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It was a nice Saturday after noon and you wanted me to come over to stay the night with you for a night because you love my company and we always have a fun time together. We always go out and eat and have a few drinks at places that no one will notice us together. And then when we go back to your place or mine, well it gets very intimate which we both love.
We where on our way back from Sedona from sight seeing and looking at the beautiful scenery up there. I drove up there and you wanted to drive back. We half way back and you said while placing your hand on my couch and grabbing my cock "Hmmm I can’t wait to get back home Jacob. It’s been a while since I got ahold of that lovely cock of yours." And I smiled and said "Oh is that right, well you know I’m all yours Victoria." And you said "Mmm I’m going to suck your cock so good Jacob." And you could feel my cock getting hard in my shorts. And reached over and grab your thigh and felt your nice smooth saved legs. I said "So do you want to try something new?" And you said "Like what?"
And I said "How would you feel if we took pictures while we have sex? And it’ll just be oral sex No intercourse."
And you said "Well I do trust you because we have this thing as a secret between us. So I feel comfortable if you take pictures of us having sex and I know you won’t show these pictures with anyone else, it’ll be just for us to look at. Also You can add the pictures to your collection you have of me. So yes I’d love to take pictures! I’ll be seducing a photographer. Is that a fantasy of yours Jacob?"
And I said "Yes you have my word I won’t show these pictures to anyone else. It’ll be for our eyes only. And yeah it is! Being a photographer and being seduced buy a sexy mom is definitely a fantasy of mine."
And you said "Hmm this will be very fun then."
And I said "And it’s just oral sex. You are a big fan of oral sex so we will do that till we make each other cum."
And you said "Mmm you know me so well Jacob. And I’m going to suck you so good that I’ll make cum not once but multiple times. So you will have to just kick back and watch me suck you dry." And after hearing that I couldn’t wait to get back to your place. Once we got back into our town I stopped by my house and got my camera. Then on our way home you turned my camera on and took a picture of yourself. And another one with some cleavage showing. You looked around to see if any cars were close and then you pulled your boobs out and took another one. I said "Damn look at those nice boobs there!" And then you put them back into your shirt while laughing. We got to your house and while we were heading inside I said "Put the red lingerie set you have with the black stockings." And you smiled and said "Okay I will."
And we get inside and set every thing down that we took with us on the trip. You said "Go sit back on my bed naked with your camera and I want you to watch me undress and get into the lingerie." You were still putting the food and drinks away from the ice chest in the fridge. I went into your room and got undress and waited for you to come in your room.
You came in and you seen me there in the middle of your bed fully naked and me stroking my hard cock for you. You said "Hey there handsom, I’m loving what I see there!" And I watched you take your clothes off. You were just wearing your bra and thong and I took a picture of you in it. You heard the click sound of my camera and tuned at me and said "You just take a picture?" And I nodded yes. You then turned towards me and reached around your back to undo your bra and then held it on your boobs. I took a picture of that. And then you threw the bra at me and you held your boobs and they look so nice and your nipples looked so good. Then I said "I want you to turn around and bend down while you pull your thong down. I want to see your pussy being uncovered slowly while I take pictures of you." So you tuned around and your booty looked so sexy. You moved your hips left to right slowly while looking back at me with those seductive eyes you have and you bend over slowly and pulled your thong down slowly. I seen your ass and then that lovely sweet pussy of yours and I was taking pictures. And then your thong dropped to the floor. You were still looking back at me. You then picked the thong up and threw that at me to. I grabbed it and smelled it and it smelled so good. I said "Mmm Victoria you smell amazing." You then got your red lingerie outfit of of your drawer. I watched you put it on and took more pictures of you in it. Then you grabbed some black stockings and watch you put them on. You putting them on your feet and then slowly pulling them up your soft smooth sexy legs and then hearing them snap onto your thighs as you let go of them. And then you put some light pink lipstick on to. Then You walked around to the end of the bed in front and stood there touching yourself and rubbing your pussy. You were looking at my hard cock which was standing straight up with my head throbbing and my balls hang there below just ready to be locked and sucked on and full of cum for you. I said "I’m ready for you to blow me away Victoria, come get this cock and suck it." And you said "Mmm your balls look full of cum for me Jacob."
