutes later we swallowed the tabs and E told me we were going to Grizzly Peak, just above the Cal campus, to get in touch with nature.

"Trust me," he said, "green is gonna blow your mind."

The next hour took ages. I was so ready for the trip, so excited, I just could wait any longer. We drove up the hill to Grizzly Peak, then he parked the car and we started to hike into the woods of Tilden Park. He assured me that this was a quiet trail, and that we wouldn’t be disturbed.

Soon we are surrounded by a green canopy of trees. And a calm surrounds us.

"You should feel it soon," he tells me.

It is as if his words have just flipped on a light switch deep within me. A tingle starts in my fingers and toes and starts to watch intently towards my torso.

"Yeah I think I am, " I say. "Feels like I’m getting high."

"For now it does," E says. "Just wait and see what happens next."



The tingle hits the very core of my being and swells like a great big balloon. Soon I feel that it is a water balloon, yes a great big turquoise water balloon inside of me filled with sweet warm water. Then it pops, and the waves wash through all of my veins and arteries. (Can you tell I’m tripping now?)

I look at E and he looks back and we smile as wide as we ever have. Without sharing a single sound, we understand that we are on the exact same plane of consciousness, gliding parallel to each other, heading through a mental wormhole to a place that too few people will ever know.

We are running, dancing, gliding across the dirt and the grass. A clearing lays ahead of us, a beautiful tall redwood. We stop in awe of this majestic creature, we hold the trunk and feel it breath.

"I want to get closer to it." I tell E.

"Me too," he says. "Let’s hold the bark against our bare skin."

I need no further instruction. My shirt is off and now my shorts. His come off with equal speed and we catch a glimpse of each other in our underwear. He’s a little odd, with skinny arms and legs but a slightly pudgy stomach, but I loved it, it was real. I like soft men. I’m a slightly curvy girl (I’m a very healthy weight, but I have wider hips than most Asian girls), but fuck it all I’ve never felt so goddam hot and he looks so perfect to me right now. I slide my panties off, revealing a triangle of neatly trimmed black hair. I look up. E has his boxers on but I can see the head of his dick pocking out. Uncircumcised. For some reason I totally vibe with that right now, it’s natural, untouched my meddlesome human hands. I want to see it all.

"Come on," I say. "You too."

He laughs and slides the boxers off. Now that’s a boner for sure. 7 hard inches. It might not be a pornstar prick but I don’t want a fucking fireplace log in my pussy. He’s got perfect girth and his balls are hanging low on this warm Autumn afternoon.

"Now you have to finish," he instructs.

I oblige and remove my bra. He grins at the sight of my perky tits. We stand for I don’t know how long, appreciating our bodies. Everything around us is shimmering, glowing, bright and ultra-saturated. The light shines on our pale skin and illuminates us like angels.

I realize I am laughing and E is too and we run to the redwood and hug it. Its bark is cool and damp and fuzzy. I sink into the trunk as each tiny tickling furry inch of bark grabs ahold of my skin like microscopic tentacles and pulls me closer.

LOVE! Pure love not for any one individual or any one thing but for everything and anything that is and has ever been and will ever be. I love life and I have never felt so close to the essence of life than I do now, in the embrace of this majestic tree.

I want to grow closer to life! I want to grow closer to the human spirit. To feel skin on skin! So I unstick myself from this bark and brush the membranes of the tree from my skin. I look and see that E is still in the trunk of the tree. I patch of bright white against a vast slate of red and brown. I call to him, and he slides away from the tree, brushing membranes away into the earth beneath him.

He turns and I see that his penis is flaccid, swaying in a slow motion arc as his body swivels to meet mine.

I approach him, forcing him to back up against the massive redwood. His back sinks deep into the welcoming embrace of the natural world as I press my body against his. I feel our skin collide and one thousand nerve ending stand at attention. I sweep my fingers along the fine white hairs that coat his forearms. He shudders as I skate along his body. Oh how stupid it seems that we teach ourselves to believe in specific “erogenous zones”. The whole body is an erogenous zone and as I sweep by nerve bundles across his I feel the liquid within my body stir and come to life, rushing through my veins and arteries and beneath my skin and through the walls of my vagina. I hear a drop of myself fall from the lips of my pussy and collide with the warm ground.

I slide my hand along every pore of his torso until I feel the soft clingy tingle of his neatly trimmed pubic hair. I take the next inch as slowly as I can, watching as his eyes lose focus and roll away with pleasure. His boner is back and in full force. I kneel down to greet its majesty face to face. His pink head is just poking out of its sheath, so I reach up and gently push the foreskin back. The rays of the sun bounce off the slippery tip of his dick and I get lost in a rainbow speck swirling next to his dickhole. I want to taste that rainbow (haha Skittles joke I get it, but seriously, I wanted to lick that rainbow right off his dick). So I let my tongue roll out and flick across his glistening pink head. Instantly, his whole body electrifies and he lets out a long, deep moan that bursts forth from some deep forgotten place within our lungs.

It tastes unbelievable; it tastes like nothing I’ve ever tasted before (and I’ve sucked a few dicks in my time). It tastes like goosebumps and warm April rain and I want to get to know it better. I slide my lips down his shaft and feel every tingling pore on my tastebuds. He runs his fingers through my hair and it feels like he is reaching straight through my skull into my brain, fingering all the buttons that make me shiver with excitement. That really gets me going and I deepthroat him hard, his hot shaft becoming an extension of my tongue playing along the delicate nerves packed tight within his smooth soft head. He reaches down and twirls his finger around my left nipple. Good god. Every motion he makes sends an electric surge through my nerves lighting up my brain and soaking my pussy. Even the feeling of his dick on my tongue is illuminating my body.

When he cums, he doesn’t make a sound, but I feel a cry of pure pleasure deep within his body as the flow of warmth coats my tongue. For the first time ever, I want to swallow it all, to have the essence of a human being slide down my throat and nourish me.

He steps forward and pushes me back against the trunk of the tree. I know that he wants me to sit, so I do. He gets down on the ground and spreads my legs. My pussy opens wide and I feel his breath light up the sacred space between my thighs. It activates everything, and when he flicks his tongue across my clit, my body launches into warp speed.

I’m a horny bitch and I love it when I get my pussy eaten out, but never before has it felt like this. I don’t know if he’s doing anything different than what the other guys have done, but it feels like his mouth was made for my pleasure. His tongue explores every nerve ending with confidence and poise as his lips move across my tender flesh in an ancient dance born long ago in the annals of time.

At some point I feel my pussy become a completely independent entity, commutating with E’s tongue and lips. It told him what to do and he followed its instructions obediently and expertly. I can still feel the pleasurable sensation of his mouth on my flesh, but my mind seems to float away and become an observer, watching as my pussy and E’s mouth become partners in an exotic dance, moving to a rhythm only they can understand.

Suddenly I feel my mind sucked back into my head and then get pulled further down into my body. All of my blood vessels and nerve endings detach from their usual positions and get sucked up into my core. Everything builds up inside of me and then rushes straight down until the entirety of my being is concentrated in my clit. One more stroke of his tongue and I explode with unprecedented pleasure, an orgasm that comes flowing in shockwaves through my clit and the walls of my soaking wet pussy. My body shakes and my pussy relaxes and I lay there, panting, staring into E’s deep green eyes.

We share a tender smile and our lips lock in passion. Tongues discovering corners we had never before found within ourselves. Micro-orgasms explode in my lips and I feel a level of connection I’d never known before.

Footsteps in the bushes pull our focus away from this beautiful moment and we glimpse a couple approaching in the distance. We dash behind the tree and E starts to get dressed. I reluctantly follow his lead. He notices the disappointment in my eyes and whispers in my ear.

“Remember, my roommates aren’t home.”

I light up again and finish dressing. We step out from behind the tree just as the couple reaches the clearing. They are older, middle-aged I guess, and I see in their faces a sense of boredom, like their lives have plateaued and there is no more novelty in their monotonous daily grind. These people need a surprise!

I lift up my shirt and snap off my bra. I shake my tits at them and throw the bra into the man’s hands. E and I burst out laughing and take off running.

We pass his car and keep running down the hill. We run and run in the direction of his apartment, where our adventure will continue.

