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A Series of Fantasies 2018

This story, dear readers, is but one of a developing series outlining my fantasies. All are about how I envision my first encounters with men will transpire. None of this has yet happened, but I hope it will work in the not to distant future.

It had been long since I first had thoughts of being with a man, such thoughts having started at a very young age. I was so young in fact that later in life I suspected I had experienced some form of abuse in my early life. This eventuality did not, as is the norm, disgust me but rather inflamed me with lust for that elusive older man that may have used me for his pleasure. As such my fantasies have always hovered around the idea of older men. I like the idea of being the beautiful young boy pleasing an older wisher man.

My ideas started small; I wanted to suck an older man’s cock. I felt at the time that sucking a cock would be a good middle ground from which to see if I was interested in sex with men. At fourteen years old, I felt that to suck a cock would not obligate me in any way. If I decided after that I did like it, I needn’t feel bad or that I was every bisexual. It seemed a good escape hatch to walk away from the whole situation.Please, dear reader, do not be mistaken, I was nearly obsessed with thoughts of sucking an old man’s cock.
I would lay in bed nights slowly jerking off to thoughts of an older professional man, taking me to his home and undressing me. He would strip me down to nothing, in my visions, then sit down on his couch and pull me on to his lap. I see myself in my mind’s eye siting sideways across his lap. He would touch my face, pulling me in, and kiss me deeply.
Undoubtedly, I imagined, I would respond to his attention by wiggling around on his lap. I would squirm rubbing my butt against his growing member. I would wrap my arms around his neck, kissing him and hugging him tightly.

My cock would be, as it was, very hard, and my wiggling would be as much do to my extreme lust as to my wish to excite this old man. After making out for some time, I imagined, his hands would begin to explore my body. I would kiss his neck as he rubbed my back. He would pull and pinched at my nipples, and I would softly bite his lower lip, neck, and ears like a little animal.

I would lay back draped across his lap; back arched painfully backwards, vulnerable, my cock sticking straight up in the air. He would reach out and stroke my cock, and I dangled across his lap. His hands would roam over my body, rubbing my cock, pinching my nipples, placing his fingers in my mouth to suck. He would roughly caress my balls causing me to moan loudly as he pulls at them of softly squeezes them. I am completely open to him, and strangely I want him to hurt me.

His hands would run down my chest, I think as I stroke my cock, his hand resting finally on my throat. As he jerks my cock, I feel his hands tighten around it. It feels like any more pressure from his big strong hand will crush my slender penis, but in reality, I am awash with pain mixed with extreme pleasure. Simultaneously his fingers tighten sharply around my neck. He pulls me up from my uncomfortable position and kisses me hard. I feel his tongue slip into my mouth. I kiss him back, first his mouth and then his neck. I imagined that he would like to play with my ass, so I would tilt myself to one side curling up in his lap, ass out so he could better reach my hole by sliding his hand down my back.

Laying there in my boyhood bed I could see myself kissing his him all over while I am feeling his large hand slide down the length of my back then in-between my ass cheeks. He firmly plants his big middle finger on my tinder virgin asshole and starts to push and rub it softly. I squeal quietly at this touch and push my little ass back against his explorations. This thought makes me shudder and nearly cum in my bed but I hold back; for the truly good part of my imaginary adventure is yet to come.
Feeling my mans need pushing up against me thorough his pants, I decide it is time for me to take control; but only a little control. I would lightly slip from his lap onto my knees on the floor. I would look up at him with innocent lust in my eyes and indicate without words my absolute need for him. I would place my hands on his belt, and slowly undue the clasp. I could see myself stopping there, looking back up at him indicting with my eyes I wanted what was within. He would surely get my signal and pull down his pants, letting me have my first look at another man’s erect penis.Timidly, I would reach out for it.

At this point, I was desperate in my bed.

I would take it in my hand and feel how hard it was, how soft and hot his cock feels in my hand. I would stroke cock gently, all the while looking up at his face to see if he was enjoying it. I imagined how as much as I would want to surrender to my desires and put his cock in my mouth, I wanted him to make me do it more. So instead of bowing to my lust for him, I would act sheepish about it. I would take his big strong hand and place it on my head. I would indicate that I want him to take me by my hair.

“Make me do it” I would whisper.

Then I would show him that I want him to pull my head up to his cock by the hair until my mouth is over the tip of his throbbing cock. I would look down at it, and see my small hand wrapped around his massive shaft. I can see a bead of his pre-cum collecting at the tip of his giant cock. I reach my free hand up to the hand that he is holding me by my hair with and push his hand down forcing me down onto his cock. I would obediently open my mouth and accept him in.

I could almost imagine, in my bed, my tongue sliding down the underside of his cockhead, picking up the pre-cum as he pushes himself into me.
How could I know if I would like the taste, I wondered to myself in my bed. Stopping my fantasies for a moment, I recall looking down and seeing cum running down my cock and through my fingers. With my finger, I gathered up a large drop and brought it to my lips. I remember hesitating before finally opening my lips slightly and pushing my finger in. As soon as the milky white drop of juice hit my tongue, I knew I was addicted. I knew I wanted some that weren’t mine.

Now back in my fantasy I am in a panic. I’m on the floor between his legs again, his big hand on the back of my head pulling my head up then pushing it back down. I could feel his cock growing even larger and harder, so hard and big in fact my mouth was tight around it. In his rush, I place my hand back onto his and force him to push my head even harder down on to his cock. He would eagerly start to do this and feel myself regretting this offer as he starts to push so hard he is beginning to enter my throat.

Gagging on his cock, as his big hand pushes my head deeper and deeper down onto him. My lips touch his body. I can feel his cock stretching open my throat. My tongue is touching his balls now that I am so far down and i can taste the musky salty sweat that has collected on them. This taste mixes with the reality that I have all of him in my mouth. This reality amps up my lust, and I grab his hips and pull myself harder down on to him, wanting him even further inside me. He begins to fuck my throat with short rapid thrusts. I imagined not being able to breath and reaching out to push him away.

Just as I start to panic, he wrenches me off of his cock and springs from the couch. Holding me by my hair, he stands over me holding my head up to him. His other hand would be wrapped around his cock, and he is jerking it savagely. I know what is coming, so I would raise myself up and push out my tongue like an obedient little bitch.

He would see this and place the head of his cock on the tip of my tongue. Pumping his cock franticly, he would grunt with pleasure. I could see myself, head wrenched back, tongue out, as large ropes of his cum shoot out into my mouth, down my trout, and on to my face. I would reach out and grab his cock, locking my lips with it. I wanted to catch every drop and swallow it. I imagine his cock pulsing in my mouth, his cum fills it, and the manly smell of sweat and seamen are all around me.

In my bed, I cum and cum and cum…

As I started to slip slowly into sleep, I could see myself still on the floor. There is cum on my face and in my hair. He’s fallen back onto the couch panting with exhaustion and release. I crawl back between his legs, grab his semi-erect cock and begin to clean it with my tongue. My cock, in my fantasy, is still rock hard and dripping. I am unfulfilled and burning with lust. I can see him falling asleep. He’s left me alone, covered in his cum and desperately wanting more.

I watch him fall asleep. Quietly I collect his cum from off my face and lick it up I cannot waste any of it. Gathering up the last little bit of it I start to think about what other parts of me could I use to please my daddy?
Instead of swallowing this last bit of cum, I decided to reach back to my ass and rub it around my little ass hole. This feels very good, and as I please myself with his slippery cum, I start to suck his limp cock again. I feel my ass hole open with my touch, much like it did when he placed his large finger on it. Suddenly I am filled with white hot lust again. I ram two fingers up my ass, and pain shoots through my body. I cry out at first, but soon I realize this pain is pure pleasure. My body shutters, my cock grows hard again, and my nipples spring back to life. I slowly start sucking my sleeping daddy’s cock again and think about how I can please him, and I will wake him.

This was my first fantasy and is, dear reader, only the beginning. Things can and will become much darker and more interesting.

Gay Stories

Wed, 24 Jan 2018 17:23:25 UTC

What are friends for?

Everything I’ve described in this story up until the main character is actually caught, happened. From there, I let my imagination run away with me a little…


The young woman and her friend had been up most of the night talking. Unsatisfied with her husband sexually, she and her friend were having the age old conversation they’d always had about what to do about it. They were having a sleep over, and she was laying in her friend’s bed, facing her. They were whispering so as not to wake the others, and their faces were incredibly close.

At the end of their conversation, nothing really resolved, and the young woman feeling just as disappointed and frustrated as ever, the two women get even closer and hug. The young woman buries her face in her friend’s chest, as her friend gently strokes her hair and back.

For years she’s been sexually attracted and curious about other women, and her friend in particular. Almost every fantasy she’s had about being with another woman involved her friend. Now, laying in bed with her, their bodies closer than they’d ever been before, that familiar desire awoke again.

The way her face was positioned against her friend’s chest, she was aware of how close her mouth was to her nipple. Her friend was wearing a tank top to bed, and she knew if she was able to pull it down even a little, all she’d have to do would be to stick out her tongue to start caressing her areola. She began imagining how she would make tiny circles with her tongue, how she’d start gently flicking the end until it became hard and she could gently suck and play with it. As these fantasies overcame her, she felt the heat spreading from between her thighs. She moved in closer, she couldn’t help it. Her desire was so strong. She wanted to feel her body pressed up against her friend’s, as close as possible.

After some time in this position, her friend seemed to drift off to sleep, and she rolled over onto her back. She wondered how anyone could sleep at a time like this, it was the last thing on her mind. Unable to help herself any longer, she reached down and started touching herself, as she imagined all the things she wanted to do. She began slowly rubbing her clit through her panties, and couldn’t help but gyrate her hips in response. Her friend was so close to her, she imagined just reaching out and touching her body, exploring everywhere with her hands. As she did this, she moved her panties to one side, and slipped a finger inside herself.

Her own wetness surprised her. It was warm and inviting, and her finger slipped right in. As she did this she let out an involuntary moan, and her friend began to stir. At this point her heart began to race and she both tried to continue quietly and yet desperately wanted to be caught.

Breathing heavily, she continued to finger herself and moved her hips and she stared at her friend’s face and imagined what she wanted to do to her. Just then, her friend’s eyes sprang open, and they met. Embarrassed, she looked away and covered her face with her unused hand. "I’m so sorry, I just… We were talking about all that stuff, and it sort of made me want it more, and I couldn’t seem to help myself." Her friend stared at her, her expression softening. "That’s alright, understand".

Throwing caution to the wind, and wanting desperately to finish she asked, "is it okay if we cuddle again? I just really want to feel someone touch me right now, I’m sort of starving for contact."

Her friend reached over and put her arm around her as she rolled over to let herself be spooned. "You know, my boobs have grown two sizes recently, and they feel so different now. Do you want to see?" Her friend hesitated, " I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that.
Just to see how they’ve changed." "Exactly!" She said. "It’s totally innocent".

As her friend reached around to feel her breasts, she took her hand and placed it under her tank top. "Just so you can really feel, you can’t tell anything over clothes." Her friend resisted only a moment, and then allowed her hand to be placed on one of the large breasts. Her friend instinctively squeezed. She began massaging and rubbing. "My god, they don’t even fit in my hand, not even close" she said, as she let out a nervous chuckle.

"You know, that’s not the only thing about me that’s changed," she told her friend. "I’m super wet all the time now, and it’s gotten incredibly tight inside. It’s really strange." She said cautiously. "Wanna compare?"

Her friend hesitated, "’I dunno, that seems a little far, don’t you think?" She of course thought it was not nearly far enough. "I guess it’s a little much. But I have to confess, it feels so good to be touched by another person again. And I’ve always sort of, wanted to be touched by you. I’ve been curious about being with another woman for ages. Have you ever thought about it?"

Her friend took a moment to respond, but she did not stop stroking her breasts. "What exactly have you wanted to do?" She burned with desire at these words, was this an invitation? Was she finally going to get what her body craved so desperately? "Well… I’ve always sort of wondered what another woman tasted like. I’ve always wanted to taste someone the way that I wanted to be tasted, just to see if it would be as arousing to her, you know?"

During this little speech she felt her friend’s groping become a little more intense. She also felt an involuntary movement as her friend pressed herself even closer to her for a moment. Then her friend did something wholly unexpected. She took her hand off her breasts and used it to push down on her shoulders, motioning her under the covers.

"Fuck!" She screamed out in her mind. As she settled herself in position and just moved her friend’s panties aside, she felt a gush of wetness between her own thighs. She gently reached out and touched her friend’s smooth pussy. She shyly kissed the inside of her thighs, wanting to build up the anticipation. Then, ever so gently and hesitantly, she she began to caress her friend’s clit with her tongue. To her surprise, she found a barbell there, and couldn’t help herself, she took the whole clit into her mouth and began sucking. Her friend’s hips bucked up with pleasure. Her body seems to say "take more of me, eat it all." So she did. She took as much of her into her mouth as possible, and began alternating between sucking and rolling her tongue in gentle circles around the barbell, as she felt her friend’s clit grow hard in her mouth.

She nibbled softly, and her friend let out a half stifled moan. Knowing she was able to arouse her intensified her own pleasure, and when her friend began to drip into her mouth and she was finally able to taste her, she felt her own nipples grow hard and thought she might be able to cum herself, just like this. She tasted amazing. She continued to lick all around, not wanting to waste a drop.

She felt her friend moving up and down, moaning with pleasure and obviously close to cumming. She reached two fingers slowly inside her and was excited to find her friend just as wet and tight as she was. Moving her fingers swiftly in and out, all the while continuing to lick and suck the outside of her friend’s smooth pussy, she was sure she was just moments away from cumming. Just then, however, her friend stopped her. "Wait," she said. "I want to cum together".

She melted at these words, and felt a second gush of wetness between her own thighs. She came up from under the covers, biting her bottom lip and burning passion. "What do you want?" Her friend asked. "What can I do for you?"

It was too much. She couldn’t remember a time when she’d ever felt this aroused. "Just touch me. Touch me all over," she said. Her friend readily complied. She sat up, pulled her top down, and grabbed both of her large breasts this time. She began rubbing them and playing with her nipples. Then she reached down and began sucking on them, using her tongue on her nipples in the exact same way she had fantasized about doing earlier. As her friend continued to suck and nibble, she reached down and took off her soaking wet panties. Then she reached for her friend’s and with a little help got her’s off too.
She grabbed her friend’s hips, and motioned for her to climb on top, getting her friend to straddle her.

The moment their two pussies touched, both incredibly wet and hot, they each moaned and closed their eyes in arousal. Then her friend began to grind up against her, rubbing their hard clits together and sliding easily under their own wetness. Her friend increased her speed, clearly feverish with desire. She felt her friend’s grinding motion, and matched her pace with her own. Faster and faster, their pussies rubbed together, sliding up and down and building up heat, until they both finally came together and tried to keep their screams quiet.

Her friend crawled off, panting, and laid down beside her on the bed. "Thank you so much for that. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted that" she said. Her friend smiled, slightly out of breath, "what are friends for?"

Bisexual Stories

Wed, 28 Sep 2016 15:15:16 UTC

First Time

First Time

“Have you ever kissed someone?”
He leaned closer.
I closed my eyes and leaned forward slightly, as if to give permission, the anticipation was making my hands sweat.

6 Weeks Earlier

Christian, a normal everyday 13 year old, well, mostly normal.
Jack, average 15 year old athlete.
We met in summer baseball, I was right field, which is baseball code for “you suck”. I spent a lot of time watching Jack, he was the pitcher. We didn’t talk much then. But he was the only one on the team who was nice to me. Everyone else just ignored me. Day after day I would stand in the sweltering heat watching the infield make plays, trying to be ready in case I got a chance to actually touch a ball. But mostly I’d watch Jack, he was amazing, consistently whipping the ball into the strike zone. And after practice when we were waiting to get a ride home all the guys would rough house and make jokes at the others expense. Jack wouldn’t talk much but when he did it was worth it. He would joke and laugh with everyone else. He was really funny. And, every once in a while he would see me looking at him and give me this crooked have grin that made my face hot.

The sun was high in the sky when I arrived at practice that day. Jack strolled toward me, taking his cap off and running his fingers through his sweaty brown hair, he called to me.
“Hey, Chris! Do you wanna come over after the game tomorrow to play games? I already invited Steven and Dustin.”
“Sure, I’ll ask my mom and let you know “
“Ok, great” and with that he jogged back over to the pitchers mound. As he did so his shorts fell down a little, just enough to see his underwear. They were black with a grey waistband. My heart started beating very fast, and hands started to sweat. ‘Stupid New Mexico heat’, I thought. I walked over to the dugout, leaning over to drop my bag a discreetly adjusted my hardened member, tucking it into my waistband. Worst part of puberty, boners happen for no reason.

The next day I rode with Jack and Dustin to his house. This wasn’t the first time I had gone over. His parents were quite nice, his dad reminded me of my uncles back in Ohio. We were all sweaty and gross after our game so we took turns in the shower. Dustin went first while Jack and I played a round of table tennis in the basement. Then, when Dustin shouted down that he was done, Jack went, I went back upstairs to watch tv with Dustin while I waited. Dustin was nice but it felt like he didn’t like me much, I guess he was just polite to me cause Jack invited me over. Soon Jack walked out of the bathroom.
“Kay Chris all yours”
“Ok” I got up and started down the hallway before realizing I was in the way of Jack heading to his room.
“Oh sorry” I tried to flatten myself against the wall. Now I got a really good look at the state Jack had exited the bathroom. Baggy shorts, no shirt, towel drying his hair with one hand. My eyes drifted down his chest to the band of his underwear peaking out from his shorts.
“It’s alright” He slid past me. Grazing my pelvis slightly with his hip and butt. I started to feel movement and turned quickly to the bathroom.
My thoughts lingered on the image of his chest, dewy and smooth with defined muscles and subtle curves. I sprang to life beneath my shorts. As I began to undress I saw my full erection. Pointing to the ceiling with a slight curve upward. My pubic hair barely visible with hues of red and blonde. I sighed and started the shower. And my mind flashed with the image of Jack standing in the hallway half dressed. My member twitched. As I stepped into the shower I remembered the feeling of his hip against my groin. As I started to wash my body I couldn’t shake my boner. I thought nothing of what caused it. I had always found guys attractive. Girls too. But as I was kinda dorky and shy I hadn’t had much attention with either sex. Without realizing it I was stroking my stiff cock. And as suddenly as I started, I was done, with a muffled grunt and several spasms, my seed fell to my feet and was washed away. With that I could think much clearer. I finished my shower and wondered if Jack would ever be interested in me.

Dustin let out a loud snore from down the hall. He already went to bed while Jack and I took turns playing Super Smash Bros, trying to unlock a new character. We had been having idle chat until now. Normal stuff, until our conversation turned to girls.
“I dated a few girls but nothing serious.” Jack said in between rounds “You?”
“Just a girlfriend in 5th grade but nothing past holding hands. And um.”
“Don’t tell anyone, but I dated a guy I knew before moving here.”
“Oh I didn’t know you were gay” Jack said indifferently. At this point he had put the controller down.
“I like both, I guess that means I’m bi”
“Have you ever kissed someone?”
He leaned closer.
I closed my eyes and leaned forward slightly, as if to give permission, the anticipation was making my hands sweat.
I waited for what felt like forever until I felt his hot breath on my lips. Filled with desire I lunged forward, eyes still closed, and in my heated passion hit him square in the forehead.
“Ow . .” Jack sat with a hand on his head. I curled into a ball partly because of the pain and partly because of the embarrassment. “Sorry” I mumbled almost in tears. Silence. ‘Oh God he hates me! Uhg why am I so stupid!’ I look up to see that half smile of his beaming across his face. Letting go of my head, tears in the corners of my eyes I just look at him, slightly bewildered.
“You’re cute”, and with that he grabs the back of my head and presses his mouth against mine. Heat flushes my cheeks. Dizziness overtakes me. He softly opens my lips and breathes, his tongue glides along my bottom lip as my own comes to meet his. I sway with lust and grab his hand that is resting at his hips. My mind races and swirls as our tongues dance back and forth. And slowly it ends. Jack pulls away as I stay frozen in place. One hand gripping the floor, the other squeezing his hand. He pulls me in for one last peck and the brushes his hand down my back. With that I lose all composure and collapse into his chest. Minutes go by, my mind is still racing with the passion I just received, my first kiss, when the stillness is broken by the sound of Jack’s voice.
“I’m not going to fight it anymore.” I turn up to look in his eyes. “I want you” My face turns red. “But . . . “
“Can we keep this between us?”
Yeah that makes sense, being gay is still taboo and this is a small town, people talk.
I nod. And before I know it Jack has scooped me up once again in a passionate kiss, swirling and hot. This time I become more animated. Caressing his thigh and wrapping my arm around his back pulling him closer. He returns my touch with his own. I love the gentle way his fingers dance along my skin. Soon I’m laying down, with him on top of me, I feel his weight pressing into my hips as he kisses me deeply. I run my fingers up his back and into his thick hair.
We kissed and grinded into the early morning. Finally I left to sleep on the sleeping bag on the floor. We slept til noon that day. Getting up and going straight out to play xbox. We talked and joked just as friends. Pretending last night never happened. But anytime we were alone, we couldn’t contain our lust. Once we even made out in the bathroom at the ball park.

Soon summer ended and our sleepovers became more and more rare. When school started we almost never saw each other. And soon I heard from my friend who went to the high school that he was dating a girl from his math class. I figured our time was over and I would just have to be okay with that. I made friends in a couple classes, I joined drama club, I hung around in art club with, Whitney, my neighbor and friend that was in the high school. I even kissed Isaac at a school dance. But we just decided to stay friends. Jack and I would txt every once in awhile. He said I should come over and play games, but I was nervous about seeing him again and always made up an excuse. Until one night in late fall, I went to the local fair in the center of town. I was walking around with Whitney and Carlos, a friend of Whitney’s, when I saw Jack at the basketball court. I stood and watched for a long time, before I realized Whitney and Carlos walked off without me. As I began to look around for them I heard a voice.
I turned and saw Jack standing a few feet away.
“Hey” I just looked at him. His eyes were a greenish grey shade that matched his shirt. He furrowed his brow.
“Do you wanna go for a walk, catch up?”
“Sure” I wanted to be mad at him for making me so sad. But I’m too empathetic, and understanding, it sucks.
“So you still dating, um”
“Lindsey? No, um, we broke up after,”
“After?” Jack looked around to see if anyone was in earshot.
“We had sex in her truck”
My heart sunk. Of course he would sleep with her. As much as we had fun he is the straightest guy I know. And he is just a guy, we think with our dicks.
“Christian?” He looked at me, leaning slightly so he could meet my eye level.
“Hm? What? Oh sorry man, I can’t believe you guys would break up. Are you okay?”
“Christian” He stopped now to face me. And I realized we had walked behind a building on the edge of the park. Jack looked into my eyes. He frowned.
“I’m sorry “
I began to babble, “No, you don’t have to be sorry, I mean we weren’t dating or anything we were just messing around, your not into guys so I understand, besides you still invited me over it was me who . . . “
Jack kissed me. He pulled me into his arms holding me tight, and gently caressed my lips with his own. I instantly swooned. Grabbing his belt and pushing my hips against his I turned a gentle embrace into an aggressive grind. He answered back by grabbing my hair and shoving his tongue down my throat. We fought back and forth like this for several minutes before my head cleared enough for me to pull away.
“Christian, I’m sorry, can I be with you again? Only you.”
“Why, tell me why you want to be with me? I thought you . . . You don’t like guys . . . “ I pulled farther away and leaned against the brick building. Crossing my arms and directing my gaze to the ground.
“True,” He reaches towards me and lifts me face to meet his “but I love you”
My face flushes and my eyes start to water. I collapse into a ball and start to cry. Jack kneels down and wraps his arms around me. “What’s wrong? Are you still mad at me?”
I shake my head and with tears pouring down my beat red face I look into his eyes.
“I love you too” with that he kisses me again, with a new heated passion. I melt in the wall and let my emotions overtake me. After several minutes, Jack lifts his head and looks at me.
“Do you wanna have a sleep-over tonight?” He stares at me with a lusty smile. I swallow nervously at what he has in mind.

