Interracial Stories

Stranger at Lunch

<p>As some of you that follow me and my adventures you know that I’m very open about my life and the things I like and enjoy. For those of you just reading about me for the first time I’ll fill you in some. I’m a professional real estate agent for a large company in Kansas City, Missouri. I’m married, a mother of three, white, and I think still good looking for my age (47). My husband Nick and I live a very open lifestyle and don’t have any hang ups about what we will try or have tried. Thus my story begins about a day last month that started out like any other day but took a big turn before it was over. </p><p>This day work was really slow and I didn’t have any appointments which really made it drag on. Everyone except one other agent was gone so I decide to take a early lunch around 11:30 at the bar across the street from our downtown office. To save time I’ll just tell you that while I was at lunch I met a very nice black gentleman, but not by my doing. His name was Jeremy and he was a very very hot and good looking guy I’d say in his late twenties or very early thirties. It has been awhile, probably since last winter when I hooked up with those guys on line that I had been with a black man and honestly I was thinking about fucking one and how good it felt just when Jeremy came in to the picture this day.</p><p>I was sitting alone on my lunch break having something to eat and just wishing the day would be over soon. Just as I finished eating, Jeremy walked over and asked me if he could sit down and join me, so I said yes and let him. We hit it off right from the start and was enjoying some good conversation, not about anything special but we did have a few good laughs from the start. He really cheered me up since I was having a bad day at work and this months sales really sucked. As always it seems we finally got on to the subject of sex and what did I think about white women being with black men and so on. He wasn’t real direct at first but after about a half hour of talking he asked me if I was interested in black men and had I ever been with a black man before sexually. Well for only knowing this guy for less than an hour I surprised myself and opened up as if we had been friends, close friends for years. I told him all about the sex life my husband and I enjoy and what we are involved in, and yes that lifestyle did include men and women of color. Now I probably really sounded like some big middle aged slut but for some reason, sharing all my secrets and how I liked having sex didn’t seem to bother me one bit, well at least not this day. He asked if size mattered to me during sex and I told him that it wasn’t necessary all the time but it was nice when I could find someone larger than average. How I let the size of a mans tool come into the conversation so soon I’ll never know but I’ll just use the excuse that I was horny and was thinking about sex when we met. </p><p>Well to my surprise again, he slides over closer to me then pulls out his phone, clicks through the buttons and while showing me the photo on the phone asked, &quot;what you think of this?&quot; On his phone was a full front view picture of him nude and showing his huge black snake hanging low, very low. I swear it made me wet instantly and I wanted to sample it right than. Believe me, after months without black meat his would do the trick for sure. With lunchtime almost over I had to get that wonderful picture out of my head and told him I had to return to work. Before I left we exchanged numbers but since he wasn’t getting anything right away I wasn’t expecting him to call. Well surprise, surprise, but less than 3 hours later he texts me asking if I wanted to come around to his place after work and maybe have some fun. Well I was so happy to get his text that I immediately texted my husband to say I was working over and not to cook dinner. Nick my husband is alright with me being with other partners but only if he’s with me, it’s more for my protection than anything else I guess. I don’t do this often and times before when I did Nick didn’t get pissed, he just gave me the &quot;be careful where you go and with who&quot; lecture. I’m sure he doesn&rsquo;t want anything bad happening to me again as it did once before on a business trip. But thats another story. Anyhow I accepted Jeremy&rsquo;s request and soon the day&rsquo;s work ended and following his directions, I headed over to his place.