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Tue, 28 Jul 2015 20:25:08 UTC

Jim’s Girl

<p style="margin-bottom: 0in">She kissed my lips and it felt like my heart flew out of my chest and landed on a cloud. Her long dark brown hair blew in the wind as the sun highlighted her full face, her ice blue eyes sparkled like a million diamonds. I watched as she sat there waiting for the bus, putting a thin layer of gloss on her full bubble gum pink lips. Emily was my dream, and to see her in her full glory makes my cock stiffen still. She stood up as her short red pleated skirt blew up into the wind, she giggled and pushed it back down, I saw her white cotton boy shorts she had on since last night. As the bus arrived she turned around and waved at me she shouted as she got on, &ldquo;Kevin I’ll call you after school!&rdquo; That was the first time Emily has ever spent the night over my house and if I could help it, it would not be the last, boy was that a night to remember. My first time with my best friends daughter.</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in"><br /> </p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">Hi I’m Kevin Doytal, I’m forty two, medium to muscular build. 6 foot even with dark brown hair 9 inch cock , no gray hairs, &hellip; yet. I’m in love with my best friends daughter, and have been since Emily was six years old, now that she has blossomed into a young curvy seventeen year old woman, I love her all the more. She is the reason I never married, I always dreamed of Emily being my significant other but, at once she has always just been a fraction of my age and I thought she could have never loved me as much as I loved, and adored her. That was until last night, I’ve always noticed that my young sweet delicate Emily has had a thing for older men but, I had no idea just how much older.</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in"><br /> </p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">Last week my best friend Jim had to leave town on a business trip. Leaving Emily at her cousin Michelle’s house for the week. Unfortunately, Michelle came down with a bad case of pneumonia, putting her in the hospital. Emily being left all alone, her father called me and asked if I mind taking care if her for a day or two, I jumped at the opportunity. So many thoughts of the beautiful supple British teen ran through my mind, as my dick hardened, I realized that I was still on the phone with her father. I quickly rushed him off the phone to let my mind run free with his daughters big voluptuous d cups completely exposed, with her tiny tummy quivering, I enjoyed the thoughts of her rubbing her plump little fair toned unshaven pussy. With her every stroke and rub, I jerked my cock harder with her every moan, I went faster. I imagined Emily was riding my dick, I could almost smell her soft apple scented hair hit my face and see as her beautiful breast bounced while,her hips propelled her pussy further on my prick. Emily was all I could think of as my dick stiffened I let out a loud grunt and thick sloppy streams spunk covered my walls, I realized what a big mess my house was and began to clean.</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in"><br /> </p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">A few hours later as I vacuumed the last spot in my two story house a ring of my door bell, Emily had arrived. I quickly ran back into my room combed back my short brown hair threw on a pair of dark blue basket ball shorts and a clean t shirt sprayed my best smelling cologne on and went to open the door the dark haired beauty with the long legs, was chewing a piece of bubble gum and said, &ldquo;hey Uncle Kevin so you gonna help me with my bags?&rdquo; Although I was no relation to Emily she called me her uncle; I picked up her bags and brought them into the house. Emily was wearing an oversized sweat shirt that fell off her shoulder exposing her creamy fare skin and a bit of her blue bra strap, a pair of extremely tight black jeans that outlined the contours of her sweet pussy lips and, a pair of navy blue flip flops she had on no make up with her mid back length hair tied up in a loose bun showing of her beautiful face she had chubby cheeks some baby fat she had yet to get rid of.</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in"><br /> </p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">I tried my hardest to control my massive raging boner as Emily leaned in for a hug I could fee her large firm breast squashing against my chest and smell her cinnamon perfume and my cock stiffened I had to push her away to adjust my self in my basketball shorts she looked at me with a puzzled uncertain look and asked, &ldquo;Uncle Kev you OK&rdquo; I quickly replied &ldquo;yes dear just had to fix something.&rdquo;</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in">We began talking at first it was everyday things like school how’s her grades then the subject of boys came up, then she told me that she wanted to tell me something.</p> <p style="margin-bottom: 0in"> TO BE CONTINUED</p>

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Sat, 01 Sep 2012 15:22:18 UTC

Burglary with benefits

During a simple burglary, anything can happen, yes, Anything!
Sneaky 22, Picker 24
Jasmine Hawley 30, Naomi Kraus 32
Chapter 1: Jasmine

The dead bolt was the first challenge, but Picker had earned his name for a particular talent he had. With the skills learned in the trade school he had attended, locksmithing now his trade, Picker eased the one inch long shaft back out of the door jamb. That job had taken almost 41 seconds to accomplish, not a record by any means but suitable for this brand of lock. He was pleased, the harder of the two was free of the steel plate that retained it. Now the keyed-alike door knob needed to be attended to. "One down", Picker whispered to his accomplice, then replaced the key chain to his mouth and aimed the beam to the brass knob. The illumination from the single LED was enough to show the full detail of the key slot at close range, yet not so bright as to alert the neighbors.

As he steadied his hand to do the job, Sneaky turned his head away to scan the area for any sign of trouble. The six foot high board fence of the back yard kept the two semi-secluded, but he could see if there was any movement by watching the spacing between the pickets. Nothing moved in the alley, not even a prowling cat at this early hour. He scanned … no motion under the street lamp a half block away. In fact, the street light was nearly enough to cover the brilliance of the flash light. "Everything’s kosher!", Sneaky stated as he gave his partner a ‘thumbs up’.

The other man began his second duty. Picker attacked the door knob lock with skill. The left hand held firm tension on the knob while the right hand raked the picking tool through the sequence. Like a master thief with a combination lock on a safe, this man could ‘feel’ the sections of the knob as the pins fell into place. He wished that he had a ‘lock release’ that the police used for such a deed, but possessing one without a badge and a search warrant to back it up was a federal offense. Still, it was on his list of tools to own and if he could steal one, he’d do it. Picker had all the confidence in the world as last tumbler slipped into place and the knob turned. He had succeeded in opening it on the first pass … total time lapse from start to finish, about ten seconds. The tension he was holding on the knob released the latch and it slid back to clear its own striker plate. The door was eased open a quarter of an inch and listened. No alarm went off. He felt carefully for a chain, but no safety was in place. That meant that the occupants were very careless or … as planned … neither of the ladies were home.

"We’re in", Picker said quietly to his partner. He used the can of spray oil to saturate the hinges through the opening he had made. The velocity of the spray would make the substance follow around the edge and find the metal parts of the door. Although they had cased the joint several times to get the occupants living pattern, even seen the two working women leave earlier by separate vehicles, there would be no chances taken here. On one previous job they had discovered that weekend visitors occupied the space … very embarrassing and quite risky. That burglary ended in a hasty get-away with no loot. This time the pair had taken extra precautions. No one would be here … they had made sure of that earlier in the evening.

Picker and Sneaky slid effortlessly through the back door of the house and latched it behind them. The dead bolt would stay unlocked, should they need to make a quick escape. The guys found themselves in the kitchen area. The LED light was aimed quickly around the space. Although this was a rather nice place, it was not one of the elite or there would have been motion sensing lights outside and perhaps an alarm system to override before picking the locks.

Those were always a challenge and Picker loved it when he could successfully bypass a system. To do so he’d pose as a salesman and arrive in the afternoon or early evening hours when there was just a little daylight. The motion lights could be taken out with a BB gun or air pistol. One little ‘plink’ and then the neighborhood kids would get in trouble for busting the light bulbs as a prank. The security codes were often as easy to get … just use the 50 power telescope to zoom in on the occupant as he or she coded it into the pad … or, he’d done it twice now … mount a battery powered 900 megahertz camera on the entry porch awning over the pad and simply video tape the resident and the code at the same time. And shooting down at a steep angle often netted some other ‘interesting’ moments … like checking out a woman’s boobs in a loose fitting blouse when she was casual and not paying any attention to the matter!

Now inside this pair’s residence, there was no need to look in the kitchen drawers first. The idea that ‘silverware’ contained real silver these days was a falsehood left over from the days of kings and queens. Table utensils of today needed to be re-labeled ‘stainless wear’, or in a one home these two had visited of late, ‘plastic wear’. The newlyweds of that residence provided nothing but a little pocket change, a pair of cultured diamond earrings … cubic zirconium … and some sexy women’s undies. Still, the panties provided a couple hours of use before being returned to the new wife‘s drawer!

Silver had gone out of style mainly because of the rising cost of the metal and the fact that it needed to be polished often to retain its luster. Jasmine and Naomi could probably afford the real stuff, but they had no need to show off. Their jewelry and their clothing and cars said it all for them. Both men had observed how they lived … all part of the men’s trade of being professional burglars.

Picker slid his own flashlight from one hand to the other and slipped the lock picks back into his pocket. The single AAA battery was all it took to light up the key chain LED and in a dark house it provided substantial lighting. He snickered, "gotta love these. And to think that they only cost a buck. If only the Chinese knew what they were providing us cheap Americans with … " Sneaky returned, "cut the chatter." He wanted to get down to business. They could converse about the economy later … after they had lifted all of the valuable jewelry from the bedrooms.

Down the hallway the two men split up. Picker took the first room. He had seen the occupant in here after her shift … watched her tug the curtains halfway closed for privacy so she could get undressed and ready for a shower or for bed. Jasmine worked a later shift than the other, Naomi, so at 3 a.m. she had not taken every precaution to hide her body from a determined peeping Tom. Jasmine Hawley, a 30 year old black woman, had a beautiful body. Her proportions were correct in every sense of the word. This lady could have passed for a model instead of being a night clerk at the local convenience store where Picker had first noticed her. He was patient, done his research to see how ‘rich’ she was. He’d observed her jewelry on a date with another man … diamonds and white gold were her favorites. She’d not be wearing them tonight. No woman flashed that kind of stuff around in a convenience store at ANY hour, nor did she want it stolen right from her body during a robbery on the way to the car.

Jasmine had been married once, still had the wedding photo of her and her husband on the night stand. No man had been seen on the premises at any time, save for an occasional date picking her up, so the husband was obviously out of her life. Picker wasn’t sure if the guy had died or if the couple had simply parted. Fortunately, no children had blessed their home. Now the woman shared this house with another equally attractive black lady. Sneaky was in HER bedroom at that very moment.