And you climbed on the bed and looked at me in the eyes as you crawled closer between my spread legs. You gently bit the inside of my legs to tease me and went up slowly till you got to my balls and then you stopped. I could feel you breathing on my balls and cock and then you skipped over my cock and balls and kissed me on my lower stomach and went up slowly and sucking on my skin all over and up my neck and then you kissed me for a little. Then you went back down and was breathing on my balls and cock. I was looking down at you waiting desperately for you to do something. You could see I couldn’t wait anymore and was teasing me so badly. And then you suddenly sucked my ball sack into your mouth real quick and popped them out. It was a tease and it felt really good. I said "Gosh you are such a tease but I love it so much Victoria." And after that you sucked them back in your mouth and held them in there and was tasting them while moving your tongue all around them. It felt so good it was hard to take pictures. You then stretch them out till popped out of your mouth by making that sucking pop sound. You then then licked my balls and up my cock shaft and my head and eyes rolled back because it felt so good. You then spit on my cock and started stroking my cock. And then you licked the tip of my cock around the head and sucked on it really hard. I said "Suck the head of my cock and look at me while I take a picture." And you just put the tip of my cock in your mouth and sucked it really hard again where your cheeks are caving in from your sucking power. You look so good sucking it. You got it all wet and slippery and just began taking my whole cock in and out of your mouth by sucking it all over and from all angles you desired to suck it. You loved just sucking the heck out of my hard cock. I sat the camera down facing my cock while it was on record and I had my hands free so I held your hair out of your face. I said "Oh yeah, just like that. It feels so good Victoria."
And you said "Jacob your cock taste so good!"
After I watched you give me amazing oral sex for 20mins I felt my first load of cum coming for you. I said "Ohh you are going to make me cum!"
You massaged my balls with one hand and the other hand you stroked my cock lightly while you kept sucking the head of my cock and flicking your tongue around my head in your mouth. I said "Oh yes..Keep doing that..Don’t stop.." I was moaning you name. "Oh Victoria..Oh Vicctooria.. Yes….Ohhh.. OH VICTORIA IM CUMMING!!" And you kept sucking and massaging while I blew a nice thick warm load of cum in your mouth. I Couldn’t keep still but i tried my best as in stayed staring into those eyes of yours as you sucked all my cum into your mouth. Some was coming out of your mouth but you managed to keep it all in there. You could feel my cum pumping out through the my shaft of my cock. After I stopped cumming I said "Let me see it, open your mouth." And you sucked one last time. You tilt your head up and opened your mouth and all I seen was a mouth full of white cum. I took a picture of it. And then you closed your mouth and swallowed it. And I said "You naughty girl." And you finally could talk and said "Oh my god Jacob that was a huge load of cum. It taste so fucking good and it was so warm. Mmmm you don’t know how good it is to taste that yummy cum of yours!"
And I said "Well I have more for you. You know what to do." And you started to suck my cock more and cleaning up some of the cum off my balls. After a few minutes I had you get on top of me and turned around so I could give you oral as well. So we did that 69 for a while. I pulled the red thong down that you had on that was matching with your lingerie outfit. Your pussy was wet and tasty with your juices flowing a little bit. I sucked your wet pussy lips in my mouth and flicked them a little and then moved to your Clint and sucked on it and massaged it with my tongue inside my mouth. It was feeling so good for you and you were having a hard time trying to suck my cock. I was enjoying eating your pussy out and as I was doing it I was slowly thrusting my cock in your mouth while you were sucking it. After a few more minutes I could hear you moaning differently so I knew you were about to cum. I kept sucking gently on your clit and massaging it with my tongue and your thighs started to shake. You said "Yes.. Yes.. Don’t stop Jacob Don’t stop.." And I said "Mmhmm cum on my face Victoria." And then you came and moaned "OHH JACOB IM..CUMMING!" I held onto you harder to make sure you didn’t move and continued to suck and lick your Juicy pussy as more juices came flowing down on my face as you were shaking and moaning away. And then we switch to a different position. I had you lay on your back and I got up on top of you and straddled you. My hard cock was right between your boobs. You spit on your boobs and then grabbed my cock and moved the spot all over your boobs and then you pushed you boobs together and I began to thrust my cock between them. I was boob fucking you. And the tip of my cock head went far enough up so you can suck it. We did that for a while and you sucked my cock as well while being on top of you. And after a few more minutes went by I said "Get ready I’m going to cum again. Oh yes!"
And here it came "Oooh IM CUMMING..Ohh..ohh! Yea.."
