Group Stories

My Daughters

Two Daughters
March 2001
The light was still on as I walked into the kitchen. I
sat down and looked at the papers, old photographs,
and envelopes scattered on the table. I thought back
to the time almost a year ago before my world changed
and fell apart and then came back together again. I
picked the envelope with Marla’s name on it. ‘For
Marla on her 16th birthday’ was printed on it.


August 2000

Like many couples today, my wife June and I work long
hours just to keep our house together. This would have
been even more difficult if we hadn’t managed to get
different shifts so that we didn’t have to pay for

My wife worked as an executive assistant from 8:30 AM
to 5:00 PM. I tested mainframe computers from 6:00 PM
to 2:30 AM. Good childcare in the Twin Cities is very
costly and if we had not been able to work different
shifts we would have slowly gone broke. That doesn’t
excuse what happened but it does explain how it

As I was saying, I get home about 3:00 in the morning
and my wife leaves at about 8:00. That means that I
have to at least try to be awake when she leaves so
that I can watch our daughter.

I was dead tired that morning when my wife June kissed
me goodbye. "Mark, try to get supper ready before you
leave tonight. I promised to take Becky shopping for
school clothes and if I have to cook, we’ll be pressed
for time."

"Sure thing, dear." My brain felt so fuzzy I didn’t
care what I agreed to.

Mornings tend to be pretty unstructured in our home so
Becky was still dressed in her usual cotton nightie
and panties. I was still in my under shorts and
bathrobe. I parked Becky in front of the television
and went to take a shower to try to wake up. It didn’t
work all that well. I wrapped a towel around my waist
after I was done and checked on Becky. The childrens’
shows on public TV still had her enthralled.

I lay down on my bed to catch forty winks. I didn’t
even bother dressing first. I was only going to sleep
for a half hour or so and then get on with my daily

One other side effect of my wife and I working
different shifts is that our sex life is almost non-
existent. Maybe that’s just another attempt to shift
the blame but I feel I ought to mention it.

Anyway, there I was spread out on my bed, with a towel
around my waist, sawing logs and having a very
pleasant erotic dream. My 8-year-old daughter was in
the living room watching Barney or some such cartoon
character. I had the normal male reaction to an erotic
dream. I ejaculated all over my belly. My nocturnal
emission could not have come at a more inopportune
time (pardon the pun). I shot my wad shortly after my
daughter came into my bedroom. Well actually I don’t
know how long she watched before I creamed all over my

My towel had come undone and was not covering any part
of my anatomy. My erect penis was lying on my belly
pointed directly at my chest. Becky watched me shoot
cum all the way to my chin. Most guys will tell you
that they wake up when they start to cum and that’s
just what I did. I woke up to see my innocent daughter
staring at my crotch as glob after glob of cum
splashed on my chest.

My first instinct was to yell at her to get out. I
fought that completely normal reaction and tried to
think how I could get her out of my room without
traumatizing her. She had seen me naked when she was a
couple years younger but 8-year-old girls should not
see their fathers cum. It was too late now.

"You should knock before you come into mommy and
daddy’s bedroom, Becky. You know that." I calmly
draped the towel over my rapidly deflating penis. "Is
there something you need, honey?"

"Could you make me a cheese sandwich, Daddy?" Becky
was looking at my cum drenched chest instead of my

"Why would you want to be a cheese sandwich? Don’t you
like being a little girl?"

This was one of our games. We both found it to be
extremely hilarious and this word play seemed like a
good way to remove the tension from the situation. It

Becky giggled. "I don’t want to make ME into a cheese
sandwich, Daddy, I want you to MAKE a cheese sandwich
for ME to EAT."

"Sure, honey. You go to the kitchen and put the bread
and cheese on the counter. I’ll be out in a minute."

I breathed a sight of relief as I watched her cute
little butt exit my room. That’s not how I should be
thinking of my own daughter. But that’s what I
remember thinking. I could see the lighter colored
shape of her panties under the thin cotton nightie. I
watched her hips sway girlishly as she walked to the
door. She turned when she got to the door. She stood
sideways for a second. One perky little nipple poked
at the front of her thin nightgown. My cock was
getting hard again.

"Hurry up, daddy. I’m getting hungry."

"Be there in a minute, dear."

I tried not to think about my reaction as I dressed.
Fathers are not supposed to get erections when they
look at their daughters.


Becky was sitting at the counter when I walked into
the kitchen. The kitchen was already hot from the
August sun streaming in through the sliding glass
doors that led to the patio. I sat on the stool next
to Becky and grabbed a couple slices of bread. "How
many slices of cheese, Becky?"

"Umm, two."

"Mayo or butter."



"Umm, no."

"Gopher guts?"

Becky giggled. "Daddy! We don’t have any gopher guts
for sandwiches!"

"I could go get some."

That brought another fit of giggling. I continued to
make the sandwich through all of this back and forth.
I handed her the sandwich and went to wash the dishes.
Becky seemed not at all traumatized by what had just
taken place.

Becky finished her sandwich and went to watch more TV.
I couldn’t let it rest, though. I followed her to the
living room. I sat on the couch next to her. Some
cartoon character was trying to teach Spanish words to
the audience. I muted the TV.

"Becky, I want to talk to you about what you saw in
the bedroom."

"O.K., Daddy."

Now that I had started this I wasn’t sure how to
proceed. I took a deep breath. I needed to keep this
low key and non-threatening. "Now, you know that your
supposed to knock before you come into my bedroom."

"Yes." She spoke very quietly.

"O.K. Tell me why you’re supposed to knock."

"Because you want to be in there alone?

"Yes. And I might not be dressed and want to dress
before you come in. Like today."

"I know, Daddy. I’m sorry."

I kissed her forehead. "I know you’re sorry. I just
wanted to be sure you understood." I took another
breath. "I also want to ask you to not mention this to
Mommy when she gets home."

"Why not?"

"Well, it was an accident but Mommy might not
understand how it happened. I should have been awake
and dressed when you walked in not asleep and

Becky shrugged. "O.K., Daddy."

I sighed with relief. I hadn’t realized how tense I
was until now."


"Yes, honey."

"What was that stuff that came out of your thing?"

That was one question I hadn’t expected. "Why do you
ask, honey?"

"Welllll." Becky seemed reluctant to tell me why she
wanted to know. I started to wonder if I had affected
her after all.

"You can tell me, Becky. I’ll be honest with you, if
you’re honest with me."

Now it was Becky’s turn to sigh. "O.K. Daddy, I’ll
tell you. Marla says that white stuff comes out her
Daddy’s thing when she touches it. I just wanted to
know if that’s the same stuff."

That set me back. Becky’s best friend Marla was
playing with her Dad’s penis and watching him cum.
Jack and I were friends. His wife Betty had died a
little over a year ago and Jack had gotten pretty
depressed but he seemed to be better lately.

I was their daughter Marla’s godfather. They had lived
right across the street from us since before our kids
were born. Our families had eaten at each other’s
table so many times I couldn’t count them. Betty and I
had had a short-lived affair before the kids came
along but our families’ friendship had survived even
that. Was Jack really molesting his daughter or rather
having his daughter molest him? I had to be really
careful here.

"Yes it is the same stuff. Just what did Marla tell

"Last year her Dad got sick after Marla’s Mom died. He
stayed home from work for a long time and Marla
watched T.V. with him. One day he took out his thing
and played with it until the white stuff came out. Her
Dad told her not to tell any one because he might get
into trouble. After that her Dad would play with his
thing every day while they watched T.V. Then one day
her asked her to play with it. The white stuff
squirted way up in the air and some landed in her
hair. Her Dad made her swear not to tell anyone. She
still plays with his thing almost every day."

"If she promised not to tell anyone why did she tell

Becky looked at me like I was dense. "Because Me and
are bestest friends. We tell each other everything."

"So you’ll tell Marla about what you saw today?"

Becky shrugged. "Maybe. We talk about a lot of stuff."

"Has Marla’s Dad asked her to do other things?"


"You can tell me, honey. I won’t tell anything that
should be a secret."

Becky sighed again. "He’s also touches her on her
chest and between her legs. And last month he told her
to put her mouth on his thing. The stuff squirted into
her mouth and she spit it out. She said it tasted
awful. Why would he ask her to put her mouth on his

"Well, honey, for most men it feels really good when
their girlfriends do that to them. I think it was
wrong of her Dad to ask her to do that, though. Does
it make Marla feel bad when her Dad makes her play
with him?"

"It did at first but now she says it makes her tingle.
Especially between her legs. She doesn’t know how she
feels about it."

"What have they taught you in school about this,

"The teachers said that if anybody touches you in your
private places you should tell somebody right away.
But Marla doesn’t want to tell anyone about her Dad.
She doesn’t want to get him into trouble."

I should have called Child Protection immediately. Why
didn’t I?

"Let me think about this for a bit. Could you invite
Marla over this afternoon? I’ll talk to her about it.
Maybe we can work something out."

"Sure. We were planning to go to the park this
afternoon. We’ll come over here first."

"Good, honey. All right, then, go get dressed and
let’s get the housework done."


The morning went by pretty quickly. I managed to work
side by side with Becky without once getting an
erection. Maybe I wasn’t a pervert.

I still hadn’t decided what to do about Jack. I
guessed I would wait to hear what Marla had to say.

Marla came over just before lunch. The girls were
dressed in flower-patterned halter-tops and denim
shorts. They looked almost like sisters.

I served the girls chicken soup and tuna salad
sandwiches while we chatted about inconsequential
things. After the dishes were washed and set in the
dish rack to dry, I cleared my throat.

"Marla, Becky told me some things today that I feel
you and I need to talk about."

"I know. She told me on the phone this morning."

"Are you willing to talk to me about your Dad?"

"I guess so. Dad told me not to tell anyone but you
already know so. why not?"

"Do you want Becky to be with us while we talk?"

Marla hesitated. "No. I’ll talk to you alone."
"Fair enough, Marla. Let’s go to the family room.
Becky, why don’t you play in your room for a while?
I’ll use the intercom to call you if Marla wants you
to come down stairs."

"O.K., Daddy. Come up and get me when you’re done

Marla sat on the couch and I sat in my rocking chair.
She was so short that her little legs stuck almost
straight out. I still didn’t know how to proceed. I
decided to get facts and hope something occurred to

"Tell me what your Dad wants you to do to him."

"Becky already told you. He has me take out his thing
and rub it up and down until he squirts his stuff."

Marla watched her feet intently as she kicked her legs
back and forth. I felt that Marla had more that she
wanted to say. "What else does your Dad make you do?"
I asked quietly.

"He makes me to put my mouth over it and have the
stuff squirt into my mouth, it tastes kind of yucky,
and he puts his hand on my boobs and on my cunny while
I do it makes me feel kind of weird but sometimes it
feels kind of nice.."

"Do you want him to stop?"

Marla kicked her legs up and down for a few seconds
while she looked down at her lap.

"Sometime he makes me do it when I don’t want to. Like
last night he came into my room while I was asleep. He
woke me up and made me do it to him. He didn’t even
call me Marla. He called me Betty. I think he thinks
that I’m Mom."

"I think you might be right Marla. The important thing
now is to decide what to do about it. I could talk to
your Dad and tell him to let you be if you’d like. I
could also take you to a social worker and they could
have you live with someone else for a while until your
Dad can get some help. Do you know what you want to

"I don’t want to go live with someone else, that’s for
sure. You talk to him first. Maybe he’ll stop."

"I’ll talk to him as soon as he gets home. You have my
word. You and Becky go play now. Come back here when
you’re done playing. Don’t go home first. Your Dad
might be upset that someone knows."

"O.K." Marla crawled off the couch and ran up stairs.
I stayed in the family room for a few minutes trying
to figure out what to say to Jack. I heard the back
door slam a few minutes later. Jack should be home
early this afternoon. I had about an hour to come up
with something.


The confrontation went even worse than I had imagined.
Jack denied everything at first. I told him that Marla
herself had told me about it. I mentioned all the
things that she had told me. He admitted some of them
and then denied that they were as serious as they
sounded. He had exposed himself accidentally. He had
jacked off in front of Marla. Marla had asked him to
let her do it. He hadn’t touched Marla. He had touched
her after she asked him to. The man was just losing
it. It became obvious that talking to Jack was a lost
cause. I told him that I was going to have to call
Child Protection if he couldn’t promise to stop
molesting Marla. He cried and finally said that he
wouldn’t do it anymore. He was lying of course. I
could see it in his eyes. I finally told him that I
wasn’t going to call them. He could see that I was
lying. Halfway across the street I looked back at the
house. The whole house seemed dark and deserted. My
stomach tightened.

I picked up the phone as soon as I got home. It was
already 4:00. I expected the girls to be back any time
now. I was just starting to call when Becky and Marla
walked in the front door. I quickly hung up the phone.
I couldn’t call with Marla in the room.

"Did you talk to my Dad?"

"Yes I did, Marla, but I don’t think it did any good.
I think I’m going to have to call a social worker."

"Do you have to? I don’t want Daddy to get into

I dodged the issue.

"Why don’t you stay for supper, Marla? I’ll call them
right after supper."

A really loud bang prevented me from hearing her
answer. A chill went through my body before my brain
even registered what the sound was.

"Stay here, girls. Don’t open the door until I get

I ran across the street before they answered.

Jack’s living room was a mess. He had used his
shotgun. I felt sick as I closed the door and went
back to my house.

"Girls, I want you to go up to Becky’s room. Close the
door and stay there until I come up to get you." As
soon as I heard the door close, I called 911. I stayed
on the phone until the police showed up.

I hadn’t seen the note Jack left. It was addressed to
Becky. Jack said he was sorry for all that he had done
but never got specific. The police wanted to take
Marla to a children’s shelter for the evening but I
persuaded them to let her stay with us for the night
since June and I were her godparents.

June got home in the middle of all the mess. I told
her that Jack had committed suicide but left out the
sexual activity between Jack and Marla. That secret
could die with Jack.

Jack’s will left everything to June and me. I know we
had agreed to be designated as guardians for each
other’s children but Jack had seen to it that we had
enough money to care for Marla.

June and I went through the papers in Jack’s house
after probate was complete. The financial papers we
dealt with immediately. The family papers we set aside
for Marla to go through when she was older. June put
most of the papers and photos in our deposit box.

Jack hadn’t spent any of the insurance from Betty’s
death and that coupled with the insurance from his
suicide meant that I could afford to change careers. I
had been testing computer systems but wanted to get
into software design so I quit my job and became a
full time househusband and part time consulting
programmer. I could do almost all of my work from home
and was able to care for the girls during the day.

Marla needed a lot of caring. She was very clingy due
to the death of her father just a year following the
death of her mother. Two or three times a day she
would stop playing and frantically search for June or
me. She would get more and more panicky as she ran
from room to room looking for one of us. Our
pediatrician recommended a good child psychologist and
I took Marla to see him.

After only four sessions, he asked to speak with June
and me alone. I suspected that he had discovered Marla
had been molested by Jack. I was wrong.

He just wanted to tell us that Marla was behaving
normally for a girl who had just lost her parents and
tell us what to expect in the future. The clingy
behavior would lessen as the months passed but
periodic lapses could be expected. The anger at her
father could also be redirected at me. I would
probably be blamed for anything and everything in the
next couple years. He didn’t warn me about Marla
attempting to recreate all the aspects of her
relationship with her father.

February 2001

It was about six months after the suicide. Becky and
Marla had just gotten home from school. After hanging
up their coats and boots they disappeared into the
family room to watch cartoons and do homework until
supper. A few minutes later Marla came into my home
office. She was wearing her regular outfit of blue
jeans and white blouse.

"Do you like me, Jack?"

"You know I do, Marla. Why do you think I don’t?"

"You don’t do the things with me that my Dad used to

"What things do you want me to do?"

Marla blushed. "You know. Like we talked about the day
that my Dad. You know."

"It would be wrong for me to do those things with you,
honey. Besides, you said you didn’t like it and you
wanted me make him stop. Why do you want me to do them
to you?"

"I just wanted you to make him stop doing them some of
the times. Like when I’m sleeping. Some of the times I
really felt good when we were doing those things. Can
we do them?"

Why didn’t I say no immediately? I don’t know. Maybe I
don’t want to remember why I didn’t. I do remember
looking at Marla and not seeing just a little girl. I
saw a little girl who was starting to develop a
figure. Her breasts were forming distinct mounds under
her blouse. Her hips were beginning to fill out her
blue jeans in a manner that was not as childish as it
was only last summer. When had I started noticing
these things? Had I ever not noticed them? Marla was
still waiting for an answer.

"What things exactly do you want me to do to you?"

"Wellll, I sorta liked it when Daddy rubbed me between
my legs and when he rubbed my chest. If you do that
for me then I’ll rub your thingy."

"Honey, you can rub yourself if you want. You really
don’t need me to do it for you."

"I know. I’ve tried doing it but it just doesn’t feel
the same. Maybe you can show me how?"

I steeled myself to give the answer that I knew was
the correct. "I told you, honey. That just isn’t
something I can do."

"Pleeaase. I really like the way that makes me feel

She looked so pathetic and sad as she pleaded with me.
My brain was on fire with the thought of putting my
hands on her hairless twat. I felt my resolve begin to

I patted my lap. "Come sit up here, Marla."

She situated herself on my lap. I turned her so that
her back was against my chest with her legs on the
outside of my legs.

I took her hand in mine. "I’ll show you how I do it to
girls." I placed her hand against her crotch and
covered it with mine. I started moving her hand up and
down her jeans covered crotch.

"I can’t feel anything through my jeans. Let me take
them off."

Marla wriggled out of her jeans and placed my hand
against the thin piece of cloth that covered her slit.
My erect cock pressed into the crack of butt cheeks. I
broke out in a sweat as I felt the crease between her
pussy lips. My hand began to caress her slit
automatically. My mind had ceased functioning.

Marla’s body started responding. Her panties got wet.
Her breathing grew rapid. Low moans came from her
mouth. My hand speeded up. My finger slipped between
her pussy lips. Faster. Marla’s hands pressed my hand
harder against her crotch. I closed my eyes and
abandoned my self to the sensations.

Minutes passed. Nothing existed outside of her hot wet
pussy and my flying fingers. Marla’s body began to
spasm against my sopping wet fingers. I clutched her
to my chest and continued to massage her gushing cunt
until she was limp. I kissed the top of Marla’s head.
Both of us were exhausted.

"Marla. Daddy." I heard Becky calling from the stairs.
Her footsteps were slowly ascending.

"Get dressed!" I whispered frantically into Marla’s
ear as I lifted her from my lap and stood her on the
floor. I dashed to the door and closed it quietly. I
braced the door closed with my foot as Marla slowly
got dressed.

Becky’s voice was right outside my door. Marla was
tugging her jeans over her hips. "Daddy. Marla. Are
you guys in there?"

"Just a minute, Becky." Marla was taking forever. She
zipped up her jeans. She still looked like a girl who
was basking in the afterglow of an orgasm. She smelled
like one, too. I hoped Becky wouldn’t notice.

"What do you need, Becky?" I said as I opened the
door. Marla looked as if she had been hit with a

"What are you guys doing in here? I thought I heard
Marla crying."

"We were just playing, dear."

Marla moved to the door like she was in a dream. "Can
we play again tomorrow, Daddy?"

"Sure, Marla."

I shut the door behind the girls. My cock was aching.
I had just molested my goddaughter and had an erection
that wouldn’t quit. I didn’t know whether to wash my
hands or jack off.

I jacked off and then washed my hands. I froze as I
was drying my hands.

Marla had called me Daddy. My eyes filled with tears.


I tried to tell myself that that would be the end of
it. I would just be firm and tell Marla that we
couldn’t do those things anymore. The propensity for
man to delude himself is limitless. I knew it was a
lie even as I thought the words.

I was not surprised when Marla came to my office again
a few days later. I said all the appropriate words in
my head but they never made it to my mouth. Marla
closed the door and stripped off her jeans and panties
before crawling on my lap and placing my hand on her
bare pussy.

I closed my eyes and surrendered to my passions. My
fingers worked their magic on the flesh between
Marla’s legs. One finger found her clit and began to
tease the nubbin hidden between the lips. My mouth
watered with desire to place her sex at my lips and
drink her juice.

Marla’s breath once again grew ragged and labored as I
pleasured her. My free hand stole under her tee shirt
to caress a nipple that did not yet need a brassiere.
Marla wriggled her ass against my stiff cock enough to
stimulate me. I wanted remove my pants so that the
bare flesh of penis could nestle itself between her
cheeks, but that would have required stopping, but I
couldn’t bear the thought of stopping now.

Marla and I swam in our own ocean of desire, bounding
from one wave of pleasure to the next until at last
both of us were limp. Her orgasm had drenched my
fingers with her juice. I lifted my fingers to my
mouth. I inhaled the scent of her sex as I sucked her
juices from my fingers.

That’s how Becky found us.

Marla, naked from the waist down, sitting on my lap.
Me, with one hand still under Marla’s shirt, caressing
a small breast and the other hand in my mouth licking
her juice from my fingers. Becky walked into my room
and this time there was no way to disguise what Marla
and I were doing.

Marla lazily turned to face Becky. "See. I told you
Daddy was doing it to me. It really feels great,
Becky. You have to try it."

"But Daddy said it was wrong. How come you started
doing it to Marla, Daddy?"

I was still feeling good from my sexual arousal. I
just grinned at Becky. I focused on her cute little
buds poking through her shirt. My cock twitched with
renewed desire. "It just feels so good, honey. Do you
want to try it?"

Becky hesitated. She still remembered my telling her
it was wrong.

Marla crawled off my lap. She gingerly touched her
swollen pussy lips. "You just can’t believe how great
it feels, Becky. You’ve got to try it."

Becky took off her jeans slowly. I half hoped she
wouldn’t get on my lap. She came over to me in her
Wonder Woman panties.

"It’s better if you’re not wearing panties," said
Marla helpfully.

Becky obligingly removed her panties and assumed
Marla’s place my lap.

I ran my fingertips along Becky’s smooth slit. I
couldn’t believe that I was actually touching my
daughter in this way. Several of my adolescent sexual
fantasies ran through my brain as I pressed my fingers
between those puffy hairless lips.

"Just relax, honey," I whispered. "I won’t hurt you."
My fingers began their slow sensuous massage of
Becky’s virgin pussy.

Marla watched intently. She had always been on the
receiving end of this treatment. Her hand copied my
movements as she stood watching Becky receive the same
pleasure that she had received only moments before.

"Get on the chair across from us, Marla. Lay back and
copy my movements. You can do this for yourself any
time you want."

Marla did as I instructed. I watched hungrily as she
mimicked my motions. Her pussy lips glistened with her
natural lubricant.

Becky’s lips became slicker as her juices began to
provide the necessary lubrication. Her breathing
became more ragged under the onslaught of my fingers.
One finger slipped between her pussy lips and followed
the path from her clit to the entrance of her vagina.
The other fingers stimulated the folds between the
outer and inner lips. Becky moaned with delight.

I slipped a hand under her shirt. Her stiff nipples
grew harder under my caresses. Becky’s arousal had me
just as stiff.

Marla squealed as she achieved her second orgasm of
the afternoon. Her hand ceased its motion and cupped
her pussy. She would learn soon enough how to prolong
an orgasm. I was sure that I would be the one to teach

Becky humped her crotch against my hand. I lightened
my touch and quickened the strokes. Becky moaned and
writhed with arousal. She was getting hungry for
something she had never experienced. She didn’t know
what it was but she wanted it desperately. I kept her
on the edge for several more minutes by slowing and
speeding up my manipulation of her clit. She began to
sob with each stroke on her clit. I increased the
pressure slightly and at last she found the release
she sought.

I clasped Becky to my chest as I cupped her pussy.
With no further stimulation, the orgasm passed and
left Becky limp in my arms.

Marla had recovered by this time. "How was it, Becky?"

"It was wonderful." Becky whispered. "I never realized
I could feel that good."

The telephone interrupted our quiet recovery from the
sex play. I answered it lazily. "Hello."

"Hi, honey. This is June." That got my attention. My
hot sweaty body turned into a cold sweaty body as my
stomach tied itself into a tight ball. Bile rose in my

"I just want to tell you that I’m on my way home now.
I should be there in about thirty minutes. I got off
early because I have to pack and leave for LA
tomorrow. Ms. Jefferson has a deal that’s about to
fall apart but thinks she can save it with some face-
to-face persuasion."

"I’ll start supper now and it should be on the table
by the time you’re home."

"Thanks, dear. Bye-bye."


I put Becky on the floor. "Girls you need to wash up
for supper. And, uh be sure to wash uh, between your
legs. You also both need to promise me that you won’t
talk to Mommy about anything that we did in here
tonight. If she asks what you did after school, just
say that you did home work and watched T.V. Will you
promise me that girls?"

"We promise, Daddy." Both girls spoke simultaneously.

"Thank you Becky. Thank you Marla. Now go wash up. I
have to start cooking.

The girls picked up their clothes before running off
to the bathroom bottomless. I watched their cute
little bare butts all the way down the hall. I had
never needed an orgasm so badly.


I had the table set and was putting dinner on the
table when June got home. We all chatted about the
day’s activities while we ate. Well the girls and I
did keep quiet about the afternoon’s activities.

June was excited about the trip. Her boss had enough
confidence in her abilities to ask her along. She was
to take notes during the meetings and do research in
between. She had even brought home a thick folder of
papers concerning the companies involved in the
negotiations. She wanted to start going through them
as soon as she was done packing.

She went upstairs to pack as soon as she was done
eating. The girls helped me do the dishes before
settling down to finish their homework.

June was busy reading when I got upstairs. "How long
will you be gone, honey?"

"Two days at most. Ms. Jefferson said if we can’t wrap
things up by then it isn’t worth it."

"Well, how about a little adult playtime before
bedtime tonight? Just to remind me what I’ll bee
missing while you’re away."

June looked up from her papers. "Come back in a couple
hours. If I don’t put this stuff away when you get
back, rip the clothes off my body and ravish me on the
floor. Just don’t get any cum on the papers. I don’t
think I could explain that to Ms. Jefferson."

I fondled June’s breasts as I nuzzled her neck. Her
nipples responded to my touch. "You’ve got a deal,
honey," I said as June shuddered with delight.

The girls were watching T.V. in the family room when I
got downstairs. I checked their homework and settled
down to watch with them. Becky sat on my right and
Marla sat on my left as we watched some dysfunctional
sitcom family sort out some improbable domestic
problem. The fear of being caught by June prevented me
from continuing our afternoon sex play.

After a couple more sitcoms it was time for bed. The
girls kissed me and went to their bedroom with no
protests. I watched T.V for another half hour and then
went to check on them. They were both in bed with the
lights out. I briefly considered the possibility of
once more touching the bear flesh between their legs.
Instead I just bent down to kiss each girl good night
and quietly closed the door on my way out.

I returned to the family room to watch a little more
but was too horny to sit there. I was about to turn
off the television when June came into the family

Her hair was wet and she was wearing her robe. "You
should have told me you were taking a shower. I could
have helped you wash your back."

June sat beside me on the couch. "If you were helping
me wash, we would still be in the shower."

