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What Ms. McAdams Taught me

“ Hey Man is it cool if I stay at your place ? “ Alex Smith asked his best friend jack while they walked home from school one fall afternoon.

“ My moms ducey boyfriend is staying over again and you know how much I hate that guy” Alex sighed with frustration

Alex Johnson was tall and lean he stood about 6’1 and had light brown hair, with piercing green eyes. He was built with a swimmers body,had a very lean torso and long arms and legs. He always looked like he had just walked out of a Abercrombie and Fitch catalog with his strong jawline and ruggedly handsome looks. His nose and cheeks were littered with freckles that he had inherited from his father but a majority of his looks came from his mother’s side.

“ Yeah sounds cool! I got the new copy of Call of duty for my PS4 it’s sick!” crowed his best friend Jack

Jack was a spitting image of his father tall and slender. WIth almond shaped blue eyes he had inherited from Shelly. He had a mop of what seemed unattainable dark brown hair that fell into his eyes as he walked causing him to constantly be pushing out of his way. He was tall for his age and was about the same height as alex. He too was very lean from naturally being slender and participating in sports such as track.

“Sweet man just dont cry like a pusy when I whoop your ass okay!’ Alex teased

“ IN YOUR DREAMS BITCH!” Jack yelled before shoving his friend off the sidewalk, then bolting down the street towards his house.

Shelly McAdams stood in her kitchen one late afternoon waiting for her son jack to arrive home she had spent all day cleaning and doing laundry to make sure the house looked perfect for her husband who was away on a business trip in japan that he had brought up late last night after dinner after she found him in their bedroom packing a bag. Shelly had bee
n married a very long time and was raised the old fashioned way where women stayed home and had the children. She shook her head in frustration as she could hear her mother’s croony old voice ratting in her head but it was interrupted by the sounds of her son coming home from school.

Before opening the door Jack paused remembering the skin mag he had pinched out of his dad’s office. He had been waiting to show it to Alex all day at school and brag.He reached into his backpack and pulled it out

" Hey man your gonna love this !" he crowed shoving the mag and waving it in Alex’s face
" Now way man where’d you get it ?" Alex asked in amazement like stumbling across your old man’s playboys was unheard of.

They started flipping through the pages excitedly and walked in through the front door.

Shelly was about to round the corner out of the kitchen into the entryway when she noticed she heard more than her son’s voice coming from the entryway. Pausing momentarily she strained to hear what they were saying.


No look man this is better than Hustler" crowded Jack trying to sound like he new what he was talking about

" Look at them those tits are real and would you get a load of that Bush!"

" Whatever man I think hustlers where its at!" Alex chuckled

“MOM! Alex is going to stay the night okay.“ jack yelled from the hallway

“Sounds fine dear” Shelly called from the kitchen

Ha loser your mommy calls you dear!” alex teased Jack as he hit him in the arm

They all seemed to be huddled and talking excitedly about something.She noticed alex caring something it looked like a magazine but she couldn’t tell due to the distance between the entry way and the kitchen. Craning her neck to see what it was she was both shocked and amused by what she saw. Alex was holding what looked like one of those nude girly magazines and showing it off. Her mind trailed back to when she was still with her husband and would stumble across a few of those under the bed in the midst of vacuuming. She never liked that he had them always scolded him for looking at them saying it gave men false ideas of how women should look.

“Shut up, dick.” jack said shoving his friend up the staircase with a playful laugh.

“Were gonna be in my room. Call us when dinners ready.” jack shouted down the stairs

“Typical,” she thought as she walked out of the kitchen, “teenage boys they want to act all mature but when it comes to providing for themselves they’d rather have someone else do it for them.”

While walking into the living room she felt a twinge of pain in her back and sides as she moved.The strain of cleaning all day had taken its toll and she thought that a bath was in order to ease her back pain. So she climbed the stairs towards the master bedroom thinking that the boys would be fine for an hour, more or less. The only thing they’d come out of the room for would be food anyways.

After lighting a few scented candles and digging out one of her favorite toys, she began to draw a bath. Humming to herself as the steam rose from the water, she checked the batteries in her waterproof vibrating clit massager . Dropping in a few drops of bath oil, she also tossed in the messenger and as it popped back to the surface, water rippled as it vibrated..

Rolling his eyes and sighing alex left the bedroom and walked down the hall towards jacks bathroom. He heard the sound of splashing coming from down the hall. Curious he wandered further down the hall towards the master bedroom.

Suddenly he heard a moan. “Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

The need to pee was suddenly lost on the kid as he was now trying to see what was going on. Sneaking down the hall towards the bedroom door, he could hear thrashing and water hitting the floor. He pushed passed the open bedroom door.

Approaching the bathroom door he could smell the scent of vanilla and lavender wafting from under the door. At first he tried to look under the bathroom door and that failed. Hesitantly he opened the door and peeked inside. The bathroom was dark except for the small shred of light cascading out from the bath, beside the door..

Peeking past the now slightly open door he was able to get a glance at Jack’s mom, naked in the half full tub. She was just setting a strange yellow toy on the edge of the tub but it felt to the floor and proceeded to vibrate around. When she suddenly heard the door creak open

" Jack ill start dinner in a little while just give me some peace and quite!" she barked

" hi Ms. McAdams" Alex stammerd

"Oh my.” she moaned, not being able to help it escaped her past her lips, causing alex to shift uncomfortably in front of her. She couldn’t help feeling aroused knowing he is still watching her boobs floating in the warm water.

The boy did not flee, nor did he move. He was frozen like a deer in headlights, unsure what to do.

" Alex what are you doing here?" she demanded trying to cover herself up

" I heard splashing and came to see if your okay" said alex

"Well Im perfectly fine. Thank you so why dont you go on back to jacks room now ." she torted standing up and leaving the bath. She began leading the way out of the bathroom into the bedroom towards the bedroom door.

She noticed again the size of the tent he was pitching and couldn’t help herself any longer. Hoping that she was right she slowly walked in front of him making sure to ex agerate the swaying of her hips. Hoping hed take notice. Looking back over her shoulder saw she had his attention.

She him and felt a twinge of excitement shoot up her spine as she waited to feel his hand slide around her waist and cures her luscious curves. She felt him close the distance between them coming up behind her, she could feel the roughness of his denim “Gawd I am so horny.” she thought to herself. “But I am sure he will shot his load the moment he slides in her. Gads, what am I thinking.” she laughed at herself.

Not being able to help himself he reached out to feel her luscious curves

Alex reached up and clasped one of her breast tenderly stroking and pulling at he nipple while his free hand snaked its way to her hot snatch and began eagerly rubbing her clit.

Shelly soon could feel her juices stirring threatening to pour out of her onto the carpet. Alex played with her till she was practically a puddle then suddenly stopped.

Shelly emitted a small whimper.

“On the bed now, and lie on your back.” Alex boomed

Shelly did as she was told and walked over to the bed and climbed into it.

“ Let your feet hang off.” Alex demanded

Positioning herself just how he wanted shelly waited in agony to be touched she could feel his hot breath on her thighs. Soon she felt his tongue flicking and teasing her clit, just before he slammed his face into her snatch eating her out like he was starving and couldn’t get enough.

Feeling like she was on fire Shelly allowed herself to succumb in this moment and let the unmountable pleasure devour her. Letting her eyes roll back she happily enjoyed the enthusiasm of her young lover.

“My jaw is starting to clench” alex said rubbing the side of his face

“ Fine. It’s my turn then” shelly said with a smile.

“My jaw is starting to clench” alex said rubbing the side of his face

“ Fine. It’s my turn then” shelly said with a smile.

With that she sat up and pulled him onto the bed, all while flipping onto her knees and positioning herself right between his legs.

“ Now its my turn” she said with a smirk

Shelly pulled at his boxers revealing more than she was ready for. He was fully erect and easily stood at seven in a half inches. His member was tall and grithy there were red throbbing veins everywhere. She felt her swollen lips start to moisten with lust and desire it had been so long since she was properly fucked and she always seemed disappointed with her husband’s subpar length.

Her mouth was salivating at the thought of having him inside her.

Shelly had always loved foreplay and saw an oppurtinty and took it.

“ Fuck” he breathed the sensation of finally letting his member out of its cage was glorious

When she felt she had teased him enough her hand easily and firmly grasped the base of his very well endowed cock, his head seemed to shoot up of the mattress, they locked eyes. His gaze felt like a spotlight boring into her as he begged her to get on with it. His eyes were wide and he was biting his lip to suppress his wanting to shout at her. A knowing smirk played across her face.

With that she opened her mouth suddenly and held her head just mere inches away from his manhood, opening her mouth she let he saliva that unbenounced to her had been pooling in her mouth spill out and drip down every inch of his gargantuan cock. It seemed to glisten in the dusk light that was filling the bedroom. His tool was more magnificent than she anticipated. Without hesitation before she lost her nerve she took every inch of him into her mouth and lapped and slurped sliding him in and out of her mouth with ease. She bobbed up and down his shaft making sure to use all the saliva in her mouth had lubed up his enormous schlong. Feeling she had enough control using her mouth she lowered her had to his balls and began running her fingers over the skin and made sure to give them plenty of attention.

“ Oh yes Mrs. McAdam’s” he breathed heavily

Shelly made sure to give his member plenty of attention until she was painfully aware of the pool that was steadily dripping out of her onto the bed. Letting all of him slip out of his mouth with a loud popping sound. His head rose off the bed where he seemed to lay in a trance.

“ Everything alright ?’ he asked a tone of concern in his voice as if he was worried that this was as far as he’d get.

“ Yeah baby” Shelly said in a low husky voice

“I’m just need you, my pussy is throbbing begging to be filled.” she said almost begging in a throaty tone

She took her hand and reached down touching her hot snatch for what seemed like seconds and pulled it away her fingers glistened with her juices showing him.

“ Don’t have to ask me twice” he said as if accepting a challenge he reached for her arm and pulled her down onto the mattress while also maneuvering his body so he now towered over her


Shelley felt her back slam the mattress. Surprised at her young lovers pertinacity. She welcoming spread her legs letting his eyes explore and devour every inch of her.

He began to align his hips with her hot dripping sex. Suddenly he was frozen, he became painfully aware he had never gotten this far. What if he didn’t know what to do what if he came to early ?

Noticing her young lovers furrowed brow Shelly coaxed him.

“ It’s alright baby, I’ll lead.” she said smiling

Leaning up from the mattress she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his face towards his and showered him with kisses each of them getting fasted and wetter as they continued. Pulling his body closer to hers till he was laying on top of her, letting one arm drop down to his side while continuing to occupy his mouth she felt around till she felt his enormous shaft stroking it before aligning it with her snatch.
He was so distracted that it wasn’t until shelly had lifted her hips to ease the guiding of his tool into her throbbing wet snatch that he noticed he was about to penetrate her.

“ Push your hips forward baby” she whispered into the air

Not being able to think clearly he did as instructed feeling endless sensations of pleasure when plunged his tool into her hot and heavy snatch.

“ Ahhhhh” shelly sighed as if to say finally

His tool seemed to fill every inch of her, and her hungry walls grasped and tightened around him as if to say she was never going to let him go. He began to pump his hips rapidly.

“ LLLLike t tthis “ he quivered looking into her eyes for guidance

“ Slower baby” she murmured wrapping her arms around his neck pulling his face down to hers before kissing him and snaking her tongue into his mouth.

Endless moans and a slurping sound filled the air for what seemed like an eternity

Shelly could feel her walls clenching indicating she was about to cum. But she needed her lover to pick up the pace.

“ Faster baby, make me cum” she cooed

Without hesitation he picked up the pace slamming his member into her dripping honeypot the air filled with a squelching sound before Shelly shrieked feeling snatch releasing its juices onto her lover’s manhood. The steady flow of the juices seemed to drip out of her he could feel the wetness on his leg hair and thighs

“ Was that good for you baby?” he asked still pumping steadily into her

“ Yes baby “ she hummed and almost seem to euphoric she continued kissing and licking he lover till he suddenly pulled away

“ I’m gonna cum” he said with urgency and panic stricken

She could feel his member getting ready to release his seed.

“ Yes baby cum in me. Fill me with your cum!” she moaned

“Aaaaa Are you sure ?” he asked his voice quivered

“ Yes!” she said in a stern and confident voice

He continued to steadily pump himself into her hot snatch feeling the pleasure pour through his body till it almost seemed to be to much to bear. With that he felt himself release endless streams of cum into his lovers honeypot

“ AGGGGGG” He screamed

“ Fuckkkkkkkk” she shrieked in joy feeling every drop of his seed coat her walls

Toppling on top of her in defeat his breath seemed ragged his body still shook from the rippling effects of releasing his seed. He pulled himself free from her luscious walls.

“ I think that was the best I’ve had to date “ Shelly chuckled out loud

“ Im sure that was mine to, but I have nothing to compare it to.” he said with a ragged breath

Shelly pulled him closer to her and kissed him passionately.

“ It’s not about the quantity baby but the quality “ she said to him knowingly

She could still feel his seed dripping out of her pouring onto the sheets

Reaching into her snatch she dipped he fingers into his juices as they mixed with hers

“ Made quite a mess didn’t you!” she mock scolded

“ Yeah I guess I did!” he said triumphantly noting where her tone was heading

“ Well I guess you’ll just have to help me clean it up then.” she sing songed sliding herself away from her lover and off the bed

She walked from the bed towards the bathroom that was still emitting steam from earlier. Walking away slowly making sure he could see her hips swaying. As she did this she felt the cold drippings of his and her juices running down her leg. The feeling was sensational and gave her chills. Pausing only slightly at the door way to look back to the bed she looked lustfully at her young lover who’s hot tool had already sprang into alert as if to say he was ready for round two.

“ Cumming” she asked coyly before slipping into a fog of steam in the bathroom

Alex lept from the bed and sauntered over toward the bathroom.

“ Yes Ms. McAdams!” he called before reaching the doorway and pushing it open further he was engulfed by the steam.

To Be Continued……..

Teen Stories

Mon, 27 Nov 2017 01:04:23 UTC

The Great Continuation of How I became a BBC slut ..

Okay so in my last story I left off with A2. My trashiest night. I fucked like 3 guys this night. A2 was the first. He fucked me in the old barn out back. Spread my ass and stuck 2 fingers in. I loved it. He had to leave abruptly but my hunger for black cock still lingered in my drunken teen pussy. The only other black guy at the gig, B2, fingered me on the floor and ate my pussy like a champ. I told him I had just fucked someone raw, and he didn’t even care. I was then ass fucked in the shower. Just the tip because he was very big. I fell asleep for a little bit and my friends boyfriend was nearby. We were all laying in bed I was sleeping, they fucked next to me. He rolled over and I could feel my friends cum on his dick. I wanted to see what her pussy tasted like and wanted to lick his cock so bad. I didn’t have the guts so I layed there playing with my pussy. He then assisted me and then fucked me quietly with my friend passes out drunk next to us. It was horrible, but I knew my pussy was way better than hers by the way he fucked me. I regret this night because she found out and I lost a great friendship over mediocre white dick. Another reason I stayed away from white men and don’t even count his useless dick in my bodies.

V- V was a great fuck. Showed me what a real grown man fuck was like. He was 39, married, I was 18. He fucked me in a church parking lot in Massachusetts. I was scared but was well trained after him. He showed me how to open my throat and relax my asshole for anal. His wife eventually found out he was pounding the pussy of a girl 4 years older then his daughter’s age and she was pissed.

T- After V, I was only interested in grown man penis. T was a tad older. 25, to my 18. He was a freak for sure. He loved tongue fucking my ass. He used toys on me often. Bought me outfits to fulfill his fantasies. His favorite was slightly age playish. He’d dress me up as a cute little thing in a onesie and pigtails. I didn’t undersand it at first. But I loved when he held my pigtails and fucked my throat. He would degrade me slap me with his cock. He made me tell him to “give me that nigger dick in my tight white hole” I didn’t really like that. I felt like I was a such an object.

AD- After T I was slightly into younger men now. Being dressed in pigtails and pacifiers may have done this. Obviously not too young but I was 18 at the time so a sexual relationship with a 17 year old was not frowned upon. AD only have one partner before me. I ha w him a taste of what experience was. I fucked his young cock until he took longer that a minute to cum. I sat on his face, made him lick my ass, he loved it. I was his mommy. He used to spread my pussy lips and stick his full face in it and smother himself. He must of watched too much porn as a kid lol. He’s grown into a great man and I’m proud that I can say some of his skills were from my hoe ass.

Oh don’t you worry, there’s more. But my husband just pulled up and I need to take this plug out my ass (;

Teen Stories

Sat, 26 May 2018 02:01:47 UTC

Jailbait Cock Saved My Life


Up until I was twenty, I hated sex. I never touched myself and the one guy who DID touch me was a serial rapist. Growing up in an all black neighborhood, you can imagine the conditions were quite poor. My father died from a workplace accident when I was seven and my mother isn’t exactly the strongest woman in the world. She suffered from depression and kept trying to drown it out in alcohol to the point where if she wasn’t sleeping, then she was drinking. Remarrying didn’t help, as her new husband enabled her debility. Because momma never resisted anything, my step-dad was able to have his way with her any time he wanted, whether she was conscious or not, whether I was present or not. He didn’t give a damn about me, completely ignoring my existence so long as I never gave him any trouble. That is, until I turned thirteen.

The moment I started growing tits, he began to notice me. I lost my virginity to that asshole and he wasn’t kind about it. Never mind that my body didn’t develop much—my tits never made it above a AA cup and I remained rail thin—and whenever he was done with momma, he would move on to me. I never understood why that fuckwad loved sex so much; it wasn’t anything special.

As you can imagine, I was a pretty fucked up kid. I took to drinking and doing drugs pretty quickly. Given where I lived, those were the only two recreational options we had available. Although I continued on with school (it kept me away from the house, after all) I didn’t put much effort into it—I only did just well enough so that my “parents” wouldn’t have to be called in, as my step-dad used sex as a punishment as well as an outlet for his own greedy lust. It would be so easy to describe him as a monster so I could move on, but the fact of the matter is that he wasn’t an evil man. He was bad, but he was never physically or verbally abusive. Outside of providing food, he never saw momma or me as human beings, just cum dumpsters. Otherwise, he was distant.

One of the perks (if you can call them that) of being in the situation I was in was that no one at home cared what I did outside of school, especially after I graduated. I could spend all day and half of the night “hanging out with friends” so long as I was home in time to be my step-dad’s fuck toy. As you can imagine, I grew up hateful and spiteful, resenting everything there was about life. I never went to church since it was one big joke (God is love my ass!) so it was the morality of the street that guided me, so long as I agreed with it, anyway.

I’m not going to lie: I thought about committing suicide more than once. My life was fucked up, I was well aware of that fact, and I couldn’t see any way out of it. I even knew that I was subjugating myself to momma’s vices as a means of escape and I was determined to not grow up like her. Suicide was the best way to keep that from happening.

I gave the matter great thought. It would be so easy to grab my stash of crack and overdose on it. I considered writing a note, blaming my parents, but my mom wouldn’t be able to comprehend it in her drunken stupor and my step-dad wouldn’t care outside of having one less hole to fuck. The most that would happen is that I would die with no one to miss me.

I set about my preparations. We had a tiny shed in our backyard. It used to hold tools and was too small to fit inside when full, but since it was empty I had a nice little spot to stand up, a tiny shelf to set my supplies on, and best of all, a door to hide what I was about to do. While at home, this is where I did my dirty deeds, as I didn’t want my step-dad knowing the trouble I got into by drinking and lighting up in my room. If he knew he was fucking a crack whore, perhaps he’d get worse; I didn’t know and I didn’t care to find out.

Everything was laid out before me, with a small beam of light illuminating the shed from between two boards of wood that had warped over time, and I thought about what was about to happen. Perhaps, once I died, my body would fall against the door, leaving a dramatic image of a woman whose life ended much too shortly. But since no one would give it a thought one way or another…

As I looked upon my stash, I was actually surprised by how much I actually had; I could’ve sworn it was less. Ah well, it didn’t matter. I gave the materials before me a steady and determined look, but my body refused to move.

Well that was odd. I’ve done this a million times, but on this occasion my body refused to move. I tried my hardest, but my body fought my brain in a battle of wills and was winning. I tried multiple times to no avail; even though I was a pro at this, my body just completely refused to cooperate. What the fuck?! Angrily, I gathered my stuff and placed them back in my backpack. I stormed out of the shed in frustration and as I made my way back to the house, I heard a boy’s voice say, “What’s wrong, Monique?”

