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the day that change me life

Hi I am ana, I am Thai. Was born male, begin stealing hormones at 12, now I 19. and me 5′ tall natural breast kk smallish but almost a "b" cup. I was happy to be Thai Lady Boy. so very very happy. this story is true, but not right names, and it made a choice ffor me, but I not want that choice.

I was new to area I moved to. someone at my work tell me bout a nice young people club no alcohol. Friday nite came, and I went to club. ooked nice outside. inside was too. a pretty american girl behind bar, very tall very nice body, she smile at me and ask what I would like, i order ice tea. we talk a bit, pretty much bout nothing important. she ask where I from, I tell her I am Thai. She remark that they have alot of very pretty ady boys there. i ask how she knew and she say internet, she like to watch them and look at them. I smile, and whisper, I am one. She go and take care of another person and come back. big smile says she will like to get to know me better. me smiling and say, I would also. She ask me name and I tell her most call me Pixie cus i am so small.

She look at me and ask if I am functional, I smile nod my head, blushed a bit.

She take care of customers and in between talk to me. then she go in back room. 2 guys teens come up ssay hi, tell me i am pretty. next thing I know 1 has me by neck, other pulling out his cock, shuv my mouth over it, and tell me suck it or his friend strangle me. I giv him head. before I knew it, was picked up hand over me mouth and carried outside, there was another building. they took me in, loooked like a dungeon. all kinds of weird things. a large chest of drawers, metal painted red and had black drawers.

They rip of my dress, 1 smiled and said hope u r not too attch to u cock cause when we done u not going to have it, i started to scream. a ball was stuck in my mouth and strapped behind my head. they wrapped small rope round my cock and tie behind my back. One of them pick up small hammer, my eues wides wonderring what he was doing, he smack my balls 5 maybe 6 times, i try screaming. another tell me to shut up. they put needles in me tits 1 each, had rubber tibe that went to a bag of liquid. they open a lil valve, I cud feel liquid going into my breast.. another wrap white fat nylon around base of my sack made it pretty tight and he put meedle in sack, also connected to bag of liquid. he smile and said, will make nice coin purse. I try hard to scream

they then tie me to bench on hands and knees, I am wondering why there r 6 of them now. they take turns doing me anal and making me suck them off.My breasts getting bigger and bigger, and me sack was to.. My legs so weak cud not stand I tried many times.

they sit me on knees in front of small wood table and lay ny now largish breast on it. One came over with a hammer, he had something in other hand. he showed me other hand, had nails in it, I start to scream and my jaw was grabbed mouth forced closed and lips gglue together. he took nail pressed hard into my nips, and hit it with hammer, I almost passsed out, wish I would have. then he do it to other nip.

they pull table out so me on knees again. I feel cock in ass again. crying so hard. they pull nails out, it hurt more than when they went in. Blood trickled down. a few more fucked me. then 1 say, well time for him to lose his sack. i try to scream. did no good

they put me on bench, my sack was very big now along with me breasts.. another white strap was put around sack towards top. Both tightenned alot. the girl tending bar came in and asked if it was time. they all smiled and said yeah. she was carrig something hiding it. turn out to be a knofe. she smiled said, I wud ove to of let u fuck me. she place knife over my balls ran the flat part of blade back n fourth i crying so bad, shaking my head, trying to beg her not to. she place knife between the 2 white tie straps. I closed my eyes, I knew what she was about to do. I felt someone kissing me, I oen eyes to look it was her. she say u r so dam pretty, prettier than most girls. tears rolling down my cheeks. she said, so ur gonna be a girl. then she smie and said, I am realy sorry Pixie, u r beautiful. I froze. felt the blade cut a tiny bbit. then she said, she cudnt do it. a guy said u cut them off clean or he wud rip them off. and then torture her too. she on her knees infront of me. smiled and said, looks like I am next. dropped knofe, and said, Do with me what u will, i wont do it. a gut came over pick up knife and my balls, smiled at me and said, u r really pretty for a guy. my eyes big, i felt the blade slice thru my sack, didnt really hurt. He stood there holding it.

The girl from behind the bar had tears running down her cheeks, she said, I am so sorry she kept saying it over and over. One of the guys said, ur turn bitch. she tried to run, they grabbed her. ripped her clothes off. I exspected her to have a cock, but she didnt.

i watched them fuck her for a good 2 hours, one after another, and put needles and nails in her breast and nipples. She passed out. someone hit me. her and I woke in emergency room. found is both on roadside.

all 6 went to prison, I lied told them she was just another victim had nothing else to do with it.

She is my best friend now, and I am now a woman, I had SRS, she never left my side. This happen almost 2 years ago.

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Tue, 07 Apr 2015 21:07:23 UTC

The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part IX

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Ramon made a deal with the Zeta drug cartel leader who agreed to finance the third porn film entitled &quot;Lust Crazed Pirates&quot; and even provided a young beauty. In return for financing the feature, the cartel leader would recieve 60% of the film’s profit and would also be allowed to have his way with lovely Valerie for a weekend after the film was completed.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; Ramon brought a famous black porn star from the U.S. who was known as &quot;Buck the Impaler&quot; because of his huge cock. He would pay the lustful Don Pedro a vengeful pirate.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; The film would star Valerie, the busty Carlotta as her maid, and Martine, the under aged girl whom the cartel had supplied. Although Ramon was hesitant about including the young girl in the film he had no choice if he was to receive the extra funding to make the film. Martine was a slender sensuous girl who looked to be no older than fourteen. She was beautiful with newly budding breasts and a fantastic pale complexion. Her lovely young hips thrust out against the cloth of the shorts she wore when she appeared at the site for the filming. She would play Valerie’s younger virgin sister in the film though Ramon believed she was actually quite experienced sexually the way she swung her lovely ass when she walked.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; The plot of the film portrayed Valerie as the daughter of a fictitious island who along with her maid and younger sister were traveling to Spain to marry a rich landowner. The pirates, the lusty Black freebooter Don Pedro and his crew of ten sex starved males attack the ship and sink it. They take the three beautiful girls on board the pirate ship where they are to be stripped, raped and tortured.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; The first day of filming Valerie was forced to not only fuck Buck the Impaler but to be gang banged by the entire crew. The rape was very violent as the pirates tied Valerie to the center mast of the ship and stripped her naked and pawed her body, squeezed her tits and lifted her legs and spread them for the large black man to take her with his enormous sixteen inch cock. He impaled her with one thrust and humped her angrily grasping her tits in his hands as he rammed her deeper than she had even been fucked.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Nail her harder, Buck. Hump her. Pull her legs out so we can see her pussy being hammered by his big cock, actors. I want you to make her remember this fucking, Buck. You want to destroy her white cunt with your big black man sword. You want to tear her lovely tits off with your bare hands while you impale her with that cock. That’s it. Now, she’s screaming from pleasure and pain. Get closeups of her tits, Camera three. Camera two center in on her pussy as Buck slams into it. God, that’s a great scene. She’s fainted from the onslaught, and you can take her body down pirates and continue to rape her unconscious body. Take her up the ass and pussy two at a time. You won’t hurt her now since she’s fainted.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; On day two of the filming, the bust Carlotta undergoes similar treatment. Buck imales her with her big breasts mashed against the cabin of the ship and manages to fuck her even more brutally than he had fucked Valerie. Today Valerie is watching the filming as the eleven men manhandle the buxom Carlotta on the deck of the ship. When the have finished ravishing Carlotta, Don Pedro orders two of the crew to tie her naked body with her breasts thrust forward to the prow of the ship. Her arms are pulled behind her and her beautiful tits with their big brown areoles and large firm nipples thrust forward into the waves.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; The third day of filming features the young Martine. She has been watching the rapes of the other two women from the upper deck of the ship where she stands stripped naked and her pale young body writhing in agony as she awaits her rape at the hands of the lustful men.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;Okay, Jose cut the ropes on Martine’s wrists and lead her out to the mighty Don Pedro. He is stroking his huge cock in anticipation of taking this young girl’s maidenhead. Martine, you see the size of Don Pedro’s manhood and pull back against the pirate who has your arm. Jose take her arms&nbsp; and pull them back. Thrust out your tiny tits, Martine. That’s it,&quot; Ramon commands.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; Ramon feels his own cock rising at the sight of the young girls lovely slender body. Her &quot;A&quot; cup tits thrust forward, her young belly with its button navel and below that the most lovely bare pink pussy lips unfolding like rose buds before the coming attack. She wiggles and fights erotically moving her cunt and lovely jutting ass as the pirates all stroke their cocks greedily eyeing the young wench.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Now all cameras catch the action from different levels. Move in closer on the lovely viriginal body of Martine. Buck, pick the up and hold her above your cock and then hold her by the hips and thrust her down on your magnicent cock and impale her as deeply as you can. That’s it, Martine, you are becoming aroused now and throw your tiny chest back with its erect nipples and swoon, mouth open as he begins to fuck you harder and harder impaled on his shaft. Pull her asscheeks apart, and camera three move in on her beautiful rectum. Now as you fuck her wildly, Buck, put your middle finger in her virgin ass hole and then two fingers and spread it open for us. That’s it. My god, this is beautiful. Fuck her like you want to split her in two. Scream, Martin. and thrust back into his deep thrusts. Now he’s going to turn you with his back toward him so he can take your rear hole and at the same time you will spread your legs wide open and camera two will move in close up on your plundered bleeding pussy hole and then move slowly up your beautiful young body to your tiny lemon shaped tits. Fuck her asshole, Buck. Fuck her like you want to open her anus up to her flat little belly. We want to imagine your cock ripping open her belly from your deep thrusts into her ass.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; Then followed the gang rape of the lovely Martine. The entire crew took turns fucking her in every hole, and Ramon joined them in tasting her lovely young body. When they had finished the four hour fuck, the poor girl was exhausted and cum covered from head to toe. Her anus was stretched wide open and filmed as well. She had actually enjoyed the ravishment as much as they. She was insatiable, and both Valerie and Carlotta were amazed that she could take all those cocks and still be smiling.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;The little vixen has been well trained from a young age,&quot; said Carlotta. </p>

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Wed, 01 May 2013 19:31:26 UTC

The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part VII

The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part VII<p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; Valerie had just turned nineteen when her new master Ramon directed her in her first porn film at his rustic film studio in the mountains somewhere north of Mexico City. He informed her that the title of the film which would be made in a few days would be &quot;Sex Sacrificed Beauty.&quot; The flimsy plot of the film told the story of a beautiful U.S. College girl who is kidnapped along with her boy friend in a visit to the Pyramids in Mexico by a group of modern day &quot;Aztec&quot; pretenders. She is taken to a deserted building where she is gang raped by ten men and one of their sex slaves and then sacrificed to the famous feathered serpent god of the Aztecs. The sacrifice, of course, will be faked.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;You will not be harmed, my lovely Valerie, but you will be fucked hard by all the men and by instrument till you are very sore in your pussy and anus. The film will be much violent. We will make a lot of money with this film in the U.S., Europe and Asia. I will take good care of you and make sure your beautiful ripe body is not badly harmed,&quot; Ramon explained. </p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; The first day of filming Ramon set up the loose plot by filming the kidnap at the pyramids. Valerie and her boy friend are drugged and thrown in an unmarked van and spirited to an abandoned adobe building in the mountains. Once there the boyfriend is bound to a stake and forced to watch as the men strip Valeries tight jean shorts, tee shirt, bra and panties and take turns raping her on top of a large smooth stone.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Pull her legs wide apart, Jorge while Juan and Mario hold her arms. That’s it.&nbsp; Camera 1 move in and get a close up of her tits and belly, then move slowly down to her bare cunt lips. Pry her cunt lips apart now Jorge and unbuckle your belt as you finger fuck her ripe pussy. Work all your fingers in there and then get your whole hand in her vagina and start to fist fuck her. Other actors call our encouragement and take off your clothes as Jorge starts to push his big thick cock in her now. Fuck her like you mean it, Jorge. Grab her beautiful tits and squeeze them hard. Luis and Manny pull her legs up so we can see Jorge pounding his cock in her deeper. That’s great. Now Jorge pick her up with your cock balls deep and hold her up so&nbsp; Manny can get at her tight ass hole. Camera 1 move in from the front; camera 2 get the action from the rear. Fuck her hard in both holes while you are holding her up.'</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Valerie was being held up and violated in both ass and cunt now. Jorge was sucking and biting her tits as he thrust his eight inch cock into her vigoursly as Manny fucked her ass with his seven inches feverishly pushing in and out of her rear hole the full length with each violent thrust. She felt like she was being torn apart by her attackers. In spite of the pain, she began to be aroused as each of the ten men crowded around waiting for their turn to fuck her ass and cunt. This after all was the lion’s part of their pay: the promise of getting to fuck a beautiful anglo girl with great C cup tits that were shaped like pears with long pinkish brown nipples. To get to fuck this lovely sweet assed chica with a shaved pussy and tight brown eyed asshole To get to fuck this beauty’s ass, cunt and mouth as hard as they wanted, to pound her several times, to have their long hard cocks thrusting in and out of her a few days. This and a few American dollars was to be their reward.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;Take her down to the ground in the dirt with one of you fucking her ass underenath while another pounds her pussy on top. Jorge take her mouth. She knows how to take a cock deep in her throat. She has been well trained. Fuck her hard. Squeeze her great tits. Come in her. I want to see her totally fucked and dripping with cum. Camera 1 focus on her cunt and ass close up. Show the cocks moving in and out of her holes. Guys keep her fully exposed so the cameras can see her holes being pumped. Pull her legs out and turn her on her side so we can get a better shot of cocks in ass and pussy. That’s it. Now Jorge, pull out of her cunt and spread it wide open with you hands so that camera 1 can move in close to show her cunt dripping cum and her own cunt juice. Let us see into her wide open cunt and get a good view of her clitorus and show as mucn of her violated cunt as possible.&nbsp; Then roll her over on her belly and show us how her ass hole has been stretched. Get on your knees, Valerie. That’s it. Jose fuck down into her ass hole hard. That’s it; ream her deep. Put all eight&nbsp; inches into her. Jorge take her mouth and throat. Hold her head and shove it in her. Good.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; The ten men fucked Valerie non stop for four hours before Ramon called the off her extremely violated body. Valerie was left spend and almost unconscious for the violent fucking of all her openings by the men. Her tits were bruised and she felt like they had destroyed her insides with their deep thrusting cocks. The doctor’s examination, however, revealed that she was not seriously injured.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Valerie was granted two days to recover before Ramon brought the ten males back for the second day of filming. This time he had Valerie standing completely naked by a pole. Her hands were lashed to the pole and Jorge got the fucking started by pulling one of her legs high and opening her up so that he could take her standing up. He took her cunt while the others took her ass. The fucking was even harder than the first day as all ten men continued to pound her cunt and ass in this position for a couple of hours before they released her and each one took her doggy style with her stomach pressed on a large stone&nbsp; and hands tied behind her back. Her tits hung in front of the stone and the men also fucked her throat. The men fucking her from behind fucked her asshole and then her cunt and back to her asshole pushing their cocks in the full length with each thrust.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;Come on camera 1 get in close to get the action on her pussy and ass.&nbsp; Camera 2 get a good shot of Jorge’s cock ramming to the back of her throat, &quot; commanded Ramon.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; Valerie, who was aroused in spite of herself by the rough treatment had come to want cocks driving into her hard and felt herself being driven to ecstasy as the young hard cocked men fucked her vigorously. She felt like they wanted to destroy her utterly, yet she wanted to be violated and mastered totally by the cruel men. Ramon himself was so aroused that he stopped yelling directions and joined the insane ravishing of the lovely young woman. He concentrated on her lovely round ass and fucked her brown eye with vengence finally coming deep in her guts and crushed her tits hard against the rock as he slammed into her anal passage, his balls slapping her ass cheeks as he thrust down into her lovely rump.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; The third day of filming took place again after Valerie had nearly reovered from the second sound fucking. Carlotta, a beautiful Mexican girl of 18 had been hired to perform the fake sacrifice. She was a buxom girl with large full breasts and a fine well shaped ass. She wore a feathered serpent headress with feathers that fell down her back and rested on her naked ass cheeks and a belted on sixteen inch ribbed phallus that would stretch Valerie’s cunt even wider than the men’s cocks. The sacrifice would be shown from behind the Mexican beauty so that the viewers would complete the act in their imagination. The final shot would show a fake dagger handle resting on Valerie’s navel with a red liquid that would appear to be blood flowing from her supposed impaled belly. Her body would be stretched out with her legs spread apart&nbsp; and her arms stretched out on the wooden altar, her rib cage framing her deep set supposedly impaled navel. A smooth wooden block would be inserted under the back&nbsp; to thrust her beautiful pear shaped breasts up with her erect hard nipples. A very erotic effect.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Camera 1 come in on Carlotta’s back. Carlotta raise the dagger high above your head and hold it. Camera 2 zoom slowly in on Carlotta’s marvelous tits for a count of three. Now, Carlotta thrust down as if you are going to impale Valerie with the dagger. That’s it. Cut.&nbsp; Now Jorge put the fake blood all over Valerie’s belly and place the bladeless dagger hilt so it looks like it is buried in Valerie’s belly. The audience will assume that it has been driven completely through her. We will, of course, explain to people that it is all make believe. Valerie when we start filming, I want you thrusting your belly up into the dagger hilt with your eyes open and mouth wide open. Carlotta you will thrust the phallus into her vagina at the same moment. We will replace the 16 inch phallus with a ten inch one that you can ram into her forcefully without fear of harming her. Okay, lights camera action.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; After the scene was filmed, Ramon took the&nbsp; phallus out of Valerie’s well fucked cunt and helped her up. He kissed her and told her,</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;You will have a week’s break, my lovely Valerie. Then we will start our second film.</p><p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Yes, Master. I understand,&quot; Valerie replied. </p>

