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The Blowjob Queen of West Bundy Drive Chapter 1

This story is extremely loosely based on a girl in one of my old neighborhoods who had an incestuous relationship with her brother. She also liked to give the boys in the apartment complex we lived in blowjobs on occasion. However, the details and names in this story are completely fictional.<br /> <br /> My name is Debbie Blackwood and I’m a cocksucking addict. I’m 26 now,&nbsp; but I have the need to have dick in my mouth every day and&nbsp; that desire still has yet to decline one iota. Let me explain how this got started:<br /> <br /> I come from a family of alcoholics, so addiction runs pretty deep in my background. My mom divorced my dad when I was 11 and me and my older brother Royce lived with her in an apartment complex in a lower middle class neighborhood until we both moved out, me to go to college, my brother to go into the Marines. Their fondness for booze was a large part of what drew my parents together and maintained their relationship until it finally did as it was bound to, implode amid mutual physical abuse and ceaseless arguments. Her behavioral pattern was to come home from work, have a few highballs of Jack Daniels and then pass out. Or she would hit her favorite bar and bring men home to drink with and fuck.<br /> <br /> One night when I was 13, I got up around 1 a.m. to use the bathroom. I heard a man’s voice coming from my mom’s room and, as I sometimes would, stealthily walked over to listen to what was occurring. Only this time, she had left her door ajar. When I peered into her room, which was illuminated only by her tv, I saw her on her knees in front a man who was standing up. &quot;Yeah, that’s a good little slut,&quot; he remarked as mom’s mouth coasted over his cock. &quot;Fuck, you really know how to do this good,&quot; he continued, as the pace of his breathing increased. Watching this spectacle made my heart pound like it could shatter my rib cage. &quot;That’s it bitch, ohhhhh fuckkkk, God, yes, suck it, play with my balls,&quot; he rasped. She was now bobbing her head in earnest and he was beginning to groan loudly even though there were two kids in the house. &quot;Oh yeah, that’s it you whore, oh fuck, yeahhhh,&quot; he sighed before emitting a loud grunt and spewing his cum into mom’s mouth. I didn’t see her spit it out, so I assume she swallowed it. He stroked her head as she remained keeling. &quot;You have the best mouth in town,&quot; he praised. They then got into bed together and God only knows what they did after that. He left an hour later.<br /> <br /> My pussy was on fire after seeing her service this stranger who, I imagine, she had just met that night. I had my first period only four months before and wasn’t all that experienced in sexual things, but I found the whole interaction incredibly erotic, dirty and exciting. I didn’t like him calling my mom those names, but it surprised me how hot it was to me when he uttered those derogatory words toward her. I slipped off back to my bedroom and hastily pulled my pajamas and panties off to comfort my throbbing clit. I had never been this aroused in my young life and as soon as I was able to get on my back and spread my legs my righthand fingers were making rapid circles on my nubbin while I pressed two fingers of my left into my dripping cunt and stimulated myself to three soul wrenching orgasms that had my hips bucking and my breathing almost attaining hyperventilation. When I finished, the climaxes took so much out of me that I fell into a very placid slumber. I had never felt so sexually satisfied through mere masturbation. But then again, I was also still a virgin then and had little idea how amazing it was when one finds that fulfillment. <br /> <br /> A few days later, my mom went right from work to the bar and so my brother and I were alone again. During the nights after what I had witnessed go on between mom and the man, I kept on masturbating after replaying it in my mind. It definitely made me curious about blowjobs. I knew that some of the older girls at my middle school did it and I wondered if I was missing out on something. Also, did it really feel THAT good to a guy that he would seek out anonymous encounters to get head? Royce brought home a loose joint he bought after school and lit it while we sat there watching tv in the livingroom. Now neither of us would touch alcohol after seeing what it did to our parents and knowing that we likely were genetically predisposed to addiction issues. We did, though occasionally share a little weed and, as the high commenced suppressing my inhibitions, I turned to him and asked, &quot;Hey Royce?&quot; &quot;What?&quot; &quot;How does it feel when a girl gives you a blowjob?&quot; &quot;It feels amazing,&quot; he blurted. &quot;So you really like them?&quot; &quot;Fuck yeah,&quot; he somewhat dreamily replied. <br /> <br /> &quot;Can I try giving you one?&quot; I pleaded. &quot;Huh? What did you say?&quot; he wondered, thinking his ears were tricking him. So I said in a louder voice, &quot;Can you show me how to give a blowjob?&quot; I implored. He started at me blankly for a second. My heart was beating a mile a minute even though my brother and I were close like two soldiers in a foxhole after surviving the battles between my parents and dealing with their too frequent inebriation. It wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that we were raising ourselves. &quot;I guess,&quot; he answered in a somewhat bewildered tone.&nbsp; At that moment, I was very happy he would do this for me, but I was also somewhat apprehensive because I didn’t want to be a total fail at it and my senses were dulled by the pot, lending the whole thing a surreal aura about it. <br /> <br /> I slowly rose off the couch and kneeled in front of him like I had seen mom do. He stood, lethargically undid his pants and dropped them to his ankles. I grasped his flaccid rod and darted my tongue at it a few times hoping that I wouldn’t taste anything bad. I didn’t and that made me a little braver, so I slid the tip of my tongue over it’s at that moment short length and it began to come to attention. The more I eased my tongue around the circumference of his penis the more he was moaning as it was lengthened and thickened. <br /> <br /> Now was the moment of truth as I opened my mouth and engulfed his prong. I shut my lips around it and commenced bobbing my head up and down, eliciting more moans from him. I was also tasting his precum. I couldn’t get the entire thing in my mouth even though I tried. Initially, I was just trying to get used to the idea of having Royce’s fuck stick in my mouth, but once I got going, I found myself more and more wanting to please him. I also had something of a sense of accomplishment being able to pleasure a guy this way, even if he was my own brother. His breathing was beginning to sound like that of the man mom had sucked. I then remembered the man wanting his balls fondled, so I did that for Royce and he stiffened up and then shot a huge wad of cum into my mouth.