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Horny Bus Stop Brunette

A few month back I was riding home from school on the city bus … I look over and see this sexy brunette breast size about a C cup ass was fat waist was slim … She kept looking at me and I started to think she realized I was starring at her lips all I could picture was how they would feel sucking on my tits and kissing my now soaking wet pussy from day dreaming the whole thing… She then sat next to me and whispered in my ear "it’s better in reality" I shake out of my daze and asked what she meant she smirked pulled the bus signal to stop grabbed my hand and we got off in front of what happened to be her house I walk in and she’s now undressing lace bra and underwear is all she has on and I’m now sitting on the couch and she reaches into a drawer and pulls out a few toys and tells me to do the honors I grab a vibrator remove her underwear and bra and now I have a mouth full of her tits and i move lower and lower now I got her pussy in my mouth and she moaning and yelling at me to keep going and within a few seconds my face is dripping and her body is shaking I want it to continue so then I turn the vibrator on and I start touching her now sensitive pussy and she’s screaming and squirting and she jumps up pulls my clothes off starts kissing me rubbing my tits sucking them and I’m beyond ready for her to give me what I wanted… She starts eating my pussy its the best that anyone could ever ask for I’m dripping wet moaning pinching my titties and my toes are curling she reaches for the vibrator and places it on my clit grabbed a dildo and starts fucking me rough and fast I feel it I’m going to squirt and she doesn’t stop I’m now rolling my eyes back and she’s telling me to cum for her and boom… I started squirting and she starts eating my pussy and taking in all my juices best one night stand ever

Teen Stories

Tue, 17 Jul 2018 13:23:17 UTC

A Kiss is Still a Kiss Ch. 02

The whole of the next day, Harry was simply buzzing around school. He felt different, somehow – more confident, as though his big night had given him some new kind of authority or verification of life.

He felt energized through class, and even though he found his mind wandering during the quiet moments, back to thoughts of lying with Samantha Williams, he actually found on the whole that his mind was sharper than it had ever been.

He suspected it was something to do with the sudden complete absence of silly, niggling insecurities he had always carried along throughout school – concerns about what people thought of him, what girls thought of him, what the future heralded.

During morning break, he was given a funny look by Greg, Amy’s boyfriend, which made him wonder how much Samantha’s former boyfriend Jeb knew about her fooling around with him.

Still, right now he had no concerns at all about what anyone else might think of him. The only important thing was what one Samantha Williams thought of him.

The only confusing thing was why the target of his affections was no longer in class.

"Hello, Earth to Harry!"

Biology class. Harry jumped at the sound of Amy Jones’ voice right next to him. He turned to find her sitting next to him. What? Mr Olsen was already into his preamble about cells and mitochondria and things like that. Why was Amy sitting next to him?

"What are you doing?" he asked her, and looking around saw that Finch was now sitting on the other side of the room, in the seat Amy normally sat in during this class.

Greg, Amy’s beau, was sitting behind Finch, and appeared to be blowing little balls of paper into the back of his head through a blowpipe made from a ballpoint pen. Finch looked over at Harry and raised an eyebrow, the same question no doubt on his mind – why had Amy taken his usual seat?

"Didn’t you hear me?" she whispered now.

"No," he replied with a whisper of his own, trying not to let the close proximity of the pretty blonde, or her excessive perfume, give him an erection in the middle of class.

"I want to know how you turn Samantha into a pile of goo all the time."

Now it was his turn to give Amy the same kind of baffled expression that Finch was sending his way.


Amy sighed, paused a moment as Mr Olsen’s eyes flashed in their direction, and then said: "Look, I can accept she has to spend a fair amount of her spare time with you now, but when I do get her to myself for five minutes, she can’t stop talking about you."

Harry just smiled. What could he say? Life was great.

"It’s very boring."

"What do you want me to do about it?"

Mr Olsen was now directing the class to begin setting up their microscopes to look at the slides of cells he was about to pass out.

Amy hissed with irritation. She leaned in to whisper to her temporary lab partner, even though they probably could have talked normally now, since everybody was busily getting on with the practical.

"I want to know what you do when you’re with her," she said.

Harry frowned. "I don’t know if she’d want me to tell you. It’s private."

"She tells me everything." Amy took a slide from Mr Olsen as he passed by, and now started setting it in place in the microscope.


Her lips curled up in a dark grin. "I know you made her come like a freight train last night."

"What?!" Harry nearly choked.

"Oh don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone else," Amy said, though with the tone that suggested she now had a secret over him, which she could use to her advantage. "Not even to Jeb, who wants to beat you to a pulp, by the way."

"Jeb? Why me? I never forced her to – "

"Oh, you’ll be okay. I doubt he’ll do anything, it’ll just look like ridiculous sour grapes if he does."

Amy peered into the microscope, and Harry said: "So if you know so much about me and Samantha, what do you want me to tell you?"

Amy huffed, as though he was being an idiot for not being able to read her mind. She said: "I know what you do with Samantha, I just want to know how you do it."


"God," she rolled her eyelids. "Come on, you give her an orgasm practically by touching her. I can spend a whole weekend with Greg, and he can’t even raise my pulse."

Harry shrugged. "You said I’m a dork," he said.

"So what, you’re not going to tell me because I hurt your feelings?"

"No. What I mean is, I’ve never been with a girl until I kissed Samantha on that stage."


"Well, people like me – dorks like me – tend to use the Internet as a substitution. You know, since girls don’t bother with us."

"Eww. That’s just gross."

"No," he said. "What I mean is, since we can’t do it for real, we tend to read about it a lot instead. Sex, I mean."

He saw a glimmer of light spark inside Amy’s big green eyes. She said: "So… what you’re saying is, because girls aren’t interested in you, you dorks are all experts on how to please girls?"

Harry chuckled, and took over the microscope to peer down into the eyepiece at the boring little building-block-of-life. "I’m not saying we’re experts," he said, "but I should imagine we’re more knowledgeable than those Neanderthals you girls all seem to be drawn toward."

As he attempted to identify the various aspects of the cell Mr Olsen had flagged up on the whiteboard, he felt Amy jab him in the side with her elbow.

"Okay, Mister," she said. "So tell me how well you’re in with the rest of the dorks around here."

"The rest of the dorks?"

"Well, you must know if there’s some other guy that might be… you know… like you…"

Harry tore himself from the microscope and stared at Amy, his mouth open in surprise. "Wait, wait…" he said. "Let me get this straight. You, Amy Jones, want me, Harry Albright, to set you up with a dork?"

"You don’t have to act all weird about it," the blonde scowled.

Harry shook his head. "And you suppose I just happen to have some kind of secret army of dorks I can just call upon at any moment…"

"No, but you might know a few that are in the same pervert league as you are."

"I’m a pervert, and yet you want someone like me," Harry chuckled. He found he enjoyed winding Amy up. It was a classic reversal of the school’s power hierarchy.

He wasn’t a sadist, however. He said: "Look, honestly Amy, I don’t think I’d be much help. The only person I know well enough to confirm a similar obsession with sex is Finch, and he’s… well… probably not your type."

Both of them now looked over across the room at Finch who, dork or no dork, was currently engaged in a hopelessly one-sided wrestling match with Amy’s current disappointment – no doubt provoked by the constant barrage of paper pellets against the back of his neck.

Harry’s friend really wasn’t boyfriend material with his disheveled clothes, his mass of tangled black curls and those beer-bottle glasses. Probably wouldn’t be until the middle of college, when he’d meet a quiet, unassuming wannabe librarian with an inferiority complex.

"He’s completely obsessed?" Amy asked, not taking her eyes off him.

"Champion of the pervert league."

The blonde girl just continued staring, gently rubbing a finger against her chin.

"Interesting," she said, "Very interesting."

Then Mr Olsen began circulating around the class to collect sketches of the cells they were supposed to be examining through the microscopes, and suddenly Harry and Amy were scrambling to create the sketches they were supposed to have already done.


Harry largely forgot about his conversation with Amy most of the rest of the day – otherwise he might have mentioned something to Finch.

As classes broke for the middle of the day, he caught sight of Jeb, Samantha’s previous boyfriend, at the end of the hallway. The guy obviously saw Harry, but the hallway was just too crowded for the football player to get to him, with hoards of other students hitting the lockers on their way to lunch.

Nevertheless, Harry fled the other way, not wanting any kind of confrontation. In a way he felt sorry for Jeb, knowing all too well what the guy had lost.

He had to wait all day to catch up with Samantha, feeling that nervous energy steadily building inside him as the fateful hour arrived, and he could drag Finch across to the school auditorium for another evening’s dress rehearsals.

After a hellish afternoon of more wondering where she was, hoping she was okay, she hadn’t been taken sick, he arrived with Finch in the male green room behind the stage feeling so anxious he was a little nauseous himself.

Would she even be here tonight? He knew this evening Mr Howard was planning on rehearsing mainly Romeo’s scenes with the Montagues, none with Juliet.

As they worked with Mrs Gibbon, who was doing all the costumes along with the teaching assistant Ms Swift, Finch’s cackling about his ridiculous fat suit and half-bald wig at least helped keep Harry’s attention diverted.

Harry’s own costume was a little on the embarrassing side, comprising a pair of green tights, a medieval tunic that didn’t come down nearly far enough, and the most ludicrous contraption ever to fasten over his crotch. Mrs Gibbon swore it was very authentic for the period.

He felt all eyes on his manhood as he finally shuffled out on stage, and had to do his best to struggle on, twice being asked to take it again by Mr Howard after stumbling in his speeches.

At the end, he tried to persuade Mrs Gibbon to take pity on him, and perhaps lengthen his tunic or something, but to no avail.

The humiliation of his costume had achieved one thing, however – it had taken his mind off the issue of whether Samantha might be there or not. All the time out on stage, he couldn’t see a thing in the audience below, the bright stage lights highlighting everything on stage meant that everything beyond the edge was just darkness.

But, after failing to persuade Mrs Gibbon to do anything to conceal his ridiculous codpiece, he returned to the dressing room to find the most beautiful girl in the world waiting for him.

Her arms were folded and her pretty face was full of joy to see him. His heart swelled.

"Don’t look!" he said, "Not until I’ve had a chance to take off this awful costume!"

Samantha was wearing a fairly simple black halter and a pair of denim shorts that were verging on the scandalous.

She laughed, "I think you look really nice in it. Enhances some of your best features."

With that, she gave in to temptation and stepping up to kiss him, also made a grab for his codpiece.

"It was so humiliating out there," he complained, pulling off his tunic now, and finding the hanger for it.

"I think every girl in the house was wishing she could have you," Samantha chuckled, and now pulled down the offending armored hot-pants concoction Mrs Gibbons had rustled up for Romeo.

"I think I’d prefer wearing your dress to that," Harry said.

As he hastily pulled on his own clothes, he was going to ask what she wanted to do for the rest of the evening, but he stopped himself, remembering the question that had been burning a hole in his brain all day.

"How come you weren’t in class today?" he asked her. "Or yesterday for that matter."

Samantha shrugged, "I had a change of mind."

"A change of mind?"

She kissed him, long and hard, even slipping her tongue inside his mouth before she broke apart, beaming. "I decided I might want to try and get in to a better college after we graduate, rather than community college."

Harry scratched his head. "A better college?"

"You know," she started fastening the buttons on his shirt for him, "the kind of place that you might want to go to?"

Harry felt his heart swelling inside his chest.

"I told my parents I wanted to try to get in to a good school, and they decided to get me some extra tuition. You know, to catch up."

"Well that’s fantastic. I thought all kinds of horrible things might have happened to you."

"Come on – I want to show you something," she said.

She pulled him away, just as Harry had a million and one questions he wanted to ask her.

Through the back-stage area, he followed her through the female dressing room – disturbing a few late-changing actresses, who weren’t pleased at the intrusion, though were apparently quite forgiving since it was Romeo and Juliet coming through, which appeared to carry some kind of romance forgiveness ticket. Then they climbed a set of stairs that Harry had never seen before.

"Where are we going?" he asked her, though did not stop his pursuit of her.

"You’ll see."

Upstairs, they passed a little room, and then found another set of smaller stairs, which climbed up into darkness. A little door at the top opened into a small balcony overlooking the stage, dominated by a huge control panel that made the place look a little like a radio studio.

"Cool, isn’t it?" she giggled.

"It’s the lighting box, isn’t it?"

"Certainly is," she said, and he heard her lock the door behind them.

The only furniture in the place other than the control panel itself was a long bench for lighting engineers to sit on, which appeared suited for the purpose since the place appeared too small for even a standard classroom chair to fit and allow others to pass behind.

He wasn’t going to complain at the lack of space – or the risk of their being discovered. If someone wanted to chuck them out, let them. Meanwhile, Harry had some unfinished business to carry out with a certain young Capulet.

Samantha put her arms around him and pulled him close for another deep, tender kiss, brushing her hair back out of her face as she sucked gently on his lips.

"I missed you today," he said, feeling a little light-headed to be breathing in her perfume, and touching her warm body.

She smiled, "You knew I’d be here for the rehearsal?"

"I hoped you would – but we don’t have our scenes until tomorrow."

"I wouldn’t miss seeing you for the world."

Harry slipped the strap of her top over her shoulder, to find to his surprise that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She chuckled a little as she heard him catch his breath at the sudden sight of a bare breast, and then he was pulling her whole top down, to kiss and caress her there, a little stunned at the sheer nakedness of her breasts.

"I only came here for you," she said, and moaned as he took one of her nipples into his mouth. "Didn’t feel I needed to… dress up."

"I’m glad you didn’t," he said, adoring the softness of her breasts and the oh-so-feminine scent of her perfume.

He kissed up her neck, and found her mouth with his again, as one hand continued to coax her breasts, the other holding her tight. Samantha popped the fly of her shorts to reveal the top of her neon pink panties.

She was so sweet, so pretty, Juliet on her balcony.

"What did you say to Amy today?" And now he felt Samantha’s hand slipping down to seek out the hardness in his jeans.


She said: "Amy told me she spoke to you in class, and now she’s on a mission."

Harry looked at her, confused for a moment. Then he sighed as the events of biology class returned to mind.

"What did you say to her?" Samantha raised an eyebrow.

Harry sighed again. "She asked me why I make you feel the way I do, and I said to her it was probably because I’m a dork and…"

"And I go for dorks?" Samantha chuckled.

"No. What I meant was, us dorks don’t get to spend time with girls mostly, so we tend to read about it instead, which means compared to your average sports jock, we might know a little more about…"

Samantha laughed, "Well that’s definitely true about you. What did Amy say?"

Harry shrugged, "She might have asked where she could get a dork of her own."

"No! And what did you say to that?"

"I said I didn’t really know anyone I could say for sure knew the kind of stuff I do – apart from Finch."

Well, that just about felled Samantha, who creased into a laughing fit at the thought that Finch might be Amy’s mission.

Harry flashed her a warning glance – her laughter might draw unwanted attention to their little hideout – and she nodded, giving him the silent signal of a thumb and forefinger zipping up her mouth.

He kissed her as if to compensate her, and she melted into him, all thoughts of Amy or Finch or anything else now drifting away as he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, and also now allowed his hand to drop to her waist, to quietly sneak inside her shorts.

In response, her hands were unfastening his fly, and sinking into his underwear.

"You think anyone’s going to come up here?" he asked, as her fingers circled around his hardness, fumbling with it, pushing down the waistband of his jeans to free up his cock.

"I hope not. You wanna stop?"

"No," he said, slipping her shorts down past her thighs, allowing them to fall to the ground.

Samantha turned around and giggled, pushing back against him so his erect cock nestled between her buttocks, feeling wonderful pressed tightly against her hot, velvet flesh, though her underwear remained in the way. He brought his hands up to cup her breasts as she stood flat against his body, and she groaned at his touch.

"You feel so good," she breathed as he kissed her neck, and she turned her head to claim his kiss on her mouth.

"You feel pretty good yourself," he smiled, and as he held her with one hand, with the other he pushed his cock down, so that its tip grazed over her pussy and now lodged between her thighs, making her smile.

"Hey, sit on the bench," he said, helping her move back to take a seat.

Now he knelt down in front of her, parting her legs wide on the bench to expose herself completely to him, her panties already a little out of place, one side tucking inside her little pussy.

She ducked forward to kiss him on the mouth once again, but then he was slipping a finger or two under the edge of her underwear, pulling the fabric aside to fully reveal her pretty pink pussy, and he was bowing before her, his tongue emerging to trace over her tender folds.

He was so hungry for her. The scent of her arousal fueled his lust, making him feel animalistic urges.

"Oh Harry…" she gasped as he kissed her clit, and gave in to his desire, feasting on her, his tongue slipping out to delve inside her glistening lips, tasting the tangy cocktail of her juices while every breath was saturated with her perfume and that underlying earthy aroma.

She was his princess, she was his goddess, and it felt amazing to worship her.

"Just there," she whispered, a finger of hers now pointing the way to her clit, "lick me there – suck me there."

How it made him throb with need to hear her not only enjoying him crushing his face up against her most intimate place, but actively demanding it, showing him what she wanted as she ran her fingers through his hair.

He did as she wished, enveloping her little button in the intense heat of his mouth, massaging the flesh surrounding it with his lips as he sucked and pressed his tongue to her clit.

"Oh God, yes, like that," she gasped, and added breathlessly: "and use your fingers…"

He smiled, and would have said something genie-like, perhaps "your wish is my command", except that he just didn’t want to break his contact with her.

Slipping one finger, and then two into her tight, wet pussy, she groaned quietly, almost purring.

He had no idea how long they continued like that, but it was a long while as she simply indulged in the extraordinary sensations his mouth and his fingers inspired in her, and he adored feasting on her, sopping up her copious nectar.

But then she was urging him up, to sit on the bench while she dropped to the floor, kneeling to sit on her calves between his thighs, and take hold of his hardness in her hands.

"You have such a wonderful cock," she said, beaming at him as she slowly pumped him, squeezing him in her fingers.

"Pleased you like it," he grinned in reply, then suddenly moaned as he felt her take him into her mouth, her lips stretching around his girth as she enveloped him in her wet heat.

He ran his hands through her silky hair, helping to keep it out of her face as she began to bob up and down on his shaft, her hands helping to pump his hardness as she did.

She must have felt him throbbing inside his mouth, it seemed like his whole length was pulsing as she massaged him with her mouth and tongue.

"Oh that’s amazing," he breathed, and she was looking up into his eyes and smiling even as his cock continued to move inside her mouth, and he got that strange feeling inside him recognizing that he was fucking the face of the prettiest girl in school, someone he had dreamed about since way back.

"I didn’t bring any condoms," she said, her face sinking in disappointment. "I completely forgot."

"I didn’t either," Harry said, accepting responsibility as well. He didn’t feel the same kind of disappointment he thought Samantha did – just the fact she wanted condoms right now filled him with happiness. It denoted her desire for him. He did think to himself it was high time he went out to buy some contraceptives himself, however.

"I have an idea," Samantha said now, and pumped his cock a few more times before pressing her palms against his chest, urging him to lie back against the bench.

Now she crawled round to kiss his mouth, said: "I’m not sure how well this’ll work."

And she lifted a leg over his head, to kneel fairly precariously on the bench beside his cheek, her other leg remaining on the floor but her pussy now nestling down over his mouth.

Harry let out a long, deep moan at the sheer exhilaration of having her beautiful pink folds right there, even before he felt her drape herself over his chest, and take his swollen manhood back inside her mouth.

With both hands, he gripped her behind and parted her cheeks a little more, pulling her panties aside again to clear the way to reapply his tongue and his lips to her tender folds.

"Don’t stop," she called to him in a loud whisper, but as he felt her now almost pounding his cock with her mouth, it was apparent that she was rubbing her pussy over his face more than he was really able to keep up with his licking and sucking.

It was exquisite, he felt as though electricity was flowing through his body, making his every sense somehow more vibrant as he experienced this magical girl. After a few moments, he just allowed her to control the whole thing, and while he continued to offer her his tongue as much as he could to push against her sensitive flesh as best he could, he was only really able to hold on tight and go with the flow.

He could feel her orgasm coming before it arrived, in the subtle trembling of her pussy, the sound of her desperate breathing, but it all proved too much for her to concentrate on his own pleasure at the same time.

She was soon sitting up, pressing her whole body down against him, gripping his head between her thighs as the colossal force exploded in her loins and swept throughout her body.

Afterwards, as her breathing calmed a little, and she came back down to earth realizing where she was, she apologetically lifted herself from his face.

"Are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

Harry smiled at her as she twisted her body to look down on him. He said: "I’m fine. I loved it."

He even held her hips and pulled her back to him, so he could clean her juices from her pussy and inner thighs.

She giggled, and wiggled her butt as he licked her, perhaps because he tickled her a little, perhaps merely from the delight of having a guy only too pleased to pleasure her in this way.

Now it was her turn to ensure he was rewarded fully for making her come, and as she now resumed her position lying on his chest, sucking him as deep into her mouth as she was able, it wasn’t long until she had him in the kind of desperate euphoria in which he’d had her just before.

In just a few moments, he felt the climax brewing at the very base of his cock, then that twinge as he passed through the moment of no return, and the hot come was bursting forth to spurt into Samantha’s eager mouth.


Afterwards, once he had dutifully escorted her home, Harry was on cloud nine, floating on air. He felt as though somebody had opened his eyes somehow, and now he was seeing life in full color, 3D.

People said when a guy lost his virginity, he would become a man. Harry had always thought that idea full of hot air. He’d always expected that when it finally happened to him, he’d still feel just the same, except perhaps that the burning curiosity about what it would actually be like with a girl would be somewhat satisfied. On the whole, he thought it would be like how you don’t really feel a year older on your birthday. It just kind of creeps up on you later that you’re not 17 any more, or whatever.

Right now, what was creeping up on him was the feeling that he wasn’t who he used to be. Samantha had changed everything, and would change everything. He could see that, and he was so ecstatic about it.

But then as he rounded the next street corner on his way home, suddenly there in front of him was a huge great obstacle to that change.

Jeb, the jilted ex, was waiting for him, and he looked furious.

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Mon, 18 Dec 2017 15:46:40 UTC

The incident that changed my life forever. 2

The incident that changed my life for the better.

In high school, I had only had sex with 2 girls. The first was because I heard she was "easy". As it turned out, she was. I fucked her on the first date. There was a big problem tho, or should I say, a small problem. My dick is small. At best it is 5 inches. This girl liked to fuck and I know I wasn’t taking care of her. I found out she was fucking others when we were suppose to be dating. This affair didn’t last long. I couldn’t take care of her sexually.

My second girl was not fucking everyone, but she was about like me. Neither of us knew what we were doing. I had very little experience,, and neither did she. I could get my rocks off, and enjoyed sex immensely but I knew I was not ringing her bell. This relationship was going nowhere.