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Thu, 11 Apr 2013 14:50:34 UTC

The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles; Part VI

The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles; Part VI&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; They had kept Valerie for six weeks, and Ramon had trained her well. She had taken the twelve inch cock in her cunt and the ten inch cock up her ass and had learned to deep throat cocks up to ten inches and swallow their cum. Her body looked fitter than ever except for a few contusions to her ass and tits thanks to the doctor who had attended her. Her 34c breasts were still firm and her nipples unharmed, though she was about to face her greatest test.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; Ramon came in late one afternoon and told her that the master had arranged a special show that night for several wealthy businessmen. He explained that she would be raped by three very horny young black men with extremely large cocks. The audience would pay big money to see her ravished for three hours by the men and would expect to get there money’s worth. He told her that if all went well, her master would free her from slavery.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Late that evening, Ramon led Valerie out in the large torture room; Valerie was completely naked and he led her around the room by the collar chain for the gathering of some thirty men.&nbsp; Then he took off her collar and spoke to the audience.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;Tonight, my friends, you will behold the beautiful 18 year old Valerie being fucked by three large black cocks that total 34 inches of hard black meat. They will enjoy every sweet orifice many times. This will prove to be her greatest test to date since it is a no holds barred fuck fest. If she passes out during the ordeal we will arouse her with smelling salts and the three black studs will continue the assault on her lovely young body for three hours even as we bring her back to consciousness. Her three assailants are wearing masks for their anonymity. Mr. Galloway has paid them well, but let me say that their greatest reward will be to get to fuck this beauty, for she is a fantastic and sensual conquest as you can see by gazing on her lovely slender white body. Unfortunately, you will not get to enjoy fucking her tonight because when these three gentlemen are finished using her she will be in no condition for further usage for several days. Now, please remain in your seats as the action will begin.&quot;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; The three black men entered the room and one of them held a twelve inch dagger. His erect cock also stood at attention a full twelve inches of man meat. He held the dagger beside his cock as he approached the frightened Valerie, her eyes wide in terror. He circled her with the dagger now extended in her direction very near her naked, vulnerable body.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;Never fear, white cunt, I will not plunge this knife through her sweet white body. The only weapons we plan to use on you are these big hard black cocks. But you will feel the wrath of our cocks in your sweet cunt, ass and mouth. We are going to ram you hard and deep in all three holes. We are gonna fill them with our black juice.&quot;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; He placed the blade of the knife at her inset navel and pushed it gently against her skin. She drew her breath in fearful that he meant to run the cold blade through her belly. She cowered back against the steel pillar behind her and wrapped her hands behind her around the pillar in terror. Her belly was drawn in revealing her rib cage, her breasts thrust out, her nipples now fully erect, a full half inch long. He pushed the sharp blade against her belly button and ordered her to spread her legs. When she obeyed, he pushed the dagger against her right nipple.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;Maybe I’ll cut your nipples off tonight as we fuck the shit out of you, white meat. Or maybe I’ll cut off your clit or fuck you with this dagger up your sweet tight cunt,&quot; he said.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; He handed the knife to one of the other black men and pulled her legs apart shoving his twelve inch black cock against her belly.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &quot;But I think I’ll just impale you with my black sword,&quot; he said.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; He picked Valerie up and raised her petite white body just above his erect cock. He held her with his large black hands on her waist poised above the black sword of flesh. She screamed in pain as he plunged her down on the hard cock head and pushed into her raw pussy and shoved her against the pole as he impaled her the on the full length of his twelve inch meat pole. She had never had a cock this big thrust into her before nor thrust into her vagina with such cruelty. He held her fully impaled on his cock sword her back against the cold steel of the pillar. She knew he had gone deeper than she had even been penetrated, his cock had violated her womb. She felt he had penetrated her to her belly button. Several of the men claimed they could see the head of his cock pushing against her skin around her belly. He was balls deep, and he carried her away from the pole.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Richard,&quot; he ordered one of his partners,&quot;Stick your ten inch black cock in her ass and let’s double fuck this white bitch. Go on, ram it into her rectum.&quot;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Richard complied and grabbed her tits with both hands from behind and squeezing them brutally drove his cock into her rectum and tore through her sphincter pushing the shaft of his ten inch cock into her anus about five inches. He grunted with effort and pulled his cock back a few inches and thrust up into her anal passage deeper as she screamed in pain, her head thrown back. He soon had his cock in the full ten inches and the two men held the helpless girl between them as they double fucked her with violent thrusts. Valerie at first felt terrible pain as her anus was opened deeper and wider than ever before. She knew she must be torn apart in both holes as the two attackers plowed her deeper and deeper. Richard mauled her tits with one hand and began to choke her with the other. She moved from agony to ecstasy as she became sensually aroused by the double fuck combined with the choking. She began to rise twoard an orgasm as the two men took her to the floor betweem their two powerful black bodies. The crowd now began to cheer the black men on.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Fuck her hard! Fucking plow her!&quot; cried some of the viewers.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; The third black man now forced her to take his 12 inch cock in her mouth and began to fuck her face as the other two men continued to ram her cunt and ass violently. All three holes were now filled. Valerie felt her body being impaled in three places as she rocketed toward an oragasm. Her body was wracked with orgasm after orgasm as she was violated brutally by three black cocks. The men took turns fucking mouth, cunt and asshole in every position. She fainted two or three times, partly from pleasure of countless orgasms and partly from the painful torture of three steel like cocks invading her helpless body accompanied by her breasts being mauled and squeezed and her ass slapped as the men violated her helpless flesh. They took turns fucking her doggy style in both pussy and anus, fucking her missionary style in both holes, and in taking her in all three orifices at the same time. They double cunt fucked her and double anus fucked her as well. They emptied their cum in all three of her holes, and when they finally finished her off with power fucks holding her up on her shoulders as they fucked down into her cunt and ass they left her torn, with a mixture of blood and cum staining her ass and cunt. She was totally spent as they carried her to her room and placed her well used body on the bed.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; Afterward, Ramon bathed her ravished body as she lay exhausted and fulfilled beyond her wildest dreams. He told her that true to his work, Galloway had agreed to release her. However, when Ramon explained the terms of her release, Valerie realized her hopes were not to be realized. She would not get unrestrained freedom.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;You will go with me to Mexico. Some of my friends and I will use you in porn movies. We will pay you&nbsp; well. You will make a lot of Pesos, Senorita. You will have amazing fucks with many big cocked men. You will have many orgasms better than tonight. In fact, we have a trained gorilla down there who will fuck you with a cock like no human cock you have ever seen. If you think the black cocks you felt tonight fucking you deep, you will be amazed by the size of the Gorilla’s cock. Yes, Valerie, you are in for the fucks of your life down there.’ <br />&nbsp;

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Tue, 02 Apr 2013 14:15:27 UTC

Wild Adventure

<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Chapter 1<br /><br /><br />I creeping the house in the afternoon. from the back entrance, I was naked except for&nbsp; my soiled chuddi &ndash; I was covered in cum and all kinds of filth. Inside the house &ndash; Ravi the cook&rsquo;s assistant, wearing goggles pealing onions, he had tied his lungi from the front I could see his shrunk brown dick resting on his hairy balls. He looks at me.<br />&ldquo;Gaandu! I pimped you out and you got me beaten up by them&rdquo; Ravi says angrily.<br />&ldquo;Too bad for you they did want to pay you anything, they wanted me for free and I enjoyed it&rdquo; I tell him.<br /><br /><br />Ravi used to fuck me that was nothing special but he wanted to make some money out of this. He introduced me to a bunch of men, near my house &ndash; who wanted a young sexy boy to fuck.&nbsp; He told them he would get his money in the morning.&nbsp; These were about five men.Who fucked me the whole and night.&nbsp; I had their cocks in each end. Those five men had their friends over &ndash; I enjoyed even more &ndash; sucking all those lunds&nbsp; and taking them in my gaand. <br />All the through that time -&nbsp; they pissed on me, gave me their shit to eat.&nbsp; &ndash;things I was used to having. When Ravi came over he saw all those men.<br />&ldquo;I thought there were&nbsp; only five &ndash; pay up all of you&rdquo;<br />The men stripped Ravi naked take him inside and fucked him up.He returned home without a word. I stayed for another night with those men and satisfied them all. I enjoyed being their sex slave toy boy &ndash;taking all that cum, piss and shit from them.<br /><br />He was not too happy with what I said. He shook his head, put all he pealed onions in a sack, I go over to him and tug his dick&nbsp; -it was one of those days when his cock would get erect. <br />&ldquo;You stink of shit and what not just like your mad khala&rdquo;<br />&ldquo;Arusha is here?&rdquo; I say excitedly. <br /><br /><br />&emsp;<br />Chapter 2<br /><br /><br />I run inside the house, straight to bedroom&nbsp; – I take off&nbsp; my filthy chuddi on the stairs and get into my bathroom and bathe. I was clean and drying myself. My bedroom door was banging.<br />&ldquo;Who is it?&rdquo; I asked <br />&ldquo;Chotay sahab &ndash;you&rsquo;re being called downstairs for&nbsp; tea&rdquo; Amaji says she headed all the servants in the house<br />I tie the towel loosely around my waist and&nbsp; go down. I sit down on large comfortable chair. Arusha was sitting on the floor legs apart, with her black panty going in the choot. Her&nbsp; long hair were covering her boobs.&nbsp; Ravi was right she was stinking &ndash; there were fresh scars on her -&nbsp; she was loved being tortured, abused, degraded and humiliated all the time.<br />Dina my mom was talking with&nbsp; someone on the cell phone, she wearing a sexy lingerie. I&nbsp; poured the tea into my cup sipped it. When I bent over to take the biscuits I see a large glob of cum on the floor. Before I could lap it up. Arusha has her hand on it and first, takes it and puts in her mouth. I glare at her.<br />&ldquo;You don&rsquo;t know how to bathe, leaving filth all over&rdquo; she says teasingly&nbsp; and sticks her tongue showing me the cum on it. I eat the biscuit. Just before I&nbsp; picked up the tea cup &ndash; I felt an itch on my cock and balls. I take off the towel, hold my cock in one hand scratch with the other. Dina had stopped talking on her phone and looks at me<br />&ldquo;You need to piss?&rdquo; She asks<br />&ldquo;No I&rsquo;m just&nbsp; scratching&rdquo; I tell her. She takes my cock in her hands and says<br />&ldquo; You know that I know&nbsp; what is&nbsp; best for you &ndash; now piss&rdquo; <br />She opens her mouth. I stand up and start pissing and lift the cup of tea. Arusha comes behind and starts licking my asshole. I spill my piss on her lingerie. The piss makes her&nbsp; the lingerie stick her body, her her large and nipples become prominent. She starts sucking my cock. I guessed filthy Arusha is&nbsp; expecting shit from me. I&nbsp; strain a little, my shit fills her mouth, she eats and slightly cleans my ass. I shoot my cum in Dina&rsquo;s mouth.<br />Dina kicks Arusha in her stomach with her bare feet<br />&ldquo;You&rsquo;re disgusting, eating my sons shit&rdquo;<br />&ldquo;I&rsquo;ve been doing that ever since he was a baby&rdquo;<br />Just then Amaji comes in. <br />&ldquo;Guests are here&rdquo; She says<br />&ldquo;Acha randi!&rdquo; Dina says. She and Arusha run off to their rooms. ShortlyDina comes back dressed &ndash;in a micro-skirt and a backless top.&ldquo;Either get dressed or go to your room&rdquo; She tells me. Arusha comes out of her room wearing a long dress which was completely unlike her, usually she moved around completely naked &ndash; on closer look it was the light any brighter her naked body would be visible.. Before she went into the next room she kisses my lund. <br />I crawl on the floor to see cum trail went from the big blot of cum which Arusha had eaten. There is a servant whom Dina always calls just to masturbate in front of her. His name is Junid. Dina would spread her legs, play with her pussy &ndash; make Junid very hot and he&nbsp; would masturbate&nbsp; from a distance &ndash; it was not allowed to fuck&nbsp; her Dina like to tease him like this.&nbsp; I licked the cum off the floor right up to the point it started.<br />Amaji calls the Naya&nbsp; the sweepress of the house. She was young girl with only a small sari tied around her body and nothing else. Naya brought a bucket of water to sweep the floor.&nbsp; I get up and my cock was erect again.<br />&ldquo;Suck Sahab&rsquo;s lund kutya&rdquo; Amaji orders her. Naya sucks my cock and makes me cum again, my cock is out. Amaji holds my cock knowing I was not done- she directs my piss towards Naya. I finished pissing I wipe the piss from the tip of my cock with my fingers and lick them.<br /><br />Chapter 3<br /><br />I had not intentions of wearing anything I leave&nbsp; my towel there and run up. I was busy playing a video game for some time, I hear knock on the door. <br />&ldquo;Some guests are here for you&rdquo; I hear Amaji, I quickly put on my short and tee shirt and open the door.&nbsp; Amaji was standing behind a girl who was older than I was and&nbsp; and a boy was younger than me.&nbsp; The girl was wearing a green gauze dress, the boy was in a vest two sizes smaller than him and a very tight underwear. <br />&ldquo;This is Kusar&nbsp; and this is Aman&rdquo; Amaji tells me. I shake hands with Aman and smile at Kusar. Amaji leaves. Kusar shuts the door.<br />&ldquo;You like to play video games?&rdquo; I ask them. <br />&ldquo;No&rdquo;&nbsp; they both say at the same time.<br />I look at them wondering what to ask next. <br />&ldquo; We know what we like&rdquo; Kusar says,she gets on my bed takes off her single gauze dress and was lying on my bed with slightly puffy nipples. Aman takes off his tiny underwear and lies face down. Kusar spreads his bottom to show me his gaand. <br />&ldquo;He wants you to fill his hole with you cock&rdquo; Kusar tells me.&nbsp; I did not expect this &ndash; but then I dropped my shorts and slide my cock in. Kusar gets behind me&nbsp; starts licking my ass, which Arusha did not clean up properly&nbsp; – Kusar found that thrilling and ate was there.<br />&ldquo;I love your cock inside me&rdquo; Aman says&nbsp; Kusar makes us lie face up on the bed and sucks both our cocks with her choot on my face. I lick it the clit, making her very hot.&nbsp;&nbsp; She turns around and has my cock in her cunt. Aman was kissing me. I held his small cock in my hand&nbsp; He was about to bring it to my mouth, when Amaji knocks on the door<br />&ldquo;Aman, Kusar your parents are leaving&rdquo;&nbsp; Amaji says<br />The two jump from the bed and leave as they were &ndash; naked,&nbsp; I wondered if their parents were just like mine. Later I go downstairs naked after they had gone.<br />Dina comes back and sees me and gives me a stern look<br />&ldquo;What did I tell you &ndash; you did not listen to me, you&nbsp; did not wear anything and stayed here?&rdquo; She asks angrily<br />&ldquo; No I did,&nbsp; I came down after after they had gone&rdquo; I tell her. She goes into her room Arusha blows me a kiss and runs into her room -&nbsp; and is out of it naked. She comes to me.<br />&ldquo;Did you have fun with those two?&rdquo; Arusha asks. <br />&ldquo;Yes they were nice&rdquo; I say<br />&ldquo;Is the girl&rsquo;s choot as big as mine?&rdquo;<br />&ldquo; She can&rsquo;t fit a horse dick in any of her holes, like you can &ndash; she&rsquo;s not ready for that&rdquo;. <br />&ldquo;What are you saying, hmmmm&rdquo; Arusha says sounding alarm.<br />She&nbsp; slides down on the floor and spreads her and starts masturbating. She starts rubbing choot and with her eyes closed <br />&ldquo;…….yesss I want a big horse dick inside me &ndash; in every hole ….give them to me&rdquo; She was sounding&nbsp; insane. I get down on her fat breast, her nipples had rings on them, I bite the side of her breasts. She opens her eyes and looks at me.<br />&ldquo;<br />What the fuck are you doing?&rdquo; Sounding angry but faking&nbsp; it and winking at me.<br />Just then Dina shows up and slaps her.<br />&ldquo;Don&rsquo;t you fucking dare use that tone with him, understand!&rdquo; Dina says. &nbsp;<br />&ldquo;I loved you biting my breast&rdquo; Arusha says. Dina had not changed &ndash; she had taken off her make up.<br />The two women started gossiping &ndash; I had no interest in that. Go back to my room to finish one level of my video game, which took some time. My dad&nbsp; Madhur&nbsp; was out of town&nbsp; and my sister Fizza&nbsp; who is older&nbsp; than was with him. He is fashion photographer was going spend some time there.<br />I was called for dinner and I go down and sit next to Arusha. Dina was in a hurry. <br />&ldquo;Ok you two, I&rsquo;m going&rdquo; Dina gets up and leaves.<br /><br /><br />Arusha in action<br /><br />Arusha had plans of her with some of her boyfriends who showed up as soon as Dina left. She goes down in the basement &ndash; for some rough treatment. My gaand and mouth was itching for cocks &ndash; I go to back of the house. Ravi was asleep but the other male servants were awake. <br />I was picked and taken in one of their quarters, put on a stinking charpai. They&nbsp; start fucking me in mouth and gaand, jut the way I liked it. Spent the rest of the night with. There three of them. In the morning Ravi joins in by pissing on me. I suck his cock and go back inside the house.&nbsp; Run back have a bath and come down. I see Amaji<br />&ldquo;Where&rsquo;s Dina?&rdquo;<br />&ldquo;She went out got some men for herself &ndash; she&rsquo;s sleeping with them&rdquo; She tells me.&nbsp; I go to Dina&rsquo;s room it was not locked. She was lying in between five men, on had his hand going between her legs and was holding her sexy breasts.&nbsp; I knew Arusha either was being abused in the basement.<br /><br /><br />