<br /> <br /> Now I was in a quandary. Royce had let out a long, pleasured sigh and dropped back on to the couch. His semen didn’t taste very good and the texture was like snot. I just held it there on my tongue not sure what to do with it. Mom swallowed her lover of the moment’s juice. &quot;Swallow it!&quot; Royce barked suddenly. This startled me and I reflexively did as he ordered. I quickly ran to the kitchen to drink some milk to mask the off taste that was left on my tongue. I went back into the livingroom. &quot;Did I do okay?&quot; I sincerely inquired. &quot;I’m not complaining,&quot; he laughed. <br /> <br /> Doing it for him made me feel very giddy, though I don’t know why. Maybe because there was an illicit quality to that act and thus was a secret only we could share. Or that oral sex has such a dirty connotation to it. It definitely made me wet and I trudged upstairs of the two level three bedroom abode to relieve the tension inside me. I pulled my panties off of one leg and rolled my skirt up to gain access to my clit. After a couple minutes of diddling, I decided I wanted to be naked so I could also handle my boobies. Once I had shed my clothes, I manipulated my tits and lightly pinched my nipples while my righthand fingers danced on the hood of my girl penis. The thing was that the more my ardor ascended, the more I wanted a cock in my mouth again. I imagined a man feeding me his sausage from next to my head while another one fucked me and I soon experienced a searingly heat packed climax that had me panting afterward. <br /> <br /> My main thought when I got up the next morning was that I wanted to suck Royce’s cock again. Unfortunately, mom left for work at about the same time as he and I headed for school, so there was no opportunity. However, when we got home from our respective campuses, I approached him. &quot;Hey Royce, how did you feel about what we did last night?&quot; &quot;Debbie, it was weird when I thought about it after coming down off the weed, but there was something kinda cool about it, too, because it was so taboo. So to be honest, I guess we’re supposed to feel bad about it, but I don’t. Blowjobs are nice no matter who you get them from.&quot; &quot;I’m glad you feel that way, Royce,&quot; I smiled shyly. &quot;Can I do it again?&quot; &quot;What, you want to suck me again?&quot; &quot;Yeahhh&quot; I rejoindered in a flirty way. &quot;Sure babe, if that floats your boat.&quot;<br /> <br /> Right there in the kitchen, I sunk to my knees and undid the button on his pants and opened his zipper. Next was yanking his trousers and his boxers down to expose his penis to me. I gently stroked it, feeling its girth, the texture of the skin and the evolving growth of it as the stimulation accumulated. I was going to use it as my plaything this time and pointed the tip of my tongue to very lightly tantalize the soft head. I giggled as he jumped and moaned simultaneously. I surrounded the tip of the head with my lips and applied mild suction attempting to extract his pleasure out from the root of his cock to the head and make it shatter there. It was becoming a game for me and I grinned as I endeavored to see what kind of reactions I could get out of him with every different way I would lick it or create pressure on it. &quot;Oh shit, oh shit Debbie, oh fuck,&quot; he muttered as I played with the symbol of his being not yet quite knowing when I would unintentionally pull his trigger and end up with millions of sperm in my mouth. <br /> <br /> He eventually gave me a signal as to what he wanted by pulling on the back of my head in order to force my mouth on to his shaft and I did like had the night before, bobbing it up and down until his resistance crumbled and blasted his cream in warm, thick spurts on to my tongue. &quot;How did that feel?&quot; I solicited. &quot;Fucking epic!&quot; he informed me. I smiled and my heart danced when he said that. The eroticism of orally engineering his release really turned me on and made me want to explore further how many ways I could use my mouth to elicit ecstasy from guys. It was like I was viewing giving a hummer as an art. At the same time, I had no idea how it actually felt since I wasn’t inside their skin when I had my mouth on their primary male object. Also, did all guys respond the same way or, as with women and how our clitorises respond, is everyone different?<br /> <br /> &quot;Is there any way I could have improved on what I did?&quot; I queried. &quot;You could have deep throated it, I guess,&quot; he averred. I didn’t know what that was. We only had one computer in the house and I didn’t use what time I spent with it looking at porn, so the term was obscure to me. So when Royce left to go hang out with his buddies, I did a search of the term and found a bunch of videos that demonstrated that technique and there were other sites that told how to come to be able to do that. Basically, it allowed for the aggressive penetration of the girl’s throat by a man’s penis. I wondered if mom knew how to do this, though I didn’t remember seeing her do it when I spied on her. <br /> <br /> This was a new challenge for me and I attacked it with all the zealousness of an athlete working out so he might one day play pro ball. I practiced deep throating every day using various recommended methods and I kept blowing my brother, too. It took me a couple of months, but the day I was able to finally get all of Royce’s 6.5 inches into my mouth I exalted. He led out a loud gasp and grunt. It only took a few times of feeling my throat muscles on his dick to make him shoot. ‘Holy shit, Debbie, you give the best head ever!&quot; he praised. That made me feel so proud and so turned on.<br /> <br /> When I was in ninth grade, I started to develop some nice hips and a shapelier butt and I now had C cups, too. They grew two full cup sizes over just that year. My face thinned out somewhat as I began to lose some of that puppy fat. I was still sucking my brother. The secretive aspect of what I was doing to him made it even hotter for me. Then other boys began to finally notice me. <br />

