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Making A Dark Fantasy A Reality 4

We had front row seating and watching all the action as Rick and his crew kept fucking the shit out of my mother. I text Rick to come to the media room. He came over and I said, we can’t fucking kill her, it’s 9:00 am, you guys need to take a break, she needs to take a break also. Rick said, we have been fucking her cunt, ass and mouth for hours. I’m sending a package with lingerie for her to wear for her first customer. This customer is coming from out of town on business and wants a whore. I told the customer he was in luck, we had a new whore for him to try.

Rick and his crew left at 11: OO am, about 3:00 pm a package was delivered, I took it to my mother’s room. She was sleeping naked with her legs spread wide open, she still had cum streaming out of her cunt. I woke her up and gave her the box, she knew she was whore, she didn’t even try to cover up. She opened the box, took out the sexy black and pink lingerie complete with garter belt, small fishnet hose, and stilettos. She quickly took a shower and dawned on her new lingerie, garter belt, hose and stilettos, the lingerie was crotchless. She stood in front of the mirror and said, I look like the biggest whore on the block. I said, that’s because you are the biggest whore on the block. She looked so fucking hot, I couldn’t help myself, my cock immediately got rock hard, I inserted three fingers in her cunt and started working it. She said, I’m sore, but it stills feels so good, I would fuck you, but I won’t have to time to clean up again before the guy Rick is sending over gets here, she said but I can do this, she got on her knees, and took my erection on her mouth and started devouring wild and hard, making all kinds of cooing moans as she sucked my cock.

Man, can this whore suck a cock, she’s a fucking expert. She started taking my cock deep down her throat, I said, you like to deep throat don’t you whore? She replied, one my favorites, I like to feel cock down my throat, I love the taste of cum in my mouth and swallow it, there is no such thing as too much cum in my mouth, I can’t get enough, I love it. She kept sucking my cock real wild moaning, I said, you’re fucking great whore! This what you wanted your mother to be, this is what I am, If I’m going to be a whore, I want my son to have the best whore around. She kept on taking my cock down her throat and holding down her throat for about 5 seconds and release it, the whore was good. I held her by the sides of her face and started fucking her mouth hard, just like I would fuck her cunt. I would drive as much cock as I could down her throat and hold it for a few seconds and pull out and let her breath. She said, I love that do it again, fuck your whore’s mouth again, try to go deeper. I said, this is so hot, I think I’m going to come. She replied, hurry up before you come, put your cock deep down my throat, try to go deeper, come on hurry fuck my mouth deep and hard. I couldn’t believe it, I nearly was putting all my 9-inch cock down her mouth and she was loving it, man, can this whore suck a cock, best cock sucker ever. I said, SHIT, I’M COMING DEEP DOWN YOUR THROAT WHORE! It felt so hot and lewd, dumping big streams of cum down her throat, what a whore! She finished swallowing it all started licking my shaft and balls clean, I was still hard, but she got up and said, come on run along, you can catch all the action from your video cams you have in my room. She showed me pic of the guy that was coming, she said bring him up here don’t worry about closing the door, you know what I’m doing, besides isn’t it a turn on to you to hear and see man fucking me? No go downstairs, while I brush my teeth and take your cum scent out of my mouth.

The guy was named Sam, he was a real tall black guy maybe early 40s. I took him upstairs and my mother came out of the bathroom and she came over and dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants and took out his semi-erect cock, he said, Rick says you’re one of his new whores. I’m going to give a heavy test and see how good you are, now suck my cock whore, sucking cock was her favorite and I knew he was not going to be disappointed. As I was walking out, I heard Sam say, SHIT, RICK WAS RIGHT, YOU’RE A DAMN GOOD COCK SUCKER! I went to watch the action in the media room, Sam kept saying, look at this whore go, she’s the fucking best whore I ever had. Once she had him fully erect, it looked like a 9-inch cock or maybe more and much thicker than me, he asked her, did Rick tell you what I want? She didn’t answer, but she walked to a table by the bed and took out a tube of lube and tossed at him, and then she assumed the doggy-style position on the edge of the bed, with her head all the way down and her ass in the air. He lubed his cock and wasted no time, he put his cock in her anal opening and went right in, and he started pumping her ass hard with his balls crashing against her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, he started slapping her ass, and saying COME ON WHORE FUCK MY COCK, BACK UP ON COCK AND TO MEET MY THRUSTS, she started to comply and she was beginning to scream, THERE YOU GO WHORE THAT’S BETTER, YOU LIKE BIG BLACK COCK UP YOUR ASS, she replied, cooing and moaning, I love big black cock in my ass, fuck me, fuck my ass hard, put all your cock up my white ass, I want to all. He said, EVERY WHERE I TRAVEL TO I HAVE WHITE WIVES THAT I FUCK, BUT YOU’RE THE BEST WHORE YET. As he fucked her SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, and whacked her ass, he said, once a white woman gets dark meat in her, she goes crazy, black men don’t make love to white women, we fuck the shit out of them and get them hooked into fucking. It’s so easy to make white women whores for black men. Rick told me it took no time to make you his whore, his going to be making lots of money off this fine white pussy and ass of yours, I know Rick, you’re going to be doing a lot of fucking for him. OH SHIT, I’M COMING DEEP IN YOUR ASS WHORE, he started dumping all his load in her ass, he was finished, and he had to leave for a business meeting. He said, next time, if I have more time, I’ll have that pussy of yours. She said, you know where to find me, see Rick before you come though, and he left. I thought, well that’s how it is when you fuck a whore, just get your rocks off and go on with your business, no emotions attached, Oh well.

I quickly posted the video that was just recorded, I immediately got thousands of hits in an hour. I got an alert and it was Rick texting me.

12TBBCHammer: Be there in few, I already told her I would be picking her up. Do you want to go and take video?

Me: Sure, it will hot and different.

It was around 7:00 pm, Rick arrived, my mother was still dressed in the lingerie she had worn while Sam fucked her earlier. Rick looked my mother and said, that’s the way I expect my whores to look like, he walked over to her and started inserting three fingers up her cunt and she quickly started moaning, oooh, oooh, and closed her eyes. Rick said, you like fingers up your cunt, don’t you whore? Rick pulled his fingers out of her cunt, look how quickly she started coming, he raised his hand displaying his fingers covered with her cream all over his fingers. Rick look directly into her eyes and said, this whore is special, most whores just fuck because their pimp tells them to, this whore loves to fuck, she loves lots of cock up her cunt and ass, she sure loves big cocks down her throat. Rick asked, am I right whore? She replied, I love your big black cock in my cunt, come on fuck me now, fuck your whore.

Maybe later, I’ve got a couple of hours of work for you, he handed her a plastic bag and said, put this on, leave the fishnets and stilettos on. She didn’t bother to go anywhere to change, she took off her lingerie and put a tiny pair of very tight black shorts that did not cover her ass cheeks at all, the tiny top she wore had her breasts in full view except for her areolas. She stood in front of us looking like the hottest street walking whore. Rick said, damn whore, you sure look hot, you’ll be making me some good money tonight.

We got to an ally off “D Street” where all the hookers hung out. Rick opened the door and she got off the car. Rick told her, go to the guy over there by that black escalade, he’s waiting for you, he’ll tell you what to do. She went over to the guy and told him Rick sent me, she stood in front of him as he went circled around her. When the guy was behind her, took his right hand and inserted a finger up her cunt from behind, he said whore, you’re already wet, you’re going to be doing a lot of fucking tonight. Rick told me the guys name was Joe. I saw Joe go the back of the escalade and made the seats a bed and told her to get in, he followed. We drove and got closer, I was making a video of all that was going on. About a minute later, we saw the escalade shaking violently and she was moaning very loud, OOHAAH, OOHAAH, he was talking out very, loud, YOU LIKE BLACK DICK, DON’T YOU WHORE, She started saying, YES, I LOVE BLACK DICK, GIVE YOUR WHORE ALL YOUR BLACK DICK, GIVE IT ALL TO ME. We heard a grunt and he said, I’M COMING DEEP IN THAT HOT SILKY CUNT OF YOURS WHORE. She said, GIVE ME ALL YOUR CUM, FILL ME UP, I LOVE BLACK MEN FILLING THIS WHORE UP WITH ALL THEIR BLACK SEED! PUT EVERY DROP IN THIS WHORE!

When Joe was done, another dude was coming, Rick didn’t know who he was, but Joe did. Joe said, how are you doing Roy. Roy said, I heard you got a new white whore tonight. Joe replied, I just tested the merchandise, she’s got a fine white silky hot pussy, she doesn’t lay there, she loves to fuck, you can quickly tell this bitch is a whore for black cock. Roy handed Joe some money, Joe looked at the money and said, you only get five minutes, fool this isn’t money. Roy said, all I got, Joe replied, five, and Roy got in the back and about a minute later the escalade was violently moving again, sometimes up and down and sometimes sideways, he was fucking the shit out her, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, he said, you’re right Joe, THIS WHITE WHORE HAS A FINE HOT SILKY CUNT MADE FOR LOTS OF FUCKING. Roy said, LOOK AT ALL THE CREAM ON MY COCK, SHE’S COMING ALL OVER MY COCK, THIS WHORE LOVES TO FUCK! THIS BITCH IS A REAL BLACK COCK WHORE! YOU LOVE BLACK COCK, DON’T WHORE? She replied, PUT ALL YOUR BLACK COCK IN ME, COME ON FUCK YOUR WHORE DEEP, I LIKE BLACK COCK DEEP IN MY CUNT, FUCK IT HARD, FUCK IT, HARDER! Roy yelled out, I’M COMING WHORE, I’M GOING COME DEEP IN YOUR CUNT, he started dumping streams of cum, then he was done and got of the escalade, another guy got in and soon the escalade was shaking violently and my mother was screaming and moaning again, the same scene was repeated a dozen times, it was about 1:00 am, when she got off the escalade, she bent over to pull up her shorts and Joe leaned her over with her hands on SUV and said, I’m taking that white hot ass of yours, I’m going to give that ass a good fucking. He dropped his pants and he had a huge erection, he wasted no time, he put his cock in her ass in no time, without stopping he completely drove his huge erection in her ass, she screamed, AAAAAH, AAAAAH, AAAAAAH, he said, I LOVE TO MAKE MY WHORES SCREAM and he started pumping her ass hard, his large balls were slamming on her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Joe said, DAMN, YOU’RE A FINE WHITE WHORE! YOU HAVE SILKY ASS, JUST MADE FOR A LOT OF FUCKING! She started bucking her ass to meet his ramming strokes, it was driving him wild and Joe said, LOOK AT YOU GO, THIS WHITE WHORE LOVES BIG BLACK COCK IN THAT ASS! I’M COMING DEEP IN THAT ASS WHORE! She replied, GIVE IT ALL TO ME, FUCK MY ASS HARD, GIVE IT TO HARD, I WANT ALL YOUR BLACK SEED IN MY ASS, GIVE TO ME DEEP, FUCK YOUR WHITE WHORE!

Finally, he was done and pulled up his pants and gave her an envelope to give to Rick, instead of pulling up her shorts, she completely took them off and she walked over to the car. She told me get in the back while Rick drives, this whore is still hot, I need more cock, I want you to fuck me on the way back to the house. I got in the back and she tossed the envelope at Rick, she from Joe.

My mother sat beside and said take off your pants, she reached for my zipper, I unbuckled, and she pulled my pants down. She quickly went for my cock, devoured it, and started her bobbing her mouth up and down on my cock. She was an expert cock sucker, in a couple of minutes my cock was fully erect. I sat her up, looked directly in her eyes and kissed her passionately and she reciprocated while she kept jacking me off with her hand. I whispered in her ear, well how do you like being a whore? She whispered back in my ear, I fought it hard, I first had regrets, but now, I’m still your mother but I also love that you use me as a whore, I love to fuck my son and I love to spread my legs for black cock, I know I’m addicted to black cock, I really love for black men to fuck me and put their cocks deep down my throat. Let me ask you mister, did your turn your mother into the whore you fantasized about?

My mother was still jacking me off and, I leaned over and popped out her breasts and started kissing and sucking my mother’s hot tits, I said you I turned into a better whore than I could ever have imagined. She said, I love my son’s mouth all my breasts, it makes feels so lewd and hot, I guess your mother is just an evil whore. My mother was still jacking me off making my cock real hard, I said, come here evil whore, and ride my cock evil whore. She straddled my cock and lowered her hot cunt on cock, she was so wet there was no friction as she lowered her crotch taking all my hard cock in her cunt in one downward thrust, she said, my son’s cock feels so fucking hot and good buried deep in my pussy. I said, come on son fuck your mother, fuck the shit out of your whore mother. I held her down by the hips and started thrusting my cock upwards, she started bucking her hips to meet my thrusts, she started saying, FUCK YOUR WHORE MOTHER, GIVE YOUR WHORE ALL YOUR COCK, she was bucking her cunt against my cock driving it all the way hard, making slapping sounds, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, FUCK ME HARD, FUCK YOUR MOTHER’S CUNT HARD, GIVE ME ALL YOUR CUM, FILL UP YOUR WHORE MOTHER CUNT, I WANT EVERY DROP OF YOUR CUM IN ME, she was bucking hard and fast, FUCK YOUR WHORE, she was going ape shit, she started bouncing on my cock, saying, YOUR COCK FEELS SO FUCKING HOT IN ME. I said, THAT’S IT, BOUNCE ON THAT COCK, PUT IT ALL UP THAT FINE WHORE CUNT. She started bucking her cunt at my cock again, I said, THAT’S IT WHORE, FUCK YOUR SON’S COCK, YOU LIKE FUCKING YOUR SON’S COCK WHORE? She said, I LOVE MY SON’S COCK IN MY CUNT, IN MY ASS, I LOVE TO EAT MY SON’S CUM, I LOVE BEING MY SON’S WHORE.

I thought to myself, my mother is the best and hottest fuck I ever had, there is no way I was going to stop fucking the shit out of her anytime soon, maybe one day I’ll stop, but for now, I was going to keep my cock up my whore mother’s cunt!

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Tue, 22 May 2018 20:32:59 UTC

My daughter and friends plan

My daughter called and asked if her and her friend could stay the night. I said sure they could sleep in the extra room. They got there around thirty minutes later. Both extremely intoxicated, they were being obnoxious. I sent them off to bed and then turned in myself.

After hitting dream mode I was awakened by someone riding my face. I hate this perfect wet, 19 year old shaved box grinding on my mouth. It caught me off guard, but I went with it. Bella was rubbing herself while bouncing her fresh pussy all over my mouth.

I slowly awakened to realize Bella was stark naked. She had a brilliant body, perky tits with small nipples. A perfect body, down to her clean sexy box. I reached up rubbing her tits. Her moans were growing ever so loudly, and her thrusts got heavier and heavier.

I was enjoying the taste of Bella’s young babymaker all over my tongue. Just then I felt my boxers sliding down. Followed by a hand stroking my shaft. I thought Bella was ready to return the oral delight. I slowly felt my cock sliding down a mouth. This girl was seriously skilled at giving head, but it wasn’t Bella. I couldn’t see who as my face was engulfed in a beautiful pussy. Bella came hard all over my face just as my cock was getting a fast wet down by this mysterious mouth.

Bella leaned down and asked my how good it felt to get a bj while eating her out. I told her amazing. She said yeah, Shea is really good, isn’t she. This stopped me in my tracks as I just learned my cock was being taken by my daughter. It felt so good, I just couldn’t resist. She changed her pace from fast and shallow to slow and deep. Twisting her head and using her hand on my balls.

This amazing cock sucking lasted a few more minutes while Bella laid down beside me and began to rub her clit. My daughter then moved over and began to like her clit. Bella moaned In passion as my daughter ate away at her magic box.

They both stopped and looked over at me. What, I asked. Are you going to join in or what they asked. What do you want me to do. Bella said Shea needs her pussy pounded. Shea arched her back lifting her perfect puss up in the air. I was hesitant for a minute until Shea reached out and grabbed my dick, pulling me behind her. I figured fuck it and threw it in her young live hole. She fucked me back pounding her ass back on my stick. This was not there first time. Bella and Shea moaned in unison. I grabbed Shea by the hips and began to pound deep inside her.

We went at it for fifteen minutes before they decided to change up. Bella pulled Shea up to her mouth and began to suck on her swollen clit. This left Bella’s cock garage open for business. I pulled her legs up and pushed right in to her. Her pussy was tight and wetter than Niagara Falls. Her pussy muscled clinched down on my tool on every stroke. She went absolutely crazy, screaming. I reached out and pulled Shea back a little so I could reach her clit. I began circling it between my fingers. They both were screaming so loud my neighbors a mile away knew what was going on. I loved fucking Bella’s pussy and continued until I was ready to explode. Shea had cum multiple times from being licked while her clit was getting a workout.
I began to cum inside Bella, pulling out just enough to blast a stream all over Shea. Shea turned around and began to 69 Bella, licking all my cum out of her box. They both were ready to cum again.

I headed to the shower to let them finish. When I came back they were both passed out naked in my bed. I climbed in between them hoping that I would be awaken again in the morning. The next morning was an even better treat.

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Sun, 05 Aug 2018 21:29:33 UTC

Making A Dark Fantasy A Reality 3

I looked at my mother, she had finished swallowing all the cum in her mouth, she no longer was fighting me, she quickly started licking my cock and balls, yeah that’s a good whore! Suddenly she started aggressively sucking my cock again. I couldn’t believe it, she started to make gurgling and moaning sounds as she devoured my cock. Without me saying a thing, she started taking as much cock as she could down her throat, hold down for a few seconds let it go, then start jacking me off with her mouth, man could this whore deep throat.

I quickly picked up my phone and started to video as she deep throated my cock on her own. I sent the video to Scott.

Me: Look at this bitch go, she is taking all my cock down her throat on her own, man can this whore suck cock.

Scott: Dude, I would like to drive my big black cock down that whore’s throat. I’ve been wanting to fuck that MILF for a long time.

Me: YO man, fuck tomorrow, you want to come over right now?

Scott: FUCK YEAH! You sure she’ll fuck me?

Me: I know she will, a whore doesn’t get a choice, just fucks. Like I said keep your trap shut for now!

Scott: You got it dude!
Me: Come through the side kitchen door. Door code 116691. Come upstairs to her bedroom, don’t make noise, come in slowly.

Me: Go to my room and take your clothes off so we don’t waste any time.

Me: I don’t want to give her a chance get reluctance bullshit thoughts.

Scott: Got it!

Me: I will be fucking her doggy-style in the ass, I will quickly pull out and you take my place quickly, fuck the shit of that ass, she has a sexy hot ass.

Scott: See you in 15!

She kept on moaning loud and she was sucking my cock real hard, I held her by the sides of her face and started to ram my cock down her throat. She had a nice soft silky throat made for fucking, just like her ass and pussy. I could believe it, it was 1:20 am Sunday morning, just Saturday afternoon at 3:00 pm, I still was having this fantasy of fucking my mother and turning her into a whore. My fantasy was really happening. Here I am, driving my 9-inch cock down my mother’s throat and Scott was coming over to fuck her also.

No longer did I have to use loud commanding tones, I quietly asked her, you like to suck your son’s cock, don’t you whore? She replied, after you have been fucking me for hours, I decided to fully submit, why not enjoy a young cock. I thought to myself, oh yeah, I’ve got a whore here for sure and I picked her up and placed her in doggy-style position. She still had a very tight ass, so I heavily lubed my cock and her ass, I slipped my cockhead in her ass, quickly go in half-way, another minute and I had my 9-inch cock in her ass, my balls rested on her ass. I started slow thrusts and then I held her ass hard on against my cock and told her grind your ass on your son’s cock whore. She started moaning loud, OOOOH, OOOOH, OOOOH, as she performed her grinding action against my cock in her ass. I started slapping her ass cheeks, WHACK, WHACK, WACK, WHACK, I asked her, YOU LIKE THAT WHORE, DON’T YOU? She made a devilish sexy moan, aaahoooh, she said, making moaning sounds aaahoooh, I love your cock in my ass, aaahoooh. I said, YOU LIKE BEING YOUR SON’S WHORE? She started gyrating and grinding her ass real fast and hard against my cock. She started slamming her ass against my cock, impaling my whole cock up her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. She said, COME FUCK YOUR WHORE’S ASS HARD!

I spread her legs further apart, I started slapping her ass, WHACK, WHACK, and driving my cock in and out hard, her ass was slapping on my body hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, she was yelling out loud, FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR WHORE’S ASS HARD. I was plowing into her ass with all my might, suddenly I felt a tap it was Scott. I was so engrossed fucking my mother that I hadn’t noticed Scott come in the bedroom. Scott must have been watching for a little while because he already had a huge rock-hard erection. Scott and I had played football in high school, he had a reputation of fucking every young bitch in school. I was proud of my cock, but Scott had at least a 10-inch cock and much thicker than mine.

She was had her head down turned as I was slamming her ass hard, I acted like it was an accident that I popped out by mistake, I kept her with ass propped up in the air and head down. I said, oops, my bad, and Scott took my place. Scott immediately drove in his cock and my mother said, wow, you feel so much bigger, it almost feels like when you first fucked my ass. Scott was starting to pump her ass with his huge cockhead. She started screaming, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, IT’S HUGE! I yelled out, SCOTT, FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF THAT WHORE, SHOW HER HOW A WHORE GETS FUCKED! Scott said out loud, I HAVE WANTING TO FUCK THIS BITCH FOR A LONG TIME. PAMELA, I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU THE FUCKING OF YOUR LIFE, he started slapping her ass, WHACK, WHACK. She started screaming as Scott started to drive the rest of cock in her ass without mercy, AAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAH. Scott turned to me and said, hey CHRIS YOU’RE RIGHT, YOUR MOTHER HAS A SILKY TIGHT ASS, I’M GOING TO ENJOY FUCKING THE SHIT OUT HER ASS, he started ramming her ass, and she was screaming her head off, AAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, Scott was fucking her ass hard. I got up on the bed, as she was screaming, I quickly stuck my cock in her mouth, I said, SUCK ON IT WHORE, COME SUCK ON IT! Scott was slapping both of her ass cheeks as he was ramming her monster in her ass, Scott said as he slapped her ass, WHACK, COME ON WHORE, WHACK, TAKE YOUR SON’S COCK DOWN YOUR THROAT! WHACK, WHACK, SHOW YOUR SON HOW MUCH OF A WHORE YOU ARE, WHACK. YOU KNOW YOU LIKE BEING A WHORE, WHACK, WHACK, SHOW YOUR SONE HOW MUCH YOU LIKE TO TAKE COCK DOWN YOUR THROAT WHORE, WHACK, WHACK!

She started to deep throat my cock as Scott rammed her ass. Scott said, WHACK, BY THE TIME I GET DONE WITH THIS ASS, WHACK, SHE WILL HAVE NO PROBLEMS TAKING BIG COCK UP HER ASS. She was not longer screaming, but she was on fire, she was so fucking hot, she was getting delirious. I said, SCOTT, PICK HER UP AND LET ME GET UNDERNEATH, I’ll FUCK HER CUNT WHILE YOU DESTROY THAT ASS, HER FIRST DP OF MANY TOO COME! We high fived and he picked her up, still with his cock up her ass, I laid underneath and I inserted my hardon in her cunt as when he brought her down. Every time Scott rammed down, I thrusted upwards, we had her in a delirious state that she never had experienced, she was screaming, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, but it was not because of pain, she was in a state of fuck bliss! Scott said out loud, YOU LIKE THAT, DON’T YOU WHORE, WHACK, YOU LIKE A COCK UP YOUR ASS AND CUNT AT THE SAME TIME, WHACK. I said, ANSWER HIM WHORE, HE ASKED YOU, she finally said, YES, OH YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, I’VE NEVER HAD ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE, KEEP FUCKING ME! I said, WHORE, YOU’RE GOING BE DOING LOTS OF DPs. My mother was going crazy, I said, YOU’RE MY WHORE, GOT THAT! She said moaning, yes, ok, I’ll fuck, just don’t let anyone hurt me. I said, NO WILL HURT YOU, YOU ARE JUST GOING TO FUCK A LOT, JUST LIKE YOUR FUCKING NOW!


