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Classroom Slut

First off, I should probably tell you that I’m the horniest slut you’ll ever see. My favorite thing to do is masturbate, but I’m to shy to ask a guy to fuck my brains out. I masturbate all day, I can’t help it! Usually, I do it at school. My name is Cassy and I’m a 15 year old sophomore at an urban school. I have dirty blonde hair, perky teen tits, a nice round ass I got from playing soccer. My female friend say I’m super hot, but guys say I’m unapproachable. It’s so frustrating! The problem is, there are so many hot guys in all my classes! It makes it even harder for me to resist my urges, so recently I just gave up trying to resist and mastubate whenever I want.

Today I was in math class, my first block of the day. It was also probably my favorite because the desks were closed on the sides and on the front so no one could see what I would be doing underneath. But today was special: I was wearing a butt plug! I’ve obviously worn butt plugs before, being the slut I am, but never to school. And never one as big as this! It was eight inches long, two inches in diameter, a huge black rubber cock and it felt like it was tearing me in half when I first put it in. And today I was wearing these super tight grey leggings, so when I squatted down or spread my cheeks, you could actually see it through my leggings! Every step I took was pure ecstasy, I was already on the verge of cumming by the time I walked into school!

The teacher had just started her daily lecture, so I knew it was time. I sat down in the back of class and started my routine. I started just by pinching my thighs together, putting a little pressure on my pussy and making my asshole tingle. I did this a few times, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I brought my hand to my clit outside of my leggings. Holy fuck I was wet! I put my thumb and index finger around my rock hard clit and have it a little tug. I had to bring my other hand to my mouth to prevent my moaning. I started rubbing, slowly, then a little faster, faster, I was about to climax, then I stopped. I could already tell that this was going to be a huge orgasm. The massive cock in my ass combined with the tantalizing orgasm I had just prevented myself from having. I wanted this to be the best orgasm I ever had, so it was time to pull out my second toy.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a pink vibrating egg. Quickly, before anyone looked, I lifted the waistband of my leggings and shoved the thing inside my pussy (no panties obviously). I turned it on using the app I had on my phone, brought my hand to my clit again, and started rubbing. I was panting this time, the feeling was unbelievable. I started bouncing up and down in my chair, a massive 8 inch cock ripping my ass open. With the cock in my ass, the vibrator in my pussy, and me rubbing my clit like crazy, I felt the pressure building. I lasted for only a minute, when finally, it happened. It felt so good it was almost painful. I couldn’t I help I screamed and slammed my non-masturbating hand on the table. I felt something releasing from my pussy and heard a sound of liquid splashing against the floor. I immediately stopped rubbing my clit but kept bouncing on the cock (I actually couldn’t stop, my body apparently had a mind of its own). I put my hand in front of my puss and felt that there was a powerful stream of liquid that first soaked my leggings, then proceeded to go through them! After five seconds of this constant stream, I realized what had happened: I had squirted for the first time in my life! The feeling was insane, the best moment of my life by far. This miraculous squirting orgasm I had was heightened by the fact that it was in the middle of class, with twenty hit boys around. But I finally realized that everyone was looking at me, apparently looking for an explanation for me screaming and slapping my desk (they hadn’t heard me squirt).
"Sorry," I said sheepishly, "there was a bug on my desk." Everyone seemed content with that answer and went back to the lecture. But I was proud of myself, because I knew what I had just done. Me, Cassy, a 15 year old girl, had just squirted in class with a cock in her ass, a vibrator in her pussy, and a hand on her clit. I squirt 12 more times in math, by the time class was over there was a massive puddle surrounding my desk and the entirety of my leggings were sopping wet, so no one would be able to tell that there was even a wet spot. It had even trickled down so my socks and shoes were wet. But God, it was the best class of my life.

If you want another one like this, let me know!

Masturbation Stories

Sun, 28 May 2017 12:41:58 UTC

My Step Sisters, bother and me

It all happened When Me and My Dad moved in with my step-mother. My step-mother had 2 kids A boy and a girl. A the time they were 15 and 14 and me being 15 as well. It was a small house for to live in together so it was pretty cramped.<br /><br />So When One Day When my Dad and my Step-mother went out all appeared to be normal. I was in my room, My step-brother was on the computer in the living room and my step-sister was on the couch with a blanket over her, watching Tv. So Im in my room playing video games when I needed to go to the bathroom. As I was walking to the bathroom Id have to pass the living room. But On my way I stopped there. On the couch was my step-sister with the covers over her, very noticeably masturbating. I See her hand placed and shifting in between her legs. Just the outline through the blanket, as if she was fooling anyone. The sounds of her fingering herself, and how wet it all seemed. And There was my step-brother on the computer, no more then 5 feet away on the computer chair with a blanket draped over him. He started to speak while looking into the reflection of the computer screen to see his sister. &quot;Do you like the singer from the Jonas brothers? Do you think he’s hot?&quot;. He spoke as if he were teasing her. She Bit her lip and the movement of her hand grew faster and trying not to moan she said &quot;yes&quot;. And continued to make louder wet noises. At this point I realized that under his blanket he was rubbing himself too. Both of them were entranced in their own worlds that neither of them realized i was standing there. My step-sisters body started to shift and move from the excitement. While touching himself my step-brother started to speak again, but this time he was also having a have time to speak and not to moan. Again taunting. &quot;Do you want to kiss him?&quot; And Still trying to hold it back she responded &quot;yes&quot; He spoke again. &quot;Do you want to marry him?&quot; She didn’t respond, cause if she did she knew she was going to moan. Her body was squirming around trying to understand the intense feeling she was having. He fingers dug deeper the sounds grew louder. At this point my step-brother was trying not to show what he was doing at this time because he finally realized that I was standing there the whole time. He reluctantly reduced his momentum in fears that id notice he was masturbating. But My step-sister was All by herself focusing on the thing dirty things her brother put into her mind. Suddenly her whole body arched, hand in between her legs working over time. The sound and smell of her pussy came very apparent. Her eyes shut and her head tilted back trying her hardest not moan fearing we would notice what she was doing. But she couldn’t control it. Her body ran wild. A sudden stiffness in her body and shortly after a release. she rested, and with it a sigh. After that my Step-sister went back to watching tv and my step-brother went back to the computer.<br /><br />I couldn’t believe what I just saw, I had to have a release. I went to the bathroom, I pulled down my pants and with the most vivid details, I played it all back in my head. I was really going at my cock an it still wanted more. I was just picturing her naked, what she looked like under the blanket. And Soon as the though of her naked came to mind. I let out the most intense orgasm Id ever had. I got up, cleaned up and flushed the toilet. And walked out of the bathroom like nothing had ever happened. And thats how we all acted.<br /><br />After I got out, my step-brother got of the computer and went to go play video games and my step-sister went to her room. With that leaving the living for me explore. I walk up to the couch where my step-sister laid the blanket was there over the spot near where her but was. I lifted the blanket and underneath was a wet spot where all her juices were left.(the blanket itself was a bit wet too). I decided to seize the moment I smelled the couch’s pillow where she left everything, It smell so delicious. The Idea of eating out my step-sister came to mind. Another erection just began to swell in my pants. The whole idea of being where it all took place really turned my on.<br /><br />And now every now and then Id see a wet spot on the couch and id take the time. To remember that event.

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Fri, 13 Jan 2012 01:10:05 UTC

Getting caught

Practically my entire life I’ve been sexually infatuated with my dad’s wife (well ex wife now) when I was like 5 she would walk around the apartment naked, or just in small thong panties on the way to the dryer. Once she bought some lingerie (lace stockings, garter, open-cup bra and stilletos. She came out of the bedroom to surprise my father but I saw it all too. I think it was too much too soon, like an overload before the engines are warmed up. It wasn’t long (it was probably that day) that I started sensual jack-of-all-trades sessions centered on jenny. She was beautiful and sexy but still real. She could a dirty girl. She would usually go to the bathroom with the door open so I could watch her urinate or poop and she didn’t mind. I remember standing at the door with my little hard on, taking in her smell. I loved it when she farted, I don’t why but It was such a turn on to me. If she farted I would try to get close to smell…
Before long I was going in her closet and masturbating to her dirty panties and lingerie. I would take my dick out and smell her on her soiled panties and orgasm (this was before puberty). As time went on I did more, and I thought about her more. I would masturbate with the door partly open in hopes she would see me and give me some material. I would lie on the bed with my pants off and my legs in the air and fantasize that she walks by, sees me jacking, comes in and drops her panties and tank top and straddles me. The moment that I enter her is the most amazing feeling on earth, she starts to ride, if she farts while fucking I love it and I would instantly cum

Fast forward a bit, she’s out of town, I’m house sitting. Got the whole place to myself. First was a jack-off session at the pc in Jenny’s white Satin teddy. I probably watched some amateur threesome porn, holding that silk teddy up while I jack my cocktail until I come, moaning, into a kleenex.
Later, I fired up the hot tub and took a dip in a pair of her bikini bottoms. I took them off once I was in the water of course and touched myself to the thought of jenny dropping her lace panties in front of me and putting her feet spread and in the air. When I was close I got out and stood on the edge of the deck and came right there.

Now for the real story, fast forward a little more, and I believe I was house sitting again. I was super horns so I went up to Jenny’s room and put on her black lace stockings and garter belt, black bra and some black pumps that I crammed into. I walked around the house feeling sexy, squatting here, laying down and spreading here..etc. but a finger in my fuckhole wasn’t going to do it, I went back up to Jenny’s room where she has a large black dido and a smaller pink vibrator. The small pink vibrator I use a few drops of lube, then lay back on the bed, legs wide and high and slide it in and turn on the lowest setting. Mmmmm I’m in heaven I thought, my stocking feet high in the air while I toy my hole with Jenny’s vibrator and Jack my cock. I jack my cock and suck and lick the black dido hoping some of her taste is on it. That’s when I noticed she was in the doorway looking at me.

It’s hard to imagine what she felt, her stepson dressed up in her sexiest lingerie with his legs in the air and her vibrator in his asshole on medium power now so that’s all you hear now.
We stared silently at each other for a few seconds before she walked away, I like to think she was smiling but I couldn’t see. After that my adrenaline was so high I shoved the vibrator in further, turned it to high and jacked my cock until I came. Loud. I knew we were the only ones home so came extra hard, trying to turn her on. I started “ooohhhh mm my fucking gigod” and “FUCK HERE IT COMES” and “ooooohwoohwo immmm cummmminining….”. I cleaned up, went down to dinner in a crazy-tight pair of her workout shorts, already hard again with my cocktail outlined by the fabric. She didn’t bite. Oh well.

Well that’s the time I got caught, but you know what? I came so fucking hard for her that day. Even now if I’m over there I’ll go in the basement, put on some dirty panties and have a quick jack session.

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Fri, 20 May 2016 14:39:23 UTC