Oral Stories

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Eighth Inning

At age 14 I had the opportunity to play for a community baseball team. I
was only an average player but loved the game nonetheless. My team played a
couple times a week at the community sports park in town where there were
four baseball diamonds for local teams.

A neighbor girl on my block also played, so her mother was nice enough to
drive me home since both of my parents worked. Casey was also 14 and
played on the same team as me. Her mother came to all of her games, and we
had known each other for several years.

One day after a seven-inning game her mother was driving us home, me in the
front seat, Casey in the back. "I need to stop at the mall to pick
something up and run a couple of errands. It should take about a half hour.
I’ll be quick," said Mrs. Williams.

"No problem," I said. "I don’t need to be home anytime soon."

We pulled into the mall and her mom parked her SUV as far away from the
mall entrance as she could. Mrs. Williams liked to get her exercise and
parking further away gave her a chance to walk more.

"I’ll be back soon, you two," she said as she exited the vehicle.

About a minute later Casey leaned forward and produced a pair of metal handcuffs
she had gotten at a toy store. Now at this point I should mention that I have a party
trick that I learned from an older cousin. Basically, I can pick locks with
a paperclip. So when Casey produced the handcuffs, I thought nothing of it,
figuring it was just another lock-pick challenge.

"Bet you can’t get out of these," she said.

"No problem. They’re all basically the same," I replied. And that’s true;
most locks work about the same way.