I said, I’m going to take a breather, Scott, go for it, she’s your whore now. Scott said, for real, I said yeah go for it, fuck the hell out of that cunt, she’s my whore, I looked at her and said right? She replied, you can fuck me all you want Scott besides I want to try that big black cock in my pussy, I have never had one in my pussy, I want to see how much this whore can take. I went down to get a glass of wine and then I went to my bedroom and open my laptop and check how Scott was doing. Scott had her legs spread and he was plowing his huge monster with all his might in her cunt. Scott was saying, YOU LIKE BIG BLACK COCK IN THAT CUNT WHORE? She was screaming, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR WHORE! Scott said, I’M GOING TO START USING YOUR CUNT OFTEN WHORE, MAYBE PIMP YOUR WHORE CUNT AROUND TO MY FRIENDS. I thought, good idea Scott, that way it will get her use to thinking of fucking lots of guys, not only me and Scott.

I picked up my phone and text a message to 12TBBCHammer.

ME: YO! You awake!

12TBBCHammer: YO! What up?

ME: Me and my friend are fucking the shit out my mother! You want to bring your 12TBBC and Hammer it out?


Me: Come to 15689 Jasmine Circle, that far from you? Get some of your crew.

12TBBCHammer: No, I’ll be there in 10, some of the crew will be there little bit later.

Me: I’ll be waiting.

I was seeing Scott pound the fuck out of my mother’s cunt when the I heard I knock, I went to the door and it was new buddy. What’s your real name anyway? He replied, Rick, I said, I’m Chris.

I told him to take his clothes of or was he shy to fuck in public. He took off his clothes and I couldn’t believe the size of his fucking monster cock. I told him my mother is going to have a new experience with that monster. I said come on, we went upstairs, as we got close to the door we could my mother screaming AAAAAH, AAAAAH, AAAAAH, AAAAAH and the bed shaking THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD as he was fucking her hard. I opened the door, and Scott yelled out, I’M COMING DEEP IN YOUR CUNT WHORE! We could tell she was coming to, she had released her loads of cream on Scott’s cock. I went up to Scott and tapped on the shoulder, my mother had her eyes closed enjoying the fuck she just had, I leaned over and pointed to the door. He looked back and saw Rick, he gave me a thumb up and we signaled Rick over. Rick was ready he had a huge rock-hard erection.

Scott was starting pull out and we could see gushers of cum flowing out of her cunt. Rick said, l got to plug that hole, and he quickly pulled up her legs and spread them wide. I got on the other side of the bed and held her legs down, she opened her eyes and said, who are you. She never got a response, she was so fucking wet, it was so easy when Rick plunged all his 12-inch cock in her pussy. My mother screamed out, IT’S SO BIG! Rick yelled, WHORE, I’M GOING TO TEACH YOU HOW TO BE A PROPER WHORE FOR BLACKMEN. Without any mercy, Rick started slamming, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, her pussy so fucking hard SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP she started screaming her head off, EEEOOOAAAAAH, EEEOOOAAAAAH, EEEOOOAAAAAH, EEEOOOAAAAAH. Rick yelled out, THAT’S IT WHORE, I LIKE MY WHORES SCREAM, MY WHORES SCREAM WHEN THEY LOVE MY BIG BLACK COCK. YOU LOVE MY BIG BLACK COCK WHORE? YOU THINK THIS FEELS GOOD, WAIT TILL I GIVE IT TO YOU IN THE ASS AND DRIVE IT DOWN YOUR MOUTH WHORE! OH YEAH WHORE, BY THE TIME ME AND MY BOYZ GET DONE WITH YOU, YOU’LL BE BEGGING FOR BIG BLACK COCK IN ALL YOUR HOLES. My mother was had her arms backwards grabbing the wall and she was tossing her head backwards and sideways, and rolling her eyes, screaming, EEEOOOAAAAAH, EEEOOOAAAAAH, EEEOOOAAAAAH, EEEOOOAAAAAH.

Rick said, BITCH, YOU’RE A WHORE SO GET USED TO LOTS OF BIG COCK, YOU’LL BE TAKING LOTS OF IT. I went downstairs to answer the knock at the door. It was 5 guys of his crew, they said 5 more would be her in an hour. I took them upstairs, when we went in Rick said, YO! IT’S TIME AGAIN TO THE DEED AND TURN THIS FINE WHITE PUSSY INTO A BLACK COCK WHORE! Rick said, lay the whore, with her head hanging over the side of the bed. The guys moved her over and Rick held her legs up and spread as he plowed into her cunt, she was screaming, EEEOOOAAAAAH, EEEOOOAAAAAH, EEEOOOAAAAAH, EEEOOOAAAAAH, Rick said, PUT A COCK IN HER MOUTH AND SHUT HER UP, one of his crew came over and started plunging his huge cock in her mouth, choking her but he didn’t give a fuck. The guy fucking her mouth said, DON’T FIGHT IT, LIKE IT OR NOT, YOU’RE GOING TO BE A WHORE, YOU’LL BE DOING LOTS OF FUCKING AND SUCKING COCK! GET USED TO IT WHORE.

Scott and I went downstairs to let the other part to crew come in. The bedroom door was left open, we could hear my mother screaming, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, and the guys yelling at her, GET USED TO IT WHORE, we heard Rick say, you fuck her next, let’s trade off fucking her every 6 minutes, we need to teach her taking lots of different cock. I told the new crew, just follow the sounds of my mother being fucked and you’ll get to where the bedroom is, they went upstairs.
I said hey Scott, with a dozen guys in mother’s bedroom there is no place for us, they’re all busy fucking the shit out of her. I said, get a bottle of wine, I’ll get my laptop and take it to the media room and pair it with our Bluetooth projector. Just in the first the first 30 minutes we watched, 6 guys had fucked her and the way they were talking it seemed 3 other guys had just fucked her, no matter 1-3 guys were always fucking her, they were keeping cock in her holes all the time. I noticed more guys were coming in and other going out, it must have been shift change. There was a total different crew in the room fucking her, my mother kept moaning loud, oohaah, oohaah as she was royally fucked and fucked, she kept tossing her head from side to side and screaming sometimes, when huge cocks pounded her cunt. The next guy positioned her doggy-style and just rammed her ass without mercy, she screamed, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAH, he said, scream all you want whore, I’m going to resize your fucking ass, my cock is going fit in it just right in minute or two, he started driving his massive cock in her ass, she started screaming, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, SLOW PLEASE, YOU’RE TO BIG, SLOW, he didn’t give a fuck about her pleading, he yelled out, SCREAM ALL YOU WANT WHORE and drove the rest of massive cock in her ass, it was such a powerful sound, we even heard her ass rip apart, he had his massive thick cock in all the way and she was screaming, AAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAH, TAKE IT OUT PLEASE, he yelled back, FUCK YOU WHORE, JUST FOR THAT, I’M GOING TO TEACH A LESSON. Without any mercy, he started ramming her ass as hard as he could, she was screaming her head off, AAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAH, PLEASE NO MORE, he said, FUCK YOU WHORE, YOUR ASS IS MINE UNTIL I WANT TO GIVE IT UP. WHORES DON’T GIVE ORDERS AROUND HERE, WHORE TAKE ORDERS AND GET FUCKED.

He told another guy, YO, GET ON THE BED AND PUT YOUR COCK DOWN THIS WHORE’S THROAT, the guy got on the bed and started driving his massive cock down her throat, he said, I’M GOING TO SHOOT ALL MY BLACK SEED DOWN THAT SILKY THROAT AND FLOOD ALL THAT WHORE’S MOUTH! I was surprised it took about five minutes and he began dumping cum down her throat, he yelled out, THAT’S IT SWALLOW IT ALL WHORE, COME ON WHORE, LICK MY COCK CLEAN, LICK IT WHORE! She was licking as much as she could, the other guy was pounding her ass hard, the fucking her ass, pulled his cock out and said, LOOK AT THIS SHIT, LOOK AT THIS NEW RESIZED ASSHOLE, YEAH WHORE, BY THE TIME I GET DONE WITH YOU, YOU WILL BE TAKING PLENTY OF COCK UP YOUR ASS LIKE GOOD WHORES DO.

Rick had told me earlier, that he and his crew were pimps, his crew were experts at turning women into street walking whores. Earlier Rick had showed me pictures of several innocent looking white housewives, before his crew fucked the crap out them. Rick also showed pictures of the same women after his crew turned them into whores, he had the same women dressed in sexy lingerie legs spread wide open showing their cunts, he had the women wear garter belts without panties as black men leaned over cars and fucked them, micro mini short skirts that were bordering on walking nude, the skirts barely covered their asses, he had a picture of a women about my mother’s age dressed black short shorts, her ass- cheeks were totally hanging out, he showed me a video of the same woman in a car in an ally somewhere and several black guys were fucking the shit out her, I could hear her screaming on the video as she was being fucked repeatedly, all the women wore very low-cut tops showing most of the tits.

We had front row seating and watching all the action as Rick and his crew fucked the shit out of my mother. After Rick’s crew was done, he was going to start pimping her out, she was going to be a street walking whore. These video recordings of my mother getting fucked by black men are going to be a great money maker for me.

Soon my dark fantasy would be a reality, my mother was being turned into the biggest town PUTA.

Incest Stories

Sun, 20 May 2018 22:40:36 UTC

The Incestuous Affairs 2 : Working Moms and the Comforts of a Son.


Two years later…..

It felt like it wouldn’t become anything but then it started to build, hesitated a bit, she felt like she had it under her control and then without warning it parted her lips and filled the starry summer night sky with ‘ yeeeEEAAAASSSSS’ a moan that had such music to it, it echoed through the forest like Mother Nature herself had an Earth shattering orgasm. It hung in the warm july air for what felt like forever and then it was gone.
Susann collapsed from what felt like a different plane of reality onto her boy Ed, her body a delicate quivering mess, his a glistening wet golden sculpture. And the two lovers were back into the world. A sharp Crackling of fire started a jazz piece and the whole forest joined in, the insects,the leaves, the swaying of the trees. Warm night air felt cool on their sweaty naked bodies, bodies illuminated by fire on a moonless night in the middle of nowhere.
Susann sighed.
Ed capriciously squeezed his mother who was laying on top of him between his slender hairless arms, Susann didn’t expect the grip to be this strong, she felt his chest swelling up and Ed howled, like a baby wolf would. Loud but super cute.
Susann giggled at her wonderful boy and kissed his nose,
“ You are going to get us eaten by wolves baby” she whispered in his ear. And raised her head to look him in his eyes and found the boy petrified by what she had said, She kissed his soft full lips and said, “ i will fight all the wolves for you my baby boy, also there arent any wolves in this jungle” She gracefully rolled off of him, his dick popped out of her pussy, a warm gooey delight slowly oozed out of her pussy Susann scooped it with her fingers and turned on her sides in one elegant motion She licked her fingers and savoured the taste. Ed was reminded of Pooh bear with his pot of honey.
“Wouldn’t it be nice if we could live in the forest like the wolves, live with the nature, just the two of us” said Susann more to herself than to Edward. Ed noticed a hint of sadness in her deep eyes.
He joined “ and I would climb the trees and get the juiciest of fruits and you would catch fish from the lake like a mermaid, no work all play, no school-”
“No shoots” added Susann with a smile.
“-We will hunt like wolves and pee on the trees” Ed chuckled trying to keep her mind off things
“And I will sing you lullabies under the starry sky and we could twerk around the fire.” giggled Susann
“Over the years we wouldn’t need to speak much, we would stare in each others eyes and smell each other and we would know each other’s hearts.” suddenly the night disappeared and they were in their own reality once again, they both feel this passion that rages like wildfire.
“I will howl for you and you would come running to me tracking the smell of the nectar-” Susann smelled her glistening fingers “- and we would fuck like animals like Mother Nature wants us to, We will fuck in the river, in the caves, near the lake, under the moonlight”

" and there wont be any other wolves , just the two of us, all by ourselves"
Susann heard the hurt in his voice, she caressed his face and from the bottom of her motherly heart said " You are my Alpha Wolf Baby Boy"
"I get so lonely when you are gone, I miss you Mummy so much"
"Everyday without my boy feels like a punishment"
and they both found solace in each other’s embrace.
"I’m doing this for us baby, you just focus on your studies and friends, travel the world, have your own story” saying that Susann jumped on all fours let out a long deep howl that turned into a moun.
Ed got the hint and made his baby wolf howl and lept for his mother. They rolled around in the dewy grass playing like wolves biting and scratching. And then they were apart and each made a round of their camp site came face to face across the fire.

And thus began the dance of the wolves, under the blanket of stars in a forest clearing surrounded by old trees, illuminated in the amber glow of a dwindling campfire, a mother and her cub, trying the mating dance. They sniffed and licked, groaning with ecstacy, under the flickering light they bodies made impossible shapes,one moment Ed had her toes in his mouth and the other Susann’s tongue was covering his periunem and inching towards his pink puckered boipussy.
Maybe Susann bit a little harder Ed wiggled out from under his mother and cowered away like a hurt puppy.
Susann knew this game. Susann slowly growled an apology and slowly moved towards him on all fours, wet grass sticking on her golden knees, and lept towards her son. Ed howled and ran towards the lake. Susann called out for her cub but he only laughed from behind the trees.
Susann had been doing this parenting thing for a lifetime she knew when to ignore her cub. She moved towards the tent and pulled her dick shaped ceramic bong and took two hits of her special weed that her Manager gets her. A pleasant fire lit up in her chest, she was here and now and in love.She gave in to the smoke and it started to distort her reality.

A warm rush covered her soft delicate body leaving behind a rosy glow she felt calmer yet hornier, sluttier. She jutted her ass out and buried her face in the soft mattress. And then she was somewhere else, her body was lost somewhere and she was sinking in a black lake, she felt a little scared and lonely, she didn’t know where she was, everything was dark, she couldn’t feel her body. She heard some growling voices and her heart skipped a beat, she was petrified with fear, and then she felt slow breathing on her asshole, her soul squirmed, warm wet tongue licked her and she felt her ass materialize in the dark, the spit and passion as it rolled down her smooth asshole and made its way into the pinkish folds of her vagina, lighting up firecrackers wherever it went, her asshole began to open up in anticipation, Her ass swayed in the deep dark lake she had lost her body in, she felt a shape lurk behind her, she waited submissively for it to make its move. she had no control
She felt the multiple tongues deep inside her asshole mapping every inch of it. Then she discovered there was a hand in her pussy, she didnt when it got there, but it felt natural. She fell deeper. Waves of pleasure illuminated her body like fishes do attract mates in deepest of oceans She waited for her saviour and decided to surrender to the pleasure.

And then she was alone again, she waited for so long ,floating, lost in a sea of ecstacy.

Ed took a one deep hits and filled his heart with smoke….

Ed loved it when his Mummy was like this, Free. Two years ago Ed never knew he would smoke with his Mummy, and make sweet sweet love to her deliciously pink asshole. They were all very different people two years back. Then she was a timid yet doting mother and an obedient wife, whose entire existence was devoted to her Adonic husband Nick and her beautiful baby boy Edward. She had lost Susann somewhere down the years.Susann had given her everything to Nick her hopes and dreams, her youth and body But Nick wanted more and he didn’t want to ask anymore of her.

Susann found this insulting. That he would think her love was finite. Wasnt she his Wonder Woman anymore. The threads had frayed enough. And on that fateful moonlit night two years ago she found a new alley in her baby boy Ed, that 14 year old boy full of life and love. His kind eyes that made her feel wanted, his childlike laughter that brightened her days and his tall twinkish body lit up her nights. Susann felt like she had travelled back in time and found her boyfriend Nick, His unconditional love, support and kisses helped her find the Susann who had dreams and desires, who wanted to travel the world and carve out her own story. And this younger Nick will be riding with her.

What slowly bubbled over a month erupted with the build up rage of decades. Susann and Nick said some horrible things to each other, Nick ripped her heart out and shattered it in front of Ed but instead of cowering down that chaste housewife broke her cage and demanded to get into the driver’s seat for the rest of her journey.
She had to leave some scars for him to remember her by so she scratched her name on the divorce paper.
She went to her room grabbed her stuff, shed her wife cloth and put on her confidence.

In a low cut cropped sleeveless white tee, no bra,her firm juicy boobs bubbling with enthusiasm, trying to spill out.The deep purple short shorts had her round pink plump ass hanging out. She had tied her long black hair in a bun, revealing her elegant neck and slender shoulders.Her face red with rage and determination. That 31 year old mother of one came and stood in front of her Husband who was clutching the divorce notice tears streaming down his face.
“You can have all the girls, boys and trannies in the world but you will never ever have this”
She twirled around on one foot like a ballet dancer ended her little dance routine with a middle finger to his face and stormed out.
And by the time she was backing up her Tesla, Ed was standing in the driveway, she knew He had all the shattered pieces of her heart.
Susann opened the door, “ you would be happier with your father.”
“I dont want happiness I want you”
And just like that they left like Bonnie and Clyde, they had all they needed, each other.

He longed for his father, his kind eyes, that mischievous smile, those big muscular arms, that rugged chest that was second only to Mom’s in terms of Blissfulness. he had so much to learn from him.

….. Ed exhaled and thought he should get in touch with his father and then he looked down at his mother’s naked butt glistening under the flickering amber fire. The animal in him stirred, he was the alpha, he owned that ass.

She could feel warm spit dripping on her smooth round ass, her rosy pleasure hole tingling, she feared the heat between her legs might burn her from the inside. She felt hundreds of hands on her ass, ravenous tongues feasting on her asshole, hundreds of hands sculpted her body, wherever those hands touched her sensual supple body rematerialized, she knew she had warm goo creeping through her inner thighs, she loved how soft her boobs were and how brutally they were squished under her body but suddenly she felt incomplete, like something was missing, she thought of her love and whispered called out for her son
“Ed… where are you ?”
“Inside you Bitch” said the universe
And in one swift stroke shoved his thick 7 inch dick, slick with pussy juice and cum, deep in her asshole.” aaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHH” Susann let out long shriek indistinguishable from pleasure. The baying enraged the animal. He wanted to know how far he can push the boundaries of this relationship. A lustful rage filled his heart.

“How could you leave me all alone for a month why didn’t you take me with you? Why tell me!”

And Ed unceremoniously pulled her luscious black hair and she was lifted out of her sea of ecstacy and thrown under a wolf. “wai-aaaaaaAAAA” before she could do anything Ed was deep inside his mothers asshole, dishing out his brand of punishment. He grabbed both her hands and began rage fucking her asshole. Each deep stroke lifted her off the ground a little.
His dick bumped painfully into her sigmoid bend, pleasure was pain and pain was pleasure.
Her loud moans became a high pitched song of ecstacy. Ed didn’t like that she was enjoying this, He threw her on the ground like a naked ragdoll, face down, ass up. He put his one foot on her head, her soft hair tickling between his toes. And he jumped dick first into her gaping asshole and began pumping like a mad man, grunting and moaning with all his strength, sweat dripping from his forehead onto his hairless chest and contouring through his abs and making a cute puddles in her dimples of venus.
Beads of sweat appeared on his smooth bubble butt and danced around a little before flowing into his ass crack towards his pink boy hole as he repeatedly stabbed his dick into his mother.
“Ssstaaaaapaaaaaaaaaaa” this wasn’t the time for safe words
He grabbed one of her tits began manhandling her. Slapping those dangling titties with no respect, they were hot and red in no time. Pinching her nipple brutally, he pulled her hair and brought her face next to his, tears running down her face, hair a mess, boobs red from the abuse yet her eyes were glazed, she was in a sexual trance.
His dick seemed to be poking at her heart. She felt like he never left her body. Ed was entering his mother like he never wanted to leave.Each Long deep passionate thrusts culminated in animalistic moan. They fucked her like animal for what felt like hours, red palm print on her butt.
They would call it rape if it wasn’t consensual.
Ed turned her around, and saw her in the campfire, her mascara smeared all over face, her hair tangled and sticking all over her body, her nipples sore, thighs slick with their love juice, bits of green grass stuck hear and there on her gold glistening body. Their blank eyes met, he hesitated for a moment and then “SLAP”
Blood rushed to her already rosy cheeks, she was jolted out of her trance. But before she could do anything he rudely bent her legs over her shoulders and lifting her ass and rammed his hard wet cock in her asshole, balls deep in one stroke, Susann wailed, her head was going to explode. Ed grabbed her neck with both hands and began pumping his dick in her asshole, Susann crying like a helpless little girl, slapping and scratching him with her weak arms, she realised Ed had her overpowered, he wasn’t 8 anymore he has grown into a strong agile handsome boy, back in highschool she wouldn’t have had the guts to talk to a guy like him, her mother’s heart swelled up little.
Her lips parted as she began a soft low moan, Ed saw her strawberry red lips parted and drooled a sloppy wad of spit into her mouth, Susann received it like some elixir and he knew she was always going to be here no matter how far he pushed her.
He stopped the ass raping for a second looked her in her eyes and their lips met, Susann gyrated her ass, he began his raping. they made strange shapes and weird noises, her red lipstick smeared across his face, joined at the lips and at the hips. The two made hot
violent needy animalistic love under the stars.

They fucked till Susann’s ass started to convulse, Ed felt the rhythmic waves that mercilessly squeezed his cock She didn’t think she could take it anymore but Ed knew she needed that final push and he ignored his mother’s cries to stop and went on ramming that round plump ass like it was used to.
And then it came up on her suddenly, her thighs began to quiver her toes curled and she felt like her head would explode and just when she thought it was too much Ed began to grunt and growl like an animal, she wrapped her arms around her sweet boy. The orgasm built deep in her ass like a volcano and one final stroke her ass clenched his dick like a fist, but Ed still forcing his dick into her asshole, with all his strength trying to reach an orgasm, her stomach tightened, his balls retracted, blood rushed to her head, for him pumping his dick was the only thing that existed in the world and with one final push, Ed’s legs tightened

Ed began, “maaaaaaaaAAAAAA–” his eyes rolled up and he began dumping his seed deep in her asshole and just then a geyser of her love juice squirted out of her vagina.”-AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhdddddd” Susann finished.
Their bodies convulsed in unison like they were both having a seizure. They held onto each other Like nothing else existed.
She dug her nails in his back. He had her neck between his teeth.

They lay there in Mother Natures lap, inside each other, feeling complete.

After what felt like an eternity basking in the warmth and glow of each other, they opened their eyes, Susanns legs still around his back, Ed’s dick still deep in her asshole, he removed the hair sticking on her face, she looked divine, he felt blessed, she saw it in his eyes, no matter where she goes, whom she meets, she will not find this adoration in any other eyes. Her Nick had come back in the form of her son.

She started to speak her voice hoarse and husky “………. because you had you exams!! “

Incest Stories

Fri, 13 Jul 2018 14:46:37 UTC

My New Guard Dogs

My New Guard Dogs (F, best)

Summary – Jessica moves to a new house and buys two, large, guard dogs to keep her company.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don’t be a dick with other people’s lives!

Hi, my name is Jessica Clark. I’m a 23 year old administrative assistant, living in Palm Springs, California. I’m five feet eight inches tall, with a very thin frame. I have long blonde hair, large breasts, shapely ass and a hungry little pussy!

I had moved to Los Angeles after high school, hoping to become an actress. After all, everyone said I had the looks for it, and I received a lot of praise for my acting in the high school plays, even winning an award! However, like most ‘California Dreams’, I had to find a steady job, and got a position in Palm Springs! My boss is great, the work is easy, and the money is fantastic!

My boss, Mr. Gallagher, likes to look at me, and I don’t mind. He pays me VERY well, so I dress professionally but provocatively for him. Trust me; I know how to show off my ‘assets’! I let him stare down my braless tops and pretend I don’t notice, or, I take my time getting the files he asks for (they are always in the bottom file cabinet). I wiggle my ass, flash him my panties, and spread my legs when I’m at my desk, knowing he is watching me while I file papers or paint my finger nails. I have a banana every day for lunch, and I take my time eating it while I’m doing my online shopping. Sometimes I drizzle chocolate syrup on it, giving both of us a little treat. I only do it once in a while though, when Mr. Gallagher has been ‘extra’ nice to me, like buying roses for my desk, or giving me the afternoon off. I don’t want to spoil him, and besides, too much chocolate is bad for my figure!

I think all the sexual stimulation I give him was the reason I got my last big raise! He even told me that with the money, I could ‘buy some nice new clothes’, because ‘girls like me deserve nice things’. I did buy some sexy lingerie, and flashed him a bit more, knowing the frilly lace would turn him on! I’m thinking that I might even ‘forget’ my panties one day, if I can figure out how to ask him for more money. I don’t think I’ll fuck him or blow him though. He’s married, and I feel he is getting enough for the money he is paying me!