I put one hand under her robe to caress a naked
breast. It felt huge under my hand. Somehow I had
expected it to be the same size as Marla’s or Becky’s

We kissed hungrily. She was just as eager as I was. I
was startled when she abruptly broke off the kiss.

"I don’t want the kids to catch us. Let’s go to the

"They’re already asleep. I just checked on them." I
untied the sash of June’s robe.

"Are you sure?" June’s fingers fumbled with my belt

I slipped the robe from her shoulders to expose her
breasts. "Absolutely."

"Good." June unbuttoned by shirt.

We were both naked in record time. I looked at June’s
neatly trimmed pubic hair. I mentally compared it with
the two hairless pussies I had seen earlier that day.
"Have you ever though of shaving off all your pubic
hair?" I asked June as I placed a hand on her crotch.

June inhaled sharply as my fingers found her clit.
"Not really. Why?"

I didn’t answer. Instead, I pushed June backwards
until she was lying on the couch. June made sure that
her robe was under her hips. My mouth briefly suckled
a breast before moving down her belly to the light
brown hair that hid her pussy lips.

June’s fingers gripped my hair as I began to work my
tongue into her honey pot. Again I compared her to the
girls. She tasted the same as she had last week.
Neither of the girls tasted better than her. They were
just different.

In short order June was writhing with pleasure. My
erection was aching for release. I rested my jaw for a
second and caught a flicker of movement out of the
corner of my eye.

I instantly knew it was one or both of the girls. I
considered what to do as I reapplied my mouth to
June’s pussy. I didn’t care if the girls watched but
June did. Well if June saw the girls then she could
decide what to do.

June shrieked as she had her orgasm from my tongue. If
the movement I saw wasn’t the girls then I’m pretty
sure that her shriek of pleasure would wake them.

I moved so that I was kneeling on the floor beside
June’s head. "Suck me," I said to her. She took my
cock into her mouth and I arched my back as I lost
myself in the moment. I was too close to cumming.

I put my hand on June’s head. "Hold it. I’m about to
cum. I want to cum inside you."

I sneaked a look out of the corner of my eye as I
changed positions. Both Becky and Marla were peeking
around the doorway.

I got between June’s legs and positioned the head of
my cock at the entrance to her cunt. June was already
well lubricated with a mixture of my saliva and her
own juices. June guided me as I slid into her. I
sighed as I felt the walls of her cunt embrace my
cock. I love that feeling of first penetration.

We made love slowly and gently. I was still close to
orgasm and wanted to help June to achieve her second
orgasm before I shot my load.

June came in only a few minutes. Maybe it was the
atypical location for our lovemaking. Maybe it was the
increased chance of being caught by the girls.
Whatever the reason, her orgasm came on hard and fast.
She sobbed and gasped as her muscles spasmed. The
girls were getting an eyeful tonight.

My balls tightened against my body. Cum surged from my
cock and flooded into June’s cunt. I seemed to cum for
hours, though it must have been only a few seconds. I
had been waiting for this since I had fingered the
girls that afternoon.

I collapsed onto June’s chest. Both of us were sodden
with a rapidly cooling glaze of sweat. I casually
turned my head to the side but was careful to keep my
eyes closed. The girls quickly dodged out of the way.

I knew I would weigh too much for June to bear my
weight for too long so I rolled off of June and sat on
the floor so that my body blocked her view of the
doorway. I opened my eyes just enough to see as I let
out a little theatrical snore.

The girls took the bait and peeped around the corner
again. I put one finger to my lips as I opened my eyes
and waved them away with my other hand. Becky smiled
at me and tugged Marla away from the door.

I gave the girls a few minutes to get into bed before
I shook June’s shoulder. "Let’s go to bed, Honey."

June groaned and protested weakly. "Let me sleep

"Do you want the girls to find you naked and freshly
fucked tomorrow morning?"

She groaned again but slowly sat up. She looked down
between her legs. "God you made a mess. You must have
emptied a quart of cum into me."

"Well clamp your legs together on the way to the
bathroom so you don’t drip onto the carpet."

June covered her pussy with one hand as she stood up.
I helped her into her robe. She kissed my cheek and
said, "I’m going to clean up and check on the kids.
I’ll meet you in the bedroom in a minute."

"Just be sure you’re ready for another tongue
lashing." I patted her on the ass and followed her
down the hall carrying my clothes.

After June closed the door to the bathroom, I poked my
head into the girl’s bedroom. "Mom’s going to check on
you in a minute," I whispered. "Be sure you’re asleep
when she does."

"Yes, Daddy," whispered Becky.

"Goodnight then." I closed the door and went to bed.

June crawled into bed with me a few minutes later.
"Now what were you saying about giving me another
tongue lashing?"

My only response was a yawn and a peck on the cheek.
Both of us fell asleep almost immediately.

The alarm rang way too early. June was already
finishing her morning coffee when I dragged my ass
downstairs at seven o’clock. We had two hours to get
to the airport that was an hour away.

The girls joined us thirty minutes later. Both were
dressed and ready for the bus. This was a distinct
improvement from most days when they showed up half
ready and complaining about having to go to school.

They wolfed down breakfast and kissed June good-bye as
we headed for the car. I would miss have June next to
me for a few nights. I always did. It usually took me
three nights just to move from my side of our bed. I
felt lonely and excited at the same time.

Even though I would miss June, I would also have a few
uninterrupted evenings with Becky and Marla. I wasn’t
sure how far our sex play would go but I wanted to
explore this newly revealed side of my own sexuality.
I had never considered myself a pedophile or one of
those men who show up on the news charged with
molesting their own daughters but it was pretty plain
that I was in that group.

We parked in the ramp and took the tunnel to the main
building at MSP. There were a lot more people
traveling than I expected.

June got her boarding pass at the e-ticket machine
while I checked the monitors for her gate. Why is it
that every time I go to the airport my gate is at the
far end of the concourse?

Ms. Jefferson was already in the waiting area when we
arrived. She was shorter than June by at least six
inches. Her blonde hair was cut short in a typical
professional woman’s easy to manage bob. She was
impeccably dressed in a gray business suit jacket and
skirt. She projected an air of confidence and looked
ready to take over the reins of any company on a
moments notice.

Ms. Jefferson was polite and charming as June
introduced us. I liked her immediately. She came
across as a dedicated businesswoman.

I started feeling uneasy. Something didn’t feel right
but I couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t Ms.
Jefferson. I don’t know what it was. I mentally
shrugged and let it go.

I had intended to wait with June until she had to
board but Ms. Jefferson wanted to start reviewing
their papers and strategy before the flight. June was
also eager to go over what she had learned while
studying the papers last night. I kissed June good-bye
and shook hands with Ms. Jefferson. The uneasy feeling
didn’t go away.


The day passed surprisingly swiftly. I got a lot of
work done and was taking a break when the girls got
home. They came bounding into my office.

"Hi, Daddy!" shrieked Becky as she jumped onto my lap
to kiss me. Marla came in just as swiftly though much

"Hi, girls. How was school?"

"Boorring!" they said in…

Threesome Stories

Sat, 23 Sep 2017 16:08:31 UTC

Stoned and fucked hard

When we were separated my wife went thru and ordeal that took her years to tell me about after we got back together. She wasn&rsquo;t too used to being single and sort of went along with anyone in doing stuff. She had not been very experienced in sex before we wed but had gained experience quite rapidly with me. This didn&rsquo;t help her on this episode.<br /> <br /> She had went dancing and drinking at a local night spot on this date and had met a guy she thought was nice and was good looking. He said his name was Bob. He dominated her time and was with her all the time, danced with her, held her close, snuck a feel here and there, kissed her a lot and primed her with alcohol. <br /> <br /> At closing he asked if she&rsquo;d like to see his apartment and she thought &ldquo;why not&rdquo;, she left her car and went with him. They got to a nearby apartment complex and he got her out of the car, kissed her deeply and led her to the door. Once inside he showed her the living room, kitchen, got her a really strong and weird tasting drink. He kissed her again but this time he stroked her breasts and pinched her nipple making her winch. He broke the kiss leaned back and took her hand and said &ldquo;you want this&rdquo; as he placed it on his erect cock. She withdrew her hand and said &ldquo;I think I need to go and will you take me back to my car?&rdquo;. He looked hurt and said &ldquo;I am sorry lets have another drink and listen to some music, I&rsquo;ll be good&rdquo;. Giving him the benefit of the doubt she accepted another drink and downed it. As they listened to music she felt really warm and light headed.<br /> <br /> After another drink she felt really weird and wobbly, he dimmed the lights and he kissed her, she felt herself responding to his kiss and didn&rsquo;t even object when he felt her breasts again. All of a sudden the front door opened and in walked two men. One said &ldquo;welllllll I guess you brought the entertainment huh&rdquo;..The men all laughed and Bob said &ldquo;These are my roommates and this is, uhhh what is your name ?&rdquo; She mush mouthed her name &ldquo;Liv&rdquo; he said &ldquo; this is Liv guys&rdquo;&hellip;.One said he was Tim and the other said he was Marc. They sat in chairs across from her and Bob, Tim said &ldquo;Hey Bob she is cute&rdquo; Bob said &ldquo;she needs a special drink will you get it&ldquo;, Tim smiled and went to the kitchen. Tim brought the drink back and she drank it. Marc left the room.<br /> <br /> When Marc returned he was holding something that looked like a video camera, she was mystified and asked &ldquo;what is that for.&rdquo; Marc said &ldquo;We just like to have a video of friends we make.&rdquo; Then she felt a darkness coming over her and that was all she remembers.<br /> <br /> She awoke in her car, her clothes disheveled, the smell of cum all over her, dried cum on her face, her hands and a cum taste in her mouth&hellip;.there was also a video on the car seat with a note attached that said &ldquo;The evening was great, you are totally hot and we hope you like this remembrance of us, if you want a repeat call this number (a telephone number was written down).&rdquo; She was humiliated by her appearance and drove home to shower and clean herself up not knowing what the hell had happened, she slept the rest of the day.<br /> <br /> That evening she got out of bed, went to the living room still unsure what had occurred and she was a bit scared also. She remembered the video and got it from her car and inserted it in the player. She saw her self slouching against Bob on the couch in his apartment, he would lean and kiss her deeply and she saw herself responding to his kisses as well as the squeezing of her breasts. Tim and Marc were laughing and they were talking about her, Marc said &ldquo;Damn her tits look good from here&rdquo; Tim replied, &ldquo;we&rsquo;ll see pretty soon how good they look&rdquo;&hellip;.she really looked d***k or stoned and was slurring her words when she responded to them &ldquo;ahhhhhh what is going on? I feel strange&rdquo;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;.Bob laughed and said &ldquo; No you are fine&rdquo; and the men all laughed.<br /> <br /> At this point in watching herself and the men she felt a bad feeling coming over her but she couldn&rsquo;t pull herself away from the video images that were playing.<br /> <br /> Bob kissed her again on the screen and this time she heard herself moaning and she muttered &ldquo;ohhhh that is nice.&rdquo; Bob smiled, looked at Marc and Tim and proceeded to unbutton her black blouse until it was flung open for the other men to see her black bra covered breasts. The men all moaned a groan and Marc replied &ldquo;Damn they are nicer than the others we have taped, I bet her nipples are hard by now.&rdquo; Tim came to the couch and sat beside her and he turned her head and kissed her, she was responding, he stopped the kiss and told her to &ldquo;suck my tongue&rdquo; which she immediately began to do. Marc came behind them and reached around to put his hands down inside her bra and he muttered &ldquo;her nipples are rock hard guys I think she likes this.&rdquo;. Tim said &ldquo;If she sucks cock like she did my tongue we are in for a treat, Liv do you like to suck cocks?&rdquo; She watched herself slowly say &ldquo; I like it&rdquo;. The men laughed out loud again. She was tilted forward a bit and Marc unhooked her bra and let it fall from her. Her breasts were exposed now to their leers, their eyes had a lust glaze over them. Marc began twisting her nipples making her winch with the sudden pain but he kept on twisting them. To her surprise she watched as her nipples got rock hard and stood out an inch. All of a sudden Bob grabbed her and stood her up in front of them. She stood there wobbling and looking stoned.<br /> <br /> All the men then sat on the couch and told her to stand in the middle of the room while the camera was relocated to see her. Tim said &ldquo;Liv do you like us?&rdquo; She mumbled &ldquo;ah Yes I guess so&rdquo;. He then said &ldquo;You&rsquo;ll do what we want and how we want it done won&rsquo;t you?&rdquo;. She heard herself say like a zombie, &ldquo;I guess so.&rdquo; Bob said &ldquo;Okay then massage your breasts for us.&rdquo; She watched the video and she saw her hands go to her naked breasts, her fingers rub and twist her bare nipples, she heard herself moan and groan with each twist and her body sort of slouched a bit as she massaged her breasts. Her nipples were erect and standing out from her breasts, hard and like always very sensitive to the touch. She was licking her lips and they were wet as her tongue caressed them. (((((( In live person now she felt herself actually rubbing her breasts as she watched in disbelief )))))) Tim softly told her to do a sexy dance for them, he put on some slow music and she began to move her hips while she massaged herself. She pushed her hips forward and ground the air as if grinding against someone. Marc had gotten the video camera and was zooming in on her face, her breasts and taping the erotic dance. The guys were loving it and said &ldquo; Strip Liv, show us what you have.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> She saw herself reach down and unsnapped the buttons to her jeans and hooked her fingers in the waistband. She swayed and moved to the music as she twisted her hips in a &ldquo;fucking&rdquo; motion. The men were beside themselves with their conquest of this d**gged woman. She pushed and the jeans fell to the floor leaving her clad in a skimpy pair of Black lace bikini panties. If they had looked close enough they would have also seen the traces of brown pussy hair sneaking from the seams of her legs. She continued to dance and began a more intense sexual dance, Bob told her to stand in front of them and dance which she moved to do. As she danced and did her grinds each man would cup and breast or sneak a finger inside the leg band of her panties to touch her hair.<br /> <br /> Bob leaned forward and sucked in on one of her nipples which made her gasp and moan very loudly. This excited the men further and Tom sucked on the other nipple while she tried to continue her dance but her legs were becoming weak from the sucking and her arousal. Marc took his cue and traced his finger along the entrance of her already wet pussy making her startle with a jolt. He loudly said &ldquo; God guys this sluts pussy is soooooo wet.&rdquo; He then jammed it inside her pussy and she almost fell to the floor exclaiming &ldquo;Ohhhhhhhh shit touch me, jam your finger inside me, suck my tits, ohhhhh gawd.&rdquo; Marc said &ldquo;Fuck this shit man lets do her&rdquo; <br /> <br /> They grabbed her and pulled her to a room that she saw was a bedroom. She watched as they flung her onto a bed then made her lay down and Tim removed her soaking panties, he then spread her legs wide open exposing her wet pussy to their gaze. Her hips were moving side to side and lifting as Bob went between her legs and she watched as he slid his tongue into her pussy. She grabbed his head and moved his tongue to where it did the most. The sounds and motions she saw made her realize that Bob had then brought her to her first climax of the evening.<br /> <br /> Tim and Marc watched as Bob brought her to a stunning and very vocal climax. She watched the video as her image moaned and suddenly yelled, &ldquo;Ahhhhhh fuck&hellip;&hellip;.suck my clit, please suck my clit harder&hellip;&hellip;.I&rsquo;m cummmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg.&rdquo;. As she climaxed and collapsed Bob got out of the bed and Tim took his place between her legs as his tongue lapped up her juices, Bob and Marc got beside her and the video showed them rubbing her breasts and manipulating her erect nipples. Her hips began to move onto Tim&rsquo;s tongue and she knew by watching that she was approaching another climax.<br /> <br /> She watched as her head was turning side to side, her voice was saying things like &ldquo;Oh shit that feels good, suck my clit, suck my nipples, bite them, oh god that feels good.&rdquo; She watched as Tim held her hips up as he ate her pussy, then his hand went under her hips and she heard herself squeal and she knew that Tim had slid a finger into her asshole. She was squealing &ldquo;No-No-No&hellip; please not there&rdquo;&hellip;.. &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t like &hellip;uuuu&hellip;.oooo&hellip;ahhh&hellip; ooooooooooooh yeah finger my asshole&hellip;.oh fuck that is great&hellip;&hellip;fuck my ass&hellip;.put 2 fingers in my ass&rdquo;. She saw herself driving her pussy and ass onto Tim&rsquo;s tongue and finger&hellip;.<br /> <br /> She continued to watch and then saw Marc and Bob go to each side of her head and Bob grabbed her head, turned it to his erect cock and pulled her face to his cock. She saw her mouth gap open and his cock enter her mouth. Her moans made him continue maybe a bit more aggressively than needed and he slammed his cock deep into her mouth making her gag. When he withdrew his cock she inhaled a gasp of air before he slammed it in again and again and again. Her hand found Marc&rsquo;s cock and was masturbating his cock as her mouth was being r**ed.<br /> <br /> Bob withdrew and turned her head forcibly to Marc and her in turn grabbed her hair and jammed his cock in her mouth, fucking her mouth as he said &ldquo;Yeah bitch suck my fat cock, deeper damnit, yeah that is it suck it&rdquo; Bob was tweeting her nipples hard making her groan around Marc&rsquo;s cock&hellip;.She could see Tim as he fingered her red asshole, the camera capturing the entire scene. Her body fucking his finger and her head driving onto Tim&rsquo;s cock. Marc groaned loudly as he proclaimed &ldquo;I&rsquo;m cummmmmmming swallow that hot cum Liv, choke on it&rdquo; she could see herself trying to swallow it but a lot came seeping out of her mouth as he fucked her mouth. As he emptied his load Bob turned her face to him as he jacked off and his cock spewed cum on her face as she tried to open her mouth to capture his load also. They stood back as Tim stopped his fingered fucking her as, he grabbed her hips and spun her onto her knees and elbows, He actually waved his cock at the camera as Marc and Bob laughed. Her hips were still moving in a fuck motion as he took his cock in hand and placed the tip at her asshole&hellip;.She must have realized what he was going to do and said &ldquo;Please just your finger ok, don&rsquo;t put that thing inside me.&rdquo;&hellip;..Again they all laughed and Tim said &ldquo;Too late bitch you&rsquo;re going to be ass fucked by all of us before this night is out&rdquo;, she did see her own eyes wide in fear and being d***k or stoned. He spit onto the tip of his cock and pushed it inside her ass making her yell &ldquo;ohhhh fuck, take it out please&hellip;.take it out&rdquo;<br /> <br /> He paid no attention to her pleadings and began to ass fuck her very swiftly, she must have grown accustomed to his width and length because in a minute or so she began to fuck back at him and moaning &ldquo;yes it feels so good now, fuck me you bastard, fuck my asshole, fuck me deep&rdquo;. Marc and Bob stood back adjusting the camera and watching the show. She was beside herself by now, in a daze, stoned, not realizing what she was actually doing and not caring either. Her ass must have been tight because Tim erupted &ldquo;fucking tight asshole I am cummmmming&rdquo; and he exploded into her ass, <br /> drops escaping and running down her legs. He fell onto her hips and rolled off as she felled face down on the bed, her eyes glazed, ass seeping cum. She looked at herself on the video and couldn&rsquo;t imagine herself doing this stuff but here at home she found her fingers inside her own pussy massaging the inside and clit.<br /> <br /> On the video Bob and Marc went to her and Marc asked &ldquo;do you want some more?&rdquo; She glanced at him and muttered &ldquo;ohhhhhh yes, yes&rdquo;. He laid down beside her and pulled her on top of him, she leaned forward as his cock entered her wet pussy making her groan again, she kissed him and as they kissed they began fucking each other. Bob got on the bed behind her and took his hard cock and poked it in her ass, she was being double stuffed for the 1st time and seemed to be loving it. They were fucking respective holes and she was trying to match stroke for stroke. The fucking went on for an unknown length of time as she was now finger fucking her pussy as she watched the video. On screen she saw herself throw her head back and scream &ldquo;I&rsquo;m cummmmmmmmmming, oh god I am cummmmmming.&rdquo; Her body was pitching back and forth, a cock in her ass and one in her pussy until both men within a second or two emptied their cum inside her. All three collapsed on the bed. Tim not to be outdone pulled her until her knees were on the floor and body on the bed and asshole readily visible to anyone who would watch the video, He kneeled and pushed his cock in her cum filled ass and fucked her until she came again and he pulled his cock out of her ass with a plop sound and came on her ass cheeks. She appeared to pass out and while the men videoed her from all angles, her ass leaking cum, they spread her pussy lips apart and filmed it, then her face and all three masturbated and came on her face.<br /> <br /> They clothed her somewhat and Bob said to the camera &ldquo;How do you like the fucking she got?&rdquo;. They made a copy, took her to her car and left her with the copy. She felt so humiliated and yet excited by what she had done and witnessed herself doing. All week she would work, come home, watch the video and masturbate in front of it. On Saturday she was irritated about them using her body while she was stoned and d**gged and then making a video for who ever to see. She reached for the telephone and called the number on the note.<br /> <br /> Marc answered and she said &ldquo;why did you guys do that to me?&rdquo; He laughed and said &ldquo;Why hello Liv.&rdquo; She said &ldquo;I am so embarrassed&rdquo;. He replied &ldquo;Well all our friends thought you were really good and hot as hell. What are you doing?&rdquo; Caught off guard she replied, &ldquo;nothing&rdquo;. Marc said &ldquo;Look we have 3 friends here watching the game and it is boring, how about you putting something sexy on and being our entertainment tonight?&rdquo;&hellip;She felt herself become red faced and yet wet at the same time. She said &ldquo;look I am no slut or whore ok?&rdquo;. Marc said &ldquo;well you are for us so come on over, I promise we will fuck every hole you have, fill you with cum, do it at the same time and send you home satisfied and sore&hellip;&rdquo;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;&hellip;She felt the wetness in her pussy&hellip;&hellip;..She without even thinking muttered &ldquo;Is an hour ok?&rdquo;&hellip;&hellip;Marc said &ldquo;come on over we all have hard cocks waiting for you&rdquo;. She answered <br /> &ldquo; keep them hard, see you all in a little while.&rdquo; She knew her life was about to change.

