Mind Control Stories

Evil Blessing


Within a mansion where George Hearn was recently hired, a girl not quite living drifted toward him in the form of a mist. Lovely was her voice as she spoke to him and soon he followed her wispy form to the second floor of the great house, pausing at the door which she said was her room, the very room where the old lady who owned the place slept.

Her lovely voice said, Come to me.

He didn’t know her words registered in his mind, not in the fabric of the air. “Where did you go,” he asked, “why can’t I see you anymore?”

The real me is on the other side of the door, and I am oh so lonely.

“But this is Ruth’s bedroom. Do you want to get me fired?”

Oh no, not for anything in the world. Don’t worry. She sleeps with Prince Valium. You’d have to shake her to wake her up.

“Are you sure?”

Absolutely, it’s perfectly safe.

That’s it, either he answers her summons or he doesn’t. He turned the knob, opening the door which was light enough, wondering if he was out of his mind. George saw two things on the quick: the first was a gorgeous nude girl with her back to him, the second was the slack face of Ruth Kempter. Kempter had precedence. He shrank from the very idea of invading her bedroom, sticking out his neck as though for the headsman. He didn’t even want to think what would happen if she awakened. That thought was signed, sealed, and deep-sixed. Ruth lay on an enormous fourposter bed, the pink curtains fastened by tiebacks. Ornate lilies were carved into the dark wood. Her face was unusually smooth for her advanced age and yet somehow forlorn, a lean trickle of saliva made a path from the corner of her loose mouth, wetting her weathered arm which supported her head on the pillow. She didn’t snore but the bedding over her stomach moved regular and slow. He exhaled, not realizing that he’d been holding his breath.

George closed the entrance quietly; the latch, oiled and in sound condition, slid into place.

Now he could afford to devour the girl. Lord have mercy she was beautiful. Her hair had a resplendence that was very close to glistening gold, a cascade of curls offset by other streams cut in a seemingly random pattern, though no hair was out of place. She stood very still in her splendor. Three gallery lights, angled from above in their tracks, illuminated her so attentively that the rest of the room appeared dead by comparison. He ignored all but her, and although she was not completely washed by the light, where the lamps chose to bathe her, her skin had the shine of milky satin under the sun.

George dearest, this is me.

She posed before the sleeping woman, still not moving, posed so that one graceful arm was lifted forward to begin a gentle stroll, the other slightly to the rear as if to complete the motion. He looked down at her feet. She was raised six inches by a pedestal.

A woman can live and yet not live, my George. She can damn herself out of her vanity and weep where there is not comfort. The sculptor did not flatter me. This is my image at the age of nineteen. This has been my vessel for thirty-four years. I used to shatter hearts. I would date a man, only to dump him when I thought there was someone better. I didn’t care. I’d do it again and again, but none was ever good enough. They adored me and I gave them wreckage. But who was to salvage me?

She was playing a joke; there were minuscule hairs on her back, her arms, and the lights reflected off them as effervescent little prisms. No statue was ever this alive. She would move in a minute. He was willing to wait, examining her magnificent curves, her ankles rising to well-proportioned calves, the calves melding to knees which were not gapped, fitting together perfectly.

May God forgive me, but I am still vain. Even as I am, I adore the thrill when a man looks at me longer than he should, the way he sneaks glances to make sure we are alone, the way he touches me. I can feel the faintest touch and it’s maddening. Am I horrible?

If she had been ardent about his physique, her comely derriere sent him past the gates of heaven. A preacher might gag but he would much rather revere her firm cheeks, which were rounded like honeydew melons, a deep cleft between them to emphasize their firmness. He would rather worship this than an unseen deity. Perhaps one day he’d burn for that one. Perhaps. But for sure he would burn without it. He began to walk around her, waiting for her to break her pose, noting long thighs that begged to be kissed. He barely heard her words.

We all have our silly dreams, I think. Mine is to be whole again, to live freely. I’d welcome my birthdays until my vanity had gone, along with my looks. Maybe a man would love me and, with his years, wouldn’t mind my ruin. We could rest on a park bench. We could talk about funny little things that only we knew. He could look at the pretty girls. I wouldn’t care for I’d do the same with the boys, and we’d pretend they passed, unnoticed.

And so that’s me, George. I’m pretty and I’m horrible. I tell truths and the opposite and I connive like a bitch. I have room for lust but none for pride. What have I done to be proud of? I don’t pretend to have shame. I can talk like this because tomorrow you won’t remember a thing.

He gazed at the tuft between her legs, noting that unlike the current fashion she didn’t trim the edges. There was no requirement anyway. She had a natural, pleasing diamond shape. She was also a natural blond.

My silly man, are you listening?

No, he was not. Her words skipped like a flat rock hydroplaning over an idle lake, leaving negligible ripples behind. He drank her in while she continued this silly game of standing still, his eyes drifting from her pubis to her navel, rising to the perfected beauty of her breasts, the very ones guaranteed to drive him mad.


In a moment he would cup them, in a moment but why hurry? It was so hot for her to remain as she was while he took her in. Surely she saw the look in his eyes. Her neck resembled that of a model, thin and a bit high, and was straight with the delicacy of youth.

Stop it right now, you idiot!

Was she blabbering something? Did it matter? He’d kiss her neck first. See how long she could stand that! Make it nice and lingering. Let his tongue trace its way down her throat, feeling the sharp intake of her breath. He could hardly wait. His eyes continued looking up and she made some kind of screeching noise but he wasn’t about to stop. He passed chin and killer lips and then her scream did get through just before the slam of the most scintillating green eyes he had ever seen. Like incandescence they burst into him and he had to break away as his heart betrayed him with a hard, single thump that threatened to be his last. But it wasn’t. An after-image of her sensuous mouth had simultaneously seared itself into his memory, and the resultant strike gave him no choice but to snap his eyes shut as if cracked by a whip.

And yet part of him yearned for more.

‘Young, dumb, and full of cum.’ She sounded tired, worn, resigned. Come, my George.

He was reeling on his feet and didn’t see the air above wisp into a cloud and begin drifting down to settle about him, and nowhere else. He was not aware of her enveloping need as such, but he did know a shiver when she whispered toward the auricles and ventricles of his heart. She murmured sweet nothings from his ear to his brain, which couldn’t compare to the love she had for the contact of his body. She lied with great sincerity when his lids moistened, as his eyes glazed over, and promised the delight of refulgent pleasures, both spoken and unspoken, normal and forbidden. Pleasures to crave but wise to shun, for never once did she mention the price of the ticket. Her offer was a bouquet, slow-acting but oh so good.

Come and breathe me.

No, said the remnant of a flicker.

His reply changed nothing. He would lose tonight, like the night before, and before, and before . . .

The wisp gathered in the direction of his resting mouth and clear nose, gathered as it collected into a denser form. It abandoned the balance of his person as unimportant. It condensed and where it came to rest, it remained patiently to be drawn. His breathing was not affected when he inhaled the essence of Belladonna, pretty lady, perfume of nightshade. She was sweet in the humidity of his lungs, kind to the tissues that welcomed her, and gentle to every cell she hushed into a comfortable sleep. Pliant he was as she permeated him more effectively than the presence of oxygen, huntress of the night diffused into delectable George.

And in the moment when she awakened him, George knew he would someday come to her, consumed with desire as much as she, and hold the mounds of her backside while he sealed his mouth over her lips and greedily sucked her. A handsome man, a solid man lowered his head like a marionette, and his fingers writhed as if inhabited by snakes. The belt of his robe began to loosen by itself and he knew what he wanted her to do.

Touch me, my dear George.

His hands were her hands; his lust was her lust; they rode a crest together, rising as strong pectorals and hills, well swollen, were combined into standing waves.

His hands lifted from his sides, hands with calluses and masculine strength, strength pulled to her nipples that were as sensitive as the cap of his penis. Whether he rubbed her or himself, it felt the same, was the same. He stayed with her and knew she was but wood, could be pinched very hard as there was not flesh to deform or bend. And she felt pleasure instead of pain, her nipples begging for more, and the more he pinched, the closer she came, they came.

She was already groaning. Give it to me; give it to me now.

His robe parted wide and something yanked his briefs down, and then writhed over the fuzz of his abdomen. He could take anything now, see anything now, he couldn’t wait to come into her and merge.

Look at me, my George; look and have what you want.

He opened his eyes and was lost to sumptuous red, focused yet drowsy upon parted lips. He wanted to feel the kiss, share the kiss of connection, but all his mouth could do was open to the air. Her elegant cheeks, flaring exquisitely, ached to be stroked by his willing hand. It was not to be.

My eyes, my eyes, look into my eyes. Don’t stop; hurry!

They were almost out of time. His eyes which would not obey him locked into the unending gaze of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her eyes were preternaturally lit from within, shimmering greenly with a touch of emerald fire, caring deeply for him and yet not, captivating far beyond the point of endurance. There was a fathomless depth here, drawing from him as though she could not possibly get enough but must get enough–a soul pulling from his core life and breath, not caring. In his mind he saw her head suddenly twitch like a woman under the influence of an electric current, and her eyes widened in surprise as if she had quite forgotten the phenomenal power of a man.

Like a wrap she clung to him, her perfect lower teeth becoming more visible, an utterance forming from deep within her throat. Her hands released him from above in order to grab him below, and her voice dropped two octaves into a most unusual sound, a guttural moan which shook to the cadence of her hands. She took one long blink to savor the beauty of her pleasure, alive to how good it was and how bad it was; what she was doing and what she would soon be feeling, very soon now, the feeling of a conduit connected directly to his groin. Her voice rose as she sensed him quivering and the corners of her pretty lips flared into little peaks of victory, eyes fastened to eyes. Her dark pupils were enlarged with her craving, smoky embers of glory and ice. She heard a distant sound, up and off to an impossible scale, a voice too high for a man but too frenzied for a woman, the wailing of an animal in awful heat.

His throat felt stuffed as though by the medium of cotton; he found it impossible to cry although he wanted to, ramming his penis forward to leave it there, a mindless organ spitting into her churning hands. Upon his shove an ancient spasm convulsed her so hard that her head snapped back and the whites of her eyes rocked up to be passed by her heavy lids coming down, and her red lips contorted like the pain of the gored. The shudder of pulsed rapture struck as waves from the very pit of her, and in that instant forced the cry of her unendurable pleasure to the four walls which were deaf to the sound of her ecstasy, the room only hearing the calm blanket of night.

And through it all, past it all, there was a promise unkept. She had lied. All of this they knew as they imploded into a single fusion–her lies and meager good, his zest and attitude of a slut–they knew each other completely.

And kept shuddering in place.


The room did not quell nor did the surface of the earth touch them in the long moments that followed. Her still form remained as it was, as it always was. A beautiful young woman about to take a walk, her chin high and body firm with the suggestion of toned muscle, perfect posture. Her nipples were as fresh as the day the sculptor had carved them, her figure clean as though painted yesterday. No sign of ejaculate was on her. In her heart there was a peace. She said nothing to George who now lodged within a special place she had fashioned for him, a dwelling of raven black which was brightened by her occasional aftershocks. They were few in number, but when they quaked it was like the roll of wicked thunder. She floated high and was far too filled with her pleasure to notice that the atmosphere of the bedroom had subtly altered. The older woman lying on the Lilium bed wasn’t breathing deeply anymore.

Ruth Kempter’s eyes weren’t focusing all that well, but she was alert enough to barely part her lashes. She studied the male who was breathing strangely, his robe still open.




