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We’re The Millers: Extended Scene

This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

We’re The Millers: Extended Scene
By Muhabba

Story Codes: MM/FF

So, the Millers are at the RV park and Kenny needs help impressing Molly Quinn so Casey decides to take pity on him and help him out learning how to kiss. Suddenly they’re interrupted by Rose and David and Rose decides to help. And scene…

Kenny’s eyes shot wide open as Rose’s warm, wet tongue explored his mouth while they all sat on the couch. David was eating a bag of chips across the room as he watched his pretend family kiss. “There ya go,” he said no-nonchalantly. On the other side of Kenny, Casey waited, a little upset at Rose for trying to take over her attempting to show Kenny how to kiss.

Rose broke the kiss and sat up, Kenny’s eyes still wide. “You feel that?” she asked. “What I did with my tongue?”

Kenny could barely mutter, “Yes, ma’am.” He was in a daze by the feel of Rose’s talented tongue inside of his mouth.

Rose smirked at Kenny’s stunned expression. “Show Casey what you just learned,” she said, motioning to the young girl.

Casey pulled Kenny in for the kiss, eager to feel what he had learned from Rose, despite being upset with Rose and David interrupting her and Kenny. It wasn’t that she liked the big geek but she did like the idea of being in charge of his first kiss. His tongue slid past her pink lips and caressed the wet insides of her mouth causing her eyes shoot wide open in surprise as he performed Rose’s trick. “Whoa!” she said, pushing Kenny away, surprised as her pulse began to speed up at the kiss.

David could tell that Casey had enjoyed the kiss as the tips of her small tits were hard and poking up beneath her shirt. “Wait, hold on,” he said, putting his bag of chips down and pulling out his phone. “I wanna get a picture of you with the first girl you every kissed.” He aimed his phone at the boy and with the two beautiful women on ither side of him. “There ya go,” he said as he focused his phone. On the screen he saw Casey pull Kenny in closer, pressing her firm, young body against him as they kissed deeply. “Make it a good one,” he said as his pretend children explored each others’ mouths.

As he turned his phone to video record, David aimed his camera at Rose. Hoping he could steer this into a more interesting arrangement he said, “Rose, why don’t you get in there.”

Rose leaned in a pressed her firm body against Kenny’s back, her tits rubbing across his shoulders as she smiled at the camera.

“Mmm hmm,” David cheerfully murmured. “Photobomb it,” he said, trying to direct the action.

Not wanting to be outdone by the younger girl Rose pulled Kenny away from Casey. “This is getting better, it’s getting better,” she assured the young boy who still looked stunned. She pressed her more rounded body against him as she kissed him more deeply, putting more passion into it than before. As they began to make out she ran one hand up and down his thigh, stopping just below his groin, teasing his now stiffing dick.

Casey glared jealously at the kissing couple. At any other point in her life she would have been repealed by Kenny, he was such a nerd! But she refused to let Rose out-do her. She pulled Kenny back to her and began kissing him again, deeper, harder, rubbing her young body against him.

David bent down to get a better angle on Casey’s ripe body. His dick began hardening as he watched the young couple make out and he continued trying to direct the action. “Use your hands,” he said to Kenny. “You got so much fun stuff, use your hands.”

Casey pulled one of Kenny’s hands up to her chest, letting him palm her small tits through her shirt. She moaned appreciatively even though he had absolutely zero technique. He just squeezed the pert breast over and over again but at least she had up’ed her game from Rose.

Kenny felt completely lost. He had no idea what was going on. He’d of course been attracted to Casey but she acted like she hated him and now she was kissing him and letting him feel her up. And now a strange pressure was building up in his penis.

Rose smirked knowingly at Casey. “This little bitch thinks she can out-do me,” she thought, realizing what was actually happening and amused by the young girl. She unbuttoned her top completely as she pulled Kenny away from the slutty little girl before kissing him with all the pretend passion she could. She gripped his wrist and pushed his hand inside of her shirt to squeeze one of her larger, silky tits, his fingers instinctively slipping inside of her bra. He scooped her tit out and began squeezing with absolutely no technique at all, but she moaned lustfully into his mouth any way as he grunted.

Kenny’s eyes had shot open again as Rose shoved his hand inside of her open shirt, causing him to grunt as he came for the first time in his life. If only it wasn’t in his pants. His hands instinctively squeezed her firm tit as she moaned into his gaping mouth. Her hard nipple scrapped against his palm as his hand moved around, drifting in lazy circles and she continued using her tongue in his mouth.

Casey glared evilly at Rose and Rose gave her a malicious wink as she continued kissing Kenny, keeping his attention away from her. In a flash Casey threw off her shirt and bra, baring her petite, firm tits to David’s phone and not caring. There was no way she was letting Rose win. She yanked Kenny away from Rose and pulled his head to her chest, his arms swinging around in surprise as she thrust her small chest out. He immediately sucked in a small, hard nipple and began sucking on it like a hungry calf as she moaned, “Yesss, Kenny. So good,” and his arms nearly knocked her off balance. She moaned mostly to keep his attention from Rose but there was a small part of her mind that couldn’t help but find it pleasurable.

Zooming in with his phone with one hand David used his free hand to rub his aching prick through his pants. “That’s it. Work ‘em, Kenny. Work those pretty titties,” he said, trying to direct the action. “Just, ah, try not to poke anybody in the eye,” he warned when he noticed how wildly Kenny was swinging his arms around.

Rose glared at Casey who just winked at her. “You’re not winning this,” she mouthed to the teenaged girl as she began unfastening her slacks. She shimmied out of her pants, top, and bra, revealing her tits and thong covered ass to David’s phone. She yanked Kenny away from Casey, nearly ripping his shirt, and thrust her larger tits into his face and he eagerly began sucking. “Mmm…” she moaned as she spread her tan, toned legs and gripped his wrist, bringing his hand to the warm junction of her toned and tanned thighs.

Kenny moaned around his mouth full of tit as Rose slide his fingers into her panties. Rose’s surprisingly firm tits were the same golden tan as the rest of her sexy body and he started to imagine her sunbathing topless but suddenly lost the ability to think as his fingers found the wet, hairless slit between her legs. His fingers slowly parted her dewy lips as his middle finger slid into her wet, hot pussy and his finger began to slide in and out slowly, her tight pussy gripping down on him as she moaned in pleasure.

“Oh yeah,” David said cheerfully as she got down on his knees and focused his phone between Rose’s out spread legs. “Work it, Work it!”

Casey, not caring about her partial nudity in front of a group of people she didn’t even like that much, stared daggers at Rose. Rose just smirked at her as she rolled her hips up to meet Kenny’s questing finger as she began panting in pleasure. Thinking quickly Casey stood up and pulled her pants and underwear down, showing her glistening pussy with it’s small strip of pubic hair to David’s phone as she sat down on the arm of the couch and spread her slender, pale legs, her dewy labia parting slightly to show her pink insides. She angerly yanked Kenny away from Rose again, nearly ripping his shirt collar, and shoved his head between her legs. “Oh yes, Kenny!” she shouted lustfully as she rolled her hips and began humping his face as she smirked at Rose.

Kenny moaned into Casey’s wet cunt. Showing all the technique he had with his lips and hands he began lapping away wildly like a over eager puppy. His tongue fluttered against her wet labia and the pink insides as it flew around wildly, occasionally hitting her now hard clit. Every time he accidentally hit a good spot Casey would buck against him and gave out a small squeak. His arms still flayed around wildly until she gripped his wrists and brought his hand to her chest as he continued his enthusiastic licking.

David pulled his hard cock out and began jerking off with one hand as he continued recording with the other. “Work it, Kenny. Work it,” he said as he shuffled around trying to find the best angle to record. “Toss that salad!”

Rose accidentality made eye contact with David and he casually presented his cock to her and shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “Why not?” She pointed at his cock and mouthed, “Never.” He just shrugged his shoulders again and smirked as he happily went back to filming. She rolled her eyes at him before pulling Kenny away from Casey’s cunt. The young, panting girl gasped out, “Hey!” as Rose shoved Kenny against the back of the sofa. Her experienced hands quickly unfastened his pants and she crawled off the couch and knelt between his legs. She yanked down his pants and underwear, freeing his hard, sticky prick and with years of cock sucking experience she bent down slightly and inhaled his cock, swallowing over half of his length in one smooth motion.

Kenny’s eyes bugged out and he nearly choked on his tongue as Rose swallowed his dick. She sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing as she lashed the length of him with her tongue and began bobbing her head up and down. If he hadn’t of already cum he would have shot his load right there as the sexy stripper sucked his cock. One of her hands wrapped around the base and began jerking him up and down as her other hand pulled at his cum filled balls, massaging them firmly. He looked around helplessly, not knowing what to do as Rose circled the tip of his prick with her tongue, his arms over his head and just slightly swaying. Her warm lips were stretched around his shaft as her hand slid up and down his shaft, her tongue working against the large vein underneath his prick. “Oh geeez…” he mumbled.

Casey put her hands on her hips and huffed. As much as she didn’t particularly like Kenny he had been right on the edge of making her cum. She watched as Rose’s head bobbed up and down on his cock, swallowing his dick over and over again until her view was blocked by David and his phone. Rose had even stolen the old pervert’s attention. Judging by the look on Kenny’s face Rose was a pretty good cock sucker but she refused to lose to the older woman. She stood up, blocking David’s view with her perky ass, and Kenny’s eyes darted from her small rack to her wet cunt as she timed Rose’s head bobs. Just as Rose’s lips were on the sensitive tip of Kenny’s cock she shoved the older woman off and straddled Kenny’s lap.

“Oh yeah!” David shouted out. “Ride that disco stick,” he said as he zoomed in to just below Casey’s pert, little ass.

Rose leaned over towards David’s ear. “’Disco stick’? Really?” she whispered.

David kept his phone pointed between Casey’s pale cheeks. “What? That’s a thing kids say.” he whispered back. “Right?”

Rose just rolled her eyes at David again while he went back to his recording.

With both of the women off the couch Kenny found something to do with his hands: gripping the couch cushions as Casey gripped the base of his cock and lowered herself down onto his prick. He nearly began hyperventilating as her little pussy touched the tip of his cock and her labia slowly parted as her wet, tight pussy slowly enveloped is prick. He had no words to describe the feel of her cunt. It was wet, tight, hot and felt better than anything he had ever felt before in his life. As her tight pussy swallowed the last inch of his prick he closed his eyes and threw his head back in pleasure.

Casey struggled to get Kenny’s hands to stop gripping the couch but when she finally freed them she brought them up to her tender tits. She yanked his head up so he could watch her as she slowly rolled her hips and began riding his cock. “Oh, Kenny. You feel sooo good,” she moaned. With as horny as she had made herself trying to one-up Rose she wasn’t even repulsed that it was Kenny she was fucking. His hard prick stretched her tight pussy walls in all the right ways and she didn’t even care that she was doing all the work as she pistoned herself up and down on his pole. She looked over at Rose and grinned as she mockingly said, “Oh, Kenny yes. You feel so good. Sooo good.”

Rose stared at Casey and raised a eye brow as if to say, “Really?” She took a step back and then turned around, facing away from the horny group as she hooked her thumbs around the elastic of her thong. Bending at the waist she slowly slid the thong down, baring her thick, round, juicy, golden ass to her fake family.

Casey’s eyes locked on Rose’s ass, impressed so much that she stopped her movements on Kenny’s cock. Kenny forgot to keep breathing as Rose bared her ass to them, even forgetting he was in the middle of losing his virginity. And David almost forget he was recording. Almost. He quickly focused his phone on Rose’s rear end, not even able to come up with a sarcastic statement as Rose’s heart shaped ass was pointed straight at him.

Rose slowly stood back up and turned around, happy that everybody’s eyes were glued on her most prized possession and the reason she made as much as she did at that shitty little club. She stepped up to Casey and tapped her on the shoulder. “Good job, sweetie. But let me show you how it’s done.”

David couldn’t decide where to point his camera, on Casey slowly pulling herself off of Kenny’s cock or on Rose as she hooked a finger under Kenny’s chin and used it to lift him to his feet.

Rose turned around again, pressing her thick ass against Kenny’s cock, trapping it between her fleshy, firm cheeks. She wiggled her ass against the stunned boy and smiled as she hooked him under his chin again and slowly knelt down, bringing the boy with her until she was on her hands and knees with him behind her. She looked over her shoulder and winked at Kenny. “Do it. Do it, Kenny. Fuck me,” she said coyly. She felt him place the head of his prick at the entrance to her wet cunt and she said, “Uh uh. Higher up.”

Kenny stammered, “Bu, bu, bu… but that’s your, your…”

“Yep,” Rose said matter of factly. “Now, fuck me.”

Kenny positioned the tip of his prick at the puckered entrance to Rose’s ass and gripped her hips as he pressed himself slowly into her thick, up-thrust rear. He kept up a slow, steady pressure as his sensitive cock-head pushed into her tight ring and he pushed slowly but firmly, letting her unbelievably tight ass slowly part around him, gripping him tighter than he could have imagined. He continued pushing until, with a grunt, he slid the last hard inch of his cock into his pretend mother’s heavenly ass.

Rose purred as Kenny filled her with everything he hand and she licked her lips hungerly. She looked over at David who stared at her with a mix of disbelief and amazement as she reached up and grabbed the naked young Casey’s wrist. She pulled her down to her knees next to her and looked up at her face. “Casey, you remember what I taught Kenny to do with his tongue?” Casey nodded numbly at her. “Then lay down on the floor.”

David’s hard, throbbing cock nearly exploded at the sight of Casey on her back with her legs spread wide and Rose lowering her head to the young girl’s wet cunt. “Oh, yeah!” he exclaimed. “Munch that rug!”

Rose glared at David. “David, shut the fuck up,” she said sternly.

“What?” David asked defensively. “I’m directing.”

“Fuck!” Casey shouted out in frustration. With everything she had done with Kenny and then him stopping from eating her out and making her cum, and then Rose saying she was going to use her tongue trick on her, she was becoming desperate. “Shut the fuck up, David,” she growled as she reached out and grabbed David’s cock. Using his prick as a hand hold she yanked him over to her, causing him to shout out in surprise, and shoved his cock in her mouth, sucking him off in a effort to keep him quiet.

Losing his balance and nearly falling over caused David to lose his phone as Casey began licking and sucking his cock. He barely noticed the loss of his phone as he moaned while Casey’s lips stretched around his prick and her warm tongue circled his cock-head. He stroked her hair from her face so that he could watch her angelic face as he began rocking his hips to fuck her sucking mouth.

Rose watched David’s phone fall to the floor. “Finally,” she muttered as David began fucking Casey’s face. With David finally distracted she began rocking her body back and forth, fucking her thick ass with Kenny’s hard prick. She grinned in satisfaction at the fact that she had won. She’d stolen Kenny’s attention from Casey and teased David so much, and made him so horny, that he’d completely forgotten filming them in a effort to get off as she ass fucked herself with Kenny’s dick. “Ha,” she chuckled as she bent down over Casey’s hot, wet pussy.

Kenny’s eyes were locked on Rose’s tan ass, his hands were on her hips, and he drooled a little as she rocked herself against him.

Casey’s slender neck began hurting as she tried to bob her head up and down on David’s rigid cock so she stopped. She raised herself up on her elbows and let him slide himself in and out of her mouth while she sucked hard and lashed the underside with her pink tongue. Suddenly she let out a small “Epp,” of surprise as she felt Rose’s tongue touch her horny cunt. She moaned out in pleasure around the cock thrusting in and out of her mouth as the older woman nuzzled her dripping pussy. Rose licked up and down her lust swollen labia before sliding her tongue partly inside of her and caused her to groan as Rose’s talented tongue teased around her wet hole before slowly pushing itself inside.

David threw his head back and groaned in pleasure. As far as he could tell the better that Rose did licking Casey’s young cunt the better Casey did sucking his cock. “Un-fucking-believable,” he muttered. “Best. Road. Trip. Ever!”

Wrapping her arms around Casey’s slender legs Rose tongue the girl harder, driving her talented tongue into her tasty hole. She was having trouble concentrating between rocking her round ass against Kenny’s stiff prick and licking Casey’s wet hole, but she was enjoying the attempt. Even David couldn’t decide between looking at her between Casey and Kenny and Casey’s face as she sucked his cock. As far as everyone in the RV was concerned she was pure sex. The feeling of being desired by everybody around her was nearly orgasmic by itself and her sexy body shivered in pleasure.

Kenny was suddenly shocked out of his sexual stupor by a now familiar pressure building in his groin. It took him a second to remember it as the feeling that he was about to cum. “Oh, oh, oh geez!” he stammered as he began flailing about again, his body began bucking wildly as he lost his grip on Rose’s hips and fell backwards, his arms swinging around and his cock pulling out of Rose’s spectacular ass as he landed on his butt. His cock erupted, spewing his cum wildly over Rose’s lower back, ass and the back of her toned thighs.

“Mmmph!” Rose gasped as Kenny’s sudden thrashing threw her into orgasm. Her pussy spasmed, her cum sliding down the insides of her golden thighs as she felt Kenny’s cum raining down on her. She shoved her tongue as deep into Casey’s cunt as she could and performed her tongue trick again, making the young girl cum with her.

Casey’s eyes shot open wide as Rose performed her trick inside of her pussy. It was like hitting a switch, the moment Rose’s talented tongue performed it’s trick she came. No build up, no anticipation, she just came. She squealed in pleasure around David’s cock as her hot pussy spasmed and her thighs clamped around Rose’s head. Her hips rolled and bucked uncontrollably, the lower half of her body working on it’s own as she shuddered and her wet cunt spasmed, her juices flowing out of her, sliding over her compacted ass and soaking into the floor.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” David groaned as he pulled his cock out of Casey’s mouth. He’d had better blow-jobs, and figured Casey would have been more skilled judging by the guys she usually hung out with, but the sight of Rose and Casey cumming pushed him over the top. He aimed his cock at Casey’s gasping mouth before inspiration struck and he aimed his prick at Rose’s face.

The tip of David’s cock suddenly filled Rose’s vision. “You dirty…” she started to gasp out before his prick suddenly erupted. She closed her eyes as she tried to turn away but wasn’t quick enough, his thick cum coated her and even managed to shoot into her mouth as he finished draining his balls on her face and hair. “…fucker!” she finished saying as she spit his cum out on the carpet.

“What? What’d I do?” David asked innocently. “It’s a fire hose. I can’t control it.”

Suddenly the door to the RV opened and the beautiful red haired girl Kenny had been practicing kissing for walked in, seeing what she thought was a happy family covered in each others’ cum.

The Millers all stared up at the red haired girl from the floor.

…to be continued in We’re The Millers.

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Winner of the 100 Words or Less Story Contest

<div class="smallfont post-title"> <strong>Winner of the 100 Words or Less Story Contest</strong> </div> <!– / icon and title –> <!– message –> <div id="post_message_133536"><em>One hundred words in 15 minutes. By the way, Bent, most sites call this sort of thing flash fiction.</em> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Even while my clothes were being torn away from my body, I couldn’t believe it was happening. The man had come from nowhere, laughing at my struggles to escape. His rough hands bruised my skin — claiming my pain for his pleasure. I tried to retreat into my mind, pretend to be somewhere else. He would have none of that. <br /> <br /> He cupped my chin in his hand and whispered, &quot;Look at me.&quot; <br /> <br /> He opened my cunt with his shaft — stretching me wide. His eyes penetrated my mind and soul — leaving no part of me untouched. <br /> <br /> <br /> I need to feel that again.</div>

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Chapter II By With_lust (Challenge WInner)

Please see The Challenge –

Originally Posted by niteowluk2003 here ->

The Winning Entry –

Chapter II Challenge
By With_lust

"Denise?" Tentative knocks on a door, swung it further in with each tap. "Denise… this is hard for me." Gloria ignored
the, "Get out," and tried to ignore the, she supposed it was dance music. But the mechanical thrum was nothing
like she had listened to as a teenager. "Did I overhear you saying you were going to make love to a boy tonight?"

"No Ma, I said I was going to fuck him." The light voice of teenage girl with an edge, "Big difference."

"Honey, you should be a virgin on your special day, like I was." Not that she felt different the day after.

"Ha! His ass might be a virgin but I’d doubt I’d keep him cherry that long." She turned back to her laptop. Clicked on
Iggy and the music changed. "You’re three years to late anyway."

The older woman slumped against the door. "Three years? But then you were only… you’re only seventeen."

"Almost eighteen, besides I’ve been on the internet in places you couldn’t dream of."

"You’ve been sexually active for three years?"

"Yeah, get with the program. The first time was pretty bad. Sad really…" Awkward came to mind.
"But the next one was good. Now the third guy was great. I rode him till I broke him. Of course I didn’t
have a strap on back then so I rode him cowgirl till it wouldn’t work anymore. He was slick with my cum
all the way to his chin. Now I peg them till they squeal."


"Yeah, strap on a cock and fuck his ass till he breaks. And they break. They all do. You really
don’t know a man till you’ve pegged him to a wall."

"You fuck them?" It was too much. "Please turn off that music. It’s disgusting. How can you listen
to it? Oh my god, are they talking about…"

"Pussy, They’re talking about eating pussy." Denise spread her legs and ran a hand below her skirt.
"So were you really a virgin?"


"God what a fool."

"I’m not a fool." Her mouth was going dry. She needed a drink

"Well it explains how you got stuck with a dickless wonder."

"Don’t say that about your father, and how would you know anyway?"

"Family beach time Mom, his moose knuckle looks like a doggy’s paw."

"Moose knuckle?"

"Do you even know how out of it you are? You’re like a refugee from that Amish show."

"What Amish show?"

"Pick any of them they’re all the same. Clueless and in need of a good fuck."

"Why are you saying these things?"

"Maybe I’m tired of this fake family. Pretending everything is great. Maybe because I watched you eat shit
from grandma for years. Maybe I was just waiting for you to get up the nerve to have a mother daughter chat."
She stared at her mother’s eyes. "Wait are you drunk again?"

"No, I’m not, certainly not drunk…" Her voice fell off, "we’re not fake."

"But you’ve had a few. Drinks anyway. Ever have an orgasm?"

"No." Her eyes welled up.

"Fake orgasm, fake family."

"You can’t miss what you’ve never had. And my mother was a saint."

"Bullshit! You always miss what you don’t have, even if you don’t know it. And saint? God what a laugh.
I heard her rip you for years. She tore a little piece off you every day of your life, and glued em back on
with spit. One stiff breeze and you’d fall apart. Or are you going to melt in a bottle of Stoli?"

"I’m not…" the heels wobbled a little, "drunk."

"Ever fuck around? No? No wonder you’re crazy, never had a good lay. Too bad, I always hoped
Daddy wasn’t our father."

"Then you wouldn’t be here."

"Oh I’d be here. I’d just be different. Maybe I’d have tits like you. Maybe you wouldn’t be a lush."

"Dear you’re lovely, you have plenty on top." Insincerity both recognized.

"All this," Denise ran her hand across her bosom, "is a well crafted lie. You’ve given me nothing. Maybe I’ll
have Daddy buy me a pair since I’m as small as he. You gave Danny boy a cock as big as your tits."

"Dan is big?"

"Get out of the bottle and maybe you’d notice him throwing a bone every time he looks at those puppies."
Denise slid open the desk drawer, "Here’s what you need." The massive dildo flopped out, jiggling on the desktop.
"Take that to the balls and you’ll… Well then you’ll know."

"Are you insane?" She focused on the flopping mass of latex. "Who could take that?"

"Yeah I’m crazy. Who wouldn’t be in this place." She grabbed the dong near the balls and shook the
monster in her mother’s face. "Anybody can take this. You just have to want it." She tapped her
mother’s tits with it. Nipples prominent through the blouse. "You want it. You just have to admit it. Only one
thing of value in this world and if you touch it right, it’s a pleasure spike straight into your brain.
You’ve let yours go to waste your whole life." The dildo tapped Gloria under her skirt. "I could turn you
into a pool of jelly. I could blow your brains right through your skull. But you’re still the scared little bitch that grandma made."

"I’m not a bitch." She looked down at the floor.

"Prove you’re not some beat down dog. Or do you need another drink first?" Denise held out the
pink pill with a smiley face. "Take this."

"What is it?"

"Quit being your mama’s bitch and take it or I’ll shove it up your ass." The helmet ran under the skirt and
along her pussy. "Down a shot with it and meet me by your bed."

"But-" The dildo stopped her as it jabbed into her crotch.

"Shave that fucking twat too." Gloria stared at the pill in her hand. "I said, now bitch!" Denise watched
her mother scurry out of the room. "I don’t want to see a fucking hair!"

T-shirt hit the floor. Denise stroked her fat pink nipple seemingly out of place on such a small breast.
Yeah, fake tits would do. Not as big as mom but something to give some shape. She dropped her
shorts and grabbed a garter belt. Black straps were going to frame her ass nicely. A full ass was her
major attribute. That and being forceful. Hose rolled up the smooth flesh of her legs. Locking into the
straps. She grabbed the harness inserting the monster. A small phallus locked into her pussy keeping
the harness from slipping. Black heels to clatter on the floor and intimidate. Delicate hands dug into
the dresser drawer and grabbed a crop and pairs of handcuffs. Bold and firm just like with your best
friend and you own her. Ten inches of manhood lanced before her as she strode toward her parents room.

"Get a move on slut!" She threw the cuffs on the bed.

"Coming." Gloria emerged from the bathroom.

A gasp greeted Denise. She smiled at the sound. "Get on the bed."

Gloria was frozen, staring at the massive dong between her daughter’s legs. The biggest cock she’d ever
seen. The only male appendage she’d seen other than her pitiful husband’s. A firm step and the crop connected
to Gloria’s hip breaking her amazement. "Get on the fucking bed!" Another snapping swat put Gloria in motion.
The bed bounced like her boobs. Ass jiggling as the crop made contact for a third time. A cuff slapped against
a wrist dragging it toward the bedpost. Her right arm was quickly captured as well. Head forced down into the pillow.
Gloria resisted but the hand gripped tight and pushed her down. When she stopped struggling the hand moved
back, stroking the older woman’s spine. The fingers felt the shivering, a quaking of the pale flesh. Slaps across
the full cheek of her ass. Gloria jumped as much as she could.