Group Stories

Wed, 19 Dec 2012 21:23:00 UTC

Taking Turns With My Cock

It was a Friday night, and I was hanging out with my girlfriend, Jessica, and her friend Britney. The three of us had been drinking vodka together for several hours in the living room of my apartment. They had been talking about Britney’s breakup with her boyfriend for about an hour, and I was getting extremely bored and sleepy.
"I’m getting tired. I think I’m going to go pass out." I said.
"Okay, Baby. Goodnight." Jessica said.
"Goodnight." Britney chimed in.
They both quickly turned their attention back to one another and continued talking about Britney’s relationship woes. I stood up from the couch and walked into my bedroom and shut the door. I took off all of my clothes, switched off the light, and crawled underneath the covers. Jessica and Britney quieted down a little bit, and after about fifteen minutes had passed, I dozed off to sleep.
I was only asleep for half an hour when their conversation grew louder, waking me up. They must have been getting rather drunk, because they were talking and laughing obnoxiously. Falling back asleep seemed hopeless, so I decided to listen to their conversation, hoping that it would bore me back to sleep.
"I’m just happy to be single again," Britney said.
"Really?" Jessica asked.
"Yea. I think I needed a break from dating." Britney answered.
"Don’t you miss the sex?" Jessica asked.
"Not really. Mark wasn’t very good in bed. He was more the cuddling type." Britney said.
"That sucks." Jessica said.
"I mean… I miss sex, but not his sex. I really need to get fucked hard. It’s been awhile since anyone gave it to me really good." Britney explained.
"I’m sorry. I don’t know what that’s like…" Jessica trailed off.
"What’s your man like in bed?" Britney asked.
"Ummm…." Jessica laughed, "Let’s just say he fucks my brains out every chance he gets, and I give him a lot of chances." They both laughed, and then their conversation went awkwardly silent for a few moments.
"So, what’s his cock like?" Britney asked.
"Perfect." Jessica said.
"This sexy talk is making me really want to get fucked…" Britney said, "The things I would do with a nice juicy cock."
I could barely hear Jessica’s response, but she spoke just loud enough for me to understand what she said. Jessica asked, "Want to see it?"
"Really? You’re kidding, right?" Britney replied, giggling.
"Let me see if he’s asleep." Jessica said.
A few moments later, I heard the bedroom door begin to slowly creak open. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. The light from the living room shined through the opening in the doorway, and I tried my hardest to fake that I was sleeping. I heard footsteps slowly approaching the bed, and then I felt the blanket being slowly pulled off of me. I wanted to hold onto it to stay warm, but I reminded myself that I was supposed to be ‘sleeping’. The blanket was pulled down to my knees, exposing my throbbing erection.
"Can you see it?" Jessica whispered.
"Oh yea." Britney whispered from the doorway.
Jessica tiptoed back out of the bedroom and carefully shut the door. The moment she was back in the living room, they began talking loudly again.
"He’s got a nice one." Britney said.
"Yep, he sure does." Jessica replied.
"You probably don’t know what to do with all that." Britney said.
"What’s that supposed to mean?" Jessica shot back.
"If I had a nice cock like that to play with, I’ll bet I could make him scream and shoot buckets of cum…" Britney said, half-jokingly.
"For your information, I do just fine." Jessica said.
"Sure…" Britney said in a doubting tone, "I’ll bet I could make him cum harder."
"My boyfriend?" Jessica said.
"Yes." Britney said.
"I stand by my performance." Jessica said confidently.
An awkward silence followed, and then Britney asked, "Wanna bet?"
"Bet what?" Jessica asked.
Britney laughed, and then said, "I’ll bet I can make him cum harder than you."
"I’ll bet you can’t." Jessica said.
"Want to find out?" Britney asked.
"Well, he’s been a good boy… Game on." Jessica said.
"We’re about the same build. Do you think he would notice in the dark?" Britney asked.
"I wax my pussy. How about you?" Jessica asked
"I wax my pussy too. Who gets to go first?" Britney asked.
"Since you’re the guest, you can go first." Jessica said.
"Okay. Here goes…" Britney said.
Jessica and Britney have very similar body types. Jessica has medium-length, curly blond hair that touches the tops of her shoulders. She is 22 years old, about 5’2", and has large breasts and a round, squishy ass. Britney is also has medium-length curly hair, but her hair is dark brown. She is 23 years old, about 5’3", and also has large breasts and a round, juicy ass.
A few moments later, I heard the bedroom door slowly creak open. Britney stepped into the room and shut the door behind her. I continued pretending to be asleep. I heard Britney take off her clothes and toss them on the floor. Then footsteps approached the bed, I felt Britney climb onto the bed and crawl toward me.
Britney placed her hands on my thighs and spread my legs apart. She placed her hands underneath my knees and lifted them up, bending my legs, and placing my feet flat against the mattress. Then she crawled between my legs. She tickled my inner thighs with her fingertips, slowly running her fingertips towards my crotch. My cock jumped in excitement, and she giggled quietly. Then she lightly tickled my shaft and my balls with her fingertips. I felt the warmth of her breath as she lowered her face down to my cock. She licked me from the base of my shaft, all the way up to the tip. Then she sealed her lips around my head, and began tonguing right underneath my head.
"Mmmm…." I moaned.
Britney pressed her fingertips against both sides of my shaft and began gently stroking me. Then she started slurping at my head and bobbing her head up and down. My cock had already been hard for a long time, and I felt some precum drip out. Britney eagerly swallowed it and moaned quietly.
She she wrapped her right hand firmly around my shaft and began stroking me faster. Then she cupped my balls in her left hand and gently massaged them. Her hands were incredibly soft and warm, and I imagined how warm her pussy could be. I wanted to bend her over and fuck her brains out, but I held myself back, and let her have her fun.
She let go of my shaft and balls, and then placed her hands on my knees. Then she pressed downward, pressing my legs back down flat against the bed. She lifted her right knee and placed outside my left leg. Then she lifted her left knee and placed it outside my right leg. Now, she was straddling my knees. She continued to slurp and suck my cock for a few minutes, and then she removed my cock from her mouth, and scooted forward. I felt the warmth of her pussy as she crawled forward. She leaned forward, lying on top of me, pressing my cock backward toward my abdomen with her pussy. I parted her pussy lips with my cock, and she began massaging me with her pussy lips, sliding forward and backward. She pressed her chest against my chest, squishing her large breasts against me. Then she reached backward with her right hand, behind her ass, and grabbed onto my throbbing shaft. She scooted forward so that the tip of my cock was pressed between her pussy lips. Holding firmly onto my shaft, she scooted backward, taking me inside her.
Britney moaned as I penetrated her, and she sat down on it, taking me deep inside. Her pussy was dripping wet, and steaming hot. My cock was in pussy heaven. She began to slowly lift up her ass and lower it back down, gliding her smooth pussy up and down my shaft. I groaned in satisfaction, and she moaned in response. Then she sat upright, and placed her hands on my chest. It was riding time!
Britney began quickly gyrating her hips, massing my cock with her tight pussy.
"Mmmmm…" Britney moaned as I stretched her out.
She removed her hands from my chest and leaned backward. She reached behind herself, and placed her hands on my knees. Then she began rocking her pelvis like she was dancing on my cock. I could tell that it had been awhile since she had good dick, because she exhaled deeply as she adjusted to my cock. She began whimpering at the end of every stroke when I hit her deep inside.
Britney’s legs began to quiver, and I could tell that she was about to cum— already. This girl really needed to get fucked. She sped up her motions as she began to approach orgasm.
"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Britney moaned with every stroke.
Then she sat down on my cock, holding me deep inside, and her entire body began to shake. She struggled to catch her breath, and began panting. Then suddenly, she let out a loud, long, uninterrupted moan. She removed her hands from my knees and leaned forward again, squishing her large breasts against my chest again. Then she lifted up her ass, holding only the tip of my cock inside her, and she began making short, quick movements, massing the tip of my cock with her pussy. She continued to pant and moan while she came uncontrollably, fucking herself with my rock hard cock. She pumped my cock with her pussy until she couldn’t take any more.
Then she climbed off of my cock and crawled back down to straddle my knees. I could feel that her body was still trembling and she was still cumming. She wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock again, and began stroking my shaft with both hands. I was about to cum, and I felt more precum drip out. She eagerly swallowed it and moaned in satisfaction.
"Mmmm…. mmm…" Britney moaned. She began grinding her clit against my left knee.
My balls tensed up, and I groaned loudly. Then I pumped a huge load of cum into her hot mouth. She began grinding harder against my knee, and her moaning intensified. I shot another massive load into her mouth, and she slurped it up and swallowed it. She pumped me faster with her hands, and I let out another burst of cum. She continued stroking me with her hands, but she stopped sucking. She let my last few shots of cum drip onto her tongue, until she swallowed one last time. Britney’s body gradually stopped trembling, and then she climbed off of me and slipped out of the room.
The girls’ conversation resume the moment Britney reclosed the bedroom door.
"That’s how you service a cock." Britney said.
"Nice work," Jessica replied, "But, I can make him cum harder."
"We’ll see… He came a lot!" Britney said.
"He always cums a lot." Jessica replied.
"He tastes good, too." Britney said.
"His cock? I know." Jessica said.
"His cock, and his cum." Britney replied.
"Naughty girl! Did you swallow?" Jessica asked.
"Of course!" Britney answered.
I was drained, and despite their incessant chatter, I eventually dozed off to sleep. I slept for about an hour, and I was awoken by the bedroom door opening again. I peeked for a moment, and I recognized that Jessica was in the room now. Jessica closed the door behind her, slipped out of her clothes, and quietly tiptoed to the bed.
Jessica tried to play that it was her earlier who had sucked me off and said, "I’m back, baby."
"Hey, baby." I replied, playing along.
Jessica climbed on top of me, straddling my crotch. I felt the warmth of her pussy, and my cock grew to a full erection. She sat, straddling me for a minute, and the tip of my cock pressed against her belly button. She reached down and began stroking me with both hands. She played with it a little bit, and slapped my cock against herself a few times. She didn’t waste any more time; she lifted up her ass, scooted forward, and sat down on my cock, taking me deep inside her. Her pussy was much tighter than Britney’s, and it was also much warmer. My cock felt at home in her sopping wet pussy. Jessica immediately began bouncing.
"Yes!" Jessica exclaimed as she gleefully bounced her juicy ass down onto my thighs.
I felt Jessica’s small feet press against the sides of my legs; her toes curl up in excitement when she rides my cock. I reached down and grabbed onto her ass and guided her movements. I squeezed her ass cheeks hard in my hands, and she moaned. I got excited and sat up.
"Bend over!" I ordered her.
Jessica climbed off of me and got on all fours. I got behind her on my knees and grabbed onto her hips. Then I immediately thrust my throbbing cock deep inside her.
"Yes!" Jessica screamed as I slammed into her.
I began pumping her pussy hard and fast. She squealed with every deep thrust.
"Fuck my pussy!" She begged as I pounded her.
I reached up with my right hand and grabbed onto her curly hair. Then I pulled hard on her hair, and she screamed. Jessica likes it rough, and I’m more than happy to give it to her hard.
"You like getting fucked like a dirty slut?" I asked her.
"Yes! Fuck me like a whore! I’ve been a bad girl!" Jessica answered.
I tugged on her hair again, and thrust my cock deep inside her.
"Yes!" Jessica screamed as my cock crashed into her wet pussy.
Jessica began screaming uncontrollably; she was about to cum. While I continued to pull her head backward by her hair, I aggressively pounded her pussy as hard as I could. She began slapping her hands against the mattress as she started to cum. I didn’t stop; I kept on pumping her pussy. Jessica surrendered to her orgasm, and began alternating between panting, screaming, and moaning. I continued fucking her hard the entire time she came.
"Fuuuuccccckkkkk!" Jessica screamed.
I pounded her pussy hard until she began to come down from her orgasm. Just as she was about to catch her breath, I pulled my cock out of her. Then I grabbed onto her hips with both hands and flipped her over on her back. I grabbed onto her ankles, spread her legs apart, and pushed them back against her chest.
She still hadn’t completely recovered from her orgasm, but she sounded like she needed some more. So, I thrust my cock back inside her. Then I leaned forward, pressing her legs back against her breasts. I was about to cum, and I knew that my hot cum inside her would push her over the edge again. I pumped her hard, deep, and fast. She moaned loudly. I felt her hot breath against my cheek.
"Yeessss!" Jessica screamed as she felt my cock begin to spasm.
"Fuck!" I screamed, and then I pumped a massive load of cum deep inside her tight pussy.
"I’m cumming again! Oh my God!" Jessica screamed.
I thrust her harder, and shot another load of cum inside her.
"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Jessica screamed with every thrust, "Fill me up!"
I held my cock deep inside her and stopped thrusting. I squirted a few more loads of cum. Jessica exhaled deeply a few times and slowly caught her breath. Then I lowered her legs back down, climbed out from between them, and laid down on the bed beside her.
"I’m going to get a drink of water." Jessica said, as she slowly climbed off of the bed.
Jessica opened the bedroom door, and staggered out of the room, closing the door behind her.
Then I heard Jessica said to Britney, "No. That is how you service a cock."

Group Stories

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 04:18:12 UTC

Hidden desires finally exposed

I had found a swingers group on the web in a nearby town that met monthly at a local hotel. For many years I have wanted to attend an adult party with my wife but she wasn’t hearing any of that. I emailed the leaders and over time became familiar with them on line.<br /> <br /> I had mentioned it to my wife quite a few more times and she continued to be reluctant about it. Finally after me bringing it up enough times she agreed to go. She remarked that she didn’t want to be caught up in a lewd party with a bunch of deviants. She also stated she wasn’t going to have any weird stuff going on with anyone there. She would attend only because of my persistence. I emailed the hosts and we were invited to the next event.<br /> <br /> Not really knowing what to wear or to do we dressed casually yet really nice. I noticed she took some extra time in the shower and also with her makeup. She really looked great for being 50 years old. Her 38C’s were sagging some but her stomach was flat and well toned. She was wearing a blue bra and blue bikini panties along with a pair of nice figure fitting jeans, and a white button up top that showed the blue bra underneath. We left for the hotel and just had some nervous casual talk during the drive.<br /> <br /> When we arrived we were met by the organizers, taken to an adjoining room and informed of the rules. They reiterated the main rules, especially that &quot;no&quot; meant &quot;no&quot;. They were a nice clean cut couple and this seemingly reassured my wife because her demeanor changed. <br /> <br /> We entered the ballroom and it was like a community room that had about 30 couples in it. People immediately came up to us and introduced themselves, it was just like a neighborhood get together. My wife remarked that the couples were really nice.<br /> <br /> I saw a couple across the room who looked familiar. My wife said &quot;Hey there is Jane and Tom, who would have thought they’d be here.&quot;<br /> <br /> They saw us and were a bit embarrassed but approached us and Tom said &quot;We are so glad you came. We saw your names on the list and didn’t know you liked this type of get together.&quot; My wife said &quot;it is our 1st time and I really don’t know what to do or say. I thought everyone would be naked and groping us by now.&quot;<br /> Jane laughed and said &quot;Look, just enjoy yourself and remember nothing is expected of you okay?&quot; My wife sort of relaxed at this and the activities began.<br /> <br /> There were mixed drinks which everyone dove into, an abundant amount of snacks, tables to sit at and a dance floor. A DJ was playing music and a lot of mixing, talking and the lights were then dimmed a lot.<br /> <br /> We talked with Jane and Tom as well as a lot of couples that came over to talk and joke. You would never know it was a swingers party until the organizers announced that &quot; it is time to party.&quot;<br /> <br /> Couples began to dance to the slow sexy music that was being played. My wife and I danced and she held me tightly as I casually stroked her ass. As we danced she would push into my crotch area and grind a bit and smile at me. She by then had quite a few drinks and it seemed she was really having a good time.<br /> <br /> A middle aged couple danced along side us and the man asked if we could switch dance partners. I nodded agreement and he and my wife began to dance. His wife molded into my arms and asked me questions about us and how we came about attending the party. Then suddenly she just kissed me and her tongue invaded my mouth to explore my tongue. I was caught off guard for an instant but responded to her kiss.<br /> <br /> As out kiss broke I glanced over at my wife and she and man guy were also kissing. He had his hands on her ass pulling her into him and she was grinding herself into his obvious erection. The song ended and they said they hoped to see us later on and wandered off. We sat back at the table and she asked me if it was alright what she did. I said &quot;heck yeah, we are here to have fun.&quot; She smiled and drank another drink.<br /> <br /> This routine continued for about 3 hours. There was alot of drinking, dancing, a musical chair game was played and some different games which was sexual in nature. It was just people having adult fun and relaxing together.<br /> <br /> My wife was pretty well loose and relaxed from the alcohol by then. She had kissed and been felted up by who knows how many men. They all wanted to check out the new lady at the party I guess. She in turn had also massaged and felt many erect cocks during the dancing. Between songs we were both hot and feeling the other up. We had unknowingly brought about the wild passion we used to have between us. We kissed each other quite alot and in a whole new way. This was long overdue. Little did I realize just how much things would change.<br /> <br /> The party ended at the bars closing time. The hosts thanked everyone for attending and an announcement was made. The couples could return to their floor of the hotel that had been blocked off and the party could resume then. Couples began to go to their respective rooms. We started to leave but Jane and Tom suggested we come to their room to freshen up and to see what other action was going on. My wife and I agreed and went with them.<br /> <br /> At their room Jane began to change clothes to a more provocative attire and my wife stated she didn&rsquo;t bring anything else. Jane took her to the bathroom. When they returned I didn&rsquo;t notice any change in my wife until the room light behind her showed the outline of her visible breasts. Her hard dark erect nipples were very visible behind the white top. I said &ldquo;wow you look good&rdquo; and she whispered in my ear that she had also removed her panties.<br /> <br /> Tom spoke up and said &ldquo;Whew look at those great big nipples, girl you are a knockout. Someone must want to get fucked tonight.&quot; We all laughed as my wife blushed but said nothing.<br /> <br /> We then went to another room, knocked and walked in to find a man and woman on a bed in a 69 position. She was on top of him and sucking his cock as her pussy was grinding into his tongue. We were taken back by his but I noticed my wife staring at them quite intensely. Jane eased us out of the room and down to a door that stated &ldquo;Hot tub area&rdquo;. <br /> <br /> We walked in to find a huge hot tub with about 4 couples in it. Some had underwear on and a few were nude. One man said &ldquo;Hey why not join us.&rdquo;<br /> Jane said &ldquo;well maybe later&rdquo; and we left. We walked to another room and knocked, someone yelled for us to come in.<br /> <br /> We entered to find more couples that were sitting around in all stages of undress. Some were kissing, some touching and the others watching. We went in and sat down on one of the beds. Someone got us a drink a few welcomed us and we chit chatted while the action continued around us. The talk turned to sexual nature and one man was just staring at my wife’s chest. He just up and asked my wife if her breasts were as tasty as they looked. She blushed as I spoke up to say &ldquo;you betcha ass.&rdquo; Everyone laughed and he said &ldquo;why not show us?&rdquo;<br /> Everyone replied, &quot;Show us &quot; as they urged her on.<br /> <br /> With the atmosphere and drinks she said &ldquo;well okay&rdquo; and just stood up. She unbuttoned her top slowly and a bit provocatively let it fall on the floor. Every man and some women were salivating at her erect hard nipples and nice 50 year old breasts. The girls voiced their approval when the man said &ldquo;You definitely do have suckable nipples.&rdquo; Suddenly he just leaned over placed his mouth on one of her hard nipples. He sucked and tongued it causing her to intake a deep breath and moan out loud. She closed her eyes and her head tilted back a bit. I knew that look and she said &quot;Oh I like this a whole lot.&quot; One woman spoke up and said &ldquo;this is going to be a really good night.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> Jane stood and not to be outdone said &ldquo;I can&rsquo;t let her have all the fun.&rdquo; as she began to remove her top. As her smaller breasts came into view she squeezed them for us to see. She strolled over to me and said &ldquo;feel them.&rdquo; I reached and cupped her breasts in my hands and ran my fingers over and around her nipples. She leaned more into my hand and was enjoying this very much.<br /> <br /> I watched as the man sucking my wife’s nipple reached and unsnapped her jeans. This allowed them to fall to the floor. As they hit the floor it showed everyone she wore no panties. The sex aroma was obvious emitting from her pussy. He stated loudly &ldquo;well someone is ready for a good time.&rdquo; He stopped sucking her nipple and turned her so she was sitting on the edge of the bed. He stood in front of her and asked her to touch him. Obediently she started to remove his underwear and as his cock became visible she reached to stroke his erection.<br /> <br /> Here was my earlier reluctant wife now disrobing a strange man and massaging his erect cock in front of a group of other strangers. He reached and guided her face towards his hard cock. She glanced at me and I nodded for her to go ahead. She cupped his ball and bent towards his cock. She instinctively let her mouth open as she took his length inside her mouth while looking up at him.<br /> <br /> She withdrew it and licked around his shaft and the head. She then licked along his pee hole to taste the pre cum. He was groaning so loud and was actually wobbling. She opened her mouth and slowly pulled it inside again. Her head was then rocking up and down his cock, her eyes were closed as she began sucking his cock more intensely.<br /> <br /> The group stopped to watch as they were also stroking one another. Jane was by then sucking my cock in earnest. I watched as my wife gave this total stranger a blow job. He was now holding her head as he face fucked her. She would start to pull his cock almost out of her mouth then slowly suck it in further. She would gag at times but didn&rsquo;t slow down. Her hands were massaging his balls as she sucked him. I have had her doing this to me numerous times so I knew the pleasure he was feeling.<br /> <br /> Another man came and stood beside them. She stopped sucking and looked at the new cock before her. Then with a smile she also took turns sucking both men. All of the couples were making out, sucking cocks, eating pussy in the room by now. Me, well I was on my back as Jane was fucking me for all she was worth.<br /> <br /> One man pulled my wife away from the two guys and laid her on the bed. The other two men each a her legs high in the air exposing her soaking pussy to anyone who wanted to watch. He knelled down between her legs and pushed his cock hard in her pussy. She gasped but was at once bucking her pussy into him. Tom knelt on the bed beside her face allowing her to grab and suck his cock at the same time. He was saying, &quot;Oh gee, I have wanted to fuck you for such a long time.&quot; as he fucked her eager mouth.<br /> <br /> My wife was moaning very loudly now and I knew she was going to cum. The man in her pussy exclaimed that he was cumming which set off Tom. She was swallowing Tom&rsquo;s load of hot cum as her pussy was also being filled. As she collapsed on the bed, one man was on top of her and Tom beside her head. She looked over at me with cum seeping from her pussy and her mouth caked with it. She mouthed the words, &ldquo;Honey is this what you wanted?&quot; I smiled at her as I came into Jane’s pussy.<br /> <br /> Everyone was cumming, moaning or fucking. The group was a pile of naked bodies some nice and some not so nice looking. I heard a woman ask my wife if she could suck the cum from her just fucked pussy. My wife didn&rsquo;t say anything as the woman just pushed my wife’s apart and began to eat her pussy. My wife was a bit startled and had never done anything with another woman. As the woman’s tongue was stimulating her clitoris my wives hips were beginning to move up and down. Her eyes closed and she was beginning to moan again.<br /> <br /> Another man got behind the woman and began to fuck her as she ate my wife&rsquo;s pussy. Jane and I cuddled and watched. Another man got on the bed beside my wife and was sucking her nipples and massaging her breasts. This went on for a few minutes until he knelt beside her head. He placed his cock at her mouth and she eagerly began sucking this new cock, The woman ate her pussy like a pro and my wife suddenly emitted a yelp as she came another time. The man my wife was sucking pulled his cock from her mouth and came on the sheets.<br /> <br /> We watched as another man got on the bed and rolled my wife onto her stomach. He lifted her hips until she was on her knees and elbows. He reached to the nightstand and got a hand full of lube and began to slide his finger along my wife&rsquo;s asshole making her twitch as his finger traced her asshole. He teased her hole as she pushed backwards onto it. He slowly entered her ass with his finger as she uttered &quot;oh yeah baby, finger my asshole, stick it in deeper.&quot; Her inhibitions had left the room by now and pure want took over. This finger fucking was arousing her to no the ultimate limit.<br /> <br /> The man just stopped his finger fucking because he knew her asshole was well lubed and stretched. He placed himself behind her. His 8&rdquo; cock was at her asshole and he pushed it in her. She was urging him on with &quot;Oh yeah baby, fuck my ass.&quot; She was also searching for another cock to suck, her hands found one and she began to suck it.<br /> <br /> When the cock in her ass was firmly inside she took the cock from her mouth to again utter loudly &ldquo;Ohhhh my godddddd, fuckkkkk me, fuck my ass, oh yeah, go deeper&rdquo;.<br /> <br /> This made the man she was sucking explode his cum in her mouth and the excess on her face and lips. My fantastic wife was fucking the cock in her ass like a hellion. The man in her ass exclaimed he was cumming also. He grabbed her hips as he emptied his load deep in her bowels. This feeling deep inside her also made her cum again. His cock just flopped from her ass making a slight popping sound They all collapsed in a pile kissing and touching one another. My wives asshole was leaking cum as she laid on the bed smiling at me. She then was cuddling and kissing anyone who wanted her to.<br /> <br /> This sexual gala went on for a couple more hours, everyone seemed to be fucking anyone who wanted to. I finally had Jane&rsquo;s ass which was a new experience to her. I think watching my wife she got jealous and tried anal on for size. I was fucked and was sucked by a few other women, but the fun was watching as my wife as she was literally fucked by all of the men. They took her pussy, her ass and her mouth and she never asked them to stop.<br /> <br /> We decided early in the morning we were just exhausted for more. We did some half ass cleaning up and started to go home. Upon saying goodbyes all of the group members asked if we had fun. My wife hugged me and said &quot;I never thought I would have this much fun.&quot; One member of the group said &quot;Please, come next month, it’s going be a gang bang party.&quot;<br /> <br /> My lovely and sexy wife giggled as she smiled at me and replied, &ldquo;Well I guess we’ll see you again next month.&rdquo;

Group Stories

Wed, 19 Dec 2012 21:09:23 UTC

Apply if you can Fill Holes

It was a short ad that I placed on Facebook and went like this:
Looking for Man/Woman/Teen that knows about holes!
It’s dirty work but rewarding/I will supervise!
Must live close by/message me for more details!
I had posted my ad on a Friday night and within ten minutes someone had messaged me.
The chat went like this:
Tom – hey there, you need holes dug or filled?
Me(Mike) – Filled! 
Tom – how many holes?
Mike – 3, but only one at a time!
Tom – how big are these holes?
Mike – they range in size!
Tom – how long will it take to fill one of these holes?
Mike – depends on you, the slower you fill it, the longing it will take. 
Tom – when do you want this holes filled?
Mike – tonight if you can!
Tom – do I need to bring any tools?
Mike – no, just yourself!
Tom – what’s our address?
Mike – 25 Maple St.
Tom – ok, and where are these holes, inside or outside?
Mike – inside my house tonight! 
Tom- oh, ok, I live on the south side of town, I could be there in about an hour, is that good?
Mike – yes, that would be great!
Tom – cool, see you soon!
Mike – ok, see you then 
… and the chat ended.
Just then another chat window popped up on my screen
Mary – hi there, I can help you with them holes! 
Mike – hello, cool, but I have a guy coming in about an hour to fill one of them, there are 3 holes, you could fill one of the other ones if you like.
Mary –sure, if that would help to get the job done faster, what’s your addy?
Mike – 25 Maple St. and it would 
Mary – already, I could be there soon, I live about 45 minutes away from you, see you then. 
Mike – cool, see you soon. 
… and that chat ended.
Another message window popped up!
Jim – howdy, I’m good with fixing holes, you still need help?
Mike – hi, I have two people coming to help tonight, but could use your help too. 
Jim – cool, address please!
Mike – 25 Maple St.
Jim – be there in 30 minutes, ok?
Mike – k, see you then. 
…. And then I logged out of Facebook.
‘They will all be here soon baby, get ready’, I was getting excited,’ your holes will be filled’.
‘You know, these holes have waited along time to be filled at the same time’, Pam was very excited, like a kid in a candy store.
Time moved forward, the hole fillers had arrived, each one was handed a card as they entered.
Tom’s card:
Do not repeat what you are about to read on this card to the other two people standing beside you, if you do, you will not be filling a hole and will be asked to leave. The holes are in my bedroom, on the bed. Enter the room. There will be no talking, I am deaf and so are the holes. If at this point in your reading this you wish to leave, please do, but if you choose to stay, you will enjoy filling a hole I promise. Now enter the bedroom and wait. Good luck!
Jim’s card was the same as Tom’s!
Mary’s card:
Do not repeat what you are about to read on this card to the other two people standing beside you, if you do, you will not be filling a hole and will be asked to leave. The holes are in my bedroom, on the bed. There is a special tool close to the bed to help you. Enter the room. There will be no talking, I am deaf and so are the holes. If at this point in your reading this you wish to leave, please do, but if you choose to stay, you will enjoy filling a hole I promise. Now enter the bedroom and wait. Good luck!
Tom was the first to enter the room, followed closely behind by Jim and Mary, it was dark.
I was the last to enter, I handed each a cell phone then sat down in my chair and waited.
The phone said:
‘Thank you for choosing not to leave, you will not be disappointed. Do not use the light from this phone to see around the room or the other two that are beside you. Please remove all clothing, yes all please and stand and wait for further instructions’. Text back ‘yes’ if you understand!
The message was the same on the 3 cell phones!
I got 3 yeses!
Let the hole filling begin!
I texted Tom:
‘You can fill a hole of your choosing Tom, the top one or one of the ones at the bottom. Text back which one you would like to fill in a one word answer please.
Tom texted back:
I texted Jim:
‘Tom has picked the top hole which leaves two holes remaining, please chose, front or back one. Text back which one you would like to fill in a one word answer please.
I texted Mary:
‘Tom pick top hole, Jim took back hole, and the last hole is the front, my favorite, if you want to continue please type back ‘yes’.
‘Yes’ she typed.
A light shone onto the holes!
Another light shone on the special tool Mary was to use.
I texted Mary:
‘Please put on’.
I texted all 3 on them!
‘Now is the time to fill the holes, enjoy and go for it’.
Tom moved towards his hole, his tool in hand and put it in. The hole wrapped around his tool, it was hot and wet, Tom liked his hole.
Jim got under his hole; he had to lube his tool on the front hole. Slowly his tool entered, it was a tight fit.
Mary put on her tool, moved towards the front hole, put it in, it also was hot and wet.
All holes were now plugged and the fillers were loving it. All 3 of them moved there tool in and out.
Tom’s tool was the first to reach its goal, his filler, filled a lot of the hole. He was done, the hole swallowed his hole filler.
Jim’s tool was working hard at the back hole, his filler emptied its fill deep into the hole, he was done.
Mary’s tool had some fill in it, my fill, deep inside the front hole, my fill was released, filling the hole, she was done.
I texted the 3 holefillers:
‘Put your clothes back on and thank you, you filled your hole, great job, on your my out the front door you will find an envelope with your name on it. In it you will find five thousand dollars. Please take it and leave phone in its place. No talking to other hole fillers as you leave my house. I need them holes filled, same time next week. Thank you for your service. Good night’.
The 3 hole fillers got dressed and left.
I turned the light, the ceiling light on and texted:
‘Are your holes filled to your satisfaction baby’?
‘Yes my love, but will have to be refilled next week’.
The top hole had some filler around it. The front and back holes were leaking a lot of its filler.
‘They will be back filling your holes sweetheart, I promise’.
‘Good, you now need a hole filled, the one you been sitting on’.
With Mary’s tool, Pam filled my hole.
The end, butt….