Mind Control Stories

Tue, 17 Oct 2017 00:33:49 UTC

The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 8

(Mulder is enjoying the comforts of home with Melanie and her mom Terry when their expected visitors arrive) <br /><br />Terry checked the spyhole, then opened the door, keeping behind it to hide her nakedness from public view, and the Yamamoto family entered, casually dressed in a variety of skirts and tops. All shared the fine features of Japanese beauty – porcelain skin, glossy jet black hair, slender bodies, high cheekbones, oriental eyes. Rika, 44, smaller than all her daughters, slender, elegant as a geisha, Mayu 18, Karina 16 and Mika 14. Each removed her shoes, and then continued removing until she was completely naked, then Terry led them all into the lounge, where they showed no surprise at all at the sight of Mulder, naked, sitting on the couch, with Melanie, also naked, lying with her head in his lap.&nbsp; She broke off from sucking Mulder’s cock to smile a greeting.<br /><br />&quot;You must be Agent Mulder&quot;, Rika greeted him with a little bow.&nbsp; &quot;I am Rika,&nbsp; allow me to present my daughters, Mayu, Karina, and Mika.&quot;&nbsp; Each girl bowed as Rika spoke her name. &quot;Greg has told us a lot about you, Agent Mulder.&nbsp; So we are very pleased to meet you, and happy to see Melanie is looking after you.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;But a little sad that you started without us.&quot; she smiled sweetly, and kneeling by Mulder’s knees she took his cock from Melanie and lowered her head over it, her warm lips engulfing him, and pushed down until her face pressed against his pelvis, his cock right down her throat.&nbsp; She held it there for an impossibly long time before releasing it swiftly all the way out, and taking a long gasping breath.<br /><br />Meanwhile her three daughters were crowding round Mulder.&nbsp; Mayu, the eldest, knelt on the couch beside him, taking Terry’s place, offering a nipple for Mulder to suck, her hand between her own legs, stroking herself the way Greg had taught her to arouse her boyfriend.&nbsp; It also worked on Mulder.&nbsp; Karina was kissing Melanie, and squeezing her breasts.&nbsp; Mika had found the vibrator, removed it from Melanie’s pussy, turned the dial to maximum, and was considering where to apply it first.&nbsp; Terry had gone to the kitchen to bring refreshments.<br /><br />They continued to reminisce about Greg as they sat, knelt or lay all around Mulder. &quot;Remember that sleepover?&quot; said Terry. &quot;Yeah&quot; said Karina, &quot;I was still a virgin.&nbsp; And Greg went and fucked that fat cunt Mimi.&nbsp; And then he fucked the fake-blonde, Sharon, was it?&quot; &quot;Shannon&quot;, corrected Melanie. <br /><br />&quot;Right&quot; confirmed Karina.&nbsp; &quot;Yeah&quot; added Melanie, &quot;and then he went off to sleep with Mom&quot;. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;I was really hoping he was going to do me that night&quot; said Karina. &quot;Me too&quot; added Melanie. <br /><br />&quot;He didn’t actually sleep all that much&quot; commented Terry, with a smug grin. &quot;He must have made me cum a dozen times that night&quot;. &quot;I know, Mom, I could hear you&quot; said Melanie. &quot;God, I’m wet just thinking about it&quot; said Terry, sliding a finger into her slit and examining the result. <br /><br />&quot;But he did fuck you&quot; said Mayu to Karina. &quot;Not that time. I was still a virgin then.&quot; <br /><br />&quot;I remember when he did you, Karina. In my bed.&quot; said Melanie. &quot;He got you round here ‘cos he knew Mom was cool. I was so frustrated he didn’t let me watch.&nbsp; He’d done Priscilla in front of Marisa and me, so I thought he’d let me stay, but he didn’t, he sent me off to Priscilla’s so he could have you all to himself.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;Still,&quot; Melanie added dreamily, &quot;Priscilla made it up to me.&nbsp; We talked about Greg, and how he’d been the first for both of us. Priscilla reminded me, the time Greg popped my cherry, he didn’t invite anyone to watch. He’d got her to make out with Marisa while he sucked my pussy and made me cum with his fingers, but then he took me upstairs to fuck, and left them to it. She’d never played with a girl before, but they were both so horny and wet watching Greg eating me, they just had to get each other off.&nbsp; Then she showed me how. She made me cum so many times, just with her tongue.&nbsp; So, Karina, while you were getting your first fuck, I was getting my first orgasms from a girl.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;He got your blood on the sheets&quot; added Terry. &quot;I had to change them before Melanie came home.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;He never got round to fucking me&quot; said Mayu, a little mournfully. &quot;He did fuck me in the mouth, that first time he drugged the lot of us, I don’t think he knows I remember.&quot; <br /><br />&quot;I remember&quot; said Rika, coming up for air. &quot;He had us all completely spaced out and blissful, and he got us all naked, and that was cool, I was all mellow and thinking how nice it was to be all naked together, and what a sexy young man he was, and then I could hardly believe it, he just dropped his pants and stuck his cock in your mouth. Kept at it till he’d cum all over your face.&nbsp; In front of us all, including his girlfriend.&quot; &nbsp;<br /><br />Karina commented &quot;Oh, Marisa was well used to Greg by then. She said he was always like that.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;I wish he was still here.&nbsp; He could take my virginity right now&quot; said Mika, the youngest.&nbsp; She’d kept the vibrator, and was slowly working the tip of it between her virgin pussylips.&nbsp; &quot;He just kept wanting to fuck Mom&quot; said Mayu. &quot;And me&quot; added Karina. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;Mom&quot; said Karina, &quot;remember that time he came home with me and Mayu, and he was all over you with us watching&quot;. Mika joined in: &quot;Was that the day I came home and he was fucking you, Mom? And he started kissing me while he just kept on fucking you?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Yes dear&quot; said her mother. &quot;And then he taught me how to suck his cock the way he liked it&quot; continued Mika. &quot;When he sucked my pussy, I really wanted him to fuck me&quot; said Mika. &quot;He fucked me instead&quot; said Karina. &quot;Yes&quot; added her mother, &quot;while I made dinner. And after, when he took you upstairs. I could still hear you, you were noisy for hours.&quot; &quot;I saw them&quot; said Mika, proudly,&nbsp; &quot;I was still hoping he’d fuck me too.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;You and me both, kiddo&quot; added Mayu.<br /><br />Rika broke off from sucking Mulder’s cock to smile at her daughters. &quot;Maybe Agent Mulder can help.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Hey, get in line&quot; said Melanie, curled up beside Mulder, who was idly stroking her pussy, &quot;I saw him first&quot;.<br /><br />&quot;Play nice, girls&quot; said Rika.&nbsp; And to Mulder: &quot;maybe it’s time to tell the girls how good they are.&nbsp; Before they start fighting over your cock&quot;.&nbsp; Mulder shook his head. &quot;I’m not sure it will work on your girls yet. Depends what Greg told you.&quot; &quot;Try&quot; suggested Rika. So, he tried. &quot;Mayu, come here. Kiss me.&quot; She did, willingly, leaning over so her little titties hung free.&nbsp; Mulder gently tweaked a nipple as her lips found his.&nbsp; He broke off just enough to whisper &quot;I don’t know why Greg never fucked you, you’re so sexy, and such a Good girl Mayu&quot;, and then she was in his arms and the kiss was deep, wet and long. He ran his hand down her thigh, and pushed her knees apart.&nbsp; She understood, and opened her legs wide so he could slide his hand to her pussy, and inside, three fingers, while his thumb strummed her clitoris, and his pinkie explored the cleft of her butt, coming to rest against her tiny puckered hole.&nbsp; She was slick with her own juices. <br /><br />&quot;Was that an orgasm, Mayu?&quot; asked Mulder. &quot;Not yet, don’t stop&quot; she breathed, and holding his wrist, she moved his hand in and out of her pussy, thrusting her hips in counterpoint.&nbsp; Mulder gave her his full attention then, fingerfucking her rapidly, and getting the tip of his pinkie inside the ring of her anus, and she hit her climax with gasps and moans, and cheers of encouragement from friends and family.&nbsp; She slumped then, and Mulder gently helped her straddle him, and lower her soaking pussy onto his dick.&nbsp; She settled in astride him, hugging his neck, her head resting on his shoulder.&nbsp; Mulder looked out over her shoulder.&nbsp; Melanie was still curled up beside him, Mika was sitting crosslegged on the floor staring at him, and fingering her clit, the vibrator abandoned beside her. Rika and Terry were standing now, side by side, holding hands, each touching her own clit with her free hand, Karina was kneeling on the floor, eyes wide, watching.<br /><br />&quot;There’s something I need to say to you&quot; announced Mulder, over Mayu’s shoulder. &quot;Need to know, Just we three, For now&quot; he intoned.<br /><br />&quot;Good girl Mika&quot; – Mika gave a yelp, fell over backwards, her legs spread wide, and frantically rubbed her pussy as she groaned and gasped out her orgasm.<br /><br />&quot;I see it’s working now&quot; said Mulder. &quot;Come here, Rika, kiss me.&quot; and as Rika’s lips closed on his, he whispered to her: &quot;Good girl, Rika&quot;. Her mouth fell slackly open, her eyes widened, and she squeezed her legs together as Mulder’s tongue found hers, and she stood, bent over, with waves of tremors running the length of her body.&nbsp; Terry rubbed her back.&nbsp; Mayu ground her pelvis on Mulder, as if to say: I’m here too. Mulder stroked her back.&nbsp; &quot;Soon, Mayu, soon&quot;. Rika stood, shakily, and Terry embraced her, led her to the opposite couch and sat with her, arms around her, Rika’s head on Terry’s shoulder.&nbsp; &quot;Terry, kiss Rika for me, there’s a good girl&quot; said Mulder, and the two mothers embraced with passion.&nbsp; &quot;Come here Karina, come close.&quot;&nbsp; Karina knelt on the couch beside Mulder, where he could suck her little titties and run his fingers between her legs, feeling the wetness seeping from her pussy.&nbsp; Mayu continued to grind Mulder’s cock, then started to bounce on it.&nbsp; Mulder would blow soon, if he didn’t do something.&nbsp; And he had things he wanted to do with Karina and Melanie. So: &quot;Good girl Mayu!&quot;, and she erupted, bucking hard on him and warming his balls with a sudden flood of her juices.&nbsp; Good, another squirter, thought Mulder.<br /><br />He helped her off him, and she lay down in Melanie’s spot, as Mulder summoned Melanie to join Karina.&nbsp; He sat them side by side and knelt between Karina’s knees, for a taste of her teenage pussy.&nbsp;&nbsp; Mulder directed her to kiss Melanie if she liked, while he slid one hand up Melanie’s thigh and inserted his fingers into her already juicy slit, while his lips and tongue explored the corresponding region of Karina.&nbsp; His dick was aching for a real fuck now, so he pushed Karina over onto her back on the couch, and told Melanie to straddle her face.&nbsp; &quot;Karina, I’m going to fuck you now, while you suck on Melanie’s pussy&quot;. &quot;Oh, yesss Karina, stick your tongue right inside, yes like that yesss. God. Fuck. Yeah&quot; Melanie directed Karina with enthusiasm.<br /><br />A long period of exercise followed, with Mulder thrusting hard into Karina while Melanie ground her&nbsp; pussy on Karina’s mouth, and leaned forward so she could share wet tongue kisses with Mulder, until he felt he could hold it no longer, and sent them all off into near simultaneous orgasms:<br /><br />&quot;Melanie, are you ready for another one?&quot; &quot;Of course, Agent Mulder, I thought you’d forgotten me&quot;.&nbsp; &quot;I’ll never forget you Melanie. Good girl Melanie, and – fuck I’m cumming – good girl Karina FUUUUCK!!!&quot; and he pumped his load into the depths of Karina’s 16 year old cunt, while her mother watched from across the room, cradled in the arms of Melanie’s mother, who was gently stroking one of her nipples with one hand, and her clit with the other.&nbsp; &quot;And good girl Rika, Mika, Terry, Mayu&quot; Mulder threw in for good measure, sending all the pussies in the room into spasms of pleasure.<br />—<br />The bathroom was crowded as they all set busily to washing each other using the over-bath shower.&nbsp; The triangular spa bath wasn’t really big enough for all 7 of them, but they squeezed in anyway, standing room only for all but one at a time. Mulder had only to stand in the middle as 6 different mouths took it in turn to suck and lick his dick clean of all traces of semen and pussy juice.&nbsp;&nbsp; He slowed proceedings by announcing &quot;Good girl&quot; over and over to whoever was at that moment enjoying his cock. &nbsp;<br /><br />They got him hard again, and then Rika and Terry held little Mika in front of Mulder so he could slide his cock between her butt cheeks, and gently between the lips of her pussy.&nbsp; He stopped against the blockage of her hymen.&nbsp; &quot;Ready&quot; asked Rika?&nbsp; &quot;Yes mama, do it, I want to feel it inside me, all the way in&quot;, and with her two older sisters pushing Mulder’s buttocks, and her mother and Terry holding her pelvis, they thrust them together. Mulder found the obstruction give way, Mika gasped, and Mulder’s dick went all the way into her.&nbsp; &quot;Oooooh mama, mama it hurts. It’s filling me right up.&nbsp; Oooh Agent Mulder, move it, yess, fuck me, fuck me like you fucked my sisters, yess…&quot; and she was bucking now of her own volition, and Mulder needed no assistance from the older sisters, though it was nice to feel that finger – whoever’s it was – just entering his anus on each back stroke, until he found himself once more on the brink, and another load of cum pulsed up his pipe into the cute little 14 year old Japanese schoolgirl whose virginity he had just had the joy of terminating. The final &quot;Good girl Mika&quot; was hardly necessary, as she clung to her mother, arms round her neck, and Mulder withdrew his blood streaked meat stick from her newly initiated love tunnel, and blobs of red stained cum dripped by his toes.<br /><br />As the women dried themselves and the girls squabbled over towels, Mulder phoned Scully:&nbsp; &quot;They’re ready to go to the plane. Send the limo.&quot;<br />—-<br />Back at the hotel, Mulder scrolled thru his notes,&nbsp; considering his options for Sunday evening. &nbsp;<br /><br />The Christian and Japanese families were gone, as were Terry and Melanie.&nbsp; He could ring a few more of Greg’s slaves, get them to his hotel, but that might be a bit risky.&nbsp; Out of town adult male stranger has a posse of teenage schoolgirls visiting his hotel room. No, best not.&nbsp; He could go back to the Odom family, the chatty Colleen and her two lovely daughters. Was there another choice?&nbsp; Yes, as it turned out. &nbsp;<br /><br />Geri King, the cheerleader, the one he’d fucked on his first day at the school. She lived with her solo mum Annie and little sister Debi, and all were on the list of the Enslaved.&nbsp; Annie was 45 and &quot;a total MILF&quot; according to Greg, who had fucked her almost the instant he met her. Debi was 14 and on the pill, though still a virgin.<br /><br />So, the King residence would do nicely as venue for his next operation. As well as the squad of pussies he’d just sent, he needed to prepare some more stimulation to help Greg maintain his semen production.&nbsp; Some personalised pornography should fit the bill. He phoned Geri, who was delighted to hear from him, invited himself over, and gave her a list of girls to invite for the evening.&nbsp; Then he gathered the equipment that Scully had delivered on the last flight, and set out.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />

Mind Control Stories

Thu, 13 Sep 2012 03:14:14 UTC

powers chapters 1 and 2

its going to be a long series about a teenager who gets superpowers. i’m sure you can guess what he does with them.

i uploaded chapters 1 and 2 together because chapter 1 is completely exposition. some chapters will be all story but i’ll upload them with a sex scene.

i am a girl but i wanted to try writing from a male perspective. these are coming from my erotic daydreams and i’m kinda perverted so these are gonna get kinda weird.

Mind Control Stories

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The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 7

<p>Mulder finished breakfast round the dining table with the Odom family, all four of them naked by unspoken agreement, or by Greg’s Rules, in any case, nobody had bothered to put on clothes.&nbsp; </p><p>Out of a sense of fairness more than anything else, Mulder decide he’d blow his final load into Lauren, and he did this on his knees behind her in doggy style, while Colleen supported Sherry, who was standing with one foot on Mulder’s shoulder, allowing him to slurp on her wide open pussy.&nbsp; As he came, he delivered each one her final orgasm: Good girl Lauren, Good girl Sherry.&nbsp; Then pulling out and standing up, unbidden the two sisters greedily cleaned up his cock with their tongues, while he embraced and deeply kissed their mother, holding her close and fondling her left breast as he whispered a final &quot;Good girl&quot; in her ear.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><hr />Back at the hotel, after a nap, he called Scully.&nbsp; She was happy with the delivery, and now had seven full time Magic Potion producers to organize, including Marisa.&nbsp; She told Mulder she had moved them all into the luxury mansion they’d recently ‘borrowed’ from a Business Tycoon, who was currently away indefinitely ‘on business’, (meaning he was detained in a Secure Facility helping the agency – willingly&nbsp; or not – with their investigation into his mainly South American business partners.&nbsp; The place was secluded, easily guarded, and had room for Greg and over a dozen Guests, plus servant’s quarters for essential agency personnel.&nbsp; There was even a lab of a kind, now taken over for Magic Potion analysis and packaging. <p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>But the Director was pushing for more Magic Potion with an urgency that suggested a clock was ticking somewhere.&nbsp; So she needed to expand this pussy farm even further. &quot;How about I round up that Japanese family – there’s four of them, plus Melanie and her mum Terry, she’s a solo mum so less complications, that’s six.&nbsp; Send the plane and I’ll get them on it.&quot; &nbsp;</p><p> &quot;OK Mulder, that sounds good. How about I get Greg to speak to the Yamamotos, invite them round to Terry’s?&quot; she suggested.&nbsp; &quot;That sounds like a plan. I’ll meet them all there.&quot; Mulder rang off.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><hr />When Terry opened her door to Mulder, she was wearing a thick white towelling bathrobe. To Mulder’s eye, it looked like she’d just this second pulled it on.&nbsp; His notes told him that Terry and her daughter Melanie were among the first of Greg’s slaves, and that he’d long had them in the habit of domestic nudity. Terry was tall, big boned, voluptuous in Mulder’s book, with possibly C-cup breasts.&nbsp; The knotted belt accentuated her broad hips and flat tummy.&nbsp; Mulder estimated her age as around 40, and reckoned she’d still look great in a bikini. Or out of one.&nbsp; A real MILF, in his book. &nbsp;<p>&nbsp;</p><p> &quot;Good morning ma’am, I’m Agent Mulder, and I believe you’re expecting me&quot;.&nbsp;</p><p> &quot;Certainly, come in Agent Mulder, make yourself at home&quot;, she replied, ushering him in, closing the door, and dropping her robe all in one swift movement.&nbsp; She was indeed statuesque, in the Venus-de-Milo sense, and her sudden and beautiful nudity snatched Mulder’s breath away.&nbsp; He’d expected to have to go thru the code-word ritual before anything like this happened.&nbsp; Clearly Greg was being extra helpful today. </p><p>&quot;You can hang your clothes here&quot; she said, indicating a closet. &quot;Come on, lose the garments, Agent Mulder.&nbsp; We got a No Clothes Rule in this house, at least among friends.&nbsp; Greg said you were a friend. So, get nekkid while I fetch Melanie.&quot;</p><p>No point in argument, not with this lady, thought Mulder, as he kicked off his shoes. Terry was back in a moment, and her 16 year old daughter Melanie was with her, also naked.&nbsp; A slimmer version of her mom, in perfect proportion, B cup titties and a perfect ass, not too skinny. Black hair cut in a short, spiky, just out of the shower look.&nbsp; Smile like her mom’s, and the same warm brown eyes.&nbsp; A lovely pair, he thought, for a mother-and-daughter sandwich. </p><p>&quot;How about I fetch you a nice cup of coffee, and you tell us what’s really happened with Greg?&nbsp; I didn’t believe a word of that horsehit on TV about him being an armed and dangerous fugitive. Mind you I knew he couldn’t last for ever, cocky little shit that he was, he was heading for a fall.&nbsp; Do you know, he had me running all over the place for him, picking up his zombies, bringing them here so he could fuck them. He had me suck him off and he popped Melanie’s cherry as soon as he thought I was too doped up to notice.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Yep, he sure popped it&quot; commented Melanie, with a wistful look. &quot;Pop goes the Virgin&quot; she sang. </p><p>Ignoring her, Terry continued: &quot;Worst of all, it took the young fucker ages before he actually got round to fucking me.&quot; She paused, as if suddenly remembering something. &nbsp; </p><p>&quot;He’s got a huge dick, did you know? Long AND thick. All the energy of a 15 year old, and more experience than guys three times his age. Gave me the fuck of a lifetime.&quot; </p><p> Terry concluded:&nbsp; &quot;He’s insufferable, but he’s irresistable.&nbsp; I hope he’s ok.&quot; </p><p>Over coffee around the kitchen table, Mulder assured them that yes, Greg was ok.&nbsp; He was in a secret location, doing important work for the government, but it was all on a need-to-know basis, so let’s keep this between just we three, for now.&nbsp; Mulder wasn’t sure the handover would be complete without the key phrases.&nbsp; Melanie didn’t react, but Terry looked a little startled as the phrases connected, then she gave Mulder a really sweet smile, and said: &quot;Is this when you tell us how good we are?&quot;.&nbsp; Oh my, Mulder was getting to like this lady. &quot;Yes, good girl Terry.&nbsp; Good girl Melanie.&quot;&nbsp; </p><p>Mother and daughter panted and gasped and shuddered and hugged each other as their orgasms ripped through them.&nbsp; Nice.&nbsp; After half a minute, Terry opened her eyes and met Mulders.&nbsp; &quot;Thanks.&nbsp; Would you like yours now, or later?&quot;</p><p> &quot;Later, Terry.&nbsp; Though it’s tempting.&nbsp; But I think you’re expecting more visitors about now.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Well, lets cuddle up in the lounge and wait for them&quot; said Terry.&nbsp; So, they did.&nbsp; Mulder sat in the middle, Terry snuggled close so he could wrap one arm round her and hold her breast in the other, while Melanie settled her head on his lap and made slow gentle love to his cock, kissing, licking and caressing, and holding it in her mouth without actually sucking. </p><p> Terry continued reminiscing about Greg.&nbsp; &quot;He even got me to fuck my boss.&nbsp; That was kinda nice, I’d never have done it without him.&quot; she gazed peacefully into space. &nbsp; </p><p>Then: &quot;Hey, Mel, remember that Saturday he got me to fetch those two girls from the mall? Karina, wasn’t it.&nbsp; And the other one? The skinny little blonde one?&quot;.&nbsp; Melanie emptied her mouth to answer &quot;Sierra&quot;. &quot;Yeah, Sierra. Total zombies, the pair of them. And Greg was mad keen to fuck them, and he’d run out of condoms, so he sent me out to buy more.&nbsp; And then when I got back he didn’t use them anyway, just fucked Sierra’s mouth and came all over her face.&nbsp; I don’t think he even noticed I was watching. I just loved seeing his cock, specially when he’d cum.&quot;&nbsp; &nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Agent Mulder’s got a nice cock, momma&quot; said Melanie, admiring it. </p><p>&quot;Yes, dear, he has.&nbsp; Maybe he’ll fuck you with it later, if you ask him nicely&quot;, and Terry leaned in to Mulder’s face for a long lingering tongue kiss.&nbsp; &quot;Mmmm, yes&quot; said Melanie. &quot;I’d like that.&nbsp; It’s been soooo long since Greg fucked me, I think my cunt’s closing up again.&nbsp; I’m regrowing my maidenhead.&nbsp; I’ll need to be deflowered all over again if I don’t get a dick inside me soon.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Don’t be silly dear&quot; her mother replied. &quot;Maidenheads don’t regrow.&nbsp; But if you like you can use my vibrator, that’ll keep your passage open.&nbsp; Fetch it now if you like, I’m sure Agent Mulder won’t mind&quot;. </p><p>&quot;Ooh, can I momma?&quot; and to Mulder: &quot;Back in a minute&quot;, and she was gone, cute little butt wiggling as she scuttled up the stairs. &quot;It’s in the top drawer&quot; Terry called after her. </p><p>So when Terry got up to answer the door, Melanie was lying comfortably with her head in Mulder’s lap, slowly probing herself with Terry’s purple vibrator. Mulder could see it go all the way in, and as it came out it was streaked with white froth. </p>