</p><p>When I arrived he had me a glass a wine waiting and we sat down and talked for a little while before we both just kissed. I nearly melted as he knew just how to use his tongue. I just imagined him licking my clit, wow I was getting so turned on and wet. After what seemed like hours but really only 10 or 15 minutes of hot kissing, we headed for the bedroom. In the room was a big king sized bed waiting so I just laid out on the bed as Jeremy went into the bathroom. When he returned he entered naked as he was in the picture on his phone. I giggled a little but my eyes were fixed onto his huge black snake, wow it was at least 10 inches and that isn&rsquo;t lying. Jeremy then walked over to where I was laying with my head sort of over the edge of the bed. He placed his cock directly above my face and over my mouth. I didn&rsquo;t wait a second and I grabbed ahold of it and began playing with his big chocolate cock. I started sliding my hand slowly up and down his uncut cock till his foreskin slid back exposing the head. I turned some and as I was licking the head I just smiled at him and looked deep in his eyes with all the lust I know he could see in my eyes, saying how much I wanted and needed his huge cock.</p><p>I think he loved the roughness my wedding ring was giving him as I jerked and licked his dick. After a few short minutes of teasing him I couldn&rsquo;t hold back any longer and I needed to sample this black dick and I slid his heavy dick in my mouth. I sucked a little bit at first but it tasted so nice that I placed more of his dick in my mouth. I now had all his big fat cock head stuffed in there. I struggled at first as it was so big but then I worked out how to open my mouth wider, still breath and suck him easier. This way I then could take even more of him deep down my throat. Jeremy had his hand holding my hair out my face so he could see better I guess as he just stood there watching me work his manhood. I now had a rhythm and was sucking my new found black chocolate with ease.</p><p>Reaching over me he unzipped my dress and then started pulling it over my head, which made me pull him from my hungry mouth. I laid back on the bed as he moved around and pulled my legs back closer to him, he seemed so strong and full of muscles. In one swift move he pulled off my soaking wet thong, dropped to his knees and started licking and eating my pussy. &quot;Ohhh my god&quot;, I moaned several times. &quot;Oh god&quot;, &quot;Oh fuck&quot;, &quot;damn that’s good&quot;, was all I could say. I was in heaven. No man has ever sucked and licked my clit so damn good I don’t think. I moaned louder as he got rougher but I kept lifting my body off the bed due to the pleasure I was in. &quot;Oh shit, Oh damn&quot; I kept yelling. I was so happy I had came to his place and that I was having so much pleasure. I could hear my pussy getting wetter as I heard slopping sounds when Jeremy was licking me and than for my added pleasure he slipped one, than two fingers in me while still licking me. This extra treat had me panting and I was going crazy on his bed. He gave up on eating my drenched pussy and moved up to start biting and sucking my nipples. This was even better because he slid his fingers back down to my pussy and began working my clit once again. I just couldn’t get enough of this and was still moaning over and over, &quot;Oh yes&quot;, Oh yes&quot;, &quot;don’t stop&quot;. I was loving every dirty minute of it and he was really finger fucking my pussy deep and good, and I was lifting my ass high in the air off the bed to get his fingers in me deeper. My new black lover certainly knew which buttons to press that would bring that slutty side out in me. </p><p>Jeremy moved to a position near my head and to shut up my talk I guess he slammed his cock in my mouth which I took really deep this time because from his position he was basically sitting on my face. At first it scared me and hurt some but he then reached down and slapped my pussy really hard, which made me moan loud even with his fat cock stuffed in my mouth, than he bent over and began sucking my tits again. The pussy slap was more a surprise I guess but what came next really scared me and I wondered for a few seconds just what had I gotten myself into. Witout any warning, Jeremy grabbed both sides of my face with his hands and rammed his cock really deep down my throat. I nearly choked and thought I was going to start crying. I was moaning, &quot;No, No no, oh, no&quot;, as Jeremy was almost face fucking me with his huge cock. Thankfully it didn&rsquo;t last long but what an experience.