I turned to my right and saw the next door neighbor kid. I met him a year ago when his family moved in, when I was nineteen and he was twelve, and I became acquaintances with him. Naturally, I never hung around long enough for us to be friends, but the kid was cute in his own way, especially for a white boy. He was drawing something in the dirt of his yard with a stick when I left the shed, which he had stopped doing to talk to me.

“Nothing,” I answered back. He didn’t know about my troubled past or anything I got into; as far as he knew, I was just some other girl. “There’s this hole in the shed that I want to fix up, but I don’t know how to or even if I can get the stuff to do so.”

“Is that why you’re dressed like that?” I looked down and noticed that his sweat pants were bulging with an erection that was forming as we spoke. It was only THEN I remembered that I was stripped down to my underwear. The kid was getting an eyeful of my body and no doubt wanted to see more.

“Yeah. It’s hot in there and I didn’t want to get my clothes all sweaty.”

“Well, maybe I can help you with your hole,” he replied in his own innocent way.

“No, that’s OK.”

“Come on, Monique. I want to help you.” His erection was standing full and proud now. Was he even aware of it? He wasn’t acknowledging it or trying to cover it up.

Oh! He was hitting on me! How adorable! That’s when a wicked thought passed through my head: Perhaps I should fuck him—give him a good time and show him what black pussy was like. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d done something like this (I didn’t get the crack by paying for it with money!) and if I could be the one in control for the first time in my life, how could I turn down the opportunity?

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted that thirteen-year-old cock. Momma was always oblivious to the world and my step-dad was still at work, so I could even take the white boy to my room to do the deed. Shit, what was his name again? Jeremy? I never bothered to learn it.

Grinning wickedly, I approached him, grabbed him by the dick, and asked, “Is THIS what you’re going to use to plug my hole with?” He looked surprised; probably didn’t think he had a chance with an adult. “Follow me.” I kept my hold on him and lead him into the house and straight to my room. I then closed the door and used my free hand to grab the hem of his shirt. “Let’s see what you have for me,” I said seductively.

I removed his T-shirt and ran my hands along his scrawny chest. “Oooo!” I cooed. “Look at you! So handsome!” I didn’t really believe that, of course; I just wanted him as hard as he could be so I could take full advantage of him. After all, if my step-dad could do it to me, why couldn’t I do it to someone else? “Take your shoes off,” I ordered. He used his feet to make it happen and once they were gone I tugged down his sweat pants as quickly as I could. When he stepped out of them, I looked up and saw a beautiful six inch penis looking at me. I was surprised to see something so big on someone so small, but I wasn’t about to complain! Especially since it looked so delicious! He even had a few hairs growing on his patch and balls—so cute!

I stood up and moved him to the foot of my full sized bed. I pushed him back and he fell upon it, his shaft waving about a bit. I gazed at it with hungry eyes, got on my knees, grabbed it with my hand, and looked into his eyes. “You ready, baby? I’m gonna rock your world!”

I took him into my mouth without waiting for a response. I pumped his cock with my hand while also bouncing my head along it and licking it with my tongue. I looked up at him at one point and saw him gazing down with his eyes glassed over in a horny haze. I inwardly smiled; I was going to have this kid eating right out of the palm of my hand when I was done!

Once he was rock hard, I stripped off my underwear and let him look at my body. His eyes wandered from my tiny tits with their black areolas to my jungle-covered hole. When he was done feasting upon me with his eyes, I climbed up and straddled his waist. Once again I grabbed his dick, this time by the base, and pointed it right at my tunnel. “Am I your first, baby?” He nodded. “Then get ready for the ride of your life!” With that, I used one hand to part my lips and sat on his dick, taking all of him in me on the first plunge.

I gave him a few moments to enjoy the feeling. After that, I rode his cock with wanton abandon. I ground myself on him before placing my hands on his chest and bouncing on his dick. The look in his eyes was adorable. I knew that it was only a matter of minutes before I made him mine! “How is it, baby?” I asked, keeping the talk going. “How do you like the feel of black pussy?” All he could do was moan—so cute! My own fuck toy was almost ready!

I leaned forward and worked him up hotter and faster. I continued to maintain eye contact and moaned a few times, letting him think that he was making me feel good. Then I asked huskily, “Wanna be my boyfriend? If you do everything I say, then I’ll let you cum in me and we can be together! Will you obey me without question? Do you wanna go out with me?”

He still couldn’t speak, but the look in his eyes told me everything I wanted to know. I gave him a quick peck on the lips and continued, “That’s a good boy! Your cock belongs to me now! Only I get to use it! You are mine whenever I want you!”

He sat up and I felt his orgasm shoot through me. He grunted through gritted teeth as he pumped me full of his seed. When he was done, he collapsed on the bed and panted. I started to sit up to get off of him, but to my surprise he wrapped his arms around me and said, “Please don’t go yet.”

I was in shock. Why did he just say that to me? Before I could respond, he brought me back down. Given his height, my tits were right above his face. The next thing I knew he had buried his face in my chest and was kissing it all over.

Then the strangest thing happened: my body began to feel weird. As he rubbed his face against my breasts and kissed them, I felt my boobs begin to tingle and my nipples harden. What the hell was happening? Then, as he rubbed his face against my nipples, jolts of electricity shot throughout my body and my pussy started to get hot—REALLY hot! I didn’t know what these strange new sensations were, but they frightened me! I gently peeled him off of my chest (I wanted to force him down and I don’t know why I didn’t) and said, “You need to go now.”

Concern twisted his face and he asked me worriedly, “Have I done something wrong?”

I got off of him and removed his cock from my nether region. “You need to go now,” I repeated, gazing unfocused at the wall—at ANYTHING but him. “Remember our deal: you do everything I say. I’ll uh…I’ll see you later. Go home now.”

He stood up and, as if on impulse, he quickly shot his head toward me and kissed my cheek. I was numb to it. He then put his clothes back on and left without another word. Once he was out of my room, I sat at the foot of my bed and went over everything in my head, trying to make sense of what happened. The failed intended suicide and the sex I understood just fine; it was my body behaving in a way I had never experienced before that caught me completely by surprise and utterly confused me.

“What the fuck was that shit?” I asked. No answer came forward.


I was no stranger to sex in all its forms. I’ve had guys play with my body before, but mostly as an afterthought. I’ve also watched a lot of pornos; back when I was smoking weed, fuck videos were my go to source for entertainment. When watching those movies, I saw guys giving as much as they received, but since, you know, it was porn, I always chalked it up to bad acting. This was the first time I had ever had it happen in real life.

It wasn’t until we had sex a few more times that it clicked in my head that I was supposed to be enjoying these bizarre sensations. Later, when I continued to feel them, I concentrated on them and you know what? It DID begin to feel good! Who knew that sex could actually be pleasurable for women? When I embraced these electrical feelings, my boyfriend and I began to have a lot more sex together! And Robert (that was his name) was my boyfriend—not under the conditions that I had established, but as the real deal. I found myself actually caring about him and wanting him to be around me as much as possible.

Robert was the first person to actually give a damn about me. Oh sure I had “friends” who cared as long as I had something for them, but Robert was the first to like me for who I was without asking for anything in return. He wouldn’t even ask for sex—SEX! He would rile me up, but he never took the initiative.

Even though he was becoming more substantial to my life, he was the only thing I changed about it. I continued my drinking and drug use and my body became worse with each passing day, even though I refused to acknowledge it. No, it took Robert to make me question my ways.

“I don’t like how you look,” he said bluntly one day. It wasn’t said out of anger, but concern. That didn’t stop me from going on the defensive.

“Oh, so I’m not attractive? I look ugly to you? You don’t want me no more?” I said with more venom than was necessary.

“I don’t think you look healthy. I thought you were just skinny in the beginning, but you keep getting skinner and skinnier. What’s happening to you?”

This conversation started two months in to our relationship. He was still ignorant of my ways and I wanted to keep him that way. Deep down, I was scared I’d lose him if he knew the truth (not that I was willing to admit it, of course). Even though I had an urge to spill my guts, I continued with my angry front. “If you don’t like me anymore, you can get out of my room and never come back.”

His concern for me deepened. “I’m not saying that,” he replied.

“Fine!” I shouted. “If you’re not going to leave, then I will!”

I moved for the door and when I opened it, I heard Robert say in desperation, “Monique! I love you!”

There was a pain in my heart, as if an arrow had struck through it. Why did he love me? How COULD he love me? No, it must be a lie, I tried to convince myself. I turned on the spot and said to my later regret, “You don’t love me; you just love fucking me.”

I stormed out as he shouted back, “That’s not true!” but I stopped listening. I left the house in a false rage, paying no attention to where I was going. About an hour later, when the cloud in my mind had finally lifted, I found myself sitting on a picnic table in a park with a six pack, some cocaine, cock breath, and a sore cunt with some jizz that had streamed down my leg and dried. Without hesitation, I cracked open the first can and started guzzling the awful-tasting brew down to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

I finished the first can in a matter of seconds and started in on the second when I heard familiar voices off in the distance. I recognized the cocaine dealer immediately and the others must have been a couple of partners. The last voice, however, scared me to death. It was Robert. The dealer and his gang was pressuring him into taking a free sample, which he was turning down, and they were getting more aggressive with each passing second.

My purse rested on the picnic table beside me. I don’t remember ever picking it up, but I’m glad I did. Daddy used to keep a gun in the bedroom when he was alive. After he died, I took it without momma knowing and I’ve held onto it ever since, just in case a deal ever went sour. Without thinking, I opened my purse, grabbed the 9mm gun, and made my way to the voices. I emerged from the tree-lined border of the park and pointed the gun straight at the dealer. “Leave the boy alone!” I shouted.

The dealer looked surprised and pissed. “What the fuck do you care, bitch? My customers are my customers; this business ain’t your concern.”

I flicked off the safety. “The kid said no, so fuck off!”

“You threatening me, ho?” The surprise was gone and his face contorted in anger. “Bitch, have you forgotten who you’re fucking with?”

I wrapped my arm around Robert and began walking backward, my gun hand starting to tremble with anger and fear. “We’re leaving and you’re not going to follow us.”

He pointed a finger at me. “You better start runnin’ and pray I never find you because if I do, I’m gonna rape you, kill you, and then rape you again. Then I’m going to chop your body up and feed you to the dog!”

I needed no further prompting. I ran as fast as I could with my boyfriend in tow. I lost track of everything again and when the cloud lifted once more, we found ourselves on the other side of town. I looked down at my hands; I had been carrying the gun the whole time. My other hand was clutching my purse. My whole body was trembling.

I looked around and spotted a bus stop nearby. I turned to Robert and asked, “Do you have bus money?”

He hesitated. “I have five bucks I got for my birthday; I wanted to get a few sodas with it.”

“Baby please,” I replied in despration. “We need to get home and we’re better off on the bus than we are walking.”

He hesitated again. “All right.” He reached into his jean pocket, pulled out a five dollar bill, and handed it to me.

“Thank you,” I said, and after working a deal with the bus driver when she showed up, he and I took to the middle row, where we were less likely to be seen from the outside. In what felt like an eternity, I was able to calm down and relax. My peace was short lived.

“How long have you been like this?” Robert asked softly, so as not to be heard by others.

“Been like what?” I asked. There’s no way he could know, I tried to convince myself.

“I’ve been chasing after you since you left your house. I saw what you did.”

My heart broke in agony. I couldn’t bear to look at him. “Please don’t leave me,” I begged. “You’re the only good thing I have in my life.”

“I love you, sweetie. I’m not going anywhere.” Hearing him say that was soothing. “But you HAVE to give this life up; it ain’t good for you.”

I hugged him and cried into his neck. “I will, I promise. I love you, too, and I can’t stand to lose you.”

I cried in his arms for the rest of the trip. When we got off the bus, we walked the rest of the way to his house. We couldn’t go to mine; my step-dad would have been home by now and I didn’t want him anywhere near my boyfriend. Robert’s parents were gone for the evening, so I snuck into my room long enough to grab a change of clothes and then we went next door, where I soaked in his tub and he cleaned my body.

It felt good to have his hands run lovingly over my body; having him clean me was almost purifying. We kissed deeply several times and he washed the filth away. When it was time for me to get out, he dried me off and handed me my clothes. I took them, but I didn’t put them on. Instead, I had him follow me to his room, where I put the clothes on his chest of drawers and laid down on his bed. I opened my legs and thrust my pelvis slightly. He took the cue, got naked, and got on top of me. My entrance was so wet, despite the bath, that he was able to slip into me easily. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and then I let him take charge.

He pumped slowly and gazed upon me with erotic love. I enjoyed having his eyes roam my body and his lips tenderly play with my tiny tits. When we started to French kiss again, I grabbed that sexy little ass of his with both hands and held on for dear life. His thrusts steadily quickened and his cock head was touching my insides in all the right places. Over the course of our relationship, we explored each other’s bodies, finding out what the other person liked, and tonight he wasn’t missing a single spot! Even though he was only thirteen, he was able to make me feel like no man ever had.

My pussy clamped down on his cock and I had an orgasm rock my body hard! The vibrations caused him to shoot his load deep inside of me, but we weren’t done yet. He repositioned us so that we were lying on our sides with him behind me and Robert’s dick returned to me. He then reached around and grabbed my boobs with both hands and we began to make love again.

I couldn’t get enough of his shaft; it felt too damn good sawing inside of me as he played with my breasts and kissed my neck. I was helpless under his manipulations; my body, mind, and soul belonged to him. If he was old enough and asked me to marry him, I would say yes in a heartbeat.

We stayed in that position for who knows how long, and when it was over I got my clothes on, made out with him for one last time, and went back home. The first thing I did when I got there was go to the bathroom and take a good look at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe what I saw! Staring back at me was a sickly woman, almost skeletal. I thought I looked perfectly normal! How long had I been deluding myself?

And yet he still loved me…he still made love to me. It was time for a change. I needed to take care of myself. I mean, how could I be his woman if I died?


I got with Robert the next day and told him that I was going to quit cold turkey, since that was the best way to do it, and I would need him by my side because it was going to be rough. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me—we were both scared—but we had the entire weekend before us, which made for a good start. We stayed at my house all weekend; my step-dad had to do overtime at work, which made him too tired at night to fuck me, so he went straight to the bedroom when he got home. Robert and I had my room all to ourselves for two whole days.

It was worse than I expected; I seriously thought I was going to die a few times, but I managed to pull through and, by Sunday night, the worst was over. I stayed away from booze and drugs and even got a job at a fast foot joint. It was initially hard to work there, since there were a couple of potheads on the staff, but they respected my decision to stay clean and never puffed around me. I even started to eat healthier, putting not only meat on my bones but also a little more fat into my tits; I went from a AA cup to an A cup!

Eventually I was able to afford a place of my own. It was low cost housing, so there was plenty wrong with it, but it got me out of my momma’s house and I never had to deal with my step-dad again. I even had some money saved up so that I could move all of my stuff into the apartment! It was only my bedroom, but it was better than nothing! The complex was even close enough so that I was able to keep in contact with my boyfriend every day. He came over often. We fucked a whole lot when he did, but we also did normal couple things, too. Every day I was learning something new about myself, having never given a thought to likes, interests, or hobbies before. It turned out that I’m a big fan of action/adventure movies, comedies, and mysteries. I also had a knack for puzzles, too! Word puzzles, assembly/disassembly puzzles, and even puzzle boxes! Robert loved those especially, since he could hide little surprises inside.

The years passed until my boyfriend was finally eighteen. The day after his birthday we eloped and he moved in with me. He got a job of his own and a few years later we moved into a nicer apartment and had good furniture…especially to fuck on! I had a number of near relapses over time, but my boyfriend (and eventual husband) was always there for me to help me ride it out. I’ve never loved more and I’ve never been loved more. If it hadn’t had been for him, who knows how I would have turned out?

It wasn’t until later in life that I heard about how normal people thought about underage sex and their relationships with older partners. I kept my mouth shut on the matter; it was all perfectly normal to me. I’ve seen both the bad and the good that came from it, but I was never going to publicly dip my foot into that pool.

Later on, we had two kids, a boy and a girl, and we did our best to raise them normally, and I think we’re doing a good job of it. He and I now have better jobs and we work together to bring them up to be good people. They’re currently in middle school and earning average grades, taking an interest in the opposite sex, and just being teenagers. Of course, we caught them in bed together at one point. We didn’t mean to; we had known about their trysts for a little over a year now and had no problem with it whatsoever. The risk of pregnancy was low and they weren’t going to get an STD from it, so we never intervened. After learning that, they continued to be animals in bed together, to the point where Robert and I had to join them (albeit in a separate room) on a number of occasions, they were being so loud.

No, our family isn’t perfectly normal, but we wouldn’t have it any other way, and I don’t regret a single decision about who I married and how we have lived our lives. I love my husband (and his now eight inch cock!) and our children. We are healthy, happy, and well. It’s all I could ever ask for.

Teen Stories

Sat, 11 Nov 2017 02:15:45 UTC

The Daring, Naughty Sleepover 3

The Daring Naughty Sleepover 3 (Mff, ff, exhibitionist)

Intro – Day two continues, at the mall, with Cindy and Stacy.

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don’t be a dick with other people’s lives!

They walked into the mall, Cindy’s high heels clicking on the hard floors. It made Stacy realize that she needed heels too! “First stop, the shoe store!” she exclaimed. They walked to their favorite store and looked over the shoes. Stacy found a couple of pairs she liked, Cindy too! They both were admiring the thigh-high boots. “How much should we spend, do you think?” Cindy asked, looking at the price tags.

“Well, he was going to give us two hundred, so at least that. My tits are worth at least twice that much; I think he got his money’s worth in the car!”

“Hmm, I guess. We can always return stuff if we have to.” Cindy reasoned.

“Or show him our pussies…,” She grinned.

“Can I help you ladies?” The girls turned to see a handsome clerk standing beside them. He was definitely checking them out, stealing glances at their full firm tits. “My name is Stan, what can I do for you young movie stars?”

‘Fuck my brains out,’ thought Stacy. Then she said, peering over her sun-glasses, “Um, do you have these in a size six?”

“Eight and a half for me, please.” They handed him the shoes they had selected.

“He’s hot,” said Cindy.

“I saw him first, slut!” replied Stacy, jokingly.

He quickly returned carrying boxes of shoes. “If you ladies will have a seat, we can try them on?”

The girls realized that they were in a predicament. With their short skirts and lack of underwear, the man was surely going to get a glimpse of their naked pussies. Stacy didn’t care. “Me first!” she exclaimed. She jumped up into the chair, her titties bouncing and her nipples stiffening. Cindy sat next to her, to watch his reactions. With the sunglasses on, the clerk couldn’t tell where they were looking! The young man squatted below Stacy. The bank of chairs she was sitting on was raised up from the floor a few inches, making his eyes the same level as her crotch. Stacy held her legs together as the boy slipped off a sandal and placed a beautiful black pump on her foot. It fit perfectly.

“May I have the other foot, please?” he asked. Stacy slowly raised her other foot, spreading her legs just a bit. Cindy watched him carefully, pretending to look at her fingernails.

The clerk immediately glanced between her legs, glancing down to look at her feet, then back up again. One of the perks of the job was looking up ladies’ dresses. He knew when he saw the short skirts he was in for a treat! He couldn’t quite see anything though. He wished the lighting was better. “There, try them out.” Still sitting, Stacy set her feet down, quickly spread her legs a bit, and stood up. Stan saw the flash of her naked pussy!

Stacy walked back and forth. Stan was thrilled to be able to stare at her hot ass while she strutted around. They repeated the performance with the next pair. He couldn’t believe his luck!

“My turn,” said Cindy. Stacy watched, feeling a little jealous. She ‘did’ see him first!

As Cindy sat in the chair, her legs clamped tightly together, she realized that she was tired of always being the sane one of the two. She had always been jealous of the way Stacy was the first to try new things, and take all of the risks. She really liked acting like a hot slut, and decided it was time to change her conservative ways! She started by relaxing her legs. The clerk put on one shoe, adjusted the strap, and then prompted her for her other foot. She spread her legs a bit and slid her long leg upwards, brushing her toes against his leg. He stared between her legs, pretending to adjust the other strap, trying to discern what hidden up there. “What do you think, Sta..Stephanie?” She decided they better not use their real names.

“They look hot on you, don’t you agree, Stan?”

“Err, yes, I think they look very nice!” he replied.

“I don’t know…” said Cindy. She spread her legs a bit more, just to get his attention, and then placed her foot on her knee, like at the park. She absentmindedly played with the strap. With her legs spread and her skirt opened, her naked pussy was on display. The clerk stared at her glistening pussy, not believing his luck!

‘That fucking slut!’ Stacy said to herself. ‘I’ll show her!’ She said aloud, “Excuse me, Stan? …, Hello?” she added. He was lost staring at Cindy’s hot, wet pussy, blind and deaf to the world around him. She snapped her fingers and said loudly, “Stan!”