Mind Control Stories

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powers 1&2

a teenager gets superpowers. you can guess what he does with them.

i am a girl but i wanted to try a first person male perspective.

this is mostly coming from my erotic fantasies so it will get kinda weird in the coming chapters.

my first shot at erotic fiction. enjoy

In 1975 ww3 started. The whole world got a good dose of radiation poisoning. As it happened that didn’t really turn out to be such a bad thing but that sorta’ depends on who you ask. Since about 1/1000th of the people born since 1980 has had super powers I, the twenty year old in 2015, think it’s pretty cool, but y’know if ya ask someone born in the sixties, with no hair and boils all over their face I doubt they think it’s so cool, but hey, fuck’um. Not my problem.

Anyway back to the powers. The scientists say it’s something to do with mutation and that seems as likely as not but if you ask someone on the street chances are good that they’ll say something about God. I don’t really have any thoughts on it myself.

Most people with a power only have one power. Y’know like being really strong or shooting fire from their hands. Even the scientists really have no clue how any of this shit works. A power’s, that we are called “power”s, biology isn’t any different from a normal human’s and there’s no way to tell if a person is going to develop a power until adolescence when the power shows itself, usually in a big and flashy way.

My power coming to me came in a pretty subtle way all things told. I was 16 and in the middle of class, the teacher, Ms. Hendrix was ripping me a new one for not doing my homework. She was about 30 and hot as could be in a tight white blouse, a tight business skirt and 4 inch black heels. In the middle of her tirade between my “yes, ma’am”s and “sorry ma’am”s I mumbled under my breath “shut the fuck up, bitch.” And she did. She couldn’t speak. For five full seconds while I was still more angry than confused she couldn’t speak. In fact she was completely silent. When I thought to myself “why can’t she speak?” she could suddenly speak again. At this point I still had no idea that I had a power let alone how to control it.

It was at lunch that day before I started to suspect that it was me who had shut up Ms. Hendrix. I was sitting with some of my friends in the cafeteria. My one friend Benson, who was a at tub of lard if ever I saw one, had enough lunch for three and I had none, my mother having drunk all the money away and my father having not sent a child support check in the last decade. I suppose being dead gave him leave to skip out on child support but it was still annoying. Anyway, as was my usual, I asked Benson for some of his food. Not expecting any to actually come my way. So when he pushed his box my way everyone at the table was surprised. Benson was famous for not sharing.

“You sure?” I asked. He looked real unsure about it but nodded. As I ate the food I got real quiet. I was thinking. I started putting two and two together. I decided to run a little test. I looked to one of my other friends, rick, his mom always put green beans in his lunch box even though he hated them, he always threw them out without eating them. I hated him a little for that.

“Eat your green beans,” I told him.

“Okay,” he said. he did.

And I knew. I knew without a doubt that I was a power. Not just a Strength or a Flame but a Mind, one of the most dangerous types of powers. I looked around the table. Everyone was looking back at me. They knew what I knew. I couldn’t let them go on with that kind of information. Even a High school kid like me knew that it was not a good idea to spread around info like that. A few decades ago, before anyone really knew what was going on, there had been a couple of powers who thought that they were gods. Eventually the army had to get involved. Now the general consensus was that powers were crazy and needed to be controlled. There were a bunch of really strict laws in place about how we could live. Think of it like being a black person in 1920. Just sorta’ unpleasant.
Why would I live like that if I could help it? So I tried something I thought Minds might be able to do. I reached into the minds of everyone at the table and I took the memories of the last five minutes from them. I gave the lunch box back to Benson. I wouldn’t need to beg for food ever again. As I thought about that I wiped my entire existence from everyone in the school. Nobody knew that I ever existed.

I thought that I didn’t want to be seen and I wasn’t. This is a really user friendly power, I thought. It wasn’t so much that nobody saw me it was more like nobody noticed me. I was just a piece of the background, not worthy of anyone’s attention.

Time to have some fun, I thought.


Ms. Hendrix didn’t look up as I entered the teacher’s lounge. She wouldn’t until I made myself noticeable again. I had made it so that the other teachers and students who might want to come here would suddenly think up very good reasons not to come in about 20 feet from the door. Minds could do some interesting things. I would have to experiment later with some more things I wanted to try out.

I made myself noticeable again and gave Ms. Hendrix her memories of me back. She looked up suddenly, surprised by my presence.

“What are you doing here, Joseph?” she asked. Somewhat distressed about her lunch being interrupted but trying not to show it.

“I need to talk to you, Ms. Hendrix, as my counselor,” I said taking a seat on a couch across from hers. I sat in the middle of the couch, my arms behind my head on the top part of the couch, relaxed as could be.

“Alright,” she said, frowning, “what do you need to talk about?” I want to get back to lunch so hurry this up, she thought, not letting any of her annoyance show on her face.
[You’re a total slut. All you can think about is my dick and how much you want to suck it], I thought at her. And that was all it took. I saw it instantly. A light blush came to her cheeks, her back arched ever so slightly, I could just see her nipples poking through her bra and the blouse, her eyes wandered down my body, and she re-crossed her legs, drawing attention to her stocking covered thighs. I noticed all of this but pretended that I didn’t.

“You see, Ms. Hendrix,” I said, getting excited from seeing her excited, “I’ve been through a lot of emotional trauma lately and I need some consoling”

She smiled, she had seen her chance. She stood up and walked over to me. In her heels she was six feet tall. A good deal taller than me, I’m about 5’6. I found that very hot.

“I think I know the best way to console you,” she said slow and sultry as she undid the top two buttons of her blouse. She knelt between my spread legs and undid the fly of my jeans showing me ample cleavage between her large milky white mounds. My cock sprang to attention and she looked slightly disappointed with my 5 inches. I wished that I was longer and suddenly my cock was 10 inches and throbbing. I was so surprised that I nearly forgot to make Mrs. Hendrix forget that my dick had just doubled in size. I was a poly-power! One of a very small number of powers who had more than one power. I was a Mind and a polymorph. I could alter myself to look however I wanted.

I stopped being able to think for a second as Ms. Hendrix licked my shaft up and down like she couldn’t get enough. She took the head of my fully erect ten inch penis into her mouth and I let out a small moan. Ms. Hendrix twirled her tongue around the head as she took me deeper into her mouth. She used one hand to stroke the lower half of my cock and the other hand to massage my balls. She looked up at me from her knees and I could see that she loved it. She left off for a second and slowly, in one long lick, made her way from the tip of my shaft to the base where she licked around my balls. While she was down there her left hand maintained a steady rhythm, stroking the top four inches of so of my fully erect shlong. Her right hand had started on my waist but had been making its way across my ass and at the same time that she took my balls into her mouth and started sucking she put one finger into my asshole. It was way too much for a sixteen year old to handle.

“I’M CUMMING!” I screamed. She barely backed off in time to catch my hot load all over her herself. It went on for a good twenty seconds and I think she caught about a fifth of it in her mouth. The rest went all over her face, into one eye, on both cheeks, her chin, the top of her tits, and I think a little of it even went into her cleavage.

She looked at me, one eye shut, covered in my seed, and I knew she would need more. I was ready to give it to her.

Mind Control Stories

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The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 6