I pushed my cock between your boobs again and shot my cum all over your chest, neck and onto your mouth. And then you grabbed my cock and squeezed it really hard and stroking my skin up to the head of my cock and got every last drop out and then started sucking it again to get everything out while looking up at me in my eyes. It felt so good and you looked so sexy doing it. While you were sucking my cock still I grabbed my camera and I had you paused with my cock in your mouth looking up at the camera with those sexy eyes of yours and took a few photos. Then I I put my cock back between your boobs and you pushed them together and smiled and I took a few more pictures. I moved off of you to the side of of you and you continued to suck my cock more. You said "I know you have some more in here." while sucking on my balls. And I said "I will always have more cum for you Victoria." And you smiled and kept doing your thing. It felt so good and also looking down at your sexy body just made me so horny that made me want to play around more with you. You said "Play with my pussy Jacob." And I did. I rubbed you clit gently and fingered you while you sucked my cock. After a few minutes came I was already to cum again. I said "Oh I’m ready to cum again!" And you started to stroke it more and suck it more. I got off the bed and you slid down on the floor on your knees and As I was moaning and stroking my cock you said "Cum on me Jacob, cum all over my face and boobs!" And I moaned and started to cum and I shot all my cum all over your lips and boobs and was on my tippy toes because it was an amazing orgasm again. I let go of my cock and you grabbed it and continued to stroke it and suck on it. You were rubbing the head of it over your lips to get the cum off your face by licking it and sucked it off my cock.
I said "My god Victoria you are amazing. It’s mind blowing every time I’m with you. You are such a sexy woman." And you said "Mmm I can’t describe how amazing it feels to have fun sex with such a young handsome boy. Thank you for making me feel good!"
You got up and we decided to go shower. I slapped your butt on our way to the shower. We got in the bathroom and I helped you pull your red lingerie top off. It looks like you have to wash it because I got cum on it from it running off your boobs. While you were looking in the mirror and wiping some of the cum off your face and stuff I then kneed down and pulled your black stockings off. Your smooth legs always feel so good. Your butt looked so good and I stuck my face between your butt cheeks and licked that wet pussy of yours and it tasted so good! You moaned and giggled. I slowly went back up by kissing you on your butt and up your back to your shoulders. And moved your hair off your neck and kissed you there and sucked on your ears. And then I looked in the mirror at you and you looked so sexy and grabbed your boobs from behind you and squeezed them. And you could feel my hard cock between your thighs. We were looking at each other and I push my cock inside your pussy and you weren’t expecting that but it felt really good for you and for me as well. And you looked at me in the mirror and said "Fuck me Jacob." And you leaned over the sink more and I began to thrust my cock in and out of you. It felt so good and wet just as I like it. And for you you loved that my cock was always hard for you and feeling it going deep in you. I fucked you nice and good for five minutes and you looked so good in the mirror. Seeing your boobs bouncing and hair bouncing as I was fucking you how you love it. You then looked back at me moaning saying "Don’t stop you are going to make me cum!" And I didn’t I kept going and telling you to cum all over me. You shouted "OH BABY YES!!.. IM CUMMING! OHHHH.." And you just leaned against the sink as I was slowly trusting and I could feel all your juices. And it was about to make me cum. So I started to pick the speed up and started to fuck you harder. I looked at you in the mirror and said "Oh yeah.. Oh yeah.. Ready for me to cum?" And you said "Yes please! I want to feel that cum deep inside me!"
And I was giving it to you nice and deep and I felt it cumming and I couldn’t hold it any longer. And I said as I pushed my cock as far as I could inside you and pulled you by your hips "OH VICTORIA IM CUMMING INSIDE YOU!!" And you could feel my warm cum deep inside your pussy just where you wanted it. You loved it so much and it’s such a huge turn on for you. I could feel you rubbing my balls between your legs with one of your hands. I just lean on top of you and reached around and grabbed your boobs until my orgasm was over. And then I pulled my cock out and you went down and tasted my cum and yours together and loved it. I said "You are such a naughty girl Victoria and I love it!" You smiled and got up and then went to turn on the shower. I went and grabbed my phone and stood in front of the mirror and i told you to come here to take a picture with me.
You placed you hand on my shoulder and tilt your head on it while I reached around and grabbed your butt and you other hand you were grabbing my cock which was hard still. And you said "That’s a good picture for your collection. I love it Jacob." And then after that we hopped in the shower and washed up. I washed you and you washed me you. We got out and were pretty tired. We got to your room and I just put some gym shorts in with no boxers and I watch you put on some sexy pink boyshort lace underwear and a tank top on. Your nipples could be seen through but it was okay because it was for me anyways. We laid down and passed out. You knew in the morning I always had morning wood so you wanted to surprise me with something to wake up to.
– The End 😉