"Then let’s make it more challenging. Put your hands behind the seat,
then try to get out of them. Don’t worry, I have the key right here," she
said as she laid the key on the center console.

Never one to back away from a challenge, I said "Sure." I stretched my arms
around the back of the seat and Casey put on the cuffs. When I asked her
for a paperclip, she just grinned. A wicked grin, I noticed.

"Girl, do not leave me locked up like this. Seriously," I said.

"I won’t – for long." Again, that wicked grin.

As I sat there helpless, Casey reached around in front of me from the back
seat and began adjusting the automatic passenger seat. "What are you

“You’ll see,” she said.

She started by sliding the seat back as far as it would go, then lowering
it before finally reclining it. At this point getting out of the cuffs would
be a challenge, but I wasn’t too concerned. Then she unexpectedly crawled
from the back seat and positioned herself on her knees on the floor in
front of me. What the hell was she doing? I wondered.

"Here’s the deal. I’ve been watching Internet porn, specifically blowjob
videos. And I’m curious what it’s like. Mom takes her time in the
mall, so I’m guessing I’ve got at least 30 minutes with you."

And with that, her hands went to my pants as she began to unbuckle my belt.
Holy shit, I thought. She’s got to be kidding. But she wasn’t. A moment later
she was unbuttoning and unzipping my pants.

"Casey! What the fuck!?" Now by this time I was equally shocked and
aroused. I looked around to make sure no one was near us. In all my
years of knowing Casey she had never tried anything like this. Part of
me was mortified and part of me was horny as hell.

She proceeded to pull my pants down my legs all the way to my ankles.
She took a moment and stared at my crotch, again with that wicked grin.
Then she brought her face in close and started nuzzling it against my groin.
I was helpless and had become hopelessly hard, my teenage cock
straining to be freed.

Moving forward she to pulled my underwear down as well, all the way to my
ankles. There I was, totally exposed to her, my hard teenage cock straining
for the roof. At 14 my cock was unbelievably hard and my erection wasn’t
going down anytime soon. Casey knew that and fucking loved it! After
another brief look at me with that deviously wicked grin, she opened her
mouth and moved in.

She took my cock into her mouth, tightened her lips, and slid
her hot, wet orifice all up and down my length. The warmth of her mouth
made me even harder, if that was possible. Up and down she slid, her slow
oral strokes making me hotter by the second.

Then she started using her tongue! She swirled it slowly around my head,
exciting every nerve in my penis, paying special attention to the underside.
Her tongue made slow circular motions along my glans, driving me wild.
Within seconds I was oozing precum.

Casey was clearly enjoying her herself. I don’t know what videos she
had been watching, but damn, she was knew what she was doing!

She was driving me insane with pleasure and knew it. Her mouth sliding up
and down, her tongue doing those amazing circles! It wasn’t long before I
was close to cumming.

"I’m close, Casey, really close," I panted.

She let out a low groan and focused all her attention on my head and ridge.
The sensations were mind blowing! She sucked and licked, licked and sucked
until I couldn’t take it anymore.

"Oh, my God! I’m cumming!! I’m cumming!! Ugh! Ugh!! AARRGGGHH!!!"
I came like I never came before, a teenage cock firing like a cannon. I felt spurt after
hot spurt shoot from my prick into Casey’s waiting mouth. I lost track of
all the spurts. But Casey never hesitated. She swallowed every drop!

She sucked me dry, milking me for every drop of my cum, until I was soft
and slid from her mouth.

"Holy fucking shit!" I panted. I was spent, absolutely, totally spent. I
looked down and there was Casey, looking up at me with that damned wicked
grin – and licking her lips!

"Hmm, we still have 20 minutes before my mom gets back,” she teased. “I wonder what I can
do with that time?"