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Sun, 22 Apr 2012 18:34:27 UTC

Mad sex orgy at work

My first attempt at a sex story, typed at work after being bored at work with nothing to do then getting interested in a very hot blond girl. Half way though writing it I was off to the toilet for a wank… <br /> <br />I walked down the corridor with my hard on straining tight at my trousers zip, pulsing almost painfully. I walked quietly up behind the long legged girl with the skin tight black trousers and the long blond hair who had clearly been giving me the eye and god did I fancy her. Being so close to her with such intents made me light headed and my heart pounded hard against my chest. I stood there for a few seconds feeling like I may pass out, my hot throbbing cock clearly getting wet at the tip from the thought of releasing myself all over her naked body in a glorious spraying orgasm of spunk which I could imagine so clearly. She sensed I was there, maybe the thudding of my heart just a few inches from her head. She turned round slowly almost eye to my bulge, my cock so obvious and so very hard. She gasped and looked up at my face now flushed and staring. <br /> <br />Without a word and with her colleges in shock and anticipation of what was to come next, I reached for my zip desperate to release the pressure and show my new girl my glowing sweating member. She was frozen on the spot not sure what to do, whether to wait and see what was on offer or if it was all just a gag in front of her work mates. The zip slid down which was too much for the button that gave way and my cock sprung forward now tugging intently on my pants. The tip of my cock had made a clear damp spot on and was slowly pumping precum through the thin fabric. Now she knew it was for real, should she bolt or show her reserve and take it to the next level, showing her mates what she was made of and not to run away like a little scared girl. She reached over slowly pulling the under pants over my threatening manhood as if it may leap out further and slap her face. My cock now released jutted out hard as rock, it bobbled slowly to my pulse and my asshole spasming as though it knew what was coming. I told her to do as she was instructed without question and she was my temporary slave, I

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Sat, 11 Dec 2010 01:06:09 UTC

Taken – Chapter 1: So It Begins

Thinking back to my school days in Romania I was never the most beautiful, most popular, most desired, or most asked out among the girls my age. I was taller than most girls, thinner than most girls and boys my age had bigger boobs than me. Well, that is until I turned fourteen then like magic the long slender legs became shapely, my black hair grew long, thick and beautiful, my tummy became tight, flat and toned, and I finally had more to put in a bra than tissue paper and wishes. But before this transformation I had to discover myself and of course at thirteen and fourteen discovering myself and my little buttons was not a problem. <br /> <br />At fourteen I had been able to bring myself off many times and as time passed I became better at it each time. I would just think of a hot guy at school and my hands would move to my most tender young parts. I would shower and use the shower wand on my little bud. All the while I thought I was having orgasms and if they were orgasms they were nothing like what I was about to experience. As I think back, maybe as my body matured the orgasms grew in intensity, or maybe not. <br /> <br />Our house in Romania was very old and dates back beyond the time of Vlad the Impaler. For a time when the communists were running Romania we had lost the title to our home as it was taken over by the state and used by the Romanian intelligence service (Securitate of the Socialist Republic of Romania). We had to remove the holding cells and such in the basement and most of the plaster had to be removed and redone, including my bedroom. My bedroom was large with two walk in closets and my own bathroom with shower, tub, sink and toilet and bidet. My bed was a queen size with four posts of medium height. From my bedroom window I could look out and see Bran Castle and the road leading up to it. Our house was on a steep hill opposite but below the castle. My room also had a deck on the back that over looked the road leading to the village center. <br /> <br />Like any other night after school I came home, had dinner, did my homework, and watched a little TV with my friends who stopped by as planned earlier. My friends and I spent the evening watching TV then watching the tourists with my father’s telescope. It was always fun to pick out a couple of tourists and follow them around with the telescope and imagine why they were here, where they were from. We’d talk about the cute guys and fantasize about some of the really studly guys, and yes, even some of the older guys. On this particular late spring evening we stayed out on the deck until past 10 PM when my mother came in and said that it was time to break up the party because we all had school in the morning. As always we hugged, kissed and bid each other good night. Yes, it was a full on the mouth kiss, not the little cheek kisses. Mom used to call us future lesbians but looking back, none of us ever went down that road for eternity. <br /> <br />After we dropped my friends off at their homes I went back and had my usual shower, and even had a little fun with the shower massage as I thought of the tourists in town that we had been watching. Closing my eyes and dreaming as if one of them was a James Bond type taking me hard and fast as he used me for information on the international villain. As usual with the hot water and the soapy hand on my small firm budding breasts, I came as always. I dried myself off as my breathing rate and pulse returned to normal and headed off to bed. <br /> <br />I always sleep naked, even in the winter. I love the feel of the cold sheets on my bare skin. My sheets are always the softest Egyptian cotton and feels so soft against my skin and I enjoy the freedom of being naked. My breathing and heart rate had just about returned to normal when I snuggled in under the sheets and comforter and turned out the light. I lay on my back for a time, still thinking of the tourists and my friends before going to sleep. Another good part about sleeping naked is that I can touch myself and not worry about having to deal with clothing, and this night I fell asleep with one hand on my breast and the other resting between my legs. Yes, this night I went to bed happy. <br /> <br />I suppose it wasn’t long before I felt the covers being pulled back from me and I felt the chill of the night air on my naked body. Stirring slightly on the soft sheets I felt as if my hands were being pulled away from my body and it wasn’t long before I felt lips pressing to mine. On instinct I kissed back, thinking of my friends and the tourists earlier on in the evening. I tried to wrap my arms around the person that the lips belonged to but I was unable to move them. It was as if a great weight was pressing down on them. My nipples hardened as the kiss deepened, my lips parting on autopilot as I felt a tongue brushing against them. I felt a thick firm tongue pressing deeper into my mouth as I gasped out acceptance. <br /> <br />It wasn’t long before I felt my legs parting as if being pulled apart and a great weight settling down upon my tall slender form. I could feel something grinding against my now swelling clit and wanted to wrap pull my legs up to allow better contact with my clit but like my arms, my legs refused to move. Panic seemed to be the thing to do now but no, this was too good, this had to finish, had to play out as I cooperated in every way. I kissed back with as much passion as my fourteen year old body and soul could muster. Breathing deep and loud as I kissed back and enjoyed being kissed more than ever before. Well, at fourteen I didn’t have much experience but damn I sure was getting some tonight. <br /> <br />It wasn’t long before I felt the lips pulling away from mine and move down my neck, sucking and biting gently until the lips locked around my left nipple. I moaned loudly as I tried to arch my back to push my breast toward the sucking lips. It wasn’t long before I felt the grip on my left arm shifting. I as still unable to move it I thought as I felt another set of lips press to mine, kissing me as hard as the previous set. Once again I surrendered myself and gave in to the kiss, allowing the tongue to fill my mouth. My mind was swirling through the kiss and from the now alternating sucking of my nipples. I so wanted to move my hand between my legs to get myself off but still was unable to do so. It wasn’t long as if I felt that someone was going to do this for me. The grip on my legs eased and I felt what I thought to be a chilly wind against the tiny wisps of black fur sparsely covering my young mound. As what felt like a tongue slipped against my little rosebud of a clit I gasped out loudly into the mouth of the lips kissing me. <br /> <br />Soft whimpers began to escape my lips against those kissing me, and as my whimpers and moans became louder the kiss was broken and moved down to my unoccupied breast. My mind struggled to process all that was happening with two sets of lips on my breasts, sucking and licking them, and a mouth covering my vagina. As I felt the lower mouth move from my clit, I felt a long thick tongue press between my nether lips and slide in deep. I so wanted to buck up with my hips but still, I could not move. With each motion of the long thick tongue my moans became louder and louder until I felt another kiss on my mouth. These lips seeming familiar, seeming young, feeling like my friend Vickie that had left me a while ago. <br /> <br />It wasn’t long before my muscles were tensing as I tried to push against the tongue probing between my legs. It also wasn’t long that the tongue moved from my lips back to my clit. I wanted to cry out, I wanted to tremble, I wanted to do so many things but all I could do was lay there and spasm through the best orgasm I had ever had. I could swear that with each wave of orgasm that washed over me I was wetting myself as I felt a cool wet spot growing under my ass. As the last wave came and went I tensed one last time then relaxed totally. My arms became light as did my legs, and I was now free to move and move I did. I moved my hand between my legs which was soaked. Soaked more than any other time that I had played with myself. My other hand moved to my breasts which were wet around the nipple area only. <br /> <br />As I struggled to understand what just happened I reached for and turned on the light to find myself alone in my bed, the covers tossed off almost halfway across the room, and the sheets disheveled and soaked. Scared now I sat up to look around, and in looking around I saw nothing, no one there at all. Looking down between my still spread legs and noticed a long wet pattern which extended out in a straight line about 2 or 3 feet from my vagina. As I looked down my long slender legs toward my feet I could see what seemed to be hand prints in the form of darkening bruises just above my ankles. I wanted to scream, I wanted to know what had just happened, I wanted to wake up… then I came to the realization that I was awake and that the wetness and the bruises were still there… I was fully awake… <br /> <br /> <br />

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Tue, 12 Oct 2010 06:08:54 UTC


Chapter 1 – Caught by Teacher

Charlie was a handsome, intelligent and fit thirteen-year old boy who lived under very sad, stressful, and demanding circumstances. His mother died when he was six leaving him and his overworked, fifty year old father to patch together an existence as best they could on their own. It was hard on the boy. He had to forsake the playtime activities his friends enjoyed to help his father maintain their home. Charlie learned responsibility, courage, independence, and determination before he learned his multiplication tables. But leisure was just a small portion of what he had sacrificed. The absence of a mother figure left a yawning gap in Charlie’s life, a fact that did not go unnoticed by his father, who steeled himself to find just the right mother figure for his son.

When Charlie was nine his father met just such a woman and married a very shy but pretty, spinster-librarian of forty-nine named Alice. Alice had waited all of her life for an opportunity to fulfill herself as a wife and a mother. Her lifelong ambition was domesticity with a loving husband and happy children to devote herself to. Sadly, she watched the prime of her life slip by with all opportunity to realize her dreams stifled by her own timidity. At long last, her hope was restored when she was invited to share the lives of Charlie and his father.

Alice was such a kind and sweet lady and she was so good to Charlie and his father. Because she never treated him like a kid but rather as a young friend, Charlie quickly became very doting on her. She would relate to him in great detail her long lonely life waiting for a man to love and a family to embrace. Charlie was captivated by her and looked up to her as a tragic heroine that needed the shelter of him and his father. She was their treasure.

At one time Charlie even had a big crush on Alice and cherished her regal feminine grace, heart-shaped face, high cheekbones and large, wise eyes. To Charlie, she was the prettiest, most noble woman in the world and he was proud to be near her. In return, Alice was so grateful to finally have in her life the love of Charlie and his father and she flourished in the fulfillment she had waited for so long and patiently. They all three enjoyed a peaceful, happy existence. Sadly, it did not last.

When Charlie was 12 his father died tragically. Charlie, of course, was devastated but had to walk the long road to recovery basically by himself. With the loss of a love in her life, Alice became an empty shell of her former self. Her slightly nervous but energetic perky nature turned languorous and sullen. Her jet-black hair quickly showed streaks of gray and her light, nimble frame became just a case study in frailty. The first week after the funeral she clung to Charlie like a life preserver, afraid to lose him too. Charlie, being a good-natured and conscientious boy, did not hold it against her to be so clinging and needy. He understood how she felt and did his best to help her cope and cause her no trouble. Charlie actually loved her a great deal and wanted only for her to be as happy and fulfilled as she had once been. Forced to mature at a very early age, he took it upon himself to take care of her and nurse her wounded spirit. Being truly fond of Charlie, Alice returned his affection ten fold.

Having just entered puberty, his hormones were playing havoc on his emotions as well as other things. He quickly discovered masturbation and he lost himself in it on a nightly basis. Many images and fantasies filled his young mind including a great deal centered around his stepmother, Alice, but the ones that he visited most were of his third period Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Petrova. Mrs. Petrova was a full figured widow in her early 50’s who spoke with a distinct East European accent. Her graying dark brown hair piled in neat rolls at the back of her head framed a round, fine-featured face that still bore traces of a slowly relinquished beauty. Charlie had only rudimentary knowledge of female anatomy and even less about sex, but that did not deter his imagination from richly immersing his fantasies of Mrs. Petrova in great detail. The more he entertained himself with thoughts of her, the more elaborate the fantasies became.

These fantasies began to extend into his daily life. He would sit at his desk in his Social Studies class never taking his eyes from Mrs. Petrova. He loved every line of her body and paid close attention to whatever bulge or curve that a tight spot in her clothes would reveal. This compounded with his highly detailed imagination never failed to produce an erection. In fact, Charlie had an erection almost the entire time he was in her class and took great pains in trying to conceal it. His worst fear was of being called on in class and having to stand to give the answer. Luckily, his classmates never noticed the tell tale long crease extending up the front of his pants but one day Mrs. Petrova did and just stared at it the entire time he was standing. From that day on, Charlie noticed her shooting glances at his erection every time he stood or walked by her desk. He was so embarrassed but was grateful that she had the discretionary tact not to breach his confidentiality.