At his house we played xbox, I brought this game I thought was funny while we took turns playing it. We played and talked for a few hours until we were sure his parents were asleep. We got up and went to his room. Jack walked in switching on the computer as he passed.
“I wanna show you this game plus it gives us an out in case we hear someone coming”
My sexually charged mind hung on the last word. All I could think of was the bulge growing in my pants. It pressed against the thick denim of my jeans and started to hurt. Jack turned around as if he could hear what I was thinking. A nervous smile stretched across his lips. He sat down at the computer to boot up the game, our back up plan. And then he turned off the lights. Meanwhile I was stretching out on the bed and without thinking had started to adjust my bulge.
“Are you uncomfortable?” Jack turned away from the computer.
My face flushes. “Yeah um, I can go to the bathroom real quick. Take care of it.”
“Let me see” Jack sat in the chair a couple feet from the bed. “We can do it together if you’re nervous”.
I nod and move to my zipper. Jack does the same, sliding down his jeans slightly and pulling down the waistband of his boxers, they’re navy blue today. His already erect cock flings out of his pants. It’s long and thick and curves slightly to his right. Without realizing I already took my cock out and began stroking. Jack follows my lead and his eyes watch my dick bounce slightly with the motion of my hand. My eyes dance from his cock to his eyes but Jack’s gaze never leaves my hard erection. His intense stare just makes me hornier. My masterbation becomes more intense. Now we’re moaning a chorus of mms and ahs until finally we both cum. I let my cum fall onto my stomach and boxers. When I look over Jack had done the same. I licked my lips. I’ve tasted mine before and it doesn’t taste bad. But the thought of his cum drove me mad with desire. I kneeled down and crawled to the chair until my eyes were level with his post-ejaculated cock. I reach up to touch it. I look at him with yearning and he nods. I touch just the tip of his dick right where a little cum still remains. His dick twitches. I take one finger and scoop up some cum off his stomach, and put it in my mouth. Salty, but pretty good, I slowly slide my finger out of my mouth, I hear Jack moan and look at him. He is biting his lip and watching me. This drives me nuts, I grab his cock and like the cum off his stomach and boxers while he moans with pleasure, I feel his cock pulsing with new life in my hand. Lastly I put my mouth very close to the tip of his dick and pause. I have never done this before. With a deep breath of courage I wrap my mouth around his member. He moans, I lick him up and down and he responds to every motion. I wrap my lips around him and engulf him completely, shoving him as deep as I can into the back of my throat.
“Ah, cumming, mmm” With my mouth still around him he shoots his load. The volume of it was more than I could handle and I let go, a stream falls onto my shirt and some from my mouth dribbles onto my chin. With renewed energy Jack straddles me and kisses me deeply, swirling his cum around in my mouth. His still dripping cock rubs against mine. This sends me into a frenzy of passion. I run my hand under his shirt and circle his nipple with my index finger. His whole body tenses with pleasure and I realize he must be very sensitive. I rake down his chest and land at the edge of his jeans, sitting just slightly below his hips so I can feel the mounds of his cheeks begin. He stops for a moment, my hand on his ass, swallows the cum he scooped from my mouth and leans in to whisper right in my ear.
“Can I fuck you?”
Just the words sent me into a spiral of ecstasy, diving deep into my subconscious and finally emerging feeling like I almost drowned.
“Yes.” I finally manage to mumble. And with that Jack is striping off my shirt and kissing me from mouth to cock. He doesn’t put it in his mouth but he licks the tip, a little bit of cum still there from earlier. He reaches under his bed and pulls out a bottle of lotion.
“Will this work for lube?”
I nod unable to speak without stuttering.
He strips off my pants down to my ankles and places himself between my legs. Jack gets a few squirts of lotion and rubs it between his fingers. He run his slippery digits from my balls to my hole and begins to circle my entrance. I moan at his touch. He leans down to kiss me, his tongue swirling my mouth. Soon he has one finger in then two. I can’t hold back and I moan deeply, muffled by his mouth still pressed against mine. Soon he pulls away to get a better look at what he’s doing. He fet more lotion, slathering it on his stiff erection. He slips his fingers in and out to ensure my hole is ready. He removes his fingers and eagerly places his cock at entrance. He begins to push and just his tip slides in. Both of us stifle a moan. He pauses to regain his composure. I’m breathing heavy, my heart pounding so hard I feel like it could pop right out of my chest. My asshole feels stretched like nothing I’ve ever felt. It’s both painful and pleasurable. Jack begins pushing again and I let out a sharp cry. He stops and all I can muster to say is “slowly”. He pulls out a little and then slides in a little further. He does this several times until his cock is about halfway. At this point his thrusting becomes longer and faster. I can barely keep from screaming in pleasure. I stifle my moans by biting my bottom lip. It doesn’t take long before we are both at our peak.
“Im cumming.” And at the he make one last thrust into me and fills me up. The feeling of his cum inside me is too much and I can barely stutter out “cumming” before it shoots out of my hardened member and straight onto my face and chest. This doesn’t seem to bother Jack because he just collapses on top of me. My whole body relaxes and my mind catches up with everything that just happened. I start to cry quietly. Jack looks up, cum still splattered on my face and frowns.
“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”
“I’m fine” I say as my crying subsides. “I’ve just, that was”
“I love you” Jack says as he kisses me deeply.

Gay Stories

Thu, 21 Dec 2017 11:40:32 UTC

Sarah’s Night at the Frat House Pt 1

My name is Sarah, for the sake of this story;) I’m a 20-year-old transgender from Colorado. I like to keep the little man under my skirt a mystery, but I am very passible as a girl. For the fun I offer, I don’t get many rejections from the boys even after the surprise in my panties makes his grand standing debut. Thanks to the generous amount of estrogen my body produces and some prescription hormones, my breasts are a natural and firm 32b. They’re not too big, but they fit my slender body just right.

I saw Derrick at a college fraternity party in the summer of ’06. He was about 5’9” and probably pushing 160lbs of a lean build. He was cute, for a freshman. He had a clumsy way about him. You could tell that he tried hard to impress the veteran partiers around him, and it was adorable. He was a pledge in the Delta Iota Kappas which made him a slave to the DIK frat brothers, college seniors, and any of their guests at their party. I liked the idea of him being a little play thing. I followed him around the party all night, always acting nonchalant just a few feet away. Just to see how he would react, I began to brush past him and rub my body against his. He’d immediately blush and excuse himself. A few times, I put myself just out of his line of sight and exposed some tempting skin by reaching for a glass high in the cupboard or by hiking up my leg on the table to straighten the knee high tights hugging my legs. Every time it caught his attention, and every time I gave him flirtatious grin. Nothing tops that moment when you know you’ve won over someone’s attention and desire, and they’re yours.

Derrick was tasked with getting more beer from the basement, so I planted myself perfectly in his path. The basement entry was at the end of the kitchen where I just so happened to be taking shots. As Derrick approached the door leading downstairs, I tossed my head back to take another Pantydropper. I pretended to lose my balance and stumbled backwards gracelessly. LUCKILY Derrick was there to save me. I twisted myself and fell right into his arms. I was surprised when he caught me with such a strong grip. He held me tightly by my shoulder and hips, then he pulled me close to him firmly to make sure that I didn’t fall any further. As I turned my body to look at him, I allowed my alcohol soaked breasts to graze across his hand. I let out an embarrassing drunken giggle that was synonymous with a loose cheerleader. “I’m sorry. I am such a klutz”, I laughed. Derrick was speechless as he held me and looked over me petite physique. My red hair was caught in a loose band and fell just off of my shoulders. I had on a white button-up top that was simply tied above my navel, and a light pink bra on underneath. The drink that I spilt had soaked through both, and it caused my nipples to stand erect in the coldness of it all. His right hand was cuffed at my hip bordering my tight denim shorts. From there his eyes wondered down the slopes of my smooth fair legs. Breaking the silence, I giggled a little again and asked

“Um, what are you doing?”

“What?” Derrick replied. “Oh, I’ve got to get down to the basement for more beer.”

“You’re so thoughtful! You’re like the life-line to this party, huh?”

“I guess I sort of am.” He laughed with a sarcastic charm.

“Thanks for catching me” I said. “I’ll help you with all that beer."

Derrick didn’t argue and led me down into the fraternity basement. I made sure the door shut behind us. It was dimly lit, but very well kept. There were cases of beer everywhere and kegs to sustain the entire Spring Break if needed! I was surprised at the level of organization that had be held in their personal liquor stockpile. Cases of beer and wine were separated and neatly stacked. Kegs were lined against the wall. A full bar, complete with stools, was mounted below the ascending stairs.

“I’m impressed!” I said, gawking a bit.

Derrick searched the through the boxes. “Yeah? It’s mostly donated. You know?” He said. “Fraternity Alumni try to prove that they’re still cool and give us large supplies.” He squatted down and lifted a large case of cheap light beer. His jeans fit him very well. “This is the stuff for the beer pong tables” he said. When he stood up, I was standing right in front of him.
The case of beer only between us. He handed me the case with a smile. I took it then sat it down back on top of the others. I closed the gap and placed my hands in his back pockets.

“Thanks for catching me upstairs” I whispered. “I guess I got a little dizzy.”
He looked down at me, and I arched my back pressing my up against his. He immediately lost track in cleavage.

“Do you like them?” I asked.


“Pantydroppers. That’s what I was drinking.”

“Um, yeah. They’re pretty good.” Derrick stammered in soft confusion.

“I must have spilled half the shot on me…if you want some.”

“Really? I mean. Yes!” Derrick began kissing my neck and collarbone, and sucked on my ear lobes. It was amazing. That kid could really stoke my fire! He reached down and grabbed my ass with his strong hands, squeezed my cheeks tightly, and lifted me up onto the cases of beer. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him to me. I ran my hands through his hair and urged him from my neck to my neglected twins. His hot mouth made my entire body weak as he sucked away at my chest. I untied my shirt and let it fall from my shoulders. Derrick took the clue of my readiness and reached back to unhook my bra. The pink cups loosely sank from my perky mounds, as Derrick attacked my right nipple with his tongue. I moaned aloud and gripped the hair from the back of his head.

For lack of nothing, he was extremely energetic about foreplay. His tongue lapped away at every inch of my exposed body until there was not a trace of spilt drink to find. I gently lifted his chin with a curled finger and kissed him passionately on the mouth. Our tongues danced and explored each other’s mouths, and his hands gripped my waist as I grinded against the front of his tight jeans. I could feel his cock pressed against me. His jeans must have been made of thin designer denim because I could sense the complete composition of his grown member. I could feel it pulse and the warmth it radiated. I reached down and rubbed my hand down the length of it. Oh, it felt big. It responded instantaneously to my touch.

I broke away from our entangled kiss and leaned back against the beer cases. “Take your shirt off, Derrick. I bet you have amazing pecs” I said while licking his kiss from my plump lips. He liked having his ego stroked just as much as his cock. Derrick raised his shirt up over his head as I tossed my bra aside. His upper body was tone, and his hairless tan skin was flawless. I could tell that he liked to take care of himself. I bolted upright and playfully bit his left pec. He jumped not expecting such a vigorous act. “Oh” I cooed softly. “I’m sorry” I tucked my fingers into the top of his pants teasing of taking them off. “Do you not want to play?”

“No…I mean yes. Of course I do. I just wasn’t expecting it. That’s all” he explained while softly toying with my nipples.

“Good. Because I can’t wait to meet your cock.” I unbuttoned the pants that imprisoned the hardened object of my desire. His erection practically unzipped his pants the rest of the way as I tugged at the sides further down past his ass. I felt hot all over and began to feel my own cock pressing against the beer cases that I sat on. The strength of my erection was becoming entirely too stiff to sit on. I ushered him back and knelt in front of him. He kicked off his flip-flops, and I rolled down the top of his underwear waist band. His dick sprang out and seemed as eager to be played with as I was suck it down my we throat. I licked the length of his cum-gun’s undercarriage a few times and flicked my tongue as I neared the tip. Derrick groaned and placed his hand on my head as I slowly took the head of him into my waiting mouth. My tongue swirled around the large dome that I sucked. I lightly scraped my teeth across the top of it and stretch my soft tongue along the sensitive underside. He shuttered blithely. With that, I sank its total length of seven and a half inches down my throat. My nose became buried against his conditioned abs. Derrick gripped the hair from the back of my head and thrust back and forth into my tonsils. I pulled my head off his throbbing cock and gasped a deep breath. Immediately, I plunged his unit back into my mouth. Derrick moaned with ecstasy as I reached up and began to massage his testicles. Smooth and perfectly shaven globes turned in my hand. I tugged down gently on them as I sucked deep on his shaft. With my left hand, I reached down and rubbed the crotch of my own jeans. I could feel the sticky milk my own caged penis was pooling in my panties. To Derrick it must have looked as if I was stroking the length of a wet pussy. The fact of him not knowing turned me on more than the actual act of sucking that beautiful dick of his.

Mmmm, I hummed while engulfing his cock. Derrick pushed my head down firmly once more causing me to continue throating him. Thick saliva dripped from my mouth, and I started to ignore his swelling balls to catch it all in my hand. I lathered his balls and taint with my throat’s dense lubrication. Briskly, I rubbed his taint and balls until the entire area and my slender hand was slick. Derrick began to groan louder, and he thrust deeper into me. I slid a finger up his ass crack pressed firmly against his anus. My moist finger was slim and oiled with my slutty saliva enough to pass through his sphincter without friction at all. I curved it down and pressed assertively against the inner mound of his prostate. His rock hard member held in the suction of my fat lips, I looked up to see his face. Derrick stood in a trance like stupor. Eyes closed and mouth wide open, he accepted this anal embrace. I pushed my finger in and out of his tight little hole and swirled my tongue around his cock, always keeping it in my mouth. More spit dripped down his hanging orbs, and I was able to catch it with the fingers not taking residence in his ass. I brushed them against his silky taint then brought them up to the entrance of his ass. I pressed one alongside my invading finger and entered it just as easily as the first. I felt his prostate swell and the engrossed head of his cock seemed to double in size. My own dick was screaming to be released from my skin tight jean shorts, but I just rubbed at it faster and harder than ever. Derrick pulled my hair with both hands toward him like he was trying to make me a part of his own toned body. His anus was gripping my fingers so tightly that I could not pull them out even if I wanted to. I pressed against his bulging prostate, and he began to convulse while crying out. I felt a hot load fly down my throat. Another, then another. He pulled out of my mouth and I reached up with my free hand to stroke his shooting cock. Splash after splash of hot cum was launched onto my face, neck, and chest. Derrick began to come down from his intense high. I removed my fingers from his anus, massaged his balls, and returned his swollen bishop to my mouth gently cleaning it all over with my tongue.

The upstairs door opened, and a voice bellowed down. “Pledge, what the fuck is up with the beer?!”

“Oh shit!” Derrick muttered under his breath. He quickly grabbed at his pants and began to pull them up. I sat back on my heels, smiling, and tasting the cum off of my tits and fingers. “What the fuck am I going to do?” He said while looking frantically for his shirt.

“Don’t worry so much, Baby” I said, licking a finger full of cum from my chest. “Just invite your friends down, and I’m sure that they’ll forget all about the beer.”

Transgender Stories

Tue, 12 Jul 2016 02:14:42 UTC

My morning "taking pictures" with another bisexual guy

This happened a couple of years ago, but worth repeating:
I am 65 bisexual and have wanted to get some pictures taken with my new motorcycle with me nude and wearing some of my leather. I did it myself in my garage several years ago with my previous bike and liked the results, but since my wife and I both retired, I don’t have the quality alone time do take the pictures myself.
So, I placed an ad on craigslist in the m4m section, saying I needed someone with a private location to take the pictures and if something happened afterwards, so be it.
I got a response immediately from a younger guy, real buff, and tattoos and the whole nine yards, he is only 37.
I showed up and pulled into his garage, he greeted me naked from the waist down with his 7.5 cock sticking straight out.
We decided to play a little, to let the bike cool down.
We stroked each other’s cocks while we talked, his cock was thinner than mine but longer and uncut, he is Hispanic so it was a nice shade of brown with shaved balls. Being a bit older it takes me longer to achieve my hard on, but it came up quickly when he started an xxx movie and began stroking me.
I asked if he wanted to suck me first, he hesitated, so I went to my knees and began sucking him, he then returned the favor, wonderful lips on my hard cock made me almost forget the pictures, except he was taking them while I sucked him, so I took a few of him sucking me too. I asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass, so we retired to his bedroom. He had me lay face down on the bed. It had been quite a while since I had taken anything in my ass, so I was a bit tight, between lots of persistence and lube, he entered me, starting slow and picking up speed. He lay on top of me and licked my ear while he pounded my ass. I asked if he was going to cum in my white ass, he just kept pounding me.
We took a small break and actually took pictures of me with the bike, first with my leather vest and chaps on; I had him take a couple of pictures of me leaning over the bike with my ass toward him. The next thing I know he is slipping his cock back in my ass! After fucking me for a while he went in and cleaned his cock up, when he came back out to the garage, we took some pictures of me nude on the bike, and then I dropped to my knees and began sucking his cock again. I told him that I had not been that hard for that long in quite a while. He asked if I was close to cumming and I told him that I had been edging the whole time he was fucking my ass.
We went back in his living room, he sat me on the couch, dropped to his knees and began sucking me deep and hard, wanting every drop of my cum! I delivered and he kept sucking, then took some pictures with cum dripping off the end of my cock. He never came, so I am anxious to taste his cum as well.
This was a great experience and hopefully we will repeat it again soon, in fact he is talking about doing a 3some with a girl friend of his who loves to watch guys do each other!
Needless to say I am eager for that day!

Bisexual Stories

Mon, 25 Sep 2017 00:26:55 UTC

Life Is Good

Life Is Good – Chapter 01 – The Capri Theater

feedback greatly appreciated – [email protected]


Me – Randy
Best friend – Ken
Capri Theater manager – Mr Roache (& wife)
Family priest – Father Michael
Next door neighbor Mr Martin (& wife)
Mom’s divorced friend – Dorothy
Ken’s sister – Shirley
Mr & Mrs Cameron (Mr & Mrs C) – First apt landlords
Steve – High School football player
Pool Party friends – Me, Ken, Steve and Paul
Andrea, Monica, Beverly, Anne and Shirley
Vick Vapor – Lido Manager
Melissa – Blonde, SheMale, new manager of The Capri
Jerry – local cop at the Capri
Silas – old fart projectionist (seen and done it all)
Don – Cashier/Snack Bar Attendant (probably BI)

First story, poorly written (I do get better!), and way too long, but still a fun read.

I grew up in a small town in central Texas. It was the late 60’s, Life was good!

I wasn’t a 6 foot hulk with a 9 inch cock, I was a 5’7", a little pudgy, non sports oriented guy. Rode my bike everywhere. On many of my jaunts I would pass The Capri Adult Theater. Never had the courage to try to get in (I was only 16!). Finally worked up the courage one day, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t get in. Scared shitless, shaking in my boots, didn’t know what to do. I was wearing my nylon bike shorts, t-shirt and sandals. I went in and made a beeline straight for an empty seat (there were plenty). My eyes finally adjusted and I realized what was on the screen, HOLY CRAP, this is better than Hustler! I had been there for 10 minutes or so when an elderly gentleman came in and sat right next to me. (the whole fucking theater was empty, and he sits next to me!) He would occasionally lean over and make some comment, "nice cock on that guy" or "great tits", I just agreed and kept on watching the movie. I felt his knee brush up against mine and didn’t think anything of it. Then it happened again and again, finally he put his hand on my leg above the knee, I didn’t know what to do so, I just sat there. He started rubbing my thigh and I was kinda enjoying it. He went extremely slow and by the time he reached the hem of my shorts I was getting a boner. He just kept rubbing there for a while without going straight for my dick. I was in heaven. Finally his hand started underneath my shorts but still not touching my dick, gawd I was excited. He would barely brush my dick or balls and I wanted more. I spread my legs hoping he’d take the hint, he did. Finally playing with my balls and my dick. When he tried to pull my shorts down, I lifted my butt and let him take them off. Here I was 16 years old sitting in an adult movie, naked from the waist down and letting some old geezer play with my dick, AND LOVING IT!

Some other guy saw what was happening and came over and sat sideways in the row in front of us. All he did was watch (at first). The old guy told me to stand up and face him, when I did my dick disappeared into his mouth. I had never felt anything like it and wanted more.

All of a sudden I felt another set of hands rubbing my butt and thighs. He never really went for my butt-hole but the teasing was driving me crazy. The old guy was pushing my t-shirt up and eventually had me take it off too, now my shorts and t-shirt are sitting in an empty chair next to the old guy, and I’m still loving it! The old guy had me sit down and he stood in front of me and lowered his zipper. He told me to reach in and pull out his cock. It took a while (I was scared) but I finally got it out. He told me to kiss the tip I did, OK, no big deal, I licked the head, not bad, I stuck it in my mouth and really liked the feel of it, and could actually feel it getting bigger, I really liked that! I had never thought about being homo or sucking dick but, here I was sucking this old farts dick.

The old guy steps back and pulls up his shorts and says sorry, he has to go but for me to be back there the following Sunday. The other guy hops over the chairs and sits next to me and starts playing with my dick and balls, then pulls his shorts down and wants me to suck him too. I did and eventually he came in my mouth, I wasn’t expecting it and lost a lot of it down the side of my face.

He left too and when I went to put my clothes back on, they were gone! I cowered down below the seats and almost started crying, what the fuck am I going to do! Then a flashlight was shining down on me and what I assume was the manager was telling me to come with him. So here I am, 16years old, naked except a pair of sandals and walking up the aisle and through the lobby of an adult theater.

In his office he had me explain everything and wanted my phone number so he could call my parents. He said there’s a shower over in the corner and to go clean my self up. He still wanted my phone number and said I could give him a blowjob or my number. He took off his clothes and got in the shower. It actually felt good having him run his hands over my body and told me to do the same to him. His hardon was huge and became bigger the more I played with it. Finally he pushed me down onto my knees and I started sucking his dick, he took a lot longer to cum than the other guy and my jaw was getting sore. Then I had a sickening thought, granted he wasn’t going to call my parents, but I still didn’t have any clothes. I was ready this time, and when he came I swallowed it all. We rinsed off again and he pointed up at a TV in the corner, and it was a view of the shower, he had filmed everything, then he said he hadn’t just filmed it, he broadcast it into the theater.

I was starting to think my life was over when he said, someone in the theater had my clothes, all I had to do was go and ask everyone individually. And, that if any of them wanted a blowjob I was to do it.

There were 10-12 guys in there I could see, I started in the back row, everyone was ready, pants down, dicks out and hard. The first three were pretty easy and I didn’t have any problems, I also didn’t have any clothes yet.

The fourth guy wanted me to use my hands more while I sucked, couldn’t bring myself to finger his ass but, got him off and he gave me my t-shirt.

The next five guys were just quick blowjobs but, still no shorts. Finally the 10th guy had my shorts. There were still two guys left and I could see they had their hardons out, what the fuck, gave them both blowjobs too. The manager who had been watching me said I could go shower if I wanted. I didn’t even bother putting my clothes back on before walking back to his office. When I opened his door a woman was sitting at his desk. She looked at me and smiled, "You just gay or are you Bi?" told her I wasn’t homo, she laughed and started taking off her clothes. She took me to the shower and washed every inch of my body then started sucking my dick, I hadn’t cum to this point, but it didn’t take long with her, she choked, laughed, and said "Holly crap hun, you needed that!"

The manager had my clothes and I started getting dressed when I noticed two small holes were cut so my nipples were exposed. And, the shorts had a small hole cut in back. He told me to be back next Sunday at noon or he’d call my parents and ask where I was (I didn’t even think that he didn’t have my number). I just said ok. He also said that I was to wear these shorts and t-shirt and nothing else, and that I had to take the bus, not to ride my bike.

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 01 – The Capri Theater

Life’s Good – Chapter 02 – The Capri Again

The week really dragged out, I couldn’t wait to go back. Tried eating my own cum, but being raised a good catholic boy I always felt too guilty after I came to do anything else. So, I just waited. My friends and I hung out a few times, and I caught myself staring at their crotches more than usual. I still didn’t put it together that I might be a homosexual!

Finally Sunday came. I went to early mass with mom, got home around nine and told her I was going to Ken’s (my best friend) for the afternoon, that I’d be back for dinner by six. I put on the modified shorts and t-shirt and then another pair over them to hide them from mom, and headed out. Got to the theater way too early then realized I was supposed to take the bus. Rode back to Ken’s, parked my bike on the side of his house and took off the outer shorts and t-shirt and stuffed them under the seat of my bike. Walking to catch the bus I could feel the air on my nipples and on my butt and liked it. Fortunately the bus was pretty much empty. I sat in the seat opposite the back door and waited, it was at least a 30 minute bus ride. At the next stop a guy got on and sat right next to me. (What am I, a fucking magnet!) He asked what I was up to today and I said I was going to the park. He said he noticed my t-shirt and nylon shorts and asked if I was going skinny dipping with the other kids down by the bridge. He reached over and felt my shorts, lightly touching my dick and balls and said they were awfully thin and without under-ware I would be showing off everything, he smiled and said it’s okay, he used to be a kid too.

The bus stopped, and the driver came back and told the old guy he should find another seat. Then the driver said I should come up and sit by him. He was behind me walking to the front (I forgot about the hole in the shorts!) when I felt a finger in the hole. He sat next to me and started playing with my dick under my shorts. Again, I liked it. He quit suddenly and said he had to get the bus back on route. I went to the back again and took off my shorts, it felt great being naked somewhere I shouldn’t be. Another guy got on and the driver leaned over and was talking to him. The new guy came back and sat in the seat in front of mine. I was trying to inconspicuously get my shorts back on when he turned to me and said don’t bother, give them to me. I gave him my shorts and he started running his hand up and down my legs, occasionally touching my dick and balls. He told me to come up and sit with him I did and he lowered his shorts and told me to blow him. I’m really starting to like giving blowjobs!

My stop was coming up and I told him I had to go and needed my shorts back. He just told me to go like I was. Right as I got off the bus, he threw my shorts out a window to me. So, here I am trying to get my shorts on before anyone sees me and I rip the back hole a little bigger.

Got them on and started walking to the theater kinda keeping my hand over the hole in back. The ticket taker at the window (which is outside the theater) said I was to take off my clothes and give them to her before going in. She said if she got a break she’d come give me another shower again. Didn’t even get to a seat before I was sucking someones dick.

I was all the way up front by the screen and wasn’t busy long. A guy was playing with my dick when we heard a commotion in the back of the theater and all the lights came on. I didn’t even think, I ran behind the screen and saw an exit and left running. Here I am running bare-ass naked down an alley, not sure where I was going or what I was gonna do. I stopped for a minute and crouched down beside some trash cans and thought, the park! Only a few blocks away and it wasn’t used much, so I high-tailed it there. Made it into the park and to a pavilion all the way in back where I still had a view of the entrance. I sat down at the picnic table and started crying, what was I gonna do…

No clothes, no transportation, not even a dime to call home (not that I would have!)…when I saw a car enter the park. I squatted down by some bushes and waited for a few minutes. Just as I was about to look and see if it was gone, a guy peered around the corner of the bushes and said "What are you doin’ son?" I would’ve crapped my pants, if I had pants! I looked up and said "Nuthin’", "Come on out here, don’t be afraid." I saw it was a priest, not just a priest, but the priest from my church! I went over and sat at the picnic table across from Father Michael. He asked a lot of questions and picked up that I was at an adult theater when they got raided and somehow I lost my clothes. He told me to sit up on the table, I did. And, he moved around and stood in front of me with his hands on the top of my thighs rubbing up and down. "Is this what they were doing to you?" I said "Yea". He kept getting closer and closer to my dick and balls and was finally rubbing between my ball sack and thigh, I got a hard on, and he started lightly touching my dick. Eventually he leaned over and put my dick in his mouth and sucked till I came.