Anyway, with the extra money, I moved out of my tiny apartment and bought a house! It is a cute ranch home just outside of the city. A nice investment! Only two bedrooms, but I have a big yard and sweet neighbors (who like to look at me too!). The only problem? I was scared to be alone!

An older lady at work told me I should get a guard dog to protect me and keep me company, since I didn’t have a boyfriend. She winked when she said it for some reason. She gave me the phone number of a breeder outside of L.A., and I went there yesterday to get a dog. OMG! The place was huge and they had so many pretty doggies! I told them I wanted a ‘big’ dog, and the nice man helped me pick out a huge Shepherd/St. Bernard mix, which was ‘exceptionally trained’, he said. His name was ‘Hammer’. The dog loved me! He licked my face and hands, and even tried shove his nose up my skirt! The dog’s little, red wiener stuck out of his sheath, and I giggled and pointed out that it looks like my lipstick, when I twist it out of the case! He said it means the dog likes me! Yeah, right! All males like the smell of a hot pussy. When I noticed the dog in the next cage looked exactly like Hammer, he told me they were brothers, and his name was ‘Mallet.’ I had to have them both! I couldn’t break up a family, I told him!

The nice man told me that normally, he wouldn’t sell two males to a small girl like me, because they fight for dominance. However, these two have never showed any aggression to each other at all, ‘taking turns, and sharing nicely’, so he allowed me to buy both! I couldn’t believe how much they cost, but I had already fallen in love with them! The way they looked at me, I swear they were smiling. I loved the way their tongues hung down – long, fat and pink! They looked at me with their goofy expressions, on top of their wide, muscular bodies. I felt safer already! I loaded both Hammer and Mallet into my car.
Before I left, I asked the nice man how they got their names. He told me “because they liked to ‘pound’ things”. “Pound? Like a ‘dog pound’?” I said. They couldn’t pound nails, of course. I didn’t get the joke…

I brought them home and let them play in the back yard while I went out and bought them food, bowls, brushes and toys! We spent a quiet evening getting to know each other, playing in the back yard and wresting in the living room. They were so BIG! They knocked me around the floor! I climbed on them, they climbed on me, and they both licked my face, arms and legs until I thought I would pee! We had so much fun! Once, they sat down, side by side, with their little ‘lipsticks’ sticking out, staring at me, with their heads cocked! So cute, I wish I’d have taken a picture!

I went to bed and slept peacefully for the first time in many nights. Hammer and Mallet tried to climb up on the bed with me, but I pushed them down and told them ‘No!’ Surprisingly, they obeyed and slept on the floor, next to the bed. ‘Not enough room for all three of us, guys!’ I told them. I didn’t know how I could have stopped them if they had been determined to climb into bed with me!

This morning, everything changed.

I woke up to the alarm clock and nearly stepped on them! They were so excited to see me! I let them out and drank my coffee. Then, I fed them, admiring them while they ate. Hammer was so handsome, and Mallet had eyes that would melt your heart! I was a lucky girl to own two beautiful dogs!

I’m used to walking around totally naked in the morning, so, when I stripped in front of my boys, I was taken aback by their reaction! Like any typical male, they began to get excited! They began to wag their tales, their wieners stuck out, and they tried to jump on me! I had to push them out of the way to close the bathroom door to take my shower! Wow! I thought, two horny men living with me! I wasn’t sure how it was going to work out! I love to fuck, but, this is ridiculous!

After my shower and drying my hair, I went to my room, still naked, and began to get made up for the day. Hammer and Mallet followed me every step of the way and kept sniffing at my ass! I had to swat them away! I picked out some sexy clothes to wear for Mr. Gallagher, but when I bent over to grab my favorite pair of black pumps, Hammer stuck his nose right into my twat, gave it a huge sniff, and licked me!

“Hammer!” I said, turning around. “Bad Doggie! Don’t lick mommy’s pussy!” I almost gave him a smack on his nose, but he looked so sad! I felt bad that I had yelled at him! He was only being curious after all! I remember hearing that a dog’s sense of smell is so much better than a human’s. Being a male, he probably smelled my pussy and couldn’t help himself! I have the same effect on human males, so, I was used to it. Men see a pretty girl with full lips, a nice set of tits, a round ass, and they do crazy things. Like my boss, Mr. Gallagher.

I decided to let him smell my cunt, just to get it over with. If we are going to live together, we have to get to know each other, right? It made perfect sense. One little sniff of my juicy little pussy for each of them, and then I can get ready for work without being bothered.

I sat down naked on the edge of my bed and opened my legs to let Hammer sniff my cunt all he wants too. He walked over to my pussy like he was stalking prey! He got up close and sniffed it again and again. Then, he shoved is nose right into my cunt, and suddenly, he began to lick my pussy! Over and over his tongue slid up my slit! OMG! His tongue felt so fucking good! I had never felt anything like it before!
Hammer’s tongue was long, fat and pink, and he was doing his best to push it deep into my fuck-hole! I let Hammer lick my cunt, spreading my legs wider, and opening up my pussy lips for him! It felt so good, feeling his tongue licking me up and down! He put his huge, pink tongue up my cunt as deep as it could go! His tongue felt like a slick, wet snake probing my juicy hole. It was like he was trying to get every drop of my pussy juice! I felt myself cumming, and rubbed my clit while his tongue tickled my insides. He would slurp his tongue on my fingers, hitting my clit, and then plunge it back into my hole.
“Aaaahhh! Hammer! Lick me! Lick me!” He acted like he understood and began to lick harder! Mallet sat down and started whining. He seemed upset that there was not enough room between my legs for the both of them!
I spread my pussy lips again and humped his face, forcing my clitty against his hot tongue. He began to lap at my love button and I started to cum! I never had an orgasm like that before! It was almost an out-of-body experience. My toes curled and my thighs quivered. I felt my hairy lover go deeper into me as my pussy started to tingle, and I clamped my legs around his strong, muscular body. “Ooohhh!” I moaned, “Lick mommy’s pussy, Hammer! Eat my fucking hole!” I began thrashing my head side to side as I came, pushing my creaming cunt hard against his hot, slurping tongue. “Aaaaaahhhh!” I cried out as I came over and over again! Once, twice, three times with his tongue dancing on my clit and then shoved deep up into my cunt.

“Whew! What an orgasm!” I said, “Wow, Hammer! What a good boy you are!” I had to push him away from my twat, or else he would have kept licking me. “Maybe later…” I said to him, patting his head and scratching him behind the ears.

I looked down to see if licking my cunt made him horny too. Yep, his little pecker was sticking out, a little longer and thicker than before, but still a thin, red rod, poking out from his sheath. His thing was so cute! I decided to get a closer look and got on the floor with my two, strong protectors. That may have been a mistake!

Hammer and Mallet were so excited to have me on all fours like they were! They began to get excited – dancing around, licking me and nudging me with their huge heads. I crawled away from the bed and felt two sets of tongues trying to lick me from behind. “GAWD!” I moaned. It felt twice as good as before!
I spread my cheeks for them, like a horny little slut, and they began to lap my cunt AND MY ASS-HOLE! I stayed that way, with my ass presented to them, as they licked my cunt, my ass-checks, my ass-hole, my thighs… It felt so good! They loved my ass, and even tried to get their tongues up into my shitter! I had only had my ass-hole licked one time, I loved it, but it felt nothing like this! I felt another little orgasm building, when suddenly; I felt a weight on my back and a slimy ‘poke’ against my ass-cheeks!

Hammer was trying to fuck me! I started to crawl away, but I thought, “What the fuck?” He made me feel good, so I’m obligated to do the same for him, right? It’s not like his little pecker is going to hurt me or anything… “Come on and fuck mommy’s clam, Hammer!” I snorted! ”Clam-Hammer? Are you a ‘Clam-Hammer’ doggie?” I giggled at my own joke. “Come on, you can do it!” I wiggled my ass for him, helping him to find my soaking wet fuck-hole with his slimy, little, doggie dick.

Hammer found my juicy cunt and slid his little pecker into me with no problem. I giggled again, feeling so naughty, as he fed his long, thin dick into me. He suddenly began to hump me, fast! His cock felt like it was going a hundred miles an hour! Then, I got a surprise. His cock began to grow! I could feel it getting bigger and bigger with every thrust. “What the fuck?”
His cock pushed my pussy lips wide apart, then wider, and then I felt some kind of ‘lump’ slide into me. He fucked me hard and fast, and I felt the ‘lump’ getting bigger! His cock grew until it was enormous! I had never had such a big thing in my cunt! The lump grew so large; he couldn’t get it in my little hole any longer. But then, determined to have his way with me, he slammed it all the way into my tiny fuck-hole!
“Ahhhh!” I cried as the hard thing forced its way into me. I felt it expand even more, filling up my cunt. It couldn’t come out anymore, it had gotten so large! We were somehow locked together now! Hammer kept pounding my cunt, again and again, hard and fast. What a fuck he was giving me! I reached down and felt my swollen cunt, stuffed full of doggie-dick!
“Fuck me, Hammer!” I cried. “Fuck your mommy with your fat doggie cock!” I started to cum again and then felt his cocks swell even more. Hammer whined and thrust deeper into me. I suddenly felt something very hot inside my pussy. His sperm! Hammer was shooting off into my pussy! I could feel him blasting his doggie goo into me! There was so much of it! It was so warm and wet, and he kept shooting it! It was filling me up! I came over and over again, feeling his thick cock slamming into me and his hot cum blasting so fucking deep inside of me!

Hammer finally stopped fucking my pussy and I felt his weight on top of me. What a monster! I looked back and saw his happy, tired face, his long tongue hanging out. Men, they are all the same! I loved the feeling of his lump keeping us tied together. Most men would have pulled out after they came, leaving my empty and wanting more. This was nice, like we were cuddling after sex. I liked how full my pussy felt. “Damn! Hammer and I are going to be best friends from now on!” I thought.

I heard Mallet pacing back and forth behind us, so I called him over. I felt bad for him, since he didn’t get to cum, but Hammer and I sure did! Mallet walked over to me and licked my face as I petted him. I couldn’t get away from his wet tongue, since I was locked up with Hammer, but I didn’t mind a little doggie spit, after everything that had happened. I put my head down and turned to avoid his tongue, and that’s when I saw it; Mallet’s cock!

His cock was HUGE! No longer a thin, pink rod, it must have been a foot long! It was very thick and pointed at the tip. The color was a mixture of purple and deep-red. It was gnarly looking; bumpy, with pulsating veins running along its entire length. It was wet, shining and throbbing right in front of me.
“That’s what is up my cunt?” I thought? No wonder I felt so full! These boys are ‘growers’, not ‘show-ers’, that’s for sure! I looked at Mallet’s lump. It looked like a pomegranate, only bigger. It almost reminded me of a swollen set of testicles, but his huge testicles were still hanging down behind it. Oh, well, ‘in for a penny, in for a pounding’ as my daddy always said (I think?).
I reached up and felt Mallet’s cock, giving it a gently stroke. “I can’t wait to feel your big doggie cock inside my little muff, Mallet.” …I snorted again! “Muff-Mallet and Clam-Hammer! Perfect!” I giggled like I was crazy! Mallet whined and seemed to like me playing with his fat cock! Poor boy, his brother got laid, and he could only watch. I felt so sorry for him! His cock was so hard! I bet his balls were full too! I knew I had to help him
“Does my little Muff-Mallet need to shoot his doggie sperm too?” I asked him. “Come here, let mommy help you, sweetheart.” My pussy was still stuffed tight with Hammer’s cock, so I decided to see if Mallet would like a blow job. After all, what guy didn’t like a warm, wet mouth wrapped around their cock? Gently gripped Mallet him behind his lump and brought his penis to my mouth. He move closer and stood still, like he was trained to do this!
I gave his cock a little lick, tasting the difference between human cock and dog cock. “Not bad!” I thought, I could get used to this! I began to lick him, and took him into my mouth. Mallet helped by standing over me, giving me full access to his cock. I licked him up and down, slurped him back and forth and took his fat shaft down as deep as I could. He began to shoot out a thin, watery fluid. I don’t think it was cum, but I swallowed it anyway! I tried to look at it to see what it was, but his cock kept shooting, hitting my eyes, my face, my shoulders and my breasts. It was warm, wet and slippery. Must be like a guy’s pre-cum, I figured. I licked and sucked on Mallet’ cock, giving him a better blow job than I did for any of my boyfriends!

Hammer started getting fidgety, probably wanting me to suck his doggie cock too! He tried to jump off of me and pull that fat knot out of my pussy, but told him “No, Hammer!” We ended up butt to butt, with his lump still stuck in my pussy. “Stay!” I said, and squeezed him tight with my pussy. “You had your turn, Hammer!” I told him, “Now, give Mallet a chance to shoot off his doggie sperm too!”
I went back to work on Mallet, trying to get him off too. What a sight I must have been! Naked, on the floor with a big, fat dog cock stuffed in my pussy while I sucked off another one!
Hammer was getting restless, so I wiggled my ass for him, while I jacked, licked, and sucked his brother’s cock. I used all the tricks I knew, trying to make Mallet shoot his load into my mouth. He started to hump my face a little. Normally, I hate it when a guy tries to fuck my face, and I make them stop, but with Mallet, it was different. I wouldn’t let a man dominate me like that, but with a big, strong animal, it somehow felt ‘natural.’
I let him have his way with me. I felt his cock slide into my throat. He was very gentle. I was able to swallow most of his pre-cum, but a lot of it dripped onto the floor. I felt him squirting it against the back of my throat over and over. I ticked his balls for him and sucked him off until finally I felt his cock swell even larger and he whimpered a little and began shooting his cum into my mouth! There was a LOT of it! I swallowed as best I could, but a lot of it ran out of both sides of my mouth. It was a lot thinner than a man’s cum. I kept sucking and swallowing his hot, doggie cum the best I could until he was finished. My face was wet with dog sperm, and my belly felt full.
”Feel better, now boy?” I asked him, licking the dripping cum from my lips. I swear he tried to kiss my face with his big, fat tongue as his way of saying “Thank you!”

Hammer’s cock felt softer, so I finally let him separate from me, and he pulled that fat thing out of my sore pussy. I think a gallon of cum must have gushed out of my well-fucked hole! He was very nice though and licked my pussy clean. Then, both dogs lay down and cleaned themselves off, licking their softening cocks. I watched their cocks get smaller and thinner, and finally slid back into their hairy sheaths.

I looked down at my horny boys and decided to skip work today. I called work and told them I wasn’t feeling well, it was a lie, of course. I just wanted to stay home and play with my new friends.

The man at the store was right, they did take turns and play nice, and, they sure did like to ‘pound’ things!

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Animal Stories

Sun, 20 May 2018 13:18:53 UTC

Jane’s Story – Mom’s Black Lab Toby

My name is Jane, I’m in my late thirties now. The story I’m about to relate to you is true, happening when I was sixteen years old. I am an only child, my parents told me, “They didn’t want to mess with perfection by having more children.”

I had just come home from school. Dad and Mom were still at work, they wouldn’t be home until six. I was trusted at home alone after school, but I had to make sure every door and window was locked. Today was late gym class, I was sweaty and wanted to take a quick shower before doing my homework. But first I had to let Toby, our black lab, out, he had been cooped up since I left for school. He ran out into the back yard and pissed on his favorite tree. Then he comes loping back, wanting to get back into the house. I let him in, then I went to my room.

Being the silly girl I am, I put on some music and performed a strip for myself. I had a full-length mirror and watched myself take my clothes off. I had watched movies of female strippers, and I emulated them. The music ended about the time my last article of clothing hit the floor. I stood there and admired my reflection. I was developing nice breasts, I was already in a “B” cup bra. My waist was defined, my hips were widening. No wonder all the boys wanted to date me, I was hot. Being blonde, my pussy hairs were blond also. I could see the definition of my slit, my clit was safely hidden. I also know about masturbation and how to get an orgasm. I usually played with myself every night, dreaming of some male actor or rock star. I’m still a virgin, and I wanted to remain that way until marriage.

I had just finished my shower and was wiping down my body when I heard sirens, and they were close. They got louder and louder, they sounded like they were on my block. My shades were drawn, and I couldn’t see outside. I went to the window and peeked out, I saw the fire engines but couldn’t see anything else. I dropped down to my hands and knees and lifted the bottom of the shade. Now I could see the firemen dragging out hoses, there was smoke coming from the neighbor’s house across the street.

I was watching for maybe five minutes when Toby came into my bedroom. Seeing me on my hands and knees, Toby must have been enticed to come up behind me, and his long tongue licked my pussy. I jumped and rolled onto my butt.

“Toby, get out of my room,” I screamed at him.

He paid no attention to me. He stuck his nose between my legs and licked me again. This time his tongue licked me from my butt hole and over my clit. Now I don’t know if you know, but a dog’s tongue is very strong, it slipped inside my slit, across my virgin opening. It really felt good and I wanted him to do it again. I spread my legs, Toby didn’t need a second invitation, I let him lick all he wanted. It took a couple minutes before I had an orgasm. My orgasm was like I never had before. It felt so good, maybe because it was so taboo. I pushed Toby’s head away, and he ran out of my bedroom.

I went back to looking out through the window under the shade, watching the firemen work. I was on my hands and knees again, thinking that Toby was back downstairs. The next thing I felt was my head being rammed into the window sill. I felt this hairy body on my back. Toby was on top of me, his front feet on my thighs, holding me tight. He was heavy, and I couldn’t get up. When I tried, he growled.

Now I knew I was in trouble, Toby must have thought I was a female dog and he was going to breed me. I struggled to get away, I twisted sideways, that was no help. I tried to lay down on my belly, that didn’t work either, his paws held me up. All the time Toby was growling, then he snapped his jaws like he would bite me. I stopped struggling, there was nothing I could do now.

Toby started humping me like I saw him do to my Mom one time when she was on her hands and knees washing the kitchen floor. I was only eight, but I remember Daddy laughing so hard. She couldn’t get Toby off her either. Mom was fully dressed, and Toby finally jumped off her. My Mom’s face was all red.

Dad said, “Next time he mounts you, you won’t be dressed.”

Mom threw the mop rag at Dad. “Shut up, your daughter is right here.”

But I was nude, and I felt his prick bumping against my butt and the back of my thighs. I tried again to get away. I must have made a mistake because I felt the tip of Toby’s dick go inside me a little bit. I started to cry, I was going to lose my virginity to a damn dog.

Toby’s dick pulled out of me when he pulled back. Again he humped forward, his dick sliding on my clit, I felt sensations I had never felt before. His dick was hot and wet, and he kept humping me, only harder. It was starting to feel good, so I let Toby continue. He didn’t do this long though. Toby jumped off of me, licked my pussy and jumped back on. He started to hump me again, his dick trying to find my vagina. I twisted my hips back and forth, trying to keep that from happening. Toby’s dick was bumping me harder and harder. I don’t know what happened, but Toby’s dick somehow lined up with my vagina, and his cock slipped inside of me. He rammed forward,and I felt a sharp pain when my hymen ripped. Then I only felt the heat of Toby’s cock thrusting inside me.

Toby was humping me hard now. He was inside me all the way, I was being fucked for my first time by a dog. Toby stopped humping me, I could feel his cock expanding inside me. He was swelling up, his dick felt good. It was so hot, it felt hot like a curling iron. Toby pushed more of his cock into me. Toby’s paws were tight against my thighs when he pushed his cock deeper into me. I felt the bump on his cock slip inside my pussy. Little did I know that his knot was inside me and it would swell into a huge ball.

I soon found out how big that knot would swell. My pussy was full of Toby’s cock and knot. A few seconds later he was fully swollen, and he was pumping a liquid inside me. I was sure he was coming, he was pumping me full of his doggy sperm. I knew that I couldn’t get pregnant from a dog fucking me. His hot semen was coating the insides of my vagina. I liked that feeling.

He relaxed, his weight resting on my back. Toby stayed this way for a few minutes before he tried to get off of me. There was no way he could pull his cock out of me. I had heard of a dog doing this when he bred another dog. Now it had happened to me. Every time Toby pulled, I had these crazy sensations, and I would have another orgasm. I was resigned to the fact that I would be found by my Mom, knotted with Toby.

Toby was getting anxious, he wanted to get off of me. He jumped up, his front legs were now along the side of me. His one back leg was up off the floor, but his cock was stuck fast in my pussy. I looked back and saw both of us in the mirror. I saw his pinkish red shaft buried inside of me. I cried, thinking about what I would say to my Mom and Dad when they found me. They would think I was fucking Toby and that was not true. Toby had basically raped me by growling and snapping his teeth.

Toby turned, his butt was now against my butt, but he was still locked tight in my pussy. His tail was over my back and I could feel his balls against my ass. He pulled, and I slid on the floor. He started walking towards my bedroom door, dragging me behind him. His cock firmly locked in my pussy. I was moaning because his knot felt so good inside me. He jerked hard, and the sensations gave me another orgasm. He continued jerking, my boobs were flopping he was jerking that hard. I kept having orgasms, some almost made me scream, they felt so good. Then Toby stopped pulling, he stood still, but I could feel his sperm still being pumped into me. We stayed this way for maybe thirty minutes.

My pussy was so full of his doggy sperm, it was starting to leak out. That’s when Toby pulled hard again, and his knot and cock pulled out of my pussy. There was a gush of liquid, it splashed when it hit my wood floor and puddled under me. My pussy felt empty now. When his cock was out, so was the heat from it, my pussy felt cold inside.

I held my pussy closed and ran to the bathroom. I dribbled dog sperm all the way until I sat on the toilet. I pushed, and another gush of Toby’s sperm and cum spilled from my pussy into the toilet. I kept pushing until it was all out of me. I wiped with toilet paper, my pussy lips were still wet. I kept wiping until my pussy was dry. I took a big ball of toilet paper and cleaned up the floor. Toby had licked up most of it, so I was mostly cleaning up his slobber. I went into the bathroom and flushed the toilet paper down the drain.

When I went back into my bedroom, Toby was lying on the floor, licking his cock. It was huge, thick like a big pointy red pickle and about five inches long before his knot. His knot was still quite big, I couldn’t believe that my pussy let that slip out. Toby kept licking his cock, and I kept watching. Soon his knot disappeared, and his cock slid back into his hairy sheath. No one would know that I had just been fucked by a dog.

I dressed in shorts and a top. I peeked out the window again, the fire was out, and the firemen were putting away their hoses and equipment. This time Toby could only smell my pussy, it was totally covered. He sniffed, turned around, and walked out and downstairs. When I went downstairs, he was lying in his dog bed in my parent’s room.

Mom and Dad came home at their usual time. I had already started supper. Dad would do the grilling as soon as he opened his evening beer. Everyone acted normal, including me. After supper, the evening was spent watching TV and reading. About nine, I decided to go to bed. I said my good nights and gave kisses and hugs. I thought that Toby may follow me up the stairs, but he didn’t. He was sitting by my Mom and didn’t even open an eye. Upstairs, I got ready for bed and climbed between my sheets. I was tired, and it wasn’t long, and I was asleep.

Toby didn’t bother me for the rest of the week. He didn’t even sniff my crotch or butt. He bothered my Mom though. He was poking his nose pretty hard into her crotch every chance he got. She kept shushing him away until he finally went to his bed and laid down. I saw Daddy watching her. Every time Toby poked his nose into Mom’s business, he smiled. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it.

Dad is the regional manager for an agri-equipment manufacturer. Dad would have to travel for his job and usually would be gone for a week or sometimes more. Next week he would be out of town and would be flying back on Saturday. Dad left while I was at school and Mom was at work. When I got home from school, Toby was already in my bedroom waiting for me.

“Get put out of here. mutt,” I yelled at him. Toby just wagged his tail and sat up. “Go, get out.”

Toby stood up and walked towards me. He stuck his nose under my dress and shoved his snout into my crotch. His nose was cold when it touched me. I pushed his head away and undressed, taking off my school uniform. This would be my last year that I had to wear it. Next year I would be going to the public high school. “Yeah!”

As soon as I was standing there in my panties, Toby came over and pushed his nose back into my crotch. “Get away… Go,” I yelled at him. That didn’t help the situation at all, maybe it made things worse because he started to growl again like last time. Was my fucking dog going to rape me again?