Girls masturbation circle part 2

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;After our first circle jerk, I knew I wanted to do it again real soon. It was such a rush watching my friends fucking themselves with fingers, or with that hairbrush handle that Michele rammed her creamy pussy with. If she had still been a virgin up to that point, that hard stiff handle had certainly busted her hymen wide open. We were eager to do it again, but since her parents were due to be home in a few minutes, and unfortunately Sunday didn’t work, 3 of our group wouldn’t be available, we would have to wait. We had agreed that it would be all 5 of us, or none, we didn’t want to start making our friends feel left out, if they couldn’t be there. And, when all of us weren’t available, it would just pump up the anticipation for the time when we could.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Monday, at school, all 5 of us were in second period history, and I could feel my pussy start to moisten up. I felt the need, and I started to wonder. Could we find a way to do it at school? That would be so damn naughty, and I felt like being very naughty.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; At lunch, we started talking, and I could see we all felt the same way, the only thing was, where? </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Debbie said, &quot;Where is a good place in the school, someplace that’s private, that we could sneak off to after classes, and enjoy another circle jerk?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Susie added, &quot;And, I’d like to do what the boys did in their circle jerk, how about if we stroked each other’s pussy, instead of our own?&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I could feel my pussy pulse, the idea of one of my friend’s fingers bringing me off sounded so wickedly sensual.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Michele said, &quot;I know the best place. Just above the gymnasium, there’s a second floor that’s used for storage. Things that are used for track and field, gymnastics, field hockey, all that kind of equipment is stored up there. I’ve been up there, and there are lots of mats that we could use. And, I know where the key is for that storage area, we can sneak up there after classes, the janitors only go up there once a week, and we can have ourselves a great time!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Debbie said, &quot;That sounds great, let’s meet by my locker at the end of classes, and we’ll slip away, and make our way up there. It’s gonna be great!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The afternoon seemed to drag by, I was so turned on, every pulse of heat my pussy felt just seemed to add more time. Finally, the last bell ran, I was just about to scream with horniness.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I just about sprinted to Debbie’s locker, Michele, Susie and Andrea joined us less that a minute later.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Closing and locking her locker, Debbie looked at us, grinned, and said, &quot;Let’s do it!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; We quickly headed for the gymnasium annex, just before the gym doors, was the stairway. We carefully looked left, right, satisfied that no one was there to see up, we scrambled up the stairs. In front of the big doors, Michele pulled out the key, and the big doors quickly unlocked. We eased them open, closed them, and triple locked them. We looked around, spotting a pile of gym mats, we made our way over. We pulled off a couple, spread them out, then looked at each other, who was going to strip first? </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Michele was quick to lead the way, her shirt hit the floor and her jeans were around her ankles before any of us had even started. I watched, feeling my pussy pulse more, as she stripped off her bra, and slipped off her panties. Michele has perfect C-sized melons of breasts with generous silver-dollar-sized dark pink aureoles finished off with thick, round erasers of nipples. Her torso was lean and muscular from gymnastics and general tomboyishness. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She stepped out of the pile her jeans and panties made at her ankles. He nude figure made my pulse thump, my pussy ache.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Well, anyone going to join me?&quot; she said, giggling.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; That got us going, and clothes started flying off, watching my girlfriends getting naked, as I stripped off, and knowing why we were getting naked, was such a turn on. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Michele led the way, sitting down on the mat, legs spread, and told us who would be doing who, a natural leader, she is.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Ok Lisa, you sit next to me, on my right, and I’m gonna play with your sexy pussy. Susie, you sit next to Lisa, and Lisa will do you. Debbie, next to Susie, and Andrea, next to Debbie. Now, sit, and I’ll see about arranging us so we can sit in a circle, so we can all stroke each others pretty pussy.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; After trying out various combinations that did not work, Michele hit on the perfect idea. We lay on our sides, and arranging ourselves in a daisy chain fashion, was perfect. We could close the circle without straining our bodies, and with our heads between each others legs, we could not only feel, but see and smell the wet, heated excitement. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Susie has beautiful cafe au lait skin and inner folds that are a rich brown. Her breasts were full and topped with incredible brown gumdrops of nipples that stood up proudly. With my head between Susie’s sexy legs, I could see those tight, sexy lips all slicked up, parted just slightly, giving me a look at those rich brown inner folds, the lust scent and the view of those sexy inner walls was making my heart pound. Feeling Michele getting her head between my legs, knowing that she had a full on view of my coral pink lips, and the hooded canopy of my clit, starting to slide back, my clit rising with excitement, was making my pussy similarly juicy.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I looked at us, arranged in a circle of lust, five horny 16 year old girls, who just needed to stroke and masturbate each other, ready to pleasure each other so wantonly, made me feel like a bad little girl, a horny slut who just wanted to get off, and get my girlfriends off, I was so turned on.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Okay girls&quot; Michele cooed, &quot;Let’s do each other. And, let’s make it last, no quick finishes, let’s really immerse ourselves in feeling, caressing, and loving each other.&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I slid my fingers over the tight, juicy rim of Susie’s pussy, listening to the soft gasp of pleasure, other gasps of pleasure including mine, joining as eager fingers started working over tight, eager, slick pussy lips. Michele’s fingers were sliding over my lips, teasing, tickling, bringing me up, I could feel my clit finish its rise, standing up, hard, erect and eager. Michele wasn’t going to bring me off that fast, she wanted it to last, and she slid her fingers just inside my opening, my juices gushing, coating her fingers.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Susie was just as soaking wet as I was, and with my fingers dripping wet, I wanted to taste her. I brought my fingers up, sucked them in, and licked every drop off, my body and my pussy electrified by the warm, musky taste. I quickly slipped my fingers back down, sliding just inside her lips, eager for more of her rich cream. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I looked around at the group, Susie was working over Debbie, she’s a slender brunette with tiny tits and nipples and almost non-existent labia. Her shiny, pale pink inner lips, opening, and clit were constantly visible. Susie was working over that glistening opening, making Debbie gasp and moan.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Debbie was stroking over Andrea, she’s a tiny blonde, her body all soft peaches and cream. Between her legs was a soft white mound with the smallest hint of pink inside a smooth slit. Debbie was sliding her fingers up and down that smooth opening, making Andrea gasp and grunt.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Andrea was stroking at Michele’s heated center, Michele grunting and sighing as Andrea slid her fingers in and out of Michele’s heated tunnel. With it being obvious that Michele’s hymen was a thing of the past, I wondered about getting rid of my hymen. It sounded like Michele certainly enjoyed the penetration, and I was getting interested in being able to shove something long and thick up inside me, why wait for a boyfriend to do it? Maybe Michele would like to wield her hairbrush handle on me, and do the honor of deflowering me. That started my juices creaming up again, and Michele eagerly scooped up more of my juices, licking her fingers clean.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Umm, you are so wet, so juicy, so delicious Lisa, I love tasting your juices.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The sent of our heated pussies filled the air, that heated, primal smell of passion, as five very horny teens worked over throbbing pussies. We stroked each other to a frenzy, until all of us were on the verge, our pussies throbbing madly.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In a voice choked with passion, Michele barked, &quot;Do it, stroke the clits!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I clamped my soaking wet fingers around Susie’s clit, pulling and tweaking at it, I felt my hardened bump get loving flicks of Michele’s slippery fingers, and that did it for me. My scream of climax filled the air, Susie starting squealing and grunting, going over the edge with me. Our pussies were gushing wildly as we rode our waves.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Michele howled, &quot;Yes, yes, oh fuck YES!&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Debbie screamed a drawn out howl, and Andrea joined in, crying out, grunting and howling with pleasure as they hit the pleasure peak. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Oh my, what a rush. Seeing us all in such an intimate way, watching each others pussies close up as we climaxed, our bodies shaking and jerking in the grip of orgasm, made this circle jerk one to remember. The room was filled with the smell of horny teen pussy and girly sweat. Even as I rode down from my orgasmic high, I was intrigued, I wanted to do more than stroke at Susie,&nbsp;I wanted to lick at Susie’s beautiful brown inner folds, I wanted to taste that juice straight from her pussy. But, not knowing if my girlfriends were up for that, I squelched the desire, for now.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Michele murmured &quot;Whew, damn that was so hot, I felt like my head was gonna blow off! I hope it was as good for all of you, as it was for me!&quot; she teased, giggling.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; As we were getting dressed, I was looking more often at my sexy friends that usual, their bodies were such a turn on to look at. We cautiously went down the stairs, peeked around the corners, and saw no one. Satisfied that we were not being seen, we made our way out. I for one, could not wait for the next time, I was hooked, there was nothing like stroking, sweating, playing and cumming with my best friends.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </p>

Masturbation Stories

Wed, 14 Dec 2011 06:39:24 UTC

Teenie Explores Exhibitionism at Her Uncle’s Farm

Showing off my new bikini – in my Uncle’s back yard pool


I give my Mexican Uncle a lot of credit for helping me develop my exhibitionist side. And he is the reason I like Latino men so much. We had an interesting relationship to say the least. We kept it private which worked for both of us. I felt no one would have understood and it would have caused trouble for him and embarrassment for both of us.

After spending time with him on his farm, I got pretty close to him. My Mom had divorced my Dad and my uncle filled a void I felt when my Mom and I moved out. But now that we had moved into an apartment, I felt confined to say the least. On our Hill Country Texas ranch, I rarely wore clothes, something my parents, and my older boy sibling eventually accepted. I was a good girl, they would say, but a little strange.

Uncle Jorge was good to me and complimented me on many things. He was good for my self confidence and we did a lot of things together, talked a lot and got pretty close. One day, I opened up to him and told him that I rarely wore clothes when we lived on our Texas ranch, in the house or in the yard. But now that my Mom and I lived in an apartment, I felt caged in a way, certainly not free like I was at the ranch.

The next day at breakfast, he told me he’d thought about what I said, about being frustrated living in an apartment. He said I didn’t need to wear clothes at his place but if I decided not to, that I should always were something on my feet. The farm, he said, can be a dangerous place.

He got up from the table saying he needed to get out to his shop and asked if I’d clean up the kitchen for us. Before he left he gave me a big hug and a forehead kiss.


‘You’re a very sweet and special girl.’ he said. I like that you can talk to me about apparently anything. The divorce is tough for you, I know. You seem to like it here and I want you to feel happy. From the way it sounds, no clothes might even be good therapy for you.’

I didn’t think of it that way or, I guess, I hadn’t thought it through. I asked him if he needed help in his shop.

He said, ‘There’s always something to do. But I’ll find something we can do together. But let’s have fun too. I heard you are a pretty good with a bow and arrow. I have some target hay bales I’ll set up and you can show me. Take your time and come out when you can.

I finished the dishes, went into my room, took off my clothes and hung them on a post and put my tennis shoes on. I stopped by a hallway mirror and stood in front of it. It made me smile. I got an exhibitionist chill. It was my first time feeling this free in well over two months. I said to myself that I wasn’t wearing another stitch for the remainder of my visit. I couldn’t wait to go outside!

I walked to the shop feeling the fresh cool air and morning sun on my body. It felt so freeing. My Uncle came out as I approached. The look on his face made me laugh.


He said, ‘Wow!’ and then paused, ‘I guess I wasn’t prepared for this side of you. You were serious! It’ll take some getting used to but all in a good way. You look different, more grown up. Does it feel good?’

‘Oh yes’, I said, ‘I’m so glad we talked and that you understand.’

He said, ‘I like your tennis shoes. Wanna give me a hand with these targets?’

He let me shoot first. I hit the hay bale with my first five shots. He applauded me saying my form was very good. I could see him studying my body and I was fine with it. I liked his attention actually.

After my first freeing day, everything seemed more fun being naked – from helping with the farm chores to playing yard games or pitching washers in the barn to grilling out for dinner and then watching TV together in the evenings.


I had my own comfy couch that I laid on. That first evening, he was looking at me more than the TV sometimes and he’d look away and he’d look away when I looked at him but I told him that it was OK. I asked what he thought of the new naked me. He told me that I was very pretty and that he was not only getting used to it but he admitted it made his day better, more enjoyable.

I said, ‘That’s what I was hoping. It makes it more fun for me too.’

He asked me if I’d get him a beer for him and to help myself to something if I liked. I asked if Tequila would be OK. He told me I was a true Mexican!

When I came back with his beer and the Tequila, I sipped from the bottle and felt my head flush. I melted back onto the couch. While we were watching TV I could see him looking at me. I stared at the TV and let my legs relax open. I liked that I could see him out of the corner of my eyes. Looking down my body, I liked the way it looked and hoped he did too. My breasts were growing and I had a nice patch of pubic hair. My tan lines were gone from tanning naked and my nipples had grown dark from the sun. He said, referring to my thin strip of hairs, that I was definitely Latina. I thanked him and pulled some out saying that I was surprised at how long they were.


‘Yes they are – longer than I would have guessed. Looks very sexy to me,’ he said.

I said, ‘That’s nice of you but sometimes I want to shave them off.’

He said, ‘I have a trimmer I rarely use to get you started if you want to try it while your here.’

I asked if he would mind if I tried it that evening. He got right up and when came back and handed it to me and suggested we sit outside on the back porch. I was excited. I knew once I started there would be no turning back. He adjusted the trimmer so it would be close but not so much that it might nick me. I switched it on and paused.

He said, ‘You’re nervous. Remember it will grow back if you don’t like it.’

I said, ‘You’re right as usual but I think I need another sip of Tequila.’

He laughed and brought out the bottle and handed it to me.

I said, ‘I love you Uncle Jorge!’

He said, ‘Thank you Sweetheart. Let’s see how that thing works.’


I was done in less than a minute, my dark shiny hairs falling on to the porch deck.

He said, ‘That’s a nice look for you. But I can say I like you both ways.’

I said, ‘I will make it better.

I went into the bathtub, made a good lather of soap and shaved so smooth you wouldn’t even know I had hair there. I was excited to see what my Uncle would say. I dried off quickly and rushed back outside. He got the biggest smile and I returned it with a giggle, saying I can’t believe how smooth it feels.

I spontaneously said, ‘You should feel.’

He said, ‘I’d like to but I’d better not. Can you grab me another beer while your up?’

When I came back and sat down in the chair next to him, I couldn’t keep my hands off my cleanly shaven mound.


He said, ‘It does look smooth. I can see why you like doing that.’

I don’t know if it was my comfort level with my Uncle or if it was the Tequila or both, but I continued to feel the smoothness of my now hairless pussy area and in a more sexual way letting my fingers rub along the sides of my lips. The newness of the feel of no hair was extremely stimulating. I didn’t want to stop and looked over at him with a more serious expression. I didn’t say a word but he understood.