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Oral Stories

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<font size="2"><p><em>I can’t believe I’m here! </em>I thought excitedly, looking left and right in wonder. I was actually there, where my, well, for lack of a better term, friends with benefits lived. It was a no-strings-attached thing, and he was about a decade older than me. Don’t judge me.</p><p>I practically skipped to his house, earning some well-deserved odd looks from some people walking by. I didn’t really care. Why should I, when I was finally going to see my best friend face-to-face for the first time? </p><p>So, Kaleb and I met online. I was 15, he was 25. Crazy-ass age difference, but really, I didn’t care. He was hot and I was a hormonal, naughty little teenager who really needed to learn how to keep her legs shut. He seemed like the perfect person to do it, and yes, I’ll admit it, I developed what became a huge crush on him along the way. But he doesn’t know that, and hopefully, he never will. And now, five years later, I’m finally going to see him in the flesh. I felt like some crazy fan meeting the celebrity I have been dying to meet since I was a little girl. </p><p>I was literally bouncing on the balls of my feet while waiting for him to answer the door after I had rung the doorbell more than enough times. I had just gotten off the plane, and I was so excited and wide-awake and just so ecstatic to be seeing him after all these years.</p><p>When he answered the door, I was tempted to pounce on him. He looked like he just rolled out of bed, which he probably had. His eyelids were droopy and he was still rubbing sleep out of his eyes, his long black hair was tousled and I could tell he wasn’t really paying attention to who was at the door. He was wearing sweats and no shirt but I can’t say I was complaining. I giggled and looked up at him, tilting my head to the side as I waited for his sleepy brain to process who exactly was at his door. </p><p>Suddenly, his brown eyes widened under that adorably messy hair as he looked at me a bit closer. &quot;Nicole?&quot; He asked, his expression disbelieving. I giggled still more and winked at him, flipping my hair over my shoulder. &quot;Who do you think it is, sleepyhead?&quot; </p><p>Kaleb grinned and swept me up in a big hug, murmuring into my hair, &quot;I thought I’d never get to see you.&quot; Then he pulled back slightly and his grin got wider. &quot;You’re much cuter in real life.&quot; I giggled and kissed his soft cheek sweetly. </p><p>&quot;And you’re much sexier in real life, sweetie…&quot; I said softly, running my thin index finger down his bare chest and watching him shiver. Grinning up at him, I tugged gently on the waistband of his sweatpants. &quot;So, gonna let me in or do I have to fuck you right here, in the front yard, for everyone to see?&quot; </p><p>Kaleb gave a strained chuckle and stood aside so I could pass him, and as I passed, I grabbed the growing bulge in his pants and squeezed, hard. He yelped and looked straight into my eyes, his brown ones getting slightly clouded with lust. I giggled innocently and let go as quickly as I had grabbed it, whistling innocently and skipping away, into his living room.</p><p>He had a nice place, from what I saw of it. I wasn’t really paying attention to the house, though. I was paying attention to the way his eyes practically devoured me as he stalked toward me, like a predator toward its prey.</p><p>So, naturally, I backed away, giggling non-stop and trying not to let him corner me. Eventually, I ended up making a mad dash for the door, but Kaleb caught me and pinned me against the closed door, so his chest was to my back. He leaned down and panted in my ear, making me shiver and lick my lips. Now he had me, I really didn’t want to duck away. He was so sexy, pressed up against me like that…</p><p>But I obviously had to fight back, because it’s in my nature to tease guys right to their limits. <em>It’s so much fun to watch them squirm</em>, I giggled to myself, while I wiggled my hips so my bubble-butt rubbed against his crotch and struggled feebly in his arms. Kaleb’s mouth was open, and he had just taken a breath to speak before I wiggled like that again, and a delicious groan dripped from those soft lips and sent a jolt to my clit, making it start to swell. I couldn’t help it, a whimper escaped my lips and his big hands landed lightly on my shapely hips, pulling me flush against his body. Our bodies fit perfectly together as we began a frenzied sort of dance, my ass rubbing his growing erection and his erection pushing into my ass. He turned my head slightly and kissed my lips, groaning into my mouth and pushing harder. I immediately responded more to him, nibbling on his lower lip and licking at his teeth lightly, our tongues and hips doing the same kind of dance. </p><p>We finally broke apart, panting heavily, our cheeks flushed red and my chest hot with excitement. He took my hand and kissed my lips sweetly, going from a passion-crazed lover to a gentle, loving friend. Gently, he tugged me towards his bedroom. I threw my little purse onto the couch and followed him, looking behind him and checking out that sexy ass. Sorry, but come on. The guy’s got a nice bum! Kaleb caught me looking and waggled his dark eyebrows at me, making me giggle like a schoolgirl and blush.