Due to the month I was born, I started school when I was 5 instead of 6. After 12 years of school, I graduated at the young age of 17. I joined the Army after high school, as all the males in my family had alway done. When I got out of boot camp, I was assigned to a radar site on a small island in the Boston bay. We had a bridge going from the mainland to the island, with the gate to the site on the mainland. When I was assigned here, I had just turned 18.

On the day that changed my life, I was on guard duty at the main gate. A nice spring day with plenty of sunshine that felt great after the cold weather we had been having. I saw a beautiful old 1955 Olds Holiday coming to the gate. I thought a rich new recruit was coming as I had, straight from basic training. As it got closer, I could see an old lady was driving. As she drove up to the gate, I wondered what she could want coming here. She must be lost.

I unlocked the gate and walked up to her car and asked her if I could help her. As I had approached her window, I figured she was in her 60’s, but not sure.

She asked if there was a bulletin board or someplace she could put a notice to where everyone could see it. I answered that there was. but what did she want posted.

She answered that she had a house on the bay that she rented out rooms in the summer to people that wanted just to get away for the week, to relax and enjoy and kick back and take life easy, and she needs help in getting the rooms and house ready for the summer. She needed someone to help paint, clean, and move things around. Not hard work but she was getting older and her husband had died a few years earlier and there was just her, and she couldn’t do it all.

I thought "hell John. You could use some extra money. The Army pay barely keeps you in beer and smokes". I replied," I would be happy to help you out if my hours off would allow me to do the work that you needed?"

She looked me over and asked me when I could start. I told her I worked 2 days on, and one day off, and my day off was tomorrow. She said "great", and made arrangements to get me to her house.

When I got there, I saw a 3 story house that was right on the water. It was old, but all the houses in the area were. They all looked about the same style, age, and condition. She acted like she was happy for me to be there and help her with the chores. She gave me an outline of what we needed to do in the coming weeks. Paint most rooms, move ‘stuff’ from storage in the rooms to the back garage or basement, to make more rooms available. With the addition of more rooms, that meant more parking spaces would be needed. Gravel would have to be spread on her back yard to make room for the additional cars. This looked like a piece of cake. No hard work.

We started by cleaning each room at a time. Move the ‘stuff’ out, clean the room, then paint the room. All was going well and as lunch time came, she said to come and have a bite to eat. She made sandwitches of salami and cheese on rye bread. A big dill pickle and a little mustard and it tasted great. After lunch, it was back at it.

After a long day, and not hard work, she asked me to stay and have a bite to eat. I said "sure". She asked if I had a driver’s license and could drive. I told her I did, and I had thoughts that she was going to let me drive her beautiful car. I had had an uncle that had a car like this. I had ridden with him and I loved his car. Just the thoughts of me driving one was getting me very excited.

She replied that her doctor wanted her to drink a beer each day for her health. I thought, sure lady. I’ve know many people like that. A beer a day for medicinal purposes. She gave me her keys and money to get the beer and told me where to go. She wanted Ballantine ale, in the quart bottle. She wanted 5 quarts. and cold from the cooler. I wondered if this is for one setting or for 5 days. I figured if the doc told her to drink a bottle a day, he wasn’t meaning a quart bottle. I took the money and headed for the store with a huge smile on my face. Things were looking good.

When I returned she had the same salami, cheese, rye bread, pickle, and mustard. She took the Ale from me with a happy look on her face, and went to get the glasses. We sat at the table and she poured 2 glasses. Her first glass went down in one bottoms up. I was beginning to wonder. She poured herself another ale and passed the bread and fixins to me as she continued on with her second glass. I made myself a sandwich and had not gone through my first glass of ale when she poured her third. This old gal loved her ale. After her third glass, she made herself a sandwich and poured herself a fourth glass and me a second. She had to open the second quart to fill the glasses.

I think she was getting a little tipsy as she was starting to slur her words just a little. I thought, "John, you are doing ok. Easy work, food as it is, all the beer I want, and getting paid for all this". After the second quart and starting the third, she said something that shook the hell out of me.

"John, you take one more drink of the ale and I am going to come over there and kiss you". Say what? Me 18, her 60 something? A kiss? I gave it a long thought, what the hell. Free beer and getting paid, by then I was feeling pretty good. I took another drink.

She jumped up and staggered over to me. She set straddled on my lap with her legs on either side of mine looking right in my face. She took a drink of ale and went for my mouth. As she kissed me, the ale flowed out of her mouth and into mine. I dont know if she planned for that to happen, or she was just feeling to good.

The kiss wasn’t that bad. Remember I have had just two girls in my short 18 years. She took another drink and again let it escape her mouth as we kissed. She was singing "whoopee" and kept drinking and letting the ale flow all over me and her. She was laughing, hugging me, and running her hands all over me. She then said "I’m all wet, I need to take these wet clothes off". She stood up, but still straddled me and took off her blouse and bra and set back down.

Her tits were not what I was used to. They were very saggy but her nipples were very large and protruding. She gave me a tight hug and said I should take off my wet shirt. Fuck it. Off it went. Another big hug. She rubbed those tits all over my chest. More ale. Again more was squirted out of her mouth than was swallowed. She took her ale soaked tits and offered them to me to lick. I did. Beer flavored tits. Those nipples were getting huge and hard. I continued sucking on them and by then my little pecker was starting to firm up. I was going with the flow. I had had enough beer that I was feeling pretty good. Her hands rubbing my body, me sucking her hard nipples. Hell I was enjoying the hell out of this. It looks like I am going to get fucked tonight.

After her next drink going down her stomach and soaking her pants, she gets up and says she should take off her pants. She just says this matter of factly and takes them off as well as her big girl panties. I got a close up look at her hairy pussy. Most of her hair was grey, and lots of it. Curly and wet. As she stood stradling my legs she poured beer down her stomach and all over her pussy. She caught some in her hand and rubber it in her cunt. She rubbed and rubbed. More beer in her pussy. She says for me to rub it in. I thought again, what the hell and started rubbing that hairy, wet pussy.

I think we were down to our last quart of ale when she gets up on the table and lays on her back and pours more beer between her legs and tells me to kiss it.

Kiss a pussy? I have heard of this, but never thought I would do it. It was looking me right in the eye with all it beauty. I told her "I have never done this before and I dont know what to do". She said she would tell me. I thought of my situation. I am getting all the beer I want, now all the sex I want, and getting paid for it. I am going to have to keep her happy. I decided to go for it. I came closer to her honey pot. I eased my tongue out and rubbed it in The spot with no hair. She moaned and took her hands and opened her cunt lips and told me to suck. I did and all I could taste was beer. She took her finger and placed it on her clit and told me to spend more time right there. I did and as I was sucking, here came more beer. Ok. I was getting into this. I wasn’t sure what pussy taste like, but beer pussy was pretty good.

She grabbed my head and started rubbing my face in her pussy as she started moving and bouncing all around. She started moaning and yelling,"yes, yes, yes". She screamed and her body went stiff. She held her body stiff and then relaxed like she went to sleep. She just lay there and said nothing.

After a while I was wondering if she was drunk and passed out? Is she dead? I’m setting here with a hard on want to fuck something. There is a juicy pussy staring me in the eyes that I have just licked and sucked until she has shot her wad. Maybe I should just help myself. Her legs are dangling off the edge of the table and she is in just the right position. I move into position and start rubbing my dick up and down between her lips. She gave me a little moan as I do this like she is really enjoying it. I take that as a "come and get it sweetie", and I started in. As I was about half way in, she opened her eyes wide, took a big deep breath, raised up and shouted "no". "That hurts".

What the hell? I cant fuck her? She’s half crocked, I eat the hell out of her pussy, and she can’t, or won’t fuck me. I said "whats wrong? Am I hurting you? Can’t we have sex?"

She says "I’m old and I haven’t had a penis in me in many years. It hurts when something is put inside me." I asked then if she was going to give me a blow job? She replies, "oh no. I wouldn’t even give my husband a blow job. I dont do things like that so I can’t do that for you". I said "that only leaves your asshole. Can I go in there?" She looks shocked and screams "no. I have never thought of anything like that. My asshole is not for fucking".

Well John. This sucks big time. No pussy, no blow job, no ass fuckin. You are out of luck. I snuggle up to her and say, "but Ana. I have taken care of you and I need taken care of. Can you do something for me?" She paused and looked like she was into heavy thinking. "I can play with you and get you off? I hoped she could do as good as I do myself, so I told her to go for it.

I’m naked laying on the table and the first thing I feel is beer being poured on my cock. She starts rubbing. If I hadn’t started with a hard on, what she was doing wouldn’t even get me hard. She played, poured on more beer, like beer was going to make me cum. We were getting nowhere. Finally, I told her it was no good. It was just not going to make me cum. I asked, if not pleaded with her to let me fuck her. Again she was in deep thought. She said if I would lick her out again, she would let me try it.

Hell, I’m game for that. We traded places and I was between her legs in a flash. Here came the beer. (where is she getting all that beer?) Soaked her pussy and I was licking it like I was dying of thirst. I did what she wanted and I even rammed my tongue up her as far as I could. That get another moan from her. When she grabbed my head again, I sucked and licked as fast and hard as I could, Her little clit was getting the blunt end of my tongue and it was driving her crazy. When she began shaking and stiffened, I know she was cumming. Again she acted like she passed out.

I wasn’t going to let her get by with refusing me again. I went right to her pussy with my little hard on. I slid all 5 inches into her. I heard a grut, but I keep going. It was hot and wet, but not as tight as the girls in high school I was so horny I could have fucked a knot hole in a tree. I just rammed and rammed and hard and fast as I could. I dont know how long I poured the pork to her, but I was ready to blow. All evening it was coming to this. All the beer drinking, all the kissing, all the titty sucking and licking, all the pussy playing, and to top it off, all the pussy sucking. My balls tightened, shrunk up into my ass, and I let her rip. It just seemed like I would never quit cumming. Finally, I could cum no more and my dick started shrinking. As I slid out, I could see my cum running out of her hairy snatch. It made my heart skip a beat. I had done that. That is my cum. She is my whore now. I will take what I want. I sat down and had a glass of beer.

She just lay there like she was asleep. This time, I figured she had passed out. With a soft cock and nothing to do, I decided to have a sandwich. I ate the sandwich and she still just lay there. As I was eating, I was looking at my juices running out of her cunt. It was flowing out and running down to her little pucker hole. I remember her screaming at me that her asshole was not for fucking, and she acted like she meant it. I thought of that and then I decided that maybe she was wrong. If she wanted to sleep through it, so be it. I was getting hard again and I have never had any ass fucking before.

I picked up her legs and placed them on my shoulders. There was my next conquest. A grey, curly hair pussy, and even some hair around her asshole. I eased my now hard cock in her puss to get it slick, and then tried to get in her ass. It surprised me that is went in so easy. But as quick as I went in to where is was not slick anymore, it get tight. I came back our and went back in her cunt. This got my dick wet and slippery, I went back in her ass. It went in farther but I still didn’t get all 5 inches in. Back into her wet hole again. This time in her asshole, I was all the way in. It felt marvelous. Tight, hot, and slippery. I loved it. As I was slowly sliding in and out, Ana started to grunt. As she made these noises, her ass seemed to constrict. It felt good to me, so I quickened the pace. As I quickened, her noises quickened. It was stirring me on. As I was going about as fast as I have ever fucked anyone, with my short dick, I was sliding all the way out and was going all the way in until my balls slapped the table. I loved coming all the way out. As I would go back in, I would force her ass to let me back in. This would add more pleasure. Wow, this was good. Ana was constantly moaning and her ass muscles were grabbing my cock making it to where I was not going to last much longer. I dug my fingers into her hips, held on tight and fucked her for all I was worth. I blasted off. When I cummed, I know what she felt like. I almost passed out it felt so good. I had a hard time standing so as my cock deflated and slid out, I fell into the chair.

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All the time from me eating her the second time, she has just laid there like she was asleep or moaning. I fucked her in her old pussy, fucked her twice in the asshole, and shot my load in her mouth. I wondered if she knew what was going on? Would she know when she sees her dripping cunt and asshole? Will she taste the cum in her mouth? Well since my experience is over, I may as well give her something to remember me by. There were three dill pickles left in the jar. I easily slid one in her pussy and two up her cum filled asshole. Sorry Ana, but this is something I will never forget.

Goodbye sweetie.

I left her lying there on the table, naked, cum oozing out of 3 of her orifices, with a pickle in her cunt and pickles in her asshole. I made my way back to base. I never thought I would every hear from her again, maybe from the police, but not her.

3 days later the phone in the barracks rang. It was for me, and it was Ana. I took the call and she acted like she was afraid to talk. She finally asked me if I fucked her in the ass. I figured there was no advantage to lying to her, so I said " yes". "How many pickles did you shove up me?" I replied "two in your ass and one in you cunt" Then she asked "was that taste I had in my mouth your cum?" I was on a role, so why not. I answered "yes, I knew you would want to know what cum tastes like" I said jokingly. There was a long pause, then she said "do you think I am your cum slut?" "You were a few nights ago. A mouthful, an ass full, and your cunt full. I would think you are a cum slut." I guess I was beyond being nice. Another long pause. "Thank you. I have always wanted to be a cum slut but was too afraid to try. You forced me to be one, so thank you. Do you think we could do it again?"

Well my life has changed. More to cum if you like this one.

Teen Stories

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A Kiss is Still a Kiss Ch. 01

Growing up in the same neighbourhood as Amy Jones and Samantha Williams, he’d known them from a distance since they were both knee-high to a grasshopper. But he couldn’t remember a single time when the two of them were not together.

If either of them had been in the least bit plain, they would have drawn snide comments from other schoolchildren about their sexuality, no doubt, perhaps even earning nicknames suggesting that their closeness went beyond mere friendship.

But they were far from plain – Amy with her long golden hair and big green eyes, a few sweet freckles on her otherwise perfect face; Samantha with her long mousy hair, a little more demure than her blonde friend but just as breathtakingly attractive. As a result – and the fact that their parents were on the wealthy side – the two girls were the centre of the popular group in school, dating sports studs for the most part – though, of course, always on double dates – and always having someone to open doors for them.

Harry had watched them grow up, turning into stunning young women, and naturally he had daydreamed about being with one or other – or both – of them. Harry wasn’t a sports stud, though. He wasn’t a spod, either – though his parents weren’t rich enough to afford designer outfits like other studs, he wouldn’t have said he was particularly ugly. He was just in that grey middle ground where most kids hang out in school, under the sign that reads "nothing special".

Things changed when he won the lead in the school play in that final year.

The surprise wasn’t so much that he did win the lead – Romeo, the star-crossed Montague of Verona – he had had some major parts in school plays before and had diligently worked at his acting through his years at school. The surprise was that Samantha Williams won the part of Juliet – it was a bit surprising she’d auditioned at all. Amy had auditioned too, but she didn’t cut the mustard as an actress. The only explanation for their taking interest in the school play was that it was getting towards the end of high school, and they were obviously concerned about having something on their resumé in the ‘interests’ section.

"What d’you mean it’s no big deal?" Finch’s eyes were about as wide as the Mississippi when Harry told him who was to be his Juliet.

Harry shrugged, "It’s just the school play."

"Yeah, you idiot, don’t you see? You get to make out with Samantha Williams. You never seen the movie?"

Finch was a spod. A brain box with your classic beer-bottle glasses, who wouldn’t get a girlfriend until he hit the jackpot with some clever business move that would bring plenty of gold-diggers out of the woodwork.

They were walking towards the first read through – Finch was the only one of Harry’s friends to have been given a part, in this case the Friar, which was almost good casting.

Harry dismissed his friend’s drooling connotations, he said: "I only get to kiss her once, and it’s not like we’re going to practice. And – it’ll all be on stage, in front of everyone. Including her boyfriend."

Finch laughed, "You should slip her some tongue. Especially if that ape Jeb is watching."


The girls were just a mystery to Harry: he was just eighteen and had never been close to one before. They looked so beautiful, they smelled so sweet, their laughter was music to the soul and their smiles could melt his heart in a moment. But he was always sure he wasn’t good enough for them. Especially ones as beautiful and aloof as Samantha. He wasn’t a jock, after all, and apart from the folks that returned again and again to perform in school plays, he wouldn’t have said anyone considered him popular.

So it was quite strange to find himself kissing her – even if it was just for the play.

For a while, they just read through the lines. There were long, gruelling practices and even longer, more gruelling hours of line-learning. Harry had always been pretty good at learning his lines, but it was still the hardest part of a major production. Then, at last, they hit the stage and began to work on the actual performance.

After a couple of weeks, Harry found to his surprise that he was quite comfortable around Samantha. She was beautiful, she was one of an unapproachable clique, but because of their close involvement in the play, he found he could forget about her beauty and previous aloofness, and just see her as another performer.

They were just two performers putting on a show, and though Amy came to watch every rehearsal, after a few practices, Samantha seemed to lose that sheen of cliquey aloofness and for the hour or two of each session, seemed almost to join with the performers’ own loose-knit group.

Then things stepped up a gear. They were practicing the scene in which Romeo and Juliet kissed for the first time. The play director, Mr Howard, took them through it, showing them where they should be on stage, how the characters would be thinking, acting, and so on. He didn’t seem fussed that his two lead performers would have to kiss.

They took it from the top, running through the scene with Harry professing his love for Samantha – his mind completely on the lines, putting himself right in the shoes of Romeo himself. Then they came to the kiss and they both stopped, not really thinking that they’d actually have to –

"Hey, why have you stopped?" Mr Howard yelled. "Keep going! Harry, kiss her for God’s sake. You two are supposed to be lovers!"

The two of them paused a moment as it sank in. Harry looked at Samantha, beautiful Samantha, and a burning ache erupted inside his chest. Kiss her. He noticed a look of complete uncertainty pass over her pretty face as she looked at him. There was a snigger or two from some of the other performers as they watched.

"Come on, let’s go back to the previous page and take it from there," Mr Howard said. "And don’t stop this time, imagine you are actually in love with each other."

They went back a page and Harry tried to imagine he was Romeo, not Harry, and that she was Juliet, not Samantha. Like jumping into a pool of ice cold water, he decided the best way to approach it was dive straight in, get the shock over quickly and move on.

He leaned into her, imagining they were in love, he looked into her beautiful brown eyes and his lips touched against hers briefly. Her skin so soft, so sweet, he could smell her delicate perfume, even if it was only for a moment. Then they continued with the next line.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Mr Howard broke in. "What was that? You two ever kissed anybody before, or what? Come on, you’re not supposed to be brother and sister, guys! Make me believe you’re in love. This is all about believability. If the audience don’t believe you’re in love, they’re not gonna care a dime when it comes to the tragedy at the end of the show."

They went back a page again, and this time when the kiss approached, Harry tried to forget he was Harry and she was Samantha. He tried to imagine he was some stud like Jeb, and Samantha was his girlfriend. He leaned into her and really kissed her, tenderly, gently, tasting her lips and breathing in her sweet scent. And she kissed back, closing her eyes and moaning softly as he ran his fingers through her silky hair.

It seemed to go on forever, the most amazing kiss he’d ever had, stirring the warmth of arousal throughout his body. Her hand slipped around to the back of his head, pressing him to her, keeping the kiss going beyond what seemed necessary.

"Now that’s what I’m talking about," Mr Howard said as they broke apart at last. "On with the show!"

Harry noticed that there were no sniggers now, the other kids in the hall were silent. Looking into Samantha’s beautiful eyes now, he saw a look of what could only be surprise, shock even. She seemed to be slightly flushed after the kiss, and she was looking completely astounded at him standing there in front of her. After a brief moment, she blushed and then quickly went on with her next line, putting the kiss behind her.

At the end of the rehearsal when Mr Howard called time, Samantha hurried from the stage, leaving Harry to stand there scratching his head. And just before she hugged her friend and led her out of the hall, Amy Jones flashed a strange glare at Harry, as though warning him away from her friend.

"What was it like, what was it like?" Finch demanded, as Harry stood watching Samantha and Amy walking away.

"Incredible," he replied, his voice seeming far away.

"Damn, you two were really going at it – I can’t believe she let you do that!"

"No," Harry said. "I can’t believe it, either."


The next day, Amy came up to him just before rehearsal got going, and she did not look happy.

"I don’t know what you’ve done to dupe her into liking you," she said with pure venom in her voice, "but you’d better un-do it fast, jerk, or you’ll be sorry."

"Wh-what?" he stood there a little dazed, not quite knowing what she meant.

"Sam. If you don’t back off, I’ll tell Jeb, and he’ll beat you into a pulp."

But Harry wasn’t concerned about the threat of Jeb, and in his daze he didn’t even worry about Amy’s ferocious anger. His head was in the clouds, mulling over the blonde’s first words to him there: I don’t know what you’ve done to dupe her into liking you…

"What d’you mean she likes me?" he said, his insides burning with an intense mixture of excitement and uncertainty.

"God, ever since that kiss she’s gone all gooey, I mean God, you’re such a dork," Amy said before turning her head and storming off to where Samantha sat learning her lines.

Was this all part of some cynical ploy to humiliate him? Setting him up for a fall? Harry looked over to where Samantha sat, seeing her with a new-found interest. So incredibly beautiful – how could she like him? It was ludicrous.

Up on stage, Mr Howard was getting everyone arranged for the opening scene. Harry walked to the front of the auditorium, to sit next to Finch on the front row on the opposite side to Amy and Samantha. Amy noticed him looking their way and flashed him an angry warning glare.

But then Samantha turned and saw him, and gave him a warm, pretty smile.


Of course Harry smiled back, but he turned away from her quickly as he felt the blush spreading across his face. His heart was pounding inside his chest, and he even found he was slightly breathless. But how could she like him? Maybe it was just a friends thing. Maybe Samantha had told Amy she thought Harry was okay, not such a bad guy, not the "dork" the popular kids assumed that everyone outside their clique was.

But it was that word "gooey" that Amy had said that caused Harry to burn inside: that surely meant something.

Then he was up on stage, and though Samantha was sometimes up there with him, with the lines flying thick and fast he had no opportunity to stop and think. But with Mr Howard aiming to put most of this early work into the more tricky and important scenes, they soon came to the kissing scene once again.

As Mr Howard got them going, Samantha looked at Harry, and he thought he detected some fire in her large brown eyes. She grinned impishly, and he was forced to return the expression, without knowing why she was suddenly being nice to him.

And when the moment came, he was rather surprised to find that it was Samantha that leaned forward to kiss him this time, becoming the instigator of the move rather than the reluctant ice maiden.