He smiled at me saying, ‘You’re beautiful for one and I can see why you like touching yourself. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t stop. But that hard chair looks uncomfortable. Let me grab a pillow from the couch.’

When he returned, setting a freshly opened beer on the porch, he tucked a pillow behind my back and handed me the Tequila bottle. I got the most wonderful uninhibited feeling and started a sensual interaction between my fingers and body. The sun was very low in the sky now and cast a nice glow across my breasts and abdomen. I looked at him one more time, I guess looking for the go ahead, maybe an encouraging sign that he wanted me to keep going. He gave me an encouraging nod. I started slowly rubbing myself but, in no time, seemed to lose all inhibition. Soon I was fingering back and forth across my clit in a light rapid motion, my favorite way to masturbate. I rested my other hand on my smooth mound and pulled up to expose more of my clit. It felt so good, in fact it felt perfect. I masturbated openly and I liked that my Uncle was watching me! I was doing it for him.


He got up and walked to a porch post in front of me and lit a cigarette while I continued. I met his eyes and felt myself trying to smile but all I could do was purse my lips and roll my eyes as I felt myself building toward a climax. Knowing that he was standing in front of me, calmly watching me give pleasure to myself, was most erotic. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of my approaching orgasm. I masturbated openly and soon started shuddering. My chair was squeaking under me as I arched up off the pillow. I raised and tensed my legs and pointed my toes straight out as I fingered to a rush of pleasure.

When I finally opened my eyes, I found it now very easy to give a big smile.

My Uncle, taking a big gulp of beer and extinguishing his cigarette said, ‘You are full of surprises. That is about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. But answer me this. Did you like me watching you? Do you think it helps satisfy your need to be free, having no clothes on and then opening up like this?’

I said, ‘Yes, I feel very free and satisfied right now. It’s good therapy like you said. Could you tell that I liked doing it while you watched?’

He said, ‘Maybe. I don’t know. You’re just very open sexually I think. But just so we are clear, you can do that anytime you like.’


He offered his hand to me and said, ‘Let’s get you to bed. Tomorrow we’ll drive into town to get some supplies. After that, we’ll visit a park by the river. We’ll have lunch there. Sound good? You’ll have to wear clothes though.’ We both laughed.

For the rest of my stay, when I got the desire to pleasure myself which was usually in the evenings when we watched TV, I would bring in the Tequila bottle. Of course that included a beer for my uncle. I would light candles that he let me pick out in town. He muted the TV sound, and sipped his beer as I indulged myself. Some nights, we’d bring the candles onto the porch just to be outside. I relaxed onto a new comfortable outdoor couch while he would light up his usual once a day cigarette. Uncle Jorge often turned on his radio for music and if the song was good, I showed him how much I liked to dance. He often complimented me saying I was sexier than my age.

He had, it seemed, almost a magical power over me because I couldn’t wait to exchange one dance for another, that is, moving my body erotically as I danced in the candlelight to reclining on the couch and using my fingers to express myself in my favorite way. I explored myself from my inner thighs up to my breasts and then my long hair and back down as I writhed my body in slow motion, circling my hips and raising and lowering my pubic mound. I made sensual accentuated fingering movements with one extended middle finger as I outlined my clit. Uncle Jorge kept the biggest candle on the table in front of me. I liked the way my pubic patch looked with its light shining through.

Eventually all of my energy was devoted to showing my Uncle how sensual I can be. I engaged both hands and masturbated in a fashion that he had taught me. I knew when to start because he would turn the radio off so I could concentrate. He told me to finger myself to near climax and then stop. Then I was to pinch and pull my labia out and unhood my clit and hold that pose until the feeling subsided. He said I was beautiful when I did that and that it was good for me because it would make my orgasm stronger. And boy was he right but it took a lot of practice and discipline to not keep fingering. Eventually, I wound up being able to only finger for a few seconds and have to go back to my labia pose and hope I could hold my orgasm back. I would be so sensitive that just the motion of unhooding my clit nearly put me over the edge.

When I got close to climax and knew I was going to cum, I would say, ‘I’m cumming Uncle Jorge’.

I liked saying it and he told me he liked hearing it. It made me masturbate harder and he, in turn, gave me his complete attention. The biggest surprise that came from my new technique was not how strong my orgasms were but that I squirted for the first time. I had no idea what was happening but my fingers got drenched. It shocked my eyes open and I saw a stream of liquid shooting from between my thighs out onto the table. I thought I was going to extinguish the candle! My Uncle just stared with his mouth open. I got so embarrassed. I got up immediately and ran for a towel to clean the table off. When I came back my Uncle stopped me and held out his arms toward me. He looked so loving instead of what I expected which was a look of ‘What did you just do?’ He embraced me and told me I was more beautiful than ever. I didn’t understand at the time but after a long talk that night, Uncle Jorge convinced me that I was special because I could do that.

Just so you know, squirting is not a regular thing for me. I have to use my Uncle’s technique of finger teasing myself for a long time after not masturbating for at least a few days. I don’t know I am going to squirt until I am well into it. I’ve developed a pretty good sense of being able to predict it so I know to get a towel if I haven’t already. Or I just stick to outdoors like on my Uncle’s porch.

By the end of my stay, my Uncle had a hard time deciding which was his favorite. My ability to squirt or make my clit dance. I practiced it on my own until I could do it pretty well.


Masturbation Stories

Tue, 09 Feb 2016 07:01:41 UTC

My neighbor and masturbation

<p>I have always had a thing for my neighbor Mrs. Laura ever since I was younger. She always seems to turn me on whenever I see or think about her. She is about 5’10&quot;, very slim, smally perky tits, nice tight round ass, and short blonde hair. She is in her later 40s and still sexy as hell. I have masturbated to the thought of her and fantasizing about her forever. I cant even count the number of times I have shot my load just thinking and fantasizing about her. </p><p>Even writing this story is getting me hard just thinking about her. So one hot summer day Mrs. Laura is out in her back yard tending to the lawn and garden as she typically does. I happen to just be getting out of the shower when I see her out there through my window in my bedroom. She is wearing short spandex shorts showing the perfect shape of her ass with a tight top which also shows her perfect perky tits just reading to be sucked on by me I always hope. She keeps bending over and making me feel like I always to whenever I see her. My cock begins to get as hard as a rock and I decide why not just wank it right here the perfect time. I begin to jerk off right in the window trying to be discreet, but secretly wanting her to catch me to see her reaction. After about 10 minutes of jerking it she gets up and happens to look up in the window and I move away quickly, but I do not think it is quick enough. I am thinking at this point shit she defintiley saw me. I say fuck it and at this point I just finish off and shoot my load getting my rocks off. </p><p>A few minutes later Mrs. Laura knocks on the door and what is going through my head at this point is shit again is she coming over because she saw me jerking off in the window. So I go and answer the door and there she is same outfit she had on looking sexy as hell like usual. I say hi and ask her how she is doing. She responds by saying I am doing fine, but I can see that you were enjoying yourself up there huh. I play dumb like what is she talking about. She says its ok not too worry she saw me up there masturbating and that it really turned her on and she felt very flattered that I found her attractive enough to jerk it to.&nbsp;</p><p>I was so relieved and happy she said this. I got even happier when she asked if she could come in because she wanted to take part in helping me continue masturbating. I said I had already cum from what I was doing before watching her. She said thats alright you can do it again your young I am sure I can get that cock nice and hard so you can shoot your load all over my face.&nbsp;</p><p>So I took full advantage of this situation. She took my cock in her mouth sucking it and I was soo hard at this point I thought I was going to expload and I made her stop so I could return the favor and lick her pussy. I did so and after a little while she was moaning and came I think like two times.Afterwards she hopped right on top of me and slid her wet pussy on my hard 8&quot; cock, which felt so good. I had her cumming after like 15 minutes and we did everything she told me to fuck her doggystle, she road my cock, and she even let me put my cock in her ass, whcih I had never done before, but it felt awesome. Later she had me cumming right after that and she told me to cum on her face and tits, which I gladly did. </p><p>After all of this I didn’t need to secretly masturbate to her from the window anymore. We would just fuck each other anytime that we needed since we both lived close by. </p>