Charlie did not know why he was so obsessed with Mrs. Petrova, he had prettier teachers and other thoughts to occupy his attention but for some reason every aspect of her distracted him. His grades were not suffering so he felt no reason to check his lustful thoughts and then one day he went too far and that was when his life began to change drastically.

The class was taking a pop quiz and all the students were silently bent over their desks working on the test. Mrs. Petrova was grading papers, sitting at a table that stood beside her desk at the front of the row of desks where Charlie was seated. He was working so ardently on his test that he had lost his erection and without watching what he was doing, he knocked his eraser off his desk. He immediately dove to the left side of his desk to retrieve it and as he did he glanced up the row of desks and saw the knee and calf of Mrs. Petrova’s leg under the table. She was wearing that day a white blouse and a plain, woolen skirt that came up to just above her knees.

Charlie was at once thrilled by this small glimpse and sat up pondering the wonders of what was up that skirt. His erection returned. He answered a couple more questions and then faced the nagging curiosity of another foray. He summoned up his courage and then with a surreptitious look around, he pushed his eraser off the right side of his desk. He ducked down after it and then slowly looked up the aisle. There were her legs, her shapely calves rising up to her rounded knees and then between them those softly curved thighs. He focused his gaze and looked as hard as he could between the bulges of flesh, trying to find what lay beyond. As he did, she slightly spread her knees to turn in her chair and when she did Charlie did not see the white triangle of her panties beneath the mesh of pantyhose but rather just a brownish triangle and hose covered flesh above it. A rush of blood pounded through his head as this was the most erotic moment of his life. He was trying to infuse this image on his brain as fuel for his imagination and then all of a sudden her knees slapped closed. Charlie looked up and saw Mrs. Petrova glaring at him over the top of the table.

He sprang back upright and hunched over his test expecting all hell to break loose any second. He harshly reproached himself, how could he do such a thing to his dear Mrs. Petrova? He felt like every eye in the world had seen him and he was now under their contemptuous gaze. He wished he could just shrink out of existence. He tried but he could not finish the test, he sat there loathing himself until the bell rang for the end of the period. Everyone rose to turn in their tests and leave but Charlie lagged behind to postpone the inevitable confrontation as long as possible. As he placed his test on the table Mrs. Petrova looked at him sternly and said, ”I would like to see you after school, Charlie,” and nothing more.

Charlie went through the rest of the day in a state of constant worry, watching the clock with fear and dread. He could think about nothing but what would happen when he met Mrs. Petrova. He knew the shame and embarrassment alone would be horrific. The day ended and as his schoolmates happily fled the building, Charlie took his long walk to Mrs. Petrova’s classroom and stood in the hallway. As dreadful as it felt, it was time to face the music. He took a deep breath and walked through the doorway. Mrs. Petrova was at her desk grading papers. She did not look up from her work but she knew he was there. She just said, “Close the door, Charlie, and sit at your desk.”

Charlie did as he was told and sat at his desk feeling the agonizing tenseness in the air. This would definitely be the wrong time to have an erection and he tried as hard as he could to not think of his adored teacher. Finally, Mrs. Petrova set her work aside and rose to her feet. She walked slowly around the desk and then stood in front of the table at the end of Charlie’s row of desks. She folded her arms in front of her and looked gravely at him.

“Charlie, you know that what you did was wrong?” she said, her voice was like a slap of shame in Charlie’s face. He nodded. “Charlie, a woman’s modesty is a sacred thing. How do you think it makes me feel to find you looking up my dress like that?” Charlie hung his head; he did not know what to say. “What would your stepmother say?” she added, knowing full well Charlie’s guardianship and reverence for Alice. The horror must have shown on Charlie’s face because she calmed him by saying, “Do not worry, I will not bring her into this.” But she still pressed on her attack with, “How would you feel if your privacy were broken like that?” Charlie was too ashamed to answer. “Perhaps you should find out.” There was an agonizingly long pause before she said, “Charlie, stand up,” she said. He stood up and expected nothing but the humiliation of a paddling and then she spoke very slowly and firmly, “Take down your pants.”

‘She was really going to do it,’ he thought to himself, she was really that mad. Reluctantly, he did as he was told, unfastening the belt and the fly, letting them drop to the floor. Then she hit him with an even worse demand, “Your shorts too, Charlie,” she said. He grabbed them and bent down as he thrust them around his ankles. He stood up with his head bowed and waited for her to do something, but she did not. There would be no paddling, she was going to treat him to the same violation he had inflicted on her.

Charlie stood there before her with his pants around his ankles paralyzed with shame. He was more embarrassed and humiliated than he had ever felt in his life but not indignant because he knew she was justified in putting him through this. He had violated the sanctity of her privacy by looking up her skirt. This was fair.

As he stood there in the focus of her gaze, he fell once again to natural impulses he could not control. The thought of this woman he was so obsessed with watching his exposed dick played on his mind. He felt a bond opening up between them, as his exposure became an offering of his devotion to her. A slight draft gently caressing his bare flesh only made things worse. His small, boyish penis began to rise. Charlie tried hard to think about anything but Mrs. Petrova. He tried to think about what his stepmother would feel if she got word of his behavior. He tried to think about his classmates bursting in and witnessing this sight. He tried to think about all the embarrassment that his springing a boner might cause Mrs. Petrova. But it was no use, the thought of his idolized teacher watching his naked dork was too much for him and his erection grew. It rose in a twitching, jerking motion to its full four-inch length. It stiffened to almost the point of aching. It swelled into an arch with the tip pressed against his belly.

When Mrs. Petrova saw it begin to rise, her eyes opened wide and she gasped. It was more out of dismay that he should get an erection now of all times – when he should be humiliated – than out of disgust. She stared at it a moment and then turned aside as if pondering something, her eyes darted about as if she were busily formulating some plan. She stood gazing out the window contemplatively for quite some time leaving Charlie in a quandary as to what further dread might be in store for him now.

She finally turned, walked to the door and locked it. She spun around on her heal and looked at Charlie with her head cocked to one side and a strangely sardonic smile on her face. “You like me very much, is this true, Charlie?” she asked him flatly.

Charlie got very nervous and antsy but something about the smile on her face gave him reason to believe he could confide his heart to her with no fear of any cruel derision. “Y-yes, ma’am,” he stammered.

“Charlie, I have a need… I think I can use you for something I have in mind,” she said.

Charlie was very confused; he expected something but definitely something much worse than that. He anxiously waited to see what terms were about to be leveled at him. She casually strolled to face him in front the table. She stood with her hands on her hips and the same smile as she just looked at him, studying him.

“Charlie,” she finally spoke, “there is going to have to be an understanding between us. We are going to share a very special secret and I think I am safe in trusting you to keep this just between us, OK?”

Charlie just nodded his head. She leaned back against the table as she stepped out of her shoes.

“I am going to reveal something to you that you must not discuss with anyone, no matter what. I am sharing this with you because I think your feelings for me will not let you do anything to hurt me, do you understand Charlie?”

“Yes ma’am,” Charlie nodded again, his fear was replaced by curiosity at what she might be inferring. His eyes were fixed now on her feet, drinking in a new aspect of her he had never beheld before. Her hands went to her sides and pressed flat against her skirt then her fingers began pulling the material up to bunch under her palms. Charlie was mesmerized as he watched her hem climb higher and higher up her hose covered thighs, past the point where her pantyhose darkened, all the way up to her hips. He was absolutely astounded as to why she would do this or what was about to happen. His excitement mounted as her curvaceous upper legs were revealed to him.

She gathered up her skirt all the way to the hem and then in a quick motion she drew it up to her waist and then dug her fingers underneath to her waistband. Charlie’s arousal rushed to overload and he suddenly felt close to shooting his wad. He could not believe what was taking place before him or how close it brought him to getting off without even touching himself. His eyes were fixed on her upper thighs where her billowed skirt just barely obscured the place he knew the triangular patch of her pussy to be. His eyes darted back and forth between her ample, round hips taking in all the exposed curves she had offered to him.

She hooked her thumbs into the tops of her pantyhose and began to slowly push them down, following the curves of her legs all the way to the floor. Charlie felt disappointment as her skirt fell down behind her hands but also a thrill as he knew her bush was now uncovered below that skirt. Mrs. Petrova pulled the hose from both her feet and then slowly straightened back upright pulling her skirt up with her as she went. Charlie took in the sight of her bare, soft, creamy-white thighs and waited for her to expose the object of his longing. After one last pause, she scooped up the front of her skirt and presented Charlie with the full, unobstructed view of the object of all young males’ wonder – her pussy. She stood there holding up her skirt, still and silent, watching Charlie intently, letting him take it all in and then she raised herself on her toes and sat on the edge of the table, slightly parting her knees, putting herself on display for him.

Upon seeing the first glimpse of her pubic triangle, Charlie actually stopped breathing. To see those light brown curls of femininity framed between soft, round hips and surrounded by smooth, white skin was beyond anything his boyhood imagination could conjure. He was amazed and confused as to why she would just stand there and show him her bush like that, it was contrary to everything he knew about the opposite sex. He followed her lead and lifted his shirt tail up out of the way and held it under his arm. There they both silently stood in front of each other, naked from the waste down, exposing themselves to each other for at least two or three minutes. This moment was the focal point of Charlie’s life and he drank in every aspect of this simple yet tremendous exchange. His libido was overdosed and an orgasm was quickly overtaking him. As it approached, he felt the blood drain from his head. Spasms tore at him and strained every muscle in his body. He felt the familiar surge of joy shoot through his dork like a big feather being pulled out through his loins. His sperm erupted from the tip of his young penis, squirting out in thick jets that gushed onto his belly and ran in a slow drool down the front of his thigh. He lost himself in it, let it go freely, almost pushing it forth proudly like an offering to her.

“Oh, Charlie!” Mrs. Petrova exclaimed as she saw it happen.

Charlie plunged into embarrassment and frantic apologies. “I’m sorry ma’am. I couldn’t help it. I’ll clean it up, I’m real sorry.” He did not know what to do. He bent over to pull up his pants while still holding up his shirttail with the other hand.

“Charlie, Charlie, It is alright. I am not upset. It is just a terrible waste, that is all.” Still holding up her skirt, she stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder to reassure him. As she got close to him, he caught a thick, musky scent that he had never encountered before. It was the essence of her sex and it enticed him further. “We must not let that happen again.” She took him by the hand and said, “Come.”

Charlie shuffled behind her as she led him around to the other side of the table and to her desk. She turned and clutching her skirt up tight around her waist, she sat in her chair. She said, “Charlie, come to me. Kneel down in front of me.” Charlie knelt in front of her knees and starred into the mysterious pubic tangle between her thighs. Mrs. Petrova pulled on a lever at the side of her chair and it dropped until her hips were even with his. She spread her knees and drew her chair closer to him, until he was between her thighs.

“Charlie, I am not going to hurt you,” She said in a gentle, low voice, her accent getting thicker. “I am going to do something with you. It will feel very good to you. But you must not speak about this or my special condition.”

Charlie’s head was reeling, could she intend to fuck him? Was he ready for this? Blessed with the almost indefatigable libido of a boy, his erection still stood firmly against his belly. He hoped with all his might that he would perform satisfactorily. He heard a slight slurping noise that he could not quite place, it sounded like it came from between her legs. Mrs. Petrova scooted to the edge of her chair and slowly crossed her calves behind Charlie’s legs and placed her hands on his hips. Charlie was thrilled at the contact, never realizing it was now impossible to pull away from her, as if he would ever want to.

She bent over him so that her head was beside his. “It is time to introduce you to my Charm,” she whispered. Charlie heard more of the wet, gurgling noise and then he saw something move in the center of Mrs. Petrova’s cunt. In the sparse light available between their bodies he could see a finger-like protrusion emerge three inches from where her hole should be. He had never before seen a real pussy up close but he was certain they were not supposed to have anything like that. He pulled away from her to allow light in more than anything else and he met the resistance of her legs and hands.

“It is nothing to be afraid of, Charlie,” she whispered reassuringly, “it is just my special little something extra.” Mrs. Petrova placed her hand before her sex and the tentacle protruding from her pubis reached out and wrapped around two of her fingers. “See? It is part of me. It is going to help us… be together,” she continued in a sweet voice. She drew her hand along the underside of the strange appendage, stroking it with her fingertips. It greeted and reacted to her touch as naturally and adroitly as one of her own fingers.

She pulled her hand back in presentation and Charlie bent down to examine this wonder. In the dense curls of her pubic hair, he could make out the slit of her pussy. He could see the puffy red inner lips highlighting the groove. Out of the bottom end of the slit, where it curved back toward her butt, where her vagina was, he saw the pinkish gray tentacle glistening and writhing like a large slug. It emerged from her vagina and twisted and curled against the surface of her mound as if trying to pull itself out of her. It kept working itself out of her until a full ten inches dangled and writhed from her. It was a little more than an inch and a half in diameter at its base and gradually narrowed to a point with a slit at the tip. Charlie just could not stop watching it and the beautiful pussy it emerged from. Mrs. Petrova just stroked his back and let him examine her. He tentatively extended his hand to touch it, cupping his hand underneath it and slowly lifting. It was wet and slick to the touch. Charlie marveled at how lively it was in his palm, how it curled up and then wound around his thumb, how it caressed the back of his hand in the same way he caressed it. With his other hand he petted the soft curls of her pussy and gently probed her exposed, pink labia. “Come, Charlie. Let us begin,” she finally said and he straightened himself between her legs as he was before.

‘Begin what,’ he wondered. ‘What did she intend to use that thing for?’ With his head bent down, Charlie watched in amazement the spectacle before him. The tip rose and reached for his dick. Secreting its own lubricant from its surface and within, the tentacle licked and slathered a wet, gooey mess all over Charlie’s penis and testicles and slowly smeared it into his skin and sparse hairs. It coiled firmly around his penis three times and he felt himself nearing another climax as the soft slickness and amazing deftness of the organ treated Charlie’s dick like nothing he had ever felt before. After wrapping around him, the tip broke away from the coil and began groping in the air. The end began to open up. At first it was just a small hole but it stretched wider and wider and fluted outward. When it had opened to about an inch and a half it uncoiled a couple of turns from around Charlie’s penis and then stretched down toward the dribble of semen on his leg. The mouth-like tip poised over the glob and then pressed onto it. Charlie could actually feel it kind of suck on his skin. Mrs. Petrova sighed and said, “Ahhh. It has been so long.” The tip slurped and smacked against his skin, cleaning off the area. Once finished, the tip rose up toward Charlie’s stomach. It lightly pushed his penis aside and then started to suck up all traces of the spermy mess on his belly. Its touch was light and tickled him as it worked. He watched in amazement at its dexterity and deliberate incentive.

“Do you have any more for me?” she cooed musingly. “I think you do.”

The tip reached for the head of Charlie’s cock and seized it, he gasped loudly. The mouth of the strange tendril closed over his cock-head sending him to the threshold, he knew he would not last much longer. Her tentacle then started to devour his penis, slowly working itself down over him like a snake eating a rodent. Having never had his dick engulfed by anything more tender than his fist, the sensation was too much for him and before he could get a grasp of his reflexes he shot off again. Charlie felt a jolt charging through his dick as he unloaded his ejaculation into her clinging, warm embrace. He sincerely felt that it had to be the most intense orgasm of his life as the fleshy member seemed to coax every last bit of sperm out of him. As each spurt erupted from him he could hear a faint gurgle as her sucking tentacle accepted his offering and gulped it down.

“Ohhh, yes. Yes, good…very good, Charlie,” She whispered hoarsely to him, lightly petting his back. And then he thought he heard her quietly say, “Feed me.”

The stimulation seemed to make his orgasm last longer than before and Charlie really felt like his bountiful sexual energy had been tapped. Her talented organ continued to suck on him and to envelop his dick. Charlie felt weak and his erection was beginning to fade. Mrs. Petrova felt it too and she said, “Let us kiss, Charlie, give me your tongue.” He had never kissed a girl before let alone tongue kissing and he was a bit worried he would do it wrong. Charlie tilted his head back and opened his mouth to receive hers. She bent her head down over his face, her mouth closed over his and her tongue quickly pushed in.