Picker looked around the room quickly. On the floor was the lingerie she had hastily shed tonight so she would be on time for work. He picked up the bra to analyze it. Silky with lacy trim. The tag indicated that she was a 36-B. That’s one reason he had chosen her room over the other … Picker loved to date women with smaller breasts. They were always more firm than a chick with "C" tits that often sagged when standing or oozed into a puddle when she was laying naked on her back for the obvious reason. This man’s fetish was that he liked to get ALL of a female’s milk factory in his mouth at once. "B" worked good to that end. "C" tits were nice, but often too much. And then there were the "D" boobs that he’d seen on chunky ladies in the past. He’d photographed one while getting her security code and thought her bust was novel. Novel enough to sneak back to observe her at bedtime … with a man present. He remembered how they hung down when the support of her bra was removed. That gal’s huge size caused her nipples to look down at the floor while she was yet standing. And when the two wanted to play sex games … oh, to see her on her hands and knees with the big jugs swinging below her chest was indeed a turn on. To watch them getting groped and the meat jiggling back and forth like bags of Jell-O when getting screwed from behind … a true delight. But Picker wasn’t into pornographic movies for sale, so huge boobs were just that … a novelty … he simply preferred the ‘younger’ look of a "B" sized breast. Complete, firm and edible!

He put the garment back on the floor where it had been found. He’d steal some of her clean lingerie and maybe a nightie, too, for dress up night. Those would be fun to own, however tonight he was primarily here for valuables. He looked around. As carelessly as she had dealt with her clothing, the jewelry was more delicately handled. He found a ring on the night stand, but nothing more. Looking in the closet on the top shelf he found a locked box. It measured about 6 by 8 by 4 inches high. He had seen her after a date, smiling and carelessly opening it to put her necklace in. It would be there now, so he didn’t bother opening the box … just stuffed it into his black bag. The highly decorated box itself would be a keep sake to store her under garments in … after the jewelry was removed and sold. Picker enjoyed having a trinket or a memento around to remember each victim by, and he definitely wanted to remember this beauty.

He’d have been in more of a hurry, but Ms. Hawley had several hours of work yet ahead of her. On the other hand, Naomi Kraus worked at a department store. That 32 year old colored lady would be off shift in a couple of hours. Picker checked the wall pictures for a hidden safe, but found was none. He moved silently out of Jasmine’s bedroom into the living room to do the same.

Sneaky’s job on this caper was to check out Naomi Kraus’ bedroom. He looked intently for her valuables and found a pair of earrings, a bracelet, an anklet, and a necklace … all representing a matching set. He figured them to be sterling silver with pearl insets. He held one up to his ear and shined the LED light on his face. He smiled as the light radiated from the single bulb into the mirror. He’d wear them on dress up day. As a matching set, these items would bring in a lot of spending money when the crook fenced them. He looked on, finding more jewelry items in the unlocked drawer of her night stand. This woman was rather careless with her possessions, but that just made Sneaky’s job all the easier. He searched the carpeted floor to make sure nothing was hiding there. At times before he had felt bulges under his tennie runners, and upon investigation, located additional lost earrings. Kraus’s bedroom, however, was clean of that.

Sneaky was still going through Naomi’s belongings when Picker detected the lights of a car. He stayed motionless to see if it would pass the house. It did not. Instead, the lights turned into the drive and the engine was stopped. "We’ve got company", he whispered, hoping that Sneaky would hear the man. Picker slid the drape to the side to see if a security company had sent a man in response to a silent alarm. He was sure that no such alarm system was in place, but there had been that once instance when the fact had been over looked, resulting in a confrontation with a private cop. The two had gotten out of the residence, but not without having to cold cock the guy. His knuckles had been bruised in the confrontation and left him sore and out of commission for nearly two weeks. He didn’t want that … not again! His fingers needed to be free of damage so he could ‘feel’ the tumblers, so now he carried pepper spray and a stun gun as a backup.

Picker’s heart was racing as he viewed the automobile lights being turned out. That would not have been the policy of a rent-a-cop. In the light of the front porch, Picker could see the shape and recognized the familiar walk of a woman. If not before, his heart began to pound hard in his chest. SHE was home early! He contemplated his options … should they run and hope to get free of the back door in time? Not enough time. He didn’t know if Sneaky had heard his distress call, and since the man wasn’t here now … he was probably still rummaging for fine jewelry in Naomi’s room. In desperation he turned the unlocked dead bolt back into the locked position, leaving nothing that would provide a warning that someone had been here.

Time ran out. She was already unlocking the front dead bolt. Her key turned the matching lock on the knob and Jasmine entered her home as before. She’d experienced the sniffles tonight so her manager had sent her home … much unexpected by the pair that was robbing her of her life’s collection of goodies. Picker wished for a mask of some kind, a pair of nylons … hers would work well … but it was too late for that. The front door opened.

He expected to see the blinding flash of the overhead lights, but Jasmine sneezed and missed the light switch with her hand as she closed the door. What was the crook to do now? He made a rash decision and swung his weighted black bag at the lady’s head. There was the sound of a muted clunk and the music of castanets as it struck her in the forehead. Hopefully he had not damaged any of his take … her jewelry … or it wouldn’t be as good a heist as planned earlier. Her body was cast backwards against the wall, making a clunk of it’s own as her head hit the wall, then she slowly slumped over onto the floor. How ironic, her own jewelry box had knocked her out.

Picker began to panic. Did he have time to collect his partner and depart the premises before she woke up? He’d not heard from Sneaky since the man had gone into Naomi’s bedroom, so perhaps the job was not complete. With Jasmine unconscious, there WAS a way to extend the time limit … by tying her up and gagging her … mostly gagging the dame so she couldn’t scream. The man could always contain her with his strength if need be. Picker felt behind his back for the curtain as he decided on the latter of the two options. He slid the tie back free and reached to her hair. He grasped it crudely and lifted her face from the carpet, then forced her jaw down and inserted the cloth as a ball. The woman was now gagged, but not very securely. She could still spit it out if she regained her senses.

Sneaky’s light shown and Picker turned to hear his partner ask, "what the hell’s going on out here?" "Had some unexpected company arrive!" "You said that there would be no one home?" Picker justified his position, "she wasn’t supposed to be here for hours! Usually gets off at 2. Something must have gone wrong tonight. Are you done in there?" Sneaky held up his own bag of goodies, "got a nice haul, but there’s probably more. Haven’t looked everywhere yet. We leaving with what we got or staying to ransack the joint first?" Picker slowly caressed Jasmine’s hair, then rubbed his hand over her face and checked her temple. Worry filled his mind when she didn’t respond. He’d never killed anyone before, and this was not a good time to let an innocent victim die. If need be, any question at all about her health, he’d call for an ambulance before departing. "We’ll go in a minute. I hit the dame pretty hard, and I want to make sure she’s all right first."

Sneaky laughed, "you going soft, Picker?" "Not really, but I’ve seen this woman before and she’s a beauty. You want to search some more, I’ll give you another five minutes. In the meantime, I think I’ll tie her up and make her acquaintance. You want to see some black flesh before we go?" "Black is beautiful, so I’ve heard" Sneaky responded, "but let’s just cut out with what we got while the getting’s good." "Go if you want", Picker said, "but I’m going to take a couple more valuables from her and perhaps I’ll stay to adore the woman for a while. This one might be home earlier than expected, but there’s a good two hours before her roomie gets here. You know what I’m thinking?"

Sneaky was nervous about the partner’s lustful suggestion, "come on, Picker. We got some of the jewelry, so let’s make the scene. Anyway, you seen one woman you’ve seen them all. She’s gonna have tits and legs and a butt, just like all the others. Her skin might be dark, her features a bit different, but she’s pink inside, just like all the other women we’ve fucked." Picker knew that his statement was true, but what a delight it would be to wear Jasmine’s undies on dress up night … not the clean ones in her bedroom drawer, but the very ones she had on right now … and to remember having his pecker in her pussy. He could think about how soft and pleasing her breasts were to suck on, her hard nipples to bite and flick, and the feeling of his cock sliding through her warm wet tube, only to ejaculate his cum straight into her warm body.

Sneaky saw his friend’s answer as Picker reached to cut the pull cord loose with his pocket knife. That rope went to her arms, and with her again laying on her face, securing her hands behind her back seemed the natural thing to do. He knelt to bind her arms at the elbows to keep her stretched. Her wrists were bound separately. With lust in his heart the man rolled the dame face up. His hands went to her breasts and he mangled them viciously as he jerked the cloth out of her mouth. He leaned to kiss her on the lips. Jasmine moaned. He should have been more cautious, but he continued to think of lust. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and caressed her own tongue. She didn’t move an more or make any sounds. It was time to ravish her lovely body!