"Spread em bitch." Knees went wider as the crop slid into the crack of the ass. "I should punish you."


"Shut up you fucking cunt!" The crop came down squarely on the pussy. "I should punish you." A sob brought
a daughter’s smile. "I know you resent me. Daddy’s wrapped around my little finger and you hate it." The crop
slapped against the side of Gloria’s boob. "You always put me down whether you know it or not. Know why
Daddy gives me everything? Because the only woman a pathetic guy can satisfy is a daughter. He doesn’t
have to sexually perform for me." Just a touch with crop brought a cry. "He just has to give me everything.
Everything I want. I should punish you. But I’m going to be generous. I’m going to make you a woman."
Fingers ran along the vulva. "Smooth." A finger slid along the crack. "Has the pill kicked yet. Does my voice feel
like a song?" Frilly pink flesh began to show. "Do you hear the music of my voice slut?"

A heavy moan, followed, "Yeesss!"

"There’s nothing but my fingers touching you, cunt. My fingers own you." They stroked back and forth
dragging her to arousal. "Get wet for me slut."

The voice was a lyric in a song about sex. A song Gloria was no longer deaf to. She could feel the voice
as much as she could feel the fingers opening her up. They played with her. They slid in the river
flowing down her thighs. They moved beside her clit. They ran alongside her engorged button. Her moaning
became part of the song and the percussion was starting to build.

"I’m going to own you slut. I enjoy owning people. Daddy gave me taste for it. The internet schooled it.
You’re never going to say no to me again. You’ll beg me to own you." Denise felt the tremor as the pussy
took her fingers. "Here it comes slut." Denise climbed behind her mother and slid the cock between moist lips.
It moved along the same path her fingers had traced. The fat head lingered at the edge of Gloria.
A slow thrust moved passed the opening.

Gasps! The moans. The first time she really felt something pushing her pussy apart.

"You’re tight slut. Enjoy it while it lasts." She pushed, burying a third of the cock into flesh. She held there
while her whore adjusted to the monster. Her hand sank into the flesh of her mother’s ass. Pulling back
and then the plunge. She started to work up a rhythm. Going deeper. She felt the power in her own pussy.
It rocked her with each pump into her mom. The balls began to bang into her mother’s box, she was home.

Gloria remembered being called a slut by her mother. Why didn’t she see it as a challenge. The pressure
pushed her gushing walls apart. The drumming of her clit was vibrating her brain. Rising with every contact
of pelvis to ass. She bit the pillow, stifling the scream. "Oh my god!" Gloria shattered as the orgasm hit
and broke her. It wasn’t over. It would never be over. The song continued. Rising again. The cock between
her legs was everything. Time would never exist again as the velvet shocks came again.

Denise was sweating as she rode her mother down. A body limp on the bed. Sweat dripped onto the form.
Denise unlocked the harness and left the cock buried in her prize. She rolled off. And saw him standing in the
door. Naked. Grinning.

"That was so fucking hot."

"Think you can do better, brother?"

"Sure I’ll take a ride."

"You’ll owe me a hundred then. This ain’t free." She looked at the body. "Got to hydrate my slut first, though."

"How much to give you a ride then?" The hard flesh pulsed.

Denise wanted him, on her terms, "Just you, as my slave."

Story Awards

Thu, 28 Aug 2014 04:51:31 UTC

Another Dream I have repeatedly

<p>Waking up in bed, the first thing I notice is that I am very wet. Did I pee myself out in my sleep? I reach down and touch the sheets under my naked butt, but no, just a tiny spot of wetness&hellip;&nbsp; </p><p>My hand goes up to my pussy. Jeez &ndash; soaking wet! And not only wet as in horny, I must have had a &quot;wet dream&quot;, because this is cum juice &ndash; no doubt about that.&nbsp; </p><p>And suddenly I remember what my dream was&hellip;. Re-dreaming it, I keep my hand where it is, slowly moving one finger between my wet folds. My pussylips are still swollen and the clit start responding to my gentle touch&hellip;.&nbsp; </p><p>In my dream, I was ona sigthseeing abroad with my husband.&nbsp; <br />Suddenly a hand slides around my waist, turning me around to face a stranger. Yes, stranger.. but still something disturbingly familiar. He smiles down to me, and speak in a soft voice.&nbsp; </p><p>- Sweetheart! It’s been so long! I almost forgot how beautiful you are.</p><p>And then he lower his head and kiss me. His lips nibble at mine for a second, the tip of his tongue probing to get inside my mouth.&nbsp; <br />&nbsp;I know this man somehow&hellip; can feel it in my inner soul that this is right! Him kissing me is the most natural thing in the world, and I respond to the kiss. His tongue invading my mouth, flicks softly at mine. I twist my head a bit to the right and suck his tongue&hellip; just as if I did this a thousand times before.</p><p>&nbsp;His body, tight against mine, fits perfect to my curves. His one leg between my thighs in perfect position for my pussy to be squeezed, his chest at my breast crushes them so lovely, his hand on my lower back holding me close.<br />&nbsp;I feel how my whole body respond to him &ndash;&nbsp; we are melting together, becoming one…. just as love stories describe.&nbsp; </p><p>- What the hell are you doing!</p><p>My husband grabs me by the shoulder, tearing me away, furious.</p><p>-Who the hell are you?</p><p>The stranger looks at me, smiling.</p><p>- She is mine, and I am taking her back.&nbsp; </p><p>- Are you both gone crazy?! This is MY wife, and I dont know what the hell you were thinking kissing her. As for you, Kristin – do you know this man?</p><p>I look at my husband, unable to answer. The stranger grabs my chin and turn my head to face&nbsp;&nbsp; <br />him again.<br />&nbsp;- How could she ever forget.. she were mine for much longer than you’ve know her…</p><p>And then the dream switches… me and this stranger that I somehow know, is in a private room. Ripping off eachothers clothes, we are both burning of lust.&nbsp; My eyes caresses his naked body, the gorgeous spear of flesh that throbbes in front of him as he watches me step out of my panties.<br />he grabs them, lifting them to his nose and take a deep breath.</p><p>- I missed the smell of you, honey.</p><p>- The smell and the taste of your pussy, the feeling of your tigth pussy wrapped around my cock!&nbsp; </p><p>He pushes me to the wall and lift my one leg up. Bending his knees a bit he places the tip of his erection at the entrance to my vagina<br />Slowly, painfully slow he push himself up and inside me.&nbsp; His dick stretches my soft love canal. <br />It feels like he re-opens me, that somehow my pussy never was filled the way it should have been before.&nbsp; With a hard push at the end he burries himself deep inside me.<br />His teeth&nbsp;&nbsp; and his tongue&nbsp; at my neck paints burning drawings on my skin. His one hand crushes my breast when he start moving again.<br />Sliding almost all the way out of me before thrusting deep and hard.</p><p>- Oh my God! <br />I scream of pleasure and can do nothing but holding on to his shoulders.<br />He fucks me now – deep, rough and fast. Every thrust almost lifting me off the ground, nailing me to the wall.</p><p>The feeling of his desires, his lustful moans and the shive rin his body as he starts to cum, pushes me over the edge.<br />Wonderful waves of soothing satisfaction starts running through my body.<br />- Oh Bent… I’v missed you too!</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>October 2007 Story of the Month from <a href=""></a></p>

Story Awards

Thu, 03 Feb 2011 07:31:24 UTC

Best Jerk-Off Story Contest 2007——I love to eat pussy

 LongDuckDong<br />I love to eat pussy<br /><br /><br />My name is Chris. This story took place when I was 15 years old. At the
time, my sister, Audrey, was 13 years old. She matured early for her
age, already having breasts by this time, and standing a full 6 inches
over her classmates. We were from a large family, so of course space
was tight. Because of the limited space, my sister and I were put into
the same bedroom. Now, it had been like this since we were 8 and 6.
And, being that we were the two youngest, with 4 years separating my
next oldest brother, and me she and I spent a lot of time together, and
grew quite close.<br />
<br />
It started actually when I was about 14 years old or so, and I had
honed my skills of masturbation quite well. I was really enjoying the
feelings, and wanted stronger, better orgasms. So one time, during a
small vacation in Niagara Falls, it was just my parents and my sister
and I. We had gotten a hotel room for the night, and my parents
naturally slept in one bed, leaving the other for my sister and I. I
remember waking up around 2 or 3 in the morning with the hardest boner.
I tried to go back to sleep, but it just wouldn’t let me. I started to
jerk off quietly, right there next to my sleeping little sister, and I
was thoroughly enjoying myself. I was approaching my orgasm, when I had
an idea. Why didn’t I try anything with Audrey? She’s fast asleep right
here next to me, and she won’t know a thing. So I touch her arm
lightly, to see if she will react. Nothing. So I push her arm a little
bit. Still nothing. Just slow, even breathing. (She’s a sound sleeper,
even sleepwalks and talks sometimes.) <br />
<br />
So I put my hand on her arm, and start to slide it down towards her
hand. Satisfied with no reaction, I become emboldened, and I grasp her
hand, and slide it over toward my groin. Still, no reaction from her
led me on. I placed her warm, slightly damp hand onto my 6-inch hard
cock. It feels like heaven. I was almost content in leaving it there,
but I continue. I wrap my hand around her hand and my member, and start
to jerk off with her hand. It felt GREAT! I knew I would not last long,
and I was worried that I might wake her up, but I tried to make it last
as long as possible, damning the possibilities of her waking up, or my
parents for that matter. Her hand felt like molten lava it was so hot.
I couldn’t believe that her hand felt that great. Quickly, my orgasm
came, and I spilled my hot sticky cum all over her and my hand. I
almost groaned out loud when I came, as it was the strongest orgasm I
ever had yet. I stroked her hand up and down on my slowly softening
dick, enjoying every last bit of this amazing treat that I can. Then I
wiped as much of the cum off her hand onto my underwear as possible,
put her hand back onto her stomach, and with a sigh of pleasure and a
smile, I went back to sleep.<br />
<br />
The next morning, no one knew anything had happened, and Audrey woke
up, and took a shower, and probably never had time to smell anything.
We continued on our trip through Niagara Falls, and then went home. I
never tried anything like that again over the next year or so,
preferring to play it safe and jerk off in the bathroom, remembering
the awesome feeling of her hand that night. <br />
<br />
And then, one day about a year later, our father tells us that our sick
aunt is going to move in with us, so that she can be cared for. Since
our room was directly across the hall from theirs, we had to move out
to make room. But since there were no more bedrooms to be used, we had
to take over half of the downstairs T.V. room. The only other problem,
and it wasn’t really a problem for me, was that there was only room
enough for one bed. That would mean that Audrey and I would have to
share a bed. How long? Since no one was moving out any time soon, it
would be until our aunt either got healthy, or died. <br />
<br />
So, we settle into the routine of sleeping in the same bed. Or at least
I tried to. On even the first night, I was very aware of the barely
dressed form of my hot, sleeping little sister. Knowing how sound she
sleeps. Knowing how hot her hands are. Knowing that I could probably
get away with what I had done a year ago. I tried to put the thoughts
out of my head, knowing full well that if I started doing it at home,
that I would do it again and again, further increasing my chances or
waking her up or being caught. And I can’t think of one single thing to
try to talk my way out of that one. So instead, when I’d wake up with a
rock hard erection, I would go into the bathroom, and toss one out fast
and go back to bed.<br />
<br />
Well, that worked for about 3 or 4 weeks. Then one night, after waking
up with a boner, I went in the bathroom for relief. I thought
everything was going to be fine as I crawled back into bed. I lifted up
the sheets, and got in, I noticed that Audrey’s night gown had slipped
up her legs, and up over her small, round ass. I got a great view for
about 10 seconds, and then decided to cover her back up so she doesn’t
get cold and wake up or cover her ass up again. She was lying on her
side, semi curled up. This resulted in her ass pointing out right
towards me. I slid over next to her, and realized that I had a hard on
again. &quot;I’m never going to get to sleep now,&quot; I said under my breath. I
decided that maybe I could get off again, then my hard on might go
away. So I put my hand on her ass cheek, and left it there for a bit to
see if she’d react. And like before, there was no reaction. I rubbed
her left ass cheek for a while, and then slowly started going up her
side. I was watching for any sign of her waking up, but none ever came.
I glided my hand up to her left breast, and slowly rubbed and squeezed
it. It felt amazing. I had never felt a breast before, but it was all
that I thought it would be. I couldn’t tell if they were big or small,
but it was enough to fill my entire hand. I kept on rubbing her tit,
and I felt her nipple get hard. The fabric of her nightgown made it
hard to completely feel, so I went back down and under the nightgown.
My hands were trembling by this time, but there was no stopping me at
this point. I was getting harder by the minute, and I thought my dick
was going to explode. I reached her tit again, and immediately noticed
how amazingly hot her skin was again. I felt her nipple again, and this
time I started pinching it and rolling it between my thumb and middle
finger. This was exciting me so much, that I didn’t even notice that I
was rubbing my cock against her tight ass now. I was tent poling my
tighty whiteys so bad, it began to hurt. I reached down to adjust my
cock, and just pushed it through the opening in the front of my
underwear. Finally freeing my member from its confines, I was free to
go back to exploring my little sister’s body. I went back to rubbing
her luscious tits, alternating between the two of them. <br />
<br />
I was at this for about 5 minutes when I noticed her breathing had
changed slightly. It had picked up pace. Not so much that I thought she
was waking, but simply deeper breathes. I stole a glance at her, and
saw that her cheeks had gotten a little red as well. I was so turned on
at this point; she could have woken up, and would not have cared. I
slid my hand back down to her ass, and realized that while I had been
rubbing my cock against her flower printed panties, I was leaking
pre-cum all over them. The thought of that turned me on even more, and
I slid my fingers down to her pussy. I felt her lips through her
panties, and I felt something else that surprised me. She was wet. I
was instantly concerned that she woke up, but why wouldn’t she say
something or cry out. After about a minute, I decided she was indeed
still asleep, and I continued. I rubbed her soaked pussy a little
longer, and then I picked up the side of the panty leg, and lifted.
Easily, I slid my slick, hard cock up against her ass crack. I slid it
right in by her pussy. Between my pre-cum, and her being wet, it was
well lubricated in there. I started sliding my cock back and forth in
between her hot, wet folds. It felt like I had died and gone to heaven.
I placed my hand back on her breast, and started playing with her
nipple again. I was really going at it, and I probably should have been
gentler, but it felt so good, I couldn’t stop. As I played with her
nipple, I looked down at her face. It was by now very red, and sweat
was forming on her brow. She was almost panting by now, and I could
feel her pussy lips starting to open, and my cock was trying to slip
in. I could feel the entrance, and I knew I could get in. But I also
knew that if I had, I would absolutely wake her up. I continued, hoping
to cum soon so I can stop. But I never did. After another minute or
two, she started breathing really hard, and moaned kind of loud. Her
ass started to grind against me, and I felt a gush of hot liquid. It
soaked my cock and the bed under us both. She continued bucking against
my cock, moaning softer each time. On one of her thrusts though, it
finally happened. The head of my cock slipped up in her pussy, and the
came to rest against her hymen. I thought it was all over then. I was
filled with the two biggest feelings in my life. The greatest, with my
cock being inside my first pussy, and the scariest, because at that
point, her eyes opened up, and looked dreamily over at me.<br />
<br />
&quot;Chris, what are you doing?&quot; she asked me quietly. I was frozen. I
didn’t know what to do. First thing, I pulled my cock out of her pussy
hole. I really didn’t want to, but what was I going to do? On one hand,
I was happy she wasn’t screaming, but on the other hand, she could
always start at any time. I had to do something smart, and fast. &quot;I’m
making it feel good for you. It feels good, doesn’t it?&quot; I asked her.
&quot;Yes, it does. But, I don’t know. It doesn’t feel right.&quot; she replied.
I had to do something fast. I said, &quot;Wait a minute. Just check this
out. If you don’t like it after five minutes, I’ll stop. You’ll see,
you’ll love it.&quot; I slipped my hand down to her belly, and started
rubbing in little circles. She kind of just looked at me strangely,
like she had no idea what was going on, but she wanted to trust me.
Slowly, I started rubbing a little lower and lower. I was under the
elastic of her underwear when she stopped me the first time. &quot;Are you
sure I’m going to like this? Something feels wrong about this.&quot; &quot;Would
I ever let anything bad happen to you? Who looks out for you? Who keeps
those pushy 8th graders off of you? Who pulled you out of the pond when
it was frozen and you broke through and almost froze? Me. I’m just in a
real bad place here, and I need some help. I don’t have a girlfriend,
and I can’t seem to help myself. I thought that if I make it nice for
you, you might return the favor. You don’t have to do anything to me if
you don’t want to, but I still want to make you feel good.&quot; With that,
she seemed to ease up. She kind of looked up at me, smiled a little
bit, and told me to keep going. I pushed my fingers down a little more,
and started to feel light pussy hair. It was barely there. It felt like
light arm hair. So soft. As I reached her bare pussy lips for the first
time, I couldn’t resist reaching up, and kissing the side of her neck.
She arched her head up and to the side, and pushed her neck into my
lips harder. She was getting into this. I found her clit, and rubbed it
lightly. She arched her hips up into my hand, and sucked in a sharp
breath. She bucked her hips up and down, like a simulation of fucking.
She wanted to fuck, and I knew it at this point. I was going to fuck
her, but I just had to figure out how. I would have to take it slow.
And it would have to start with me giving her another orgasm. But this
one would happen while she was awake.<br />
<br />
I kept rubbing, going at it for about 10 minutes. I still didn’t really
need any lubrication, as she was still soaking wet. I dipped my middle
finger down into her pussy hole, and rubbed the inside. I felt her
hymen again, and pushed up against it. She groaned a little, and I
thought that it was more of a hurt groan than a good groan, so I
stopped. I reached over with my other hand, and lifted her nightgown
the rest of the way up, over her tits. She finished the job by pulling
the nightgown the rest of the way off. Now she was helping me. I knew I
was getting pretty far tonight. I leaned over and kissed and sucked on
her little pink nipples. They got hard and grew a bit. I switched from
one to the other. She liked this. Audrey held my head in her hands, and
moved my head back and forth between her two titties. I took one of her
hands, and guided down in between us. I pushed it down and up against
my hot, hard cock. I told her, &quot;I want you to put your hand around my
cock, and rub it like I’m rubbing you. Like this.&quot; I wrapped her hand
around my cock, and then placed my hand over hers. I started stroking
her hand and mine up and down. She looks over at me, and says, &quot;I
remember. You mean like the night at the hotel in Niagara Falls?&quot; I
couldn’t believe it. She was awake?! I must have looked at her funny,
because she laughed, and said she was awake for the whole thing. She
was wondering what I was doing. But then, because she rubs herself to
make herself feel better, that she figured that’s what I was doing.
Then she starts to rub my cock by herself. HOLY SHIT! It felt great. I
felt 100 times better than if I did it myself. I instantly started
leaking pre-cum, and she used that to lubricate my cock. Her hand was
sliding up and down my cock smoothly. It was pure bliss. I returned to
rubbing her clit, which caused her to rub my cock even harder. It was
getting pretty intense. We were face to face. We were both breathing so
hard. Sharing each other’s breath. It was heady. We were both basically
panting. She was pulling on my cock hard and fast. I move a little
closer, and rub the head of my cock against her pussy hair. I move down
a little, and push it forward into her pussy lips. I used the hand I
was rubbing her with to guide the head of my cock against her clit. I
hit my mark, and she moaned aloud. I was so close again, but she
shifted away, and looked up at me. She said, &quot;No. We can’t do that. I
know what that is. As a matter of fact, this is all I’m going to do.&quot;
referring to her hand job. I was a little disappointed. I was hoping
that she’d at least use her mouth on me, like I saw in that one porno.
I had to come up with something. Her hand felt great, but I wanted
more. I wanted to fuck her. If I couldn’t fuck her, then she was going
to give me a blowjob. I was still going at her pussy, when I felt her
pussy stating to tighten. <br />
<br />
Right then and there, I stopped, and pulled my hand up. She looked at
me like I just stole her favorite new toy. She panted, &quot;Why are you
stopping? Don’t stop. Please, keep going.&quot; I replied, &quot;Are you going to
help me out. Because, if you aren’t going to help me, why should I help
you?&quot; She immediately responded. &quot;YES! YES!. I’ll do whatever. Just
keep going!&quot; &quot;Alright, alright. Just keep you voice down. I’m going to
do something even better for you now then. Open your mouth.&quot; With that,
she did. I placed my fingers in her mouth, the ones I had been stroking
her pussy with. &quot;Suck on them.&quot; I told her. She did, and she seemed to
like it. &quot;It tastes good, right?&quot; She nodded her head, and sucked a
little more. It was funny, the more she sucked my fingers, the more I
felt my cock get harder. Slowly, I slid my body down hers. I got to her
belly, and planted little kisses on her bellybutton. I shifted my body,
so my dick was at her face. I slid her panties down, and they got hung
up under her ass. She picked up her ass, and her panties slid off
easily. As they slid down, I got a whiff of her musky scent. I wanted
her so bad, I could barely restrain myself. I opened her legs, and got
my first view of her bare pussy. It was beautiful. It barely had any
hair on it. Her lips were tight and puffy. Her inner lips didn’t even
push out yet. So young. So delicate. I dipped my head down, and
inhaled. She smelled great. Fresh. I pushed my cock towards her, and I
felt her grasp my cock again. She started stroking it once again. It
was drying out, and so was my pre-cum. I told her to spit in her hand,
and use the spit to lubricate my cock. It worked well. I licked from
the top of her pussy lips all the way to the bottom on my first pass.
She froze, and held her breath. I came back up, and did it again, and
she shuddered. I reached up, pulled her lips apart, and stuck my tongue
right on her clit. She relaxed and sighed, and went back to work on my
cock, with a renewed vigor. I tongued her clit for at least five
minutes, and she continued to just stroke my cock with her hand. I
pulled my head up again, and she stopped and looked at me. &quot;Why did you
stop again?&quot; she asked. I told her, &quot;I want you to use your mouth, just
like I am on you. I use my tongue to be like a cock, and you use you
mouth to be like a pussy. All the grown ups do it, and it’s really the
best that way if you aren’t gunna do ‘it’.&quot;<br />
<br />
She hesitated, and I licked her clit again. That brought a gasp from
her again. I asked her again if she’d do it. Again, I got no response,
and so I licked her clit again. I told her that I wasn’t going to
finish if she didn’t do it. I started licking her clit again, this time
hard and fast. She ground her hips against my face, and started
moaning. I stuck my finger back into her pussy hole, and she about
jumped out of the bed. At that time, I felt the wettest, warmest, best
feeling I felt next to her pussy envelop my cock. I stole a look down,
and saw her lips wrapped around my cock. That almost made me come right
there. I went back at her clit and box, now with renewed attention. I
could tell that she was close, but so was I. I just wanted to outlast
her, but the thought of what I was doing was turning me on even more.
She started breathing harder and harder. Her legs started closing down
on my head. I kept licking. I flattened my tongue to try to cover as
much area as possible. She was sucking my cock like it was her only
source of life. I don’t know if she knew how to give head already, but
it felt like she was a pro at it. She was bobbing up and down on my
cock in a steady rhythm. I could feel my orgasm approaching. She was
squeezing my head harder and harder. I thought she might suffocate me.
This was going to be her first conscious orgasm, already having one
earlier in her sleep. Suddenly, I was soaked with pussy juices. They
tasted so good, I lapped it up greedily. But at the same time, I was
now coming, and I couldn’t tell her. I didn’t want to come in her mouth
and shock the hell out of her. So I reached down, took her hand, and
put it up on my cock, and pulled my cock out of her mouth. I started to
spurt come, and I hit her in the chin. She caught on quick, and started
pumping my spurting member. The second shot hit her on the neck, and
then the rest went on her tits. It was just like a porno movie. She
must have seen one. She kept on milking me, and I came for at least a
minute. I continued on her pussy until she pushed my head away, unable
to take the assault on her oversensitive pussy. We both twitched for a
little while, and reveled in the afterglow of orgasm. She was
absolutely covered in my come. And the bed was soaked with her pussy
juices. I shifted position again, coming face to face with her. She
smiled, and said, &quot;That was the best thing I’ve ever felt in my entire
life.&quot; I just nodded, pulled her in close, and passed out.<br />
<br />
I woke up later on that night, with, believe it or not, another hard
on. This time, I think it was due to the fact that I had, in my sleep
apparently, got into a spoon position with Audrey, and my cock, hard
again, found it way up against her ass again. I realized this
immediately, and I wanted more. I know I had just gotten off with the
blowjob, but I may never have this chance again. She may change her
mind later. I start rubbing my cock along the crack of her ass, and up
towards her pussy. I was leaking pre-cum again, and she was still wet
from earlier, so it was rather easy to get it in. The head of my cock
found her hole with ease, and slipped right in. I started to slide my
hand down her belly, towards her clit, when she shifted. The head of my
cock was still lodged up inside her, right up against her maidenhood.
When I found her hard little clitty, she gasped out loud, and ground
her hips down against me. I was dying to just rip into her, and sink my
aching cock up to the hilt. But I couldn’t. She was tight. She still
had her cherry. She’d cry out. I didn’t want to hurt her and scare her,
so I went slowly. I left my dick in her, and continued to rub her clit.
I stroked my cock in and out in quick shoves, as to not break her
hymen. I was really rubbing her clit at this point, and I didn’t need
any kind of lubrication, as she was absolutely soaked. I could never
have imagined a girl could get so wet. I could feel her box starting to
tighten up on my dick, and it was my turn to gasp out loud. As her
impending orgasm approached, her pussy clamped down on the head of my
cock tighter than ever. I thought I’d lose it right there, but luckily
before I did, she came again. I looked down at her face again, and she
was covered in sweat, and totally red faced, as well as her chest. She
was panting, her early forming chest heaving. She looked up at me,
grabbed me by the back of my head, and pulled me down into the most
sensuous tongue kiss I have ever experienced. After about 30 seconds,
she broke the kiss, and whispered in my ear, &quot;I want you in me. I want
you all the way in me. I want to feel you fill me up. I want you to
fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard.&quot; I couldn’t believe what I was
hearing. Here was my 13-year-old sister, telling me to fuck her. And to
think not 15 minutes ago, I was worried about her crying out. <br />
<br />
I positioned myself above her, never taking the head of my cock out of
her. I didn’t want to change her mind, so I got right to it. I leaned
in, softly kissed her ear, and whispered to hold her breath, and
remember to be quiet. I quietly pushed up into her, and broke into her
rather easily. She kind of groaned a little, but then that was it. She
was just staring up at me, half smiling, with sweat rolling down her
cheek. Or maybe it was a tear, I don’t know, but I just started pumping
in and out of her. This was my first fuck too, and I wasn’t going to
get shortchanged. I looked down, and what a sight. Audrey was in good
shape for her age. She had some defined abs, and a nice rack. She was a
&quot;B&quot; bra. I know, because I looked. And lately, I had started seeing &quot;C&quot;
bras. So I guess you could say she was a small &quot;C&quot;. It didn’t matter to
me though. To me, she was perfection. I picked up the pace a little,
and began rubbing her clitty again. This brought out another long loud
sigh from Audrey. She was rocking her hips up and down in time with my
in and out. We had some great motion for a couple of first timers.
After a bit, my hand started to ache from the awkward angle it was in.
I asked her if she would rub herself now. She nodded her head, unable
to speak. I took her hand, and placed it down on top of her pussy
mound, and told her to do it now. She just kinda looked at me, and then
went right to it. I couldn’t believe it. This was a sight. My
13-year-old sister, getting herself off with her hand, while I pounded
into her with my rock hard cock. Just the sight of it was getting to be
too much. I was going to come. I told Audrey that I had to pull out,
that I had to come. She immediately grabbed my hips and pulled me into
her, HARD! &quot;NOT YET!&quot; she gasped. &quot;I’M ABOUT TO COME!&quot; she said, and
this time, she was getting kinda loud. I tried to tell her to keep it
down, but then she moaned even louder, and pulled me back into her. I
felt her pussy starting to contract again, and I knew there was going
to be trouble. She was attacking her clit now, desperate to come again.
Realizing that she’d never let me out of her until she came, I started
pumping for all I was worth. A few seconds later, she was grinding my
cock like she was trying to break it off, and her cunt was gripping me
like a vise. It was over. It was too much. She came in a flood,
drenching me. Her pussy squeezed and milked my cock as I came in her
long and hard. I drove my cock up in her as far as I can push it. I
swear I felt her cervix. I came and came and came. I didn’t think I
would stop coming. The harder I pushed, and the more I came in her, the
more she came on top of my cock. It was a vicious cycle of come. <br />
<br />
I collapsed on top of her, completely spent. She was breathing hard
underneath me. She was softly cooing as she started to relax. &quot;Oh, my,
God, Chris.&quot; She said. &quot;I know, I know. That was unreal.&quot; I replied. I
rolled off of her, and she curled up into the side of me. &quot;What are we
going to do about that?&quot; I asked her. &quot;What do you mean?&quot; she replied.
&quot;I mean, how often do we get to do that in the future?&quot; &quot;As often as
you like. That was amazing. You can make me feel like that any time you
want.&quot; And that was just the beginning of an amazing summer. An amazing
summer indeed…..<br /><br /><br />to see more great stories and enter forum story contest please join us in the forums<br />