“Ah, yes, pardon me.” He turned to Stacy. “What can I do for you?”

“The black thigh-high boots please.” Stan stood up and went to get the boots; the hard bulge was very obvious.

“I can’t believe you did that, Cindy!”

“Do you think he saw anything?” she was acting stupid and she knew it.

“What didn’t he see, you bitch!” She shook her head.

“Boner number three!” Cindy said, quite pleased with herself.

Stan returned with the boots and squatted between Stacy’s legs again. He took off both pumps and offered the boots to her. “Ah, I’ll need some help, please?” Stacy said. Stan held the boot up for her, his eyes growing wide. Stacy lifted her leg high, to put her dainty foot in the boot. With one leg down, and the other up high, her skirt rode up on her hip. Now, her naked pussy was highlighted by the florescent lights in the store. Stan could see her wet lips clearly, and the soft faint hairs above her slit!

“OMG!” Cindy thought. Her friend’s wet pussy was totally exposed in the store. Anyone walking by would be able to see it. Stan stopped, staring right at it.

“Help me Stan, push!” Stan tried to push the heavy boot on her foot and up onto her leg. The force of his actions caused her leg to rise even higher! Her pussy lips opened a bit, showing a hint of the wet pinkness inside! She turned her other thigh outward, opening her pussy even more! She then slid her ass towards him on the chair, bringing her pussy close enough to his face for him to smell her musk. She bent her foot, straightened her leg, and the boot slipped easily on. “Now, the other one!” She repeated her actions with the stunned clerk. She spread her legs even wider this time. When she brought her foot downward, she aimed it at the hard bulge in his pants, ‘accidentally’ pressing the boot firmly into his crotch, and slowly sliding her foot off of it. "Oops, Sorry about that!" she said. Stan shuddered and almost fell over. Stacy took her time standing up, letting him stare longingly at her pussy. She walked around, wiggled her ass a bit, and said, “I like them! I’ll wear them home. I’ll take these and the black pumps too.”

“Uh, I’ll take the strappy heels, in black and red.” Cindy was almost as stunned as the clerk. When Stan stood up, the girls looked at the spreading wetness in his trousers. He had cum in his pants! He quickly gathered up the shoes and hid his crotch behind the counter, ringing up their purchases.

“Wet spot number one!” whispered Stacy. “Game, set, and match!” They walked to the register.

“Uh, I gave you ladies my employee discount. 50% off.”

“Thank you!” said Stacy. She was beginning to notice all the benefits that came with being a cock-tease!

“No, thank you!” Stan said, placing emphasis on the word ‘you’. He meant it. “Come again!” he added automatically.

“No, you cum again.” Stacy smiled at him and winked. She wiggled her tits for him, and they walked out of the store.

“OMG are you a fucking whore! I can’t believe you did that” exclaimed Cindy.

“Did you see his face!” said Stacy. “That was so much fun!”

“Did you see his hard cock and his cum stain!” said Cindy. “This is so much fun, but my pussy is so fucking hot! I need to cum so bad!”

“Hurry, let’s go to Fredrick’s and get home!” They walked the length of the mall, their nearly naked tits bouncing and their tight asses swaying. Nearly every man stopped dead in their tracks to check them out. The girls loved the attention. “Fuck, I think I have pussy juice running down my leg, Stacy!”

“Me too! Maybe I’ll let it drip into my new boots, to break them in!”

Cindy snorted, imagining her friend’s juice dripping down from her snatch, below her skirt, and into her new boots!

They walked into Fredrick’s of Hollywood and began grabbing sexy items. Panties, bras, swimsuits, garters, fishnet stockings and sexy teddies. Then some short, tight dresses and sexy jeans. “Cindy, check it out – crotch less panties and peek a boo bras!” They grabbed a few of those too. They ran to the changing room to try everything on, quickly exchanging the clothes that didn’t fit. As they were trying on the second set of clothes, Cindy dropped her new underwear, lifted up her skirt, and began rubbing her cunt. “Stacy!” she whispered. “Get in here!” Stacy was in the next changing room, and quickly joined her friend.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered back, thinking her friend was hurt.

“I can’t wait; I want you to eat me now!” Cindy was leaning against wall, rubbing her cunt.

“Are you crazy? The sign says ‘One to a room!’ You will get us kicked out!"

“I’m too horny, Stacy, I can’t wait!” Cindy began moaning.

“Shit! It’s your fault for waiting, Cindy. Your pussy will smear my makeup anyway, and we didn’t bring anything with us but our tits and asses!”

“Please? Help me?” Cindy begged.

“Oh, OK! But be QUIET!” Stacy admonished. She replaced Cindy’s fingers with her own and began playing with her friend’s hot, juicy pussy. The room had walls that were barley taller than their heads. The door didn’t go all the way to the floor either.

“Are you horny, slut?” Stacy whispered.


“Tell me!” she stopped moving her fingers.

“I’m horny!”

“You are a horny what…?” Stacy teased.

“I’m a horny slut! A horny fucking slut!” Cindy was whispering thru her clenched teeth.

Stacy began to finger her again. “Tell me you are a dirty cock-sucker!”

“I’m a dirty cock-sucker, a filthy, dirty cock-sucker!” Cindy moaned again “Mmmm!“

“Good little slut!” Stacy pinched her nipple and continued to play with her hot cunt. “Tell, me, do you like cum?”


“Tell me, I said” Stacy pinched her clit, hard!

“Yes! I like cum! I’m a cum-guzzling slut! Oh, fuck!” She was going over the edge now. “I want to suck cocks and eat cum. I want cum shooting all over my face! I want a cock in my ass! I want a cock in my ass and one in my mouth filling me with hot cum!” Cindy began moaning louder as she came! “Oh, oh, oh! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” The pent up desires overwhelmed her. Stacy kept fingering her, plunging her fingers into her tight twat over and over again. She smashed her clit with her thumb!

Suddenly, they heard footsteps and an authoritive voice saying, “Is everything OK in there? Only one to a room, please!”

Stacy covered Cindy’s groaning mouth with her hand. A muffled ‘Mmmph, mmmm!” could be heard as Cindy finished her orgasm! “Ah, everything is OK!” Stacy said, thinking quickly. “Ah, my friend twisted her ankle, and I came to help her!”

“Come on out, so I can help you!” the sales clerk was getting very suspicion, hearing the moans, and seeing two perfect sets of feet under the door.

“Ah, she is naked, just a minute!” Stacy took her hand away from Cindy’s mouth, looking at her with a crazy look in her eyes. She adjusted her friend’s clothes, and opened the door. “She’s better now, thank you.”

The sexy older clerk recognized the smell coming from the small room. “I bet she is feeling better now.” She looked the two girls up and down, noticing the disheveled cloths, and added, “Next time, ask me if you can use the back room. Maybe I’ll join you two sweeties!”

The girls quickly picked up their items and left the changing room. “Let’s get out of here!” said Cindy.

“Cindy, no, not yet, come this way first!” Stacy whispered at her friend as Cindy was rushing to the cashier. Cindy followed her to a corner of the store. “Look! I found these here last week”

“Fuck-n-A!” said Cindy. “Vibrators! Let’s get one!”

“What size, do you think?” asked Stacy. They looked at the large selection, trying to determine which one would fit best into their tight holes.

“How the fuck would I know what size?” Cindy whispered. “I’ve only had your fat tongue in my fuck-hole so far! Fat-tongue size, I guess?”

Stacy picked up the biggest one. It was about a foot long and very thick. “This one is perfect for you, and your loose, slutty hole.” she grinned.

“You bitch! Fuck, let’s just grab a couple. One for your house and one for mine!” They quickly selected a few different sized vibrators, not being able to decide on a single one for each of them. “WTF,” exclaimed Stacy, “this box says remote controlled?”

“Just grab it and get me home. My fucking pussy is DRIPPING” They walked towards the register, their arms full.

“We forgot batteries!”

“Go get them!”

“Look! Wigs! Let’s get one!” they quickly grabbed a long black one, and a long blond one.”’Chuck’ will be ‘fucked’, when he sees the bill,” said Stacy, getting worried.

They paid for the items and left in a hurry. They wiggled their way towards the car, loaded with their packages. They couldn’t wait to get home and try everything out! Suddenly, Cindy stopped in the middle of the parking lot.

“Stacy, where are we going to hide all of this stuff from our parents?” Cindy asked.

“Oh fuck-a-duck! I don’t know.” Stacy said. “The basement, maybe? The garage? Our lockers at school? Fuck! Bury them in the yard. We will worry about it later, OK?”

“Yeah, sorry. Let’s just have fun,” said Cindy. “Hey, whore. I can’t wait to see you in our new outfits!”

They continued to the car and found Chuck waiting for then. “Well, that didn’t take long,” he said. “Nice shoes,” he added, looking them up and down. They put the many bags in the trunk. “Did you get some new underwear, girls?”

“Uh, yes,” Stacy replied. Here is your card back, and the receipts. The girls stood there, nervously waiting for his reaction as he looked over the receipts. Finally he said, “Wow, this is way more than I expected…”

“We can take some ba…” Cindy started, but Stacy ‘shushed’ her.

Stacy reached up and nonchalantly cupped her breasts and gave her nipples a hard pinch. She looked at Chuck and said sexily. “We bought some underwear, but we are still not wearing any… Wanna see?” She picked up her skirt and gave him a flash of her naked pussy.

“Hmm, maybe we can work something out.” They got into the car and began to drive home.

Stacy was still in the middle. She leaned over and gave Chuck a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you, ‘Uncle Chuck’, for letting us buy so much stuff.” She used the same trick on her daddy all the time. She looked into his lap and noticed the stains in his crotch. She knew they weren’t there earlier. She realized that men are very predictable, she thought to herself grinning, “Pre-DICK-ed-able!”

She whispered into Cindy’s ear “Wet spot number two, from earlier!”

“Did you guys say you wanted to show me something?” Chuck asked.”It’s a pretty boring ride home with nothing to look at.” The girls looked at each other, green eyes to blue, and agreed, nodding their heads quickly. They had to pay Mister Wilson back for all the money he spent on them.

“No touching? Right?” asked Cindy.

“Sure. But feel free to touch each other all you want,” he added.

“OK girls, time to come out and play!” Stacy undid her top again. She began to massage her breasts and pinch them again. Cindy did the same. They both slid down in their seats to hide their nakedness. Stacy’s juicy pussy slid into view. Chuck had to swerve to get his car back on the road. “Distracted by something, Uncle Chuck?” The girls laughed. Not to be outdone, Cindy scooted lower in her seat and lifted up her skirt, putting her entire pussy on display, and said, “Look Uncle Chuck, I’m all wet!” Cindy slid her finger into her gash, and then showed him how wet her fingers were, then licking them clean.

Stacy welcomed the competition. They drove for a while in silence, with Stacy trying to figure out how to outdo her friend. Finally, she decided to masturbate in front of him. “Uncle Chuck! Look!” said Stacy. “I’m all wet too!” She plunged two fingers deep into her hole and began to fake the sound of an orgasm. The sound of her squishing her fingers into her fuck-hole filled the car. She moaned loudly, pretending to have an orgasm. “Oh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming Uncle Chuck!” She began to roll around on the seat, moaning, squeezing her tits and fucking her steaming, wet hole. The smell and sounds of hot, wet, pussy filled the air… "Squish, squish, squish".

“OK, Stacy, stop, you win! I don’t want you to cum yet, I wanna do it! You win, OK?” Cindy implored her. She wanted her friend’s hot pussy to herself, and didn’t want to share her right now.

“Ha! I’m the winner!” cried Stacy.

“No, I’m the winner,” muttered Chuck under his breath.

“Boner number four!” Stacy said aloud.

The girls stopped their playing, but left their tits and pussies exposed for their ‘Uncle’. They began discussing where they could stash all their new things. They needed a place that was secure, but where they could get to them easily. They decided to hide some at school, so they could change when they got there. They occasionally would rub their pussies, or pinch their nipples. It seemed so natural to display their tits and pussies for people now.

When they got back to the house, Chuck pulled up and opened the trunk so the girls could get their stuff. They covered themselves up, mostly, and climbed out of the car. Chuck said, “You know, I’ve been thinking about how I could maybe help you out with your problem.” He continued, “You can keep all the pretty things you want at my house.”

“But, we can’t go walking into your house whenever we want!” said Cindy.

“Well, I can certainly give you girls a key. I’m thinking that I could offer you both jobs, so you could have an excuse to come over whenever you needed to.”

“What would we do for you,” asked Stacy, her mind racing with all kinds of dirty thoughts. Some of them exciting!

“Whatever needs doing,” he drawled. “Cleaning my house, say, once a week? Maybe doing my laundry, or walking my dog. I sure do miss having a lady around the house.” He added, “And maybe, you girls might want to wear your nice things while you are cleaning? So I could have something pretty to look at?”

“Well, I don’t know.” said Stacy. She was trying to drive a hard bargain. “How much will you pay us?”

“I was thinking maybe, fifty dollars a week?” he said.

“How much?” Stacy said, cupping her breasts. She licked her lips and looked at him.

“Each, I meant fifty dollars for each of you.”

“How much?” Cindy said. She stood in front of Chuck, her back to the road and pushed her shirt up over her tits, letting her firm breasts hang out in the open and squeezing them. They were gorgeous.

“Did I say fifty? I meant to say seventy five dollars a week.” Cindy bent her head down and stuck her nipple in to her mouth, giving it a loud suck! “Each,” he added.

“Hmm,” Stacy thought. She looked at Cindy’s house. “Cindy, that is your room, right there?” She pointed to the corner room.

“Yes.” Cindy didn’t know where her friend was going with this.

“Uncle Chuck that is your house, right?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “And what room is that, right above Cindy’s room?”

“My spare bedroom.” He said, catching on.

“I think we are both worth a hundred dollars a week, if we clean your house once a week, wearing as little as we want. And, do your laundry once a week. And, we can check on your dog and use our sexy clothes whenever we want. And, we are especially worth it if we sometimes ‘forget’ to close the curtains when we have sleepovers? Maybe forget to turn off the lights too? Maybe even tonight, say nine o’clock?”

“Deal!” said Chuck.

“Deal!” said Stacy.

“Deal!” said Cindy.

“Here’s the hundred each for the show this morning, and a tip, for the special show tonight. Nine o’clock, right?

They took the three hundred dollars and walked into the house. They learned that men don’t think so well when they have a hard dick in their pants. Stacy put it this way, men are so ‘Pre-DICK-ed-able!’

© Undeniable Urges, 2015 – 2018. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Undeniable Urges, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content

Teen Stories

Sun, 20 May 2018 12:50:51 UTC

A Wonderful Family Affair

I met Susan about six months ago. We started dating and it’s been like a dream come true.
By the way my name is Tom.
She has the same Ideas and hunger for kinky sex as I do. She loves wearing skirts with nothing underneath, teasing people with fast flashes of her pussy and then can act so innocent about it.
She has two wonderful kids, her daughter is in her late teens and her son is just a little younger. We’ve gone camping together, fishing… we’ve just been having a great time.
The kids have a great sense of humor, they, including their mom, like using sexual innuendoes with each other, but they do it at appropriate times. As an example, one day Susan asked her son to get something for her and his answer was, laughingly, fuck you!
And to my surprise! She answered, “ You want me to bend over?”
Well, it’s gotten to the point now in our relationship that I’m staying at Susan’s place almost 80% of the time and enjoying every minute of it. Sometimes we all get on the couch and we all cuddle together and watch a movie or we lay in bed and chat till the middle of the night.
Kim is a cute 100lb brunette, lively, rambunctious and funny. She loves flirting and lately runs around the house in panties and braw since it warmed up outside. I’ve told Susan that she is driving me crazy and Susan sees the boners I’m getting, she thinks it’s funny, every time she wiggles her cute tight little ass in front of me.
Ben, now her is a little pretty boy, nice attitude but I think he is a little fem. He’s a momma’s boy, but a nice kid. He and his sister get along great. They joke around wrestle on the floor half naked and they throw sexual innuendoes at each other constantly, sometimes I think they really mean it.
Well, the flirting and the joking around went on for a few more months, until one evening we were all in the family room watching movies that we rented. The first one was almost an X rated flick and you could see that Ben was really enjoying it. Ben was in the reclined and you could see he had a hard-on from watching the flick.
I was sitting on the couch with Susan next to me and Kim was on the floor with her head leaning on my leg.
We all watched to the end of the flick and when it was over, Kim says that she wants to shower before the next flick. Susan said “that’s cool but don’t take to long, I’ll make some pop corn while we wait.”
Anyway, we all got back to the couch and we cued the vid waiting for Kim… Ben’s hard on dwindled in the mean time. His mom made a comment about it and his reply was, “I know you want it.” She laughed and sat back down next to me.
Susan whispered in my ear, “I might just do it.”
I said,” bet it might be fun”
Susan yelled out” come-on Kim we are waiting.”
Kim yelled out I’m coming.
Kim came around the corner and to my surprise; she was only wearing a thong. No top, her young tits giggling and her cute ass was fully exposed.
Instant hard on…
She came back over to the couch and laid her head on my lap.
Susan, says to Kim, aren’t you a little overdressed?
Kim raises her head off my lap and looks at Susan with a smirk, looks at my crouch and says, “I guess he doesn’t mind and yes I am over dressed (laughingly).” And pulls her thongs off and hands it to her mom; lays her head back down on my lap looks up to me with a smile nuzzling her head, purposefully… shaking it a little, against my cock.
Well, this is a predicament… I’m waiting for Susan to say something. But instead she nuzzles against me to watch the porn flick that we rented.
Everyone got quiet.
Ben was laying in the recliner… and his cock was at full staff in his boxers; Susan was adjusting herself and I could tell she was getting horny… Me, well with Kim’s head in my lap and her sweet naked body in full view with my hand on her thy… I was ready to blow.
As Kim was laying there watching, she was getting horny and brought her knees apart … she started playing with her clit.
I looked at Susan, and she looked at me… she knew what I wanted to do…
She said, with a smile “if it’s ok with her.”
I, at that point, slid my hands down from Kim’s thy, to her hand. Kim mover her hand out of the way and let me takeover her masturbation. My cock got even harder.
I looked over to Susan and said, “she has a young man over there that could us a friendly loving hand also”.
She looked at me, gave me a kiss, and got up. Susan walked over to her son and kneeled down next to him. Without a word she gently reached into his boxers and started rubbing his manhood. When he was hard enough she then slowly took his boxers off. Then started licking his shaft, finally she took it in her mouth and sucked it till release his load came in her mouth. She giggled and said “baby for your age you had a large load”.
Me? I was enjoying the feel of Kim’s sweet and wet pussy in my hand. She started moaning and gyrating her hips, I knew she was about to cum…
Kim, she raised her head asking if I could eat her out. Wow, I thought to myself, a 14 year old. I moved down to her sweet pussy. I started sucking on her clit and finger fucked her till she actually started crying out, don’t stop! Don’t stop!
Susan was still with Ben and his limp cock still in her mouth as Kim was coming. She came and came… I wouldn’t stop manipulating her even as she tried to pull away… I just kept on eating her, sucking her clit and by this time she was so wet that I could stick my fingers into her ass and cunt…finger fuck both at the same time. When she finally let out a loud moan; came all over herself and stopped moving… I stopped and rammed my swollen cock in her. She had a smile on her face as I slowly pumped her soft wet pussy till I came. I held her close and hard to my body till my load emptied into her sweet cunt.
After we got done and we held each other, I called to Susan and told her and Ben to come over… they both got up and came over… they knelt next to us Susan was petting Kim running her hands through her hair. I told Susan that she should clean Kim’s pussy by eating my come out of her… told Ben to undress his mother, she never got undressed to suck his cock.
Well, once Ben undressed her, she went between Kim’s legs and started eating the love juices from Kim’s pussy.
I told Ben to mount his mom while she ate Kim… His cock was at full staff for being 16; it doesn’t take long for being so young.
He went behind his mom… fingered her pussy for a minute then jammed his cock in her, and went to town on it… Susan looked back at Ben, and then looked at me, with questioning eyes… I smiled and said “Kim is waiting.”
Once Ben entered is mom, I just watched in augh. Seeing this, Better than and X rated movie, started getting me horny again… My cock was getting uncomfortably stiff. I needed to get relief, but I didn’t want to jerk off. So I thought to myself,” why not have Ben suck my cock while he fucks his mother.” I walked up to Ben and put my cock to his lips. Ben looked up at me… I smiled back and nodded my head, giving my cock a push. He slowly opened his mouth and I started fucking it. Being careful not to over do it since, I think, it’s his first time. Don’t want him to gag.
Kim noticed that Ben was sucking my cock; she rose up on to her elbows and watched as he took my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth. That seamed to have turned her on even more when she saw that, her brother sucking my cock, she grabbed her mom’s head and pressed her moms head deep into her crotch while she kept her eye on her brother and me.
As I noticed that the girls were finishing I started really fucking his mouth, and his mom just realized what was happening… her son was sucking another guy’s cock… She sat up next to her son and took Ben’s cock in her hand and offered it to his sister. Kim started sucking her brother’s cock slowly… Susan stood up next to me and started kissing me…
At that point I trusted my hips deep into Ben’s mouth and I let my load out in full. I made him milk it till he ate every drop. Once I pulled out, his mom bent over and licked his lips and entered her son’s mouth with her tongue. They started French kissing while Kim was sucking his cock.
Once Ben came, we all collapse on the couch together. Kim at that point said, “This is something we need to do everyday (laughingly).”
Susan then asked Ben, Did you like sucking Tom’s cock, honey? You know its okay with us.
I know Ben said, “It actually was fun, might do it again, wasn’t bad tasting”
And I added,” You will.”
This’ll be our little secret ritual, Susan added.
From then on, Kim went on the pill, we’d run around naked and whenever we felt like it we’d fuck and suck whenever we want.