Threesome Stories

Fri, 23 Dec 2016 05:34:01 UTC

Initiation night

<p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I stood, at attention, in front of the fraternity president.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;All right pledge, this is your initiation, we need to see if you are worthy material. Strip down, naked, and await further instructions.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I quickly did as I was told, I’d expected this, probably a good ass paddling. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I stood at attention once again, totally nude, my cock at semi hard. The fraternity was checking me out, and I had the feeling that my initiation was going to be different that I thought it would be. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;All right pledge, follow me.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I was led into a bedroom, and was told to get on the bed, on hands and knees, my ass up in the air. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Perfect, pledge, your initiation had begun.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Two more frat members entered, both were nude, and sporting stiff hard-ons. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;You can quit any time, but if you quit early, you will not be allowed to join.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Mindful of the stories about how this was the best fraternity on campus, I held my tongue. I felt slick lube being applied to my asshole, and I realized what was going to happen. My asshole virginity was about to end. I felt one of the nude bodies getting behind me, and a press against my asshole. It parted, reluctantly, and my asshole got the stretch as he pushed hard, and buried it in one thrust. My tight ass walls parted reluctantly as I was busted open. Even though he wasn’t some 10 or 11 inch monster, his 7 inches still made my ass feel so split open, the pain was intense.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; As my asshole fucker started to ride me, the second frat member presented his cock to my face, and I started to suck his cock, my head bobbing up and down on his 7 inches of stiff prick. As I took in the entire length, , and started to seriously work on his cock, I realized that I was going to taste cum for the first time in my life. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; As I got fucked at both ends, I realized that my prick had become harder and longer than ever before in my life.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I heard the president say, &quot;Okay, looks good, Ginger, go over there and help out.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I felt a soft wet tongue licking at my cock then the heat as a tight, wet mouth engulfed it. He had said Ginger, that was his girlfriend, she had wild red hair, intense green eyes, huge knockers and hips that had a wild curve to them, she looked like every frat member’s wet dream personified. I felt her lips clamped around my cock, giving me a milking grip that urged me on to blow. The cock fucking my ass was stroking my prostate, my cock felt like a red hot poker.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Just as I felt the buildup, my ass fucker grunted, &quot;Fuck YEAH!&quot;, and I felt his cock pulsing crazy, squirting his load deep up my ass. The feel of my ass taking his load made my cock sizzle, my balls erupted, and I let go, my cock spraying crazily. I felt 8 thick gushes, filling that redheaded sexpot’s mouth, and the cock I was sucking erupted, the first stream splattered against the roof of my mouth, 4 more thick streams splattering all over my tongue. I swallowed it all, enjoying the taste.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The cocks withdrew from my ass and mouth, and the guys applauded.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Welcome, newest frat member Frank. You are now an official member of the fraternity. Take a look at who sucked your cock.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I rolled onto my back, and there she was. Holy fuck, seeing Ginger totally nude made my cock start to surge right back up. Her big knockers hung proudly, big, silver dollar sized nipples pointing out, stiff and erect, her eyes were full of the heat of sexual lust, her mane of long red hair, and that thick nest of matching red pubic curls, fuck, I love it when the carpet matches the drapes. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;And, to welcome you, lovely Ginger here is going to give you a welcome to the fraternity fuck!&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I may have had the whole frat watching me, but Ginger’s sexy curves, the smoldering heat in her eyes, and those lucious milk jugs, kept my attention, and my cock, riveted on her. She grasped the base of my quickly reviving cock, and sucked me in, her hot mouth, and tight cock sucker lips bringing me back up to a stiff readiness.&nbsp; She grinned, and mounted me in cowgirl style, letting out a grunt of pleasure as she impaled her fiery core. I growled from the heat of that tight cunt wrapping around my cock, as she took me in right to the balls. She smiled again as she lifted up, and sank back down.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Ummm, I love welcoming the new pledges, so glad you were game, I love to suck cock, and give the pledges their welcoming fuck! I’m gonna ride your stiff cock until you shoot a thick juicy load right up there, fill up my needy cunt!&quot; Ginger cooed.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She started to ride me faster, pounding her cunt up and down, eager to let her tight sucking heat drain my balls. She tossed her hair back, and I enjoyed the sight of her lucious melons bouncing up and down in time with her thrusts. The sound of her wet, sqelchy cunt being pounded towards orgasm filled the room, and as I looked around, I noticed that all the fraterniy members were now naked, and everyone was sporting a stiff, rock hard cock.&nbsp; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;After you fill my cunt, we’re gonna have an orgy, my cunt, mouth and ass will get fucked, over and over, I love being triple fucked!&quot; Ginger growled. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The idea that this hot, sexy redhead was gonna be triple fucked made my cock jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Yeah, oh yeah, I can feel you so ready to blow, do it baby, cum in me, fill my horny cunt, squirt it, shoot it, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh fuck, YESSSSS!&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Her voice rose to a shriek, and as my cock erupted, I could feel her clamping tighly at my cock, the spasms running through her tight walls milking at me, and I growled with pleasure as her fiery fuck-hole sucked every drop out of my prick.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; As soon as she’d milked my cock, she led the guys into an adjoining bedroom. As I recovered I heard growls and cries of pleasure. I joined the guys, and watched the awesome sight. Ginger was on a king sized bed, squatting over one guy who was jamming his cock up her just used cunt, another guy was behind her, guiding his cock up her asshole, she turned her head, and she sucked in a hard cock waiting for her mouth. The sight and the sounds of this hot red headed sexpot getting all 3 holes fucked hard at the same time was electric, and I could my cock reviving. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; After the 3 guys had emptied their balls deep inside her, another three guys quickly took their places, and Ginger got another three cocks to fill her up. It went on, Ginger’s lush body being triple fucked, and I was brought in with the last 2 guys, and Ginger smiled at me, and urged me on to fuck her ass. As we took positions, and I applied my cock head, and pushed, my cock entered easily, her ass was filled with lots of mixed cum, and it made a perfect lube. I could feel a cock pounding her cunt, rubbing against mine through the membrane as I rammed her ass, and my cock quickly took notice. Her mouth was filled with a thick, hot prick, and she was letting off muffled grunts and cries of pleasure.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; We gave her a triple team power fucking, her muffled howls of pleasure urging us on, and I felt my cock swelling, and with a roar I let go, as my cock blew, a thick load pouring hotly right between her tight ass cheeks, the two guys doing her cunt and mouth let go, and all 3 of us pumped our loads in Ginger’s hot eager holes. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The night went on, Ginger wanted every cock to fuck her ass, cunt and mouth, and Ginger’s incredible body was plugged over and over, she took us all in every hole she had. Fuck, she was insatiable, as hot as her red head suggested. On the next go round, her hot mouth sucked another load out of me, and on the last go, I got to plunge my cock into her fiery cunt, ramming in, and letting the grip of her cum filled fuck-hole drain my cock of one last load. I lucked out, having had her mouth suck out my load, then getting to fuck her sexy cunt before the orgy, I got to take her five times. Fuck, what an initiation, my cock got a draining like I’d never had, it felt like I wouldn’t be able to get it up again for a week. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; As it was, I was back up again in 3 days, when my girlfriend got a hot, wild ride after our date. We flopped down, she was breathing hard.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;You are such a horny tiger, does joining a fraternity do that to a guy?&quot; Julia whispered to me</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Well, only if you join the right fraternity.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Guess yours must be the right fraternity then!&quot; she said, smiling.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I smiled, and let it go at that. I saw no reason to comment further on what, exactly, had transpired at my initiation.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </p>

Group Stories

Thu, 15 Nov 2012 22:37:56 UTC

Mmf threesome fantasy became a reality

This is the story of how mine and my girlfriends mmf threesome fantasy became a reality.

My girlfriend and I met when we were nineteen years old. Like most new couples, we spent most of our time together in the bedroom. We were always adventurous when it came to sex. We loved finding new places to have it, trying new positions, etc. We were quite honest about our desires. After some time we began fantasising about having another girl join us. Then after some more time we started fantasising about having another guy join us. Then, after a few years of being together, the latter became a reality.
It all started one night when my friend Jake was at our place. The three of us had been out drinking and we were all pretty wasted. I suggested we put some porn on. Not something I would normally do with a third person present but I’d watched plenty of porn with Kate before and I’d watched plenty with Jake before and plus I was drunk! It seemed like a good idea at the time so I thought "fuck it! Why not?". Jake and Kate happily agreed so I went ahead and put some on.
I was sat in the middle of the couch with Jake to my right and Kate to my left. After a while of watching, I noticed Jake seemed to be getting fidgety. As I looked round at him I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his jeans he was trying to conceal. He began rubbing it for a quick second here and there. I too was bulging and found myself doing the same thing. After a while I got up and grabbed the blanket from across the room.
I sat back down in between Jake and Kate and through the blanket over us all. I then pulled it up over my shoulders like I was just getting snug. Kate did the same thing and Jake just through it over his stomach. I then took the opportunity to grab a load of my hard cock from the outside of my jeans. I rubbed firmly back and forth. I couldn’t see coz there was a blanket In the way, but Jake seemed to be doing the same kind of thing. A few minutes past and I reached over to my left and started undoing the button on Kates jeans. She grabbed my wrist. I looked at her and she looked at me in a way that meant no. I kept totally still and just stared at her. I felt her grip around my wrist begin to loosen and saw the stern look in her eyes begin to fade into submission. I continued opening her button, then pulled down her zip. I slid my finger tips just under the top of her nickers when she grabbed my wrist again. "No" she mimed, half grinning. I stayed completely still again, staring into her eyes. I began pushing my hand down in an attempt to get it further into her nickers. She kept a tight grip for a few seconds but once again her look turned into a submissive one and she released my wrist from her grip. The second she let go my fingers slipped further into her nickers. She let out a pleasure filled moan under her breath and rested her head back on the couch looking up at the ceiling. I worked my hand further down and started to touch her pussy. It was soaking! I continued to play with her as she sat there breathing heavily. I carried on watching the porn for a few minutes until I felt her fingers begin to stroke my belly. Then she slid her fingers into my jeans. I jack knifed a little. She pulled them back out and tried undoing my button. She was struggling so I unfastened it and then pulled down my zipper. I felt her hand come down to rest on the bulge in my boxers. She squeezed it, rubbed it, tickled it. It felt amazing. Then she stuck her hand through the flap on my shorts and whipped out my incredibly hard dick. She wrapped her hand around it and began slowly and discretely wanking me off.
So there we were, people having all sorts of sex on the 50 inch screen in front of us, my friend sat at one side of me doing whatever he was doing to himself, my girlfriend at the other side of me enjoying my hand playing with her soaking wet pussy and her hand wanking me off. It was amazing!
Kate began breathing more and more heavily. Her moans were all whispers. She was biting her bottom lip. I could tell she was trying her best not to make any noise. Eventually though she moaned out loud. It wasn’t really loud but still enough for her to become self aware and snap out of the moment. She let go of my dick and grabbed my wrist again, pulling my arm away from her. She fastened up her jeans and so I did the same. Then she stood up and said "I’m going up to bed. See you later Jake" and she left the room.
I went out after her and caught her up on the stairs. "Are you OK?" I asked. "Yeah, I just wanna go up to bed" she replied. "oh, ok" I said, confused. "I’m going to finish myself off" she said, smiling. "Oh really?" I laughed. "Yeah… But I’d rather YOU came up and finished me off" she said, with her come to bed eyes. "Ok!" I shouted, excitedly. "Laters Jake!" I shouted. Then chased Kate upstairs.
The very instant we got into the bedroom, we stripped naked where we stood. Kate through her arms around me and started kissing me furiously. Her tounge tasted of mixed fruits and vodka. With both hands, I grabbed her arse and pulled her in tight. She released one of her arms from around me, gently ran her fingers down my chest, down my belly and on to my incredibly hard cock. She stroked it gently. I pulled back from her kiss, grabbing a handful of her perfect tits at the same time. I caressed them both lovingly whilst i licked and sucked on her erect nipples. As I went back to kissing her, she grabbed a hold of my dick and started wanking me. After a few moments I backed away from her. "I’m sorry" I said, grinning, "but I’ve really got to wee". Not a great thing to say to a someone your about to have sex with, I know. But I had drunk so much and I didn’t really have a choice. Kate just laughed at me.
The bathroom was down stairs. I grabbed my dressing gown and kissed Kate on the lips. "Back in a minute" I said. "Be quick" she said, desperately. Then I quickly ran down stairs to the bathroom. On my way back to the stairs, I passed the living room. The door was ever so slightly open and I could see the TV was still on. I opened the door a little bit and saw that the porn was still on the TV and Jake was lying under the blanket on the couch. I walked a little bit in to the room to see if he was still awake and then I froze. I froze because I saw he was lying there wanking himself off. He hadn’t seen me so I quietly backed up out of the room and went back upstairs.
When I got back into the bedroom, Kate was sat on the corner of the bed, legs apart, rubbing her pussy with a big smile on her face. "Wow!" I smiled. I leaned over, kissed her and then told her how I’d just seen Jake wanking off on the couch. "Really?" she asked, excitedly. "Yeah" I answered. She exhaled heavily with pleasure, pulled my dressing gown open and began furiously wanking me. I could tell she was excited by it. "Do you like that baby?" I asked. "Yeah" she exhaled. "You like knowing that a guy’s down stairs wanking himself off on our couch whilst where upstairs…." At that point she interrupted me by standing up and throwing herself at me. She started kissing me like crazy. She slid my dressing gown off my shoulders causing it to drop the floor, then resumed wanking me. I placed my hands around her hips and walked her backwards towards the bed, Purposely causing her to fall on to it. She landed on her back with her legs draped over the end of the bed. I dropped to my knees and spread her legs apart to reveal that wonderful soaking wet bald pussy. "Wow!" I said, overwhelmed at how much of an attractive sight it was. I gently separated her lips and blew softly at her clit. Straight away she let out a noise. I blew some more at it and then gave it one quick lick. Her moan was louder that time. I slid one finger into her soaking wet hole. "Your so fucking wet!" I stated, with uncontrollable excitement. "I know. What do you EXPECT" she moaned, as I pressed onto her g spot. I started to to rub it firmly as I teased her clit with my tounge. I pulled out my finger and licked her pussy furiously all over. She made so much noise. I got up and knelt on the bed next to her head. She grabbed my throbbing cock, stuck it in her mouth and began going to town on it. I continued to rub her smooth pussy, sticking a finger in here and there. After a couple of minutes or so, she pulled my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop sound and began to beg me "fuck me. Please. Just fuck me baby. Put ya cock in me. Please baby! fuck me! please!!". The only reason she stopped begging was to scream as I plunged my cock deep inside her warm wet hole. It felt like heaven! With my hands on the bed at either side of her face, I thrusted in and out of her, hard and fast! I could feel the inside of her pussy swelling and squeezing tighter on my cock. Her tits bouncing around all over the place from the violent fucking. I couldn’t take it, it was just too good. Within moments I let out an animal like roar as I felt my cock explode with cum. At that same moment, Kate shouted out "don’t stop! Oh fuck!!! Oh fuck yeah! Fuck yeah! Ah.. Ah.. Wow.. Fuck me.." "I just did" I replied. We both grinned at each other, kissed, cuddled up and went to sleep.
The next day, I pointed out to Kate that we could of ended up in a threesome the night before. She laughed. "How do you know? Jake might not of been interested" she said, jokingly. "I was actually worried that we might have made him feel uncomfortable" she added. "Jake?!" I said, surprised. "Nah.. I don’t think we will of made him uncomfortable and why wouldn’t he of been interested? He’s single and sex deprived.. and your hot! I don’t think he’d of turned down a blow job!" I laughed.
A couple months later a few of us were out drinking. Kate and I were very drunk and feeling very horny. We could not stop kissing. At one point we was stood on a balcony above the dance floor and we were kissing so passionately that I think we forgot where we were. I slipped my hand down her pants and started playing with her pussy. She slipped her hands down my pants and started playing with my dick. Then she grabbed it and started to wank me. This went on for a few minutes until we eventually were interupted by a friend.
One by one, people started going home. Me and Kate got a taxi back to ours an told Jake to tag along for a couple more drinks and said he could sleep on our couch. We were quite close with Jake. He was one of the only one of our friends who was single. We could tell he often felt left out but we enjoyed his company and we could obviously be ourselves around him, so we really didn’t mind him hanging at our place.
We got back to our place and had ourselves a drink or two. Then out of the blue, Jake asked "is it porn o’clock yet?". It came out the blue and before I’d even had time to register what he’d said, Kate replied "Yeah if you want". I was smitten. I smiled and said "okay then" and I did the honours.
Once again we sat there watching porn. After a good while, Kate said she was going getting another drink from the kitchen. I followed her. We had a horny kissing session for a few mins and then Jake walked in so we decided to stop and make some drinks. We hung out in the kitchen just having random conversations. Kate couldn’t leave me alone but I wasn’t really showing her the same kind of attention back. She eventually questioned me on it. I explained how I just felt a bit ignorant towards Jake. "You don’t have to worry about me!" He replied, instantly. "If I had a girlfriend, I’d be practically fucking her on the kitchen unit now too!". We laughed. "Oh.. Poor Jake" said Kate. "Especially after watching all the porn" Jake added. We laughed some more. "It’s alright for you two! You can go to bed whenever you want and shag! All I’ve got to look forward to is a box of tissues" he stressed. "And I have to wait until I get home tomorrow for that" he quickly added. "Well you can always relieve yourself on the couch" I said. "Yeah.. I can’t to that" he said. "Why not?" I asked. "Because it’s weird" he said. "It didn’t stop you last time" I grinned. "What?!" he shouted, as he turned red. I started laughing. "Aww leave him" said Kate. "What you on about?!" shouted Jake, smiling with embarrassment. "Nothing" I said, as I contained myself. "No but seriously, it’s not weird, and you can continue watching porn then and you don’t have to wait until you get home." I said. "Yeah! Do it! We don’t mind!" said Kate, enthusiastically. Jake burst out laughing. "I think I’ll just wait until I get home" he laughed.
We went back into the living room and resumed watching porn. Once again I sat there in the middle of my couch with a boner, my girlfriend to my left, and my friend to my right. I was itching to fiddle with myself for some time and then I noticed Jake just slip his hand into his jeans and begin fiddling away. I was envious. I hesitated for a few mins and then went ahead and slipped my hand down my jeans too. As I sat there fiddling with myself I turned to look at Kate and she grinned at me whilst looking from me to my crotch. Then she leant forward slightly and saw Jake doing the same thing. She sat back grinning at me from ear to ear. I looked down at her crotch and looked back her with raised eyebrows. She then looked down at her crotch and looked back at me with raised eyebrows. I grinned at her and repeated the action again. This time she grinned at me with raised eyebrows and turned go watch the TV. Then after a few seconds she slowly started to slide her fingers into her jeans. I exhaled with pleasure. I saw her smile to herself, knowing that I was watching. Then she slid her hand further into her jeans, paused for a second and then began playing with herself. After a couple of minutes or so she pulled her hand back out. I looked back and forth from her crotch to her face, protruding my bottom lip. She looked across the room and then looked back at me, smiling. I looked across the room to see what she was hinting at and saw the blanket. When i looked back at her she raised her eyebrows smiling. I got up and got the blanket and threw it over us all like the last time. "Blanket time again is it?" asked Jake as he pulled his end over him, keeping the other hand down his pants. "Yep" I replied. As I got comfortable I turned to look at Kate. She just sat there smiling at me. I would look at the TV and look back at her and she’d still be smiling at me. I kept smiling back in confusion. This went on for a good few minutes until eventually she turned to face the TV and began undoing her jeans. When she stopped she smiled at me and pointed at her crotch with her eyes. I discretely moved my hand over to her. She had undone her button and her zip. I began slowly stroking her from outside of her thong. She reached her arm over to my crotch. She undid my bottom and zip and began stroking me from outside my boxers. I slipped my hand inside her nickers and felt her pussy lips. I could feel the damp already. She pulled my hard cock out through the flap on my boxers and began slowly wanking me. I endulged further, spreading her lips apart and rubbing her absolutely soaking wet pussy. We sat there facing each other. I saw her eyes fill with pleasure as she began breathing heavily. Like before she was biting her lip trying not to let out any noise, but it was inevitable. She eventually let out a slight moan. She suddenly slapped her hand against mine, pushing it firmly against her pussy to stop me from moving it. I grinned at her and she smiled at me with embarrassment. She very slowly released my hand and as she did I slowly started to play with her again. She started breathing heavily again. This time louder and more obvious than before. I glanced to my right and saw that Jake didn’t appear to be moving his hand anymore. I looked back at Kate. She was sitting there with her head back on the couch looking up at the ceiling. Her mouth wide open as she concentrated on the pleasure. Concentrating so hard that the hand she had on my dick had stopped moving. She turned to look at me, smiled and began wanking me fast and hard. I then started to breath heavily too. I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, looked to my side and saw Jakes hand was slowly moving again. This time it was going up and down and I knew he must of been wanking his bare cock. I looked back at the porn for a few moments. Suddenly I felt shaking from my right side. I looked back to Jakes lap and saw he was wanking hard. I looked up at his face for the first time. He was looking down at mine and Kates laps and suddenly he let out a heavy breath. He obviously knew what was happening and was enjoying it. He threw his head back to face the ceiling for a second. He closed his eyes and let out a few more heavy breaths and then resumed watching the porn. I turned my attention back to Kate. She was grinning. She leant forward a little to look at Jake for a second and then continued grinning at me. I grinned back at her and went back to watching the porn. Kate let go of my dick. I didn’t know why but I instantly took over. Jake and I were now wanking ourselves side by side. Kate started fidgeting about and then I realised she was trying to remove her pants under the blanket. I was shocked. I stopped touching her pussy and I also felt I had to slow down with my wanking. I felt her kicking her legs to remove her pants from around her ankles. She then tugged at my boxers and jeans, raised her eye brows and grinned. I could tell this was a hint for me to remove mine too, so I went ahead and did so. As soon as I’d got them off she smiled, let out a big heavy breath and threw her lips around mine, cupping her hand around my balls at the same time. I reached over and placed my hand on her now bare thigh. She opened her legs to welcome it. I stroked up the inside of her thigh till I found her naked wet pussy resting on the leather of the couch. She grabbed my dick and began wanking it hard and fast. We were both breathing so heavily. We’d almost forgot Jake was there and was going to town on each other. All of a sudden, Kate threw her left leg over me, keeping her lips sealed around mine. She was trying to get on top of me. Butterflies raced through my stomach as I grabbed her bare arse and slid over to the left a little, pulling her up on top of me. I spread apart her dripping wet pussy, lined up my rock hard cock and squeezed all of it in to her warm wet hole. She let out a really loud moan that was only muffled by her lips still around mine. She pulled away from the kiss gasping for air. She gradually suspended herself upwards until only my tip was inside her and then dropped herself back down, causing it to ram back up her again. She then let out an incredibly loud moan! She continued to gently move up and down and back and forth with my dick up inside her, moaning with each stroke. I looked to my side, I could see Jake was wanking away under blanket. Kate always loved the idea of us being wanked over and it was happening. I liked that we was causing him to enjoy himself. I decided to make it even better. I slightly pulled up on Kates top, she lifted her arms so I pulled it all the way up and off over her head. I saw the excitement in his face grow as he started wanking faster. I reached around for the clip on her bra and paused. I saw Jakes eyes widen as he nodded his head to himself. I paused another second or two and then undid the clip. I saw Kate smile over the 2 guys getting off over her as she grabbed her bra and threw it on the floor behind her. Her perfect tits were on display and bouncing up and down as she continued bouncing on my dick. Jake let out a pleasure filled grunt. Kate was now completely naked and I don’t think she planned to be alone. She leant forward, grabbed my shirt and pulled it off over my head. As she leant back, I looked down at her pussy and wondered whether it had been in Jakes line of sight this whole time. I wasn’t sure but decided either way, there was not much point in our side of the blanket anymore so I pulled it down from off of kates arse and through it in Jakes direction. Jake instantly shuffled to sit up straighter and stared her pussy just sliding up and down on my cock and grinding back and forth. All of a sudden the blanket was snapped away from Jakes lap. Kate was bouncing there with blanket in her hand and a massive excitable smile on her face. She let out a sexy devious laugh and threw the blanket behind her. Jake froze. Then he looked down at his hard exposed cock with his hand still wrapped firmly around it, looked back at Kate still bouncing on my dick and just continued wanking. Jake had his button undone, his zipper down and his dick was sticking out of the flap in his boxers. Kate tugged on his pants leg. "I don’t think you need these anymore" she said, seductively. Nervously, Jake pulled down his jeans and boxers, took them off and got straight back to wanking. Kate had slowed down and was staring at Jakes dick. She would occasionally glance at my chest and then look back at his dick. It was as though she was taking in the fact she was fucking me whilst being wanked over. She was really fixating on his cock. I tapped her on the leg and she looked at me. "Grab it" I mimed. I saw the temptation in her face as she turned back to look at it again. She looked back at me, as if for reassurance. I just nodded at her. She looked back at his cock. I could tell she wanted to touch it. She licked her lips and pulled her bottom lip back between her teeth, paused and then finally reached out and slowly wrapped her fingers around the bottom of his dick. Jake looked down in amazement at her incredibly sexy fingers wrapped around his hard shaft. His mouth wide open, he let out the heaviest breath so far as Kate began slowly wanking him off. I could tell Kate was loving this. She took her hand off his cock, licked it all over and started giving him one of her amazing hand jobs. "Oh fuck yeah" she whispered, as she began furiously wanking him faster. "oh fuck" she moaned. She was staring at his cock in amazement. Then she leant over, opened her mouth wide and took as much of it as she could in her mouth before sealing her lips around it. She slowly sucked all the way up, until it popped out of her mouth, making a popping sound on the way out. "Oh yeah" she gasped, then she continued to suck it. Leaning over, she seemed to be struggling to continue fucking me. So with my hands full of her bare arse I lifted her up slightly and started penetrating her fast. She started moaning really loud and fast with her mouth full of Jakes cock. I wanted to cum right then. Jake was muttering "Oh yeah" over and over. I lifted Kate higher, pulling myself out of her. She stopped sucking Jake and looked at me with a massive grin on her face. "You ok baby?" she asked. "Very much so" I exhaled. "Were you getting a little close?" she asked. "Maybe" I admitted. Still holding onto Jakes cock, she climbed off me and knelt down in front of the couch. She continued wanking Jake as she started to gently lick my dick all over, looking me in the eyes as she did so. Then she sucked Jakes a little as she wanked mine, then she sucked mine and wanked Jakes again. She kept alternating between the two of us. Then whilst she had Jakes cock in her mouth, I got up off the couch and knelt down behind her. I rubbed her pussy, slipped my fingers in and out of her and finally slipped my cock in. I held on to her hips, fucking her hard from behind, her moans muffled by Jakes cock. Once again I felt I needed to cum. I pulled my cock back out of her and continued to rubbing her pussy. I started licking her hole and tongue fucking her, then I slipped my thumb inside her and rubbed her gspot hard and fast. As I pulled my thumb from out of her, she quickly span half way around on her knees. She kept hold of Jakes dick, still wanking it, she started sucking mine as I knelt there. I stood up to give her easier access.Then she turned to Jake, "come here" she said. Jake got up to his feet. With me and Jake now standing there facing each other, Kate started to suck his dick whilst wanking mine, then sucked mine whilst she wanked his, alternating between the two like she’d done before. Then kneeling between us, wanking us both off, she shuffled back a little, looked up at me and said "come closer together". I walked closer to Jake. She looked at both of our dicks in her hands and exhaled with excitement. She started rubbing the ends of our saliva covered cocks against one anothers. "Oh… Fuck yeah" she said. She looked up at me, "that’s an amazing sight" she smiled. I’ve got to admit, it felt kind of good. "Do you like that baby?" I asked. "Yeah" she replied, as she swallowed half of my cock. She sucked me whilst wanking Jake furiously. Then she looked at both of our cocks in amazement whilst she knelt there wanking them, moved the ends of them together again and then shoved them both in her mouth at the same time. It was a great sight. I noticed she was slightly bouncing up and down as though she could be sat on a third cock. I looked down at her pussy untouched and decided it needed some attention. At that point Jake let out a big moan and pulled his cock away. It was obvious he nearly came. It caused Kate to grin and make a proud noise of excitement. I needed to give my dick a little rest anyway. I pulled away from Kate and told her to lie on the couch. She lied down on her back with her legs apart. I started licking her pussy and fingering her. Jake stood watching, wanking himself slowly. Kate watched him for a while before telling him to come to her. He knelt down beside her and she started playing with his dick and sucking it. I couldn’t resist her soaking wet, bald pussy any longer. I was loving licking it but from the noises her and Jake was making, this couldn’t go on much longer and I couldn’t wait to sink my raging hard cock into her gorgeous hole. They both got louder and louder. I knew it was time. I jumped up, lifted one of Kates legs and sunk my dick into her. She screamed with pleasure. She lay there wanking Jake hard while I fucked her. She started screaming really loud, I could tell she was about to climax. All of a sudden a huge amount of spunk fired out of Jakes dick and all over her perfect tits. He moaned out loud as she looked in absolute amazement. She pointed his cock directly at her tits as she continued to shake out every last drop all over them. "Oh fuck!" Jake shouted, as she began rubbing the end of his cock all over her cum soaked tits. Then as she tickled her nipples with the end of his cock, I felt my whole body go in to shock as I felt the most powerful amount of spunk fire out of my cock and deep inside of Kate. It felt like it came from ever inch of my body. At that moment, Kate started cumming and we had what we both described to be one of the most intense orgasms we’ve ever had, together.