She kissed him, and fireworks were going off all over the place. It was so incredible, so powerful, the softness of her lips, the sweet scent that filled his lungs, the warmth of her touch and the sweetness of it all. He never wanted it to end, it was the most incredible experience, his body was completely alight, his cock hard as stone as they kissed so tenderly.

"Okay guys," Mr Howard said, "that’s enough – we’re not staging Nine and a Half Weeks here."

She broke apart from him, and as the two of them continued with their lines, he saw genuine delight in her face – she couldn’t be that good an actress, surely. Not in her first major production.

Then the scene came to a close, and Mr Howard decided to go back to a scene with Benvolio, in which neither Romeo nor Juliet were present. Harry wasn’t involved and neither was Samantha, but as he walked off-stage to his surprise she accompanied him, and said furtively: "Where did you learn to kiss like that?"

A shot of heat shot through his heart. He gulped, and said: "Uh… well…"

"You’re a really good kisser," she said, all warm smiles and so heart-stoppingly beautiful. "I’m sure stage kisses aren’t usually like that."

And then Amy was there, taking Samantha away from him without even acknowledging his presence or existence. Figured.


Harry’s preconceptions about Samantha had been rocked – as much by her change in attitude towards him as by her kiss. The aloof picture formed over his school years had begun to tumble down, and goodness how he wanted it to! He wanted to be with her, breathing her in, kissing her and not stopping for anyone.

But was it really possible?

Lying awake at night, he thought about her pretty smile, and his cock was like a pillar of rock – so much so that he found it very difficult to get to sleep. The feelings running through him were so strong – wonder at the experience of kissing her, surprise at what she had said, bewilderment and a little dread at the attack from Amy Jones. His biggest feeling was hope, hope that he could kiss her again like that, hope that it was more than just a stage kiss, more than just acting.

But the trouble was, the only time he could get alone with her – or at least, away from Amy – was up on stage, right in front of everyone. Otherwise, Samantha and Amy were inseparable.


All through school the next day, Harry acted as though nothing was going on. He acted as usual in class, talking to his friends, Finch, the others, smiling and chatting as though everything was as it had always been. Finch questioned him about his Juliet, but Harry brushed it off easily.

His calm was put on. Under the surface, a million butterflies of pure uncertainty were fluttering around his insides. He couldn’t stop thinking about Samantha, he really could not stop thinking about that last kiss, and he could not wait for that evening’s rehearsal, to see her again, to kiss her again.

Yet when the time came, Harry’s hopes were dealt a crushing blow: Mr Howard said they’d nailed the more intimate scenes, where Romeo and Juliet kiss. They would spend the rest of the time until the dress rehearsals on some other scenes. There would be no more kissing of Samantha until the actual staging of the production.

He hid his disappointment well, but secretly he was mourning that he would have no excuse to get close to Samantha. And that dufus Jeb was in the audience for this rehearsal, too – sitting next to Amy and her boyfriend as though he were a chaperone. Amy had to have requested his presence.

Still, she was still there, just the sight of her seemed to make his heart beat faster. Stunning. And when she looked at him, she smiled as though he was an old friend rather than someone she considered a "dork", as Amy apparently did.

He managed to put aside his feelings of disappointment and roll on with his scenes, and thankfully he forgot about it all. The play was going pretty well – Finch was a surprise hit as the Friar – while his death scenes with Samantha were really quite moving.

So it was something of a surprise when she came up to him at the end and said quietly: "Would you mind doing some extra practice with me some time?"

"Extra practice?" he didn’t quite get what she meant, mainly because it was so unexpected.

"Yeah, I mean… if you want to." She was toying with a strand of hair – was she nervous? How could Samantha Williams be nervous? With the pause growing awkward, she said: "I mean we could run over some of the scenes a little more – so we’re more confident. Mr Howard said it would be a good idea to do some practice out of hours."

"He did?"

"Yeah," she smiled warmly. "He said there wasn’t enough time for everyone to get together often enough to really get good enough."

Harry saw Amy and Jeb stand up, heading slowly towards the steps up to the stage. There was little time left. And funnily enough, he noticed that Samantha also reacted to them approaching, as though she had similar feelings with her best friend and boyfriend on the way over.

"Uh… so how about it?" she said almost under her breath, pressing him to answer before Amy came over.

"Uh yeah…" he said, not believing that she wanted to spend more time with him. His heart was turning in cartwheels, "absolutely."

"Great!" she smiled cheerfully – the most beautiful picture ever. She slipped a small piece of paper in his hand and said: "Why don’t you come over to my house about eight?"

"Sure," he said, his voice drying up from this surprising development.

She smiled again, then as Amy and Jeb and Amy’s boyfriend Greg came up behind them, she put a finger to her lips to furtively urge him to keep quiet about their extra practices.

"You were great!" Amy said, putting an arm around her friend before almost physically forcing her to turn her back on Harry and walk away, leaving him standing there with powerful hope burning sensation in his chest.


The clock seemed to move so slowly towards eight o’clock that evening. After the rehearsal, Harry went home and surprised his parents slightly by refusing supper. Instead, he went to the bathroom and took a long shower, making sure he was as clean as clean could be.

He couldn’t be certain that Samantha wanted to do anything… intimate… perhaps she did just want to practice the scenes, go over their lines, ensure that the play would be a huge success. But Harry couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility that she might want to see how far their wonderful kiss might go unchecked and out of sight of the other play performers – and Amy.

He felt it was all so unreal, this seemed so unlikely – a nobody like him thinking, hoping, he would be given a chance with a somebody like Samantha. A beauty like her. He felt like the ugly duckling that had woken up one morning to find he was a magnificent swan.

And the biggest hint had to be that Samantha hadn’t wanted him to let Amy know he was coming over.


At last, eight o’clock approached, and he found the address she’d written on that piece of paper – she must have written it before that rehearsal – and headed out to find her house.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, her house was in the wealthy side of town – Beauleigh Heights, no less – and when he turned up at the gate, Harry’s jaw dropped in awe. It was a mammoth house, a mansion! Her parents had to be very well-off. Business magnates, lawyers, surgeons or something.

He felt very small walking up the drive to the front door. And as he stood in the porch in front of the door, he felt very nervous. He wasn’t exactly experienced with girls – what if he mis-read her signals? It could all go so badly wrong… And at the edge of his mind there was Amy, who would somehow organise his destruction if she found out he wasn’t keeping his distance from her best friend.


He didn’t have time to be nervous – before he even rang the doorbell, the door opened and there was Samantha, looking divine as usual. Tonight, with her hair tied in a long ponytail, she was dressed in a pair of soft pink sweatpants and a spotless white tank-top that left her midriff tantalisingly bare as well as the soft swell of the top of her pert little breasts, which made it difficult for Harry to keep his eyes on hers.

"Uh… hi…" he said.

"I’m so glad you made it!" she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. She was wearing a trace of expensive perfume – just enough to heighten her femininity, catch his attention, but not enough to swamp him or asphyxiate him.

"Uh…" he felt like a simpleton, his tongue tripping over itself. She was so gorgeous, how could he concentrate on the play with her looking like that?

"Come on up to my room," she said, closing the door behind him, then leading him up the sumptuous staircase that led around the entrance hall up to a landing in the huge house. Harry wondered where Samantha’s parents were, dreading meeting them a little – he wasn’t dressed in expensive clothes, after all, he’d probably present a poor impression.

"You know, Amy’s been warning me about you," she said as they walked.

"She has?"

"Yeah. She thinks you’re a dork because you’re not into the whole jock-football thing."

"Oh," he said, not so much surprised that Amy thought he was a dork, but that Samantha would reveal her secrets to him like that.

"You know, I thought you were a bit of a dork too," she said with an amused glance, "before you opened my eyes."

His heart was pounding again – he was almost surprised she couldn’t hear it, it was so loud, so forceful. What was she saying?

"You know, I think it’s easy to see anyone outside your social circle as a bit of a dork," she said. "I mean, you probably weren’t particularly fond of me before… well… anyway, here we are – this is my room!"

Samantha’s bedroom – he was standing in Samantha Williams’ bedroom. What kind of a miracle of fate was that? If he’d told Finch that one day he’d be standing in Samantha Williams’ bedroom, Finchy would have laughed his socks off and urged him to go see a shrink. But here he was.

It was an immense bedroom – Harry was pretty sure that you could have put an entire floor of his house in her bedroom. Spacious, light, breezy, it had no clothes lying about like in the normal teenager’s bedroom and everything was spotless. No doubt they had a maid or something.

"You like it?" she asked.

"Uh… yeah…"

"It’s got a gorgeous view, too. We only moved in a few months ago." She closed the bedroom door, shutting them into the great luxurious bedroom. "Now," she said, a flicker of fire in her eyes, "let’s get down to business, shall we?"

Harry pulled out his copy of Romeo & Juliet from his back pocket, and said: "Where do you want to go from?"

He looked up to find her right there, standing just inches away from him.

"I want to go from where you kiss me," she said, and leaned towards him, her soft lips touching gently against his before opening up into a sweet, wet kiss.

It was amazing, the sweetest experience ever, she kissed him and brought her hands up to support his head as she did so, while he found his hands moving to her back, pulling her towards him, kissing her back – so tenderly, so sweetly.

It went on for an age and a while, and periodically he would open his eyes as if to check he wasn’t dreaming. She was so beautiful, lips locked to his, tight little body pressed to his, her exquisite scent filling his lungs.

Harry was trembling when they finally broke apart, but Samantha was beaming broadly, an ecstatic smile on her pretty features.

"You are so amazing," she said breathlessly. "I didn’t know it was possible to kiss someone like that."

Harry was speechless.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said, worried he would freak her out or something. "I’ve just never known anyone as beautiful as you."

She blushed slightly, and kissed him briefly again. "You’re the sweetest thing, you know that?" she said, then she said: "You think we should practice that scene where Romeo and Juliet are on the bed together?"

"Wh-what scene was that?" he asked.

"Oh, I think it was in the deleted scenes," she joked, "Shakespeare had to cut it because the studio kept bitching about running time."

She smiled, lust in her eyes, and pulled him over to her bed. Damn, she was gorgeous. Harry felt the tightness inside his pants – he hoped she wouldn’t notice just how strong her effect was on him.

Lying there next to him, she pulled the copy of Romeo & Juliet from his hands and tossed it over to the bedside table. "You’re so sweet, bringing the script," she said. "I mean, wasn’t it obvious I didn’t want to practice my lines with you?"

"Well, I guess…" he said, trying to appear confident but failing miserably. How could he have possibly have known for certain she didn’t want to run over the lines? "I… I thought you were with Jeb," he said, surprising himself by bringing up the issue of Samantha’s boyfriend. On second thought, he was pleased he had brought it up, it had to be brought up.

"Jeb’s a big dumb lug," the pretty brunette said. "He’s like a gorilla, he treats me like a trophy and I’m sick of it. I only ever went out with him because he was like the Alpha-Male of the group. Amy and Greg is the same, I’ll bet."

"Oh," he said, every other thing Samantha said seemed to astound him.

"That time you kissed me," she said, trailing a soft finger down his cheek, "you showed me that there really can be tenderness between two people. I… I guess I’ve always gone out with guys like Jeb."

"While I’ve known you," Harry nodded and smiled.

"Well, that’s gonna change," she said, and planted a peck of a kiss on his lips. "I don’t care what anyone says – even Amy." She slipped a cool hand up under his shirt, caressing his chest, and kissed him again.

"But Amy hates me," he said, breaking away from Samantha.

"Amy doesn’t know what’s good for her," Samantha said. But Harry still felt slightly awkward.

He said: "But you two have been friends forever – if she doesn’t approve, she’ll be pissed at you."

"If she’s like that, she shouldn’t be my friend," Samantha said simply, and that was apparently that.

They lay on her bed and for a long while, just kissed. It was sensational, exploring each other’s mouths, tongues dancing, lips tangling, soft like silk. Harry was a fast learner, it seemed, because though he’d never done this before, he was soon confident.

But slightly afraid of what he was allowed or not allowed to do, he did not try to move things further. He was happy enough to be kissing her, this most beautiful of girls, enjoying rolling around with her, running his fingers through her soft hair, caressing her cheek, her neck, nibbling gently on her lips, breathing in her sweet scent.

At length, he was conscious that they’d been in the bedroom for quite a while, and he broke apart from her, saying: "What time is it? Are your parents going to object to us being – "

"My parents are probably at some restaurant," she said, seeming flushed now, but apparently as happy as he was. "They don’t care – I’m old enough to do what I like now. Are your parents expecting you -?"

"As long as I’m home by midnight there won’t be a problem," he said.

"Great," she said with an impish grin, "then we’ve got plenty of time."

For so long, they just kissed, until it seemed that she was purposefully pressing her chest against his – a sign? A signal of consent for him to touch her breasts? He wasn’t sure. He didn’t know.

Then she put her hand on his cock, emitting a sexy little moan as she felt his hardness, and Harry decided that this gave him the right to touch her breasts.

She moaned louder as Harry placed his hands tentatively on the soft rise of her breasts, and he figured that was as good as a permission slip. As she began to caress his erection through his pants, he began to caress her firm little breasts, slowly and gently at first as if to give her ample time to get him to stop. But she didn’t want him to stop. Her moaning grew louder, more breathless,

She continued to stroke his cock through the thick material of his trousers, and slowly Harry built up enough courage to slip his hands under her shirt. Moving so slowly, again leaving her time to stop him, tell him he was going too far, he cupped her handful-sized breasts in his palms, feeling the heat of her irresistible mounds and the stiffness of her nipples through the thin soft cotton of her bra.

For a long while, it stayed like that – again, Harry worried he wasn’t allowed to go any further. She enjoyed the slow pace of their exploration, though, it seemed. It was wonderful – really exploring each other, inch by inch, every now and then taking a fresh step, taking the risk of going a little further.

Sure about the boundaries they had already broken through, he felt safe kissing her, caressing her, touching her breasts through her underwear. Then as her moaning and pressing against him seemed more urgent, he weighed up the risk and decided to break another boundary.

He slipped his fingers up under her bra, dipping inside it from the top to touch her incredibly soft skin under the tight cotton. He gasped at the sensational softness of her bare breasts and his first touch of her stiff little buds. Had he gone too far? No, she was smiling at him, kissing him, touching his cock through his pants, moaning as he took her hard nipples between his fingers and thumbs and began to squeeze them.

"Oh God…" she cried out, then battled to remove her top and her bra.

Harry took in another breath in wonderment as she revealed her pert little breasts to him for the first time. Unbelievable. Feeling that she was again giving him permission to go further, he began to kiss his way down her neck, then onwards to the soft little pillows of her breasts. She had cute tanlines, the bare flesh of her breasts white compared to the slight brown of the rest of her skin. And her nipples were so pink, so hard.

Samantha Williams, topless in his embrace.

Kissing his way around her exquisite breasts, he took her nipples into his hot mouth and drew out a long, loud groan. He loved that she was allowing him to take his time, that she seemed to love every caress, every touch. He didn’t know and didn’t care how many other guys she’d been with before, but the way she was acting now was like she’d never been touched before. It was new, exciting, exhilarating.

Then something incredible happened. He was sucking hard on one nipple, teasing the other in his hand and coaxing both breasts with his hands, periodically switching over breasts, and she seemed to be responding well to his attentions. He took his time, feeling comfortable in the act though it was both intimate and dangerously close to where he thought she might say "no more". Then her moaning changed tone, growing higher in pitch, more breathless, more urgent and definitely louder.

Uncertain, he slowed and almost stopped his ministrations – but she quickly pressed his head to her again, urging him in no uncertain terms to continue. He did so, and her moaning again accelerated and became more vigorous, until Harry was worried that Samantha’s parents would surely come running to find out their daughter’s torment.

It grew to the point at which she was almost yelping, her body writhing underneath him. Then suddenly her whole body seemed to shake, and she became silent in an instant.

"My God!" she said breathlessly, "What the hell was that?"

"A-Are you all right?" he asked her, feeling slightly worried that he’d hurt her somehow.

"My God yeah!" she said, kissing his forehead. "That was amazing – how do you do that?"

It was only on the way home again, the clock having reached twelve in miraculously quick time, he figured that perhaps she had had an orgasm. Could girls really do that by just having their breasts touched?

He was so tired when he got home, he felt quickly asleep despite all the strange feelings rushing around his system. Would they have gone further if they’d had time? Or would that be as far as it got? How much further was further?

There were a lot of questions in his mind, not least how to deal with Amy. Samantha had said she didn’t want Amy to know for a while, until she’d figured out how to tell her without ruining their close friendship.

So the next day, both Harry and Samantha acted as though nothing had happened. But at rehearsal, there was a glint in both of their eyes, and in the middle of one break, Samantha whispered to him that he should go over to her house again that evening.


The next evening was the same as before: Harry turned up on Samantha’s doorstep, and was ushered into the pink-and-white confines of her huge bedroom.

There, she fell into his arms again, kissing him, holding him, and it still felt very strange being so intimate with the princess of popularity.

"I’ve been craving this all day," she said as they moved towards the bed again.

"Me too," he replied, kissing her again.

She was wearing a similar tank-top again, but this time a very short pink pleated skirt – a signal they were to go further? But whatever, she looked gorgeous, as ever. As she lay on the bed and patted the mattress beside her, gesturing for him to come over, he even thought he caught sight of her panties – but perhaps not.

Her legs were as gorgeous as the rest of her, toned, slightly tanned, smooth and velvety. Harry didn’t stop long to look, though, but went over to her on the bed.

Like last time, they started by kissing and touching each other, but Harry found that he was comfortable and confident in doing with her anything right up until the boundaries they had reached the night before. So though they again took their time, it was much quicker before they reached the point at which they had ended things the night before.

Harry soon had her topless before him, her perfect breasts available to be caressed and kissed, stroked and sucked. They were comfortable together with being naked from the waist up, and Samantha even began to grind her pussy on his hardness, covered by his pants – and her panties.

For a while, it seemed to Harry that this would be as far as they would go. But then she took them one step further.

He had taken to planting kisses all around her beautifully toned stomach, which he found as much of a thrill as kissing her breasts: her midriff was stunning, and seeing it bared during the day meant that when he came to caress it with kisses, it was a real thrill. And kissing his way along the belt line of her skirt, he detected the trace of a new scent he had never encountered before, just under her subtle perfume, a slight mustiness.

As Harry was considering this, Samantha reached down and pulled up her skirt – causing Harry to draw in another gasp. His heart-rate soared as she revealed more of herself to him, even more personal than before – her panties at the top of those long, smooth legs: a little scrap of the most expensive and luxurious white lace.

That gently musty scent was thicker now, and he realised it had to be her arousal. That gave him yet another thrill. But what did she want him to do now? He moved between her legs now, and played it safe by kissing his way around her slender thighs. Though he was playing it safe, the closer he came to her pussy, the more audible her moans became.

Harry’s mind was almost on overload: her pussy was right there in front of him, covered by the flimsiest scrap of lace, apparently oozing her spicy scent as he caused arousal within her. Samantha Williams, spread before him. Available. Allowing him, now, to kiss his way right close to her pretty panties, her aroma so intoxicating and strengthening every minute.

Samantha tilted her hips slightly, and raised her pussy up a little, making him aware that she wanted him to push the boundaries a bit more. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was supposed to do, but as he had first touched her breasts through her underwear, he did so again with her pussy, tentatively brushing her panties from her mound down to her pussy. Her panties were wet, soaking wet, saturated with her juices, and as he touched her there, Samantha let out an especially forceful moan.

That had to be a good sign, so Harry continued to trail his fingers around her panties, loving the heat he could feel through the delicate lace, the moisture that came from her aroused pussy. She purred and almost growled as he did so, loving his touch there.

Still, he took his time, not wanting to rush anything, wanting to indulge in every sensation he could, perhaps even teasing himself by leaving that skimpy lace barrier between himself and her pussy, the pussy of a girl he’d lusted after since he knew how to lust.

Harry’s cock was so hard underneath him, straining under his weight, but this was such an amazing experience he didn’t even think about it. He was inhaling her sexual aroma with every breath, that thick musky scent that seemed to thrill him to the core. He was stroking the juicy pussy of Samantha Williams! And she was so beautiful, writhing around as he touched her skimpy panties, her moisture seeming to saturate most of the material now, she was so aroused.

As he stroked her with his fingers, he continued to kiss around the edge of her panties, but then as the time progressed, he grew bold enough again to take the next step, planting soft kisses on her panties, tasting her moisture for the first time.

She let out another long, low moan as he pressed his hot mouth to her most sensitive area, covered only by that thin lace. He loved her flavour: it was strange at first, but he liked it. Spicy, salty, luxurious and exotic.

"Oh God…" she moaned as he ran his tongue along the groove that marked her pussy underneath the lace.

Looking up at her from that angle was so wonderful, seeing her flat stomach, cute breasts with those pebble-hard nipples, her pretty face contorted by bliss. Her eyes were closed, her hands by her side, gripping the bedclothes as she continued to writhe under his teasing mouth.

A little later, he decided he was in such a position that she would hardly stop him if he slipped a finger under the scrap of material covering her pussy. Would she? Surely not.

It was time to take the risk: he slipped a single finger under the side of her panties. She didn’t stop him, and her moans even seemed to be encouraging him. He used his finger to stoke her, detecting a tidy patch of silky public hair – so real, so sexy. So soaking wet with her juices.

He was stroking this pretty girl’s mound, running his fingers through her pubic hair, and she wasn’t stopping him, she wasn’t outraged. She was actively urging him on by pushing her hips upwards slightly and letting out the kind of urgent moans that had indicated an approaching orgasm the previous day, he had thought.

Suddenly, his finger was gently running along the silken folds of her pussy lips, he was touching her pussy! Dipping inside her slightly for the first time, Harry waited to see if she was comfortable with going that far. Her loudest moan yet seemed to confirm that she was. She gasped as he boldly but slowly drew his finger inside her hot, tight vagina.

Samantha was so incredibly wet, her juices were slick around Harry’s finger, lubricating it as he penetrated her. Her soft vagina, smouldering hot, squeezing his finger as it glided inside her as far as it could go.

"Oh Harry…" she gasped,

Harry saw her alarm clock, showing the time was approaching midnight – he was going to have to go! He decided to take one more risk before calling it a night, there was just time to breach one more boundary – if she was willing.

Slowly – again, giving her time to object – he nudged aside her panties, revealing her pussy in all its glory for the first time. Nestled in the middle of the pale skin of her tan lines, her tidy triangle of mousy hair matched the hair on her head, and below it opened her pink, glistening flower, so juicy and tempting for him lying there.