The limo stopped inside a hanger at the local airport, near the steps leading up to a gleaming white corporate jet.&nbsp; A redhaired woman in a charcoal business suit greeted them, and led them to the steps. &quot;All aboard, please take a seat and strap in, and I’ll explain it all as we go.&quot;&nbsp; Bemused, and not actually under orders, the family mounted the steps.&nbsp; Mary Anne, Krista, Kylie, and Abbey bringing up the rear.&nbsp; Scully followed them inside.&nbsp; The seats were grouped like in a train, forward and rearward pairs facing each other.&nbsp; There were two other passengers already seated, but they seemed to be asleep. <br /><br />Scully guided the family into a group of four seats.&nbsp; Krista sat beside her mother, with the older girls opposite.&nbsp; Scully spoke: &quot;First of all, thanks for coming at such short notice.&nbsp; I can’t tell you much, this is all you need to know: Just We Three. For Now.&quot;&nbsp; The puzzled look was wiped off Mary Anne’s face, replaced by an understanding, relaxed attention.&nbsp; The other girls were barely listening until the Magic Words, but now they were paying full attention, in a totally relaxed manner.<br /><br />&quot;You are going to help us produce Magic Potion, Greg called it hypnojuice. Abbey and Krista, you’ve done this before, though I’m not sure you remember. Here’s how it works. Take these&quot;, and she handed each of the four a syringe, without a needle, containing a small measure of a familiar looking whitish fluid, and a tampon in an applicator.<br /><br />&quot;Mary Anne, slip your sweatpants down a bit, pull your panties aside and insert the syringe as far as it will go into your vagina. Now press the plunger, that’s a good girl.&quot;<br /><br />Simultaneously, the verbally triggered orgasm, and Gregs’ knockout semen hit her. Her face showed amazement, then blankness.&nbsp; Scully withdrew the syringe from Mary Anne’s limp fingers, and slid the tampon applicator in, released the tampon and withdrew the applicator.&nbsp; Then she pulled Mary Anne’s panties back in place, but left her sweatpants at half mast.<br /><br />Scully repeated the procedure with each daughter, finishing as the plane reached the runway and began to accelerate.&nbsp; For the rest of the flight, the four tampons steadily absorbed their charges of Greg’s hypnojuice, now designated &quot;Magic Potion&quot;.&nbsp; Any time she noticed one of the four waking up, she told her &quot;Good girl&quot;, so another orgasm added to the flow of juices soaking into the tampon.<br /><br />Just before landing, Scully retrieved the tampons from all the passengers and sealed them into sandwich bags.&nbsp; A good start, as long as the semen was still fresh enough.&nbsp; Should be, she’d personally extracted it only three hours before.&nbsp; As a direct hypnotic, the semen was still effective for days even when dried, but there was still no information on how fresh it had to be to stimulate the production of Magic Potion. Suck it and see, thought Scully with a wry smile.<br />…<br />Colleen Odom, mother of teenagers Lauren and Sherry,&nbsp; opened her front door as Mulder approached.&nbsp; She had her light blonde hair tied back and was wearing a one-piece wraparound and holding her cellphone to her ear.&nbsp; She was quite short, and in very good shape if a little pale, the robe concealing what had to be a pair of D cups at least. Mulder estimated her age at 36, though her face looked at least four years younger.&nbsp; Got knocked up when she was 18, Mulder calculated. Still just a girl herself.<br /><br />&quot;Yes, he’s here&quot; she said to the phone, and held the door wide for Mulder to enter. &quot;I’m Mulder&quot; said Mulder.&nbsp; Colleen replied &quot;Yes, that’s what Greg told me.&nbsp; He said you’d come to make me cum&quot;, and she giggled like a schoolgirl.&nbsp; Fuck me, thought Mulder, I like this woman already, so he said &quot;Good girl&quot;, and Colleen’s eyes rolled upwards and her knees sagged and he thought she was going to faint, but she steadied herself, smiled at him, said &quot;I always loved how Greg used to do that.&nbsp; He thought I didn’t know what he was doing. How can two little words have such a big effect?&nbsp; But only when he said them.&quot; She put on a sad-little-girl pout.&nbsp; Then brightened at once, a sudden smile like the sun coming out: &quot;And now you can do it too!&nbsp; Would you like some lunch? And tell me again what a Good Girl I am?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Maybe later.&nbsp; Are your daughter’s at home?&quot; Colleen yelled up the stairs, and the girls emerged. &nbsp;<br /><br />Sherry, 16, was a 5’7&quot; thin, wide lipped broad shouldered blonde with B cups and wonderfully formed hips and thighs, wearing an oversized sweatshirt that came half way down her thighs, and no other visible clothing.<br />&nbsp; <br />Lauren was 18, similar to Sherry but with C cup breasts and hips and ass in proportion.&nbsp; She wore a wrap like her Moms, but in a different color, and, again, no other visible garments.<br />&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />Mulder had his phone ready. &quot;Someone wants to speak to you both&quot;.<br /><br />Thirty minutes later, Mulder was enjoying a fresh cup of coffee in Colleen’s lounge, with Colleen and her daughters sitting on the floor around the coffee table.&nbsp; The girls were now naked, and Colleen had also discarded her wrap. She wore nothing underneath. Mulder could see a glint of light reflecting from a bead of juice leaking from her pussy.&nbsp; On the table between them was a Twister dial, and Colleen was spinning it.&nbsp; When it stopped, Mulder noticed where it was pointing, and said &quot;Good Girl, Lauren&quot;. &nbsp;<br /><br />They’d been playing this game at Colleen’s suggestion: &quot;Girls, we hardly ever have fun together any more: let’s play Twister!&quot; The girls looked at each other, miming &quot;she’s crazy&quot; at each other. &quot;With a difference, you’ll see&quot;, and she made a suggestion to Mulder, which he relayed as a command, so they couldn’t refuse: &quot;Girls, lose the clothes and sit down round the coffee table&quot;.&nbsp; Not to be the odd one out, Mulder also got naked, his erection already full grown.<br /><br />Colleen seemed delighted to have someone to Really Talk To, and her account of how it had been to be the sex-slave to the horny 15 year old Greg was not what Mulder had expected. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;So he used to feed us these Magic KitKats, got us totally stoned and horny, eh girls? Then he’d basically do whatever his horny little teenage imagination could come up with.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;The first time I met him, he got us all doped up so we were completely cool with whatever he wanted, you know, and he got the three of us buck naked like we are now, and I was sure he was going to fuck one of my daughters, or maybe both of them, and I was just, like, cool, I’m gonna see my little girls get fucked, but then he left them down here and took me up to the bedroom, fucked the daylights out of me and came all over me. I felt quite flattered he’d decided to fuck me at all, I thought he’d only want the youngsters.&nbsp; And he sure could fuck, he’d such stamina. Fucked me all night once, right thru until dawn. I’d never been fucked like that, not even the night Lauren got started. Even with a houseful of teenage girls downstairs all dosed up on his Magic KitKat, he could have taken any of them, but he chose me!&quot;<br /><br />&quot;But he’d never cum inside me, kept pulling out and spraying it everywhere.&nbsp; Too much porn I reckon. I do love it when a cock squirts inside me, especially if it’s a big load and it squirts out real hard, it kind of tickles right up inside, it can make me cum all by itself.&quot;<br /><br />&quot;And when he told me to put the girls on the pill, I nearly laughed out loud. As if I hadn’t thought of that already.&nbsp; I knew he’d be fucking them sooner or later.&nbsp; Whatever Greg wants, Greg gets.&nbsp; I don’t know how he did it, but he was just irresistable.&nbsp; He’d given me more than my fair share of attention, so when he got me stoned and went upstairs to fuck that girl Hailey, I didn’t mind a bit. &quot;<br /><br />Mulder started thinking that it might be time to stick his cock in Colleen’s mouth, at least it would shut her up.&nbsp; But then the Twister arrow pointed to her, and he said &quot;Good girl, Colleen&quot;, and she was rendered speechless.<br /><br />&quot;So, you’re both on the pill, girls?&quot; &quot;Yes&quot; they chorused. <br /><br />Despite Colleen’s incessant chatter, the sight of these three getting repeated orgasms at his command was having the inevitable effect on Mulder, and he decided it was time to deal with it. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;Gather round, all of you, on your knees&quot;, and he stood up&nbsp; His pole was already fully extended. &quot;You know what to do now, don’t you?&quot;.&nbsp; Three voices chorused &quot;Yes&quot;, and then he found his cock the center of attention from three eager mouths.&nbsp; He let them do it their way until he was right on the edge. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;Who won the last Twister round?&quot; &quot;Me&quot; said Sherry.&nbsp; &quot;Then I’m going to cum in your pussy, Sherry. Stand up, turn round, put your hands on the table&quot;.&nbsp; She did, and Mulder entered her from behind.&nbsp; &quot;Kiss me, Lauren, while I fuck your little sister&quot;. Unbidden, Colleen stood and embraced bith Lauren and Mulder, and Mulder fondled her ample D cup breasts with one hand while his other held Lauren’s ass.&nbsp; Groping Mother, kissing elder and fucking younger daughter, Mulder let the ecstacy take him, and he spurted his load deep into the 16 year old’s pussy.&nbsp; He held it in until his knees protested, then sat down on the couch, pulling out of Sherry with a plop that sent blobs of cum spattering down on the carpet.&nbsp; &quot;Colleen and Lauren, lick my dick clean. Sherry, sweetie, come here and kiss me&quot;. Then finally, he added: &quot;Good girls, all of you&quot;, hoping this would work, as he didn’t feel he could be bothered with telling them each individually.<br /><br />Fortunately, it did.<br /><br />He hadn’t meant to stay the night, but once it occurred to him to say &quot;Colleen, shut up&quot;, he found it far too pleasant to leave.&nbsp; Her bed was big enough for the four of them, as long as one of them was happy to curl up between his legs, so he spent much of the night cuddling and kissing two of them while the third sucked on his cock.&nbsp; Whenever he remembered, he’d mumble &quot;Good girl&quot; to one of them, trying to stay reasonably fair.&nbsp; He dozed off, and woke to find Colleen astride him in cowgirl, riding hard on his already stiff member, while her two daughters slept on either side of him.&nbsp; She kept on until she finally got what she wanted, as Mulder’s cum jetted up inside her, and he completed her pleasure by murmuring &quot;Good girl&quot;.<br />

Mind Control Stories

Sat, 01 Sep 2012 07:12:08 UTC

my super powers

a normal teenager gets superpowers. you can guess what he does with them.

i am a girl but i wanted to try first person from a male prospective. these stories will mostly be my erotic fantasies so they will get pretty weird.

Mind Control Stories

Mon, 31 Aug 2015 21:06:18 UTC

The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 5

<p>Mulder spent Friday in the office of Mr Pulaski, the Principal of Greg’s school, methodically calling in the girls on Greg’s list, and getting them handed over to his control via a phone call to Greg. He was also on the lookout for possible recruits for Magic Potion production, girls with copious vaginal secretion.&nbsp; </p><p>Greg’s habit of giving each girl a farewell orgasm now had a practical use, and Mulder now had a legitimate excuse for fingering each girl’s cunt, checking how wet she’d become. Each girl, he confirmed control by asking the same questions: have you just had an orgasm (yes), are you wearing panties (no), are you a virgin, are you on birth control. A surprising number were still virgins.&nbsp; Greg had been enrolling girls faster than he could fuck them, and he tended to leave the under 15s, clearly prefering them a little more developed. A few of the virgins were on birth control already, that had to be Greg’s doing, and so were around a third of the seniors. None of the Latinas, but that was to be expected. &nbsp; </p><p>Every girl got nicely wet courtesy of Greg’s final post-hypnotic orgasm, but some a whole lot more than others. Mulder classified them as wet, soaking, and squirters.&nbsp; The girls were still subject to Greg’s rules banning panties and pubic hair, giving Mulder a steady parade of smooth hairless pussies he could just reach out and touch. This had the natural consequence that Mulder’s dick was permanently hard and seeping precum into his underwear, but he had to press on or he’d be here for weeks.&nbsp; Which he wouldn’t mind at all, but other duties awaited him.&nbsp; </p><p>He determined to ration himself. One fuck before lunchtime, maybe a blowjob in the afternoon, and back to the hotel and Miss Shell for the night. </p><p>He’d had worse days. </p><p> About 10:30 he decided he’d fuck the next non-virgin who was on birth control.&nbsp; As luck would have it, he didn’t get one until 12:15, having gone through a long succession of virgins and ex-virgins who depended solely on condoms.&nbsp; So when it finally happened, Mulder was almost sore from containing his peristent erection all morning.&nbsp; </p><p>She was a senior girl, Mackenzie Murphy, a 5’8&quot; skinny brunette with B cups, long legs and a nice heart shaped ass.&nbsp; After checking her pussy for wetness, and finding she was near as dammit another squirter, having dribbled pussy juice down both thighs from her Good Girl orgasm, Mulder knew she was the one.&nbsp; She watched silently as he stripped off all his clothes, his erection springing out proudly. &nbsp;</p><p>&quot;Open your legs and sit back, I want to taste your pussy&quot;. She complied, spreading her lovely long legs wide, and he bowed his head and set about slowly licking her hot tender flesh.&nbsp; He enjoyed bringing her lovingly along the Heavenly Path to Nirvana, and kept on at her with lips, tongue, nose, chin and teeth until she gasped and bucked and thrust into his face and flooded him with her hot juice.&nbsp; Then he moved up to kiss her wetly in the mouth, licking her juices into her mouth, while he thrust his cock into her squelching lovetube.&nbsp; The pent up desire of the morning flooded out of him and he hadn’t been fucking her for more than a few minutes when he let go completely and flooded her with as much spunk as he’d ever pumped into a cunt, gasping &quot;Good girl!&quot; at the same time, making her thrash around so hard he had to hold on tight to her perfect ass to prevent being bucked right off her. &nbsp; </p><p>He got her to lick his cock clean, then he left her to rest. </p><p>The huge and spreading stain on the couch confirmed she’d be a welcome addition to the Magic Potion team, so while she was resting he had Pulaski fetch Miss Shell.&nbsp; When he had the three of them together, he told them that Mackenzie and Miss Shell would be going on a school-sponsored week-long educational field trip, and Pulaski was to square it with Mackenzie’s family, and arrange to cover for Miss Shell’s absence.&nbsp; Miss Shell was told to collect Mackenzie next morning and get to the airport with her by noon. &nbsp; </p><p>Once he was alone, Mulder called Scully.&nbsp; &quot;Send the plane tomorrow morning, you can bring back at least 2 fully-certified squirters for your pussyfarm, maybe more.&quot; </p><p> &quot;That will help&quot; said Scully, &quot;the Director’s piling on the pressure, and so far it’s just Marisa and me.&quot; Then Scully added: &quot;There is another thing: We’re trying to maximise output here, and our young attention-deficient friend is used to a bit more variety than he’s getting at present.&quot; </p><p>&quot;He’s not tired of you already, Scully? That must be a blow to your self-esteem&quot;. </p><p> &quot;Shut up, Mulder, or I’ll come down there and blow your self-esteem.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Oh, I wish you would.&nbsp; Meanwhile, where’s that equipment I asked for?&nbsp; If you can send it on the plane, I should be able to get you something to revive The Boy’s interest.&quot; </p><p> He declared himself a lunchbreak, and lay down on the couch for a nap. &nbsp; Around 2 pm he called Pulaski and sent him to fetch the next few girls on the list, and dealt with them routinely until he found his dick once more taking an interest in life.&nbsp; Then he scanned the remaining list for something special.&nbsp; His desire this time was for a blowjob, so birth control wasn’t a requirement.&nbsp; </p><p>He picked 17 year old Mandy (slim, C cup, not on birth control, according to his notes).&nbsp; She looked good enough to him, and while she was sitting with a dazed post-orgasmic smile on her face, he told her to get naked, suck his dick, not to stop before he’d cum, to swallow it all, to masturbate at the same time, and not hold back on her own orgasms.&nbsp; She obeyed all instructions to the letter, and as he finished pumping his spunk into her mouth, he rewarded her with &quot;Good Girl!!!&quot; and watched her furiously fingerfuck herself as she exploded in a final orgasm. </p><p> Fuck but this had to be the best assignment he’d ever scored. </p><p> He’d have one more night with the gorgeous Miss Shell, before sending her off to join Scully’s Magic Potion pussyfarm.</p><p> Then he’d visit the Christian family that Greg had enslaved. Greg had already used two of the three daughters to make Magic Potion, and the eldest, Abbey, was listed in Mulder’s notes as a squirter. He had a plan to send all four females to Scully. Then he could head next door to see the Odom family, single mother Colleen and her 2 daughters, Lauren &amp; Sherry, both on birth control, he noted, once more with a little jab of pleasure from his cock.&nbsp; What is it with the idea of bareback fucking teenage schoolgirls and cumming inside them, he wondered.&nbsp; </p><p>Well, he concluded, it’s about as good as it gets.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><hr />On Saturday morning, after a leisurely breakfast in bed with the succulent Miss Shell, Mulder sent her to collect Mackenzie and get to the airport by noon. Then he set out for The Christians, as he’d come to think of them. <p>&nbsp;</p><p> The mother, Mary Anne, answered the door casually dressed in sweatshirt and pants.&nbsp; Mulder’s first impression was of a Sarah Palin lookalike, the glasses and hairstyle showing that this was likely intentional. Probably went down a treat among her fellow churchgoers. Mulder thought Mary Anne had a slimmer figure, but she also sported a generous pair of D cups or greater under that baggy top.&nbsp; Mulder thought he’d enjoy tittyfucking her. </p><p>Mulder’s badge got him invited into the lounge, where he immediately handed her his phone. &quot;Greg?&quot; she managed, then went silent, her questioning stopped by Greg’s command.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Yes&quot; she said, then a look of surprise and ecstacy claimed her face, like she’d just seen Jesus himself.&nbsp; She sat down abruptly as her knees gave way, and she handed the phone back to Mulder.&nbsp; &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Was that an orgasm?&quot; asked Mulder. &quot;Sure was!&quot; confirmed Mary Anne, suddenly no longer the uptight evangelical christian mother that was her usual public persona. Mulder asked &quot;You ever been tittyfucked?&quot; She looked severely at him, suddenly all Sunday School Teacher: &quot;If you mean having a Man put his Penis between my Breasts and use them to Masturbate himself until he Ejaculates&quot; (Mulder could hear the Capitals) – and here she paused for effect -&nbsp; &quot;I most certainly have.&nbsp; Last time was at Summer Bible Camp.&nbsp; Dirty fucker shot his jism all over my face.&nbsp; If I hadn’t had my glasses on he’d have hit me in the eye.&quot;&nbsp; She laughed at the memory. &quot;I hate it when it gets in my eyes. I would have complained to the Pastor, only, you see, he WAS the Pastor&quot; and she winked, and laughed again. </p><p> &quot;Call your daughters, please&quot;.&nbsp; </p><p>The 3 girls arrived, and each had their turn on the phone to Greg. First was Abbey, 18, a skinny brunette with skinny legs who stood about 5’6&quot; with C cups, according to Mulder’s notes a rebel/slut who had fucked a dozen guys before Greg enslaved her, she was the squirter Greg had used to make Magic Potion. Next, 16 year old Kylie, slightly shorter than Abbey, but she also had C cup boobs, her virginity taken by Greg. Finally, 12 year old Krista, small, skinny, breasts just beginning to develop,&nbsp; also used by Greg to make Magic Potion. Still a virgin, but familiar with seeing Greg take his pleasure with the older sisters. All three girls were on birth control, which made them suitable for use in Scully’s Magic Potion pussyfarm. </p><p> &quot;Now we’re all friends&quot; said Mulder to the four blissed-out females, &quot;I have some wonderful news for you. Your family has won first prize in a competition.&nbsp; The prize is a stay at a luxury female-only spa resort, for all three girls and a female guardian. That would be you, Mary Anne.&nbsp; You will persuade your husband to take care of your son while you’re away.&nbsp; Sorry to tell you this good news at such short notice, but the prize must be claimed at once.&nbsp; So now you must all get ready.&nbsp; You don’t need to pack a thing, all clothing and toiletries for your stay are included in the prize, so you just need to wear casual clothes for the journey.&nbsp; Mary Anne, the sweats are fine, you’ll be nice and comfy on the plane. The limo should be here in about ten minutes….&quot; </p><p>If it hadn’t been a command, Mary Anne might have raised some objections, but the 3 girls were genuinely delighted, and needed no commanding.&nbsp; The ten minutes were spent ringing Mary Anne’s husband, who was at a ball game with their son Josh.&nbsp; Perhaps because he was still under Mary Anne’s influence, he made no objection to this sudden change in plans for the weekend.&nbsp; Though the cellphone calls he made next suggest he might have had other reasons to be happy his wife and daughters were going out of town for a while.&nbsp; The first was to the father of Josh’s best friend, to arrange weekend accommodation for Josh, the second was to his secretary, and when that went unanswered, the third was to a local Escort Agency. </p><p> As the Lucky Winners boarded the gleaming black stretch limo that had glided to a halt at their gate, Mulder turned towards the house next door, and made another call to Scully. </p><p> To be continued </p>