Threesome Stories

Fri, 18 Mar 2016 23:42:28 UTC

Sex with Office Colleague and Her Husband

<p>Hello readers! This is <span>Niloy</span> and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My email address is: [email protected] I work for an <span>MNC</span> and aged in 26. I am an average good looking person and am placed well in the company. I recently joined this company where I am working now and met this beautiful girl in the training as we were suppose to work for the same process. I saw her and that moment I began to lust for her body. To tell you more about her <span>Nabila</span> was lean, having an athletic body. <span>Nabila</span> didn&rsquo;t have a beautiful shape as such but any man on earth would like to have her on bed at least for 1 time. <span>Nabila</span> was the first person to speak to me in the entire training batch. <span>Nabila</span> was bold enough to say anything that comes to her mind on other persons&rsquo; face. Training was completed and work started. We both were given desks next to each other. As I had lot of experience <span>Nabila</span> used to consult me for doubts regarding work.</p><p><br /> Hence we became close to each other. We used to go for breaks together and also had our food together, sharing whatever we had bought for the day. After few months <span>Nabila</span> got married to a <span>govt</span>. employee also in good and high position. I had been to their marriage and had a close interaction with <span>Sajid</span> as well, as the time passed by. We also started to share her personal life after marriage in office. <span>Nabila</span> used to tell what happened at home every day when we met in office. <span>Nabila</span> had become so close to me that <span>Nabila</span> also started to share bed time stories also.</p><p><br /> Things were going well and one day I was assigned some work for which I had to go for nearby town. So I had it all planned and decided to leave on day after tomorrow. Next day I came to office on my bike as I had planned to leave office after work directly to the near my city. As usual we finished work and I bid good bye to all collogues and was about to leave office, when <span>Nabila</span> called me and asked if <span>Nabila</span> could come with me on my bike and I could drop her to her residence. I was little hesitant as it was about to be mid night and it will not be a good seen to leave a married girl to her home at that hour. But <span>Nabila</span> told that <span>Nabila</span> had informed <span>Sajid</span> that <span>Nabila</span> is coming with me and <span>Sajid</span> had also welcomed this option, hence I agreed to leave her to her home and then continue my way.</p><p><br /> We left office and <span>Nabila</span> was sitting on the back seat with legs on each side. <span>Nabila</span> was also not sitting far from me. Every time I applied break <span>Nabila</span> had her boobs started to touch my back. Let me tell you that this was not the first time that I had touched her boobs as when ever <span>Nabila</span> came to my desk for work related stuff to discuss; I used to touch it accidentally.But I don&rsquo;t know whether <span>Nabila</span> noticed it or was comfortable with it. But on bike when her boobs banged against my back a current passed through my body; as the weather was also cold that night. I didn&rsquo;t leave any opportunity to apply break till we reached home, so that I could feel her boobs on my back and I was enjoying every touch. <span>Nabila</span> also didn&rsquo;t react to it and continued to sit the same way throughout the complete journey.</p><p><br /> We were greeted by <span>Sajid</span> at the entrance to her home when we reached. Both invited me inside as it was my first visit. I went inside and <span>Nabila</span> closed the main door and bolted from inside. <span>Nabila</span> insisted to have dinner before leaving, for which I agreed after little hesitation. All three of us had dinner and were sitting in living room and chatting. <span>Nabila</span> asked me if it was absolute necessary to leave in the middle of cold night that too on bike. I told that I enjoy riding and wanted to reach by early morning to city and have a good sleep till afternoon as the actual work will start by evening. We were chatting and offered me whether I would like to have a drink. <span>Nabila</span> had vodka in house and both are used to have 1 or 2 drinks before going to bed. I accepted it and <span>Nabila</span> got 3 glasses and made us the drink. We all finished 2 glasses each and chatting was continuing in mean while. I am used to heavy drinking so I was still in my sense and so was <span>Sajid</span> but <span>Nabila</span> was feeling little dizzy after 2 glasses. I asked her if <span>Nabila</span> is okay, for which <span>Nabila</span> responded saying that <span>Nabila</span> would like to have one more glass. </p><p>We all had our <span>3rd</span> glass of drink and <span>Nabila</span> was really out of her sense and told <span>Sajid</span> that <span>Nabila</span> discussed all things with me in office. <span>Sajid</span> was amazed to listen to this and he looked at me. <span>Nabila</span> also told that <span>Nabila</span> wanted to have <span>3some</span> sex. <span>Nabila</span> was feeling very horny at that moment. <span>Nabila</span> also told that <span>Nabila</span> knew that I had a crush on her and how I was applying breaks while coming from office. I was little embarrassed to sit there as <span>Nabila</span> was telling all this in front of <span>Sajid</span>. Slowly <span>Sajid</span> also opened up and told that he also had this fantasy of having <span>3some</span> sex from a long time. I was totally in shock and didn&rsquo;t know how to react to this.<br /> </p><p>I was sitting there with my mouth wide open. <span>Nabila</span> then got up and went near <span>Sajid</span> and gave a kiss on his lips and thanked him for accepting this offer. Soon they both started to smooch passionately in front of me. I noticed my pant getting tight near the zipper and looked down to find my cock was throbbing to come out of jail in between <span>Nabila</span> also looked at my cock while continuing to smooch <span>Sajid</span> and gave a naught smile at me. I also got some strength and took my cock out of my trousers. I had a huge cock and was about 7&rdquo; in length and was about 3&rdquo; thick. I started to make up and down moment on it. <span>Nabila</span> then looked at my cock and suddenly stopped smooching and was staring on my cock, so was <span>Sajid</span> also. Then they both looked at each other and gave a naughty smile to each other in acceptance for the things that are going to happen next. <span>Nabila</span> then came near me in front of my cock and sat with her face very close to it.</p><p><br /> <span>Nabila</span> then hit my hand which was caressing my cock to have a complete look at it. <span>Nabila</span> then placed her hand on it and started to feel my cock. I ordered her to take it in her mouth and suck the life out of it. <span>Nabila</span> readily accepted and within seconds her mouth was open and started licking it from all sides. I had all my public hair remove around my cock so <span>Nabila</span> was enjoying it to the fullest. <span>Nabila</span> took my balls in her mouth and started biting it.<br /> I felt the pain and jolt of current in my body and slapped her face.&nbsp; <span>Nabila</span> started to stare at my face while keeping my ball in her mouth and not biting on them. I told her: what are you looking at? Continue with your job, I meanwhile <span>Sajid</span> was also turned on by the way his wife was giving <span>blowjob</span> to me and the way I commanded her.</p><p><br /> <span>Sajid</span>: You are the right person to tame this sex beast <span>Nabila</span> always gets the upper hand in our daily sex life and <span>Nabila</span> treats me like a slave on bed.&rdquo;<br /> I: okay, we both will take your revenge today on her and will bang her like a real slut today <span>Nabila</span> took my ball out of her mouth.<br /> <span>Nabila</span>: Yes I treat you like a slave because you don&rsquo;t have the cock as <span>Niloy</span> has and if he orders me to get fucked daily by him in front of you, I will readily accept it. The bigger cock wins. <span>Nabila</span> again took my cock in her mouth now. <span>Nabila</span> was sucking only the head of my cock so held her by her hairs and trusted my cock deep into her throat. It was like about to tear her mouth wide open. <span>Nabila</span> was very good at giving <span>blowjob</span> and <span>Nabila</span> started to suck my cock full and gave a very good time to me.</p><p><br /> This continued for about 15 minutes, while <span>Sajid</span> was sitting and jerking off by himself. I was about to cum, so I held her head tightly so that <span>Nabila</span> would take all cum and drink it. Soon I sprayed my load in her mouth and <span>Nabila</span> happily drank the whole load. I took my cock out from her mouth and cum ran down from her mouth on to her dress. I ordered her to undress me completed and also undress <span>Sajid</span>.<br /> <span>Nabila</span> obeyed me and took my shirt, trousers and my underwear. <span>Nabila</span> also undressed <span>Sajid</span>. Now 2 men were standing nude before a girl.</p><p><br /> I: May have the pleasure of undressing your wife today?<br /> <span>Sajid</span>:&nbsp; Sure please yourself <span>Nabila</span> is all yours. Just let me know when I can join you two to fuck the brain out of her today.</p><p><br /> He sat down on the couch with another glass of drink and started to watch our action. I unzipped her <span>kamij</span> top from behind and slowly slide it down from behind. I then cupped her boobs from behind over the bra and started to squeeze it. Then slowly I moved toward her navel and untied the thread of her bottom. It soon fell down on the ground and <span>Nabila</span> stepped out of it. <span>Nabila</span> was now in her bra and panty.<br /> I then slowly came back to her boobs and removed her bra. I took her bra in hand to find the size. <span>Nabila</span> had a 34 D size boobs. I turned her towards me so that I could see her naked boobs. It was round in shape and firm to her body. The tits were brownish in color and were medium in size. I sat down on the arm of the sofa so that my mouth is positioned exactly to her boobs.</p><p><br /> I started to lick her boobs and circled around her tits. <span>Sajid</span> handed me another glass of vodka (this time neat) at this time. I poured a bit on her boobs and started to lick it clean. <span>Nabila</span> liked the way I was treating her assets. <span>Nabila</span> then took the glass from my hand and started to pour on her boobs slowly, and I continued to clean her boobs. But the pouring became little fast and it started to flow down to her belly and to her cunt. I followed the path licking every drop from her body.</p><p><br /> It tasted good with the mix of her sweat and the kick of aroma from her body. I slowly circled her belly and then went towards her love hole. I made her sit on the sofa and I bent towards her cunt. <span>Nabila</span> welcomed me by widening her legs so that I could reach her love hole. The vodka was still shining on it and now mixed with her wetness. <span>Nabila</span> also had a clean shaven cunt.</p><p><br /> I placed my head on the opening and cleaned her cunt. <span>Nabila</span> was moaning with pleasure and was vigorously pressing her boobs. I turned to <span>Sajid</span> and looked towards her boobs. He got the hint and came near her boobs and started to suck her boobs. He also started to bite it, like as if he was eating meat. I continued to eat her cunt and now was tongue fucking her. <span>Nabila</span> stated to moan loudly. I asked <span>Sajid</span> if neighbors&rsquo; would mind from the sound made by her. He told that all of them know that we are newly married and are pretty much used to these sounds daily. Every morning they stare us for disturbing there sleep. We enjoy their looks and giggle at each other.</p><p><br /> <span>Nabila</span>: <span>Niloy</span>, bang me hard now. I need your cock inside me now. I am not able to control myself now.<br /> I: no, you will not get my cock now. If you need something I will give it to you. I have to wait longer for my cock. I then saying this inserted my finger inside her cunt.1 finger easily slide inside. I then inserted 2 fingers together. After some time, it was also moving freely inside out. Then I inserted 3 fingers and was pinching the inside walls of the cunt now. <span>Nabila</span> started to moan loudly <span>ahhhhh</span> <span>Nabila</span> cum 3 times in 30 minutes.</p><p><br /> Then I asked <span>Sajid</span> to fuck her for some time while I recharge myself with sucking her boobs. We interchanged our positions and he started to ram her. I didn&rsquo;t have any resistance for his cock to enter her vagina. I was pressing her left boobs and was sucking her right boobs.&nbsp; He then loaded his cum inside her and slept next to her. Now her both boobs were sucked simultaneously, right one by me and left one by <span>Sajid</span>.</p><p><br /> <span>Nabila</span> was holding both cocks in her hands and was stoking it. My cock was ready for action. I got up and positioned myself between her legs in missionary type and placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her love hole. I have a big cock and was not entering her hole. I applied little oil on my cock and then tried to enter her. I started to give small and slow strokes at the beginning and it was paining a lot for both of us.<br /> I then took out and with force entered her deep. <span>Nabila</span> shouted with pain and her voice filled the whole room. With some more force I buried my cock completely in her pussy. We stayed in the same position for 3-4 minutes to catch our breathing and then started to pump her. <span>Nabila</span> was in immense pleasure and was shouting <span>ahhh</span> <span>Niloy</span> fuck me fuck me like there is no tomorrow <span>ahhhhh</span> <span>uhhhh</span>, I was touching the deepest end of her hole and was in heaven. <span>Nabila</span> cum 2 more times in the course and finally after half an hour I also sprayed cum inside her. We all rested for 15 minutes and then our cock was ready for action once again.</p><p><br /> I: You ride on your husband&rsquo;s cock and I will get your ass hole.<br /> <span>Nabila</span>: no, not into my ass hole. Your cock is too big and I have not allowed even my husband to enter my back. I am still virgin from my ass hole.<br /> I: I don&rsquo;t worry there is always the first time for everything in life. I have already fucked your cunt and it has become loose. It will not give me the pleasure that is now needed<br /> <span>Sajid</span>: <span>Niloy</span>! I really like your idea fuck this bitch in her ass hole. I want to hear her screaming with pain.<br /> <span>Nabila</span>: I shouldn&rsquo;t have started this game now I have to take 2 cocks at the same time. Okay, I will allow you to enter my ass on two conditions. My husband will not enter my ass hole after this and you have to come to my house on every weekend to satisfy me.<br /> I: Okay if your husband is okay with it&rsquo;s my pleasure to even come daily.<br /> <span>Sajid</span>: Now <span>Nabila</span> is also your wife you can treat her like anything anytime anywhere.</p><p><br /> I again applied some oil on my cock and also poured some on her ass hole. <span>Nabila</span> was now riding <span>Sajid&rsquo;s</span> cock and I came behind her and positioned myself at the entrance of her ass hole. I inserted my cock in it and <span>Nabila</span> shouted with pain and arc her body backside.<br /> I held her by her hairs and with a big trust entered her ass completely. Blood started to ooze out and I took out my cock completely. I took her panty and wiped blood from my cock and her ass hole. <span>Nabila</span> started to cry and begged not to enter again. I pinched her boobs and told her it will pain just at the beginning and <span>Nabila</span> will enjoy later. <span>Nabila</span> was still crying as I entered again but this time I was little slow as I wanted her to enjoy this activity.<br /> After about 5 minutes <span>Nabila</span> was in cloud 9 and was riding <span>Sajid&rsquo;s</span> cock with more force. I also matched to the rhythm and was stoking her in her ass hole. </p><p>All of us were out of our minds and didn&rsquo;t know exactly for how long we were fucking each other. Finally all cum at the same time and we fell on the ground together with our cocks still plugged in her both hole. We laid there for about 2 hours and we all went to the bathroom together and had our shower.<br /> <span>Nabila</span> was again fucked twice in bathroom once by me and another time by <span>Sajid</span>. We wiped each other&rsquo;s body and dried each other and came to the bedroom naked. We had a long and very satisfying sex session and rested till 11 am the next day. We got up and <span>Nabila</span> prepared breakfast and we had our breakfast naked. We all got dressed up and I took my bag and left for my journey. Before leaving I smooched her and gave a warm hug and thanked both of them for time I spent with them. I promised her to come to her place when ever <span>Nabila</span> needs me or whenever I need her. I shake hands with <span>Sajid</span> and appreciated for being so open minded. each reader including married/unmarried horny and unsatisfied girls and ladies are welcome to send your feedback at [email protected] love you all!</p>

Threesome Stories

Tue, 11 Sep 2012 08:03:49 UTC

Our Dinner Date with Mark Pt 1

“The meal is delicious Laura,” Mark says and I nod my head in agreement. She has her normally wavy hair pulled up in a bun, so as not to distract from her bare shoulders. She’s been quiet since she set our dinner down in front of us, but that’s understandable I suppose. She has always been a good cook but there’s something special about tonight’s meal, even if it’s only spaghetti. In either case, she clearly isn’t paying attention to the compliment that Mark is giving her. From where I sit, she seems more focused on his hand which seems to me moving farther up her thigh.

Mark is older than me, only by a decade or so. I’ve known him only half as long as I’ve known my wife but we’re strong friends even if he is my boss. He’s the only person I know that I could trust with something like this.

It’s all my fault, I admit. Laura and I had been married young and after 5 years of marriage the sex had started to run dry. There was love, don’t mistake that, but the same position at the pre rehearsed time twice, maybe three times a month did not bode well for our sex life. Laura was a prude, even if she didn’t see it. Every once in a blue moon, she would see fit to take my cock into her mouth, but never for long and never too climax. The only acceptable position was missionary, not because she felt it was pure in some way, but because other positions required imagination and effort.

But I’ve never been one to cry or complain. If you want to change something, you simple need to put forth the effort. So one evening, I let her hand to the bedroom where our laptop awaited us. With some coaxing, I played her a porn video where the romantic couple took their time and tried several new positions. She let me take her from behind that night, laying side by side watching the video and my normally silent partner moaned when I filled her with my seed.

It only grew from there as adding a pornographic element helped to spice up our sex life. We slowly added new patterns and wrinkles to our sex life. She rode me on our couch once while watching television and one day straddled my face and let me lick at her asshole. She shivered when I stuck in a finger, although she was quickly overcome with shame and pulled away, but I remember how wet she was.

Our adventures reached the present when we happened upon a video with two men. One a complete stranger, sandwiching a woman between their thighs, using all of her holes sensually. She rode me especially forcefully that night and at the moment of my climax, she whispered in my ear, “I want that.”

Which leads me to what I’m looking at now. Laura is naked and she’s been that way all evening. Mark and I made light chit chat while she made dinner, wearing only an apron. Mark tried to involve her in our conversation, but she was too shy. After all, she had only met him an hour or so ago.

She greeted him at the door, smiling sheepishly. While he took off his shoes and coat, she drew close to me and whispered, “Am I really doing this?” She caught my gaze and I didn’t even have to answer her. Even though she was scared, she knew the answer to her own question. She politely excused herself to go freshen up and when she came back downstairs she bore it all. What was the point in subtlety? Mark knew what he was here for.

Laura has always been pretty, stunning even. I’ve always been drawn to women with Red hair, and Laura’s has a brown shade to it as opposed to a blonde one. She’s short but not small. She has the curves in the appropriate places and they are on full display now. Frankly, I don’t know how Mark has been able to contain himself all night. My cock has been aching to escape my pants all evening and with Mark beginning to kiss my wife’s neck I believe that time has finally come.

Laura is staring straight ahead, but is breathing shallowly. Her neck is craned ever so slightly away, giving Mark more access as he sucks at her neck, just below her jawline. It’s obvious that she’s focused more on where his hand is. He’s placed one hand on her back, while his other hand looks like it’s worked his way up her thigh and has found her pussy based on the look on Laura’s face. Finally she closes her eyes and allows herself to relax. Mark’s arm is moving slowly and he must really be working her because she’s lost. I wonder how wet she is. I wonder how long she’s been wet. It must have been agony for her, sitting at the kitchen table completely nude, waiting for us to finish our meal so that we could move on to the main event.

I’ve been stroking myself absentmindedly and I suppose that’s only fair. Watching my wife get worked over by my boss is a sight that any man would savor. She uses her free hand to cradle his head as he moves on to her ear. He alternates between sucking softly on her earlobe and blowing in her ear. Her breasts are heaving and her nipples are just barely visible above the table. I reach over and delicately pinch one and she squeals, eyes opening suddenly. It’s as If she’s only just now remembering I’m here, but I don’t mind. She reaches over beneath the table and grips my cock, almost as if apologizing. She gazes at me for a second but quickly loses herself again while Mark works away between her legs. She moves her hand as if on autopilot. It’s not enough to get me going but enough to keep me interested. I keep using my hand on her breast, pulling at her nipple and squeezing her breast gently. I wonder if she knows that 2 sets of hands are touching her and working her over.

Suddenly, he moves in quickly and kisses her. Her lips part quickly and soon they are using their tongues. He bites her lip and she whimpers, biting his lip back. They pull away quickly and I can feel my cock swell in her grip.

Mark smiles at her and says, almost laughing. “Do you like tugging on your husband’s cock while a stranger kisses you?”

She nods, but doesn’t say anything. She’s trying to fight a smile. She’s afraid of how dirty she can be which makes her only hotter in my opinion.

He grabs her gently around her collarbone. Choking is something we’ve never done before, but she seems to accept it, craning her neck back and accepting his hand.

“Do you want to get fucked by a stranger while tugging on your husband’s cock?” He asks and she nods, almost pleads.

He moves swiftly and guides her up. She quickly releases her grip on my cock.

“Couch” is all he says and it almost feels like he’s talking to both of us. She moves quickly in front of him and I trail behind the pair of them. He places her on the couch on all fours, but at an angle so that her ass is at crotch height. I move to sit near her head, but Mark stops me.

“Hold on,” He says, “You’ll want to see this.”

And I do. Laura’s ass and pussy are presented perfectly. Shaven and milky white. Mark calmly undoes his belt with one hand and uses the other to run a finger up my wife’s slit. He fingers the length of her pussy slowly before ending at her clit and pushing firmly, slowly moving in a circle. It’s clearly working on Laura as she squirms beneath him. I can see the wetness glistening on his finger as he takes it out. He steps out of his pants and boxers, sporting a solid erection. Between Laura and I, it’s hard to tell which of us is anticipating his penetration more. With a small smile at me, he sticks the head of his dick at my wife’s entrance and slowly it disappears.

Laura’s reaction is immediate. She tries to grip the couch using her hands but clutches at air as she recoils. Watching his cock disappear between her pussy lips slowly, over and over again is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. She looks so perfect, so angelic and so…slutty. She’s never been vocal but now she moans, even grunting as Mark enters her. My cock is rock hard and my pants are quickly off. I take my seat next to Laura’s head, which is turned sideways buried in the couch.

As she feels me sit down, she reaches a hand out and resumes her grip on my cock. It feels amazing in her hand, even though she can’t fully concentrate on the task at hand. It’s hard to blame her, the way the Mark is tearing in to her, picking up the pace. Suddenly he raises a hand and strikes her hard across the ass.

The sweetest sound I’ve ever heard escapes my wife’s lips. She squeals and moans instantaneously and her pace on my dick picks up as if on cue.

“Take his dick in your mouth Laura.” He slaps her on the opposite cheek and she yelps again.

“But,” She manages to whimper, but before she can continue the thought he smacks her ass cheek again and she grunts, opening her mouth and take my cock in hungrily. I’m in heaven, her pace is uneven and erratic but her mouth is so warm. Her enthusiasm is showing too, I’ve never received anything so heavenly.

“Keep her there John, place your hand on her neck.” And so I did. She resisted at first, but Mark’s pounding from behind is making her lose control. Soon I’m shoving my dick into her mouth at a rapid pace and at this rate I won’t last long.

Suddenly she shrieks around my cock and I open my eyes long enough to look at Mark and the sight is almost enough to make me blow right then and there. He’s got his hand near her ass and from the look on her face, he’s inserted his thumb into her ass. But she’s not resisting, in fact, her pace only quickens and now she’s practically howling around my cock. The sight of her ass rippling back and forth and her breasts swaying beneath her is too much. I feel myself climax and we’ve never reached this point orally before. I forget to warn her and before she knows it I’m coming in her mouth. The first wave hits her and she opens her mouth, but my hand is still holding her head down so the second wave is smeared all over her cheek. She looks up as I’m coming down and I expect her to yell, but she doesn’t. Instead she draws my head down and kisses me. I can taste semen and sex but she’s so caught up in lust that she doesn’t care.

I look into her beautiful green eyes and she finds enough strength to smile at me, “Do you like watching your wife take someone else’s cock?”

I nod and kiss her again, “You look so hot baby. Take his cock.”

“His finger is in my ass,” she manages to pant.

“Are you gonna cum baby?” I ask.

She can only nod, but Mark is grunting and with a final shake I can see that he is climaxing, finishing inside my wife, something that we hadn’t talked about. But she doesn’t stop him. She holds my hands and puts her head back down as a stranger spills his seed inside my wife. He pulls out after an eternity of pumping and moaning from both Laura and Mark and I can see hig seed dripping down her leg.

I pick her head up and kiss her full on the lips, pulling away to tell her.

“You’re such a slut baby, I love you.”