Story Awards

Thu, 03 Feb 2011 11:29:12 UTC

Forum best story for July 2007—–Coffee to the Woods

<div class="smallfont post-title"> <strong>Coffee to the Woods</strong> </div> <!– / icon and title –> <!– message –> <div id="post_message_132615">Author&rsquo;s note: It&rsquo;s taken a while to get a working idea, but this is what I came up with. You better enjoy it.<br /> <br /> It was a stroke of unfathomable luck; how this entire situation occurred. Lying here, thinking about it, I was glad it happened.<br /> <br /> I had been sitting in a caf&eacute;, alone, sorting through some bills and debts. It was nothing major, but nonetheless, I had to deal with it. I wasn&rsquo;t a big spender which was good considering how little money I had. However, I still found the entire ordeal tedious at best and decided a short toilet break would suffice. Thinking, wrongly, that my seat would be untouched, I left for the restroom.<br /> <br /> I let out a low groan as I relieved myself in the stall whilst doing a few calculations in my head. Zipping back my trousers, I washed my hands and aimed to return to my seat. However, when I got there, I found my seat occupied and my papers brushed to the side.<br /> <br /> There sat a woman, I&rsquo;d estimate in her early 40s, quietly but confidently sipping away at her cup of <span class="highlight">coffee</span>. I cleared my throat to get her attention.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Something the matter?&rdquo; She asked flippantly. As if she didn&rsquo;t know, I muttered mentally.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;That&rsquo;s my seat. And those were my papers.&rdquo; I explained, masking the irritation in my voice, barely. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;That&rsquo;s ok; I won&rsquo;t bother you.&rdquo; She said simply. I ground my teeth. I took a seat across her and grabbed my papers and began sorting them again. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Seems like you&rsquo;re in a bit of financial problems,&rdquo; she teased. This time, I wasn&rsquo;t going to sit back and take it. I&rsquo;m a man, damn it! I looked up at her and she smiled mischievously. I guess she looked kind of cute but it didn&rsquo;t change the fact that I was pissed off.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Look lady, since you&rsquo;ve taken my seat, you&rsquo;ve not even apologised. On top of that, you&rsquo;re just pissing me right off with that attitude. If you weren&rsquo;t a woman, I&rsquo;d&hellip;I&rsquo;d&rdquo; I stumbled there, partly because of what I was going to say next and partly because of my need for air.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;What would you do, young man?&rdquo; She asked in a mocking serious tone. I stood up and slammed my hand down on the table. There were few others in the caf&eacute; and they seemed dead to the world around them.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Stop fucking with me, lady! Why are you even here?&rdquo; I didn&rsquo;t expect her response though.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;You get so cute when you&rsquo;re angry.&rdquo; Thrown off course by that, I was silenced. I sat down again and regrouped my thoughts. Cute, huh? I decided to check her out subtly as she concentrated on drinking her <span class="highlight">coffee</span>.<br /> <br /> She had a nice face, but really big round glasses which detracted from it. Her hair was a startling red and curly, coming past her shoulders. Over the years, she&rsquo;d put on some weight but I didn&rsquo;t mind; it kind of suited her. Looking down, she had a busty chest to compliment her curvy body- at least D sized but because of her age, they had sagged. Either that, or she wasn&rsquo;t wearing a bra underneath. Below that, she had a bit of a gut too but it was nothing compared to her chest. However, I wasn&rsquo;t just satisfied with just a top inspection. I decided to &lsquo;drop&rsquo; my pen under the table in frustration and huffed when I did. I knelt down and picked it up, catching a good look at her thick legs up to the hem of her skirt.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;See anything you like?&rdquo; I shot up, hitting my head on the underside of the table. I got out from under the table and glared daggers at her. She was toying with me.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Don&rsquo;t give me that look, young man. I understand you must be stressed with your bills. I can help you.&rdquo; I raised an eyebrow in distrust. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;What are you? One of those loans&rsquo; people?&rdquo; She laughed off my suspicion as if it were nothing. Then she grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me close. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;I didn&rsquo;t mean that kind of relief.&rdquo; She let me go and winked. She sipped down the last of her <span class="highlight">coffee</span> before promptly getting up. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Well, are you coming?&rdquo; She motioned for me to follow. I don&rsquo;t know at the time what made me do it, but I quickly bunched up all my papers in my hands and went after her. <br /> <br /> Outside, she opened the door to her Red PT cruiser and I took initiative and letting myself in the passenger seat. It was a manual car which was surprising in this day and age but I was soon to find out the true reason for that. <br /> <br /> We departed in silence and off into the main road. After some period of awkward silence, she broke the ice. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;So aren&rsquo;t you curious? What tension I plan to relieve for you?&rdquo; Many thoughts raced through my head. What was I thinking, allowing myself to be driven off with a stranger? However, she was a shorter woman than I, and looking at her body, I surmised that I was the stronger and quicker of the two, not to mention the power of youth on my side. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Aren&rsquo;t you a little scared?&rdquo; She toyed with me. I grinned and rest my head back.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Scared of a little old lady like you? Don&rsquo;t fuck with me. So where are you taking me?&rdquo; This time, she smirked back at me.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;It&rsquo;s a secret!&rdquo; She said in an all too girly voice, in order to taunt me. I didn&rsquo;t question her anymore, but rather prepared myself for what was to come. <br /> <br /> Some time after, we gradually began to leave civilisation as we passed fewer buildings as the road&rsquo;s surface became rougher. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Are you scared now?&rdquo; She continued to taunt. I made a face but gave no reply. She chuckled and resumed driving. We approached a strange fork in the road, which she chose to take the path that led into the forest. Now, I finally began to get worried as we drove up the isolated area. What was she really planning?<br /> <br /> Our journey came to end at an enclosing in the forest, where there was a conveniently placed cabin. I made for the door handle to get out of the car due to slight claustrophobia developed from being near this strange woman but found the door locked. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Not so fast, darling! Let&rsquo;s have a little fun first in here!&rdquo; I eyed her suspiciously, my muscles tensed, ready to reach to whatever she would throw at me. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Let&rsquo;s play a little game! If you can get the keys off me, then I&rsquo;ll let you out the car, yes?&rdquo; She proposed, although I knew I could not decline. In a sense, it was an offer I couldn&rsquo;t refuse. She took the keys out of the ignition and held them up. My open hand lunged at them, but she baited me. She tossed the keys in such a way that they landed on her bust. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Here for the taking!&rdquo; But I hesitated. It seemed inappropriate, despite her odd demeanour. &ldquo;Can&rsquo;t say I didn&rsquo;t give you a chance,&rdquo; she remarked before bouncing her boobs with her hands so that the keys slipped into her cleavage. She slapped her hands against her cheeks in mock shock.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Oh no! What will you ever do?&rdquo; She leaned forward now and smiled sinisterly. I leaned back slightly but she grabbed me by the shirt. &ldquo;There&rsquo;s only one way, darling.&rdquo; I pushed her off though. Even if I couldn&rsquo;t get out, as for some odd reason, this car lacked manual locks, I wished to get far away from this&hellip;oddity. I moved myself to the back seats, hoping she wouldn&rsquo;t follow. Thankfully, she didn&rsquo;t.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Ah, you&rsquo;re no fun. I&rsquo;ll have to entertain myself then.&rdquo; With that she started moving towards me, but stopped early on, where she was centred at the front. I gave her an odd expression; why stop at such an inconvenient place?<br /> <br /> It soon became clear though; she lifted herself onto her knees, and slipped her hands under the hem of her skirt, pulling down her white panties.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;What the hell are you doing?!&rdquo; I pointed at her incredulously. She chuckled in response.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Don&rsquo;t worry; I&rsquo;ll wait for you to make the move.&rdquo; She answered cryptically. I was getting more and more intimidated by this strange woman. Then she positioned the gear stick up her skirt, and I could see it stick out the front. It was then that she started sliding her body up and down the stick, effectively stroking her own pussy with it.<br /> <br /> At first, I watched in disgust. But pretty soon, my disgust soon turned to awe, which rapidly became lust, evidence of that seen my own stick. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Oh dear, it looks like I will have to make the first move.&rdquo; She remarked in an eerily motherly way. She leaned across to the back of the car, and I edged away a bit, only to be reminded that there was nowhere for me to go. <br /> <br /> She found her way to my crotch and deftly unzipped my pants, releasing my hard on; slipping my dick out of my boxers was easy as breathing for her. I did nothing to resist her; the way she touched it sent shivers through my body. <br /> <br /> Her fingers wrapped around my member and she cooed softly as she gave a slight pinch to the bulb, causing a short, sharp intake in breath for me. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Aw, isn&rsquo;t it cute?&rdquo; she remarked on my manhood. She slipped her hands past my shaft and placed my balls in the palm of her hands, lifting my dick up to her chin, as if it wasn&rsquo;t erect enough. She flicked her tongue out, catching the tip ever so slightly before the contact was just as quickly cut off. My body reacted once more in sharp breaths. <br /> <br /> She repeated the tongue teasing a few more times, lashing the bulb to great effect. My hands gripped the edge of the seat tighter and tighter in anticipation. I could barely choke out the words.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;What&hellip;are you doing?&rdquo; Though it seemed a silly thing to say, it was all I could garner. She looked up at me, putting on an innocent face.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;I&rsquo;m going to relieve your pain, silly!&rdquo; she spoke in the simplest of manners. With that, her lips parted and I felt her warm breath surround the head of my dick. My entire body tensed to the point of discomfort. I felt her tongue grace my skin, but this time the contact was not so brief. Instead, it lazily dragged its way across the end of my dick, before attempting to bore into the opening. The sensation was extravagant.<br /> <br /> I looked down at her and her eyes were focused on mine as opposed to what her mouth was on. In them, I could see something strange; almost as if she was looking for approval, but in a subtly mocking way. Then I felt her mouth clamp down on my bulb, squeezing it. Unprepared, I felt some pre-cum escape the tip and felt her tongue react, licking it away as suddenly. <br /> <br /> She broke eye contact with me, and locked onto my manhood as she released it from her mouth. She tipped it to the side, exposing the shaft to her lips, which wrapped around it, secreting her warm saliva. Then she pulled out again, and did the exact same on the opposite side of the shaft, to my great pleasure. This technique was repeated several times; slow, long and torturously. <br /> <br /> Finally, without warning, she moved her lips up from the shaft to the tip, and planted a kiss on the end of my urethra. Pulling my dick in, she dipped down rapidly, as my entire dick disappeared down her throat, only to resurface seconds later. The tempo changed as she swiftly bobbed her head up and down, her tongue slobbering all over my dick as the sides of her mouth and throat rubbed against my dick. My nails were now digging into the seats of the car, and subconsciously, I had thrust my hips forward so that she may better receive my member. <br /> <br /> Naturally, with her expertise in this area, I couldn&rsquo;t hold out for long. I could feel my balls preparing the fluid for release, the pressure building. But just like that, she changed her style again. <br /> <br /> This time, she pulled out completely, a trail of spit and pre-cum oozed between my dick and her mouth, breaking off and slipping down her chin. She allowed it to remain there. Instead, she raised my dick further and lowered her mouth, exposing my balls to them. Twisting her head, her mouth gaping wide open, she accepted my scrotum into her mouth, sucking on it as if it were some delicate fruit. This action was finally too much for me, and I could hold myself no longer.<br /> <br /> I felt the first burst blast stream over head, splattering across the back of the seat and her own back. Alerted to this, she raised her head quickly only to be met with another shot right into her glasses. She giggled slightly at this as she grabbed my dick hard, and directed the third shot at her mouth, savouring the taste as it entered. With her free hand, she literally tore off her top, revealing her tight fitting bra; I heard the jangle of the keys hit the floor but my mind was preoccupied. Once again, I spurted some more into her accepting mouth and she swallowed hungrily. Still with her other hand, she managed to unclip her bra, and let it fall to the floor. Before I could continue shooting off, she moved herself forward, and grabbed my dick between her tits, her head tilted downwards. Like a fountain, my dick sprayed upwards, splashing her face as she mustered up what she could into her mouth. However, a lot of it wound up dripping off her face, getting caught onto her tits. <br /> <br /> Some time after, my balls ran out of ammunition as my dick fell limp after exhausting its current resources. When she looked up at me, she was a mess of cum and drool. She was hardly recognisable as a 40-something year old woman. She took off her glasses and licked the stains clean off. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Now, wasn&rsquo;t that just fun?&rdquo; She drawled at me condescendingly. I was breathing heavily now, unsure what to say. Instead I just watched her intently. She dabbed her hand on the car floor until the familiar tingle of key was heard. Picking it up, she tossed it at me. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Now, it&rsquo;s up to you, boy.&rdquo; I half-heartedly put on a grimace. In front of me, was a topless woman, whose panties had been slipped down her legs and seemed ready and willing for a fuck. And after that blowjob, my dick wasn&rsquo;t the only thing that wondered what else she was capable of.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Well, if you&rsquo;re just going to sit there like an idiot, I may as well get going.&rdquo; With that, she snatched the keys off me, and unlocked the car by pressing the button. With that, she purposely crawled over me, opened the back door, and stumbled out clumsily in such a way that her legs remained in the car, as her face pressed against autumn leaves. This gave me an impressive view of her chunky ass and pussy, perched in the air.<br /> <br /> She didn&rsquo;t move from the spot, but only shifted so that her face was comfortable as can be against the leaves. &ldquo;Enjoying the view up there? It&rsquo;s yours for the taking, big boy.&rdquo; She jovially commented. I felt myself become aroused, though my dick still needed time to recover. <br /> <br /> I moved myself so that I now lay across the back seat, with my head stopping before her perky posterior. I parted her buttocks slightly, and placed the tip of my tongue onto her ass crack. She reacted slightly by moving backwards slightly, pushing her ass against my tongue. That was all it took to send it into a frenzy of its own.<br /> <br /> I stuck my tongue out and fully pressed it against her crack, letting my salivary glands coat her crack. From hereon in, I hastily began slurping up and down her anal crevice and pussy lips like a rabid dog. I could tell that it gathered a positive reaction from the muffled moans I could hear in her awkward direction and her ass perking up further to accept my tongue. <br /> <br /> As if by its own accord, my tongue hooked its way into her pussy in one slurp, and I moved lower to get at a better angle to explore. I licked around the edges of it, feeling her wetness mix in with mine, and after some initial inspection, my tongue began going in slowly, poking its way around the walls of her vaginal opening. Soon, my mouth encompassed her clitoris as I sucked in her secretions avidly. They had a slightly acidic taste to them, which only caused further ingestion of them.<br /> <br /> Finding renewed strength in her fluids, my hands wrapped around her mid section and I began to pull her up. At the same time, her legs clutched around my neck, and I wrenched her off the ground and her atop of me: she sat on my face, her cheeks split over my mouth as I vigorously downed her nectar. She rode my face gently, allowing greater exposure to my mouth. A few streams of saliva dripped down the sides of my face, as I was immersed into her vagina. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Oh would you look at that?&rdquo; I could barely hear her but my ears perked to give better auditory information. &ldquo;Seems like someone is back to full mast,&rdquo; she giggled mischievously. I felt her weight shift down and she cooed as her fingers stroked my fully erect manhood.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Nope! I&rsquo;ve already sucked you off once! We&rsquo;ll try something different!&rdquo; She decided. She pulled herself off my mouth, much to my dismay and took my hand. Leading me out of the car, it finally dawned upon that we were both fully naked in the wilderness. I don&rsquo;t know at one point we had lost our entire clothing but lost it we had. The only things that could see us were nature. <br /> <br /> We stood in front of one another and I took in full view. Her gigantic tits hung low, unsupported by her bra, and her pussy dripped down her thighs. Her legs were as thick as I imagined them. As I pulled her close, my hands felt her chunky peaces of meat that were her ass cheeks; they were also deliciously well-endowed.<br /> <br /> I felt her hand traced down my chest, sliding over my stomach to my gorging member. Her other hand glided around my waist and she gripped my ass cheeks. Now she pulled us right up close. I could feel her stomach press around my cock in her hand and her tits against my chest. Our lips met each other for the first time and we could still taste the remnants of each other&rsquo;s ejaculated fluid as they mixed amongst our spit.<br /> <br /> I could feel my knees weaken at such a sumptuous contact and she did too. She allowed us to fall to our knees and moved her hand from my ass cheek to my chest and pushed me onto my back against the leafy ground; her other hand remained on my dick.<br /> <br /> She lay atop of me, and we continued playing with each other&rsquo;s tongues. Meanwhile, her hand gently caressed my shaft. Her other hand clasped with mine and brought it over to her tit and placed it there. Getting the gist of it, I gave it a squeeze to her muffled delight. As such, I began giving periodic tugs at it to please her.<br /> <br /> Then, without warning, I felt her advance our escapade. She shifted her position and slipped my dick smoothly into her, due to the juices lubricating entry. I panicked slightly; what if I got her pregnant? We weren&rsquo;t using any protection. But the panic was duly overcome by lust as I felt the warmth of her body coat my embedded cock. <br /> <br /> She began rocking back and forth over me, breaking and reforming our kisses. One hand gripped her breast tightly while my other lay across her back as she swung over me. I could feel her ample bosom rub across my chest. <br /> <br /> Just as I was getting accustomed to this closeness, she broke away again, opting to sit on me. This caused an increased penetration as she moaned. Her own hands cupped her tits as she massaged them for me, swaying her hips over my waist. My hands found their way to hips, groping a piece of flesh from her ass. I pulled them apart, and felt her weight shift down further as I was able to permeate her pussy even more.<br /> <br /> With my cock fully engulfed within her, I saw her body react. It began jolting and tremors erupted throughout; she shuddered and screamed out in joy. Her hands pushed her tits together, closing the crevice between. Even I felt the transmission as my own hands firmly held her in place. She was having an orgasm. I had managed to give her an orgasm.<br /> <br /> After her initial one, she began to furiously ride me, driving my cock deeper into her mercilessly, perhaps in an effort to recreate what she had just experienced. I could feel her entire weight, and she was by no means light, bulldoze me. Nonetheless, I took this thrashing with glee, although this time my hands were on her bouncing boobs, fondling them as she jumped back and forth on my raging hard member.<br /> <br /> Her second orgasm coincided with my second ejaculation. I felt the liquid burst out of my cock and once again, her body stiffened, followed by erratic spasms and a shrill of joy. On the other hand, my hips bucked upwards, forcing my cock to remain within her as my cum shot into her. At the same time, my hands had found themselves back on her hips, holding her in position. I could feel it stream down and that only further encouraged me to keep my hips as they were. <br /> <br /> As my cock emptied, it deflated. She lifted one leg and got off me. I sighed in exhaustion as she now lay by my side, the leaves under us. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Feel any better, young man?&rdquo; She questioned mockingly. I had to admit though; I did feel much better but I didn&rsquo;t say it. Call it pride if you must stick a label on it. I felt her fingers wrap loosely around my limp dick and begin rubbing my dick in the circumference around it, oozing semen. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;I&rsquo;m not done with you yet!&rdquo; She warned. But I wasn&rsquo;t about to be scared off yet.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Hey&hellip;have you ever done a guy anal?&rdquo; Ok, maybe I was a little scared.<br /> <br /> Author&rsquo;s Note: As usual, I&rsquo;ve left it open-ended. And if you&rsquo;re wondering, yes, it is based off a regular visitor here. Perhaps not as accurate to your personality or body, but hey, I&rsquo;m still suffering a writer&rsquo;s block. I have a backlog of ideas and put this to the forefront.</div>

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Thu, 03 Feb 2011 07:31:22 UTC

My wild overnight in a hotel with Terra….(1st place Story Winner)