</p><p>He quickly moved down the bed, spread my legs and again without warning, pushed his cock full length deep into my pussy, making me gasp and tense up some. I guess that didn’t go over with him so he got really rough, slapped my ass really hard which made me relax some and he slowly fucked me at first. I don’t think he had a choice since his cock was to big for me at first. After his cock was good and covered with my wet juices and he was sliding in and out more easily he started pounding me hard and his bed was bouncing due to the force he was giving it to me. I was groaning, &quot;oh yes fuck me, oh yes fuck me&quot; and I got what I asked for. He did exactly that as he got really rough again pounding me really hard, &quot;oh god, Oh fuck, I yelled.</p><p>Feeling this big black dick after so many months was driving me crazy. After only a short 10 minutes of rough but good fucking, he placed my legs on his shoulders and began pile driving his cock really deep in me now. I never knew my pussy was so deep and could take so much cock. He spread his legs wide and began pounding me with deep thrusts and with a rhythm of…….bang, bang, bang, bang. I couldn&rsquo;t stop moaning as I held onto his tight ass cheeks, &quot;Oh shit, Oh my god, Oh shit&quot;, I kept yelling. Again without warning he suddenly stopped with all his cock buried deep in my tight white pussy. I started to cry just a little and as tears ran down my cheeks I mummbled; Oh god, Oh god it really hurts&quot;. I could hardly speak I was that fucked up. Thank god we had a little break, but only a short break as Jeremy started spreading my pussy lips and playing with my clit. He then told me he was going to fuck me hard doggy style.</p><p>I could barely move but somehow I got into doggy position as I felt his long hard cock slide back in with ease, and again he started fucking me hard and fast, his balls slapping really hard against my clit, he held my waist and really drove his dick deep in me, my stomach was really hurting, my tits were rocking back and forth as the slapping sounds got louder, his balls were slapping my body, I could barely moan anymore, &quot;oh, oh, oh god, oh my god I’m cumming&quot;. He buried my face into the bed sheets then really fucked me hard and even deeper as he told me he was going to cum deep in my cheating slut pussy and as he said that he came really deep in me, so deep and so full that when he removed his cock from me it all came gushing out.</p><p>I could barely move as he rolled off me. I was so drained and I just laid there feeling his cum running out of me. I really enjoyed the fact he hadn&rsquo;t used a condom which a lot of guys want to do but I usually always go bareback with my partners. I most of all enjoyed the fact that he had dumped a real big load of cum in me and that it was still dribbling out of me all over the bed sheets. </p><p>After a short rest I told Jeremy that I had better be getting home. I dressed without cleaning myself up, we said our goodbyes and I headed home. The thought of driving home with his cum still inside of me and getting home with my panties full of another mans cum is just a super turn-on for me. When I arrived home I found a note that said my husband and son had gone out for something to eat and would be home later. Being alone I decide to just clean up and rest before they got home. I went up to our room, got in the shower and washed my pussy as much as I could to try and get as much cum out of me as I could. When I finished I just laid on the bed watching television and thinking about the wonderful afternoon I had just had. I had to admit that the cock I had today was bigger than most I have had before and I was sort of proud that it didn’t take me long to get use to it’s size and would be looking for bigger ones in the future to see if I did have a size limit.</p>