He kissed her mound, just above her clitoris, where her pussy lips began. He kissed her there and breathed in the sweet cocktail of aromas – her perfume and her arousal in a sweet blend. She responded with a long groan, and as his kisses approached her pussy lips, she moaned more desperately, more urgently, as she had the time before as he had sucked her nipples.

"Oh please…" she moaned, which was all the pleading he needed.

He licked her pussy, tasting her juices from the source, loving her flavour. It was wonderful: salty, tangy, slightly sweet – the refined taste of femininity. Perfect. He penetrated her hot vagina with his tongue, then began to really eat her, driving his tongue inside her, lapping up her free-flowing nectar. He kissed her pussy, teasing her with his tongue, brushing his nose against her clit.

His senses were entirely filled with her arousal, it was incredible to be there, to reach his arms under her shapely thighs and lock her slender hips in his grip as he feasted on her soaking pussy.

He looked up, still half unbelieving that he was there, lying between the legs of this mouth-watering beauty, his lips dancing with her pussy lips, his tongue slipping inside her, his nose grazing her little clitoris.

She was building up to another orgasm, her chest heaving with her deep breathing, her pretty face flushed, her pussy seeming to tremble as he devoured her.

By the time midnight came, she screaming out his name and pressing his head to her pussy, shaking as the force of her climax took her, her juices flowing copiously into his willing mouth as a wave of energy swamped her petite form..

On his way home, he was shaking with pent up energy – what an amazing girl Samantha was! And as he went to his own bed, he had her sweet taste still on his lips.


Harry didn’t see her over the weekend, not once. As far as weekends go, it was hell. Suddenly, from feeling on top of the world, he felt as low as low could be. Had she had second thoughts? Had Amy talked her out of seeing him?

He didn’t have her phone number – how stupid was he? He simply hadn’t remembered to ask for it. She hadn’t asked for his, either. At the time, he probably figured he’s see her in class on Monday, and at the first dress rehearsal that evening – but what if he had lost her?

He could have gone round to her house, but what if she didn’t want to see him? What if Amy was there? He couldn’t handle that. What if Amy was there, and Samantha hadn’t told her yet? He would ruin things.

So he kept away from her that weekend, but it was difficult. He was so nervous, he felt sick. His mother even got worried about him, he wasn’t eating properly.

After the feelings Samantha had given him, to lose it now would be very painful. Yet the relationship was still in that fragile, unstable time before it settled down into a permanent fixture.

He went down to the beach with his board, but a few waves and he just wanted to sit on the beach, thinking. Worrying. He went with Finch to see a movie, and could not follow the plot.

Monday came, thank goodness, but she wasn’t in class.

What was going on?

Harry went to the dress rehearsals feeling beside himself with worry. It was not a full dress rehearsal, they were doing a few scenes this evening, a few the next evening and a few the next. Then the full dress rehearsal would be the night after, before the actual performances started up.

Harry wasn’t in the scenes on that Monday, which was good, since he was pretty sure he would have been awful. So he sat in the audience with the other cast members not needed that night, watching.

He saw Amy sitting on her own over the other side of the hall – that had to mean Samantha was here tonight, she’d be on stage. Of course she would be – they were doing her scenes tonight.

The scenes were going well – and then there she was, perfection personified. She was wearing a fairly plain white dress, which seemed slightly transparent in that old-fashioned kind of way. Like some kind of fancy night-dress. Samantha made it look good, though, and with all those bright lights on her she looked like an angel.

But with the auditorium bathed in darkness and the bright stage lights on her, there was no way she was going to see him in the audience. What could he do? To go up to her at the end would be pretty obvious, and if Amy saw it could cause trouble.

So the sickening feeling inside him continued: he felt helpless. Tomorrow, he would be involved in the scenes, but she wouldn’t. It wasn’t until the Wednesday night that she would be up on stage with him.

What if it was too late by then? What if she was testing him, if she was testing him over the weekend, to see if he would call her? And he’d failed…

He was so deep in thought, he hardly noticed when the rehearsal came to a close and the lights went up. He was sitting there, like a lemon. Realising the lights had gone up, he looked across to see that the stage was empty and Amy had gone from where she was sitting.

He just sat there for a few moments, feeling dreadful again. His heart had lifted seeing her on stage like that, but now Amy had probably taken her away from him again, never to be seen again. Perhaps it had been a mistake to allow himself to be led into the whole thing like that – but how could you turn down Samantha Williams? No guy in any high school in America would turn down a girl like Samantha Williams.

It was getting late. He pulled himself up to his feet and began to wander out along the row of seats towards the exit. Might as well go home, put his feet up, withdraw and face the fact that fate had played a cruel trick on him.


The voice behind him startled him. Damn it, Finch always got cheap thrills from creeping up on people. But turning around to see who it was, he realised the voice was too high for Finch.

"Hey, Dork."

It was Amy.

"Uh… hi Amy," he said, uncertain of what to do or say. Had she come to gloat? You lose, buster.

"You just going to leave?" she asked him, not giving him any easy answers.

"Uh… well…" he fumbled.

"She’s waiting for you, you know," Amy’s voice seemed somehow softer, more tender. Like she wasn’t angry at him any more.


"Aren’t you gonna walk her home?" the blonde girl asked, and then for some reason decided she had made him suffer enough. "She told me everything," she explained, and even smiled at him!

"I’m sorry," Harry said earnestly, realising it couldn’t be easy for Amy to see her lifelong best friend fall for someone from the wrong side of the tracks.

"Don’t be sorry," she said, "Just don’t hurt her – or I’ll come after you with an axe."

"Right," he nodded, feeling his heart beat quicken and his breathing grow heavier – Samantha wanted to see him! She hadn’t been talked out of it! He asked: "Where is she?"

"In the dressing room, getting changed," she said casually.

"Ah, uh… okay, I’ll wait," he said meekly.

"No, go in, you loser!" Amy laughed. "God, you’re such a dork!"

He grinned bashfully at the attractive blonde, and walked past her towards the female dressing room. Damn. Turning, he saw that Amy had gone already. Did Samantha really want him to go into the female dressing room? What if there were other girls in there getting changed?

He caught his breath. She wanted him to go in there: it was like official acknowledgement that they were an item. Harry was allowed to go into the female dressing room while Samantha Williams was still changing. How bizarre.

His heart in his throat, he pushed open the door and slipped inside the dressing room.

She was sitting in there in only her underwear – fairly simple bra and panties of soft white cotton with what looked like strawberries on them. Kind of girlish, they looked incredibly sexy on her – but then, anything looked sexy on her. granny pants would no doubt look sexy on her.

"Hi!" she beamed as he entered the room.


She stood up, and walked over, placing her arms over Harry’s shoulders and pulling him in for a slow, lingering kiss. God, he was a walking erection already. It was so sweet, she was so gorgeous. He hands came down to her beautifully sculpted behind, squeezing her to him as they kissed.

"Enjoy the show?" she asked as the kiss came to an end at last.

"The show you’ve just given me, or your scenes on stage?" he asked, making her smile.

She kissed him again briefly, and said: "I’ll show you more if you come home with me."

"Mmm… that would be nice," he said.


On the way back to Samantha’s house, the atmosphere between them seemed somehow different. He couldn’t really explain it. Samantha seemed somehow less guarded with him, more relaxed, more confident. Had her talk with Amy given her reassurance that this was the right thing to do? Maybe that was it. Maybe it was the fact that they had been seriously intimate with each other now, and their relationship had stepped up a gear.

Maybe it was just him, though, not really having been in a relationship like this before. Not a sexual one.

"So you talked to Amy?" he asked her as they walked up her driveway.

"Yeah," she said. "It’s hard for her: you have to realise, us two are like sisters. Boyfriends have never been important to us, they’ve never come between us before. I guess both of us sort of kept our distance from that sort of thing – the guys we went out with, we didn’t really ever connect with. They were never an issue."

She looked at him, and caught his hand in hers, giving it a squeeze. "It’s different with you, though."

He smiled, but looked confused.

"I never felt like this before," she explained. "And I don’t think Amy’s ever felt like this. The two of us never used to go anywhere or do anything without each other. And I guess it’ll still be that way, but now I have you, too. So that complicates matters."

"What did she say?" he asked her.

"Well, she was pissed at first – more, I think, because I kept a secret from her. But then she said she’d seen a change in me, she saw that for some reason I’m happy right now."

Samantha squeezed his hand and smiled at him again. She said: "But she still thinks you’re a dork!"

"Ah well," he grinned. "Some things never change."

"She’ll see you in a different light some day."

But as they entered Samantha’s house, the sweet brunette seemed to tremble. It occurred to Harry that she was as nervous as he was. What was it? Perhaps she knew they were going to take the next step – she had already allowed him the most intimate contact without going all the way. Harry shivered a little, too, in anticipation.

Then they were upstairs again, the door of her bedroom closed, and they were kissing and clumsily pulling each other’s clothes off. Harry left her standing in her little strawberry panties, not yet certain she wanted to be completely naked in front of him. But Samantha even pulled down Harry’s boxers, leaving him completely exposed before her, his cock standing up rock hard.

"Mmm…" she purred, her soft hands sweeping around his shaft. "I think we should give you a little release tonight – you need it!"

It felt kind of dirty being there naked in front of this exquisite creature. But so good – she made him feel as though his insides were on fire. She kissed him, and he was about to touch her perky breasts when she suddenly dropped down in front of him. Then he nearly collapsed, as he felt his cock enveloped by the most incredible heat and wetness. It was sensational, Samantha had taken his cock in her mouth, and was calmly sucking while cupping his balls. She was magnificent – he’d never felt anything like it.

And after what he’d been through in the last week, he wasn’t going to last long with her velvety mouth wrapped around his penis like that, squeezing it, massaging it, playing with it, exploring its shape with those sensual fingers..

But she seemed to have realised that, for just at the right moment, she stopped and stood up, pulling him towards the bed. His hands moved to her small but perfect breasts as she kissed his mouth, coaxing them, pinching her erect nipples. He still felt a little strange being naked with her, never having been naked with anyone before. But her appreciative noises as her fingers continued to explore his cock gave him confidence – he wasn’t disappointing for her, thank goodness.

He was touching her breasts, and though she seemed to like it, after a while she smiled at him and calmly removed one of his hands, pushing it down to languish between her legs. It was clear what she wanted, and Harry was only too willing to do as she wished. Her cotton panties were already damp, and judging her mood, he didn’t delay too long before slipping a finger inside the slippery folds of her pussy.

"Oh God," she moaned, saying breathily: "I’ve been waiting all weekend for this."

"Me too," he said while kissing her delicate neck, his finger stirring inside her tight, hot vagina, already so slick with her juices.

She paused, her hands leaving his cock, much to his disappointment, but moving to slide her panties down her thighs so that she was naked, too. Harry felt his heart flutter: he was in bed with Samantha Williams, and she didn’t have a stitch on! He could see the patch of dark public hair between her legs – he felt so incredibly fortunate.

Without her underwear in the way, his hand had more freedom to explore her pussy, to seek out her clit. She responded well to that, her moans containing more than a hint of surprise that someone as new to this as Harry was seemed so tuned to her needs.

Taking her stiff nipples into his hot mouth, he touched her clit with a thumb as he slid his longest finger inside her pussy. Samantha was writhing on the bed as he caressed her inside her sensitive vagina, until she came quite forcefully, vocally.

He thought that would be that, after her climax, but before she’d even got her breath back, she said to him: "Make love to me, Harry – please."

Wow, this was the ultimate boundary as far as Harry was concerned. Was she really asking him to do what he thought she was? His hesitation clear, she clarified: "I want you to fuck me."


Samantha looked into his eyes with burning lust. Fireworks seemed to be exploding inside Harry, he couldn’t believe his good fortune. But though he wanted it – he wanted it more than anything – he felt uncertain, he didn’t really know the protocol. He knew the theory, but not the practice. He was paranoid he would get it wrong somehow, humiliating himself, angering Samantha.

He said: "I’ve never… never done it before."

Samantha smiled warmly, perhaps happy that his hesitation was from virginity, not because he had any doubts about being with her.

She slipped one of her legs over one of Harry’s, and affectionately caressed his hardness, smiling all the time now, as she said softly, "I’ll take care of you."

She kissed his mouth again for a while as she played with his penis, seeming almost to calm him down, get him relaxed. Then she withdrew, and despite his previous relaxation, Harry found his heart beat soaring again. Was this really it? For a while, it seemed, he was lying there alone, naked and vulnerable, his cock like a burning stone against his stomach. He remained lying back, looking up, so that he couldn’t see what she was doing, where she had gone. But he wasn’t thinking about where she was gone. He was thinking about losing his virginity, still incredulous that it was to be with Samantha Williams.

Then I felt her hands, and a sudden intense heat enveloped his cock. More than a little surprised at this, he looked down to see her taking his shaft inside her mouth again. This time, though, she was using her mouth to roll a condom onto him.

She straddled him – so beautiful, her nipples erect, her pink pussy lips glistening – and she guided his hard shaft to the entrance of her hot vagina. He could hardly believe it, his cock was about to be inside the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. She smiled, and the head of his cock slipped in past her labia.

She paused, looking at him with burning desire in her eyes. Then she sank down, his hardness filling her, and even with the latex sheath between them it was incredible – the tightness, the amazing heat closed around his cock, intense, wonderful. He was inside her, no longer a virgin, granted such sensational favour by this exquisite beauty.

Softly, she said: "How does it feel?" There was a knowing look there, she was his first and seemed to gain a thrill from that, loving that it was her guiding him through this first time.

"Amazing," he said, unable to say much else.

"You wait," she said, and began to slowly gyrate her hips.

She seemed almost to dance upon his cock, sitting up to give him a show, her pert breasts on display, her nipples hard, her fingers running over her own body so sensually. The feelings drawing through his hardness were just incredible, and looking down he wondered at her slender thighs parted over him, her dark pubic hair, her pussy sinking and then rising on his latex-covered shaft.

Somehow, he didn’t explode right away – it was a miracle, really, considering the sensory overload she was putting him through. But it was so wonderful, he didn’t want it to end, so he held on and held on, never wanting it to stop.

She was touching her breasts as she moved on his cock, coaxing her supple curves, rolling her nipples in her fingers, looking into his eyes as she milked his thick shaft with her tight vagina, biting her lip, both of us moaning now. He reached up to touch her breasts himself, and as the rhythm between them intensified, she leaned forward to kiss his mouth before whispering into his ear gently: "You feel incredible inside me."

Her words almost made him erupt inside her, but somehow managed to hold onto it again. But now it seemed that she couldn’t hold onto it – he recognised the signs of her approaching orgasm now, and soon enough she was getting there again. Locked together with Samantha on top, the two of them seemed to be trying to push themselves together, to achieve as much contact as was humanly possible. Their lips were crushed together, her breasts pushed against his chest and as he ground his cock within her, he placed his hands on her smooth behind to pull himself as far into her as possible to maximise the sensations of his cock moving inside her exquisite pussy.

Samantha was shaking and almost crying by the time she hit the peak of her climax, and if she was feeling anything like the sensations Harry was feeling, he could understand why. As she yelped and shuddered, her vagina tightening around his shaft, he let himself go, allowing his burning seed to burst forth inside her.


They lay there for a while in silence, breathless, exhausted. She remained on top of him, her head on his shoulder, one hand affectionately stroking his cheek while he reciprocated with a hand running through her silky hair.

"No one ever gave me an orgasm before," she said after a while, breaking the silence. "Not before you came along."

He didn’t know what to say. He was shattered, speechless.

"How was it?" she asked him.

He kissed her, "It was the most amazing experience of my life."

She grinned broadly at that, her freshly flushed complexion full of contentment. "I’m going on the pill," she said, "I want to feel your beautiful cock inside me without anything in the way."

Harry felt that warm feeling of excitement stirring inside him again: there would be plenty of boundaries left to explore with Samantha.

to be continued….

pics—->> http://virginiafiles.com/621179

Teen Stories

Sat, 16 Dec 2017 06:28:15 UTC

Jan’s confession of sex before we met

While we were just friends!

Jan and myself grew up in the same village, we were friends long before we got together, she had a couple of steady boyfriends before we got together, Clive her 1st real boyfriend 5 years her senior, Jan 14 and Clive 19, he took her virginity but looking back he probably was seen as a catch because of his age, but he didn’t have girlfriends his own age so that says a lot. Then there was Eric a year her senior who didn’t see a lot of Jan but at her age meant she put a home made E tattoo on her finger with Indian ink so it was going to be permanent.

Jan is now nearly 16, me nearly 18, Jan has not long since finished with Eric, we are at a local disco, we hadn’t gone together but as we had our own local gang of friends we hung out together with, we had a good night drunk cider, end of the night I walked home with Jan, she had seen Clive and one of Clive’s mates at the disco between them they had removed the small E tattoo with a cigarette so her hand was hurting and the zip on her white jeans was broken, but I wasn’t her boyfriend just a friend and it meant nothing to me.

We now move on maybe 2 months and I’m with a girl call Julie who is also one of our local gang, we had sex only twice in my car, not great but we were young and sex is sex, we are at another disco and Julie and Jan were there, something happen and I ended up taken Jan home in my car and that’s where it all started, Jan chose me rather than me choosing Jan, we kissed that night, nothing more.

We are now going out as steady boy/girlfriend but get very little opportunity for full on sex apart from in the car, a bit of foreplay in her bedroom but her parents are downstairs, but Jan opens up about the night her tattoo was burnt off, I guess she thinks I already know what happened so tells me how Clive and his mate turned up on a his mates bike, Clive still has a thing for her so persuaded her to let him remove the tattoo with a cigarette, they then decided to go to the pub 5 minutes up the road, Jan get on the back of Clive’s mates bike and goes 1st to the pub, they get there and he forces himself on her they breaks her jean zip in the process of have sex, he comes, goes back and collects Clive who is obvious of this.

Wow what a confession! Now Jan as I know her now would have had sex for the reason of being young!

If there is any consolation I’m the 1st guy to make her climax, she has never climaxed though intercourses, unless she has climaxed 1st through foreplay using her vibrator or though a good licking of which I’m pretty good at and was the 1st to do it to Jan.

Now we are 55 & 57, 39 years together.

Teen Stories

Sun, 17 Jun 2018 17:42:17 UTC

Bianca, The Sluttiest Teen Upsets Her Father

A man told stories of his rebellious daughter to a therapist I am friends with. I loved the stories and decided to share them in written form, but perhaps with a bit of exaggeration. However, the basis of these stories is true. DM “justinloker111” on instagram for pictures of Bianca.

Bianca laid on her bed while checking her instagram, her mouth fresh with the taste of cum. She did just blow a freshman boy in the bathroom, and when his friend came in she just couldn’t resist. The high school junior loved the taste of cum so the more she had, the happier she was. Boys in the school dreamed about her luscious breasts and her tight ass, however, not so many dreamed about it. Bianca was considered to be a slutty girl, but with her body, you couldn’t blame her. All men desired her, even older men, which she loved. Her favorite men to pleasure were the friends of her father.

Bianca had just got done putting her hair in a bun when she got a snapchat. It was a senior boy asking for some titty pictures. Like the good slut she was, she pulled down her tank top walked to the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror and began to jump up and down, making her jugs jiggle uncontrollably. After 30 seconds, she sent it to the senior. Just then she heard the front door open. She put her shirt on, unlocked the door and walked down the hallway. Her boobs bounced in her white tanktop, and her black bra was clear to see. She looked down the stairs while crouching in her baggy grey sweatpants. Her father stood at the door talking to three men. One was short and scrawny, this one was called “Pauly” by her father. Another was tall and fat with a goatee, he was called “Jason”. Lastly there was a man who was medium height and average weight with a long beard and tattoos. He was called “Brian.” Her dad stood inferior to them. It was clear that he was not comfortable. The only words Bianca managed to hear was “…Tonight? It’s kind of unannounced and I haven’t seen you guys for a long time but I guess it’s ok.” Bianca wandered what was going on.

They all followed her father, Connor, into the family room with the television. Bianca crept down the stairs and continued to listen to the conversation. After about 15 minutes of listening she figured out what was going on. These were men from her father’s high school, looking to spend the night. They asked about her mother, who went to the same high school, and her father told them that she had divorced him long ago. Bianca knew they must not live around here because everybody knew she left her father for a man with more money. Hell, money was the only reason she married her father anyway. She also heard one of the men make a shrewd comment about her mother’s breasts in high school. Bianca’s mother had the only comparable breasts to her at that age. Bianca’s tits looked like that of a 25 year old woman. After getting board, Bianca thought she would shake things up a bit, she walked into the room.

“Hi! I’m Bianca!” Bianca said confidently as she entered the room. All men immediately stared at her.
“Hi Bianca, are you Connor’s daughter?” Jason, the large one, asked.
“I am!” Bianca replied. She saw all the men make a sharp look at her father, who looked extremely frustrated and uncomfortable. He knew that his daughter was just like her mother, a busty slut. He had speculated on whether she had fucked his friend daniel who stayed over a few months ago, but then realized his little girl would never do that.
“Your father never mentioned that to us Bianca. So how old are you honey?” Asked Pauly, the short and skinny one.
“Well she needs to do her homewo..” Connor said as Bianca interrupted him.
“I am 17, a junior in high school.” Bianca said. All men were now clearly staring at Bianca’s big titties. Her black bra was clear to see and all the men stared. Her father noticed this and did everything he could to gain their attention. Small talk continued until Brad chimed in.
“Hey Connor, do you mind fixing us a snack? We are pretty hungry.” He said.
“Alright, I’ll be back in a minute.” Bianca’s father said as he reluctantly went to the kitchen, leaving Bianca alone with three horny men in their early 50s.

“So Bianca, you like high school?” Asked Jason.
“It’s ok.” Bianca replied.
“You know Bianca, you look just like your mother.” Brian told her.
“Haha, really? I get that a lot.” Bianca said. She quickly glanced at all of their crotches, their erections were clear. She was surprised on how massive they were. Way bigger than the two freshman she sucked after school and the senior she sucked before school today.
“Do you have a boyfriend? You have to, how beautiful you are.” Brian said.
“Haha I don’t right now. I dated a senior when I was a freshman though.” Bianca replied. Just then her dad walked in with a plate full of fruit.
“What the fuck Connor? Fruit? Order a pizza Pauly.” Brian said. Connor looked surprised yet not surprised. Well it was how these men treated him during high school. Pauly forgot to dial the number, he was to mesmerized on Bianca’s tits. He had not stopped looking at them since she walked in the room. Bianca loved the attention.
“Hey can you set up our rooms upstairs?” Jason asked Connor.
“I thought you were staying for a few hours…?” Connor replied.
“We changed our minds. Now those rooms?” Jason said.
“Bianca can do that, she hasn’t helped in a while. Bianca?” Connor said.
“I actually have to go to the bathroom.” Bianca replied as she left the room. She heard her father sigh and follow her out of the room. Although, as her father went upstairs to the two guest bedrooms, she went out the front door. It was mid January and very cold out. Bianca immediately took off her shirt and bra, letting her tits free. She put her hands over her head and shimmied her breasts for about 30 seconds. Her nipples turned rock hard. While turning back in she spotted a boy around the age of middle school peering through his window with a camera. She laughed and turned back towards him. She began jumping up and down, making her knockers bounce like mutherfuckers. After a minute she put her tanktop on, leaving her bra on the ground. She wandered when she would suck that boy’s dick, perhaps 2 years from now when he enters high school and she is back from college. She bet he would like that.