He looked at me and smiled, "I’ll get you home, but do you have a way to get in without getting caught?" "Yea, I gotta back way in". He lead me to his car and had me crouch down in the front seat so I wouldn’t be seen. He stopped near my house and said "Can you make it from here". "Yea, thanks" and I ran like hell to the side of the house and through my window. I didn’t even get dressed, just squatted down next to my bed and breathed a sigh of relief. A minute later mom was yelling down the hall, "Randy, you here?" "Yea, be right there". I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and went to see what she wanted. There was Father Michael. I stopped dead in my tracks. Mom said "Come here honey, Father Michael has something he wants to talk to you about. He wanted me to be an altar boy. I said ok and he asked mom if I could be at the church Wednesday night from about 6:00 to 9:00 and he would start indoctrinating me. Mom said fine that I could ride my bike over and she’d be sure I was there.

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 02 – The Capri Again

Life’s Good – Chapter 03 – Father Michael

I wasn’t much into masturbation but that’s changed, a couple of times a day now. Some of my friends were having a circle jerk one night but I got scared and left. Wednesday finally got here and I headed to the church right after dinner. Father Michael met me and took me to a room behind the sacristy and told me to stand over by the mirror and hold my arms out, that he was going to measure me for my cassock. He measured my arms and from my neck to my ankles, then it got fun, he measured from my crotch to my ankles. He then told me to take off my clothes for a better measurement. Standing there bare-ass naked and having a pretty good idea of what was about to happen, I started to get a hardon. He liked that! So did I! He started asking questions about my experiences and I told him that until two weeks ago I had NO experience. He asked for details as to what happened at the theater and whether or not I enjoyed it. I told him it was great and that I liked being teased and told what to do. He smiled and said that I was going to get plenty of that. All this time he kept rubbing my thighs, dick and balls. When he started playing with my butt I flinched a little and he said not to worry that I’d get used to it. Almost two hours of him rubbing me all over I was going crazy and asked if I could play with him. He stood up and told me to take his clothes off, slowly. When I got to his under-ware I was in heaven, he had a big ole’ circumcised dick that was harder than mine. I put it in my mouth and started sucking him slowly, savoring every inch, I liked that I could take my time and loved the taste. Finally when he came I swallowed it all (then licked a few more times just cause I liked it) he asked if I was okay with everything, and if I was, to be back next Wednesday. I smiled and said that I wished it could be sooner, but he stuck to Wednesday.

I’ve got to find a way to make these weeks go by quicker. I think mom suspected something was up when I was taking two or three showers a day, I just told her it felt good!

Finally, Wednesday! Father Michael met me outside and told me to go ahead back and to take off all my clothes, I smiled and headed back. I was standing in the middle of the room, bare-assed naked when he came in! I smiled and reached for his dick. He pulled back a little and told me to ask for it, "Please Father I want to suck your dick". He said, first of all from now on you call me ‘Sir’, and secondly start calling it a cock not a dick. "Please Sir may I suck your cock?" He looked at me and smiled and said, "Only after you suck his…" There stood Ken, my best friend … I was in shock and didn’t know what to do. Sir said to invite him in and take off his clothes. Ken came over to where I was standing and I started unbuttoning his shirt then threw it over on the couch. I knelt down and undid the belt, button and fly of his shorts. He just stood there in his tighty whities and I could see him starting to get hard. I touched it through his under-ware and he moaned. I slipped my hands up the leg holes and started rubbing him. When I felt his cock, we both moaned. I pulled down his under-ware and was shocked to see it was so much bigger than mine. But I leaned forward and took it into my mouth. It tasted different from the adults I had sucked, I liked it a lot. I could tell he did to, the way he was moving his hips back and forth. He came in minutes and I savored every drop. Sir was still standing by the door playing with himself and smiling!

Sir told me to lay back and raise my legs and for Ken to kneel down and start licking my ass. Ken looked at Sir and started to relent when Sir yelled, "Do it!". Ken got down on his knees and played with my cock and balls a little then leaned forward and started licking from my balls to my asshole. After a couple of minutes Ken laid down on his stomach, grabbed my thighs and was trying to put his tongue in my throat, through my asshole! We were both loving it. Without my cock even being touched I cam, and cam, and cam. Sir told us both to be quieter and for me to reach down and scoop up my cum and eat it, I couldn’t do it and he said I’d pay for that.

Sir came over and stood between us and told us both to get him off. We did and our faces were covered in cum. He told us to leave it, get dressed, head on home and be back next Wednesday. Ken and I walked out without saying anything.

Outside we looked at each other and laughed. I asked him how long he had been doing this and he said a couple of months. We agreed to meet up tomorrow at school and talk about everything that happened. Maybe my weeks were going to get better and not seem so long between Sir’s visits.

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 03 – Father Michael

Life’s Good – Chapter 04 – Me, Mom and Ken

Ken And I didn’t get to talk much that day but he did say he’d see if he could spend the night Friday and or Saturday. I was debating on telling Ken about the theater (I did notice that they were still open and things seemed to be pretty much as normal). Friday night finally got here and Ken had permission to stay Friday and Saturday. My dad was gone on a business trip and mom figured we wouldn’t be much trouble. In my room we talked a little and decided we wanted to stay naked as much as possible this weekend. Off came the clothes with both of us just staring at each other. I commented on how big his was and he said Yea it was bigger than most he’d seen. We broke out the Monopoly board and started a game, put on some music and just chilled out. I guess the music was too loud, mom came in (without knocking!) and did a quick about-face and left, we laughed and didn’t think anything of it. At dinner time we put on shorts and t-shirts and headed to the kitchen. Mom had changed and put on some shorts and what I think they called a halter top. We pretty much ate in silence but did offer to clean up. Mom was pleased and went to watch Perry Mason and Gunsmoke on TV. We cleaned up, occasionally pinching each others nipples or asses and grabbing a cock. This was shaping up to be an awesome weekend.

Ken and I were finishing our Monopoly game when mom came in again (and again no knock) only this time she just stood there and said she had to remind herself to start knocking, that we were both growing up, she looked at Ken and said especially you. She said she was going to bed, but that as hot as it was she was leaving her door open and for us to stay out of that side of the house. Do you really think 16 year old boys are going to listen to that kind of advice! Ken and I split our two beds apart and made kind of a fort between the two and started touching each other. We both had nice hardons and wanted to see if mom’s door was open. As we quietly approached the door and peaked in we were shocked. Mom was lying on the bed completely naked and appeared to be asleep.

I knelt down and started sucking on Ken. He moaned and mom turned over and saw us. We ran to my room (this time we were worried!). Mom came in wearing a robe and said she had asked us not to go down to her room. “You should be punished”. She told us to stand up. We were trying to cover our cocks as we stood. She came in and sat on the edge of the bed and told me to get over her knee. Her robe came open a little and my cock was rubbing against her thigh. She proceeded to spank my bare ass, then rub it lightly, then spank it again. This went on for ten or so spanks. She told me to get up and for Ken to get over there. He wasn’t expecting that but did it anyway and got the same thing I did, except that between spanks mom would lightly rub his cheeks and down to his ball sack. He was hard after the first spank. After 10 mom let him get up and told me to get my ass over there and take care of my friends hardon. While I was blowing Ken mom started playing with her breasts and vagina. I was at a complete loss – I really liked sucking cock – but looking at a real live naked woman was a first (except for the theater). After Ken came, mom got up and said to stay away from her door and walked out leaving the door open.

We kinda laughed and figured we weren’t in too much trouble so we started playing some more. Now it’s Ken’s turn to blow me and he took his time. I was just about to pop when mom piped up saying it wasn’t polite to sneak peeks at people and headed to her room. I came harder than I ever have, Ken choked, I laughed, and we rolled over and went to sleep.

The next morning we both figured we needed a shower – put some shorts on and headed to the bathroom. While the water was heating up mom came in and said if we keep our mouths shut we can all have some more fun – but you gotta keep it quiet! We agreed – mom dropped her robe and got in the shower – Ken and I looked at each other – smiled – and did the same. Mom stood in the middle washing Ken then would turn around and do me. I don’t think there was ever a moment mom didn’t have four hands on her. We got out and dried off. As I was reaching for my shorts, mom said we could all stay naked if we wanted.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, we stayed naked played Monopoly (all three of us). Saturday night mom was going to see a friend and told us to behave, she’d be back around 11:00.

After dark Ken and I wanted to play around with the idea of being naked outside. We killed all the lights and went out in the backyard. It wasn’t really private, but it was dark, so someone would have to be really looking for us. We squatted down in the grass and I decided to tell Ken about my Sunday at the theater. He couldn’t believe it – He said he’d never even thought of trying to get in there but to run bare-ass from there to the park and not get caught. “You’re my hero!”

Just as we were about to get up, my neighbors backyard light came on and we froze. A few seconds later we heard “Randy, is that you?” “Yes Sir, me and a friend – we were just going in”. “Come over here first. When we got to the edge of my yard we saw Mr Martin, standing there bare-ass naked like us – Ken and I looked at each other and didn’t know what to do, when Mr Martin piped up and said “Which one of you is going to give me a blowjob?” I smiled and said I would and knelt down and started playing with his cock. It was more wrinkled than most I had seen but started getting hard quick. When I had him in my mouth he told Ken to get behind him and rub his cock on my (Mr Martins) ass. Ken came – Mr Martin came – I smiled an licked my lips. Mr Martin said he hoped he’d see me out back again soon and headed inside.

Ken said “You’re always the last one to get to cum – why is that?” Then he knelt down and gave me a quick (but fun) blowjob. We had just gotten into the kitchen when the living room lights came on. There was no other way to my bedroom so we just kept going. After all mom had already seen us naked. When we got into the living room there was mom AND her friend. “Sorry mom, we were just heading to bed” and ran down the hall to my room. Mom and her friend stayed up for a while talking and Ken and I finally fell asleep.

Sunday morning Mom, Ken and I all went to early mass together. Father Michael was pleased to see us all and told mom the altar boy lessons were coming along fine but that I still needed a few more weeks. He looked at Ken and I and just smiled.

Again, a big decision, should I ask Ken if he wants to go the theater. Oh well, I asked, and obviously he did. We parked our bikes (each with a spare set of shorts!) down the alley in back. Walked around front and went up to the ticket taker. She was surprised to see me and said so, and that anytime I wanted to go in it was free. I told her I brought a friend who knew what happened and asked if he could come in too. Of course she said yes. Never knew the managers name (Mr Roache I think) but he came up and wanted to know what all happened after I left, I told him about the park and getting a ride (but not about Father Michael). He was glad I was ok and said to follow him. He had changed a few things (just in case), now, behind the screen, next to the door was a locker. He gave us each a garbage bag and said we could put our things in it. Ken and I stripped down (Ken was a little leery but since I had done it before, he followed suit).

We followed Mr Roach out into the theater and up to his office. He got naked real quick and the three of us got in the shower. Ken gave him a blowjob. We rinsed off and headed back down to the theater. There were only four guys there but as soon as they saw us they all four stood up and started taking off their clothes. Ken and I gave all four of them blowjobs but two of them wanted to play with my ass and I wasn’t ready for that. Ken and I headed up to the office and sure as shit Mr Roaches wife was up there waiting for us. We showered and Ken and I both got our blowjobs. We rinsed off and left.

Ken was in awe and couldn’t believe what had just happened. We headed over to the park I went to and back to the same picnic table. We both got naked and just sat and talked.

We got back to my house and it was time for Ken to head home. He went and found my mom and told her how absolutely perfect the weekend was and thanks. Told Ken I’d see him in school and he took off.

Mom came out of the kitchen naked. I asked her how long we could do this, and she said anytime dad wasn’t there, but that it had to be kept quiet. I went up to my room and took off my clothes and went back down to sit with mom on the couch, CAN LIFE GET ANY BETTER!

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 04 – Me, Mom and Ken

Life’s Good – Chapter 05 – My Neighbor

Father Michael called mom and said he was going to be out of town for a few weeks and that he’d call when he got back. I was real disappointed when mom told me. I went out back and sat on the porch. Mr Martin was doing something in his backyard and asked if I could come help. I helped him move some big rocks and asked what he was doing. He said he was putting in a small shed for him to putter around in. I said neat, I’d like to have something like that, he said I could use his shed anytime I wanted and smiled. He got me a soda and we talked a bit. He said his wife liked to watch him have sex and would it bother me. I said no, not at all. He invited me in and we sat on the couch and he started a projector that was on the coffee table. It was an x-rated movie. He took off his clothes and started playing with himself. His wife came in wearing a robe and sat down between us and opened up her robe and started playing with herself. His wife leaned over and started sucking on his dick and I put my hand on her ass and started rubbing her butt and vagina. I stopped and asked if it was ok for me to touch her vagina and breasts – she laughed told me to get naked and please play with her “tits” and “pussy”. She laid down on the couch and he got between her legs and started fucking her. I went to the other end of the couch and leaned down to lick her pussy and his dick at the same time. They went ballistic and loved what I was doing. When he came in her, I started licking the cum from around her pussy and licked his dick clean. She said I had a lot to learn about eating pussy but she’d love teaching me. He smiled and said I didn’t need any lessons on sucking dick!

We sat around naked for a while and talked. And I said “Can I ask you a question?” “Of course” “Well, I’ve sucked a few dicks over the past few weeks and really enjoy it. But I like looking at naked women too. But, I’m afraid I might be a homo?”

“No dear – you’re just a young boy whose experimenting with a little bit of everything. In the next year or so you’ll decide what you like, but, I’d bet you’ll end up as a bisexual – you like sex with both men and women. And you need to start using the word ‘Gay’ instead of homo or homosexual.”

I said, “Is it weird that I like being naked in public?” “No hun, everyone has their own little things that turn them on, most of them are harmless. As long as you’re careful and it doesn’t hurt anyone, I say go for it.”

Mr Martin piped in and said I should go to the Capri Theater sometime, that I’d probably really like it! I just smiled.

It was getting late, so I headed home for dinner. When I walked into the kitchen, mom was still naked and her friend was over (but, not naked). Mom told me to go clean up and get my clothes off. When she came over by me to give me a hug she wiped something off my face, looked at me and said “what have you been up to?” I said nuthin’ and headed to my room.

When I came back to the kitchen mom was leaning down and kissing her friend. Mom introduced her friend as Dorothy and said I should make her feel at home anytime she was here. She had just split from her husband and would be around a lot more often. I smiled and shook her hand, she couldn’t take her eyes off my cock. Mom said “Go ahead and play with it, he likes that!” Dorothy reached out and touched it lightly and it kind of sprang to attention, everyone laughed and we got back to just talking and being sociable.

Back to school Monday and Tuesday, Ken and I couldn’t quit talking about the weekend and hoped we could do it again soon. I said I’d ask my mom but, that I thought she had plans for this weekend and that my dad would be back home. Ken said, well, maybe we could do it at my place, we wouldn’t have the freedom we did at your place but I bet we could still make time for some fun. My mom and dad will both be home and probably my older sister. Do you wanna try anyway. I said yea. My mom said ok and his parents said fine.

Wednesday was really the pits with not getting to see Father Michael. I went over and asked Mr Martin if he’d like a blowjob. He couldn’t quit laughing but said sure. It wasn’t anything to write home about but at least I got some cum. He asked what I was doing tomorrow night and I said “nothing”. He said to be at his house around 5 and he’d have me back home by 10 if that was ok with my mom. Mom liked the Martins and said fine.

I knocked on Mr Martins back-door at 5 and he said “Lets go, don’t ask where”. We parked behind the Capri and he said “just do what you’re comfortable with, I’ll be there to watch your back. When we got up to the ticket booth Mrs Roache said “Hi Randy, glad your back, you know where everything is now right?” I said yep and looked up at Mr Martin. He said “you sly ole dog you”. When we went in I went directly behind the screen and took off my clothes and started walking around. I went up to the office to see Mr Roache, he and a young girl were in the shower and I asked if I could rinse off real quick. This was all being displayed on the screen in the theater and Mr Martin couldn’t believe it. I sat next to him for a while but then got up to go give a few blowjobs. When I got back to Mr Martin he was beating off. I told him to stand up and lowered his pants and under-ware and proceeded to give him the best blowjob I could, he noticed, smiled, and gave me a hug.

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 05 – My Neighbor

Life’s Good – Chapter 06 – Me and Kens Family

Friday Ken and I went straight to his house from school. We threw my stuff in his room and went out back. His yard backed up on a huge forested area and only one neighbor could see his yard – my mind was working!

We headed up to his room and kinda started the same way as last weekend – we got naked and broke out the Monopoly. His mom came up to say Hi but she knocked, we yelled “Just a minute” then let her in, I know she suspected something but everything looked normal we at least had shorts on. She left, we lost the shorts and I landed on Boardwalk! About 6 we went down to eat. His dad was kool and talked about all kinds of stuff. His sister wasn’t there and wouldn’t be back till tomorrow. We offered to clean up but his mom said she’d get it and we went back upstairs. Naked again I told Ken I needed to suck his cock and he just smiled and spread his legs. I felt better – about 10 we decided to take a shower and kill the lights. After the shower we were back in his room and his dad came up wearing a short robe. He asked what we’d been doing and if we had any plans for tomorrow. Just making small talk, when he sat on the edge of the bed I could have swore I saw his dick for a second. He made a strange comment when he left, “If you guys are going to get naked, make sure you lock your door.” Then he left. About an hour later we were sucking each other off and stopped when we heard the doorknob jiggle.

Sometime in the night Ken must have gone downstairs to get a drink and when he came back, he didn’t lock the door. We were both bare-assed and laying on top of just one of the beds. His dad came in, smiled and said not to forget to lock the door, what if your mom would’ve come in. How long you guys been sucking each other? Ken said not long and his dad said it was fine, he was a kid once too and experimenting is ok. He came over by the bed and reached down and grabbed Kens dick and said “Nice, real nice”. He looked at me and asked if I liked sucking it and I said “Yea, a lot!” He opened his robe and said “You want to try this one?” I couldn’t believe it, it had to be 10 inches long and real thick and I said “Yea”. He turned facing me and I went straight for it, it was delicious! He cam hard and I couldn’t keep up – it was flowing all down the sides of my face when he said “Ken, help your bud out a little.” When he left Ken and I just stared at each other, “Dude, did you know your dad was gay?” “No, but that changes a lot of things.”

It was noon before we got up and decided to go for a hike in the woods. We told his dad and he asked if he could come along. We were kinda disappointed but said sure. About 30 minutes in his dad said to stop. Everyone get your clothes off and put them in this bag. We just stood there and stared as his dad took off his clothes. “Come on guys, don’t tell me you wouldn’t have already been naked if I wasn’t here – let me feel young again. Besides you both have great bodies and I like looking.” Ken and I got naked too, put our clothes in the bag, and started walking again. About an hour later we came to a stream and Ken’s dad yelled “Last one in has to suck my dick”. Ken and I both started running for the water but I stopped and let Ken hit the water before me – Ken’s dad broke out laughing … I dropped to my knees!

Great hike but about 4 we had to start heading back – it took a while but we finally found our clothes and made it home just in time for dinner. Ken and I went upstairs to take a shower. We got to talking about his dad, got a little horny and started playing with each other. We were so into it we didn’t hear the bathroom door open. Just as I got down on my knees and started sucking Ken we heard the shower door open and his sister, Shirley, was taking a movie of us. We started yelling at her and she quickly said to shut up or she’d show the video to all her friends at school. She said to be in Kens room at 10:00, naked and sucking each other off with the door open. We started to argue with her and all she had to do was point at the camera – we were screwed! At 10:00 we cracked the door open and got down on the floor and started sucking each others cocks. A few minutes later we heard Shirley say “See mom I told you!” We started to get up but were told to stay there and keep doing what we were doing. Ken’s mom pulled a chair over and sat and watched, Shirley stood behind her and leaned forward and started playing with her mom’s tits. Before long they were both naked and laying on the floor next to us, Ken’s mom said “Last one to come has to clean everyone else!” Both women were gorgeous but crap, Shirley was just fucking awesome. I reached over to feel her tits and promptly had my hand slapped away. Ken’s mom was bucking her hips and starting to moan pretty loud – then Shirley followed suit. Ken was bucking his hips and my hands were grabbing his ass and all of a sudden my mouth was full. Ken’s mom said for Ken to stop sucking me, that I had work to do. I happily slid over and licking around her pussy. When she started moaning again she said to stop and take care of Shirley. Shirley wasn’t really getting into it though and said for me to finish cleaning Ken. Now, this is all fine and dandy, well and good, but I still hadn’t got my rocks off yet. Then the door opened again and there stood Ken’s dad – He went straight for my dick and swung his leg over my head. All I could think was “Oh crap, if he falls, he’s going to impale my head to the floor! We got off at the same time and all 5 of us lay there breathing heavy and smiling. There was a line for the shower, but we finally all got cleaned up and went to bed.

Nobody got up in time to hit church on Sunday. Ken wanted to go the the Capri, I didn’t. We talked about going back to the stream but it was too far to walk. They had an above ground pool that hadn’t been used (or cleaned) in forever. His mom said she’d give us $10 each if we cleaned it up so they could use it. We looked at each other and said ok. I asked Ken if he had a suit I could borrow and his mom piped in that “after last night I think it’s ok if you guys just go naked.” We smiled, stripped down and headed to the pool. It took a lot of scrubbing, but 3 hours later his dad came out and said he’d put some chemicals in and we should be able to swim in about an hour. Ken and I went up to shower, his mom brought clean towels up and stayed to talk a few minutes. Shirley came in. His dad came in. I think this family has changed this weekend and that they’d be seeing a lot more of each other. We all went out about an hour later. Everyone was naked, his dad was setting up the bbq. His mom and Shirley got some rafts out and were blowing them up. Ken and I jumped in. While we were waiting for everyone else Ken and I started playing with each other and by the time everyone else was getting in Ken and I had very nice boners. The best part though was that everyone, even Shirley, offered to take care of them for us! Yea, that family has changed – I almost envied Ken.

I finally got home a little late and mom asked if I had fun and I said yea, it was nothing special, just played a lot of Monopoly. I said Hi to dad and we talked a few minutes and I went up to go to bed.

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 06 – Me and Kens Family

Life’s Good – Chapter 07 – Me, Mom, Ken and Mom’s Friend

Dad was going out of town again on Thursday for a week and mom asked if Ken could come over for the weekend. I said I’d ask. Ken was a little reluctant, he was having so much fun at home, but he said sure.

Ken and I got to my house right after school and stripped down. Mom got home about an hour later but, she had Dorothy with her. I told Ken it was alright, she’d seen me naked already. Ken and I were playing Monopoly, again, when mom and Dorothy came in (no knocking!) this time Dorothy was naked too, great tits! Mom said she and Dorothy were horny and wanted to know if we wanted to play around. (stupid fucking question!). Mom said Dorothy had never seen a guy get a blowjob from another guy and would I mind? Ken and I started sucking each other, but to my surprise mom and Dorothy started licking each others pussies. Dorothy said that was the hottest thing she had ever seen and really needed to fuck. She asked mom if it was ok for her and I to fuck. Mom said that was up to me. After a while mom said let’s switch, I went over to Dorothy and Ken to my mom. Now this was new. A little bit of everything was going on, dick on dick, pussy on pussy, pussy on dick, dick in several mouths. Dorothy started out sucking my dick for a while then was licking my asshole – I had been real reluctant to any ass play, but this was fucking amazing. When I was harder than a rock Dorothy asked if I’d fuck her. I told her I had never done it before and she’d have to help. I didn’t think a person could smile that big. She grabbed my dick and started rubbing it up and down her pussy. I didn’t know women could get that wet. I slid right in, like that’s what I was made to do. It didn’t take long before we were both screaming our heads off. We both came at the same time and I fell down on top of her thinking that I was a 16 year old kid that was about to die from a heart attack. Ken was having about the same luck, even though he was getting off more than ever at home he wasn’t able to actually fuck anyone. He was still inside my mom and unable to move, he never wanted this to end. Mom said that was perfect and that she and Dorothy had the shower first. They took off and Ken and I just laid there. I slid over to suck Ken’s dick, not so much to be sucking him, but because I wanted to taste my mom!

Nudity is now becoming standard in our house (except when dad’s there). We all just lazed around. Mom went to her room and came back, grabbed Dorothy and laid on the floor. Mom had two cylindrical things in her hand and started rubbing one of them all over Dorothy. Dorothy was moaning real loud and when mom started teasing Dorothy’s pussy with it Dorothy started breathing real hard, and started screaming. Mom stuck one in Dorothy’s pussy and started running the other one over her butt-hole. Dorothy couldn’t take any more and grabbed mom’s hand and said to stop. Ken and I were jacking each others cocks when mom motioned for me to come over. “See how wet she is. Start licking all around here and here (pointing places out). And this is a clitoris – this spot drives almost all women crazy. But, go slow, tease it like it was Ken’s cock, don’t just dive in! And this spot here (between her pussy and butt) is just as sensitive as yours, and I’ve seen how much you like it. When you get to her butt-hole, lick softly, it’s ok to spread her butt cheeks a little but not to stretch them too much”. All this time Dorothy was moaning (very loudly) and shaking her head back and forth. Finally she screamed and was peeing a stream up in the air. Mom leaned down real quick and covered her pussy with her mouth. When Dorothy calmed down a little mom said she wasn’t peeing but, that Dorothy had cum just like you and Ken do.

I grabbed one of the cylinders and it was vibrating – I dropped it. Mom laughed, “those are called vibrators. There’s also dildos’, ben-wah balls, strap-ons and a bunch of other toys. The have toys for men to. There’s a really nice store up in Dallas, I’ll take you sometime.”