The Beginning

By: LKbarefoot

The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in
real life.

Teen Stories

Wed, 20 Sep 2017 20:02:31 UTC

The Daring, Naughty Sleepover 2

The Daring Naughty Sleepover 2 (Mff, ff, exhibitionist)

Intro – Teasing day two of the naughty sleepover begins!

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don’t be a dick with other people’s lives!

“Wake up, slut!” said Stacy. She gently shook her friend awake. They lay together on the bed, still naked from last night. The morning sun was shining thru the window.

“Go back to sleep,” groaned Cindy. “It’s too early to be waking up, you fucking whore.” She rolled over.

Stacy climbed out of bed, pushed her short, dark hair out of her beautiful green eyes and gave her puffy nipples a hard pinch. “Do you really want to sleep all day?” she said, watching her nipples harden. “Your mom and dad will be home tomorrow. We shouldn’t waste a minute.”

“Shit, you’re right!” Cindy jumped up, her big tits jiggling. She shook her head to wake up, making her blond hair dance. She looked at her friend with her bright blue eyes. “We could stay in bed all day…” Cindy reached down and cupped her perfect breasts, offering them to her friend.

“I’m starving, and not for your pussy right now!” said Stacy. “Let’s have breakfast first and then see what happens.”

They walked naked thru the house. They felt so free and naughty. When they walked by the large picture window in the living room, Stacy became worried. “Think anyone can see us?” She turned to the window, crouching down a little.

“Nope, I tried before, unless you get right up to the window, you can’t see in.” commented Cindy.

Stacy stood back up. She grinned, and then began to bounce around naked in front of the window, her tits swaying and jiggling.

“Naked girls in here!” She yelled. “Hey, everyone, hot, naked, young girls here!” She pushed her tits towards the window, squeezing them, and then turned around and spread her ass cheeks wide.

“They can’t see you, but they can hear you, dumb-ass!” She pointed to the window screen.

Just then, Cindy saw her next door neighbor walking his dog, looking towards their house. “Hi Mister Wilson!” she yelled, waving her hand.

“OMG!” Stacy whispered. “Do you think he heard me?” She looked out of the window, seeing the neighbor peering and squinting towards the house.

“No, he’s old and probably hard of hearing.” Cindy said. She added, “Dad said he’s like, almost fifty or something.” Fifty seemed ancient to the young girls. “He’s real nice though. We talk over the fence sometimes when I’m in the pool, or sunning myself. He likes to look at my tits.”

“Dirty old fucker,” Stacy said softly, and then she yelled, “Hello Mister Wilson!” She pinched her nipples and pulled her titties up and down, putting on a show.

“Hello girls!” Mr. Wilson yelled, still peering at the window. "Beautiful morning!"

Cindy said softly, “I bet he wishes he could see us right now.”

“Yeah, seeing our tits and asses would make his shriveled, old cock hard again.” Stacy giggled. The girls continued to wave. Then, they shook their firm titties at him. Stacy again bent over and spread her ass-cheeks again. Not to be outdone, Cindy moved closer to the window and copied her friend, spreading her cheeks wide!

However, the girls were not as invisible as they thought. Cindy was mistaken; it had been evening when she tried to look into the window – the sun was shining on it. Now, it was morning, and the front of the house lay in shadow. Mr. Wilson was enjoying the clear view into the living room very much!

“Enjoy your walk Mr. Wilson!” Cindy yelled. She turned to Stacy and gave her a long sensual kiss, cupping her breasts. Stacy groped her ass. Giggling, they walked into the kitchen.

They decided to have scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. They had fun talking about how much fun it was to tease Mr. Wilson. “He really nice” Cindy added. “He lost his wife a few years ago, I feel sorry for him. Looking at my tits is probably the highlight of his week. I don’t mind him staring at me.” Cindy stood over the stove naked, cooking the eggs while Stacy started the toast.

“Hey, slut, fry me some bacon while you have your fat titties hanging over the pan.” Stacy joked.

“Ouch!” Cindy pretending some hot grease splashed her nipple. “I better cool it off!” She grabbed her glass of milk and pushed her breast into it. Her nipple hardened. She offered her tit to her friend, with the milk dripping down her breast.”Kiss it and make it better?” she teased.

Stacy got up and sucked the offered tit. Cindy put her other nipple in the milk and her friend cleaned that one up too. Then, the toast popped up. They giggled over their breakfast.

“What now, slut?” asked Stacy.

“Well, whore, I’m going to take a shower and get my pussy nice and clean, it’s full of your spit! I also need to wash my titties, I think they were leaking.” Cindy got up and began to walk away. She turned to look at Stacy. “Aren’t you joining me?”

“Huh? Oh yeah! I am such a dumb-ass! I’m sitting here naked in your kitchen, thinking your mom wouldn’t let us shower together!”

“Hey, get our new panties, so we can wash them in the sink. I want to wear them again. Meet you in the bathroom.”

Stacy came in the bathroom and admired her friend’s round ass wiggling as she brushed her teeth. She did the same, and then they washed their soiled panties and hung them up to dry. Cindy got the water nice and hot and the girls climbed into the shower together. They turned towards each other and embraced under the heavy stream. After a long, gentle kiss, Cindy turned around, showing her ass. “Wash my back, please?” she asked.

Stacy grabbed the soap and washed her friend’s back. The slippery soap made her hands slide so easily over her skin! She lathered her hands up even more and reached down to wash and cup her friend’s ass, spreading her cheeks, and then sliding her fingers in deep, probing for her ass-hole. Cindy arched her back, pushed out her ass and moaned. Stacy slipped a finger in briefly, and then slid her hands around to the front of her friend. She began caressing her slippery boobs, pinching her nipples and squeezing her globes. She slid her hand down to Cindy’s crotch and began fingering her cunt. “Oh, that feels good, Stacy. I’m a dirty slut. I need a good cleaning!”

“My turn!” Stacy handed Cindy the soap and turned around. Her friend washed her, sliding her slippery hands all over, as she had done to her. They turned to each other and began kissing again, groping each other’s slippery breasts and grabbing each other’s asses and rubbing each other’s pussies.

“You got soap in my twat, slut!” Stacy admonished, rubbing her pussy. “It itches!”

“Here, put your foot on the edge of the tub.” Stacy did as she was told; her legs spread wide, her pussy open.

“I’ll show you one of my secrets. It’s perfect for a little whore like you! Cindy reached for the shower head; it was a removable type with a handle and different spray settings. Cindy grinned and turned the device to ‘massage’. The water began sputtering and vibrating! She reached over and turned down the water pressure a bit, testing it against her palm. Then, she pointed it right at her friend’s opened pussy! She spread Stacy’s lips with her other hand and began rinsing her cunt.

“Oh, fuck that feels good!” Stacy cried. The water jets acted like a vibrator, making her pussy tingle. Cindy pushed it closer and let the water shoot up her hole. She began fingering her friend with her other hand, then she moved the water jets upwards, towards Stacy’s clit.

“BRRRRRRRRRR” The device groaned and shook in Cindy’s hand as the water began to massage Stacy’s clit. “Oh, fuck, oh fuck!” Stacy said. Cindy began to plunge her fingers in and out, moving the water jets all around. Stacy’s cunt was still slippery, first with soap, now with pussy juice and water. Cindy kept fucking her friend and massaging her clit. She bent over and began sucking her wet tits. Over and over, the water danced on her clit and her fingers fucked her tight hole. The kissed passionately.

“Oh, fuck, I’m cumming! Oh, it feels so fucking good!!” Stacy cried. The orgasm washed over her and she put her hand on the wall to keep from collapsing. Cindy plunged her fingers in as deep as she could and pushed the device up against her friend’s twat, giving her the full force of the water jets. “Ah, yes!” Stacy came all over her friend’s fingers. “Fuck that was great! I need to get one of those.” She took the device out of Cindy’s’ hand. “Want me to do you now?”

“Nah, not right now. I kind of like being horny. It makes my orgasm bigger when it finally happens. Last night was fantastic.”

“Yeah, we were two horny twats last night,” Stacy agreed."I love you…"

"Me too."

Cindy put the shower head back on the wall. “Daddy is always yelling at me for using all the hot water. I wonder why?” She grinned mischievously. They finished washing their bodies, then their hair, and rinsed off. They left the steamy bathroom.

The girls then decided to do each other’s hair and makeup. “So, how slutty should we make ourselves?” Cindy asked.

“Slutty enough to get fucked, I hope.” Cindy teased.

“OK, I have just the thing for us." She began to pull out various lipsticks from her make-up desk drawer. “Hmm, I have ‘Cock-sucker’ pink, ‘Fuck-me-hard’ magenta, “Slutty-Lips’ red, and ‘Hot-fucking-whore’ rose. What do you want?”

“Do you have any ‘fuck-my-ass’ burgundy? No? Then I’ll have ‘Hot-fucking-whore’ rose. I’m a whore, after all. And you?” Stacy asked.

“I think ‘Slutty-Lips’ red, for my slutty lips, of course!” Cindy decided.

“OK! And, here is some ‘fuck-my-titties’ foundation, ‘eat-my-wet-cunt’ blush, and ‘cum-on-my-face’ eye shadow.

“I need some ‘fat-cock-licking’ lip gloss, strawberry flavored. Do you have any?”

“Hmm, not in strawberry, but I have it in ‘hot-cum’ and ‘pussy-juice’”

“I’ll have ‘hot-cum’ on my lips, please” said Stacy.

“I like ‘pussy-juice’ on my lips!” Cindy added. “Perfect!”

They girls had fun making themselves up. They looked hot, grown-up and sexy. Despite their talk, the make-up wasn’t too over-the-top, but it was more than their parents would ever let them wear, and, the colors did make them look just a bit slutty. They finished, looked at their hot faces in the mirror and gave each other a gentle kiss, making sure not to smear their lipstick.

“Mmm, ‘hot-cum’,” Cindy said, licking her lips.

“Mmm, I like the taste of ‘pussy-juice’, commented Stacy. They giggled.

“Well, what now?” Cindy asked. “We are all dressed up with no place to go! I wish we had a car; we could go to the mall, walk around like sluts and buy some more naughty underwear!”

“Hmm, I wish! That would be fun…” Stacy began thinking. “I really want to show off our slutty make-up. I know! Let’s go for a walk!”

“A walk? In my own neighbor hood, we will get busted!” Cindy was concerned that her parents would find out.

“Don’t worry, your house is pretty secluded,” reasoned Stacy. “With your new make-up and the way I did your hair, no one would recognize you. We can wear hats and sun-glasses!”

“OK, I do want to show off. I feel so sexy right now.” Cindy rubbed her naked pussy.”Remember the boner on the Pizza guy?”

“Yeah, that was a blast. I think I like teasing boys and making their cocks hard!”

“Me too. Let’s do it some more!”

The girls began to get dressed. Cindy pulled a bra from her dresser and began to put it on.

“Hey, slut! ‘No bra weekend’, remember?” admonished Stacy.

“Oh, yeah! What shall we wear then?” Cindy asked. “I wish our new panties were dry…”

“Hmm, I think we need to initiate a ‘no panties weekend’, at least until ours are dry. What do you think?” asked Stacy.

Cindy decided to push it further. Stacy was always the more daring of the two. But, she could be naughty too and wanted to prove it. “OK, ‘no panties’ for now,” Cindy stated. “And short skirts and tight tops today, just like real sluts and whores!”

“All right!” They finished dressing, rummaging thru Cindy’s closet for just the right clothes. She found an older skirt for her smaller, slimmer friend, and put on a newer one for herself. They put on tight tops that showed off their firm, young, bra-less titties! Stacy wore a button up blouse with half of the buttons undone. Cindy found a tight, thin pull over. Cindy also put on the highest set of heels she owned, to show off her long legs and tight ass. Stacy had to settle for sandals because she didn’t bring any high heels for the sleepover.

“Ready, whore?” Cindy asked.

“Just a second, you are not slutty enough.” Stacy walked over to Cindy and pulled her skirt up higher on her hips, rolling down the top. The material barley covered her ass now. She did the same to her own skirt. She twirled around and the skirt rose up, showing off her naked ass and pussy! Cindy did the same.

“Oh, fuck, are we really going to go out like this?” asked Cindy.

“Not yet.” She reached over and pinched her friend’s nipples, getting them hard. She did the same to herself. Their nipples poked thru their tight shirts. “Now we are ready,” Stacy said, smiling. They put on their sun-hats and glasses and walked outside. They could feel the breeze on their naked asses, and the cool wind kept their nipples very perky!

“Where to?” Stacy asked.

“The park, I guess. You know, I’ve always wanted to get on a swing without any underwear!” said Cindy, wistfully.

“Let’s do it!” declared Stacy. They walked to the park, holding hands for moral support. The sun was shining, their breasts were bouncing, and their tight pussies were getting hotter. A car went pass them and they heard a loud wolf-whistle, and someone yelling “Nice ass!” They smiled and began wiggling their asses just a bit more.

"He was talking about my ass, you know."

"No, mine"



“Shit,” said Stacy, “I’m getting so hot; my pussy is going to start leaking!”

They finally made it to the park. Cindy had to take off her shoes to walk on the grass to get to the swings. “Oh, why did I wear these shoes? They are not made for taking a long walk!” She sat on the swing, put her foot on her knee and began rubbing it. Stacy could see her naked pussy clearly thru her opened legs; her large tits were nearly hanging out of her top too, after the long walk.

“I can see your pussy plain as day” Stacy commented. Cindy spread her legs wider."Enjoy the view, then!"

They played on the swings for a while, pushing each other, grabbing each other’s tits when no cars were going by, and then swinging side by side, legs wide open, enjoying the cool breeze on their hot pussies. They felt so free! It was almost like being naked in public. A couple walked by, and the man stared at the girls. The girls clamped their legs tight at first, but then Stacy spread her legs wide! “Stacy!” Cindy exclaimed.

“What? He can’t see me from there!” She scooted her ass forward on the swing, until her pussy was hanging over the seat. “Now he can!” She swung higher, and her skirt lifted up, exposing her naked pussy to his gaze! She felt so naughty!

“You fucking whore!” Cindy said. Not to be outdone, she did the same, hanging her naked pussy over the edge, spreading her legs wide and pumping harder on the swing! They almost regretted to see the couple walk away, the man’s head twisting back at them to get his final looks.

“That was HOT!” Stacy said. “Did you see his face?”

“First boner of the day! Oh fuck! Let’s go back; I’m ready for you to eat my cunt now!” Cindy was flushed and very horny. But she dreaded the walk home. They started walking home, and before long, they heard a car honk, and then heard a familiar voice.

“Hello girls, need a ride?” They stopped.

“Shit!” Cindy whispered. “It’s Mr., Wilson!” Mr. Wilson had been returning from the store and had spotted the young girls. He had been admiring them for a while now, driving slowly and circling the block a few times, getting an eye full. He had quickly realized who they were, and was hoping to see a bit more of them, up close.

“Hi Mr. Wilson. Um…,“ Cindy was terrified to be discovered dressed like she was. Her worst fears were coming true! They walked to the car and bent down to talk to him. Their breasts nearly falling out from their tight shirts, their bra-less titties on display to his eager eyes! They felt their skirts rising up in the back, exposing their asses.

“Can I give you girls a lift someplace?” he asked.

“Yes, please.” said Stacy.

Cindy paused, turning red. “Uh…, I’m a little embarrassed to be dressed like this, Mr. Wilson. We were having a little naughty fun…”

“I think you girls look great! You certainly have the bodies for it.” He glance lingered on their breasts. “Don’t worry; I won’t say anything to your parents. Come on, get in!”

The both climbed into the big front seat. “Where to?” he asked.

Cindy said, “Home.”

Stacy said, “The Mall.”

“Stacy! We don’t have any money!” said Cindy.

“We can still walk around and look. I don’t want to go home yet. Come on, we spent all this time getting dressed and stuff.” Stacy said. “Can you take us there, and then bring us back home after a while?”

“Sure, I might do a little shopping myself. What is it you girls need at the mall?” He asked, making conversation, and driving off.

“Well, we kind of wanted to buy some sexy lingerie…” Stacy said, teasing him a little.

“Stacy!” exclaimed Cindy. She was shocked at her friend’s comment.

“Hmm, I can see that you girls need some new underwear.” Mr. Wilson said. He stared down at Stacy’s crotch; her naked pussy was on display! It had ridden up when she climbed into the car, and, being use to the breeze on her naked twat, she never noticed! “I guess you girls are too poor to own any underwear?”

“OMG, Cindy, he saw my twat!” Now, it was Stacy’s turn to be embarrassed. She quickly pulled her skirt down. Cindy pulled hers down too; she was showing a bit too much thigh.

“It’s OK. I think you two are beautiful. You should be proud of your bodies and want to show them off! There is absolutely nothing wrong with it." He added, "I really like looking at you two…”

“Thank you!” they both said, feeling much relieved. “It’s so much fun and sexy to show off” Stacy said. “Our parents don’t let us…“ She looked at him and pushed her breasts together with her arms. Mr. Wilson looked at her perky nipples thru the thin material. He was nice! She felt safe with him.

“You know,” he said. “I have plenty of money, more than I can ever use. I can give some to the both of you, for your shopping and stuff. Young pretty girls need nice things to wear and …”

“What, we can’t take your money!” Cindy quickly exclaimed.

“Let him finish, Cindy!” Stacy said. She really wanted some more sexy underwear!

“Well, I feel I should at least pay you for the show you gave me this morning…”

“What..?” Cindy said. “You saw us?”

“Of course, you didn’t know? I thought you were being nice to me. I figure that show was worth, what, maybe a hundred dollars apiece? Will that buy you some nice things?”

“A hundred dollars!” yelled Stacy. Her mind raced. “How much to see my tits, right now?” she blurted out. Her breasts were practically naked anyway, she might as well get something out of it!

“Stacy!” Cindy couldn’t believe her ears.

“Hmm, alright! Let me think… If both of you show me your breasts now, and until we get to the mall, I’ll let you use my credit card to buy yourselves some nice things. Like I said, I have money, but I sure don’t have pretty girls to look at.”

Stacy looked at him. He was actually very handsome, and not as old as she thought. A little grey around the temples maybe, but very fit and muscular. “No touching?” she added.

“No touching.”

“You won’t tell our parents?”

“Heck no!”

“Deal,” said Stacy.

“Deal,” said Cindy.

If they hadn’t been so horny, or if they didn’t loved the tingling feelings in their tight twats when they flashed strangers, it may have turned out different. But, both girls were too hot and too proud of their young bodies, and they really wanted some more sexy things. This way, they could get what they wanted without their parents finding out. They were beginning to learn and to love the power their tits and pussies had over men! They had been suppressed for too long and now they were going to go a little wild!

Stacy didn’t hesitate. She opened her shirt and shook her breasts, cupping them and pinching her nipples, like always. “You are free girls!” She slid down in her seat a bit, to hide from the traffic. Sliding made her skirt slide up, nearly exposing her naked pussy again! “Come on Cindy, show him your tits!”

Cindy paused, thought once more about the nice things they could buy, took a deep breath and pulled up her shirt, letting her big naked breasts swing free. She too slid low into her seat, struggling to keep her pussy hidden. “Oh, fuck, this is so hot!” she said, pinching her nipples to make them hard for Mister Wilson. They drove thru town with their tits and almost half of their asses hanging out. Mr. Wilson did his best to keep his car on the road, staring at the young, firm breasts on display before him. His hard cock was apparent to the girls. They could see it growing, getting thicker and longer, underneath his pant leg.