She entered the room again to find that her dad was still not there. Her nipples burst through her white tank top. The men gaped at them as she stood there.
“Come take a seat Bianca!” Said Brian. Jason was in a chair and Brian and Pauly were on either sides of a couch, leaving the middle for Bianca. Bianca walked over, kind of jumping with each step, making her boobs jiggle. The men loved that.
“So Bianca, no boyfriend? You’re surely not a virgin?” Asked Brian as he moved closer to her.
“Haha, of course not. I lost my virginity when I was 12.” Bianca replied.
“Just like your mother.” Said Pauly.
“What did your dad think of that?” Asked Jason, as he started to snicker.
“Haha he didn’t like it. But I do whatever I want to do. I can always say he abused me.” Bianca replied.
“Haha, smart girl. You have some great breasts, with some perky nipples.” Brian said as he deliberately stared at them.
“Thank you! Ever since I got the nicknames ‘Big Boobed Bianca’, ‘Bianca Big Boobs’, Busty Bianca’, ‘Cum Face Bianca’, and ‘Bianca Big Tits’ I knew boys liked my breasts.” Bianca replied. The men all laughed.
“You’re mother had nicknames like that.” Brian said. Brian and Pauly each grabbed a tit and began to massage it.
“You like this don’t you Bianca.” Pauly said.
“Aaaaa! I love my big tits getting groped.” Bianca replied as she raised her hands over head, giving them all of her breasts.
“You little slut. How many cocks did you suck today?” Asked Brian.
“3.” Bianca replied as her boobs continued to be felt. Pauly began to pinch the nipple, sometimes a little too hard causing Bianca to flinch with pain. Jason had already taken his cock out and began to stroke it. He got up from the chair and stood in front of Bianca, enclosing her by them.
“Look at the size of that thing!” Bianca exclaimed as she reached out to grab it. All of a sudden they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Jason returned to his seat and put a pillow over his dick, and Pauly and Brian let go of Bianca’s tits. Connor walked into the room.
“Rooms are all ready.” Connor said. He immediately noticed his daughter’s nipples. He felt like telling her to cover up but thought it would draw it to intention to the men. He decided to stay silent, hoping the men hadn’t or wouldn’t notice it.
“Hey we called in Pizza, could you go pick it up? We are going to shower.” Brian said. Connor sighed. Bianca smiled at her father. She knew what would happen when he leaves.
“Okay, where?” Connor asked.
“Uhhh Pizza Hut. Right down the road 10 minutes.” Pauly said, realizing he forgot to call it in.
“Okay.” connor said as he left the room and headed for the front door. Immediately after he left Pauly and Brian regained a grip on Bianca’s tits. Connor began to wonder why Bianca was sitting in between Pauly and Brian like that but didn’t bother to dwell on it. As he walked out the door, he found a big black bra on the ground. He picked it up and found white stains on it. He realized it was Bianca’s and figured it fell from her window. Thoughts did cross his mind about the white stains but he convinced himself they were spilt milk. While getting into his car he looked at the neighbor’s house across the street. In second floor window he saw a bunch of young boys gathered around a computer. Probably watching a cartoon, he thought to himself. However one kid turned around and began laughing. All the boys then turned around, and one brought the computer to the window. A video was playing. It showed a girl with baggy grey sweatpants, her hair in a bun and no shirt on outside of his house. She jumped up and down and her massive boobs bounced rapidly. He didn’t believe his eyes. This couldn’t be my Bianca, he thought to himself. He convinced himself it wasn’t as the boys laughed hysterically. He got in his car and drove to pizza hut.

“Take off that tank top Bianca!” Jason said as he took out his big cock again. Bianca laughed and did what she was told. She stood up, releasing her of Pauly and Brian’s grasp, and began to take off her white tank top. Brian decided she was taking too long, he stood up behind her and ripped her tank top in half, turning on Bianca. Her breasts burst free and were grabbed by Brian’s two hands. He juggled and squeezed them while biting her ear. Pauly and Jason walked over to her, cocks out and pants off. Their pubic hair was messy and their balls were as big as their dicks. Jason made his way to one of the titties and began to suck on the nipples. He slobbered on it getting his saliva everywhere. Bianca loved it. Brian had taken the other nipples while Pauly masturbated.
“Better than your whore mother Bianca, and her tits were amazing.” Brian exclaimed. Bianca’s only response was moaning. She loved getting her nipples sucked, which is why she had them sucked on at twice a week, mostly 3-4 times per week. She had a sign up called “30 minute suck me’s” on her computer. She emailed the male student body of who wanted to suck her boobies for 30 minutes about a week ago, and every boy replied with a yes. The fastest to respond earned the earliest sucking sessions. She was booked for the whole year, every single day and that was aside from her normal fuckings. She was that big of a slut. About 5 minutes later, Bianca was on her knees and all the men’s cocks were out. She sucked all of them hard while licking the balls as well. She loved the hairy sets of balls, which all of them were. Brian seemed to be the head of the group, forcing her to suck him the most. The men repeatedly laughed about what her father would say if he saw this. They mentioned it would be “just like the last time” but Bianca didn’t know what that meant. She was focused on pleasuring these men. She kept on blowing the 3 cocks surrounding her, saliva dripping out of her mouth onto the carpet. She attempted to fit 2 of them into her mouth but they were two big for that, she had once fit 4 sophomore cocks into her mouth as a freshman. Her failure drove her to suck harder. Each man was overwhelmed by her experience and talent for sucking dick. It was what she was born to do. It was her passion. Soon enough the men ejacualted, all on her face. The dump of jizz dripped onto her tits.
“Good slut.” Brian said as Bianca stood up.
“That was so much fun!” Bianca told them.
“Thank us later Bianca, now go get cleaned up before your father gets home.” Jason said. Pauly squeezed her breasts as she left to go upstairs, topless and covered with cum. The men put on their clothes. Brian looked at his watch, it was 7:45, Connor left at 7:15, he should be home around 8:20 since the men didn’t call the pizzas in. They turned on the television to pass the time.

Bianca took a shower and cleaned the cum off her face. She put on the same sweatpants, a white bra and a white sweatshirt. She was staying in for the night, as it was a Tuesday. She went on her computer to check her schoolwork when sher remembered her “30 min suck me” list. She had an appointment tonight! She looked at the username which had a graduation year next to it. The year was that for a seventh grader. She realized at that moment that she had sent an email to the high school males and the middle school males. Although it would bother some girls, it didn’t bother Bianca, she pleasured all men and boys. She was supposed to be there at 8 and she looked at the address to see if she could make it as it was 7:55. After staring at it for a second, she realized the address was across the street. It was the kid she flashed! She snuck out of her window and headed over to his house. Bianca crossed the street with her hood up so nobody would see her. All the lights were out in the house. She went to the back door, as instructed in the email and knocked twice quietly. The same boy answered the door, he was a relatively unattractive 13 year old, tall, freckles, curly long hair and crooked teeth.
“Hey there honey. Im Kyle.” Said the boy.
“Hey there, where should we go?” asked Bianca.
“My room, follow me.” Kyle said. Bianca followed him through the house to his room. His parents seemed to be away but he heard a sibling in their room with the television on. She entered his room after him. Without talking, Kyle motioned for Bianca to get on her knees with her back in front of the window facing her house.
“Take it off honey.” Bianca told the ecstatic boy. He wasted no time and slipped the sweatshirt off Bianca. Her breasts burst through her white bra, the boy was overwhelmed. He dug his face in her tits, biting an flicking her everywhere. Bianca laughed and grabbed the back of his head, pushing him deeper into her tits. He managed to unhook her bra after a few tries, releasing her jugs. Bianca lifted her arms over her head as she always did and let the boy do what he wanted. He sucked, squeezed, bit, licked and pinched her breasts. Every minute or so the boy would lift his head from her knockers and bounce them in front of his dresser. Bianca picked up on this and looked over. She saw a tiny camera hidden between two picture frames. The red light blinking. She laughed and waved to it while the boy was chewing on a nipple. She didn’t care at all, she would be fucking him in two years time. About 20 minutes in, the boy lifted his head to jiggle her tits for the camera again when he saw a car pull into Bianca’s driveway. Kyle noticed this and looked behind Bianca while massaging her massive titties. Her father walked out of the car with two pizzas in his hand. He dared to look up at the window where the teenagers laughed at him to give them a piece of his mind. He did not see them however, he saw something entirely different. He saw a nude woman’s back to him with her hair down. A boy, the same one who showed him the graphic video, peered over her shoulder and started laughing again. Both of his hands reached behind the woman and gave him the finger. Connor was angered by this but was too much of a pussy to do anything, he didn’t want to keep his guests waiting. Connor knew this couldn’t be Bianca because she had her hair in a bun. But he did wonder what slut was letting that boy suck on her titties. Connor turned around and walked towards his house.
“Your dad! Hahahaha.” Kyled said to Bianca. Bianca turned around to look, she saw her dad opening the door.
“He is such a little pussy. Come suck my titties in front of the window so he sees what I truly am, a slut. And how about 45 minutes tonight?” Bianca asked.
“Fuck yeah you slut.” Kyle said as he buried his head into her breasts. When the 45 minutes were up Bianca put on her sweatshirt. She let Kyle keep the bra as he wanted to show kids at school, although the video would make kids jealous enough. Bianca crept out of the house and snuck back into her bedroom through the window.

Connor entered through door with the pizzas.
“Did you guys call it in? There wasn’t an order so I just got two cheese.” Connor said.
“C’mon you dumbass! Pauly called it in. Whatever, bring ‘em here.” Brian said. Pauly smirked at Connor while rubbing his cock, insinuating something Connor couldn’t comprehend. The men ate in the kitchen while Connor went to grab a phone charger from the living room. He saw a piece of white clothing on the ground and picked it up. Is this Bianca’s tank top? How did it get here? She must have had another one and dropped it out of a school bag, Connor thought to himself. Although, other more angering thoughts of how it got there crossed his mind, and the fact that it was ripped made him even more suspicious. However, he didn’t think about it too much and went back to the kitchen to eat, only to find that his guests wouldn’t allow him to have a single piece of pizza that he paid for.

Connor watched the men eat for a while, spilling food all over his kitchen, before going up to check on Bianca. He opened her door to find her studying on her computer. She wore grey sweatpants and a blue shirt.
“Hey Bianca. Lot of homework?” He asked his daughter.
“Yeah, I’ve been doing it since you were gone.” Bianca lied.
“Good girl.” Connor then noticed that her hair wasn’t in a bun anymore. “I thought your hair was in a bun?”
“I took a shower. Can you get out I need to finish a paper.” Bianca said as she turned back to her computer.
Connor shut the door and walked down the hall. Was that Bianca in the window? No, surely no. C’mon Connor. You think your daughter would do that. Get a hold of yourself, Connor said to himself.

He ran into his guests.
“Hey where is the shower big buy?” Pauly asked.
“I thought you guys you did that while I was gone.” Connor said.
“We were busy talking to your daughter. Now where is the fucking shower?” Brian demanded.
“Down the hall and to the left. Right next to Bianca’s room. I’ll be in my room if you need anything.” Connor replied as he walked past them to his room. The three men opened Bianca’s door and she was “studying.” She looked to the door with a frustrated face, but then smiled when she realized who was there.
“I thought you were my bitch father! Haha.” Bianca said while laughing. She got up and glided towards them. She grabbed Pauly and Jason’s cocks.
“We are going to fuck you, one after another. The gangbang will happen tomorrow. Get in the bathroom with me Bianca.” Brian said. Bianca laughed and followed Brian into the bathroom. They both got undressed and got into the shower. Brian was very impressed with Bianca’s tight ass as well. He couldn’t wait to pound her fresh pussy. “Is this pussy fresh?”
“Hasn’t got pounded for 24 hours Brian, give it to me!” Bianca said. Brian wasted no time. Bianca faced towards the wall, putting each hand on it. She arched her back to Brian, giving him the royal treatment. “Fuck me daddy.”
“You fucking whore. Keep calling me daddy while I fuck you, just like your mom.” Brian said as the water poured down on them. He shoved his cock in her warm wet teen pussy, not giving Bianca a chance to think about his statement about her mother. Her tits began to jiggle as they always did when she got fucked. Men loved it. The clapping of her getting fucked and her tits bouncing made a loud noise, and with her yelling it was even louder.
“Fuck me! Harder you fucking fucker! Daddy! Harder daddy! Give it all to me!” Bianca screamed while Brian gripped her titties. “Fuck my pussy daddy!” The shower covered up most of the noise but you could still hear Bianca faintly yelling. Pauly and Jason had let themselves snoop around Bianca’s room. Condoms and dildos were found in most drawers. Finally they found the thong and bra drawer. They laughed and searched through all of the huge bras, shoving some in their pockets. Some weren’t even washed, with cum stains still on them, just like the black one Connor found outside. Bianca’s yellings got louder and louder. “I want your cum! All of it! Daddy! Fuck me!”
“Brian is giving it to the bitch. She sounds just like her whore mother.” Pauly said to Jason. They both started laughing. All of a sudden they heard footsteps coming from the hallway. They closed the drawers and put the bras back.
“Everything alright in there? Brian?” Connor asked as he knocked on the door.
“Harder! Oh Fuck! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” Bianca yelled through the door. Connor couldn’t believe his ears. Pauly knew he had to step in.
“Connor, Bianca called you from the kitchen.” He said. Connor turned around.
“What are you doing in her room?” Connor replied.
“Nothing, just waiting for the shower. She is making dinner.” Pauly replied.
“Oh ok. No problem. She probably can’t work the stove again, I guess I’ll have to let her work it out on her own this time. She needs to learn, right?” Connor said.
“Hell yeah Connor.” Pauly replied.
“Daddy!” Bianca yelled again. Connor turned and walked down the hallway.
“Bianca figure it out! I have emails to check! If you really need me come get me, I have emails to check!” Connor said as he went into his room and shut the door.
“Hahaha, dumbass.” Jason said.

Brian fucked Bianca mercilessly, the best pounding she has had in months. Finally Brian jizzed, he told Bianca to get on her knees and squish her tits together. He unloaded on them, covering them with cum. The water soon washed the cum away. He smacked his cock on his face a couple times getting every drip of cum out before leaving and letting Jason get a turn. Jason undressed, got into the shower, and gave Bianca another good pussy pounding. Pauly took the last turn, entering completely naked. Pauly was the quickest as her bouncing tits turned him on to a whole other level. It reminded him of her mother. Bianca yelled throughout the fuckings, calling each one of them daddy. The ultimate sign of disrespect to the man who feeds, shelters and provides for her. She didn’t care. Pauly walked down the hall to the guest bedroom where Jason and Brian were, directly across the hall from Connor’s room. He entered and shut the door. A few seconds later Bianca ran into her room, clothes in hand. The night of fucking was over, but would continue in the morning.

It was a wednesday and Connor was cooking pancakes as he did every wednesday. Bianca came down stairs and claimed she wasn’t feeling well. Her father allowed her to stay home, as he always did. Bianca went back to bed. Connor went to check on his guests. Pauly and Jason slept on the two guest beds while Brian slept on his bed. Brian came in around 11 demanding that he get the bed and Connor be on the couch. Connor gave in and took the couch. It was uncomfortable but he managed it. He couldn’t argue all night as he had work the next day. Connor made extra food for his guests and left for work, he was very happy because today he would get out early.

Bianca and her playmates woke up around noon. A quick morning blow job satisified the men and Bianca loved nothing more than a cock reeking of piss and sweat in the morning. The men devoured the pancakes that Connor left, trashing the kitchen more than the last time. After watching television for awhile, they decided to fuck Bianca. Gangbang style. Brian demanded that they do it in Connor’s bed and the others agreed. They all walked into the bedroom. Bianca had been nude the whole time.
“You ready to get fucked on your dads bed?” Brian asked as he grabbed a tit.
“Fuck yeah, I’ve only got fucked by two guys, not three.” She said as she grabbed his growing erection. She crawled on the bed on all fours. Brian had first turn at her pussy and took it doggy style. Jason positioned himself for a gagging facefucking, his belly fat hanging over her head and his pubic hair nearly hitting her in the face. They began to fuck her hard. Brian going as hard as the last time while Jason unleashed hell on her face. She gagged while moaning, getting the word “daddy” out multiple times. After a while all of them switched positions. Once each had had a turn, Bianca got on top of Pauly and he put his dick back in her pussy. Next, Jason positioned himself for another face fucking while Brian got ready to hit it from behind. All her holes would be filled. Brian couldn’t wait to fuck her in the ass.
“Fuck me!” Bianca demanded, and the men listened. Each exerting last bursts of energy to give the slut her dirty desires. She managed to yell with Jason’s cock in her mouth, as it was the smallest of the three. “Daddy! Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me! Teach my bitch dad a lesson!”

Connor pulled into the driveway. His mood turned from great in the morning to horrible. His co-workers had found Bianca’s instagram and wouldn’t stop telling Connor about it. He didn’t know Bianca had such explicit pictures with such ridiculous cleavage. She can’t help it, she is a large chested girl, Connor thought to himself. But the comments. The comments were the most graphic things he had ever read. Males ranging from 13 year olds to 60 year olds talking about her breasts. Some even claiming to have nudes pictures. One boy even claimed that he “tittyfucked her in the bathroom during school.” Connor figured they were all lies and just boys being boys. He opened the door to his house. Immediately he heard the words “daddy” being yelled from upstairs. He dropped his briefcase and sprinted up to the noise.

He opened the door to his bedroom and stood in shock. There his little girl was, Bianca, being fucked by his guests. She moaned and called them daddy.
“Harder! Fuck me! Daddy! Oh daddy! Dad..” Bianca yelled before she realized her dad was in the doorway. The men began to laugh.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” Connor yelled. He took a step towards them only to take a step back from the look of Brian.
“You’re daughter is a whore, just like your whore wife. Now, you are going to watch us fuck her just like you watched us fuck your wife before your wedding.” Brian said.
“I never should have let you stay here or come to my wedding!” Connor replied.
“You’re right. We came here for your wife but when we saw your daughter we knew we had to stay. So stand there and watch you little bitch. Watch your daughter call me daddy, right Bianca?” Brian told Connor. Bianca realized what a bitch her father was, to let a group of men fuck your wife before your wedding, in her wedding gown! She was disgusted.
“Fuck me daddy!” She said as she looked her dad in the eye. The men started laughing and fucking. Bianca yelled louder than ever while her father watched her. He had no control. The men went on for another 10 minutes before finishing where they fucked. Pauly came in her pussy, Jason in her mouth and Brian in her asshole. Connor had a blank look on her face. He didn’t know what to do. He realized that his daughter was a slut.

The men left after the fucking and Bianca returned to her room. Bianca claimed she was forced to do it but they both knew she wasn’t. He still loved her though, at least he thought he did. Bianca spent the rest of the day in her room on her computer while Connor cried himself to sleep. At around 8 at night Connor checked his email. Multipe images of Bianca from his co-workers with descriptions of what they would like to do to her littered his email. He did have a message from a unknown email address with a video sent to him, he clicked on the video. The video popped up full screen and he couldn’t believe what he saw. It was Bianca, she was shirtless and a boy was sucking her titties. The boy lifted his head and snickered at the camera as he bounced her boobs up and down. Bianca laughed and waved at the camera while the boy went back to sucking. Connor was furious. He would let men his own age take advantage of him but not a 13 year old boy. He stormed out of his house towards the boys home. He glanced at the window and saw his worst nightmare. A woman’s back faced towards him and he could make out a boy kissing her bare chest. A set of eyes peered over her shoulder, it was the boy again. He began to laugh. The naked woman turned around, it was his daughter, Bianca. Connor’s new confidence was shattered. The boy sucked on Bianca’s titties some more from the side view, so Connor could see it. He stood there and watched. He was frozen in shock and embarrassment. Bianca laughed and smiled at Connor. She pushed the boy’s head away from her breasts and got him off his knees, while she remained on them. She dropped the boys pants, releasing his dick. She began to suck it, the boy looked out the window at Connor, laughing hysterically. Bianca took a break from the cock for a moment and waved to her dad, he stayed motionless. It didn’t take long for the boy to cum, and he came all over her face. Bianca laughed and the boy did as well. Before Connor knew it, Bianca was walking back to their house. Smiling with a face covered with cum, she walked by her dad and into the house. He still hadn’t moved. After the boy continued to taunt him for another few minutes, he turned back into the house. Connor went back to his room and on his computer. He got a new email and opened it, it was a video sucking the boys dick on a porn website, with her full name in the title. He scrolled down to related videos, there were several videos of Bianca. He realized his daughter was a slut.

Teen Stories

Sun, 03 Dec 2017 06:12:28 UTC

Becky my daughters 18 year old friend

Walking thru the mall I spotted her. She walked confidently down the corridor stopping just in front of me. “Hi, how are you” Becky said.
“Good, how about you” I replied.
“I’m good, what are you shopping for?” She responded.
“I’m looking for sweater vests, how about you?” I said
“Cute underwear” she stayed with a cute little twinkle in her eye
“So Victoria Secret?” I said with a wink
“ Of course. Let me guess, you’re headed to Men’s Warehouse. “ she replied
“Yes, how did you guess?” I asked inquisitively
“ They have all the good clothes for guys. Need help finding one?” She said while staring in my eyes.
“If you want to help, I’m always up for assistance.”
She turned to walk toward the other end of the mall.
“Come on, let’s go” Becky said while leading the way.
“Victoria’s Secret is right here, want to help me first, then I’ll help you?”
Not needing a reason to go into a lingerie store with this beautiful 18 year old Blonde bombshell I said” Of course let’s go.”

We walked in and she past the fun flirty collegiate panties in the pink section and walked over to the more mature section. Here I was, with my daughters friend looking at sexy lingerie.

Is this wrong? I thought to myself. This opportunity doesn’t come along everyday.