Mind Control Stories

Sat, 01 Sep 2012 01:19:26 UTC

The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 15 – The Final Chapter

Scully knew that at 13 ejaculations a day they were working Greg to the limit, but the Director insisted they must maximize production, if only for a few more days.&nbsp; Scully also knew that the Director wasn’t entirely happy with the way his Urgent Project to produce industrial quantities of Magic Potion had somehow become the mother of all sex orgies for The Boy.&nbsp; If they’d done it his way, Greg would have been strapped to a gurney with a nutrient drip in his arm, a milking machine on his dick, a vibrator up his ass and headphones endlessly playing Scully’s Serve Your Country message.&nbsp; And the Witches would have fared no better, with routine shots of small doses of Extract-of-Greg squirted up them by impersonal nursing staff, and time off only whenever the supply from Greg couldn’t keep up with the available vaginas.<br /><br />But Scully had prevailed, and kept control of The Facility (as the Director insisted on calling it), at least for as long as she delivered the goods.&nbsp; And she had discovered something that would let her ease up the pressure on Greg. She had noticed that the Squirters,&nbsp; Miss Shell, Abbey, Mackenzie and Mayu&nbsp; were each easily worth four of the others, so she could soon send all the rest home.&nbsp; Mulder had told her he’d identified another squirter among Greg’s harem, and would bring her with him on his return.&nbsp; Scully figured that the present production from the 13-strong Coven would be overtaken using only five squirter-witches (SuperWitches? Squitches?&nbsp; Whatever, Scully was sure the Lab guys would come up with a suitable moniker for them soon enough).&nbsp; And without needing so many ejaculations a day out of Greg. <br /><br />It was with mixed feelings that Greg bade farewell to so many of his sex partners: Melanie and her mother Terry, Rika Yamamoto and her two younger daughters Karina and Mika, Mary Anne and her two younger daughters, Kylie and the freshly deflowered Krista. Greg had taken the virginities of Melanie, Karina, Kylie and most recently Krista, and he felt a proprietary concern for them. &nbsp;<br /><br />So he asked Scully if she’d be able to help their return to the Normal World of teenage sexual discovery without running into troubles such as disease, pregnancy and persecution.&nbsp; Scully assured him that his exploitation of the girls had overall been benign, and she was sure they’d all make a successful transition back to &quot;normality&quot;, though it was quite likely that they’d retain a taste for girl-on-girl, especially in reunions of the Good Girls Club, which were quite likely to be steamy xxx-rated affairs for many years to come.<br />————-<br />On Friday morning Mulder visited Terry’s workplace and got her boss to pull all affected staff into their conference room, where he got Greg on speakerphone to transfer them into his control.<br /><br />Later, at the school, he had Pulaski bring all the remaining staff to the auditorium, and he managed a mass reprogramming by putting Greg on the PA. He’d now run out of reasons to stay.&nbsp; Mission accomplished, at least the official part. &nbsp;<br /><br />He had one more private mission to complete, and that brought him to Annie King’s house for his last night in this town.&nbsp; He was pleased to find them already nude when Annie let him in.&nbsp; He quickly adopted the same dress code and joined Annie and her two daughters at the dining table for their evening meal.&nbsp; Annie, at 45, was &quot;a total MILF&quot; as Greg put it.&nbsp; Geri, the beautiful 17 year old cheerleader, with her light brown hair and a figure that was both athletic and curvy, with D cup breasts, reminded Greg slightly of Olivia Wilde. And 14 year old Debi, a more slender version of her sister, but already with C cup boobs, who was the special reason for Mulder’s visit.<br /><br />Debi didn’t eat much, and kept glancing his way, looking nervous and excited.&nbsp; &quot;Don’t look so nervous, Debi. I’m not going to bite. Now, eat your dinner like a Good Girl.&quot;&nbsp; Her eyes rolled up and she slumped against her mother, her cheeks flushed red from a mixture of lust and anticipation. <br /><br />&quot;I wish you wouldn’t do that quite so much, Agent Mulder&quot; her mother said. &quot;How do you expect her to learn that orgasms usually take a bit of effort, if you keep handing them to her like that?&quot;.&nbsp; &quot;Oh, come on Annie. She needed relaxing. So let her enjoy it, there’s a Good Girl&quot;. <br /><br />&quot;Oh, you Fucking Bastard&quot; gasped Annie, squeezing her hand to her pussy as she too dissolved in ecstasy.&nbsp; Geri ducked under the table and found his cock, erect, as she suspected.&nbsp; &quot;Cut it out, Agent Mulder, or I will bite&quot;, and she took his glans hostage between her teeth, then, to show she bore no malice, she went to work on him with lips and tongue.<br /><br />&quot;That’s lovely, Geri, but how am I ever going to deflower Debi if you keep making me cum in your mouth?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Geri dear, stop fellating Agent Mulder, there’s a dear&quot; said her mother. &quot;Good girl, Geri&quot; said Mulder, as soon as her teeth were far enough away to be safe.<br /><br />Annie’s bedroom was the location chosen for her younger daughter’s admission to womanhood.&nbsp; The room was softly lit by dozens of candles, and there was a delicate scent in the air from an oil warmer, and music was playing, something Mulder didn’t recognize, but found relaxing. Annie’s choice, Mulder thought. They’d been planning this all week, Mulder realised.&nbsp; Annie and Geri showered Mulder, soaping him all over, paying extra attention to his ever-erect penis, balls and ass.&nbsp; They left him relaxing on Annie’s bed while they&nbsp; bathed Debi and dried her, and led her to lie beside Mulder on the bed where they massaged scented lotion all over her, and turned her to face Mulder. Annie lay behind her, and Geri lay down on the other side, behind Mulder, reaching over him to find his cock, still hard with anticipation.&nbsp; Annie caressed Debi’s back and legs while Geri did the same to Mulder.&nbsp; It took Mulder a while to notice that it was Geri who was in charge, not Annie.&nbsp; Once more, the remarkable Geri, this time orchestrating her little sister’s initiation.&nbsp; Mulder lay facing Debi, stroking the ringlet of light brown hair that fell across her cheek, and watched her pretty face. Her pale blue eyes gazed back at him dreamily, her lips were parted, two white teeth and a little tip of pink tongue peeping out as she slowly licked the delicate cupids-bow of her upper lip.&nbsp; Mulder stroked from shoulder to hip, tracing her female curves, less pronounced than Geri’s, as her 14 year old frame had not yet reached the ripe fullness of womanhood.&nbsp; He felt the perfect firm shape of her C cup breast, brushed over the tiny pale pink nipple, nestling in its puffy mound. Her hand was on his chest, fingers tangling with his chest hairs, then down his stomach to find his cock, hard and ready.&nbsp; He kissed her then for the first time, and they lingered together for an age, tongues gently meeting, probing, exploring.<br /><br />Guided by Geri, they made a leisurely tour of the main attractions of foreplay.&nbsp; Kissing and touching, sucking Debi’s tiny nipples to attention, then cunnilingus, then Geri made Debi her apprentice in a long lesson of fellatio, then Geri turned Debi to lie in sideways 69 so Mulder could resume his oral exploration, kissing, licking and gently sucking on her pussy while she admired his cock with gentle touches, exploring it with her tongue.&nbsp; Pushed over the edge into one orgasm too many by Mulder’s tongue, she grasped his dick, gasping &quot;Now, I want this now.&nbsp; Inside me. Fuck me, Agent Mulder, Fuck me.&quot;<br /><br />And finally, as she lay on her back with shining eyes, Mulder lowered himself gently over her, and Geri’s nimble fingers guided the head of his cock between the swollen lips of her little cunt.&nbsp; He slowly slid inside, feeling her tight warmth grip him, but no barrier, no cherry to pop, and then he was right in, filling her up, and she was pushing her pelvis against him to take him all in as far as possible.&nbsp; &quot;Oh God that feels so Goooood!!!&quot;.&nbsp; Mulder held still, and slowly Debi began to rock her hips.&nbsp; He matched her rhythm, and it grew and grew until he was fucking her steadily, pulling almost all the way out, thrusting all the way in.&nbsp; Suddenly she squirmed out from under him and he flipped onto his back as she straddled him, spearing herself on his cock, then she was in charge, riding him in cowgirl, until she’d driven herself head on into her First Fucking Orgasm, and as her climax passed and she slowed down, Mulder took over, grasping her hips and thrusting hard into her until he too erupted in orgasm, his seed pulsing deep inside her, spraying her cervix in a perfect baby-launching finale.&nbsp; Without the birth control pills, she’d be pregnant from this for sure.&nbsp; Annie and Geri slipped away then, after throwing a sheet over the still-joined couple, and they slept.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /><br />———————-<br /><br />And so it was that when Mulder left Greg’s hometown, he was accompanied by the tiny Emily and Geri King, who had hastily been awarded scholarships in cheerleading or something (Mulder had left the details to Pulaski).&nbsp; Emily because of her value as a Squirter, Geri because Mulder insisted. <br /><br />The Coven now comprised Miss Shell, Abbey, Mackenzie, Mayu and Emily.&nbsp; Geri and Marisa weren’t in the same league in terms of vaginal secretions, but they helped as companions for Greg, though they were strictly admonished – and ordered – not to accept any of his semen while there were any of the Top Five available. If Greg wanted to fuck them, and he did, he had to fuck his way through the other five first.&nbsp; Most days he succeeded.<br /><br />The regime was now able to settle down for the long haul.&nbsp; Greg still had beautiful young women to fuck all day every day, but Scully started to reintroduce aspects of normal life.&nbsp; Miss Shell resumed her role as teacher, becoming Greg’s private tutor. And if her lessons tended to end up with them fucking, well, that was to be expected.&nbsp; Gradually the pressure from the Director eased off, and the Witches were also able to return to the Real World, with further education via correspondence courses and tuition from Miss Shell.&nbsp; They went home for vacations, and away on courses.&nbsp; Scully maintained a minimum core of three Squitches, and, since Miss Shell was happy to take up permanent residence (at a vastly improved salary), that meant that the others could be away for up to half of their time.<br /><br />——————————<br /><br />Epilog:&nbsp; What ever happened to….?<br /><br />After Mulder left town, Greg’s former slaves resumed their normal lives, but remained in effect &quot;sleeper&quot; agents for the Agency.&nbsp; There is no record of them ever being activated, but then, there wouldn’t be, would there?<br /><br />Greg served his country well for another two years, until the research lab turned out a synthetic Magic Potion that was just as good as the real thing and less problematic (but also less fun) to manufacture.&nbsp; When he was stood down, he accepted the scholarship the agency offered, and went to college, with stern warnings about discretion in the use of his unique gift.<br /><br />Marisa went her own way after having her first true love affair with one of the Mansion’s security staff.&nbsp; She too accepted an agency scholarship, at a different college from Greg, and later returned to sign on, with ambitions of becoming a field agent.&nbsp; Scully was her inspiration and role model.<br /><br />If Greg had a role model, it might have been Hugh Hefner.&nbsp; While still at college, Greg made a lot of money from porn. He started out making simple gonzo movies, just him, his handheld camera, and a succession of particularly beautiful and energetic amateur first timers, but his breakthrough to the big time was &quot;The History of the Orgasm&quot;, starring his former history teacher, Miss Shell. <br /><br />Then his series &quot;My 18th Birthday Party was an Orgy&quot; won top awards from AVN three years running, and secured his place in the industry. No one discovered how he was able to get so many gorgeous young women to walk in to his offices on their 18th birthday and sign up for a same-day shoot. &nbsp;<br /><br />Krista and her friend Kerry Priddy starred in the first episode, which included a cameo from an uncredited Sarah Palin lookalike as the mother of the birthday girl. Mika Yamamoto and Debi King each had an episode, and by then the ball was rolling and more fresh talent simply turned up out of the blue, or so Greg claimed.<br /><br />His &quot;Cheerleaders&quot; series claimed fewer awards but greater sales revenues, featuring as it did entire cheerleading teams in erotically-enhanced performances and no-holes-barred afterparties with college football players.&nbsp; The most popular episodes featured cheerleading squads whose uniforms were painted onto their otherwise nude bodies. <br /><br />Greg always had the best, the freshest, the most exciting and enthusiastic young women as his stars, and his stable of contracted performers grew rapidly.&nbsp; Fees for transfers to other studios added to his wealth. His all-female production crew became an industry legend, he rotated his performers among all aspects of the business, and all staff were equally at ease on both sides of the camera, sometimes at the same time, as Greg had the well known habit of spontaneously fucking absolutely any member of his organization, anywhere, anytime, with or without a camera crew to record it for his acclaimed &quot;Insider&quot; series, a behind-the-scenes documentary about his business empire that was widely assumed to be fiction. &nbsp;<br /><br />He skirted round employment and sexual harrassment law by only hiring adult entertainment actresses on contracts that stipulated he would personally review their skills and performance at any time of his chosing, then seconding them to other roles, including a career development path that provided scholarships for many fields of study, including law.&nbsp; Camera crews followed these students to capture more x-rated pseudo-documentary material as they enjoyed college life to the full, and after graduation they returned to work within Greg’s organization.<br /><br />This gave Greg a unique advantage for a CEO:&nbsp; Instead of being screwed by his lawyers, he was screwing them.&nbsp; And, to ice the cake, the &quot;Insider&quot; episode that showed this happening won yet another AVN award.<br /><br />Like Libya’s former dictator Colonel Gadhafi, he had an all female security detail. His personal bodyguard of three mixed martial arts champions – who also appeared in his &quot;KUNG FU*KING&quot; videos – were more than a match in looks for any fictional Charlie’s Angels.<br /><br />By age 45, he had all but retired to the seclusion of a private island in Hawaii, and had relaxed the all-female rule, perhaps realising that his girls needed more than he alone could provide. &nbsp;<br /><br />Annie King joined Greg to work camera on &quot;My 18th birthday&quot;, and is credited in his (highly abridged) autobiography with suggesting &quot;Cheerleaders&quot;, which she also edited.<br /><br />Geri King was credited as choreographer for &quot;Cheerleaders&quot;, and won an AVN award for the title sequence, a riff on a traditional Can-Can line, camera tracking in slo-mo a wave of slow cartwheels revealing the squad’s total lack of underwear and pubic hair.<br /><br />Mary Anne was credited as art director for the bodypaint episodes of &quot;Cheerleaders&quot;.<br /><br />Emily, with her tiny body and copious squirting orgasms became one of Greg’s most popular stars, and was often cast in teenage schoolgirl roles until she was almost 30.<br /><br />After making &quot;The History of the Orgasm&quot; with Greg, Miss Shell went on to a stellar career in porn and later launched her own line of sex toys, including the Miss Shell Artificial Vagina with Patented Lubrication Release, a mechanism of her own invention.&nbsp; She never did return to the classroom.<br /><br />After Bernie died – of a heart attack during a private party in the back room -&nbsp; Jim inheried the sex shop, and was among the first in the country to stock the Miss Shell range of toys.&nbsp; He contacted Miss Shell via the distributor, and was overjoyed to find himself in an X-Rated commercial for the Miss Shell Artificial Vagina, directed by none other than porn-industry legend Greg himself, in which he was shown doing a side-by-side comparison, before endorsing the product as &quot;just like the real thing&quot;. &nbsp;<br /><br />Jim’s one regret was that Miss Shell insisted the Money Shot feature her Artificial Vagina, not her real one. &nbsp;<br /><br />If Greg had one regret, it was that he never managed to complete the project that he’d intended to be his Magnum Opus, an x-rated sci-fi fantasy about an alien boy whose semen had a hypnotic effect on women, entitled: <br /><br />&quot;The Boy With The Golden Cum&quot; <br /><br />THE END<br /><br /><br /><br />