Masturbation Stories

Mon, 28 Nov 2011 22:59:43 UTC

Samantha’s Release

It was a cool November night, and the life of a quiet town was at its slowest when the clock struck midnight. The atmosphere was damp and cozy. The street lights dazzled and danced on the wet black-top. The stillness interrupted occasionally by the clawing of dead leaves. It was on this evening that the lust for late night comforts took Samantha.
Samantha was 22 year old hard working lass with a focus that drove fourth her ascension in the professional realm. She had wonderful brown almond shaped eyes that burned dimly with a friendly ember that could melt anyone. She was a brunette, and had hair that grew down to the small of her back. Her dark bangs framed her lovely round face as if it were a window to her cheeky smile. She was what most considered a fat girl, but despite the common stigma associated with the description, Samantha was confident and comfortable with her body. She was the cutest doll with a round 5’4’’ plump figure, and a fashion sense that could knock anyone on their feet.
After going to class and working the grave shift at her mundane job, a late night cup of coffee was all a girl could ask for. So she drove down to the local café to get herself the largest luscious latte she could get. Although eager for her time of relaxation, she took her time getting there, taking in the intense quiet of solitude.
As she pulled up to the establishment, Samantha’s eyes grew wide at the colorful sign. She exited her car entering the brisk fall air. She was wearing taught leggings with a lengthy shirt that complimented her supple figure. Her thickness bounced gracefully under her clothing,
She popped up gleefully from her seat and extended a full figured leg out as she opened the car door to find footing. Her thick ankles peaked out from her leggings as her flats plopped down on the pavement. As she rose from the car gravity embraced her swollen figure giving all her succulent curves a bounce.
As she took the short stroll through the lot, she became thoroughly aware that her whole body ached with tension. She took pause every few steps to stretch and crack her bones as she walked deep in thought. She desperately needed to unwind after this long hard day.
When she first entered the establishment she was blinded by the intensity of the neon lights. She squinted to look around, and was taken back by the vacancy of the place. It shouldn’t have surprise her that no one was out at this hour, but the desertedness of the place grew her awareness of just how late it was.
The man behind the counter seemed to come out of nowhere when he greeted her with a grin, and asked how he could be of service. She placed her order getting the same complicated dessert drink she always treated herself to. The clerk got right to work on it spinning around and mixing all the necessary items together.
She couldn’t help but take notice that he was quite handsome and tried her best not to stare as he swiftly fixed her drink. She bit her lip unconsciously and blushed as she observed his strong hands working the coffee bar. Samantha was quite the pervert in her own head and anything could make her fog up like a hot kettle.
The quick moment ended when he swung around, and asked in a shotgun of sound, “anything else?” She came to, almost embarrassed by how she thought she was conducting herself. She thought quickly, and blurted out “Just one of those please”. She panicked and answered in an identical tone. she pointed to the large cookies behind the counter.
“didn’t even want a cookie” she thought to herself, as she turned in again. “but at least I can stare for another moment”. She giggled like a goof, as she was entranced by her own fantastical train of thought. It felt like he had given her another eternity to dwell on his strong arms.
The hotty swung around, and for the second time, she was taken by surprise. This time she let out a tiny chirp when she snapped out of it. She thought to herself as she blushed again in self shame “I must be tired.”.
While Samantha did have a mind of filth, it was a rarity for her to be so cavalier with where she lost herself in reverie. What’s more, as she stepped forward she was taken back by the sudden change of climate in her leggings. She approached the counter, and noticed the cool breeze as it hit the now apparent dampness between her legs. Samantha was always consciously straight forward and reserved, but her young fertile body often fought back in rebellion. It knew what it needed even if she didn’t.
She paid the man and said goodbye as she involuntarily fluttered her eyelashes and giggled delightfully. She felt like an immature little girl as she left, and tried her best to shake off the abashment. Her initial thoughts ranged from the accusatory “what the hell is wrong with me” and eventually mellowed out to admitting that she was so busy lately that she was totally neglecting herself.
She got back to the car and sighed as she recalled that it had been about 3 weeks since she really dipped in to please her honey-pot (quickie sessions in the bathroom stall at work don’t count). She dived into her seat, nestling her fat bottom. The car rocked, as she adjusted herself. Finally she could relax!
So she drove off to an empty corner of the lot, where she could read and review some papers for school. It was always so peaceful here at night, and Samantha couldn’t feel safer. She scattered her work, on the passenger seat and slumped back.
She breathed through her body’s tension, and meditated with hot drink in hand. She closed her eyes, and loosened her muscles with deep relaxing thoughts. Her thick legs fell to the sides, and again made her aware of her shameful public lust. The black legging clung to her skin emphasizing every ripple on her thick calves. Every hill of her stout thighs rounded out beautifully. All led up to a perfect juicy cushion of flesh between her legs.
She delved into fantasy again. As strange as it may seem, this time it was about herself. She gazed fourth at the black mound between her legs. The silhouette subtly outlined the semblance of two perfect meaty lips. The edges of her mouthwatering fruit swelled at the walls of her inner thighs. “My sweet sweet pussy” She whispered out loud, as she pulled in and out of naughty day-dreams.
It wasn’t before long that she came back to earth, but before she could declare that she would finally get some work done, she was stopped. Her crotch throbbed in carnality, and the uniform curve between her legs was now disturbed by the swelling of her uncanny clit. “I’m fucking soaked.” She said half-heartedly as her snatch was cooled again by the air on the moist fabric.
She shifted in her seat and hugged her large java to her chest, contemplating her dilemma. Again the blood pumped between her legs causing her to shutter in filthy delight. Succumbing partially to her body’s call she ran a hand down and pressed on the tight pillowy mound.
She gave out a goofy giggle. There was a bit of thrill in touching herself in a parking lot. What if she got caught? She went down the list of possible mishaps as she heavily petted herself through her leggings. Stroking hard over the engorged little bump, opening the flood gates to her desire.
Her crotch now oozed through the fabric with slick nectar. The more she played, the nicer her fingers felt, gliding over the lubricated fabric. Sweet pussy filled the air, along with the strong heavenly scent of a woman after a long day on the job. It wasn’t long before this pervert was practically clawing at the gap in her legs.
She gasped and attempted to pull herself together. “I should stop.” she thought, but her pussy practically wept with need. “Should I just take care of this now?” Samantha debated, with one hand pressing firmly on her snatch. She looked around to make sure there was absolutely no one around. The café lights revealed an empty lot with only one vehicle parked up against the building. It must have been the workers car. This disarmed most of her worry of being discovered.
Her clit throbbed hard under her fingers as she was defeated by another wet thought of the baristas strong hands on her body. Samantha whimpered as her pussy’s intense pulse pounded at her fingertips. “Screw it” she stated, comforted by the empty lot, and finally submitted to a nice wank.
She started by slowly sliding a hand down the front of her taught pants, still looking around for any unwanted spectators. Her fingers infiltrated her panties and slid down from there as if she was dipping into hot butter. She shuttered in pleasure as her fingers glided over her sleek wet clit. A deep primal moan escaped her lips as she was finally defeated by her desires.
She gently caressed her very sensitive bean, and tried her very best to maintain some sort of composure. Her fingers stroked between the deepness of her lips, and she tried to stir up every fold of slippery flesh she could feel for. She panted and held still as her fingers worked below. After all, she didn’t want to make what she was doing completely obvious to any outsiders. Samantha was often put to her knees by desire so she was wary not to lose control.
She breathed in deeply the inescapable aura of her downright sloppy pussy and swallowed hard as her mouth watered at her own heavy scent. “Oh!” She cried out in frustration. Her hips jerked forward enraged with deprivation. Samantha could only rub herself so hard, but it wasn’t enough. Breathing deeply, she looked around halfheartedly to appease her lingering paranoia, and turned it up a notch. She plunged three fingers inside herself eagerly sending a shockwave of pleasure and surprise to her un-expecting senses.
One thing Samantha never shied away from, even at the start of her sexual exploration, was making sure her pussy was nice and stuffed. The majority of her early years consisted of her locked away in her second floor room, on her laptop, with a nice thick water bottle jammed inside her. The youthful fatty wasn’t happy unless her young tight pussy could be tended to. Three fingers were enough to start with, but she knew that her pussy could handle much more.
Her back arched forward, and she threw her head back violently like she was being struck by lightning. Her mouth hung open, as she whined in pleasure. “Yes. Fuck yes. I needed this so bad.” she said outward, as she slowly forced her fingers in and out of her own slimy twat. She could now hear the gurgle and slosh of the motion in between her perfect fat thighs.
Still, it wasn’t enough. Her hand was wedged tightly between her legs, enclosed by two layers of confining fabric. Her legs struggled to part, but were limited to the small space of the driver seat. She let out a violent growl in a huff of vexation before completely withdrawing her working hand. Samantha was close to losing herself like she promised not to, and in a moment of reflection on her behavior her fingers made their way to her sweet curled lips. The taste of her own womanhood made Samantha practically faint into passion. Her eyes rolled back dramatically, as she took a moment to really savor the buttery flavor of her simmering pussy.
When she came to from the ether of her potent juices, she could see that the windows had fogged during her struggle to achieve orgasm. Her heavy breaths and the vigorous activity really steamed up the place. “I can’t see a thing out there” she thought squinting through the windshield. She was teetering on edge about not cumming and squirmed in dissatisfaction. “That means no one could see a thing in here either” She justified in a mischievous tone. “Screw it!” She rolled her chair back and reclined. She was determined to wank herself to the end now.
Samantha kicked off her flats, and scooted her big rump to the edge of the seat. She rolled her hips back bringing her knees to her chest. She was spread very nicely now. “I’ve already taken it this far.” At this point her every movement was distorted by trembling anticipation for the violent contractions of her over stimulated love canal. With that final break in reservation, she made the final decision to do herself the right way, to be knuckles deep in pussy without the imprisoning textile of her leggings.
She rolled her leggings down slowly, taking notice of how her juicy body practically popped out of them. As the waist band descended, her large but tight ass tumbled out and continued to squeeze through, as the elastic scanned the flawless sun-kissed skin of her thighs. She stopped at her thick knees, and again brought them to her chest. She was now laying back fully spread with her feet on the dash. Her smooth shaven pussy pointed out towards the high heavens and glistened in the low light of the foggy cockpit. Samantha was now comfortable and ready to immerse herself in the deepest finger fucking she’s had in a while.
She started by slowly parting her thick lips with one hand and caressing her meatiness with the other. Her eyes shut tightly as she fully committed herself to the worship of her most favored body part. She slid her fingers right inside the saturated cavern and got right to work. She couldn’t help herself anymore. She was completely lost and made no attempt to quiet the spontaneous whimpers and cries surfacing from the depths of her pussy.
She curled her fingers, and kneaded hard on the swelling roof of her insides. That was her favorite. It made her toes curl in a rhythmic fashion as she pushed hard and slow on the buttons inside. She grabbed her wrist with her other hand to make sure she was in as tight as she possibly could be.
From the outside the car was cloaked in crawling condensation. On occasion the cars suspension would rock giving the only proof of life within. On the inside however a full on sexual echo system was breeding full force. Samantha’s cries were now a perpetuating loud guttural moan. A rollercoaster of high notes and low notes begging for more and shouting for mercy. Tears of passionate pleasure welled up in her eyes and ran down her cheeks to the back of her neck, where they soaked into her collar.
Her fingers now pumped in and out of her gash with intensity, banging hard on her deepest parts. Samantha looked down in glee at the froth now manifesting at her vigorous stirring. She wasn’t just wet anymore. Samantha now splashed every time her digits dived into the pool between her legs. She knew this was merely the beginning though.
Samantha could only describe the mind numbing pleasure she was giving herself tonight as “divine”. She had only felt this exact way once before and it ended with a short circuited laptop soaked in expelled pussy juice. Imagine trying to explain to the repair man why your computer fizzled out. More importantly, why it smelled like a basket of her dirty panties.
She shut her eyes again, taking a moment of silence to listen to the soundtrack of moist noises, and pushed forward to the end. It was her car and she’d fucking cum in it if she damn well pleased. Her discipline broke as she let the uncontrollable animal noises begin again.
She continued to prod deeply as she began to shake, grabbing the back of her knees to shift her weight. Her bare feet now hung in the air, bobbing with the motions of her savory fucking. Her brains scrambled and fried like an egg as she approached the moment, and her eyes rolled back and crossed in bliss. Emotions exploded as she began to cry hysterically in the euphoria of her nearing climax.
She hugged her leg tightly to her chest, and pushed her pussy upward as she tried to steady her buckling. She was in overdrive now, and her hips seemed to want to escape as she assaulted her own pussy, until finally it all peaked. Her cramping knuckles were now slamming into her pussy in desperation. Pearls of milky goodness splashed out in little droplets dripping down her thighs.
“I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna CUM!! I’M GONNA FUCKING…” Her loud announcement was silenced as her breath was taken away by pleasure. Her whole body grew ridged, and convulsed in an almost violent manner. Her eyes opened widely as she struggled to breathe through the epic event. All the while her stubborn fingers continued to fuck her now overloading pussy. When she was finally able to take her first breath, she groaned and growled loudly as she exhaled. The full body orgasm was a rarity, and it almost made her question if she would live through it. It still wasn’t over though.
Her air supply was cut again as her core muscles spasmed, slamming her down into the seat. She gave a meek yelp as her orgasm reached its final destination. Her fingers withdrew quickly and she grabbed on to her ankles parting her own legs infinitely. Her hips took on a life of their own while her pussy contracted like she had never felt in her life.
She practically spoke in tongues at the unprecedented sensations shooting through her entire body from her anus to the tips of her toes. As she gained a moment of sense during what seemed like an eternity of orgasm she opened her eyes wide again to bask in the final moments around her. Her pussy convulsed a second time. This time harder than the last causing her hips to jerk forward.
Samantha knew this very feeling and she was ready to bask in all its glory. A thick stream of what seemed like the richest sex juice arced out from her depths, in what seemed like slow motion. A long bass-y moan accompanied the forceful surge which shot forward, and hit the windshield. Again her hips jumped, as her pussy squeezed several more times, squirting two more streams. Each less forceful than the last hitting her dashboard, and then her steering wheel.
Samantha’s soft body still trembled after her orgasm subsided. She continued to lay there bottomless covering her face in full satiation. She was almost afraid to look at the interior of her car. The windshield was now cleared and the dashboard ran down with a river of cloudy squirt juice. She was almost proud of herself.
She lowered her legs and sat upright in her seat. Her face was wet with sweat and tears and she was still a little lightheaded. The tickling sensation of lady cum dripped down her curvaceous calves down to her bare feet. She was soaked with body fluids and emotionally drained, but for the first time in weeks her head was clear. All of the stress and negativity was flushed out of her. Her grin ran from ear to ear and her cheeks swelled with an over sense of joy that made her start crying all over again. “This is all I really needed wasn’t it!?” she conversed with herself. She was now Zen and ready to take on the world another day. Samantha rolled up her leggings making no attempt to clean up. Everything on her skin soaked up nicely as she rolled the thin fabric up. “I think I’m just gonna go home and take care of this stuff tomorrow” She directed at her school work. “I’ll need to do laundry though and I’ll definitely need a roll of paper towels” She was so complete now nothing could bring her down. She turned the key in the ignition and headed home for the night.
Tonight went down in the history books for Samantha. Never before was she so taken over by the sex demon inside. Maybe she wouldn’t put up such a fight next time her pussy beckoned. Maybe she was starting to like the lack of control when faced with lust. Not only did she get off in a very taboo place, but now she could say she was a “squirter”. The drive home went by in a flash as she meandered through a mind of full sexy thoughts.
Samantha decided to relax the rest of the night and spend the remainder in bed watching junk TV. Of course it wasn’t relaxing for her if she didn’t have her 3 inch thick dildo squeezed into her tight baby maker. She struggled that night trying not to lose control again, or she wouldn’t get any sleep. That’s a story for another time though…