Picker stuffed her mouth again, then lifted her under the shoulders and knees. He carried his catch past Sneaky to her own room and deposited her carcass on the bed. Her blouse was white with green swirls printed on it. Her skirt as black as her skin. She wore nylons and dress shoes, but they were not high heels. Sneaky chuckled, "you’re really gonna screw her?" Picker nodded, "twice if I can! You in or you out?" Sneaky didn’t answer as Picker lifted a leg and removed the maiden’s shoe. He shined his light on the knee that had been exposed as Picker slid his hands under the skirt to reach the top of her nylon. He slid it down slowly, caressing her calf as Sneaky began to get excited, "damn but she really IS a cutie. OK, I go for it, but I get her when you’re done!" "That’s the spirit, my friend. Lift her ass and let’s get her panties off, then we’ll go after her bra."

The two lights were shone onto her hips as the men forced her rump up and slid the skirt high on her body until her black panties were seen. Picker went up under the garment to catch the waist band, and as he pulled, her pubic hair was made visible. She was just as black there as everywhere else, save that when her folds spread Sneaky could see that pink color he’d been talking about. "Nice!", he commented. Sneaky went after the buttons of her blouse as Picker raised up and slid his pants down. He guided the shorts to his knees. His white skin shone brightly in the light of the two LED’s.

As his partner exposed her upper half, Picker lifted the woman’s leg to his shoulder. She was spread out wide now and ready to be taken. He moved his hardening dick up to her slot and raked it between her vaginal folds to get some moisture. He fucked gently against her clitoris and made it begin to swell up. The man didn’t want to waste any time, but what would it hurt if Ms. Jasmine Hawley subconsciously got some fun out of tonight’s adventure, too?

His cock head pressed against her vagina. She was relaxed, so when he pushed, she opened to receive him. Picker made sure that she did exactly that, thrusting until he had slammed his cock head against her cervix. He laid down now, engulfing one of the breasts that his partner had bared. Yes, her size "B" tit fit nicely into his mouth. He sucked and fucked and as the mood hit him, he dragged the cloth out of her mouth for a kiss or two. Jasmine moaned, but didn’t regain consciousness. Only three minutes later, Picker ejaculated.

He wanted to keep his pecker inside her warm space, but by then Sneaky had his pants down and wanted in on the action. Picker slid his cock out of her slippery love tube and moved to her face. Her open mouth accepted the man’s stiff wet shaft and he closed her jaw to make her clean him off. It was in deep when he felt her body lunge. Sneaky had gone inside her cunt in one long thrust. Although Picker had been nice during his rape, Sneaky was just the opposite. He didn’t care about Jasmine Hawley, not one little bit. And since this was his first black woman, he thrust violently to rape her in total domination of her shapely body. Sneaky muttered, "there ought to be a law against black women looking this good!" Picker laughed and thrust his softening cock over Jasmine’s tongue.

She was in a dream state now, feeling the hard bumps against her cervix and her clit, but not yet awake when Sneaky’s seminal discharge entered her vagina. He moaned and fucked and made Picker move aside so he could kiss the dame’s mouth. Somewhere in her mind, Jasmine remembered her last love date … or was it the wedding night? A man’s hands molested her breasts and she moaned all the more as Sneaky slid his cock through her wet interior. Her clit responded. She sensed his cock and tightened her vaginal muscles around his shaft. "How about that, Picker, she’s gonna cum", he said. The woman’s mouth kissed back as her lover took her for his lustful pleasure. Now it didn’t seem like such a bad idea to screw the woman as before. He thrust his hard dick through her tight muscle and listened to her moan as the rapist polished off his first darkie. He had to admit that this black woman was every bit as good for the purpose as any white or oriental or Hispanic … and he’d had those for bed partners already.

Sneaky was still laying on the woman’s half naked body when she opened her eyes. The two LED lights had been aimed at her pretty face to give any tell tale notice of her consciousness. Those brilliant devices were blinding her. She closed her eyes and heard a voice, "almost done, baby. Just lay still and enjoy it some more." She felt the last kiss being applied. Instinctively she kissed back, making Sneaky’s day! But a millisecond later she realized what was going on … she figured out that this was NOT a dream. She knew the feeling of a man laying on her tummy. "No!", she groaned when their lips parted. She gained her senses and opened her mouth wide to scream, but Picker gagged her with the cloth and simultaneously put a hand over her eyes. "You don’t need to see us, baby. Just lay still and we’ll give you another orgasm." Jasmine struggled, but that hurt. She quickly found that she could not move her arms or hands. A voice said, "lay still, sweetheart, or we’ll have to hurt you." A hand slapped her face and she moaned, then realized that she was tied up and there were two distinct voices, two men in control.

"I want to eat her while she’s still hot", Picker said. "Have at her", Sneaky replied. Fucking the woman into a spasm while she was half conscious was the highlight of his evening … even better than finding those pearls laying about. He slid his dick out of her cunt. She tried to close her legs, but each man had a hold of one to keep her open wide. She bucked her hips, but that only excited Picker all the more. He buried his face into her muff and Jasmine cried out in the gag and tried to thrash about. It was no use. His mouth covered her pubic mound and his tongue licked her on the swollen clitoris. She’d not had sex for a while, so the stimulation … especially right after that first orgasm … felt absolutely wonderful. She wouldn’t have told the attackers that on a bet, even if her mouth was free and she could talk. She couldn’t.

Words didn’t need to be expressed for the man at her crotch to read her body. She had tried to kick him at first, but now Jasmine’s crotch was full of excitement and she lay nearly still, her knees out to the side and her ankles crossed under the man’s chest. He was tickling her feet and eating on her pussy. Both sent electrical shocks up and down her spine … and through her tummy. She couldn’t figure it out. His finger entered her twat, yet her lover was taking time to lick her clit frequently. She felt the wonderful sensation building and began to coo, not realizing that they could hear her doing it. His mouth covered her twat and he sucked. His tongue jutted inside and he extracted the very semen he and his friend had ejaculated into her. Without hope of an escape from this unwanted duty she laid still and let the man consume her body fluids as he wished.

Jasmine felt a mouth cover her breast. He sucked gently now, fondling the other tit with tender strokes that turned her on. Although Sneaky had fucked her hard and taken her in lust, she had been excited by it all … even to the point of their mutual enjoyment. He had his glory already, so why not make her happy that she had come home early? She felt his kisses on her shoulders, then her neck, and then the side of her mouth. He said, "no noise or it will go bad for you! Lay still for us. You understand?" He saw her head moving up and down. They couldn’t see that it was throbbing from being smacked by the jewelry box. Sneaky slowly moved the gag out of her mouth, trusting her to be quiet, and he slipped it up over her eyes as a wet rag. Jasmine could have shaken it free to look at her lover’s face but she knew better. If she saw the men, she might be silenced in a way that didn’t allow her to wake up, and there was no way for her to prevent a bad act from taking place. Her elbows felt the pressure as she struggled and her forehead already throbbed from the impact she’d received earlier. There was no way out of this deal on her part, and no need to make it worse.

A voice by her ear said, "no biting. Give me what I want. Be nice and we will, too." When she sensed his breath over her face, the black woman knew what he wanted. He kissed her. She parted her lips and kissed back. It wasn’t all that bad, the man’s love attention. She felt hands going under her rump, then lifting her ass off the bed and the other man’s tongue probed into her pussy as deeply as the tongue that now probed into her mouth. She moaned. It was so nice to be loved softly by the pair, that if these two kept it up, she’d cum again.

It was nearly like the night before her wedding. Her bachelorette party had turned into a drinking contest, and when the girlfriends had all gone, two male friends of her intended husband entered the picture. She was found on the couch. They checked her out, kissed her by force. She couldn’t stop them. Then the promised woman was dragged off into the bedroom. The men laughed and explained that she was to be had for the last time before being married. Jasmine drifted in and out for a while as her clothes were opened, not believing that these guys were sucking her tits, both at once and she was liking the strange new feeling. When she felt her panties being felt over, she pleaded, but her fiancée’s friends had no mercy. She couldn’t defend herself, and even began to laugh as they stripped her body of the garments, then laid her out and began their chore.

One fucked her in front and rolled her body onto his, so the other guy could enter her in back. She remembered the back door love affair clearly, because he was very forceful. It had been the first time she’d been sodomized … but that had opened a whole new world for her … it had not been the last time she submitted her ass for anal sex. Her lovers kissed her and felt her and sucked her. She was beyond the ‘innocent fiancée’ stage, so she began to get turned on. Then she began to participate. Her body climaxed frequently … they made sure she did. Between the two of them, it had been a wonderful love affair that went on for hours. They’d traded off, of course, breeding the naked woman repeatedly until only two hours before her wedding. She’d sobered up by the last event, but let them do what they wanted as a parting gift. Jasmine had never reported that closing party event to anyone before, especially not to her husband. Of course he might have noticed that her cunt was very juicy on their wedding night, but he never said anything about it. It was their little secret … the three of them.

Even after the honeymoon, she got visited … even captured by his two buddies and taken to their pad for more lust when her man was out of town. She seemed to get VERY excited by the thought of their ‘two on one’ love events. Sure, she had cheated on him, moments before and hardly a month after their wedding day. But the woman found their love making so intense to be held helpless and fucked that she had to let them take her. Those days were years in the past, but now they seemed to be back! She was having another ‘two on one’ affair and loved it. Had the guys come back for her after the divorce? Why now? It had been three years. They had wives and children of their own and no reason to betray their families. No, it wasn’t them. The style of these guys was entirely different, and neither of them were probing at her ass hole. These were two new lovers. Two new and very exciting lovers. She laid still to let them take her as they wanted.