<strong>My wild overnight in a hotel with Terra….(1st place Story Winner)<br />by <br /><br /></strong><a href="" class="bigusername">TheUnsaved</a><br /><br /><br />I awakened suddenly and blinked, staring at the ceiling. My body lay reclined on the bed.<br /><br />Hotel. Dark. I’d only left on one light. Air-conditioner humming. A tightness in my stomach. Had I heard a sound?<br /><br />There it was again. A knocking at the door.<br /><br />[I]My god. She’s here.<br /><br />Who?<br /><br />Terra. Terra’s coming.[/I]<br /><br />Thrill shot through my stomach as I blinked furiously, trying to re-moisten my eyes. How had I fallen asleep? How could I have fallen asleep, with what I was about to do?!<br /><br />My feet found the floor. I was up. Another knocking. She was here. I could barely see and I dashed into the bathroom, flipped the light switch and leaned over the sink, switched on the faucet and splashed water all over my face.<br /><br />[I]Silence. Don’t leave![/I]<br /><br />I mopped my face with a towel and stepped back into the main room. Wait. I leaned forward and pressed my eye against the peephole.<br /><br />Terra was there. She waited in the hallway, not looking nervous at all, glancing to the side. Brown hair hung to her shoulders, covering her ears and the hooks of her glasses. She was dressed the same way as earlier today — blue mesh wrap over lace top with spaghetti straps that revealed her shoulders and unusually low neckline. Same pants, too. They clung to her hips and backside contours as if she didn’t know they were somewhat tight. Maybe she did.<br /><br />Terra is here. And I was about to do at last what I’d only dared to consider vaguely hours before.<br /><br />She knocked again. She wouldn’t back out now — she’d actually meant it. Earlier she had called on my cell phone, further thrilling me that this would actually happen.<br /><br />[I]“Hello, this is Terra.” She’d sounded so normal after our conversation at about 4:30.<br /><br />“Umm … hey there,” I said.<br /><br />“You forgot to tell me your room number,” was her only reply.<br /><br />I remembered. “One-nineteen.”<br /><br />“Okay. I’ll be in there in about ten minutes.” Click.[/I]<br /><br />That was all. Very normal. Just weird, considering what we are planning!<br /><br />That had been before I dozed. How in the world had I done that? This was earth-shattering — something I’d never done before. Other people did this. Not me. The allure of doing the forbidden was almost enough to surpass the thrill of what I was actually about to do.<br /><br />Whatever had happened earlier today was all vague and clouded. The anticipation was choking me. I only remembered, in incredible clarity, Terra’s and my conversation earlier.<br /><br />I unlocked the chain and turned the door handle.<br /><br /><br /><br />[i]“So you’re really leaving.”<br /><br />I turned away from the computer to Terra at the desk beside me. Her clothes were the same as some days before — a little distracting from my work, again, and difficult when she sat directly across in staff meetings. I kept wanting to look at her breasts, now outlined more tightly in her blue top.<br /><br />“Yeah,” I said. “It just gets to be too much.”<br /><br />“I still want to know the real reason.” Terra turned around and faced me, giving me her full attention. She wore black boots.<br /><br />“Nothing else,” I said. “It’s fairly boring, really.”<br /><br />Friday afternoon, but work wasn’t really over. I would have weekend duty tomorrow morning.<br /><br />“And there’s nothing we can do to change your mind,” Terra stated.<br /><br />“No. Double pay — but that’s impossible. It’s okay.”<br /><br />She said something about it being hard work around here with me gone. I didn’t respond.<br /><br />“Is there anything I can do to keep you around longer?” Terra asked. “Really.”<br /><br />I smiled and dismissed my first thought. “Don’t think so.”<br /><br />“What do you mean — ‘don’t think so’? That means there’s something.”<br /><br />“No. Nothing at all.”<br /><br />“Really.” Her eyes crossed the top edges of her glasses and she peered at me. “Nothing whatsoever.”<br /><br />Her tone. It was saying something. I felt nervous speaking to her. “Umm.” I tried to laugh. “No, never mind.”<br /><br />“What?”<br /><br />“Nothing.”<br /><br />“Yes it is. There’s something I can do. Something you would really like.” Terra’s voice lowered. “Isn’t there.”<br /><br />I stared at her. “You don’t know what …”<br /><br />“You might be surprised,” Terra said.<br /><br />A grown woman. Nearly twice my age. But so often she acted almost juvenile. Professional, yet sometimes I was sure she flaunted herself. She lived with her boyfriend. Had talked before of screwing with him.<br /><br />“I think I would really …” I swallowed, trying to maintain composure. “Really be surprised, then.”<br /><br />“Tell me. I won’t tell anyone else. Promise.”<br /><br />I thought of how to put it in words. This would never work. I’d be fired before I could quit. She would tell someone.<br /><br />“Have sex with me,” I said.<br /><br />Dead silence. Surely she would notice my chest bulging with every beat. And just hearing that last word sent a buzz down my midsection and into my penis.<br /><br />“Hmmm.” Terra grinned and chuckled. “God, look at you. You’ve gone all red.”<br /><br />“I …” Alarms flashed in my brain. Stop it. Stop this now.<br /><br />“Look.” Terra slid off the desk. “I know. It sounds horrible. Sex with a co-worker? It happens all the time. If you wouldn’t like me that way, fine — and yes, I know I’m older than you. I look like a MILF, don’t I?”<br /><br />“A … a MILF?”<br /><br />“But you’re young and, I would wager, inexperienced. You know you really want to.”<br /><br />I said nothing. Only watched her. Considered.<br /><br />“When do you want to?” Terra asked.<br /><br />Air dried in my throat. I had already thought of staying overnight for my assignments the next morning.<br /><br />“Tonight,” I said. “I’ll be in the motel across the road. Can you come there?”<br /><br />“I have a meeting.” Terra grinned. Her face bore an expression I never thought I’d see. Seduction. “I can be there around 9.”<br /><br />“You’re serious.”<br /><br />“If you are, absolutely. Even if you stay around just two weeks longer, I’ll do it with you.” Terra winked. “Besides, you’re young and good-looking. And of course, I’ll never tell anyone about this — and you’d better not either.”<br /><br />I nodded. “I’ll keep my end of the deal.”<br /><br />“And I’ll keep mine.” Terra stepped back, picking up her bag and slung it over her shoulder. “How long do you want me?”<br /><br />Dare I say all night long? “Overnight,” I said.<br /><br />“I’ll do it. I just need to call my boyfriend to say I’ve decided to stay. You’d better cover your ass too.”<br /><br />I nodded again. “Cover.” “Ass.” Tonight I would uncover Terra’s ass.<br /><br />I looked up as she passed me now. I thought about asking her to do something on the way out. Jiggle herself. Stick her butt out toward me. Let me kiss her.<br /><br />I asked nothing. She left without another word.[/i]<br /><br /><br /><br />The door opened and I stared. There she stood. Looking very normal.<br /><br />For some reason I felt panicky. “Hey. Come on in.”<br /><br />Terra strode past the door frame and me. “You sound nervous.”<br /><br />“I … yeah, a little.” I closed the door and locked it. First the deadbolt, then the chain.<br /><br />Terra was looking at me, carrying her bag. The same as in the office. No flashy attire, no trench coat, no evening gown or lingerie. It didn’t matter. “Don’t worry about it,” Terra said. “Anyone watching would probably just think I’m your mom.”<br /><br />“Mm …” I swallowed again, my mouth dry as desert. “Not funny.”<br /><br />“Uh-huh.” Terra scowled as I walked past her, then turned and faced her. My penis was throbbing in expectation, and I just stared at her.<br /><br />Terra laughed, and tossed her bag onto the bed. “Are you ready?”<br /><br />“I think so.” I breathed.<br /><br />“Have you been thinking about what you’d like to do? With our evening together?”<br /><br />I nodded.<br /><br />“Well.” Terra spread her arms and stared at me. “I’m here,” she said. “We’re together.”<br /><br />With a loud exhale, I sat on the bed. Terra peered at me. “What?”<br /><br />“I’m sorry,” I mumbled. “I’ve just …” I raised my hand to run through my hair. “Oh … man!”<br /><br />Terra sat down several inches from me. “What?”<br /><br />“I’ve never done this before.”<br /><br />Terra brought up one leg to pull off her boot. It thudded on the floor. “You’re about to now. Don’t back out on me.”<br /><br />“I … I won’t.”<br /><br />She withdrew the other boot and dropped it. “Then let’s do it. Let’s have some fun together. Tell me what you want me to do.”<br /><br />“And you’ll do it?”<br /><br />“I could probably teach you some new things,” Terra said.<br /><br />I swallowed again, trying to moisten my mouth with my tongue. I licked my lips.<br /><br />“Would you like me to do that for you?”<br /><br />“Do what?”<br /><br />Terra edged closer. “Lick your mouth.”<br /><br />I stared at her. “You’re serious?”<br /><br />“It’s a good way to start.” Terra rolled her eyes, then pursed her lips. “Let me kiss you.”<br /><br />I yielded. I pursed my lips and leaned toward her.<br /><br />No sound. No smell. I felt and saw Terra’s face approach mine as she scooted closer. Her hip touched mine and she leaned into me, eyes closed behind her glasses.<br /><br />Her lips on mine. Wet, luscious, and experienced. We fastened together and I gasped, heart and penis both throbbing. Terra was kissing me. I felt her warmth and her breasts against my stomach. Her hands were behind my neck as we smooched repeatedly.<br /><br />“Mmmmm, yes,” she breathed, edging backward. “You’re in the mood now.”<br /><br />I leaned forward, then my arms, previously limp at my sides, came up. I touched her shoulder. Felt the mesh, her two straps underneath. Lay my other hand on her thigh, caressed her up and down. Kiss. Kiss. “Yes,” Terra sighed. “Oh, yes. You do like this, don’t you?” Kiss. Kiss.<br /><br />I pulled away, shuddering with the thrill, now more certain. “Stand up.”<br /><br />Terra retreated, her lips glossy and mine now wetted. Her body was there. Mine for the taking. Slowly she rose to a stand before me, bending over just a little. “Yes?”<br /><br />“Um.” I reached to my waist, untucking my shirt. I pulled it off rapidly, throwing it to the side.<br /><br />Terra’s head tilted, then she grinned. “Oh … you’ll do.”<br /><br />“You’ll be better.” I paused, staring at her once more. “You’re … you are … so sexy.”<br /><br />“Mmm. Which part do you like best?” Terra asked.<br /><br />“Boobs … I love your boobs. Big and soft.”<br /><br />“Oh, yes. My boyfriend loves my boobs too.” Terra’s hands came to her middle. She plucked the buttons out of their slots, one by one. “He loves tittie-fucking me.”<br /><br />Oh god. Terra had unbuttoned her mesh wrap and was taking it off. Sliding it from her shoulders.<br /><br />The fabric drifted to the floor.<br /><br />More. She can do more than this. “Could you turn around?” I asked her. “Let me see your ass?”<br /><br />“Oh, you like my ass, too.” Terra twisted her body, standing upright. The back of her pants was before me. “Didn’t think you would be a booty lover.”<br /><br />“Your booty,” I said. “Wiggle it for me?”<br /><br />Terra bent over, expanding the view. She jiggled her hips, then settled into swaying right and left, weaving her covered ass cheeks before my eyes.<br /><br />“God, Terra,” I muttered.<br /><br />Touch her. My hands reached up and each clasped a cheek.<br /><br />Terra didn’t respond. I was touching her.<br /><br />Slowly I squeezed her flesh, groping her buttocks, rubbing my hands across her. With one finger I traced her crack from top to bottom. Now I felt and heard her breathing harder. Again I clasped her buttocks and squeezed harder.<br /><br />I stood up. Had to do something. With my hands I pushed her back lower and she brought her own hands forward to steady herself on the other bed. Shirtless, I moved closer, bent my knees and rubbed my groin against her ass, feeling the trough between buttocks just barely, near my penis.<br /><br />A sigh escaped Terra’s lips. “These clothes do come off.”<br /><br />My body snapped back. “Then take them off now.”<br /><br />Terra stood straight, turned around and leaned back to sit on the bed — she bounced slightly, still in every other clothing article. Her shoulders were bare. She lowered her head. “You have to dirty-talk them off me first,” she told me.<br /><br />Okay. “Take it off, babe,” I said. “I want to see your lovely, luscious, titties.”<br /><br />“Mmm. Listen to what you’ve learned from the bathroom walls.” Terra laughed as her hands moved to her shirt bottom. She pulled upward. Her head vanished behind the fabric as she slid it up across her chest, revealing her white bra. The neckline passed her head and now I saw her nearly topless and gasped, shivering even more with the thrill.<br /><br />[IMG];stc=1&amp;d=1172759753[/IMG]<br /><br />I couldn’t wait. I drew closer, my hands outstretched. As soon as she had tossed the tank top away I was sliding my hands across her stomach, then … her bra cups. Squeezing her covered boobs. Oh my god. Oh my god. Terra’s eyelids fluttered and looked down to herself as I felt her buxom titties for the first time. Now I moved my hands downward and slid them up and inside.<br /><br />Warmth and intoxication overwhelmed my senses. Terra’s bra pressed my hands right up against her breasts. Her hot nipples ticked my palms and with both hands I squeezed hard, running the nipples between my fingers.<br /><br />“Yesss,” Terra breathed. “I’ll bet you’ve dreamed about feeling my breasts. Do you like them?”<br /><br />“Oh god, Terra,” I managed. “Oh god.”<br /><br />Terra reached back, unsnapped the bra. With her hands she slid the straps from her shoulders and slipped it off from in front. Now she was topless and I leaned closer to see. My hands held her two very enormous breasts, tan like her skin, nipples red with her arousal. I pinched her flesh, groping her repeatedly.<br /><br />“Mmmm,” Terra murmured. “You know what you like. Yesss. You had your eyes on these for a long time, didn’t you?”<br /><br />“Made it … hard to concentrate,” I grunted.<br /><br />Briefly my eyes flickered down to her waist line.<br /><br />“You nasty bastard,” Terra breathed. “Uhhhh … ohhh!” Her body trembled. I had been rubbing her right nipple, squeezing her left breast. “Yes. Like that. Oh yes. Grope that tittie. Do you want to put your cock between them like my boyfriend does?”<br /><br />“I … I don’t know.” Her waistline. I released my left hand and she moved her other hand up to replace it, groping herself, tossing her hair back as I slid forward, bringing her nearly onto my lap. Her pant-covered legs slid against mine. My left hand slid down her stomach and under her pants’ waistline. I felt Terra’s panties and slipped my fingers lower.<br /><br />Terra said nothing as I rubbed her under there. Oh my god, oh my god … I felt her pubic hair. Further down. Wetness smeared across my fingertips. I felt her crack. Softer skin. Terra’s vagina.<br /><br />I was touching Terra’s vagina.<br /><br />I pushed my fingers even more between her legs and now Terra jolted and gasped. “My god,” she breathed. “Yes. That’s … that’s it.” I rubbed her pussy, sliding my bare leg across her covered legs. I palmed her breast, pinching her erect nipple, then the other. Then I lowered my head to taste her left breast. Licked the side of her boob. Kissed her nipple, then sucked.<br /><br />“Oh god,” Terra rasped. “Oh, so good. And come on … let’s go ahead and strip.”<br /><br />I was ready. My hand withdrew from her pussy and I stood up. Terra jerked up from the bed. I grabbed her shoulders and her breasts flounced about as she jerked toward me and I kissed her wildly, her naked breasts pushed against my own chest. Kiss. Smack. Her wet lips touching and clasping on mine. “Mmmm,” she moaned, then gasped as she retreated, “Oh, you’re better than I thought!” then silenced as my mouth sucked on hers. My other hand had covered my own penis. I was hard. Ready to explode. Not yet. I could hold out. I had to.<br /><br />Terra lurched back, forcing her mouth away as she told me, “No more kisses until you’re naked.”<br /><br />I nodded and yanked out my belt. Terra twisted her hips, standing just a foot away as she bent over to drop her pants. Legs. White panties. I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and yanked them down over my bare feet, stepping out. Terra’s bare legs. White panties.<br /><br />Her hand slipped inside and she rubbed her own vagina, cooing softly. “This is how adult women pleasure themselves,” she said.<br /><br />Terra stripped off her panties. I beheld her naked at last as I pulled off my own underwear and my penis sprang out, flinging already-formed droplets from its tip. Terra barely glanced at it as she turned around, bending forward, showing me her bare ass. Wide, tan buttocks with a deep center crack that revealed her spot. Wrinkled flesh marked her vulva beneath it.<br /><br />Then she faced me again, arms stretched upward to let her breasts ride high. She jerked her body up and down, letting her breasts jiggle.<br /><br />One arm came down and she reached for my cock.<br /><br />“If you touch it, I’ll start to cum,” I cried. “My god … I’ve never felt like this.”<br /><br />Terra grinned saucily, eyebrows high as her hands touched my chest and pushed me backward. My bare rear landed on the bed and I bounced, penis flopping, knees over the edge. Terra was kneeling. Kneeling before me.<br /><br />“Bet you’ve never felt like this either.” Her mouth opened wide and her chest shuddered as one knee hit the floor, then the other.<br /><br />I braced myself on my hands, watching spellbound. Holy crap. “Terra …”<br /><br />Without a word, Terra opened her mouth wider and her wet lips closed in and around my penis head, crackling with saliva. Absolute, utter thrill blazed through as Terra sucked my cock into her mouth, breathing through her nose, her brown eyes locked on mine as she withdrew it from her face.<br /><br />[IMG];stc=1&amp;d=1172759753[/IMG]<br /><br />My whole body shook and I almost screamed — it lodged in my throat.<br /><br />“I’ll … I’m about to cum!” I managed.<br /><br />Terra nodded, flashing me a wicked expression as she plunged the penis back into her mouth and sucked up and down. OH — MY — GOD! The feeling, incredible, SENSUOUS as my penis penetrated nearly to her throat, slick, wet flesh inside, spit sliding, her tongue and lips tickling me and now her throat buzzing, “Unnnngggghhhhhh …”<br /><br />[IMG];stc=1&amp;d=1172759753[/IMG]<br /><br />I burst out. Hot semen poured into her mouth and Terra’s tongue met it, pressing against my tip and then withdrawing, letting it hit her throat. Her lips closed even tighter and she pressed her face lower, nose touching my pubic hair — then she twisted her face, digging me even deeper in.<br /><br />Terra was swallowing. Each burst brought a new flow and she swallowed it all. Swallowing it down.<br /><br />Thrill, fear, satisfaction, power and gratitude crowded my brain. Terra was sucking me off!<br /><br />“Oh, god,” I breathed. My legs trembled, toes locked together as I slowed. “Oh, god, Terra.”<br /><br />She moaned in reply, pulling her face from my penis. It slipped out from between her lips with a smack and she raised herself higher.<br /><br />I breathed, my penis aching, still covered in cum and Terra’s saliva.<br /><br />She got to her feet and slid her body next to mine, easing onto the bed. Quietly she wrapped her hand around my penis and I turned with her as she squeezed the moist trunk, wringing her fingers about it, and then Terra spoke again, breathing hard, “Now it’s your turn. Suck me.”<br /><br />[IMG];stc=1&amp;d=1172759753[/IMG]<br /><br />Terra’s head leaned back on the pillow, hair at her neck, and she spread her legs wide. Wet pussy.<br /><br />I clambered next to her and lowered my chin between her legs. “I’ve never done this before,” I said.<br /><br />“I’ll teach you,” Terra told me, then sighed, “Ahhhhhh.”<br /><br />Her body shivered. I was tasting her cunt. Folds of flesh, hot and wet. New tastes and sensations. While my own vigor rebuilt itself I would pleasure her as best I could.<br /><br />Terra walked me through it, breathing hard but giving instructions. “Lick my clit,” she breathed. “Now run your finger in little circles around it. Bring up some spit. Wet me down and then suck on it. Ohhh, suck me.” I was doing it. Her fluids coated my lips. “Suck my pussy,” Terra murmured. “Suck it good. Make me happy.”<br /><br />I kept sucking. Licking her. Kissing her vagina. Her knees bent upward, inner thighs clamped around my shoulders.<br /><br />“Ohhh,” Terra groaned. “You’re making me very happy. Very happy.”<br /><br />She must have orgasmed, for the next thing I knew, Terra was breathing harder, crying out, almost as if hurt. For a moment I backed away but she kept telling me to do more. I increased the pressure, mashing my face into her vulva. Licking her. Sucking her fluids — now into my mouth, why not? and drooling them back into her canal. I brought up my hands to stimulate her. Her cries caught in her throat and she wheezed, moaning over and over, “Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes.”<br /><br />Moments later, I ceased. Terra encouraged me to tittie-fuck her. I was re-hardened enough and I squeezed her breasts as I mounted her stomach, braced on my knees, and slid forward to her breasts. Terra grasped my penis, eyeing it sensuously as she pulled it closer. With both hands she clasped her breasts together and I pushed my penis between her bulging orbs.<br /><br />In, out. In and out. Leftover cum provided the lubricant. Terra watched me as we both jiggled on the bed. I stared down to her boobs as I thrust myself between them.<br /><br />[IMG];stc=1&amp;d=1172760653[/IMG]<br /><br />Forward, backward. Forward, backward. My thrill was coming. I breathed hard.<br /><br />“Oooh, I love to be tittie-fucked by long-dick motherfuckers like you,” Terra slurred.<br /><br />I erupted but tried not to stop as the pleasure washed over me.<br /><br />“Oooohhh, ahhhh,” Terra murmured, sliding her own breasts forward and backward. “Come here and tittie-fuck me.”<br /><br />Warm semen coated her lower neck near her chin, and slid across her chest. Terra stuck her tongue out and craned her neck lower, as if to lick it from her own skin. My thrusting motions slowed and I groaned as the last burst of cum oozed from my head.<br /><br />Terra grabbed her own bra and wiped off the gelatinous substance from herself as she slid down to the floor again, pulling on my legs. “I’ll get you back up,” she said.<br /><br />Again Terra sucked me. No deep-throating this time, but over and over, kissing my trunk, teasing me with her tongue, sliding it in and out between her lips, licking me, working up saliva and slathering it across me. She was incredible. Middle-aged but an absolute knockout, especially when naked and sweaty. My eyes roved Terra’s incredible breasts, dangling as she knelt before me, nipples still pert and red and bulging.<br /><br />At one point Terra brought her mouth down to lick my balls, breathing on them, sucking, mashing her tongue up against them. “Ahhhhh.” She chuckled, then jerked her head upward, mouth open and plunged my penis inside with her tongue writhing — all the way down to her throat. She actually gagged a little as she brought it back out.<br /><br />I shivered. I had almost cummed in her again. Almost.<br /><br />Terra’s bare legs straightened as she rose once more, squeezed and then released my spit-covered penis with her hand as she slid back onto the bed. I pulled my legs up, moving them straight before me, sure of what was coming.<br /><br />For some reason I didn’t worry about protection.<br /><br />“Now.” She hadn’t spoken in some time. “Which do you like?”<br /><br />Terra climbed onto me, her inner thighs pressed around my stomach. Her full weight settled on. Without speaking she eased backward, my penis meeting her ass crack, then with her knees bent she lifted herself upward. A droplet fell from her vagina, hovering almost directly over my penis.<br /><br />“Me facing you, where you can see my face and boobs,” Terra said. “One?”<br /><br />Quickly she raised one leg and turned completely around on me, then settled back down, her ass on my stomach. Her broad crack spread apart and she jiggled her cheeks. “Or two?”<br /><br />“Two,” I gasped.<br /><br />Terra shook her buttocks again and I reached forward to grasp them. Her hand, or both of them wrapped around my cock and she jerked up and down, still greasing on the trunk. Her groin raised off me. She aimed the penis directly between her legs.<br /><br />Then Terra let go. Her weight landed on me and my cock speared her inside. “Ohmygod!” she exclaimed. “Oh. Ohhh! fuck!”<br /><br />Wet, tight skin inside. Terra and I were joined.<br /><br />She brought herself up, sliding around me, then down. Thrill blazed through my body. Up, down. Up, down. Terra rode my cock, her hair flipping across her shoulders, her elbows akimbo as she squeezed her own breasts. They would be flopping crazily. Turn her around!<br /><br />Up, down, up and then down, and she jiggled her hips, wringing a cry from herself and likely an orgasm. Then I started. Cum erupted up into her and then I felt it spill back out, warm and wet. Terra gasped, still riding, her toes locked together near my armpits. “Oh, gooohhhd,” she whimpered. “Oh, yes. Mm-hmm. Ohhhh. Unnghhhhh, oh yes.”<br /><br />“Terra,” I gasped. “Turn around.”<br /><br />Terra raised herself again, my penis still slightly stiff and now firming even more. With her knees she raised herself up, sliding my jolting penis out of her vagina. Then she lifted her leg, swinging it around and twisting her body still mounted on my cock. Her inner thighs settled on my lap again as I gaped at Terra mounted on my cock, breasts dangling and still moist from sweat.<br /><br />She rode up and down several more times. Her breasts bounced all over, hair flipping on her shoulders as Terra cried out again. [I]Oh my god. Oh my god.[/I]<br /><br />[IMG];stc=1&amp;d=1172760252[/IMG]<br /><br />Slowly my thrill subsided. We had both orgasmed together.<br /><br />Terra lifted herself from my cock and scooted down my legs on that sexy, gorgeous ass. Her body bent forward and she pulled the hair from her forehead, closing her eyes as she lowered her chin to my middle.<br /><br />I reached down to grasp the back of her head.<br /><br />“Suck my cock, Terra,” I mumbled. “Suck it back up again.”<br /><br />Without another word Terra slipped the penis head into her face, sliding it up and down inside her wet cheeks.[I] Slurp. Slurp. Slurp.[/I]<br /><br />She withdrew it with a pop, then lapped at the moisture, giving me little kisses, tapping the head with her tongue. Then sucked my penis in again, teasing me inside with her tongue and pulling with even greater suction.<br /><br />The increasing limpness quickly gave way to pumping rigidity. A few seconds inside Terra’s mouth could do that anytime.<br /><br />Terra shoved me once into her throat, gurgling deep down, then withdrew, slapped the penis to her tongue as she breathed out, then squeezed once with her hand and began sliding her body back up.<br /><br />Not this time. I had seen her backside long enough to make me want it.<br /><br />My hands stopped her by the shoulders. “Terra, I want to … I want to do it in your ass.”<br /><br />Terra stared at me, mouth open. “Oh my god.”<br /><br />“You said you’d do anything for me. That was …” I sighed, gaping again at her large breasts, her spread-wide pussy, still moist. “That was our deal.”<br /><br />Terra said nothing as I slid up from the bed and stood on my knees before her, cock protruding forward as I pressed my body to her side, her breasts warm on my chest. I squeezed and rubbed her tits with both hands, pinching the nipples, enjoying the feel of her bare skin against my body. “Please,” I said, and made eye contact. “Bend over.”<br /><br />Terra swallowed and nodded, and turned around. On her knees, she braced her upper body with her hands and hiked her buttocks in the air. I knelt before her and fingered her pussy, rubbing the cum upward through her crack and into her tight asshole.<br /><br />“Suck it first,” Terra said.<br /><br />I bent my head low and tongued her pussy and Terra shivered. I dragged my tongue around her opening, then stuck it in. Then slid upward, into her crack, spreading her cheeks wider as my tongue felt her skin pinched into her anus. Her whole body flinched.<br /><br />This was impossible. I had just licked Terra’s asshole.<br /><br />I licked more and Terra sighed, her breath rasping, and said nothing. I licked the cum I’d left there, then withdrew my tongue, groping her ass cheeks as I walked closer on my knees, then used one hand to aim my penis directly toward her crack.<br /><br />“Put it in me,” Terra breathed. “Just put it in.”<br /><br />I thrust forward. My penis head pressed into her asshole, slippery on the cum. Then I pushed more. More. More. Sank in slowly, straining against her inside.<br /><br />[IMG];stc=1&amp;d=1172760252[/IMG]<br /><br />Terra screamed out, “Oh — ee! — GOD!”<br /><br />I halted. Others would hear that! “Terra, I — I can stop.”<br /><br />“No, put it in!” she shrieked. “Fuck my ass!”<br /><br />I pushed in more and my inner thighs touched Terra’s ass cheeks. She swayed her buttocks to the left, wringing her cavity inside and I almost fell to the side with the thrill that erupted within and shot through my rock-hard cock. Terra twisted right and I tried to draw myself out, then thrust back in — I must have because then Terra cried out also, an orgasm racking her body.<br /><br />I pulled out. Back in. Delirious with the thrill.<br /><br />Terra leaned on her hands, keeping her ass upward as I penetrated. Slowly I stopped, breathing hard.<br /><br />She craned her head back to stare at me. “No. Fuck me more. Oh my god. Oh my god.”<br /><br />“I’m exhausted,” I panted.<br /><br />“Kiss me,” Terra said.<br /><br />I spread my legs apart and pulled out a little. Terra’s body shivered underneath me. I lay across her sweating back, trying not to put my full weight on her as finally I reached her mouth and locked lips. Terra’s wet mouth clasped at mine repeatedly, more passionate than ever.<br /><br />“Ohhh, fuck me again!” Terra shoved her ass backward, burying me deeper within her and now she screamed out even more, “Oh my goohhhhd!”<br /><br />“Terra.” I tried to whisper as I gasped and retreated from her back. “Someone will hear …”<br /><br /> Terra was groaning more quietly and she didn’t hear me. I lurched my groin back from hers, grasping her hips and buttocks and squeezing more as I drove forward.<br /><br />“YeeaaGGHHH!” Terra screamed. “Oh, god, oh, GOD!”<br /><br />My cum exploded again and shot up her ass. Terra fell to the bed, drawing her legs together, writhing. “Oh that’s so good! Oh that’s so good!”<br /><br />On her side, she rolled over, bringing herself on top, and just twisted her ass in place. Her hair dangled on my face. The smell of her hot body, sweat, saliva and cum burned my senses. I brought my hands forward to grope both her boobs from behind.<br /><br />I was still shooting into her as Terra strained upward. She shifted her body upright, straddling my stomach with her knees on the bed, and dripping juices from between her legs onto my skin. Slowly she raised her groin upward and my cock popped out of her ass with a quiet gooshing sound. Terra leaned over, breasts dragging on my chest, and her wide-open mouth closed over my lips.<br /><br />“Mmm, my god,” Terra murmured as we kissed. My hands slid between us and I groped her hot breasts.<br /><br />Thrill coursed through my body.<br /><br />Her lips finally moved away from mine. “I want you to fuck my ass one more time,” she muttered, and she scooted back on her knees, vagina dripping on my stomach. My re-hardened penis touched her buttocks, and I could only breathe hard and watch as Terra leaned forward, twisting her left arm behind her to grasp my penis.<br /><br />I reached up and squeezed her breasts again, then clasped Terra’s waist and held her steady as she brought my cock closer to her backside.<br /><br />Terra raised her groin and wiggled her hips as she leaned forward. I watched as her eyes closed and her tongue licked her lips. She kept stretching forward, pulling her buttocks wider apart for the penetration. Her fingers squeezed my trunk. I felt the tip of my cock touch her anus, and her body flinched.<br /><br />Terra’s eyes opened and she stared at me, upper body still twisted around to aim my penis into her ass. “One last time,” she murmured. “One last time …”<br /><br />Slowly she pushed herself backward, almost screwing my penis into her ass.<br /><br />“Mmm — eeesh — nyahh, oh god!” Terra breathed, her groin jolting. Her butt slapped down onto my inner thighs and her whole body quivered, impaled on my cock.<br /><br /> “Oh god, Terra, you’re so hot,” I grunted.<br /><br /> “Uh-huh. Uh-huh, oh yeah.” Terra dragged herself upward, making me convulse with the pleasure as her body slid around my penis. Then she fell back down, skewering herself and shrieking as she shook her body, then lifted up again, then fell down … up, down … up, down … body jolting, face, hair, boobs and pussy in a vertical blur in front of me.<br /><br />Spellbinding thrill warmed up from deep within and now I grabbed Terra’s waist with body hands. As her whole body squirmed, I thrust myself all the way up into her ass — her asshole surrounded me, tight and hot and shivering. She thrashed in place and now screamed — “oh god, oh god, OH GOD!” as her own orgasm began, and she ground her body on me, wriggling my cock inside herself. Instantly I erupted and felt my hot cum ejecting up her asshole, trapped inside by the incredible, sensuous pressure.<br /><br />“Oh, Terra, ahhhh!” I shouted.<br /><br />My grip kept my penis forced up her backdoor. Terra groaned, and I felt her muscles contracting around my penis, over and over and over with her orgasm. Her knees squeezed on my hips as she sighed, teeth biting her lower lip, and she pushed her sweaty hair out of her eyes.<br /><br />Finally both of us were done cumming. Terra grunted as she struggled off me, slipping my long cock out from her asshole. At last it popped loose, and she flipped over to the side and slid down.<br /><br />Then she leaned her head over my cock. Her lips pursed. Oh god she’s so hot and nasty. I thought about protesting, “Terra, it’s been up your ass —” but silenced.<br /><br />Terra kissed my cock head, letting the last bit of cum ooze onto her lips, then she wiped it off with her hand.<br /><br />Terra crawled forward, to the bed’s front, leaning her ass on the pillows and spreading her legs wide, knees bent up, as her hand slid down and rubbed her pussy. Up and down. In circles. Squishing in the cum that glistened inside.<br /><br />I stared at her.<br /><br />Terra spoke, staring at me. “Did you … enjoy your FUCK?”<br /><br /><br />[I](Please e-mail all comments to [email][email protected][/email]. I welcome suggestions about what next might be done with Terra, or even write a sequel yourself.)[/I]<br />