Masturbation Stories

Thu, 16 Jul 2015 03:29:54 UTC

Like mother like daughter part 2

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;I was feeling very restless, it was a few weeks after our mutual jilling session. I was hornier than ever, I couldn’t get the image of my Mom masturbating furiously next to me while I wildly humped my pillow right next to her out of my mind. Not that I wanted to forget that image, but I was like a sex addict, normally a once a day girl, my pussy was hotter than a forest fire, and I was bringing my burning center off five times a day. Every time, all I needed to do was visualize it, the sight of my Mom plunging her fingers in and out, listening to the wet squelch of her juices, and the feel of pressing my horny pussy down hard, grinding my vagina tightly against that pillow, and the remembrance would make me explode, my clit twitching and my pussy spasming wildly. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I was more than eager to do it again with my Mom, but very unsure how she felt about doing it again. We hadn’t really spoken of it since we got home, and I hoped she hadn’t been freaked out about being so intimate with her daughter, I hadn’t been freaked out, I was just more turned on, and wanted to do it again.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Our bedrooms are down the upstairs hall from each other, and I noticed one night that she had left her door partly ajar. I was intrigued, as she always makes sure it’s shut properly when she goes to bed. I crept down the hall, and could hear grunts and soft cries of pleasure. I peeked in, and my pussy started to pulse with heat. She had a dim, bedside lamp on, and there was my Mom, totally naked, humping her pillow. She was riding it just the way I liked to ride mine, her sexy ass going up and down, grinding her pulsing heat filled center down tightly against the pillow, damn she has such a fine, hot body, and the sexy sight made my body light up.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I was startled, when she suddenly said, &quot;Are you there, Trish? You’re watching me aren’t you? Stop watching, grab your pillow, and come join me.&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; That was all I needed to hear. I dashed into my bedroom, grabbed my favorite humping pillow, threw off my nightgown, and was in my Mom’s bedroom quickly, my nude body right next to my Mom’s. She looked over at me, her face flushed, her breathing deep, and I could see the naked lust in her eyes.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Now, Trish, ride your pillow, hump it, and watch me hump my pillow. Hump until you can’t take it anymore, watch your Mom humping her pillow, and cum like crazy!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I was more than eager to do so, and stuffing my pillow between my thighs, I went to work. I slowly began to grind my throbbing clitoris against my pillow. The feelings started to shoot through me, and I could feel my pillow developing the familiar wet spot from the hot juices flowing from my horny pussy. I turned my head, watched my Mom grinding, I got my left hand under my breast and started to pull and tug on my hard, aching nipple. My Mom was watching me hump, fuck I felt so horny, so lewd, and so hot, I had my eyes on my Mom, watching her humping the pillow, riding it like I rode mine, her sexy ass going up and down just like me, was putting me into a whole different plane of horniness. I could feel my pussy reaching the boiling point.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; My Mom shreiked, &quot;Fuck, oh my god, fuck, cumming, yes, yes, YES!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I watched my Mom grinding hard against the pillow, pressing her vagina down tightly, and her body spasming and shaking in the grip of climax. That was all I needed, and I could feel the wave racing at me, I gripped the pillow tightly to my pussy, and humped madly at it.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Oh my god, yes, I’m cumming too, FUCK!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I howled with pleasure as my thobbing, overheated pussy exploded, my body felt like it lit up, knowing that my Mom was watching her horny little daughter humping madly at her pillow, cumming hard, just made my orgasm even more powerful. I twitched, grunted, shook and gasped as my orgasm seized me in its grip of pleasure. My Mom face was alight with lust as she watched me.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I slumped, breathing hard, rolling onto my back. Suddenly, my Mom was right there, I felt her fingers sliding over my mound, stroking gently though my pubic hair, heading for my still pulsing center. I looked up, surprised, was about to say something, my Mom simply said hush. I hushed, I sure had no qualms about the feeling of her fingers gliding gently towards my horny center, and I gave myself up to her, letting her have her way with me. Her fingers danced around the entrance to my vagina, the feather light touches starting me up again. She slid her fingertips just inside, rimming my lips with her fingers, setting my pussy churning, my cream started to gush, and I could feel another orgasm welling up. My Mom smiled down at me as her talented fingers slid up, and her fingertips, now juicy and very wet with my copious juices, slid around and around my clit, my juices providing the perfect lubricant. My pussy was throbbing, my clit twitching wildly, and I grunted, right on the edge, then I went over. I arched up, a howl of sheer pleasure escaped me, and I felt my orgasm slam into me. I felt it spin around in me, my body shaking, cries of pure, wordless pleasure escaping, my Mom gently polishing my pulsing clit, until my body had given one last spasm of pleasure, then she did something that was incredibly erotic. She brought her fingers, dripping wet with my juices, to her mouth, and sucked them into her mouth, eager to lick all my juices off her fingers. I heard a moan of pleasure as she tasted my juices, the essence of her very own daughter.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She looked at me, her eyes glowing in the dim light, and cooed, &quot;Delicious, your juices were as delicious as I thought they would be. I’ve wanted to stroke you, and taste your juices, but I had no idea if you were comfortable with that, so, I set up that capture me in the act scene, and hoped that you would look in. I felt your eyes on me, and that’s when I urged you to join me, I’m so glad you did.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She rolled onto her back, and told me, &quot;Now, I must do it again, I’m so horny. You can watch, you can join in, or would you like to finger me the way I did you?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Fortunately, I was ramped up enough to give her what she gave me. Just before I started, she took my head, brought me forward, and placed her lips tightly against mine. I was startled for a second, then my lips parted, my tongue came out, and I could feel my pussy starting to cream up again as my Mom kissed me like a lover, long, slow, deep, tongue filled swirls of passion. I retuned the kisses with all the passion and ardor that was brimming up inside of me, my pussy was buttery slick, almost gushing. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I reluctantly broke the kiss, so I could concetrate on what I wanted to do. My Mom eyes were wide, glazed with passion as my fingers slid through her mat of curly pubic hair. My heart and my pussy were pulsing, this was the first time I was ever going to do something so sexy with another female, and it was my Mom! I reached down, cupping my Mom’s pussy. My fingers lightly glided up and down her slick, swollen vaginal lips, tracing the folds. I was fascinated, feeling the folds and contours of my Mom’s sexy center. With a feather’s touch, I gently probed the lips of her vagina, and eased my finger in between them and filled the void, as my finger went inside, I could feel my Mom’s sweet moisture flow out, her moan of pleasure letting me know I was doing it right. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I started to gently finger-fuck my Mom, I could could feel her vagina contracting to grip at my finger. Her delicious cries of pleasure urged me on, and I slipped in another finger, and started to fuck her a bit harder.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;That feels so good,&quot; she whispered, &quot;stroke my clit sweetheart, make me cum, make your Mom cum all over your hand, baby.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Like a good daughter, I always do what my Mom tells me. Bringing my other hand into play, I started to stroke at her clit, feeling it stiffen up, and slicking up my fingers with her gushing juices, I grasped her clit, and started to twirl my fingers around it, I could see her body start to stiffen, and I felt her pussy clamp tightly against my fingers.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; She grunted, &quot;Oh fuck, oh fuck, cumming, yes, cumming, fuck YES!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Her pussy gushed her juices wildly, soaking my hands, and her orgasm slammed into her, her body jerking, shaking, shuddering, her howl of pleasure filling the bedroom. I stayed with her, until the last spasm, then withdrew my fingers. With my Mom watching, I brought my dripping wet fingers to my lips and hungrily sucked them clean, the erotic taste of her juices firing me up. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; My pussy was burning with heat, a horny volcano ready to blow, and my Mom quickly cuddled me to her as she slipped her fingers in, and gave me what I needed. It took all of 10 seconds before I exploded, clinging to my Mom and uttering unintelligible cries of pleasure as I came hard, feeling like I was exploding into nothing more than a shaking, jerking, writhing mass of pleasure.&nbsp; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I was spent, and I felt my Mom cuddling to my body, the press of my Mom’s sexy body against mine, so fascinating, feeling her legs, her tummy, her breasts pressing against me, an almost mirror image of my own body, so similar in some ways, yet so different in other ways. I quickly fell asleep with that thought playing through my head.</p>

Masturbation Stories

Mon, 13 Jun 2011 03:01:45 UTC

I cum riding a train with a stranger

This is a story of fiction.

It was a summer rush hour in LA. I need to take the train to meet a friend early in the evening for a party in a club.

I’m all dressed up in a tight fitting top that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. I’m not wearing a bra either. My silk skirt is short and flirty. A small breeze will lift it up to show my white thong that is clinging to a shaven pussy.

As I was standing and waiting for the train, I can tell that I’m getting some attention when my skirt lift up with the breeze. I can only hold the front of my skirt as my other hand was holding a big paper bag with a present to my friend.

Everyone was feasting on my nice ass. My boyfriend always tell me that I’m the only girlfriend he had with an ass to kill for. I take that as a complement or maybe he tells that to all his previous girlfriend. From the looks of the men at the station, he may be telling the truth.

It’s boarding time. Everyone was anxious to leave the hot weather outside to go into the cooler cabins of the train. It’s a bit crowded. It’s a rush hour but after a few more minutes of pushing and shoving we are all in.

I ended up standing close to the middle of one of the train cabin and facing the window. It’s still hot. You can smell stinky sweat in the air as the air condition struggles to blow the cooler air to all the passengers.

Someone kept pushing from behind. I noticed that someone with a hard on is pressing on my ass. I looked back but the young black man didn’t make any eye contact. I can feel that it’s a thick and long cock!

The train moved and everyone standing had a jolt and the man behind me cupped my breast in an attempt to hold me and prevented me from losing balance. His hand was big and strong. His finger slightly brushed my nipple. It was quick and nobody else seemed to noticed.

My breast felt a slight tingle and my nipples hardened from the touch. I can see in the window reflection how erect my nipples have become. I’m feeling ashamed and aroused at the same time. I’m probably blushing red. I have to lower my sunglasses to hide my face and expression.

The man seemed to be determined to do more than rub his cock on my ass. He slightly move his one hand underneath my skirt. He was doing it slow and he was very discreet. Looking into the window reflection, I can’t tell what’s going on but I can feel his hand moving up and towards my pussy.

I don’t know what to do. I can make a scene or let this man have his way. The confusion and arousal makes my heart run even faster. I’m starting to sweat more and breathing heavily.

My pussy is anticipating the touch. I can feel that I’m getting wet just from the thought of being touched in my intimate parts by a stranger. A stranger with big rough hand. His fingers moving inches closer to my soaking wet pussy.

He slightly moved his finger and started feeling my pussy lips through my drenched panty. He probably can feel how wet I am. His fingers kept moving in tiny circles on my swollen clit. I’m feeling like I’m about to faint as I’m getting dizzy from this pleasure.

I’m feeling like a slut. How can I let this stranger get away with this. The pleasure is just becoming unbearable. My clenched legs is now getting weaker. It’s slowly giving more room. My feet is slightly moving apart.

My legs are now giving more room. His fingers are now moving up and down and feeling my pussy lips through the thin materials of my wet panty. I can still feel his cock pressing against the crevice of my ass.

As the train swayed and move, I started to move my ass to feel his cock. I slowly moved my hips left to right, up and down, all of this in a slow manner as if my movement was caused by the train.

I heard a slight groan. I’m giving him pleasure from my gyration.

His fingers are now going inside my panty. Two fingers got in and touched my clit and pussy lips. One thick finger started to inch it’s way into my pussy. I gasped and tried to not make any noise. I’m struggling to not make any sound.

I looked up and moved my breast forward. My nipples are now pressed hard on my tight top. I felt that my breasts are also yearning to be touched. Oooohhh, I let out a small sound. The pleasure of the finger inside my pussy is becoming unbearable. I’m having a hard time keeping quiet.

I’m breathing heavily as his thick finger continue to fuck my pussy. It’s moving deep in and out and I felt like a small cock is fucking me. I can hear the sounds of my wet pussy being finger fucked. I hope nobody else can hear the squishy sound from my pussy.

My hips kept moving too as I can feel that his cock is now pressing hard on my ass. His finger is now deeply buried in my pussy. My pussy tightened and clenched his fingers as I’m having an intense orgasms. I never felt this much pleasure before as I exploded and cum multiple times. The orgasmic pleasure lasted for more than a minute.

I moved my mouth close to my arm as I let out small scream of pleasure. I pretended coughing to disguise what was happening.

I heard a groan and the cock behind me started to get limp. I felt a cold damp on my back. The man’s fingers moved slowly out of my pussy like nothing happened. My legs are still wide apart and my legs still dripping with my own cum.

It was perfect timing as we arrived in one of the station. People moved out and the man behind me just disappeared from the moving crowd. As I sat down on the empty seat, I reached behind me and felt a glob of goo. It smelled like cum and licked my fingers clean. The cum still taste fresh.

As I finally arrived at my destination, I can still feel my wet pussy and drenched panty. Finally, I saw my friend and she gave me a big hug. She accidently touched the location of the man’s cum on my back.

What’s this? She looked at her hand after giving me a hug. I said, well a kid accidentally dumped some food on my back and gave her a smile.