Interracial Stories

Mon, 09 Apr 2012 17:37:33 UTC

My Wife Becomes Black Men’s Cum Dump

We had just wrapped up a weeklong convention in Vegas. It was a late Sunday when we arrived in at hometown. We had anticipated our late arrival, so we reserved our room at our hotel before we headed for Vegas.

My wife, Dana, is a very sexy older Irish woman with beautiful green eyes. Dana looks superhot when she is her tight jeans or short skirts and heels. Since no one knows us, when we go to other cities she dresses a more provocative. She also wears tops that show plenty of cleavage. The skirts are not slutty, but short enough that it sends men messages she is available for fucking.

While we were once on vacation, we went to a brunch, Dana went first, I followed a minute later. Dana wore short black skirt and heels, when I got off the elevator, I saw her in the buffet line as she leaned over to put something on her plate. As Dana was leaning for about 10 seconds, I got a great view of her sexy red sheer panties when her skirt rode up. There was an older guy sitting with his wife that got a good view of my wife also, his wife caught him staring and hit him and I cracked up.

After our arrival, we checked in and cleaned up we went to a hotel sponsored socializing hour complete with liquor being served. Dana already had 3 margaritas and was working on her 4th, when we me a black gentlemen that appeared to be in his mid to late thirties, I found Charles to be a very intelligent person, and I could tell he really was interested in my wife. I could also tell my wife enjoyed his conversation. I said why don’t we move over to that table and pointed to a table that was surrounded with waist level walls that had planters on them, it was quieter and secluded. After we moved, Charles excused himself and went to the men’s room.

Dana and I have no secrets from each other, so I just plainly asked her, do you want to fuck Charles? She replied, yes. Though my wife likes to fuck other men, she does not like to initiate encounters and does not like to do anything without me being present. I was sitting in the middle next to Charles seat and my wife was sitting across from Charles, so Dana and I quickly exchange seats. The tables had medium length table cloths, so I told Dana to raise up her skirt until her panties were well in view. I told Dana I was going to men’s room.

When I entered the men’s room, Charles was washing his hands and we were alone. I don’t know how you will take this, but are you game in engaging in some adult fun with us in our room? My wife would like to share some time in bed with you. He said, sure, I wanted to bed your wife, since I started talking to her earlier. Charles also said, he was straight, he was not into gay action and I said no problem there. The wife just likes to fuck men a lot so let her have her adult fun when she wants it, we are not looking for any permanent relationships, he agreed. I told Charles when we say it’s over it is over, again Charles agreed. I said, we agree. When, we go to the table sit to her right side, I had Dana raise her skirt so when we go back to the table you can start by fingering her pussy.

We got to the table and Charles moved his chair right next to Dana and I did the same on the other side. As soon as we sat down Dana held his right hand on top of the table while I could see his left arm doing slow thrusting action. I could see Dana, starting to roll her eyes and bite her lip. Charles begin to thrust his fingers harder and faster and Dana was now thrusting her hips at his hand. I said let’s take this to our room.

When we got into our room, Dana wasted no time, she sat Charles on the sofa and unzipped his pants, out popped a huge monster cock, Charles said it was 11 inches fully hard and we could see it was very thick. Dana looked at it and said, damn, that is a fucking monster. I jokingly asked, does that mean you changed your mind, she replied, hell no, I am going to have fun trying this cock. Dana quickly through a couch pillow on the floor and started kissing Charles huge cock. She started to lick up and down his huge cock and kissing his balls. Dana, inserted his huge cock head in her mouth and started to work his cock up and down. I could hear Dana breathing harder and harder, she was getting real hot! Charles asked Dana, you like my black cock? Dana, quietly said, what is there not to like, it so huge and beautiful. Charles stood up and held Dana by her sides of her head and held it in place. He then started to thrust his huge cock in Dana’s mouth. Charles told Dana, I am going to teach how to take a black man’s cock down your throat. He started speeding up and inserting a little more each time. Dana started gagging and he took his cock out and started again, each time going in deeper. Dana was not fighting him, she was enjoying it all, she wanted to take as much cock as she could down her throat.

In about 15 minutes she had at least 8 inches of his cock down her throat. Without any coaxing from Charles, Dana was now taking all 8 inches down her throat by herself, she loved to suck his huge monster. She was sucking on his cock like mad raving whore, she couldn’t get enough. Charles asked her, you like black cock, don’t you? She said, hell yes, I love black cock!

Charles then stood up Dana and walked her over to the back of the couch and told her to place her hands on the back. My wife was bent over in her heels, he spread her legs and moved her pantie crotch to one side and he started to split her pussy with his huge monster. Dana was so wet, he was having no problem, going in all the way to his balls. Charles started spanking Dana’s ass and started thrusting her pussy and his huge monster. The more he spanked her, the harder Dana started thrusting her pussy at Charles huge cock and screaming, “FUCK ME”, “FUCK ME”, “FUCK MY PUSSY HARD”. Charles was fucking Dana, harder than I have seen any other man fuck her.