"That’s a girl. Be good for us and we’ll be nice to you. You ready to get the rest of these clothes off, Jasmine?", Picker asked. Sneaky added, "no noise, full cooperation, and don’t remove that blindfold or we terminate you." He looked to Picker and they snickered at the lie. Their dame laid still as the two worked the skirt over her hips and down her legs. Her lower beauty was easy to see, even in the tiny lights that they maintained as the guys aimed them at her vee to inspect the area they’d already explored with their male members. She did nothing to stop them from touching her belly. Picker lifted her face and rubbed the spot he had hit her, "does this hurt?" She nodded her head, almost dislodging the curtain tie. "Sorry about that, sweetie. You weren’t supposed to be home yet, you know! We’d better fasten this tie so you don’t tempt yourself into taking a peek at us." He kissed the temple softly and rubbed it gently for a moment, just long enough that the dame realized that the pair had some feelings after all. The man raised her head higher, but pushed her face into his belly to hold the gag, now a blindfold, tight over her eyes. He secured the item in back and then rolled his maiden onto her tummy.

Picker explained, "I’m gonna untie your hands so we can take off your top clothes. If you don’t think you can keep them to yourself, I’ll just cut the clothes off. Your choice." She whispered, almost at an inaudible level, "I … I won’t move. Please don’t hurt me." "It’s all up to you, sweetheart", Sneaky added as he rubbed a hand over her bare rump. She felt the man’s hands prying her ass cheeks apart. Was he going to cornhole her? She had enjoyed that multiple times with her other pair of lovers, but her husband had never poked his cock into her there. She missed the feeling of trying to shit, but not being able to force the hard penis back out. The sensation of helplessness it provided often added to her orgasmic intensity. She whispered again as a hint, "if you want me that way, I … I won’t stop you."

Sneaky slapped her butt hard and as she jerked he said, "you won’t stop us from anything we want, girl, so get the thought out of your mind. You have anything to say about that?" Her hands were free now, but the one up front was lowering her blouse down her arms. She knew that the bra would quickly follow, and then her naked body would belong to the men. What then? Picker asked politely, "I’d love to take your lingerie with me. That all right with you, Jasmine?" She nodded her head. How did they know her name? Was it on the mailbox? NO. So where? She laid still and the two clothing items were taken away. Then Sneaky straddled her waist facing her toes and began to rub her butt cheeks and thighs. She wanted to say, ‘thank you ever so much’, but she only thought it.

With the blindfold secure over her eyes, she could only sense what was going on. She felt her temple being rubbed again, then a hand went under her chin and her head was lifted. She sensed the warmth of a man’s body. She smelled sex on his abdomen as he moved into position. When he pulled down on her jaw, she opened to accept his love member. Picker was soft now, but the victim’s tongue made him want to erect again. He didn’t. He would later. She sucked his meat gently, just as she had been taught to do the night before her wedding. "Very good", he complemented. "We came to rob you and your roomie, sweetie, but now I’m glad that you got to participate. I do love it so when a woman helps in her own seduction. You want to cum again before we leave?" Her tongue lashed out over the man’s urethra and she nodded her head. "Then you have to do your part. Take my balls in and caress them gently. Don‘t hurt me or I‘ll have to do it back … ten times over!" She raised her head and promised, “I … I won‘t hurt you.” Picker moved forward. She wanted to move her hands to his testicles, even started to, but thought better of it and pulled them down to her sides again.

"Good decision, honey. I’ll do it for you this time." His fingers lifted his genitals and she opened wide to accept his body parts … already having his pecker in her mouth. Her cheeks were full to the hilt. She could even feel the strands of hair on his testicles. His pubic hair tickled her nose, but Jasmine ignored the feeling as she caressed his nut sack and licked everything as best she could. Her love partner wasn’t objecting one little bit. She had silently agreed to love the men any way they wanted, and this was it for the moment. The man’s fingers gently moved over her sore forehead again as though he wanted to soothe her pain. He was obviously concerned about her well being, not just for himself, but for her own welfare. That was something new. What kind of burglars were these?

She thought back as her brain became fuzzy at his touch. Her last lover, a quick date with a young guy at work, had been all one sided. She was a decade older than him, but took him up on the offer just for variety … and because she was hard up at that moment. He’d taken her for a short drive … parked … gotten her hot with kisses … pulled her clothing out of the way just far enough to explore her parts with his fingers and teeth … laid her back … guided her panty panel to the side to penetrate her pussy to have his lustful pleasure without so much as a titty feel, a love comment, or a kiss from that moment on. Then, her not knowing it before, he said, "that was wonderful, Jasmine. Black women are so easy to screw. But I guess I’ve got to go home now. My wife will want the rest of my sperm! We’re trying for a baby."

It had been a low blow to her ego … not that he was married so much as him leaving her high and dry. She remembered pulling her skirt up to her waist, then spreading her legs as he drove her home so she could masturbate right in front of him! He muttered, "gawd, but you ARE easy!" She stayed in his car until she had completed the spasm as her date watched. Finally he pulled her face over for a parting kiss and simultaneously slid his finger into her cunt. She let him feel her, manipulate her clit, finger fuck her hole until she went off again. He offered, "maybe I can come in for a while?" She looked at the young guy and said, "mommy needs you at home." Then she got out and straightened up her clothing just outside his car and walked to the door with her ass wiggling suggestively.

When he asked again at work, she refused his offer of a second date, "no thanks, you’re no fun. I can please myself or get a kid off the street to do it for me. And by the way, how’s that wife of yours? Knock her up yet or do you need a friend to help? I can recommend a few horny studs if you’re not man enough to get the job done." He shrunk back from the low blow and her insults.

The next time they met, he begged. In response she threw her arms around the lad and after she kissed his lips and fondled his pecker into a sturdy erection she responded, "well OK. But how about we do it this way … after you do the little woman at home tonight … then take a shower and tell her to enjoy the sperm by herself. You pick me up at the bar around midnight and we can go somewhere to park. You can expose yourself and stick your finger in my ass while I do the same to your butt hole. And then I’ll masturbate you. Bring a rubber so you can save the jizz for your wife’s new baby. You suppose that she’s having someone else’s cock each time you go out on a date? I certainly would if I was her!"

Jasmine must have had a dream, it was all so real to her now. She surmised that she must have drifted off from the man’s gentle rub, perhaps relapsing into a state of unconsciousness after the hard blow. She was usually awake at this hour so it wasn’t from being tired. Then again, what hour was it? Her mind fought for superiority and won. When she woke her other senses up, Jasmine heard the house door opening. One man lay beside her. He whispered, "lay still and be quiet. Better you do it for me than to experience the alternative that I have in mind." She pulled to find her wrists tied again, his palm cupped tight over her mouth, so she took the suggestion seriously to do as her visitor instructed. Then she heard a noise out in the living room, it sounded like a struggle. She listened to a woman’s cry for help, muffled, but this gal was not able to help her room mate. Whatever was going down, if it be a sexual attack on Naomi Kraus, the room mate would be on her own.

Chapter 2: Naomi

The scuffle lasted only a moment, then she heard a man’s voice. She didn’t hear the words, but she knew he was being stern with the other female victim. Out in the living room, the door was closed behind Miss Kraus. Her body lay flat on her belly with a man sitting in the middle of her back. She tried to bite his hand, the one cupped over her mouth, but the thumb of his left hand held her jaw shut. She felt a thump on the back of her head. It hurt. "That was just a sample. You move and I’ll deal you a hard one, woman." He was thinking HARD ONE all right, and he planned to deal her a turn with it before he left … beginning in about five minutes! Naomi didn’t know what to think. How did this man get inside? Who was he? Were there others? Maybe not, she figured, or there would have been more than one to take her down. She tried to move her legs, thumped them on the floor to attract outside attention. He slapped her again across the back of her head. She stopped and laid still to find out what the intruder wanted … although she feared that it was the obvious. Her possessions or HER. Maybe both.

"Put your hands at your side, both of them", the voice demanded, "and if you make a sound of any kind, especially a scream, I’ll cut your throat." Sneaky moved an ink pen across her larynx, but Naomi interpreted it as a knife. She didn’t want to die like this. As fear flooded her body she swore to herself to mind the man’s every wish, no matter what it was. That violated what she had been taught … fight like hell … but if she did that she might just go there for a visit! No, Miss Kraus would mind and pray for the best. Her body tried to relax, but couldn’t do a good job of it. She analyzed her position. Her hands were currently spread out on the floor, one under her chest to catch her when she was thrown down, the other outstretched over her head. "Left hand", he stated. It took some work before she could obey completely. Sneaky ceased it with his right and torqued it up her back until she moaned. He snickered as he thought, "what an obedient woman. I guess they get smarter as they get older." He’d have to ask her age after a while, but not right now. The attacker’s voice was rough as he asked, "will I have any trouble if I let your mouth go for a moment?" She shook her head. He added, "I’d better not or you’ll not mutter any other sounds!" With the thought of having her throat slit and her blood spilling out on the carpet in strong pulses, she prayed.