Masturbation Stories

Sun, 31 May 2015 21:41:41 UTC

Girl’s masturbation circle

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&quot;Hey Lisa, you busy today?&quot; Debbie voice asked me from the telephone.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;No, what’s up?&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Susie wants up to go over to her place, she says she’s got something cool she wants us to see.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Sounds interesting, I’ll swing by and pick you up.&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;OK, see you then.&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I pulled up to her door, and she eagerly ran out to meet me. In a few minutes, we were at Susie’s.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; We entered, and her friends Michele and Andrea were there, also. They all looked jumpy and nervous, and Susie bolted the door behind us. She led us to the TV room, and told us that she’d found something interesting while snooping through her brother’s room, and wanted us to see it. She slid a tape into the VCR, and turned it on. I just about fell over. Her brother, and 5 other guys, were sitting around in a circle, and stroking their stiff cocks. I’d heard of a circle jerk, but never seen one, and here was her brother, stroking that stiff cock, along with 5 of his friends. I could feel my pussy start to churn, watching them pull and stroke those stiff, hard cocks was getting to me. Being a virgin still, I imagined stiff, hard cocks fucking me when I masturbated. I glanced around, and everyone else was warming up, Michele was running her hands over her nipples, which were poking out the front of her blouse, Andrea had her hand down by her pussy, pressing gently against the seam of her jeans. Susie’s face was flushed, and she was pressing gently against her hand, Debbie was pulling and tweaking at her nipples.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Suddenly, as if by prearranged signal, each member of the circle stopped stroking their own cock, reached over, and grabbed the cock to his right. Grunts and moans started to fill the room, as they all stroked towards climax. My hand was cupping my mound, and I was pressing my hand against it, trying not to be too obvious, even though everyone else was doing basically the same thing.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; On the screen, I heard her brother Bill grunt, &quot;Gonna cum, stroke me, yeah, like that, oh fuck YEAH!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; His cum erupted, a thick stream flying out, splattering back, followed by another gush, and another. It was like a signal gun had been fired, and all around, cocks started erupting, grunts of orgasm filling the tape, as we watched thick streams of cum flying out, splattering every which way. My pussy was roaring now, at 16, I was horny all the time, never had the nerve to let some guy fuck me yet, but I sure dreamed about it as I’d stroke my pussy every day, wondering if cumming by fucking was as good as cumming by masturbating.&nbsp; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Susie sighed, &quot;Wan’t that so fucking hot? And who says guys are the only ones who can have such fun? What about us? How about if we start a tradition, we’ll be a girl’s masturbation circle? I know I’m ready!&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; To show us she was, she yanked off all her clothes, and stood there, hands on hips, her awesome body naked to our horny gazes. The fact that my pussy was starting to gush decided it for me, and I quickly joined her, and soon, 5 nude 16 year old girls were ready and eager. She lead us upstairs to her bedroom, and we arranged ourselves in a circle on the floor, spreading our legs apart so our smooth, bare pussies were visible, everyone could see everyone else’s bare pussies. I felt like a slutty little girl who loved exposing herself, and that just made me hotter.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Let’s do it, just do what you normally would do if you were masturbating alone, and enjoy&quot;, Susie whispered. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Masturbating ourselves in full view of each other, the idea made my pussy gush, and<br />I got into my rhythm, I ran my index finger up and down my little slit, the wetness seeping out, making my finger creamy slick with my juices. Then I slipped my finger in a little further and let my finger dip into my hole and slide up to my sensitive little clit. My finger played in small circles over my petite clit while I watched four other girls fingering themselves in the circle. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; My friend Debbie is a slender brunette with tiny tits and nipples and almost non-existent labia. Her shiny, pale pink inner lips, opening, and clit were constantly visible. She used her right thumb to strum up and down over her clit while her other fingers danced over her tender pink lips and glistening hole. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Susie has beautiful cafe au lait skin and inner folds that were a rich brown. Her breasts were full and topped with incredible brown gumdrops of nipples that stood up proudly. She had three fingers stuffed into her greedy pussy and was fucking herself hard. Her left hand was holding her lips open and tapping her clit under its hood with a rhythmic middle finger. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Michele has perfect C-sized melons of breasts with generous silver-dollar-sized dark pink aureolas finished off with thick, round erasers of nipples. Her torso was lean and muscular from gymnastics and general tomboyishness. She was laying back against the wall with the handle of a thick hairbrush stretching her little pussy wide open and helping to push her clit out at attention. Her hips thrust powerfully as she fucked the hairbrush handle. Eventually, her clit swelled up so much that its tip ran up and down the hairbrush handle as it thrust in and out.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Andrea was a tiny blonde, her body all soft peaches and cream. Between her legs was a soft white mound with the smallest hint of pink inside a smooth slit. Her fingers pressed to both sides of the mound and barely exposed what was hidden within&mdash;a small, perfectly erect little clit that refused to stay under a receding hood. Its tip squeezing between the white outer lips, she gently ran a finger over and over it, diddling only the tiny tip accessible between the lips.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Seeing all of us with pussies exposed and fingers working was so hot. Listening to five girls pant, grunt, moan and mutter dirty words while they worked their horny little cunts made me feel like the nastiest little girl on the planet. I was just a slut who needed to have her legs spread so her friends could watch her play with her cunt as she got off. While I watched the girls pleasure themselves, I was fantasizing about being older and having boys with huge cocks fuck my tiny pussy, wondering what they were fantasizing about.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; We all tried to hold back as long as possible, working up to a frenzy then backing off and working it back up again.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Finally, little Andrea couldn’t hold back anymore. Her fingers were stroking deeper and faster in her slit. Her panting increased and she started squealing and going over the edge. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Debbie had crinkled up nipples poking out from her flat chest. her fingers stroked up and down her slit while she panted and stared at Michele who was pumping her hairbrush handle in and out, thrusting her hips up at the handle, as if she were thrusting her pelvis up towards a lover’s hard cock. She grunted, let out a shriek, and her legs started to shake and quiver as she climxed.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Michele was next&mdash;she was working the hairbrush handle in and out of her slurping cunt fast with her left hand while her right thumb and forefinger pinched her small clit erection and stroked it from base to tip. She started to gasp, and let out a loud squeal of pleasure, her body shaking as she orgasmed.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Susie’s clit-tapping and finger-thrusting became frantic while the rest of her body froze, tensed, and quivered. Her gumdrop nipples were hugely erect and crinkled and her tongue ran over her lips, she let out a howl of pleasure as her orgasm slammed into her. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I started squealing with pleasure as my cries of pleasure joined everyone else’s, I could feel the rush of my orgasm wash over my like a wave as my horny little cunny exploded.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The air was full of the sounds and smells of five girls cumming together. Nothing is more fun than a girl’s circle jerk on a quiet afternoon.&nbsp;<a name="top"></a> </p>

Masturbation Stories

Thu, 26 May 2011 22:49:36 UTC


I own a fairly active Family medical practice in Portland and have worked for 9 years building it up with accolades from most of my patients. Part of my success is from my excellent staff of women who seem to cater to every need of the clientele. My best asset is my Head Nurse, Lynn, who seems to have ESP when it comes to meeting needs and is competent as hell to boot.
Anyway, I was in clinic one morning when a long-time patient arrived for her appointment for a ‘check up’. Lynn recorded her intake height, weight and vital signs, determined that she was neither bleeding nor infectious then put her in the exam room. I quickly read the past visit notes in her chart, then entered the room alone. I normally don’t take a female staff nurse into the exam room with me for these visit unless there is to be a breast or pelvic exam since most of my exam is of the head, neck and chest areas and I can do that with their garments intact
“Hello, Mrs. Quinn, how are you today?” I began as I entered the room and sat at the desk. Mary Quinn was a strikingly beautiful Eurasian woman, 31 years old, beautiful smile, long straight dark hair, married with 2 children and had no real medical problems that we’d recorded over the years. I had seen her kids for immunizations and one for an asthma episode. She had had some UTI issues in the past. I didn’t know if there was a Mr. Quinn or not, it never came up.

“Fine, Doctor,” was her reply. I was surprised to see her sitting on the exam table in a gown.