Ken had to head on home, but again thanked mom and Dorothy. Dorothy was staying the night. We were all naked and I turned on the TV and went to get a soda. I asked mom and Dorothy but mom said they were having “adult” drinks! I sat on the end of the couch with mom in the middle but laying her head in Dorothy’s lap at the other end. I dozed off but awoke to mom nudging me with her feet. She was up on her knees and bending over to eat Dorothy’s pussy. Mom’s butt and pussy were staring right at me, I couldn’t help myself I started rubbing her lightly until she too was moaning. But, mom got up and said she and Dorothy were going to bed and for me not to stay up to late. I walked out back (hoping Mr Martin would be out). He wasn’t but Mrs Martin was. I walked over and we started talking. I told her some of what happened this weekend and she smiled and said for me to show her what I had learned. She slid her dress up and I dove in (slowly like mom had said). I looked up and asked if this was ok without Mr Martin here, she moaned and said if I stopped she’d shoot me! I was starting to recognize when a woman was having an orgasm – Mrs Martin definitely was! Just as I was about to get up I felt a hand grasping my dick and balls from the back. Mr Martin said I looked like I could use some help myself. I just laid back and enjoyed.

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 07 – Me, Mom, Ken and Mom’s Friend

Life’s Good – Chapter 08 – The Lido

Nothing special the next month or so, a few blowjobs here and there, stayed at Kens’ a couple of times, I really wanted something to happen with Shirley but, she wasn’t even there most of the time. The church got word that Father Michael had been arrested (no word on why) in Dallas and wouldn’t be coming back. Dorothy was becoming a fixture at our house and was really enjoying teaching me about sex with a woman. The Capri was ‘Closed for Remodeling’ ???

Summer was finally here and I’d be starting my senior year in High School in a few months. Dad was traveling a lot and up for a big promotion. But, if he got it we’d probably be moving to Houston, I did not want that!

Mom was heading up to Dallas next week and asked if I wanted to go. I got all excited thinking about the adult toy store and excitedly said yes. The morning we were heading up she told me to wear what she had laid out for me. It was a pair of my bicycle shorts bleached to within and inch of their life. A regular pair of cargo shorts and a pinkish t-shirt that had been cutoff about half way down ???

We parked in the lot of a place called "The Lido Adult Theater". She asked me if I’d ever been to an adult theater, I said no, and she looked at me kinda funny and said "You’ve never been to The Capri?". I asked her if this was the ‘Toy Store’ or a theater. She smiled and said both and for me to take off my cargo shorts. I asked if she was sure and she just motioned with her fingers to get ’em off. We walked in and headed straight for the toys, she looked at a few for herself first, then we went over to the male section, I was in awe! She picked out a cock ring, anal beads, a butt-plug, and a vibrating cock ring. I had no idea what any of this stuff was. As we were looking at everything a lot of guys would pass by us, and most would slide their hands across either my ass or moms ass. I was liking it and starting to get a boner (which was kinda fucking obvious in these shorts!). We went over to the clothing section and mom picked out a few things for her, then started looking for stuff for me. ‘Boy Shorts’ seemed to be the most prevalent, and anything in leather. She picked out a pair and said "Try these on". I took them and looked for a changing room when she said just put them on here. "Are you sure?". She looked around and said "Go on put them on". I dropped my bike shorts and pulled on the boy shorts, they looked kool and felt great. I took them off and put mine back on.

By now a crowd was gathering, inconspicuously, close to us. I pulled a top off the woman’s rack, looked at mom and said, "Your turn!". She didn’t even hesitate, pulled her top off and tried on the new one. When she took the new one off, she didn’t put hers back on, but started going through the rack again. She didn’t find anything and put her top back on after about 15 minutes.

She smiled and said, "Your turn". I dropped my shorts and started looking through the guys stuff and tried on a couple. The manager came over and told mom we were great for business but would we please take it to the preview rooms.

She handed our purchases to the manager and turned toward a sign that said ‘Previews’. The manager called out and told her room 6, it was free for us. We got back to room 6 and there was a couch in it and a good size screen on the wall, a trash can, and a roll of paper towels. Mom and I sat on the couch and started watching the movie, it appeared to be a bisexual/incest movie. I noticed a couple of holes in the walls scattered around the room. I asked mom what they were for and she said they were "Glory holes" and for me to go look through them. HOLY CRAP, everyone of them had naked guys beating off. She told me to take my shorts off and rub my finger on the bottom edge of the hole.

I did, and within a minute a nice looking dick was pushed through the hole. Mom looked at me, smiled, and said go ahead, I started sucking. An hour later I had made the rounds of all the holes and turned to look at mom who was now naked and playing with herself. She told me to get over there and show her what I had learned about eating pussy. Now, the only thing we could see at the glory holes were eyes! For the first time ever, mom reached down to my cock and started playing with it and said to stand up. She proceeded to give me the best blowjob I’ve ever had! While we were dressing we could hear all the other rooms applauding and yelling Thanks. At the checkout counter the guy smiled and told mom he had given her a 25% discount and gave us both membership cards for the same discount on any future purchases. Before we got in the car mom reached over and gave me a bear hug, kissed me on the cheek and said thanks, that was a great afternoon!

When we got home mom said she was gonna take a shower and did I want to join her? We both stripped down and got in the shower but it was different now, it wasn’t sexual. We washed each other up and down but lovingly. Yea, I had a hardon, but it was a day that ended in ‘y’ so, of course I had a hardon! We finished up, dried off and went out to the living room. Dorothy was there sitting on the couch with one of our bags emptied out next to her and she had one of mom’s new dildos sliding in and out of her pussy. Mom went over and grabbed the dildo and yanked it out, you could hear the ‘plop’ and Dorothy moaned, mom told her that those were supposed to be a surprise for later. Mom grabbed the other bags and dumped them out and told me to "come here". She explained to me that the cock ring would keep me from cumming so quick and it would keep me harder longer. She showed me how to put it on and said to wear it whenever I wanted just not to wear it for too long. The vibrating cock ring was the same thing but vibrated and really got me horny. The anal beads she said we’d talk about later but that I should try using the anal dildo (called a butt plug). She had bought a bottle of ‘K-Y Jelly’ and said to use it liberally. And just to play, she said Ken might enjoy using it on me. I thought this was all leading to me and Dorothy fucking but mom turned to her, grabbed her hand and said ‘our turn’ and headed off to their bedroom.

KEN – Mr MARTIN – CAPRI – somebody help!!!

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 08 – The Lido

Life’s Good – Chapter 09 – My World Comes Crashing Down

Dad got offered, and accepted, the promotion! We were moving to Houston in about three or four weeks. I ranted and raved, screamed and yelled, that it wasn’t fair, having to move to a new school for my senior year!!! I didn’t come out of my room for days. Mom and dad talked to Ken’s mom and dad and even to Mr & Mrs Martin about ‘keeping and eye on me’ if they let me stay here and finish my senior year. Nobody had a problem with it and would be very watchful of what I did. Ken’s parents even said they could make room for me at their house. Mom and dad thanked them but declined saying they would get me a place to live. Finally they agreed I could stay there ‘just till I graduated’ and that they’d take care of the expenses and most of my needs. I had a job at Dairy Queen to make a little extra spending money. They bought me a car! (AWESOME car, 1955 Ford, Metal Flake Blue with mag wheels, an 8track quadraphonic stereo and a rolled and pleated blue and white interior!!!). I was in heaven, and felt really ashamed of how I acted. We had a nice three weeks while they packed up the house and moved me into my apartment. My apartment was actually a converted garage behind an elderly couples house that was perfect! I moved in about 5 days before mom and dad left, I was a little freaked out the first few nights there but started getting used to it. Mom and dad said their goodbyes, with lots of warnings about my behavior and that I needed to start acting like an adult now!

Mr & Mrs Cameron (the landlords) came over frequently, ‘just checking in’. I was a little freaked that they’d just walk in without knocking (just like mom!). But took it all in stride and it kinda became the norm. A couple of times I was in the shower but wrapped a towel around me before I got out. Dorothy came over one night and fucked my brains out, I’m sure Mr & Mrs Cameron heard, but I really didn’t care, Dorothy had met another lady and was spending a lot of time with her. Mr Cameron came over one night after Dorothy left and said "Isn’t she a little old for you?" I said she was just a friend of my parents and was checking up on me. Mr C (I started calling them Mr & Mrs C) came over and jabbed me in the ribs, smiled and said ‘yea, right!’ One evening he brought me a beer (not the norm) and we sat and talked and drank beer. He caught me in the shower once, and as I wrapping a towel around me he piped in ‘don’t bother’ ‘You ain’t got nuthin’ I ain’t seen before’. He started talking about his Navy days and the ‘showers’, I don’t think he intended to, but it was actually getting me horny. He motioned me over, pulled my towel off and started playin’ with my dick. He was good, slow, gentle, playful, I was hard in seconds. I knelt down and unzipped his fly and pulled his half hard cock out and started blowing him. We had a great half hour and he looked at me and said, ‘I thought you were gay!’ I said I was ‘Bi’, and liked women just as much. "So your lady friend wasn’t just checking up on you!" I smiled. He said I was welcome to ‘service’ Mrs C if she ever came on to me but for me not to hit on her!

I was off work the next day and slept in. I got in the shower and a minute later Mrs C was climbing in with me. Great body for an older woman. We played for a while in the shower then got out and laid on my bed. I started eating her pussy and she was moaning in minutes. She was all out of breath and said she’d have to owe me one and got up to leave. I asked if she was ok, and she said ‘Great’ I just haven’t had that much attention paid to me in a long time, thank you.

I went by the Capri, they just reopened last week. Mrs Roache came over and gave me a hug and said she had missed me. And wanted to take me on a tour. The theater itself was a lot smaller. But, they now had these "Preview Booths", and a good sized area of magazines, books and toys. She said I needed to keep my clothes on (most of the time!) but to have a look around. The preview booths were 25 cents for maybe 5 minutes of a movie. I checked most of the booths and there were no ‘Gory Holes’, but one booth had part of the wall to the next booth made of Plexiglas, and had a curtain over it. I peeked around the curtain and saw right into the next booth, but, no one was there.

I went up to the office to see Mr Roache and nothing had changed up there. He welcomed me in and said he had missed me. We talked a few minutes and he said, ‘You up for a shower’. I smiled and said ‘Hell yes’. We soaped each other up. He played with my ass a little and even commented that I didn’t pull away. I told him I’d been playing with a Butt-Plug that my mom had bought for me, he stood back and said ‘Your MOM’. I said yea, we had a great relationship. Then told him about the Lido up in Dallas. He said he knew the owner. Then he asked me what all they had that he didn’t. I said the biggest thing I noticed was ‘You don’t have in Gory Holes", He laughed and said "You mean Glory Holes!" He said he thought about it but that when the police saw them it would just attract to much attention. We laughed, he pushed me back on the desk and started licking me all over, even the butt play I was starting to enjoy. Mrs Roache came in and said "I thought so" as she started taking off her clothes. Mr Roache kept licking my butt and Mrs Roach crawled up and planted herself on my cock. We fucked like rabbits for about a half hour, then, just as I was about to cum, Mr Roache pulled my dick out and started sucking. I finished in his mouth then he kissed his wife. We were all finished and crawled into the shower together. I asked Mr Roache about getting naked and he said to play it by ear, usually the theater wouldn’t be a problem and sometimes the booths. He did tell me there was a buzzer on the turnstile to get into the building and to listen for it. It meant someone had just come in and to be careful until you knew it wasn’t a cop. He also said he’d give me a ‘thumbs up’ if the coast was clear. I said how about now. He said there were three or four guys in the theater but they were kool and for me to have fun.

I went down to the theater and checked behind the screen, the locker was still next to the door. I took off my clothes and walked out front, all four guys took notice right away. The first guy I sat next to had seen me before and said Hi as he pulled down his pants and under-ware. I knelt down and started sucking, the other guys all noticed and started taking off their clothes. I had just finished blowing the third guy when we heard the buzzer. While we were all scrambling to get dressed the lights flashed. Mr Roache came back and said he’d start using that as the all clear if he knew the people coming in. We all relaxed and got naked again. I was doing the fourth guy when the new guy caught on what was happening and said (loud enough for everyone to hear" HOLY CRAP, This place is fucking awesome. After I finished up number four I headed over to the new guy and said "If this is so fucking awesome, why do you still have your clothes on? Everyone laughed, he got naked, I got on my knees, (Mr Roache was by the entrance, he just smiled).

Afterward I went up to Mr Roaches office, he gave me a card with his home phone, office phone and theater phone. He said If I ‘ever’ needed anything, just to call. He even offered to pay me to come in on a more regular basis, I told him I’d think about it.

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 09 – My World Comes Crashing Down

Life’s Good – Chapter 10 – School Spirit

Ken had been over a couple of times and was sitting in front of my door when I got back from The Capri. We went in, stripped down (our usual routine) and had a soda. We had kept our sex stuff out of school till now. But Ken said he had a guy that kept coming on to him and Ken didn’t know what to do. I warned him of the trouble it would cause if any of this got out at school. He still wanted to invite the guy over, just to talk. I said fine and Ken picked up the phone, called him and gave him my address. Ten minutes later he was knocking on my door. When he came in I said, "That was quick". "Hi, I’m Steve and yea, I only live a few blocks over". He said he’d get it started by telling us that he was gay and would keep things quiet. I said we were both bi, only because it was a lot easier to get sex from a guy than a girl, we laughed and that broke the ice. Ken and I took off our clothes and told Steve it was our usual routine but for him to do what he was comfortable with. He stripped down too. I think I liked him, his cock was smaller than mine! We told him about a few of the things we had done but I whispered to Ken not to mention the Capri. Ken had reached over and started playing with my dick when Steve moved over next to Ken and started playing with his.

We were just getting ready to start blowing each other when Mrs C came in, "Oh sorry boys, don’t stop on my account". Ken knew but I told Steve she was my landlady, and that her and her husband were kool. Mrs C laughed and said that she guessed I wouldn’t be needing that IOU filled tonight. I told the guys I would explain later. She came over to where we were sitting and looked down at Ken and said "What’s your name hun?" He said "Ken". She started backing away and said nice, see you tomorrow Randy, and left. When I knew she was out of hearing range I explained the IOU, Steve said Holy Crap dude is there anyone you won’t fuck, I said, "I don’t know, haven’t met anyone I haven’t liked yet!" We formed a tight circle and each started blowing each other when Steve piped in and said he really needed to get fucked. Ken and I both looked at him and said neither of us had done anything anal before. He looked shocked. OH guys, you gotta try it. He asked if I had any lube, I sad I had some K-Y Jelly, he said perfect. He looked at me and said don’t take offense but I’d really like the big guy to do it. He took the K-Y Jelly and lubed up Ken’s dick and his own ass and knelt down on all fours. He looked back at Ken and said, "Just go slow, I’ll guide it in, then just fuck me like you were fucking a pussy." Ken was in within a minute and moaning within two, he looked at me and said, "this is fucking awesome. It feels like it’s grabbing my dick from all sides and pulling". Then he interrupted himself and kinda yelled at Steve "Do I come inside you or pull out?" "Inside, oh gawd, harder, slam it into me". I saw Steve was about to cum and I crawled under him and started sucking his dick, he came immediately and I couldn’t swallow it all, gawd that was a huge load. Right then Mr C came in and we couldn’t stop. He just stood there and smiled saying "Hope you don’t mind!" and dropped his shorts and started beating off.

Steve took off but Ken had permission to stay the night. We got up the next morning and threw on some shorts and went to sit out in the backyard. Mr & Mrs C came out with some donuts and juice and talked a few minutes. Mr C said that as private as their backyard was, it would be okay for us to layout bare-assed if we wanted. They left and Ken and I stripped down, I said, "A pool out here would be awesome. Ken looked like he just had his ‘On’ switch flipped, "We got a bigger above ground pool last week (I was gonna surprise you) but maybe dad would let you have the old one. We went up and walked into the C’s kitchen (I was learning not to knock!) and mentioned the idea to them. They were all for it but couldn’t afford to pay anything. We got dressed and went over to Ken’s house and found his dad. He liked the idea and said he’d bring everything over Wednesday or Thursday. Back at my place, Mrs C said that Steve had come over and for us to call him. We did and he came right over. He just wanted to say how awesome last night was and that he hoped we would include him in some of our shit. He said he could sweeten the request by bringing over some really hot looking girls. He said he was quarterback on the football team and had several guys he fooled around with but that he had a cheerleader friend who was his "beard". I didn’t know what he meant, thought it meant she had a hairy pussy and he was always eating it. He explained, and I said Oh! Didn’t see how that would help us, he went on to say that she was a lesbian and had lots of friends that liked/trusted hanging out with gay guys. I mentioned that we were having a small pool put in over the next day or two and he said "Perfect, I’ll invite them over for a pool party. Ken and I stripped down and started walking outside, Steve yelled "Whoa guys where you going?" I told him bare-ass was okay in the backyard and we were going to see where to put the pool. He stripped down too and we all started walking around the backyard.

Wednesday Ken and I were sitting bare-assed in the backyard when his dad backed down the driveway and yelled over at us to come help. He had everything up and running and the hoses turned on in a couple hours, I looked at him and said I’d never find a way to thank him enough, he just smiled and looked down at his cock. I dropped to my knees and when he was just about to pop, the C’s came out, Ken’s dad said, "Randy said you guys were kool – hope you don’t mind" Mr C came over and started rubbing his ass, guess he was ok with it!

Ken’s mom and dad came over the next night to add some chemicals and his mom wanted to checkout my apartment. Ken and I were already bare-assed, they joined us, then out came the C’s, also bare-assed. One big happy bare-ass family! Ken’s mom came out of my apartment carrying my butt-plug and said "practicing!?" I got all embarrassed and ran to grab it from her. Mr C brought beers for the adults and sodas for Ken and I. The C’s wanted to thank them and said they’d throw a "Pool Warming Party" Sunday and for Ken to bring his whole family. I asked if I could bring a few friends too and they said of course “the more the merrier!” They’d throw on some steaks and relax in the now "Clothing Optional" backyard!

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 10 – School Spirit

Life’s Good – Chapter 11 – The Pool Parties

Sunday finally got here and Ken and I were out early cleaning up the yard and getting ready for the party. Mr & Mrs C came out and pulled out the BBQ. I helped Mr C bring out a couple coolers of beer and soda. Mrs C was setting up the picnic table. Mr & Mrs Roache came around the corner and yelled "This is a raid!". I introduced them to the C’s. Then I got a huge-ass surprise Dorothy (who I did invite), AND MY MOM, came around the corner, They saw the look on my face and Dorothy said "didn’t think you’d mind!" Mom came over and gave me a huge hug and said Dad was on another of his never ending trips and she was bored. Finally Ken’s parents showed up, I was a little more than disappointed that Shirley wasn’t with them. I got hugs from both of them. About a half hour later the Martins showed up (I had invited them but didn’t think they’d show).

Everyone stood around talking and drinking beer (except Ken and I) when I told Ken we had to liven this party up a little. I told him to start taking my clothes off. I yelled out for everyone to start taking someone’s clothes off, preferably someone they hadn’t seen naked before. My mom was the first to get it started and walked over to Mr Roache. She kept talking to him the whole time she was taking his clothes off. He in turn had mom writhing before he even had all her clothes off. They lay down in the grass and started eating each other! Dorothy went over to Mrs C, introduced herself and said "You need to have some fun!" and proceeded taking off her clothes. Mrs C was a little reluctant but got Dorothy’s clothes off too and they were standing there kissing and feeling each other up. Mrs. Roache went over to Mr Martin and wasted no time getting his clothes off. He wasn’t sure about this but by the time he was naked and hard as a rock, he couldn’t wait to get her clothes off.That only left Kens’ dad and Mr C. I thought that was going to be awkward and started to go intercede when they both started laughing and reached for each others clothes at the same time. By the time they were naked, I was hard as a rock!

An hour of rolling around in the grass, sucking dicks, eating pussies and we were all completely satisfied. Mr C and I had set up a hose by the pool for everyone to rinse off before they got in, a little cold but that was probably a blessing. Everyone was in the pool, bare-assed naked and having a ball!

Mr C stood up and yelled for everyone’s attention and said, "Randy, thank you, this as been the most unexpectedly enjoyable party I have ever been to and you are a godsend. You’ve brought a lot of smiles to the faces of many people today, thank you!"

Everyone applauded, I blushed, Ken got a raft and put me on it while everyone started pushing me around the pool and playing with every inch of me!

Everyone gyrated over to the BBQ area and Mr C threw on some steaks, everyone was talking and laughing. Mom came over and said "You may be a harmless little pervert, but I sure raised a good kid, I’m proud of you!"

Can life get any better?!

Party 2

Ken and I had been talking with Steve all week and finally had a pool party set for Saturday. I told him to tell whomever he was inviting that the apartment would be open from Friday afternoon till Sunday night and any one was welcome, but to forewarn them that nudity would probably be involved!

Friday night it was just Ken, Steve and I, but Steve said not to worry he was pretty sure, Paul, Andrea, Monica, Beverly and Anne would be there tomorrow. He also reminded us that the girls were all lesbian and if we hit on them they’d probably leave.

The three of us got up to the sound of knocking on the door, Andrea, Monica and Beverly were here already. Us three guys were all bare-assed and I asked the girls if that was ok with them, they all just smiled, Andrea said "Just cause we’re on a diet, doesn’t mean we can’t look at the menu!" That broke the ice for all of us and they came in. I put on some tunes just loud enough to hear outside. We headed out to the backyard, three naked guys and three clothed girls. Monica asked about the owners of the house and I explained they were kool and that the worst that would probably happen is Mr C peeping out the windows frequently!

Mrs C came out bare-assed naked and came over to me and whispered "I just wanted to help you break the ‘naked’ ice and offer everyone sodas and donuts!

It worked, they wouldn’t get completely naked, but all three tops came off, HOLY CRAP, How am I not going to hit on them?! I was starting to wonder about my choice of older vs younger women, these were the firmest, roundest and most decidedly awesome tits I had ever seen! Paul showed up and didn’t even hesitate before losing his clothes, and Steve made the introductions. Then Anne and OH MY GOD Shirley (Ken’s sister) showed up, never saw that coming. Shirley came over and said, smiling the whole time, "If you say anything to my parents, I’ll kill you!" She reached up and kissed me on the cheek and announced to the group that "she and I kinda had a history". She took off ‘all’ of her clothes and bent over and kissed the head of my dick, then went off to be with her friends.

Shirley grabbed Andrea and proceeded to take her bottoms off. That got the rest of them going. Finally four bare-assed guys and five bare-assed girls!

We all hopped in the pool and I have to confess I made every effort to rub up against any of the girls I could. Son-of-a-bitch, I was horny. I sat up on the edge of the pool and Paul came over and started sucking my dick. I was as hard as I had ever been in minutes! The girls had kinda paired off and were kissing and feeling each other up, then Ken and Steve hooked up. I looked over at the house and could see Mr C’s arm moving back and forth then Mrs C joined him, I just smiled! I couldn’t tell if any of the girls had had an orgasm or not, but I know the four guys did. The girls got out and disappeared into the apartment. Mr C came out with a cooler and said he knew this wasn’t right, and for us to keep our mouths shut. The four of us went over and peeked into the chest, "Lone Star", the best of all beers! We thanked him and asked if we could really ‘thank’ him, he just smiled. Four teenage boys got him down to the ground and left no patch of skin untouched! Steve was the lucky one and got a mouthful of cum!

I started to go see what the girls were up to and Mr C said I should just peek in the window first. Good advice, there were all five girls in one huge circle on the floor eating each others pussies!

Another successful party, that night everyone had split except me, Ken and Shirley. Shirley came over to where I was sitting and started sucking my cock. I couldn’t hold out any more, I had to hit on her. We kissed and sucked everything we could get our mouths on. Ken just sat back and watched, after all, he’d already had plenty of blowjobs from her but had never really seen her fuck. We started fucking and I was falling in love, maybe I wasn’t gay. She saw the look in my eyes and warned me that this was just sex, don’t start thinking it’s going to go any farther. I couldn’t hold out long and was soon yelling and cumming. She came too and Ken finally couldn’t take it anymore and slid over and started licking both of us clean. We all three spooned together and quickly fell asleep.

Mr & Mrs C came in Sunday morning, saw us on the floor and gently woke us up saying to come in for breakfast. None of us got dressed and we headed up to the house.

Life is so fucking good!

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 11 – The Pool Parties

Life’s Good – Chapter 12 – The Lido Again

I was at the Capri Wednesday night and they were real busy. Everyone was off in their own little world. Fully clothed, a few hands in crotches, but nothing real overt. I went behind the screen and stripped down but beat-off long enough for me to get a good hardon. When I walked out, rubbing my cock, it seems like everyone sat up straight in their chairs. It’s the most blowjobs I’ve ever given at one time. Nobody had any clothes on and new people coming in were quick to get their clothes off too. I was covered in cum and smiling ear to ear. I headed up to the office to take a shower. Mr Roache helped me clean up and what the heck, one more blowjob. He said he was going up to The Lido tomorrow for a meeting with the manager and wanted to know if I wanted to go. I said hell yes! I got home and dug out the bleached bike shorts and pink cutoff t-shirt mom had fixed me up with. The next morning I put on ‘my outfit’ and didn’t bother covering it up. Mr Roach banged on the door, stood back and said we might have a hard time making it all the way to Dallas.

When we got to The Lido he said he was going to be in a meeting for about two hours, then he was all mine! Mr Roache talked to the guy behind the counter and I started walking around the store. While I was in the ‘Male’ magazine section a guy came up to me and with no warning or preamble, stuck his hand down the back of my shorts. He played for 10-15 minutes and asked if I was going in the theater. I said I would in a bit. I was hard as a rock, and if you remember these shorts, they are very, very thin, so, here I am walking around the store with a very obvious hardon and drawing a lot of attention. The clerk came over and said that everything was paid for and I should consider going in the preview rooms or theater, I was drawing too much attention! I decided on the Preview rooms first and didn’t get to the second booth before someone was pulling down my shorts, I let them! He handed me my shorts and I kept walking past all the rooms, a few of them had their doors open and guys could be seen beating off or getting blowjobs. I chose an empty room and was followed in by three guys. The last one closed the door and they all started taking off their clothes. I was blowing one and playing with two all at the same time. I kept switching off who was getting blown and finally they started cumming. I caught two of them in my mouth but the third one cam all over my face. When they opened the door to leave another guy came in and stripped down. He came over to me and started right off playing with my butt. I kinda let him for a little while. Then he wet his finger and slid it right into my butt-hole. He caught me off guard but I let him keep going. His finger going in and out got me harder and harder. THIS WAS NEW! I had to break it off and said "Sorry, I’m not quite ready for this yet!" He said ok, but, I had to eat his ass and give him a blowjob, I smiled. He laid down on the couch on his stomach and I started licking his ass, I hadn’t done it much but was really enjoying this time. He turned over and I started sucking, he came real quick, but bucket loads of cum!