Charles stopped and walked her to the bedroom, as Dana was walking I could see lots of cum dripping down her long legs, she was getting an intense fucking. Suddenly, I could hear Dana screaming as Charles was tearing up her pussy. I could hear very loud thudding as Charles was slamming Dana’s pussy. I peeked around the corner and Charles had Dana’s legs locked in his shoulder and arms pinned to her side. He was literally going all the way out and coming back in ramming her pussy and all Dana could do is scream and scream, but she never said stop.

Charles grabbed Dana by her hips and thrust her pussy hard against his monster cock and held her place as he dumped what seem to be ever ending rivers of cum in her pussy. I know Charles just kept coming and coming, because was making grunting noise every time he let out a flow of cum go. Charles was beginning to release Dana, but Dana lifted her hips up with her feet and kept slowly thrusting her pussy against Charles cock and begin to grind her pussy on his cock. Charles asked Dana, if she ever had been fucked by more than 1 guy at time, she replied, no. He asked, you want to try, you will have a great time. You have great pussy that begs to fucked by more than one cock at time. Let me call a friend of mine and if you don’t like it you call the shots. My wife asked me, and I said, it’s up to you?

Charles went outside and called his friend Jonah. Dana had taken a shower and got dressed in a very sheer black nightie with very sheer tiny panties and heels. We were having drinks when Jonah arrived with another friend Alex. Dana said, I agreed to one guy with you, not three. Charles said, don’t worry, he is not going to participate.

We had a few more drinks and Dana started playing with Charles crotch through his pants. Charles turned to Jonah and said take her in the bedroom, she is a damned good cock sucker. I went in the bedroom and Jonah was ramming his cock down Dana’s throat. Jonah was about 10 inches but thick, but Dana was able to take most of his cock own her throat. Suddenly, I saw Jonah tense up and he pulled Dana mouth against his cock and started to grind against her mouth, and started saying, I’m coming down your throat slut, take it all. Jonah, told Dana to open her mouth, she did, and I could see gobs of cum in her mouth. Jonah told Dana, swallow it all slut, and she started swallowing, Dana loves to eat a guy’s cum.

Charles came in and put Dana on all 4s doggy style on the edge of the bed and took no time ramming Dana’s pussy. It didn’t take long when Charles had Dana screaming. Charles started yelling at Dana, “YOU LIKE BEING A WHORE FOR BLACK MEN, DON’T YOU WHORE”? “YOU LIKE LOTS OF BLACK COCK”? Charles was ramming Dana’s pussy without mercy. Charles called out for Alex to come in the bedroom, here, fuck the shit out this pussy, “this bitch is going to be our whore from now on”. Charles pulled, and Alex quickly took his place ramming Dana’s pussy, she was so hot and screaming, she was not objecting to anything. Alex rammed Dana until he started coming hard and deep, you can see all the cum dripping down Dana’s legs. Charles got in front inserting his cock in her mouth, while Jonah started ramming Dana’s pussy.

Someone knocked on the door and I answered it was 6 more black guys that said Charles invited us, so I let them in. We stayed at the hotel for an additional 3 days, all the guys dumped cum in Dana’s pussy several times. Dana still fucks other men, but her favorite are black men with huge cocks. Dana is an easy spread for black cock.

Recently Charles told Dana that soon he will begin to train her to take huge cock up her ass, but that is another story.