She had amazing taste picking up the sexiest things in the whole store. She grabbed a sexy hot pink matching thong and bra. “Can you find me a 36c in this bra she asked me? “
I sorted thru finding her size.” What do you think?” All I could do was picture her sexy body adorning this matching set. Her sexy ass and perfectly chiseled legs would look stunning in pink. Those beautiful breasts would pop in the matching bra. “Yes, yes” is all I could blurt out. She laughed with this cute giggle walking toward the cashier. She quickly paid and grabbed my hand heading me out of the store. “ Your not going to try it on?” I inquired. “ It will fit” she exclaimed.

We walked into the store and were directed to a rack with an extraordinary amount of sweater vests.
“Wow, there’s a lot to choose from, good thing I have you to help me.” I murmured.
She quickly grabbed three and handed them to me. “Here, try these on” she said while guiding me toward the dressing room. “Here try these jeans with this, they’ll look hot.
I walked in and began trying on everything stripping down out of my jeans. I noticed the pants she grabbed were to short. Instructing her the right size and handing her the jeans back, she went to grab the right size. I tried on the sweater and turned to look in the mirror. Just then she entered the dressing room smacking me on the ass. “Here, these should be the right size”she said
I turned to her standing in my boxers, slowly rising to the occasion. “ Well, look who joined me” I said to Becky with a smile. “Yeah, I thought I’d help you try these on, or off” she exclaimed while leaning in to kiss me. It caught me off guard but I went with it.

She rubbed her hand down to my cock and began rubbing it stiff. “Looks like I’m not the only one to join” she whispered in my ear. I kissed her passionately until she stopped everything and pulled back. I thought maybe she realized we shouldn’t be doing this.

“Turn around” she said while biting her lower lip. I quickly spun around not knowing what she had in store. I sat there for a couple minutes until she told me I could turn back around. There she stood in her new pink panties and matching bra. She looked amazing, it accented her perfect youthful body. Her tone tanned abs stood out with the shade. I stepped up to her and began kissing her neck while rubbing her nearly bare ass. She grabbed my dick sliding it through the hole, roughly grinding her hand up and down my stiff rod. I slid my hand up inside her bra and began rubbing her nipple. Her boobs were very full C’s. I slid back undoing her bra and dropped it into her bag. Her perky tits were standing up inviting my lips to devour them. I sucked down on her areoles getting a slight moan.

Becky was furiously stroking my manhood getting my full attention. I turned her around and had one hand rubbing her tits , while sliding my hand inside her panties. I sucked her ear while clamping my fingers around her pussy. As she slid her hand down to my balls, I motioned my pointer finger all around her clit. Her vagina was soaking thru her brand new panties.

We kept this up until we both were so horny we knew we needed more.

Becky sat down facing me and slid my boxers to the floor. She reached out pulling me toward her by my cock. Her lips wrapped around my girth as she licked the tip. Slowly working more and more of my meat down her throat she worked me in and out. One hand fondling my sack as she twisted and turned her head up and down my shaft. Staring up at me several times this girl could suck some serious dick. This was the best blowjob I’d had in years. She changed her pace from fast and shallow, to slow and deep rotating her head back and forth.

After a few minutes I stopped her and kneeled down between her legs. I slid her panties off and began kissing her thighs. I worked back and forth skipping over her love hole. Then I put my tongue just at the tip of her clit, stopping to build anticipation. She pushed the back of my head thrusting my tongue into her pussy. She worked my scalp all over her bald pussy like a pro. I lathered her with my tongue bringing louder moans out of her. I licked up and down her lips while she slid her hand down and began working her clit. She was wetter than a high diver, drenching the bench with her warm, wet vagina.

Becky stood up and turned around, bending over and grabbing the bench. She offered me her 18 year old slit. “ Fuck me hard please!!!, I need to get fucked by someone who knows what to do. “ All thoughts of how wrong this was, and how mad my daughter would be knowing I fucked her best friend.

I stepped in offering my head up to her soaking wet hole. She bucked back throwing me off guard. Becky began fucking me. She twerked her ass up and down while sliding my cock in and out of her. I gripped down on her hips pulling her back and forth while pounding her pussy. Her moans and the clapping of my balls on her ass were becoming very noticeable. At this point I didn’t care. Her perfect pussy was too good to think about anything else. Becky begged me to keep fucking her harder and faster. I picked up the pace and thrusted back and forth much harder than before. Her cream coated my cock as she came for the second time, loudly announcing it. She reached back fondling my balls while I thrusted into her swollen hole. We fucked for twenty minutes before she begged me to shot my load inside her. “Cum in my pussy, please. I want to feel your hot stream inside me. “ she begged. This pushed me over and I blasted my load deep into her love tunnel. The amount of cum was overwhelming. It was gushing out of her as we stood up regaining ourselves.

Just then there was a knock on the door. “Uh, do you need anything?” The voice asked

“No, I’m good” I replied.

We both dressed and turned toward each other. We embraced in another kiss. It led to heavy petting. We stopped and agreed to get going. As we walked out we were getting grins from the whole staff. It was noticeable that we just fucked and I didn’t care. As we entered back into the mall we ran into my daughter. Guess we smelled like sex, because I got an earful.

Teen Stories

Sat, 16 Jun 2018 07:31:11 UTC

What Ms. McAdams Taught me

“ Hey Man is it cool if I stay at your place ? “ Alex Smith asked his best friend jack while they walked home from school one fall afternoon.

“ My moms ducey boyfriend is staying over again and you know how much I hate that guy” Alex sighed with frustration

Alex Johnson was tall and lean he stood about 6’1 and had light brown hair, with piercing green eyes. He was built with a swimmers body,had a very lean torso and long arms and legs. He always looked like he had just walked out of a Abercrombie and Fitch catalog with his strong jawline and ruggedly handsome looks. His nose and cheeks were littered with freckles that he had inherited from his father but a majority of his looks came from his mother’s side.

“ Yeah sounds cool! I got the new copy of Call of duty for my PS4 it’s sick!” crowed his best friend Jack

Jack was a spitting image of his father tall and slender. WIth almond shaped blue eyes he had inherited from Shelly. He had a mop of what seemed unattainable dark brown hair that fell into his eyes as he walked causing him to constantly be pushing out of his way. He was tall for his age and was about the same height as alex. He too was very lean from naturally being slender and participating in sports such as track.

“Sweet man just dont cry like a pusy when I whoop your ass okay!’ Alex teased

“ IN YOUR DREAMS BITCH!” Jack yelled before shoving his friend off the sidewalk, then bolting down the street towards his house.

Shelly McAdams stood in her kitchen one late afternoon waiting for her son jack to arrive home she had spent all day cleaning and doing laundry to make sure the house looked perfect for her husband who was away on a business trip in japan that he had brought up late last night after dinner after she found him in their bedroom packing a bag. Shelly had bee
n married a very long time and was raised the old fashioned way where women stayed home and had the children. She shook her head in frustration as she could hear her mother’s croony old voice ratting in her head but it was interrupted by the sounds of her son coming home from school.

Before opening the door Jack paused remembering the skin mag he had pinched out of his dad’s office. He had been waiting to show it to Alex all day at school and brag.He reached into his backpack and pulled it out

" Hey man your gonna love this !" he crowed shoving the mag and waving it in Alex’s face
" Now way man where’d you get it ?" Alex asked in amazement like stumbling across your old man’s playboys was unheard of.

They started flipping through the pages excitedly and walked in through the front door.

Shelly was about to round the corner out of the kitchen into the entryway when she noticed she heard more than her son’s voice coming from the entryway. Pausing momentarily she strained to hear what they were saying.


No look man this is better than Hustler" crowded Jack trying to sound like he new what he was talking about

" Look at them those tits are real and would you get a load of that Bush!"

" Whatever man I think hustlers where its at!" Alex chuckled

“MOM! Alex is going to stay the night okay.“ jack yelled from the hallway

“Sounds fine dear” Shelly called from the kitchen

Ha loser your mommy calls you dear!” alex teased Jack as he hit him in the arm

They all seemed to be huddled and talking excitedly about something.She noticed alex caring something it looked like a magazine but she couldn’t tell due to the distance between the entry way and the kitchen. Craning her neck to see what it was she was both shocked and amused by what she saw. Alex was holding what looked like one of those nude girly magazines and showing it off. Her mind trailed back to when she was still with her husband and would stumble across a few of those under the bed in the midst of vacuuming. She never liked that he had them always scolded him for looking at them saying it gave men false ideas of how women should look.

“Shut up, dick.” jack said shoving his friend up the staircase with a playful laugh.

“Were gonna be in my room. Call us when dinners ready.” jack shouted down the stairs

“Typical,” she thought as she walked out of the kitchen, “teenage boys they want to act all mature but when it comes to providing for themselves they’d rather have someone else do it for them.”

While walking into the living room she felt a twinge of pain in her back and sides as she moved.The strain of cleaning all day had taken its toll and she thought that a bath was in order to ease her back pain. So she climbed the stairs towards the master bedroom thinking that the boys would be fine for an hour, more or less. The only thing they’d come out of the room for would be food anyways.

After lighting a few scented candles and digging out one of her favorite toys, she began to draw a bath. Humming to herself as the steam rose from the water, she checked the batteries in her waterproof vibrating clit massager . Dropping in a few drops of bath oil, she also tossed in the messenger and as it popped back to the surface, water rippled as it vibrated..

Rolling his eyes and sighing alex left the bedroom and walked down the hall towards jacks bathroom. He heard the sound of splashing coming from down the hall. Curious he wandered further down the hall towards the master bedroom.

Suddenly he heard a moan. “Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

The need to pee was suddenly lost on the kid as he was now trying to see what was going on. Sneaking down the hall towards the bedroom door, he could hear thrashing and water hitting the floor. He pushed passed the open bedroom door.

Approaching the bathroom door he could smell the scent of vanilla and lavender wafting from under the door. At first he tried to look under the bathroom door and that failed. Hesitantly he opened the door and peeked inside. The bathroom was dark except for the small shred of light cascading out from the bath, beside the door..

Peeking past the now slightly open door he was able to get a glance at Jack’s mom, naked in the half full tub. She was just setting a strange yellow toy on the edge of the tub but it felt to the floor and proceeded to vibrate around. When she suddenly heard the door creak open

" Jack ill start dinner in a little while just give me some peace and quite!" she barked

" hi Ms. McAdams" Alex stammerd

"Oh my.” she moaned, not being able to help it escaped her past her lips, causing alex to shift uncomfortably in front of her. She couldn’t help feeling aroused knowing he is still watching her boobs floating in the warm water.

The boy did not flee, nor did he move. He was frozen like a deer in headlights, unsure what to do.

" Alex what are you doing here?" she demanded trying to cover herself up

" I heard splashing and came to see if your okay" said alex

"Well Im perfectly fine. Thank you so why dont you go on back to jacks room now ." she torted standing up and leaving the bath. She began leading the way out of the bathroom into the bedroom towards the bedroom door.

She noticed again the size of the tent he was pitching and couldn’t help herself any longer. Hoping that she was right she slowly walked in front of him making sure to ex agerate the swaying of her hips. Hoping hed take notice. Looking back over her shoulder saw she had his attention.

She him and felt a twinge of excitement shoot up her spine as she waited to feel his hand slide around her waist and cures her luscious curves. She felt him close the distance between them coming up behind her, she could feel the roughness of his denim “Gawd I am so horny.” she thought to herself. “But I am sure he will shot his load the moment he slides in her. Gads, what am I thinking.” she laughed at herself.

Not being able to help himself he reached out to feel her luscious curves

Alex reached up and clasped one of her breast tenderly stroking and pulling at he nipple while his free hand snaked its way to her hot snatch and began eagerly rubbing her clit.

Shelly soon could feel her juices stirring threatening to pour out of her onto the carpet. Alex played with her till she was practically a puddle then suddenly stopped.

Shelly emitted a small whimper.

“On the bed now, and lie on your back.” Alex boomed

Shelly did as she was told and walked over to the bed and climbed into it.

“ Let your feet hang off.” Alex demanded

Positioning herself just how he wanted shelly waited in agony to be touched she could feel his hot breath on her thighs. Soon she felt his tongue flicking and teasing her clit, just before he slammed his face into her snatch eating her out like he was starving and couldn’t get enough.

Feeling like she was on fire Shelly allowed herself to succumb in this moment and let the unmountable pleasure devour her. Letting her eyes roll back she happily enjoyed the enthusiasm of her young lover.

“My jaw is starting to clench” alex said rubbing the side of his face

“ Fine. It’s my turn then” shelly said with a smile.

“My jaw is starting to clench” alex said rubbing the side of his face

“ Fine. It’s my turn then” shelly said with a smile.

With that she sat up and pulled him onto the bed, all while flipping onto her knees and positioning herself right between his legs.

“ Now its my turn” she said with a smirk

Shelly pulled at his boxers revealing more than she was ready for. He was fully erect and easily stood at seven in a half inches. His member was tall and grithy there were red throbbing veins everywhere. She felt her swollen lips start to moisten with lust and desire it had been so long since she was properly fucked and she always seemed disappointed with her husband’s subpar length.

Her mouth was salivating at the thought of having him inside her.

Shelly had always loved foreplay and saw an oppurtinty and took it.

“ Fuck” he breathed the sensation of finally letting his member out of its cage was glorious

When she felt she had teased him enough her hand easily and firmly grasped the base of his very well endowed cock, his head seemed to shoot up of the mattress, they locked eyes. His gaze felt like a spotlight boring into her as he begged her to get on with it. His eyes were wide and he was biting his lip to suppress his wanting to shout at her. A knowing smirk played across her face.

With that she opened her mouth suddenly and held her head just mere inches away from his manhood, opening her mouth she let he saliva that unbenounced to her had been pooling in her mouth spill out and drip down every inch of his gargantuan cock. It seemed to glisten in the dusk light that was filling the bedroom. His tool was more magnificent than she anticipated. Without hesitation before she lost her nerve she took every inch of him into her mouth and lapped and slurped sliding him in and out of her mouth with ease. She bobbed up and down his shaft making sure to use all the saliva in her mouth had lubed up his enormous schlong. Feeling she had enough control using her mouth she lowered her had to his balls and began running her fingers over the skin and made sure to give them plenty of attention.

“ Oh yes Mrs. McAdam’s” he breathed heavily

Shelly made sure to give his member plenty of attention until she was painfully aware of the pool that was steadily dripping out of her onto the bed. Letting all of him slip out of his mouth with a loud popping sound. His head rose off the bed where he seemed to lay in a trance.

“ Everything alright ?’ he asked a tone of concern in his voice as if he was worried that this was as far as he’d get.

“ Yeah baby” Shelly said in a low husky voice

“I’m just need you, my pussy is throbbing begging to be filled.” she said almost begging in a throaty tone

She took her hand and reached down touching her hot snatch for what seemed like seconds and pulled it away her fingers glistened with her juices showing him.

“ Don’t have to ask me twice” he said as if accepting a challenge he reached for her arm and pulled her down onto the mattress while also maneuvering his body so he now towered over her


Shelley felt her back slam the mattress. Surprised at her young lovers pertinacity. She welcoming spread her legs letting his eyes explore and devour every inch of her.

He began to align his hips with her hot dripping sex. Suddenly he was frozen, he became painfully aware he had never gotten this far. What if he didn’t know what to do what if he came to early ?

Noticing her young lovers furrowed brow Shelly coaxed him.

“ It’s alright baby, I’ll lead.” she said smiling

Leaning up from the mattress she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his face towards his and showered him with kisses each of them getting fasted and wetter as they continued. Pulling his body closer to hers till he was laying on top of her, letting one arm drop down to his side while continuing to occupy his mouth she felt around till she felt his enormous shaft stroking it before aligning it with her snatch.
He was so distracted that it wasn’t until shelly had lifted her hips to ease the guiding of his tool into her throbbing wet snatch that he noticed he was about to penetrate her.

“ Push your hips forward baby” she whispered into the air

Not being able to think clearly he did as instructed feeling endless sensations of pleasure when plunged his tool into her hot and heavy snatch.

“ Ahhhhh” shelly sighed as if to say finally

His tool seemed to fill every inch of her, and her hungry walls grasped and tightened around him as if to say she was never going to let him go. He began to pump his hips rapidly.

“ LLLLike t tthis “ he quivered looking into her eyes for guidance

“ Slower baby” she murmured wrapping her arms around his neck pulling his face down to hers before kissing him and snaking her tongue into his mouth.

Endless moans and a slurping sound filled the air for what seemed like an eternity

Shelly could feel her walls clenching indicating she was about to cum. But she needed her lover to pick up the pace.

“ Faster baby, make me cum” she cooed

Without hesitation he picked up the pace slamming his member into her dripping honeypot the air filled with a squelching sound before Shelly shrieked feeling snatch releasing its juices onto her lover’s manhood. The steady flow of the juices seemed to drip out of her he could feel the wetness on his leg hair and thighs

“ Was that good for you baby?” he asked still pumping steadily into her

“ Yes baby “ she hummed and almost seem to euphoric she continued kissing and licking he lover till he suddenly pulled away

“ I’m gonna cum” he said with urgency and panic stricken

She could feel his member getting ready to release his seed.

“ Yes baby cum in me. Fill me with your cum!” she moaned

“Aaaaa Are you sure ?” he asked his voice quivered

“ Yes!” she said in a stern and confident voice

He continued to steadily pump himself into her hot snatch feeling the pleasure pour through his body till it almost seemed to be to much to bear. With that he felt himself release endless streams of cum into his lovers honeypot

“ AGGGGGG” He screamed

“ Fuckkkkkkkk” she shrieked in joy feeling every drop of his seed coat her walls

Toppling on top of her in defeat his breath seemed ragged his body still shook from the rippling effects of releasing his seed. He pulled himself free from her luscious walls.

“ I think that was the best I’ve had to date “ Shelly chuckled out loud

“ Im sure that was mine to, but I have nothing to compare it to.” he said with a ragged breath

Shelly pulled him closer to her and kissed him passionately.

“ It’s not about the quantity baby but the quality “ she said to him knowingly

She could still feel his seed dripping out of her pouring onto the sheets

Reaching into her snatch she dipped he fingers into his juices as they mixed with hers

“ Made quite a mess didn’t you!” she mock scolded

“ Yeah I guess I did!” he said triumphantly noting where her tone was heading

“ Well I guess you’ll just have to help me clean it up then.” she sing songed sliding herself away from her lover and off the bed

She walked from the bed towards the bathroom that was still emitting steam from earlier. Walking away slowly making sure he could see her hips swaying. As she did this she felt the cold drippings of his and her juices running down her leg. The feeling was sensational and gave her chills. Pausing only slightly at the door way to look back to the bed she looked lustfully at her young lover who’s hot tool had already sprang into alert as if to say he was ready for round two.

“ Cumming” she asked coyly before slipping into a fog of steam in the bathroom

Alex lept from the bed and sauntered over toward the bathroom.

“ Yes Ms. McAdams!” he called before reaching the doorway and pushing it open further he was engulfed by the steam.

To Be Continued……..

Teen Stories

Mon, 27 Nov 2017 01:04:23 UTC

The Great Continuation of How I became a BBC slut ..

Okay so in my last story I left off with A2. My trashiest night. I fucked like 3 guys this night. A2 was the first. He fucked me in the old barn out back. Spread my ass and stuck 2 fingers in. I loved it. He had to leave abruptly but my hunger for black cock still lingered in my drunken teen pussy. The only other black guy at the gig, B2, fingered me on the floor and ate my pussy like a champ. I told him I had just fucked someone raw, and he didn’t even care. I was then ass fucked in the shower. Just the tip because he was very big. I fell asleep for a little bit and my friends boyfriend was nearby. We were all laying in bed I was sleeping, they fucked next to me. He rolled over and I could feel my friends cum on his dick. I wanted to see what her pussy tasted like and wanted to lick his cock so bad. I didn’t have the guts so I layed there playing with my pussy. He then assisted me and then fucked me quietly with my friend passes out drunk next to us. It was horrible, but I knew my pussy was way better than hers by the way he fucked me. I regret this night because she found out and I lost a great friendship over mediocre white dick. Another reason I stayed away from white men and don’t even count his useless dick in my bodies.

V- V was a great fuck. Showed me what a real grown man fuck was like. He was 39, married, I was 18. He fucked me in a church parking lot in Massachusetts. I was scared but was well trained after him. He showed me how to open my throat and relax my asshole for anal. His wife eventually found out he was pounding the pussy of a girl 4 years older then his daughter’s age and she was pissed.

T- After V, I was only interested in grown man penis. T was a tad older. 25, to my 18. He was a freak for sure. He loved tongue fucking my ass. He used toys on me often. Bought me outfits to fulfill his fantasies. His favorite was slightly age playish. He’d dress me up as a cute little thing in a onesie and pigtails. I didn’t undersand it at first. But I loved when he held my pigtails and fucked my throat. He would degrade me slap me with his cock. He made me tell him to “give me that nigger dick in my tight white hole” I didn’t really like that. I felt like I was a such an object.

AD- After T I was slightly into younger men now. Being dressed in pigtails and pacifiers may have done this. Obviously not too young but I was 18 at the time so a sexual relationship with a 17 year old was not frowned upon. AD only have one partner before me. I ha w him a taste of what experience was. I fucked his young cock until he took longer that a minute to cum. I sat on his face, made him lick my ass, he loved it. I was his mommy. He used to spread my pussy lips and stick his full face in it and smother himself. He must of watched too much porn as a kid lol. He’s grown into a great man and I’m proud that I can say some of his skills were from my hoe ass.

Oh don’t you worry, there’s more. But my husband just pulled up and I need to take this plug out my ass (;

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Sat, 26 May 2018 02:01:47 UTC

Jailbait Cock Saved My Life


Up until I was twenty, I hated sex. I never touched myself and the one guy who DID touch me was a serial rapist. Growing up in an all black neighborhood, you can imagine the conditions were quite poor. My father died from a workplace accident when I was seven and my mother isn’t exactly the strongest woman in the world. She suffered from depression and kept trying to drown it out in alcohol to the point where if she wasn’t sleeping, then she was drinking. Remarrying didn’t help, as her new husband enabled her debility. Because momma never resisted anything, my step-dad was able to have his way with her any time he wanted, whether she was conscious or not, whether I was present or not. He didn’t give a damn about me, completely ignoring my existence so long as I never gave him any trouble. That is, until I turned thirteen.

The moment I started growing tits, he began to notice me. I lost my virginity to that asshole and he wasn’t kind about it. Never mind that my body didn’t develop much—my tits never made it above a AA cup and I remained rail thin—and whenever he was done with momma, he would move on to me. I never understood why that fuckwad loved sex so much; it wasn’t anything special.