I wiped my face as best as I could and headed over to the theater. There were only two guys there so, I just sat down and started playing with my dick through my shorts. Mr Roache came in and sat next to me and asked if I was having fun? I smiled, he just said "thought so!". He asked if I had cum yet and I said no, I really got off on getting other guys to cum. He told me to stand up and pulled me over in front of him. He slid my shorts down and played and licked for about 15 minutes. I finally cam (loudly!) and sat back down. We got up to leave and one of the guys by the door gave Mr Roach a thumbs up. Mr Roache smiled, pulled down my shorts a little and told the guy, "You snooze, you loose!" He pulled my shorts up and we left. I slept almost all the way home. We got back to the Capri and he led me up to the office. He was just taking my clothes off when Mrs Roache came in and told her husband to get out … I needed to be ‘cleaned’ not just rinsed off! Mrs Roache stripped then she stripped me and we got in the shower. She used a washcloth and soap (damn, is that what they were for?" She got me all cleaned up and asked if I wanted a ride home. Actually I did, I was beat!

Mrs Roache took me inside and Mrs C came down, they got me all tucked in and I think I was asleep before they left!

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 12 – The Lido Again

Life’s Good – Chapter 13 – Things Are Changing

School starts next week, I’ll be 17 in a couple weeks. It’s Wednesday night and I decided to head over to The Capri. That’s odd, no lights, OH SHIT, A sign on he door read "Closed". I hightailed it home and called Mr. Roache. He said he had been trying to get a hold of me but I never answered. He said "Sorry, Randy, but we’ve decided to sell it and retire. We’re buying an RV next week and going to go see what things other than Texas look like. On an up note, it’s the owner of The Lido in Dallas that bought it, and he wants to see you as soon as possible, I think you should go!" We chatted a few minutes and he said he’d be by in the morning to pick me up and take me up to Dallas.

We went straight to the owners (Vick Vapor’s (real name?)) office. He said he planned on a few renovations and hoped to re-open within a month. He said I was too young to officially be hired as ‘Manager’ but that he wanted me involved with everything. He had hired someone else to be the ‘Official’ manager but they’d take their lead from me. He’d pay my rent, offered me a small salary, and that I’d be ‘the go to guy!’ if I accepted. Mr Roach piped in and said it was a great deal for someone my age, and perfectly legitimate. I though for a minute and said ok! He stood up and said ‘How about a blowjob to seal the deal’. I smiled, he was already naked from the waist down. As I started around his desk, a really cute gal with short blonde hair crawled out wiping her mouth off! I was in awe, she looked my age, maybe a little older, but the cutest gal I had ever seen. Kinda short blonde hair, small tits, but fucking nice! I stopped short, and Vick introduced me to Melissa, the new manager of ‘The Capri’. I stuttered a little and said "You said I was too young and yet Melissa is my age?" She smiled and said "Actually I’m 23 and really hot looking!" I said "You got that right!". When she came over to shake my hand I almost fell over, SHE HAD A DICK! I looked at Vick and Mr Roache, they were both smiling ear to ear. Vick said, "I guess this is your first SheMale?" I couldn’t take my eyes off her dick, she came over and said "First, shake my hand, then, (looking down) you can shake that!".

She grabbed my hand and lead me over to the couch. She sat down and spread her legs and said "Go ahead!" I dove right in! She smelled different than any guy I had blown and it took a little extra effort to get her hard. I looked back and saw Mr Roache and Vick sitting at his desk watching us! I couldn’t get enough. I was licking everywhere I could get my tongue, you know I’m not big into ass play but I had a feeling that was about to change. As I was licking her butt-hole (and everywhere else) I realized she had no body hair, that was totally different and I liked it! She grabbed my head and said "Enough, you’re the one that just accepted the job, you should be getting all the attention." My dick wasn’t in her mouth two minutes before I was blowing the biggest load I ever have! We just laid there with her head in my lap and me rubbing her back, and Vick said, "Randy, are you sure you want this job and do you think you’ll have a hard time working with (not for) Melissa? "I said "Oh gawd yes I’m gonna have a hard time, you don’t even have to pay me if you don’t want to!" We all laughed and Vick went over to a fridge and broke out beers for all of us.

He said Melissa was going back south with us and would need a place to stay until she could find a place of her own. "Can she stay with you … is that ok with you Melissa? Randy?" Melissa smiled and we kissed (I could taste my cum on her lips), we both laughed and said we thought we could make it work!

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 13 – Things Are Changing

Life’s Good – Chapter 14 – Let The Introductions Begin

All the way home (a couple of hours) I kept her dick in my hands. I really, really liked it. We kept talking too. I told her about Mr & Mrs C (my landlords), constantly coming in unannounced, but real cool with the nudity and sex. I kinda thought we she keep it from them for a little while, I didn’t know how they would accept that an unbelievably cute girl has a dick! She agreed but said if they came in unexpectedly and saw something, she wouldn’t hide it. I said Ken and his family, Mr & Mrs Martin, & Steve would be ok with it??!! BUT, NOT my mom, (or Dorothy) granted she didn’t come up often but when she did, I didn’t know how we would handle it, Mom and I are always nude together! Melissa said "You know, you’re talking like we’re always going to be living together." I said "Sorry, I know we just met a few hours ago, but guess what, I’m never letting you go!" She smiled. We kissed real deep and long and she said ok!

When Mr Roache pulled into my driveway, Melissa and I walked (kinda quickly) into my apartment. She looked around, pulled off her top and came over and started stripping me. And then, par for the course, here comes Mr & Mrs C. Mrs C said "Oh sorry, we’ll go." I said wait and introduced them to Melissa and told them that she would be staying with me for a while, and that I’d be paying a little extra rent. They said that would be fine, and how ‘lovely’ she looked. Mrs C felt Melissa tits and said "I sometimes wish mine weren’t so big". Melissa said let me see (I tried to draw her attention and tell her no, but there went Mrs C’s top. Melissa was feeling them up and said, I’m envious, these are beautiful. Melissa leaned in a kissed Mrs C and Mrs C responded with a big hug. She said, "Melissa, is there something you want to tell us. I nodded ok and Melissa took off her shorts. Mrs C said "I don’t cuss much, but that is fucking awesome!" Mr C came over and nodded to Melissa and asked if he could touch. Of course! Within five minutes, we were all naked and playing, or I should say, THEY were naked and playing, I was almost completely left out, but that’s ok, Melissa was smiling and fitting right in. When the C’s left, I turned to Melissa and said "OK, BUT NOT MY MOM!" We smiled and went to bed just holding each other.

NOW LIFE’S GOOD – and probably can’t get any better!

We got up and took a shower, and I headed to the door to go outside and ‘air dry’. I forgot to tell Melissa about nudity in the back yard and the pool. She, hesitantly, came out too and I said, "Mr and/or Mrs C will be out within three minutes with juice and donuts." I didn’t even get to finish the sentence before they were both standing bare-assed with us! We sat at the table and started chatting. Mr & Mrs C kept trying to steal peeks at Melissa and finally Melissa got up and sat cross-legged on the picnic table, "I like showing off, you can look anytime you want!"

Mr & Mrs C went in, Melissa went to our apartment, and I laid on the table, staring at the sun and smiling. Ken came over and said "What’s up. You ready for school?" Just then Melissa came out with a towel wrapped around her (she didn’t know Ken). I introduced them and Ken said "Holy Fuck, you are beautiful, Melissa and I smiled and I nodded, she dropped her towel, Ken did a double take, then looked at me, and literally had his mouth open, but no words were coming out. Melissa and I laughed and she bent down and kissed him on the cheek. He finally closed his mouth. Ken, this is my girlfriend, hands off, unless she says it’s ok. Melissa leaned over and started taking off his clothes. When he was naked, she started sucking his dick, Ken still hadn’t said anything. I whispered to Ken "I think that’s her way of saying it’s ok!" He laid her down in the grass and started sucking her dick and looked up and said my gawd you are beautiful. We smiled, he came and I leaned over to finish sucking her, then she came, kind of loudly. Mr & Mrs C looked out, smiled and went back in, yes we were going to have a lot of fun together!

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 14 – Let The Introductions Begin

Life’s Good – Chapter 15 – The New Capri

That afternoon we went up to the Capri. Melissa gave me a second set of keys. We both shared ideas till we got behind the screen and I told her about my naked romp to the park. She laughed the whole time. I took her up to the office, she pointed at the shower questioningly, I pointed at the camera. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other when we decided to hell with it, ditched our clothes, took a shower then continued the tour. I told her I didn’t now shit about the projection stuff and we’d have to hire someone. And that we probably needed a cashier that could double as the fountain clerk, unless she was going to do it. We were standing in the back of the theater kissing when the door opened and a flashlight played across our bodies! I announced we were closed and for him to leave. He said he was a cop and the front door was open (oops!). He asked why we didn’t have any clothes on and I said she was the manager and we were just getting a little horny. And, since we were closed we didn’t see the harm. He asked Melissa to step out from behind me and he proclaimed "Holy shit, you’re not a girl!". Melissa said she most definitely was a girl but she just happened to have a dick. He stepped a little closer and started asking a bunch of questions, "Do you pee out of it? Does it get hard? Do you ejaculate? Melissa yelled for him to slow down and said "Yes I do pee with it, With the right stimulus (grabbing my arm) I do get hard." I piped in and said "and she can definitely cum with it!" He stepped closer again and Melissa said go ahead and touch it. He said no but that he’d like to see it hard. I obliged him and started playing with her dick then got down on my knees and started sucking. She was getting hard and I told the cop she’d probably get harder if she could see your dick. He pulled out his dick and started rubbing it back and forth. Melissa got harder, he got hard and asked me what I did if I wanted to fuck, Melissa turned around and spread her cheeks, and he just said holy fuck. I said "Yea it usually is! (even though we hadn’t fucked yet!). Melissa asked if she could come over and finish him off, and he dropped his hands, it didn’t take long before he was yelling "Oh gawd!" He zipped up and said we should at least lock the front door. Melissa asked him to please keep this quiet, that we didn’t want word getting out about her. Free blowjobs were in it for him if he agreed! He did!

After he left, she said "You know we haven’t fucked yet." "Yea I know, but we’re going to have to ease into it, I haven’t fucked with anyone yet, but, that I was more than anxious to learn with her. We held hands and kept walking around thinking of different things we could do. We got back home and figured would should think about something to eat (Besides that!). Mrs C came in and invited us to dinner, problem solved! We showered and ‘air dried’ in the back yard till Mrs C was ready and went in to eat. After dinner Mrs C said "Darlin’ I’ve heard about transvestites and transsexuals and the like but have never had the opportunity to ‘fool around’ with one, would you mind?" Melissa got up and went over and sat in Mrs C’s lap. Mrs C played with everything and was obviously getting horny, "If I sucked you for a while, can you get hard enough to fuck me?" "Only, if you really suck good!" I got down under the table and started sucking Mr C, He ‘appreciated’ it in just a matter of minutes. Mrs C was yelling for her to stop she couldn’t take anymore. We all just laid there and talked for another hour.

Tomorrow was Saturday (and my birthday!, but I didn’t tell anyone, I was just going to let it be another day). Vick was coming down Monday to see how things were going and was going to stay a day or two. School started Tuesday. I was not looking forward to being away from Melissa for that long! We finally spooned ourselves to sleep and slept like logs!

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 15 – The New Capri

Life’s Good – Chapter 16 – Happy Birthday To Me

Melissa and I were completely conked out, when, the door slammed open and my mom starts singing ‘Happy Birthday’, Oh fuck! 7 fucking 30 and there’s my mom, Dorothy, Ken and his mom dad and sister, Mr & Mrs Martin. Melissa cowered under the blanket and asked me what’s going on. "That’s my mom, and it’s my birthday!" Melissa turned towards me and said "Randy, I have a bit of morning wood and there’s no way I’ll be able to hide it!" The song finally finished and mom said "Sorry hun but get your ass up we’re taking you (and your lady friend) to breakfast. Shirley, Ken’s sister, came over and sat on the edge of the bed and said "Hi, I’m Shirley, what’s your name. Melissa said "Melissa". Shirley, smiling and laughing, said, "you’re fucking gorgeous, do you do women too?" as she pulled down the sheets just enough to see Melissa’s tits. "Oh pretty, they’re identical to mine, and proceeded to pull down her top just enough to show her! Mom came over and pulled Shirley off the bed and was just about to grab the sheets and blankets when she looked at Melissa’s crotch and said "OH!" Sure as shit Melissa was building a nice little tent. Mom raised the blanket and peeked under, she looked at me and said "Is this serious?" and I said "Very!" Mom just smiled, said ok, bent down and kissed Melissa on the cheek, then pulled down the blankets and kissed the head of her dick, and announced that we needed to get dressed so we could go to breakfast. Everyone was climbing all over themselves to see Melissa’s dick. Melissa stood up and did an exaggerated models pose so everyone could see. Mom dragged the group outside so we could get dressed and Melissa turned to me and asked if I was ok, I said, "Yea, I think so!" We got dressed and headed outside, all the girls had their tops open getting some sun when mom herded us all to the cars (even Mr & Mrs C came). We got to the IHOP, had a great breakfast, and everyone was talking to everyone else, it was actually kinda fun. Mom made a point of including Melissa, it was the perfect outing!

When we got home everyone except Melissa and I seemed to have a task, and within a few minutes the backyard was filled with balloons and streamers all wishing me a happy birthday. The clothes were all coming off and Melissa started gathering them up and took them into our apartment. When she came back out, she too was naked. Everyone was gathered around her asking hundreds of questions and grabbing a feel here and there. Melissa was eating it up and smiling and laughing the whole time. Mom pulled me aside and asked if I was happy, I said ecstatic! She hugged me and said "Well, I guess she’s part of the family now and we’ll all just have to get used to it. I hugged mom and and she reached down to grab my dick and asked "Does she share?" We all got into the pool and Melissa fought her way over to me and said "This is fucking awesome, they’re all so nice. Are we all gonna fool around?" I just smiled as Kens mom and dad were both feeling up Melissa, I smiled as I realized there were four guys in the pool, but, five hardons. Shirley slid over and sat cross-legged on my lap, and my dick kinda just fell into her pussy, she smiled and said "Randy, I’m happy for you, you are going to share, right?" Melissa’s dick was in Mrs. Martin and Mr Martins dick was in Melissa’s ass, yea I guess I’m gonna share.

Mr & Mrs C went in to get a huge ass cake shaped like a dick! It read "Happy Birthday Randy" and in parenthesis it said "Welcome to the family Melissa", I started crying. Next was the presents (oh boy, oh boy, oh boy), every one was sexually oriented in some way shape or form. Then mom came up and gave me her gift, a pack of socks!). Everyone was laughing their asses off. Steve came around the corner, followed by the cheer-leading squad (Andrea, Monica, Beverly, and Anne). They wasted no time getting naked. Melissa took all their clothes into our apartment and came back to a flurry of introductions and questions, One of the best was Andrea, who went over and gently grabbed Melissa’s dick and said "Where can I get one?!"

Another round of fucking was starting, only this time it was two distinct groups, 1 group of girls, in which Melissa was enthusiastically dragged into, and one group of guys, who were all disappointed Melissa wasn’t in our group!

About two hours later Melissa made her way over to me, dragged me to the middle of the yard, got me hard in a few minutes, then slowly sank her cute little ass down on my dick, we fucked for about 15 minutes while ‘everyone’ else formed a circle around us just watching! Melissa and I both came together and she collapsed down on my chest, at which point another chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung! Melissa and I smiled, kissed, cried and hugged till mom and Dorothy came over and dragged us apart.

A couple of chapters ago I said "NOW LIFE’S GOOD, and probably can’t get any better" — I was wrong! It’s a whole fucking lot better now!

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 16 – Happy Birthday To Me

Life’s Good – Chapter 17 – See Randy Run

Vick was down all day Monday and was pleased with the ideas Melissa and I were having. I suggested a set of glory holes all along the back wall of each of the booths, the only difference being was that the glory holes didn’t connect to the room next door, they connected to one long passageway that was common to all the rooms (where the projectors were). That way one person could walk up and down the passageway and have access to all the glory holes. Each booth would have a glory hole to the back passageway AND to one adjoining room. Vick smiled and said "And, who’s going to be in the passageway?" "a customer we trust and oh, maybe me!" I said smiling. Vick smiled and said "do it!". Vick and Melissa were busy with contractors most of the day and Vick decided to head back to Dallas that afternoon, we seemed to have a good handle on things.

I wasn’t anxious for school to start tomorrow. Ken and I went shopping for school supplies. As warm as Texas stayed pretty much year round I was just planning on shorts and t-shirts most of the time, jeans if it got cold. Mom had sent extra money for supplies and Vick had already started paying Melissa and I, so money wasn’t a problem. Melissa and I went over to Kens for dinner, and, other than all being naked, nothing sexual was happening. Ken’s mom said we needed our rest for the first day of school tomorrow! Melissa was disappointed to hear Shirley was staying with friends, "I don’t have school tomorrow!" she pouted.

Tuesday at school the first thing was a huge assembly of all students in the gym. Blah Blah Blah then we headed to Home Room. In Home Room the teacher handed me a note that the coach wanted to see me. I went to the coaches office behind the gym, next to the locker room. "Have a seat Randy, I want you to go out for track this year." I said I wasn’t much of a runner. He smiled and said "Oh, I saw you running a few months ago, and I don’t think anyone could have caught you, but then, you were naked!" I sat up straight and couldn’t find any words to talk with. He said, "My house backs up on the alley you were running down and by the time I got out to the alley, all I could see was an ass and elbows!" "You’re running this year. Now come here and drop your shorts. He said nice and started running his hands up and down my legs. That spot between my ball sack and thighs drives me crazy, I was hard in minutes and he downed my load quickly. Since you’re on the track team now, you’ll get out of your last two classes to practice. We wear blue nylon track shorts with a white stripe down the sides. Get several pair, Woolworth’s usually carries them. I’ll fit you for a jock strap tomorrow. Now, head on back to Home Room!

I was soaking all that just happened in when Monica, Andrea and Beverly came up to me and grabbed my arms and said Hi. I reminded them to "Keep our shit quiet!" They were just sayin’ Hi and were anxious for another pool party. I said I’d let them know. A few of the guys came over and said "How’d you get to be so popular with the cheerleaders?" I said it wasn’t popularity, they had to ask out the best looking guy in school and it just happens to be me! We all laughed and headed off to classes.

The next day in the coaches office he asked if I got my shorts and held out his hands. He took the shorts and told me to strip. Now, jog in place till I tell you to stop. He was doing something to my shorts then finally said stop. He came over and cupped my balls, "Size small I reckon" and threw a pair of shorts at me. Today just don’t wear a jock. As I, and about 10 teammates, were jogging around the track my shorts started sliding down. The coach yelled at me just to loose them and keep going. What the fuck is he doing to me, he ripped the elastic!, I thought as I ran bare-assed around the track. I started passing teammates and they all started whistling. Gawd, this was going to be a long fucking year.

Melissa and I were fucking (making love!) every night but between school, and the Capri, our days were pretty hectic. Ken was helping out some at the Capri, I think he just wanted to be around Melissa. None of the contractors had a clue about Melissa and were all treating her with respect as a woman. I came home from school/practice a couple of times to find Melissa and Mrs C making out or swimming. I thought it was great. I got to blow Mr C a few times and he hinted to me that he really wanted to fuck Melissa, I told him he needs to talk to her, not me! My ass was loosening up nicely and one night Melissa broke out the anal beads mom had bought me a long time ago. She dared me to wear them to school one day, I said no way in hell but, really did like them, especially when Melissa put them in!

The track thing never turned into anything real sexual (I half expected it to!). The coach once and a while would ask to give or get a blowjob but not all the time. We had settled into a routine we were comfortable with.

Melissa said the Capri was about ready and we needed to start planning a ‘Grand Re-Opening’. I think my life was about to get even more hectic!

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 17 – See Randy Run

Life’s Good – Chapter 18 – The Capri Final Prep

Melissa and I decided to have the re-opening on a Wednesday rather than the obvious Friday or Saturday. We really wanted to keep this low-key, but we did want the word getting out. We weren’t even doing fliers. I knew of a spot down at the lake that was an unofficial nude beach and headed down there to pass the word. One guy came up to me and said, "You’re Randy aren’t you?" I said yea! And, he announced (kinda loudly) that "This is Randy, he gives the best blowjobs!" Somebody yelled "Let’s see!" I looked at the guy in front of me (didn’t have a clue who he was) and he was building a little chub just at the thought, I gave him a "Well?" kind of look and he said go for it. I dropped to my knees and started sucking. I ran my hands up the backs of his legs and across his ass and he started pumping my mouth. I spit on my finger, and just as he was about to cum I jammed my finger in his ass, he yelled loud enough to be heard back in town! and said "Holy crap, you’ve been practicing!". Everyone applauded and I announced the Grand Re-opening of The Capri. Some one asked if I would be there, I said yep!, he said, "So will I! Someone else asked if it was cleaned up enough to bring women to? I told them that the new manager was a woman named Melissa, and if it was clean enough for her …!

I stopped at the park on the way back to town, there was a ‘Cruising Trail’ farther back in the woods. I took off my clothes and started hiking. I told everyone I came across about the re-opening. When I got to the main clearing, there were half a dozen guys in some state of sexual satisfaction! When it looked like it was winding down I announced the re-opening. One guy yelled out, "Randy, Is that you?". I said "Yea!". "You gonna be back there again, bare-assed naked giving blowjobs?" I said, "That’s entirely up to you!"

When I got back to the theater and let myself in I, I found Melissa giving our cop friend a blowjob. He finished and said Thanks, If you need anything?! After he left, Melissa said he could prove to be useful, and that his name was Jerry. I kissed her (and Jerry’s cum) and we locked up and headed home.

We had interviews setup for projectionist, and Cashier/Snack Bar attendant for most of tomorrow (Saturday). In the morning Melissa and I set up some chairs in the lobby and cleaned up our office a little (couldn’t hide the shower though!). The first person up was an old man named Silas for projectionist. First thing out of his mouth was "Let me see the equipment rather than interviewing for a job I can’t do!" We walked over to the projectionist room and he fiddled with almost everything. I mentioned that we were showing "Adult" films, and would that be a problem? He said, "This is all really good equipment and I won’t have a problem with any of it. As for what you show, I couldn’t give a shit less. I’m 65 years old and there’s probably nuthin’ I ain’t seen, and probably done!" Just so you know tho, it gets hotter than fuck in here and chances are I will be naked! We said that was fine as long as he stayed in the room, and didn’t get all flustered if one of us came in.

That was too easy, Silas would be here Tuesday to setup/test everything and we opened on Wednesday!

Cashier was more difficult. Melissa was adamant about wanting a girl, said it would draw customers. I didn’t argue but we only had 2 girls, and 21 guys scheduled for today. Long story short, both girls were disqualified and on guy number 7, I had a thought and looked up at him and said "This is a completely inappropriate question to ask, but … would you be adverse to wearing a speedo, or something else kinda sexy. He smiled, and said, "No, I get it, this is an adult theater and you want the guys coming back, for any reason. I’d be willing, but the pay would have to reflect it! Melissa looked at me and smiled and turned to Don and said, "Sorry but we’ll need to see what you’d look like, do you mind? He said no, fine. Melissa went out to the store and picked out a rather skimpy g-string. Came back into the office and handed it to Don. He smiled and said "The pay damn well better reflect this!" He didn’t even hesitate and took off his clothes and put on the g-string. He turned around for us and Melissa walked up to him and pretended to adjust the strings. She said, "Would you have let Randy do that?" Yea, no probs.

We now had our staff, Don too would start on Tuesday just to setup and stock the shelves.

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 18 – The Capri Final Prep

Life’s Good – Chapter 19 – The Grand Re-opening

The theater had a capacity of 25, so did the store section, and the booths were at 10. So, we had a total capacity of 60.

Melissa had placed posters around the lobby and store with various info:
– Sorry for jacking up the price – but overhead has gone through the roof.
– Entry was now $4 instead of $2
– Closed on Mondays
– Tuesday thru Sunday 12:00 to 12:00
(maybe a little later on Friday and Saturday nights!)
– Gay movies (when available) on Tuesdays
– Bi movies (when available) on Wednesdays
– Straight movies Thursday thru Sunday
– Couples (Male/Female) were welcome and the lady was admitted free.
– Watch the exit sign next to screen (Green Light-OK – Red Light-Not OK)
– Entry way turnstile now buzzed in theater when someone passed thru
– Paper towel dispensers and trashcans are scattered all over the
theater please use them!
– Randy & I are open to all ‘reasonable’ suggestions.
– Please visit "The Lido" when in Dallas.

Don was hot, he wore the same g-string we had given him for the interview. He was really enjoying himself. Melissa and I went up to check on Silas, yep, he was naked (and hung like a fucking horse!) Vick showed up and was impressed as hell. He loved what we had done with Don. He went and looked at the glory hole setup and smiled. We had installed very dim lights above each of the Passageway glory holes to let everyone know that someone was working "The Passageway" or not. The store was neat, clean and orderly, He came over and hugged us both and said "You guys make a great team!" This place is prefect!