</p><p>When we got to his bedroom, we nearly jumped each other. Well, I jumped <em>on </em>him, if that counts. Wrapping my arms and legs around him, I kissed his lips fiercely, my hands going into his hair and running through it, tugging on it gently as he pushed my short skirt up and rubbed the smooth flesh of my butt. Breaking away from me, he looked down to see what panties I was wearing and groaned quite loudly. I grinned because I knew why. He loved the colour blue, and I just happened to be wearing the lacy blue thong that he loved to see on me while we were webcamming. </p><p>His lips found my neck and started nipping and sucking, leaving little love bites as his mouth slowly moved down to my collarbone, his hands rubbing and squeezing my ass gently, making me throw my head back and moan. I blushed even more when I realized his fingers were inching inwards and down, towards my covered pussy. I wiggled against his fully-hard, covered cock and squealed when it made contact with my clit, making the juices slowly leaking onto my panties start to flow out of me in earnest. </p><p>Kaleb backed up until the backs of his knees made contact with the edge of his bed, falling backwards onto it and taking me with him, so I was positioned on top of him. He sat up, holding onto my hips and grinning wickedly at me. His hips smashed into mine, grinding and pushing his erection up, right into my pussy, making me shriek and moan loudly, wiggling on that big, beautiful cock of his, which made him grunt and breathe a little faster. </p><p>In retaliation, I peeled my shirt off, leaving my slightly bigger than average breasts bare to him, since I had decided not to wear a bra just for this occasion. Kaleb moaned and immediately latched onto one of my boobs, sucking on my little pink nipple and flicking his tongue over the tip, while I whimpered and felt it harden under his mouth. He payed the same attention to the other nipple, while our frenzied hips were working on their own, pushing into each other and rubbing furiously to feel that delicious friction. </p><p>Once my panties were completely soaked through and Kaleb’s pants were starting to get wet as well because of it, he rolled over and laid me down on my back in the middle of the bed, propped up by a fluffy pillow. He moved closer and I spread my legs to accommodate him, smiling shyly at him. This was the only part I was a bit nervous about. I didn’t want him to be disappointed by what he saw, well, <em>down there</em>, even though I knew he’d seen it a thousand times over the Internet. It’s way different in real life, trust me, and I was always self-conscious of that area, ever since I was 15.</p><p>Kaleb saw my slightly nervous expression and caressed my leg soothingly, while his lips trailed up my inner thigh. Suddenly, I got an idea that would take my mind off what he was doing. I pulled away from him for a second, receiving a confused look. Pushing him onto his back against the pillows, I swung one leg over his head and positioned myself just so over his body, so my face was level with his crotch and vice versa. </p><p>Immediately Kaleb buried his head between my thighs, pulling my panties aside with his teeth and diving in, sucking and licking slowly at first, but building up speed as time progressed. I was making all kinds of high-pitched noises, squirming on his face. To distract myself, I pulled his pants down and off and firmly massaged the huge bulge in his boxer briefs, whimpering when he groaned into my wet pussy. &quot;Fuck, you taste so good…&quot; I instantly got wetter, my juices flowing freely onto his gorgeous face, while I shoved his briefs down his legs fairly violently. </p><p>I gasped. He was absolutely huge. Silently, I wondered how the fuck that would fit in my mouth, let alone my tiny little pussy. Pushing that thought aside, I grasped his cock in my hand and, even if my hand couldn’t even wrap fully around it (my hands are preetttyyy small), I started stroking it quickly, making him whimper quietly and bury his face deeper into my cunt, lapping at my juices in earnest, trying desperately to distract himself from my ministrations. I let out a sharp cry and put both of my hands over his cock, managing to cover more of it that way and cause him more pleasure. I began stroking his cock faster and squeezing slightly, feeling it twitch and grow a bit bigger and harder in my hands. Kaleb let out a hoarse growl and murmured into my wet pussy, &quot;God, keep going, I love the feel of your hands around me…&quot; </p><p>I reluctantly pulled away from him, flipping around and kneeling between Kaleb’s legs. I wanted to see his face when I deepthroated him. Grinning up at him, lust evident in my brown eyes, I leaned down and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. His reaction was instantaneous, His eyes squeezed shut and a loud groan escaped from his lips at the feel of my hot, wet mouth descending on him, the suction from it driving him insane. I could tell by the way his breath stuttered out of him, the way he forced those beautiful eyes open, the twitch of his mouth as he tried to control himself. He stared down at me and let out a grunt. &quot;Uh, fuck, why’re you so sexy?