“You aren’t running a fever and your vital signs seem fine. How can I help you,” I asked while glancing at her chart. I looked up to see her smiling at me as she slowly splayed her gown wide open, her completely nude body displayed for me to see. My jaw hit the floor and my eyes bugged out as I saw her gorgeous set of breasts with large brown areolas. Her nipples were fully erect and about an inch long, pointing straight out. In fact, her breasts were just perfect for her small five foot frame. Her belly was flat and I could see her dark pubic hair covering her mound, shapely legs with bright red toenail polish. Then she scooted forward to hang her legs over the end of the table and she spread them wide apart so I could see inside her bush to her lovely set of labia and moist vaginal opening.
“Um…Mrs. Quinn, what is going on?” I stammered.
“Doctor, I want you to know that last week I won the Oregon lottery for 33 million dollars!” she announced proudly. “That’s more than 1 million for every year I’ve been alive.”
Totally confused, I managed to say, “Well, congratulations! I’m really happy for you. But…please tell me why are you sitting here in front of me naked?”
“You’ve heard about this ‘bucket list’ of things older folks want to do before they die. I now have all the money I’ll ever need and I’ve decided to begin my list right now!” she exclaimed. “I have fantasized about you for months now, ever since that first day I came in. You are so kind and understanding and those big brown eyes just make me tingle all over. Prominent on my list is for you to caress my body with those strong hands. I need you to make me climax with those long fingers!”
“Oh, oh’” I thought. The Oregon Medical Board takes a really dim view of a doctor having any kind of sexual relations with a patient. So dim, in fact that they routinely jerk your license to practice and often submit your name to the local District Attorney for possible prosecution, depending on the age of the patient and the circumstances involved. You can’t even date a patient or their family members. Then there are the likely civil suits from spouse or kids who might feel alienated by my actions. There are way too many scum-sucking lawyers out there just waiting for such an opportunity. Not only that, but all the sordid details are made public and the destruction of my reputation is a promised event.
“Mrs. Quinn,” I stammered, “This is simply not possible.”
“Oh, Doctor,” she replied, “It is very possible and entirely necessary. Your Hippocratic oath means that you have pledged to serve my medical needs, right?”
“Well, yes,” I replied. “But what medical need do you have.”
“I have an ache right here,” she smiled as she spread her labia open, “I need to orgasm on your hand with your fingers deep inside my pussy,” she smiled. “No one ever needs to know. I certainly will tell no one.”
“What about Mr. Quinn and your children?” I asked, hoping to find some logical reason to calm this situation down.
“Oh, screw that old bastard!” she exclaimed. “He’s been absent from my sex life for a while now and has another girlfriend on the side, anyway. I am leaving him tomorrow. And I just bought a house for my mother and grandmother to live is so they can raise my kids. They’ll be well cared for since I‘ve set up a fund that will provide plenty of money for them to survive. I am doing my own thing from now on and you are one of the things I need to do.”
My mouth was suddenly dry as a bone and my brain was spinning. I saw no way out and my feet seemed to move on their own straight toward her without conscious thought from me.
“Now, Doctor, please come give me your hand and attend to my medical ache,” she stated with a wicked smile as she began rubbing her wide open slit with two fingers, circling her now obviously erect clitoris. “You can see how much I need you right now!”
I was mesmerized! Somehow I found myself standing right in front of her and inhaling the best scent of a woman’s sex that I’d ever smelled. She pulled out her two fingers now glistening with her juice, reached them out, and pressed them to my lips. I don’t remember opening my mouth but I found myself sucking them hard and the taste was exquisite. My dick had sprung to life and was pressing out the front of my slacks.
“I see you are not too bothered by this request,” she said smiling as she was looking down at my erect boner. She grasped my hand in hers and brought it down to her vagina. I was on autopilot now as I began to caress her silky pubic hair, then I found her slit. My mind had lost all control over my fingers by now and they moved on their own to gently press between her labia. Soon one finger slipped between her lips and I could feel how hot her tunnel was as I pressed deep inside her. “Oh, yes, that’s just what I need!” she sighed as she leaned onto my hand. “More, please.”
She scooted her bare ass down and almost off the exam table which left me supporting her body through her cunt with just my hand. In a trance I pushed a second, then a third finger into her hot tunnel. As my thumb found and began rubbing circles around her erect clitoris, I added the last finger and began pushing them deeper in, then almost completely out. “Oooooh, Doctor, that is perfect,” she whispered. “I can feel you stretching me and your hand is filling me up. Keep going….a bit harder now.”
I pumped harder as I leaned down to suck on one nipple. She continued to coo softly and thrust her hips repeatedly against my hand, timing her push with mine. She grabbed my head with her hands and kept moving me from one breast to the other. I swirled my tongue on her nipples and then gently bit on each one. “Ooooooh…..I can feel my orgasm coming….coming…here is is….Yessss!” she cried out as she spasmed against my hand then fell back on the exam table. I could feel her cum run down my wrist so I gently removed my fingers and licked all her juice off them. So sweet!
I have no idea how much time had passed as my brain finally freed itself from the fog but I could still feel my throbbing member straining to get out of confinement. Nervously, I looked at the clock and realized all this had only taken six minutes of time. Six minutes! My typical patient encounter often lasts ten to twelve minutes and I had allotted fifteen for these exams so we were safe from discovery from a curious staff nurse but the room and my hand definitely smelled of sex. I flipped on the exhaust fan as she gradually sat back up with a giant smile on her flushed face. “Oh, Doctor, that was exactly what I needed!” she exclaimed. “Thank you so much!”
“Mrs. Quinn…” I began as my cock began to soften in the face of the sudden realization that I had destroyed my life without conscious thought and could soon be ruined.
“Why don’t you call me Mary?” she responded.
“Well, Mary, that was very unprofessional of me. I don’t know what to say…,” I gushed, knowing that my professional life was now completely in this woman’s hands. To this day I wonder how events would have unfolded if I’d run out of the room screaming in the face of her original nude display.
“I could care less about you being professional and more about you being human,” she smiled. “You met my urgent need just as I requested. You’re the best Doctor I could ever have hoped for. And this needs to be our secret.”
“You better believe I’ll take this to the grave,” I thought. Instead I said, “I agree with you but this cannot happen again and I’m concerned about what we can do about any future ‘aches’ that you have?”
She reached up to caress my cheek as she continued, “I told you that I wanted to do the things on my list and this was definitely one at the top. But, I have many, many more to get to. Who knows if I’ll need another ‘check up’ in the future? I may just call on you again but, don’t worry, I will be discreet.” As she was speaking, she pulled her sweatshirt off the hook and slipped it over her head…no bra, her nipples still fully erect…then she stepped into her shorts…commando style…I noticed. I had a moment of sadness as I saw first her gorgeous tits then her beautiful pussy slide out of view. She was truly a beautiful and sexual woman, even if she’d allowed me to ruin my life.
Then she leaned up, cupped one cheek in each hand and kissed me gently on the mouth. She put her gown in the laundry hamper, pulled off the table paper covering the exam table, including the very wet spot where her pussy had been, and balled it up. She put it in the trash can then turned to look in the mirror and flipped her hair. Then she strode over and opened the door to the hall. “Be sure to bill me for the fabulous ‘service’, Doctor,” she winked as she walked away.
I was still stunned at what had just happened. Why had I been so hypnotized? I shook my head and hurriedly began washing the cum off my hand and arm as Lynn came into the room. She said, “Your ten thirty rescheduled for next week so you have fifteen minutes free.” I could have sworn that she sniffed the air with a curious expression on her face.
“Bathroom time,” I smiled and proceeded into the john. A soon as the door lock clicked, I unbuttoned my shirt, dropped my pants and stepped out of those then my boxers. My cock was at half-mast but I could feel it still throbbing with unfulfilled need. I had satisfied her but, thankfully, she had not reciprocated. I could just imagine someone coming in the room while she was sucking my erect dick or have a view of us fucking. Maybe I could get away with finger fucking a patient since I never actually had intercourse with her. Didn’t our President weasel out of his affair with Monica by redefining “is”? After all, wasn’t extreme horniness a medical problem that needed to be treated?
These semi-logical thoughts were chased from my mind as I began replaying the intense masturbation act I’d just performed on Mary and my cock sprang back fully erect. Oh, what the hell! So I grabbed a bottle of the lotion the staff uses after hand washing, squirted some onto my palm and proceeded to furiously pound my meat. It took no more than five seconds before I shot a huge gusher out onto the mirror over the sink, then several further squirts of cum which splashed onto the sink faucet and down the side.
Oh my god did that feel good! I collapsed onto the toilet seat to catch my breath. After a few minutes, I realized that I was still partially erect so I lotioned up and began stroking again as I replayed the scene with Mary in my mind. Soon I could feel the spunk boiling in my balls and I blew another load of cum onto the wall. What was wrong with me, acting like a horny teen? I was a thirty eight year-old physician not a sex-starved junkie. I sat in the bathroom breathing heavily the full break time, then freshened up and tried to resume normalcy. I kept pushing the encounter with Mary into the deepest recesses of my mind just so that I could function but, still, the rest of the day passed as a blur.
As I walked into my apartment that evening, my wife, Gail, jumped on me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She pressed her tits into my chest and wrapped her legs around my waist as she snuggled in. “Welcome home, dear. How was your day?” she asked.
I was shocked after blowing two loads at clinic today to feel my cock spring back to life. She felt it pressing into her groin as our hips were locked together. She smiled and said, “Well, I see someone missed me.”
“I see you missed me, too,” I replied as I grabbed her ass and began rubbing her pussy on my rod. She didn’t know that I was picturing Mary’s spasming cunt in my mind as we continued. We kissed passionately for a bit, our tongues exploring each other. She humped me furiously and had her first orgasm without us even undressing. “Wow!” she exclaimed, “That was intense…and so quick! You are hard as a rock! Let’s hold dinner for a bit while we get out of these duds and enjoy each other some more. I can tell that you badly need to cum.” Little did she know that this would be the third of the day.
It had been this hot for the whole nine years we’d been married. We’d met at a restaurant one Friday night where she was working as the evening hostess to pay her way through Portland State. I was struck by her big blue eyes, long straight blond hair, flawless smile and freckles over the bridge of her nose. She was wearing a simple black dress and her tits, which completely filled out her top, were gorgeous, her waist slim and her legs well toned from running on the track team. She had the sweetest smile as she led me into the restaurant and asked if I had a table preference.
“The one closest to you,” I said, flirting a bit. She looked me over slowly head to toe then laughed her beautiful laugh, and simply said, “OK.” The evening was slow so we began to talk in between her duties, just mindless banter about anything and everything. She was witty and I was smitten. She explained that she was a junior, majoring in Urban Studies, then had to explain what that was since I had no frigging idea. Luckily the place had a full bar so I could make the meal last by ordering drinks.. I kept her entertained as I tried desperately to score. Finally she asked, “You’ve been sitting here chatting with me for two hours. Are you trying to hit on me? My name’s Gail, if you’re interested.”
“I guess I wasn’t obvious enough,” I replied. “I was interested the minute I saw you. Now after talking with you, I am committed. I’m Doug. Would you consider going out with me?”
She paused with a smile on her face, then giggled and said, “Well, I get off here in another hour. Let’s go to your place, Doug, and see if you can get me off there!” And did I ever! We explored each other the entire night and all that weekend. It was the wildest sex I’d ever experienced. By Monday morning, I was in love and determined to never let Gail leave, except for classes of course. I dragged my tired body through morning rounds that day, then the outpatient clinic at OHSU. Since I was in my last tour as Senior Resident before striking out on my own …or ‘hanging my shingle’, I could direct the interns, answer questions and just try to stay awake.
That was the start of a whirlwind relationship, sex and more sex. She was an insatiable minx and I was in heaven. We married in Las Vegas, a spur of the moment trip right after I opened my Family medical practice in the near SE part of Portland. I never even thought about another woman for the ensuing nine years, that is until Mary came along.
But that incredible event with Mary was like the breaking of a huge dam. Daily now I found myself fantasizing about patients, my staff, kid’s moms and even the mail lady. I jerked off so many times in the bathroom that I felt like putting a sign on the door, ‘Masturbation in progress: Enter at your own risk.’ Six months went by and I bet I had dropped over a hundred loads of jizz in the bathroom. I was like a perpetually horny fifteen-year old and insatiable. We doubled our replacement order of hand lotion. But it was all fantasy, no more actual encounters and, as time passed, I finally began hoping that I’d dodged a bullet with Mary.
Even with all the masturbation, I had plenty of stamina after work to give Gail an erect cock to suck or hump each evening. I love to eat her cunt and she would often sit on my face with her ass on my forehead, riding my tongue like a cock to a huge orgasm. I also love her climax as she shoots a gusher of her cum that I hungrily lap up. In this position she’d stroke me perfectly. She’d begin moaning loudly as a warning that she was about to cum and then she’d stroke me hard so that we’d hit our bliss together. She’d suck me too, but couldn’t get much of my eight inch cock into her mouth without gagging. So, she’d just lick under the corona and suck the head until I came. It was great but having her jerk me off while I ate her out was the best ever.
Soon we got creative and she taught me how to properly tongue her ass, something neither of us had ever tried before. She found her climaxes were the most intense ever when I had my tongue deep in her hole, three fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy and her own hand massaging her erect clit. Gail also loved for me to shoot my load on her chest and mouth. She’d let me sit astride her and pump my glistening oiled member between her beautiful full globes with my dick head touching her lips on each up stroke. I wouldn’t last long like this and would pump gobs of cum onto her neck and lips that she’d lick up hungrily. “I love the taste of your cum,” she’d smile as she reached down to scoop it up from her chest and drop it into her open mouth.
Anyway, after Mary left that fateful day, I began the long process of waiting for the hammer to drop, fearing that today the certified letter from the State Board of Medical Examiners would arrive at my front desk. As time passed, I began to gradually relax but it was still at the back of my consciousness, almost like I needed to masturbate as much as possible now before everything dissolved in shame and ruin. So, I did.
Several months later, I had another incident that changed my life. My staff usually goes down the block to some Mexican, Chinese, Thai or KFC place for group lunch. This day, after I thought they’d all headed out, I walked into the break room to find Lynn sitting alone with head in her hands. I didn’t want to intrude but she looked up as I stood in the doorway. “Oh, hi,” she said, as if we’d just met instead of being together for over 9 years. I could see her eyes were red from crying.
“Lynn, are you all right?” I asked.
We had been pretty close, both families. Her husband, Keith, was the youngest Battalion Chief in the Portland Fire Bureau and ran a station nearby. Her two kids were grown, the oldest a software engineer at Microsoft in Seattle and the other a freshman at Oregon State in Corvallis. Gail and I often had dinner or a movie with them and found we shared tastes in wine, politics and sex, although in this area, the foursome never developed the way it could have.
After Lynn came to work with me, the house directly behind theirs came on the market and we bought it. Now we’d sit together most dry evenings on our deck or their back yard. Both husbands loved cigars and scotch, Gail drank wine and Lynn preferred tequila, although she was not a drinker and was buzzed after only a couple of shots. Then we bought a spa and now we could enjoy each other’s company in the tub. One evening, Keith told a story about how Lynn had flashed her tits to several truckers while they drove along, she laughing each time they responded with an air horn blast.
"Right," I said. "My conservative head nurse is a flasher."
"Oh, Doug," she laughed. "You don’t know the half of my sexuality." She was obviously buzzed. She shocked us as she stood up with a wicked smile, lifted her bikini top and shook her tits at Gail and me. "What do you think of these?" she asked.
"Very, very nice," I said. I must have been drooling since Gail punched my arm and said, "Doug, put your tongue back in your face. Lynn, your breasts are beautiful. What do you guys think of mine," she stood and completely untied her top to let her C-cup breasts loose. Both of us had sudden boners but it was still too light outside to proceed further, so we continued to drink and talk as our wives soaked topless. I could see Keith rubbing his cock under the water and I did too. That happened last summer and was a treat never yet duplicated, although Keith and I kept hoping.
“Oh, I’m OK, I guess,” Lynn sighed. “Actually,” she continued after a long silent moment, “I’m not OK. Can I talk to you about something personal? And I mean very personal?”
“Anything, Lynn. You know that,” I replied.
“Well, this is difficult to tell anyone, especially you, but Keith has completely lost interest in me,” she gushed.
“You guys are probably just going through a dry spell now with the kids gone,” I answered. “You married him at age sixteen and he was, what, twenty two?”
“Hah!” she exclaimed. “It’s been a long ‘dry spell’ and getting longer every day. His job at the station is forty eight on-forty eight off. When he gets home at six am he sleeps that whole day away, then we watch some TV that evening. The next day he does chores, yard work or attacks my ‘honey do’ list, we eat dinner and he starts preparing for his 4 am wake-up call for the next day’s duty. He hasn’t done more than give me a peck on the lips or briefly rub my back for at least the last six months.”
“But, he’s the boss,” I said. “Why can’t he spend more time at home?”
She grimaced and then said, “He told me, ‘If I’m asking them to shoulder this duty, I need to lead the way.’ Actually, I think it’s just an excuse to get away from me. I feel so unattractive and unwanted.”
“Lynn, you’re a gorgeous thirty eight year old woman…and a definite MILF, if you don’t mind me saying so,” I replied.
She looked over at me, “That means a Mother I’d Like to Fuck, right?”
“Uh…yes it does. And I mean it,” I gulped. “You haven’t lost any tone in your body, you run so your muscular legs are just perfect, your breasts look delectable, and your waist, butt and hips are perfect for your frame. I still get hard remembering your tits in the hot tub last summer.”
“You really want to fuck me? So, why doesn’t Keith? I know his sex drive has not failed, he has loads of porn on his laptop…girl on girl stuff, girls peeing on guys, lots of cumshots in graphic detail, even some anal sex,” She blushed as she spoke next. "He thinks I don’t know that he masturbates into my panties but I find them in the hamper with fresh cum on them." Then she shocked me to no end when she looked at me and said, "I have listened at the bathroom door and I know you masturbate, too. In fact, you jerk off at least once every day, Doug."
"Oh,oh," I grimaced. My secret wasn’t so secret after all.
“Besides your cum sessions here, I know you and Gail are still going hot and heavy, I can sometimes hear you guys when your windows are open," she added. "So what’s your secret? You beat off every day but still have enough left for Gail. What’s wrong with Keith that he pleasures himself but doesn’t want me anymore? I have had to be content with fucking my vibrator,” she said then burst into tears.
I reached out to comfort her by rubbing her shoulder. Then she looked up at me with anguish and said, “There’s more. Yesterday, I found his stack of color pictures hidden in his sock drawer. You remember how he just had to have that new digital camera and a zoom lens? I told him it was a waste since he barely had enough stamina to do his job, let alone go out taking photos.”
“He bought it anyway,” I finished her thought.
“Well, now I know why,” she continued, now in a rush to get it all out. “He has several telephoto shots of Gail in the bathroom! He has her sitting on the toilet, in the shower stall and one full frontal of her standing in the window. He’s even blown up the section of her pussy with its little landing strip. She must know about it since the bathroom window curtains are usually down except for his photo shots where they are cranked all the way open.”
I was shocked. I knew Gail was sexually open but I didn’t see her as an exhibitionist at all.
“I found several copies of the blown up one of her muff and his dried cum was on a couple. The sex sites call it ‘a tribute’,” she went on. “My husband has been not only fantasizing about your wife, he’s done something about fulfilling those naughty dreams.”
The next thing I knew she stood up and pressed herself tightly into my chest. I stroked her hair as the tears gradually quit and she began to rub my chest with her fingers. “Oh, oh,” I thought, "This could definitely be a problem." I love to have my nipples stroked and my cock began its inexorable climb out the front of my slacks as she began brushing her lips over my neck. She must have felt it because she pressed her groin harder into mine.
“Doug,” she said, “I am sorry but, after finding about Keith and his obsession with Gail, I’m going to seduce you right now. I really need some close human companionship. You don’t know how badly I need you to fuck me. Can we go into an exam room or the bathroom? The staff won’t be back for another half-hour.”
“Of course,” I said. “You realize there’s no turning back from this?”
She laughed and said, "I stopped caring about turning back some weeks ago. I have fantasized about you lately while you are jerking off in the bathroom. In fact, if there is no patient there, I go into the exam room next to the bathroom and close the door. I can hear you panting through that wall as you get hotter. I have even been fingering myself in time with you, picturing you stroking your big dick faster and faster until you grunt and pump out your cum. I’ve been so horny that I cum right along with you. These sessions are all that are keeping me sane since Keith abandoned me.""
She continued, "I remember when your started jerking off. It was the day Mary Quinn came in with no real medical problem. You were acting so strange and skittish when I came into the room after she left. I have no idea what happened but there was clearly the smell of sex in the room even with the exhaust fan running. Right after that, you began your frequent ‘bathroom breaks’ to flog your cock."
"Oh, Lynn," I gradually began, "I guess it’s time to fess up but you cannot ever mention this to anyone else or I’m screwed. Mary said she had an ‘aching need’ that I needed to take care of. I looked up to see her nude and rubbing her pussy. Her ‘need’ was to sit on my hand as I finger fucked her to a climax. I don’t know why I did it, but I did. I’ve been a horny sex fiend ever since."
“Doug, that’s an incredible tale. I wish I could have been in the room to watch you in action," she smiled. "Now, I’ve waited as long as I could to do this,” she replied as she tipped her head back and kissed me full on the mouth. “Come on! I am so horny right now, I’m going to burst.”
We shed clothes faster than I ever dreamed possible once we were safely in the exam room. I sat her up on the exam table, then dropped in front of her and put one of her legs over each shoulder so I was just inches away from her glistening cunt. I leaned in and inhaled deeply, what a wonderful smell. I began to run my tongue from her little puckered butt up inside her lips and juicy vagina to her clit. I lapped over and over as I squeezed her nipples between my fingers and massaged her tits. It took only seconds for her to scream in pleasure and clamp her thighs tight against my head. “Oooohh, Doug. Aaaahh…yesss." When her legs stopped spasming, she sighed and said, "That was the best cum in a long time. Keep going, sweetie, I feel another one coming. Aaaaah….here it comes!” she gasped as the wave crashed over her again.
Well, I had no intention of stopping since this is my favorite way to please Gail and I found Lynn to be just as receptive to my tongue as Gail was. So I kept my lapping rhythm up and a few minutes later she shuddered with her third wave of pleasure. “Oooh, you are driving me wild…I am cumming so hard…Ooooh, Doug, here it comes!” she shrieked and this time she filled my mouth with her sweet juice. She crashed back on the table for a minute to recover, then sat back up and smiled, “That was every bit as great as I had hoped for six months that it would be. Now, stand up because it’s my turn and we have at least 10 minutes before everyone returns from lunch.”
She climbed down off the table then knelt down in front of me as I rose up. I stood before her gently stroking my dick, all eight inches of it throbbing as it leaked pre-cum from the tip. As I watched, she just engulfed my prick in her warm mouth beginning with just the head. As she sucked, more and more disappeared into her mouth until I could feel my cock head pass her throat. Watching my dick disappear into her mouth was the most incredible sight I could imagine. She pulled off and, looking up at me, said, “I can hold my breath for at least two minutes and I learned a long time ago how to overcome my gag reflex.”
Oh, my god, I was transfixed as she resumed sucking the length of my shaft until she was swallowing my entire throbbing cock, her nose pressed into my pubic hair. Then she began to fondle my sack, rubbing each testicle in her warm hands. I couldn’t last long with her like this and soon my balls began to boil and I could feel each huge shot of cum as it leaped out of my cock and literally rolled down her throat into her stomach.
“Oh, Lynn,” I cried as I blew my wad, my legs shaking as I struggled to remain upright, “That was just too incredible!” She smiled as she pumped the last of my sticky load into her mouth, then licked her lips and rose to kiss me. As our mouths met, she stuck her cum-coated tongue into my mouth and I tasted my own sperm for the first time. “What do you think,” she asked grinning, "Like the taste? I sure do!”
"It’s different, that’s for sure," I replied. "How did you ever get so good at sucking cock?"
”Well, Doug, I am your ‘head’ nurse after all,” She laughed as we dressed.