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Mon, 26 Jun 2017 19:10:23 UTC

My Trip To New Hampshire, Part 1

<p style="text-align: center; text-indent: 0.5in" class="MsoNormal" align="center">My Trip To New Hampshire, Part 1</p> <p style="text-indent: 0.5in" class="MsoNormal">I woke up early that morning and I couldn&rsquo;t believe I was about to drive 2 hours to finally meet up with a girl I met in a chat room.<span>&nbsp; </span>As I was on the road I played what might happen in my head over and over and could not wait.<span>&nbsp; </span>The ride seemed like it would never end until I finally pulled up to her friend&rsquo;s house.<span>&nbsp; </span>She greeted me with a hug and kiss, jokingly with a naughty smile I said, &ldquo;It&rsquo;s about time huh?&rdquo; she nodded and we both laughed.<span>&nbsp; </span>As we made it inside we talked for about 20 minutes when our friends finally got the hint and went for a ride.<span>&nbsp; </span>As soon as the door shut, she was straddling me.<span>&nbsp; </span></p> <p style="text-indent: 0.5in" class="MsoNormal">We started kissing, and we both wanted it, as we kissed deeper and hotter we wanted it more.<span>&nbsp; </span>She wore a hot pink sundress that came down to her mid thigh, as we kept kissing deeper, the more she started to grind on me. Teasing me she held my arms back as she went from my lips, to my ears, down to my neck, hitting all my turn on spots but leaving me helpless.<span>&nbsp; </span>To be honest I could have over powered her grasp but it felt so good I let her take advantage.<span>&nbsp; </span>I finally rubbed my hands up her thighs grabbing her dress at the same time and pulled it over head and there she was in her bra and booty shorts that accentuated her ass which I loved. Her bra came off and finally her underwear, she straddled me again now wearing nothing as I sat there wearing a t-shirt and towel like shorts.<span>&nbsp; </span>We kept kissing deep, biting each other&rsquo;s lips and her sucking my tongue, which drove me nuts.<span>&nbsp; </span>My hands were roaming all over her voluptuous body, cupping her tits and pulling her nipples.<span>&nbsp; </span>I started to nibble her ear, down to her neck kissing, sucking, and biting at it until I ran my tongue down to her tits and I started in on them.<span>&nbsp; </span>Sucking them nice and hard, running my tongue in circles around her nipples then nibbling on them as she started to moan.<span>&nbsp; </span>Her grinding increased and I was back up to her, lips locked, tongues circling each other like a ballroom dance.<span>&nbsp; </span>We continued this intense kissing for a few more minutes until finally I asked her if she&rsquo;d let me watch her, and she pulled back a little giving me naughty grin and got up and laid on the couch and began rubbing her pussy with one hand and the other rubbing and pinching her tits as I turned around.<span>&nbsp; </span>As I watched, my eyes grew wide watching her do this spread eagle and biting her lips, this was the first time I ever watched a girl in person and I loved every second of it.<span>&nbsp; </span>She knew it was turning me on but also turning her on watching me watch her.<span>&nbsp; </span></p> <p style="text-indent: 0.5in" class="MsoNormal">I couldn&rsquo;t take it much longer and told her we needed to go to another room, I needed a taste of her now very wet pussy, and she must have read my mind because the next thing I knew she was leading me into her friend&rsquo;s kitchen and got up on the kitchen table.<span>&nbsp; </span>I couldn&rsquo;t believe I was about to eat her hot, wet and pink pussy on her friend&rsquo;s table but I didn&rsquo;t care it was so kinky and hot I was willing to do it in front of an audience at this point.