Toby insisted on pushing his nose into my crotch. He was pushing very hard against my clit. It didn’t take long for me to start feeling sensations in my pussy. I pulled my panty crotch aside so Toby could lick my slit. Toby’s long tongue was at the ready, and he started licking. The licking lasted only a minute or two before I was feeling horny. I stuck my thumbs in my panties and lowered them down. Doing so I leaned over, and Toby licked my pussy from behind. His wet tongue went right in my slit and licked my clit. It felt so good. Toby kept licking me, and I let him.

I was standing bent over, leaning on my hands on the top of my mattress. Toby gave one last lick and then he mounted me. My pussy was too high, and Toby couldn’t reach me as he humped. Somewhere in my mind, a switch went on, and I dropped to my hands and knees on the floor. Toby immediately mounted me and grasped my waist, his paws pushing back on my thighs, locking him and me together. I could feel his pointed cock trying to find my hole so he could fuck me. This time I didn’t move to stop him, I wanted Toby to fuck me. He kept trying, and his cock kept bumping me. I reached back to guide his cock into my pussy, but he did it by himself.

As soon as his cock touched my wet opening, he rammed his hips forward, sinking his hot red cock inside me. I rocked forward so he wouldn’t go deep in me. I wanted him to work his way in at a slower pace. Toby kept humping me, he only had a couple of inches in. I used my hand stop him. That is when I noticed that his knot had grown. It was so big that my hand stopped it. I let go of Toby’s cock and he pushed the rest of his cock in me, except his knot was too big to enter. Toby kept trying to ram his knot into my pussy. Trying as hard as he could, it never happened. I reached back to feel how big the knot had grown, it was very big. I wondered how my poor vagina could hold that inside me.

The next time Toby pushed, I held his knot tight so he couldn’t pull back. He must have thought that his knot was in because a flood of liquid gushed into me. Toby kept pumping his sperm into me for the longest time. After a few minutes, he tried to jump off me. I let go of his cock, and he pulled it out. There was a sucking noise coming from my pussy. I stayed on my hands and knees, hoping his cum would stay inside until I crawled to the bathroom.

I started to crawl when Toby started to lick me. He was licking up all his cum as it spilled from my cunt. Toby’s tongue was licking my clit, and I had my first orgasm. I crawled some more, and Toby kept licking. I had two more orgasms before I sat on the toilet. I pushed the cum liquid that was left in me out. I used a bunch of toilet paper to wipe myself dry, just like I had before. I went back into my bedroom and pulled on my panties. I dressed in shorts, leaving my white school blouse on. I would be putting on a clean one for school tomorrow. Mom came home and fixed her and me something to eat.

After supper, I did my homework and watched some TV. I was tired, so I kissed Mom good night and went up to bed. I fell asleep, I woke up about 11 PM, I had to pee, so I got up and went into my bathroom. I was headed back to my bedroom when I thought I heard a voice downstairs. Did Mom leave the TV on? I went down the steps, the TV was off, but the voice was coming from my Mom and Dad’s bedroom. The door was slightly ajar, and I could see the light was still on. I crept silently nearer to their doorway.

“Oh god, oh Toby, that feels so good… fuck me… jam that knot of yours into my hot cunt.”

It was my mother, and she was fucking Toby! I crept up to the door and peeked in, Mom was on the floor on her hands and knees. Well, she wasn’t really on her hands, more on her elbows. Her face was turned sideways on the floor. Toby was mounted on her, and I could see that his knot was in my mother’s pussy. I could see Toby’s butt hole moving, he was pumping his sperm into her pussy. I couldn’t pull my eyes away, I had to see what would happen next.

Toby stayed locked in mom’s pussy for a couple minutes before he tried to pull out. He pulled hard, and his knot started to appear. Mom’s pussy lips spread wide and his knot popped out. The rest of his cock was still in her. Toby moved, and his fat cock popped out of her and hung down between his legs. Mom just stayed like she was, ass in the air, her pussy lips wide open. Toby returned to her pussy and started to lick it. Mom slowly rose up onto her hands while Toby kept licking up his cum. When she was up, she humped her back and pushed the rest of Toby’s sperm out, Toby’s tongue lapping it all up. There was no mess at all.

I headed back upstairs before I could be caught. I remembered how Mom finished her fuck with Toby. I would have to try that next time. I wanted him to knot me again because that felt the best and I had a ton of orgasms.

I had a feeling my mother would be fucking Toby every night while Dad was gone. I would sneak down and listen by their door. Mom made sure her door was closed and I couldn’t see anything. I could hear though, and from the sloshing sounds, Toby was fucking her pussy hard. I would slip my finger into my wet pussy and finger fuck myself, thinking it was Toby’s cock.

Saturday morning came, Dad would be home today. Mom said, “I’ll pick up Dad, and we’ll be home around 3 PM. Finish any homework you may have left, and clean up your room.

I couldn’t wait for Mom to leave, this meant that Toby and I would have at least three hours to play. Mom dressed up all sexy to welcome Dad home. Usually when he came home,they would spend an hour or so in their bedroom. Mom and Dad always fucked a lot after his trips. I wasn’t supposed to know that, but I’m not that naive or stupid.

My homework was all done, so I cleaned up my room. I left the mop and bucket in my room in case I left another mess on the floor like I had the first time. I closed the window shades and stripped all my clothes off. I lay back on my bed, my feet on the floor. I waited to see if Toby would come to my room. I started to play with my clit, it felt so good when I rubbed it. I must have scented the air because Toby was in my room in a flash. I spread my legs, and his snout went right to my pussy. I let him lick me for the longest time.

My pussy was wet, and I was horny as all caboggies when I dropped to my knees on the floor. Toby tried to mount me, but I stayed upright, teasing him. He didn’t like that, and he growled. I didn’t move, Toby growled again, I still didn’t move. That is when he snapped his jaws and pushed me down. I was flat on the floor. He pulled on me with his legs, trying to get me into position to mount me. I teased him more by not moving. That is when he growled hard and put his mouth on the back of my neck. His teeth were against my neck, he could have bitten me and probably broke my neck, killing me. I lifted my ass in the air fast.

Toby jumped off me and stuck his snoot back into my pussy, licking me good. I was horny, but when his tongue went into my vagina, I felt like a dam was released in me. My pussy flooded with my juices. That is when Toby mounted me. His cock lined up perfectly with my hole, and he drove his tool deep in me. There was no hurt like before. Toby was fucking my pussy so hard. I wanted his knot in me, so I did nothing to stop it from entering my cunt.

I felt his knot go in, but when he pulled back, it came out. Toby pushed his cock back into me, and the knot went in again. He did this a few times until he stayed still so his knot wouldn’t slip out. I started to move my butt back and forth, it felt good inside me. Toby started to fuck me again. When his knot was swollen big enough, he pulled it back tight against the inside of my pussy and his river of sperm flowed into me. I kept moving my butt, I was full of Toby’s cock, and his knot filled me completely. My pussy walls were stretched tight.

Toby stopped fucking like he did the last time and tried to pull his knot out, that wasn’t happening. We were locked tight together again, and it felt so good I had my first orgasm. Toby’s knot was swollen tight inside me, I couldn’t move anymore. My fingers found my clit, and I started to rub it. Toby had other ideas, he jumped off me and started heading for my bedroom door. He was dragging me across the floor. I grabbed at anything within my reach, trying to stop him from dragging me out my door and down the stairs. I weigh eighty-nine pounds, Toby eighty, I didn’t stand a chance. I was able to grab the leg of my bed’s foot board, I clung to it like my life depended on it. Toby tried to drag me more, but couldn’t, his knot was still big enough to stay put in me.

The pressure I felt inside of me was intense, my body shook from the concentrated stimulus I felt inside, as another orgasm rocked my small frame. Toby’s muscles were much stronger than mine. My fingers could no longer hang on, and I was dragged out my bedroom door. Toby headed right for the stairs and started down. My poor body thumped from stair tread to stair tread. I was crying by the time I was on the last stair. Toby pulled me towards the kitchen. I never felt so helpless, being dragged around by my pussy. If any of my friends saw what I was going through, I would be the laughingstock of the school, maybe the whole town.

I worked my way back up on my hands and knees. Toby looked back at me and stopped moving. I still had another hour before my parents would return. I got down into position like my Mom did. Toby stood still as his knot started to soften. He kept pulling, trying to release himself from my cunt. I felt my pussy lips stretch, he would be out soon. He pulled again and I felt a snap and heard a pop as his cock and knot pulled out. This time his cum stayed inside me, my vagina opening was upwards. Toby turned and started licking his cum from inside me, his long tongue felt like a scoop. I raised up a bit, and more cum rolled onto his tongue. Toby knew what to do, my Mom made sure of that. I just copied what she had done.

Finally, I was empty inside. Toby stopped licking, and I flopped down on my back. I looked under Toby’s belly, my eyes opened wide when I saw the size of his cock. The thickness was unreal, how could my little pussy take such a large cock. Toby’s back was humped upwards, for what reason I didn’t know. His cock hung down, almost reaching the floor.

He laid down and started licking his dick. I was fascinated as I watched it shrink back into his shield. Soon he looked like a dog ready to take a nap, which he did. I returned to my room to dress, but first I washed clean.

There were heretofore passions that were woken up in me, there was no going back. My virginity was torn asunder, my pussy had been filled with cock and cum. Surprisingly, I was very happy. The only drawback was nobody could know.

I was sitting on my bed reading when Mom and Dad returned home. I dashed down the stairs and ran to my Daddy’s arms. He always has been and always will be my hero. After a bunch of kisses and hugs, Daddy reached into his pocket and took out a phone.

“Here, this is for you.”

It was a new iPhone, the latest and best. My old phone was about four generations old, this was the latest and brand new. I had lived with hand-me-downs since I was ten, now at sixteen I had my own brand new one. I gave Daddy the biggest kiss I could.

“Okay you two, the love fest is over, time to unpack and then start supper.”

After supper, the dishes were loaded into the dishwasher, and the big stuff was hand washed. Mom and Dad usually go to bed early after he returns from a trip, tonight was no different. At nine, I was told to go to my bedroom because they were tired and would turn in early.

I went to my room and undressed. I was looking at my image in the mirror when I looked and saw my window shade wasn’t drawn. Anyone driving by would have been treated to the sight of a naked teen. I peeked out, and no one was around, I drew the shade down.

I put on a long T-shirt, my hard nipples pushing out the fabric. I could see my dark areola’s through the thin material. I put panties on, I was going to go downstairs for soda. No sense showing my pussy to my parents or making it easy for Toby to stick his nose in my bare crotch.

I went down the stairs, I saw that Mom and Dad’s door was closed. There was a light shining from the crack at the bottom, and I heard voices. I crept closer and listened.

I heard my Dad say, “Miss me while I was gone?”

“Of course I missed you. I always miss you.”

“Did you get horny?”

“Yes, very.”

“Did you rub one off?”

“Many, each one better than the last.”

“Did you miss my cock?”

“For sure, I wanted that thick cock deep in me.”

“Did you use your special dildo?”

“Yes, a couple of times.”

“Did Toby benefit from my absence?”

“Every night.”

“That’s good, I wouldn’t want you searching for strange cock outside this house.”

“I wouldn’t do that, you’re all I need.”

“I think it is time to show me how much you love me. Where’s Toby?”

“He’s in his bed, but he has one eye on us.”

“Do you like Toby’s cock?”

“You know I love it.”

“Why do you love it?”

“Because it’s big and his knot is large.”

“Will you show me how much you love it?”

“Of course, just say when. You know how much I love to fuck him.”

“How do you feel when he is inside you?”

“Like his bitch, I fantasize I’m being bred. His prick is so hot, and he cums so much.”

“Tell me what you like best.”

“His knot, I like it when he pulls it out of my cunt. The pressure makes me cum every time.”

“Time to strip, Honey. Time to prove to me that you love me.”

Their room was quiet, my Mom and Dad must have been undressing. I tip-toed around the corner and out of sight of their bedroom door. I didn’t want to be caught and ruin their night and mine also.

“How do you want to do it tonight, missionary or doggy?” My Dad asked.

“Doggy, I want to be fucked good.”

I heard my Mom call, “Come here, Toby, come to Mama, she needs you to fuck her.”

I heard Toby’s nails as he walked on the hardwood floor.

“Not too fast, Honey. Make him work for your pussy. I want to hear him growl and snap.”

There were scuffling noises coming from their room. Mom must be pushing Toby away, not letting him at her pussy. I heard some low growling, then I heard Toby’s jaws snap shut. I wish I could see what was going on inside that room.

“Not yet!” I heard my Dad say. “I want that mutt to be horny as hell. I want to see him slam your cunt hard.”

There was more growling, louder now. I heard my Mom, “He’s going to bite me if I don’t give it to him soon.”

I could tell by the tone of my Mom’s voice, that she was horny and wanted Toby’s cock in her cunt.

“No he won’t, make him work harder. I want to see if he can make you be his bitch.”

“John, he’s biting my arm and trying to bite my neck. Toby is trying to rape me!”

“Lay down, his cock can’t reach your cunt if you are on your belly.”

I heard growling, and then my Mom screamed, “John, he’s lifting me up, I can’t stop him. He’s going to fuck me.”

“Shut up, let him work for it. Move your ass so he can’t stick it in.”

“You know that doesn’t work, he’ll keep poking me with his cock until he gets lucky and it slides in.”

“I know, but I like the thought of Toby raping you. I want to see you fight him off until he succeeds in fucking you.”

I heard some loud noises now. I remembered how Toby forced me to submit to him. I wondered if he was doing the same to my Mom. I heard my Dad say, “Has he hit it yet?”

‘No, but he is getting closer. His cock tip almost found my opening. You know how he rams into me when he feels my cunt around his cock.”

“OWW… he almost got it in that time. He hit my taint!”

I heard a real scuffle break out now. Toby was growling, and his jaws were snapping loudly.

“Damn it! He bit my cheek, and it hurt. I have to fuck him now John before he really hurts me. Please!”

I heard my Dad say, “NO… don’t fuck him yet.”

I heard my Mom crying. Toby must be really hurting her. Then Dad said,“Okay, let him find your cunt and fuck you.”

I heard Mom scream, “Oh god… his cock is so hard. It hurts.”

“What hurts?”

“My pussy, his cock is hurting my pussy.”

“How is it hurting your pussy?”

“It’s long and thick. His knot isn’t in yet.”

“Tell me, Honey,. What is the best part of fucking Toby? What do you really like the best?”

“Tied with his knot. It feels so good tight inside my cunt.”

“What’s happening right now?”

“He’s fucking me.”

“You like fucking him?”

“Oh god, yes. His knot is in, and it’s swelling.”

“Is his cock tied in your cunt?”

“Not yet, but soon. He’s pumping cum now.”

“Tell me when he’s tied.”

“I think he is tied now. He pulled back and didn’t pop out.”

“Is he pumping a lot of cum?”

“Oh god… he’s pulling hard, I’m cummiinnggg… oh my god, it feels so good. The pressure in my pussy is fantastic! I’m so full of his cum, and he’s still pumping more into me!”

I listened as Toby fucked my Mom. I could hear noises, his cock sloshing around in her wet pussy. I wished I could see what was going on. I had a good idea from my experiences with Toby, but seeing is better. I was getting pretty hot myself, from the noise. I rubbed my clit, feeling how wet I really was. I slipped my finger down, pushing it up into my pussy. I fingered myself for awhile until I heard Mom squeal, “He’s pulling, so damn harrrddd…”

I heard my Dad say, “Is he tied to you that tight?”

Then I heard my Mom scream again, “I’m cummiinnggg…oh fuck… oh fuck… he’s fucking me so hard… he’s locked in my cunt, yes, he’s tied that tight. Oh my god, I’m cumming again…”

My ear was tight against their door, I wanted to hear everything. Mom was having orgasm after orgasm. Toby must really be fucking the shit out of her.

“OW, OW,” I heard her scream. “He’s pulling his knot out, and it hurts.”

I heard what I thought was a bumping noise. It must have been my Dad’s knees hitting the floor.

“Hold still,” he commanded. “I want to fuck you while his hot cum is still inside your pussy.”

I then heard sloppy, sloppy noises as my father fucked my mother’s dog cum filled cunt. In a few minutes, I heard him ram her hard and then stop. There were moans, my father was filling my mom’s cunt with more cum. I wondered what kind of mix of cum was in my Mom’s belly. I’d bet that Toby’s cum was a lot more than my Dad’s.

“Toby, come here.” I heard Mom say. “Come here and clean me up.”

I had a mental visual of what was going on now. Toby would be lapping his tongue at my mother’s pussy. Toby was an expert at cleaning the cum from a woman. After a few minutes I heard some movement, they were getting back in bed for the night.

I tiptoed back to the stairs, before climbing them to my bedroom. I crawled in bed, I was tired, and soon I was fast asleep. I heard rustling going on downstairs, that is what woke me up. Mom was shushing Toby outside. I heard her pouring coffee. I got up and put on my robe. I was on the last step when I heard Mom say, “John, didn’t you get enough last night? Let me make a cup of coffee without you trying to feel me up.”

They both saw me when I entered the kitchen.

“Sleep well, last night?”Mom asked.

“Yes, Mom,” I replied. “I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.”

“Good. Dad and I are going over to Aunt Gilda’s today, she needs a visit from us now and then. Would you like to go too?”

If there was one place in the world that I didn’t want to go to, it was Aunt Gilda’s. Her place was old and stuffy, just like her. She was my Grandmother’s sister, which made her my Grand-Aunt. She usually ended up crabbing at me because I let it be known I didn’t want to be there. I always rushed out the door when I knew we were leaving.

“No, Mom, I don’t want to go. I’ll be okay here. I have a school science project that I want to work on. You and Dad go have fun, I’ll see you when you return.”

“Okay, dear, I understand why. You’ll have to fix your own lunch and dinner, we won’t be back until late, we’re taking her out for dinner.”

“I’ll be okay Mom, there are leftovers in the fridge to reheat. You guys have a good time, don’t worry about me.”

I was happy to be left alone for the day. There was time for me and Toby to try something new. I didn’t know what, but there had to be something. From the front window, I watched Mom and Dad drive away. I really did have a science project to work on, and I spent an hour rounding up the necessary items. I worked for another hour, building the project before I stopped for the day. It was lunch time, but I wasn’t hungry, my mind was on Toby.

“Toby, wanna go outside?” I called to him.

Toby came bounding out of my parent’s bedroom. I must have woken him up from his morning nap. It was a race to the back door, Toby winning by a landslide. I opened the door, and he rushed to his favorite pee tree. He really unloaded this time. His leg was lifted for at least a minute. When he was done, he came bounding back inside. He looked at me like, “What’s next?”

I ran to the stairs and climbed them as fast as I could. Toby right behind me. I ran into my room, tearing my clothes off. When I was naked, I dropped to my hands and knees on the floor. I looked back and saw Toby rushing over to me. When he was close enough he jumped up, his front legs and chest landed on my back, that’s when I collapsed to the floor. Toby tried to crouch down to reach my pussy, but that wasn’t happening.

I raised my ass up, my knees now supporting my weight. Toby’s front feet were on the floor, I was now in position to be fucked doggy style. Now I was able to support his weight. His initial rough and tumble mount is what knocked me down. Toby sensed that I was ready and his front feet came up and pressed tightly against my thighs. There was no way that I could get away from him now. I felt his cock poking around, looking for the entrance to my vagina. I wasn’t going to help him out this time, he could find it on his own. It turned me on more to feel his cock looking for my pussy.

He kept poking, a couple times he came close. I held my ass still, his cock poking closer until he found his mark. I felt the heat of his cock as he thrust into my well lubricated pussy. He pummeled my cunt, his cock spurting his juices into my clenching pussy. My pussy milking his cock as it swelled inside me. Toby pushed harder, his knot slipped inside, spreading my swollen pussy lips to the extreme. Once his knot was inside, Toby remained still.

I could feel the knot increase in size, effectively locking him and me together. I wanted to stay tied to Toby, the feelings inside my pussy were intense. It wasn’t long before I experienced my first orgasm. As a sixteen year-old girl, I would bet that I already had more orgasms than some adult women. My pussy was full of doggy cock and hard knot. The end of Toby’s cock was soft and flexible, I could feel it curling around inside my cunt.

Toby pulled back, his knot locking tight against my pussy inside. That was when I felt most of his cum explode from his cock. It was like a steady pump, pump, pump until I was full. Toby’s cum built up pressure inside me, I felt like a balloon being blown up. When the pressure was too much, small spurts would leak out between his knot and my pussy lips. Of all the sensations he gave me,this one always brought on more orgasms. My young body shaking because these were very explosive orgasms. Now I knew why my mother fucked her dog. She enjoyed the more intense orgasms.

Toby made a move to jump off me. I grabbed his hind leg, effectively stopping him from pulling his knot out of me. All this time, his cock was pumping more of his seed deep inside of my pussy. Toby didn’t like that I had a grip on his leg, he turned, trying to bite my hand. I let go when his growls became threatening. Toby turned, he and I were ass to ass, his cock locked inside my pussy. I looked over to my mirror and saw the two of us. The sight brought on another orgasm for me. This one not quite as intense as the last.

I had had enough cock for the morning. I wouldn’t stop Toby from pulling out now. Toby must have sensed that I was ready for him to pull out. I felt the pressure build as his knot spread my opening and stretched my labia. With a rush, his cock was out. Loads of juices and cum poured out of me, onto the towel that I had placed beforehand. I humped my back and more spilled from my stretched vagina. I waited a minute, then raised up onto my knees, gravity emptying the remainder from me.

Toby had cleaned his cock, and it was now back in its sheath. He came over to me and licked my crotch, his tongue licking from asshole to clit. I stood up when Toby stopped licking. I tossed the towel into the hamper, I had to remember to wash towels before my parents came home tonight. It was half past one, Toby and I had been fucking for about an hour. Right now I felt like I wanted to nap, but my science project needed to be done by Monday. I retrieved a cold soda from the fridge and went back to work on my project. Toby went into my parent’s room and curled up in his bed. No doubt resting up for his and my next session of fucking.

I could continue this story, but fucking a dog becomes pretty repetitive,. There is only so much you can do with a dog. Don’t get me wrong, dog sex has been my favorite sex since the first time. Men have pleasured me,women have given me pleasure, and I have returned that pleasure. But my ultimate pleasure is a horny, thick cocked, big knotted dog.

I’m married and have two girls. They have no idea that their mother is into dog sex. Maybe they will, and maybe they won’t have an experience like I did. That would be their business, just like it was mine back then. For sure I can’t condemn either of them if they do.

My husband knows, has known since our engagement. I wouldn’t take his ring until he knew what he was getting into. After he watched me the first time, we fucked like two nymphomaniacs. We have settled down some now, but I fuck my dog at least twice a week. My husband also likes to have his dick bathed in hot dog cum while he fucks my pussy.

I have a Labrador appropriately named Rox, he gets them off in me a lot. Labs are the perfect sized dog for women, the point of their cocks line up perfect with a woman’s pussy. Every time I remove my panties, Rox is at the ready. When I drop down, it takes only a few seconds for him to be deep inside my pussy. I still get that old thrill as he searches for my pussy opening. That doesn’t happen to often anymore, he pretty much knows right where to shove his cock. I sure love to fuck him.

My husband and I have joined a club and contacted others that have the same fetish. We meet with other couples and have sex with each other’s dogs and sometimes with their partners. It just makes for a fun time for everybody.

I hope you enjoyed my story, I enjoyed telling it to you. Maybe in the future, I’ll have more to tell, like the time I knotted with a Great Dane and it lasted for hours. His dick was okay size, but that knot was huge. I was tied for about an hour and quit counting after the sixth orgasm.

The End.

Animal Stories

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Movie Night 3

Movie Night 3 (Mf, inc)

The night continues for Chad and his hot, young daughter.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don’t be a dick with other people’s lives!

Chad and his thirteen year-old daughter Samantha were still cuddling on the couch. The movie had ended and the living room was bathed in moonlight streaming through the windows and the soft light emanating from the darkened TV screen.

“Daddy,” she whispered softly, batting her eyelashes at him. “Do you want to see my pussy?”

He looked at her and began to grin. “Hmm, we still have plenty of time for another movie…”

Samantha was so horny! Her little panties were soaked with pussy juice. All night long her tiny slit had been tingling. First, she flirted with her daddy and wiggled her ass for him; flirting always made her pussy wet. Then, they watched a sexy movie after mommy went to bed, and finally, she got to play with her daddy on the couch. She could still taste her daddy’s ‘sperm’ in her mouth. But, she hadn’t had her cum yet!