As you can imagine, I was a pretty fucked up kid. I took to drinking and doing drugs pretty quickly. Given where I lived, those were the only two recreational options we had available. Although I continued on with school (it kept me away from the house, after all) I didn’t put much effort into it—I only did just well enough so that my “parents” wouldn’t have to be called in, as my step-dad used sex as a punishment as well as an outlet for his own greedy lust. It would be so easy to describe him as a monster so I could move on, but the fact of the matter is that he wasn’t an evil man. He was bad, but he was never physically or verbally abusive. Outside of providing food, he never saw momma or me as human beings, just cum dumpsters. Otherwise, he was distant.

One of the perks (if you can call them that) of being in the situation I was in was that no one at home cared what I did outside of school, especially after I graduated. I could spend all day and half of the night “hanging out with friends” so long as I was home in time to be my step-dad’s fuck toy. As you can imagine, I grew up hateful and spiteful, resenting everything there was about life. I never went to church since it was one big joke (God is love my ass!) so it was the morality of the street that guided me, so long as I agreed with it, anyway.

I’m not going to lie: I thought about committing suicide more than once. My life was fucked up, I was well aware of that fact, and I couldn’t see any way out of it. I even knew that I was subjugating myself to momma’s vices as a means of escape and I was determined to not grow up like her. Suicide was the best way to keep that from happening.

I gave the matter great thought. It would be so easy to grab my stash of crack and overdose on it. I considered writing a note, blaming my parents, but my mom wouldn’t be able to comprehend it in her drunken stupor and my step-dad wouldn’t care outside of having one less hole to fuck. The most that would happen is that I would die with no one to miss me.

I set about my preparations. We had a tiny shed in our backyard. It used to hold tools and was too small to fit inside when full, but since it was empty I had a nice little spot to stand up, a tiny shelf to set my supplies on, and best of all, a door to hide what I was about to do. While at home, this is where I did my dirty deeds, as I didn’t want my step-dad knowing the trouble I got into by drinking and lighting up in my room. If he knew he was fucking a crack whore, perhaps he’d get worse; I didn’t know and I didn’t care to find out.

Everything was laid out before me, with a small beam of light illuminating the shed from between two boards of wood that had warped over time, and I thought about what was about to happen. Perhaps, once I died, my body would fall against the door, leaving a dramatic image of a woman whose life ended much too shortly. But since no one would give it a thought one way or another…

As I looked upon my stash, I was actually surprised by how much I actually had; I could’ve sworn it was less. Ah well, it didn’t matter. I gave the materials before me a steady and determined look, but my body refused to move.

Well that was odd. I’ve done this a million times, but on this occasion my body refused to move. I tried my hardest, but my body fought my brain in a battle of wills and was winning. I tried multiple times to no avail; even though I was a pro at this, my body just completely refused to cooperate. What the fuck?! Angrily, I gathered my stuff and placed them back in my backpack. I stormed out of the shed in frustration and as I made my way back to the house, I heard a boy’s voice say, “What’s wrong, Monique?”

I turned to my right and saw the next door neighbor kid. I met him a year ago when his family moved in, when I was nineteen and he was twelve, and I became acquaintances with him. Naturally, I never hung around long enough for us to be friends, but the kid was cute in his own way, especially for a white boy. He was drawing something in the dirt of his yard with a stick when I left the shed, which he had stopped doing to talk to me.

“Nothing,” I answered back. He didn’t know about my troubled past or anything I got into; as far as he knew, I was just some other girl. “There’s this hole in the shed that I want to fix up, but I don’t know how to or even if I can get the stuff to do so.”

“Is that why you’re dressed like that?” I looked down and noticed that his sweat pants were bulging with an erection that was forming as we spoke. It was only THEN I remembered that I was stripped down to my underwear. The kid was getting an eyeful of my body and no doubt wanted to see more.

“Yeah. It’s hot in there and I didn’t want to get my clothes all sweaty.”

“Well, maybe I can help you with your hole,” he replied in his own innocent way.

“No, that’s OK.”

“Come on, Monique. I want to help you.” His erection was standing full and proud now. Was he even aware of it? He wasn’t acknowledging it or trying to cover it up.

Oh! He was hitting on me! How adorable! That’s when a wicked thought passed through my head: Perhaps I should fuck him—give him a good time and show him what black pussy was like. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d done something like this (I didn’t get the crack by paying for it with money!) and if I could be the one in control for the first time in my life, how could I turn down the opportunity?

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted that thirteen-year-old cock. Momma was always oblivious to the world and my step-dad was still at work, so I could even take the white boy to my room to do the deed. Shit, what was his name again? Jeremy? I never bothered to learn it.

Grinning wickedly, I approached him, grabbed him by the dick, and asked, “Is THIS what you’re going to use to plug my hole with?” He looked surprised; probably didn’t think he had a chance with an adult. “Follow me.” I kept my hold on him and lead him into the house and straight to my room. I then closed the door and used my free hand to grab the hem of his shirt. “Let’s see what you have for me,” I said seductively.

I removed his T-shirt and ran my hands along his scrawny chest. “Oooo!” I cooed. “Look at you! So handsome!” I didn’t really believe that, of course; I just wanted him as hard as he could be so I could take full advantage of him. After all, if my step-dad could do it to me, why couldn’t I do it to someone else? “Take your shoes off,” I ordered. He used his feet to make it happen and once they were gone I tugged down his sweat pants as quickly as I could. When he stepped out of them, I looked up and saw a beautiful six inch penis looking at me. I was surprised to see something so big on someone so small, but I wasn’t about to complain! Especially since it looked so delicious! He even had a few hairs growing on his patch and balls—so cute!

I stood up and moved him to the foot of my full sized bed. I pushed him back and he fell upon it, his shaft waving about a bit. I gazed at it with hungry eyes, got on my knees, grabbed it with my hand, and looked into his eyes. “You ready, baby? I’m gonna rock your world!”

I took him into my mouth without waiting for a response. I pumped his cock with my hand while also bouncing my head along it and licking it with my tongue. I looked up at him at one point and saw him gazing down with his eyes glassed over in a horny haze. I inwardly smiled; I was going to have this kid eating right out of the palm of my hand when I was done!

Once he was rock hard, I stripped off my underwear and let him look at my body. His eyes wandered from my tiny tits with their black areolas to my jungle-covered hole. When he was done feasting upon me with his eyes, I climbed up and straddled his waist. Once again I grabbed his dick, this time by the base, and pointed it right at my tunnel. “Am I your first, baby?” He nodded. “Then get ready for the ride of your life!” With that, I used one hand to part my lips and sat on his dick, taking all of him in me on the first plunge.

I gave him a few moments to enjoy the feeling. After that, I rode his cock with wanton abandon. I ground myself on him before placing my hands on his chest and bouncing on his dick. The look in his eyes was adorable. I knew that it was only a matter of minutes before I made him mine! “How is it, baby?” I asked, keeping the talk going. “How do you like the feel of black pussy?” All he could do was moan—so cute! My own fuck toy was almost ready!

I leaned forward and worked him up hotter and faster. I continued to maintain eye contact and moaned a few times, letting him think that he was making me feel good. Then I asked huskily, “Wanna be my boyfriend? If you do everything I say, then I’ll let you cum in me and we can be together! Will you obey me without question? Do you wanna go out with me?”

He still couldn’t speak, but the look in his eyes told me everything I wanted to know. I gave him a quick peck on the lips and continued, “That’s a good boy! Your cock belongs to me now! Only I get to use it! You are mine whenever I want you!”

He sat up and I felt his orgasm shoot through me. He grunted through gritted teeth as he pumped me full of his seed. When he was done, he collapsed on the bed and panted. I started to sit up to get off of him, but to my surprise he wrapped his arms around me and said, “Please don’t go yet.”

I was in shock. Why did he just say that to me? Before I could respond, he brought me back down. Given his height, my tits were right above his face. The next thing I knew he had buried his face in my chest and was kissing it all over.

Then the strangest thing happened: my body began to feel weird. As he rubbed his face against my breasts and kissed them, I felt my boobs begin to tingle and my nipples harden. What the hell was happening? Then, as he rubbed his face against my nipples, jolts of electricity shot throughout my body and my pussy started to get hot—REALLY hot! I didn’t know what these strange new sensations were, but they frightened me! I gently peeled him off of my chest (I wanted to force him down and I don’t know why I didn’t) and said, “You need to go now.”

Concern twisted his face and he asked me worriedly, “Have I done something wrong?”

I got off of him and removed his cock from my nether region. “You need to go now,” I repeated, gazing unfocused at the wall—at ANYTHING but him. “Remember our deal: you do everything I say. I’ll uh…I’ll see you later. Go home now.”

He stood up and, as if on impulse, he quickly shot his head toward me and kissed my cheek. I was numb to it. He then put his clothes back on and left without another word. Once he was out of my room, I sat at the foot of my bed and went over everything in my head, trying to make sense of what happened. The failed intended suicide and the sex I understood just fine; it was my body behaving in a way I had never experienced before that caught me completely by surprise and utterly confused me.

“What the fuck was that shit?” I asked. No answer came forward.


I was no stranger to sex in all its forms. I’ve had guys play with my body before, but mostly as an afterthought. I’ve also watched a lot of pornos; back when I was smoking weed, fuck videos were my go to source for entertainment. When watching those movies, I saw guys giving as much as they received, but since, you know, it was porn, I always chalked it up to bad acting. This was the first time I had ever had it happen in real life.

It wasn’t until we had sex a few more times that it clicked in my head that I was supposed to be enjoying these bizarre sensations. Later, when I continued to feel them, I concentrated on them and you know what? It DID begin to feel good! Who knew that sex could actually be pleasurable for women? When I embraced these electrical feelings, my boyfriend and I began to have a lot more sex together! And Robert (that was his name) was my boyfriend—not under the conditions that I had established, but as the real deal. I found myself actually caring about him and wanting him to be around me as much as possible.

Robert was the first person to actually give a damn about me. Oh sure I had “friends” who cared as long as I had something for them, but Robert was the first to like me for who I was without asking for anything in return. He wouldn’t even ask for sex—SEX! He would rile me up, but he never took the initiative.

Even though he was becoming more substantial to my life, he was the only thing I changed about it. I continued my drinking and drug use and my body became worse with each passing day, even though I refused to acknowledge it. No, it took Robert to make me question my ways.

“I don’t like how you look,” he said bluntly one day. It wasn’t said out of anger, but concern. That didn’t stop me from going on the defensive.

“Oh, so I’m not attractive? I look ugly to you? You don’t want me no more?” I said with more venom than was necessary.

“I don’t think you look healthy. I thought you were just skinny in the beginning, but you keep getting skinner and skinnier. What’s happening to you?”

This conversation started two months in to our relationship. He was still ignorant of my ways and I wanted to keep him that way. Deep down, I was scared I’d lose him if he knew the truth (not that I was willing to admit it, of course). Even though I had an urge to spill my guts, I continued with my angry front. “If you don’t like me anymore, you can get out of my room and never come back.”

His concern for me deepened. “I’m not saying that,” he replied.

“Fine!” I shouted. “If you’re not going to leave, then I will!”

I moved for the door and when I opened it, I heard Robert say in desperation, “Monique! I love you!”

There was a pain in my heart, as if an arrow had struck through it. Why did he love me? How COULD he love me? No, it must be a lie, I tried to convince myself. I turned on the spot and said to my later regret, “You don’t love me; you just love fucking me.”

I stormed out as he shouted back, “That’s not true!” but I stopped listening. I left the house in a false rage, paying no attention to where I was going. About an hour later, when the cloud in my mind had finally lifted, I found myself sitting on a picnic table in a park with a six pack, some cocaine, cock breath, and a sore cunt with some jizz that had streamed down my leg and dried. Without hesitation, I cracked open the first can and started guzzling the awful-tasting brew down to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

I finished the first can in a matter of seconds and started in on the second when I heard familiar voices off in the distance. I recognized the cocaine dealer immediately and the others must have been a couple of partners. The last voice, however, scared me to death. It was Robert. The dealer and his gang was pressuring him into taking a free sample, which he was turning down, and they were getting more aggressive with each passing second.

My purse rested on the picnic table beside me. I don’t remember ever picking it up, but I’m glad I did. Daddy used to keep a gun in the bedroom when he was alive. After he died, I took it without momma knowing and I’ve held onto it ever since, just in case a deal ever went sour. Without thinking, I opened my purse, grabbed the 9mm gun, and made my way to the voices. I emerged from the tree-lined border of the park and pointed the gun straight at the dealer. “Leave the boy alone!” I shouted.

The dealer looked surprised and pissed. “What the fuck do you care, bitch? My customers are my customers; this business ain’t your concern.”

I flicked off the safety. “The kid said no, so fuck off!”

“You threatening me, ho?” The surprise was gone and his face contorted in anger. “Bitch, have you forgotten who you’re fucking with?”

I wrapped my arm around Robert and began walking backward, my gun hand starting to tremble with anger and fear. “We’re leaving and you’re not going to follow us.”

He pointed a finger at me. “You better start runnin’ and pray I never find you because if I do, I’m gonna rape you, kill you, and then rape you again. Then I’m going to chop your body up and feed you to the dog!”

I needed no further prompting. I ran as fast as I could with my boyfriend in tow. I lost track of everything again and when the cloud lifted once more, we found ourselves on the other side of town. I looked down at my hands; I had been carrying the gun the whole time. My other hand was clutching my purse. My whole body was trembling.

I looked around and spotted a bus stop nearby. I turned to Robert and asked, “Do you have bus money?”

He hesitated. “I have five bucks I got for my birthday; I wanted to get a few sodas with it.”

“Baby please,” I replied in despration. “We need to get home and we’re better off on the bus than we are walking.”

He hesitated again. “All right.” He reached into his jean pocket, pulled out a five dollar bill, and handed it to me.

“Thank you,” I said, and after working a deal with the bus driver when she showed up, he and I took to the middle row, where we were less likely to be seen from the outside. In what felt like an eternity, I was able to calm down and relax. My peace was short lived.

“How long have you been like this?” Robert asked softly, so as not to be heard by others.

“Been like what?” I asked. There’s no way he could know, I tried to convince myself.

“I’ve been chasing after you since you left your house. I saw what you did.”

My heart broke in agony. I couldn’t bear to look at him. “Please don’t leave me,” I begged. “You’re the only good thing I have in my life.”

“I love you, sweetie. I’m not going anywhere.” Hearing him say that was soothing. “But you HAVE to give this life up; it ain’t good for you.”

I hugged him and cried into his neck. “I will, I promise. I love you, too, and I can’t stand to lose you.”

I cried in his arms for the rest of the trip. When we got off the bus, we walked the rest of the way to his house. We couldn’t go to mine; my step-dad would have been home by now and I didn’t want him anywhere near my boyfriend. Robert’s parents were gone for the evening, so I snuck into my room long enough to grab a change of clothes and then we went next door, where I soaked in his tub and he cleaned my body.

It felt good to have his hands run lovingly over my body; having him clean me was almost purifying. We kissed deeply several times and he washed the filth away. When it was time for me to get out, he dried me off and handed me my clothes. I took them, but I didn’t put them on. Instead, I had him follow me to his room, where I put the clothes on his chest of drawers and laid down on his bed. I opened my legs and thrust my pelvis slightly. He took the cue, got naked, and got on top of me. My entrance was so wet, despite the bath, that he was able to slip into me easily. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and then I let him take charge.

He pumped slowly and gazed upon me with erotic love. I enjoyed having his eyes roam my body and his lips tenderly play with my tiny tits. When we started to French kiss again, I grabbed that sexy little ass of his with both hands and held on for dear life. His thrusts steadily quickened and his cock head was touching my insides in all the right places. Over the course of our relationship, we explored each other’s bodies, finding out what the other person liked, and tonight he wasn’t missing a single spot! Even though he was only thirteen, he was able to make me feel like no man ever had.

My pussy clamped down on his cock and I had an orgasm rock my body hard! The vibrations caused him to shoot his load deep inside of me, but we weren’t done yet. He repositioned us so that we were lying on our sides with him behind me and Robert’s dick returned to me. He then reached around and grabbed my boobs with both hands and we began to make love again.

I couldn’t get enough of his shaft; it felt too damn good sawing inside of me as he played with my breasts and kissed my neck. I was helpless under his manipulations; my body, mind, and soul belonged to him. If he was old enough and asked me to marry him, I would say yes in a heartbeat.

We stayed in that position for who knows how long, and when it was over I got my clothes on, made out with him for one last time, and went back home. The first thing I did when I got there was go to the bathroom and take a good look at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe what I saw! Staring back at me was a sickly woman, almost skeletal. I thought I looked perfectly normal! How long had I been deluding myself?

And yet he still loved me…he still made love to me. It was time for a change. I needed to take care of myself. I mean, how could I be his woman if I died?


I got with Robert the next day and told him that I was going to quit cold turkey, since that was the best way to do it, and I would need him by my side because it was going to be rough. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me—we were both scared—but we had the entire weekend before us, which made for a good start. We stayed at my house all weekend; my step-dad had to do overtime at work, which made him too tired at night to fuck me, so he went straight to the bedroom when he got home. Robert and I had my room all to ourselves for two whole days.

It was worse than I expected; I seriously thought I was going to die a few times, but I managed to pull through and, by Sunday night, the worst was over. I stayed away from booze and drugs and even got a job at a fast foot joint. It was initially hard to work there, since there were a couple of potheads on the staff, but they respected my decision to stay clean and never puffed around me. I even started to eat healthier, putting not only meat on my bones but also a little more fat into my tits; I went from a AA cup to an A cup!

Eventually I was able to afford a place of my own. It was low cost housing, so there was plenty wrong with it, but it got me out of my momma’s house and I never had to deal with my step-dad again. I even had some money saved up so that I could move all of my stuff into the apartment! It was only my bedroom, but it was better than nothing! The complex was even close enough so that I was able to keep in contact with my boyfriend every day. He came over often. We fucked a whole lot when he did, but we also did normal couple things, too. Every day I was learning something new about myself, having never given a thought to likes, interests, or hobbies before. It turned out that I’m a big fan of action/adventure movies, comedies, and mysteries. I also had a knack for puzzles, too! Word puzzles, assembly/disassembly puzzles, and even puzzle boxes! Robert loved those especially, since he could hide little surprises inside.

The years passed until my boyfriend was finally eighteen. The day after his birthday we eloped and he moved in with me. He got a job of his own and a few years later we moved into a nicer apartment and had good furniture…especially to fuck on! I had a number of near relapses over time, but my boyfriend (and eventual husband) was always there for me to help me ride it out. I’ve never loved more and I’ve never been loved more. If it hadn’t had been for him, who knows how I would have turned out?

It wasn’t until later in life that I heard about how normal people thought about underage sex and their relationships with older partners. I kept my mouth shut on the matter; it was all perfectly normal to me. I’ve seen both the bad and the good that came from it, but I was never going to publicly dip my foot into that pool.

Later on, we had two kids, a boy and a girl, and we did our best to raise them normally, and I think we’re doing a good job of it. He and I now have better jobs and we work together to bring them up to be good people. They’re currently in middle school and earning average grades, taking an interest in the opposite sex, and just being teenagers. Of course, we caught them in bed together at one point. We didn’t mean to; we had known about their trysts for a little over a year now and had no problem with it whatsoever. The risk of pregnancy was low and they weren’t going to get an STD from it, so we never intervened. After learning that, they continued to be animals in bed together, to the point where Robert and I had to join them (albeit in a separate room) on a number of occasions, they were being so loud.

No, our family isn’t perfectly normal, but we wouldn’t have it any other way, and I don’t regret a single decision about who I married and how we have lived our lives. I love my husband (and his now eight inch cock!) and our children. We are healthy, happy, and well. It’s all I could ever ask for.

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Sat, 11 Nov 2017 02:15:45 UTC

The Daring, Naughty Sleepover 3

The Daring Naughty Sleepover 3 (Mff, ff, exhibitionist)

Intro – Day two continues, at the mall, with Cindy and Stacy.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don’t be a dick with other people’s lives!

They walked into the mall, Cindy’s high heels clicking on the hard floors. It made Stacy realize that she needed heels too! “First stop, the shoe store!” she exclaimed. They walked to their favorite store and looked over the shoes. Stacy found a couple of pairs she liked, Cindy too! They both were admiring the thigh-high boots. “How much should we spend, do you think?” Cindy asked, looking at the price tags.

“Well, he was going to give us two hundred, so at least that. My tits are worth at least twice that much; I think he got his money’s worth in the car!”

“Hmm, I guess. We can always return stuff if we have to.” Cindy reasoned.

“Or show him our pussies…,” She grinned.

“Can I help you ladies?” The girls turned to see a handsome clerk standing beside them. He was definitely checking them out, stealing glances at their full firm tits. “My name is Stan, what can I do for you young movie stars?”

‘Fuck my brains out,’ thought Stacy. Then she said, peering over her sun-glasses, “Um, do you have these in a size six?”

“Eight and a half for me, please.” They handed him the shoes they had selected.

“He’s hot,” said Cindy.

“I saw him first, slut!” replied Stacy, jokingly.

He quickly returned carrying boxes of shoes. “If you ladies will have a seat, we can try them on?”

The girls realized that they were in a predicament. With their short skirts and lack of underwear, the man was surely going to get a glimpse of their naked pussies. Stacy didn’t care. “Me first!” she exclaimed. She jumped up into the chair, her titties bouncing and her nipples stiffening. Cindy sat next to her, to watch his reactions. With the sunglasses on, the clerk couldn’t tell where they were looking! The young man squatted below Stacy. The bank of chairs she was sitting on was raised up from the floor a few inches, making his eyes the same level as her crotch. Stacy held her legs together as the boy slipped off a sandal and placed a beautiful black pump on her foot. It fit perfectly.

“May I have the other foot, please?” he asked. Stacy slowly raised her other foot, spreading her legs just a bit. Cindy watched him carefully, pretending to look at her fingernails.

The clerk immediately glanced between her legs, glancing down to look at her feet, then back up again. One of the perks of the job was looking up ladies’ dresses. He knew when he saw the short skirts he was in for a treat! He couldn’t quite see anything though. He wished the lighting was better. “There, try them out.” Still sitting, Stacy set her feet down, quickly spread her legs a bit, and stood up. Stan saw the flash of her naked pussy!

Stacy walked back and forth. Stan was thrilled to be able to stare at her hot ass while she strutted around. They repeated the performance with the next pair. He couldn’t believe his luck!

“My turn,” said Cindy. Stacy watched, feeling a little jealous. She ‘did’ see him first!

As Cindy sat in the chair, her legs clamped tightly together, she realized that she was tired of always being the sane one of the two. She had always been jealous of the way Stacy was the first to try new things, and take all of the risks. She really liked acting like a hot slut, and decided it was time to change her conservative ways! She started by relaxing her legs. The clerk put on one shoe, adjusted the strap, and then prompted her for her other foot. She spread her legs a bit and slid her long leg upwards, brushing her toes against his leg. He stared between her legs, pretending to adjust the other strap, trying to discern what hidden up there. “What do you think, Sta..Stephanie?” She decided they better not use their real names.