His first kiss. Charlie tasted something strange in his mouth and then a new surge of arousal and sexual urgency overcame his weariness. He sucked at her tongue for more of what ever she was supplying him and his erection found new life. She pulled her mouth away with a loud smack and said, “Easy, Charlie. A little bit at a time.” Mrs. Petrova lifted her head proudly and lightly closed her eyes. A long, drawn-out moan escaped her lips as if she were enjoying a leisurely bath.

Charlie dropped his head back down and resumed watching her claim his penis. Her Charm had now swallowed his entire dick up to the thin wisps of hair on his balls. Then the mouth began to stretch open wider, flaring out as the length behind it continued to slide down over his erection. The tip opened to a maw of about 3 inches wide and then with one big, even sweep it engulfed his testicles. It wrapped over the back of his scrotum and sucked his balls into a snug, wet cuddle, tenderly sliding to and fro around his trapped organ. He was inside her or rather she had swallowed him all the way up to his crotch.

Charlie turned his head to the side and rested it on her breast. At that point he did not care if she swallowed him alive; oh, what a delightful way to die! She accepted his surrender to her body by wrapping her arms around his back and pulling him tight to her sex with her legs. Meanwhile, her Charm continued to do its work on Charlie’s captured organs. Within the clingy encirclement, Charlie’s cock was being treated to sensations he never dreamed possible. Even using both hands Charlie would never be able to duplicate the firm but tender undulations that rolled and slid the lithe tentacle around his lucky prick. As it tended to him in its tight grasp of his boyish cock and balls, it slowly drew back up into her vagina, bringing Charlie’s penis with it until Charlie’s hips were pressed flush against her. He was enchanted by the sensation of her coarse, thick pubic hairs tickling all around his groin. She spread her knees wide and held him tight against her as she used her hands to induce him to begin thrusting at her, prompting his natural urges. Nature took over Charlie and he began to fuck in earnest, driving to discharge another load.

Charlie was in heaven. He, he alone was in intimate contact with his adored Mrs. Petrova and receiving pleasure from her the likes of which he had never known. He thrilled at the knowledge that she had entrusted him with her deep secret and that through their strange contact she was extracting something from him she highly valued. With his hands wrapped around her ample butt, he drove against her and enjoyed the sensation of her soft flesh and pubic hair on his hips and belly as his cock was gently milked by her clasping tendril. A matter of seconds later, he stiffened under the onslaught of another climax and squirted his third load into her sucking, fleshy tube. She cooed her congratulations to his issue in some language he could not understand and waited for his exuberance to run its course before lifting his chin and bending her head down to deliver another intoxicating kiss. Rejuvenated to fresh arousal, Charlie hugged her hips and bent into a new romp, enjoying such sweet rapture with his beloved Mrs. Petrova. She filled his senses. He nuzzled his head against her breast, stroked her naked butt with his hands, and ground his pelvis against her soft thighs, her lush curls, and her moist sucking depths.

And so the couple continued their exchange through three more of his climaxes, which came after successively longer durations. In the stillness of the classroom, Charlie pumped his narrow, boyish hips against the voluptuous, womanly frame of his teacher. They silently clung together, his small adolescent body occluded by her larger, mature body. With his pants around his ankles and her skirt bunched up around her hips they made an unlikely couple of a boy loving a woman. All that could be heard was a light clapping sound as he struggled franticly against her. An occasional slight sucking sound of her strange appendage alternating its clasp of his penis. A faint gasp and groan as he spent. A small smack as she fed him another kiss and then it began all over again. Deep within their carnal contact, her clinging tendril never relinquished its firm grasp of his small but potent member. Their dance played on until the evening shadows stretched long across the room, until Charlie was shaky and weak from his overcharged exertions, and until his ejaculation came as just a dry spasm. At last, Charlie lay limply against her breast, spent and lethargic.

She allowed him to rest as her Charm again slowly disgorged itself from her vagina. The full length pushed itself out but the tip maintained its tenuous hold on Charlie’s testicles. She unwrapped her calves from behind him and braced her feet on the floor. Taking hold of Charlie’s butt in her hands she said, “Come on, Charlie,” and slowly rose out of her chair bringing him with her. Once on his feet, she spun him around and forced him to sit in her chair, kneeling on one knee beside him. Half straddling Charlie above his lap, she held him with one arm as her free hand began to stroke her Charm over the portion covering Charlie’s penis. She gently pulled the lips enclosing his balls free while pushing his dick out through the end. She finally freed his ravaged cock and it felt tingly and cool to Charlie as a slight draft wafted over his moist skin.

With her skirt still bunched up around her waist, Mrs. Petrova rose from his side, turned to her desk and pulled a moistened towelette from a container in a drawer. She bent over Charlie and began to clean up his penis and scrotum while he just watched her Charm hanging from her pussy. It was now shriveled, a dark red and had a mottled texture. He noticed that it was not as lively as when he had first seen it, it seemed like it was as exhausted from the encounter as he was. She worked delicately around his fragile privates, wiping and blotting until she was satisfied she had cleaned all traces of herself from him. He appreciated the care and concern she showed in tending for his messy pud.

“Charlie, I must thank you,” she said as she worked. Her accent was thicker than usual and her voice was soft and kind, not her teacher’s voice at all. “You have given me a very special gift. I think you enjoyed it as well, yes? You like my little Charm? Hmmm?” She looked at him pleadingly as if imploring him for an answer. “But you understand this must be our secret. If someone found out they would take me away. Your mother, she would become very angry I think, yes? You do not want to see me hurt, do you, Charlie?” She squatted in front of him, looking into his eyes.

“No, ma’am, I’d never let anything happen to you,” Charlie said ardently trying hard to tear his eyes from her delightful pussy and the bloated flesh dangling from it, but he meant every thing he said. This was greater than any dream come true. In his young, inexperienced heart, lust was turning to love. “You’re the best teacher I ever had, I’d do anything for you, ma’am. Does this mean you’re not mad at me? I didn’t mean any harm or anything, I just really like you and all, and …”

“I was very angry,” she replied, “but I started to think that we both have a hunger we can help each other feed. Do you understand, Charlie?”

Charlie, feeling self-conscious, stood up and started to pull his clothes back on. Mrs. Petrova tossed the towelette into the trashcan and took Charlie’s place on the chair. She spread her knees wide and then using just her finger tips, she began pushing against her Charm around the base, slowly helping it pull itself back into her pussy.

Charlie starred at her sex, fascinated. Watching her dainty, feminine hands working cautiously about her mound and labia was more erotic than anything he had ever imagined. “Do other ladies have a thing like that?” he asked.

“Very, very few, I should guess,” she said as she tended to herself, “It was a gift given to me by a dear friend a long time ago. You must not trouble yourself over it. It is my Charm, it is my personal treasure and not for anyone to speak of.” Standing, she retrieved her pantyhose from the table and leaned against her desk to pull them over one foot and then the other. Charlie watched in appreciation the baggy, sheer material assume the shape of a woman as she pulled it up her legs and hips. Stepping into her shoes and smoothing down her skirt she said, “Come, Charlie, it is late. I will take you home.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he responded.

“Charlie, you may call me Monica when we are alone but the rest of the time I will be Mrs. Petrova and you must behave properly,” she said.

The drive home was basically quiet. Charlie had many questions on his mind but was very tired and just relaxed. He was so happy to have shared the intimate sexual contact with his adored teacher and peacefully enjoyed her presence. As they drew near his questions started to boil to the top of his mind, “Ma’a… Monica? Did you use your… Charm on… your husband too?” he pondered haltingly, wondering if he alone held any special prominence in her heart.

“Of course, Charlie, he was my husband.” she replied.

“I guess you loved him a lot and stuff,” Charlie probed.

“Very, very much,” was her quick answer.

“I loved my dad a lot too. Um, … when did he … die?” he continued.

“In ‘72,” she said, she was primarily absorbed by her driving and answered with little vehemence.

“I guess you weren’t married too long, huh?” he probed again.

“Seventy nine years. Is this your house on the right, Charlie?” she spoke quickly, obviously more concerned about delivering him home than her answer.

Charlie was confused, he knew his math and that these numbers did not add up. He set her response aside and passed it off that she had not heard his question properly or he did not hear her correctly. “Yeah, that’s it,” he said.

She pulled up in front of the driveway and then turned in her seat to face him. “Now Charlie, remember what we discussed about keeping what we did a secret. I expect you to behave like a gentleman and maintain a respectful, dignified disposition when you are at school.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Charlie, eager to show his compliance.

“Very well then, we will tell your mother you are assisting me after school. Now, go in and I will see you tomorrow,” she said, extending him her hand.

Charlie shook her hand and wondered why she had not offered him a peck or at least a hug, some kind of token of her feelings. He shook her hand, said goodbye and exited her car. He watched her drive away happy to have her cherished liaison but concerned to what extent their new bond really covered.

When he got inside, he found Alice very worried about his lateness. She battered him with questions about his new extracurricular duties and it was only with relentless reassuring hugs, pats, and caresses that Charlie was able to alleviate her fuss. He went to bed that night still too tired to masturbate but his mind full of new visions of Mrs. Petrova and their new, secret relationship.

The next day, Charlie rose and went through his usual scholastic routine. He and Mrs. Petrova exhibited the epitome of discretion. Charlie noticed aloofness in her attitude that almost had him believe she regretted the entire thing. He mirrored her cool attitude and was relieved when she said that she expected to see him after school as he walked past her desk at the end of class.

At the end of the day, he loitered in the hallways until they were vacant and then sneaked into Monica’s classroom making sure no one saw him. He closed the door and locked it. She rose from her desk and smiled. They met behind her desk, unceremoniously moved aside their clothes, and exposed themselves to each other as they had the day before. Charlie’s erection was ready and eager for her embrace in fact it had been for an hour. Monica’s snorkel-like Charm began to push itself clear of her sex before she even pushed down her pantyhose. Saying very little they assumed their positions and the coital exchange began again. Anxious for her snug embrace, Charlie knelt tight up against her thighs, too close for her to see what she was doing and she reached between them to find his young cock and hold it out for her groping appendage. She docked her tentacle to him, quickly and smoothly engulfed all of his genitals and began to milk him. They became the room, both of them silent and still. Charlie taking his pleasure and rapture from his adored teacher, Monica extracting with her sucking, tubular tendril whatever essence her body found in his bountiful ejaculate. After an hour or so, having exhausted Charlie’s youthful emissions, they gathered themselves and she took him home, talking as they rode.

This became their routine. Day after day they met and with very little fanfare or dialogue immerse themselves in their carnal congress. Her insistence on his prompt and dutiful daily appointment bordered on almost a hunger-like dependence. She made every effort to get the utmost performance from him, skillfully working him to his climax and afterwards promptly preparing him for more. To Charlie she seemed driven, as if she were working toward some goal and anxious to reach it as soon as possible. He did not care, he was duty bound and more than delighted to bring her more cum if that was what she wanted. Within two months after their sessions began, Monica made the suggestion that they meet before school as well. It was under Alice’s protest but Charlie came in early three days a week to be with her. To avoid wrinkles they engaged each other standing up. Monica would pin Charlie against the wall in a dark corner of the room. Lifting her skirt and pulling down her hose she would access him through his open fly and tap his early morning vitality until his knees were too weak to stand.

Charlie was the happiest he had ever been in his entire short life. Their weekday sexual liaisons were everything his tender, inexperienced heart believed to be true love. His juvenile hopes built up the simple but dangerously intimate relationship into an elaborate future of life, love and happily ever after. He saw her expose her deeply personal secret and use it to bestow upon him all the joy and fulfillment a lustful young male could desire and he was certain it came from a romantic passion she had for him. It was only after some time that her cold detachment began to signal to him that their affair was not everything he had hoped. Charlie began to get the feeling that he was alone in his love. He tried vainly to persuade her of his merit and to get her to show him where he stood in her heart. It was no use, she would not betray how she felt nor melt her disposition that their affair, though sexual, was in no way emotional. Charlie did not feel used because he was rewarded, he just wished so much that Monica was more like Alice.

Charlie made the most out of their car ride home every afternoon, it was an informal time when he felt they could speak freely to each other and he never let a moment pass in silence. Monica was always very guarded in her answers to Charlie’s many questions. She flatly batted away his queries about her possible romantic feelings for him. She was not cold but merely pragmatic and tried hard not to hurt his feelings. She would simply point out to him that he was partaking in gratification that any boy his age would be hard pressed to find and that should be enough for him. Charlie sensed her concern for his feelings and held it up as hope for her love.

In regard to his other questions, Charlie was able to learn that Monica had met and fallen in love with her future husband in her mid twenties. He was much younger than her and after they were married she was terribly worried that he might find a younger woman and leave her. It was then that she was given the Charm from a close friend of hers. This friend was a mysterious woman from the east who “passed” the Charm to Monica and bade her to pass it on to another woman when she had no more use for it. She had said that men found the Charm irresistible and that it yielded other benefits as well.

Of her husband, she spoke volumes. She spoke of every subtle nuance of his character. She talked on and on about every detail of his life and how she cherished him until he died. She said that he had enjoyed her Charm and that she enjoyed using it on him but that she preferred to have him inside her and usually kept her special appendage “pulled in” so that she could have him as a woman when they made love. As she related it, Charlie found himself envious of her late husband and wished he could be held in such esteem and he anxiously wondered when she would make love to him “as a woman”.

Monica had questions for Charlie too. She was always very curious about his relationship with Alice. She probed Charlie’s feelings about Alice and what he perceived Alice’s feelings were about him. She asked about their relationship, about what they did together and about any contact between them. Charlie was more than happy to answer her questions in detail and was glad she had an interest in his life. He told her all about Alice, how lonely she had been before she met his father and how happy she had been to finally have a man in her life. On occasion, Monica asked to meet with Charlie’s stepmother and when she did she was always very attentive to Alice and looked fondly upon how he and Alice interacted.

Alice herself was courteous but always apprehensive about these meetings. She had many questions about what Mrs. Petrova and her Charlie engaged in so diligently every afternoon. She always watched the teacher suspiciously and paid a great deal of attention to the way Charlie looked at Mrs. Petrova and how he addressed her. On many evenings, she expressed her reservations about Charlie’s after-hours duties with Mrs. Petrova and her wishes for him to come home as soon as possible. Knowing she was always calmed by his gentle massages, Charlie simply ushered her to bedroom, put her into her nightgown, laid her down, and slowly stroked her back, shoulders and legs until she fell asleep. He curled up beside her and held on to her as she slept. He hated so much for dear, sweet Alice to be so troubled and yet he could not forsake his deep desire for Monica. As he lay beside her, he wondered what it would be like if Alice were more like Monica.

Eventually, Alice’s anxiety over Charlie and Mrs. Petrova became so intense that she was unable to fall asleep without Charlie lying beside her. Charlie did not mind, he loved Alice and it gave him a warm, happy feeling to fall asleep beside her. They slept wrapped in each other’s arms, with Charlie’s invincible, straining erection, that he hoped she would not notice, pressed against her thigh or her hip.

As time progressed, it was bound to happen with Charlie’s impetuousness and Alice’s starved yearning, their snuggling turned into light petting. Although tentative at first, their roving hands eventually began to pass daringly over each other’s erogenous zones. Soon, petting became necking; bodies wrestled as one, lips pressed together in sweet kisses, and whispers of tender devotions and feeble protestations fluttered about in the darkness. Without so much as a finger tip venturing inside either’s clothing, Charlie pushed Alice to the conclusive extreme of erotic contact. Being the bolder of the two, he delighted in using his light touch to bring her to that tense, squealing stage of release that he was so certain to be her climax.

Though she did her best not to talk about their occasional nighttime fondling, Alice tried to keep their activity confined to her bedroom and then only with the lights out. Charlie would still catch her off guard and playfully but tenderly fondle any part of her within reach. Alice always froze, temporarily losing herself in her stirred emotions and then thwarted him with a pleasant admonition of “Charlie, not now,” and a then a peck. Charlie was watching the restoration of the old Alice as she blossomed back into vitality. She again became industrious with activity. She hummed as she worked around the house and way-laid Charlie every afternoon with excited chatter and fresh ideas. Alice glowed with her newfound happiness.