Chad realized his daughter must be hotter than a firecracker. “Oh, Samantha, yes,” he said, looking at her, “Yes, I want to see your pretty little pussy sweetheart.” Then he added softly, “Maybe you want me to do more than just look at it?”

She smiled and eagerly nodded her head. “Would you? Please, daddy?” She knew you always had to ask nice, and say ‘please’ to get what you want.

“Get washed up, while I check on mommy”. He wanted to make sure his wife was still passed out in the bedroom. Samantha jumped off the couch – she couldn’t wait to show her daddy her juicy pussy!

Chad watched her run off then walked to the bedroom door. He softly opened it, peeked in, and saw Julie sprawled on the bed, snoring gently. She was on her side, mouth open, and totally out. ‘A bottle and a half of wine and two sleeping pills will do that to you’, he said to himself. Satisfied he returned to the living room.
Samantha came out of the bathroom after getting a drink and washing the dried cum off her face. She had enjoyed staring at the cum stained girl in the mirror – the horny little girl who knew how to do a ‘blowjob’ and make a man cum. Walking back into the living room she saw her daddy sitting on the couch, his robe open, legs spread, and his fat cock hanging down between his legs. The same cock she had just had in her mouth! Her pussy twitched and she gave it a quick rub with her fingers.

Chad was flipping thru the channels with the remote. He had unlocked the adult channels and was reviewing the selections. Samantha sat beside him. She automatically reached for his penis and began playing with it.

“What channels are these, daddy?” she asked, reading the titles, and seeing the word “ADULT” on all of them. “Oh! We are going to watch an ‘adult’ movie? Cool!” She smiled to herself, ‘Adults do grown up things like ‘blowjobs’, so I’m an adult now!’ she reasoned.

“You can choose. Pick a good one, Sammie,” Chad said. Samantha began reading the titles out loud; ‘Hot Shots in Tight Twats’, ‘Horny Young Ass Lovers’, ‘Lesbian Dildo Babes’…

‘Hmm’, she thought, ‘What’s a ‘Less-bi-an’? What is a ‘Dil-do’? Then she exclaimed – “That one!”

Chad stopped on ‘Daddy’s Little Plaything’.

“Am I your ‘Little Plaything’ Daddy?” she asked grinning, still gently stroking his dick. He started the movie then leaned over to kiss his ‘little plaything’ for an answer. His lips met hers and he kissed her like a woman, hard and wet. Samantha was surprised, since this was not the normal kiss she got from her daddy. She began to kiss him back, smashing their lips together, sucking gently, their tongues dancing. His hands began gently caressing her breasts thru her teddy, and then he reached down to rub her panty covered pussy.

“Aaahh, rub it, daddy, rub my pussy!” she moaned. Chad rubbed her little slit, and then slipped his hand inside her wet panties. He smashed down on her cunt lips, and slipped a finger up and down her juicy slit. “Ohh, make me cum daddy!” He found her clit and rubbed it, then stopped.

“We have a problem,” he said, playing with her swollen clit, “I found another lump in the couch!” He gave her clit a gentle flick with his fingers, and began laughing, tickling her, then put his arm around her and turned towards the movie, leaving her frustrated.

“Daddy! I want…” she began.

“Shhh! The movie Sammie!” He grinned, playing the same trick on her. He thought to himself, ‘Just a little bit longer, baby’. He had a plan; he wanted her to get super horny. He had a surprise waiting for her.
They watch the movie for a while, gently caressing each other. In the story, the father came home and found his daughter masturbating in her bedroom. In typical Hollywood fashion, he climbed into her bed to help her out! On the screen, the two made out, and then the father began to eat his daughter’s pussy. “I knew boys would like to lick pussy juice” she said aloud. Samantha had figured out that if boys like their penises licked, girls would like to have their pussies licked too.

“Can I see your pretty little pussy now?” Chad asked. Samantha nodded quickly; she was very excited to have her daddy look at it. She knew he liked juicy pussies! She bet he would like her pussy A LOT! Her pussy was VERY juicy right now!

Samantha watched her father get up from the couch and kneel in front of her. “Lift up, Sammie” he said, reaching under her teddy and grabbing her panties. Samantha lifted up her ass and he pulled the soaking wet panties off, exposing her naked, wet twat. It was beautiful. He felt the weight of the panties in his hand, and slipped them into the pocket of his robe for a souvenir.

The smell of young, hot pussy assailed his nostrils. He breathed deeply of her musk and stared at the sight in front of him. “Scoot closer, Sammie,” he said. Samantha slid her ass forward, bringing her shiny cunt to the edge of the couch. Chad grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her even closer, until her hot pussy was hanging over the edge, inches from his face.

“Are you going to lick my pussy, daddy? Like on TV?” On the screen, she saw the girl rolling her head back and forth as the father licked her cunt. ‘It must feel really good!’ she thought. ‘Maybe her daddy was going to do that to her too?’

She had figured out his surprise! For an answer, Chad began licking, nibbling and sucking the insides of her thigh. Then, he moved to the other side, teasing her. “My pussy, daddy, lick my pussy, not my legs, silly!” Samantha was on fire, humping her crotch, trying to press it against his face.

Chad couldn’t torture her any further, he dove in! He began slurping his daughter’s sweet pussy juice, pressing his face deeply into her gash! How good it tasted! How fresh and clean her pussy was!

“Ah …, ah …, aaahhh …, Ohhh? Ohh? Samantha was surprised to feel his tongue probe deep into her hole. She decided that nothing could ever feel as good as her daddy’s tongue licking her cunt! She loved it! “Yes! Yes! Daddy, lick it, LICK IT!” Samantha moaned and rolled her head, like on TV. She grabbed her daddy’s hair with both hands, pulled herself up and rocked her steaming cunt into him. The feeling was incredible. Her daddy’s hot tongue was driving into her pussy and licking deep into her fuck-hole. He slurped her juices gently and spread her lips with his face, going as deep as he could. He smashed her clit with the bridge of his nose.

“Oh, daddy, it feels so good!” The images on the screen inflamed her passion even more. Sitting up, she could see the movie clearly. On the TV, the father got up, and Samantha saw his big cock. “His cock is like yours daddy! Do all men have big cocks like that?” Chad didn’t answer. He began to spread his daughter’s pussy lips apart with his fingers, exposing her clit, and sliding a fat finger into her hole!

Samantha felt the cool air on her spread pussy lips, and felt her daddy’s finger plunging deep into her juicy hole. “Oh, yes! Daddy, you are making me feel so good!” She pulled his head against her gash hard, trying to intensify the feelings emanating from her hot cunt!
On the screen, the father climbed up on his daughter and pressed his cock against her pussy. “What is he doing?” she said aloud. “He’s putting his ‘cock’ into her ‘pussy’ daddy!”

Samantha watched, amazed. What she had learned in school all made sense now. She had never made the connection before; words like ‘Penis, Vagina, Sperm, Making-Love, and Sex’ became clear to her. ‘They were having ‘Sex!’ Sex wasn’t just kissing and hugging’, she thought to herself. ‘It was blowjobs, licking pussy, putting cocks into pussies and cumming!’

She watched as the thick cock slid into the movie star’s pussy. Samantha was amazed that the little cunt could take such a big cock! It was thrilling to see! The man began moving his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out. “Fuck me!” the star said, and began moaning. Samantha moaned too. It was too much for her. “They are fucking now!” she said breathlessly. Samantha added another word to her vocabulary.

Chad began tonguing her clit, sucking it gently, smashing it with his lips and finger fucking her cunt-hole. He reached up with his long arm and squeezed her breast with his other hand, pinching a fat nipple until it was taut.

“I’m going to cum daddy! I’m going to… I’m cumming!” She felt the tingling begin in her fingers and toes. She knew it would be a big one! The tingling traveled thru her chest, radiated from her nipples, then to her thighs, and met at her pussy. “Oh, oh, oh, ooooohhhh!” she moaned. Her massive orgasm enveloped her, rolling over her like a tidal wave.

On TV, the man pulled out his fat cock and shot his sperm on his daughter’s face and mouth – just like her daddy had done to her! She could still taste her daddy’s cum on her lips. Another orgasm hit her, and another, again and again! Her thighs began to quiver, her body began to shake. She felt like a faucet was turned on inside of her! “AH, AH, I’M CUMMINNNGGG!” Her body was racked with pleasure, her pussy juiced, her muscles tightened, she saw stars behind her clenched eyelids…

“Mmmmmmmm” she moaned, after an eternity, finally satisfied. She was done, spent, and exhausted. He daddy stopped sucking her, sat back, and looked at her. She pulled her legs together, clamped her hands on her tired pussy, and curled up on the couch.

Chad stood up, wiped his face on his robe and sat next to her, massaging her naked ass. “Did you have a nice ‘cum’, Sammie?” He asked, using the same words she had used after his orgasm.

“Oh, daddy…, it was the best cum ever!”

They sat together and watched the movie, with Samantha resting, asking a lot of questions, and learning a lot of things! “Do girls really like to eat each other’s pussies?” she asked. “Girls can play with TWO boys at the same time?” And, “People like to finger and fuck their butt-holes?”

She finally sat up, rested. The movie was nearing the end, showing a climactic orgy scene. Samantha brushed her face with her hand, and noticed the many hairs in-between her fingers.

“I’m sorry I pulled your hair, daddy.”

“That’s OK, sugar, you were a little distracted.”

“Yes, distracted by another ‘lump’ you found in the couch. That makes four lumps. I think we may need a new couch.” They giggled together.

Sitting quietly, the movie over, Samantha reached over to play with his dick again, feeling it begin to thicken. Chad remembered to delete the two movie rentals and then turned off the TV.

“It’s getting late, Sammie, are you ready for bed?” Chad asked.

“No, not yet, daddy” she said, yawning. “I’m ‘ready’, but I think I’m ready to suck your Popsicle again!” She leaned over and put her mouth over his cock, licking, sucking and slurping. She felt it grow in her mouth; she loved the feeling, knowing she was making her daddy aroused. In fact, she decided, feeling her daddy’s cock growing hard in her hand or mouth was her favorite thing in the world! ‘Almost her favorite’, she thought. Cumming and making her daddy cum were her real favorites!

Samantha got between her dad’s legs again and told him to scoot up on the edge, like she had done for him. She began licking her favorite juicy treat again, imagining it was blueberry flavored this time. She licked all around the head, exploring the ridges of his cock-head with her tongue.
She popped the head in and out of her mouth, letting her lips press tightly behind the flared gland before popping her pursed lips off again. She licked his piss slit, searching for pre-cum, tickled his balls, and then tried to see how deep she could take him. She could get a whole Popsicle down her throat, why not daddy’s cock? She pushed her head lower, until his cockhead caught her throat. His cock was much thicker than a Popsicle! Frustrated, she tried again, and pushed deeper. She couldn’t breathe! She backed off, took a deep breath and tried again. His cock slid deeply into her, just like in the movie! She did it! She began to take him deep, in and out, breathing on the up-stroke, relaxing her throat on the down-stroke. Remembering the movie, she reached her small hand under his ass and probed his ass-hole with her small digit, cupping his balls with her other hand while she throated him.

Chad was amazed. His little girl was gifted, cock-sucking protégé! She was learning so much in such a short amount of time. She had a talent for sucking cock! He was so proud of her, and so lucky to have her as a daughter.

“Sammie, you are the best cocksucker ever! You have no idea how good you make me feel!” He looked down at his little slut, smiling at her.

She stopped sucking, pulling her lips off of his dick with a loud ‘pop’. She stood up, very proud of herself. “Thank you, daddy. You make me feel good too. I love sucking your Daddy-Popsicle!” She licked her lips and looked at him. Seeing his bare chest, legs and groin, she decided to get naked too. She pulled off her teddy and stood in front of him. In the moonlight he admired her. His glance moved from her sparking eyes, to her long hair, perky tits and those incredible perfect, puffy nipples. He admired her flat stomach, round ass and her shiny pussy. She posed for him. “Do you like what you see, daddy?”

Chad did like what he saw. He was the luckiest man in the world, and he knew it. “Come her baby, I’ll show you how much I like you!”

Samantha climbed onto his lap, put her arms around him, and kissed him on the lips. They kissed passionately, darting their tongues all around, and sucking on each other’s lips. Samantha could taste her pussy juice on his lips – it turned her on. Chad began running his hands up and down her sides, cupping her tits, then going down to cup her ass. He pulled her ass cheeks apart, and smashed them together, making her pussy lips open up. She could feel a breeze on her little ass-hole.

She felt his hard cock in front of her pussy and began rubbing herself against it. She began moving her ass up and down, making her daddy’s cock slide against her wet slit. They began to kiss harder, almost bringing blood. Chad groped her tits hard, and twisted her nipples. “Mmmff!”

Samantha moaned and ground her cunt against his slippery pole. She began to dig her fingernails into his shoulders. They were both so turned on! The smell of sex filled the room; their muffled moans and smacking lips were the only sounds the room. His cock was leaking, her pussy was oozing! Then, inevitable happened…

Samantha slid her pussy upwards just a bit too far; at the same time, Chad pulled his ass back just a bit too much. When they met again, his slippery cock-head slipped into her wet hole!

The both froze. They looked at each other, not moving. Samantha could feel her pussy stretching over his cock-head. Chad could feel the heat, the wetness and the tightness of her young cunt. Samantha looked her daddy in the eye, kissed him hard, and began to drop her body onto his shaft! It slid slowly, so slowly into her, going deeper and deeper into her wet, hot fuck-hole. He held her tighter. She felt her tiny pussy stretching to the limit, wider and wider! She bit his shoulder, dug her nails into him, and pushed herself lower. His cock went deeper and deeper, inch after inch, until his hard dick was all the way inside of her! Her pussy was so hot, so tight around his rod! His thick shaft stretched her and made her feel full. She felt complete now, somehow whole, and satisfied. ‘My daddy is going to ‘fuck’ me now!’ Samantha thought.

Chad felt the tight wetness of his daughter’s cunt. He vividly remembered Samantha’s bicycle accident last year and was grateful her cherry had been lost, allowing this magical moment to happen. He held her close, his hard cock throbbing, captured tightly by her no-longer-virgin pussy.

They sat together, kissing passionately, running their fingers around, necking and caressing, waiting for her pussy to relax and the exquisite pain to subside. Samantha slowly started to grind her ass again, humping back and forth with small motions, feeling her daddy’s cock slide inside of her. Chad felt her pussy walls squeezing his shaft and milking his cock. She began to hump harder; first one inch, then two, then three and four inches of her dad’s cock slid in and out of her slimy hole. She smashed her crotch into his and kept humping her cunt onto his fuck-pole. She felt her clit rub against him, and pressed it harder! “Ooohh, daddy, we’re fucking!” she moaned loudly, “Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl!”

Chad responded to her urges and gripped his daughter’s ass cheeks in both of his strong hands. He began sawing his cock into her, driving his hips up and down as he held her in place. He slid his cock out and back in, slowly at first; pulling his cock out until it was almost out of her hole, and then sliding it back in until his balls banged into her ass.”Mmm…, mmm…, ohh…, ohh…,” she moaned. She loved the feeling of his huge dick sliding and out of her. It was going in so deep! It was so long, so thick, stretching her hole, making her tingle all over! She loved fucking! She felt so good!

Chad was determined to make her first fuck a memorable one. He picked her ass up and set it down again, mimicking, but making opposite actions with his own hips. He pulled her tight, smashing her clit against him. He ground his hips around and around; spreading her pussy wide and driving his cock sideways, then back up, and then back down. He put a finger into his mouth, got it wet, and reached around for her ass crack.

Samantha felt his wet finger probing for her tight bung-hole. She arched her back, pushed out her butt for him and felt his finger find its target. He pushed his finger into her just a bit, and then tugged it, left then right, around and around, widening her rose bud. As his shaft continued the assault on her pussy, his finger slid into her ass.

Samantha loved it! Her ass tingled, her clit tingled, and her tits tingled as they bounced against his chest! Her ass-hole clenched against his finger – she loved his finger in her ass; she didn’t know it would feel so good!

Chad slammed his cock into her harder, again and again. Her titties were bouncing, her clit was being smashed, and her butt felt amazing! He gripped her cheeks firmly, spread them wider and pushed his finger into her ass, going two digits deep!

“Ahh, ahh, ohh, ohh,” she moaned. All of her senses were alive! He pussy, her tits, her ass! Samantha’s pussy began to pulse and the tingling increased. “Fuck me harder, daddy, fuck me. I’m gonna cum, daddy, oh, you are making me cum!” Samantha felt the orgasm building from deep within her. This was different than before! It was somehow more fulfilling.

This orgasm felt like a volcano going off deep inside of her. Wave after wave washed over her, tumbling her emotions, making her lightheaded – almost making her black out! “Aaahh, ahhh, daddy! Your cock! Your finger! Fuck meeeeee! Ohh, ohh, ahh, ahh, ugh, ugh…, yesssssss, daaaa, aaa, aaa-da-da-da-da-eeeeeeey!” she cried.

Chad felt his daughter’s cunt spasm as she orgasmed. The tightness of her cunt, the passion of her cries and the heat of the moment made his nuts tighten. He was fucking his own daughter! His cock was inside of her pussy! He was making his little Sammie cream all over his cock! The thoughts made his cock get thicker and thicker as his orgasm erupted.

Samantha could feel his cock swell in her tight hole. She felt him cumming insider of her! His orgasm rocked him as he blasted shot after shot of potent sperm deep into his daughter’s tight fuck-hole! Samantha felt each hot spurt shooting inside her. “Give me your cum daddy, give me all your cum!” They came together, humping, thrusting and fucking. Their orgasms continued until they were sweaty, tired and spent. Every muscle in her body had clenched tight, and then went limp. Samantha was done. She placed her head on her daddy’s shoulder, resting, running her fingers over his nipples. Chad was quiet and still, enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm, and contemplating everything that had happened.

They stayed together like that for a time. The sweat cooled on their bodies and their heat finally dissipated. Chad had filled her cunt full of cum and it began leaking out, soaking his balls, and dripping on the couch. His cock softened and Samantha felt it slip out of her pussy. She felt empty.

Samantha yawned, and then said, “Carry me to bed and tuck me in, daddy?”

He picked her up and carried her naked and exhausted body to her room.

He put her into bed, and pulled the covers up to her neck, tucking her in.
She pushed the blanket back down, so her firm tits would remained uncovered. She gave them a squeeze, remembering all of the good feelings they had shared.

“Good night daddy, I had fun tonight” she grinned sleepily at him.

“Me too sweetheart, good night.” He kissed her on the forehead, and turned to leave.


“Yes dear?”

“Will you fuck my butt-hole, like we saw, the next Movie Night?” She batted her eyes and stretched, pushing her titties out until her nipples pointed at him. She added, “I really liked it when you played with it…, please?”

Chad stared at her, admiring her beauty and perfect body. “How can I say ‘No’ to her?” he thought.

“We will see, dear. Now, get some rest.” He shut the door, shaking his head.

“I have a nymphomaniac for a daughter,” he realized, smiling.

He walked back into the living room to clean up. Looking around, he remembered his feelings after last week’s events. ‘Yes’, he thought, ‘Movie Night will never be the same…’

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Incest Stories

Sun, 20 May 2018 12:26:26 UTC

Living with Aria

I stand in the bathroom watching my sister apply her lipstick. She looks amazing with a red dress showing just enough cleavage and black pumps, her short brown hair framing her face perfectly.

“You’re beautiful,” I tell her, my eyes raking her up and down.

“Thanks,” she smiles at me and adjusts her 40 DD breasts so they pop out even more. The urge to grab them is strong. Aria doesn’t notice and says, “You picked out an amazing outfit. You have an eye for what looks good on me.”

More like an eye for what I’d like to rip off her.

“I hope you have fun tonight,” I say trying not to sound bitter. Aria is going on another date with that ugly pig Josh. Her phone starts buzzing and it’s her date waiting downstairs.

“I will, thanks,” she says quickly, throwing her purse together, “call me if you need to, see you later!” She dashes out the door leaving me alone in the apartment.

Aria is 25 and perfect in every way. She’s tall and busty with hips and an ass to die for. She also is very smart and constantly gone working or out with her new boyfriend. He was just the latest in Aria’s new slutty phase. I had only moved in six weeks ago but he was number three since then. Every guy she brought home was an asshole or ghosted her. And I couldn’t wait for Josh to be next.

Since I could remember I looked up to Aria and wanted to be like her. When I was 11 I realized that I wanted more than that too. The first time I ever touched myself I came while thinking about my sister’s perfect tits. We shared a room for years and I used to imagine climbing into her bed and touching her all over. But she was perfect and I was just her nerdy, ugly little sister. My body wasn’t curvy like hers but petite and thin, my breasts barely a C cup. Plus, I knew Aria would never go with it.

Hours later Aria came drunk and laughing with Josh. They slammed into the apartment interrupting the show I was watching.

“Shh,” Aria giggled and closed the door.

“Hey, Shay,” Josh says to me and the two stagger into Aria’s room without another word to me. Hot anger boils inside me as I think about his hands on Aria and I turn up the t.v. Soon though I hear loud moaning. I go to Aria’s door and plan on banging on the door but it’s still wide open. Josh is lying on the bed and Aria is on top, her ass in his face. Josh’s hands cup her ass and massage it. One of Aria’s hands is grabbing her tits and nipples. Her other hand is clutching his ball sack and she rubs them in her hand.

I watch as my sister slams her dripping wet pussy down Josh’s hard dick, juices splattering their thighs. Aria’s perfect double D breasts bounce in the air. My pussy is soaking wet now. Without realizing it, my hand has started to pinch my own nipple.

I hear Josh moan loudly and suddenly Aria opens her eyes and sees me standing there. I’m sure she is going to flip out but instead she lets go of Josh’s ballsack and grabs both her tits. She starts rubbing them and playing with them, then looking at me.

Licking my lips nervously I run my hands over my breasts too. Aria moans loudly and nods furiously. Understanding now I pull off my shirt and start pulling at myself over my bra. Aria moans again and her hips start grinding into Josh harder.

I unclasp my bra and out pop my tits. My hand slips under my pants and I start to massage my pulsating cunt. It aches to be touched by my gorgeous sister. I’m so horny that I start to moan and have to bite down on my lower lip to keep Josh from hearing me.

“I want to fuck you so hard,” Aria says, her eyes locked on me. Josh moans loudly, too drunk and horny to say more. I rub my clit harder and can feel an orgasm is close.

Aria leans back, still pulling hard on her nipples, and starts to moan loudly. I realize she’s orgasming and work my pussy even harder. Just as the drunken pair starts to cum I feel my body almost go limp as an orgasm rocks my body. I furiously finger myself until I can cum no more, watching my sister’s ass bob up and down as she sucks her boyfriend’s dick dry.

Incest Stories

Mon, 11 Jun 2018 04:31:46 UTC

Movie Night 2

Movie Night 2 (Mf, exhibitionist, incest)

Summary – After what happened last week, will things ever be the same between Chad and his hot, young daughter?

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don’t be a dick with other people’s lives!

Samantha couldn’t wait for the next ‘Movie Night’ with her daddy! She felt so sexy and horny remembering the special night they shared. She remembered the feel of his hard penis against her ass, his hands groping her breasts, and his hot words to her as he orgasmed! “Daddy thinks my tits are amazing,” she recalled. “He could smell my hot pussy juice!” She smiled, feeling a twinge in her little slit.

All week at school she thought about her daddy’s cock. ‘What would it look like? What would it feel like?’ She would stare at the male teachers at school and the boys in her class, looking at their crotches and trying to discern the outlines of their cocks. She felt so naughty! With her new-found insight, she began to notice the effect her body had on the men and boys in school. When she stretched and stuck out her boobs she would pretend to close her eyes and watch them thru her barely opened eyelids.

They would stare openly at her chest! When she would ‘accidentally’ drop her pencil and bend over low to pick it up, she could see them stare at her hot little ass, their mouths hanging open. It was a sexy, teasing game she loved to play. Often, she could see their bulges growing in their pants; their ‘cocks’ getting hard, her ‘pussy’ getting wet!

Her daddy was the focus of all her attention at home. All week, she would take what she learned at school and try it on her dad. Stretching, bending over, pushing her tits together and licking her lips. For some reason, licking a lollipop, or licking and sucking a Popsicle had the same effect!