&quot; </p><p>I giggled at that comment, my eyes sparkling with amusement as I wrapped my small hand around the base of his cock and pushed him deeper down my throat. Kaleb moaned and then, as if it was an afterthought, he leaned closer and tugged at my waist. I looked up questioningly and he said, his voice deep and hoarse, &quot;Turn and kneel over here.&quot; He patted the bed next to him, and I shuffled around so I was kneeling beside him, his cock still in my mouth. I whimpered and my eyelids fluttered slightly as I felt him reach behind me and stroke my pussy lips gently with his fingers. He grinned slightly and pulled my panties off, then felt for my entrance. I shrieked around his cock as I suddenly felt him plunge one of his fingers deep inside me and wiggle it around. I pulled my mouth off him, wriggling around and squirming on his finger, panting slightly. &quot;O-oh God,&quot; I whimpered. &quot;Your f-fingers are much bigger than m-mine.&quot;</p><p>Kaleb grinned more broadly and said cheekily, &quot;Mm, someone’s wet around here.&quot; He pushed his fingers in and out of me, listening to my whimpers and moans. &quot;Uh, and so fucking tight…&quot; He groaned as I wrapped my lips around his cock once more, wiggling my hips into his finger and moved my mouth down it, taking as much of it down my throat as I could. I managed to get a little more than half in, but that was alright. Kaleb was moaning and grunting above me like crazy. He slipped a second finger inside me, almost desperately trying to make me cum. My pussy immediately clamped down on his fingers, and he could tell I was close. </p><p>Then he found that magical little spot inside me, and my eyes rolled back into my head. &quot;Holy shit!&quot; I shrieked, bouncing back on his fingers and panting, letting his cock out of my mouth for now, so I wouldn’t accidentally bite him. &quot;O-o-oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum… Don’t stop, don’t you dare stop…&quot; I was babbling, but I really didn’t care, because I was so close to cumming my vision was starting to blur. Kaleb’s fingers were going wild inside me, and that was all I could feel. My eyes closed, and I screamed out loud as my orgasm finally overtook me, my pussy putting so much pressure on his fingers that he had to pull them out. I felt the pressure on my bladder, and then a small jet of fluids poured out of my pussy, taking Kaleb momentarily by surprise. But before he could comment, I focused my eyes on his, making them wide and innocent-like, making his breath catch in his throat as I put my mouth back on him. </p><p>And then he was panting and groaning again, his hands balled at his sides, and his cock was down my throat, and I was sucking him like it was going out of style. My fingers found his balls, and I stroked them as his hips started working on their own, pushing his cock down my throat and pulling it back. My tongue stroked the underside of his cock, sucking harder and harder, my hand stroking it and squeezing it, and I could tell he was about to lose it.</p><p>&quot;I’m gonna cum!&quot; I think Kaleb said, but it was garbled by the pleasure he was feeling, which made him thrust as much of his cock as he could down my throat. I choked slightly, but relaxed my throat, letting him do what he wanted with me. His cum spurted into my mouth, warm and sticky and white, and I swallowed all of it, looking up at him with expectant eyes for the rest. He let out a loud groan of relief as he saw me swallow the first lot, throwing his head back and shooting another load into my mouth, which I swallowed obediently, the pads of my fingers still gently massaging his tight sack as I waited patiently for more, watching sweat roll down his chest. He spasmed once more, excreting the last of his cum for now, his hips still bucking into my mouth every now and then while he calmed down. </p><p>I swallowed all Kaleb’s cum like a good little girl, waiting for him to completely calm down, looking into his eyes and loving his flushed cheeks, the way his dark hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat, and his deep, ragged breaths. His cock stayed hard in my warm little mouth.</p><p>Slowly, I pulled my mouth off of him, giggling and blushing a dark red as I looked up at him shyly. He grinned and laughed a little breathlessly, pulling me up and into his lap, kissing my forehead. </p><p>&quot;God,&quot; Kaleb panted, putting his strong arms around my waist and squeezing me gently, &quot;Where the hell did you learn how to suck cock like that?&quot;</p></font>

Oral Stories

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