"Boner number two!" Stacy whispered into Cindy’s ear.

Stacy was so turned on; she reached down and quickly scratched her pussy, giving him a flash of her slit. She reasoned that he had already seen it anyway. Her finger came away glistening. “Shit, I’m so turned on!” The smell of hot pussy filled the car. Cindy couldn’t help herself either. She also reached down to quickly scratch her itch! They turned and kissed each other.
“You two girls are awesome!” Mr. Wilson said, “Thank you for making an old man very happy!”

The ride ended way too soon for him. “We are here, ladies,” he said. He parked the car and turned to watch them get themselves together. Up went the shirts; down went the skirts, hiding their tits and thighs from his view.

“Here’s my card, back in, one hour?” He said.

“Great, yep, an hour should be good.” Stacy took the card. “Thanks Mr. Wilson!”

“Call me ‘Chuck’.”

“OK, Chuck!”

The girls walked away. Chuck watched their asses wiggle. He unzipped his hard cock and started jerking off, watching them. He rubbed his pre-cum over his cock-head and began jacking furiously!

Stacy turned and saw him staring at them. She wiggled her ass and said to Cindy. “Hmm, his name is Chuck? … I wonder if ‘Chuck’ likes to ‘Fuck’?”

“He might ‘Fuck’, if he has some ‘Luck’!” said Cindy. She turned to wave at Chuck. Feeling mischievous, she pulled up Stacy’s skirt, showing Chuck her naked ass. Stacy did the same, lifting Cindy’s skirt as they walked away. Chuck shot his cum all over his steering wheel, watching the hot young asses shake in front of him. His cum shot high enough for anyone to see, if they had been looking. It landed heavily on his lap.