Mind Control Stories

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The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 4

<p>Mulder entered the meeting room in rather dishevelled state.&nbsp; He’d not expected to be summoned back to headquarters quite so soon, and he’d barely had time for a quick shower before the black helicopter landed on the hotel roof to pick him up, leaving Miss Shell deeply sleeping, her new vibrator discarded beside her, its batteries flat. Like Mulders.&nbsp; Scully caught his eye, saw he was in no mood for banter, and ignored him for the rest of the meeting. </p><p>The Director began by requesting a brief status report from each of them.&nbsp; Scully reported good co-operation from the subject, Mulder mentioned the unexpectedly slow progress with the reprogramming at the school. </p><p>The Chief Scientist felt the need to summon up a PowerPoint presentation to accompany his Brief Status Report. Colored skyscrapers and sliced pizzas appeared behind him as he droned on.&nbsp; Scully glazed over and Mulder dozed off.&nbsp; When at last he finished, the Director summarized: </p><p> &quot;We have one fit, healthy 16 year old source of top quality SuperSpunk, to adopt Scully’s terminology. It has a hypnotic effect on females, and makes them highly susceptible to post-hypnotic command.&nbsp; Mind control, in a nutshell. &quot; </p><p>&quot;More significantly, fluid collected from a vagina dosed with SuperSpunk has the same hypnotic effect on males. Magic Potion, we are now calling it.&nbsp; The CIA are particularly interested in that. In much of the world where they operate, mind control of females is merely a novelty, the females there are already controlled in much more direct and brutal ways.&quot; </p><p>&quot;But mind control of males, that’s the Holy Grail.&quot; </p><p> &quot;SuperSpunk and Magic Potion are both most effective when fresh.&nbsp; We know that SuperSpunk preserves quite well dried, but we still haven’t got a handle on how to preserve Magic Potion, so research on that has a high priority. We’re also under pressure to deliver usable quantities for field operatives as quickly as possible, even if it doesn’t keep. They specially want it because it’s undetectable. Unlike other drugs, it leaves no trace, and we don’t know of any adverse side effects.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Having only the one source is the main bottleneck, so we need to look after him, and especially, we need to make sure we don’t waste any more of his output.&quot; </p><p> Scully felt all eyes in the room turn on her, and her cheeks flushed. </p><p> &quot;He is, after all, The Boy With The Golden Cum.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Question&quot; interrupted Mulder. &quot;What happens if a male ingests the SuperSpunk?&quot; </p><p> &quot;Nothing, apparently, at least in dried form. We’ve not tested fresh, do you want to volunteer?&quot; &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Try the TSA&quot; suggested Mulder. </p><p> Ignoring this, the Director continued: &quot;Agent Scully, you’re the subject’s first controller, and he seems to respond well to your command, so you’re tasked with collecting all his output until further notice.&nbsp; Do we still have the girlfriend?&quot;</p><p> &quot;Affirmative&quot; said Scully. &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Good.&nbsp; Get her manufacturing Magic Potion.&nbsp; And I propose we use the subject’s existing network as well, as far as possible.&nbsp; Mulder, get on with the reprogramming, and look out for candidates we can use to boost production.&nbsp; The profile is someone easily relocated, even if only short-term, preferably with above average vaginal secretion. Squirters would be ideal. We can’t officially use any of the underage ones, you understand?&quot; </p><p> &quot;Sir?&quot; queried Mulder.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;I said, we can’t OFFICIALLY use any of the underage ones, understand?&quot;. &quot;Ah, yes, now I do&quot; said Mulder.</p><hr /><p>&nbsp;Scully found Greg playing a video game.&nbsp; His suite had been upgraded with a big TV, surround sound, a selection of games consoles, and a computer with fast internet access, filtered to block outgoing traffic, as he’d quickly discovered.&nbsp; He could watch and read all the news about the continuing manhunt for himself and his girlfriend, now dubbed &quot;the new Bonnie and Clyde&quot;, as the list of crimes attributed to them continued to grow.&nbsp; </p><p>The media, it seemed, had come down firmly on the side of Marisa as accomplice rather than hostage, though all were careful to state that this was not absolutely certain.&nbsp; Pundits cited &quot;Stokholm Syndrome&quot;, and invoked memories of Patty Hearst.&nbsp; But he was blocked from sending anything out. Emails he could read, but not answer.&nbsp; He quickly gave up and accepted the situation, getting what enjoyment he could, but mainly waiting eagerly for the next visit from the redhaired woman, or Marisa.&nbsp; Somehow, he found he redhaired woman winning out in this competition – even when Marisa was with him, he found himself thinking about the mystery woman. He didn’t even know her name. </p><p> &quot;Hey, Greg, how are you feeling?&nbsp; Have you missed me?&quot; and she stopped his answer with a brief kiss on the lips.&nbsp; She looked at the screen.&nbsp; Greg had paused the game in the middle of a military-style firefight. &quot;Still serving your country, I see&quot;.&nbsp; Greg, unaware of the keyphrase, thought his erection was due to the kiss.&nbsp; And maybe it was.&nbsp; Another kiss followed, and her hand found the bulge in his shorts, and squeezed it.&nbsp; He’d gotten used to hanging out in teeshirt and boxers, finding fresh ones set out for him daily, though sometimes he just stayed all day in one of the luxurious bathrobes that also appeared daily with the towels.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Let me help you serve your country&quot; she purred, and released his now stone hard cock from his shorts. She pushed him back into the lazyboy and lowered her head so her curtain of auburn hair hid her face and his cock, and he felt the sweet soft moist warmth of her lips close around him, her tongue finding The Spot, then teasingly just missing it, circling round, building his desire.&nbsp; </p><p>She decided not to give the third keyword, instead she’d see how long it would take to get him to cum purely from her blowjob.&nbsp; The answer was, not long at all.&nbsp; She didn’t let up, gave him no chance to back off and regroup, and he blew his load inside her mouth.&nbsp; She didn’t swallow, but took an empty glass from the bedside and spat his cum into it. &quot;Thanks&quot; she said, and kissed him hard on the lips, pushing her tongue in between, and he tasted his own cum on her.&nbsp; Then she was gone, taking the glass with her. </p><hr /><p> Now that Greg’s semen was officially designated Extremely Valuable, Scully could see that she wasn’t going to be getting to keep much more of it.&nbsp; By keep, she meant swallow.&nbsp; Still, she could get a good deal of pleasure from it by doing her share of Magic Potion making. One ejaculation of Greg’s provided enough SuperSpunk for several pussies, maybe as many as ten, but all she had so far was two – her own, and Marisa’s. &nbsp; </p><p> The recipe for Magic Potion was really simple.&nbsp; Insert some of Greg’s SuperSpunk into a vagina, preferably immediately before or after orgasm, and collect the juice that accumulates over the next hour or so.&nbsp; Since even a small dose of SuperSpunk had the effect of doping the subject for at least an hour, it meant that Potion making was not a task that could be done at the same time as anything else, apart from sleeping. </p><p>Greg had been using small bottles for collection, but tampons were simpler and more efficient. They just needed squeezing to extract the juice.</p><hr /><p>Scully collected Marisa from her suite and brought her to Greg’s. &nbsp; </p><p> Once she’d got them sitting on the couch, she explained what was going to happen. &quot;Greg&quot; she said &quot;From now on, your cum is extremely valuable to us.&nbsp; We want it all.&nbsp; We will help you produce as much as possible, but you are forbidden to waste it.&nbsp; If you jack off, make sure you catch it all in a cup, then dial zero on this phone, and someone will be here to collect it. Same goes for you Marisa. If you jack him off, catch it in a cup.&nbsp; If you suck him off, spit it in a cup, don’t swallow.&nbsp; Dial zero to get rid of it.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Marisa, once Greg has cum, smear a little inside your pussy and then insert one of these tampons.&nbsp; After an hour or two, bag it up and dial zero.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Greg, if you happen to cum inside her, try to get her to dribble out as much as possible onto a plate or cup, then put a tampon inside her if she’s too far gone to do it herself.&nbsp; I think that’s all.&nbsp; Enjoy.&quot; And she stood up to leave. </p><p> &quot;Miss?&quot; said Greg.&nbsp; &quot;Sorry, I don’t even know your name.&quot; &quot;Dana. Call me Dana.&quot; &quot;Er, Dana, I just thought – I’m sure I’d be able to give you a lot more semen if you were to collect it in person.&quot;&nbsp; Scully couldn’t help smiling at that.&nbsp; &quot;Direct little fucker, aren’t you?&quot; she said.&nbsp; To Marisa, she asked: &quot;How do you feel about Greg fucking other women?&quot; </p><p> Marisa, compelled to be truthful, answered: &quot;Well, he must have fucked about a hundred in the last year,&nbsp; so I guess I’m used to it. I don’t think I mind. I’ve helped him take them home, even helped him undress some of them.&nbsp; It can never erase the fact I was his first, I got his virginity. I like it best when he lets me watch. It’s like I’ve trained him and then I get to admire how he performs. It’s so hot when he makes them cum. And I get off on showing him stuff he finds sexy, like masturbating and making out with other girls, and I love seeing how he watches me when he’s fucking someone else. I love how he kisses me while other girls are sucking his cock, he gets so passionate. Just as long as he keeps fucking me too&quot;, and she snuggled up against him.&nbsp; </p><p>Scully wondered if she was really fully released from Greg’s spell, or if this was some lingering post-post-hypnotic suggestion he’d cunningly implanted.&nbsp; Oh well, it suited her purpose anyway, the last thing she needed was an outbreak of teenage jealousy. </p><p> &quot;Good&quot; said Scully. &quot;Then you won’t mind this&quot;, and she stood up and swiftly removed her jacket, skirt, shirt, bra, and panties, and stood before them naked but for black stockings and suspender belt. These weren’t her usual field agent attire, but they seemed appropriate for this assignment.&nbsp; She rotated slowly for Greg’s benefit, then licked her fingers and started rubbing them into her pussy. </p><p> &quot;Greg&quot; she said, as she continued working saliva into her cunt, &quot;I’m going to fuck you. You are going to cum inside me.&nbsp; Then I’m going to put some of your cum inside Marisa.&nbsp; Then we’ll both need a bit of a lie down, I expect.&nbsp; That’s when I want you to take those two tampons and put one into each of us. Understood?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Yes, Dana.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Marisa, has he got a hardon yet?&quot; &quot;Yes&quot;, Marisa confirmed. &quot;Tell me how it tastes.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Mmmmm… Good.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Spit on it Marisa, make it really wet.&nbsp; Wet enough to fuck me. Tell me Marisa, have you ever sucked pussy?&quot; &quot;No.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Well, here’s your chance. I want you to suck mine, just as soon as I’ve made Greg cum inside me&quot;, and Scully straddled Greg where he sat on the couch.&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;Ready to serve your country?&quot; she asked, and dropped herself onto his cock.&nbsp; She wriggled her butt to settle herself comfortably, then turned to Marisa. &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Kiss us, Marisa&quot; Scully commanded, and Marisa joined them, kissing them both in turn. &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Suck my tits, both of you&quot; commanded Scully, and Greg and his girlfriend worked cheek-to-cheek sucking on Scully’s C-cup boobs while she rocked back and forth on Greg’s dick.&nbsp; &quot;You enjoy serving your country, eh Greg?&quot;, and she speeded up, now bouncing on him so her tits swung free of their mouths, Greg and Marisa turned their lips and tongues to each other, and Scully found herself crossing the tipping point into orgasm. &quot;Serve my cunt you fucker…&quot; she screamed as it hit her, and she felt Greg’s hot cocklava erupt inside her, pulse after pulse until he’d emptied his balls into her. &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Get your face under me, quick&quot; she ordered Marisa, as she lifted off Greg, and landed her pussy over Marisa’s open mouth before his cum could escape. &quot;Come here Greg, I want to suck you&quot; she ordered, and Greg stood where she could take his dick and clean it up with her tongue. &quot;Suck it all out Marisa. Don’t swallow.&quot;&nbsp; Scully lifted off the teenager’s face, and turned to embrace her. &quot;Now gimme. Every drop&quot;, and she rolled off the couch onto the floor with Marisa on top of her. Gravity helped, and the mixture of Greg’s cum ,Scully’s cunt juice and Marisa’s saliva dribbled into Scully’s mouth.&nbsp; Scully wriggled out from under, and signalled to Marisa to lie back on the couch.&nbsp; Scully raised Marisa’s legs high and buried her face in her gash, probing deep with her tongue before releasing her mouthful of fluid.&nbsp; She used two fingers to rub it deeply into Marisa’s cunt.&nbsp; &quot;That should do it.&nbsp; Good Girl, Marisa&quot;, she said, before flopping on to the bed and switching off like a light.&nbsp; Marisa was already out of it, even as the gasps and shudders of her orgasm subsided. </p><p>Dutifully, Greg unwrapped the two tampons and inserted them as ordered.&nbsp; Once each tampon was installed, he kissed the place where its thread dangled out. </p><p> Then he paused to admire the pair of them. Marisa, the slender, blondish teenage girl, with her short skirt pulled up round her waist, bald pussy bare, cum drying round her mouth. Dana, the mature redhaired woman, flat on her back on the bed, legs splayed, naked but for stockings and suspenders, sweaty, a dribble of cum on her chin, blissful half-smiles on both their faces. Again, the mystery woman, Dana, had resisted the effect of his cum long enough to do what she needed to do, while Marisa had been knocked out instantly. </p><p>Greg headed for the shower, once more in awe at the blend of power, control and sheer sexuality embodied in the beautiful and mysterious Dana. </p>