Interracial Stories

Fri, 24 Nov 2017 21:03:45 UTC

my ex-girlfriend and mother of my son is a huge whore for big black cock

Hello everyone, My name is Thomas. This story is about my ex who I unknowingly turned into a big black cock whore. It all started when I was 13 years old and got a web TV. For those of you who don’t know Web tv is like internet that hooks straight to the TV. So Their I was looking at porn and came across a video of a cute little white girl sucking a big black cock. At first I was upset cause I wandered why such a pretty white lady whould want to suck off and swallow the cum of a black man, but then I got seriously eroused by it. The thought of a huge black cock stretching and fucking a white chick made me mad and horny at the same time. So I started watching more and before I knew it I was hooked. The only thing that could get me off was the thought or image of a big black dick choking and streching white bitches. Their was alot of mixed emotions going on, when I see a white girl with a black guy out in public I was mad and turned on at the same time. There was something about it, like the forbiden fruit as one of my later girlfriends put it. Anyways after a couple of years secretly watching and busting nuts to intrerracial porn, it got to where I needed more, so I got on to watching interracial gangbang videos. It was kind of confusing, I loved watching and beating off to interraicl videos but then every girlfriend I had in school I would drill it in there head that it is not okay to be with black guys. Then I moved from my home town in Florida to Texas with my sister, that is when I met a girl named Ashley. She was a red head like me and super sexy 5′ 6 with curly red hair beautiful face, size D 36 tits and an ass that whould turn heads for miles. She was the town slut and I didn’t know it cause I was completly new. after a month of dating she came over one day when I was alone and that was the first time I got some pussy. She was a super freak down for anything. After a few months she got pregnant and had my daughter. A year after that we where 17 years old and to make it short a few things happened and the next thing I know we are living in a hotel room in Myrtle Beack, SC. The is when she found my collection of interracial porn. I came home early from work one day and walked in on her masterbating to one of the videos. One thing led to another and the next thing I know we were fucking while watching the videos. It got to the point to where I couldnt get off unless she talked dirty while we fucked. I had her saying all kinds of dirty stuff. Stuff like &quot;oh baby I need some big black dick, your white cock just aint doing it for me&quot;. &quot;Please bring me home a couple of black guys to fuck me&quot; and &quot; I love big black cock, I’m going to pretend that your a black guy fucking me&quot;. After a few times she couldn’t get off with out talknig like that during sex and I loved it. Then one day while we where fucking she was talking dirty and said &quot;baby, I want to get gangbanded by a couple of black guys, promise me you wont get mad if I fuck a few black guys. &quot; I want you to promise me, Say I promise I wont get mad&quot;. That is when I realized I created a black cock whore monster. The thought turned me on and pissed me off at the same time. I was afraid that if I did let her fuck some black dudes, she would never want another white man again, and this is the mother of my daughter I’m talknig about. Well, a couple of weeks went by and a lady named Wanda that stayed a room down from us moved in to our motel room and was staying on the coach until she got enough money togehter to get were own apartment. One night my then girlfriend and I got in an argument cause she was hanging out in with some people down stairs that I didn’t know., so we yelled at each other and I said &quot;fuck it leave then bitch&quot;. Then I took about 4 tylenol PM’s in front of her, she waited 30 minutes till I went and layed down. About 2 hours later I woke up to the phone ringing. It was the motel manager asking me if everything is okay, cause he heard alot of screaming and noises. I hung up and went in the livingroom area and asked Wanda&nbsp; if she heard anything, she paused for a minute and then told me she heard some serious fucking going on next door in room 312. I got a sick feeling cause we had a key to that room. I started looking for the key we had and couldnt find it. I asked Wanda if she knew who it might be and she said she did look through the blinds and saw the back of the girls head and about 5 black guys and that they were geting it, she said that they were pounding her down. Then she looked at me and said Thomas I hate to say this but it did look like it might be Ashley in there. So I waited looking out of my peek hole waiting to see who come out of the room. After a few minutes the phone rang and I went to answer it in the other room and no one was there. I ran back to the peep hole and the whoever was in the room had allready left. I let it got and watched her carefully, it turned out the Wanda like to smoke cocain and got Ashley into it and Ashley was fucking black dudes all the time for some coke. Which explains why two black guys came over one night trying so hard to get it my room when they saw Ashley. It wasn’t till a year later when we broke up that