He was looking forward to seeing what they bought…

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Teen Stories

Sun, 20 May 2018 12:47:05 UTC

The Nymphactory – The Beginning

"Tell me one more time why are we traveling by bus?" Adrianne asks me, putting her bag on the top shelf.
"Because we’re truly trying to experience the summer," I answer, taking out my notepad and a pencil.
"Experience the summer? On a shitty bus!?"
"Yeah. The road, people, heat. C’mon, don’t be a snob. Or at least don’t show it so much."
"Couldn’t you really persuade your dad to lend you the car?"
"Nope. I… couldn’t." I say, not looking at her at all, just trying to draw. Anything. She sits in her place.
"I really dreamed of riding in your parents’ convertible along the ocean road. That’s the summer experience!" she says, and I feel a bit awful: the truth is I’m not feeling very confident behind the wheel of that car yet. I haven’t had my license long enough to be comfortable driving it. I only got my license at all because my parents wanted me to have it. I don’t want to drive any car on such a long trip. I didn’t really ask my father about the car. I feared he might have agreed. I didn’t want to give this idea any chance to happen…and now I had to lie about it to Adrianne. Good she didn’t inquire why I didn’t want to go by plane (I don’t like flying either. yeah, I’m a chicken.). Good thing her parents didn’t give her one of their cars.
"It cannot go bad. It just can’t! It has to be the best vacation there can be, really!"
"Easy Adrianne. You pin too much hope on this. Just… calm down. Embrace it." I say, drawing (yet I’m myself pretty afraid of going without any supervision for the first time. It’s very serious for me, yet I don’t want to look like a big geeky chicken who missed all the fun. Which is actually true).
"Too much? Emma! Everything depends on it. You’re whole life’s gonna look like your first experiences."
"What!?" I snort, "It depends on… what? How your vacation will go? What’s the problem here?"
"Yeah! That’s actually the worst, to be bad at things that are sooo easy and fun for everyone. It’s our last call."
"It’s our first call." I try to calm her down Yet, sadly, I get what she’s talking about.
"Last call to get good at it. You know quite well, everybody is way ahead of us when it comes to stupid partying." she says with a pitiful expression.
"And that’s what’s troubling you so much?"
"Yeah! You know who doesn’t party?"
"We still have time," I respond. Although I get her, I’m a bit concerned about her latest need for partying like no tomorrow and going wild. It clashes with my tendency to avoid standing out and hanging out with the most popular people because it feels as if they always have some ulterior motive toward me, whatever they do. Hope we’ll find some middle ground.
"I hate buses." She looks around, trying to set the seat right, "I’m just saying… people are lucky. Party people are. Why learn anything if you’re not lucky at all? You have to be a bit lucky in your life. Then you can even be stupid! Otherwise, meh. And that’s not even such a problem to be lucky; a lot of people are lucky. Being unlucky is more like winning some kind of …anti-lottery. A really shitty ticket. And I’m scared all this hard work is worthless if I cannot… you know? Live. If you cannot get crazy, what’s the point of anything? I worked hard in school. Now I wanna get crazy. With no consequences. Like most of the cool people. Sorry, but everybody needs this. How can you walk through life with not one crazy thing done successfully?" She’s still trying to adjust the seat. "After all, most people do a lot of stupid shit and get away with it. You have to be a bit of a loser to have bad luck. Even people who, I think, are losers do crazy things and go with it, just like that." She snaps her fingers.
"That’s absurd. You think you have no luck? Look at your life! Or mine! We have everything."
"Yeah, yeah. But, you know, it’s not about the money or… it’s just this… if you’re unlucky, you just are. Nothing will help you."
"Not if you’re not helping your luck."
"Besides, they gave me everything, so what can I know? Even children of rich parents sometimes can be, you know…." She crinkles her nose and waves her hand flat; she doesn’t want to say it: geeky, nerdy; doesn’t want to say the magic words that maybe describe us so well.
"Like we need to prove ourselves?"
"Don’t you think proving ourselves… on a vacation, at partying…" I wave my hands, "Isn’t this a definition of being a spoiled teenager?"
"But it’s not only that. It’s more about… spending our time without parents, alone, away from our homes. I’m pissed at myself for being such a, you know, a freakin’ coward!"
"Really??" I feel a bit of relief she said it straightforward, "Actually, I have the same problem. This was driving me crazy."
She points at me, big blue eyes, "You see!"
"Yeah. Good to know I’m not alone" I giggle, "Okay, so… no fear?"
"No fear." She stretches in her seat.
"Or maybe moderate fear?"
"Shut up." Now she giggles.
That fear of not having enough luck in life—Adrianne has been a bit obsessed with it lately. You prove to yourself who you are, your first experiences define you, or better said, tell you who you really are, what you are made of; and if they indicate you’re a loser. It’s hard to change course. You try and fail, getting only deeper into the determined tracks. And then it’s over. Beginnings are important; first memories stay with you forever. Somehow this theory speaks to me, while at the same time giving me some kind of a terror. So what now-unlucky people will be great at what they do in their later lives? There will always be this stingy feeling in them that they were losers: once a loser always a loser. They are ‘marked’. And when they were doing whatever they were, other dudes had the time of their lives.
This is the philosophy of a girl who was raised to be perfect, in everything: smart, ambitious, well mannered, beautiful. That’s how rich and sophisticated parents raise their daughters. Turns out it’s also pretty crazy. She likes to know everything before she starts doing it. The idea of being a rookie in the midst of veterans is her personal nightmare. And I know all of this because… we’re not that different. In fact, I was raised exactly the same way. First I thought this view on life was simply awful, but it stuck in my head too and has been bothering me ever since.
“What’s that?" She asks me, looking at my notepad.
"Nothing." I hide the drawing—I don’t like to show my sketches—instead I show my tongue to her. She, in response, shows hers—that’s our little thing, that has been going on for a few days; and that’s because before our trip Adrianne convinced me to pierce my tongue. That was three weeks earlier. It’s OK now, but for some time I was scared we would end up with swollen tongues all summer. It was just after my eighteenth birthday, so I told my parents it was kind of a present for myself; they gave up giving me lessons this time. And Adrianne had had her birthday a month earlier.
Just before our trip, my parents’ friends saw the piercing when we were talking. They were a bit baffled, tried to act cool, which amused me in return. "Well, uh… I see you have a… new look… definitely very… modern." They knew me as a kid who had never rebelled, rather a very promising offspring; so this little thing in my tongue freaked them a bit, but youth has its rights, no?
Adrianne also convinced me to do other things.
A month ago she came to my house.
"I’ve got pills for us," she said happily.
"What? Why?"
"For our trip. Just in case." A happy, naughty expression; my concerns were rising.
"My doctor also gave me a prescription for you, and she just said to me ‘have a nice vacation’, smiling, heh." She winked at me. She was talking about our mutual gynecologist.
"You told her about it!? That we’re going on a vacation. And we need… birth-control pills? You did it!? Jeez, Adrianne…" I shook my head.
"Yeeesss. Kind of." She was so happy because of her naughty deed. She was doing these little jumps, standing in one place, tits jiggling a bit. It made me smile.
"This trip’s making me crazy happy. I can pull off anything," she added.
"I see;" I stifled my laughter. "And how do you imagine this? Pills? no connnd…?"
"I hate them." she said, ("Me too", went through my mind), "if something’s gonna happen, I want to have fuuun. I think… just screw it! What the hell! You have to be really unlucky. You know." She threw up her hands and puckered her lips.
"Probably." I was staring at the box. "But I don’t think I’m gonna need them." (In my opinion having a summer fling is just another fad. And young girls like us are prone to hang out with dickheads, so better avoid it, but I wasn’t going to persuade her into or out of anything.)
"Oh, c’mon. Maybe they’ll come in handy? Don’t you miss sex? It’s been… what? Half a year? After you two… split up? And no sex since."
"There wasn’t much sex then either." I smiled, blushing, and she cocked her eyebrow suspiciously. "Maybe it’s just not for me?"
"Don’t you even say that! That would be horrible. Me and Mike,uh, didn’t have such a great sex life either. But, after a month without it, I miss it already. I mean sex. Him, not so much."
(Somehow I couldn’t just admit in front of her that I fell in love with sex from the day I had done it for the first time, even though it had been far from good. Since then I thought about it almost every day. The relationships we were talking about that time, hadn’t been very serious. It’s just this fashion to have a boy, pressure, more than anything else. So we had gotten ours. That is probably what makes her even more frightened. No love before twenty? No spectacular parties? No spectacular sex? And again, to be frank, there’s this fear in me too, and she’s enhancing it with those statements.)
"So you take them" I suggest, "I’m only in for some malignant summer romance. You know, kissy-kissy at best. This is my plan. At best!"
"Oh, take the pills, Emma." She was smiling foxily.
"Petting is max."
"Take the pills."
"But probably nothing will happen."
"Your periods will get smoother."
"Oh? Really? They do? Hmm… Okay."
…and just before I entered the bus, mom sent me a text message, "Be safe." "Okay. I will, Mom." I felt some guilt because of these pills at that moment…
We get out of the bus, tired and a bit sweaty. The evening sun is bouncing off our sunglasses. Dirt in the air, and the smells of asphalt, fumes, and rubber—not yet the summer atmosphere. Adrianne is probably secretly hating me right now. She’ll get over it. Some guys look at us passing us by, lowering their sunglasses, or turning around; I hear a few whistles, and a few "damn!". We’re both wearing jeans shorts, white boxer shirts, Air Max shoes, and we’ve treated each other earlier with a few micro braids. We’re both dirty blondes; tall, slim. Sometimes people think we’re sisters; we’re not, obviously; we’re just the same type—as people sometimes say —"the good type, the best type. Listening to that can get really boring.
We reach our hotel after eight p.m. Adrianne hits the shower; she goes first since the bus was my fault. I wait for my turn watching some crap on TV; I have no energy for anything else. We’re finally done; it’s 9:30; she’s still a bit mad. It’s too late for anything. And indeed we have only some time for a quick spin around the city, and the beach. I feel nervous being only with her here: two young chicks, alone. Did I pack everything? Don’t lose anything. Don’t lose yourself. How can older people even relax with kids on their minds?
Although there’s girls everywhere in skimpy outfits, or in bikinis—some of them beyond slutty—almost all of the guys around stare at us pretty intensely, again; nevertheless, somehow we don’t do anything with the attention, exploit it in any way, even as a joke. That’s kind of standard for us. It makes me feel I’m a bit shy but generally I get used to it.
As always some dudes try to pick us up with cheesy lines. And one even offers us money, first 2k each for the night, and after we say nothing he raises it to 5k each and we say good night to him politely. That has happened to me before, and that’s why I try to stay low profile; no showing off, no Instagram account and such. Just to avoid this constant bombardment with creepy propositions. Still, somehow I rarely feel left in peace.
Adrianne is eager to start next day at warp speed. After waking up she’s all smiley and incredibly nice (for me these hyped-up behaviors of hers are quite entertaining). Her vigor is still unbelievable; just to squeeze everything from this summer, get the best vacation, act all grown up, be a new person. Ha! Okay, Let’sss… try that.
I put on my bikini, Adrianne asks me about hers. She wears a quite skimpy one, rose color; mine is white, covering a bit more than hers, but just a bit.
"You go, girl," I say, more ironically than sincerely: but I actually like the view, even though it’s on the verge of good taste… or just my taste.
"What enthusiasm" she throws in.
"I’m sorry. You’re really taking it seriously, you know? having fun?" I giggle, "looking at you, I think you really wanna get lucky." Now I start to laugh.
"I think I have a body for it. Right?"
"Oh, definitely. There’s no doubt. It really looks great! Don’t mind me, I have to adjust to the sight, that’s it. Just, don’t leave me alone for some guy after fifteen minutes."
"We need to buy you a skimpy one, too," she says, as we start to cover ourselves in sunscreen.
"Mine is sufficiently skimpy, skimpier than ever before. I’m glad you didn’t convince me to buy this model," I point at hers and turn to the mirror, "I feel barely comfortable in the one I got."
"I had my doubts too, but now I feel great in it." She inspects hers one more time in the mirror, and sighs happily, "like …empowered."
"Of course, it looks great. But it’s pretty skimpy for my taste."
She tilts her head sideways, pursing lips, "hell, you live only once, right?" And she crinkles her nose, searching for appreciation in my eyes.
"C’mon, hottie! Let’s get you out there to shine before men’s eyes!"
"Oh, we’re shining together," she points her finger in the air, "remember that!"
And we’re out. I’ve never felt so exposed and so much watched, in the skimpiest bikini I’ve ever worn, and with her at my side in one even skimpier. Aren’t we too courageous suddenly? I won’t say this to her; just sit tight! It’s just my cowardice, break it; everything’s normal, have fun!
And after a while, I actually adjust to the feeling of being as if on a catwalk. Men are into us, good! One more checked box on the summer-check-list.
We swim in turns and fry ourselves on the sunbeds at the beach. We’re all beautifully wet from swimming and the sunblock. The bikinis and the aviators—nice combo. And again some dudes pass us by and stare at our stretched and covered-in-the-sun-lotion bodies. A couple of them say ‘hello,’ but it’s even hard to tell if it’s toward us or just between themselves. Some of them are talking definitely only between themselves: "Damn! Have you seen those hotties?" But most of it just sounds like mumbling from my perspective. I just smile at the whole situation; Adrianne does too (if you ignore them they usually go away). I’m drawing again, just for fun.
Adrianne is gone for something to drink, and I start to read my book. After I’ve read maybe ten pages, Adrianne comes back with two gigantic pina coladas in her hands.
"How did you get those?!" I ask, seeing excitement in her eyes; the sweet princess is getting really naughty here.
"He offered them to me himself." She points in the direction of a booth.
Wow, she’s really trying to be… not herself here. I could say again "You go, girl," but actually, I’m afraid of drinking it. It’s eleven a.m. It’s illegal. And I don’t like the taste of alcohol; generally, neither of us hardly drinks at all.
"Isn’t this too big? There has to be a pint of vodka in this."
"It’s rum. And there’s almost no alcohol in it. Well, there is some but you can barely taste it. It’s really good!"
I try.
"Oh my God! It’s sooo gooood!" I try again. "Oooh, yummy. Still, I’m stressed." I look around.
"Stop looking around! You look like a freak. Nothing bad will happen. Nobody cares here. Try to relax."
"I am trying. " Another sip.
"Don’t you wish we could sunbathe our tits?" Adrianne asks me at some point, smearing more sun lotion on her arms.
"Like …topless? Here? Now!? You’re drunk already." I smile, waving my finger, take another sip.
"Yeah" she giggles, "Not here. Somewhere else."
"Yeah maybe. Without people. And–"
"But I would be around!"
"You are not people. You are Adrianne. That I can handle."
After maybe 40 minutes I am totally relaxed, I’ve drunk about half of this gigantic glass, yet I feel the buzz already. The sun is loving me; I stretch my glistening body a little bit more. And more guys are passing us, now between their mumbling I hear, "maaaan" and "WOW!" and one time: "Jesus! D’ya see these foxes!?" and such; now it makes me smile even more. It’s all good for my vanity, even the sentence "gooood sluts!"—someone has shouted—doesn’t bother me. I don’t care; it’s sooo good not to care. Everything is getting into its place, the sunbeams heating up my moistened skin, the hot air, the gentle breeze, not a care in the world. Oh my God, yes! This is it!
And then I feel a shadow casting over me, growing bigger. There were no clouds…
"Hello." I hear a man’s voice, "I think, you two shouldn’t be drinkin’ here." The voice says, "and it’s before twelve. Naughty, naughty." Panic! ("Oh, shit!" I think immediately "And we are out of luck." Adrianne must be fuming inside.) I squint my eyes and hear Adrianne’s stuttering, "he-he-hey, uhm…", she’s mulling over what to say. The man’s silhouette is emerging before my eyes. I put my sunglasses on, so does Adrianne. That’s some young dude, ripped and tanned; and smiling. I see the guy has a tattoo covering part of his arm and shoulder. He’s handsome, looks like a lifeguard. Yep, he’s a lifeguard. Maybe it’s nothing; I feel this dude—looking pretty cool—shouldn’t have any problem with this. It’s just a pretext.
"You won’t rat us out, right?" I say, with maybe a bit of a trembling voice, trying to act like a foxy girl—but I think I have no guts for it.
"Of course not." He smiles more, showing teeth—straight and white. "I’m Dominic. And you girls are…?"
"I’m Adrianne, and this is Emma," Adrianne says. She has put herself together.
The guy takes off his shades. His eyes are dark, I cannot say for sure brown or black at this point, but they’re definitely intense. He is very handsome, but at the same time there’s something relentless in his look. He asks about our hotel; he asks where we are from; we have a little chit-chat.
"Dominic? You look familiar." Adrianne inquires, obviously pondering something.
"Yeah. That’s possible. Everybody says that", he chuckles. "Listen girls, you like to have fun, don’t ya?"
"That’s why we’re here!" Adrianne stretches her arms, a lot calmer now, seeing an opportunity.
"So, you’re really lucky I found you!" He seems enormously confident.
"Oh yeah?" Adrianne responds with a smile, showing these pearly teeth of hers. Oh, she’s good here, an awakening of a fox.
He continues, "you don’t wanna miss the best times here, right? There are better places than this beach, with no crew. Trust me, I know this place like my own pocket. I know where you can go rrrreally crazy. With nooo troubles."
"And you can show us where?" I interrupt, suspiciously cocking my eyebrow.
"Or maybe you can take us there?" Adrianne flutters her eyebrows at me, and I think she’s into him already. Maybe she has found her fling. I’m scared now she’s gonna leave me alone here, too fast! "Stay together! Please!" I try to communicate with her telepathically.
"Well, let’s saaay…", he stops and grins—the type of grin that informs you that you don’t know something everybody knows—"see that house?" He points at one far away, last in the row, remote from the others, a massive, modern house on the dune. "That’s a place where you can party. That’s mine."
"You mean, that… big mansion on the dune?" Adrianne asks, surprised as I am.
"Are you…throwing a party?" I inquire.
"Every day’s a party day here."
I’m surprised: a young lifeguard with such a house? Adrianne looks suspiciously at him for a second, and then she smiles at him again.
"Dominic, right?" she says, "we’ll dddefinitely think about it."
I want to stop her—I don’t know if she’s just being polite or is actually considering this—but I can’t say anything around him.
"So you’re a lifeguard here, huh? And you have that house?" I ask, wanting to investigate this more.
"This? This is a volunteer job. I like to help." He grins and winks at us.
"Oh, okay."
Someone is shouting in the distance, looks like after Dominic. He looks around.
"You can find me here if you’re interested. Or I’ll just find you again." He makes a pistol out of his hand and pretend-shoots us, "don’t move. Finish your drinks! If someone asks, say I allowed it. I’ll keep my eyes on you two." He winks one more time. Then he runs toward some guy near the water and greets him with a vigorous clap on the shoulder.
I’m still sipping the pina colada, only now looking again around suspiciously, when Adrianne says to me, "Look!" On her iPad she shows me some article and points at the photo; I have to squint my eyes from the glare of the sun.
"I knew I recognized him from somewhere!" she hollers enthusiastically.
There he is, a local sportsman, a star, with a shitload of money. Together with his father they donated some of this shitload of money to some local sport organization; on the photo, they hold this ridiculously gigantic check. The whole article is one big puff piece. His father is a quite big and bald, a type of aging muscleman, not exactly like a millionaire, well not exactly like my or Adrianne’s parents and their usual companionship (if balding they would bag a toupee and not shave their heads, enhancing this mobster-look as Dominic’s father did.)
"You’ve even checked the news here? You really did your homework," I say.
"So?" she throws up her hands, "How good is this? Young, talented and successful. And yet so generous. You see?" she gives me these big eyes again, and then she points at a part of the article and quotes: ‘…family known for its generosity to the city…’ Huh! A philanthropist! And he hits on us. Ha-ha! Luuuckyyy!" She cocks her eyebrow mockingly.
"Yeah. Daddy’s money. A sportsman, pff." I snigger.
"Don’t be cynical."
"I don’t understand why it’s making such an impression on you. Our dads happen to be in newspapers too. It’s boooriiing."
"Yeah, yeah. They are boring. But this is completely different company!" She says while I murmur grumpily under my breath, "And he is sssexy! It’s our summer, Emma! Here’s our chance! Sportsman? Good! Wealthy? Well, good!" She shrugs. "He does his chores for a local community. Isn’t this enough? What do you want, more? I’m going after him!"
"And do what?"
"Summer stuff? I’mmm gonna do it! You just… stay here. I’ll be back."
"I don’t know… Eh." I feel I’m querulous, so I take another sip of my lovely pina colada (I can’t keep avoiding guys like that all the time. What could happen? Nothing! Easy!), so I say, "Okay, you’re right. I need to get rid of this negativity. From now on, I support you. Sooo, you go girl! Get that hunky stud! Just get back here. Fast."
"Okay!" She stands up and walks in the sand—the bikini looks really good on her from behind, too, I think—then she turns on her heel and grabs my hand, "Oh,but you must come with me!" she giggles.
"And our stuff?"
"Oh, take the purse, screw the rest, nobody is gonna take it."
We find him near the lifeguard tower, now all wet, he was swimming just a moment ago. For some reason, I cannot stop smiling stupidly…
Adrianne shows the article on her iPad to Dominic and says, nodding and smiling, “Like to help, huh? MmmHmm, and modest, too, I see.”
"Too much? Well, I don’t want to brag how much of a star I am here." He smiles wide again, and winks, too. For a quarter of a second I feel he’s giving me intense body-check, I see the fire in these dark wild eyes of his—a dash of insanity combined with confidence in them, the wrongful combination girls often like so much—"So, have you two decided you wanna have a really incredible summer? Hmm? Talk to me. I’m yours. And I know everyone, and every body here."
"Of course, we do. Sooo…?" Adrianne responds—I know she is terrified of what she’s saying… I still think he isn’t the right companion for us, but I just stay there with arms crossed looking around, and the smile on me seems now kind of childish. Let her do her thing.
"Tiger! My man!" Behind us, someone’s shouting. I turn around. Two happy and airy looking guys come close to us and greet Dominic.
"What’s up! What’s up, my men!" He says. They give each other guys’ handshakes.
"I see you’re picking the best. As usual," the one guy says, lowering his shades and checking me out insolently; then he looks at Adrianne. The other one is nodding. "We’re not gonna bother you then! See ya my friend!" The first says and turns toward us, "Have fun with The Legend." And a wink. So much winking here.
I observe them for a moment with a puzzled expression,and turn to Dominic. "The legend? And first of all…Tiger? Ti-ger!?" I twist my mouth, trying not to laugh out loud.
"Yeah, Emma. Em-ma? That’s what they call me here." He says absolutely peacefully.
"Okay… Tiger." Now I wink. We talk for a while. He suggests we can visit his house later. In about an hour, just to check out the place. Adrianne is, of course, willing, and I don’t want to be a drag, so we agree.
When we get back to our towels and other stuff, everything is intact. I just say to her, snickering, "he’s quite a dickhead."
And she responds, laughing, "I-huh-I know! But it’s summer. He won’t be the love of my life. This is um… It’s a… Oh, c’mon! It’s a golden opportunity. Time to stop worrying."
"Sure." Actually, I think the same, I finish the last drop of my pina colada. Warm, but still tastes nice. I embrace the moment. The sounds of breaking waves. The sounds of the beach crowd. And with this last gulp a little hiccup.
…It’s around two p.m. and, we’re on our trip to Dominic’s house. I wear a see-through beach skirt on the bottom part of the bikini; Adrianne wears jean shorts on her bikini, but with a zipper fully open and stretched: the rose color is beaming from the triangle of open and stretched zipper. It’s on purpose, of course; I just smile to myself thinking of how much she’s trying to be wild. It’s cute in its own way. The place is even farther away than it seemed earlier, from the beach. It’s the end of the city; behind it: wilderness. The building looks even more sinister, like something ‘The Empire’ would have built.
He comes to the gateway with open arms as we show up and yells happily, "You came!"
I still feel pretty light-headed, not a care in the world now.
"Just to see your place," I say, truly being sincerely interested in this oddly and futuristic-looking house, how it looks inside and how are the views; on the other hand I think it could be considered an environmental crime.
We are in the driveway. "That’s my car and my bike." He waves his hand flippantly. There’s a black Porsche 911—a new model—and a sport bike, black-and-orange; I have no idea what it is—not my element, and I don’t see any name written on it. I spot some unfinished little wooden building in the side yard, something like a tea house maybe, but bigger. We go inside the house. A spacious, bright hall combined with salon, there’s a bar counter here and big glass wall with door leading onto a terrace with a view of the ocean. All this seems incredible; definitely expensive, although some things are too tacky for my taste… He makes drinks for us; this time small ones. Oh, these are tasty too, although not as good as the giant pina coladas.
"Is that a big hot tub or a small pool?" Adrianne asks, There’s a very spacious hot -tub-like thing built in the terrace.
"Hot tub, it has the system and all. Nice, huh?" Dominic says.
"Yeah, it’s great. We’ve got an indoor pool in our home, but I’d rather have this, with that view. You don’t need a pool when you have the ocean."
"’Our home’? You two are…?" Dominic asks, changing his glance from me to Adrianne to me again.
"I mean my family home, but Emma’s got a pool, too. With a cool bar!"
"Yeah. And that’s great for parties, too.," I say, getting the uneasy feeling we’re bragging too much. And I haven’t ever thrown my own party in my house.
Dominic tells us more about the house and himself and asks us a few things about ourselves as well. The dude seems even more cocky to me than before, but I don’t mind it at this moment. He explains why he’s doing the lifeguard bit: it’s a great opportunity to catch ‘fresh girls’. I don’t even inquire what ‘fresh girls’ means. He explains the house is a property belonging to his family, it’s his parents’ summer house, and they come here from time to time with his sisters, but he’s living here alone most of the time. He’s also pretty amused by the fact that we don’t know anybody in the city, as if a list of contacts is some kind of necessity.
"And you can go topless here." he says at some point. I have no idea if it’s a joke or not.
"Oh, maybe." Adrianne responds fast, before I could’ve given any sarcastic answer, and looks at me, tilting her head to one side—that’s the signal: "Just go with it.", or "Follow my lead.", or whatever. Not that she knows what she’s doing whatsoever; and she knows she doesn’t really know, and I know that she… you know… It’s even funny to watch these spontaneous attempts of hers, always: try, try-try-try, learn, always get up if you fail, and be good at everything. (Oh, those parents of ours, sooo successful, so much that their children have to be of course successful too; more, and more, and more). And here we are at the final exam: having a good time. “Jesus, I’m a bit drunk” I think.
He shows us the rest of the house. "So? Are we gonna have a reeeaallly goood time here, or what?" He grins widely again. Mr. Joker.
"You know," I interrupt him while inspecting shelves with DVDs (most of it is a collection of Steven Seagal movies, plus a few brain-dead comedies) "we’re not such party girls. Maybe you should know that."
"Oh, shut up, Emma." Adrianne shushes me up and smiles to him—a bit too naively in my opinion.
"Oooh, aren’t ya?" He again gets really interested for some reason in what I’ve just said, giving me a very enquiring—and maybe a bit frightening—look.
"Yeah, well, we’re here to start our party life." I say, peeking knowingly at Adrianne and she gives me a little nod. But his expression reveals he was counting on exactly such information. Both of them: nice girls on a path to become wild.
We go farther, and some porn DVD’s catch my eye on another shelf. Huh, it’s a family house, and there are porn movies on the shelf in the main living room? Perhaps they were mislaid. Maybe we’ll watch it with him. No, that could get out of hand. I giggle under my breath, oh, I love pina coladas.
In the end, he tells us there are some spare rooms here. Two, with one shared bathroom. He shows us. They’re nice, the bathroom is great, it all looks like it was designed for a couple of young girls. He tells us we can move in if we want to. “It’s better than a hotel, and you will save some money. And there are no limits here." I feel sudden shock and fear, and I only hope that Adrianne will say: “We’ll think about it”, and not: “Sure! Definitely! Count us in!” But then I think about how much better it would be to spend time here, big mansion, away from all that hubbub.
And she just looks at me, searching for confirmation My face is saying “Why not?”
After we get out of there, Adrianne says to me, all excited, "He’s awesome! I’d screw him! Really! And we can live there; it’s way better than the hotel! And we’ll have more money to spend. Shit! Emma! Doesn’t this sound awesome?" she asks but doesn’t let me answer, "I’m not gonna do this without you." She’s all hot and keyed up.
I think about it for a second, about these views again, about this great spot without sweaty crowds. And the parties that could be thrown there. And I feel the buzzzz! Okay, she’s going to screw him? Fine! And I’ll have the time of my life here. That’s so not me. Yeah, that’s why it’s probably worth overcoming. Yeah! She’s right! And I tell her, "Uhm; that’s… why not! Y-yeah-yeah! Why not! Hell yeah! Let’s do this!" A big smile appears on my face.
"Really?" She looks at me, hope sparkling in her eyes. We’re getting wild!
"Yeah!" I say, and she jumps happily. I continue "And maybe… the cash we’re gonna get back from the hotel… We can buy that skimpier bikini for me? And when we get back here. Do you think he has the ingredients to make another one of those pina coladas?"
"Maybe you should lay off that stuff for now." She pats my shoulder.
I think about Dominic getting lucky with Adrianne, and I feel something: maybe the unfairness of a situation when a guy like that gets a girl like this? Or maybe it’s jealousy? Maybe the two are somehow combined; still, I feel—with sunbeams on my back now—just great.
It’s almost four p.m., and we check ourselves out of the hotel, after jumping fast into new outfits, more casual than bikinis,. (The refund appears to be pretty decent; nonetheless we both always had this little problem with appreciating the value of money…) We’re going out exactly at the moment when Dominic parks his 911 next to the curb in front of the hotel.
"Excellent timing!" He says, pulling on the handbrake. Smile has evidently never left this sunny boy for a second. He asks about the hotel, and if we terminated our reservation.
"Good." His smile turns more sly.
We barely can fit our stuff into the tiny trunk of this car. Adrianne calls shotgun, of course, and I barely can place myself in the back seat, I have to look like a squashed sardine. This beast has such acceleration that it makes me a bit seasick. Adrianne is again trying to find herself in this element: elbow sticking out, she makes few jokes with our new colleague.
We’re driving down the main boulevard, high palm trees around, ocean to the right. At a red light, two girls in bikini tops and shorts come to the car.
"Heeey, Tiger." They both say. Then one of them continues, "Sooo, when we can drop by your place?"
"Sorry girls, I’m a busy man" he responds and shrugs. One of the girls gives me a short, cold glance. Dominic goes on, "Now I’m showing my good friends here the city, got a few more things to do; we’ll talk later." The girls make sad faces for some desired effect. Green light; and we’re off, fast.
"You don’t want to invite them to the party?" I ask, a bit surprised; they seemed hot.
"Not this time. These chicks… they don’t match your level, girls. I would like to have a bit more cozy time with you two." He looks at Adrianne and at me in the rear view mirror, cheekily. "They’d be a distraction for us."
Adrianne gives me a glance of satisfaction.
Next red light. Two young guys are walking. They slow down and look at us, or perhaps at the car, jaws a bit dropped. Dominic is tapping his fingers on the outside of the car door, looking at them.
"Seen enough?" He says to the guys and at the same time accelerates suddenly with tires itching to break traction.
We get to his place. There’s another car parked outside, a big black four-seat Mercedes Cabrio. I’m getting suspicious. My buzz is almost gone. We get inside. The sun is shining at a different angle; everything is more apricot-orange now, the atmosphere changed It saturates the air with…emptiness.
At some point, I spot a girl’s underwear—a black g-string—on one of the sofas in the main room. Now a startling thought pops into my mind: this looks like—why didn’t I think of it earlier? (Ah, the pina colada!)—some kind of a… I’m afraid of the thought: a fuck house. Now I have sobered up completely.
"Do you have a girlfriend?" I ask, almost but not quite casually.
"What?" Hah! No? Oh, that’s a… that belongs to a chick that stays here. Stayed, actually. Hah, myyy, let’s say, girlfriend." He is chuckling, staring in my eyes, "Don’t worry; she’s out of here today! She’s umm, blehhh, fucked up. Totally."
"Why?" I ask and at the same time hear a snort behind us, " ‘Cause she cannot suck for shit!" The voice behind shouts. I turn around and see a guy: in a slouch hat, folded on both sides; shades, no shirt, desert camouflage pants; he’s ripped and tall, but he has slightly narrower shoulders than Dominic (still he’s a big dude); and he’s less tanned; a side-to-side tattoo on the abdomen, something like an eagle: almost nazi-looking. He’s chugging a beer.
"And that’s Tyyyyyler!" Dominic shouts his name like at a boxing match, pointing a finger at him. "And these are the girls." Dominic stands between us, hands on our waists, we’re like sheep, "Say hello to the girls, muthafucka."
"Hello, muthafuckas," the guy responds. I shyly wave my hand. Apparently now this guy is in the mix; well, what did we expect? He stares at us for a moment. His expression, although happy-looking at first sight, has something scary about it.
"You, you are the fuckin’ king!" The guy shouts, pointing each index finger—the can of beer still in one hand—at Dominic. He takes another sip "Now, which one is mine? I mean, at first." He winks at Dominic, and I hope this is just a big joke. I think about what we have done with our hotel room… and I come slowly to a realization—and I feel it with all my body—what we’ve done: we’re screwed, figuratively and maybe even literally. Adrianne seems even more confused and more scared than I am, even though she mentioned banging Dominic. And that scares me even more—without her taking care of him we’re both screwed anyway.
Suddenly, and to my enormous surprise, Adrianne tries to get a grip on herself, and says quietly, out of the side of her mouth to me, "Uh, I’m guessing… he’s yours?"
"Are you insane?!" I want to say. She looks at me, eyes begging; now I know she’s improvising, ("Just say yes, just say yes! You’ll take care of him!"). Sure, I’ve put myself into this. So, apparently, I must take …Tyler? Somehow. How? Oh. My. God. By talking with him for two weeks? Reading him some poetry? Drawing a portrait of him? Scampering at the beach holding hands? Yeah, right. I’m screwed. I try to say something, desperately, make a joke, act casual, "Umm…", nothing. Just a confused expression, that’s all I’ve got.
And Dominic says, "Hey, let’s take your shit and leave it in your rooms, and then we can start a part-ay, yeah? Tyler!? Move, muthafucka!" He points his eyes at our bags, and Tyler takes two of our bags.
We get upstairs. Meanwhile, their talk gets more and more ambiguous. I try not to think of it, but the strangeness of this place and these two dudes is getting under my skin. We’re trying to shoot the breeze, ask them some follow-up questions, like nothing is shady at all. We get to know they’re both twenty-one years old, and Tyler has just arrived and will be staying here, too. I feel they’re making a bit of fun of our questions, but they don’t give anything away up front. I want to ask if there will be more people coming, but I am afraid of the answer, which seems to me almost obvious now. They could rape us here just like that. I feel their horniness in the air. I gulp.
They put our bags into our rooms and we stand before the door when Tyler speaks: "These are big titties for eighteen-year-olds!" frightening the shit out of me, out of us, again. The guy lacks the appearances Dominic can keep up;close, but just barely. Tyler’s all grinning, and cocky too; even worse. Well, maybe that’s even better: just rip this bandage off.