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A New Beginning

<p><font size="4">Forum Contest Winner —Chapter 1 for the rest of the Chapters go to&nbsp;</font></p><p>&nbsp;</p><div class="smallfont post-title"> <strong>A New Beginning</strong> </div> <!– / icon and title –> <!– message –> <div id="post_message_130818"><strong><font face="Arial"><font size="3">Introduction</font></font></strong><br /> <br /> I hear some folks talk about their golden years. Mostly it’s older people….looking foward to the future when they can retire and travel or do whatever it is in life they have dreamed of doing. For me, however, what I consider my golden years have already come and gone. <br /> <br /> The day I left my cozy nest from my parents watchful eye…was my first move to gain my independence in search of who I really was and who I wanted to be.<br /> <br /> My golden years came at a time in my life when I was very young, very naive and innocent…yet quickly becoming extremely independent, sassy and developing a desire to be a bit of a hell raiser. <br /> <br /> At this moment in my life, I was, for the first time, away from the strict family environment I had grown up in. I was dealing with many emotions and trying to come to terms as to who I was mentally, sexually and spiritually. <br /> <br /> Because of my strict up bringing I was constantly wrestling with my sexuality. I had become sexually active only a year before the following series of events occurred…meaning I was no longer a virgin. However to be quiet frank, I didn’t really see what all the fuss was about. <br /> <br /> My two previous lovers had been more than stale, making sex, just something that I did in the act of getting it over…<br /> <br /> to keep my partners happy…<br /> <br /> to keep them wanting me in their life. <br /> <br /> I had never had an orgasm or any variations of feelings close to it. I had never masturbated as that was considered taboo in my spiritual world. And I had never had the pleasure of giving or receiving sex orally. <br /> <br /> My inner self was at a constant struggle between what I thought I wanted sexually versus what I envisioned I needed sexually. <br /> <br /> It was for me at this point in my life…a new beginning…<br /> <br /> <br /> A New Beginning is copyrighted (March 2006) and may not be used in any form other than that granted by the author. Use of this material or it’s likeness without the written consent of the author is strictly prohibited.</div> <!– / message –> <!– sig –> <div> __________________<br /> –Southern Belles are innocent until proven horney!–<br /> <br /> <br /> <strong><font color="Red">WANNA PLAY? COME ON OVER TO THE <font color="Blue"><u><a target="_blank" href="/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=36">PLAYGROUND FORUM</a></u> </font>AND LET’S SEE WHAT FUN WE GET INTO. WHAT BETTER WAY TO RELAX AFTER A LONG HARD DAY…</font></strong><br /> <br /> <strong><font color="Red">AND DON’T FORGET TO HOP OVER TO <font color="Blue"><u><a target="_blank" href="/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=50"> STORY OF THE WEEK<br /> </a></u></font>FOR SOME GREAT READING!</font></strong><br /> <br /> <br /> <strong><em><font color="Red">&quot;A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.&quot; Eleanor Roosevelt</font></em></strong></div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>&nbsp;</div><strong>Chapter 1 </strong><br /> <br /> I came home from work to find my bags packed and waiting for me at the door one sunny afternoon in mid June. I was almost 22, in college, working three jobs to make ends meet. College tuition was due for the fall. I had one year remaining. There was little time to get the money put away so I could finish my degree the next year. <br /> <br /> I had become a bit of a hellcat, gaining my freedom away from the small town life. I studied, but followed my free time avenues into the realm of college activities and blockbuster party events. Partying 101 was my favorite subject. My classmates hardly knew I existed until they caught me on a weekend. I was a tiger on the party scene&hellip;.persistent and stubborn. No one ever dare tell me I couldn’t do anything. It was definitely my way or no way at all. <br /> <br /> My roommate was waiting for me this particular day. She was pissed over some silly crap her boyfriend had made up about me and him. I wasn’t in the mood to argue with her. The way I figured it, she wasn’t going to believe me over him anyway. So I got my bags and headed off early for my night shift at the bar where I had been working for almost two years. <br /> <br /> Jeff, the head bartender, was already there. Jeff and I were best friends at the time. He was probably the closest friend I had during my college years. We could talk about anything and were always there for each other when we had a problem. <br /> <br /> We had never had anything between us except friendship, even though I will say he was one nice looking fellow. Jeff was 26, way taller than me. I was 5’6&quot;, long dark brown hair with a slight natural curl cascading down my back. I had a medium build even though I only weighed 115 pounds dripping wet, small 34B boobs and hazel eyes. He was 6’1&quot; and thinly built, medium short brown hair, clean shaven, brown eyes to die for and one fine ass. <br /> <br /> Asses were my thing back then. I guess some might have called it a hobby. If there was a good male ass within 100 yards for me to gaulk at…I did. No touching. I kept it respectable&hellip;just looking.<br /> <br /> I had never really gone for Jeff or found myself attracted to him. Jeff had no facial hair. I liked hair on my men. Mustaches, beards, hairy chest, legs, for me, the more hair the better. Now that did not include their head. Shaved heads was fine, but rare in the late 70&rsquo;s. <br /> <br /> I told Jeff about what had happened with Katie, my roommate. He immediately got his keys from behind the bar and told me to take my stuff over to his place, get a shower, and get back for work in an hour. I gave him a big hug and thanked him for the place to crash. Best thing about the arrangement, was he lived two streets over. I could walk to work if I wanted to.<br /> <br /> Jeff had a spare room where I could keep my stuff and sleep since his roommate had moved out about two months prior to that time. I had been over to his place many times during our friendship for various parties. There was a time or two that I&rsquo;d cooked a meal on Sunday afternoons when we were both off from work. Our friendship was easy&hellip;it was natural.<br /> <br /> I got my shower, got dressed, fixed a couple of sandwiches. I toyed with the idea of walking back, but considering the late hour I would be getting off work, I drove back to the bar. <br /> <br /> By the time that I got there, Jeff was pretty busy with the happy hour crowd. I laid his sandwich behind the bar….with his keys and a note that I had written to him saying thanks for being such a great friend. Glancing around the room at the thirsty crowd, I put my butt to work. <br /> <br /> That night after we closed….we both sat at the bar…as we had done so many times before, talking and laughing about situations in our life. He then brought up the deal about the sandwich I had left him earlier. He laughed and told me it was going to cost me more than a sandwich if I expected to live with him. I nudged his arm and told him to stick a plug in it, we were friends, that was it. If I needed to pay rent until I got my own place then I would be more than willing to do so. Other than that he was dreaming. <br /> <br /> Of course Jeff had to have the last word. Grinning, he popped out with, &ldquo;Sex wasn’t exactly what I had on my mind. It&rsquo;s your chicken and dumplings that keep dancing inside my head.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> Dramatically grabbing my heart, I shot him an evil stare. Heck I could have clobbered him at that point because he shot me down so bad. But, I agreed that since I was off the next day, I could manage a home cooked meal for his little ole bachelor self. <br /> <br /> We went home together and had a few more drinks sitting on the living room floor. He began to tell me about this girl he dated a few times after Cathie, his live in girlfriend, left. Some of the stuff he told me was a bit explicit and rather wild. At that time I had only been with two guys in my life and he referred to me as a virgin, cause I was always &quot;oh my goshing&quot; at his sex stories. <br /> <br /> We had shared stories about our lovers before, but his were always so much better than mine. It sort of pissed me off sometimes that he seemed to have the best hot sex life and I was always getting the short end of the stick. I would accuse him of building the stories to make me look bad and he would just laugh at me, shake his head and call me his sweet little virgin baby. I hated that! <br /> <br /> And this night I hated it even more. He kept looking at me, with those dark brown eyes, not like a friend, but like he was actually telling me this story and thinking of ME while he was talking about HER. <br /> <br /> Jeff was doing the &quot;devil grin&quot; he sometimes got as he watched my reaction, telling me about him and this girl fucking on the bar after work right there at Chris’ place. I was getting a bit aggravated by that time. He had me too uncomfortable for my own good. It was 4 am and I was drunker than Cooter Brown, not to mention, it had been 6 weeks since my boyfriend and I had broken up. Needless to say, I had been without and was just a tad bit horny. I was getting more and more uncomfortable. I was just a tad bit wet by all the talk about banging this girl on the bar. <br /> <br /> I told Jeff to stop. He kept talking and grinning. Then he asked me why I needed him to stop…that we were just talking as friends like we always had. My heart was doing flip flops by then and I was way too drunk to make sense….so I told him, &ldquo;I am going to bed, Jeff. Goodnight. <br /> <br /> He got up to help me off the floor. Pulling me up….he gave me a big tug toward him. He put his arm around my waste and took his hand and cupped my chin in it. I was frozen for a split second….thinking oh shit, not good, but maybe good, yes. But my mind switched thinking directions. I was thinking good god he’s like your brother. I hated when my mind set in rational mode, especially when I&rsquo;d been drinking and rational made no sense at all. <br /> <br /> He continued looking at me like he was waiting for something. I finally blurted out, &ldquo;What in the Sam Hill are we doing?!&rdquo;<br /> <br /> He grinned and asked me, &ldquo;What do you want us to do?&rdquo; <br /> <br /> In that instant I was about to melt in his arms, but I came to my senses. I pushed him away and told him, &ldquo;I want to get my drunken ass to bed, before the two of us do something we are going to regret at a later time.&rdquo; <br /> <br /> He pulled me closer into him and whispered in my ear, &ldquo;Neither of us is going to regret a damn thing.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> Oh heavens, his breathe was so hot against my face. I couldn’t take it anymore. I told him goodnight again and practically ran down the hall to my room. I slammed the door and locked it. <br /> <br /> To be continued…<div>&nbsp;</div><p>&nbsp;</p>