she confessed that it was her in room 312 that night and she was gangbanged by 5 black dudes, she said that they talked shit to her calling her a dirty black cock whore and a stupid white bitch. They gaged her fucked her in the ass and pussy at the same time, slaped her around coked her, and double dicked her pussy which is why I could feel nothing while fucking her after that night. Anyways we went our own ways and couple of years later I met my now son’s mom Cristie. Cristie was a mother of two and 27 at the time when I was 20. We met through her babies daddy and hit it off. She was super freak that whould do anything I told her in the bed. After stroking her real good she was in love. I should have known better cause we fucked on the first date. I mean anal, tea bagging, deepthroating, and all the above. After a month I decided she was so hooked on me I could tell her about my fetish of watching interracial porn. So one night I put in a porn video and we fucked. I would hold her head still and say look at that big black cock fucking that little white bitch. She got into it real quick. The same thing started happening, every time we fucked we talked about black dick fucking her and watched interracial videos. She got good at it. She knew how to make me jelious and turned on. We then moved to Texas and started doing cocain, cause it was $500.00 an once and I was in sales and made 3000.00 every other week. We started getting more and more freaky. One night after getting a 5 thousand dallor check for two weeks of sales a friend from work and I went to a strip club and got fucked up and horny. After a couple of hours a lap dances and whiskey he took me home where I decied to offer him a chance to help talkn Cristie into a threesome.&nbsp; Due to the fact that she is a hot half asian chick he quickly agreed. We went up to my appartment and after calming Cristie down, cause I was at a strip club, we put our sales techniques on her saying &quot;I’m sorry for going to the strip club and to make it even I will let you fuck my friend Taylor her&quot;. We then had a few drinks and she finally agreed. We went in the room and started taking her clothes off. We both stood their while she went back and forth sucking our dicks. We both fucked her with two dicks in her pussy, then one in her ass and one in her pussy. She loved letting us take turns with one from behind and the other in her mouth. At the end my friend cummed in her mouth and she had no choice but to swallow. After that I did the same. It was her first threesome and first time swallowing cum. Well a couple of weeks went bye and will were still talking dirty about black cocks until one day I decided to go all the way with it. I met a black dude at a strip club one night and one thing led to another, I had him call some of his friends and invited them to the appartment. She wasn’t too happy at first, I had to take her into the bedroom and talk to her for awhile. Then gave her a few drinks to loosen her up cause she was scared. She finally calmed down and said she wanted so cocain first, so I made some calls and left to go get some. I got the stuff down the street, I was gone for about 20 minutes and went back to the appartment. On the way up the stairs to our appartment I heard some serious screaming, I thought some girl was being beaten or killed. The closer I got to our appartment the louder it got. I opened the door and there she was with a black dick in her ass, one in her pussy and two in front of her face waiting to get sucked. At first I was pissed cause they did it while I was gone but then I started to get real hard. I mean she was getting fucked hard, I had to hold my hand over her mouth to quite her so the neighbors didn’t call the police thinking someone was getting raped or something. So there were 6 black dudes fucking my girlfriend everywhich way. Two of them were fighting over who was going to fuck her in the ass next. She had a black cock in her ass, pussy and mouth with three more groping her all over and sucking her tits, she looked up at me with a look I’ll never forget. Her eyes where big and wide with a look of fear and saticfaction. Eventually they truned her over on her back to take turn fucking her pussy and getting their dicks sucked. I moved in the stick it in her pussy and she put her hand over her pussy to stop me, I looked at her like she was crazy and she looked back at me with three black cocks around her face and one in her mouth and made a no sound. I thought maybe she was sore so I back off and as soon as I did she let one of the black dudes stick it in her. I tried to get my dick sucked and she sucked all the black dudes and ignored my dick. I was pissed. I stood up said fuck you bitch, put on my clothes and left the appartment. I couldnt believe my own girlfriend was fucking all those black dudes and wouldnt let me touch it. I started to wish I never brought them there in the first place, I was heart broken. So I went to my jeep and turned it on for the heat and music and smoked a Marlbro. I still had the coke on me so I started doing some of it. I went to the store bought a 12 pack on bud light and went back to the appartment parked the jeep and started getting as fucked up as possible. 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Interracial Stories

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