"They’re not that big. We both have C cups." I say, just to say anything, keep talking, like we are all equals, nothing’s happening. (Oh my God I’ve got myself locked in a fortress with two hardcore bullies, probably lighting cigars with their parents’ hundred dollar bills. I feel like I’m dreaming.)
"So, let’s maybe start this topless thing we were talking about," Dominic says; they grin at each other, knowingly. And now I’m sure where this is going . That’s it. Now run or deal with it Think! Fuck!!
"Oh… um…" Adrianne doesn’t know what to say (or what to do). They talk to us both, but now I treat it like it only concerns her. She wanted this, not me; I am not letting the reality in! I see with the corner of my eye that Adrianne is also questioning herself as to what we have gotten ourselves into. I see her pulse rising, I see her consternation. It’s getting very rough very fast. It feels like we’re obligated to do what they want. Shiiiit. The stories about hitchhiking turning into a nightmare pop up in my mind. Fear creeps up my spine, and imaginary cold drops of sweat run down. Breathe.
And I say to her, calmly, "You wanted to go topless anyway…" I look at her trying to communicate telepathically again. She puffs, partially outraged, partially shocked. Those big sweet eyes. ("Show your tits to them! Faster the better!" I want to tell her). That’s my new plan: let Adrianne bang her young Christian Grey And maybe his pal too? And I just hide behind her. Or I tell her to tell Dominic to get rid of this Tyler dude. and then she’s his. Yep, let’s kill and eat Bambi. That clearly isn’t going to work. Or we can just escape. Not escape, just politely say we’re leaving now… and that means the end of our vacation. Oh, great! What am I going to say at home? It’s all useless anyway, and I feel immediately shitty for my inclination to throw her under the bus.
However, to my astonishment and horror, she’s grabbing her blouse now. She even smiles, but I see her nerves are almost fried. She pulls her blouse up and bites her bottom lip—ever so shy, she looks very sexy—the bra is for us to see. She pulls it down a bit. Her tits pop out, round and perky—a thrill goes through my body—her brows are up, in anticipation of a good review. And the guys cheer loud, very loud. She covers her tits with her hands, looking at me with pursed lips now—what the hell is that supposed to mean? Is my awful plan working? Somehow I feel even worse: she’s in, I’m not.
"Oh, yeah! These are fuckin’ great titties," Tyler says, "really great titties. Big! And so fuckin’ round! WOW!" ("Yeah, try to be like us and not have everything good" I ponder.)
"No disappointment here, huh?" Dominic adds, giving Tyler a jab in the arm. Adrianne looks still nervous, but a distinct shade of pride crosses her face now; well, she’s nailing this vacation so far…
And Tyler comments, "Fuckin’ A. Man’s got the gift. Right girls? I’m gonna try them Spanish style. Titty fuck ‘em! Definitely!" Laughter. ("Whaaat!?" runs through my head), and he says, looking at me, quite imperiously, "And you? What are you waitin’ for?"
Before I can answer—with nothing—Adrianne says to them, still trying to smile casually, but her voice audibly fluttering, "Umm, can you… give us a moment? Alone?"
"Sure girls. Take your time. We have lots of it." Dominic snickers. I close the door and hear laughter outside.
"Okay, what the hell is going on here!?" Adrianne shouts at me. She’s one big mess, now it comes out. "Are they going to fuck us here? Are they!?"
"You wanted to screw him, so…" I’m still trying to push her, but I don’t feel good about it at all.
"No, no, no. Not like this. It’s a, it’s a, it’s a…" she’s panicking, and this triggers all of my alarms, "This is too real!" She hollers out. "What have we done? Oh my God…" Her voice turns into a lament; she touches her temples, "I’m gonna. I’m gonna have a panic attack!"
"Are you kidding me?! You cannot have a panic attack! No! No! No! You need to get out there and chit-chat and make it smooth."
"They don’t want to chit-chat! This is some kind of a fuck-house!" She’s on the verge of crying. That melts my heart a bit, and the words "fuck house" ring in my head. And then I think: "So I’ll get fucked here too? It’s decided, apparently? This is why alcohol is fuckin’ bad! At 11 a.m.! Now I finally get it!"
"And what did you expect? Fifty fuckin’ shades?! Roses every morning and a helicopter!? That’s how it works?" I yell, unleashing some of my growing anger.
"Why didn’t you tell me this!?" She shouts. I am silent. I could have; I just didn’t think there was any need to. "Oh my God! I cannot do this! With him. Like that." She throws her arms up.
"What!? It was your idea! C’mon, don’t make it any harder, I’ve probably got that other prick on my head now. And I don’t have any strategy! So, go get him, tiger?!" I’m only worsening the situation; she’s breaking down, eyes bigger and bigger every second; if they turn into balloons she may float away and escape on them. She asks about our hotel; it pisses me off more.
"We can’t go back! We booked our hotel three months ago!"
But she’s nagging me, so I call the hotel, giving her sardonic smile while on hold. She looks like she’s praying, hoping. I don’t have any hope. The reception answers, I say what I have to say and hear what I’ve expected. And I tell her, falsely calmly, "Yep. It’s gone." Again sardonic smile, "and I’ve ashamed myself additionally. The guy on the other end was sniggering under his breath. He was obviously! fuckin’! sniggering!"
"Oh my God! Oh my God! What about other hotels?"
"What other hotels?! It’s the middle of the season!"
She sighs, looking around. "So what are we gonna do!?"
"Ummm…" Nothing.
"What!?” Now my fear is turning to fury. "Yeah! I’ve been hearing for weeks about being a loser from you and now, ‘hey, let’s escape! And get back!’, what are you going to say at home after this?" Her face gets even more frightened. "Hey," I say more calmly, "they didn’t rape us. Yet. Right? Kudos to them, right?" No, that’s no use; it’s just so obvious what’s going to happen. It’s not working, she’s a mess, so I ponder out loud, "Okay, I’ve screwed up too. Uhm… It’s still fixable somehow. Hmm …maybe …nooo. Hmm… no."
And finally I realize it: we screwed ourselves in less than three hours. We’ve shown a total lack of responsibility and reason …second day of our vacation. It cannot be so easy, can it? Somebody should’ve put a warning somewhere! Suddenly I know my only option. Exactly. Yep.
"Okay, Adrianne. I’m gonna …heh, shag your boy." I smile widely.
"What?" She shakes her head in despair.
"If I’m getting banged here anyway, I’m after the king, not his… Sancho Panza or whatever this Tyler guy is. You were right, I’m not going to screw up my vacation. I’m gonna fuck his brains out if you don’t! Don’t know how, but I’m gonna!" She’s stunned.
I ponder. It isn’t going to be romantic or smooth, it’s going to be rough; really rough, and real. Brace yourself Emma. I take a deep breath, look at ,Adrianne, and say in my head, "You’d better fuckin’ brace yourself too!". I go out, giving her a knowing glimpse "Yeah! That’s right! I’m doing this! What-fucking-ever!". She’s just standing there, probably she feels a kind of redemption, because of my act of sacrifice or whatever this is, but I know she’s doomed to the same fate as I am, it’s just a postponement. Maybe, maybe it will get smooth somehow.
Outside the room is quiet; the guys are gone. I’m pretty much terrified, but at the same time, I feel so much anger that I don’t care any more about what I’m doing. I want, I need, I demand a great vacation!
Walking through the corridor, I find another little living room on the floor. The roller blinds are shut, so I hit the lights: wood paneling, wood furniture; oak, I think. Like a study. A lot of framed photographs on the wall. There’s a fancy-looking carafe of what looks like whiskey on the top of a counter. Instinctively I grab the handle of the cupboard below, and there’s a fridge built in. Bingo! Nice. Next to the carafe is also a box of cigars, I take one and smell it, and it smells definitely better that cigarettes, but I doubt it would be still the same after lighting it. The drink I pour myself from the carafe doesn’t taste nearly as good as a pina colada. It tastes like …old wood. This is how a… liquidized wooden ship would taste. There’s ginger ale in the fridge. I throw some into the glass. It makes it slightly better.
A sip. And a deep breath. Okay… I’m not going to be depressed here! I’m not! Another sip.
I go downstairs, to meet my destiny. My trembling inner voice turns into a nonsense melody, "Fate, fate, fate… is on my side. Fuckin’ fate. Don’t swear so much! God, I’m so nervous. Fate, fate, fate." Every girl has at least one shameful story about screwing a totally wrong guy, right? The check-list? It’s actually weirdly convincing. Then I hear their voices…
"It’s fine, fine, fine. Trust me. I’ve got a hunch. D’ya know my hunch? D’ya know me one day?" Sounds like Dominic.
"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Heh. Easy. It’s gonna be fuckin’ great." And that’s Tyler; I hear hands clapping. "They’re fuckin’ flawless man!" Now he is giggling stupidly. I sneak like a cat.
"Yeah, yeah. And don’t worry. They’re gonna liven up. I’ve got this." Again Dominic.
"Can you make it fuckin’ fast? Cause I feel my balls ’re gettin’ blue already from lookin’ at those fuckin’ cuties. So which one is mine?"
Dominic sniggers, "Neither. Both are mine, you jerk off muthafucka."
"Fuck you."
I enter the room, walking silently; they don’t see me yet. "Oh, god", I gulp, "shit, shit, shit." I look at them, Tyler doesn’t have his shades on any more. Dominic is sitting, outstretched lazily, in the armchair. His t-shirt is gone; he has only his cargo shorts and sport shoes. Tyler is standing in front of him. Dominic sees me; Tyler turns around, and they both grin simultaneously.
"I’m guessing you’re staying?" Dominic chuckles.
"Of course," I say. Another distinct gulp.
"Great. Great, great, great."
"Yep, great. We can’t go back to our hotel cause it’s—I’m guessing you know —it’s the middle of the season, so…"
"Bummer." Dominic responds.
"Yeah. Lucky for you, right?"
"I’m always lucky." They look at each other knowingly, "so you can take some of it for yourself." Adrianne’s speeches about luck pop into my head.
"Like… suck it up? Okay. I will." I shrug my shoulders, but inside I feel my heart pumping like crazy; they glance at each other one more time, "I’m actually here to …seal the deal. You want to …liven us up, yeah? So, basically—let’s set the record straight here—there’s gonna be fucking, right?" His grin is good for an answer, "well, okay, let’s do this." My heart goes even faster. I take my top off and present my lacy black bra. It’s an odd feeling. I just want to start doing it already, before I change my mind.
Tyler claps again and rubs his palms together, cheering, "Oh, yeah! Oooh, yeah!"
"Uhm…" I raise my finger, "No. Not you. I was talking to him. And only to him." I point at Dominic, "I have business with him; not you, Blueballs."
And Dominic shouts, "Boom! She fuckin’ cut you off! You’re going down bitch!"
I know I’m just messing with Tyler—I have no good cards here; bluffs, nothing—and it’s going to end with some punishment aimed …at my ass. Sooner or later. But the guy is getting on my nerves, (even more than Dominic is), and I’ve started it already so I decide I’m going to maintain this attitude toward him.
Tyler is sniggering, "Oh, oh, oh. Go ahead, whatever. The host is first. But I’m next!" He walks slowly backward, "that’s my deal."
"Deal, you say? I have no deal with you, okay? Let’s get things straight. I’ll fuck you," pointing at Dominic again, then at Tyler, "but you …don’t fuck me. Ever. And we’re even, and we can live here for a while. Okay?"
"Sure thing. Hey, you don’t have to do anything." Dominic says. I just don’t believe him.
"Right, right. Only… you will do everything here anyway." sly smile, "that’s guaranteed. Trust me."
"Of course."
"Wanna bet?" Tyler interrupts.
"Bet? Sure. About what?"
"Maybe this," Dominic proposes, "if you don’t wanna fuck more after this, fine! Fuckin’, live here for a month even! Whatever. I don’t care. And if you do wanna fuck, then no worries, huh? Everythin’ checks out." He smiles to me, then, more knowingly, to Tyler. ("What’s this?" I wonder, "A hunch? About… what?")
I puff resentfully, and I pause: "Fine." And I start to take off my shorts, stop, turn around to Tyler and say to him, "Could you…?"
He sniggers, points at me again and says, "I will be back, princess." Then he winks. My shorts are on the floor already. And I slowly unhook my bra, trying to do it in a tempting manner; I keep it in place, looking at Tyler slowly walking backward, just to piss him off more.
Tyler is finally gone, and I turn around to Dominic, covering my tits with my hands now The bra is on the floor. He’s going to fuck me. It’s happening. Breathe.
And Dominic, standing up, says, "You’re solid?"
"Wha…?" I’m confused. I open my eyes wide, giving him the green of them at their loveliest.
"After or before? That’s two only options with me." He says all smiles and winks—the goddamn winks!—while unzipping his pants. I feel he’s making fun of me again. I’m getting more nervous.
"Umm… Uh, you know…" I stall for a second and finally catch his drift. He’s asking me about contraception! Oh! Yeah! Af– Uh, I mean before! Before."
"Good girl. What’s up with the hands, huh? Uncover those beauties."
At first, I make a serious expression—a bit bitter, a bit snobby, I guess. Then I uncover my tits slowly and raise my arms aloft. And my tits are completely out. Inside I panic—three deep breaths—but seeing his nodding expression and hypnotizing burning eyes. I get my confidence together fast, stick them out more, tilt my head to one side, wait… smile. That part is even fun. And I bite my lip, grab my boobs, push them up together. Next: stick them out more; at the end, I gently flip my hair. And I wonder if it is really going to be a one-time thing.
He is only in boxer shorts. I see this big bulge, really big ("Oh, shit! It cannot be that big!?"). He puts some music on, some aggressive techno, but it’s rather quiet. I move to it, quite shyly at first, and I start to giggle. Now I feel all of this is absolutely insane, and for some reason, it gives me a kick, my moves get better. I turn around and start to do a little striptease—thumbs holding the panties—asking myself what I am doing here, why I didn’t run away. I answer myself only with giggling.
"Talent." He says—I feel it’s still sarcastic—and gets closer to me. Meanwhile, I take off my panties and now I’m holding them on my finger, smiling at him cheekily. Between my legs, I feel a chilling breeze. It’s nice. My clit is on display. He grabs me, and we kiss. French, and I’m getting into it He’s a good kisser, at least something’s good.
He falls onto the armchair holding my ass tight, I fall onto him, still kissing him; for a moment I think we’re gonna fall onto the ground, and I scream –not much more than a squeak– in fear, then a giggle—but he looks very serious now, menacing; I forgot we probably don’t like each other— but now we’re back to kissing.
I sit on him and feel his dick rubbing on my naked buttocks and pussy through his shorts. He’s contemplating my tits—first holding my arms pinned to my hips—then he starts to fondle them; I hop lightly—my body guides me—rubbing myself on his cock more; Oh, it’s big. I feel immensely growing panic again: he’s gonna rip me in half with that thing, I’m not used to big dicks; I’m not even used to regular ones! I can’t let him know my experience is so limited.
"Wanna suck it?" He says, sounds more like an order than a question.
I sigh and giggle almost at the same time—the nerves—and immediately think this is a good moment to check out and adjust to his size, maybe stall before getting this thing into my pussy, which—oh, my—is pretty wet already.
"Uh, yeah…" I say and lower myself a bit. Now my face is near his chest; I stare into his eyes. Then I go lower. When I am at the waistband of his shorts, I grab them and pull them down as I go. This model-big cock pops out; it makes me fling my head back, and my eyes feel like they’re about to burst out of my head.
"I know this is risky…" I say and finish the sentence in my head, "but I want to taste it anyhow!".
"Who risks nothing has nothing, babe. Try it. You won’t be disappointed." This smug expression on his face, like he knows something about me. Proud cock. I repay him with a cold glance …and I kiss the head; something pierces through me, a very masculine taste, it’s like… and just like this—a finger snap—I get into it, completely, speeding like a locomotive, feeling like I almost need it. Apparently, I do. I’ve never sucked penis so greedily, although it’s just the fourth time in my life I am doing it, and only the second guy. It fills my mouth completely, exactly as it should do. And the taste assures me this is very real.
"Come here." I hear. It’s like a wake-up call. I’ve lost track of time, bobbing on this thing.
I stand up and lower myself onto him. A pause: ass hovering over his dick for a moment, and he rubs my clit with his fingers; he speeds up to a very fast pace. I feel my cunt’s getting dangerously wet. For a moment I fear it’s something other than my juice, but it isn’t, it’s all a product of this enormous excitement. I’m doing something really bad here. He licks his fingers fast, and puts them on my button again, rubs it fast, and licks again, and again. He puts one of his fingers into me, my pussy turns into pudding. I collapse and slide onto his cock, just a little resistance, and he’s in—Oh God I have this monster in me, the whole thing! A few slow thrusts and it starts, we bang. He caresses my tits again, sucks my nipple into his mouth. I feel his muscular chest. My mind flies away…
And then another wake-up call: doggy-style. He just flips me, no questions. It’s fast and hard. My pussy is stretched and filled, but ready to go all the way. He spanks me; Sss-oh, my God! Yes! More, please! He rams me like the dog he is for what seems like forever. I love it and back up onto his dick with every stroke.
Suddenly he orders me to lie on my back, and when I do, he starts screwing me while standing and holding my right leg in the air, high, straight up. Jesus, it’s so intense!
After a bit, he pulls my hair and forces me to kneel—it’s a bit degrading, makes me a bit mad, but I’m only sighing loudly—and puts his big wet cock into my mouth—it’s so fast it takes me by surprise. And I go crazy. I just suck and lick and swallow all this whipped cream… Fuck me…
After maybe two minutes he pulls me up and orders me to sit on him. I ponder for a second… Too long! He slaps me again, shouting "Fast!" and pulls me onto him. I pierce myself onto his cock again. Oh, yes! Three deep breaths. I bend my back backward and support my arms on the armchair near his shoulders. Now it’s reverse cowgirl. He’s all the way in me already and holds me by my hips, tight. He speeds up; I adjust fast to this drilling. Okay, okay! Oh, it’s good. Ooohhh! Fuck, it’s good!
…and then I hear Tyler’s voice. And his laughter. He’s coming back !! I instantly try to jump off but this meets with a tightening grip of Dominic’s hands on my loins, and he’s just fucking me steadily, panting almost diabolically. I cannot move, except to bounce on this huge dick. Tyler’s coming here!
Dominic fucks me as he pleases and Tyler comes in, just like that, stands before me, ("Jesus Christ!! What the fuck!! No way!!") eating an ice-cream on a stick. I look at him with big eyes and open mouth, as if he’s not really there. Panic, pleasure, shame. Ooh, fu-u-uck! Jesus, what they are doing to me! I’m just a girl!
"I’m back!" Tyler says melodically, the asshole. He smiles. I can only wriggle, and Dominic is speeding up more; my breath matches his thrusts, and my mind goes insane. Oooh, God!! Tyler comes closer and tilts his head, looking at Dominic’s cock working its way in my bare wet cunt. I’m burning! I’m red! Now I’m purple! I feel more juice is coming.
"Fuckin’ juicy man. She seems tight as fuck, " Tyler comments while eating his ice cream. I want to smash it into his smug face, but I’m too…occupied.
"Oh yeah! She’s fuckin’ tiiight. Tight! Tight! Tight!" Dominic’s voice and moans are just sinister.
I manage to cover my tits with one hand; my mouth’s still open, shocked expression. I’m at their mercy. I try to say—stuttering because Dominic is stil banging me, hard, and my nerves are fried—"huh-I-I to-o-oh!-old you. It’s, it’s him a-an’ me, o-oh!-o-on-ly."
"Yeah, but nothin’ about watching." He winks and stares some more. "Oooh yeah! And the fuckin’ titties! Jiggle them some more."
"Fuck off!" I yell and my yelling turns into fast panting. Dominic bursts into this hyena laughter, he takes my panties from the armrest of the armchair and sticks it into my mouth like a gag, shushing me quietly "Shshsh." I just let him do this; somehow it’s calms me a notch. He moves his right hand from my hips to my neck, grabbing it hard, this puts him in a good position to screw me harder, a bit slower but even deeper—his whole shaft sliding in and out of me easily, despite my tightness. I stretch my naked body in front of Tyler looking in his smiling soulless eyes. The way he eats his ice cream… it seems like he’s giving me suggestions; although any suggestiveness is now redundant; I hate him for this, I hate Dominic… but the cock is sooo good, and this is all fuckin’ strange!
Tyler’s mumbling now some things, like, "Oh yeah, break the fuckin’ princess in. Uh, break her in." I feel like I’m getting even more wet. And indifferent to everything else.
And then I hear Adrianne’s voice: "Hey, I just wanna check if is everything okay becau-o-oh." She enters and freezes, immediately stops talking, her jaw drops; after three seconds, she throws in, "Oh, shit…"
It’s like a shot: my embarrassment rises even higher to the point of bursting me into flames, and it suddenly just …disappears; an empty space. I spit out my panties, wondering why didn’t I just do it right away… They drop onto my tits and hang there.
"Hurray!!! Adrianne! We-ooh-welcome to the party!" I holler out, feeling more drunk now than I was at the beach, "You’ve missed the best part of the show! M-M-Maybe some help?!"
"Ummm… sorry. I just…thought I…" She is completely shocked, looking around like she has dropped something ,slowly walking backward. I wouldn’t know what to do either, but I’m in a different place. Luckily?
"Maybe I’ll ho-hold your hand? Huh? Then they’ll be fuckin’ you too!" I release my anger on her, and for a moment I’m amused ; Dominic goes into another spasm of diabolical laughter; so does Tyler. Where the fuck am I? Hah!
"Are you kiddin’ me?" She gulps, staring at me, completely astonished.
"No-oh. I’m seeeriou-oh!-s!" It’s hard to talk while bouncing on a cock, "Because they’re gonna." I smile a bit sardonically, bouncing on that… wonderful! cock. I feel insane; like an asshole; an asshole like they are.
"Yeahhh! Come on!" Tyler says to her and comes closer to me and asks, "You want some?" He means the ice cream. I open my mouth, ready for it He puts it there, I lick it, first eyes closed, then I open them, fully, staring at him, a bit madly, I guess.
"Oooh yeah." He says, and nods slowly with a cheeky smile; he takes a look at Adrianne.
Adrianne pulls herself together and, slightly calmer, throws in, "Maybe I should go."
"Oh, and what’s up with you?" I try to say.
"Shush. Shut the fuck up." Dominic shushes me quietly again and stuffs the panties in my mouth again. I obey and look at her with the panty gag in my mouth.
"So, are you gonna stand there all day?" Tyler speaks to her, sucking on the ice-cream.
"Uhm… no, just…", she looks around, and adds like she has an idea "Oh! I’ll be back!" I’m hoping she isn’t going to lock herself in the room, or jump out the window and run. This can’t happen. Tyler goes after her. I figure Dominic gave him a signal to guard her. We’re back to screwing alone, although apparently, Dominic has no problem with people around. My head is spinning, and my little cunt feels like it never felt, a bit tired from this piston working there for so long now—a good ten or fifteen minutes, or I’ve lost track of time completely—but very pleased with all that’s happening here. I feel an orgasm is quite near, I felt it a while ago, and now it’s back…
And then… I hear the door lock clicking. ("Oh, fuck! What now!?")
I can clearly hear high heels stomping, getting closer ("What the fuck!?! What the… Is it his mom!?" the first thing pops up in my mind, "Why he’s not stopping!?"). I want to jump off and scream again, but I feel him tightening his grip on my hips… and I hear quiet chuckling.
Then I hear a female, confused voice: "What’s with this message!? Is it some kind of sick joke to you!? ‘Leave keys and get out’? It’s not funny anymore, Dominic!" The girl comes in and freezes at what she sees; our eyes meet. Actually, I feel calmer now, I have no idea who she is, but she’s definitely not the mommy, so fuck it. I want to laugh, madly. She’s the type of conceited blonde cheerleader from a good home—a type well known to me—very attractive; around twenty, I think—but this princess-y look reeks of class, but still, imitation class from a mile away.
"Wha-what is this!?! Who-who is this?!? Who the fuck is this!?!" The girl yells.
Let’s pretend nothing is happening. Let’s pretend it’s the end of the world. And he just fucks me. Fucks me with his big cock. Right in my exposed pussy!
"Hey! Suck my balls! Or give me my keys back and get the fuck out of here!" Dominic answers her question, not slowing down for a second.
"You fuckin’ cheater!!!" She yells, but Dominic only bursts into laughter again, fucking me steadily. And I’m smiling stupidly now too.
She races to another room, shouting, "I’m out of here! It’s sooo over! You have no idea! It’s sooo…" From the room her words become incomprehensible. He cannot stop laughing and moaning at the same time; the combination is chilling, I have the cock of this motherfucker right in my pussy, pumping me mercilessly. Something incredibly sinister creeps, creeps, creeps up my spine. I’m broken. He spanks me, then demands another blowjob—no words needed—he just pushes me, turns me around, pulls the panties from my mouth, grabs my hair and pulls me toward his groin, sitting down again in the armchair; I don’t have time to protest—the cock is all glistening from my juices—I just do it; the faster the better….
Suddenly Tyler’s back, he’s smiling insensately (I don’t care anymore about anything. How the fuck did they pull this off? With me! Ha. I have no idea!) "She’s changing into something! I feel she wants to caaatch ooon! So it’s time for some action for me." He makes thrust moves, talking about Adrianne.
And the girl is back with a big traveler bag, walking fast. She yells again, "We’re through! You fuckin’ cheater!"
"Oh! hello. Who have we here? Full house." Tyler says, amused. She gazes at him with disdain and comes to the other sofa, takes the panties I saw earlier; they’re hers apparently. I see her in the corner of my eye now, while I’m kneeling before him in the armchair, his big cock buried in my mouth. She puts the panties into her bag and looks at me with disgust, and I look at her; our eyes meet, and stupidly I just shrug like I want to say, "What can I do?", still bobbing on his cock intensely. And Dominic is mumbling, "suck it, suck it, suck it!" And puts his hand on my head and pushes a bit. She goes for something in the kitchen, making a lot of noise with her boots on purpose.
"Cheater?" Tyler says, chuckling, "What the fuck does this chick even think?" Meanwhile, Dominic is manipulating me to another position: we’re standing, he’s behind me, my arms are resting on the ridge of the bar counter, one leg is up, he’s holding it, very wide angle, and all pussy for everybody to see; well, fuck it! Let them all see! Next is a series of slaps aimed at my ass. Slap! Slap, slap, slap! My head is spinning. He has chosen good music to match his pace of banging me. I hear the girl’s high heels again.
"Leave the keys bitch!" Dominic yells, already in me, one hand grabbing me by the waist, the other ready to slap.
And a second later Adrianne comes back. And she is in her lingerie!—I chuckle insanely inside my head—lacy black bra, black lacy g-string, stockings, even high heels… (And I wondered why she was even bringing them). She’s desperately trying to restore her confidence and mood from earlier, and she doesn’t know yet exactly what kind of people we are dealing with, here. And now she attempts to put on these catwalk moves and smile, and it looks great, except she’s breathing so hard it’s visible from here, and she looks down too often. This is how the mind of a person who cannot fail works. She stops.
"So what do you think?" She says—the voice a bit abashed—looking down at her outfit with a gentle smile, her eyes goes up and she sees the whole scene again: me and Dominic, Tyler, and now the mad chick angrily walking through the room. Her expression changes, another mind fuck. The chick gives Adrianne a deeply cold look, and disappears again somewhere, still yelling.
"Wha-what’s… going on?" Adrianne asks, putting hands on the bra instinctively. She’s so confused she’s smiling now too.
Tyler laughs loud, and says in this terrifyingly senseless manner, "Oh, it’s fuckin’ hilarious. You’re gonna laugh at this. This chick thinks she’s his girlfriend!" He comes to Adrianne and slaps her in the ass. "Oh, that’s fuckin’ nice!" He checks her. Even bigger confusion crosses her face, and she makes two little steps toward us, still looking at me, and instinctively covering her slapped ass with one of her palms.
The outraged chick is now back, storming out with her big bag toward the main door. Sounds of her high-heels and the bag wheels and our moans and groans. She hisses something about us rotting in hell. The guys are grinning—everything’s going according to their plan; well, is it!?—and I’m being drilled by this stone-hard cock, and I’m never gonna be the same. At the end she yells again, almost crying, "wish you all great, great summer! Fuckin’ sluts! You are all sluts!" She throws the keys on the floor, pretty weak for all this fury.
"Fuck off!" Dominic replies from behind me, and it turns into chuckling, and into moaning again. She slams the door behind her.
"What’s her idea of a fun summer?" Tyler throws in, "Mothafuckin’ shoppin’! And makin’ a fuss about cocksuckin’! Fu-uuckin’ starlet!" He’s having problems with articulation because he cannot stop chuckling.
"She saw how it’s done," Dominic says imperiously.
I feel so much out of control, and I’m losing it; I’m starting to feel dangerously good about it, but I don’t want to fuck Tyler any time soon, not now, so I shout in my last desperate attempt before I turn into a total fuck-doll, "Adrianne, give the man a blowjob before they split me in half here!" The boys reactions are typical—as I’ve noticed already—sniggering. Now I cannot say anything more, moaning uncontrollably. It just feels. So. Good.
She hesitates for a second.
And Dominic yells, almost like a sergeant in the army, "Get on your knees, girl! For fuck sakes…"
She obeys, probably feeling a great deal of fear, I have the peak of it behind me already. Tyler drops his pants and boxer shorts and steps out of them. The hat is still on. Another big, fully erect cock pops out, and I wonder for a moment how it’s possible their cocks are both a good deal above average. I see her pulse instantly rise to the roof; she puffs fast. But she manages to tug off her bra and throw it away. After three short, but deep, breaths like before diving, she puts his cock in her mouth. He fondles her breasts. And in the middle of this insanity, I start to cum. He’s pounding me steadily when I peak, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" I am almost crying. It’s shaming… I’m coming before the guy… Now I’m shouting like crazy, stunning myself, and almost fainting…
…when my senses get back to normal—I can barely stand; my legs are shaking—I hear Tyler, then I see him, he’s amused by my orgasm apparently; and by the blowjob I witness again. She has gotten into it, and she’s quite good in my opinion, but I think she’s doing it a bit slower and shallower than I did.
"Yeah. Suck him. Suck him." I hear Dominic saying to her, at the same time pushing me down to my knees.
"I want to cum in your mouth." I hear him say.
Okay. So let’s try this now. There’s a first time for everything.
I suck his cock deep and fast for a short moment; he’s holding it by the shaft. Then comes intense pulsing, a terrifying short groan, and he explodes: there’s a lot of it, some of it hits me with pretty immense force at the back of my throat. For a second I feel I’m gonna choke, but I manage to swallow most of it fast. I take few deep and loud, almost life-saving, breaths, like surfacing after just a little too much time under water.
I lick the rest of the cum from around my lips, rub the last drop that got on the tip of my nose—where it hit me at the end when he got out of my mouth—with my finger and eat it, too. Then I hear Tyler’s wild groan, and I see him spurting on Adrianne’s face. She has her mouth open, but he cums all over her, face, tongue, tits, some is in her hair—I think it was on purpose. It seems even more abundant than Dominick’s shot. I watch it while rubbing the tip of Dominic’s cock with the end of my tongue, which is still quite engorged and long. This hunk of meat is actually fascinating. At this moment Adrianne just takes her bra and stands up, when, in my opinion, the dick she’s babysitting needs polishing, like the one I’ve just polished. In an attempt to be casual, like this is sooo normal to her, she’s acting like it’s done, but with no idea what to do, really (my answer: raise the stakes). Tyler is evidently waiting for this. She gulps, touches her hair, and says "Uhm, I must use the bathroom", and looks at us with a question mark written on her doubtfully smiling face. And I feel for some reason that I can’t just leave it like this, unfinished in my opinion. ("Adrianne, you have to… suck everything off. It’s …nicer then." I want to say.)
"Hey! What the….!?" Tyler spreads his arms, with his cheeky smirk. She’s gone already.
"Where are her manners?" Dominic says more than asks, holding and waving around his long cock; he sounds now much more mellow, yet there’s something still terrifying in it, "Oh, maybe she didn’t like the taste." He snaps his fingers smiling to Tyler.
"It’s fuckin’ lovely, try for yourself," Tyler responds.
"Let me see," I say, getting off my knees. I come to Tyler, kneel again, take it into my mouth, and do what I feel should be done.
After a few strokes, I take it out and add, "it’s fine. Fuckin’ yummy!" I get another lick, and another, these big swings, sticking my tongue out as far as it will go . They cheer.
"See? I knew you liked cum when I saw you." Dominic tells me, gloating.
"It’s really better than yours." I throw, waving my finger at Dominic, and touching the tip of my tongue to Tyler’s dick. Tyler burst into laughter; Dominic only sniggers lightly. I put my mouth on his dick again and bob intensely for a moment, interested in his reaction; what it does is it stops him from laughing and makes him groan loudly again. I swear I see his knees buckle just a little.
Sweat all over me. Now a kind of catharsis comes, like after crying. A turning point. It’s all coming to me, and the feelings transform into words: "I’m afraid of driving, flying, partying; always cautious with people, a good student, and this is my payback? Okay? Okay! Okay! I totally get it! I’ll play that game! Fine with me!"
More sweat, I’m all wet and feverish. I don’t care anymore. It’s irreparable, and I don’t care. Now it’s only the ocean, the beach, the sun, and sex. And adrenaline. I had no idea I love adrenaline so much; I always thought I hated it. Maybe it’s just a matter of the right combination, the completely wrong one. I think there is no sense in getting offended; it’ll get us nowhere here. They have no remorse anyway. There’s only here and now, and forthcoming orgasms. I want more of this, whatever this is; evil, not evil, let me suck on this. And even though I don’t care, I stay cold to them, especially to Tyler.
They’re mumbling something between them, then Dominic turns to me, and says something out of context, "we’ve got a natural talent here, I knew it."
"Yeah? Aren’t you just checking out every fine piece of ass at the beach?" I say, wiping the rest of the now-caked sperm off my face with a tissue. Now I feel some part of it went on my neck; I try to wipe it off; and stick out my naked, perky tits in front of the guys.
"Oh, yeah. Only the finest. With that special something in them" He states …and winks.
Tyler slaps me on the ass.
"Fuck off!" I yell again, turning around, and slap him back on his hands. Just then Dominic grabs and squeezes one of my breasts.
I puff.
"You’ve no idea how things really work, do ya?" Tyler asks, happily. (How? How can I know every stupid piece of shit? Maybe if they told me first!)
"Things?" I ask, trying to seem not really interested and checking my face for more of the cum stains, but my eyes have to be sparking a bit.
"Things." He smiles and winks.
"Tell me," I respond, quite coolly.
He sniggers, "You have to learn it for yourself." And he turns to Dominic, shaking his head "she’s pure as fuck, man!" One more time, no information for me. They know everything, but I have to learn. Fuckers, literally.
"Not anymore." Dominic responds a bit coldly. Another joke at my expense apparently which I totally don’t get. And now I’m naked and covered in dickheads’ semen. Fine by me!
"I can learn it from a better source…", a sour expression for Tyler, and nod in the direction of Dominic, "how’s that for learning, huh?"
Tyler winks, pointing at me his finger, "Fine. I’ll get my piece of pie anyway. You knooow that."
Yeah, he’s probably right. This place is all about that…a factory of nymphos.
I put on my t-shirt—I don’t put on the bra, screw it—and the shorts, now without these chewed-up wet panties underneath, I could even scamper around totally nude now… maybe I should put it on my new to-do list. That bittersweet indifference.
Tyler walks away to the kitchen for something…
"Are there gonna be more girls here, Dominic?" I ask, zipping up my shorts.
"Depends." His arrogant voice makes me shiver, "And you’d better start calling me Tiger here. Like everybody else."
"Tiger, sure." I say coldly and make a cat-like noise and repeat the word under my breath mockingly "Tiger. Tiger." And after a second, "sooo, I’m guessing there’s gonna be more…", a loud gulp, "guys here? Right?"
"Maybe you’re guessing right." He says, "Only if you want more." He touches the bottom of my chin with his index finger, which makes me weirdly meek. I purse my lips in a gesture of pondering as if every answer can be treacherous. "I saw you liked it, don’t kid a joker," he whispers.
"Maybe. Maybe I do. Maybe you can do a lot with me. Now." I pause, "I just have a few demands."
This is the first part of my story "The Nymphactory". If you want to know more about it, email me at [email protected] Or just check ii out for yourself:-)