Sneaky removed the hand from her mouth, releasing her jaw in the process. It went to her shoulder and then followed her forearm down under her chest. She knew that he was sampling her breast as he captured her fingers, entwined his own into hers, but she did nothing rash and certainly didn’t try to object. A moment later she was relieved to have him draw her right hand out. She turned her arm at his suggestion so it could go up her spine to join the first hand. She noticed that he had done that job softly … he could have forced it up there, but he had chosen to let her participate to avoid the strain and pain.

"Quiet now, woman!", he stated as he reached in under her chest to grip her mammary through the cloth of her clothing. As the flesh was indented and mangled, Naomi knew that she was going to be raped before long … his style dictated the foreplay she had suffered the last time, and her lack of arms, fear of pissing him off by using her voice, made it reasonable to assume.

"Does this hurt?", he asked. She had to think about it briefly. No it wasn’t hurting her, but it was uncomfortable to be mangled by the guy. She slowly shook her head to the side and whispered, "no, sir. I can take it." He rolled her body a few degrees onto her left side while still holding her hands together with one of his. Her right breast came off of the floor. "If you’re a good girl, then you won’t get hurt. If you displease me in any fashion, then you can expect to have a very BAD evening. Got that?" She nodded. He teased, "tell me in a very low voice, what’s going to happen." She felt tears dripping down her nose before she realized that she was crying. Through the fearful sensation of dying for saying the wrong thing, Naomi Kraus spoke softly, "I’m going to stay still, keep quiet, and let you do anything you want to me. I hope that you won’t kill me when you’re done … please? I’ll be a good girl. I’ll do anything for you, mister. Anything."

He leaned to kiss her on the back of the neck, "does anything include you voluntarily screwing my cock?" She nodded, "even that. If it‘s what you want." He gripped her firmly again and pulled on her boob as he explained, "I came to rob you, but found very little. No woman has only one set of pearls. Do you have some more jewelry hidden away? Tell me the truth … I hate liars … the only good liars are dead liars." She didn’t dare lie. Her head nodded in the positive direction. "You’ll show me where it is in a while, but let’s get to be friends first. I love to explore and screw black women! You got a problem with that?" Naomi did, would have given a choice, but she shook her head in the negative direction. She had no choice this time, so it was best to let the man have what he wanted.

He let go of her hands to see what she would do, and with the use of his left hand, Sneaky slid the hem of the black woman’s dress up her legs a little. When he tapped her thighs, she moved them apart and as he raised his rump off of her mid section to get more twist in his own body, Miss Kraus suffered the indecency of a finger. It went to her leg band, then in under and straight for her cunt. She knew to let the man have her twat without any objections. His digit was guided to the opening, teased her muscle open, and slid inside with no effort … and the woman didn’t try to move her hands one little bit as the finger fuck began. The next act would likely be sex, forced, hard core rape, but maybe he’d make it pleasant for her if she cooperated. Having not enjoyed a man’s hard penis for several weeks, the finger seemed to be a delight. She might even get hot enough to cum for him if he was pleasant to be with. She knew enough about life to know that ALL men love to have their females climax out of control under them just before they fill her vagina with their hot pulses of sperm. She’d surely try to give this man the ride he expected, just to spice up his desire to keep her alive a while longer. When they were done having each other, she’d hand over the hidden valuables. And if he coaxed her, she’d let him have those of her roomie, Jasmine Hawley, too. Then he’d tie her up, threaten her with death if she told on him, and then leave. At least that was what she hoped for. "Just do your naughty deed to me, mister", she thought, "and after you’ve enjoyed yourself … then go your merry way! Pretty please?"

Jasmine heard the sound of light footsteps in the hallway. Sneaky had removed her shoes, but left her other clothes intact. As scared as this woman was, she’s lay herself out on the bed and make him fuck her cunt. His hand was holding hers behind her back and the other was on her mouth as Naomi’s door opened.

In the next room, Jasmine and Picker listened. The voice beside her said, "no noise. I don’t want your roomie to know that you’re home." She nodded. A hand came away from the woman’s mouth and she whispered, "is he going to hurt her?" "He’d have done that already if she hadn’t consented to have sex with him. My buddy will get her to strip for him, then lay her down and make love to her pussy, I suppose", the man said. Jasmine felt her bare tits being caressed gently. She moaned a tiny one, but he put his hand to her mouth, "save it for later, honey. Silence is golden at this moment. Let’s see how delightful your room mate is in bed … in case you don’t already know. Do you?" She shook her head, "we go out."

He resumed the titty job and leaned to extract a kiss from her mouth. Jasmine kissed back and let him have her breast for a toy. His hand moved low on her belly and he rubbed over her pubic bone. He was being rather suggestive, pulling delicately on her pubic hairs. "You OK, baby?", he asked softly. Was it time for her to be loved again? Her lover squeezed her at the clit and milked her tiny piece of meat upward, his mouth toying with the nipples for an extra long time with each act as he all but masturbated his victim.

Picker brought both hands up, cupped her face and drew her to his mouth for a kiss. Jasmine stuck her tongue between his lips and gave him a very sexy smooch. "You learn fast, sweetie. I think I like you." He leaned to suck on her flesh, and his hand went down to her pubic mound and flicked her swelling clitoris again. "You horny yet?" She nodded. He caressed the love button for a moment, then moved his face to hers and took another kiss. Jasmine kissed back with fever before saying, "I’ll do it with you this time if you want. We can have a mutual orgasm … wouldn’t you like that, mister? Or … ", she quickly added, " … or you can rape me again. I won’t mind being your sex object tonight, especially if you make me cum again." He rolled over on top of her nude body and she spread her legs. Picker didn’t know if he’d give her the juice or wait until his buddy was done with Naomi and make his deposit in HER twat. He’d screw Jasmine for a while, very slowly to prolong the love affair, to build her heat up to the maximum … and then make up his mind as the timing went down under God’s natural laws of reproduction.

In the other bedroom, Naomi Kraus was as cooperative as any woman was expected to be before a rape, but he jerked crudely to get her dress off and it tore. She didn’t like being undressed carelessly by the man, and she tried to push his hands away. The man stuffed his hanky into her mouth, then threw her down on the floor and took her by the feet. Naomi wanted to scream, but at this hour it would take several before anyone woke and decided that trouble was brewing. With the make-shift gag, the level wouldn’t be enough and then she’d be in a big heap of trouble. She bit down on the cloth and kept her mouth shut, but tried to reason with her man as he loosened the bra strap in back. The scuffle continued in the room, but Sneaky didn’t need any help to contain the semi-cooperative black woman. Her bra came off and then her arms were criss-crossed behind her back and she was forced onto the bed, now laying on them. He shone a light over her bust. The bulk of her arms made her chest poke up and her larger boobs more obvious than before. She was bigger than his other treat, Jasmine, but her tits would be fun to play with.

Naomi saw him observing her areolas, then felt his finger indent one. She wanted to tell him to be nice to her, that she would allow him to fuck her, but she couldn’t control that. The threat she had received at the door after her capture was nearly sufficient to keep her docile. She was objecting to his way of removing her clothing more so than the act that would take place once her shapely body was bared.

Naomi hadn’t seen any details when he first attacked her, only that he was a white man. She’d had white men before as lovers, but not so forceful as this one. HE wanted something to remember this night by … two black ladies in full cooperation. SHE wanted to live through it. He leaned to kiss her lips, but doing so with a gag in her mouth was awkward. He said, "quiet", and removed it. She tried to calm him down with loud whisper, "I … I promised that I would be good for you if you didn’t hurt me, but please don’t tear the fabric. I don’t have any money to buy new clothes. Please? Just take them off and then make love to me as you wish. I won’t fight you, I promise." He said, "prove it!", then put his mouth over hers and Naomi gave in. She thought that she was alone, not knowing that Jasmine had come home early that evening, and she began to prove that she would do exactly as she had promised. They kissed and kissed. Passion levels began to rise for both of the lovers.

Sneaky pulled the waist band of her panties over her hips, and Naomi raised her rump to let him have them. Her body was arched and he thought about requiring her to stay that way for his lustful act. He let her go, trusting her one more time, and soon the panties were his. He put them at her face and said, "open." She wanted to object, but dared not after making such a confession of full cooperation just seconds before. He stuffed the whole garment into her mouth. She bit down, knowing that she had said all she was going to until the man was done with her pussy. He gripped her ankles and to complement the tiny tug he put on them, she moved her legs apart again. He lowered his pants in the darkness of the room, then moved into the vee and stuck the dame with his penis. Naomi groaned as her vagina opened up. Stroke by stroke she took him.

He leaned over to suck her breasts and bit into her flesh more than once. She cried out in pain, but the panties captured the sound. As she was taking his thrusts, she thought that she heard something happening in Jasmine’s room, but the sound was weak and perhaps her mind was playing tricks on her. Sneaky’s pelvis rubbed over the woman’s clit. She brought her back up and made her love tube a straight shot for her rapist. He drove it into her and her mind went berserk with lust. What he was doing was exactly what she needed. Did he know that? Probably not, he was too aggressive to notice her needs.