<span>&nbsp; </span>As she sat on the edge of the table with her legs spread and me pulling up in between her, our lips locked in hot and passionate kiss, our tongues swirling as our hands kept moving and caressing each other.<span>&nbsp; </span>I then started to breathe lightly and nibble her ear, running my tongue down to her neck sucking and biting as if I were a vampire and I cud hear her soft moans in my ear and I could see her rolling her head back as I moved down to her nice B cup tits, sucking them into my mouth and biting her nipples.<span>&nbsp; </span>Her moans grew louder and I started to kiss my way down her stomach and running my tongue around her belly button.<span>&nbsp; </span>I was now between her legs as she laid back not saying anything but could tell she was begging for me to eat her to ecstasy but I could not let in that easy.<span>&nbsp; </span>I started kiss around her pussy moving in close then moving out to her thighs biting them as I heard her say, &ldquo;Fuck you,&rdquo; in a laughing teased manner and I laughed.<span>&nbsp; </span>Before she could take a breath I began doing what I&rsquo;m best at and attacked her pussy.<span>&nbsp; </span>She arched her back in pleasure and began to say, &ldquo;Oh God&rdquo; as I licked her clit, circling it with my tongue and doing different patterns and speeds driving her crazy.<span>&nbsp; </span>Her moans grew even louder and hotter as she came multiple times soaking my face.<span>&nbsp; </span>I stopped giving us both a break, she sat up and we locked lips which turned me on as she licked and kissed her cum off my face and kissing me again saying how amazing it felt and how long she&rsquo;s been waiting and wanting me to do that, especially since she rarely ever got eaten by her boyfriend. <span>&nbsp;</span></p> <p style="text-indent: 0.5in" class="MsoNormal">I enjoyed every second of it, her pussy was so sweet and wet and I just wanted to have more.<span>&nbsp; </span>We kissed a little longer and we both decided we wanted more, and I remembered a trick I had not tried yet and noticed a freezer in the corner and went to it grabbing a piece of ice, her eyes grew as if she knew what I was going to do.<span>&nbsp; </span>I licked some of the ice and got my mouth cold and kissed her.<span>&nbsp; </span>I then took the ice as I kissed her and rubbed it down her body.<span>&nbsp; </span>Starting with her neck, I ran the ice down to her tits over her nipples sending shivers down her spine and watched as goose bumps formed all over her body.<span>&nbsp; </span>I continued to slide the ice down until I got to her hot wet pussy, running it around her lips and watched as her pussy was melting the ice.<span>&nbsp; </span>Before the ice fully melted I sucked it, chilling my tongue, and began to lick her hot wetness driving her crazy yet again.<span>&nbsp; </span>Doing this brought her to another multiple orgasms as I licked and fingered pussy, from the bottom of her little pink hole up to her clit.<span>&nbsp; </span>This continued on for another hour or so and she was convulsing left and right.<span>&nbsp; </span>Finally our friends had contacted us letting us know they were out back.<span>&nbsp; </span>We kissed a little bit more before she put her clothes back on.<span>&nbsp; </span>We went out back and smoked a bowl and chatted for a few before leaving.<span>&nbsp; </span>We had both agreed that the visit was well worth it and wished we had more time to have fun but agreed to hang out again.<span>&nbsp; </span>We have yet to hang out again but we both know when we do it will be one hell of a fuck fest in many ways.<span>&nbsp; </span>Part 2 will becoming soon hopefully.<span>&nbsp; </span>P.S. I have yet been told I am not orally fixated. ;)</p><p style="text-indent: 0.5in" class="MsoNormal">&nbsp;</p><p style="text-indent: 0.5in" class="MsoNormal">AlphaQ…message me or email me if you want to know more [email protected]&nbsp;</p>