Mind Control Stories

Thu, 30 Aug 2012 08:04:47 UTC

The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 14

The Mansion: Day Two – continued<br />— 15:00 #7=Kylie<br /><br />There remain six Witches on duty: Mary Anne (the Sarah Palin lookalike, and skilled bodypaint artist), Krista (skinny little 12 year old daughter of Mary Anne), Mackenzie Murphy (17 year old willowy pole dancing enthusiast), Miss Shell (Greg’s former history teacher), and two 16 year olds, Marisa (Greg’s longtime girlfriend, and his original slave), Melanie (the second girl he’d enslaved).<br /><br />After a shower together, Greg and the 3 M’s – Mackenzie, Marisa, Melanie have a soak in the jacuzi. Greg leaves them in the water and goes for a wander, winding up in the lounge, where Mary Anne is busily applying bodypaint to her youngest daughter.&nbsp; She looks up and calls &quot;Not ready yet, don’t look.&nbsp; But there’s someone in the Fuck Room who is ready.&nbsp; Go check it out.&quot; she dismisses him and turns back to her work.<br /><br />In the aptly named Fuck Room he finds Miss Shell, Mary Anne’s freshly painted masterpiece.&nbsp; She’s apparently wearing black fishnet stockings, suspenders and a lace-up basque with peek-a-boo nipples, which are standing out proudly indicating her inner state of arousal.&nbsp; She’s reclining on the little stage, sexy legs artfully arranged, and she’s slowly and methodically sliding her realistically cock-shaped purple gel vibrator all the way into her pussy, and drawing it all the way out, relishing the moment when the molded head plops out of her already swollen pussylips, before easing it in once again.&nbsp; The shaft is streaked with her froth.&nbsp; &quot;Hi Greg, I’ve been waiting for you&quot; she greets him, and Greg, mesmerised by the wet-dream-cum-true sight of his gorgeous history teacher resplendent, nude, but painted in the sexiest of sexy lingerie, can only stare as his cock springs to attention unbidden.&nbsp; Their eyes meet, they see their own lust reflected in each other, then Greg is focussed between her legs, drawn to her special place midway between the two painted stocking tops, and Miss Shell removes the vibrator so he can gaze at her pouting lips and the glistening pale pink flesh within, then he’s greedily slurping her juices as his tongue delves in as far as it can and his open mouth encloses her sopping gash and he sucks her in, her bloated lips filling his mouth, surrounding his tongue, and he strums the tip on the little nub of her clit and she’s trembling, spasming, gasping and cumming a flood of hot pussyjuice into his mouth, spilling over his face.&nbsp; He releases her lips and presses his face into her gash, rubbing his nose up and down against her clit and pushes her over the edge again, she’s clutching his head, pulling him into her, legs wrapping around him, screaming out her orgasm for the whole Mansion to hear.&nbsp; As she subsides and softens, lying back dreamily, only then he slides along her body, rigid male flesh thrusting into yielding soaking female, his tongue finding hers, his face wet with her juices, giving her the taste of her own pleasure, and she languidly moves her hips to answer his deepening thrusts.&nbsp; He finds no need to spin this out or delay the moment, and he releases one more spurt of his precious semen into the upper reaches of her love canal.&nbsp; She breathes one enormous sigh of contentment and relaxes the arms and legs that enfold him, she’s gone.&nbsp; He kisses her tranquil face, then gently sucks the unpainted nipple of her left breast, and slips out of her, moving round to drape his sloppy dick on her face, and she dreamily turns her head to suck on it.&nbsp; It’s partly deflated, and he crams as much as he can of it into her mouth, so she can suck the last drops of cum out of the tube.&nbsp; As he’s doing this, a Fluffer arrives to insall the tampon.<br />&nbsp;<br />— 16:30 #8=Miss Shell<br /><br />(remaining: Mary Anne, Krista, Mackenzie, Marisa, Melanie)<br />Greg zones out for half an hour, until Mary Anne finds him, tells him the rest of them are going to have dinner, would he like to join them?&nbsp; Realising he’s starving, he rouses himself and heads for the dining room.&nbsp; The afternoon’s mess has been cleaned up and a table for 6 has been set. <br /><br />Greg is surprised and delighted to see what Mary Anne has done with her youngest daughter.&nbsp; Krista has been transformed into a delightful, playful pussycat, like something from the musical Cats, but done with bodypaint, whiskers on her cheeks, her slender body and limbs tabby striped, with a white belly, and, as usual in Mary Anne’s artwork, nipples and clean shaven pussy left unpainted, should Greg want to taste them.&nbsp; She just lacks a tail.<br /><br />Somehow Greg had been in denial over the issue of Krista’s precocious sexuality, while steadily escalating his sexual contact with her. He’d started by enjoying seeing her naked, then seeing her touch herself while she watched him fucking her elder sisters. He’d enjoyed kissing her in a sexual way, lingering with lips and tongues, he’d certainly not missed out on chances to grope her tiny slit, putting his fingers into her to deliver his semen when he had her making his Hypnojuice, the Magic Potion that is the reason they’re all here. <br /><br />Since her arrival at the Mansion, he’d gone on to suck her nipples, and she has begun to suck his cock, even trying to imitate her mother’s deep throat skills.&nbsp; Clearly this journey isn’t over, and it has only one destination.&nbsp; He’s got to suck her little pussy, and he’s got to fuck her, pop her cherry, and shoot his load inside her.&nbsp; These thoughts have him solidly erect long before dinner was finished.&nbsp; Sitting between Melanie and Marisa, the two girls he’s felt closest to during his whole crazy campaign of enslavement, they quickly notice his condition, and Melanie goes down on him, her head bobbing in his lap as she teases and sucks his cock.&nbsp; Across the table Krista is having a second helping of ice cream, Mackenzie is eating an apple, Mary Anne is drinking coffee, paying no attention to the blowjob that Greg is receiving. &quot;What do you think of my little kitten?&quot; Mary Anne asks.&nbsp; Greg can only confess the truth: &quot;Gorgeous.&nbsp; Good enough to eat. You know I’m going to have to fuck her now, don’t you?&quot; &quot;Yes, of course&quot; replies Mary Anne, &quot;that’s why I painted her like that.&nbsp; With all this fucking you’re doing, I want her to be something different, something you’ll remember.&quot; &quot;Oh, Mary Anne, I’d remember Krista anyway, I think I’ve always had the hots for her, even before I fucked Abbey and Kylie.&quot; and across the table to Krista he added &quot;Hey, Krista, you little sexkitten, are you ready for this?&quot; and he stood up, dislodging Melanie, his cock springing out. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;Not here&quot; interupted Mary Anne, &quot;Come on kids, let’s slip into somewhere more comfortable&quot; and she shooed them all out of the dining room and straight into the Fuck Room.&nbsp; The Fluffers had long since carted Miss Shell off to bed, so the stage was clear, and Mary Anne led her little kitten by the paw and turned her loose to hop and skip onto the stage and whirl around the pole, prowl and strut like a cat, before stopping, posing, legs teasingly a little apart, back arched to thrust out her firm little butt, smiling shyly at Greg. &nbsp;<br /><br />&quot;Ladies and Gentleman&quot; announced Krista, &quot;May I present for your pleasure, My Little Pussy&quot; and she spun round the pole again, clearly she’d been learning from Mackenzie, managing to place one foot far up on the pole, opening her legs into a near-perfect split, and revealing the soft unpainted flesh around her virgin slit.&nbsp; Applause from the audience of one woman, three girls and one very horny Greg.&nbsp; Gracefully back on both feet, she bowed, then: &quot;Now I must ask for a volunteer from the audience.&nbsp; You Sir&quot; and she reached an arm out towards Greg, &quot;Would you be so kind as to step up here.&quot;&nbsp; Greg plays along, striding purposefully to the stage, his hard cock swinging proudly with each step. &quot;Good evening Sir, that’s a nice cock you have there&quot; and she bends at the waist, legs straight, and sucks his cock into her mouth, pushing as far as she can, trying once again to let it down her throat.&nbsp; With a gasp she lets go, Greg’s cock sways as she releases it, dribbles of her saliva stringing off it.&nbsp; Then she throws her arms, and legs, around Greg and kisses him full on the mouth.&nbsp; He stands, holding her up with his hands under her thighs, as she whispers in his ear &quot;Come on Greg, fuck me now. Don’t make me wait any longer. I’m ready.&quot;&nbsp; He turns to the ‘audience’ Krista’s back turned to them, they can see Greg’s rigid cock touching Krista close to her pussy.&nbsp; He steps off the stage, still carrying her, and eases her down onto her back on the edge of the raised padded platform that forms most of the room’s floor.&nbsp; He kneels between her legs, admiring her lovely little slit, then bends his head to lick.&nbsp; The others crowd around, Mary Anne behind him, rubbing her magnificent boobs against his back, Melanie coming alongside Krista, kissing her lips, whispering to her: &quot;Greg was my first too&quot;.<br /><br />And then it happens. So many months since he first saw the little 11 year old, her mother’s spy, sent to rat on her older sisters should they get up to any &quot;immorality&quot;.&nbsp; Krista, now 12, painted by her mother to look like a sexy kitten, and with her mother looking on, finally gets Greg’s cock inside her.&nbsp; He touches the head of his cock to her pussy lips, feels the thrill of contact, of the pleasure to come, slides slowly inward, feeling the tightness of her little unused love tunnel grip him, pushes slowly inwards, tight but sliding, and then he’s all the way in.&nbsp; No barrier, no hymen, no cherry to pop. Krista’s eyes are wide, lips parted, staring up at him intensely, like she’s recording, she doesn’t want to forget a second of this.&nbsp; &quot;Welcome to Womanhood my darling&quot; says her mother, and Melanie kisses her lips and adds &quot;Best of both worlds, sweetheart. Kissing a girl while you have a cock inside your pussy, what could be better?&quot; and stifled any reply of Krista’s with her mouth.<br /><br />Greg held still, all the way in, just feeling waves of pleasure wash over him, not daring to move in case he should cum already.&nbsp; But then Mary Anne comes round and takes his face between her boobs, offers a nipple for sucking, big, mother’s nipples, not the tiny virginal buds of her daughter’s.&nbsp; And tells him to get on with it. &quot;Come on Greg.&nbsp; Shoot it in her, you know you want to. You can fuck her again tomorrow, now she’s one of the team&quot; and to Krista, &quot;no pain, darling?&quot; &quot;No Mom, I think the hairbrush must have got my cherry. But he’s filling me up, it feels so good&quot;, and she moves her hips experimentally. Greg answers, and their movements start to build, her breathing goes ragged, Greg gives up any pretence at making this last, and fucks her for all he’s worth.&nbsp; Before he blows, she bucks and thrashes as the orgasm washes over her, and that does it for Greg, he too slips the leash and spurts his load as nature intended, every drop inside her.<br /><br />She gasps, goes wide eyed, and the light of awareness fades like a tropical sunset.&nbsp; She’s gone.<br /><br />18:30 #9=Krista<br /><br />(remaining: Mary Anne, Mackenzie, Melanie, Marisa)<br />The four remaining Witches close around Greg as he slides out of Krista.&nbsp; No blood, but a good deal of frothy lovejuice mingled with the last drops of his semen.&nbsp; Melanie scoots down to lick his cock clean, but does not swallow. Instead she delicately kisses Krista on the lips, inserts her tongue, and lets the blend of juices dribble into the 12 year old’s mouth.&nbsp; Krista is still aware enough to swallow.<br /><br />Now the four of them keep Greg in the Fuck Room.&nbsp; Mackenzie does a slow swaying dance by the pole, nothing energetic, Mary Anne cradles Greg’s head, holding him to her breasts.&nbsp; Melanie and Marisa settle where they can easily take turns on his cock, happily asleep now. <br /><br />Someone was monitoring them. Well, of course, someone was always monitoring, that’s how the Fluffers always managed to turn up when needed.&nbsp; This time it had a different result.&nbsp; The TV screens round the room lit up, and there appeared a succession of friendly teenage faces, and Greg heard his name: &quot;Greg wants to see your titties&quot;.&nbsp; Looking to the nearest screen, interested, he saw half a dozen or so girls baring their breasts for the camera.&nbsp; And not just any girls, these were some of his favorite slaves.&nbsp; Former slaves, now.&nbsp; There was Priscilla, the latina/asian beauty whose virginity he’d inadvertantly violated while Marisa and Melanie looked on.&nbsp; And here were Marisa and Melanie, excitedly watching: &quot;Hey, it’s Priss&quot; &quot;Wow she looks great on TV&quot;.&nbsp; On and on the video played, and it wasn’t long before Marisa declared &quot;We have lift off&quot;, telling the others that Greg was once more getting an erection.<br /><br />Too tired to fuck at this point, Greg watched the screen passively as His Girls made out with each other, and with some dude who was clearly standing in for Greg, and whose face never clearly showed.&nbsp; But his dick was there to see when he blew his load into Juanita’s sweet mouth.&nbsp; Around then, Mary Anne took charge, and directed Mackenzie to sit on Greg’s dick, and she rocked back and forth in reverse cowgirl as Greg continued to watch the screen. The combination of the making out between the on-screen girls, most of whom he’d fucked at least once, Mackenzie’s rocking on his cock, Mary Anne’s breasts pressed against him, and Marisa holding his free hand between her legs while necking with Melanie, all these things converged to let one more orgasm rise up in him and send a smallish jet of cum to escape his cock. It was still enough to make Mackenzie stop her rocking and roll off him in slow motion to the side, wriggle herself into a comfortable position, and drift off.<br /><br />19:30 #10=Mackenzie<br /><br />(remaining: Mary Anne, Melanie, Marisa)<br />It took nearly an hour of attention, including a lengthy expert deep throat blowjob from Mary Anne, while Melanie and Marisa took turns at kissing Greg and lowering their pussies onto his face. Pussies hot and wet from the day’s sexual excitement, and as yet unfucked by Greg.&nbsp; But finally, Greg was once more nearly ready to blow.&nbsp; &quot;In me, Greg, stick it in me&quot; ordered Mary Anne, and he rolled over onto her, into her, and fucked hard at her loose velvet gash, and coaxed out yet another dribble of spunk from his overworked balls. It wasn’t enough to knock her out, not at once, and she ordered him: &quot;Gimme your cock, let me suck it&quot;, and she cleaned him up, swallowing the last drips she’d been able to suck out of him.<br /><br />20:30 #11=Mary Anne<br /><br />Exhausted, numb from the day’s long series of ejaculations, Greg had a late night snack with his two remaining girls,&nbsp; the ones he’d been saving for the end of the day, but now he was too fucked out to want anything but sleep.<br /><br />So the three of them settled in the giant master bed in Greg’s room, and Greg slept while Marisa and Melanie consoled each other with a lengthy 69 session beside him. Awakened, and aroused, by their combined orgasms, he joined in by entering Marisa from behind – as she was on top – giving Melanie a close up view of his cock pounding and finally erupting inside the pussy she’d been sucking.&nbsp; He left Melanie to install the tampon, and went back to sleep, waking sometime laster to find Melanie had finally taken him inside her, astride him. Doing all the work, she milked an almost-dry orgasm from him.<br /><br />22:00 #12=Marisa<br /><br />01:00 #13=Melanie.<br /><br />It had been one very long fucking day.<br /><br />

Mind Control Stories

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The Boy With The Golden Cum – Chapter 2