We opened the doors at 5:00, we were at capacity by 5:30. Melissa went up to the office real quick and made up some vouchers to pass out to anyone we had to turn away. Nobody seemed to get pissed. I asked everyone to please head into the theater for a brief announcement. Seated, lining the walls, in the aisles, we were packed. I got up on stage and before I could even begin someone yelled "You have too many clothes on!" I looked at Melissa, she nodded and I quickly stripped down, after the hoots, hollers, laughter, and applause died down, some one yelled "The Capri is Back!" I laughed and said, yea, that was really all I wanted to say too, everyone have fun, but please nothing sexual tonight, no telling if the cops would show up or not. Everybody booed, but understood. The movie started, the peeps were packed, and people were actually buying stuff in the store. It was a success! Vick wanted me to call him in the morning and tell him the take. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if we beat the Lido’s opening, and they were twice the size!

Melissa and I finally got home around 12:30. The lights in our apt were on, and Mr & Mrs C were waiting for us, bare-assed. Candles were everywhere, two blowup mattresses were on the floor, wine was chilling in an ice bucket. Mrs C came up to me and hushed me as she took off my clothes and laid me down on one of the mattresses. Mr C was doing the same thing to Melissa. They both started massaging us (Mr C was extremely thorough with Melissa!). We rolled over and had a couple sips of wine and laid back. They spent another 10-15 minutes massaging us before they left, never saying a word!. Melissa nor I heard them leave, but my alarm went off at 6:00. We both got up and actually felt pretty good.

I headed back to the Capri, I was going to be doing cleanup everyday before school. Finished the cleaning and got to school just before the first bell. The coach cornered me and said "Did you see the Capri was open again?. I said who, he said the place you were running from when I first saw you!. I said, "Oh, I heard they had closed, they’re open again?"

He said he thought I should go with him one night. Obviously, I didn’t think that was a good idea. But, he was rather insistent. Oh crap, how am I going to make this work?!

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 19 – The Grand Re-Opening

Life’s Good – Chapter 20 – What Goes Around Comes Around

I don’t know what the coach was planning but he wanted to meet me at The Capri at 2:00 on Sunday. Melissa and I told Don and Silas what was going on and that we didn’t want the coach to know I was involved with The Capri.

He showed up right on time, WITH 5 other members of the track team! I approached the coach and said what the fuck are you doing? He said we all needed to have a little fun. I tried blocking the coach from going in and he just pushed me aside. Melissa was just coming down from the office and went over to the coach and said, "I’m sorry sir, but this is an adult oriented business and I’m going to have to ask you to take these minors out. Silas was watching from the door of the projection room and when the coach tried to brush Melissa aside, he came bounding down the stairs three or four at a time. (65 years old my ass, he would’ve beat me down the stairs!) He stood in front of the coach and said "Ricky?". The coach looked down at the floor and said "Yes coach!". Silas continued, "I thought so, now, what the fuck are you doing to these nice people?" Silas looked at Melissa and said, "back in the day I used to coach football. And, Ricky here was on my team. He had a real thing for boy sex, even back then. Even caught him with a dog once! Ricky and I came to an understanding, he’d not take advantage of people and he’d do everything I said, forever. If he obeyed I’d keep the pictures I took private. I kept my end of the deal, but it looks like our boy here kept right on picking on defenseless people." "Well, Ricky lets see how much you remember, take off your clothes!"

Ricky, my coach, didn’t even hesitate and was standing there bare-ass in seconds. Silas, the old coach asked the group of boys if anyone would like to kick Ricky in the nuts. One guy let out a ball-crunching kick before Silas finished the sentence.

Silas looked at me and said, "What’s your name son?" I said "Randy". He asked if I had a car. I did. And Silas said, "Why don’t you and a couple of your teammates take Ricky here out to the nude beach, the gay side, at the lake and leave him there." I started smiling and said "Yes Sir!".

I had a friend at a liquor store that would occasionally sell to me. After dropping ‘Ricky’ at the lake, I stopped and got Silas the best bottle of Bourbon I could find. Back at the Capri everyone had settled down and was now laughing about it, but I could see Melissa was shaken. I gave Silas the hootch and said Thanks, he smiled and said no problem, we gotta take care of each other. I asked Melissa if the three guys that were with me could come in for a while and she said sure.

I took the guys into the theater and said "Do what your comfortable with!" And I took off my clothes and started playing with my dick. All three guys followed suit and within minutes we were all playing with each others dicks. There were only three other patrons in the theater and they all came over and started playing too! I don’t know who was on who but I do know, everyone was getting a blowjob. Silas came in and said "See, when it’s a bunch of guys just having fun, it’s fun, but when assholes make you do shit against your will, someone has to step in. Don’t forget that boys! Silas came over to me and said "Randy, right?" I said "Yes Sir". He said, "Don’t Sir me, I work for a living. I’m Silas, mind if I suck your dick." "Go for it!" Silas dropped his pants and under-ware and knelt down and played with me for about a half hour. Everyone was trying to get a good look at Silas, my gawd that thing was big! What started out as a really shitty day sure has ended up great!

Monday at school, the track team was in the locker room and all anyone could talk about was the coach. The assistant principal came in and had us all gather round. "The coach has taken ill and won’t be returning. I’ll be handling track till a replacement is found. Is there anyone here who does not want to be on the team?" Five out of the twelve of us raised our hands and he said we were free to go back to our classes.

Life is back to being good!

End – Life’s Good – Chapter 20 – What Goes Around Comes Around

Life’s Good – Chapter 21 – Nothing Lasts Forever

School was out for the holidays and Melissa and I had been working our asses off. I said we should get away for awhile. She turned and looked at me and said to sit down. Now. I’ve seen enough movies to know that’s never a sign of anything good to come! She said I was right, we did need to get away, just that she wanted to get away … with Shirley. Apparently, they had been seeing each other for a month or so and had decided to move to California. My eyes were tearing up and I couldn’t talk. Melissa came over and hugged me and said she would always love me. She had already talked to Vick and that everything was signed, to put the Capri in my name, and that Vick would be down early next week. I asked when she was leaving, she said NOW! and walked out!

Granted that was my first "Lost Love" and, I am only 17, but I’m picking up on things, Whether a woman has a dick or not, when it comes to women, you’re probably gonna get hurt!

I didn’t see Vick when he came down, hadn’t even been to the Capri. Dropped out of school, became completely anti-social and went to see a Navy Recruiter, but that’s another story if you wanna hear it.

THE END – Life Fucking Sucks!
[email protected]

Bisexual Stories

Sat, 09 Jul 2016 21:11:32 UTC

Uncle T

This is my first time writing. Let me know what you think. If you like I will write part 2… Thanks guys

So lets start off the story with a little bit about myself. My name is Jason and I am 13 years old. I stand about 5’9 and weight about 150. I don’t have a six pack by any means but a pretty nice smooth body. I matured pretty early. So have a nice 7 inch cut cock. I have dark hair and piercing light eyes with dark eye lashes. I get lots of compliments on them! Well not only did my body mature early but so did my mind. Many people thought I was older. Well one summer day I was hanging out by the pool when I got called in by my mother. She said my Aunt and Uncle called and needed a babysitter and was wondering if I was interested. They had 2 younger kids, and I got a long pretty well with them so I said that it should be fine. Not to mention I had a major boner for my Uncle. We will call him Uncle T. He was 36 and stood about 5’11 and weighed about 175. He had dark hair and dark eyes and a really nice smooth body. He was always a jock playing every sport you could think of. I remembered actually finding a picture of him with his shirt off and jerking off to it a few months before. So it was a win win for me. My uncle came to my house to pick me up and we drove up to there house about 45 minutes away. I never really spent time with them before so was pretty excited. I always heard stories about my Uncle T being a bit of a man whore and that kind of excited me. Well as the night went on they left and were going out to dinner and then out for drinks with some friends. As they had left I played with the kids for a bit and then put them in bed. Not knowing what time my Aunt and Uncle would be back I went in and took a shower to get ready for bed. While undressing I noticed my uncles Armani underwear on the bathroom floor. I started to get a instant hard on. I picked them up and decided to try them on. Knowing his cock had just been in them really got me going. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought how sexy he would be in them. Well I finished up and went out to lay on the couch. I couldn’t really sleep because it was a new place. As I laid there I looked over at the clock and it was about 1 am. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and the door swung open. It was my Aunt who was really drunk… she kind of stumbled in and asked how the kids were and then headed straight to her bedroom. My uncle came in a few minutes later. He went to the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on. I laid there and saw him come out of the bathroom in just a towel. He looked over at me and then proceeded to his bedroom. I figured he was going to bed to plow my aunt but a few minutes later he came wondering out of his room in another pair of his Armani underwear. My dick instantly went hard. Thank fully I was laying under the blanket so he couldn’t see. His body was exactly what I imagine it to be. He had wide shoulders, a smooth chest and really nice pecs. He had very little hair but he had a happy trail that lead down to a massive bulge in his tight underwear. I am sure he saw me looking. He said, well your Aunt promised me a back rub but decided to Pass out. Before I could even think I said, well I can give you one if you want. He looked at me and said well you don’t have to ask me twice, move over kid. My mind was screaming!! Was I really going to get the chance to rub my hands all over this hot body!!
I got up and quickly tucked my boner away so he couldn’t see. He laid on the couch face first and said there is lotion in the bathroom under the sink. I ran into get it and when I came back out he had shut the lights and TV off so I could only see by the moonlight shining in the window which just so happened to be beaming on his back and on his perfectly round ass. I warmed the lotion up in my hands before I started rubbing his back. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I rubbed hard all the way up and down right the the edge of his underwear. About 30 minutes went by and he said you can do my thighs if you want. That almost threw me over the edge. I pulled the blanket off him completely and started working those thick hairy thighs. I could feel the heat in between his legs and it turned me on so much. I almost came without even touching my throbbing cock. I worked my around them for what seemed like forever when he rolled over. My mind was blown… He said do the front now… So I sat there and obliged. I was sitting on the edge of the couch kind of near his stomach so my arms stretched over his cock as I rubbed the front of his thighs. I looked over and saw it was now almost 3 am.. I had been rubbing his hot body for over an hour.. As I rubbed his thighs I could see in the moon light that his cock was hard. This was driving me crazy… I couldn’t really tell. It was about 61/2 inches but really fat from what I could see. I wanted so badly to pull it out and put it in my mouth but of course only being 13, I wouldn’t know how to get myself out of that if he got upset. I had no previous sexual experience so wouldn’t know what to do. I decided to be a little braver and pressed my forearm against his cock as I moved my hands up and down his thighs I could feel his cock under my arm. I heard a slight moan come from him. I kept doing it having some more rhythm when I noticed that I must have been pressing a little harder then I thought and managed to pull the head of his cock out of his underwear. I could feel the warmth of it pressing against my arm and feel the sticky pre cum dripping from his hard cock. I couldn’t stop now… I kept going for what seemed like forever. I whispered, what do you want me to rub now? He didn’t answer me.. I think he fell asleep.. Or at least that’s what he wanted me to think. As I looked down I had noticed his hand had slipped into his underwear. I wasn’t sure if he was blocking his dick or rubbing it. I continued to massage his thighs and somehow managed to take a little bit of a risk and start rubbing his stomach and chest.. His muscles felt amazing. At this point I could def tell he was jerking off. Had he really fallen asleep and was jerking off? I tried whispering to him again and still no answer. I didn’t want to take a chance of him stopping so I continued. At this point he had moved his underwear down so his big cock was completely exposed. I was in complete heaven. His cock was a little bigger then mine but much wider. He had a nice mushroom head and nice balls. I continued to rub my hands down his body and then my dreams came true. He grabbed my hand and placed in on his throbbing cock.. I was in complete shock. I tightened my grip and continued to stroke this beautiful cock. I couldn’t wrap my head around what was going on. I sat there and stroking with his hand on mine coaching me. He finally let go and I just continued to work his cock. I wanted to put it in my mouth but didn’t want to take a chance of waking him. A few minutes later I could feel his cock starting to pulse so I leaned down and put my face close. He shot a big load of hot cum on my face. Some started to fall on his stomach and I quickly licked it up. It was my first time tasting the sweet nectar… After stroking it to make sure I got every drop I grabbed my shirt off the floor and whipped him up. I stood up and went to wash my hands. When I came back I sat on the couch next to him and his underwear were pulled back up and he sat up. Looking at me surprised he said Oh I must have fallen asleep. He got up and continued to his bedroom. Did this all just happen in his sleep or did he know what he was doing? Either way I didn’t care. I went to sleep and the next morning woke up pretty tired. I couldn’t believe what had happened… As he was driving me home he thanked me for babysitting. When we were pulling up the road he said, Oh and thank you for the rub down I really needed it. I said yea No problem anytime. He looked at me and smiled and said well I think we may need you again next weekend if you’re not busy. I said I was available got out of the car. He looked over and gave me a wink… I couldn’t wait to see what else the summer would hold…

Bisexual Stories

Wed, 06 Sep 2017 20:35:46 UTC

Oh To Be Young Again

Oh To Be Young Again

Randy Rapter (Mr Richard & Mrs Bridget Rapter)
Troy – 16yo at vacant lot in my gym class
Todd – Troy’s dad
Jerry – Vacant lot old guy – first bj
Jack – his friend that wants to fuck
Monica – Randy’s girl friend
Nancy – Monica’s mom

feedback greatly appreciated – [email protected]

Chapter 1 – My First Blowjob

Why was being naked such a big part of my life? It seems like everywhere I
went I was checking out opportunities to be naked. And, believe me I found
plenty. One of my first, and best, was riding my bike down to the lake. There
was a vacant lot on a hill before you got to the lake, and I saw where cars had
been turning in and driving along the edge of the trees. I didn’t see any cars
so I pushed my bike into some bushes and started exploring. And, yes – my
clothes did come off. While walking around I saw lots of empty beer cans and
rubbers. I figured this was where the high-schoolers came to make out.

I heard a car coming so I ducked under cover of the bushes and waited. Who
ever it was just kept going. I kept exploring and didn’t hear an old man walk
up behind me. I assume it was the driver of that car, he must have seen my
bike, parked and came back. "Havin’ a good time kid?" I turned to run but he
said "even if you run, I got your bike and your clothes – where ya gonna go?"
He told me to come over to him. He said, "Don’t worry kid, I ain’t gonna hurt
you. I’m just a dirty old man who likes to suck dick. You okay with that?"
He started taking off his clothes too and before long we were both naked and
playin’ with each others cocks. It was really kinda fun, then it got really
fun when he knelt down and put my dick in his mouth. I’ve beat off a bunch of
times, but never had a blowjob. Now I was starting to see what the big deal
was, damn does this feel good. It didn’t take long for me to cum. He looked
up at me smiling, stood up and said "Turn about is only fair". He was slowly
jacking his dick and kept waving it at me. I dropped to my knees and just
looked and touched for a few minutes. He said, "Come on kid, I ain’t got all
day." I put his dick in my mouth and he kinda did the rest. He was pushing it
back and forth in my mouth and before I knew it he was cumming too. I started
choking and started to take my mouth off, but he grabbed my head and kept me
moving up and down on it. Actually, I was kinda liking it. It was salty and
smooth. When he finally pulled out, my mouth felt empty and I tried to put him
back in. He smiled and said "What’s your name kid?" I said "Randy". He said
to be back tomorrow about 2:00 and we could do it again. I excitedly said okay.

He left and my bike and clothes were right where I had left them. I squatted
down in the grass and was rubbing my dick and thinking, that really wasn’t so
bad, I hope he does comes back tomorrow. I heard another car and thought, what
the heck. I just sat there rubbing my dick and it pulled up next to me. It
was a high school guy and his girl. He just looked at me and said to beat it.
I got up to leave and the girl whispered something to her boyfriend, then he
turned to me "Hey kid, you ever seen a naked girl?" "Come on". They walked
back a few feet into the bushes and he started kissing her and feeling her tits.
He took off her shirt and bra and I was looking at my first set of live tits.
She took off her skirt and panties, and he was taking off his pants. Now I’m
looking at a naked guy and a naked girl – I couldn’t decide which I wanted to
see more. Her pussy and his dick were all covered with hair. He looked at me
and said "This is gettin’ kinda creepy – take a hike kid."

I got dressed and left. I’d forgot to wipe my dick off good before getting
dressed so, here I was walking inside with cum stains all over the front of my
shorts and not even knowing it. Mom kept her back to me and said "Dad won’t be
home tonight. It’s just us, what do you feel like for dinner?" Just then she
turned around and stopped mid sentence and was looking at my crotch. "What
have you been up to?" she said with a smile. "You know, if you play with it
too much, it’ll break!" "Get in the bathroom." Now, I’m 14 years old and, I
think I’m capable of taking a shower by myself – but noooo. Mom has to come in
and make sure I’m getting clean! She spun me around and grabbed my dick and
began pushing and pulling on it. Between her and all the soap, I was getting
hard again. She started washing my balls and the spot between my balls and
ass-hole. I said "Mom you need to quit" She smiled, started rinsing off my
dick and said go ahead, I know how often you boys need to get this out of your
system. She leaned in and started sucking my dick. I was surprised that it
felt just like the guy earlier, I guess a mouth is a mouth! I exploded, again
and was wondering just how often I could cum in a short period of time! Mom
wiped the corners of her mouth and rinsed off my dick and said to make sure I
NEVER said anything to anyone about this.

"Mom", I said, "Are all girls tits the same?" She laughed and said "No darlin’
some are big, some are small, some have big nipples, some have dark aureola’.
I asked her what that last thing was and she said "Don’t ever tell anybody I
did this!" and took off her top and bra. She pointed out the aureola and as
she was running her finger around the dark red area I noticed her nipples
getting bigger. I asked if that was supposed to happen and she said usually,
with most girls it does! It just means that they’re enjoying what’s happening.

We got dressed and she said I could watch TV for an hour.

Mom just made soup and sandwiches and we ate in front of the TV. She said,
"You know, it’s okay going out and ‘being a boy’ but, you be careful, not
everybody out there is trustworthy. You’re a smart boy, you just be careful.
Where is it you go anyway?" I just looked at her. She smiled and said "Okay,
but the first time you’re more than 2 minutes late coming home, I’m calling the

"Half hour, then teeth and bed! K!?" I said yep. Mom came in after I was in
bed and sat on the edge of the bed leaned down and gave me a kiss on the
forehead and pulled the blankets up under my chin. Typical good night ritual
except, this time she patted my dick and said "Is he all tucked in too" – I
yelled mom! – she laughed turned out my lights and said night!

Chapter 2 – Moms’ Can Be Such A Pain In The Ass

I was back out at the vacant lot by 12:00. I wanted to do some more exploring.
I walked into the bushes for about 20 minutes before I came to another clearing
that had a cliff overlooking the lake. I squatted down on the grass and just
starred off into space. I looked down at myself and really liked the tan I was
starting to get. Another guy came walking out of the bushes about 50 yards
from where I was, he was naked too. There was no point in hiding, we were both
naked. He came up to me and introduced himself as Troy and asked if he could
sit. He was a couple years ahead of me at school but, we had the same gym
period. He asked if I was gay or straight? I said neither, both, "I don’t
know!" I like men and I like women! He said good answer, me too. Can I see
yours. I laid my right leg down and let him see my cock. He laid his left leg
down so I could see his. We talked a bit and I said I had to go. He asked if
I was meeting Jerry or Jack. I said I didn’t know either of those names. He
described Jerry and I said "Yea, that’s him" Troy said, "Yea, he’s cool and
really gives good head. His friend though, Jack, be careful, he’ll want to
fuck your ass." I asked Troy if he’d ever let him and Troy said "once, but I
just didn’t get into it."

I got to where I was supposed to meet Jerry and just squatted down and waited.
A car came in, drove by, and left. Looked like Jerry was a no-show. So, I
went back to where Troy was and said, "Jerry couldn’t make it I guess" We sat
real close together and started playing with each others dicks. And he asked
if he could blow me. I said "only if I can blow you too!" So, we started
sucking and playin’. I haven’t played with a lot of cocks but was really
starting to enjoy it. We both blew our loads. I told him about goin’ home with
cum covered shorts. He laughed and said that it was just he and his dad and
that he’d done the same thing. I asked if he wanted to come over to my house
and he said sure. We rode our bikes the 15 minutes over to my house and went
in. I yelled at mom if it was okay if Troy and I had a soda. She said yes but
to drink them out on the patio. We went outside and he said cool, you have a
pool. Can we go in? Mom had just come out to meet Troy and said sure go ahead.
Troy asked if I had a suit he could borrow and mom said don’t bother, you’re
both boys – Mom went in and Troy and I stripped down and got in the pool. Mom
came out once and brought some chips and asked if everything was okay. Of
course it was, she was just hopein’ for a peek at one or both of us. Troy
shocked the crap outta me and invited mom to join us. Mom thought for a minute
and said okay, but I need to go put on a suit.

Mom came back in a few minutes with probably the least sexy bathing suit I have
ever seen (and I’ve seen EVERY bathing suit, bra and panty in the Montgomery
Wards catalog!). She got in and paddled around a bit then sat on the steps.
Troy and I went over and stood in front of her. Troy was getting a boner and
mom motioned for him to come closer to her. She pretended to pick something
off his shoulder. Troy rubbed his boner against moms leg. I tagged mom on the
shoulder and said "Tag, you’re it!" Troy and I swam off and mom took chase.
She got Troy in the shallow end and grabbed his cock and said "Tag you’re it"
She asked him quietly, "You and Randy blowing each other?" Troy said yea, and
that I was real good at it. I went over to see what they were talking about,
and mom said, "Troy says you’re really good at sucking cock." I looked at Troy
and he just shrugged his shoulders. Mom said "Show Me". Troy sat up on the
edge of the pool. I just looked at mom all confused. Mom leaned in first and
said "I like to start at the base and slowly work my way to the top, the wetter
you get it and the more tongue and lips, the better. Troy almost fell
backwards and mom said "See! Here, you try". I leaned over and started just
like she said. Troy was in heaven!

Mom said, okay, you two, switch. Troy got down in the water and I sat up on
the edge. She said, "Something else to try is putting your hands under the
other persons thighs, and guys, this works with both men and women, and push
their legs back towards their head. See how it raises their ass and spreads
them open a little." "Then lick, lick, lick for all your worth." "Get the
balls, and this area here, she touched between my balls and ass-hole, is the
perineum." "I don’t know any man or woman alive that doesn’t like that spot
licked." As mom licked my perineum I kept feeling around for something to grab
on to. Holy crap this felt good. "Then" she said, "if the ass-hole doesn’t
have shit hanging off it" Troy and I started laughing. I farted and started
to apologize to mom, and she just said "Honey, farting is all part of it, it’s
going to happen for men and women, don’t be embarrassed, and don’t apologize,
just keep going!" "Anyway, if it’s all nice and clean lick the ass-hole …"
She didn’t even get to finish her sentence before I was cumming all over my
chest and some even shot all the way up to my mouth. I was screaming (quietly)
and shaking my head back and forth and my whole body was shaking like a leaf!

Mom smiled at me and asked if that felt good. I wanted to sit up and give her
a hug, but I couldn’t move.

"One last thing guys, foolin’ around with guys at your age is okay. Most
people will say it’s wrong and that you’re going to hell! Fuck them! Do what
feels good for you! If it’s with a guy or a gal – just be respectful and don’t
ever force anything on anyone! Male/Female is the ‘normal’ relationship … but
if you like a guy – like him a lot!

Mom started heading for the steps, and Troy leaned over and asked what my last
name was, I said "Rapter". Troy yelled over to my mom "Thanks Mrs Rapter can
you teach us about eating pussy too!" Mom just smiled and headed inside.

Chapter 3 – Everybody’s Naked!

Mom, Dad and I were sitting out by the pool when dad said, "Randy, your mom
told me about the other day." I gave mom a look the could kill and dad
continued, "it’s okay, we’re not mad, in fact just the opposite. We’re happy
you not doing things just to conform with others. In keeping with that
thought, your mom and I are going to a nudist resort on Monday for four days.
Now, you can either come with us or uncle Larry said he’d come over here." I
said, Isn’t that the kind of place where everybody gets naked?" I’m in …
but what if I … get excited?" "Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one, it’s
just a part of nudism. I asked if Troy could come. Dad looked at mom and she
shrugged her shoulders shaking her head yes. I’ll go talk to Troy’s dad
tonight, and if he says ok, then fine!"

Later that evening, I knocked on their door and Troy’s dad, I assumed, answered
the door. "Hi, I’m Richard Rapter, my son is Randy?" "oh yeah, come on in,
Randy’s a good kid, what can I do for you … have a seat … you wanna a
beer?" "Thanks and yeah, I’d love one.

He came back and introduced himself as Todd. We shook hands and sat down.
Todd was wearing a skimpy pair of nylon shorts that left little to the
imagination. "Well", I said, Randy, his mom and I are going to a nudist resort
next week for four days and Randy really wants Troy to come along. If you
don’t have any objections, we’d be happy to have him.

Todd reached down to adjust his shorts, and said, "Sorry, I wasn’t expecting
company". "No problem" I said, "but I don’t think those shorts were meant to
corral something that big!" He laughed and said "Troy says your son is gay, or
at least bi, how about you and your wife?" "We’re straight, for the most part
but have been known to bend the rules once and a while, how about you?" Todd
said he was strictly gay (but did stray once and a while)! I asked if he was
raising Troy that way and he laughed and said "No not at all, I’m raising him
to be his own man. Boys, girls, men, women, hell – cats, dogs and even some
small farm animals (just no Chihuahua’s!) – I don’t care as long as he’s

Todd caught Richard looking at his dick again, and said "Wanna Peek". I said
yes please. Todd pulled his shorts aside and I reached for it stopping my self
to ask if it was okay – sure, go for it. "I don’t have small hands, and I
can’t even get my hand around it!" "I bet you don’t find to many takers for
anal" "Yea, Todd won’t even try anal but he loves sucking on it." "Wanna
taste?" I bent down and opened my mouth (REAL Wide) and took him in – damn it
was huge. I lifted off and went back to talking. Todd said it’d be fine and
that if Troy got outta line just bend him over your knee – he’s use to it.
Don’t let him pull any shit, I believe in a good whippin’ once and a while.
Don’t turn it into a BDSM session but, if he needs his ass smacked – smack it!