She shakes her head and smiles at me, “I love you too. Don’t think for a second that this night is over. “

Threesome Stories

Sat, 12 Sep 2015 03:28:44 UTC

3 some with wifes ex

<font face="Times New Roman" size="3" color="#000000">&nbsp; <p style="margin: 5pt 0cm; line-height: normal" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family: ‘Times New Roman’,’serif’; font-size: 12pt">I have been asking my wife Liz to find someone to have a three some with for ages and the only person she said she would do it with was her ex fianc&eacute; Jim. One night when she was a bit drunk. I got her to send him a text asking him if he fancied a three some he did not reply for a few days it must of shocked him but after two days he did send one back asking if she was for really or just messing about, she sent one back saying it was really and a big fantasy of mine for us to have a three some and the only one she felt safe with was him, he was quit shocked but was kind of glad she had thought of him, a couple of messages and a few emails back and forth arranging a meeting. We agreed to meet at a local hotel called the daresbury. I picked this hotel because it was so close to where we live and was easy for me to book a room.. We were going to meet the following Friday night. We had arranged to meet at the hotel so I could get to know Jim better <br /> <br /> The week dragged on and my wife was getting a little antsy and unsure. She talked about backing out but I encouraged her and said we could always drop it if things didn’t work out at the last minute<br /> <br /> Wednesday rolled around and I came home from work and my wife had a devilish grin on her face. When we went to bed that night she showed me her pussy and I saw that it was completely bald. And one night when they was younger she had sex nine times in 24 hours with Jim, I was quit shocked nine times was a shit load I could not get anywhere near that record.<br /> <br /> I went to go down and give her a good licking and she pulled away saying, &quot;Sorry the next cock I get will be Jims&quot; I went to sleep with a raging boner.<br /> <br /> Friday night came and when I arrived home my wife was just getting out of the shower. She had a look of lust in her eyes sat on the bed spread her legs and said, &quot;Do you think Jim will still like this after 10 years?&quot;<br /> I was very quick to tell her that he would love it. &quot;You think you will enjoy his cock after 10 years?&quot; I asked her. She replied with a groan and an, &quot;Oh yeah, baby.&quot;<br /> <br /> She got dressed in a conservative black skirt with a top that revealed a nice portion of her breasts. She wore a nice push up to show them off. I wondered if she was wearing panties underneath. &quot;You look fucking hot, baby,&quot; I encouraged her.<br /> <br /> She replied, &quot;I feel even hotter than I look. My fanny is soaking. Could you grab some condoms babe, I asked her how many she replied at least 12 I said 12 fuck me that&rsquo;s a lot. She laughed and said if we were going to do this she wanted to do it right and make the most of it and even 12 may not be enough.<br /> <br /> We drove down to the hotel. I was trying to feel her pussy but she kept brushing my hand away and saying, &quot;You’ll have plenty of time for that later.&quot; She did flash me to show that me that she was indeed panties.<br /> <br /> When we got to the hotel, she told me to check in and she will go to and get a table for us there was a disco on in one of the rooms they had there. I <span>&nbsp;</span>checked in. And went to find her I was very surprised and pleased to see that Jim was already there and Liz was sitting beside him. They were both having a drink and chatting about old times.<br /> <br /> I went up to greet Jim. &quot;Nice to finally meet you. And shook his hand, he was looking Liz up and down and you could tell he wanted her.<span>&nbsp; </span>Then again anybody would she was looking really hot. I gave Liz the key to look after it in her bag. <br /> <br /> We sat and did some chit chat and I could tell that the chemistry was still there between them. Liz <span>&nbsp;</span>finally said she wanted to dance and grabbed Jim by the hand and led him to the dance floor. A hip hop beat was playing and Liz soon was grind into Jim&rsquo;s leg. They danced a couple of songs and came back to their drinks. Jim excused himself and went to the bathroom. When he was gone, Liz said, &quot;His cock is huge I could feel it when I was dancing with him it&rsquo;s bring back some good memories. I have to have him again.&quot; I replied, &quot;He’s all yours. Do whatever you want.&quot; <br /> <br /> We ordered another round of drinks. Once Jim returned, we chatted some more. A slow song began playing and Jim took Liz to the floor. They were <span>&nbsp;</span>dancing really close and I saw him begin to suck on her neck. She loves this and started melting into him. He put one hand on her ass and gave her a squeeze.<br /> <br /> By now I had to go to the bathroom. I looked over to Liz and told her I was going to the loo she nodded to me and just carried on dancing letting Jim put his hands anywhere on her.<br /> <br /> When I returned from the bathroom they were nowhere to be seen. I went to our table and sat down. They hadn’t touched their drinks. I sat there and waited for them to return. I finished my drink <span>&nbsp;</span>and ordered another and watched the people in the bar. The place was starting to get pretty hot there was loads of people in there now.<br /> <br /> Thirty minutes passed before I finally saw them return. Liz walked up to me with a big smile on her face. She looked like the cat that had all the cream. They sat and started chatting with me some more.<br /> <br /> &quot;Where have you guys been?&quot; I asked them. Liz quickly said that they had gone for some fresh air. We continued our idle talk. Jim announced that he had to go to the toilet. While he was gone, Liz <span>&nbsp;</span>moved closer to me and reached for my hand. When I took her hand she put something in it. I pulled my hand away from hers and found she had placed a used condom in my hand. It was full of cum. She smiled at me and said, &quot;My fanny is stretched and really wet when Jim gets back lets go back to the room and get this party started. He is huge I can&rsquo;t remember him being that big but it has been 10 years I want to fuck him again. He pounded me for a full half hour and made me cum three times before he finally came. I want more and I want you to fuck me as well.&quot;<br /> <br /> My cock instantly sprang to attention and I almost came on the spot. &quot;Aren’t you full of surprises! Did he like your bald pussy?&quot; &quot;He licked me to one orgasm before he pounded me. Jim knows how to lick I can hardly wait to fuck him for you.&quot; when Jim returned she grabbed his hand and led him away. &quot;<br /> she told me to come up to the room in 15 mins as she wanted to be sucking his cock when I walked in, don&rsquo;t worry babe the door would not be locked she said.</span></p> <p style="margin: 5pt 0cm; line-height: normal" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family: ‘Times New Roman’,’serif’; font-size: 12pt"><span></span><br /> <br /> </span></p> <p style="margin: 5pt 0cm; line-height: normal" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family: ‘Times New Roman’,’serif’; font-size: 12pt">As I walked in I found Jims cock deep inside my wife.<br /> <br /> &quot;I thought you wanted me to see you sucking him when I opened the door?&quot; I said. &quot;He was hard as soon as we got here so I couldn’t wait. Come on Jim fuck me hard. That’s it make me cum for my hubby. Yeah right there. Oh fuck, I’m Cumming. Yes yes. Harder. Oh God.&quot; ..Jim started pounding her harder and harder. She was screaming in pleasure as her orgasm continued. He didn’t stop. She looked at me and motioned me over. I pulled my clothes off. My cock was rock hard and she took it and started sucking it. This was the best blow job I had ever had. Jim continued to pound her fanny. She looked so hot taking us both on like that. I could not hold back and started Cumming in her mouth. She just sucked me dry. <br /> <br /> &quot;You like watching me get fucked don’t you baby? Why don’t you sit back and watch some more while he pleasures me some more.&quot;<br /> <br /> I sat back and watch Jim fuck my wife hard and fast. He told her to flip over and he started to fuck her from behind. I couldn’t believe my wife could take all that cock inside her. She pushed back and met every thrust. She motioned me over and told me to lick her fanny while Jims fucks her from behind. That’s what I have always fantasized. I got into a sixty nine with her and Jim re-entered her. Her juices were flowing down my face while he pounded away. She started sucking my cock again and in no time I was as hard as a rock. She stopped sucking to groan, &ldquo;I&rsquo;m Cumming again fuck me deep. Fuck me hard. Faster. Suck my clit, John. Suck it. Fuck yes, yes, yes.&quot; That was it for Jim. He pounded hard and almost pushed her off the bed. Jim stopped and told Liz to get on top of him as he lay on the bed I could see how big his cock was and it was a good 8 inch and quit thick too Liz spread her leg and eased her way down on his cock her eyes rolled as she went down more and more god it was big and she took it all down to the balls she looked at me and I knew this was it I had dreamed of this so many time I went round the back of her and gently started to slide my cock into her arse, Liz started shouting get it in and fuck my arse she pushed back and told Jim to pull her down onto his cock she was like a crazy women telling us both to fuck her as hard as we could I could feel Jims cock inside her throbbing it was allot bigger than mine and he knew what to do with it, Liz was screaming with pleasure and told us to swap she wanted Jims cock in her arse to get the full effect of being fuck properly as she may never get the chance again, I pulled out Liz jumped off and we all moved around my cock slid straight in with no probs her fanny was so wet and Jims cock had made it very easy with the size of it, Jim moved behind her and slowly started pushing his cock in.. Liz jerked forward it had more girth than mine but she still wanted it I could see from her eyes she looked behind to him and slowly guided his cock to a better angle pushing slowly down I could feel her fanny getting tighter and tighter. Liz was in ecstasy his cock was in and she loved it pushing back on it like she had done with mine but moaning and groaning even more her body was shaking she was Cumming and I think it was more than once we was in a proper rhythm now and I could feel Jims balls they was banging her arse, this guy was a machine he just kept on going, I could not hold back any more and spurted my load inside Liz. Jim pushed one more time and held her tight, his 8 inch cock buried to the hilt. What a site sight it must of been his balls touching her fanny lips that were stretched as wide as they had ever been.<br /> <br /> <br /> </span></p> <p style="margin: 5pt 0cm; line-height: normal" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family: ‘Times New Roman’,’serif’; font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin: 5pt 0cm; line-height: normal" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family: ‘Times New Roman’,’serif’; font-size: 12pt">&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="margin: 5pt 0cm; line-height: normal" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family: ‘Times New Roman’,’serif’; font-size: 12pt">We all lay in bed totally spent. I must have passed out because I woke up a little later to the bed shaking again. My lovely wife was riding Jim like a mad women.. He had some stamina and I couldn’t believe how much lust my wife had for him. I just watched her as she rode to multiple orgasms while she rubbed her clit hard. Liz rolled off<span>&nbsp; </span>him and started so suck on his huge cock licking the rim then moving up and down on it, then every now and again she would lick and suck his balls she had to open her mouth really wide to get his cock in but in it went and down she went I was quite impressed as how much of his cock she got into her mouth, I could see Liz loved this cock and would do anything for it she was sucking and slurping on this huge tool of his, I could see Jim start to jerk and Liz knew he was about to cum she put both hands around his cock put her mouth right over the head to make sure she got all his cum inside her mouth. Jim jerked and did a huge groan, and Liz just took the lot and none came out of her mouth I could see her swallow and the lot had gone down, WOW<span>&nbsp; </span>I thought. <span>&nbsp;</span><br /> <br /> &quot;You like fucking her Jim? <span>&nbsp;</span>I asked him. <br /> <br /> &quot;She is the horniest girl I have ever fucked. And I wish I was still with her he said, Liz looked at him right into his eyes I could tell she thought the same way and still wanted him.<br /> I was tiered and just continued watching the relentless pounding. Finally my wife fell forward and was twitching. I could see her fanny lips twitching as her orgasms subsided. She looked so fucking sexy. She asked Jim to stay the night and cuddled up to him. Her skin was as hot as I had ever felt. We all just fell asleep. <br /> <br /> I was awakened a couple of more times during the night to Liz groaning as Jim made love to her yes it was making love not just sex when they knew I was asleep the sex between them was different they held each other more, moved a lot slower, Jim kissed her on her neck and lips I could see their tongs in each other&rsquo;s mouth Liz sucking on Jims bottom lip, they whispered things to one another. Liz had her legs wrapped around his legs and her hands moved up and down his body very slowly. I even hear Jim say that he loved her and she replied I love you to. His arm&rsquo;s where wrapped around her waist holding her very close to his body her tits where squashed against his chest, there body&rsquo;s where well and truly gelled together.. I watched allowing her the evening of pleasure she deserved. <br /> <br /> The next morning I awoke and Liz was snuggled into me and Jim . I got up and went to the bathroom. The room reeked of sex from the evening before and there was condoms all over the floor. I looked over at Liz and could see Jim&rsquo;s huge cock between her legs.<br /> <br /> I went back towards the bed and Liz stirred and smiled. She let out a little groan and said,&quot; I love you, baby. Thanks.&quot; &quot;I love you too.&rdquo; I said.<br /> <br /> Can you go get me a cup of tea please, I really need one.&quot; She asked. I quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to get one for her.<br /> <br /> When I returned about 15 minutes later I was greeted with more groaning and slurping. &quot;I want you to fuck me bareback.&quot; she said to her Jim like old times. &quot;All the condoms are gone and I need you one last time. Just pull out before you cum.<br /> <br /> Jim did not waste any time his cock was soon back in my wife’s fanny and pushing it right to the hilt.</span></p> <p style="margin: 5pt 0cm; line-height: normal" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family: ‘Times New Roman’,’serif’; font-size: 12pt"><span>&nbsp;</span>She had no problem taking him she was just so wet from all the sex they had had from the night before.. <span>&nbsp;</span>Liz <span>&nbsp;</span>started screaming that she was Cumming again. &quot;Fuck me hard. Don’t stop. Keep it deep. Harder, harder. I love your cock..&quot; Jim was beside himself and started pounding her hard and deep. &quot;I’m starting to cum.&quot; he groaned. <br /> <br /> Liz <span>&nbsp;</span>grabbed his ass and pulled him to her.&quot; Come in me. Fill me with your cum. I want it all. Don’t you dare pull out I love your cock. Let it go deep inside me. Oh my god I thought he can&rsquo;t cum inside her. Then I heard Liz yes yes <span>&nbsp;</span>I can feel it<span>&nbsp; </span>I want all your baby gravy inside me. Oh yes empty your balls. Fuck me hard. I’m Cumming again. Ohhh.&quot;<br /> <br /> With that Jim thrust hard again and collapsed on top of her. They lay together for about five minutes until his cock slipped out of her. I could see the cum leaking out of her fanny.<br /> <br /> She just looked at me and smiled. My head was spinning I could not believe Jim had cum inside her what the fuck was we going to do if she got pregnant by him, but it still turned me on. Jim&rsquo;s sperm was oozinf out of her fanny I was dying to get in there and for sloppy seconds and mix the baby gravy and my cock was really hard now. I told Liz I wanted to get in there for seconds.<span>&nbsp; </span>Liz looked at my cock and said &ldquo;I&rsquo;ll take care of that later babe. My pussy is too sore and full right now for your cock babe but don&rsquo;t worry there is that much of Jim spunk inside me you will still get sloppy seconds later I think it will be coming out of me for days .&quot;<br /> <br /> With that Jim got up and got dressed and said to Liz you give the best sex ever and if you ever leave him pointing to me I will have you back and left us alone.<br /> <br /> &quot;Thanks for such a great evening she said to him.&quot; You have fucked and, made love to me all night and we have even beat our recorded of 9 times babe. Maybe one day soon we can try to beat this one. He smiled kiss her on the lips and left.</span></p> <p style="margin: 5pt 0cm; line-height: normal" class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family: ‘Times New Roman’,’serif’; font-size: 12pt"><span>&nbsp;</span>I need to go home now babe and get some rest. She said to me.<span>&nbsp; </span>I love you and don&rsquo;t worry I won&rsquo;t leave you for Jim but Jim has a big cock and he is great in bed babe. he makes me feel good and. I will always go wild for it from him. <br /> <br /> &quot;I love you too,&quot; I said. We got up and left the hotel.</span></p> </font>

Threesome Stories

Mon, 30 Jul 2012 15:10:09 UTC

The classroom blowjobs for huge dicked guy

I was sitting in my classroom. I was 16 years old and now was math lesson. The girl in front of me was Sarah, 15 years old. She was turning around to me and said: "Can i suck your cock now, i’m so horny."
"Ok" i said. So she stood up and came to my place. Slowly she put down my trousers and pants and took my penis in
her mouth. Now the teacher got angry. "What are you doing back there?!" Then Cindy stood up and slapped the teacher
in the face. "Sarah wants to suck Stephens cock cause she’s horny. So shut up with your stupid math lesson. We want sex!" The teacher was dumbfounded and sat down looking at Sarah sucking my cock. Now another girl stood up. "Oh Stephen i’m so horny too, let me suck your cock too. You got the biggest cock in class, so you deserve. So other small dicked losers i don’t want. I want your HUGE cock in my mouth, NOW!"
So the two girls started slowly sucking my cock, moving up and down with their sweet lips and tongues. Then i had to come. Spermload after spermload landed on the two beautiful 15 year old faces. Then they started licking my sperm and rubbing it on their tshirts. "I put your sperm on my shirt so the small dick losers can see that we only want big dick semen!" I was in heaven. It was nice having the hugest cock in the school. Girls looking at me always horny. Putting down their panties. Wanting babies from me. And SUCKING! So much sucking right in school it was unbelievable. And now another day has passed. Again a beautiful blowjob by two top cuties. Unbelievable. Well it’s nice. The two girls walked off now waving me a kiss goodbye. The teacher was still dumbfounded. I was happy and looked out of the window. Then Cindy came on and touched my dick. "It’s so big. It’s so wonderful. I love your dick. Maybe we can make a baby tomorrow in my bed at home?" Then she showed me her pussy. "Put your sperm in here yes? Right in my tummy. PLEAAAASE!"
"OK!" is all i said. So the next day i visited Cindy at her home. Her friend Michelle was there too. "What’s Michelle doing here?" i asked. "Oh Michelle.. well i told her on the phone that i wanted a baby from you. And i told here that you got the hugest dick in school so her pussy got all wet and she told me that she also wants a baby in her 15 year old tummy, so she got over here, any problem with that?" she told me. Well i had no problem with two 15 year old dream girls wanting to get pregnant by me. "In which pussy do you want to shoot your potent semen first. Mine or Michelle’s?"
I decided for Michelle. She got such perfect tits which i already fondled. Then i motioned by huge dick in front of her pussy and Cindy took it in her hand. She slowly rubbed my dick against Michelle’s pussy and then put it deep in. I motioned in and out and all the time the two girls looked me in the eyes, amazed by my good looks and my huge dick. "It feels so good inside me. I think i’m going to come. Want to shoot your semen now? Just let your sperm flow in my pussy honey. It’s going to be a wonderful child i’m sure." So i shooted spermload after spermload right in her fertile young cunt. Cindy pressed my penis and milked out every last drop. "WOW it feels so good to get 15 years old pregnant. Now Cindy do you give me a blowjob now to make my dick happy?" i asked Cindy. "Of course honey, you deserve it after shooting your wonderful semen." With these first Cindy and shortly after Michelle two started licking, kissing and sucking my dick for HOURS. I was so happy. I was going to have a child was Michelle. If i didn’t get her pregnant now i would fill her womb again and again with my semen. And i would get serious blowjobs as a reward. How better could it get. Then Cindys mother opened the door and came in. She was about 35 and had wonderful nice tits. "Oh what do i see here. A nice big dicked stud is getting my girls pregnant. How wonderful. Let me thank you with my tits!" With this she moved down to me. The two girls moved their lips from my dick and Cindys mother pressed her tits so wonderful against my again hard dick rubbing, teasing and pleasing it. I had to come again and load after load sperm landed on Cindy’s mothers face and tits. "Oh my gosh, so much sperm. Well you got big balls. No wonder. I’m sure my husband is going to be upset about this. But you are the new stud here. With this big dick…"
So another beautiful day had passed for me and my hard huge dick. So i went home and took a bath. Cindy came with me. We both took a long shower and i enjoyed her wonderful breasts. She massaged my dick and told me: "Big dicked guy like you deserver massages, blowjobs, pregnant girls and blowjobs!" Then we left the shower and fondled with each other in my bed. All the while she massaged my dick and told me horny thoughs in my ear. "I bet all the beautiful girls in school are dreaming right now that you put your HUGE dick in their pussies. I bet they are all having wet dreams about you making babies in their tummies." I laughed. "Want me to put sperm on your face, take photos and show some around my friends tomorrow?" i asked her. "SURE! The boys shall see that the HUGE DICK GUY NUMBER 1 deserves to put his sperm on any beautiful face he wants!" So she milked my dick with both of her hands and then i had to come. Really lots of loads of sperm landed on her face and i made photos of it. Next day would be fun again…

Group Stories

Thu, 06 Aug 2015 19:15:40 UTC

Tonya and Tiffany – A Ride to Remember.