She had slurped one after dinner, licking it and sucking it deep to get all the sweet, juicy goodness. She didn’t understand why her daddy stared at her so intently? She noticed that the lump in his pants was bigger than normal afterwards; it made a pronounced lump, almost like a tent in his pants!

For Chad’s part, he was determined to not let the incident happen again, even though he struggled to keep his erection down when he was around her. He was feeling guilty about what happened; he had lusted after his daughter, and it went too far. He even tried to talk to Sam about it, catching her alone one night; “Sam, we need to talk,” he started, using his best daddy voice. “What happened Friday…”

“Shhhh, Dad!” she stopped him. She knew her daddy would want to talk about it and she was determined not let him! She did not want their ‘special moments’ ruined.

“Sam, we have to…” he started again.

“Shuush! It’s OK, daddy!” she said, “I’m going to take a bath now and get ready for bed”. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and walked away, wiggling her ass just a bit for him.

He watched her walk away, and unbidden, he imagined her naked ass stepping into the tub, her legs spreading, her pink slit opening up… ‘Shit, I’m in trouble’, Chad thought. His daughter was too hot to resist.

Friday night finally arrived. Chad walked into the house a little later than normal and closed the door softly. He was both dreading and looking forward to tonight.

Samantha was waiting for him and pounced! “Daddy’s home!” she squealed! She jumped up and ran to him. He had no choice but to catch her as she jumped up into his arms, her boobs pressing into his chest.

“Are you ready for another Movie Night, daddy?” she asked softly. She wrapped her legs around him and snuggled against his neck. He felt himself start to stiffen.

“I…, I…,” he began, holding her, smelling her, feeling her softness. “… I can’t wait” he said finally, not wanting to hurt her feelings. Her scent was intoxicating! It was clean, with a hint of bubble-gum, berry shampoo and musk! He couldn’t get the smell of her pussy out of his mind and he seemed to smell it as a subtle undertone whenever she was near. She was so innocent, yet full of youthful, sexual eagerness. Pure, yet full of lust! He breathed deeply as he held her against him. She kissed him softly, on the lips. His will was nearly broken. He let her down and she walked into the kitchen. She turned and looked at him as she walked away. He stared at her ass as she batted her eyelashes at him. His perverted thoughts and hardening cock getting the better of his emotions.

Dinner was predictable. His wife polished off a bottle of wine and started a second bottle. They talked about work and school, and the other events in their lives. However, Samantha only had eyes for her daddy. Chad did his best to not stare at her lips, her breasts, her soft hair and her sparkling eyes.

After cleaning up the dishes and wiping the table, they went to their separate bedrooms to change into their nighttime clothes.

Chad followed his wife into the master bathroom. ‘If I could only get laid tonight!’ he thought.

“Honey, are you feeling frisky tonight?” he asked. He rubbed her shoulders, standing behind her looking in the mirror at their reflections. It was his last hope; he gently pulled aside her hair and nuzzled her neck.

“No, not tonight,” Julie said, pulling away coldly, “Actually, I think I’m going to bed early.” He watched her swallow two sleeping pills. “You guys can watch the movie alone tonight, OK?” She was already slurring her words.

Chad sighed. He stripped down to his boxers and took a leak into the toilet, his chubby dick sticking out thru the front opening of his boxers. He finished pissing and tucked himself back in. He saw his pajama bottoms lying nearby on the chair, and, still angry at his wife, grabbed his thin robe from the hook instead. ‘If my dick pops out, so what?’ he said to himself.

He walked into the kitchen to make some popcorn and waited for Samantha.

Samantha soon came out of her room wearing a pink teddy she had clearly outgrown. Her breasts were accentuated and her fat nipples were clearly visible thru the thin material. It barely covered her ass. Under it, she only wore a pair of panties. She had spent a good amount of time searching for just the right outfit, wanting to make her daddy horny again so they could play together like last week.

Chad heard her walk into the living room from the kitchen. “Pick out whatever you like, Sammie,” he yelled, “Mommy has gone to bed already.”

“Can I order a sexy movie?” she asked, walking into the kitchen.

Chad looked up and saw his daughter in her chosen outfit. She stood in the doorway; hand on her hip, leaning against the jam. Her teddy was raised up on one side, her hip and panty covered ass partly showing. ‘I have my own sexy movie right here,’ he thought, admiring the beautiful woman she was becoming.

“Sure, anything you want, sweetheart.” Chad said, quickly looking away.

‘Oh my god, she is gorgeous!’ he thought. Perfect tits, flat stomach, puffy nipples and a nice full ass! In his mind he could still see her nipples peaking out, and her bare flesh flashing from underneath her outfit. He shook his head to clear it and reminded himself to delete the movie before morning.

“You go ahead and get started,” he said. “I’ll bring out the popcorn and sodas in a minute.” He needed a minute to let his dick soften.

She picked out a typical teenage beach movie, ‘R’ rated. It had lots of bouncing breasts, asses in bikinis and sexy make-out scenes with a lot of kissing and groping. Father and daughter sat on the couch together, sharing the popcorn in a bowl between them and watching the movie. He watched her squirm, wiggling her ass and quickly rubbing her pussy when she thought he wasn’t watching. In reality, he was watching her more than the movie.

“Can I sit on your lap, daddy?” She finally asked. She was getting horny and wanted to play with her daddy again.

“Sam, I don’t…”

“Shhhh! I can’t hear the movie!” She placed the popcorn on the coffee table and climbed into his lap. Chad sighed softly. She had won, he couldn’t resist her anymore. He spread his legs slightly, to make them both more comfortable.

She wiggled her ass on his lap, pressed her back against him, and then pulled his arms around her waist. “Hold me daddy,” she asked. They snuggled softly together. She sighed contentedly. They could hear each other breathe and could smell each other’s scent.

On the large screen TV, the female lead actress was teasing a boy on the beach. The camera focused in on her large breasts.

“Daddy,” she asked worriedly, “Do boys like big titties?” She was concerned that her boobs were too small. “Mine won’t ever get that big, will they?”

“Sam,” he said sincerely. “Some boys like big tits and some like small tits. Yours are perfect, and just the right size.”

“They are ‘amazing’, right daddy?” She repeated what he said about her breasts the last movie night. They both remembered how he had grabbed her titties as he came on her grinding ass.

“Yes, Sammie, they are amazing…” he added softly, “They are the most amazing breasts I’ve ever felt.”

She grinned! ‘That meant they were better than mommies!’ she thought proudly. They sat together a while, not speaking.

Then softly, she purred, “Daddy…?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Play with my titties again…, please daddy?” She pouted, sticking out her lower lip, knowing it might make him give in.

Chad was frozen. He couldn’t move. A thousand thoughts raced thru his brain… He turned to her, eyes wide and pleading!

Sam didn’t wait for an answer. She reached down and took his hand from where it was resting in her lap. She gripped it gently and tugged it upward steadily, toward her soft breasts. Feeling a little resistance from him, she gripped his hand tighter and pulled more firmly. Their hands slowly rose together. They caught on the fabric of her teddy, bunched up in her lap.

She took her other hand and lifted the material up then setting it back down on top of their hands, now under her teddy.

She yearned to feel his strong hands on her titites again, this time against her naked flesh! She wanted him to feel her ‘ass’ too! She ached for his touch on her ‘asshole’ and wanted her ‘hot, fucking pussy’ get all ‘juicy’ for him again! Maybe he would even play with her little pussy? She began to get wetter, just thinking about all the dirty things they might do together. The movie was so hot and her handsome, strong daddy was next to her.

She was feeling so horny!

Chad could feel her naked stomach as she pulled his hand closer and closer to her aching bosom. Holding just three of his fingers now, she slid his hand higher, and higher, until he felt the soft curve of her breast. She pulled their hands over her swollen tit, feeling a pull against her taut nipple as his strong hand slid over it. His hand was now on her breast! She pressed her hand onto his, and gently moved it in small circles.
“Ahhhh, it feels so good daddy,” she moaned. “Play with my titties!” she urged breathily, “Oh, please, daddy, play with them!”

Chad was in a state of shock. He hand held his daughter’s soft breast; it filled his cupped palm and she was begging for more! Without thinking, he gripped her firm tit gently, squeezing it, massaging it, admiring it. He ran his thumb over her fat, puffy nipple, feeling it tighten. He pinched it, once then twice. He had to have more!

Samantha moaned, “Ooohhh…, yes…, yes…, oh daddy!” Her breast was on fire. She was tingling with new sensations and her nipple felt alive with pleasure.

Chad slipped his other hand under her teddy and began massaging both of her perfect breasts. So firm, so soft! Samantha began to rock her hips on top of him, wishing she had something to rub her pussy against. She wiggled her ass around, feeling for his cock with her butt cheeks. She quickly found it, and began to grind her ass onto it. “Oooohh, daddy…” she moaned, arching her back, pressing her tits into his hands and grinding his cock with her ass.

“Ahhh,” Chad moaned aloud. “Mmmm, Sammie…” His excitement grew and his cock strained against his boxers. As Samantha ground her ass against him, he maneuvered his hips counterpoint to her actions, adjusting his robe and boxers with each movement. Finally, his cock sprang free! Her panty covered ass cheeks quickly engulf his stiff rod and her full ass cheeks surrounding it. She leaned forward, driving her ass against his cock and imprisoning it between her ass crack and his stomach. She slid her ass up and down gently, milking his throbbing shaft!

She felt so hot, so horny, and so wonderful! She loved the feeling of his hands on her tits, his cock against her ass! Her pussy was tingling!
Suddenly, Samantha stopped…“Daddy, we have a problem…” she paused, serious and thoughtful. She turned to look at him.

Chad’s head was swimming. “Wha…, what, dear?” He was puzzled. He was feeling the sperm building up in his balls. His cock was leaking pre-cum. ’Something was wrong?’ he thought? ‘Yes, of course!’ He tried to come to his senses. He stopped groping her breasts.
They looked at each other – him questioning, her serious, but then quickly grinning!

“We need a new couch, this one is LUMPY!” she began to giggle uncontrollable, so proud of her joke! Samantha humped her ass against his ‘lump’ again and began to wiggle back and forth.

“Hmm, maybe I can fix it?” she said. She just had to feel his cock! She lifted her ass and grabbed for it, reaching deeply between her legs, past her soaking wet panties. Chad jerked to the side. Samantha began to grope for his swollen dick. Her hand managed to hit it once and she felt its hardness before Chad quickly moved away. Samantha reached again, this time deeper! Chad began bouncing her on his lap as he tried to get away. They both began to giggle and laugh out loud.

Chad said “I think the problem is here, there are TWO smaller lumps on the couch!” He grabbed her titties again and squeezed them hard. He thought, ‘I have to keep her away from my cock’! He reasoned that feeling her breasts and her grinding on his cock were somehow OK, but having his daughter holding his cock? That would be crossing the line.

“My titties are NOT small, daddy!” she giggled, grabbing for his cock again. He pinched her fat, swollen nipples again to distract her.

“Or maybe the problem is here?” He started to tickle under her arms, moving his hands down to her ass. He began groping her ass cheeks, one in each hand, pulling her cheeks apart and reveling in the feel of her ass finally in his hands!

Samantha was no match for her father’s strength. He was bouncing her on his lap and keeping her hand away from his hard cock. She had felt it with the back of her hand twice now, and was able to touch it briefly with her fingers, but she was determined to hold it fully in her hands.
Chad reached between her legs to tickle her between her thighs.

Samantha grew still…

“Daddy, STOP!” she ordered loudly.

Chad froze. ‘Did I go too far?’ he thought. ‘Did she think I was trying to play with her pussy?’ He was in trouble now, he was sure of it! He looked to the hallway to make sure his wife was not awake; they had gotten a little too loud. His cock began to soften. His mind raced.

“Shhh!” he said. “What’s wrong, baby?”

Samantha felt his naked cock against her thigh and subtly reached down and grasped it, curling her fingers around the shaft. “Gotcha…” she said softly.

Chad was shocked! His softening dick pulsed and began to harden again. Samantha felt it growing in her hand. She was amazed at how it reacted to her fingers. She squeezed it, feeling its firmness, and then ran her fingers over the head, feeling the wetness there.

“It’s wet,” she said aloud, “Like me.”

“Ah, oh baby!” Her daddy moaned. His little girl was feeling a cock for the first time. It was his cock, the same one that made her! He was too far gone to care about morality anymore. Nothing mattered but his cock, and the pretty young girl in his lap. His fat cock became engorged again with blood. It got fatter…

“It feels so hot!” she whispered. She smeared his pre-cum over his thick cockhead. She looked down, between their legs, and saw it. Her little fingers holding his thick cock! It was awesome! The shaft was flesh colored, like her fingers, but the head was angry and purple-red. It felt alive in her hand, pulsing and throbbing. She saw a drop of liquid appear at the little slit. She caught it with her finger and pulled her hand away, watching the sticky liquid leave a wet thread from her finger tip to his cock.

She brought it up to her face and looked at it, rubbing the slimy pre-cum between her fingers. Chad watched as his little girl brought it to her lips and licked it!

“Mmmm, it tastes good.” she said softly. “Kind of like my pussy juice, but different.” She looked so serious. “I like it!” she added. She reached down and gripped his cock again, squeezing it gently, running her exploring fingers over it, playing with her new toy.

Time stood still for Chad and he focused on the feelings in his crotch. Feeling his daughter’s little fingers playing with his dick for the first time was something he would always remember.

“Daddy?” Samantha asked, still looking down at her fingers playing with his hard cock. “Can I see it up close, please?”

He hesitated.

“It will be our secret daddy, don’t worry,” she assured him.

Samantha climbed off of his lap and got on her knees before him. Chad couldn’t help himself and scooted closer to the edge of the couch, his hard cock getting closer to his daughters face. It stuck out obscenely thru his boxers like an angry snake. She leaned in close and inspected it. She took her small fingers and lifted it up, then pushed it down, watching it spring back up. She did it again, pushing it down and letting it go, amazed how it bounced back up all by itself. She felt its firmness and her eyes grew wide as another fat drop of pre-cum oozed out. She leaned in, stuck out her tongue and licked it up!

“Mmmm!” she said.

“Oh, baby, ohhhh!” Chad moaned. His daughter had licked his cock! He was so horny, so beyond caring! He desperately wanted to shove his hard cock into her mouth and fuck her throat! But, he couldn’t. He would never hurt his little princess. He knew he had to let her be in control, and not push her – to only go as far as she wanted.

“Can I see your balls, daddy?” she asked, stroking his cock gently. She remembered a boy in school getting hit by a soccer ball, grabbing his crotch and yelling ‘My balls, my balls!” She wanted to see what ‘balls’ looked like. She could glimpse something back under the base of her daddy’s cock, but it was too dark to see them clearly. His boxers were in the way. She wanted to see them up close.

She looked up at him, and saw him nod his head, ‘yes’…

Chad looked down at his daughter, looking into her eyes, his throbbing cock between the two of them. He stood up, letting his robe open wide. They stood there a moment, and then Samantha reached up and grabbed both sides of his boxers. She began to slide them down. His cock bent downward as the cloth pushed against it. It disappeared in the cloth and then became caught in the waistband. Samantha could see his naked hips, his pubic hair and the base of his shaft bending straight down. She gave a sharp tug, and his cock sprang free, bouncing before her innocent, young eyes.

“Wow,” she simply stated.

Samantha stared at her daddy’s nakedness, looking up at him, seeing his rippled chest, firm stomach, and beautiful eyes. She looked at his hard cock leaking more pre-cum and gripped it again. She bent it upward and inspected his swollen balls. She remembered from school that that is where the ‘sperm’ was made. She wondered how much ‘sperm’ her daddy had in his balls? They were certainly big enough! She ran her fingers thru his pubic hair, scratching his nut sack gently. She hefted them with her other hand, cupping them and giving them a squeeze.

“Gently, sweetheart, gently…” he cautioned. His cock was the hardest it had ever been. Her gentle fingers moving around on his cock and balls was driving him wild! She squeezed his shaft and another fat drop of pre-cum oozed out, joining the first, and starting to drip towards the floor. She could feel her pussy oozing too, soaking the crotch of her panties.
Samantha gripped his cock again, leaning forward, and licked the thick drop, holding it on her tongue, and then licked the fat head once more.

Chad caught his breath. Samantha heard his reaction. ‘He must like me licking his cock’, she thought. She licked it again, wanting to make him feel even better. She heard her daddy moan and began licking in earnest. She began to lick faster, all around the head, tasting all the salty pre-cum she had smeared over his cock.

‘Hey!’ she thought, ‘This is just like licking a Popsicle!’ She had an idea; she began to lick his cock up and down, pretending it was a thick Popsicle, melting and dripping sweet, sugary juice! She had to get all of the juice before it dripped onto the floor! This was a fun game! She licked the imaginary drips and decided that some must have run down the shaft and soaked into his balls. She began licking and gently sucking his nut sack, determined to get it all!

“Ooooooohhh,” Chad moaned. He was in ecstasy, not believing his good fortune. He didn’t care about tomorrow, only right now, and his daughter’s tongue and lips on his shaft and balls! His cock throbbed. His pre-cum was flowing and he watched his sweet, innocent daughter lick it up!

Samantha had another revelation. She remembered how hard her daddy had gotten at the table, when she was licking, sucking and slurping on her Popsicle the other night. Now she knew why! Girls must do this to guys they have ‘special feelings’ for! She shuddered as she wondered if boys do the same thing to girls. ‘Do boys like to lick all the juice from a pussy?’ she wondered. ‘Would daddy want to lick my tiny slit?’ Her pussy began to tingle as she continued to lick her daddy’s cock. She thought about her daddy’s tongue licking her hot, wet pussy! ‘He liked smelling my ‘hot pussy juice’ last week’, she remembered, ‘I bet he WOULD want to lick my pussy juice!’

She decided to slurp her daddy’s Popsicle, to see if she was right about boys liking their penises sucked. She paused, looked at his fat cock, wondering if it would fit into her mouth. She licked another fat drop of ’sweet juice’. ‘Hmm, strawberry!’ she thought to herself and smiled.

Samantha paused, staring at his wet, throbbing cock, her fingers sliding down to the base of his shaft and stopped.

‘Why did she stop?’ Chad wondered. ‘It was feeling so fucking good!’ He looked down at her. Samantha was staring at his throbbing cock, and what? Smiling? Then, not believing what he was seeing, his little girl opened her mouth wide, then wider, licked her lips and slurped his fat cock-head into her mouth!

Samantha began sucking and slurping his cock, imagining his fat dick was the sweet strawberry treat she was devouring! She sucked harder and tried to go down as far as she could! She came back up and went down again! Over and over! The sexy sounds of her slurping his hard cock filled the room. Her saliva and his pre-cum began escaping out of the corners of her mouth. She stopped to lick it up, and then sucked and licked his balls once again! She began to slide her hand up and down his shaft, spreading the imaginary sugary juice, and sucked the head back into her mouth! Sucking, slurping and rubbing his balls! Sucking harder, up, then back down again! His Popsicle was so good; she wanted to get ALL of it into her mouth!

‘Oh my god!’ Chad thought, ‘my fucking daughter is a natural born cocksucker!’ He felt his balls tighten up. He could feel the cum churning in his nut sack. It wouldn’t be long now… “Slurp, slurp, slurp!”

“Oh baby, baby!” he moaned. “I’m gonna cum, Sammie! You are going to make me cum!” He expected her to stop sucking and figured he would have to find somewhere to blast his load, the couch? The floor maybe?

But, she kept sucking! He looked down at her, unable to take his eyes off of the sight of his innocent little princess sucking his cock like an experienced whore!

“Mmmmm,” Samantha moaned – her mouth full of her daddy’s cock. She didn’t want to stop, knowing that she was making her daddy feel so good!

She remembered the cum he shot on her ass last week – the cum that soaked her panties. She remembered feeling it, smelling it, and tasting it once she was alone in her room. It would taste better when it was warm she figured. In her imagination, her daddy’s hot Popsicle-cock was quickly melting! She slurped it up faster and faster, sliding her mouth up and down, feeling his balls tighten under her fingers! He cock swelled in her mouth, her eyes grew wide!

“Oh, oh, I’m cumming!” Chad cried. “Your fucking hot mouth is making me cum! Suck it, suck my cock, Sammie! Suck it!” He stared down at her, watching his throbbing cock swell in her mouth. He thrust his cock forward, deeper into her mouth. She sucked him harder, working her mouth and tongue on his cock. Then, he exploded!

Samantha felt the thick blast of cum hit the back of her throat! She stopped a moment in surprise, and then quickly began sucking again – up and down! ‘How hard he shot his sperm!’ She was amazed and very proud of herself.

Chad was struggling to watch as the massive orgasm washed over him! His knees got weak, but he continued to stare. He watched his daughter suck up her first load of cum from a spurting cock! His cock…

Samantha swallowed his first blast of sweet juice and felt the second one splash heavily on her tongue! The huge gob of sperm swirled around her mouth as his cock thrust in and out of her mouth. She was thrilled to taste it on her tongue, but some began to leak out of the corners of her mouth!

She was determined to get all of his cum, so she pulled his cock out of her mouth, intending to lick up the sweet juice that was escaping.

The third blast hit her above her open lips, making her twitch in surprise.

The cum dripped into her mouth. Chad watched as his daughter stuck out her sexy tongue to lick it up, still stroking his cock gently. The fourth blast landed above her left eye, the fifth landed on her right cheek. She popped his spurting cock back into her mouth to keep any more from escaping.

Wave after wave of orgasm rolled over him; he felt another massive spurt erupt into her mouth. He watched her swallow it down after rolling it around with her tongue. ‘My Samantha is a cum-slut,’ he decided. He watched her suck and lick his cock until he was spent.

She kept slurping until no more sweet juice shot from his penis. She took his cock from her mouth and licked it up and down. She gave it another squeeze, and triumphantly licked the last drop of cum leaking from his slit.

“Gently baby, gently” he said softly. “Men are sensitive after they cum.”

“Did you like it daddy?” she asked, grinning, and looking up at him. "Did you have a nice ‘cum’”?

He looked at her, lovingly, her face covered with his spunk. “Honey, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” He was sincere, and watched her innocent face break into a huge smile!

Samantha learned a new word, ‘Blowjob’. ‘That is when a girl licks and sucks a boy’s cock and eats his cum’, she filed that information away for another day. She liked giving blowjobs, though she wondered why they weren’t called suckjobs! She felt his cum began to drip down her cheek and raised her hand to wipe it up.

“Stop, just a moment sweetheart, hold still!” She stopped, the sperm slowly dripping and cooling on her face. She so wanted to lick up the spunk dripping on her lip! He reached for his smartphone, turning on his camera. He needed a picture of his daughter’s face covered in his cum!

She posed for him, smiling, looking sexy, holding and licking his softening cock. When she began wiping off his cum and eating it, his cock began to swell again. He took picture after picture.

Finally, they sat down on the couch together, his arm around her. The movie had ended; the screen was blank, darkening the room.

“Daddy?” she asked, holding his cock in her hand, not wanting to ever let it go again. She looked up at him, grinning mischievously.

“Yes, dear?” he asked. Knowing that whatever she asked, he would do without question. At this moment, he would do anything for his little girl, his little cum eating cock-slut. He thought she looked so cute in the darkened room, his cum stains slowly drying, shining and still visible in the dim light. The light from the electronics bathed her splattered face in red and greens sparkles, making her look like a fairly princess. ‘She is beautiful,’ he thought. ‘I’m so lucky’.

“What do you want sweetheart?” Chad prompted her again, recognizing that she was feeling a little shy about something. “It’s OK, baby, what it is?”

“Daddy,” she whispered softly, batting her eyelashes at him, and feeling the hot, tingling wetness in her panties. “Do you want to see my pussy?”
He looked at her and began to grin. “Hmm, we still have plenty of time for another movie…”

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Incest Stories

Sun, 20 May 2018 12:12:50 UTC

My Mom, Kelly Ripa

I can’t stop fucking my hot sexy mom. She needs sex all the time and I love helping her out. Before I get started, though, I guess some introductions are in order. My name is Joaquin Consuelos, the youngest of three children, and my mom is Kelly Consuelos, but you probably know her by her stage name, Kelly Ripa, the soap opera actress turned talk show host.