Randy, Troy, Bridget (Randy’s mom) and I got to the resort around noon. We
were all naked by 10 after (the kids were quicker!). We unpacked quickly, it’s
amazing how little stuff you need at a nudist resort. The kids were out
goofing around somewhere and I told Bridget we should get one in now, while we
could. She was sucking my cock and I was eating her pussy when the boys showed
up. I said "Be quiet and watch, or get out", they were real quiet. We moved
around and I started slipping my dick into her, damn I loved how wet she got.
I didn’t hear Randy get up, but he came over to us and started massaging my
perineum and my dick on every out stroke. When things started picking up Randy
knelt down and started licking his moms pussy and my dick at the same time, that
put us both over the edge. Richard looked down at Bridget and said "Did you
teach him that?!" Troy stood in front of Randy and was getting his dick sucked.

The rest of the four days was just kinda plain ole ordinary sex. Everybody was
fucking or sucking everybody else and it was fun, just nuthin’ to write stories

When we got home we called Todd to come pickup Troy. When he got there we sat
on the patio, had a few beers. He asked if it would be okay to take a dip and
we all jumped in. Bridget couldn’t get over the size of Todd’s cock and even
got a quick feel. Todd came over and whispered to me that he’s made a few
exceptions in the past, and would be okay with fucking Bridget. I know Bridget
wanted to, she couldn’t take her eyes off it. I told Todd that it was ok with
me but, completely up to Bridget. Within a minute Bridget was yelling for him
to stop that it was too big and wouldn’t fit! Todd knew what he was doing
though and now Bridget was yelling ‘Don’t Stop!’ Oh Gawd’ ‘Don’t stop’. The
boys and I just sat in the shallow end, playing with each others dicks, and
watched. Not only was Todd huge, he knew how to control it. It must’ve gone
45 minutes before Bridget literally passed out. We laid her on the side of the
pool and covered her with towels. When she woke up, Randy, Troy and I were all
sucking on Todd – and damned if he didn’t come again!

We had Todd and Troy over three or four times a week (they loved the pool
(and I guess the sex might have been a part of it!)). Todd and Troy would take
off their clothes by the front door, Randy, Bridget and Richard would just come
out naked. One night, Todd brought a boyfriend over. That was fine with us.
Todd and boyfriend disappeared out to the pool. About 15 minutes later we
thought we heard a cat get hit by a car. We went out back to see if they heard
it, they said "Sorry" and there was the boyfriend taking it in the ass!

School was starting soon. Troy and Randy wouldn’t be seeing as much of each
other because of the difference in grades. The 3-4 nights a week gatherings
turned into a "once and a while". Randy had a female friend, Monica, that was
becoming kinda chummy. And they were hanging out a lot.

Chapter 4

One afternoon, mom, Troy and I were in the pool – naked but nothing sexual,
just throwing a Frisbee around. Mom heard the doorbell and put a robe on and
went to see who it was. Mom had met Monica (the girl Randy was hanging with)
once and recognized her right away. "Oh, hey hun. Randy and Troy are out in
the pool. Wait here and I’ll have the boys put their suits on." Monica said,
"You let them swim naked!?" "Yea" mom said, "We are kinda kicked back on
nudity around here". "Can I go naked too?" Monica asked. Mom asked if she’d
ever been skinny dippin’ with guys before?" Monica said "No". "You know
they’ll both probably get hardons?" "That’s ok! Do you go naked too?" Mom
opened her robe and said "Yep!". Monica asked, "You don’t mind showing them
your pussy?" Mom said she could wear her panties if she felt more comfortable.
Or, she had some bikini’s that would probably fit her. Monica said, "No, I’ll
go naked, but I don’t want to take my clothes off in front of them." Mom said
Come with me…

In the bathroom mom helped Monica undress and when she was naked, mom ran a
hand over Monica’s pussy and tits and said "Gawd, I wish I was still as young
and beautiful as you!"

The girls went out to the pool and the guys ducked down under the water. "Mom,
Monica what are you doing?" We’re going swimming too – ok? The guys looked at
each other and shrugged there shoulders and said yea, sure, come on in. We all
swam and played catch for awhile. Before long everyone was ignoring the fact
that they were all naked and were just having a good time. Troy piped in and
asked mom if she would show us some more sex stuff. Monica asked what he
meant. Troy told her about the time mom was showing us how to suck dick and eat
ass! Mom told Monica about licking the boys and asked if she wanted to try.

Monica got up on the edge of the pool with mom in the middle and Troy and I on
each side in the water. Mom slid her hands under Monica’s thighs and lifted
her legs. "Remember boys?!" Mom leaned down and started teasing Monica’s
pussy and ass and Monica was moaning in minutes. When mom quit teasing, and
really started licking her pussy, perineum and ass-hole Monica went over the
top. She had never felt anything like it and didn’t want her to quit – let me
do you!

Monica got down in the pool and mom got on the edge. Mom told Monica to show
the boys were the clitoris was. Monica spread mom’s pussy and showed the boys
the little bump at the top of her pussy. The boys each had a hand on Monica,
and she wasn’t pulling away. Monica started eating mom’s pussy and each of the
boys started fingering Monica’s pussy and ass. The girls were writhing almost
uncontrollably. Troy and I wanted more but were afraid to try fucking Monica
so, Troy got up next to my mom and I started sucking his dick. Monica looked
over at Troy and I, but kept eating mom. Finally, mom and Troy were starting
to cum and Monica and I just dove in harder – they both screamed. Troy had a
hand on one of mom’s tits, and I had a hand on Monica’s pussy. When they both
settled down, mom pushed Troy into the water and she jumped in and told Monica
and I to get up on the edge. Mom asked Monica if she had ever fucked before
and Monica said yes, once. Mom had me kneel down between Monica’s thighs and
grabbed my dick and started teasing Monica’s pussy with it. Pushing it into
her pussy just a little, then pulling it out, over and over and fucking over
again. I was about to yell at mom when she let go of my dick and pushed my
ass all the way down. Mom kept playing with Monica’s clit even as I was
fucking her. I came real quick so mom jumped up on the edge and started eating
Monica’s pussy (and my cum) till Monica came. We all laid back on the edge of
the pool. Monica finally said, "Can I move in here?". We were all laughing
when dad came home and said it looked like he had missed all the fun. Monica
was trying to cover up and mom told her it was ok. Dad took off his clothes
and Troy started blowing him – he came quick and sat down. Dad squatted down
with us and mom leaned over, kissed him and said "hey hun, this is Monica,
Randy’s girlfriend. Monica said "Hi Mr Rapter".

The next morning I was having my morning ritual of coffee, donuts, reading the
paper, bare-ass out by the pool. The door-bell rang and I put on a robe to
go see. When I opened the door a woman introduced herself as "Nancy, Monica’s
mom" – Oh! Hi, come on in, I’m Bridget … would you like some coffee? Yea,
that’d be great. Mom took Nancy out to the patio and Nancy said, "Now I see
why she spends so much time over here. Nice pool!" "That’s really why I am
here, I know Monica has been spending a lot of time here and just wanted to know
what was going on. Bridget said, "Randy, that’s my son and a couple of his
friends are out here almost everyday. Monica and the boys seem to get along
really well. And, since I don’t work, they are never here without adult
supervision." "Oh great, I feel a lot better, maybe I could get an invite one
day, I really miss lazing around in a pool." "Come over anytime, we can go in
now if you’d like." I’d love to but I don’t have a suit" "Well, Bridget stood
up and flashed open her robe, closed it and said "or I have several suits you
could borrow." Nancy looked up, "You really go naked!?" "Yea, all the time."
Nancy had a huge smile on her face and said "I haven’t done that since college".

Bridget said "Come on, it’s just us, you’ll love it!"

Bridget held out her hands and said "Come on!". Nancy looked up and said,
"Nobody will see?" As Nancy stood up Bridget started undoing the buttons on
Nancy’s blouse. Took it off and circled around behind her and unclasped her
bra. Nancy held it in place for a second and finally let it go. Bridget
crouched down and undid Nancy’s jeans button and fly and slid them down her
legs, keeping her hands on skin all the way down. When she slid her hands
back up to get the panties, it was very obvious Nancy was enjoying this.
Bridget rubbed the wet spot and Nancy moaned. Bridget ran her hands up and
down the inside on Nancy’s thighs and Nancy moaned started shaking and her
knees were beginning to buckle. Nancy started to apologize and Bridget
interrupted and said "Nonsense, who could resist my touch!" They laughed and
got in the pool.

Nancy was sitting on the steps and Bridget was standing in front of her. "I
went to college too you know. Do you remember what you did when one of your
sorority sisters made you cum? Nancy smiled and Bridget walked up a step and
had her pussy right in front of Nancy’s mouth. Nancy knew what to do. As she
was licking her thighs and making her way into her pussy when Bridget started
moaning too. Randy and Monica were standing just inside the back door watching
everything. Monica was the most surprised and didn’t expect this from her mom!

Randy just smiled. They both walked out on the patio and both said "Hi mom" at
the same time. That pushed Randy’s mom over the edge and she came real hard.
Monica’s mom was so into it she couldn’t quit and was licking up every bit of
cum she could find!

Bridget sat down on the step next to Nancy and turned to the kids, "You
two coming in?" Randy and Monica took off their clothes and started walking to
the steps. Randy had a half hard boner from watching the moms and his mom
grabbed it as he passed by. Nancy started to say something to Monica and
Bridget reached over, rubbed Nancy’s thighs, and shook her head no. As Monica
passed by her mom she bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips, smiled and
said "Kool!"

We didn’t see Nancy or Monica for a couple of days. Randy came home one
afternoon and said that Monica wasn’t allowed over here anymore. Randy cried
for for a couple of days listening to every sad song he could find. I
finally had enough and grabbed his arm and walked him out to the pool.
I had Troy and a few of his friend over to help get Randy outta this rut. I
pushed Randy, clothed and all into the pool and the guys jumped on him like
sharks to chum – he was naked and smiling withing minutes.

Head can always fix the heart!

Oh To Be Young Again

Bisexual Stories

Sat, 09 Jul 2016 17:09:00 UTC

Doctor and Physical Chapter 02

It was half way through the flu season, and everyone around me was starting be caught by the bug, luckily I hadn’t caught it yet. I thought to myself I had better contact my local GP and request a home visit so he could come and jab his needle inside me and protect me from this horrible bug.

I phoned just after I finished work on one of their later days and requested a home visit but they were too busy to accommodate this so they asked if I was available to come in and get it done as this would be more time efficient.

I agreed and was booked in for the following week, after putting the phone down I could feel my manhood begin to twinge thinking about the last time I saw the DR, his big eyes looking down on me as he fucked me in his office.

The rest of my week and weekend past and I was now heading to the surgery, my heart began to race with excitement, my legs trembling, the effect this guy had on me was insatiable my body didn’t know what to do with its self.

I know one thing for certain, I had to calm down as to not make a fool of myself and act like some little school girl who had a crush although inside I wanted to.

I approached his room knocking ever so slightly before entering when I entered he was sat in his chair looking at his computer screen typing up his notes from his previous patient, he let out his hand and gestured for me to take a seat while he just finished up and apologised why he just finished.

I looked at him memorized taking in all of his looks not missing an inch of his face and neck saving it to my memory to use as a fantasy for later when I got home. I sat patiently waiting for him to turn so I could look him directly in his eyes and just get lost in them.

He seemed different today something about him was different but I couldn’t tell what it was his hair longer maybe, more built from the gym or if it was that he was just being off with me since our last encounter? Ah It suddenly clicked he hasn’t shaved in few days his stubble was slightly longer that when I previously saw him but he also seemed to be quite nervous too.

I snapped back to reality and put his looks and all previous thoughts to the back of my mind and explained to him that this was just a quick visit and that I was just here for a quick inoculation and then I would be on my way, I was playing it cool I didn’t want him to think that he had affected me.

He gave me my injection and I left with a cheeky smile on my face wishing him a very good evening, I felt a little queer as I left but just put it down to the side effects of the he had just given me.

I awoke the next morning a started to feel a little under the weather I had started to get hot flushes and a lethargic feeling hit me like I hadn’t slept in days. I continued to get ready for work as normal and left the house.

After a few hours I still wasn’t feeling any better if anything I was feeling worse so I decided to take the rest of the day off and go home — get back into bed and try sleeping and sweating it out of my system, whist keeping my body hydrated with plenty of fluids.

Later that night I awoke from my slumber looking outside there was nothing but darkness I had slept through the entire afternoon this was obviously my body’s way of telling me that I wasn’t well, so I got myself out of bed and made my self-something light to eat trying to keep what little strength I had to fight this infection.

After eating I returned to my bed and tried to get some more sleep it didn’t take long before I was back in the dream world and awaking to find it was morning, I turned and looked at the clock it was almost 11am I had slept over 12 hours and still I was feeling no better.

I phoned my GP and requested a home visit as I understood that having the flu inoculation was to prevent me from getting this ill but for some reason it felt like it hadn’t and I wasn’t sure if this was routine or if it was a reaction.

It was just after 6pm when I heard my door bell ring. I slowly got on my feet and made my way to the door, with nothing but my dressing gown on I opened the door, invited the doctor in, and returned to the bedroom with him following behind. Laying on top of it I greeted the doctor, my nose running my eyes puffy and my face flush from the chills I was having.

He placed his bag at the side of my bed and reached into it pulling out a thermometer and sterilising it before placing it under my tongue, letting it rest in place he placed the back his hand upon my forehead to see if I had a temperature his cool soft hands felt so nice against my skin and I wanted it to remain there.

He reached into his bag again and this time pulled out his stethoscope and placed it around his neck, he pulled out the thermometer and read what it said his expression gave it away obviously I was burning up.

He asked me to undo my dressing gown and proceeded to place the ends of his stethoscope into each ear, I looked at him bashfully and tried to undo my dressing gown whilst trying to conserve my dignity, yet he’s eyes seemed to wander towards my crotch waiting to catch a glimpse.

I undid it enough for him to be able to access my chest, as he listened to my breathing he’s breath slowly began to blow in between the hairs on my chest, this sent my heart racing which made him chuckle and smile, he obviously noticed my heart increasing thorough the sound of the stethoscope, but this was something I couldn’t control.

He took out the stethoscope from his ears and put it back in his bag and began to write out a prescription and asked if there was someone who could pick it up for me from the local pharmacy to which I responded "no" so he made a quick call and arranged for them to deliver it.

My dressing gown remained open the whole time we were talking and he’s eyes would glance at my chest, I could notice his eyes following my snail trail down towards my manhood, he must have been getting horny as he started to bite his lip ever so subtly.

I looked at him eyeing every inch of my body even in this condition he was obviously still attracted to me and was possibly wanting me, in my own house and in my bed. I thought to myself do I make a move or a better question was do I have the energy to participate in any sexual acts?

I swung my legs round off the edge of the bed ready to stand and see the DR out, he helped me up placing his muscular arm underneath mine, as he lifted me I could feel his bulging biceps tense they were like rocks, I just wanted to grab them and squeeze, lick and kiss why he flexed.

I eventually got up orientating myself as to not loose balance, and fall down. Thanking him for his help I slowly made my way towards the door. Looking behind me I noticed the DR wasn’t following I went back to investigate and saw him bent over, his tight trousers bulging at me his bum staring me right in the face, I just wanted to squeeze it.

As I moved closer his bum drawing me in I couldn’t help lick my lips and become aroused at this gorgeous bum being flashed in my direction. I see him slightly moving like he was laughing it wasn’t until I looked to the side and saw his face looking at me in the wall length mirror that it clicked he was doing all this intentionally.

I was beginning to get more flush at him spotting me in the mirror looking at his posterior and liking what I saw, he stood up his back to me, and reached his hand around aiming to grab my junk which was now poking through my dressing gown.

As he slowly started to wank me off, I just felt the electricity surging through my body convulsing at his touch, my body aching for him, longing for him to be deep inside. As I started to groan he’s rhythm began to get faster and faster.

I undid my robe exposing my full naked body allowing it to fall to the floor behind me, he saw my reflection in the mirror and turned round and with his other hand he placed it into the small of my back and began to stroke up and down bringing his body in closer to mine.

I reached down and began to stroke his now raging member over the top of his trousers slowly squeezing any existing pre-cum to the tip milking it out making him sticky. Getting him hornier, he began to kiss my neck all the way up to my ears.

Leaning back, I exposed all of my neck to him hinting to him that this was something I enjoyed as he moved across from one ear lobe down to my jaw bone following it all along to the other side and down my neck.

I slowly unzipped his trousers and reached in and pulled his beast through his boxers and out of his trousers exposing most of his length. The precum dripping from the tip of his japs eye glistening in the low light.

He lowered his hand onto my buttocks and roughly started to squeeze it in his hand getting as much of a handful as possible.

I pulled away from his clasp moving to in front of the mirror and positioned him on his knees on the bed facing it so he could see himself and so he could watch me as I began to suck his throbbing member, taking as much as I could into my mouth.

He began to undo his shirt exposing his slightly hairy chest and ripped body each of his abs hard with such definition. He threw his shirt onto the floor not caring where it landed and began unzipping his trousers so that he had more freedom to move.

I pulled away allowing him the time to remove his trousers but gave him a look that begged him to keep his boxers on and leave his member poking through it. He got back into position and placed his hand onto the back of my head and I proceeded to tweak at his nipple while I took his meat deep into my mouth.

I didn’t need much more encouragement from him to get back to what I was doing, I was happy there just as I’m sure he was me being there. Groans began to come from the pits of his diaphragm as he watched my hole become more exposed in the mirrors reflection.

I lapped up all the precum that his big cock was willing to offer me, the sweet taste hitting the back of my throat, slowly trickling down the back, not wanting to waste a drop I made sure I swallowed regularly.

He retracted his cock from my mouth, brought me onto the bed pushed me onto my back, laid on top of me, and proceeded to kiss me passionately, pressing our bodies together the heat between us was just intense as we began to sweat slightly, perspiration oozing from our bodies.

I bent over exposing my hole to him inviting him to take a lick at it, to get his tongue inside as deep as it will go before finally inseminating me with his hot thick fluid.

As he begins to work on my G-spot with his tongue I can’t help but just collapse in front of him in excitement. I brought myself back to my knees ready for him again as he started to stroke my aching, wet, dripping member. He Matched my stroking with the flickering of his tongue bringing me to a such intense climax.

He slowly started to introduce one of his fingers into me, I looked at him in the mirror adjacent to me, watching as he buries he is face deep into my ass. I try looking back at him wanting to kiss him to which he notices and approached me.

As he leans in to kiss me, I feel his junk pressing against me wiping his precum against my cheeks making my bum so wet and sticky.

I reached my hand around the back of me so that I am holding onto the back of his head, bringing him in closer so our faces are intertwined, his tongue inside my mouth massaging it just felt so nice and in response to this stimulation I used mine to intertwine it more getting our tongues into a knot.

We pulled apart and he went back down on my tight hole spitting on it to lubricate it some more before reinserting his finger and slowly introducing another.

As he slowly started stimulating my prostate I could feel myself getting ever so close to climaxing but I wasn’t ready for it yet, I wanted this to go on for some time.

I dropped my head into the pillow but raised my ass into the air some more, he had me at hello but I managed to keep my composure so far, letting loud groans into the pillows as he really went to town on me.

I felt him spit a few more times on my hole and then again but this time I didn’t feel the wetness, I looked back in wonder and saw him rubbing his saliva into his own cock.

I could feel him preparing his cock at my entrance slowly rubbing himself against my tight pink hole, slowly just putting in his tip and then retracting.

After a moment of him doing this he then proceeded to insert more of his length inside me the pressure building inside me, stretching my hole wide to accommodate his thick member.

I took a couple of breaths in between to try and loosen myself up and relax allowing it to enter me without causing any friction or burning sensation.

As he started to pound harder into me, one hand on my shoulder and the other pulling on the side of my hip, I could not help but groan quietly at first but getting louder and louder with every sharp deep thrust that he forced into me.

I began to match his rhythm making it more and more intense for us both the sound of his balls banging against me skin made me hornier.

Just as I was close to climaxing he stopped.

He turned me around so that we were both parallel to the mirror and I was on my back, my legs spread and pushed back behind me as far as they would go so we could both watch in the mirror as he fucked me.

As he entered me again my hole having to re-adjust to the size of his member we both watched in the mirror at how our faces reacted to the stimulation.

He started off slow again pushing down on my abs as he went then began stroking them and running his fingers over them, teasing them, making me tense more with excitement as I saw him starting to get ever close to climax I started to tweak at his nipple twisting them hard and tugging at them like they were just a piece of meat.

He tilted his head back in excitement and opened his mouth wide letting out groans of ecstasy, I started to wank myself off my excitement building I just wanted to shoot now but also wanted this sensation to last forever.

As I was getting closer my speed began to grow wanking myself harder and faster, reaching down and playing with my balls stroking them getting whilst simultaneously massage my perineal area, all this pleasure was just too much for me and as I was about to climax I aimed for his chest and shot my load high into the air hitting his chest hair and just underneath his chin.

A fountain of cum shooting out from my throbbing cock only got the DR more excited and brought him closer to climaxing too, so he pulled out of me straddled my face and hovered above my head and started wanking high above me.

I sat up so I could lick his scrotum taking each ball into my mouth one at a time my cock still throbbing from all this excitement as he started to groan more I pulled away but continued to play with his balls, licking his shaft as his cock began to pulsate.

He shot his load all over my face and into my mouth nearly covering it all in his cum alone. He obviously hadn’t wanked in days as there was just so much cum to come out of him and the last shots came out I could feel his legs tremble and become all jellified.

I swallowed any load that hit my mouth with great pleasure savouring his sweet and salty taste embracing it as it slid down the back of my throat.

I looked into the mirror at the mess that he had made all over my face and was just so overwhelmed at the amount of it.

We quickly cleaned up and just laid in bed next to each other. I laid into his chest running my fingers through his stubbly hairs and listened to his heart beating fast…

Gay Stories

Sun, 16 Jul 2017 09:23:40 UTC

my brother

This story is about my gay sex with my cousin brother.
It was my habit while sleeping I used to play with my ass , putting my hand inside my pants behind, and
then smelling the ass smell.I loved my smell.Actually my ass looks very beautiful with a mole on it.
I used to sleep with my brother in a separate room , and while he used to sleep I use to tickle my ass,
bringing down my pants.One day when I was sleeping suddenly I felt his hands trying to go inside my
pants. I acted as if I was in deep sleep.I dont know what he was searching for.
The next day he crossed the limits ,while I was lying on my stomach my ass facing the ceiling fan and
he was talking to me, he put his hands over my ass touching it and keeping his hands there.I asked him
to remove his hands but he said what is your problem, u sleep.I told hi again to remove but he replied
the same. Then I threatened him that i will tell the elders he removed his hands.I dont know why he did
this but think may be he saw me playing with my ass earlier.

Then after that day I never spoke to him for 2-3 days. But something was inside me which wanted him to
do ………

One day I went to sleep with him not wearing the under wear only the pants.After lying down for
sometime I told him today is very hot and humid so I am wearing only the pants without Chaddi.He said
thats good,and seemed happy.
After sometime I turned and was lying on bed on my stomach wanting him to do something.And he did the
same ,slowly he kept his hands over my ass. We were like that about 15 mins both not talking,suddenly
he slipped his hands under my pants touching my ass (I loosen my pants).
My heart beat increased , I asked him wat do u want. He was silent.I again asked do u want to smell me.
No reply. Do you want to tickle me. He smiled.
I asked him to remove my pants. He said u do it.
I removed my pants,then I asked him to tickle my ass slowly.He was master in that. I put my finger in
my ass and kept it over his nose .He went mad sniffing it and licking it.
He did lots of tickling that day.I had never imagined this can happen to me.

Second day I felt awkward to go and sleep with him.But then I saw he was in deep sleep.I lied down
beside him. After a long restlessness i shook him awake asking hi to do some gudgudi (tickling on my
ass) and he responded lazily , by keeping his hands slowly on my ass, tickling and fingering it from
above the pants,suddenly thrusting inside his hands inside my pants and again under the pants lazily he
will finger me ,again suddenly he will aggressively pull down my pants as something was obstructing
him, and start his lazy process again.All the time I will be smiling and enjoying his playfullness with
my ass.

see u again


Gay Stories

Fri, 08 Jul 2016 18:39:54 UTC

Doctor and Physical

The clock struck one……..

This was it, my appointment time had arrived and as I sat there waiting eagerly in the doctors waiting room

I could feel the hairs on my arm start to rise, my stomach getting the feeling like it’s all tied in knots,

I just wanted to get in there to see him, my doctor was fresh out of med school he was young, tall dark hair and had the most piercing hazel/grey eyes that you can ever imagine.

When he just looked at you, you couldn’t help but just melt as he gives you that smile.

He comes out and calls my name, and I follow him into his office, he closes the door behind me as tells me to take a seat.

"What seems to be the problem today?" he says staring directly into my eyes,

It was like he was looking right into my soul,

I then shudder as I have flashing images of him taking me over his desk there and then I take a big gulp and proceed to describe my symptoms.

He tells me to hop up on the bed and remove my shirt so he can check me over,

I hop onto the bed and he tells me to remove my shirt,

I started slowly undoing my buttons which felt like forever and after the 3rd one I look up to him and catch his eyes watching me intensely.

I wondered to myself "is he enjoying this?" He’s eyes then caught mine as I reached the last button and proceeded to take my shirt of revealing my ripped abs and defined torso.

He takes his stethoscope to warm it up before placing it on my chest but as he moved into placing it on my chest his finger brush past my nipple, wow his smooth fingers just caressed the tip making my body just wants to scream with ecstasy.

He makes me lie on the bed to make me more comfortable, I place my hands above my head to expose my full chest and so he can accurately listen to my chest.

He places his other end in his ears and places the other end of my chest I stare at him intrigued wondering what he was then thinking about at that moment in time, as I then start to look at his lips I began to sense my pulse beginning to race, my heart just starts to feel like its beating out of my chest.