Charlie stretched himself to attend to the needs of two women, one mostly physical and the other mostly emotional. His dilemma was most pronounced at the point where these two worlds intersected. Alice’s concern continued to exert itself into something that could not be mistaken for anything but jealousy. It became a topic of discussion on many a ride home with Monica. As much as Charlie wanted Monica to assume some sort of possessive position over him and defy Alice’s contention, he was disappointed when on the contrary Monica advised only tacit compliance to Alice’s feelings, saying that he and Alice needed each other. She would say nothing more

Chapter 2 – Freed by Mom

As the months passed and the school year approached an end, Monica’s physical appearance changed drastically. First, the streaks of gray slowly disappeared from her hair, leaving her a thick head of lustrous auburn. Then the lines on her face gradually faded and her skin became more soft, moist and firm. Her body became toned, her gradual, round curves became sharper, wilder, and her clothes became baggy and ill fitting. All the beauty that had appeared faded came back into full bloom. By late Spring anyone meeting her for the first time would easily have taken her for a young lady barely out of college. The changes were so slow and she took such care in disguising them that they went basically unnoticed. It was not until the yearbook pictures came out that the stir began.

Monica’s fellow teachers and school administrators were shocked to contrast the picture taken at the beginning of the school year with the woman they knew now. Questions flew and speculation soared. It was as if this new mystery surrounding her appearance raised a curtain of cynicism about her. They openly wondered what nature of woman she was. People who had been friendly and trusting of her suddenly became distant and suspicious. Inquiries were made into everything she did. Among these inquiries were questions about her and Charlie’s daily meetings. Acting quickly to avoid their attention, she had to curtail some of their encounters.

Monica got around her new restrictions by arranging to pick up Charlie, now 14, outside school grounds and they would park by an old abandoned factory. In an obscure, dark corner of the lot they climbed into the back seat of her car. She had Charlie pull down his pants and with her skirt pulled up she straddled his lap. If there was not a hole already, she just tore open the crotch of her pantyhose and then engaged him as always. She left the engine running and kept a watchful eye out if anyone approached. These unions were always hasty and fraught with danger. It was nerve-racking for both of them but Charlie did not let that interfere with his enjoyment. He always made the most out of it and took the opportunity of her position to let his hands roam over her body, he slid his hands over the smooth firmness of her hose covered thighs and butt, he reached up her blouse and squeezed her breasts through her bra. With his hands more free, Charlie probed around the Charm as it sucked and undulated over his young cock and balls, stroking it, feeling its slippery moistness and also exploring Monica’s pussy. He felt into her vagina around her Charm and rubbed around the clitoris he had read about in the encyclopedia. She did nothing to deter him, saying only in a bemused voice, “Oh, Charlie,” and stroking his hair but never forsaking her careful surveillance.

Charlie sensed the desperation in her as this risky behavior was outside her character. He also finally realized the passionless manner of her conduct. He began to see that she was not doing this out of any special feelings for him nor was she doing it for sexual gratification. She seemed, to Charlie, to be bent on getting something out of him and using every contact she could make with him to get it. He was beginning to get the impression that she only wanted him for his sperm. As he realized it the illusion of a romantic love affair faded. Oh sure, he thought, getting his nuts off in her was great but his dream was dying and watching it happen began to take the joy out of their secret rendezvous. He felt empty when they met.

Charlie and Monica’s peril met a crisis point when the news of suspicions surrounding them reached Alice. Alice had the decency not to connect the innuendos into the obvious conclusion that Charlie was having sex with Mrs. Petrova, but when she confronted him about it Charlie could tell by her hurt expression that the truth was laid bare. Alice began to cry and Charlie just melted inside. If she had been angry he might have staved off his guilt, but not now. It was the last thing Charlie wanted to see happen, he truly felt he had betrayed Alice’s love and destroyed something priceless. He wanted so much to hug her and mend her but she would not have it. This time when Alice told him that he must stay away from Mrs. Petrova, he did not try to dissuade her. Whether she had difficulty sleeping or not, she made Charlie sleep in his own room.

When Charlie relayed Alice’s demands to Monica she accepted it with grim determination but no resistance. She then told Charlie that the school board had just requested her to report to their clinic for a complete medical examination or forfeit her license. “I cannot let that happen, Charlie,” she said with a distinct note of terror in her voice and then added, “I think… it is time for me to leave here. It is time for me to go home.” When she said it, his heart sank. It had become obvious to both of them that they had reached an impasse they could not overcome.

“Will I ever see you again?” Charlie asked, afraid of the answer.

Then, in the first act of real affection she had ever shown, she stepped up to Charlie and threw her arms around him in a big hug. Charlie tried hard not to cry as she told him, “I am sorry, Charlie but no, I think not. I have been planning this for some time, before I ever met you. I hoped I could have waited until after the very end of the school year, but I am ready and now they leave me with no choice. Please believe me Charlie, I did not mean to cause you any hurt, I just thought we would help each other,… without ties.” She was talking in a very thick accent, the way she did when she was at ease. He knew she was sincere.

She drew back and looked him in the eyes. “I have not forgotten you, Charlie. You have been a loyal friend, you have given me a new life and I have made provisions for you in my plans,” she said. They heard a noise in the hallway and stepped back from each other. In a hushed voice, Monica said, “I will come to your house at 8:00 on next Friday evening. Make sure your stepmother is home but do not say that I am coming, OK? I have something I want to give to her…” She was glancing over his shoulder, her eyes had that look like she was watching something far away. She added slowly, “…something for both of you.” She snapped back to presence of mind, “Are you alright, Charlie?” She smiled reassuringly at him; he nodded, turned and left, choking down sobs.

Charlie began walking home at a brisk pace. He felt wounded, more hurt than he had ever felt in his life. He sought the warm, nurturing refuge of Alice’s arms and the closer he got to home the faster he went until at last running to his doorstep. He burst through the door and rushed to Alice, never so happy to see anyone in his entire life. Alice held him in her arms and kissed the top of his head as Charlie cried and begged her forgiveness. She gave it freely. They sank onto the sofa, held each other and talked, about everything. Everything.

They talked through dinner, they talked through doing the dishes, and they sat up and talked into the evening. Charlie felt closer to Alice than to anyone he had ever known. As they talked Charlie finally realized what a treasure was before him all along. At 9:00, her usual bedtime, Alice rose and announced it was time for bed and then disappeared into her room. Charlie was at a loss as to her abrupt departure or what would come next. He went about the house turning off the lights and checking the doors as he usually did and then he heard Alice call to him from her room. “Charlie! Come to bed.”

He stood in her doorway and peered into the darkness. “Let me get my pajamas,” he said.

“You won’t need them, silly,” giggled Alice.

Charlie knew this would be an epic night in his life and in his relationship with Alice. He stepped into the room and began removing his clothes, shaking with anticipation. Naked, his boy’s dick was stiff and ready; he groped his way forward until his hand came into contact with Alice’s wrist. She seized him and they followed each other’s arms to meet in the dark. Charlie could feel the heat of her body directly in front of him. His toes met hers and Charlie felt for her body, stunned to find her nude flesh. Their arms enveloped each other and they pulled their bodies together, flesh against flesh. Charlie took inventory of his senses. He felt her thighs against his, he felt the tip of his cock against soft hair and he detected a moistness in its midst. He felt her belly pressed against his lower chest and the tips of her breast nestled against his upper chest. Her breath fell against his forehead and he lifted his face to her. She lowered her head to receive his kiss first touching their brows together, then their noses and lastly their lips. The contrast between this encounter and all of his contact with Monica was not lost on Charlie. This lacked the hollowness of Monica’s embrace, this had a substance beyond mere physical longing, this was a compulsion to share sensual joy between intimate hearts; this was love.

They kissed a long time and Charlie experienced her with more than just his senses, he felt a bond growing with a persona he knew well and that knew him too. Alice slid a hand in between them, seeking his young penis. She clasped it so gently in her fingers as if it were a precious thing to her. His entire cock fit within her dainty hand and she gently stroked him. Suddenly, Alice broke their kiss and moved back from him. He reached for her in the darkness and found open air. Then he felt her hands on his hips and her kisses on his belly. The kisses went around his stomach to his waist and then the kissing lips moved toward his straining erection.

Her hand pulled his cock out from his body and he felt the deft softness of her tongue swirling around his cockhead and underneath his dick. Her lips closed around him and he felt the wet warmth of her mouth slide all the way down his length. Charlie had no idea any such delightful, unselfish exchange could ever take place between a man and a woman and he was overcome with a tremendous sense of beholding to his dear Alice and he hugged her head in his hands and showered her with ‘I love you’ tributes. Under a light suction he felt Alice’s lips firmly braced around the base of his cock as her tongue swirled and tickled the underside of his sensitive organ. His young cock was lovingly lavished with the most enticing caresses imaginable within Alice’s mouth. Her head bobbed up and down over his short but earnest prod, the tight ring of her lips rolled a wave of pleasure back and forth over his sensitive flesh. He felt transported and his awareness shrank to the sensations inflicted by sweet Alice’s tongue.

Charlie did not last long under Alice’s skillful attention. The familiar joy that eclipses all other awareness crept up and pounced on him and he squirted his orgasm directly into her mouth before he could even warn her it was coming. Surprisingly to Charlie, she swallowed it down, all of it, showing not even the slightest sign of revulsion but rather an intimate devotion. “Mmmmm… Hmmmm…Hmm,” Alice murmured in response to his emissions. She stroked the backs of his thighs appreciatively as if coaxing the last drop from him. His knees felt weak but Alice hugged his thighs and gripped his butt firmly, holding him up. She took him deep into the back of her throat and then slid her lower lip over his tightly drawn scrotum and drew his balls in as well, containing him entirely in her mouth. She continued to suck on him and swirl her tongue around him even after he had completed his cum. It was as if his dick in her mouth was as precious to her as his kiss. Charlie braced himself against the bed as Alice prolonged his erection with stimulation Monica could never have matched with her Charm.

Alice’s attentions quickly rebuilt lustful ambitions in Charlie and sensing his revitalized arousal Alice rose and replaced her mouth with her hand. Whispering, “Come to me, Charlie,” she delicately urged Charlie to follow her onto the bed and under the sheets. He glided under the covers and pressed his body into her embrace. They kissed deeply and held each other tight. He pressed his yearning hardness against her and felt oneness with her that he wanted to make physical. At a point he thought he could bear exclusion no more, Alice rolled onto her back and brought Charlie to lie on top of her. Charlie’s sexual instincts drove him to hump and grind his young cock against her soft belly. There was no mistaking where this was heading, he knew he was now about to have an actual fuck with a woman and Charlie succumbed to nature’s lead. He felt Alice’s thighs rising on either side of his legs as she raised her knees. She placed her hands firmly on his hips and slowly began to push his body down. Never breaking their kiss, she bent her head down to maintain their contact as Charlie sank lower on her body. He felt her pubic hair under his dick and her thighs containing his hips and he knew he was in position. Still thrusting his pelvis in an almost desperate, delving hump, he felt Alice’s arm reach between their bodies again and then her hand on his cock. She guided his blind flesh to a soft, moist spot amidst her hair-wrapped breach and he felt himself sink into a warm, fleshy encirclement.

Charlie’s mere four-inch anchor bound him to Alice in a joint pursuit of carnal bliss. He was immersed in his first real fuck, but being a relative novice, his thrusts were quick, wild and frantic like a dog in a mating frenzy. Alice’s hands gently pressed on his bobbing ass and calmed his attack to a slow, even roll, in and out of her vagina, up and down against her clitoris; schooling the application of his body to hers. Her wide-spread thighs clenched his hips and her calves crossed behind his butt. She clutched Charlie close to her chest, breaking their kiss to throw her head back and moan her delight in rhythm to Charlie’s thrusts, riding his determined attack. Charlie was encouraged by her exclamations of his effort and brought his mouth over the very hard nub of one of Alice’s nipples, sucking on it as he flicked it with his tongue. She cradled his head like a baby and Charlie wished he could taste her. Moving as one, they made music in the darkness, a symphony of intermittently building moans, slapping of moist flesh, smacking of sucking lips, and creaking of an old bed.

Charlie was swimming in a sea of Alice and experiencing her with all of his senses, as if this were the last thing he would ever feel. His body responded to the slick, cyclic grinding as his dick tasted of a woman’s offered pleasures as they were meant to be enjoyed. His cock glided in her smooth, tender, slippery nest; her feminine flesh hugged his thrill-hungry prod and nurtured his wild joy into a rapidly building crescendo. Unlike his cold, soulless contacts with Monica where his ecstasy was managed but never joined, Alice was a participant in Charlie’s joy. Alice’s hips rolled beneath his like a wave, and he gathered from her efforts a new insight into her passion. It seemed to Charlie that she entered this exchange to give each and every delight that she took. She strived with him in the dark, searching with her body for the same release he sought, as they used each other in a harmonious, blind struggle. Then her low, steady moans became high shrieks, her body went rigid and she trembled. Charlie reveled in knowing his lovemaking had just made her climax and with that, he felt himself go over the edge. A surge of splendor spread through his loins and with it came the gush of his sperm inside his sweet Alice. He froze, clamping his hips tight against her opened loins in an instinctive urge to plant his seed deep. Spurt after spurt, he lovingly passed her his body’s gift. To Charlie it was more than any orgasm had ever been. He felt like he had poured his very soul into her for safekeeping. She kissed the top of his head and stroked his back until his crisis had run its course, his last drop spilled, and his spasm-consumed body relaxed.

The orgasmic release chased lust from his mind and his conscience regained control of his thoughts. He stonewalled a pang of guilt that crept up over having just fucked sweet, trusting Alice; his father’s wife; his mom. He instead seized upon the beauty and resolution of their act and what it meant for their relationship. This was good, for both of them, and it was their inevitable destiny. He instantly realized what he was missing in his contacts with Monica; he knew Alice had really shared his pleasure as well as his heart. He surrendered himself to the moment and fell limp, exhausted, in Alice’s arms.

They laid quietly in the dark, enjoying the after effects of what their bodies had just given them. After some time Charlie’s whirling mind tripped over a staggering thought and he broke their cozy stillness with the question, “Are we going to have a baby now?”

Alice just laughed.

It was the first of three times they joined their bodies together that night. Charlie woke Alice a little before midnight with his tender petting and they loved each other in a vigorous frenzy with Alice spreading her legs wide and driving the hollow of her wide pelvis against Charlie’s narrow hips in a furry that matched his own. It left them weak, drenched in sweat and in a satisfied sleep. An hour before dawn it was Alice’s turn to jostle Charlie awake and prompt him to use his morning wood on her. She spread herself over him on her knees and elbows, they joined, entwined, and then moved together in a long, slow, intense wrestle that lasted nearly an hour. Alice disconnected herself from loving discourse and withdrew inside her consciousness, grinding her pubic bone against his, pausing briefly and grunting when her climaxes caught up with her. Charlie stroked and held her; letting her enjoy him until he felt the time ripe to claim his own ecstasy. They had become, by daybreak, a pair of completely devoted, happy lovers and they lived the rest of that week like newlyweds on a honeymoon.

From that night onward, the newfound lovers pounced on each other for impromptu, carefree sex at a mere glance. They gave in completely and freely to their lust without the slightest hesitation or apprehension. Each lover’s body became like a natural extension of the other’s. Without speaking a word, one would merely reach out and take liberties with their partner, and the other in turn offering receptive conjugal repose with no hint of protestation or restraint, yielding passively to their lover’s prompt. Clothes were quickly unfastened and pulled out of the way in a frantic rush to merge their genitals. Afterwards, they were remorseful in separating as if sexual union was a natural state they could scarce live outside of. On some occasions, they consented to remain connected, refusing to disengage, like Siamese twins joined at the crotch. On other occasions, mouths replaced genitals to prolong their partner’s pleasure. By Friday they had given up on wearing clothes entirely, shades were permanently drawn, towels, used for post-fuck cleanup, were scattered throughout the house and the musky scent of stale sex permeated the place. It was the most total and complete understanding two people could ever have. They were like one with absolute sexual emersion the only respite.