Growing up, my parents never shied away about sex, having it often and everywhere—nothing was sacred. They even had it in front of us children, giving us “the talk” at a very young age. Wearing clothes in the home was a joke to her because if she wasn’t getting fucked then she was about to be. You see, mom’s a nymphomaniac and needs it about ten times a day. I’m exaggerating that, but it’s not too far from the truth! When my brother, Michael (the first born), became thirteen mom allowed him to explore her body because he had always been so curious. The same thing happened with my sister, Lola. Even though she’s now perfectly straight, she and mom still have sex.

As for me, I was never curious about her body…I was fascinated by it. Mom does a great job keeping herself physically fit and I’m always mesmerized by her muscle tone. Whenever she’d ride dad or Mike reverse cowgirl style on the couch, I’d be enthralled by her physique and oh did she eat it up! Kelly (I’m going to call her that, too, to break up the annoying repetition), if you didn’t know, is an attention whore and will grab any that she can. Not only does she love getting laid but she also enjoys being watched. I watched her a lot. My focus was always on her body, the way it writhed and undulated as she was feeling the heat.

When I popped my first boner one morning at thirteen, mom saw it and gave me a mischievous grin. I knew what it meant and I didn’t care! I remember our first time together. She took me into her bedroom, locked the door, and put herself on full display for me. What made it exciting, though, was that I was finally able to touch her! She never let us do that until our sex drives kicked in. The lights were dim, soft music was playing, and there I sat at the foot of the bed with Kelly spread eagle in front of me, smiling warmly. I was never more in love with her!

She showed me all the intricacies of a woman’s body. I ran my hands along those sexy legs of hers, kissed her upper arms and shoulders, played with those erotic tiny tits she possesses, ran my hands along her flat stomach (which tickled her briefly when I reached her outie bellybutton), until my face was lastly positioned before her glorious pussy. I don’t know the exact type of hairstyle she has down there, but think of a landing stripe that goes all the way down. The lips were covered in trim brown pubic hair and it was so soft! She parted her lips to show me the inside and pointed out her clit, pee hole, and fuck hole. “You remember this one—that’s where your penis is going to go and you don’t want to stick it in the wrong hole.”

I rolled my eyes. “I know, mom.”

“How hard are you, baby?” I got up onto my knees and showed her my prominent stick poking out through my sweatpants. She stared at my crotch in anticipation and whispered, “Show it to me!” I did, pushing my pants down as far as they would go. Kelly gave a loving gasp when she saw my mostly hairless crotch for the first time in a long time. My dick was about four inches at the time (it’s since grown another two) and, although I was horny, I had never masturbated before so instead of feeling excited, my cock was just numb, unsure about what to do. Mom opened her lips to me again and said, “See how wet I am in there? That means I’m ready for sex. Are you ready, baby? Are you comfortable enough to try it?”

I guessed I was. Since I’d never had it before, I didn’t know how it was going to feel. I positioned myself between her legs, holding myself above her with my arms, and she grabbed my cock to guide it into her. “Mmm!” she hummed, giving me a seductive smile as she gently squeezed and stroked my shaft. “I love teenage dick; it’s always so hard and ready!”

The moment I penetrated my loving mother, my mind immediately went blank and I froze. I didn’t know what I was feeling but God was it amazing! Apparently, though, I remained in that position for too long because Kelly eventually grabbed my “cute little ass” as she calls it and began working me. As my shaft slowly ran between her smooth velvety walls, first in then out, whatever I was feeling intensified and I began to see stars. Eventually my face scrunched up tightly and my mouth hung open. I wanted to moan or something but I was too timid at the time to make any kind of noise whatsoever. All I remember after that is something rocking my cock and my arms gave out. I collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily into her ear.

“No cum, huh?” mom asked. It was true. Apparently my body wasn’t ready to produce sperm yet. “Well, you’ll get there.” She gave me a passionate kiss, her tongue feeling sexy in my mouth, and said, “Wanna go again?” As if she needed to ask!

After the first few love-makings we had, it was time to perform for an audience. We were sitting in the living room, watching “Anchorman 2” one night, when mom shoved her hand between her legs and started masturbating. All four of us watched her with hungry eyes, everyone offering to get their hands on her, but mom made it clear that this was my christening. Everyone watched and cheered me on (as I had done with them) as she and I fucked for the first time—and I say fucked because there was no intimacy this time.

Over time she became bolder with me. We would have sex at lunch time almost every single school day (I don’t know about you, but lunch at my school is an hour long). Mom would drive over from work, pick me up, and take me to a secluded spot where we would fuck in the back of the SUV. I learned pretty quickly that I have a pantyhose fetish, which is terrible because Kelly rarely ever wears any. When she does, though, the sex is even hotter!

I remember one time when I was fourteen my mom sent me a text while I was in the middle of English class. It said, “I’m wearing sheer pantyhose today” and was accompanied by a down-shot picture of her legs propped up on her office desk without shoes. My cock sprang immediately to life and I remained hard for the rest of the period. When Kelly pulled me out for lunch I was SO ready to go! I hopped in the car and took in the outfit she was wearing: an orange tank top, a while miniskirt that came down to mid thigh, the black pantyhose from the picture, and running shoes. Mom’s nipples were hard and poking out through her top, but my focus was mainly on her legs as we reached our usual spot. I had already moved into the back before she even had the SUV in park and once she joined me the fun began!

I ran my hands along her gorgeous legs, loving the feel of the nylon, as mom got undressed. The shirt was the first article to go, exposing her chest. Kelly only wears bras for broadcast so the microphone battery has a place to be clipped. The moment she heads backstage after a show, however, the bra immediately comes off and she never wears it again until the next business day. Knowing my mom goes around braless most of the time is so fucking hot! She took her shoes off next and then raised her skirt to her hips before climbing on top of me (we have one of those bench seats back there) and making out with me. I ran my hands all over her body, caressing her legs and firm ass before I grabbed the back of her neck and held on for dear life.

When she broke the kiss, she gazed at me intensely and said, “Tell mommy what you want!”

“Sex! Your horny little boy needs to use his cock to fuck your pussy!” Remember when I said that mom was an attention whore? She never turns that off, not even in the bedroom, so to speak. The taboo of incest really gets her going and she loves dirty talk that reminds her of exactly what she’s doing. She gets really hot and wet when the taboo is described out loud as it’s happening…and she’s always the focus of the talk, of course.

Mom sat up and showed me the hole in her pantyhose (she had taken scissors to it earlier and removed the cotton crotch) as I wiggled out of my shorts and underwear. My dick slapped against me before I grabbed it by the base and pointed it up. Mom licked her lips and positioned herself accordingly. As my cock disappeared into her lovely hairy cunt, my eyes nearly crossed. Seeing myself enter her is too damn sexy!

“Ugh!” Kelly grunted. “My son is always so rock hard for me!”

I ran my hands all over her pantyhose and played with her legs as she bounced on me. Her tits jiggled a bit, the nipples straining even more than they had before, and as usual I have an overwhelming desire to touch them. “Mom, I need your tits in my mouth!”

She grabbed me by the back of the neck and jerked me into her chest. “Love my boobs, baby! Give mommy’s breasts the attention that only you can!” I already had one in my mouth and was using my hand to play with the other after she had said that. Everyone in the family had a specific body part of Kelly’s that we all loved. For my dad, it was her pussy. Mike loved her arms. Lola was dazzled by her eyes and kissed her the most passionately, bested only by dad. As for me, it was her tits. They were very sensitive and she could almost cum from them alone. I couldn’t understand why I was the only one gravitating to them; they were so beautiful!

I kept touching her legs and ass throughout the sex because she was wearing them just for me! The reason why mom rarely wears my favorite garment is unknown to me because she keeps flip flopping on the issue and frankly, I’ve given up on trying to figure her out. The rare times she wears them for the show, they’re mostly opaque, but she always changes into sheer because of me, which turns me on to no end. Yes mom is self-centered, but she is still loving!

The more I ate her boobs, the greater she needed to squeal. Despite our seclusion, Kelly continued to keep her voice down, doing her best to keep everything from reaching the outside world. (Yes, the SUV rocks when we have sex. Go figure.) Keeping my fingers and tongue off of her swollen nipples was impossible, so I put no effort into the matter. Hearing her get so excited was making everything better. My dick started thrusting on its own as she rotated her hips; I was getting close.

“Do it, honey!” she said. “Keep fucking your mom like that! I need my son’s jizz deep inside of me! Oh God your cock feels good!”

I assaulted her tits and pussy with wanton abandon, giving her the full brunt of my lust and love until I finally pumped her full of my cum. A few seconds later I felt her pussy clamp down on me as her lower body shook uncontrollably. When her orgasm took effect, she placed a hand to her face and a couple of fingers curled into her open mouth, which undulated with staggered breath.

Finally she collapsed onto me, our breath heavy in each other’s ears. “Sex with my son is so great,” she panted. “I love you,” I replied. I wrapped her in my arms and held her lovingly as we waited to calm down. My dick wilted in her pussy, but the moment she started moving around again, it sprang back to life and hardened almost immediately. The surprised face she made was adorable! Unfortunately, there wasn’t any time for a second round, so I had to wait until I got home that afternoon to pick up where we left off.

Now, as much as I enjoy having sex with mom, by the time I was fifteen it was getting annoying. Given her mentality, it was almost exclusively about her and no one else, leaving us kids with the impression that we were just tools for her use. Whenever I tried to raise a concern about wanting more attention from her, she waived it off because she had four people fucking her and she couldn’t give us all equal mindfulness. Besides, she was the one here with the highest sex drive so in her mind, we were all just helping her out. Yeah, attention whore—she knows every excuse in the book. Even when we have group sex she’s always at the center. There were plenty of mornings where mom was bent over the counter as she made breakfast while having Mike’s cock in her ass, mine in her pussy, Lola licking her clit, and dad off to the side fondling her breasts as she gave him a blowjob.

Finally, I got fed up with it. Because of the lack of respect we were receiving, my sister and I had been eying each other. We snuck away and had a deep, meaningful conversation about how we wanted to receive instead of give for once in our lives, so she and I agreed to pick up the slack mom was giving us. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan.

My sister, at seventeen by this point, takes after our grandmother on our father’s side as far as her figure is concerned. She has gorgeous hourglass curves, giant boobs, and long slender legs. Lola has such a bangin’ body! I had always noticed, but mom kept my eyes from averting too much.

Anyway, at bedtime one night, we all went our separate ways, but it wasn’t long until Lola had snuck into my room wearing only an oversized T-shirt. I was in my boxer shorts and both our clothes came off pretty quickly. We didn’t get straight down to business, though. We hugged, we kissed, we caressed, and we cuddled until we couldn’t bear it anymore. When she felt the urgency of my penis sliding along her nether lips, she told me to enter her and I somehow did so without looking first. (I got really lucky there!)

We started out slow and built up to going passionately fast. Lola’s pussy felt just as good as mom’s, but in a different way. We kept making out with each other as we made love, but it got to the point where I had to stand on my knees, grab her thighs, and just pound the ever-loving shit out of her! She moaned and squealed as lightly as she could, careful not to catch our parents’ attention, and I did the same.

Our orgasms neared. My head grew heavy and my mind began to empty of all thought—all that mattered now was showing how much we loved each other. Unfortunately, as I was on the cusp of exploding, hard, I suddenly felt something push me on the abdomen. My cock slipped out of my sister’s pussy and I opened my eyes, dumbfounded. “What the fuck?” I asked in numb confusion.

The lamp on the night table turned on. There was Kelly, stark naked as always, straddling her daughter’s stomach. She turned around and gave me a very stern look. “Language, young man!” she warned.

Fuck! How the hell did she know? “Let’s get something straight right now, OK?” she continued. “Your cock belongs to me! Only I get to fuck it! Your sister can get her own!”

Look, I can put up with a lot of mom’s shit, but this time she took it too far! “Fuck you, mom! You don’t make love to us anymore, so we’re getting our close bond with each other now!” Wow! Did I really just say that? I know better, so what the hell happened?

The look on Kelly’s face was a mixture of rage and surprise. “Excuse you!” she retorted in admonition. “I make love to my babies all the time!”

“No you don’t! You used to, but now it’s just us serving you and nothing more! It stopped being mutual a long time ago; now it’s just us fucking you! It’s always you! Because you’re the only one who matters!”

Mom’s mouth dropped in disbelief, an emotion that joined the others on her face. She looked back and forth at us and asked, “You think I don’t love you anymore?”

“Not where sex is concerned! You’ve stopped wearing pantyhose for me and now you’re always taking but never giving!”

“Yes! Because I’m a nympho and you’re helping to take care of me! I thought you understood that, but apparently not!”

“Well now Lola and I are going to give each other the companionship you’re not giving us!”

An indignant look hardened her face. I realized immediately that I shouldn’t have said that. I was going to regret it, but at that moment, I couldn’t believe that even mom would make that happen. Lola and I both knew we were right. There was no way mom was going to make me think otherwise.

“Is that so?” she asked in a calm but determined voice. Kelly repositioned herself, placing her legs between her daughter’s, and began rocking her pussy on Lola’s. Seeing my mom and my sister together like that made my cock even harder than I had ever felt it before. I couldn’t take my eyes off of their pussies grinding against each other. Out of my peripheral vision, I could see my sweet darling sister begin to take pleasure from the act. “Sandwich your cock between our lips!” mom ordered. I complied and felt a greater pleasure than I had ever experienced. Fuck this was so hot! No matter how pissed off I was with my mom, I couldn’t deny what I was physically feeling. Apparently, neither could mom, as I could barely see that she had her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open, and her lower lip curled inside. However, she composed herself long enough to continue with what she was saying. “While under my roof, you can only stick your dick in one hole, Joaquin. Pick one! And whichever one you decide to go with, I’ll respect it!”

I started sawing my dick back and forth, unable to keep still any longer as they continued to rub their lips along me. This was the most magnificent feeling in the world! My mom and sister were simultaneously on my shaft! My forehead was sweating profusely as I looked down at the beautiful act of three family members enjoying one another. Too soon, however, mom brought me back to reality. “Who’s it going to be, honey?” I continued to watch as both pairs of lips rubbed against me. My heart pounded in my chest, threatening to burst through. I panicked…then I swallowed hard, made my choice, and took the plunge.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!” mom moaned at the top of her lungs as I grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands and pounded away like a maniac. God, her ass was so tight that you could bounce a quarter off if it!

I clenched my eyes shut and I yelled out in frustration, “God damn it, mom! YOU’RE JUST TOO FUCKING SEXY!” I opened my eyes. Tears were streaming down them as I looked into Lola’s upset eyes and said, “I’m sorry, Lola. I’m so sorry!”

“I understand,” she squeaked as she cried with me.

As I gave my mother everything that I had, she kissed my sister with the utmost passion while continuing to keep their pussies connected. I wasn’t paying attention to any of this (Lola told me later) because I was too consumed by horniness and anguish. I jizzed in my mom pretty quickly but kept on going nonstop for another twenty minutes until I did it again. By that time, she and Lola had their own orgasms and the tubes in my cock were painfully sore.

Kelly extracted herself from me, her son, and stood beside the full sized bed on shaky legs. “Let me make something perfectly clear, you two,” mom said in a weak but determined voice. “I love you both so much, with every fiber of my being. If I’ve seemed negligent in that regard, then I apologize. Think about what you’d like me to do differently and I’ll do it. But…you’ve made your decision, Joaquin. Remember that.”

Mom left my room without another word. Lola and I looked at each other in sadness and desperation. “Selfish bitch,” I muttered.

Then Lola’s eye lit up. “Oh my God!”

“What?” I asked.

“Do you know why mom came in here?” she asked me excitedly. “She’s jealous! She sees me as a threat! She’s scared that I’m going to take you away from her!”

I looked over at the door and gave it a confused look. “That’s dumb.”

The next thing I knew, Lola violently turned me over in the bed, reversing our positions. She then gazed into my eyes with fiery intensity and said, “That makes me so fucking hot! Get your dick back in me right now!” Don’t ask me how, but my shaft sprang immediately back to life and oh was it incredibly sore! My sister rode me like there was not tomorrow as I played with her pillowy tits. Somehow I managed to shoot one last painful load before my body gave out entirely. Thankfully, Lola had her next orgasm almost immediately before mine. When we were finished, we kissed each other lovingly and she quietly exited my room. I fell asleep right then and there; didn’t even have enough time to get under the sheet first.

I walked into the kitchen the next morning, all rested up like nothing happened. Mom was at the counter, nude, cracking some eggs. I came up behind her, slipped my hands under her arms as I pressed my body against hers, grasped her sexy little titties, and kissed her on the neck. She turned to me with a beaming smile and asked, “Feeling better, sweetie?”

I squeezed her breasts and answered, “Much.”

Kelly turned around in my arms and I repositioned my hands to where I was hugging her at the waist. “I have a confession to make: Your sister was right about me last night…you both were.” Horror struck my face. There was only one way she could have known that. She turned her head to face the entrance to the kitchen, where I suddenly saw Lola standing. “Oh yes, I know exactly what happened after I left.” She turned back to me. “I AM a selfish bitch and when I get a cock, I get jealous of anyone else who has it, too.” She brought her arms up and placed her hands behind my head, caressing my hair. “But we’re all family, and I need to keep reminding myself of that. Joaquin…Lola…I promise I’ll do more to make our sex more inclusive and keeping you two apart is unfair of me.” She stared deeply into my eyes. “So, Joaquin, when you’re done helping me, I won’t deny you your sister.”

I gave my mother the most passionate kiss I could muster and my cock stiffened between our bodies. I pressed it against her stomach as I held her to me. In the meantime, I could hear Lola walking toward us. When I broke the kiss and saw that my sister was standing beside us, mom turned around, lifted herself on to her toes, and pushed her ass against my cock, wiggling it seductively. “Mommy needs you, baby. How about it?”

I smirked and asked, “Is my mom wet and ready to take her son’s dick?”

“I am,” she playfully answered.

I gently slid myself inside of her and slowly began thrusting away. “I love my mom’s pussy,” I said gently. “I’m your son and I love having sex with you.”

“What about your sister?” she asked, still playful.

Lola answered for me. “It was going to happen anyway. Your rule wouldn’t have applied since it’s dad’s name on the deed.”

Mom gave her daughter The Look. “Don’t start up with me, young lady,” she warned. Lola replied by shoving her tongue deep into mom’s mouth.

A few weeks later, I found myself blindfolded and being taken across the city one Saturday night. Mom refused to tell me what was going on and we had to explain ourselves to some random people that I was her son and she was leading me to a surprise and that I was willingly going along with this. I know that we had taken the car and then to some sort of boat—probably a ferry (it was)—and finally to some piece of land somewhere. Even then, though, mom continued to guide me along a confusing path, inside a building, up many flights of stairs, and even a ladder. Then there was a door in front of me that I passed through and we found ourselves outside again. Just when I was about to ask her what was going on, she removed my blindfold and I took in my surroundings.

It took me a few seconds to figure it out, but once I had, my mind was completely blown. We were on the Statue of Liberty’s torch! Even after its reconstruction, that area to this day remains closed to the public. “Surprise!” mom said cheerfully.

I looked around, bewildered. “How did you pull this off?” I asked, stunned.

“I have some connections,” she replied cryptically.

I looked over at her and was stunned by her outfit. She was wearing a little black dress that showed off a lot of leg, suntan pantyhose, and pointed heels. “Wow,” I said. “You are so beautiful, mom!”

She beamed at me with her pearly white teeth on full display. “Thank you, honey!”

“What’s the occasion?”

Mom gave me a mischievous grin, but didn’t answer; not verbally anyway. Instead, she grabbed the zipper at the front, pulled it all the way down, and dropped the dress to the floor. Kelly stood before me in just her pantyhose and heels. The pantyhose were new and already had a hole in the crotch. My dick started to grow.

She walked seductively over to me. “I want you to know for an absolute certainty that I love you.”

I blushed. “Oh mom, you didn’t have to do this.”

Kelly kept her eyes on mine as she opened my jeans and pulled down my lower garments, freeing my shaft. “We have the entire island to ourselves.” She cupped my cock. “Let’s make good use of it, shall we?”

We embraced as lovers. As our tongues fought for space, I grabbed one of her legs and brought it up to me. I felt her up her pantyhose-covered leg and ass and took her tits into my mouth. I toyed with them one at a time before I took on both. We were getting hotter and more frantic until finally we couldn’t take it anymore! Mom moved to the rail, grabbed it, and bent over. I immediately shoved my dick in, grabbed her nylon ass, and pounded her into oblivion! She screamed and moaned louder than I had ever heard her before and I quickly joined her. As our orgasms drew nearer, mom lifted her head up and shouted at the top of her lungs, “I LOVE TAKING MY SON’S COCK IN MY PUSSY!”


I saw fireworks that night.

Incest Stories

Thu, 07 Jun 2018 17:29:24 UTC

Making A Dark Fantasy A Reality 2


I was making videos of her as she grinded her cunt against my hard cock, I said, COME ON WHORE, GRIND HARDER, I’M GOING TO POST THESE VIDEOS OF YOU GRINDING YOUR CUNT ON MY COCK LIKE A WHORE. I started ramming her cunt again while she backed up in unison making easy to take as much cock as she could in her cunt, our sounds of fucking were loud, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, she lost it for a minute and yelled out how she really felt, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD, GIVE YOUR WHORE ALL YOUR COCK, AAAAAH, AAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, I said, these are going to be some fucking hot videos of my cock up your cunt. I pulled out and flipped her around.

I spread her legs and told her place her feet on the bed, I picked her up from the hips and started fucking her hard for about a couple of minutes. I stopped fucking her and told her, BUCK YOUR CUNT AT MY COCK SLUT, COME ON WHORE, DO IT! She started bucking her pussy against my cock hard. I started taking more video as she bucked up to put my cock in her cunt. I said, oh yeah, look at you fuck, I said, you’re not a slut, YOU’RE A TOTAL FUCKING WHORE! OH YEAH, HAVE I GOT PLANS FOR YOU, FROM NOW ON, I WILL BE TREATING YOU LIKE THE WHORE YOU REALLY ARE! KEEP ON FUCKING ME WHORE! She kept on bucking her hips upwards to put all my cock, while she moaned, aaaaah, aaaaah, aaaaah. I said, YOU LIKE THAT COCK, DON’T YOU WHORE, she replied, “yes” as she kept fucking my cock, she didn’t even question that I called her whore, she was beginning to realize her new role as her son’s whore.

I grabbed her by her hips, I told her to wrap her legs around me. I stood up with her wrapped around me. The whore was very wet, I had no problem driving my cock all the way up her pussy, as I started bouncing her up and down my cock as I stood up. She was moaning loud, OOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOH as I brought her hard down on my cock, I kept hitting her cunt hard, suddenly she started coming hard on my cock, I said, look at all the cream you’re dumping on my cock whore, like to come on your son’s cock, don’t you whore? As she moaned lowly, oooooh, oooooh, she said, “yes”, feels so good. I said out loud, I AM GOING TO DUMP ALL MY TAPIOCA UP YOUR CUNT WHORE. Finally making my dark fantasy of fucking my mother’s hot cunt and beginning to turn her into a whore must have been the reason I was dumping huge loads of cum up her cunt, I must have dumped a pint of cum in the whore’ cunt. I finally had to take a breather so I laid her on the bed.

I laid her down on the bed face up with her legs spread wide and dangling over the side of the bed. I could see a stream of cum dripping from her pussy making cum spots on her bed and had cum rolling down her legs. I sat down on chair to rest a bit and feeling triumphant that I had fucked the shit out of my mother’s hot cunt, this was just the beginning, I had lots of plans for this whore. She stood up and said, I’m going to take a shower. I said, come here first whore and she walked over. I inserted three fingers up her cunt and started working them in and out, she was so wet there was no friction. She closed eyes and let out a moan, ooooh, ooooh, and bucked her pussy at my fingers. I said, you like that, don’t you whore? I stood up while still fingering her. I leaned over and sucked her tits and then I looked directly into her eyes as I fingered her, I said, you’re my whore, got that! She looked at me for about five seconds, and finally replied, I shouldn’t have done this, but now that it’s happened I’ll let you have you have sex with me, you can call me whore, but I’m not a whore, I’m still your mother. We must keep this a secret between us. I did not answer her, I just thought, I don’t give a fuck what you say or think, you’re going to be taking lots of cock, I’ve got plans for you puta.