<p>Scully poured herself another coffee and sat down beside Mulder. &quot;How’s it going?&quot; he asked.&nbsp; &quot;Good&quot; she replied, &quot;He’s co-operating fully. We have his entire network mapped out, including the second tier, and were ready to start reeling them in.&nbsp; Nearly all of them are at his school, so you’ll start there.&nbsp; There are three or four families, and a few other loose ends you can handle while you’re there.&nbsp; I’m still debriefing the subject&quot;.&nbsp; Mulder took the bait: &quot;or has he been debriefing you?&quot;.&nbsp; &quot;Bit of both, if you must know&quot; she admitted with a sly grin. &quot;Well&quot; said Mulder, &quot;Don’t wring him dry just yet, you know the Director wants him in good condition&quot;.&nbsp; &quot;He’s young, he’ll recover&quot; she said, unconcerned. </p><p> &quot;Which story did you tell him anyway?&quot; asked Mulder. &quot;The one I thought he’d find easiest to believe.&quot; replied Scully. &quot;Which one’s that?&quot; &quot;Guess.&quot; </p><p>&quot;His mother was abducted by aliens when she was pregnant?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Wrong.&quot; </p><p>&quot;His mother was abducted by aliens BEFORE she was pregnant?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Wrong again.&quot; </p><p>&quot;His father IS an alien?&quot; &quot;Still wrong.&quot; </p><p> &quot;His grandfather?&quot; &quot;Wrong again. Let me give you a clue: No Aliens.&quot; </p><p>&quot;What? None at all?&quot; &quot;Nope.&nbsp; Counting those all as one, you’ve got 2 guesses remaining.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Secret Cold War genetic experiment by the Soviets?&quot; &quot;Nope.&quot; &quot;By us?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Nope.&quot; &quot;Not the French?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Again, Nope.&quot; &quot;What’s left?&nbsp; Not the Natural But Rare Genetic Mutation? You didn’t tell him that one?&quot; Mulder looked astonished. &quot;Finally, you got it.&quot; </p><p>Mulder looked puzzled.&nbsp; &quot;Why not just tell him the truth?&quot; Scully shook her head in a familiar gesture of weary resignation. &quot;Don’t be a fucking idiot Mulder.&quot; </p><hr /><p>&quot;Are you sure you got all his post-hypno hooks?&quot; asked Mulder, once he’d stopped sulking.&nbsp; &quot;Yep, sure&quot;. She showed him the list on her iPad: </p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>These apply to all the slaves: </p><ul><li>obey all commands, in person and by phone, using voice recognition only, no code-words</li><li>feel pleasure on obedience, whatever the command </li><li>don’t talk about any of this to outsiders. </li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>These apply to all the females: </p><ul><li>enjoy sexual intercourse and oral sex with him, both giving and receiving. </li><li>spontaneous orgasm on key phrase &quot;<em>good girl</em>&quot; </li><li>&nbsp;always nude when visiting his place, as long as his father’s not around. His mother is controlled, so he doesn’t care what she sees. </li><li>feel no modesty around him (he watches them peeing and showering, and he fucks them in front of each other, even mothers and daughters) </li><li>wear only skirts without panties. Some exceptions to that, he thought he sas being careful. </li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Some of them got a couple of extras: </p><ul><li>preceive his penis as nine inches long. </li><li>have an orgasm every two minutes whenever they’re fucking. </li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p><p>For the families he’s enrolled, he’s added these: </p><ul><li>always nude at home, unless there’s any un-enslaved around </li><li>mothers ordered to put all their daughters on birth control, including under-age/virgins </li></ul><p>&nbsp;&quot;Pretty comprehensive list.&nbsp; He was well on his way to Cult status, if you ask me.&quot; observed Mulder. </p><p> &quot;But wait, there’s more&quot; added Scully.&nbsp; &quot;He’s had some of the women try to control their sex partners by copulin ingestion followed by voice-control.&nbsp; He wasn’t aware that this has limited effect unless the Magic Potion is made using his own SuperSpunk.&nbsp; But he also ordered them to make themselves completely available sexually to their partners at all times, giving blowjobs, masturbating in front of them, all that good stuff. That probably gives them more control than the copulin dose, the guy’s aren’t actually controlled, they just don’t want to spoil a good thing by causing an argument.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Pretty smart kid. Are you sure he’s Secure?&quot; asked Mulder. &quot;Oh, definitely&quot; said Scully. &quot;He obeys my voice.&nbsp; And I’ve set up a 3-part keyphrase:&nbsp; When he hears ‘Serve your country’ twice, followed by ‘Serve my country’ – or ‘cunt’ – he ejaculates.&nbsp; The first two phrases give him an erection, and then reinforce it.&nbsp; Can’t expect him to cum right off from cold, he’s just a male&quot;, and she gave Mulder a smugly superior grin. &quot;It will come in handy when we start ramping up production.&quot; </p><p> &quot;He could have been a whole lot worse&quot; mused Mulder. &quot;He’s only gone after his own sexual fantasies, and they are pretty much straight down the line. Nothing sadistic or weird, no revenge or degradation. And he’s not had his slaves doing crimes for him.&nbsp; He could have had them robbing banks by now, or he could have been pimping them. Plus he’s been careful not to make any of them pregnant.&quot; </p><p> &quot;Yes&quot; said Scully, &quot;he’s not a bad kid really.&nbsp; Though the scale of his network is worrying.&nbsp; He’s got more girls than he can even get round to fucking, and he’s been putting all his energy – and semen – into extending his empire, just for it’s own sake.&nbsp; He’s got all these girls on birth control, yet he always pulls out so he can collect his semen.&nbsp; I think his power was starting to corrupt him.&nbsp; That’s why we went in hard and fast, we didn’t know his intentions, or what defenses he had.&quot; </p><p> &quot;None at all,&nbsp; as it turned out&quot; said Mulder. &quot;He’d no idea he’d been spotted.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Yes, he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was.&nbsp; It was the School Prom that did it.&nbsp; He’d no idea the ripples that caused. School Prom’s just don’t get cancelled for lack of interest.&nbsp; The homeland surveillance program highlighted an anomaly,&nbsp; enough to warrant a second look.&nbsp; After that we just kept on finding more, especially once we started listening to phone chatter round the school, it was clear there was something going on, and it all led back to Greg.&quot;&nbsp; </p><p>&quot;So, &quot; said Mulder, &quot;the Moral of the story is …&nbsp; Dont Mess With The Prom?&quot; &quot;Exactly.&quot; </p><p> &quot;For the control phrase&quot; said Scully, getting back to business, &quot;I propose we implement it exactly as the Director ordered&quot;, and she clicked playback. Her iPad replayed the Director’s voice: &quot;The password will be need-to-know. Just we three, for now.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Fine by me&quot; said Mulder. </p><p>&quot;Now, I’m gonna call the kids’ parents, put them out of their misery&quot; said Scully. &quot;Call me when you reach the school.&quot; … </p><hr /><p>Under Scully’s supervision, Greg phoned his mom, and Marisa’s mom, and handed over control to Scully.&nbsp; She took the phone and informed them of the second cover story – that Greg and Marisa were in Witness Protection, and were helping the authorities, that they were not criminals but heroes, but this must all be kept secret, else it would surely endanger them.&nbsp; Greg and Marisa would not be able to return home for the forseeable future, possibly a year or more, and their cover must not be blown.&nbsp; News would soon be announced that they had died in a firefight with law enforcement, but this was only a cover story, and the parents would hear from both Greg and Marisa as soon as the news breaks, to reassure them that the report of their death is not true. Each mother was given the task of breaking all this news to her husband. </p><p>As expected, Greg and Marisa’s fathers called police, who refered them to the FBI, and eventually found themselves routed thru to Scully, who confirmed the whole story, and secured their co-operation by getting Greg and Marisa to speak to them briefly.</p><hr /><p>&nbsp;Mulder pulled up in the school parking lot and stepped out of the car.&nbsp; The Principal, Mr Pulaski, was waiting by the curb.&nbsp; Mulder greeted him: &quot;You must be Pulaski. I’m Mulder&quot;.&nbsp; The principal shook his hand and said softly &quot;I’ll suck your cock for fifty dollars.&quot; &quot;Maybe later&quot; replied Mulder, and they walked together to the Principal’s Office. </p><p>So far, the handover was progressing well.&nbsp; The first was Marisa. Scully brought her to Greg’s room, and left them alone for two hours.&nbsp; Returning, she found them both asleep, naked, entwined in each others arms.&nbsp; Romeo and Juliet.&nbsp; How touching, she thought.&nbsp; Waking them, she ordered Greg to transfer control of Marisa to herself.&nbsp; As a parting shot, Greg’s last words to Marisa before the handover were &quot;Good girl&quot;.&nbsp; Marisa suddenly started panting, moaned, shuddered with pleasure and snuggled back down beside him.&nbsp; </p><p>Scully waited a minute, then gently spoke to Marisa.&nbsp; &quot;You control some slaves, don’t you Marisa?&quot; &quot;Yes&quot;. &quot;Do you have all their numbers in your phone?&quot; &quot;Yes.&quot; &quot;Do any of them have slaves under their control?&quot; &quot;No.&quot; &quot;Here’s your phonebook.&nbsp; Cross off the ones that are NOT your slaves&quot; said Scully, handing over a sheaf of printout.&nbsp; </p><p>Then Scully had Marisa transfer each of her slaves by calling with the order henceforth to obey any voice that spoke the 3 magic phrases in sequence:&nbsp; ‘Need to know’, ‘Just we three’, and ‘for now’. &nbsp; </p><p> &quot;Good girl&quot; said Scully, when she decided they’d done enough for today, and was rewarded with a brief look of gratitude from Marisa before her eyes widened and she panted, moaned, and practically swooned with pleasure. Once the school principal had been done, Mulder followed up with a call of his own to arrange this meeting.&nbsp; The greeting phrase was something the Principal would never have said, so it confirmed that the control arrangement was working. </p><p>In the office, Mulder produced his list of students still under Greg’s control. They were summoned in turn to the Principals office. Pulaski waited outside, as ordered, while Mulder went through the same procedure with each: &nbsp; Greeting the girl by name, he said &quot;I’m Agent Mulder, and I have someone on the line wants to speak to you&quot;, handing her his phone.&nbsp; Each reacted with surprise at Greg’s voice – it was all over the news that he was missing, a fugitive, after a dramatic drugs bust at his house.&nbsp; They’d assumed Mulder was FBI, and was there to ask about Greg.&nbsp; </p><p>Then, each one the same, froze, slack jawed, as Greg gave them their instructions.&nbsp;</p><p> &quot;Hi sweetie, yes, this is Greg.&nbsp; Don’t talk, just listen. I’m ok. You are not worried about me, or Marisa. There’s a man there with you, his name is Mulder.&nbsp; From now on, you are going to answer all his questions truthfully and obey all his orders exactly as you have obeyed mine.&nbsp; After this phone call, you no longer have to obey me any more.&nbsp; Is that clear?&quot;.&nbsp; Each girl replied &quot;Yes&quot;, and Greg said &quot;Now give the phone back to Mr Mulder, there’s a good girl&quot;.&nbsp; </p><p>Mulder enjoyed their different but similar reactions, as the orgasm hit them.&nbsp; It was like a series of auditions, each one had her own personal twist on the theme of panting breath, moaning, gasping, shuddering, wide eyes rolling up, knees trembling or buckling entirely.&nbsp; Mostly he was able to catch his phone, though a couple of times he was glad the floor was carpeted.&nbsp; </p><p>After the first two, he made them sit down before he passed them his phone. </p><p> By the ninth girl, Mulder has a hardon that was straining to escape the pants of his black suit.&nbsp; Nine teenage girls aged 13 to 17 had just had orgasms in front of him, and then gazed blankly into his eyes, awaiting his command.&nbsp; The first three he’d simply commanded them to return to class, say nothing about him or Greg, and in future obey commands from him or from any voice that quoted the code phrases &quot;Need to know&quot;, &quot;Just we three&quot;, and &quot;For now&quot;. </p><p> From the fourth one, he added: &quot;Did you just have an orgasm?&quot; (&quot;Yes&quot;).&nbsp; &quot;Are you wearing panties?&quot; (&quot;No&quot;) &quot;Show me.&quot; </p><p>From the seventh, &quot;Stand up and turn right round, slowly. Is your pussy wet?&quot; (&quot;Yes&quot;) and &quot;Stand still while I check&quot;, and he felt his dick stiffen even more as he slipped a finger into each slit, found it slick with her juice. </p><p> So, by the ninth, Mulder knew what he wanted. He looked thru his notes, then ordered Pulaski to fetch the cheerleader Geri King.&nbsp; Mulder harbored an unfulfilled lust for cheerleaders, ever since his own days as a nerd at high school, when he could only fantasize about the cheerleading team, none of whom ever gave him a second glance. Plus his notes told him Miss King was on birth control, so he could do her bareback, and ejaculate inside her. His notes included medical records for all of Greg’s slaves, and he’d been pleased to see that all the girls were clean, not a single case of any Sexually Transmitted Disease among them. </p><p> The thought made his dick even harder, as he waited for her to arrive. Bareback sex with a teenage cheerleader, here we come. </p><p> Geri King entered the Principal’s office, looking every bit as good as he’d hoped. Mulder sent Pulaski to wait in reception.&nbsp; He greeted her like the others and handed her his phone.&nbsp; There followed the usual sequence:&nbsp; a look of surprise, a pause, then &quot;Yes&quot; followed by the unmistakable signs of an unexpected orgasm pulsing thru the girls body, her face aglow, her gaze unfocussed, her eyes wide and pupils dilated.&nbsp; </p><p>Then she shakily handed Mulder his phone. Her face aglow, she looked gorgeous. A stay ringlet of her light brown hair had escaped her hair tie, and dangled beside her flushed cheek. Her lips were moist, and slightly parted.&nbsp; He could see she had a terrific figure inside that school uniform, D cup breasts contained in a sports bra, flat tummy and broad hips, firm smooth legs extending from the short skirt. </p><p> &quot;Did you just have an orgasm, Geri?&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Yes&quot; she said in a shaky voice.&nbsp; &quot;Are you wearing panties?&quot; &quot;No.&quot;&nbsp; &quot;Show me.&quot; She lifted the hem of her school skirt, revealing her totally bald pubes, with mucus glistening between the lips of her pussy.&nbsp; </p><p>Mulder reached out and slid two fingers inside her, they slid in easily on her slick juice, until he had them all the way in.&nbsp; He curled his fingers, gently played round her g-spot.&nbsp; She gasped and leaned back, spreading her legs wide and raising her hips to give him better access.&nbsp; &quot;Take off all your clothes, Geri&quot; he instructed, and in a moment she was naked, and even better built than he’d dared to hope.&nbsp; Mulder also stripped. </p><p>&quot;Suck my dick&quot; he told her, and she squatted before him to take him in her mouth.&nbsp; I could cum in her mouth, thought Mulder, gazing down at her pretty face, her bright blue eyes wide open looking up at him as he steadily thrust his dick in and out between her lips, feeling her tongue working around the head.&nbsp; She’s good at this. And he wondered how she’d received her training.&nbsp; Was it all under Greg’s spell, or had she been sucking cock already, how many boyfriends had it taken to get her this good, as she licked his shaft, sucked his balls, slapped his dick on her tongue, and tried to get the whole length of him down her throat. </p><p> But he’d set his sights on pussy, so: &quot;Stand up now, turn around, place your hands on the Principal’s desk&quot;.&nbsp; She obeyed, presenting him with her gorgeously athletic butt.&nbsp; He bent his knees and guided his dick between her buttocks and found her pussy, warm smooth and juicy.&nbsp; His dick slid into her all the way.&nbsp; Then he slid out, right out to the last inch, and in again, setting a pace that she matched by rocking her pelvis.&nbsp; He found his stride, then, contained the urge to finish, and settled in for a good long fucking workout.&nbsp; She was up for it, bouncing against him, meeting his thrusts until he finally let off his brakes and sprinted all out for his personal finish line, when an orgasm overtook her and she roared a full throated cheerleader roar that must have echoed round the corridors and the reception area where Pulaski waited. That was it for Mulder too, and suddenly all the pent up lust he’d felt from this morning’s parade of schoolgirl orgasms erupted from his balls and pumped up the length of his dick and out into the depths of her sopping pussy, and he stopped, buried ball-deep inside her, feeling the aftershock tremors ripple thru her. God that felt good, my first cheerleader, he thought as his pulses subsided. &nbsp;</p><p> &quot;Now suck my dick again, clean it all up&quot; he instructed, though it was hardly necessary, as Geri was ready to do this anyway, and once more she squatted before him, this time with his cum dribbling out of her swollen cunt in blobs and dripping on the carpet in front of the Principal’s desk.&nbsp; Let Pulaski sort that out, thought Mulder. </p><hr /><p>After he had sent Geri back to class, Mulder checked his list.&nbsp; Over 40% of the girls in this school had been enslaved by Greg, though he hadn’t gotten round to fucking them all, especially the younger ones, many of whom – his notes showed – were still virgins.&nbsp; Mulder hadn’t intended taking over Greg’s sexual activities, but, hey, it was there on a plate for him, the gift of a lifetime.&nbsp; So, he decided, the best thing was not to waste it.&nbsp; He called Scully and told her the work at the school was taking longer than he’d expected, so he’d be staying here at least a week.&nbsp; </p><p>Scully didn’t even pretend to be surprised. </p><p>He needed a place to stay, and some company would be nice.&nbsp; He delegated to Pulaski the task of booking him into a comfortable hotel, and ordered him to fetch the history teacher, Miss Shell, when classes finished. &nbsp; Meanwhile, he had schoolgirls to reprogram. &nbsp; </p><p> Miss Shell was just as Greg had described: 5’5&quot; with nice full hips, D cup breasts, a prominent butt and a face that looks like a young Claudia Schiffer. She didn’t look a day over 25. He gave her the phone.&nbsp; The same pattern – surprise, pause, &quot;Yes&quot;, orgasm, hand over the phone.&nbsp; </p><p>Fuck, this never gets old, thought Mulder. He liked the way her more experienced body absorbed the orgasm, surprised, but less overwhelmed, more like she was savouring it, and she seemed to spin it out far longer than any of the teenagers had. He enjoyed confirming that she wasn’t wearing panties, that she was on birth control, and discovered that she was so wet from her orgasm that the juice was dribbling down the inside of both her thighs. Yes, she would do very nicely indeed. So…. </p><p>&quot;Go home, pack an overnight bag. Shower and dress in stockings, suspenders and high heeled shoes, with a full length coat over that, and nothing else. Bring any vibrators or dildos that you have. If you haven’t any, go out and buy one that suits you, and make sure you’ve got fresh batteries. Come to my hotel room at 7 tonight. You will stay the night and go direct from the hotel to school tomorrow, so make sure you have work clothes with you.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Now, kiss me.&quot;&nbsp; She raised her pretty face to his, and they shared a long and succulent kiss, full of promise of the pleasure they would share tonight. </p>

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