The rest of that week at school passed slowly and went as routine. Charlie studied hard for his finals and waited for Friday, never exchanging anything more with Monica than inquisitive glances and reassuring nods.

Charlie sat anxiously in his living room at 8:00 on Friday when he heard a faint knock at the door. When he saw Monica at the threshold, he barely recognized her. Her hair was down and hung around her face and shoulders in long ringlets and curls. She was wearing a light trench coat that came down to her knees with the belt tied tightly around her waist. Charlie marveled at how absolutely beautiful she looked; like she always had been but now casual and lenient. He motioned her in and she stepped through the doorway carrying a small shoulder bag.

Monica hugged him and in a whisper said, “Hello, Charlie. Is Alice here?”

Charlie answered in a regular voice, “Yeah, she’s waiting for you in her room.” He turned and motioned her to follow.

Monica swung Charlie around by the shoulder and with a wide-eyed look of frightened disbelief said, “What? Charlie, I told you not to let her know I was coming.”

Charlie touched her lightly on the sleeve and smiled. “You had the choice of accepting the Charm or not,” he said, “I figured she should too. It’s alright, she understands everything. She wants this, we both want it.”

Monica looked at Charlie in astounded wonder at his foresight and wisdom; he had come a long way. He conducted her down the hallway and knocked on a door. Alice’s voice calmly said, “Please come in.”

When Charlie opened the door, they saw Alice sitting pensively on the side of her bed, wearing a floor length, satin robe and her dark hair in a long braid over her shoulder. As they entered, she rose and turned to face them. The two women stood and looked at each other and Alice said, “It’s true. You really are younger.” There was a long pause as Alice studied her guest with wonder and she finally said, “Welcome to my chamber Mrs. Petrova.” She sounded stiff and nervous.

“Thank you. For two hundred fifty seven years old I am doing well,” said Monica, pausing to let her revelation sink in. “But please, if we are to continue you must call me Monica.”

“OK, Monica then. And please call me Alice,” she said, relaxing a little. Alice took a step toward Monica. She continued, “Charlie told me… I believe I understand what this Charm is and… you came here tonight to pass something to me but… I have to ask you, of all women… why me?”

Monica closed the gap between them by a step and said, “Because you are deserving. Because I feel for you and your heart’s longing. Because I am fond of Charlie, … “ She moved closer to Alice and continued in a soft, thickly accented voice, ”But mostly, because I think you and Charlie share a precarious and trying love and I believe the Charm could change your fortunes.” She reached out her hand and touched Alice on the cheek as a tear slowly rolled down Alice’s face. Both women fell toward each other and embraced tightly. Monica was the first to draw back and taking Alice’s hands in hers she said, “We should get started, this will take some time. We must disrobe.”

Monica began to untie her coat and said to Charlie, “Charlie, please stay close, we may need you.” She set down her bag on the bed and opened it. The bag had bathroom articles in it and several bath towels. She handed the bag to Charlie and then drew open her coat and pulled it off her shoulders. Obviously expecting a necessity for fast action, she wore nothing underneath. When Charlie saw her entire nude body for the first time, he was dumbstruck. She simply put every pin-up girl and centerfold Charlie had ever seen to shame. Her lean, lithe body was well toned and gracefully curved. Beautifully tapered legs rose up to a round, heart-shaped butt. Her waistline dove in gently to form a balanced, hourglass figure with a flat tummy and only the slightest abdominal bulge of fit muscles. Her pert, conical breasts hung on her chest with pleasantly rounded bottoms and nipples that came to sharp tips and jiggled playfully as she moved. Her skin glowed with the fine texture and softness of youth. She had the kind of body that made fashion models world famous. She stepped out of her shoes and waited before Alice.

Monica’s beauty was not lost on Alice. She glanced over Monica’s form with obvious envy on her face. Alice slowly untied her robe and pulled it open. She demurely turned aside and pulled the garment from her shoulders and cast it over a chair by her dresser. Charlie drank in her form that he knew well. He knew her dainty, feminine features and her sturdy but elegant ballerina’s body. He cherished her body and smiled at her, not wanting her to feel disparaged in any way.

Monica stepped close to Alice and placed a hand on her hip. Her other hand reached down for her sex, her fingers rubbing lightly up and down between her labia. Monica spread her knees as she worked on herself and Charlie heard the familiar wet, slurping sound of her Charm pushing itself into view. Alice heard it too and peered down inquisitively between their bodies to get her first view of this unbelievable sight. The slug-like appendage wormed its way out as Monica stroked it like a boy masturbating himself. Alice just stared at it in awe, she glanced over at Charlie and he nodded to reassure her that this was all as expected.

Monica placed both her hands on Alice’s hips and moved her face toward Alice’s for a kiss. Alice backed away saying, “Is that really necessary?”

“Yes. I believe you will find it beneficial,” said Monica, and she smiled, “Trust me, this will be good… for both of us.” She slipped her hands up behind Alice’s shoulder blades and pulled them together. They kissed, deeply, and the effect on Alice was almost immediate. Alice moaned and threw her arms around Monica. Charlie watched this intense contact with lustful fascination. He observed their breasts, the nipples of Alice’s small breasts poked out like pencil erasers while Monica’s entire areolas were puffed and came to sharp points. The soft, pliant flesh pressed flat as the couple closed their hug tight. Their kiss continued and their embrace intensified. Alice’s slow moans turned into whimpers and her hands grasped and dug all over Monica’s back. Charlie could see Monica’s Charm snake up and down between Alice’s legs like a long tongue licking her labia back and forth. Alice’s knees parted into an awkward crouch as she opened herself to accommodate the Charm’s attentions. The tip of the Charm spread open and planted itself into a kiss of its own over Alice’s vulnerable clitoris. A thick, viscous fluid oozed from the Charm, which the slithering lips smeared and spread all over Alice’s puss, lubricating and sealing their contact. It dripped in long strings from the bright red tendril. Charlie’s view of the strange organ became obscured as the two women’s embraced tightened into a hip-to-hip lock. He wondered why neither of them had ever kissed him like that.

Monica turned Alice’s back toward the bed and pushed her down onto it. Alice flung her arms around Monica’s neck and held on tight. Breaking their kiss, Monica called over her shoulder, “Charlie, I need your help.” With Charlie’s aid she got Alice lying down in the center of the bed. She got between Alice’s legs, hooked her arms under Alice’s knees and lifted her hips off the bed. “Charlie,” she injected quickly, “put a pillow under her.” Charlie pushed a pillow under Alice and Monica rested her upon it. Alice was in an almost drunken delirium and knowing the effect of Monica’s kisses, Charlie knew why.

Monica sat on her haunches before Alice and stared down at her Charm. With both hands she stroked and petted it like a loyal old dog. She looked sad and seemed to be reminiscing. Charlie watched her for a long time and eventually said, “You don’t have to… If you don’t want to go through with this we’d understand.”

“I am fine, Charlie,” she said with a wry smile, “I have been waiting for this day, I have mourned long enough. It is time to go home, time to be a woman again, time to say goodbye to my Charm.” After a moment’s pause she placed her hands on Alice’s knees and pushed them toward her chest. Alice was still in her own world, eyes closed, writhing on her back and breathing heavily, under Monica’s spell. Monica rose onto her knees before Alice’s exposed crotch and her Charm again licked up and down Alice’s upturned slit. Charlie had never seen Alice’s wide-spread pussy before from this angle and his eyes absorbed the sight of her pronounced, bulging vulva and her fine, dark pubic hair neatly trimmed to a uniform half inch making a symmetric pattern pointing to her vagina. He was fascinated at how her labia now bloated and puffy protruded from her slit. He contrasted it to Monica’s wild, thick bush that rose to a crown in the center beneath her naval and spread down the inside of her thighs.

Monica wasted no more time. She held a hand under the Charm to steady it as it delved over Alice’s open vulva, she looked to Charlie like a slim man with a mighty, red penis about to partake of a waiting maiden. Finding the proffered portal, her Charm bored its way into Alice’s vagina like a worm delving into soft mud. It slowly crept in, one inch, 4 inches, and all 10 inches as Alice moaned louder with every inch. Monica spread her thighs open to envelope Alice’s ass, bringing her vagina as close as possible to Alice’s. Charlie’s dick was as hard as a rock and he felt like he would shoot a load in his pants any minute. He heard a slurping, gurgling noise emanating from Alice’s crotch as the Charm did he-could-only-wonder-what deep inside her. The two women were pussy to pussy with the thick, red, round base of the Charm showing a bare quarter of an inch between them. Monica slowly gyrated her hips trying to get even that in as well. Situated, Monica lowered herself onto Alice, dropping her breasts onto Alice’s, scooping up Alice’s head in her hands and then supplying her with another deep kiss.

That did it for Charlie; he came in his shorts. Bracing his hands on the dresser behind him, he pumped his pelvis upward with each spurt of his cock as if he were cumming in his dear Alice. He sat down weak kneed at the dressing table and just watched in wide wonder. Alice wrapped her calves over Monica’s lower back and she hugged Monica’s head to her own. Letting out long whimpers with each breath, Alice took on the character of a starving woman set before a feast of the most delicious food on earth.

Monica on the other hand had completely become someone he did not know. She was not as aloof and detached as she had always been when she tapped him. Monica’s head bobbed and twisted as her tongue wrestled in Alice’s mouth. She grunted and moaned as she kissed Alice, her hips made slight rolls and grinds against Alice’s upturned thighs, looking very much like a man enjoying a slow, deep fuck. Beneath Monica’s cascade of wavy locks draped around Alice’s head Charlie watched Monica break her mouth from Alice’s and drag kisses across Alice’s cheek. Monica started nibbling on Alice’s ear and whispering things too low for Charlie to hear. A smile that Charlie thought was uncharacteristically wicked spread across Alice’s lips.

Curious of their plight, Charlie ventured to the foot of the bed to inspect Monica’s plundering of his Alice. He saw two hairy, feminine mounds dancing together in the dim light. Monica’s densely covered patch twisted and heaved as though trying to press a complex task while beneath it, Alice’s neatly shorn vulva rolled up and down as if receiving a light, carefree fucking. From Monica’s puffy brown labia her Charm protruded, glistening wet as it seemed to be struggling with some chore. Between Alice’s long, thin, red labia the inch and a half thick Charm plunged, ardently enhancing Alice’s inner femininity. ‘What was it doing in there?’ Charlie wondered to himself.

The two women continued in their locked embrace completely oblivious to Charlie. He was beginning to feel neglected and a bit jealous of both of them. He was also getting very horny again. The display before him had produced another aching erection. He withdrew to his room and masturbated furiously for relief. He returned to Alice’s bedroom and sat beside the bed, still enthralled by the sweating, moaning enraptured couple. Over the course of two hours he had to relieve himself 5 more times.

The strain of constant rapture began to show on Alice and Monica. Alice’s legs no longer clamped around her lover but just hung sprawled over Monica’s thighs. Her one arm lay limply above her head and her other hand held very loosely Monica’s neck. Monica had basically collapsed on top of Alice and her head lay on Alice’s shoulder. Their heads were turned to face each other and they kissed intermittently.

After a long period of inactivity, Monica wearily lifted herself from Alice and sat back on her haunches. She pulled her matted hair from her face and bent over Alice, lightly touching her cheek she said something Charlie could not understand. Alice was asleep and Charlie could not remember seeing her look so peaceful and contented. Angelic, he thought. “Charlie,” said Monica, “please, bring me a towel from my bag.” Charlie pulled a white towel from the top of the bag and handed it to Monica. She unfolded it and stuffed it under her crotch from behind. She then reached between her and Alice and cupped a hand under the towel, pressing it firmly to her sex. The Charm was stretched tight between the two women and Monica grasped it with her other hand close to Alice’s vagina. Monica gave a short groan as she pulled her hips back and then there was a slight slurp sound followed by a gush of blood from her vagina into the towel. Monica backed away, and the Charm parted from her and stayed with Alice. It protruded from Alice’s labia, pale pink and shrunken, slowly drawing up inside the sleeping woman’s body.

Usually brave and in control of her emotions, Monica’s determined resolve suddenly broke down and she cried. She fell upon her side with the towel clamped between her legs, curled up and bawled as if the world would end. Charlie, luckily, was experienced in this field. He knew her life had just suffered an irrevocable change and her sense of loss would be tremendous. Pulling out a quilt from under the bed he covered Monica with it and tucked it around her. He cradled her head in his small arms, hugged her tight and rocked her back and forth until her sobs subsided.

Having calmed her down, he got her under the covers and tucked her in. He did the same for Alice and then sat at Monica’s side to comfort her. He handed her a tissue from a box on the nightstand and she dried her eyes and blew her nose.

“Thank you, Charlie,” she said. “You are a fine young man. You always have been.”

“It’s OK to cry. I remember when my dad died, I cried a long time,” Charlie encouraged her. He felt anxious for her condition and yet grateful for what she had just imparted to Alice.

“We always cry when we lose a part of our lives,” she said. “We have our cry and we grow a little bit.” She gave a heavy sigh. “Now, I will grow old.”

“You could have lived forever,” he said quizzically, understanding even less about her every time they talked.

“To live long is to watch many, many friends die,” she said gravely as she stared blankly out into space. “Besides,” she added in a lighter tone, “it is time to go home.” Monica looked over her shoulder at Alice and said, “She will most likely sleep through tomorrow. We both need our rest. Thank you for your help, Charlie. We will talk more in the morning.”

Taking his cue, Charlie turned off the light on his way out of the room.

The next morning Charlie woke up early wondering if all the previous night’s events had really happened. He got out of bed, got cleaned up and dressed and then peeked in Alice’s room and indeed found both women sleeping where he had left them. He went to the kitchen, started a pot of coffee and began to make breakfast. He heard a noise down the hallway and went there immediately to find Monica with her coat on, weakly bracing herself in the bathroom doorway. She stood there staring blankly at her reflection in the vanity mirror.

Charlie started to speak but Monica broke through in a low monotone, “Strange, she does not look any different than yesterday.” This was a peculiar mood he had never seen before; surly, and a little bitter. “I start a new life today,” she continued, “I had better make ready.” She stumbled on in to the bathroom pushing the door half closed behind her without vehemence.

Charlie fetched her shoulder bag and passed it through the crack in the door. Timid about what might emerge he retreated back to the kitchen. She came out some time later in a nice fitting pair of slacks and sweater with her hair tied back in a neat bow. She looked fresh and seemed to be in a much more pleasant mood. She sat down to her breakfast and Charlie evoked light chatter.

The dam burst, Monica talked and talked. As she talked, her mood got lighter. She talked on through the afternoon and early evening. She talked mostly about her home in the old country. Peasant life in the old Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the scourge of the terrible Bonaparte, most of what she said went over Charlie’s head but he listened politely and attentively. These would be the last few minutes he would spend with her, so he filled himself on her every word.

It was not until mid-evening that their long talk was interrupted by Alice’s call from her room. Charlie and Monica ran down the hall to find her trying weakly to sit up in bed. They assured themselves of her well-being and saw to her needs. Monica asked Charlie to leave her alone with Alice for an important talk and he complied closing the door behind him.

Charlie had paced up and down the hallway outside Alice’s closed door and heard their hushed voices as Alice asked pointed questions and Monica returned long, droning explanations. There were light moments punctuated by bursts of laughter. There were tense, quiet moments with slight, wet, gurgling and smacking sounds, sounds of apparently some kind of demonstration which prompted exclamations of OO’s and AH’s from Alice.

At ten that evening Monica finally came out of Alice’s room to confront a very concerned Charlie. He knew in a glance by her determined expression and stern, poised posture that this would be a short and final goodbye. She would be putting him resolutely behind her, it was all over now. Any dream he had ever nurtured of her would never be anything more than a memory from here on. As much as Charlie felt a need to mourn this moment, he could not. He was emotionally drained and distracted by the whole week’s events. He had a real love now, someone who shared his feelings and would share his life as long as he lived. That thought had strange implications but thinking about how to address it would have to wait for now. It was time to change the guard and send Monica on her way with a clear conscience.

“Charlie… I…” she began, “I hate long goodbyes… I will miss you.” Her face strained under the weight of strong emotions.