<p class="MsoPlainText"><span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>It was a typical ride home, on the train, doing a few things on my laptop, that I didn’t have time for during the day. I wasn’t aware of how atypical it was about to become. I was trying to ignore the two chattering young ladies across from me. That wasn’t easy because it was hot out and they weren’t wearing very much clothing. Tank tops, very short shorts and flip-flops. They were old enough to have very shapely and sexy legs, but way too young for me. I have a daughter that was very likely older than they were.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>I glanced at their legs a few times; they were seated right in front of me so it was easy to do without being obvious, and being tagged a ‘creepy old guy’. It was when the conductor announce &quot;…This is the last stop, your stop…&quot; that was when the blonde said, &quot;Excuse me…&quot; I looked up into those baby blue eyes and asked, &quot;Yes?&quot; she asked, &quot;Is the last stop, the train station by the Meyer’s?&quot; I replied, &quot;Uhm, that was the previous stop.&quot; They both gasped and said, &quot;I didn’t see it, she said it was practically in the parking lot.&quot; She turned to the brunette next to her and asked, &quot;Did you see it?&quot; She replied, &quot;No!&quot; I told them, &quot;Well, for one thing, you’re facing the wrong way. Meyer’s would have been behind you, and ‘practically in the parking lot’ is NOT ‘actually in the parking lot’.&quot; They looked at me, confused. I explained, &quot;It’s near the Route 59 station, and if you were looking in the other direction as we passed over Route 59, you would have seem the sign. It’s across the Route 59 train station parking lot, but there are some two story apartment buildings in the way. You can’t actually see Meyer’s from where the train stops, aside from glimpses between the apartment buildings.&quot; They slumped their shoulders and said, &quot;Crap.&quot; in unison. The brunette said, &quot;But the train is going back to Chicago right? We can ride it back to that stop, right?&quot; I replied, &quot;Actually, I believe this train is going into the yards after this.&quot; I pointed out the window at a couple of parked trains, as we were passing through the train yards at that moment. But I added, &quot;However, there will be another train along shortly that will be going back that way soon. You can just hop on that one.&quot; The brunette said, &quot;Except we don’t have a ticket and don’t have any money left to buy another one.&quot; The blonde asked, &quot;Is it a long walk, back to the other station?&quot; I replied, &quot;You’re on a train going 60 miles and hour for just over twenty minutes. If you do the math, that comes out to about twenty miles.&quot; The both repeated, &quot;Crap.&quot; in unison. The brunette started to asked, &quot;Do they have buses…?&quot; The blonde reminded her, &quot;Do you have money?&quot; They both looked at each other for a moment, then they looked at me with a sweet smile on both their faces. The brunette asked, in the sweetest voice, &quot;Do you have a car?&quot; The blonde sounded just as sweet as she asked, &quot;Could you give us a ride?&quot; The brunette added, &quot;It’s only twenty miles.&quot; The blonde started to say, &quot;We could pay…uhm…sorry.&quot; I nodded, &quot;Yes, my car is at the train station, and yes, I can give you a ride.&quot; They both gushed with thanks, I was just hoping one of those lovely young ladies would sit shotgun, so I could look at her hot, tanned legs during the drive.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>As we pulled in the conductor confirmed, over the intercom, that this train was indeed, going into the yards, and finished with &quot;…Ya don’t have to go home, but ya can’t stay here.&quot; The girls allowed me to go past them and lead the way. We disembarked the train, and I headed for the tunnel. The two girls hurried to catch up, and the blonde asked, &quot;Aren’t the cars this way?&quot; I told her, &quot;There’s another lot on the other side, I park over there.&quot; They smiled and tagged along. They were whispering and giggling behind me. I couldn’t hear much, but I did here something about &quot;his butt&quot;. I do work out and ride my bike at least 10 miles a day, my stationary cycle if it’s raining. But I hardly think two lovely young girls like that could be interested in an old guy like me. I turned and asked, &quot;So what were you two ladies doing in Chicago?&quot; They came up on either side of me and replied, &quot;We helped a friend move into her dorm, she is starting at UIC this year.&quot; I nodded, &quot;So you drove into the city.&quot; They nodded, &quot;Which is why we didn’t know where we were suppose to get off the train.&quot; I told them, &quot;The actual name of the stop would have been helpful.&quot; They sighed, &quot;We didn’t know the name, we were just told it was right by Meyer’s. We figured we could see the Meyer’s and know when to get off. We didn’t realize we were facing the wrong way.&quot; I laughed, &quot;Easy mistake, you can get all turned around in unfamiliar situations.&quot; I asked, &quot;Where are you two ladies going to college?&quot; The replied, &quot;We haven’t decided, we sill have another year to think about it. Marcy is a year older than us, she just graduated. We still have another year of High School.&quot; I nodded and changed the subject, &quot;You two look enough alike to be sisters.&quot; They laughed, and replied in unison, &quot;We are!&quot; The blonde explained, &quot;We’re twins.&quot; The brunette clarified, &quot;Paternal, not identical, twins.&quot; I smiled, and said, Got that, unless one of you dyes your hair.&quot; The brunette just nodded and, and looked straight over at the blonde, who gave her the evil eye in return. I could not resist. I asked her, &quot;So the carpet doesn’t match the drapes?&quot; She paused, but only for a second before she smiled back at me and announced, &quot;No carpet, smooth, clean, hardwood floor.&quot; That made me blush as I said, &quot;TMI.&quot; I certainly didn’t expect that answer. I quickly said, &quot;Well you look very lovely wih blonde hair.&quot; She replied, &quot;Thank you.&quot; as she smirked at her sister. I asked, &quot;If you don’t mind me asking… What’s your natural color?&quot; She sighed, &quot;Boring brown…&quot; I asked &quot;Why didn’t you go for redhead?&quot; She started to talk but the brunette chimed in, &quot;That’s mine, I’m going to do redhead.&quot; The blonde shot back, &quot;Not if you keep chickening out!&quot; The brunette cried, &quot;I DO NOT!&quot; The blonde, &quot;YOU DO SO!&quot; and so on, back and forth. I put my hands up in between them and said, &quot;Ladies, ladies, I like cat fights just as much as the next guy, but lets not have one here.&quot; They begrudgingly stopped.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>As we came out the other side of the tunnel our scenery changed, so I took the opportunity to changed the subject, &quot;My name is Jim. What are your names?&quot; The blonde replied, &quot;Tonya.&quot; The brunette, &quot;Tiffany.&quot; I smiled &quot;Tiffany and Tonya, two lovely names, for two lovely ladies.&quot; Tiffany remarked, &quot;One lady and one bleached blonde.&quot; Tonya started it up again, &quot;YOU LITTLE BITCH!&quot; I stopped her and told Tiffany, &quot;Tonya’s hair looks lovely, why would you say something like that?&quot; She replied, &quot;It’s not real.&quot; I said, &quot;Some men appreciate women who go the extra mile and make their beauty stand out a little more.&quot; Tonya smiled at Tiffany and said, &quot;See.&quot; Tiffany replied, &quot;He said some men, not all men.&quot; To which Tonya replied, &quot;I only like men who appreciate me.&quot; I patted her bare, tanned, shoulder and said, &quot;Good girl, I appreciate you taking the time to dye your hair. It looks lovely.&quot; Tiffany looked pissed off, but out of nowhere she looked at me and asked, &quot;Do you think I’d look good as a redhead?&quot; I smiled and looked at her trying to imagine her, with red hair. I nodded and said, &quot;You’d look gorgeous.&quot; She asked &quot;You think men would appreciate that?&quot; I told her, &quot;Any man who doesn’t appreciate that, is not worth your time.&quot; She smiled and said, &quot;I’m doing it this weekend, before school starts.&quot; Tonya scoffed, &quot;I’ll believe it when I see it.&quot;<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>We got to the car and I pushed the button to open the doors. I hopped in, the girls were in a heated discussion on the other side. I unrolled a window and said, &quot;You ladies still want that ride? You’ll have to actually get in the car for me to drive you there.&quot; Tiffany stepped, around Tonya and pulled the door open. Tonya slipped inside, and sat down as she told Tiffany, &quot;Thank you.&quot; Tiffany cried &quot;Hey!&quot; then proceeded to slammed the door and reluctantly got into the back seat. As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, Tiffany started leaning forward, smacking Tonya on the side of the head. I said, &quot;Hey, what’s that all about?&quot; Tiffany said, &quot;She’s suppose to be paying you back.&quot; I said, &quot;You told me on the train you didn’t have any money.&quot; The center console flipped and a split second later Tonya’s petite hand was rubbing my crotch. I gasped, &quot;We can’t do this, you girls are like 16 years old.&quot; Tiffany replied, &quot;We’re seventeen.&quot; Tonya tried a seductive voice as she reminded me, &quot;That’s the legal age of consent in Illinois.&quot; as she rubbed my growing erection. I asked, &quot;Well then, if your legal, I certainly hope rubbing is not the only thing your gonna do?&quot; Tiffany informed me, &quot;If that’s all she’s gonna do, pull over and let me get in the front seat. I can do better than that!&quot; I looked back at her as she licked her lips. I was distracted by Tonya’s other hand coming over to help with the zipper. I adjusted my hips then glanced over at Tonya. She was licking her sweet young lips too! Her hand went in and searched around, but not for long! She found it and wrapped her petite little fingers around it. It was kind of painful, the way it got bent when she pulled it out, but I didn’t really mind. Not if she was gonna do what I think she was gonna do!<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>She glanced back at Tiffany and said, &quot;Kinda big.&quot; Tiffany replied, &quot;Kinda? Let me up there I can handle it.&quot; Tonya quickly replied, &quot;I got it!&quot; as her head dropped into my lap. I was paying attention to my driving, as much as possible, as those soft young lips slid down my rigid shaft. I sighed as she took more of me, in her mouth than I would have imagined for someone so young. I wanted to close my eyes, let my head roll back and enjoy it, but I remembered I was driving. I decided it would be wise to take the side streets and avoid as much traffic as possible. Of course it would take longer that way, but I wasn’t really in a hurry. At least not right now. She was sliding up and down, which felt nice, but something was missing. I softly told her, &quot;A little more suction sweetheart.&quot; She added some suction, Tiffany commented, &quot;I’d suck your testicles out through your dick.&quot; I was about to repay to that when Tonya’s cheeks puckered in, like she turned on the power-vac! I gasped, &quot;Wow!&quot; She resumed sliding up and down, but was going a little too fast. This would get me off very quickly, and I wanted to enjoy this a little bit. I’ve been married almost 30 years, and my wife stopped doing fellatio, around the five year mark, so it’s been over two decades since the last time I had one. I definitely wanted to make it last. Especially since this young lady was doing such a fine job. <br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>I took one hand off the wheel an place it on her head and slowed her down a bit. Tiffany asked, &quot;I thought guys liked it fast?&quot; I explained, &quot;This feels really good. So you start out slow and work your way up to fast. It feels even better that way.&quot; Tiffany nodded and said, &quot;Oh, okay.&quot; Tiffany asked, &quot;Are you gonna do it?&quot; I looked back, the question was directed to Tonya, who nodded her head. I felt her lips slide down further, and the head of my penis pressed against the back of her throat. She gagged and backed off. Tiffany cried, &quot;Ha, you say it’s easy when we’re practicing, but you can’t do it when it counts!&quot; I replied, &quot;What was wrong with that? That felt awesome.&quot; Tonya did it again gagging and backing off, I didn’t mind at all. After the third one she paused for a moment, tears were stroking the mascara on her face. Tiffany cried, &quot;Ha, I told you! Pull over and let ME into the front seat.&quot; Tonya cried, &quot;Fuck you! He’s bigger than that dildo!&quot; Then her head went back down and took me in her mouth again. I gasped and applauded my decision to take the back streets, as I swerved the car around a bit, when her lips were down around the base of my penis with the head down her throat! That little girl deep throated me! I gasped, &quot;Holy shit!&quot; as I straightened out the car. Tiffany sighed, &quot;Damn, she did it…&quot; She only held it for a few seconds, but it was an amazing few seconds. I fought to maintain control of the vehicle. She backed off and did it again. This felt too good! It was a good thing I was on a fairly wide, residential street. The only other cars on the road were parked on the sides. <br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>After a few more times I heard a noise from behind me. Tiffany had a hand down her shorts, and she watched her sister deep throat me. I enjoyed that for as long as I could, but that kind of sensations are more than most full grown woman can provide. That little girl was driving me up the wall! I had to pull over. The only parking place was on the left, but I didn’t care. I pulled into it just seconds before I blasted off. I warned her, but she just kept on sucking as I blew my wad down her throat. She coughed and gagged a little but managed to swallow my load. I heard the car door, it was Tiffany, she opened the front door and grabbed Tonya by the arm and pulled her out as the cried, &quot;MY TURN!&quot; She jumped in taking Tonya’s place, leaving Tonya standing in the street sill swallowing my come, with streaked mascara down her cheeks as Tiffany slammed the door on her. <br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>Tiffany grabbed it and I gasped, she cried, &quot;Why is it so small?&quot; I stopped her hand from moving and said, &quot;It’s also very sensitive.&quot; The back door slammed as Tonya got in wiping her cheeks. Tiffany asked &quot;What in the hell happened to it.&quot; I looked at her in disbelief. Tonya looked over the seat and asked, &quot;Did I break it?&quot; I looked at the two young ladies and asked Tonya. &quot;Who taught you to perform fellatio like that?&quot; She replied, &quot;We watched it, we got a couple of DVD’s…&quot; Tiffany added, &quot;We have a plastic dildo that looks like a real penis. We practice on that.&quot; Tonya added, &quot;But it’ not as big as THAT was,&quot; I replied, &quot;Well, in real life it gets small and very sensitive, after a very satisfying fellatio.&quot; That made Tonya smile. I continued, &quot;In those movies they just cut out the time that they have wait for the guy to recover. It will take me about 15 – 20 minutes.&quot; Tiffany slumped back and sighed, &quot;We’ll be to the train station by then.&quot; I replied, &quot;Sometimes, reality sucks.&quot; as I stuffed my sensitive penis back in my pants. It wasn’t that I didn’t want that lovely little brunette to give me a blow job, I just couldn’t get it back up in time. Sometimes reality does suck. Tonya sat back and said, &quot;Sorry Tiff.&quot; I told her, &quot;You have nothing to be sorry for, that was awesome. You did a wonderful job.&quot; She smiled at me and said, &quot;Thanks.&quot; <br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>The two girls were fairly quiet for the rest of the drive. As I pulled in to the parking lot for the station, I asked, &quot;Is somebody here to picking you up?&quot; Tiffany asked, &quot;Where are the busses?&quot; I asked, &quot;I thought you were out of money?&quot; Tonya replied, &quot;We have a Local Pass.&quot; I told her, &quot;They leave right after the train unloads.&quot; I didn’t bother to mention that they’d soon be back for the next train. I asked, &quot;Can you call your parents?&quot; Tonya grumbled, &quot;Mom’s in jail for possession.&quot; I asked, &quot;And your Dad?&quot; Tiffany replied, &quot;Don’t got one.&quot; I asked, &quot;Who do you live with? Who takes care of you?&quot; Tiffany replied, &quot;Jeremy, he’s our brother.&quot; Tonya interjected, &quot;Half brother.&quot; Tiffany said, &quot;Don’t matter, he’s the only family we’ve got.&quot; She looked at me and said, &quot;Since, Mom and the two of us were already living in his house. They just gave him custody.&quot; Tonya told her, &quot;Doesn’t matter, in another year, we’ll be out on our own.&quot; I asked, &quot;Can you ladies call your brother to pick you up?&quot; Tiffany replied, &quot;He works until 8:00.&quot; Tonya clarified, &quot;He closes the place at 8:00, then he has to do a bunch of crap he has to do before he can leave. He’s never home until after 9:00.&quot; I looked at my watch, it was just past 6:00 I told them, &quot;Well I can’t just leave two lovely young ladies out here, alone, for three hours.&quot; I sighed and asked, &quot;Okay, where do you live?&quot; Tiffany replied, &quot;125C Mudhank Road.&quot; Tonya replied, &quot;The buss drops us off at Route 30 and Mudhank, we walk from there, about a mile or so.&quot; I replied, &quot;You must take that walk quite often?&quot; Tonya glared at me and asked, &quot;What difference does it make to you?&quot; I explained, &quot;You both have very sexy legs, not doubt due to lots of walking.&quot; She smiled and looked down at her own legs and said, &quot;It’s nice to know, all that walking, is good for something?&quot; Tiffany replied, &quot;It’s not so bad, and it sure beats hanging out in the house all summer long.&quot; I told them, &quot;Not to mention those awesome tans. You two look perfectly gorgeous.&quot; Tonya smiled and replied, &quot;Okay so the walking is good for two things.&quot; I said, &quot;Well, no walking this evening. I’ll take you all the way home.&quot; As I pulled back out of the parking lot. <br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>Tiffany reached over and said, &quot;We’ve got time now.&quot; I asked her, &quot;Is anyone home right now?&quot; Tonya replied, &quot;No.&quot; I asked, &quot;Does anybody get home before your brother at 9:00?&quot; Tiffany replied, &quot;No, why?&quot; I told her, &quot;Well when your sister deep throated my I almost crashed the car.&quot; She laughed, &quot;Yea, you did.&quot; I replied, &quot;Can you do that?&quot; She smiled, &quot;Watch me!&quot; I told her, &quot;If we wait until we are at your house, I could relax and enjoy that without having to worry about crashing the car.&quot; She thought about it as asked Tonya, &quot;Does that mean you’re gonna fuck us?&quot; I shrugged and said, &quot;That could be arranged, if you’d like.&quot; She smiled and replied, &quot;Oh, I like, I like.&quot; Tiffany cried, &quot;Could you butt fuck us?&quot; I laughed, &quot;Sure, if you…&quot; She interrupted, &quot;I like I like.&quot; Tonya sighed, &quot;How do you know? You’d never even had it in the front, how do you know you’ll like it in the butt.&quot; Tiffany shot back, &quot;So! All you’ve ever fucked is that plastic dildo, he’s at least twice as big as that.&quot; Tonya shot back, &quot;More like three times the size of that plastic dildo, and<span>&nbsp; </span>it’s the only thing you’ve ever fucked, but you’ve never even tried it up the ass.&quot; Tiffany replied, That doesn’t mean I haven’t though about it.&quot; Tonya scoffed, &quot;You mean you haven’t had the guts to try it.&quot; I could sense another fight brewing so I just smiled and very loudly announced, &quot;I think both of you ladies are in for a pleasant surprise.&quot; They both smiled and Tonya replied, &quot;Looking forward to it.&quot; She lifted her legs and pulled aside her shorts and panties, giving me a beaver shot. It looked simply adorable. <br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>I sighed, &quot;I’m hungry.&quot; Tiffany looked worried, &quot;We don’t have that much.&quot; I replied, &quot;Whatever? What do your want?&quot; Tiffany asked, &quot;What do I want?&quot; Tonya got it and leaned forward with a smile, &quot;Yea, what do you want? He’s buying.&quot; I told her, &quot;On the way to Route 30, we’ve got, Wendy’s, White Castle and KFC/Taco Bell. Then on Route 30 You’ve got either Arby’s or BK, depending on which way your going.&quot; Tonya replied, &quot;BK and you forgot McDonald’ on the corner.&quot; I replied, &quot;No I didn’t. If you want McDonald’s you can buy it yourself, I’m not paying for that crap.&quot; She said, &quot;Okay, so you don’t like McDonald’s.&quot; Tiffany asked, &quot;Can we go to KFC and get one of those Family Meals? We can save some for Jeremy.&quot; Tonya asked, &quot;And how do you suppose we explain that to Jeremy?&quot; I replied, The girl you helped to move, Monica bought it, she didn’t have anywhere to store the leftovers, so you brought them home for him.&quot; Tiffany said, &quot;That would work.&quot; Tonya nodded, &quot;Sounds plausible.&quot;<br /> <br /> &lt;BOOK&gt;<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>I pulled into the KFC and parked, &quot;Hold on, I have to send a text.&quot; The two girls waited asking, &quot;Who are you texting?&quot; I replied, &quot;The Mrs.&quot;<span>&nbsp; </span>Tiffany asked, &quot;You’re married?&quot; I nodded, &quot;Yup.&quot; Tonya asked, &quot;What’re you gonna tell her?&quot; I replied, &quot;Working late.&quot; She laughed, &quot;Not very original.&quot; I replied, &quot;No, but it happens often enough that it won’t raise any suspicions.&quot; Tiffany asked, &quot;What if she finds out?&quot; I replied, &quot;Won’t matter. I caught her cheating a couple years back. I forgave her and gave her a second chance. She owes me.&quot; Tonya asked, &quot;Why did she cheat on you? She must’ve had a good excuse.&quot; I shook my head and said, &quot;She just said she didn’t plan on it, it just happened.&quot; Tiffany chimed in, &quot;And you didn’t plan on us.&quot; Tonya agreed, &quot;We just happened to miss our stop, and you happened to help us.&quot; I nodded, &quot;That’s right.&quot; I I fired of the text, briefly explaining the phony ‘problem at work’. My work phone automatically forwards to my Mobile line at 4:00 every afternoon, so even if she called, I’d answer it. The girls got out of the car and Tiffany giggled, &quot;Let’s pretend he’s our Dad.&quot; Tonya nodded, &quot;Okay.&quot; We walked in and went to the KFC end of the counter. We were looking up at the menu board, Tiffany said, &quot;Hey Daddy, how about the 15 piece?&quot; I replied, &quot;Sounds good princess.&quot; She replied, &quot;It does?&quot; I replied, &quot;Sure, you girls pick the sides.&quot; They did and as it was being prepared Tonya asked, &quot;Daddy? Can we get a two liter Pepsi?&quot; I replied, &quot;Sure, baby girl.&quot; She smiled and said, &quot;Cool.&quot; I paid with my credit card, and as we crossed the parking lot Tonya asked, &quot;What if your wife sees this on your bill?&quot; I said, &quot;I’m paperless, and she doesn’t know the password for the account.&quot; Tiffany smiled and said, &quot;You called me princess.&quot; I asked, &quot;What else would I call my daughter?&quot; Tonya replied, &quot;Baby girl.&quot; Tiffany told me, &quot;That’s okay, I liked it. You can keep calling me that if you want.&quot; I told her, &quot;As long as you keep calling me Daddy.&quot; She giggled, &quot;It’s a deal.&quot; I asked Tonya, &quot;You like ‘baby girl’?&quot; she laughed, &quot;Sure, Daddy.&quot; as she kissed my cheek before getting into the car.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>We headed out Route 30, past all the fields of corn, soy beans, and navy beans. If they hadn’t warned me that Mudhank Road was coming up, I’d have blew right past it. It was only paved for the first quarter mile or so, all gravel after that. As we bounced along the gravel road, Tonya explained that the farmer who owned the land, had sub-divided the plot before he sold it. Her brother got the house, the barn, and one acre. The rest, belonged to Monsanto. But their brother didn’t care, he wasn’t a farmer, he just wanted a house he could afford. He fixed it up really nice in the inside, next he was gonna do the outside, then the barn that he was using as a garage. It was just what I expected. I quaint little farm house, badly in need of a paint job. We all carried in the KFC bags. Tonya was right, her brother did fix up the inside. This was nice. As soon as we set down the bags I said, &quot;What’s the matter with you two girls? We’ve been here for at least 30 seconds and you still have your clothes on.&quot; Thy looked at me blankly. I put my hand over the food and said, &quot;Nobody is eating until they are naked.&quot; Tiffany gasped, &quot;What?&quot; I replied, &quot;You heard your father, now take off your clothes.&quot; Tiffany asked, &quot;What about you?&quot; I replied, &quot;Don’t you worry about me.&quot; I glanced over at Tonya, who was pulling her top off over her head, and told Tiffany, &quot;Be a good little girl, like your sister.&quot; She pouted, but complied.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>I watched the twins strip off their clothes. Firm tight teen bodies! There breasts were probably a B-cup but they were perky. Those awesome legs ran right up, and made a perfect ass of themselves. Nice, round and firm. They looked like two perfect angels. I was has hard as a rock! Tiffany said, &quot;Well?&quot; I replied, &quot;Well, princess, now it’s time for you and baby girl to undress Daddy.&quot; She replied, &quot;Huh?&quot; But baby girl was already working on my belt, telling princess, &quot;You get his shirt.&quot; Tiffany took off my shirt and tee shirt all at once, then helped Tonya with my shoes and pants. Those two girls had ‘Daddy’ naked in about 90 seconds, my erection bobbed in front of me. Tonya grabbed it and stroked it a few times, I said, &quot;Now, now baby girl, it’s princess’s turn.&quot; Tiffany said, &quot;Yea!&quot; and grabbed it. Tonya asked, &quot;So what do I do?&quot; Tiffany replied, &quot;Sit and watch, like I did.&quot; I told her, &quot;Or you could set the dinner table… If it’s not too much trouble.&quot; She replied, &quot;I guess I could do that…&quot; She grabbed a chair and slip it in my direction, and asked, &quot;Can I start eating without you?&quot; I replied, &quot;If your sister is half a good as you are, this won’t take long.&quot; Tiffany replied, &quot;I’m twice as good!&quot; as she dropped to her knees. I pulled the chair closer and sat down.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>Tiffany positioned herself between my legs and smiled up at me with those baby blue eyes, just like her sisters. They were stunning. I caressed the sides of her head as her cheeks puckered in and she sucked. Wow this girl had some suction! It wasn’t twice as good as her sister, but it was significantly better. I sighed and told her, &quot;That’s nice, now take it slow.&quot; She allowed me to guide her head back and forth, until Tonya remarked, &quot;Thought you were gonna take him all the way down, since your so good at it. The ‘Expert’.&quot; Tiffany got a fire in her eyes and tried to rammed my engorged cock down her throat. Of course she gagged, she gagged and coughed my dick right out of her mouth. Tonya started laughing, &quot;You’re the ‘Expert’ all right.&quot; Tiffany said, &quot;He’s a lot bigger than the plastic one.&quot; Tonya was still laughing as she replied, &quot;That’s what I tried to tell you!&quot; I cradled her head and said, &quot;Okay princess, lets try that again, but slower this time.&quot; She smiled up at me an nodded. She put her hands over mine and whispered, &quot;I’m glad your not driving.&quot; She took me back in her mouth and started stroking it with her lucius lips again, and that awesome suction.&quot; I slowly guided her down, she shifted her neck and shoulders, then I slipped right down her throat! As her sweet lips were wrapped around the base of my erection I gasped, &quot;Wow, second try!&quot; Those baby blue eyes were beaming with pride and delight, as she looked back up at me. Tonya stopped and looked over, and acknowledged it with a curt, &quot;Cool…&quot;<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>I laid my head back and closed my eyes as I let her ‘drive’. She turn on that fantastic suction, and take me all the way down her throat. She’d hold me there for a 10-15 lovely seconds then slowly slid them back up to where the shaft bulged into the head. I enjoy it for as long as I could, but when you have a naked, sexy, teenager, deep throating you, you don’t last very long. I groaned, &quot;I’m gonna come.&quot; Tonya reminded her, &quot;Stay with him!&quot; She nodded and sucked even harder, I blasted off in her mouth and she sucked out every last drop. I sighed, &quot;That, princess, was wonderful, just wonderful!&quot; She swallowed my come and smiled up at me. Tonya told us, &quot;If your done, dinner is ready.&quot; I looked over and saw she’d already helped herself. Tiffany hopped up an bounced over, I brought my chair and joined them. <br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>Tonya recommended to Tiffany, &quot;Eat slow, it takes him twenty minutes to recover.&quot; I told her, &quot;You forget, I’m in the same room with two incredibly gorgeous, and very sexy ladies, who just happen to be naked. I doubt I’ll need twenty minutes.&quot; We all ate very quickly….<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>After dinner I made the girls put the leftovers in the fridge, which looked pretty empty. Then I had then clear the table. I called then over, on on either side of me. I hugged then close and gave those firm naked buns a squeeze. I told Tonya, &quot;Well, baby girl, I never did thank you properly for that awesome fellatio you gave me in the car.&quot; I kissed her tongue and all, she wrapped her arms around my neck and responded in kind. I was already semi-erect from watching those naked girls clean-up, that kiss got me to full mast in seconds. Tiffany whined, &quot;What about me and the one I just gave you?&quot; I broke off the kiss with Tonya and explained, &quot;Patience princess, I didn’t forget you, and I could never forget what you did for me a few minutes ago. I kissed her and she happily kissed me back, in fact she initiated the tongue before I got a chance, Her tongue was in my mouth before our lips made contact. It was strange; Tonya seemed to be building a sexual bond with me, while Tiffany was building up and emotional bond. Of course this was a one-time thing, so it really didn’t matter, I just found it interesting.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>After the kiss, I stood them side by side against the table. Tiffany looked into my eyes and smiled, Tonya looked down at my erection and smiled. They both looked so gorgeous, all tanned and firm. There were no hard tan lines, different shorts and tops over the summer had turned them into a gradual fade from tan to white, and it looked unbelievably sexy. I lifted each girl and sat her on the table. Then I pushed their shoulders back until they were lying on their backs, side by side. I lifted the two legs that were touching, and raised then straight up. I caressed them and kissed those fine legs as I said, &quot;So tan, so firm, so gorgeous. Perfectly gorgeous.&quot; I crossed those legs and bent them at the knee, and ordered the girls, &quot;Hold these right here.&quot; Each girl held her sisters leg. I raised the other leg and they got the idea and held onto it without and instruction from me. The two girls smiled at each other, then looked down at me. I informed them, &quot;It’s time for my dessert.&quot; as I sat back down and looked at those two lovely little vagina’s. Both girls had shaved their pubic hair smooth and clean. I caressed them both with my hands, enjoying the smooth feeling, and noticing that they were both getting a little wet, Tonya was more than just a little wet. I moved over to Tonya, kissing her adorable little vagina, then licking up some of that moisture. I looked up at her and her head was back, but Tiffany was looking at me and asked, &quot;How come she gets to go first all the time?&quot; I paused and said, &quot;Patience princess…&quot; She replied, &quot;Why do I have to be patient all the time?&quot; Tonya sighed, &quot;Get her off, I can wait a few minutes.&quot; Tiffany smiled and looked down at me as I moved over between her lovely legs.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>She sighed and let her head roll back as I kissed and massaged her little pussy. She grew more vocal when my tongue came out and began stroking her, gently at first, but getting firmer as we went along. She seemed to enjoy that. She cried out when I pressed my tongue inside that tight little pussy. Wow, was she tight! It was really gonna feel nice slipping my dick inside her. I moved up and teased her clit, and that drove her passion higher as she pulled my head into her, like she was trying to pull my head inside her. I figured the wanted it a little bit harder, so I obliged, sucking on her pussy as I tongue fucked her. She was bucking her hips into my face. I moved up and sucked on her clit, she screamed, and when I ran my tongue across the tip of the tiny nub, she cried out in an ear splitting scream as she blasted off in an orgasm. <br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>I lapped up her juices as she came down. Tonya said, &quot;Wow, you never scream like that when you do it yourself.&quot; She was panting as she replied, &quot;It never felt that good when I did it to myself!&quot; I smiled and asked, &quot;Is it okay if I show Tonya what it fel like?&quot; She smiled down at me and sweetly replied, &quot;Okay.&quot; I moved over to her blonde sister. Tonya smiled down and asked, &quot;Are you gonna make me scream?&quot; I replied, &quot;Just lie back and relax, do whatever you feel like doing.&quot; She nodded, and laid her head back. As I kissed that sweet little pussy, which was soaking wet again, probably in anticipation while watching her sister getting off. I tasted her musty sweetness again. She wasn’t holding back as she sighed, &quot;Uhhhhh!