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Dare girl goes astray

<p>Dare girl goes astray!…..part.1<br /><br />Cindy was a sweet 24 year old when I first met her. She was the kind of fresh faced girl next door type who was easy to get along with. Her blonde hair and 38D figure gave her a Venus de Milo appearance as she skin was the soft tones of almost pure alabaster marble.<br /><br />Not long after we began chatting on the internet, I discovered that she had a passion about playing true dares. She had spoken to several different Mirror Masters, over the last three years and had carried out several sexual dares by way of experimenting.<br /><br /><br />So it was that she challenged me to set her a lifetime changing dare. After much deliberation and coaxing I set her a streaking challenge. She was to dress in only a skirt, blouse, knickers and shoes, before driving 2 km from home stopping the car, get out and remove her skirt. Then run three times around the car before climbing back in to continue her journey. After a further 2 km again she was to stop the car, remove her blouse and run four times around her car before re entering the car for her last 2 km drive.<br /><br />When she was 6 km from home she was to pull up remove her final item of clothing her knickers, run five times around the car before locking her clothes and the car keys in the boot of her vehicle. Then on foot she was to jog home during the hours of darkness. She set out on the task at 2.00am, eventually arriving back home at 5.30 am.<br /><br />To slow her down somewhat, she had to finger her pussy as she ran, and when getting close to climax, she was to stop playing with herself and walk until she calmed down enough to recommence playing with her pussy, then and only then she could begin running again.<br /><br />Once home she was to go into her back garden and using only her fingers, she was to bring herself to a climax before getting her secreted spare house key and letting herself in. I informed her that I would have spies checking on her whilst on route and if she got herself cornered for any reason she was allowed only to use her mouth to extricate a means of escape. This meant that if she could talk her way out of the situation she was to do so, if not she was to use her mouth to offer a blow job to be able to continue on her way.<br /><br />The spies were coached to protect her along her path and only intervene if she was out numbered and in danger, Of Course Cindy was not aware of the safety back up.<br /><br />She did the task and passed with flying colours, even delighting in telling her best friend, Mandy about her thrilling late night run. Mandy then asked if she could contact the guy who set her the task. Cindy passed on my Email address and I received an interesting email from someone calling themselves Mandy, explaining they were fully aware of the task I had set for her best friend Cindy.<br /><br />It transpired that Mandy wanted me to challenge Cindy again but to get her to do something with her, like have to masturbate in front of Mandy and accept a spanking from her before reporting back to me. <br /><br />However this was to be a final part of a dare as Cindy was to run naked in a park, before lying over the bonnet of her car and masturbating herself to a climax. Then she was to make her way to her friend&rsquo;s apartment and beg to be allowed to bring herself to a climax in front of her best friend as the finale of the main dare.<br /><br />Mandy however had other ideas and secretively she arranged for her and a male friend to hi jack Cindy, tie her to a tree soundly spank her before the male was to fuck her and once Mandy had tortured her nipples for a while they would release her before jumping into Cindy&rsquo;s car and driving off leaving Cindy 30 Km from home stark naked and with her hands tied behind her back. Some 300 yards down the long straight road, they would pull up in the car and obviously Cindy thinking her best friend had taken pity on her, she would run towards the car, only for them to speed off for another three hundred yards.<br /><br />Three times this happened, before the male hauled Cindy into the back seat beside himself and on demand of a blowjob, they took Cindy to Mandy&rsquo;s house. Where she was soundly spanked and not only fucked, but also had to demonstrate her ability to service another woman&rsquo;s cunt as well as having her own licked while her nipples were clamped.<br /><br />Thus this dare ended, again with Cindy in an exaggerated state of high sexual tension. Next thing I heard was that Mandy wanted me to dare Cindy to give six blow jobs in an adult store catching the spunk in condoms for her to drink later. Cindy accepted this dare despite the dare being changed before the night in question.<br /><br />The new dare was far worse&hellip;..<br /><br />Here I will allow Cindy to continue in explaining her new dare and her feelings as she undertook the dare..<br /><br />Master Ray,<br /><br />Now I get the Joke from Mandy, about what is the best part of a Donut. She took me into a world famous donut house and got me a cream donut. (It&rsquo;s the cream inside the hole of the donut, by the way). I soon related this to the whole heap of mess I was in inside the adult store. <br /><br />Master as always you want my report from the beginning, so before I get too far ahead of myself, here it is.<br /><br />Preparations began at 12 noon as I had to be in work by 2 pm, so I showered and shave my pussy, before dressing in white blouse, miniskirt and thong.<br /><br />After work. Mandy met me from work and escorted me to Tim Horton&rsquo;s Donut bar, where she bought me the coffee and donut filled with cream, Mandy constantly giggled as I ate the donut. She had decided to wear a combination of jeans and a tee shirt with Greek writing on it. I found out the significance of this later at the adult store.<br /><br />She also advised me that the manager of the Adult store was in it and would be acting as my bodyguard and the fact that this was supposed to be a sorority pledge, hence the Greek letters on her tee shirt.<br /><br />At the Adult video warehouse. I was amazed at some of the sex toys on the counter and the full array of the Magazine titles in the racks, the multitude of video&rsquo;s and DVD&rsquo;s the place contained was mind blowing. There were mirror on the ceiling so everyone could see what was happening on any of the aisles. So the five or six guys present got to see plenty as I got into the flashing part of my dare, stooping and bending to look for video and DVD&rsquo;s on the bottom shelves as instructed by Mandy.<br /><br />Andy the store manager must have been very well briefed as he had a gigantic vibrating dildo ready to show me and when I asked the price he said &ldquo;You don&rsquo;t need cash, honey when you look like you do, I am sure you have something you would like to trade for it&rdquo; he signaled for me to come over to the sales counter and I saw he was sitting un his high stool with his penis already out of his trousers. So I gave my first blowjob of the day behind the counter and in full view of the people in the shop. Andy insisted that his blowjob was not one of the condom ones, so I sucked his cock barebacked and swallowed his cum straight into my throat.<br /><br />Whilst I was giving him his head, Mandy was talking to the remaining customers and giving them the cover story that she was a sorority sister and as her pledge I had to obtain six blowjob filled condoms to prove my worth in our sorority house. It turned out this was a complete set up as more customers entered the shop around this time and I was alter told they were all friends of Andy. Mandy enlisted the help of these guys and told them to take their time, but most of them did not as they came very quickly. I guess they were as horny as I was.<br /><br />The first change to the agreed dare came when Mandy insisted I strip and spread my legs for the first guy to fuck me. Mandy insisted on helping the guys put on their condoms before they were allowed to fuck me and then she slipped the safes off their cocks afterwards and tied them off. She held them all until the sixth and final guy had fucked my soaking pussy. She then had me lie on the filthy floor on my back with my legs wide open, so everyone could see her slip the used cum bags up my pussy, then came the pussy clamp.<br /><br />It was one of those cheap plastic package clamps with a four inch wide alligator jaw, it hurt like crazy when first applied but eased off after a few minutes and I hardly noticed it by the time I had adjusted to wearing it. I had to; I was made to wear it for the next four and a half hours.<br /><br />I was then led through to the makeshift glory hole. It turned out to be the staff toilet facilities. But first I had my hands Fastened behind my back by Mandy and Andy attached a collar around my neck, the collar was off one of the sex toy shelves and had a large d link metal loop. They paraded me around the store so all the patrons got a real close look at me before taking me through the back.<br /><br />I could not believe it, you could physically smell the facilities long before you saw it; they could not have been cleaned out in the last six months at least. They were far more obnoxious than the worst of the worst of gas station toilets. I now realized I was going to be spending the next four hours at least in this smelly fetid place and worse than that I was going to be adding to its stench.<br /><br />This is how Mandy and Andy got me set, First I had to kneel in god knows what, by the open door. Right by the neat four inch circular hole cut at just about the right height in the door was an electrical staple looped into the wooden door. Through this they fastened a chain which was clipped to my collar pulling my head close to the hole in the door and preventing me from refusing any cocks pushed through that hole.<br /><br />Mandy then decided, I looked much too comfortable for the pledge and promptly applied nipple clamps to my nipples. Finally I had to inch my way back into the cubicle as they closed the door. I did so until the crack of my bum felt the cold porcelain of the toilet. Then the door was bolted from the outside. It was horribly dim but not dark in the cubicle, because the walls did not reach the ceiling and some feint light came in from the narrow hallway. <br /><br />As I knelt waiting for something to happen, with all that nasty smells around me, my mind began to wander to the erotic thoughts of having no choice in swallowing what ever was pushed through the door and into my face. The ultimate humiliation of not being able to help myself, I could already feel my pussy churning its juices over and over.<br /><br />Just then the first customer arrived outside the cubicle and with little ceremony promptly pushed his rather small circumcised cock through the hole, I had no where to go so I just let it slip into my mouth and using my tongue, I tried my best to give as good a blow job as possible. It seemed so different, more humiliating and not just because it was &lsquo;right in my face&rsquo;, rammed into my mouth and down my throat, no it was more the set up, and also because of the smells that invaded my nostrils as I tried to breath in that filthy hole.<br /><br />I had little chance to show any finesse, at the task at hand or rather in my mouth, as the actual glory hole was less than two inches from my face and I felt that my mouth was an extension of that hole. Also the finesse went out the window because of the probing cocks bumped the back and roof of my mouth and my tongue. My mouth was filled with the pumping action of the cocks and usually rapid dumping of a load of sperm into my throat. Most of the time there was so much cum that I could not swallow it all and some escaped the corners of my mouth running down on to my chin and then dripping on to my aching nipple clamped tits.<br /><br />Almost immediately as one cock disappeared another replaced it and much later Mandy had told me that Andy had arranged for all his mates to attend. So my mouth was kept well filled with cock over the next few hours.<br /><br />Master, you always ask how I feel in these situations, well on this occasion I felt it was not oral sex, I became my mouth (if that makes any sense), my mouth became a receptacle for accepting rock hard cocks and my throat and stomach became a passage way for the depositing of their loads, I felt de-humanized and wickedly wanton. For the first time in my life, I realized what it was to feel like a true cum slut, to live for the taste of cum. The cock smells, tastes and touches were constant, it was the most humiliating feeling and yet I was getting off on it big time. <br /><br />Yes even when the first of seven guys used my mouth as a toilet and pissed into my open mouth, I felt always on the verge of another climax. Hew had told me to swallow his load and then keep my mouth open as he relaxed his muscles and began to urinate into my mouth, I tried my best to swallow some but most simply trickled out of my mouth and down over my stinging breasts. It was the final humiliation and yet caused my strongest cums of all. Mandy then informed me that if any customer demanded toilet time I was to repeat the process of swallowing his piss, like the good little cum slut whore I was proving to be.<br /><br />And so it was for another six guys, who demanded toilet time although most preferred the traditional glory hole blow jobs and then left. How many blow jobs, I really do not know as I quickly lost count, Mandy was later to tell me, but from 10 pm it was a constant stream of various cocks fucking my open mouth, But Master Ray, the thing was that I loved every second of the humiliation and the constant thought in the back of my mind was that I was adding to the already over powering stench in the toilet. Around 3 am I was finally released and let out, there were ten guys there and they instantly burst into a round of applause. Mandy quickly quieted them down by announcing that I still had my initiation paddling to under go and promptly pulled out a ping pong paddle. Following her instructions I bent over and gripped my ankles and Mandy gave me the first ten whacks. She then Asked Andy to administer the over the knee spanking with the paddle and he duly obliged. I was un-cuffed and my pussy clamp was released and the six cum bags were forcibly removed, by Andy&rsquo;s long probing fingers.<br /><br />Although I still wore the nipple clamps I was draped over Andy&rsquo;s lap and received ten hard spanks from his hand with the paddle, whilst still held down over his lap, Mandy invited a further two spanks from all present by their bare hands on my already crimson arse. <br /><br />I was then allowed to put on my skirt and blouse but no thong and Mandy escorted me towards the store&rsquo;s door. Once outside and in her car, she announced that she would treat me to a breakfast in Tim Horton&rsquo;s Do-nut bar. There were four staff and customers present for my latest public humiliation. Mandy had me hike up my skirt as I sat and waited. She ordered coffee and cream donuts but went to the loo with the donuts, she returned a few minutes later and handed me special my donut. Master was this your suggestion? For Mandy had scooped out the donut cream and replaced it with the content of two of the six condoms. Her eyes positively twinkled as she sipped her coffee as she avidly watched me chew on my cum donut.<br /><br />When we had finished we drove to Mandy&rsquo;s home and on her orders I took a long hot shower, brushed my teeth and gargled with mouthwash. I then returned to the living room to find Mandy wearing just black bra and black panties. Mandy then offered me a glass with the contents of the remaining four condoms in it.<br /><br />When I had drunk this down she reminded me that I had a little masturbatory task to complete and produced the gigantic vibrating dildo, Andy had shown me earlier. Mandy informed me that she had exchanged this for my cum stained thong, which Andy would have stapled up in the toilet as a souvenir. She added that Andy had said &ldquo;Any time I wanted, I could return to visit my thong&rdquo;.<br /><br />Then things got really dirty, as washed and relaxed, with the taste and smell of cum on my breath yet again, I slowly started masturbating with the vibrator, I began with it on medium speed but was soon joined by Mandy who turned it up to its max.<br /><br />She cuffed my hands behind my back once more and laid me down on my back. Quickly slipping out of her panties she crouched over my head and pulled her pussy lips apart, I almost fainted as I was expecting to have to lick her juicy cunt but was now confronted with a used tampax. Mandy laughed as she ordered me to remove this with my teeth. I reluctantly did so and was rewarded with her sitting her bloody cunt over my mouth telling me to lick her clean. My nipples suddenly felt the displeasure of her wraith as I failed to lick her energetically enough.<br /><br />When she raised herself my face was a mess of blood streaks but from her gasps and breathing I knew I had done a good job licking her to orgasm. She then had me kneel over the front of her sofa and said &ldquo;Quick, what&rsquo;s the first number that comes into your head?&rdquo;<br /><br />I replied &ldquo;Forty&rdquo;<br /><br />And forty it was, she had me count out the forty whacks she laid across my buttocks with her tawse. Mandy must have adjusted the intensity of each stroke to accommodate the forty whacks because it was no more painful that any other time she had used her tawse on me with far fewer strokes.<br /><br />Later as she instructed me to go home and before going to bed, I was to write this report to You, my Master and CC a copy to my new Mistress Mandy, and she stipulated that the last comment apart from my thanks to you My Lord and Master, was to inform you that I had given blowjobs to 36 Different men whilst in the glory hole in a time frame of 4 hours. <br /><br />So My Lord and Master Do you agree with my new Mistress that your Daring girl has gone astray or not&hellip; Thank you Master for arranging some of this dare with my Mistress Mandy&hellip;<br /><br />I responded to Cindy&hellip;<br /><br />My little slut girl Cindy,<br /><br />Your new Mistress is the one responsible for all except the collection of four Condoms full of sperm which I wanted you to put in a glass along with a sparkling wine and some orange juice. I wanted you to drink a buck&rsquo;s fuck fizz&hellip; lol.<br /><br />I will be having words with your new Mistress shortly&hellip;<br /><br />Your lord and Master,<br /><br />Ray.</p><p>Chapter 2 &lsquo;the coin tosses&rsquo;<br /><br />Mistress Mandy,<br /><br />It is now Monday morning and I have received the full report of Cindy&rsquo;s dare which took place on Friday night.<br /><br />I have cause to speak to you in connection with our mutual sub Cindy, as you are fully aware I issued a dare to Cindy, for last Friday night, which it seems you chose to hi jack.<br /><br />Whilst I am not in the habit of having my instructions altered let alone disregarded completely, you chose to alter the entire concept of her dare. Turning poor Cindy into nothing short of a whore for the benefit of some guy you know called Andy. Do not try to lie to me by saying that he was not charging his so called customers for the blowjobs and other services provided by Cindy.<br /><br />As you condoned the event, I can only assume that you were also on the pay roll for the services our mutual little submissive cum slut provided.<br /><br />Consider this, and consider it very carefully, How would you have coped if the situation was reversed&hellip; As you know Cindy came to me voluntarily and requested her dares by way of subligating herself to me. This does leave me with a certain duty of care for her well being. No Cindy insists that not only is she ok but she was so horny after the dare she undertook that it appears no damage has been done to her health,<br /><br />I have also discovered that you yourself are not so Dominant as to be safe from such humiliation according to our mutual friend Christine, who you know better as your benevolent Mistress Chrissie, Now Christine is a very good friend of mine and I am sure with a quiet word she would be only too happy to reverse the roles you placed on Cindy.<br /><br />So one final word, think on about what you plan for Cindy in future least it comes back upon you threefold&hellip;<br /><br />Master Ray,<br /><br />Wednesday Morning, and an email copied to me between Cindy and Mandy has reached my eyes&hellip;<br /><br />Mistress Mandy,<br /><br />It was not quite like you described it would be last night, but it was pretty close. Andy got on his mobile phone as soon as I entered the shop, that&rsquo;s after he instructed me to browse for a while. Within 15 minutes they started showing up, all these guys I assume he had called. They were all in the 40&rsquo;s or 50&rsquo;s and most were slightly over weight, not my usual type at all.<br /><br />When around eight guys or so were in the shop, Andy yelled out to me &ldquo;Hey, Cindy, be a good little girl and look for &lsquo;cum on her face two&rsquo; video for me&hellip;it&rsquo;s somewhere on the bottom shelf there&rdquo;<br /><br />As per your instructions I was wearing a short skirt and a blouse with no underwear, so I knew what to do and I bet down and flashed my naked bum and pussy to the amusement and pleasure of the crowd. I deliberately took my time as per your suggestion and could not find the title. Then as four more guys entered the shop and aisle where I was, Andy corrected his instructions &ldquo;Oh yeah, I forgot it&rsquo;s in the back office on my desk, be a good girl and get it for me!&rdquo;<br /><br />But before I could reach the hallway, he added &ldquo;It&rsquo;s not air conditioned back there and it is sweltering&hellip; maybe it would be better if you left your nice skirt and blouse out here, Sweetie!&rdquo;<br /><br />I knew that not only was there no air conditioning back there but the ventilation left a lot to be desired, remember how the toilet stench was so bad on Friday night. Well it must be far worse now after our exploits and three days to fester. I slowly stripped out of my blouse and skirt and dropped them by the door and received a rousing cheer from the dozen or so customers now avidly watching my every move.<br /><br />I then retreated down the hallway to the office and I was right the stench from the toilet seemed ten times worse than I remembered form Friday. I found the video and as I turned to exit the office I found Andy and the crowd standing there between me and my clothing. I handed him the tape saying &ldquo;you wanted this, Sir.&rdquo;<br /><br />He looked down at the title and then said &ldquo;but you want this right now, right? Cum on YOUR face, too?&rdquo; <br /><br />The Attending crowd laughed and as I managed a smile back I knew I was in for another hectic night. I merely nodded; got down on my knees and did not resist as Andy applied the handcuffs behind my back. As I looked up I saw most of the crowd now busy unzipping their trousers and almost in military precision they brought out their heavy artillery. I expected a full discharged barrage of cum but was helped to my feet after only receiving the discharged loads from five manly cannons.<br /><br />I was then escorted to the open door of the toilet, the smell was almost unbearable and as I looked I could see that someone or other or maybe even several people had used the toilet and not flushed it. There were unmentionable things floating in the yellowish looking waters in the bowl.<br /><br />Andy announced &ldquo;we are going to play an old favourite game of mine called coin toss&rdquo;. He continued, &ldquo;I goes like this each man will toss a coin and if it comes down heads then he will receive a blow job from Little miss cum slut Cindy here, and if it comes down tails then the man gets to choose either a cunt fuck or an arse fuck from my little whore here.&rdquo;<br /><br />I nearly died from humiliation of having to put out with all three holes in such a disgusting place as the toilet. But it got much worse as he continued to explain the rules. &ldquo;Tails means the man gets to choose, but it also means that cum slut Cindy gets her head in the bowl of the toilet, and if she does not do as she is supposed to do, who knows maybe her head would be inserted in to that crap and she would have to hold her breath whilst she was screwed&rdquo; he threatened.<br /><br />&ldquo;Further more all blow jobs will be bareback, whilst other fucks will be safe skinned and the contents of the skins will be added to sluts mouth at the end of the evening, One final twist, though after ever tails lands the next coin toss shall be a double toss, where two heads result in consecutive blow jobs but two tails would result in a double penetration of cunt and ass together. A mixed toss of one heads and one tails would result in a blow job whilst being fucked. Everybody clear of the rules&rdquo; he ventured.<br /><br />Mistress Mandy, I detected your handy work behind this little game of chance.<br /><br />Here is how it went, as if you have not been told already, it went for six hours. The first guy tossed the coin and it came down as heads, so I was made to bend forward from the waist and give him a blow job, swallowing of course. Meanwhile the next guy tossed a coin and that came down as tails. So having swallowed one load of cum, I was turned around and again bent over from the waist as the guy slipped his prick into a condom. <br /><br />My head was pushed to with in inches of the floating mess in the toilet bowl, as I felt the guy slide his rubber covered cock into my pussy. When he came he slipped the condom off and tied it up before dropping it into a glass bowl on the table as she left the hallway.<br /><br />Of course this meant the next toss was a double and two guys then tossed their coins with the result that they both came down on heads. So I had two blowjobs to give and swallow. The next coin was a single and came down again on heads.<br /><br />I had to endure three double fucks from guys who decided between them which one would fuck my arse and which my pussy but the group were really in to the action as some of the guys whilst waiting their turns at tossing coins actually pissed into the bowl around my face, two even managing to splash my face with their urine.<br /><br />By the way all this action took place beneath the emblazoned trophy of my original thong from Friday night which was truly stapled to the wall above the loo and some one had hand written the date and a blonde cum slut beneath them in felt tip pen. <br /><br />When Andy released me after satisfying all the guys, he asked me to autograph the thong as a permanent memento of the Friday fun. I was then led out to the shop area where a high stool had been carefully placed near the shop&rsquo;s door. Here Andy sat and declared that I had been such a bad little cum slut that I deserved to be spanked. He spanked me six times and then had me lay over the lap of any of the guys who wanted to spank me and receive four slaps from each of them. Friday night you spanked me forty times at your house, Mistress Mandy, well that was only a pre cursor to the sixty two spanks I endured last night. I bet my arse shone like a bright red beacon all the way home.<br /><br />Andy told me of your weekend adventure coming up and he has invited me to witness your own distress at the hands of your Mistress Christine, Mistress Mandy. He has also told me I can choose to join in the fun or just observe as you will be humiliated big time in front of all the other guests. I know it&rsquo;s not my humble place to comment but I hope your humiliation will be as horny and sexually exciting as my last two sessions were.<br /><br />I must close now Mistress Mandy, but I hope you really enjoy your Saturday night in my place.<br /><br />Oh by the way, I have copied this message to Master Ray as I was ordered to do so by him. <br /><br />Sub Cindy..</p><p>Chapter 3 &lsquo;The BDSM Ball&rsquo;<br /><br />Andy from the adult sex shop invited Cindy to attend the BDSM ball for the following Saturday night, She would have to decide at the door whether to be her normal submissive self or break new ground trying to be Dominant. She was advised that she could on this occasion merely observe or take part as she wished; but she was made aware of the one stringent rule. If she decided to take part as a submissive, the general safe word was &lsquo;PERFUMED PARSLEY&rsquo; but if she used it she would immediately be ejected from the party and her clothes which as a submissive would have been deposited at the door would be burnt. So she would have to make her way home stark naked.<br /><br />Mistress Mandy had already agreed to attend the Ball with Andy&rsquo;s sister Christine, and had provisionally agreed to go as Christine&rsquo;s Submissive. Although the final decisions were as always made at the door of the venue, by the simple rule of Subs enter nude but Doms enter fully sexually attired. Therefore all nude guests are submissive and they are at the mercy of anyone wearing the sexy clothes.<br /><br />Add to this that the Host was declared Grand Master or Mistress, while their partner is declared Star Sub. So you now begin to see the hierarchy of the BDSM ball. With three days to go, Cindy could not make her mind up whether or not to go as a Dom or a Sub, although the idea of getting her revenge of Mistress Mandy was quite appealing.<br /><br />Andy had hinted at some of the events likely to happen and Cindy daydreamed of seeing Mandy having to under go those events. She even contemplated having to under go the self same events. She walked around almost in a constant state of high arousal; her climatic threshold was on a hair trigger. Frequently she seemed to wander off in a mental daze and without any physical touch she would manage an orgasm.<br /><br />The strange thing was that the nearer the BDSM ball got the more often she would climax at the drop of a hat and the stronger the climaxes seemed to be.<br /><br />Saturday Afternoon, Cindy met up with Andy at his Adult shop. She had deliberately arrived an hour early just to spend some time in the toilet glory hole. She instantly felt an undeniable pride as she entered the cubicle with her thong stapled on the wall above her head. In her mind she saw that thong as the royal standard that frequently flies over Buckingham palace here in England, in her minds eye it represented the Queen being at home; Only in Cindy&rsquo;s case it was the Queen of blow jobs. <br /><br />With in thirty seconds of entering the stench filled cubicle and closing the door, a stiff uncircumcised cock was poking through her side of the door. She instantly dropped to her knees and took the cock into her mouth. Running her tongue along the underside of the cock head, elicited a long moan from its owner; followed rather quickly by the jolting spurts of Jism pounding the back of her throat and slipping easily down into her stomach. She seemed to come instantly alive and it seemed all her nerve endings were jolted by tiny sparks of electricity.<br /><br />In that hour she had to wait for Andy, she engulfed 12 cocks and swallowed all twelve loads but it only wetted her appetite for more cock and her tummy rumbled for more white freshly made man cream.<br />Andy called her from her glory hole, and she quickly cleaned herself up before walking out of the store closely followed by Andy. There was a loud groan as she left as the recent regulars realized that their free fun was over for tonight.<br /><br />In silence Andy drove to the large sized mansion on the outskirts of town, Cindy was very impressed as the car passed through the stately gates and down the half mile tree lined drive and up to a the impressive looking mansion.<br /><br />Andy parked his car beside the large fountain, Cindy spotted Mandy&rsquo;s car parked two cars over and realized that Mandy would be already inside. She had hoped to meet up with Mandy outside the entrance, as a way of finding out whether she was going in as a Sub or a Dom. If Mandy went in as a Sub then Cindy had decided she would go in as a Dom, but it would not have helped her decision if Mandy had chose to go in as a Dom.<br /><br />At Andy&rsquo;s suggestion, Cindy Kept her clothes on and entered wearing her, short white mini skirt, Black thigh length boots, black lacy thong panties and black satin Basque. Cindy smiled as she watched Andy remove all his clothes and meekly follow her inside.<br /><br />She allowed Andy to pass her and led her towards the back of the reception hall; they then turned left and entered a doorway with a large sign hung above the door. It read &lsquo;ALL HOPE ABANDON YE WHO ENTER INTO THE HELL&rsquo;S DUNGEON&rsquo;<br /><br />As Andy slowly led the way down the stairs, the new Dom Cindy ordered him to stop and promptly slapped his arse hard, and prompted him to remember to behave like the male cum slut she had planned for him.<br /><br />Inside the Dungeon cellar, the saw some thirty people milling around and as she adjusted to the diffused lighting she saw an array of bondage stocks around the walls. She saw a Crucifixion Cross, a St Andrews Cross, kneeling Stocks, a Standing Stocks, and a Spreader Standing Stocks. In the centre of the room stood a glory hole cabinet with holes cut in each side, the rest of the Dungeon was full of low standing couches and benches, beside every bench or couch there were rings fastened in the floor to hold the slave chains. Every Sub in the room had collars fastened around their necks with lengths of chains hanging from the collars.<br /><br /><br />There were several people standing around the standing stocks, where Cindy spotted Mandy already fastened into the stocks and in the process of enduring a sound spanking from a tall looking distinguished coloured male. Andy pointed out that this was the Grand Master of today&rsquo;s party and his name was Erin, Andy then pointed out a coloured woman chained on all fours to a bench, that is his wife, Chloe. <br /><br />Cindy spotted Mistress Christine, also naked and in a subservient role sucking a males large erect penis. Seems that everyone of the group from the Adult shop was here in role reversal, those who were Dominant at the Adult store were now in the role of Sub&rsquo;s and Cindy who was the sub was now Dom.<br /><br />Cindy now ordered Andy into the standing stocks and applied a handy tawse across his buttocks for twenty four strokes. She then left him as she wandered over to Mandy and began teasing her nipples; she took four spring loaded clothes pegs and applied two of them to Mandy&rsquo;s breasts near to her nipples before applying the final two directly on to her erect nipples. A further two were applied to her pussy lips before a final one was clipped painfully on to her clit head.<br /><br />For the rest of the evening, Cindy dispensed spankings galore to at least 8 subs but somehow she never reached the sexual peek she had experienced on the receiving end. So much so that at one point she left the party and returned as a buck naked sub and only felt truly happy when she was sucking or taking a stiff cock.<br /><br />At one point Cindy was chained to a low bench and ten males surrounded her before giving her a complete cum bath. There did not appear to be a single inch of her frontal skin that did not have cum streaks upon it. Then both Christine and Mandy were ordered to lick her clean. <br /><br />The final action of the party began around 5 am and involved Andy and Cindy, acting as human toilets for the other guests. A couple of clear plastic units were fastened over their heads which allowed people to sit on what appeared to be toilet seats and pee directly on to The two subs faces. The two of them had no options but to swallow the pee or drowned. <br /><br />Tired, sexually elated and humiliated the two finally left the house at 7.30 am and not a single mention of &ldquo;Perfumed Parsley&rdquo; had been heard from anyone.<br /><br />Cindy Looked forward to her next BDSM party, when she was convinced she would spend the entire time as the submissive slut she had now turned into.</p>

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Thu, 03 Feb 2011 09:31:15 UTC