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Mon, 09 May 2011 13:44:18 UTC

Oreo Licked Clit Peachierino

Her sex face was the height he fingered her deep orgasm how she hit the ceiling. Her kiss tasted of sweetness and spice. Sipping her foamy his cappuccino she was moving on him thrust heavy heart peachy lust Peachierino She was the hot come ll over me pavements, Princess, she loved to beg him like his forever caviar best clit never overlicked. She loves to be so oral…How he peels her off and she spreads her pearly passion potion.”Quite appetizingly so precisely he should be the fuck considered.Her hot gaze fetishes peach-pleasurable lips required he was the most beguiling man He turned into one of her Blow my avenues. biggest fan peaches beg and juice me. All paw tricks cheetah stretch feeling superior. He kept saying I will fuck you later How the men devoured me “” please phone me on my peach sexy dimple nothing compare to Apples and oranges when you have the creamy cock what a clit Peachierino deep walls inside and his tip finest Semen what A+ He-Man…

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Fri, 26 May 2017 15:44:15 UTC

My Aunt Kate

My mom call and ask me to go see my aunt she been asking were I been, I told mom I would go this afternoon . My aunt Kate was a cool women been divorce four times, she 67 years old and she likes young men .She still got a pretty good figure ,red hair and a great bush below with Grey in it. I guess my mom side of the family like sex , I was curious what she wanted . I rang the door bell and I herd her hollow to come in ,she told me to help my self to a beer and come to the bedroom.I walk in the ere she sat on a young man face haven her pussy eaten, It was no shock to me it just family, I gave her a kiss on the cheek ,that no kiss she planted a wet one on me ,she took the beer from my hand and took a drink, then gave it back were beer drinker. Kate told me to come by the house at eight tonight she found a big cock on the net for me and all ready check it out.The rest of the day I was getting read for tonight and couldn’t wait ,I got all dress and didn’t like what I had on change twice and look at my bathrobe, I took my clothes back off and put the robe on. I drove twelve miles to my aunt Kate house when I walk in she look and said no need for clothes . There on the love seat was this black man all solid muscle jeans so tight they look like they were painted on him, and a tank top with bulges of muscle. Kate came over and told Clark this is my niece I just stair at the bulge in his pants when Kate came up behind reach around the front undid my belt and drop my robe to the floor she turn my head and gave me a kiss and sucked my tongue into her mouth , Kate told me to do him good he all yours. Then she gave my nipple a twist, I lean on his chest and I went to kiss him he push me down and said he wanted his cock suck that why he here. Pull his pants down , he had no underwear on That was the biggest cock I every seen it was even hard I stroke it it was get tin bigger and bigger, Kate said go on honey put it in your mouth ,it only 15inch and you can take a 12inch, my hand wouldn’t fit around it , will half to start slow I suck on he head and lick up and down the shaft I put the purple head back in my mouth and he gave a couple good pumps,I got in in about half way ,Kate was cheering me on , SHE had her dildo up in her he was telling Clark to fuck the bitch mouth I had an orgasm and squirt a load over her couch I suck on that cock fast and faster and Kate keep swearing make her swallow it all .Clark fill the back of my throat I had to pull out for air as he keep cum it run down my chin on my breast , but I save a whole mouth full for Kate she welcome his cum from her niece we went mouth to mouth .What I didn’t expect Kate had me on all four and spitting his cum in my crack Kate was lube my ass for Clark. Kate finger went in just fine , when Clark enter me he gave one big stab at it ,I call him a mother fuck you cock fucker he slap my ass hard and slap it again and he drove that cock up in me ,when aunt Kate got under us she lick my cunt easy my pain ass his cum fill my ass . He moves over to Kate pubic and wipes his cock in it . Clark told Kate see you tomorrow.