Surely he must hear that my heart is beating a lot faster, just as i thought it feel his hands start to move up my chest, across my clavicle, just the tip of his fingers barely touching, up along my biceps and along my forearm, it was just a gentle caress, he probably wasn’t even aware he was doing it he was that soft.

He reaches for my wrist and brings it to my side, he’s fingers reaching around then he rests them there checking my pulse to ensure it was as accurate as when he was listening to it through his stethoscope.

He looks at my chest to check my breathing why he also checks my pulse this is also quite rapid because he is just so dam hot!

He looks at me and tells me that I need to take deep breaths to control my breathing as it was a bit too fast, so I look away from him close my eyes and block him from my mind, just until , my breathing and pulse rate decrease at least.

He then brings to run his hands across my stomach pressing on it to check for any signs of tenderness, I lay there just feeling his smooth fingers as they glide across my skin, if he’s hands and fingers were this soft I wondered how the rest of his body felt.

He asks me to drop my trousers to my knees and pull my underwear down to my knees also and turn onto my side with my knees to my chin, at first i thought was dreaming and I would snap out of it at any second, I thought that my mind was working overtime, but no he had just actually asked me to do that.

I do as I’m told and layed on my side facing away from him with my trousers down and knees up, he proceeded to run his fingers down each of my vertebrae getting lower to my buttocks, wow my mind was really going into overdrive now, it was like the start of one of my fantasies.

He was only a couple of fingers away from the top of my buttocks when he stopped, I just stopped and felt like I couldn’t breathe, I just felt like I wanted to have him in my arms, on this bed, in this office and I didn’t care how but I was going to make this happen.

I hear the sound of a lid pop and the sound of rubber being stretched behind me, before I felt his breath against my ear and him say "this will be very cold, but I want you to relax, can you do that for me?" I lie there speechless, the warmth of his breath just blowing into my ears, giving me goose bumps all down my arm.

He spread my cheeks apart and placed a finger at the entrance of my hole, he asks me to take a deep breath in to which I agree and with that he slipped in two fingers, I could feel them forcing their way through me, reaching for my sweet spot, this was one part of the examination I wasn’t going to forget in a hurry!

After a few minutes, massaging my prostate I began to get aroused, I tried to subtly tried to move my hand across my genitals as to hide my shame at how hard I was getting and how turned on i was getting at a part of him being inside me, granted it wasn’t the part of his anatomy I had hoped but it was still a part of him.

He must have already noticed because he reached for my hand and moved it away so that he could see the effect he was having on my body was he getting off on watching my cock growing before his eyes and start to throb on his table where he had performed many of these before.

I think he was because he then turned me so I was flat on my back, his eyes fixated on my throbbing boner which he had just given me, he then took off his gloves placing them in the bin and reached around to my testicles and started to massage them with his right hand why his left started stroking the head.

Electricity ran through the whole of my body, his touch just making me charge, my muscles tensing with every touch, he removed his white coat and placed it over the curtain, rolled up his sleeves, loosened his tie and undid tis top 2 buttons and then, he went down on me, his lips closing around my throbbing head, he works his way down my shaft and backup again, reaching to the top and I hear him slurp up all the excess saliva, precum and then swallow it, he looks at me with his big hazel/grey eyes to see if I am paying attention and lets out a smirk.

He must be loving the taste of my cock, he was lapping it up so hard I thought he was going to rip it off, his speed was increasing, he was really getting into it as was I, this had always been a fantasy of mine since the moment our eyes first met, I wanted him and I was also curious if he wanted me too.

I reach for the belt on his trousers and start to undo it so I could reciprocate the favor, I drop his trousers and tight boxers in one big swoop the sexual chemistry between us was just so intense it was like it was now or never moment and I just wanted him inside me, his bare cut cock pounding away at my arse, his balls making the slapping sound as they banged into my cheeks.

I pull him closer and start guzzling away on his averaged sized cut cock, mmm the precum was just so warm, his cock just pulsating in my mouth, I could hear him beginning to gag on my throbbing errection as it hits the back of his throat, trying to take as much of me as he can.

He stops and pulls away, reaching for the already open tube of lube rubbing it all over his cock and places some on his fingers, pushing his fingers inside me again ensuring that I’m wet and lubed and ready for me to take him.

He turns me over, and climbs onto the bed bringing me onto all fours, places his cock at the right height and thrusts himself into me, letting off a groan as he enters me.

I sit up so that my bum falls into his lap making him deeper inside me, he reaches around and starts to stroke my lubricated cock why he continues to thrust, I feel his lips kissing just below my earlobe his other hand around my neck holding my head up and not being able to move it.

He reaches down rubbing his fingers through the hairs on my chest stroking each follicle I could feel the sweat building up between us, as our bodies entwine and embrace each other, reaching for my nipple, he gives it a tweak between his fingers, my legs begin to quiver and shaked with excitement and anticipation.

His cock rubbing my prostate with every thrust making me want to shoot my load, I feel it building up inside me and pant harder the closer I get, I let out a big groan as I just let my load fall from my cock all over his fingers, covering them with my hot sticky liquid, as he watches me cumming he gets more aroused, making him get deeper, I push back and move forward so he is close to coming out of me and then push back into him so he’s deep inside again.

I done this a couple of times before he grunts and groans and loses control and his only option is to cum inside me, he reaches for my neck again as he is just about to shoot, kissing me from behind, the passion intensifying.

He shoots his load deep inside, his ejaculatory muscle throbbing to each squirt the he deposits inside of me, we both sit on the edge of the bed and just kiss until our breathing returns to normal, we pull apart and continued to get dressed, his cum still inside me I pull up my underwear, button up my shirt and sort out my hair as not to look suspicious when I walk out of his room.

I walk out of his room thanking him for his time and walked home…… I never did get a diagnosis of why I went to see him, but the treatment I got was a lot better than any pills or medicine he could have prescribed.

Gay Stories

Sun, 16 Jul 2017 09:19:03 UTC

mera pehla crossdresser sex

Helloo friends .. Meina crossdressing ki bahut storries pdi h aur mein bhi ek crossdresser hu….. Toh mera man kiya ki mein bhi apni ek story share karu aap sab ke sath ummed krti hu apko pasand aaige aur koi galti ho to maf kr dena…. Aur ye story bilkul sachi h aur meri apni h toh pehla mein apna introduction de du….. Mera nam priya h aur mein jammu n kashmir ki rehna wali hu…. Aur story shuru krne pehla bta du ki ye bat abhi se 4 saal pehla ki h jab m 10th m padti thi.. .. Toh m ab story shuru krti hu… … Jaise ki maine apko btaya ye bat 4 saal purane h…. Jab mein pehli bar crossdressing sex se judi….. Us waqt mujhe sex m kuch pta ni tha aur na hi itna interest tha…. Bas skol jna aur khelna… Bas yhi… 10th m reproduction ek chapter sex ka related .. Toh usse thoda smja meina. Aur cd ka bare toh kuch pta ni tha…. February mahine ki bat h…. Mera ek bhaiya h unka nam shubham hein… (unki age us waqt 23 thi) aur vo dukan pe kam krte the delhi m study krke aaithe…. Bahut smart pure white aur sexy body…. To vo ek bar hmare ghar aai vo kuch kam aye the to hmare ghr ruk gye us din.. Mein pehla bhi unse mil chuki bahut bar… Vo hmare ghr aai mujse mile .. Bole.. Pankaj (jo mera real name and mera cd name h priya) …. Kya hal h meina kha theek hu ap btao.. Aur thode padai ke bare m bat ki… Aur phir ghr walo se bate krne lge aur mein khelni chale gyi…. Sham ko ghr aai to pta chla aj vo yhi rukage…. Aur hmara ghr itna bda ni tha toh unko mera sath sona tha….. Mera room mein….. Mujhe thoda ajeeb lga par kya karna tha bhaiya the .. Phir humne dinner kiyaa aur mein jake soo gya vo mom dad se bate kr rhe the… Vo bad m aai aur soo gye mein pehla soo gye the…. Bas yhi rat thi ki m crossdressing m interested ho gye hu…… Rat ko 1 baj rha tha…. Mujhe asa lga jaise koi mujhe piche se touch kr rha h toh meri us shed shad se neend khul gyi….. Par meina koi reaction nhi kiya…. Toh mujhe lga ki bhaiya mujhe piche se touch kr rha h…. Ar rub kr rha h…. Unhone ek tang meri uper chada se.. Aur unko jo dick tha vo meri ass pe sidha lag rha tha…. Aur mujhe us waqt bahut acha feel hua…. Matlab jaise bahut maze aa rha ho…. Isliya meina kuch nhi kha…. Aur chup chup leti rhi…. Aur thode dar bad unhone meri trouser niche krne lge… Us waqr mujhe dar sa lag meina socha pta ni kya krega.. Toh meina hath se aage dmse apna trouser pakad liya tight kr diyaaa… Unhe shyd pta chl gya ki m uth gyi thi.. Toh unho ne mujhe phir shod diyaa aur soo gye mujhe to neend aai ni mein soch rhi thi ki khud piche kru apni ass par meina socha nhi… Par mujhe kuch shi ni lga…. Ar phir m b so gya .. Subah utha to vo uth ka tyar ho gye the jane ka liyaa mujhe bahar jane m bahut sharm aa rhi thi .. Phir m aankhe niche krke nikl gyi ar unhone b mujhe ni bulaya.. Shyd vo dar gye thi ki khi m kisi ko bta na du… Par mein btati b to kyaa mujhe khud kuch smj ni aa ri thi ki hua kyaa… Toh vo bhaiya us din chale apne ghr… Ar mein puri rat sochte rhti ki mujhe kya ho gya tha jab unko dick mera ass se touch ho rha tha…. .. Kuch din yhi sochte rhi phir 1 month bad mujhe inna yad ni rha… Par meri kismat m likha tha crossdresser banna…. Toh vo to hona hi tha….. May m summer vacation pdi….. Aur papa bolte ki ja apni buji ka ghr reh aa kuch din… (mera papa ki sis)… Toh mera man achacnak bhaiya ka khayal aa gya ….. Phir socha kya karu jau ya nhi… Kyuki bhauya to vha milne hi the…. Phir socha chli jati hu… Ar nexy unke ghr chle gye… Aur unke ghr paunchte hi sabko nameste kiya… Ar sab mujhe bahut pyar krte the kyu m sabse shota tha uswaqt aur bahut pyara bhi tha…. .. Tih bhaiya nhi dikh rha to mena buji se pucha vo kha h to unhone btaya kam pe gye h… Mena kha acha.. Aur khana khaya… Aur t. V dekhna lga.. Aur bhaiya aai meri himmat ni pad ri dekhne par mena namste bola… Bdi himmat se aur unhine smile ki aur pucha kaise ho… Mena kha theek hu ap sunao ….. Unhine kha m b theek…. Phir vo chale gye khana khane… Buji ne kha… Tum bhaiya ki room m so jao .. Sunke jaise mujhe attack sa aa gya…. Aur andr se khushi bhi… Hui… Ki aj shyd phir vohi hoga…. Phir mena kha theek h aur mein room m jake soo gya…. Aur khana vana kha ke aai.. Thode dar bad… Mein to unko hi intezar kr ri thi.. Bas sona ka natak kiya tha…. Vi aaye aur let gye.. Mujhe pta tha vo kuch krega.. Aur is bar unki himmat bhi bd gye thi…. Last time se… To kuch dar bad…. Vo mera bilkul pas aaye aur… Mera uper ek baju aur ek tamg chada di…. Meina thoda kamp si gyi….. Aur shyd unhe pta tha ki mein sone ka natak kr rhi hu…. Isliya unhone koi reaction nhi kiya aur… Mera uper hi chad gye…. Phir meri ass se apna lun touch krne lge…. … Mujhe phir vohi feeling aane lge… Aur maze lena lgi m….. Thode sar bad unhone khas se daba liya mujhe… Meina socha ab kya karu… Toh mein thoda hili.. Mera hilna par vo thoda piche hue…. Aur alag ho gye…. Ab aage ki galti meri thi… Mujse rha nhi gya….. Meina apne ass khud hi kuch der unka dick touch kr di aur vhi ruk gyi…. Phir unhe lga ki shyd ab mein mood m hu… Aur phir unho pehla word kha mujse….. KAISA LAG RHA…….. Mena dhere se kha ACHA….. bhaiya ne mujhe apni taraf kar liyaa…. Meri to aankhe niche thi… Vo mera lips ko chipak gye…. Mujhe kuch ajeez sa lga…. Aur dur jane ki koshish ki par…. Vo to pura zor lga chuke thi… Unhone ne mera lips pure juicy kr diya…. Phir thoda maza aane lga….. Jab m dhile pad gye to vo smj gye ki.. Ab kam ban gye…. Aur phir kissing m b apne lips ghumane lgi…. Aur unhone mujhe tightly hug kr liyaa daba liyaa aur mena b apne se pura zor lgaya phir vohi rubbing aage se hi…. Zor zor se….. .. Thode dar bad… Unhone mujhe shod diya…. Mein to bas unhe dekh ni pa ri thi .. Phir vo bole kaisa lga tujhe.. Meina pehla chup rhi vo phir vole bta na… Mena kha. Acha.. Aur phir unhone kha….. Ye ek game h…. Tu khelage… Bahut maza ata h…. Uswaqt mein hosh ni thi… Kyi maza to bahut aya tha… Mena kha theek h… Par kya krte h isme bas itna hi.. Bhaiya bole nhi…. Abhi bahut kuch h…. Ruk mein ata hu… Bhaiya gye aur laptop le aai… Mujhe blue film dikhane lge….. Mena first time b. F dekhi us din….. Aur ap soch skte jab first koi blue film dekhta h to kya feel hota h… Bas mujhe to bahut horny lgne lg….. Usme pehla kissing sucking aur phir dick dekha us boy ka jo film m bahut bda the aur mera shota sa… Meina socha… Ue kya h.. Vo ladki use suck kr ri thi… Toh mena puch liya ye kya h…. Vo bole ye vhi game khel rha h… Kaise lag rhi…. Meina socha ab kya btau… Kaise lg ri h….. Hosh bekabu ho rha tha…. Mena kha achi hi… Toh phir vo bole tu aur mein b khelaga ye game…. Phir mena kha par kaise ye ladki h…. Vo bole koi bat tu….. Tu b ban jiage… Pta ni kyu ladki banne ki bat mujhe bahut achi lgi… Mena socha try krna chacia…. Aur waqt to bhooy sawaar tha sex…. To vo bole theek h….. Kal mein tujhe laa dunga sab kuch tu rat ko ready ho jna…. To phir hum so gye agle di subah m bahut late uthe kyuki late soya tha aur uthte hi dekha ki bhaiya chle gye h.. Meri man to bas vo aag thod rhi thi… Aur wait kr rhi thi bhaiya ka…. Duphar ko vo aa khana khie…. Toh mein bahr tha… Unhine mujhe andr bulaya…. Mein gya…. Room to dekha…. Vo ek suit bra panty aur make uo ka samaan lie the… Unhone kha use sambhal ke rakhna shupa ke…. Meina rakh aur vo chale.. Gye… Mera sa wait ni ho rha tha…. Sachiiiii….. Jaise hi rat hui humne khana khaya….. 9 bj gye… Sab sone ja rhe the…. Ar tabhi bhaiya… Aai ar bole aj bahut kam tha…. Buji mujhe boli tu ja soo ja ye aa jiaga. Khana kha kr mena kha theek h… Ar mein room m chala gya.. Ar bhaiya ka intezar krne lgaa thode dar bad bhaiya aaye aur unho me pehla darwaza band kiya…. Light on kre….. Aur mujhe bola…. Uth ja rani….. Mujhe sunke harani lgi… Mena bola kon… Bole tu aur kon….. Mena kha kaise… Bole abhi pta chl jiaga…. Aur kha vo samaan nikal… Mena.. Nikalta… Toh usme ek suit tha… Red color tha ek bra ek panty white color ki… Air nail polish lipstick .. Aur magnetic jhumke aur chudiyan.. Mena kha ye sab kya karna h…. Bole tera liya h… Tyar ho ja…. Mein andr se itne khush hui ki koi thikana hi nhi….. Kasam se… Mein mirror ka samne gyi…. Saman liya…. Aur khdi ho gyi… Aur mein pehli bar crossdressing krne wali thi… Koi experience nih mujhe… Mena pehla apne kapde utare.. .. Aur nude doo gya… Bahiya ko mena bahr bhej diya tha…. Vo bole theek h jldi krna… Pehla mena panty dali.. Ar dekha kaise lg ri…. Bilkul tite aur meri ass ki size 34 tha ab to 36…sheesha m dekha to ass bikul fit aa rhi thi… Phir mena braa lgie par mujse lag ni rhi thi… Phir utar ke dekha… Ki isme hook h… Phir hook phasi bdi muskil se ar socha girls pta ni kaise krti h … Phir salwar lgir aur dekha do sponge balks mena socha kya h… Phir mena socha puch lu… Toh yad aya ise bra m dalna h fit krne ka liya to vo dal diye.. Phir ksmeez lgie… To ab to 70 %, ladki ban gyi thi…. Phir mena nail polish lgaya… Phir lipstick.. Vaoooooo mirror m dekha to bahut sexy ho gye the lips….. Phir jhumke lgie n last m churiya…. Phir vig dekhi… Par mujhe lgana ni aai toh mena socha khud lgiege phir mena darwaza khol diyaa…. Vo dekhte hi hairan ho gue….. Mena kha kya hua…. Bole kon h ye pari…. Mena kha bas….. Ab ye lo ise lgao mujse lag ni rha.. Toh unho ne lgaya… Phir m dupatte leka gyi Mirror ka samne…. Kya btau kya lag ri thi….. Nachme lgi… M… Bhaiya bole… Maza aa ma…. Tu ladki hi h….. Mena kha ha.. Bahut acha feel horha h… To bhaiya ne pocket se ice cream nikale…. Mena kha… Mera liya h…. Vo haan pad abhi nhi bad m… Phir bole chal ab bed pe…. Mein chalo gyii… Phir sochne lgi kya kya hoga….. …. .. Itne m bhaiya aa gye bole…. Tu pankan nhi priya h… Shyd unki g. F ka nam tha….. Mena kha theek h…. Aur laptop mei ek b. F lga di….. Bas usko dekh dekh ke apna romance bhi shuru ho gya.. Vo mera pas bole i love you priya…. Aur shyd unhone pee hui thi mujhe asa lga par mein boli nhi….. Mein chup rhi…. Vo bole bol…. Meina kha kya…. Bole i love you….. Meia b bol diya… I love you….. Bas.. Phir… Bhaiya… Ne.. Mera duphata hatya… Aur mera lips ko chusna lge….. Vaoooooo mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh …. Lambi kissing.. Smooch….. Mer i kissing fav. H…. Mena b pura sath diya…. Phir unho mera lios shod diya….. Aur sedka gla pe chale.. Gye…… Mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh…. Priiya…. Aahhhhhahhhhh aaahhhhhh merako to yeh ho rha lips pd inna pr gla m pta ni m machlne lge….. Jaise fish machlti h na vaise….. Meina unko sir pakad liya… Zorse…. Hug kr diya……. Mujhe lita diya…… Ar kissing mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mena aahe bharne lge…. Vo i love you bhaiya bol ri thi…. Aur unhone ek hath mera boobs ko daba rha rhe…. Phir mujhe bithaya aur meri kameez utaru di ar apni shirt b…… Phir.. Bas shuru ho gye. Mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh… Meri back ko ruk krne lge mujhe maza aa rha tha….. Phir unhone hook khol di….. Aur bra nikal di…. Aur mera shote boobs ki bari…. Pehla to vo kissing kr rhe the… Mujhe bahut acha lag rha…. Par jaise hi unhone bite kiya mera nipple ko m to uth gyi dard ke mare… Hai raabba…..aaahhhhhhhhhhh. Bole kya hua… Mha dardd hui…. Bole kuch ni h…… Tu let ja…. Phir vo sucking krne lge ar mujhe maza aane lga…. Meina socha aj pta ni kya hoga….. .. Mari gye….. Bhaiya ne phir bite krna shuru pehla sucking phir bite… Mujhe dard ka sath sath maza aa rha tha….. Mein to bas aahhhhh ahhhhh.. Ki awaaz nikal rhi thi…. Mauka m unhone meri salwar khol di mujhe pta b ni chala…. Ar meri ass pe hath pherna lge…. Ar hole pe touch krne lge…. Mujhe to double maza aane lga…… Mena bole bhaiya i love you…… Shadi krega hum…. Vo bole.. Ha abhi krega… Priya….. Haii rabaa.. Bahut maza aa rha tha…. Phir… Unho ne mujhe nude kr diya….. Sirf panty…. M us waqt bahut grm thi…. Bs jaisa vo lr rhe the m sath sath….. Mujhe apne chest sucking krne ko kha… M b pagalo ki para pad gyi… Mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh mmmmmuuuaaaaaaaabahahhhhhh … Ar bite… Vo bole aaram. Se….. Ar hasne lge….Meina… Pura maza lena lgi…… Unhone ne apna hath meri panty m dal diya hole pe… Ghumne lge…. Meim aur garm hone lge…. Aur umke nipples chusne lge…. Aur phir unhine thook lgaya.. Aur phir ghumne lga.. Mujhe pta ni kya ho rha h… Bhaiya.. Ne dusre hath mujhe aone aur kheech aur mujhe kissing krne lga aur muh ba s mera band hi kr diya….. Mein b pura maza lena lgi…. Aur bas mauka dekhte hi unhone… Meri ass m ungli dal di…. Aai haiii vo. Dard kisi btau m…. Par kissing m vo dard shup gya… Arein ni bole kuch phir… Bhaiya ungli andr bahr krne lga aaram se…. 5 min hui meri ass ki speed apne aap hi bad gyi…. Aur aur bhaiya smj gye… Aj baby tyar h….. Firing ka liya….. Aur… Ungli bahr ki.. Aur… Mujse…. Bole ki baith ja meina baith gyi…. Bhaiya ne apna lund mer hath m diya…. Bola nikal mena nikala…. Bolne lge… Kiss kr.. Mena kha ni isko ni….. Vo bole sirf kiss…… Ek kiss to mera unke top ek kiss ki… Top pe…. Bahut soft tha lips se bhi soft… Andr se mera man to khane kha kar gya tha… Par…. Thoda drama to krna tha phir bole ye… Bahut tasty hota h chus isko… Mgaa ni .. Phir unhone ice-cream nikle aur lun pe lga di mena kha ye kya kiya… Bole ab to tu khiege isko….. Haiii rabbaa…. Meim jannat mein thi us din….. Meima… Unka topa muh m le liya…. Vaoooooooooo kyaaa tastyyyyyyyyyyy tha…… Kasmam…. Se…. Mujhe uska lad dick se pyar ho gya tha…… Bas chuste rhu…… Mena sari ice-cream chat li phir mena…. Bola bas … Bole nhi.. Abhi isko muh me le… Mena bahut mna kiya par nhi mane…. Aur mena bas jaise hi topa muh m lena ka liya muh kiya mera muh pakad ke.. Andr dal diya….. Meri saas ruk gyi…. Aur… Thoda ghabra gyi….. .. Bhaiya nhi ruke.. Aur…. Bas mera mouth fuvk krne lge… Mein bas dekhne rhi… Bas thode dar bad… Thoda maza aane lga mena muh hilane lge toh bhiaya ne pressure kam kr diya… .. Mein ab khid hi chusme lgi…. Phir.. Bahiya ne… Mujhe ulta kiya….. Aur… Meri ass pe lun rakh diya….. .. Ar teel dala…. Pehla mein josh m thi… Mena kha bhiaya dal please……. Bhaiya bole achaaa rani…… Unhone ne ek dakka… Diya. Lund aadha andr. Pura zor lga gye thi…. Mummy kasm.. Yrrr.. Meri jaan nikl gyi aur mein bhange lgii… Aur bolne lgi nhi nikalo bahut dard ho rha…. Aaahhhhhh aaaaahhhhhh ahhhhhha ahhhhhh…. Par bhiaya ab garm the toh unko laga m bhag rhi to uper hi chad gye aur pura zor lgaya tha par lung 75 % hi andr gya tha mein roni wali ho gye unhine ni dekha…. Bas… Uper chade rhe ho kissing start…. Koi 3 min bad.. Bhaiya thoda pivje ar ek ar jhatka…. Is bar to dard sedha mera gla tak aa paunch mena socha mar gyi aj…. Jaise kaise bas sehan kr ri thi….. Aur chekkaa… Aaaaahhhh please mat kroo please….. Koi 5 min bad shud lun set ho gya tha bhaya dakke marne lge.. Aaram se…. Ek bar pura nikala phir dala phir mujhe dard nhi hua….. … Itna… 10 kin bad mujhe maza aane pta ni kyu dard khayab ho gya…. Ar mein sochne lgi ki kya ye sab hota h… Vaoooooooo…… Mein gand aage piche krne lge…. Bhaiya. .. Smj phir position m aaye doggy style.. Ar phir zor dar dhakke lag rhae. The aur meri awaaz.. Aaaaahhh ahhhh love you so much….. Aahhhh…. Koi 10 min bad…. Bhaiya ka kam hone wala. Tha bhaiya bahra niklaa ar mujhe lita diya…. Aur mera muh pe chad gye…. Mein mein mod me…. Kha fuck me bhaiya….. Mera muh m dal diya…. Kuch dar bad mera muh m kuch namkeen sa aaya… Ar pura muh gira diya….. ….. Bhaiya bole te mal h… Pee le…. Meina jitna muh m tha pee liya…. Baki ka… Muh pe lga… Tha… Phir ne uper hi soo gye kissing krte krte…… .. Mujhe bahut aya us din… Aur us din ka bad. Meina socha ab m ladki hi bnuge….. Ar m tabse ladki hi hu…….. …. ….. Friends agr story achi lgi to to place comment kre…. Aur agr koi mujse relationship krna chachta ho to comment m bta de…. Kyuki bhiaya ki shadi ho gye ab…… Ar m akeli hu…. Pichle ek saal se…… Apko story achi lge toh please comment kijiega

Gay Stories

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