But he would notice … her body responded to the man’s probing and she entered into a spasm much sooner than normal The woman’s horny clit was on fire now, and she bucked up into his thrusts to drive the tingle deeper inside. He chuckled, "gotcha", and he fucked her harder than before. Her uterus went into a tizzy … rippling effects of an orgasm filling her from head to toe, and then her inner organ burst forth with wild hard contractions that wouldn’t stop … with wild hard contractions that SHE didn’t want to stop. Her body trembled, mostly inside, as the spasms made her want more love from him than any other man in her past. Maybe being raped in the dark by a total stranger was her ‘thing’ after all. White man screwing a helpless black woman! This was not a TV program, it was real life. Still, it turned her on to be that woman … his victim. Any way she faced the response it came out the same. She liked this forced act a lot. She WANTED to be this man’s prisoner for a while and see how a few hours of lust with him turned out. Then she felt his discharge. It sent pulses through her body and she savored each of them. His kiss over her panty clad mouth made their love affair complete. Finally both stopped. He whispered, “WOW”.

Chapter 3: Duo

Jasmine was ready to cum when Sneaky appeared at the door, "she’s hot as a firecracker now, Picker. Want to trade?" Picker slid his dick out of Jasmine’s cunt and stood, "mine is ready for an orgasm, too. Give her a good long one, Sneaky." The names meant nothing to the woman, but the hot cock that slid into her body did. Yes, she was ready for another orgasm. In the other room she heard Naomi’s voice, "more … yes, more! Fuck me harder." Sneaky offered, "guess she didn’t need the gag after all." The guys worked their dames and the two girls went off together. Now they could plainly hear each other in a state of orgasm. Naomi said, "she’s here? Jasmine is home?" Picker responded, "pay attention to my need, woman, and let your room mate have her own level of fun." He thrust hard, but took his time again … Naomi climaxed twice more before he unloaded himself into her. She laid still and cooed as they kissed. He felt her up, analyzing her larger breasts and chewing on her tits a multitude of times. As dark as her skin was, the teeth marks and hickie bruises wouldn’t be showing in the daylight!

It was a good long half hour before Picker got up, "Sneaky said you have more valuables for us?" She was committed to tell the truth, "I … I’ll have to show you. I need a light." "Find them in the dark, woman! If you see my face I’ll cut your throat." That wasn’t the first time she’d imagined her blood being spilled on the floor. "OK, OK. In the dark." The two got off the bed, but he made Naomi crawl to her closet. In the move his light shown on her cunt and he could see his own sperm dripping out.

In the back of the closet was a small door that slid to the side. She opened it up, "it’s right there." But the man made her stay put while he reached between her legs for the contents. She felt his arm rub over her clit and nearly had another spasm as he put his face to her crotch and licked her vagina from behind. His hand searched. Hidden in the compartment was another jewelry box. The light from his LED was enough for her to see him withdrawing it, and she felt him push her back down until her tits rubbed over the surface. "Bury your face in the corner and close your eyes. Keep your mouth shut and stay in this position for a half an hour. Don’t worry, I’ll be back. If you‘ve moved, my dear, it‘s all over for both of you dames!" He pushed her feet until her whole body was inside and then closed the door, trapping her in the awkward position. She imagined herself being taken from behind on the next round of love. He jammed a chair back against the knob, just in case she changed her mind.

Picker found Sneaky still holding Jasmine’s body to the bed. He offered, "got it, but she says that Ms. Jasmine has some more that we might not have found." "That true, girl?", Sneaky inquired as he twisted her nipple. Hawley cried out in pain, "yes. There’s more. I’ll have to show you." But Picker smiled, "is it in the back of the closet, dear lady?" "Yes", she replied in sorrow, "a door slides to the side and … " He kissed her on the mouth, "lovely. Thank you my dear." Without her help, Picker took up the chore of finding the second box of trinkets on his own. He took the small case and stuffed it into the black bag with the other two, then said, "I need to get our other lady blindfolded, then we need to find some dildos for these girls to enjoy while we rest up. I’ll bring the other chick in here and we can have them together." "Works for me", Sneaky replied, "that OK with you, Jasmine? Want to have sex with your roomie at your side?" It was obviously what THEY wanted to happen. She wasn’t a lesbian, but she nodded reluctantly, afraid to give any other kind of response.

Sneaky verbalized, "she seems to be in full agreement. Go get some tools from the kitchen … some with BIG plastic handles. Bring in the other chick and we’ll have a party. Maybe these two will even like to show us how lesbians enjoy their evenings. You do have sex with her, don’t you, Jasmine." She shook her head. "We’ll introduce you two and you’ll find it easy to do once we leave!"

Picker moved to Naomi’s bedroom and checked the closet. The chair was still as it had been left. The black maiden was in the interesting position …. just as he had left her … head down, ass up. He moved up tight and then milked his limp pecker into her love hole again. She felt the movement, but he didn’t get hard. Too bad. She was liking this position and his domination already. Then his cock pulled out and he replaced it with something unusual. A couple of minutes later Picker had Miss Kraus crawling in on her hands and knees with him guiding her by the flat business end of the spatula. She had taken the handle, he had inserted it into her pussy hole. Over her eyelids were crossed patches of packaging tape that he’d located in the utility drawer. When Sneaky shined his LED at her, the fixtures made her look like a clown. The light moved to her chest … those luscious hanging pendulums swaying with her progress. The black woman’s movement was sluggish at best as she ran her face right into the bed. Sneaky laughed aloud. "Could sell this sort of stuff to America’s Funniest Porno Videos", he stated. Naomi began to blush at the thought.

His partner also had a blanket from Naomi’s bed, which he tossed to Sneaky. "Drape this over the curtain rod to block the light from escaping. I want to view our ladies in good light. And make sure that Ms. Hawley keeps her legs spread for us to view her." "I’m going to trust you to lay still, Jasmine", Sneaky said. When she signified with the nod of her head that she would not move, he got up and did the chore. Picker switched on the overhead light to observe the two black women … one still on her hands and knees with her face buried into the bed cover, the other laying face up with her legs spread. He muttered the familiar phrase, "oh yes, black IS definitely beautiful!"

Picker straddled Naomi’s waist and lifted the hanging duo under her chest. She rose up into his crotch and felt his genitals raking over her back as he moved onto the bed by pulling her tits. "Stop here, face down, Naomi, but keep your knees spread and your lovely round butt in the air so you don’t hurt yourself on this tool." He wiggled it a little. It seemed reasonable to the woman, although Picker just wanted to see her open pussy from behind with the make-shift dildo when the light came on. She wondered how he knew her name, but the cleaver man had seen it on the checkbook, credit cards and again on her I.D. card when he retrieved her wallet from the living room floor where she had been taken down. She positioned herself as told. She could feel the heat radiating from Jasmine’s body and wanted to lay side by side with her friend.

"Jasmine, your room mate has a little different story from you about being a lesbian. She says that you like to get drunk every now and then. That ring a bell." The gags being gone now, both women could speak their piece, "so what", Jasmine responded, "everyone drinks a little. That don’t make us queer. We just live together, share expenses and that sort of thing. Nothing more." Picker wrenched the tool around in Naomi’s cunt until she cried. Then it hit him, "well, I’ll be damned! You really don’t know what she does to you after you pass out, do you, Jasmine." "Know what. What does she do? Naomi? What is he talking about."

"Better yet", Sneaky said slyly, "I’d like her to SHOW us what she does. Jasmine, you’re drunk. Naomi, you’re horny. Go at it and make it realistic." Picker put one hand on Jasmine’s leg and Sneaky held the other. His partner lifted on the poker in her pussy and Naomi rose up, "please guys, don’t make me do this." "You do it to her when she’s asleep. Do it when she’s awake! It will broaden you two’s horizons, for sure!"

It came to mind that each woman had seen the other in her lingerie and sometimes naked. It was just a girl thing that Jasmine never thought much about. Both women had helped her roomie zip up a tight evening gown before a date, touched hands every now and then with an encouraging pat … even hugged the other and provided a sweet kiss on the cheek. But Jasmine had never engaged thoughts of the lesbian sort before. Apparently tonight she would learn that her room mate DID have those kinds of thoughts … about her … more often than not! As the bed moved, Jasmine’s mind moved faster … she recalled that, in fact, Naomi had helped to get her plastered several times. She had substituted stronger drink for the beer and wine, and a few times she had to help her friend into bed clothes. Was it so Naomi could go queer on the other woman’s crotch while she was helplessly intoxicated?

Picker pushed Naomi’s face down into the gap of Jasmine’s vee and Naomi went right after the woman’s clit. "NO", Jasmine cried out much too loud. She got stuffed with Naomi’s panties and was silenced. As she tasted the sweet crotch of the other woman’s center panel, Naomi tasted her room mate’s slot first hand. She worked her lips over the clit and her tongue up and down the slot between the folds of flesh. Picker began to shove the dildo into the woman’s pussy and brought out another to slid into Jasmine. Naomi let it go under her tongue, her already eating vaginal juices and semen straight out of the girlfriend’s cunt. Picker said, "say when" as he shoved in eight inches before Jasmine couldn’t take any more length. He put a little more into her, somewhat slowing his assault on her love chamber to fuck her with the tool.