Masturbation Stories

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Riding the Benny train

<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Mr. Dean’s math class was another boring grind. The only thing that really happened, that started it going, that brought me into the circle, was Kristen Jensen got herself reprimanded in front of the class for causing a disturbance, and her friend Jordan was obviously beside herself trying to keep from giggling.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; After class, I caught up with my best friend, Lisa, talking with the two of them, along with Sarah, who is not in our math class. Jordan was saying something about Kirsten and &quot;the Benny&quot; that made them laugh, but they hushed up when I joined them. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Sarah said to Lisa, &quot;So, you really want to ride the Benny train?&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Definitely,&quot; replied Lisa. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I didn’t get a chance to ask Lisa what they were talking about since we had to go to our next class.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The next day in math class, I could tell the three of them were up to something. Jordan seemed to be on the brink of laughter. Lisa seemed to be very fidgity, and restless, she lept rocking from side to side, and seemed very distracted. At one point I looked over and saw Lisa discreetly touch her crotch, and then make a lusty look at Jordan.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Halfway through class, there was a knock on the door. Mr. Dean interrupted the class to answer the door. It was Sarah, she passed him a note. Mr. Dean read the note, then called Lisa to the front of the class. I couldn’t hear what he said to her, but he crumpled up the note and threw it in the trash.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; After class, I caught up to the four of them again. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;It said ‘Dear Mr. Dean, Please tell Lisa to give the Benny to Jordan, signed Lisa’s mother’ &quot; Sarah was saying. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;No way,&quot; said Lisa &quot;signed Lisa’s mother? You’re going to get me busted.&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; They giggled uproariously, and Sarah slyly asked me, &quot;Hey Jennifer, how would YOU like to ride the Benny train?&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Well …&quot; I began, not wanting to admit I didn’t know what they were talking about, but Lisa interrupted &quot;She does… trust me.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Finally, at the end of classes, I talked to Lisa alone. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Say hi to the Benny,&quot; she said as she held open her backpack. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Inside was a small purple vibrator. It was slim, about five inches long, and had a flared head. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Lisa whispered to me &quot;… to ride the Benny train, you have to wear the Benny inside all day long at school.&quot; I felt a sudden flash of arousal as she continued, &quot;You have to cum as many times as you can, I came four times during math today,&quot; she said. &quot;Kristen says she came eleven times yesterday.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I was completely turned on by the idea. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Ok,&quot; I said, &quot;Give it to me.&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Lisa hesitated. &quot;No, I want to keep it tonight. I’ll give it to you before first period tomorrow. Wear a skirt and bring plenty of AA batteries.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; True to her word, Lisa slipped me the Benny first thing in the morning. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Enjoy!&quot; she said, &quot;er, you might want to put fresh batteries in him right away…&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I quickly went into a bathroom stall. I put a fresh battery in the Benny and examined him. He had a speed control that went from one to ten, and an on-off switch. The switch was on the base so you could turn him on and off through your panties. The speed could only be set by removing him and twisting the base. I set him to four, slipped him inside, pulled my panties up tight against my crotch, and then hurried to first hour English.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Fortunately, English is an extremely boring class, and I sit in the rear. Still, it took me forty horny minutes to build up the nerve to turn the Benny on. When I finally did, it was so intense that I could hardly keep from screaming. I came hard and silently within about 20 seconds, and quickly turned him off. Nobody seemed to notice. I rode the Benny train to two more orgasms before the end of the class.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; By third period, I was really getting the hang of it. I went to the bathroom and turned the Benny up to seven. I kept him turned on virtually the whole hour, and had seven orgasms while daydreaming I was having sex. Sarah is in that class, we kept exchanging knowing looks.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; At lunch, the five of us sat together. They teased me relentlessly, but I was enjoying every minute, and kept on cumming.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The Benny seemed to be growing weaker, so just before math class I slipped into the bathroom to put in a fresh battery. I also dialed him up to ten.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Math class was MUCH more nerve-wracking than the previous classes. I sit in front, so it was much more difficult to turn the Benny on and off discreetly. But Lisa, Kristen, and Jordan were all there watching me, so I wasn’t about to chicken out.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A few minutes in, I quickly slipped my hand under my skirt and turned on the Benny. It was then that I discovered that a ‘ten’ setting with fresh batteries is WAY stronger than ‘seven’ with weak ones. I emitted a sharp, involuntary gasp and came almost immediately.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Mr. Dean turned around sharply as Jordan, stifling a laugh, pretended to cough. He surveyed the class slowly. With him looking, I could not reach between my legs to turn off the Benny. I stared helplessly like a deer in the headlights while the Benny continued to buzz my sopping vagina like a jackhammer. Panic and adrenaline enveloped me as I slipped over the edge into another intense orgasm.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; My memory of the rest of the class is a blur. I did manage to turn the Benny off, but I think I turned him back on two or three more times. It felt like the whole class knew my secret.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; After class, I was in a hurry to catch my girlfriends, but Mr. Dean caught me. &quot;Jennifer, could I see you for a minute?&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I panicked as the rest of the class left. As I stood in front of his desk, I nervously squeezed my legs together. Then, to my horror, I felt the Benny switch on.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; There was no way I could turn him off. Mr. Dean began lecturing me about me and my friends disrupting class for the last few days. I tried to relax my muscles, but unfortunately, while standing, I started to get the sensation that the Benny was slipping out. I had no choice but to clench down on him. After a minute, it was like trying to hold back Niagara falls. I came so hard me knees buckled. I let out a sharp gasp, and felt my face go red.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;What is it Jennifer?&quot; asked Mr. Dean suspiciously. </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Um, I have to go to the bathroom really bad,&quot; I stammered, my vagina still pulsing.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &quot;Oh,&quot; he said. Now HE seemed to be embarrassed. &quot;Well, go on. Just don’t let it happen again.&quot; </p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Just then I noticed how cute he was, for a teacher.</p><p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; After classes, I excitedly related my story to my girlfriends. I also reported my record seventeen orgasms. The Benny got passed around until thirty tenth-grade girls had ridden the Benny train. Finally, slutty Tiffany Herwick got so outrageous moaning in art class that she got busted. Some girls got into trouble and the story is all over school, but so far me and my friends have not been implicated. We’re just trying to figure out how to get another vibrator.<a name="top"></a> </p>

Masturbation Stories

Sun, 17 Apr 2011 20:01:02 UTC