“They look hot on you, don’t you agree, Stan?”

“Err, yes, I think they look very nice!” he replied.

“I don’t know…” said Cindy. She spread her legs a bit more, just to get his attention, and then placed her foot on her knee, like at the park. She absentmindedly played with the strap. With her legs spread and her skirt opened, her naked pussy was on display. The clerk stared at her glistening pussy, not believing his luck!

‘That fucking slut!’ Stacy said to herself. ‘I’ll show her!’ She said aloud, “Excuse me, Stan? …, Hello?” she added. He was lost staring at Cindy’s hot, wet pussy, blind and deaf to the world around him. She snapped her fingers and said loudly, “Stan!”

“Ah, yes, pardon me.” He turned to Stacy. “What can I do for you?”

“The black thigh-high boots please.” Stan stood up and went to get the boots; the hard bulge was very obvious.

“I can’t believe you did that, Cindy!”

“Do you think he saw anything?” she was acting stupid and she knew it.

“What didn’t he see, you bitch!” She shook her head.

“Boner number three!” Cindy said, quite pleased with herself.

Stan returned with the boots and squatted between Stacy’s legs again. He took off both pumps and offered the boots to her. “Ah, I’ll need some help, please?” Stacy said. Stan held the boot up for her, his eyes growing wide. Stacy lifted her leg high, to put her dainty foot in the boot. With one leg down, and the other up high, her skirt rode up on her hip. Now, her naked pussy was highlighted by the florescent lights in the store. Stan could see her wet lips clearly, and the soft faint hairs above her slit!

“OMG!” Cindy thought. Her friend’s wet pussy was totally exposed in the store. Anyone walking by would be able to see it. Stan stopped, staring right at it.

“Help me Stan, push!” Stan tried to push the heavy boot on her foot and up onto her leg. The force of his actions caused her leg to rise even higher! Her pussy lips opened a bit, showing a hint of the wet pinkness inside! She turned her other thigh outward, opening her pussy even more! She then slid her ass towards him on the chair, bringing her pussy close enough to his face for him to smell her musk. She bent her foot, straightened her leg, and the boot slipped easily on. “Now, the other one!” She repeated her actions with the stunned clerk. She spread her legs even wider this time. When she brought her foot downward, she aimed it at the hard bulge in his pants, ‘accidentally’ pressing the boot firmly into his crotch, and slowly sliding her foot off of it. "Oops, Sorry about that!" she said. Stan shuddered and almost fell over. Stacy took her time standing up, letting him stare longingly at her pussy. She walked around, wiggled her ass a bit, and said, “I like them! I’ll wear them home. I’ll take these and the black pumps too.”

“Uh, I’ll take the strappy heels, in black and red.” Cindy was almost as stunned as the clerk. When Stan stood up, the girls looked at the spreading wetness in his trousers. He had cum in his pants! He quickly gathered up the shoes and hid his crotch behind the counter, ringing up their purchases.

“Wet spot number one!” whispered Stacy. “Game, set, and match!” They walked to the register.

“Uh, I gave you ladies my employee discount. 50% off.”

“Thank you!” said Stacy. She was beginning to notice all the benefits that came with being a cock-tease!

“No, thank you!” Stan said, placing emphasis on the word ‘you’. He meant it. “Come again!” he added automatically.

“No, you cum again.” Stacy smiled at him and winked. She wiggled her tits for him, and they walked out of the store.

“OMG are you a fucking whore! I can’t believe you did that” exclaimed Cindy.

“Did you see his face!” said Stacy. “That was so much fun!”

“Did you see his hard cock and his cum stain!” said Cindy. “This is so much fun, but my pussy is so fucking hot! I need to cum so bad!”

“Hurry, let’s go to Fredrick’s and get home!” They walked the length of the mall, their nearly naked tits bouncing and their tight asses swaying. Nearly every man stopped dead in their tracks to check them out. The girls loved the attention. “Fuck, I think I have pussy juice running down my leg, Stacy!”

“Me too! Maybe I’ll let it drip into my new boots, to break them in!”

Cindy snorted, imagining her friend’s juice dripping down from her snatch, below her skirt, and into her new boots!

They walked into Fredrick’s of Hollywood and began grabbing sexy items. Panties, bras, swimsuits, garters, fishnet stockings and sexy teddies. Then some short, tight dresses and sexy jeans. “Cindy, check it out – crotch less panties and peek a boo bras!” They grabbed a few of those too. They ran to the changing room to try everything on, quickly exchanging the clothes that didn’t fit. As they were trying on the second set of clothes, Cindy dropped her new underwear, lifted up her skirt, and began rubbing her cunt. “Stacy!” she whispered. “Get in here!” Stacy was in the next changing room, and quickly joined her friend.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered back, thinking her friend was hurt.

“I can’t wait; I want you to eat me now!” Cindy was leaning against wall, rubbing her cunt.

“Are you crazy? The sign says ‘One to a room!’ You will get us kicked out!"

“I’m too horny, Stacy, I can’t wait!” Cindy began moaning.

“Shit! It’s your fault for waiting, Cindy. Your pussy will smear my makeup anyway, and we didn’t bring anything with us but our tits and asses!”

“Please? Help me?” Cindy begged.

“Oh, OK! But be QUIET!” Stacy admonished. She replaced Cindy’s fingers with her own and began playing with her friend’s hot, juicy pussy. The room had walls that were barley taller than their heads. The door didn’t go all the way to the floor either.

“Are you horny, slut?” Stacy whispered.


“Tell me!” she stopped moving her fingers.

“I’m horny!”

“You are a horny what…?” Stacy teased.

“I’m a horny slut! A horny fucking slut!” Cindy was whispering thru her clenched teeth.

Stacy began to finger her again. “Tell me you are a dirty cock-sucker!”

“I’m a dirty cock-sucker, a filthy, dirty cock-sucker!” Cindy moaned again “Mmmm!“

“Good little slut!” Stacy pinched her nipple and continued to play with her hot cunt. “Tell, me, do you like cum?”


“Tell me, I said” Stacy pinched her clit, hard!

“Yes! I like cum! I’m a cum-guzzling slut! Oh, fuck!” She was going over the edge now. “I want to suck cocks and eat cum. I want cum shooting all over my face! I want a cock in my ass! I want a cock in my ass and one in my mouth filling me with hot cum!” Cindy began moaning louder as she came! “Oh, oh, oh! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” The pent up desires overwhelmed her. Stacy kept fingering her, plunging her fingers into her tight twat over and over again. She smashed her clit with her thumb!

Suddenly, they heard footsteps and an authoritive voice saying, “Is everything OK in there? Only one to a room, please!”

Stacy covered Cindy’s groaning mouth with her hand. A muffled ‘Mmmph, mmmm!” could be heard as Cindy finished her orgasm! “Ah, everything is OK!” Stacy said, thinking quickly. “Ah, my friend twisted her ankle, and I came to help her!”

“Come on out, so I can help you!” the sales clerk was getting very suspicion, hearing the moans, and seeing two perfect sets of feet under the door.

“Ah, she is naked, just a minute!” Stacy took her hand away from Cindy’s mouth, looking at her with a crazy look in her eyes. She adjusted her friend’s clothes, and opened the door. “She’s better now, thank you.”

The sexy older clerk recognized the smell coming from the small room. “I bet she is feeling better now.” She looked the two girls up and down, noticing the disheveled cloths, and added, “Next time, ask me if you can use the back room. Maybe I’ll join you two sweeties!”

The girls quickly picked up their items and left the changing room. “Let’s get out of here!” said Cindy.

“Cindy, no, not yet, come this way first!” Stacy whispered at her friend as Cindy was rushing to the cashier. Cindy followed her to a corner of the store. “Look! I found these here last week”

“Fuck-n-A!” said Cindy. “Vibrators! Let’s get one!”

“What size, do you think?” asked Stacy. They looked at the large selection, trying to determine which one would fit best into their tight holes.

“How the fuck would I know what size?” Cindy whispered. “I’ve only had your fat tongue in my fuck-hole so far! Fat-tongue size, I guess?”

Stacy picked up the biggest one. It was about a foot long and very thick. “This one is perfect for you, and your loose, slutty hole.” she grinned.

“You bitch! Fuck, let’s just grab a couple. One for your house and one for mine!” They quickly selected a few different sized vibrators, not being able to decide on a single one for each of them. “WTF,” exclaimed Stacy, “this box says remote controlled?”

“Just grab it and get me home. My fucking pussy is DRIPPING” They walked towards the register, their arms full.

“We forgot batteries!”

“Go get them!”

“Look! Wigs! Let’s get one!” they quickly grabbed a long black one, and a long blond one.”’Chuck’ will be ‘fucked’, when he sees the bill,” said Stacy, getting worried.

They paid for the items and left in a hurry. They wiggled their way towards the car, loaded with their packages. They couldn’t wait to get home and try everything out! Suddenly, Cindy stopped in the middle of the parking lot.

“Stacy, where are we going to hide all of this stuff from our parents?” Cindy asked.

“Oh fuck-a-duck! I don’t know.” Stacy said. “The basement, maybe? The garage? Our lockers at school? Fuck! Bury them in the yard. We will worry about it later, OK?”

“Yeah, sorry. Let’s just have fun,” said Cindy. “Hey, whore. I can’t wait to see you in our new outfits!”

They continued to the car and found Chuck waiting for then. “Well, that didn’t take long,” he said. “Nice shoes,” he added, looking them up and down. They put the many bags in the trunk. “Did you get some new underwear, girls?”

“Uh, yes,” Stacy replied. Here is your card back, and the receipts. The girls stood there, nervously waiting for his reaction as he looked over the receipts. Finally he said, “Wow, this is way more than I expected…”

“We can take some ba…” Cindy started, but Stacy ‘shushed’ her.

Stacy reached up and nonchalantly cupped her breasts and gave her nipples a hard pinch. She looked at Chuck and said sexily. “We bought some underwear, but we are still not wearing any… Wanna see?” She picked up her skirt and gave him a flash of her naked pussy.

“Hmm, maybe we can work something out.” They got into the car and began to drive home.

Stacy was still in the middle. She leaned over and gave Chuck a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you, ‘Uncle Chuck’, for letting us buy so much stuff.” She used the same trick on her daddy all the time. She looked into his lap and noticed the stains in his crotch. She knew they weren’t there earlier. She realized that men are very predictable, she thought to herself grinning, “Pre-DICK-ed-able!”

She whispered into Cindy’s ear “Wet spot number two, from earlier!”

“Did you guys say you wanted to show me something?” Chuck asked.”It’s a pretty boring ride home with nothing to look at.” The girls looked at each other, green eyes to blue, and agreed, nodding their heads quickly. They had to pay Mister Wilson back for all the money he spent on them.

“No touching? Right?” asked Cindy.

“Sure. But feel free to touch each other all you want,” he added.

“OK girls, time to come out and play!” Stacy undid her top again. She began to massage her breasts and pinch them again. Cindy did the same. They both slid down in their seats to hide their nakedness. Stacy’s juicy pussy slid into view. Chuck had to swerve to get his car back on the road. “Distracted by something, Uncle Chuck?” The girls laughed. Not to be outdone, Cindy scooted lower in her seat and lifted up her skirt, putting her entire pussy on display, and said, “Look Uncle Chuck, I’m all wet!” Cindy slid her finger into her gash, and then showed him how wet her fingers were, then licking them clean.

Stacy welcomed the competition. They drove for a while in silence, with Stacy trying to figure out how to outdo her friend. Finally, she decided to masturbate in front of him. “Uncle Chuck! Look!” said Stacy. “I’m all wet too!” She plunged two fingers deep into her hole and began to fake the sound of an orgasm. The sound of her squishing her fingers into her fuck-hole filled the car. She moaned loudly, pretending to have an orgasm. “Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming Uncle Chuck!” She began to roll around on the seat, moaning, squeezing her tits and fucking her steaming, wet hole. The smell and sounds of hot, wet, pussy filled the air… "Squish, squish, squish".

“OK, Stacy, stop, you win! I don’t want you to cum yet, I wanna do it! You win, OK?” Cindy implored her. She wanted her friend’s hot pussy to herself, and didn’t want to share her right now.

“Ha! I’m the winner!” cried Stacy.

“No, I’m the winner,” muttered Chuck under his breath.

“Boner number four!” Stacy said aloud.

The girls stopped their playing, but left their tits and pussies exposed for their ‘Uncle’. They began discussing where they could stash all their new things. They needed a place that was secure, but where they could get to them easily. They decided to hide some at school, so they could change when they got there. They occasionally would rub their pussies, or pinch their nipples. It seemed so natural to display their tits and pussies for people now.

When they got back to the house, Chuck pulled up and opened the trunk so the girls could get their stuff. They covered themselves up, mostly, and climbed out of the car. Chuck said, “You know, I’ve been thinking about how I could maybe help you out with your problem.” He continued, “You can keep all the pretty things you want at my house.”

“But, we can’t go walking into your house whenever we want!” said Cindy.

“Well, I can certainly give you girls a key. I’m thinking that I could offer you both jobs, so you could have an excuse to come over whenever you needed to.”

“What would we do for you,” asked Stacy, her mind racing with all kinds of dirty thoughts. Some of them exciting!

“Whatever needs doing,” he drawled. “Cleaning my house, say, once a week? Maybe doing my laundry, or walking my dog. I sure do miss having a lady around the house.” He added, “And maybe, you girls might want to wear your nice things while you are cleaning? So I could have something pretty to look at?”

“Well, I don’t know.” said Stacy. She was trying to drive a hard bargain. “How much will you pay us?”

“I was thinking maybe, fifty dollars a week?” he said.

“How much?” Stacy said, cupping her breasts. She licked her lips and looked at him.

“Each, I meant fifty dollars for each of you.”

“How much?” Cindy said. She stood in front of Chuck, her back to the road and pushed her shirt up over her tits, letting her firm breasts hang out in the open and squeezing them. They were gorgeous.

“Did I say fifty? I meant to say seventy five dollars a week.” Cindy bent her head down and stuck her nipple in to her mouth, giving it a loud suck! “Each,” he added.

“Hmm,” Stacy thought. She looked at Cindy’s house. “Cindy, that is your room, right there?” She pointed to the corner room.

“Yes.” Cindy didn’t know where her friend was going with this.

“Uncle Chuck that is your house, right?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “And what room is that, right above Cindy’s room?”

“My spare bedroom.” He said, catching on.

“I think we are both worth a hundred dollars a week, if we clean your house once a week, wearing as little as we want. And, do your laundry once a week. And, we can check on your dog and use our sexy clothes whenever we want. And, we are especially worth it if we sometimes ‘forget’ to close the curtains when we have sleepovers? Maybe forget to turn off the lights too? Maybe even tonight, say nine o’clock?”

“Deal!” said Chuck.

“Deal!” said Stacy.

“Deal!” said Cindy.

“Here’s the hundred each for the show this morning, and a tip, for the special show tonight. Nine o’clock, right?

They took the three hundred dollars and walked into the house. They learned that men don’t think so well when they have a hard dick in their pants. Stacy put it this way, men are so ‘Pre-DICK-ed-able!’

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A Wonderful Family Affair

I met Susan about six months ago. We started dating and it’s been like a dream come true.
By the way my name is Tom.
She has the same Ideas and hunger for kinky sex as I do. She loves wearing skirts with nothing underneath, teasing people with fast flashes of her pussy and then can act so innocent about it.
She has two wonderful kids, her daughter is in her late teens and her son is just a little younger. We’ve gone camping together, fishing… we’ve just been having a great time.
The kids have a great sense of humor, they, including their mom, like using sexual innuendoes with each other, but they do it at appropriate times. As an example, one day Susan asked her son to get something for her and his answer was, laughingly, fuck you!
And to my surprise! She answered, “ You want me to bend over?”
Well, it’s gotten to the point now in our relationship that I’m staying at Susan’s place almost 80% of the time and enjoying every minute of it. Sometimes we all get on the couch and we all cuddle together and watch a movie or we lay in bed and chat till the middle of the night.
Kim is a cute 100lb brunette, lively, rambunctious and funny. She loves flirting and lately runs around the house in panties and braw since it warmed up outside. I’ve told Susan that she is driving me crazy and Susan sees the boners I’m getting, she thinks it’s funny, every time she wiggles her cute tight little ass in front of me.
Ben, now her is a little pretty boy, nice attitude but I think he is a little fem. He’s a momma’s boy, but a nice kid. He and his sister get along great. They joke around wrestle on the floor half naked and they throw sexual innuendoes at each other constantly, sometimes I think they really mean it.
Well, the flirting and the joking around went on for a few more months, until one evening we were all in the family room watching movies that we rented. The first one was almost an X rated flick and you could see that Ben was really enjoying it. Ben was in the reclined and you could see he had a hard-on from watching the flick.
I was sitting on the couch with Susan next to me and Kim was on the floor with her head leaning on my leg.
We all watched to the end of the flick and when it was over, Kim says that she wants to shower before the next flick. Susan said “that’s cool but don’t take to long, I’ll make some pop corn while we wait.”
Anyway, we all got back to the couch and we cued the vid waiting for Kim… Ben’s hard on dwindled in the mean time. His mom made a comment about it and his reply was, “I know you want it.” She laughed and sat back down next to me.
Susan whispered in my ear, “I might just do it.”
I said,” bet it might be fun”
Susan yelled out” come-on Kim we are waiting.”
Kim yelled out I’m coming.
Kim came around the corner and to my surprise; she was only wearing a thong. No top, her young tits giggling and her cute ass was fully exposed.
Instant hard on…
She came back over to the couch and laid her head on my lap.
Susan, says to Kim, aren’t you a little overdressed?
Kim raises her head off my lap and looks at Susan with a smirk, looks at my crouch and says, “I guess he doesn’t mind and yes I am over dressed (laughingly).” And pulls her thongs off and hands it to her mom; lays her head back down on my lap looks up to me with a smile nuzzling her head, purposefully… shaking it a little, against my cock.
Well, this is a predicament… I’m waiting for Susan to say something. But instead she nuzzles against me to watch the porn flick that we rented.
Everyone got quiet.
Ben was laying in the recliner… and his cock was at full staff in his boxers; Susan was adjusting herself and I could tell she was getting horny… Me, well with Kim’s head in my lap and her sweet naked body in full view with my hand on her thy… I was ready to blow.
As Kim was laying there watching, she was getting horny and brought her knees apart … she started playing with her clit.
I looked at Susan, and she looked at me… she knew what I wanted to do…
She said, with a smile “if it’s ok with her.”
I, at that point, slid my hands down from Kim’s thy, to her hand. Kim mover her hand out of the way and let me takeover her masturbation. My cock got even harder.
I looked over to Susan and said, “she has a young man over there that could us a friendly loving hand also”.
She looked at me, gave me a kiss, and got up. Susan walked over to her son and kneeled down next to him. Without a word she gently reached into his boxers and started rubbing his manhood. When he was hard enough she then slowly took his boxers off. Then started licking his shaft, finally she took it in her mouth and sucked it till release his load came in her mouth. She giggled and said “baby for your age you had a large load”.
Me? I was enjoying the feel of Kim’s sweet and wet pussy in my hand. She started moaning and gyrating her hips, I knew she was about to cum…
Kim, she raised her head asking if I could eat her out. Wow, I thought to myself, a 14 year old. I moved down to her sweet pussy. I started sucking on her clit and finger fucked her till she actually started crying out, don’t stop! Don’t stop!
Susan was still with Ben and his limp cock still in her mouth as Kim was coming. She came and came… I wouldn’t stop manipulating her even as she tried to pull away… I just kept on eating her, sucking her clit and by this time she was so wet that I could stick my fingers into her ass and cunt…finger fuck both at the same time. When she finally let out a loud moan; came all over herself and stopped moving… I stopped and rammed my swollen cock in her. She had a smile on her face as I slowly pumped her soft wet pussy till I came. I held her close and hard to my body till my load emptied into her sweet cunt.
After we got done and we held each other, I called to Susan and told her and Ben to come over… they both got up and came over… they knelt next to us Susan was petting Kim running her hands through her hair. I told Susan that she should clean Kim’s pussy by eating my come out of her… told Ben to undress his mother, she never got undressed to suck his cock.
Well, once Ben undressed her, she went between Kim’s legs and started eating the love juices from Kim’s pussy.
I told Ben to mount his mom while she ate Kim… His cock was at full staff for being 16; it doesn’t take long for being so young.
He went behind his mom… fingered her pussy for a minute then jammed his cock in her, and went to town on it… Susan looked back at Ben, and then looked at me, with questioning eyes… I smiled and said “Kim is waiting.”
Once Ben entered is mom, I just watched in augh. Seeing this, Better than and X rated movie, started getting me horny again… My cock was getting uncomfortably stiff. I needed to get relief, but I didn’t want to jerk off. So I thought to myself,” why not have Ben suck my cock while he fucks his mother.” I walked up to Ben and put my cock to his lips. Ben looked up at me… I smiled back and nodded my head, giving my cock a push. He slowly opened his mouth and I started fucking it. Being careful not to over do it since, I think, it’s his first time. Don’t want him to gag.
Kim noticed that Ben was sucking my cock; she rose up on to her elbows and watched as he took my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth. That seamed to have turned her on even more when she saw that, her brother sucking my cock, she grabbed her mom’s head and pressed her moms head deep into her crotch while she kept her eye on her brother and me.
As I noticed that the girls were finishing I started really fucking his mouth, and his mom just realized what was happening… her son was sucking another guy’s cock… She sat up next to her son and took Ben’s cock in her hand and offered it to his sister. Kim started sucking her brother’s cock slowly… Susan stood up next to me and started kissing me…
At that point I trusted my hips deep into Ben’s mouth and I let my load out in full. I made him milk it till he ate every drop. Once I pulled out, his mom bent over and licked his lips and entered her son’s mouth with her tongue. They started French kissing while Kim was sucking his cock.
Once Ben came, we all collapse on the couch together. Kim at that point said, “This is something we need to do everyday (laughingly).”
Susan then asked Ben, Did you like sucking Tom’s cock, honey? You know its okay with us.
I know Ben said, “It actually was fun, might do it again, wasn’t bad tasting”
And I added,” You will.”
This’ll be our little secret ritual, Susan added.
From then on, Kim went on the pill, we’d run around naked and whenever we felt like it we’d fuck and suck whenever we want.

The Beginning

By: LKbarefoot

The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in
real life.

Teen Stories

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