“Me too,” he ejected. He had so much he wanted to say, so much more than the words ‘Thank you’ could ever convey.

“I’m a better Charlie for having known you,” was all that came out. It must have been what she wanted to hear, she bent down and gave him a big hug and a long kiss on his neck. She suddenly drew back with a quick, ragged sigh as if she were choking back a sob.

“Take care of each other, Charlie. I am sorry one rebirth is all I can offer both of you. Make it as long and happy a life as you can,” she blurted out, she was trying hard not to cry.

“We will,” he answered, “and we’ll keep you in our thoughts always, you’ve made us both very happy.” He opened the door and stepped aside for her, letting her escape before she broke down. He heard a short sob as she trotted down the stairs and over to her car. He watched as she started her car and drove away. And she was gone; his first love; to where or how he did not know but she took a big piece of him with her. He knew there was now a yawning chasm of sorrow before him but he was too numb to feel it. He stood there in the doorway a very long time taking inventory of everything this event contained and stored it inside for when his grief caught up with him.

It had been a long day. He closed the door, locked it, turned off the lights and stumbled to Alice’s bed. She was already sound asleep. He pressed his cheek to her forehead to check her temperature and then lifted the sheet to check for any bleeding. Stripping down, he climbed into bed and curled up beside her and was out within seconds.

The next morning the pair found each other the way they had for the past week. Groggily groping in the near darkness, they pulled their groins together like some slow motion magnetic attraction. Penis drew toward vagina like a hungry kitten seeking mother’s nipple. Half asleep, Alice pulled Charlie on top of her as her mouth sought his. Charlie’s hips fell between her spread thighs and started to grind for relief. In the next instant they were deeply engaged in love’s union, no guidance was necessary nor near misses made. They had tied so many times already that re-coupling came as easy for them as trained circus performers. As soon as they were locked together, a passionate exercise was in full swing and a pair of sizable, synchronized orgasms were well on the way.

Lust tickled Charlie into wakeful concentration as his delving dick became the center of his awareness. He curled his hands over Alice’s shoulders to leverage his attack and intensified his thrusts into her, forcefully claiming dominion over her pussy and treating his cock to as much of it as he could. She locked her arms around his neck and head, sucked hard on his tongue and lived her lust through their kiss. As if suddenly remembering a lost art, she uttered a long squeal and froze her hips in mid pump. Charlie felt something move inside her, near the tip of his cock-head. Like a small hand, something felt around, captured it, closed over his glans and then firmly clutched at it. Startled by the new twist in his pleasure, that was all it took for him to let go and gush his seed into his mate. He wanted it to never stop; to flow into her like a stream. Inside her clinging, wet channel it was milked from him, every last spurt, voraciously. Alice cooed in recognition before her body tensed and then she bucked against him for her own climactic bliss.

The thought of recuperation never entered Charlie’s mind. He was as full of sexual longing as when he started and launched back into full hump mode as soon as Alice’s tremors had relented. Alice’s Charm released the head of Charlie’s penis and he felt a slithering along the length of his cock as the Charm pushed its way out of Alice’s vagina. He felt a cool wetness around his crotch as the deft tongue cleverly licked and coiled about his testicles. He fucked into her relentlessly, meanwhile, a wet, blubbery mouth slowly but deliberately engulfed his scrotum and began to gently suck and swirl around his balls supplying the boy with pleasures beyond men’s imagination.

Before Charlie became completely lost in his devotions, Alice broke their kiss and looked deep into his eyes. “I love you, Charlie. I love you so much,” she said through heavy puffs of breath.

Charlie stopped, returned her passionate gaze and said, “I love you so very much, too. I always have.” They pulled their mouths together again and Charlie knew it was true. He had always loved Alice and now he would have her all of his life, just like he had always wanted, as a nurturing, mature lady and as a young, playful teen, while she would be rewarded with a new life; the life she had denied herself, with a handsome, young man to love her.

The End

by [email protected]

Extreme Stories

Fri, 27 Jan 2017 01:01:09 UTC

The Vision

The vision he had now was avision he had dreamed of for avery long time. There she was, as he had always wanted her, naked, of course, bent double over his specialy prepared trestle, tied mercilessly tight, hand and foot, muscalls and, tight little fists straining with all her might , little squeaks and the occassional grunt emmiting from her tightly gagged and filled mouth.
Her head shaking vigorously trying to get rid of her blindfold and gag.

When she had "come to" and realised her position she had "piqued" out and almost succeeded in overturning the trestle. Now he would show her who was in charge.

As the cane landed across her buttocks she visibly arched and writhed with a gutteral shriek emmitting from her lips, a dozen strokes latter and she was shaking her head harder than ever before pleading with every sound she could make. As he touched her for the first time she groaned from somewhere deep inside, her groaning increased in volume as he prised her bottom cheeks apart and oiled her up, as she felt the head of his erection begin to probe her body she wailed in despair, and then he was in her thrusting in to her anal passage causing her untold misery. Her body, tensed to the highest degree could do nothing to stop it. As he reached his climax and pushed harder and faster he felt her body change, suddenly she relaxed, her body sagged and she shook uncontrollably, giving away her last vestige of resistance, the fight had gone out of her, she hung her head and sobbed, tears collecting in a pool beneath her.

Half an hour later she was still crying when he took off her blindfold and her gag, he lifted her head up and looked into her eyes, she looked back at him with a pleading look tears running down her face, and then disbelief as she saw his erection in front of her face, at first she shook her head violently, but when he showed her the cane she slowly opened her mouth, he held her head as he guided his member into her, he started gently allowing her to get used to the idea wispering to her that if she did this well he would be kind to her, she responded and it quickly became obvious that she had done this before, as his erection grew and he came close to his climax he forced it further and further into her throat making her gag and retch, then with one fianal thrust he filled her mouth with his seed, daring her not to swallow.

Extreme Stories

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 02:18:04 UTC

Brown Eros

Glossy cover of Brown Eros magazine; the notorious coprophage Toilet Tester, teeth clotted with excrement, poised before the bathroom mirror with a length of dental floss. The first pictorial composition in the collection is titled Enema Clinic. It contains twelve colour stills, each of which is accompanied by a brief narrative text.
Tableau Vivant: 1
A young man is seated alone in what is either a genuine or an accurate facsimile of a surgery’s waiting room. Legs crossed on an upholstered bench, he is pretending to be engrossed in a lifestyle magazine. The youth is dressed casually in a beige tracksuit. He has lank brown hair parted down the middle. On his top lip is a wispy effusion masquerading as a moustache, grown in a stillborn attempt to convey adulthood. The youth is slim with a face scarred by acne. Behind the reception desk is an amply proportioned blonde with a comfortingly open, motherly face and bearing, dressed in nurse’s uniform. She is stagily posed, telephone held to the ear. A print of Grosz’s Suicide hangs on the wall behind her.
Text: 1
Heinrich has been suffering from stomach cramps. He goes to see Doctor Val at the surgery. He gets more treatment than he bargains for. What a pair of sewer cunts!

Tableau Vivant: 2
The young man is in the doctor’s ‘office’. He is staring at his knees despondently. The doctor is a blue smock identical to the nurse’s. It is unbuttoned to reveal the reveal the cups of a white lace bra attempting unsuccessfully to support a sagging bosom. In the background are a leather couch and a set of screens. A glass cabinet cursorily stocked, inside, which can be, glimpsed a metal bedpan, pipettes and a packet of sutures. The doctor is conspicuously wearing a curly black wig of impressive mass, her countenance lurching into middle age, is bawdy and defiant. Her plump legs are parted to display her pubic bush. She is wearing white socks and white clogs.
Text: 2
"Doctor, I’m not feeling well."
"Dicky tum eh? Too much bratwurst! We’ll lighten your load, in more ways then one."
"I’d be awfully grateful, Doctor Val."
"I’ll bet you would! Sister Renate, can you come through please."
Tableau Vivant: 3
Renate stands next to Val, their arms linked, smiling complicity. Heinrich is stretched out on the couch, gazing at the ceiling to which his penis is rigidly pointing. His eyes are pale and remembering, arms pinned tightly to his sides, as if confining to the material strictures of an invisible coffin.
Text: 3
"Of course fellatio."
Tableau Vivant: 4
Close up of Doctor Val fellating Heinrich. Her mouth easily encapsulates his penis, scarlet lips making contact with scrotal sack, tawny hairs collected under her nostrils. Renate is practically out of shot, only the tip of her tongue, furtively jabbing at Heinrich’s balls, is visible.
Text: 4
Heinrich gets a hell of a good sucking.
"I just love this job," says Sister Renate.
"And I love Heinrich’s dick," says Doctor Val.
Tableau Vivant: 5
Renate is biting the penis. Heinrich’s mien is one of pain and alarm.
Text: 5
Dr Val enjoys meaty action.
"Do you think I could claim this on the NHS?" asks Heinrich like a Jew.
"Well you can only try."
"Hey, save some of that cock for me!" cries horny Renate.
Tableau Vivant: 6
Heinrich has mounted the nurse; both of them now stripped naked, in the missionary position on the couch, his penis partially inserted into her vagina. Renate has her eyelids closed and is caressing her upper lip with her tongue. Heinrich, supporting himself on flattened palms, is looking straight ahead at a sideways angle to the lens, focusing on something the camera hasn’t captured. Dr Val, also fully undressed, is parting his buttocks and fingering the rectum.
Text: 6
He fucks Sister Renate the sexy beast while Doctor Val licks his chocolate ring.
"I wish you could piss in my cunt," says Renate.
"Too fucking tight mate!" laughs Heinrich.
Tableau Vivant: 7
Heinrich’s penis is pointed at Doctor Val’s left breast. Beads of semen surround the nipple.
Text: 7
Sister Renate wipes Heinrich’s milk on Doctor Val’s tits. Now for the clear out.
Tableau Vivant: 8
Heinrich, arms tethered behind his back, posterior aimed heavenwards, his face blue and swollen, right eye closed and black, has had an enema syringe inserted into his anus by Renate, who is squeezing the rubber bulb.
Text: 8
Heinrich is the Christmas turkey.
Tableau Vivant: 9
A watery jet of excreta lands on Renate’s bosom to her feigned delight.
Text: 9
He squirts his shit on Renate’s huge tit service.
Tableau Vivant: 10
Close up shot of a carving knife buried up to the shaft in Heinrich’s rectum. There is blood everywhere.
Text: 10
They teach dirty little boy a lesson! Up his scaffold’s eye.
Tableau Vivant: 11
Heinrich’s corpse has been placed on the tiled floor. Doctor Val is crouched over his face urinating into his mouth. Renate is holding his emasculated penis between her blood-smeared lips, and, squatting over the hole in his groin, is straining to emulate Doctor Val.
Text: 11
"Come on Percy, what’s your problem," says Renate, mouthful of cock, farting like a trooper as she squeezes out a golden drop. Doctor Val can piss all day!
Tableau Vivant: 12
Overhead shot of Valerie and Renate lying either side of Heinrich’s corpse, beaming at the camera, faces anointed with blood and faeces. The cadaver’s visage has been flayed from the head allowing the skull a moment in the sun.
Text: 12
Everyone is happy and in love.

Extreme Stories

Mon, 27 Apr 2015 22:08:54 UTC

For Screwing Purposes Only

"We capture people for sex…this story is for ‘Frank’…I like to call it Crème De Menthe…colour between my legs is red…I’m a snapper…she gave me six on the ass…fist fucked my hole after it had been anointed with orgy butter…be near me when I fade away…I guess that is at the root of the following…there’s me and two other guys and a chick’s head positioned on a waist high rostrum…the head rotates, at its own bidding, like an armchair in the front window of a furniture store…it doesn’t leak and belongs mostly to Farrah F and Marilyn C, it has the esteemed feather cut and the wholesome countenance…the untrammelled snow…now the head is perfect, I don’t really know how to describe it…it is a great head, superb product…see I can’t get out of the thinking the neck has been cauterised, that it has been kept in a refrigerator…or a bell jar…in order to stave off decomposition…no red orchids here…just a hothouse blossom…zilch formation of adipocre…fuck the serological study…topography of a phantom fuck…a dental chart is a verifiable dental chart…this head is delivered perfect, contingent to an internal whim. Farrah hair and ondontology, well, I’m a seventies boy, Marilyn C eyes and face…Betty Blue lips before she got junked up…and no it isn’t artificial looking, a synthetic facsimile…this is the very certain stuff…the craft of the Japanese gardener. Let’s jump cut to the set. A shitheel flat on the outskirts of an hellhole housing estate…the kinda place Jason Swift’s last tear trickled…dog faeces…throwaway syringes…polystyrene fast-food boxes…squashed green bottles of white cider…all the accoutrements of modern gothic…Hammer horror courtesy of the welfare state and She who said there was no Society…the animals are outside…milling…unsocialised and virulent…they are less than human (I’ve been an animal too, I’ll admit to that)…we need to define a new category…or get Al Speer out of retirement…a sojourn round here breeds an interest in eugenics…so there’s me and two other guys…buck naked…one short, fat and hirsute…he can be ‘Ginsberg’…the other tall and lanky with a dick you could club seals with …Mr Holmes, I presume. Me? I’m Gillis of course. The baaadest of them all, who left Sandra Chase’s buttocks looking like an impromptu assemblage of strips of kebab meat, sheared from a revolving charred torso…dropping The Story of Joanna from my rap sheet…where Gillis, an unlikely aristocrat, is being massaged ‘naked and supine’ by the male butler, who leans over and blows him…fellatio was not on the menu…well, I prefer to believe it was unscripted…a manly, decent hand on the shoulder prevents the scene culminating in orgasm. Hammer, anvil. I wish, you wish, they wish. Maybe we’d all be much happier as faggots. So me, Ginsberg and Holmes surround the head, which makes a silent inventory of the variegation in size of our respective genitals. We take alternate swigs from a bottle of Stolista; cheapjack vodka that makes absinthe look like a scrub bucket thrill like cough syrup or codeine…we circle the head, smoking hash. The head comes to rest, lies still. All is freakily loose yet it smacks of the quotidian…I cradle the head lovingly, hands cupped underneath that divinely flawed jawline…she addresses me telepathically.
"I act with my eyes. No word of dialogue. Once something is inserted in you. I thought you cannot go back…and I never did. Scared to spring my lids, but I did, electric charge, I loved it."
I kiss her eyelids, her lips…I cannot get hard…why not the fuck…what do I require…the exhortation of a Georgian choir…remember me. Spying a khaki suit with loathing, missing the medieval grace of iron clothing. Her lips upon them; and it was her mouth saying: Sluggard! Ginsberg yanks the head from me. Smashes it on the side of the rostrum…nose bursts…Marilyn shrieks to me, only to me, I am alone in her psychic favours, "I am not an automaton. I dug it! I sold washing powder. As white as ivory snow."
"The old coke whore," says John H. The editing is not limited. Knowing he has overheard, I am devastated. Ginsberg reveals a pair of pliers, formerly secreted up his sweaty arsehole. Through me forbidden voices: copulation is no more rank than death is.
"That low rent cocksucker forgot Passion Pit so I’m no Little Oral Annie but my jawbone don’t detach so easy…"
Ginsberg pulls out her teeth one by one. There is no blood.
"It’s still too real," he chimes.
Gentle…I get awful queasy at this point and hide behind the armchair.
She with ivory fingers, spinning long yarns out of nothing. John.H gets all phallocentric…hosepiping the feather cut born of the medium, not the message…we are all screens. So Big Al’s fucking the toothless mouth, his hairy arse pumping away…John H. rabbit punches him…Al falls with a bang not a whimper…on the yellowed pages of The Daily Sport…laid down like so much kitty litter. John H. with a tablespoon…scoops out an eyeball…then another…gobbles them up in the manner of an Alzheimer’s patient gorging on strawberry trifle in a residential home. Threads his wang through one eyesocket and then out the other…Big Al licks the emergent crown…then drills his cock into the left earlobe…pummels the ersatz cunt…I rejoin the fray…We straighten and face Product…It conveys the image onto our screen…"
Cross the wounded perineum; pretend an interest. Love of black and white stills.
I shall not have, do not need, a story.

Extreme Stories

Mon, 27 Apr 2015 21:51:43 UTC