With Jasmine decked out and receiving her first woman … first woman consciously, that is … and unable to move out of the situation, the two men went after the woman’s black boobs. As though thought out and timed, at the same moment each man moved their hands to milk out Naomi’s larger boobs. They made each chick’s flesh strain to the love gestures as the sexual torture progressed. Jasmine thought about being laid by three at once … more intense than two. She dismissed that it was a woman eating on her crotch as she tried to enjoy the special sensations. In fact, Ms. Hawley made it to the six minute mark before her body went out of control. She didn’t care who it was after that. She bucked her hips into Naomi’s mouth and let her lick her clit into an outside spasm as her uterus contracted violently around the plastic handle that kept prodding her cervix well past the moment of release. "Fuck me", she begged, "all of you."

Sneaky pulled out the panties and kissed his woman. Jasmine kissed back and he asked, "feel good, does it, Jasmine? She then begged, "more, Naomi, give me more of that and make me cum again. Probe me deeper, guys, please?" The three worked her over as she gasped in pure pleasure that a two gender gang bang could bring. Moments later the chore became a burden, "OK, OK, please stop. I’ve cum so hard and for so long. Please stop now." Picker tormented her, "will you do it to Naomi when she’s done, Jasmine." "I … I .. I’ve never. I don’t know how to please a woman."

But he wanted a positive answer, "everyone has to learn. Just tell me that you’ll eat her pussy. We’ll coach if you need some help, but until you say that you will … we’ll keep your body in a constant state of orgasm!" She felt it coming on again and her body reeled with excitement. Was it the tool the man was using so deep inside her body or the thought of her room mate going oral on her clit. She felt a tongue thrusting into her cunt? "Oh gawd, enough. Please. Yes, I’ll eat her … oh gawd, please stop making me cum. I’m gonna be all worn out if I do that one more time." "OK, Naomi. She’s agreed to do you, so we’ll have you stop for a while. Maybe your new girlfriend, slash lover, will let you do it some more after we leave. In fact, us guys insist!"

Naomi felt her dildo being twisted and she fell over onto her side. Jasmine felt hers being lifted, and she raised up quickly to avoid another orgasm. It seemed now like any small movement around her genitals would make her go off again. She followed the instructions to slide her leg over Naomi’s and she got into the vee. She wasn’t sure what to do, but supposed that she would imitate her room mate’s actions and see where it went. She leaned to lick the open slot, feel the folds of meat moving as her tongue pushed against each, and the hair of her crotch tickled the woman’s nose. When Sneaky pushed her head down, she instinctively bit into the other woman’s crotch. Naomi cried out, so SHE got her mouth stuffed with the panties this time. And the men went after her big tits, licking, sucking and chewing on them eagerly to excite the older woman.

Naomi wanted to cum right away, but her love partner didn’t have the skill and the technique to bring her up to the orgasmic state. Naomi couldn’t tell her friend what part of the affair felt good with the gag in place. She tried to moan, but it was an ineffective directive. Jasmine felt the guys taking a hold of her arms. Her body was lifted and she was thrust forward. She landed on top of Naomi, settled in between her boobs, and was told, "kiss the bitch." Her own tits were now squeezing against the larger set, pushing them down with the more firm build she had. "I said kiss her!" It was difficult, what with the panties blocking her from the task. It was embarrassing to kiss another woman, but Jasmine knew that there was no alternative. If she didn’t put her best into it, she would be punished. The panties were withdrawn between the third and fourth attempt, and when that kiss happened, Naomi kissed back. Jasmine didn’t know what to think when the woman’s tongue jutted into her mouth, so she sucked on it as though it was a man’s during a French kiss. Naomi moaned and they kissed for three minutes straight.

"Do that to her pussy, Jasmine", Picker coached. The two dragged her body over Naomi’s until she smelled the woman’s cunt. She went down on it and thrust her tongue into the hole. Naomi gasped, "oh yes, Jasmine. I need lots of that." She continued to put the make on the pussy hold like Naomi’s vagina was a man’s mouth, and as Sneaky violently moved the tool in Naomi’s cunt to the depth of ten inches, the victim’s body responded in ecstasy. "OH Jasmine", she cried out, only to be kissed by Picker to keep her quiet. When the smooch ended, she was in the middle of a very long and super strong spasm, and Jasmine didn’t know to quit. The guys didn’t let her. Naomi climaxed six times in a row and still had more in her for a seventh one … brought on solely by the deep cunt probe of the spatula handle … with Jasmine kissing her friend’s clit and wondering if she should slide up her body on her own and test her breasts to show the men her cooperation.

The two women felt the dildo’s being removed, but they’d fooled around with each other so long that the guys were ready to dispense some more love cream. Both were put on their knees facing each other. The guys eased their mouths to the others and Picker took Jasmine this time. Sneaky had Naomi and the two men eased their stiff peckers into their date’s ass hole. Jasmine seemed to like anal sex the most, but Naomi loved the other girl’s kisses. Neither girl flinched as they got their arses reamed during the cornhole operation. The men came inside their date’s shitter.

The girls were told to keep it up as their men drifted away. They didn’t know that they were totally alone on Jasmine’s bed as the guys conversed in the kitchen. "It will be daylight soon, my friend. It’s time to go", Picker said to his partner. "Yeah, I guess you’re right, but I sure hate to leave these beautiful ladies in each other’s care." "Let’s see if there’s some booze to make their morning last longer", Picker added. The two men searched the cupboards until they found a bottle of cooking sherry. "This ought to do it. Don’t need much of a punch, just enough to make their tired bodies relax. Then sleep will take over. Give us a good long time to check their wallets for cash and make our get-away." "I’ve had lots of fun burglarizing houses before, and I’ve had lots of excitement with a woman, but never have I joined the two functions like tonight. Damned good screwing, don’t you think?"

In the bedroom, Sneaky uncorked the booze and held the bottle to Jasmine’s mouth, "drink." He made her consume half of the bottle before she was allowed to stop. "Your turn", Picker said as he took the bottle. Naomi downed the other half. Jasmine told the truth, "they want us drunk, Naomi. Drunk as a skunk so they can use us some more." Picker leaned past Naomi’s shoulder to kiss Jasmine on the lips, "drunk, yes. But I’m all worn out, baby, so we’ll have to make it another time. Tell you what … we’d prefer that you don’t report this incident to the police, although your insurance company might require it. Try to avoid the intimate details of it all or we won’t be able to come join you again. And when a man asks you out on a date … an under age teen or an old fart … you graciously accept. Enjoy a hamburger or a steak, even a movie in a dark theater … whatever is offered. And if he wants to have some fun with your body, let him. Married, divorced, or single, a man is a man. And a boy is a man if he can maintain an erection, so don’t forget to lay a kid every now and then. Do it in the car, at his house, in the park, at lover’s leap and in your own bed … sex is sex. In fact, every man that even casually dreams about having a piece of your pussy … give it to him! And that’s an order."

Sneaky took over, "we’ll be testing you girls, sending innocent guys your way so you’d better be doing what we want. And then some day when you least expect it … Walla … we’ll stop by for some more pussy and a full night of orgasms. Maybe we’ll even bring back your jewelry and make you wear it while we fuck you." The other guy piped up, "I can’t wait to have you two tell us of all the fun times you have with men and boys and … and girls … and each other. Yes, don‘t forget to please each other." He kissed Naomi’s mouth, and as the men turned the two girls to their own fronts, they kissed them again and again.

Ten minutes passed before Jasmine couldn’t hold a pucker any more. She leaned to the side and drifted off on the top of the covers. Naomi handled her alcohol a little better, but it made her tired and her eyes wouldn’t stay open. The men lowered her to the blanket and untied the pair … there was no need to make them suffer any longer. One dame was faced toward the crotch of the other. Her head was positioned an inch away from the room mate’s vee, and that girl’s leg was laid over her bed partner. With both women in the position for mutual oral sex, 69 to you horny guys, whichever woke first would have the option of getting up, or getting it on!

Picker went to the shower while Sneaky confirmed that the ladies were out cold. He took his shower and both men dressed as they continued to drool over the two naked women’s bodies. "Next time we bring a camera!" His partner laughed as he stated firmly, "next time we make sure they don’t have work the next day, and we stay for a 36 hour run!" The two laughed, "yeah, next time!" Picker wiped down the areas they had touched to avoid the fingerprints. Each man knew that his DNA would be discovered in the semen if the ladies reported the incident right away, but neither was willing to douche out their lovers. "Let them get knocked up", Picker chuckled. "Probably won’t happen", Sneaky added, "odds are six to one against it, but it would be fun to watch these two bear kids for us. Tan colored kids. Sure was good fucking. Sure do like black women … put a whole new light on how good they can be when tempted into action."

The men took up their trophies, the bag and the jewelry, and they departed the women’s house for parts unknown. There was no report of the double rape or the burglary on the news the next evening, or in the newspapers. But that didn’t always mean that the cops hadn’t been informed. Perhaps there was going to be a sting operation for the next man in line. The way to test the ladies … send an under age youngster. If they screwed him, then they were in violation of the ‘age of consent’ act and would be in big trouble with the police. If they didn’t take him inside … there was a setup going down.

Sneaky and Picker sadly departed the girls’ premises, only dreaming that they could return some day for another night of fun … with or without the robbery!

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