Non-Erotic Story Contest—–Time and Tide _chapter 1

<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4" border="0" align="center" class="tborder" id="post124494"><tbody><tr valign="top"><td style="border-bottom: medium none; width: 100%" id="td_post_124494" class="alt1"><div class="smallfont post-title"> <strong>Time and Tide _chapter 1</strong> </div> <!– / icon and title –> <!– message –> <div id="post_message_124494">Welcome reader to this work in progress. If you have not done so yet, you should go back and read the prologue. This is a work in progress and is going to be quite a long story, 300+ pages. There will be sex, but not for many chapters to come. So, grab a drink and snack, sit back and enjoy. Feel free to post or PM me if you have any questions.<br /> __________________________________________________ ___________________<br /> <br /> <br /> <strong><font size="5">Chapter 1) <font color="Navy">Maia</font></font></strong><br /> <br /> <br /> There are those who say time is a river, flowing implacably from the beginning to the end. They are wrong; speaking only from the brief experience of a few short years of life.<br /> <br /> Time is an ocean; vast and endless, spreading out in all directions at once, and we are all adrift on it. With proper rudder and sails we can attempt to control our destiny; but the currents are uncharted and unchartable. Great and terrible storms have blown across the ocean of time, storms which have been known to wipe entire civilizations from the earth; to erase their histories from history.<br /> <br /> My name is Maia, and I am immortal. I have walked the earth and sailed her seas for day after lonely day beyond count. I was ancient when the pyramids of Egypt were built. I have seen civilizations rise and fall, or destroyed so utterly by war or calamity, that their existence has been lost to time. I remember them all.<br /> <br /> Come learned reader, sit and take your ease to hear the tale of how the journey began. Of how I, a simple girl with simple dreams came to be queen of the world, and then unknown. A story of adventure and terror, of great love and greater loss, the end of the world and the apocalyptic fall of the greatest Empire ever created and how the world was reborn.<br /> <br /> I was fifteen when I was cast adrift on the ocean of time…<br /> __________________________________________________ _______________<br /> I was born in the port city of Katai, off the coast of what is now modern day Japan; about eleven-and-a-half thousand years before Christ. Katai was ancient even then and majestic. For nearly a thousand years her walls stood untouched by foreign army; that was soon to change. From the founding of the city her ships ruled the Pacific and Indian oceans, trading with the Asian continent and eastern Africa. However, generation by generation, century by century, that territory was ceded to the great dark-hulled ships of the Empire. City after city, kingdom after kingdom fell or capitulated until at last, in all the world, only Katai stood against it.<br /> <br /> Even in the cities waning years, life was peaceful and idyllic, yet at the same time busy and bustling. It was the strange sort of peaceful that you can only find in a port city. Every morning, fleets of fishing boats would sail out through the Lumere; the great arched sea-gate, to return on the evening tide with the day’s haul. Large ocean-going ships would lead or follow with the tide, some never to return.<br /> <br /> When I was ten, my little sister Amana and I used to climb to the top of the terraced pyramid of the temple of Lumis, to watch the ships come and go. At the top was the nausca, a pair of intersecting trenches carved an arm-length wide and deep across the entire top of the obsidian capstone, polished to a glass smooth finish. The nausca precisely marked the cardinal points, north south, east and west. The two of us would wander up and down those tracks watching for ships, so we could go down to the docks and talk to the incoming mariners about the rest of the world. Our Ata (father) was the king’s chief ambassador, so we were constantly exposed to and taught other languages; an area where I proved to be quite gifted. By my tenth birthday, I could speak all seven languages of our primary trading partners. When I was eight; however, four of those cities fell to the Empire.<br /> <br /> One summer day, as Amana and I stood in the nausca we spotted many unfamiliar sails creeping over the northern horizon. We watched in wonder as the group of ships approached. As they drew nearer our wonder turned to horror. Ata had told tales of the black trimaran hulls of the Empire. Only Ata and a handful of people had ever actually seen them, fewer still had lived to tell the tale. Yet here they were; a fleet thirty strong, making for the Lumere.<br /> <br /> Ata owned a priceless treasure, taken from the only imperial ship our fleet had ever managed to capture. It was a long bronze tube with a polished piece of glass at either end. If you looked through one end, it made things far away appear closer. If Ata had ever found out that I had been sneaking out with it, he would have made me regret that I had ever been born.<br /> <br /> I peered through the telescope at the incoming ships. Their tanned crews scurrying about the decks, stowing sails and breaking out oars. As they drew nearer I could see only a few weapons. Perhaps they wouldn’t attack.<br /> <br /> These were the demons that haunted our dreams. Everyone knew the stories. The Empire sacrificed young maidens to their dark sea-god, and devoured infants as part of the Pact. This was how they gained the arcane lore to build their great ships; ships that could outrun anything else on the waves. Only the wind could keep pace with those unholy hulls. Mothers would use the tales to scare their children into obedience. &quot;Be good or the sea-reavers will come and spirit you away.&quot; &quot;Be good or the sea-reavers will make a dinner out of you.&quot; &quot;Be good or the sea-reavers will come and make plaything for their demon-god!&quot;<br /> <br /> From the watchtowers on the sea-wall (which were almost as high as we were) came a sound that had not been heard in years, the alarm bell. The great bronze bell; three times the height of a man, sat atop the eastern tower, and on a good day was capable of giving off a peal that could be heard for more than ten leagues. With a slow steady beat, it warned of incoming storms from the sea, which were frequent during the summer. Now, two frantic guards with hammers beat on it for all they were worth; pounding out a staccato rhythm of fear.<br /> <br /> The city suddenly exploded with activity. Below us was a boiling beehive of people running to safety or to arms. In the harbor, our triremes began casting off less than half crewed. We watched, wondering who would reach the gate first. Suddenly, a loud piercing whistle arose from the palace. Moments later, for the first time in my life; the gates of the Lumere slowly, ponderously, swung shut.<br /> <br /> I turned the telescope to see the king race from the palace in his chariot; Ata, the chiefs and king’s advisors close behind. We watched as the royal party wound its way through the city to the harbor at breakneck speed. So intent were they in their race to the harbor that many people had to dive out of the way to avoid being trampled.<br /> <br /> Turning my attention back to the incoming fleet I saw that all but two of the imperial ships had dropped sail and come to a halt about a mile short of the walls. One ship continued in towards the Lumere under oar, while the second turned under sail toward Iulia, the sacred isle, three miles down the coast. Would they desecrate the isle by setting foot there? Would they sack the temple; which stood unoccupied and undefended on all but the holiest days? These were the kind of sacrileges that the sea-reavers were known for.<br /> <br /> The ship approached under oar, coming to a halt about a hundred feet shy of the sea-gate. Curiously, there was no fire from the walls as I would have expected, however, the guards looked as though they were ready to bury the ship under a hail of arrows. On the bow of the ship stood a man in a gleaming bronze helmet, who appeared to be shouting up to the guards. Sadly, this happened over a mile away, so we couldn’t hear anything that was said.<br /> <br /> This entire time Amana had been whining at me to let her look. I finally relented, warning that if she dropped it, I’d pitch her from the temple and see if she could learn to fly. Fortunately, I’ve always had very sharp eyes. The king and his entourage must have reached the harbor because the royal galley was pulling away from the docks and heading for the Lumere, where ten other triremes had formed a barricade just inside the gate.<br /> <br /> The royal galley pulled up to the sea-gate and stopped; moments later the imperial ship crept forward until both ships sat only a few feet apart, on either side of the gate. All things seemed to come to a halt at that point, so I looked off toward Iulia as the other ship sailed around it once and headed back to join its companions. I could see the truth of the legends. The speed of the ship was such that it practically skimmed the waves, making the trip to the island and back in less than half the time of our fastest craft.<br /> <br /> &quot;I can’t hear what they’re saying;&quot; said Amana excitedly, &quot;let’s go down there.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Closer to those barbarians is the last place in the world we need to be;&quot; I replied with exasperation. &quot;Don’t worry, Ata will tell us all about it, he always does. Now shut up and give me back the telescope.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;But it’s still my turn… ,&quot; she whined.<br /> <br /> &quot;It’s an awfully long drop.&quot;<br /> <br /> She pouted and handed the tube back. No one goes through life without accumulating a list of regrets which weigh on us. Looking back over nearly a hundred and thirty-six centuries, my greatest regret is not having been a better sister.<br /> <br /> We watched for over an hour as the king and the man in the gleaming helmet spoke heatedly from either side of the gate. Finally, the imperial ship backed away, came about and put up her sails. A great cheer went up throughout the city as the entire fleet raised their sails and turned about, gathering speed on the wind. They departed as quickly as they had come; disappearing over the horizon like ghosts. The relief of the city was palpable, there would be no war today. Our greatest enemy had come right up to the city gates, and left without firing a shot.<br /> <br /> Ata didn’t come home till very late that night. When he did, he wouldn’t speak of the conversation between the king and the man from the Empire; not even to Ama (mother). He just sat in his chair all night stroking his beard, looking grim. The next day he was gone early, his armour and weapons with him. Ultimately, we had to resort to prying information out of the sailors who had been there. Very few, it seemed, wished to speak of it. Finally we were able to piece together that our last three allies, the cities of Xiana, Wat and Ngoro-tai had all switched allegiance to the Empire. All trade to Katai was now cut off. We were alone.<br /> <br /> Even at the tender age of ten, I knew that trade was quite literally, the life-blood of the city. Our kingdom was mountainous with little farmable land; and since its founding, the city of Katai had swollen to more than half a million people. Even with fishing, we couldn’t produce enough food for everyone. To add insult to injury; with foreign trade suspended, much of the population would be out of work.<br /> <br /> Two days later the king announced the embargo; the effect was immediate. Half the population started screaming for war against Xiana and Ngoro-tai, our nearest neighbors; the other half rioted in the streets. The king called for calm in the city but his words fell on deaf ears. Finally he was forced to call out the army to quell the riots. The mood of the city became somber and listless; like a condemned man, resigned to his fate, just waiting for the axe to fall.<br /> <br /> Ata and the other advisors remained with the king for nearly a week in council. Ama, Amana and I spent the entire time out with our household servants buying what foods and necessities we could before the price gouging became too bad. We all knew how to fish and Ata had taught me to use a bow (he even had one made for me that I could draw, albeit with some difficulty), so we knew that we weren’t likely to starve when times started to get lean. Katai was built around the mouth of a large river, and as such, had an excellent fresh water supply. Food-stores however, were a different issue. Sadly, the thought of a complete embargo hadn’t been seriously entertained in perhaps centuries. Without a more or less constant flow of ships coming in, the city had enough food-stores to last less than six months. Times would get lean; we simply could not have imagined just how lean they would get.<br /> <br /> Finally, after days of being sequestered, Ata returned home. Sadly it was not to be for long. The decision had been made to go to war and the preparations were already under way. That night as Amana and I were laying in bed (pretending sleep) I heard Ata telling Ama that there would be raids against Ngoro-tai’s shipping first to bolster our supplies before an all out attack on Xiana. The fleet was almost ready and the shipyard was stepping up production.<br /> <br /> The next day, our family went to pray and make sacrifices at the temple of Lumis for a safe voyage and successful endeavor. Lumis was god of the sea, of sailors and patron of desperate situations. If ever a situation needed his help, this was it.<br /> <br /> A great bull was slaughtered and Ata was washed in its blood, his armour and weapons likewise washed. The high priest read the entrails, with the proclamation that not only would the war be short and decisive, but that Ata had found favor in the eyes of Lumis and that his bloodline would be carried until the end of the world and after. With that,.our entire household was blessed. Ata and the priests then took some of the blood down to the harbor to bless his ship. I desperately wanted to go with them and watch, but only men were allowed to witness this ceremony.<br /> <br /> Ata’s ship was the first to receive such blessing, for the king had ordered that the high priest be taken out to Iulia on that ship to pray for our people at the temple there. Amana and I had friends among the city guards, so we were able to get onto the seawall and watch as his ship slipped out through the Lumere, dipped all one hundred and twenty oars to into the water and slowly gathered speed toward for the island. They would beach the ship there overnight, but the only one who would leave the ship and actually touch the island was the high priest. The entire crew would stay on board and wait for the next tide to carry them free. From atop the arch of the Lumere we dropped flowers for Ata and the crew as they slowly left the harbor and seemingly inched their way into open water. Ata looked up at us through his telescope, smiled and blew us a kiss. A couple of the crew followed suit earning what sounded like some rather harsh words from Ata, though we couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. We would have waited for him all night up on the Lumere, but the tower guards shooed us off not long after the ship made land on Iulia.<br /> <br /> Ata returned the next morning a few hours before dawn. I was awakened by the muffled groans and hushed cursing of him bumping into things in the dark. He was a giant of a man for the time period, towering a little over six feet in height, and he never did learn to be stealthy. I lay in bed and listened as he undressed and joined Ama in bed. Then I tried (unsuccessfully) to NOT listen as they said their own private good-byes.<br /> <br /> The fleet sailed later that day on the afternoon tide. It seemed like the entire city turned out to see them off, and the mood was celebratory. Katai was going to strike a resounding blow at the enemy. The Empire would soon learn that this kingdom was still a force to be reckoned with. Every ship in Katai had been pressed into service, more than three hundred and fifty in all. We accompanied Ata to his ship on the overcrowded docks. He kissed Ama until Amana and I were ready to be sick, then embracing us said; &quot;Maia, Amana, listen to your ama. I’m counting on you two to help her. If you’re good, and say all your prayers, I’ll bring you each a present.&quot;<br /> <br /> With that he turned and climbed aboard his ship. King Iliak’s ship was already pulling away from the dock. This time, the three of us: Ama, Amana and I, raced to the top of the seawall to watch from the Lumere as his ship set sail. For as long as we had them, we dropped flowers on every ship as it passed under the arch and raised sails. It was a truly awe-inspiring sight to see such a massive fleet all setting off at once and sailing down the coast. As they disappeared over the horizon I had to wonder how many of them would return. One look at the expression on Ama’s face told me that she was thinking the same thing.<br /> <br /> Life went on in Katai; day followed day and night followed night as we waited for word of the fleet and the war. With King Iliak at sea, the city was run by queen Itsiyina. Ama was the Queen’s cousin, so we had the royal family at the house frequently. They seemed to delight in throwing the young prince and me together and my embarrassment as they spoke of betrothal. I liked prince Ilimak, but not in that way. He was infuriatingly immature. He wore shoes topped in highly polished silver plates. I thought they looked hideous when I first saw them. My opinion went downhill when I caught him using them to try and peek up my dress. It took a couple of &quot;accidents&quot; with the soot bucket before he got the message and stopped wearing them.<br /> <br /> Every chance Amana and I got, we would spend atop the temple of Lumis, watching the horizon for some sign of sails. My greatest fear was that the next sails we saw would be the enemy’s. There were several powerful storms that summer. Every time we heard the alarm bell warn of an incoming storm, Ama became a nervous wreck. Amana and I spent whole days trying to calm and console both Ama and the queen. When we weren’t at home helping Ama, we were at the palace learning to read and write. From the age of ten, I spent much of my time there, learning the ways of the court and helping the queen with weaving.<br /> <br /> Summer passed and turned into early fall when the first ships returned. Ama, Amana and I had gone beyond the city walls to a semi-secluded cove to go fishing and to dive for pearls. Amana wasn’t a very good swimmer, so while she worked a net in the shallows, Ama and I stripped down and went diving. After our third or forth dive, we came up to find Amana jumping up and down in the surf, screaming and pointing out to sea. I turned reflexively to look. At first we didn’t see anything, being only a couple of inches above the water, but as we were lifted up on the next wave we could see sails, a lot of them.<br /> <br /> I’d never seen Ama move so fast in all my life. She was half way back to shore before I realized that she wasn’t next to me anymore. I headed back in with all the speed that I could muster from my ten-year-old arms and legs. By the time I reached the shore Ama and Amana were already dressed and impatient to go. I threw my dress on, grabbed Amana’s net, handed Ama the two pearls I harvested and we sprinted back to the city.<br /> <br /> As we ran down the beach I saw twelve of Katai’s ships with what appeared to be an entire Ngoro trading fleet, thirty ships strong, in tow. We arrived at about the same time, Amana and I were about ready to die of exhaustion. Out of more than three hundred ships only twelve had returned, all of them showing signs of battle; Ata’s ship was not one of them. Ama broke down on the spot and it took us a while to get her home and settled.<br /> <br /> Later that evening I went to the docks in search of news. The docks were flooded with people unloading the captured ships. Finally, I managed to find someone I knew, a ship captain who was a friend of my Ata’s. I was relieved to the point of tears to hear that Ata and the king were alive and well. The fleet had stalked the sea-lanes near Ngoro-tai for more than a month before finally beginning attacks. They had come upon a small trading fleet and had taken it with hardly a fight. The next fleet they encountered had been a large one under military escort. In the ensuing fight three ships had been lost and twelve damaged enough to force them to return home. King Iliak had ordered that the captured ships be brought home to Katai, unloaded and put into service under Katai’s banner. With winter coming, the fleet would soon be home for the season, and then it would be on to Xiana.<br /> <br /> Ama was overjoyed with the news, Ata was safe as recently as three weeks ago and would be home soon. Amana however, was inconsolable that Ata had not returned and cried herself to sleep that night. With the excitement, I was unable to get to sleep that night, so I slipped quietly out of the house.<br /> <br /> Katai was a beautiful city during the day, but at night, with all the city lights burning, it could take your breath away. I walked for a while, just reveling in the idea of being out in the city alone after dark. As I wandered down along the docks, I started to get strange, and in some cases frightening looks from some of the men there. I began to realize that the docks weren’t exactly the safest place for a girl to be after dark so I headed around the harbor to the seawall. I took the nearest set of stairs to the parapet but a little before the top I was stopped by a guard.<br /> <br /> &quot;What are you doing up here young lady?&quot; he asked gruffly.<br /> <br /> I hadn’t seen him standing there and nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of his voice. &quot;J-just going for a walk;&quot; I stammered, &quot;I wanted to sit on the wall for a while.&quot;<br /> <br /> He glowered down at me; &quot;A little young to be walking the wall at night aren’t you?&quot; He looked me up and down, &quot;Judging by the way you’re dressed, you don’t appear to need the money, so take my advice and go home before you get yourself into trouble. Or if you really must, the sailors and dockhands will take anything, even a slip of a girl like you. Trust me, you don’t want to be up here at this hour.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;But-but…&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;No buts!&quot; He said angrily. &quot;I’ve got better things to do tonight than look after a little girl who doesn’t know where she ought not to be, now stand aside! Ladies, right this way.&quot;<br /> <br /> I turned to see two attractive young women standing on the stair behind me. Bare from the waist up, they were wearing even less than I was. In those times it was customary for a woman to leave her right breast exposed; but with the exceptions of swimming and bathing, topless generally meant one thing. So this is what he had been talking about. The wall suddenly became just as alarming as the docks. The two prostitutes eyed me up and down with an irritated look. As they made their way past me on the stair one of them said to me; &quot;This is our walk tonight little girl. Come back when you get some curves and we’ll talk.&quot; I beat a hasty retreat.<br /> <br /> I still wanted to find a place where I could watch the moon on the water. Making my way back into the city I headed for the temple of Lumis. The temple was about five hundred feet tall, so by the time I got to the top of the stairs I was breathing heavy and not paying attention. Stepping up onto the capstone I almost tripped over another business girl servicing a client. I beat another hasty retreat before they had much of a chance to notice me. The night was a washout, so I wound my way back home and snuck back into my bed.<br /> <br /> Nobody noticed my late night excursion, and I didn’t intend to mention it. With any luck there would be more, and there were. In fact, sneaking out at night sort of became a hobby, not to mention it was the only way that I could get any time to myself. I explored the city by night, with both caution and gusto. I was free, unfettered. Any night that was clear, I would climb the steps to the top of the great temple and sit for hours watching the moonlight on the sea; wondering what it would be like to be out on the sea on such a night. Usually, if I managed to get there first, the ladies of the night would take their patrons elsewhere. Sometimes I was the one who got chased off, and sometimes none of us would budge and we did our best to ignore each other’s presence.<br /> <br /> The fleet began returning home in groups of twenty to thirty, every few days. Each group towing no less than ten captured ships. With the food cargo alone, our stores would be extended an additional six months. Each time a group of ships would return Ama, Amana and I would hurry down to see if Ata’s ship was among them, and begging the incoming ships for information when he wasn’t.<br /> <br /> About ten days before the start of winter, word reached our home that ships had been seen inbound. We dropped what we were doing and raced to the harbor. We got there just as the king’s galley rowed in under the arch, Ata’s ship just behind. A tremendous cheer went up throughout the city. Katai had struck back hard against those who had betrayed us, depriving Ngoro-tai of much needed supplies, ships and men. In all, the action cost us fifteen ships and about eight hundred men.<br /> <br /> As promised, Ata brought us presents. For Ama, he brought a solid gold vase that was taller than I was and a bolt of the most beautiful cloth we had ever seen. Never in my life had I seen such a rich shade of green (and judging by the look on Ama’s face, neither had she). I simply could not wait to see it made into a dress for her. Done right, the queen herself would turn a matching shade in envy. Ama could be queenly in her own right, and with this she could dress the part. Lastly he brought out a huge blanket, twice the size of their bed, made of the thickest, softest, most heavenly looking fur. Now I was green with envy. With winter sailing in through the Lumere as we spoke, pulling up to port and asking for a long term berth it was getting downright COLD at night. For Amana he brought a bolt of cloth identical to Ama’s to start her dowry and a full length polished silver mirror. For me Ata pulled out of his bag a bolt of cloth that made Ama’s almost look common. It was a material that none of us had ever seen. It was light yet very strong. The surface of it actually shined, almost as if polished. It was as smooth as polished marble yet as soft as water, and it was a shade of blue that you could fall into and keep falling forever, the color itself was almost luminescent. Much to my disappointment this cloth was for my dowry, not to be made into the most beautiful dress in all the world… yet.<br /> <br /> As I was busy trying to squeeze my eyeballs back into their sockets, I barely registered Ata saying that he had one more thing for me. I hugged the cloth, I loved the cloth but as he pulled the next item out of one of his bags I dropped it onto the dirty floor and forgot that I had ever seen it. I stood there and stared for I don’t know how long with my jaw agape. Finally I gathered the courage to reach up with a trembling hand and take the item that he held out for me; trying not to drop it, my eyes suddenly filled up with tears. In my hand sat a polished metal tube, a little longer than one of my arms. It was slightly larger at one end than the other and had a polished piece of glass at each end. At first I couldn’t understand why he would give me his priceless telescope, and then I realized that the tube in my hand appeared to be made of solid gold, not bronze.<br /> <br /> Ata noticed my bewilderment and said; &quot;It’s actually bronze. We don’t know how, but they found a way to cover one metal with another. It’s almost like a paint, but much thinner and smoother.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;But how did you come by it?&quot; I asked, still confused. &quot;Shouldn’t this have gone to the king?&quot;<br /> <br /> Ata chuckled; &quot;Actually, we found three. One of the trade convoys we took included an imperial ship. While I came up from her starboard stern, Iliak charged in from mid port. The captain turned hard to avoid being rammed by Iliak and turned right into me. We almost cut her in half when we hit. Then Iliak pulled up along-side and we stormed the ship.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Even with their ship sinking under them, the Atlanteans fought like demons, we lost three men for every one of theirs, but in the end we managed to take the ship. I had most of the crew break out axes and cut her loose before she dragged us down with her while the rest quickly searched the ship for anything salvageable. We found these in a locked box in the captain’s cabin. Judging from the looks of them, and from the box they were in, we think that they were meant as a gift to the king of Ngoro-tai. I figured that if it was good enough for a king, then it was good enough for my first-born. Iliak agreed and sends his compliments. As much as you like scanning the horizon from up on the temple, I figured that this would come in handy.&quot;<br /> <br /> I didn’t know what to say, I gave him a huge hug, grabbed my telescope and my sister and dashed for the door. We hadn’t gotten three steps when Ama spoke up behind us.<br /> <br /> &quot;Ah-hem;&quot; she said, &quot;before you disappear, you have chores to finish.&quot; You know, sometimes being a kid sucks.<br /> <br /> I wasn’t able to get out for the rest of the day so I snuck out that night bundled up in my cloak and went to my usual haunt. I arrived to find the top already occupied by a single man wearing a cloak. I figured he was just waiting for his favorite lady to arrive. Well, I wasn’t going to be chased off tonight. Fortunately, he was on the side facing away from the harbor, so I sat on the top step on the harbor side and scanned the moonlit ocean. The scene was beautiful, albeit limited. It didn’t take too long to see all that could be seen by the moonlight, so I sat there for a bit just wondering what to do. Suddenly, in a flash of inspiration, I raised the telescope to the skies.<br /> <br /> I must pause here a moment learned reader and tell you that there are no words which can accurately describe the awe, majesty and sublime beauty of dancing among the stars through a telescope. So I will not attempt to do so here. Here, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, such sights are well known, thirteen and a half thousand years ago they were inconceivable.<br /> <br /> I lay on my back and walked among the heavens for a while, seeing more stars than I ever knew existed. As I was dancing among the craters on the moon I heard the man on the other side of the platform walking over to me. I sat up, prepared to dash down the stairs when I looked at him, and my blood froze in my veins.<br /> <br /> &quot;When I arrived, one of the dock workers mentioned having seen you here and on the docks on a number of nights.&quot; Ata said as he sat down next to me. &quot;I thought he must have been mistaken. What would my little Maia be doing in such places after dark, and alone at that?&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Ata, I…&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Don’t.&quot; He said sounding very disappointed. &quot;Don’t make up excuses. The city is no place for a girl of your age to be wandering alone after dark. I’m just glad you had the sense not to drag your sister along.&quot;<br /> <br /> I managed to work up the courage to look him in the eye and speak. &quot;That’s why I do it Ata. This is the only chance I get to have some time to myself. I only went to the docks the first time. I stay away from the harbor at night now. Most of the time, I just come here. Occasionally the working girls chase me off so I go wandering a bit, but I’m careful and stay out of sight and not talk to anyone. I’ve spent most nights since you left up here watching, waiting for you to come home.&quot;<br /> <br /> Ata sighed and laid his hand on my shoulder. &quot;Maia I taught you to be free-willed and intelligent, but I thought I also taught you to be wise. Someday I am going to give you to away as some lucky mans wife, but to do so, I have to keep you pure. I can’t do that with you wandering about the city alone at night. Have you any idea how dangerous these little excursions of yours are?&quot;<br /> <br /> I hung my head and replied; &quot;Yes Ata.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;I’m not telling you to stop.&quot; He said. &quot;Just take one of the servants with you from now on; and your sister is never, I repeat, NEVER to hear of your nighttime strolls, do you hear me?&quot;<br /> <br /> I nodded silently, too ashamed to say any more, yet overjoyed that he wasn’t going to make me stop.<br /> <br /> From under his cloak Ata pulled his own telescope. &quot;Now what was it that had you so enraptured when I caught you?&quot; He asked lying on his back.<br /> <br /> We spent the next couple of hours exploring the heavens together. Apparently the concept of turning it skyward had never really occurred to him either. We finally left our perch a couple hours after midnight to sneak back into our beds, but Ata returned with me every few nights through out the winter. He taught me what he knew of the heavens, of stars and planets and constellations as together we learned more through our telescopes. There, on the top of the temple, standing on the nausca, Ata taught to me things forbidden to women; the arts of celestial navigation.<br /> <br /> When one is learning to run a household one cannot help but learn numbers and higher figuring, but the things Ata taught me were fiendishly difficult, especially for a girl of ten. Ata said the fact that I was able to understand it at all was a testament to how bright I was. He was always trying to make me blush.<br /> <br /> One night as he was giving me lessons I was having a hard time concentrating. Ata noticed that I seemed troubled and sat down beside me.<br /> <br /> &quot;What’s on your mind girl?&quot; He asked softly.<br /> <br /> It took me a few moments to realize exactly what it was that I was having difficulty with. Finally I was able to articulate it.<br /> <br /> &quot;Why do this for me Ata? Why take the risk?&quot; I asked; the words coming to me at last. &quot;This is one of the greatest gifts you have ever given me and nothing could ever make me feel ungrateful for it, but you know the penalties for doing such a thing. And how could I let you put yourself at risk for it. I mean, here we sit on top of the very temple of Lumis discussing things that are forbidden to me. Why hasn’t Lumis struck us down for the blasphemy? I think what I’m saying is that learning this, and here of all places, scares me.&quot;<br /> <br /> Ata looked at me with a look that I simply could not interpret, almost as if he was trying to decide something. He looked at me like that for several moments and then closed his eyes and sighed.<br /> <br /> &quot;Maia,&quot; he said; &quot;do you remember the day before I left? The day I took the high priest to Iulia?&quot;<br /> <br /> I nodded.<br /> <br /> &quot;We set down on the beach and waited, it is forbidden for any but him and the high priestess of Anais to set foot there.&quot; He continued. &quot;The prayer he was sent to perform should have only taken a few minutes no more, yet he was gone for several hours. When he returned he had a haunted look about him and I feared the worst for the war, but he reassured me that that was not the issue which troubled him so. After we returned to the harbor he asked me to accompany him back here to the temple so we could talk in private. Down below, in his room, he told me what he had seen that had him worried.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;You see, in the temple on Iulia is a pool where the gods themselves are said to bathe. The water in the pool is holy beyond the understanding of man. If a person were to touch just a single drop of the water while praying fervently, then the gods are quite likely to respond. But if you are not cautious and quite specific in your prayer, then fate will tend to stick its hand in and twist and pervert the prayer; and while your prayer would be answered, that answer could turn into bitter ashes. This is why only the high priest and priestess, the wisest people in the kingdom are permitted to set foot there.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;He said his prayer as he had gone there to do, but before he had a chance to get up off his knees he felt an overpowering presence there with him and he was forced to kneel even lower; almost into the pool. The way he described it wasn’t so much like he was pushed down but as if someone had taken over his person and forced him to look deep into the water; and what he saw there terrified and saddened him to the depth of his soul.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;When he looked into the water he saw a young woman; you, in a few years. You were on a large ship, similar to imperial design. The ship was far out on the ocean, weeks maybe months from land; and you were alone. You were on a ship large enough to be crewed by sixty or eighty men but there was only you, alone upon the sea, trying to find land. I could tell that there was more that he wasn’t telling me, but it is actually at his insistence that I am teaching you these things. He told me that your journey would be terribly long and difficult and that you would need to learn everything that I can teach you and more; everything that you are capable of learning in order to find your way.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Someday in the not to distant future you will go from here, I don’t know when, I don’t know why or where to, but there is nothing that I can do to prevent it. What I can do is to give you the knowledge to find your way home again. If time permits at the beginning of spring, I will begin teaching you to sail. If you were a little older, I would take you to Xiana and you would get all the sailing experience you would need on the trip there.&quot;<br /> <br /> I didn’t quite know what to say. This was the first time in my life that he had been that open and candid with me. My mind was still numb from what he had told me. I couldn’t quite wrap my young brain around the idea that the high priest had had a strong and profound vision about me. These are the kind of things that make young children lay awake at night afraid of what’s under the bed.<br /> <br /> Finally I was able to think enough to ask; &quot;Does Ama know?&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Are you kidding?&quot; Ata chuckled. &quot;If she ever heard what I just told you she’d bundle you up and pack you off to the cloister of Anais up in the mountains! She’d hide you so well, the gods themselves wouldn’t be able to find you!&quot;<br /> <br /> We laughed till we cried and returned to our beds a little before dawn. I knew that no matter what happened, one way or another I’d be all right. Sadly the winter became too cold to spend many nights out, but any night Ata was home, I could be found by his side till late in the evening learning everything he could teach me. I could see by her expression that Ama did not approve of much of what Ata was teaching me. I even heard them argue about it a few times, each argument ending with Ata putting his foot down and saying that I would learn everything that could be crammed into my head and that was final. Ama was not happy about this at all and attempted to fill my days and nights with chores so that I wouldn’t have time to learn things that were not a woman’s place. She even resorted to sending me to help other people with chores. One cold day, I had been sent to help the queen with weaving. Ata merely had a word with Iliak. The next thing I knew, there were royal guards sent to collect me. By the end of that winter I was exhausted, both physically and mentally.<br /> <br /> All through the winter, Katai prepared for all out war against Xiana. Men poured in from the outlying towns, villages and farms; swelling the population to unbearable levels. The public squares became training grounds for young men and boys who had never handled anything more than a sickle or a cattle prod. When they weren’t training they were cutting and hauling lumber for the shipyard. The shipyard was a madhouse, tripling its normal production and refitting the captured ships as troop transports.<br /> <br /> Spring came late that year, but come it finally did. By the time spring found Katai, I was eleven, as tall as Ama, and still growing. I was already taller than anyone else my age and stronger than most of the boys that I knew. With Ata’s blood in my veins, I would eventually grow to be almost as tall as he was.<br /> <br /> In the end there was no time for Ata to teach me sailing as he had wished. A week after the winds changed the army was loaded onto the ships and the fleet set sail. Again, the entire city turned out to send the fleet off. King Iliak had his galley rowed out to the center of the harbor. We watched as he climbed the mast to the lookout so that he could address the assembled crowd.<br /> <br /> &quot;Children of Katai hear me!&quot; He roared across the water. Iliak was a large man himself, and I think everyone within a mile of the docks heard his voice. &quot;Children of Katai, for we are all children of Katai! Our mother has been slandered and forsaken by those whom we have hailed as friends for years beyond count. They have been seduced and debauched by the demons of the sea. They thought that they could betray us and walk away; that in her old age Katai would be too weak to respond! We have shown Ngoro-tai that Katai is as young as she ever was! Today we set out to show Xiana the full measure of our anger. Many years ago we razed most of Xiana to the ground. Today we will show them that we still have such strength! We shall teach them once again why we ruled the sea clear to the Dark Continent. We shall strike such a blow as will be felt clear to the throne of Atlantis, and we will drive those sea demons from our waters once and for all!&quot;<br /> <br /> The city went wild. From the queen to the lowliest dockworker the mood was absolutely jubilant. As Iliak climbed down from the mast Ata kissed us all goodbye and his ship pushed off. Again his ship followed the king’s out through the Lumere, sent off with heavy fanfare. As Ata’s ship was approaching the arch I heard his voice over the crowd. He was holding up his telescope and pointing up to the watchtower above the Lumere.<br /> <br /> &quot;Watch for my return from there by day or the nausca by night!&quot; He yelled.<br /> <br /> &quot;Just be sure to come back before Ama marries me off!&quot; I yelled back. Ama got a chuckle out of that and yelled across to him; &quot;You DID teach her wisdom!&quot;<br /> <br /> And with that he was gone. There were too many people on the arch for us to have gone up there to see him off but every ship that passed under the arch put to sea under a blizzard of flowers. There were so many ships that it took till early evening for them all to put to sea. The harbor had been so full that you could have walked across it and never gotten wet. The three of us raced to the temple and managed to find a spot amongst the throng there where we could watch the fleet disappear over the horizon. I took out my telescope and passed it around to Ama and Amana so that they could watch, but when Ama got hold of it she didn’t give it back until they were gone.<br /> <br /> Once again the days began to creep by. When Ama didn’t have us up to our ears in chores I could usually be found up in the watchtower looking out over the horizon, waiting for a sign. The tower guards grudgingly tolerated and eventually came to appreciate my presence. I was someone different to talk to, and they realized that my telescope could be an advantage. Any clear night that I could sneak out I would make my way up to the nausca to watch the stars. I nearly always had it to myself those days as the city had been virtually emptied of men when the fleet sailed.<br /> <br /> Spring faded into summer and the city fell quietly into the rhythm of warfare. One of the chores that Ama had me doing was helping the fletchers. Over that summer I fletched more arrows than I care to remember. When not helping the fletchers I was busy using many of the shafts that I had helped to feather. Queen Itsiyina had ordered that all persons above the age of ten practice at archery for one hour every day. My skill with the bow had been passable before; but with enforced practice it improved dramatically. By the end of the summer I had even outgrown my bow.<br /> <br /> When not otherwise occupied I dove for pearls, learned of cooking, herbalism and medicine, wove with Ama and the queen, served at the palace; the list went on and on. It was the busiest summer that I had ever spent. I wasn’t able to get away often and Ama did everything in her power to keep it that way.<br /> <br /> At first I hated archery practice, but began to love it when I met Anai. Anai was a year older than I was and we hit it off famously. We were about the same skill level with the bow and we both practiced as hard as we could to out-do the other. We were constantly teasing and cajoling each other to reach deeper and do better. It was for this reason alone that both he and I progressed as far as we did.<br /> <br /> Anai and I became fast friends; he was in fact the first real friend that I’d ever had. I think that he was also the reason that Ama tried to keep me so busy that summer. He was the most adventurous spirit that I had ever met. He wasn’t much to look at, being a little on the skinny side with constantly unruly black hair and a look in his eye that said that he was up to something. Any time that I could get away from Ama, we could be found together. We hunted together, fished together, swam together.<br /> <br /> Summer finally passed into fall and one night in late September I decided to show Anai my secret hiding place. Sneaking out a little after midnight with my cloak and my telescope, I made my way down to his house in the merchants quarter. I quietly tapped on his window a couple of times. Anai was a light sleeper, so it was no surprise to find him wide-awake when he opened the window.<br /> <br /> &quot;The gods themselves aren’t even awake yet!&quot; He said with a yawn. &quot;What trouble can we get into at this hour?&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;Grab your cloak,&quot; I said. &quot;I’ve got something to show you.&quot;<br /> <br /> We wound our way through the streets to the temple of Lumis then took the long climb to the top. We reached to top to hear the moans of passion coming form the other side. Apparently not ALL the young men had set out with the fleet. Since they were on the other side a good fifty paces away, and it was a dark moonless night, we were able to ignore them, though Anai occasionally stole glances off in that direction.<br /> <br /> &quot;Maia,&quot; he said with a wry grin; &quot;I like you a lot, but I just don’t think our parents would approve of us getting married like that. Not that I’d object mind you, but aren’t we a little…&quot;<br /> <br /> His sentence was cut short when I punched him in the arm so hard I almost knocked him down.<br /> <br /> &quot;One more remark like that,&quot; I said, smiling back; &quot;and the next time we go swimming I’ll drown you!&quot; We stuck our tongues out at each other and laughed. I sat down on the top stair and invited Anai to join me.<br /> <br /> &quot;So what’s so important that you had to drag me out of a warm bed at this ungodly hour?&quot; He asked, joining me on the step.<br /> <br /> I pointed to the seven sisters and asked; &quot;How many stars are in that constellation?&quot;<br /> <br /> He gave me his best sarcastic look and replied; &quot;Hmm, they’re called the seven sisters, and I see seven stars. I’m gonna say seven.&quot;<br /> <br /> &quot;You sure about that?&quot; I asked, as I pulled the telescope out from under my cloak.<br /> <br /> &quot;Pretty sure; yeah,&quot; he answered, nodding his head.<br /> <br /> I handed him the tube and told him to point it at the stars and look through the small end. He held it up to his eye, started to say something and stopped.<br /> <br /> &quot;Mother of Lumis.&quot; He finally said; his voice barely a whisper. He started scanning the sky. &quot;I never dreamed…&quot;<br /> <br /> He never did finish that sentence, and the rest of the night we said very little, we just sat there watching the stars. The lady and her friend eventually finished their tryst and left and the rest of the night was quiet. At some point we wrapped up in our cloaks and laid back on the obsidian top to get a better view straight up.<br /> <br /> The next thing I knew I heard a bird chirp. We both sat bolt upright. We had fallen asleep and it was now false dawn. The sun would be coming up in just a few minutes. My heart flew into my throat, if Ama found that I’d been out all night (not to mention with a boy) there would be nine kinds of hell to pay. I grabbed my telescope and was about to dash down the stairs when Anai grabbed me and spun me around.<br /> <br /> &quot;Maia, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,&quot; he said. He pulled me close, leaned in and kissed me. I closed my eyes and melted into him. His lips were warm and soft, and the feeling was exquisite. I was walking on air; so happy that my toes were curling. Sadly, reality intruded and the feeling of panic returned.<br /> <br /> &quot;I’ve got to go,&quot; I said, disentangling myself from him. He grinned sheepishly at me and nodded. Turning, we took two steps down the stairs when something caught my eye. I stopped to look out to the horizon. Anai got a few more steps before he realized that I wasn’t with him anymore. He turned and came back up. He looked at me and then turned to look out to the horizon as well.<br /> <br /> &quot;I thought I saw something out there,&quot; I said.<br /> <br /> Anai stepped back up to the top and said; &quot;Then your eyes must be playing tricks on the both of us, because I think I see something too!&quot;<br /> <br /> I joined him at the top and looked again. There it was again, just the faintest hint of movement on the horizon. I took out the telescope out again and brought it to my eye. Even with the telescope, the object was still just a slight disturbance on the horizon; but after a few minutes it grew into a sail. We passed the tube back and forth and watched in astonishment and glee as the sail was joined by another, and another, about fifty ships in all came over the horizon and made for the harbor. As the light grew and the ships came closer, I could identify them as being Kataian galleys. Part of the fleet was returning. I jumped for joy and hugged Anai and gave him a big kiss.<br /> <br /> I took one last look through the telescope scanning the incoming ships to see if Ata’s was among them. They were too far out for me to identify individual ships but I could tell that they were under full sail and full oar. It looked as though after a long sea voyage, they had decided to race each other to the harbor now that it was in site. The group started to break up and string out, several of them taking a large lead.<br /> <br /> &quot;That must be the rest of them.&quot; Anai said.<br /> <br /> I looked up to see what he was talking about. Following his gaze back to the horizon I could see more sails there, many more.<br /> <br /> &quot;Umm, Anai; we’ve got to go,&quot; I said as gripped my scope and nearly flew down the stairs; &quot;right now!&quot;<br /> <br /> The reason for the fleet’s race to the Lumere had suddenly come into focus. It wasn’t a merely a race at all, but a desperate sprint for survival. The sails which we had thought to be the rest of the fleet were in fact a fleet of imperial ships; several hundred of them.<br /> <br /> We were half way down the steps when the guards in the watchtower saw the danger and rang the alarm bell. When we reached the bottom I yelled at Anai, &quot;Get your bow! I’ll meet you on the wall by the watchtower! Run!&quot;<br /> <br /> I was nearly exhausted by the time I made it to my house. The city had come alive with panic and it was difficult to get anywhere without being trampled. As I sprinted into the house I caught sight of Ama and Amana looking petrified.<br /> <br /> &quot;What’s happening, why is the bell ringing?&quot; Ama asked; her eyes wide with fear.<br /> <br /> &quot;The fleet’s come home,&quot; I yelled back as I quickly stashed the telescope and grabbed my bow and quiver. &quot;But they’re not alone! It looks like the entire Empire is right behind them!&quot;<br /> <br /> With that, I sprinted out the door and down to the harbor. I saw several columns of smoke coming from somewhere out past the sea wall and knew that the battle had begun. It seemed to take forever to force my way through to the harbor and around to the wall. By the time I finally made it to the top I thought that I would drop dead at any second. My legs and lungs were on fire like they had never been before.<br /> <br /> The parapet was complete pandemonium; people rushing this way and that, carrying weapons of every variety trying to find a place to defend. I could hear screams from out on the water. Thirty ships were completely engulfed in flames, mostly ours, but some of theirs as well. Three of our ships had been boarded and the crews were being slaughtered, and twenty-five ships were racing for the harbor with hell right on their heels.<br /> <br /> As the first ship made it in under the Lumere a cheer went up through the harbor and from the wall. Anai had found me and we nocked arrows and waited for the enemy to get closer. I heard a clatter beside us and turned to see a group of guards going down the line of archers on the wall, dropping a large bag of arrows between every other person. Stooping down I grabbed two bundles from the bag and untied them; leaning them against the wall for Anai and myself.<br /> <br /> The second ship made it in through the Lumere and another cheer went up. By now I was so scared that I was about ready to wet myself. I was trembling so hard that I could hardly handle the arrows. A third ship made it in and I stood up and prepared once more. The imperial ships were closing the gap fast but twenty-five ships managed to make it in. By about the twenty-third ship, the enemy had come into range. I took aim at the lead ship, drew and held. Finally a voice yelled, &quot;shoot&quot;, and ten thousand arrows took flight. In my nervousness I held my arm wrong and the string took off a layer of skin or two on my forearm. The pain was enough to snap me out of my fear. I immediately grabbed another arrow, drew it to its full, aimed and released.<br /> <br /> A few arrows started coming back; I heard a scream next to me and turned to see the man next to me staggering, an arrow in his eye. An arrow skipped off the wall right between Anai and me. I tried to keep my mind on what needed to be done. The men in the ships needed us if they were going to make it home. I reloaded, drew, aimed and released, again and again until I could hardly draw my bow anymore. As the last ship made it in under the arch, the trimarans turned and headed out of range. A triumphant shout went up from the wall. I turned to see the ships that had made it home and found that Ata’s had been the last one in, and she was badly damaged.<br /> <br /> The dreaded enemy had come once again to our very doorstep, and this time it looked as though they came for dinner. With a tremendous groan, the Lumere slowly swung shut once again.</div> <!– / message –> <!– sig –> <div> __________________<br /> <font color="blue">If at first you don’t succeed, then the bomb-squad may have been a bad career move.</font> </div> <!– / sig –> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="bottom" style="border-top: medium none" class="alt2 alt-noimage"> <img border="0" alt="frozen_north is offline" src="/forums/images/ca_morpheus_blue/statusicon/user_offline.gif" class="inlineimg" title="frozen_north is offline" /> <a rel="nofollow" href="/forums/infraction.php?do=report&amp;p=124494"><img border="0" alt="Add Infraction for frozen_north" src="/forums/images/ca_morpheus_blue/buttons/infraction.gif" class="inlineimg" title="Add Infraction for frozen_north" /></a> <a rel="nofollow" href="/forums/report.php?p=124494"><img border="0" alt="Report Post" src="/forums/images/ca_morpheus_blue/buttons/report.gif" class="inlineimg" title="Report Post" /></a> <a href="/forums/postings.php?do=getip&amp;p=124494"><img border="0" title="" alt="IP" src="/forums/images/ca_morpheus_blue/buttons/ip.gif" class="inlineimg" /></a> &nbsp; </td> <td align="right" style="border-top: medium none" class="alt1"> <!– controls –> <img border="0" src="/forums/images/ca_morpheus_blue/misc/progress.gif" id="progress_124494" style="display: none" /> <a name="vB::QuickEdit::124494" href="/forums/editpost.php?do=editpost&amp;p=124494"></a><img border="0" alt="Edit/Delete Message" src="/forums/images/ca_morpheus_blue/buttons/edit.gif" title="Edit/Delete Message" /></td></tr></tbody></table>