I took my fingers out of her pussy I licked them and put them by her lips and said, lick it whore, get a taste our sex juices, she started licking my finger. I said, that’s it whore, lick my fingers clean. The juices taste good, don’t they whore, she replied, yes, I said you can go take a shower. She turned around and headed for the shower, as she walked I could see loads of cum rolling down her legs.

I stared at her ass, I’m going to have a great time putting my cock up that puta’s ass. Just the thought of fucking her ass got me so fucking hard I decided I was going to take her ass while she showered. I lubed my cock with a very thick petroleum lube and went in the bathroom, I startled her when I entered the shower, she saw all the thick lube on my cock and she asked, what are you going to do? I replied, I’m going to fuck you in the ass right here and now whore. She replied, I will give you all the sex you want, but not in my ass, nobody has ever done that to me, I have never allowed it. I thought, how lucky can I get, my mother has never been fucked in the ass, I’m going to be the first to break in her ass cherry. I thought, this is great, I’m going to enjoy breaking in her cherry. I didn’t care if she didn’t want it, matter of fact, because she didn’t want it made me more determined to fuck her ass.

I said, TURN AROUND AND LEAN OVER AGAINS THE WALL, she replied, NO! I said, FUCKING PUTA, DO AS YOUR TOLD! I turned the her around and forced her against the wall with her ass sticking out. I took some of the lube from my cock and put on my index finger and inserted in her ass. She kept saying no, no, not there, I said, OH YEAH, MADRE PUTA, I’M TAKING YOUR ASS, YOU’RE MY WHORE, WHAT DO YOU THINK WHORES DO? NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TAKE COCK UP YOUR ASS LIKE ALL WHORES DO! I finished working her ass with my finger and replaced it with my cockhead at her ass, as I did she said, no, no. I disregarded her pleadings, and began inserting my cockhead up her ass, she started screaming, NOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOON, NOOOOOO, IT HURTS. I said out loud, OH YEAH, KEEP SCREAMING PUTA, THOSE SCREAMS TELL ME I’M DOING A GREAT JOB, and laughed HEH, HEH, HEH, HEH.

The whore had not lied, I could literally feel her anal wall tearing as I slowly speared her ass. She was screaming her head off, NOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOON, NOOOOOO, IT HURTS, IT HURTS, YOUR TOO BIG! I said, SOON THE PAIN WILL BE OVER WHORE, SOON YOU’LL BE TAKING SO MUCH COCK UP THIS FINE ASS OF YOURS AND YOU WILL BE LOVING IT, I JUST WANT TO BE THE ONE THAT POPS YOUR CHERRY FIRST! DAMN, YOU WEREN’T LYING PUTA, YOU HAVEN’T HAD YOUR ASS FUCKED, WHAT A SUPER TIGHT ASS! SCREAM ALL YOU WANT, I’M NOT STOPPING, I’M GOING RESIZE THIS TIGHT ASS. When I was in half-way, she was still screaming, IT HURTS, IT HURTS, I started slowly going in and out to get her use to my cock. As I was going in and out, I told her, WHORE, YOU HAVE A FINE ASS, SOON YOU WILL BE HAVING LOTS OF COCK UP YOUR ASS AND WANTING MORE. I fucked her slowly for about ten minutes, she no longer was screaming, but she was half-way in pain moaning, ooh, ooh, ooh, I continued another five minutes, then I started going in further with each stroke. I pulled out and said, let’s go to the bedroom.
I led her by the hand to her bed and told her to kneel on the edge of the bed doggy-style. Before she knelt, she looked at me and said, I know I can’t stop you, just please don’t hurt me. I didn’t respond, I just got her on all fours on the side of the bed. I put more lube on my cock and her ass. I was going to take her ass hard. She moaned very loud, AAAAH, AAAAAH, AAAAAH as I drove my cock in her ass until I got half-way. I started going in and out of her ass, I was driving more cock with every stroke that went in her ass. Her ass was beginning to loosen up, I was succeeding taking her virgin ass. I started to speedup my strokes going in deeper and deeper, she began screaming again, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, this time I didn’t care at all, I was going take it all the way, I started slamming my entire 9-inch cock in her ass, as she screamed her head off, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I said, THAT’S IT, SCREAM PUTA , THIS IS HOW A PUTA GETS HER ASS FUCKED, GET USED TO IT, YOU’LL BE TAKING LOTS OF COCK UP YOUR ASS, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, she kept screaming, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I kept fucking her for another twenty minutes, I spread her legs wider and now her ass was getting loose, I was easily going in and out, her screams were not as pronounced, they becoming loud moans, aaaaah, aaaaah, aaaaah, I started to really pick up the speed and fuck her real hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. I pulled out and pulled her asshole open and took a picture of the big gap my cock had resized. I drove my cock back in again, this time it went in easy, I had taken my mother’s ass cherry.

I told her grind your ass on my cock like you did your pussy, she didn’t move, I said, COME ON WHORE, GRIND YOUR ASS ON MY COCK LIKE YOU DID YOUR PUSSY, DO IT! BACK YOUR ASS UP ON MY COCK, she started backing up her ass right on my cock. I said, GET THAT COCK DEEP IN YOUR ASS AND START FUCKING IT, GET IT DONE WHORE. She impaled my cock in her ass and started slapping against my cock hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. I got my phone and started taking pics and videos of all the hot action. I said, NOW GRIND THAT ASS ON MY COCK WHORE, she started grinding her ass up and down then sideways on my cock. THAT’S IT WHORE, GRIND IT, GRIND THAT ASS HARD ON MY COCK, YOU KNOW YOU LOVE YOUR SON’S COCK IN YOUR ASS WHORE!

I put the camera down and grabbed her by the hips and started ramming her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, I pulled out my dick and picked up my phone and took pics of had resized the whore’s asshole. I put the phone down and started ramming her ass again, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, I’M GOING TO CUM DEEP IN YOUR ASS WHORE, YOUR GOING FEEL FOR THE FIRST TIME LOADS OF CUM IN YOUR ASS, HERE IT COMES WHORE, I started dumping streams of cum deep in her ass. FROM NOW ON YOU’RE GOING TO BE FUCKED LIKE THE PUTA YOU ARE. As I kept fucking her, cum started coming out of her ass and began rolling down her legs. I picked up my phone and started taking more pics and videos, I said, oh yeah, I’ll be getting plenty of takers wanting to fuck this ass.

I finally pulled out and told her she could go and take a shower, the bitch got up and I captured her on video as she walked to bathroom while streams of cum were dripping out her ass and her legs were covered with cum as it rolled down her legs. I told her as she was walking to the bathroom, I WILL BE IN THERE IN FEW MINUTES TO GIVE YOU ANOTHER ASS FUCKING THE SHOWER WHORE!

About ten minutes later I joined her in the shower, this time, it was very easy, she leaned against the wall and stuck her ass out, I wasted no time pumping her ass hard, this time her screams were more like loud, she didn’t say she liked her ass fucked, but I could tell she was starting to like her ass getting fucked.

Right after the shower fuck, she went to the kitchen and got us something to eat. While she was gone, I set up four 4K UHD movie quality video recorders on tripods. The time for the smaller camcorders was, I was going to start recording professional quality movies of me fucking my mother. When she came back, we ate a couple of sandwiches and we had a bottle of wine. She asked, what were the camera for? I said, I’m going to make movies of the all fucking you will be getting from now on. She asked me, what are you going to do with the movies of me having sex with you? I said, let me show you something, you might as well know. I started blue tooth pairing my laptop with the big screen in her bedroom, I started playing videos of had made of her in nighties, panties, naked and playing with sex toys. I showed her several of her underskirt videos and pictures. She you son of bitch, you have been spying on me. I said, I sure have, I have had a fantasy of fucking you and making you a cum dump. I have posted hundreds of hours of your videos on the XXX websites and I’ve made lots of money and I get awesome reviews from your videos, lots of my followers like what they see and want to fuck you so that will be the other part of my fantasy, I will have you working as my whore and even make more money. She asked, I don’t have nothing to say about it? I said, you don’t get choices, your new role does not include to be motherly, just fuck and suck cock when I tell you. I can tell you are going to be very good at your new role, I’ve already tested your assets several times and they are damn good. I threw a pillow on the floor and ordered, NOW COME HERE WHORE, GET MY COCK HARD.

She replied, can’t you ask nicer than that, I leaned over and forced her down on her knees. I said loudly, OPEN THAT MOUTH WIDE PUTA. I inserted my cockhead in her mouth, it felt so fucking hot being her mouth for the first time. I said, OH YEAH, YOU’RE GOING TO BE A FINE PUTA. I said, LICK MY SHAFT AND BALLS, man she knew how give suck cock. I said, DAMN YOU’RE GOOD AT SUCKING COCK. I asked her, YOU LIKE TO SUCK COCK DON’T YOU WHORE? She was so good at sucking cock, in no time she had me rock hard. I held her head from the back of her head and started pushing her head forward as I started ramming my cock as deep as I could down her throat. I would drive my cock deep down her throat, hold it until she started choking. I said, whore, you’re going to learn how to deep throat, guys that will be fucking you are going to want you to take their cock deep down your throat, you will be sucking lots of cock. I repeated going down her throat about 25 or 30 more times and a minute later, she was taking cock real deep without too much choking. I stopped pumping into her mouth and said, suck my cock hard, take as much as you can down your throat. I thought, WOW, the whore is taking most of my cock down her throat on her own. There was no doubt this whore loved to suck cock, she was a natural, it took no time for her to be comfortable taking cock deep in her throat. I grabbled my phone and made a short video of her deep throating me. Look up, look at me as you take my cock all the way down your throat. She was so fucking hot she started speeding up sucking my cock hard and moaning, ummmmmm, ummmmmm, ummmmmm, as sucked my cock. I put down the phone and grabbed her by the sides of her face and started ramming my cock down her throat hard, HERE IT COME PUTA, SWALLOW IT ALL. I started coming down her throat, I knew I was dumping lots of cum, at least four streams, it was so much cum, the cum started dripping out of the corner of her mouth. I picked up my phone again and started making a video of all the cum coming out her mouth. I told open your mouth, let me see, when she opened her mouth, she still had tons of cum in her mouth she was swallowing. I captured all the action, it was a hot video.

I took the videos and sent them to buddy Scott, five minutes later I got a quick response.

Scott: Your mother is giving you a blow job?

Me: Yeah, she is damn good at it, man she is one hot deep throat whore, I dumped all my cum deep down that whore’s throat.

Me: Get this, it’s now 1:00am, I have been fucking her since 3:00 pm Saturday afternoon, I have done all her holes several times now.

Me: I’ve been dumping cum in her cunt and ass since Saturday afternoon. My is the hottest fuck I ever had, she knows how to fuck good.

Scott: Damn! You’re a lucky fuck.

Me: I know you have been wanting to fuck her, come over tomorrow about 1:00 pm, you can fuck the shit out of cunt also.

Me: If you keep your trap shut, we can keep fucking her anytime we want.

Scott: OK, got my word, it’s between you and me.

I looked at my mother, she had finished swallowing all the cum in her mouth, I said lick my cock and balls clean whore, she no longer was fighting me, she quickly started licking my cock and balls, yeah that’s a good whore!

She was starting to assume her role as a damn good PUTA!

Incest Stories

Fri, 18 May 2018 02:07:52 UTC

Daughter’s Sex Lessons 4

Scott was pleasantly surprised when he woke up with very rigid hardon, Jenna was rapidly bobbing her head up and down taking Scott’s cockhead in her mouth. She suddenly stopped and then slowly went down driving his thick cock deep down her throat. Scott stared at her in amazement, thinking, look at this little slut take my cock deep in her throat. Jenna slowly lifted her mouth and took her two hands and started jacking off Scott’s cock. As Jenna was jacking off Scott’s cock, she said, I’m sorry if I woke you daddy, but seeing how hard your cock was and standing straight up, made me feel so hot, I wanted your cum in my mouth. Scott replied, that’s O.K. honey, go do what you were doing. Scott thought, this little slut really loves to eat cum, her mouth is going to be busy doing lots of blow jobs, she’s going to have guys lining up to her dicks sucked. Scott reached for phone, started taking video as Jenna went back to sucking his cock real fast, and Scott said, I’m going to cum, she lifted her head and said, give it all to me in my mouth daddy. I love to eat your cum daddy.

Scott was amazed as Jenna, held her mouth open by the tip of Scott’s cockhead, as he ejaculated, his spunk went into her mouth, she then lowered her mouth slowly driving all his cock in her mouth and deep in her throat. Scott felt her mouth trying to suck all his cum out of his cock, she was trying to drain clean. She raised her mouth, releasing Scott’s cock, he was still ejaculating, his spunk began running down his cock, landing on his balls. Jenna began licking his thick rod as Scott made a video the action, he said, open your mouth honey, let me see, she opened her mouth wide, proudly showed off the cum she had in her mouth and tongue.

Scott stared at Jenna, he was so amazed at what his little slut daughter was doing, she was very quickly turning in to a hardcore little whore, she definitely has graduated in cock sucking. Jenna said, I really love to eat your cum daddy, am I doing it right? Scott stared into his daughter’s sexy green eyes, thinking, you little slut, your mouth was just made perfectly for fucking and blow jobs. Scott said, you are perfect, she replied, thank you daddy, I’m so glad, because I love to do this kind of sex a whole lot. Scott thought, this little slut is probably going to be known in school for sucking dicks. Once she licked Scott clean, they head for the shower, where he fucked the shit of her again. Scott no longer thought of Jenna as his daughter, but as his whore.
Scott walked in Jenna’s bedroom as she was getting dressed in short black skirt and white top that any teen would wear. She was slipping on a pair of white bikini panties, she raised her skirt to finish pulling up her panties. She finally finished dressing and Scott looked at her, thinking, this little slut is a fucking beauty. Jenna’s short skirt, and black pumps, made her long legs look very sexy, her long legs were made for spreading and fucking. Scott thought, I can’t believe my beautiful slut daughter is my little whore and she loves to fuck and suck cock. Scott walked over to her, put his hand on her crotch and inserted a finger in her pussy, she said, oh daddy, that makes me feel so hot, Scott said, it’s called horny. She replied, yes, daddy, I get so horny. She continued, daddy, I love your sex lessons, I am so horny most of the time now. Is that wrong daddy to be horny that often? Scott said, it’s not bad to be horny, like I told you before, you can have sex with whomever you want, you’re a grown young woman. Some people are just hornier than others. Scott thought, soon your uncle Billy and I will be taking care of your bad case horniness, we’ll be knocking your pussy out often. Scott said, let’s head out to eat.

As Scott drove, he turned over to Jenna as she was lightly rubbing her thighs and said, I’m feeling so horny, just thinking of the sex we had back at house. Jenna was beginning to be very assertive, she knew what she wanted, she raised her skirt, reaching over guiding Scott’s hand on her panty crotch. She said, I’m getting so hot, I wish we were back home having sex. Scott was feeling her very wet panty crotch while thinking, damn this little slut is ready to fuck again. Scott drove to an ally, parked in an isolated area, he slid over to her, he wasted no time, he pulled his pants down half-way and she straddled him. He moved her panty crotch to one side, she was so horny and wet, there was no resistance as she came downward in one swift thrust, she came down on Scott’s hard thick erection.

Jenna quickly started bucking her hips fast and hard on his cock SWASH, SWASH, SWASH, SWASH and moaning out loud, OH DADDY OOOOH, FUCK ME DADDY, I’M SO HORNY, OOOOH DADDY, FUCK ME HARD DADDY, OOOOOH, OOOOOH, the car was rocking, SWOOSH CREAK, SWOOSH CREAK, SWOOSH CREAK, SWOOSH CREAK, SWOOSH CREAK, OOOOOH DADDY, OOOOOOH. She started raising herself leaving Scott’s cockhead in her pussy and came back down real hard on his very hard thick erection, she was going bananas, slamming her cunt on his cock, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, OOOOH DADDY OOOOH, I’M SO HOT! Scott looked at his cock and he could see Jenna’s cream all over it, then he said, I’m going to cum and he held her real tight with his full erection deep in her cunt, as he shot his spunk deep into her pussy she was grinding her cunt very hard on his cock in a wild circular motion. Jenna un-straddled and quickly went down, inserting Scott’s cock in her mouth, she was going nuts, licking his cock and balls, moaning and slurping noises, OOOOH, SLURP, OOOOH SLURP, OOOOOH DADDY, OOOOH. They finally finished their little unscheduled event and left.

It was about two hours later, and they returned home. Scott said, I’m going to have some wine, do you want some? Jenna replied, I have never had alcohol, he replied, a glass of red wine will relax you for another sex lesson. Scott handed her a full glass of wine. Scott thought, a full glass of wine should get her very relaxed the time has come to take that virgin ass. They took their wine and went to Scott’s bedroom, they laid on the bed as thy drank their wine. They got on their sides facing each other, he placed his hand on her ass and raised her skirt, he started rubbing her ass over her panties then he his moved his hand under her panties and continued rubbing her bare ass.

Jenna said, the wine is making me a little woozy and relaxed. Scott thought, well it’s show time, he got up and took off his clothes. He stood by the edge of the bed said, do I have to tell you what do? She quickly got off the bed and knelt in front of him, quickly inserting his cock in her mouth and started bobbing her mouth back and forth. In anticipation of what Scott was going to do, he quickly was very hard. Scott leaned over and reached for tube of lube and started spreading it all over his thick rod. Scott, pulled her up, turned her around and told her to get on her knees on the edge of the bed. Jenna’s legs were almost close together, so Scott said, spread legs some more, she quickly obeyed. He took some lube and started lubing around her ass, then he started inserting his fingers in her asshole. He leaned over and took out his wife’s vibrator and started vibrating her pussy as he started darting his finger in out of her asshole.

Scott could tell Jenna was really liking the vibrator on her pussy, she was minding my two fingers in her ass. Scott playing with her for another five minutes than he placed his cockhead on her asshole entrance as he still used the vibrator on her pussy. Scott said, Jenna take the vibrator and keep doing exactly as I am doing, she replied O.K. daddy. Scott picked his phone and started taking a video of his cock penetrating his daughter’s virgin ass. He held the phone with his left hand and holding her hip with his right hand. Scott pushed his cockhead in very slowly, he felt her ass walls start breaking, she moaned very loud, OOOH, IT’S VERY BIG. Scott said, I’m not going to hurt you, it will soon be better. Scott thought, once I pop your cherry, I’ll call uncle Billy over and give a DP for your next lesson.

Scott pushed in more and she screamed, AAAAAAAAAAH, IT’S HUGE! Scott said, don’t fight it soon my cock will make your ass feel like it feels in your pussy. Scott pushed in more going in half-way and she screamed again, AAAAAAAAH, OOOOOOOOH, Scott did not stop, he pushed in more and more, she screamed, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, OOOOOOH, AAAAAAAAAH, he started slapping her ass, WHACK, WHACK. Scott was finally about three quarters of the way in, he stopped and held his cock in place letting her get used to it. Scott started, going slowly out and back in for about five minutes, then he slowly went out to his cockhead and slowly back in, she was moaning very loud, OOOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOOH and vibrating her pussy.

Scott thought well it’s time to start hitting her ass hard, he started picking up the pace, she started screaming, AAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, OH DADDY, AAAAAAAH, OH DADDY, OOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH. Scott just thought, fuck it, he started ramming her ass hard, his balls were slapping on her ass very loud, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, he kept slapping her ass, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Scott thought there is no stopping, I’m fucking this little slut’s ass into submission, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, and also kept slapping her ass, WHACK, WHACK, she kept on screaming, OOOOOOOH DADDY, OOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH, Scott was in such a high state of arousal that he couldn’t stop from fucking his daughter senseless. He was going to dump his cum deep in her ass, he knew this was just the beginning, he was going have his cock in Jenna’s ass often. As Scott kept ramming her ass, he noticed she no longer was screaming loud, she was moaning loud moans of pleasure, OOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH. Scott grabbed her by the hips and he slammed her ass on his cock and held her against him as he dumped lots of cum deep in her ass. Scott was kind of surprised when Jenna started grinding her ass in circular motions very hard against his cock. Scott quickly started making a video of her ass grinding on his cock. Scott stared at her ass as she kept grinding it on his cock, thinking oh yeah, I own this little slut’s ass. Scott finished dumping all his spunk in her ass and pulled out, she laid exhausted faced down with her long legs spread wide and hanging over the edge of the bed. It was a hot scene, Scott quickly got his phone and started taking a video of her laying exhausted as cum oozed out of her ass and rolled down her legs.

Scott sent his brother William a text message.
Scott: Yo bro where you at?

Bill: My apartment

Scott: I’m going to send you something

Scott: You will recognize them, don’t mention any names.

Bill: O.K. send it

Scott: Here goes, it’s about a minute long.


Scott: Better, I’ve doing it several times since Thursday afternoon

Bill: You know I’ve always wanted a piece of that

Scott: Here your chance, come over and try it out

Bill: I’ll be over in 10

Scott: She’s crashed come to my room quietly

Scott went over to Jenna as she laid exhausted and sleeping, he pulled her body across the bed to keep her legs from dangling and turned her over on her back. He sat down on a chair across the bed having a full view of her pussy. Scott was sitting drinking a glass of wine when his brother Bill quietly walked in. Bill asked Scott, so what’s the plan? Scott replied hey bro, go check out those very fuckable long legs, I started fucking her since about 3:00 pm Thursday, I have fucked over a dozen times since then. Before I fucked her, she I saw spied on her fucking three high school guys that didn’t know how to fuck at all. I went to her room Thursday and told her I saw her screwing she got very nervous, I settled her down and quickly started tonguing and eating her pussy, it didn’t take long, I had her screaming, moaning and bucking her pussy at my mouth. Once that happened, I knew I had a little young slut in the making, my intention was to use her as my little whore, I started wrapping those long legs around me just fuck the shit out of little hot cunt, before I contacted I had just finished breaking in her virgin ass. Bro, you should see her now, I’ve almost done turn her into a little whore, she quickly gets so horny and wants to fuck, and of course I oblige and fuck the shit out of her, Bill and Scott did a high five! Scott said, go check her out, she’s asleep, check out those legs and that beautiful young pussy.

Bill walked over and said, bro, this is a great piece of ass, look at those long legs, I sure want to wrap them around me. Scott walked over to the opposite edge of the bed by Jenna’s head. Scott said lift her legs and give them to me, I’ll hold her legs over and you can plow into that pussy and ram it as hard you can. The little whore also knows how to give the best blow jobs in the world, so don’t forget to try her mouth out.

Bill lifted her legs and he inserted his cockhead in Jenna’s pussy, she started to wake up, Scott took her legs and pinned them making her pussy to point up in the air. Bill knew what he wanted and wasted no time, he started drilling more cock in her pussy. Jenna woke up and said, uncle Bill, and Scott said, hit it bro, Bill swiftly finished driving the rest of his 10-inch all the way and very deep in her pussy. Jenna didn’t get a chance to say a thing, Bill started, thrusting in and out of her pussy, she started moaning out loud, OOOOOH UNCLE BILL, IT FEELS SO GOOD, OOOOOH, OOOOOH, Bill started hitting her pussy hard slapping his balls on her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Bill said, BRO, SHE HAD DAMN GREAT PUSSY! SHE IS GOING TO MAKE US A DAMN GOOD LITTLE WHORE!

Scott had Jenna’s legs pinned tight to the bed making her pussy point upwards while his brother Bill was coming straight down ramming his 10-inch cock very hard almost splitting her pussy her apart. Jenna was screaming out, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, Scott quickly inserted his cock in her mouth and began thrusting in and out hard. Jenna did not realize her daddy’s and uncle’s plan was to make their whore. Jenna had never experienced anything like this, her head was spinning as she was being fucked hard, she heard her uncle say, let me that mouth a shot, and Scott said, I’ll take over her cunt, this little whore loves to fuck. Bill pulled Jenna over the bed he could hang her head over the edge of the bed, then told her, open that mouth, your uncle Bill is going to slide his cock down your throat, open wide little whore, Bill started inserting his cock and said, a little wider, fuck yeah, my cock is down this little whore’s throat. Bill then started thrusting up and down Jenna’s throat, Jenna started loving her uncle Bill’s cock sliding down her throat, it was making her so hot, and now her daddy was pounding her pussy hard.

Jenna couldn’t believe how much she was loving her uncle and daddy fucking the shit out her, they called her their whore and she was realizing she was loving being their whore. Jenna knew her daddy and uncle were going to be fucking her a lot, and she loved it.

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