Cum Swallowing

Mon, 01 Nov 2010 01:02:01 UTC

Sometimes Naughty Nipple

His mouth covered hers again his mouth slid down such an instinct kicked in
"God, you taste so good he plunged beneath her naughty look of a sexy grin.Her nipple jutted through he couldn’t taste enough so he wanted more He’s been on the wagon for so many naughty minds of months.He loved snakes he was sex of criminal minds and he pressed her against the bathroom wall slithering her with his potent poisons of cravings, His fingers got inside the lush curve of her sexy bottoms how she wiggled like a snake.Her legs shifted how she cradled his hard on.As hot As wet as her nipples will ever get.

Oral Stories

Sun, 09 Apr 2017 12:50:28 UTC

Far as it will go down 2

After haven Jay over once, I gave him a call and ask if he could come back over tonight he said you need more cum . I need that big cock of yours just me and you, I be right over 30 minutes later he was there , ask when my husband would be home ,not to worry or sex life is great and we see other people, some times he walk in and say hi ,then leave unless I ask if he wants to join in.I gave Jay tongue as I,kept it in his mouth letting him fill part of me in his mouth.Move my hand and filling his cock which I need, trying to pull my panties down with my other hand, kick my shorts to the side, with my toes holding on to my panties bending my knee to grab my panties to I could put them in his mouth to show how wet I was. He was sucking my cum out of them, he reach down and pull my tank top over my head, hiss lips went to my breast sucking on them ,well I was undressing him. His cock was getting bigger as I kept slid ding my hand up and down his Hugh shaft, my hands are small it would take three hand to cover the length of his shaft. We sat down on the love seat as he lick his way down to my pussie, his two fingers spread my lips apart as his tongue went up and down each side of my lips up in to my clit which started to make me jump with pleasure ,his finger went up in side of me and he found my G spot, shot my cum in his face ,the more he finger the more I cum, Oh I was shaken with pleasure squeezing my legs together oh fuck fuck me now .He put the head of his cock right at the entrance tease me up and down on my clit . I scream put the cock in me all ready , I reach down and grab and put it in when he started moved in ,then bring it all most out to the end and back in I started chewing on his ear when I look over my husband was standing there .Jay didn’t see him ,when he gave me the thumb up, and I wink back at him as he left I was haven another orgasm when Jay said he was cum my he hurry and pull it out and put it in my mouth ,he try to shove his hole cock down my throat before he cum all most made it went he started cum in big load it was running out the side of my mouth. He pull out of my mouth as I show him the full load of cum I swirl around in my mouth before I swallow. He was still hard as he put me in the dogie position, Taken the cum of his cock getting my ass to take that 11" in me ,he push his finger a little at a time once full in started working it faster, when he new I was ready for it ,he put the big purple head up against my ass big as it felt back there I dint think it would fit in me . H e told me to spread my ass cheek wide open, that point was going in slow an the head had to be 7 or 8" in diameter the head slid in past the ring open left it set till I got use to it . With the rest of his cock I started to back up into him ,it was filling good now as I started my motion he started his pumping , now I wanted that cock to come out my mouth. Keep telling Jay to fuck me harder and harder , cum in my ass please he pump with long strokes as he cum in me my own cum was running out my pussie.

Cum Swallowing

Mon, 06 Sep 2010 06:01:57 UTC