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Thu, 03 Feb 2011 07:29:19 UTC

Halloween Surprise

<p>Halloween Surprise-</p><p>Lauren stood on her porch watching her husband drive up the driveway on what she considered a death machine. For him the motorcycle was the freedom he was always wanted one, and now after a year of saving he finale got one. She took in a deep breath as dread filled her while steeping off the porch slowly, putting on a cheerful smile. She had to admit the machine was a work of art, its body black as night, the chrome shining as the sun hit it. </p><p>John took off his helmet smiling back at his wife he knew her all of concern and worries but he hoping to change all that. &ldquo;Hi ya sweetie, you want to go for a ride?&rdquo; He gave her a wink. &ldquo;Have a Halloween surprise.&rdquo;</p><p>&ldquo;Hell no,&rdquo; Lauren replied, &ldquo;you know I&rsquo;m not getting on that thing.&rdquo;</p><p>&ldquo;Oh come on, I promise to go slow, I got you a helmet right here,&rdquo; lifting a green helmet that she hadn&rsquo;t seen til now. &ldquo;And there’s a big surprise at the end of the ride.&rdquo;</p><p>&ldquo;What’s the surprise?&rdquo;</p><p>&ldquo;It wouldn&rsquo;t be a surprise if I told you now would it,&rdquo; John said in a teasing manner. &ldquo;So you&rsquo;re going to have to go for a ride.&rdquo;</p><p>&ldquo;Fine give me the helmet then,&rdquo; she said, as she took the helmet from him and put it on. She stood there a moment trying figure out how it get on the motorcycle. John motioned her to the right of him as he put his helmet on. She walked to the other side, gently put her hand on his shoulder, and swung her leg over the machine. She wasn’t sure where to put her hands so she ran them down his arms placing them on his ribs. </p><p>John took her hands firmly in his, placing them around his middle, just below his chest. As he did this it brought her body closer to his, her arms wrap loosely around which brought her breasts, crotch, and legs snug against the back of him. Pushing back a little John wiggled, making her sigh a bit. </p><p>She loved being this close to her husband, then the bike moved and she clung to him tightly. It swayed as they turned out of the drive, then rumbled thru the neighborhood. Lauren could feel the air rush over them, and she loved the feeling. John backed off, then goosed the throttle making the bike pause then jolt forward as she felt the sudden motion she squeezed him with her arms and legs, fear and excitement running through her. </p><p>&quot;Do you want to back home?&quot; John asked.</p><p>&quot;No, lets keep going,&quot; she shouted back, as the bike lunged forward again. </p><p>Laughing she clung to him as they rounded the corner and they roared down the <br />road. Wasn&rsquo;t long and he turned on to a country road, lined with trees, forming an arch, filled with multi-colored autumn leaves. The leaves drifted down on them like confetti as they drove under the arch. Like a speedboat the bike kicked up a colorful wake as it hurtled onward.<br />&nbsp;<br />They drove a while on the beautiful quiet country road till they made final turn onto a driveway. Before them sat an old plantation style house, paint faded and peeling, windows broken, front door hanging off a hinge. There was no yard, just tufts of grass here or there, raised flowerbeds long dead and chocked with weeds.</p><p>Lauren swung her leg off the bike as John shut it down. She took off her helmet, staring at the old house not believing the state it was in. </p><p>John stood behind placing his hands on her shoulders, nuzzling her ear. &quot;Do you remember the last time we were here?&rdquo; </p><p>&quot;How could I forget your truck run out of gas,&rdquo; she shivered, &ldquo;it was raining hard, and we ran to this house to see if could use the phone, but no one as around.&quot; </p><p>&quot;Um-hum,&quot; John kissed her neck, then gave it a bite, &ldquo;and we made love for the first time.&rdquo;</p><p>Smiling Lauren turned to him, placing her hands on his face and kissed him deeply. Breaking the kiss John took her hand and led her in the house. The air inside was stale, and dusty cob weds clung to every corner. Neither cared as they walked in to the room where they had been some fifteen years before. </p><p>Lauren entered the room first, finding it different from the rest of house, the air fresh, smelling of roses. In middle of the room was an antique four-poster bed, made with new linens and pillows, beside it a nigthstand with a vase of red roses on it. She turned to her husband with a thousand questions racing thru her mind, but before she could ask one he pulled her to him. </p><p>His lips caressed hers, his tongue slipping into her mouth, their tongues danced together. He unbuttoned her shirt, slipping it off her shoulder, letting it fall softly to the floor. She struggled to undo his pants as he undid her bra. He broke the kiss only to trail kisses and bites down to her breast. </p><p>He cupped both of her breast taking one into his mouth, the other he twisted and pulled at the hard nipple. She moaned deeply looking lovely down at him threading her fingers thru his hair. His hands skimmed over her tummy, his mouth followed his hands, as he undid her jeans pushing them to the floor. He kissed her panty-covered mound, then slipped them off her. </p><p>She placed her hands on his shoulders, stepping out of her jeans and panties. He ran his hands up her bare legs and back around to cup her bottom. He bit the inside of her thigh, tracing the outside of her slit with a finger before his tongue plunged deep in to her. She groaned deeply, her hands grip his hair tightly, pulling him up to kiss him, loving the taste of her on him.</p><p>As they kiss she finishes unbuttoning his shirt, then undid his pants. She knelt and took his hard dick into her mouth, giving it a hard long suck. She stood pulling him to the bed, climbing on together kissing. She lay down on the bed and he knelt before her,<br />pulling her hips to him. </p><p>Smiling down on her he placed her legs on his shoulders then plunged deep inside her wet pussy. They moan together, as he began thrusting slowly into her, as she raised her hips to meet each thrust. She looked deeply in to his eyes as she played with her breast. He lowered her legs, as she bucked wildly under him as played with her clit and bite her nipple. She pulled him to her mouth, kissing him deeply, cumming hard, as her juices flooded his crotch. </p><p>He kissed her softly, then withdrew, getting her to raise up trying to maintain contact with his lips. Him kissing her chest forces her to give up, laying back to enjoy the tender caresses, as he kisses his way down to her pussy. After flicking his tongue across her clit he ever so slowly lapped up her juices. His tongue found its way deep into her, before tracing it&rsquo;s way down to her rosebud. </p><p>Her orgasm, all this extra attention it was too much and she groaned deeply, clamping her legs against his head, nearing another taste of bliss. He rolled her over, giving her one last full lick before slowly placing his hard dick against her rosebud. She pushed back giving him the okay, and slowly he gently entered her, til he was fully in. </p><p>Wasn&rsquo;t long, and letting out a low moan Lauren said, &ldquo;Fuck me baby.&rdquo; </p><p>John did as instructed, and she bucked against him, as he leaned down to kiss her neck before biting it. His hand gripped hers, now entangled with the sheets, as faster and harder he sent wave after wave of pleasure in her, bringing her closer and closer to another climax. </p><p>With a deep he came, filling her with hot cum, sending her over the edge. &ldquo;Oh John,&rdquo; she cried out, digging her nails into his back, &ldquo;I love you.&rdquo;</p><p>Basking in the afterglow, they lay there for a moment, then rolled to their sides. He slips out of her butt, pulling her close to him, kissing her softly, stroking her hair.</p><p>&ldquo;Um-m,&rdquo; Lauren cooed, &ldquo;nice Halloween surprise.&rdquo;</p><p>&quot;Honey, that wasn&rsquo;t the surprise.&rdquo; He smiled, kissing the tip of her nose. &ldquo;Surprise, the house is ours, Happy Halloween, my love.&quot;</p><p>Looking around her mouth dropped open. &quot;How is that?&quot; </p><p>&quot;Took a loan against my 401 k, paying for the back taxes due.&quot; He kissed her shoulder. &ldquo;Naturally, it needs work, but we can do most of it.&rdquo; </p><p>&quot;Ah,&rdquo; Lauren&rsquo;s eyes blinked wildly, &ldquo;What about our other house?&quot;</p><p>&quot; We’ll sell it,&rdquo; he shrugged, &ldquo;or rent it out.&quot; Rubbing her back he gave her a little peck on the cheek. &ldquo;Sell preferably, so we can fix this one faster, but we can do it.&rdquo;</p><p>&quot;Sounds good.&quot; she kissed him deeply. &quot;Thank you, for a perfect Halloween surprise.&quot;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>to see additional stories from this author and other authors visit <a href=""></a> </p>

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Thu, 03 Feb 2011 09:29:15 UTC

A night out: Part 1

Let me tell you about this strapping young lad who has just turned 21. His name being Alex Jones and as I just mentioned he has just turned 21. Mr Jones has been attending Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin since he turned 19 two years ago. He wanted to celebrate this coming of age with a little bit of bar hopping with few friends like most 21 year-old Wisconsin residents. Although he was not originally a Wisconsin resident coming from a small town in Texas called Alpine, which happens to have fewer than 6,000 people in it. <br /> <br /> He always wanted to play professional football in the NFL, his chosen position was <br /> quarterback which being 6’2” and 175lbs must of which was muscle he would have been perfect for it, but this was all before his car accident at the end of his senior. What happened you may ask, well he was coming home from work at his local Wal-mart which he worked at to save up for college in case he did not get a scholarship which he ended up getting a full ride until he get hit by that drunk driver who died on impact, he himself was a lot luckier being as he only broke his arm, sadly it was his throwing arm which the doctors had to put a rod in which hinders his ability to throw. Of course if you asked him he will probably tell you that he wished he had died. The year later thought, he choose to become a lawyer and fight for what he believes in. <br /> <br /> Although he had put on maybe 10-15 pounds since getting out of high school. Partly because of the accident the other reason being that he has been to busy with his college course work to really hit the gym, he was still in fairly good shape and he knew which he was usually pretty humble about although some times he would get a bit cocky about the fact. <br /> <br /> Before heading out he took a shower was needed so he turns on the water getting it to his perfect temperature, his being quit hot. Grabbing a wash cloth getting is covered in his favorite body wash he starts washing his chest getting it nice and clean as the suds start building over his body. After he was satisfied with his chest finishes the rest of his body covering it in suds. After he had finished he starts to clean his cock with the wash clothes, he does this for some time till the 6 inch member erupts all over the shower wall which he quickly cleans off. At which point he walks under the shower head washing away all the soap covering his body down the drain. Still wet he steps out of the shower and grabs a towel which he uses to dry the glistening water off his body. <br /> <br /> After he was pretty much dried off, although still a bit damp he put on deodorant. After he had finished that quick and simple task he walked to his bedroom naked, which he could do as he had his own apartment from the 10 million dollar settlement he got from the city after he and his family sued when the drunk on duty police officer hit him the night his football career went down the tubes. Yea I suppose I forget to inform you of that wonderful detail. The cop who had been on the force for 18 years decided to go to work pissed up after his wife of 23 years left him for one of his co-workers. But enough about that sad story. <br /> <br /> As it was only 8:00 PM he was taking his time getting ready. Alex walked to his closet to look through his wardrobe to look for something that would show off his still pretty muscular body just right . After finding a tight black shirt that he knew would show his body off just right so he picked it off his hanger and through it on. Still needing to cover the bottom half of his body he grabbed a pair of black pants along with a pair of boxer briefs and some socks and through them on. Not likeing to wear his shoes around until he heads out he walked around with out them. <br /> <br /> He then headed to the bathroom again to put on his favorite cologne which was American Eagle “Real”. He was ready for the night that was to change his life, although he doesn’t know it yet. He does know his only two real goal for this warm and clear spring night was to get shit faced and get that oh so special birthday sex. He was not a novice drinker by any means but tonight he was going to extra mile. Alex has not hooked up with anyone since he broke up with his girlfriend 2 months ago. Which he found out that she had been cheating on him with one of her professors for the past 2 weeks . So tonight is the night he was finally going to forget about the tramp which he devoted himself to for the past year. <br /> <br /> Since he was ready and was just waiting for his ride. Not taking out his own vehicle because he knows the laws well enough being the future lawyer that he is. Plus he knows how much drunk drivers can screw up peoples lives. While waiting he took 2 shots of vodka to calm himself down a little bit from the awesome night he knew he is about to have. If only he knew the night that was awaiting him he might have wanted to do a few more. <br /> <br /> Hearing the horn beep he throws on his shoes and runs out the door to the black Escalade limo which he rented. Which was already filled with 10 of his closest friends in college, one of which was his friend from his home town. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Part 2 to cum… <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Please note I am no writer, I have never written a thing in my life let alone a sex story so let me know what you either by leaving a comment or sending an email to [email protected]

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Wed, 02 Jun 2010 17:43:17 UTC