&quot; I massaged her pussy with my lips as I ran my tongue up and down the length. I inhaled an she gasped. I started sliding my tongue into her, she was as tight as her sister! I was really going to enjoy fucking these two ladies. I slipped up to her clit and the screaming started. She was really enjoying my tongue lashing and I swear she was trying to pull me inside of her like her sister did. I went back to sucking on her pussy and tongue fucking her and got the same hip bucking into my face. She was slightly more vigorous as she humped furiously. I slipped back up to her clit and sucked on it hard, She cried out like her sister, and when I ran my tongue across the tip of that sweet little nub her voice cracked in mid-scream. I lapped up her sweetness then looked up an asked, &quot;Okay, who’s ready for some dick?&quot;<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>Tonya was panting as she looked at Tiffany, and suggested. &quot;I need a few to recover… You wanna take him first?&quot; I stood up and moved over to Tiffany and asked, &quot;How about it princess, you ready for Daddy’s big dick?&quot; She swallowed hard an said, &quot;Be gentle Daddy. I’ve never had anything as big as you inside me.&quot; She was wet, probably from watching her sister get off. I rubbed the head of my erection against her tight pussy getting it nice and wet with her own moisture, I assured her, &quot;Daddy will take really good care of his little princess…&quot; She softly sighed, until I pushed firmly and forced the head of my engorged penis into that tiny little pussy. She cried out, &quot;Oh Daddy, it hurts!&quot; I paused to let her get used to my size as she gasped and panted. I told her, &quot;It will get easier as we go along princess.&quot; she sighed and nodded, &quot;Okay Daddy, I trust you.&quot; I pushed again, gently, but firmly, she whimpered, &quot;Daddy it hurts!&quot; I didn’t know if this was for real or if she just doing this to turn me on. If it was the latter, it was working! I had to push pretty hard to get a few inches of workable length in that tiny little hole to start stroking. She cried, &quot;Daddy it’s too big, your gonna break me!&quot; I pulled back and started stroking as I assured her, &quot;I won’t break you princess. Daddy will take care of you. Just let him work it in, it will only hurt for a little while. Then it will start to feel good, really good.&quot; She gave me a weak smile and said, &quot;I don’t know how this could ever feel good, but I trust you Daddy.&quot; As I continued stroking into her I told her, &quot;Princess, your sweet tiny pussy is so tight, you make Daddy feel so good.&quot; She sighed, &quot;Really Daddy?&quot; I assured her, &quot;Really princess.&quot; She sighed, &quot;You’re right. It does feel good, just knowing that I make you feel good.&quot; I was almost all the way in and I think she was getting numb to the pain, I assured her, &quot;You’re tight little pussy is making Daddy feel wonderful.&quot; I forced in the last inch or so. I was in as far as I could go. She felt my hips against her and sighed, &quot;Oh Daddy! You’re so big, you fill me up. I feel like my pussy is gonna explode!&quot; She put her hands out and I took them. She pulled herself up and planted a very passionate kiss on my lips, I returned the kiss with an equal amount of passion. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck like she wasn’t ever going to let go.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>I took that as a perfect opportunity. I got a firm grip on that fine ass and backed off the table. She was as light as a feather, but she was startled and wrapped her arms tighter around my neck. I told her, &quot;Princess, wrap your legs around me, and loosen up on the neck.&quot; She replied, &quot;But Daddy, I slipped off the table!&quot; I assured her, &quot;No princess, you didn’t slip off, Daddy took you off the table.&quot; She asked, &quot;Why Daddy?&quot; I told her, &quot;Daddy’s got you in his arms princess…&quot; I lifted her up a little to punctuate that statement. &quot;I’m not gonna let my little princess fall. I just want to hold her in my arms while we make love.&quot; She sighed, &quot;Oh Daddy, I want that too!&quot; I told her, &quot;Then trust Daddy, and wrap your legs around my waist, and loosen up on the neck a little bit.&quot; She sighed, &quot;I trust you Daddy, and I trust your big strong arms too.&quot;<span>&nbsp; </span>Her leg wrapped around me, and al that walking had made them deceptively powerful. Those gorgeous, tanned legs had some power as she squeezed me between those beautiful legs. She loosened up her grip, but just enough to kiss me and she did. I wasn’t passionate, it was more warm and tender, her crush on me was obvious. She let the kiss linger, then paused long enough to whisper, &quot;Please Daddy, make sweet love to me while we kiss…&quot; I had no objections as I resumed kissing her soft sweet lips. I lifted her slightly and she softly whimpered into my mouth as I lowered her back down. I did that a few more times then started adding a little hip action. I started rolling my hips, getting a good stroking motion going. The problem was that she wa so tight, I had to really push to her down to get it back in. If we were to both let go, I’m sure the fantastic grip of that tight little pussy, would keep her right where she was, no problem. However, I wasn’t going to waste time on any experiments. Her kissing was getting more urgent an passionate. Even her body felt warmer, she felt as hot as she looked. She was moaning and sighing right through the kissing, as I pounded her tiny little pussy with my engorged penis, as hard as I could. I coul feel her climax as she hugged me tight and went rigid, screaming right into that endless kiss. I groaned and blasted off myself, thrusting into her as hard as her sweet tight pussy would allow.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>I moved back to the table and set her down. She released her legs an her arms, but held the kiss for a few seconds longer before she closed her eyes and laid back with a contented sigh. I looked over at Tonya and told her, &quot;You’re gonna have to suck my come out of your sister’s pussy so she doesn’t get pregnant.&quot; First, I got snipped after my wife and I had our second child, so I was shooting blanks. Second, I don’t know how I knew, but I just knew she’d do it. She just needed a reason, and I just gave it to her. She scrambled off the table and looked at the come dripping out of her sister’s pussy. Tiffany asked, &quot;Will that work?&quot; she didn’t seem all that concerned. I replied, &quot;If she hurries.&quot; As I nudged her towards her sister’s waiting pussy. She nodded, &quot;Well… Okay…&quot; and dove in, licking all around it, lapping up the come dripping down then latching her lips to Tiffany’s pussy! Even though I couldn’t see what was going on, Tiffany’s reactions told me there was plenty happening under those sweet lips.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>There was only one reason I wanted Tonya to eat my come out of her sister. This was so fucking hot! Watching a young tanned blonde eating out another smoking hot brunette. I was getting hard again and it was no accident! That was so fucking hot, watching Tiffany squirm and moan as her sister’s tongue wormed around up inside, licking out my come. I think the fact that they WERE SISTERS made it even hotter! SMOKING HOT! Tonya paused and slipped a finger into her sister pussy, Tiffany gasped, as Tonya explained, &quot;My tongue isn’t long enough to get it all…&quot; as she bent her head down and licked at Tiffany’s pussy while she dug around with her finger getting out more and more of my come. Tonya paused again and asked, &quot;How will I know when I got it all.&quot; I asked her, &quot;You know what I taste like?&quot; She nodded so I asked, &quot;You know what your sister tastes like?&quot; She replied, &quot;I do now.&quot; I told her, &quot;When you can’t taste me anymore and all you can taste is your sister, then you’ve got it all.&quot; I winked at her. Tonya smiled and said, &quot;Right!&quot; and latched those sweet lips into her sister’s pussy again. She had Tiffany was writhing and moaning in seconds. Tonya had a pussy of her own so she knew what it felt like and knew how to push the right buttons, and soon had Tiffany screaming out in ecstasy as she orgasmed under her sister’s talented tongue.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>Of course Tonya had to lap up her come to make sure. She turned to me and nodded, &quot;It’s all her now, you want to check?&quot; I smiled and said, &quot;I trust you. Can you clean this off for me?&quot; as I waved my almost fully erect penis in her face. She smiled and asked, &quot;Did watching me go down on my sister get you hard again?&quot; I asked her, &quot;What do you think?&quot; as soon as she opened her mouth, I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my cock in her mouth. She quickly recovered and started sucking, as hard as she could. That was good enough to get me ready to go for a round in Tonya’s tight little pussy, but I let her suck on it for a minute or two, just because it felt so good. I stood her up and sat her on the table next to Tiffany, who was still recovering from the two consecutive orgasms she’d just experienced. I laid Tonya back and asked her, &quot;Is my baby girl ready for Daddy to shove his big thick dick in her sweet little pussy?&quot; She sighed, &quot;Oh yes Daddy! Give it to me. Ram your big, hard dick in my tiny little pussy. Let me have it Daddy, I want it so bad!&quot; I rubbed the head of my dick against her pussy, she was soaking wet. It was all over the place. I don’t know if it was from watching her sister get fucked, going down on her sister, or a combination of both, but even her thighs were a sticky. She cried, &quot;Oh Daddy, please don’t tease me! Give it to me! Give your baby girl that big thick dick! I want you all the way inside me, fill me up Daddy! Make me a woman!&quot; I smiled and pushed with all my might, forcing my turgid penis into that tiny little pussy. But she was just as tight as Tiffany, and although there was more lubrication available, I got little more than the head inside. She cried out, &quot;Oh gawd it hurts! It’s so big!&quot; I paused but she cried out, &quot;More give me more! I want it all!&quot; I asked, &quot;You don’t want me to be gentle?&quot; She opened her eye and said, &quot;Fuck gentle! I want it hard! Hurt me! Slam it into me! Make it hurt! Tear up my little pussy! Fuck your baby girl like there’s no tomorrow!&quot; Without question, I leaned forward and gave her another hard thrust. She cried out, &quot;Oh yes Daddy! Hurt me with your big thick dick!&quot; I pulled back a bit to spread the lubrication, she clamped her legs around my waist and cried, &quot;Don’t stop Daddy!&quot; She grabbed my arms and pulled me back in and then some. I lifted her off the table and she reached up for my neck, but she just held onto my neck and shoulders with her hands as she laid back using her full weight to force my cock onside her pulsing vagina. I pulled on her waist as she squeezed with her legs, and pulled me in deeper. I sighed, &quot;Baby girl, this would go in faster if we pumped it a bit.&quot; She cried, &quot;Then pump it! I want it all!&quot; She didn’t loosen up her legs or shift her weight off my penis. I couldn’t lift her, her legs were clamped too tight, so I just pumped my hips as best as I could.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>It was working, I was going in faster this way. She cried, &quot;Oh Daddy! It feel like you’re splitting me in two with that big dick! It’s so huge, your filling me up. It hurts so much, but it feels so good!&quot; I pumped a few more times and she asked, &quot;Does your baby girl’s pussy feel good to you Daddy? Is your baby girl’s pussy tight? Do you like it Daddy? Does it feel good?&quot; I told her &quot;Oh yes baby girl, your tiny little pussy is so tight! It feel so good. Daddy loves his baby girl’s tight little pussy!&quot; just as the last thrust allowed our hips to come together. I thrust a few more times, just to make sure I was all the way in and she screamed and flooded my penis with more of her nectar. I was no where near ready to come. I paused for a second until her legs started loosen up and some of her feather light weight was in my hands, then I used that and my hips to get a good stroking motion going. I was pounding into her as hard as that tight little pussy would allow. These girl were identical twins as far as pussies were concerned. This was like a dream come true for me. Not one, but TWO tight little teenaged girls. Tonya was more vocal than Tiffany and liked to talk dirty, I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. I guess I liked them both! Tonya continued to cry out obscenities like, &quot;Fuck me Daddy, fuck my little pussy!&quot; and &quot;Oh Daddy, your big dick is gonna split me in two!&quot; or &quot;Hurt me Daddy, fuck me HARD with that big dick!&quot; Which only served to drive my passion higher, which was probably the point. As I hammered her I noticed those half round globes gently bouncing on her chest. They looked like someone took a Sunkist Orange, sliced it in half, and placed each half on her chest. They were round and firm, as they softly bounced up and down. I’m a die-hard leg man, so I never really looked at Tiffany’s breast. I was too busy looking at those gorgeous legs, then she hugged me so tight I couldn’t see them. I was getting closer and closer to my climax, but I wanted to hold on and give her a second one. I’m not sure why? It was a challenge and I like challenges. I would push her up with my hips then back off, and pull partway out. Then I’d allow her to swing down, as I forced my dick back up into that tight little pussy. I could feel the strength returning to her legs as her grip tightened up around my waist. It shortened the amount I could get on each stroke. I said, &quot;Baby girl, you need to loosen up your legs a little bit. She cried, &quot;No, STOP!&quot; I stopped as I’d just got my full length into her an was pushing her back up. She sigh, &quot;YES! Just like that!&quot; I relaxed and realized this felt pretty good. She sighed, &quot;You’re so big, I feel so full. I love this feeling! I wish I could stay like this forever…&quot; I sighed, &quot;That would be wonderful, However, people at work would complain, if I was walking around with a naked woman on my hip.&quot; She laughed, and I could feel a twitching and squeezing in her vagina as she laughed. That felt awesome! I took one hand off her ass an ran it lightly up her side. She giggled and said, &quot;I’m ticklish…&quot; I replied, &quot;I know, and your pussy feel even more wonderful when you laugh.&quot; I started ticking her and she started laughing more and more. The twitching and squeezing increased! I soon had her laughing hysterically as she squirmed around on my erection. I felt her legs tighten up around my waist, she let go of her hands as she went rigid and screamed. I had to stop tickling her to hold her up, but it didn’t matter she was in the throws of another orgasm. All the twitching and squeezing had gotten me pretty close, I use her rigid body to stroke my cock a few times and blew my load up into her.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>She collapsed and I gently laid her down on the hardwood floor. She let out her own contented sigh, &quot;I’ve been thoroughly fucked!&quot; I smiled as Tiffany asked, &quot;Did you come inside her?&quot; I replied, &quot;Yes I did.&quot; She asked, &quot;I suppose you want me to go down there and lick it all out.&quot; I asked, &quot;Don’t you like my come?&quot; She replied, &quot;Yea… but….&quot; I told her, &quot;Go down there and get it, and hurry up.&quot; She got down on her knees then paused and said, &quot;Next time, just pull out and come in my mouth.&quot; I replied, &quot;I’ll think about it.&quot; as I watched her go down on her lovely blonde sister. She must’ve been paying attention to Tonya as she duplicated her moves, starting with the licking around the sides and the little bit dripping out. Then she glued her lips to Tonya’s pussy and went to town, I could see her lips puckered in, so she was sucking and she must’ve been using her tongue the way her sister was thrashing about. This was hot, and getting me hard again. Having already noticed Tonya’s teenage tits I went down to my knees and started sucking on one, as I massaged the other with my hand. Those firm little mounds were perfect, just a little bit more than a mouthful. Tiffany paused and asked, &quot;How come you didn’t play with my titties?&quot; I paused and said, &quot;Let Tonya sit on your face, and I’ll take care of that right now.&quot; she paused, but returned to licking her sister’s pussy. She maintained eye contact as I licked her nipple and teased it with my tongue. I sucked it into my mouth tugging on it with the suction. I gently bit it and rolled it between my teeth, then I started playfully tugging on it. Then I moved over and started duplicating the same things on her other perfect mound.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>Tiffany’s head popped up, as she slapped Tonya on the hip, and told her, &quot;Get up and sit on my face!&quot; Tonya cried, &quot;What?&quot; Tiffany told her a little louder, &quot;GET UP, OFF THE FLOOR, AND SIT ON MY FACE!&quot; I told her, &quot;Say please.&quot; She sarcastically remarked, &quot;Sit on my face, PLEASE!&quot; Tonya was about to say something, I shook her calf, to get her attention, she paused and looked at me. I winked at her, and she told Tiffany, &quot;Okay! Fine!&quot; She stood up as Tiffany scrambled to lie down on the floor, with her head near Tonya’s feet. Tonya straddled her head and looked down. I tapped her on the back of the calf, she looked back and I motioned for her to turn around. She turned around and immediately sat on Tiffany’s face before she could say a word. She told her, &quot;Now lick all that come out of me, before I get pregnant!&quot; I smiled and pinched one of Tonya’s cute little nipples as I lowered my mouth down to Tiffany’s twin globes. Their pussies weren’t the only thing on these girls that was identical. Tiffany’s titties were identical to her sisters. Two perfect orange halves sitting on her chest. I could nearly get the entire thing into my mouth. Tiffany moaned, and Tonya sighed, &quot;She’s not licking!&quot; I paused and said, &quot;I’m not going to play with your titties if your not going to eat the come out o your sister’s pussy. She’s counting on you! Tonya did it for you, she needs you to do the same for her.&quot; She mumbled, &quot;Okay.&quot; It was slightly muffled by the pussy in her face. I resumed sucking on her titties, and it was only a few seconds before I heard a muffled moan and Tonya complained, &quot;She is NOT licking!&quot; Tiffany voiced her muffled complaint, &quot;But it feels so good!&quot; I told her, &quot;Okay princess, I’m gonna hold off until you finish licking my come out of your sister. Do a good job, and I do you really good.&quot; Tonya chimed in, &quot;Make me come and I’ll help!&quot; Tiffany asked, &quot;What?&quot; Tonya told her, &quot;If you give me an orgasm, I’ll help him play with your titties.&quot; Tiffany started to say something, but Tonya shifted her hips and cut her off saying, &quot;Now start licking!&quot; I leaned forward and kissed Tonya on the lips as I grabbed both of her breasts and began squeezing. She sighed, but I got the feeling it was more what Tiffany was doing than what I was doing. After the kiss I moved down to those adorable globes and started teasing them with my tongue and tugging on them with me teeth, she appeared to enjoy that.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>It wasn’t long before I heard a muffled complaint, &quot;I can’t get mu finger in there!&quot; I paused and backed off. Tonya knew just what to do as she rolled forward, lying down on top of her sister in a 69. The only difference was she didn’t go down on Tiffany. Tiffany wasn’t muffled anymore as she told Tonya, &quot;Thanks.&quot; I went over to watch Tiffany do her work. She slipped her finger in, and with a little practice got it working pretty well and appeared to be licking more come from Tonya’s pussy, and Tonya seemed to be enjoying her sister’s finger, wiggling around inside her tight pussy. Yes, I was getting pretty hard again. Tiffany soon removed he finger and attached her lips to Tonya’s sweet little pussy. Tonya lifted herself up a bit to help Tiffany, but didn’t actually sit on her face. She was getting more and more vocal, and it wasn’t long before Tonya let loose with a loud scream announcing to the world that she was having and orgasm under her sister’s talented tongue.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>Tonya allowed her sister to lick her pussy until Tiffany announced, &quot;I don’t taste you anymore, just Tonya.&quot; Tonya lifted one of those lovely legs and moved off to the side. I smiled down at Tiffany, with her face glistening with her sister’s dew. She looked so cute I leaned over and kissed her, tasting Tonya’s nectar on her sweet soft lips. I felt a little hair tickle my side as Tiffany inhaled sharply. I broke off the kiss, and looked down. Tonya had already started on Tiffany’s breasts without me. I told her, &quot;Hey wait for me!&quot; She paused and protectively covered the breast she’d been playing with as she informed me, &quot;This one is mine, you take that one.&quot; I smiled and said, &quot;I didn’t realize there was a difference.&quot; As I gently massaged the breast that was ‘mine’. Tonya looked very serious as she replied, &quot;Oh yes, there’s a difference… Big difference.&quot; I bent down and gave that cite little nipple a lick as she did the same and I asked, &quot;So what makes that one better?&quot; she replied, &quot;I didn’t say better, just different.&quot; I nodded and asked, &quot;Okay, what’s the difference…?&quot; She smiled and said, &quot;This one is closer to me…&quot; as she dove in and sucked that entire breast into her mouth. I smiled and shook my head as I followed suit. We had my little princess moaning and sighing as we each came up inventive ways to tease and torture her adorable titties. It was quite stimulating, and doing it so close to her sister, who was doing the same thing… Very Hot. After a while Tonya’s head came up, I paused and raised my head, and Tiffany started to sit up. Tonya asked, &quot;What are you planning on doing with that thing.&quot; Tiffany cried, &quot;Oh I have to clean that off!&quot; As she dove down there and applied her awesome suction with her sweet lips. I was probably 80% there already, her sweet mouth quickly got it to about 95%. I told Tonya, &quot;I want some real teen age ass. I’m gonna butt fuck you two ladies.&quot; Tonya gave me one of those, ‘like-hell-you-are’ looks, Tiffany turned her head so fast my dick popped out of her mouth with an audible &quot;POP&quot;. Quite stimulating, enough for that last 5%… Tiffany cried, &quot;I’m wanna be butt fucked! I’m first, I wanna be first!&quot; Tonya replied, &quot;You can be first and last, I’m NOT letting him put that big thing up MY tush.&quot; Tiffany asked, &quot;Are you crazy? Why not?&quot; Tonya told her, &quot;I think you’re the crazy one.&quot; She looked up at me and asked, &quot;Is that okay…&quot; then she brightened up and added, &quot;You can butt fuck me twice, if you want!&quot; I smiled and said, &quot;I might take you up on that offer, princess. Let’s see how the first one goes.&quot; <br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>She was smiling from ear to ear as we got up off the floor. She backed up to the table and was going to sit on it, I shook my head and told her. &quot;Wait… Turn around.&quot; She complied and showed me that incredibly amazing posterior. I gasped, &quot;Wow! What an awesome butt! It looks beautiful, gorgeous, just perfection in it’s most lovely form.&quot; She smiled back at me and I told her &quot;A butt THAT sweet, deserves to be fucked twice. Maybe three or four times.&quot; She giggled. I told her, &quot;Bend over the table.&quot; She replied, &quot;I can’t, I’m too short.&quot; I told her. &quot;Stand on your toes.&quot; She replied, &quot;Oh yea…&quot; with a chuckle as she stood on her toes. That modest move had a dramatic effect! It enhanced the curve of her legs and the roundness of her derriere, that got me to about 110%. Definitely ready to butt fuck somebody! On her toes, she was just barely able to bend over the table. I came forward and Tonya stopped me, &quot;You’re gonna need some lubrication or you’re gonna tear her heinie to shreds!&quot; I though, &quot;You have any baby oil, or anything like that?&quot; She sarcastically replied, &quot;Got motor oil out in the barn?&quot; I asked, &quot;How about in the kitchen?&quot; She laughed, &quot;You want me to slather some Crisco on your cock?&quot; I replied, &quot;Olive oil, Vegetable oil, Corn oil?&quot; She went to a cupboard, opened it up and asked, &quot;Canola Oil?&quot; I replied, &quot;That’ll do.&quot; She came back with a quart bottle and asked, &quot;You can used this stuff back there?&quot; I replied, &quot;You can drink this stuff, if you want. Hell, you cook food in it. It’s perfectly safe, or I wouldn’t use it with your sister.&quot; She smiled and said, &quot;I guess it okay.&quot; I warned her, &quot;Her poop might slide out easier for a couple days, but there won’t be any lasting effects.&quot; Both girls laughed and Tiffany assure Tonya, &quot;It’ll be okay.&quot; Tonya helped me lubricate my rock hard erection with Canola Oil. Then I had her hold open her sisters cheeks as i drizzled a little oil down there. She complained it felt cold. I warmed it up by using my finger to guide it to the right places. I slipped my finger in to the first knuckle, Tiffany gasped, then asked, &quot;Is that it?&quot; Tonya laughed, &quot;That’s just a finger! His dick is ten times that!&quot; I asked Tonya to keep holding those firm cheeks apart, as I lined up the real thing. Tiffany flinched a little, &quot; told her &quot;This will be a little bit of discomfort, but if you relax it will go a lot easier.&quot; Tonya laughed, &quot;Discomfort? This is gonna hurt like hell…&quot; I gave her the evil eye and she added, &quot;…Unless you relax…&quot; I pressed the head against her lubricated anus, it opened, maybe and inch, but that wasn’t nearly enough. I pushed harder and she winced and lifted one leg. To my surprise Tonya soothingly assured her, &quot;Relax princess, it will hurt a little bit at first, but you’ll like it.&quot; I wasn’t going in and had to apply more pressure. I lifted her other leg off the floor as I straightened out my knees. I could feel her anus twitching so I told her, &quot;Try to relax princess…&quot; She whimpered, &quot;I’m trying to, but it’s so big…&quot; Tonya took one of her hands off spreading her sisters ass cheeks and gently rubbed the small of her back as she assured her, &quot;Try not to think about how big it is, try an think about how good it’s gonna feel then it filling you up inside.&quot; Tiffany nodded, &quot;Yes! That’s what I want, I want him to fill me up. That does feel good. I want to feel that back there!&quot; Her anus stopped twitching and felt very soft. I gently applied more pressure and she screamed in pain as the head popped into her ass. I paused as I felt her anus twitching again, threatening to squeeze off the head of my dick. Tonya told her, &quot;Relax princess, the worst is over. The biggest part is in.&quot; Tiffany was panting as she took a few deep breaths and the twitching stopped. Tonya was still caressing the small of her back a I slowly pushed again, she whimpered and the twitching was stop and go as I forced in the first inch after the head. Now I had a little bit of working room and I started a slow and easy stroking. Tiffany sighed, &quot;Yes, that’s better.&quot; I slowly an easily worked it in deeper, The problem was her anus was so tight, it was squeezing off the Canola Oil, like a squeegee. It was difficult getting anything lubrication inside. I momentarily contemplated pulling out, she was probably gaped enough to where I could pour half of that quart inside her. I decided that probably wouldn’t help much in the long run and I didn’t want her to go through the pain of the initial entry again. Besides this felt really good. I decided to let her know how good it felt. I sighed, &quot;Oh princess, this felt so good… It’s so tight, so very tight! It’s amazing!&quot; She asked, &quot;My butt feels good?&quot; I replied, &quot;Oh yes princess, your butt feels wonderful.&quot; She sighed, &quot;I want you all the way inside me Daddy, fill me up with your wonderful dick!&quot; She started pushing back with her arms on the in stroke. That was more of an encouragement to me than any real help. I pushed a little harder, being careful to feel for that twitching anus indicating she was tensing up.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>I still had her feet dangling off the floor, as this lovely young lady was lying across the table. Tonya now was back to spreading her ass cheeks with both hands I was just a couple inches from full penetration. I stroked it in bit by bit. Tiffany sighed, &quot;Oh Daddy, I’m so full!&quot; I told her, &quot;We still have a little bit let. Do you want it?&quot; She sighed, &quot;Yes Daddy yes! Give it all to me.&quot; I replied, &quot;You got it princess.&quot; I took three good hard thrusts and rammed in the remaining inches of my turgid dick! She screamed, and I felt her anus clamp around the base of my cock. I thought for a minute it was gonna rip it right off. Tonya softly remarked, &quot;I didn’t know you could have an orgasm from anal sex.&quot; I told her, &quot;Feels like a big one!&quot; She just nodded, I noticed she wasn’t holding Tiffany’s ass anymore and one of her hands was between her legs. As soon as Tiffany started coming down, her anus started to loosen up. Tiffany sighed, &quot;Oh thank you Daddy! That was wonderful!&quot; I replied, &quot;We are just getting started princess.&quot; She sighed, &quot;Oh wow!&quot; as I resumed stroking her ass. <br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>Tonya for no apparent reason, jumped up and ran out of the room. I only paused for a second, and quickly resumed what I was doing. That tight little ass felt awesome. It was different from her pussy, not better or worse, just different, and I liked the difference. Tonya came back and climbed onto the table spreading her tanned and sexy legs wide. She had a small plastic penis in her mouth, obviously getting it wet. It was about an inch in diameter and maybe 6 inches long. I asked her, &quot;Is that gonna work, after you’ve tried me?&quot; She replied, &quot;Even a small orgasm, is better than no orgasm at all.&quot; I laughed and she sighed as she slipped that mini-penis into her pretty little vagina. I watched her work that around for a few seconds, but watching my own dick disappear up Tiffany’s tight little ass was a more arousing sight, so I quickly resumed watching that. Tiffany, was oblivious to anything but the big dick that was filling her ass. I wondered if there was any room in the front entrance, and An idea popped into my head.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>Tiffany’s lovely legs were just dangling off the table as I stroked my dick up her ass. I reached down, grabbed one of those legs, hooked it over my elbow, then flipped her completely over on her back. The twisting sensations on my cock were incredible, I wish there was an easier way to do that. She gasped as she found herself completely flipped over. I grabbed both legs and pushed them up high, to keep my dick from slipping any further out of her gorgeous derriere. I had her folded in half and even Tonya had to stop and take a look at this new development. I took that opportunity to snatch the mini-penis from her, she gasped then said, &quot;Hey!&quot; I put it in my mouth for a minute to taste Tonya’s sweet nectar. She watched me with a smile. There wasn’t much flavor to be had so I quickly switched it around, and placed it at the entrance to Tiffany’s sweet little pussy. Tonya whispered, &quot;No way.&quot; I pushed. Tiffany’s eyes flew wide open as she gasped and looked down. She gasped . &quot;Wha… Uh… Oh…&quot; I pushed it deeper it was pretty tight even with this smaller penis in there. Tonya came over and said, &quot;Let me do that!&quot; I let it go and she started stroking the small dildo into her sister’s pussy. I concentrated on stroking Tiffany’s tight little ass. Tiffany threw her head back and cried out, the scream got louder and longer as I felt her ass clenching up and I knew it was orgasm time again.<br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>I wasn’t ready to come yet so I kept on going. Tonya remarked, &quot;You know, I think i changed my mind, I’ like to try this.&quot; I told her &quot;Sorry, your gonna have to wait. I promised this beautiful young girl I was going to do her twice, You’ll have to wait.&quot; She sighed, &quot;Crap.&quot; Tiffany sighed, &quot;I’m gonna need a rest after this, you can have him next. Maybe I can do the second one later. Tonya and I DP’ed that little lady to two more orgasms before I lost my load deep inside her ass. Tonya said, &quot;I ain’t licking it out of THERE!&quot; I replied, &quot;No problem, she can’t get pregnant back there.&quot; She nodded and I slowly pulled my softening pens from that tight hole. About halfway out the tightness of her ass, just squeezed the rest out by itself. <br /> <br /> <span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>I’m not sure why, but for some reason I looked at my watch, it was just past 8:45. I asked, &quot;When does your brother get home?&quot; Tonya glanced at the clock on the wall and cried, &quot;Crap, no butt fucking for me!&quot; Tiffany looked at the clock and said, &quot;Crap, he’ll be home soon.&quot; She was having trouble standing up straight. Tonya was helping her. They headed down the hall. I told her, &quot;Just tell him your tired from helping your friend move.&quot; They nodded I started getting dressed and asked, &quot;How are you gonna explain getting naked in the kitchen?&quot; They looked back at me I pointed to one of the piles of their clothing. Tonya let Tiffany hobble on her own as she said, &quot;You go change, I’ll get that…&quot; She picked up the clothes and gave me a quick kiss. I finished dressing, and slipped out the back door. As I drove down the paved section of Mudhank Road I passed and smaller, older car with a younger man driving. That was too close!<br /> &nbsp;</p>

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