Teen Stories

Fri, 21 Jul 2017 19:58:28 UTC

The Daring, Naughty Sleepover 1

The Daring Naughty Sleepover (ff, mff, Mff, exhibitionist)

Summary – Cindy and Stacy have a long-awaited sleepover. Things get a bit naughty…

Note – This is a work of fiction, make-believe and fantasy. It is not based on real people or actual events. It is OK to have fantasies, but turning a fantasy into reality can destroy lives. Don’t be a dick with other people’s lives!

Cindy and her friend Stacy were having a sleep-over. It was the first time they would be left alone in an empty house in their entire young lives. Two glorious nights of freedom! Cindy’s parents had to leave town for the weekend and had decided she was finally old enough to stay by herself. She begged to have her best friend stay with her, “So I won’t get scared,” she said. The truth was, she really just wanted to be alone with her friend. To talk openly about boys (without being overheard), to squeal out loud (without being told to ‘be quiet’), and to walk around in just their panties on (if they wanted to, and she wanted to)!

Cindy was a beautiful, long haired blonde with bright blue eyes. She had large breasts for her age, flat stomach and nice, round ass. She had hardly any fat at all – only ‘baby fat’, as her dad would say, and then he would stroke her soft tummy and hips. Stacy was nearly the opposite, but just as hot! She had dark short hair with deep green eyes – smaller tits than Stacy, but with large puffy nipples and a very fuck-able ass. She was a little shorter and thinner than Cindy. They were both very proud of their hot, young bodies.

BFF’s since grade school, they had many sleepovers before, but it was never as much fun as they hoped. Both of their parents kept a close watch on them, especially as the girls began growing into sexy young women. It seemed the bigger their breasts got, the more protective their parents became – always telling them to “Keep it down! Change your clothes! Cover your selves up”, and the worst “Go wipe off that slutty makeup!“ They never had any privacy either, as their parents were always checking up on them; monitoring what they listed to or watched, and opening the bedroom door without knocking. It seemed that if they were too quiet, or too loud, they could count on a parent walking in on them!

The big day finally arrived, after two weeks of giggling, whispering and planning! Stacy’s parents dropped her off after school Friday with her bags. She had packed everything she needed for the big event –music, movies, swim-suit, make-up, toothbrush and her clothes – shorts, t-shirts and extra panties -including some ‘sexy’ ones her parents didn’t know about! She felt so naughty!

Cindy’s parent went over everything one last time. “Don’t forget to lock the doors” and “Remember to call us every day”, etc… and finally, they left, closing the door behind them. Cindy locked the door and turned towards her friend. The girls stared at each other, their grins growing. They raised their eyebrows, their eyes bugging out in happiness. They had to cover their mouths to keep from screaming in joy. They snickered uncontrollably; Cindy grabbed her friends’ hand and pulled her into the living room and away from the door, so her parents couldn’t hear them.

“Well,” Stacy said, grinning mischievously, “What do we do first, slut?” They had started to call each other dirty names a while ago, after a naughty discussion about boys.

“I’m getting out of these frumpy clothes, whore!” said Cindy. “Then I’m cranking up some music and dancing around the house like a crazy bitch!”

“Whoo, hooo!” Stacy cried.

They quickly ran to Cindy’s room. Their joy was nearly uncontrollable. Still giggling, they kicked off their shoes. Cindy pulled her shirt over her head, and threw it in the hamper. Her friend followed. They glanced at each other standing together in their bras.

“I have an idea” said Stacy. “I declare this to be a ‘No bra weekend’!” Stacy was always the more daring of the two. She quickly reached around and pulled off her bra. It felt so good to have her ‘little girls’ free! It was her favorite part of the day! She rubbed them up and down and pinched her nipples like she did at home.

“Alright, ‘No bra weekend’ it is!” Cindy unhooked her bra too, and gave her titties a quick massage like her friend had done. It felt so good! “You are free girls, free!” she said, shaking her boobs back and forth. Stacy watched her friend shaking her tits, wishing her boobs were as big. She looked longingly at her friend’s titties until Cindy put on a tight t-shirt.

“Hey, Cindy, check it out!” Stacy said. Stacy turned towards her friend with her uncovered nipples hardening, she unbuttoned her jeans, and slowly began pushing her pants down.

Cindy looked at her hot friend a little bewildered, “What are you doing?” she started to say, but stopped, when she saw her friends ‘surprise’ starting to appear. Her eyes locked onto Stacy’s crotch, and then suddenly, she exclaimed “Stacy! They are HOT! Where did you get them?”

Cindy kicked off her pants and stood there wearing nothing but a pair of hot, pink panties!

Stacy struck a pose for her friend, and explained, “I bought them at the mall last week, shopping with my mom. I ditched her, ran to ‘Fredrick’s’, and bought them. She’d kill me if she ever found out!”

“Wow, you look good, girl! I’m so jealous!” Cindy walked around her near-naked friend, checking her out. “Your ass looks great in them!” she added.

In her best teasing, sexy voice, Stacy said “I brought you a present…” She bent over, showing her friend her sexy ass again, and triumphantly pulled a pair of baby blue panties from her bag. “I thought they matched your eyes, slut.”

“Eeeeeeiiiii, for me? OMG! Thank you, thank you!” Cindy waved them in the air excitedly, checked the tag and said “Just my size, fuck-n-a!” She stripped off her plain cotton panties and sat on the edge of the bed. Her short t-shirt could not hide her cunt from her friend’s view. Stacy stared at her friend’s young pussy, trying not to get caught. It hadn’t changed much since she last saw it, just a soft covering of light blond hair, like fuzz on a juicy peach, she thought. As Cindy pulled them on, she spread her legs. Stacy thought she saw her pussy lips glistening just a bit.

Cindy stood up and admired herself in her full-length mirror, turning this way and that, turning around, pulling up her shirt, and looking at her ass, bending over slightly. “Damn, I look fucking hot!” she exclaimed! Cindy ran to her friend, again said “Thank you!” and gave her a kiss on the lips. “You know where the music is; pick out something good, while I get us some snacks and drinks.” Cindy turned and ran into the kitchen.

Stacy watched her friend bounce out of the bedroom. She gave her nipples another pinch, put on her shirt, and went to find some music.

Cindy heard their favorite dance tune playing as she brought out the snacks. She set down the soda and bowl of snacks, and then turned up the music. “It needs to be louder, bitch!” she screamed. The bass pounded out the beat as they danced crazily around the living room, their breasts bouncing under their shirts, their panties flashing each other as they gyrated. They felt so hot, so sexy, so grown up!

“Hey, watch this!” Stacy said, she turned her backside to her friend and started ‘twerking’, shaking her panty covered ass to her friend’s delight. She then squatted even lower, thrusting her hips in and out.

“Oooh! Teach me to do that too!” cried Cindy. Stacy helped her by positioning her in the basic stance, spreading her legs and bending her over until her pale, blue panties were showing. She put her hand on her friend’s panties to push her hips lower. Cindy though the hand lingered on her ass a little longer than necessary. She felt so naughty, bent over like this! She felt good!

“Now, move your ass back and forth!” She watched her friend shake her ass. She giggled. “Not like that, like this!” as she demonstrated. “Pretend you have a cock in your pussy, and you are trying to bring him off just by moving your ass!”

“Stacy!” her friend exclaimed, “You are such a WHORE!” She starting thrusting, imagining a hard cock in her tiny hole.

“Work it bitch, make him cum!” Stacy squealed. She began to twerk harder, having so much fun! She started making up lyrics to the beat of the music. “Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, harder, harder, harder, slut!”

Her friend joined in, and now they were twerking, singing, and getting themselves turned on.

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, harder, harder, harder, slut!”

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, harder, harder, harder, slut!”

In their imagination, they were both fucking hard dicks. Stacy imagined them on a double date, fucking side by side, as their dates pounded their fuck-holes. Cindy kept imagining her tight twat being spread wide by a thick cock!

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, harder, harder, harder, slut!”

“Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it, harder, harder, harder, slut!”

The song finally ended and they fell to the floor exhausted! Their chests were heaving, their breasts expanding and contracting with each breath. They watched each other, smiling.

“I think we made them cum, slut” said Stacy.

“We are preggers for sure now, whore” said Cindy. They giggled and rolled on the carpet.

They got up off the floor. Cindy stood first, turned, and watched her friend’s ass rising up. When Stacy was still on all fours, Cindy got a great view of her crotch. There was a wet spot, and it was not from sweat! It was right where she knew her fuck-hole to be. Cindy reached down and felt her own wet spot, before her friend could turn to her. She was getting so fucking horny!

“What’s next? Pizza or makeup party?” said Cindy.

“I have a better idea, let’s prank call Kevin Thompson!” said Stacy. “I got his number off of ‘Facebook’ yesterday.”

“What about ‘Caller ID’, you stupid whore?” said Cindy.

“You ignorant slut, all you have to do is dial *67 first. I’ll show you,” said Stacy. She dialed her friend’s number and listened to it ring.

“It says ‘UNAVAILABLE’, cool!” She answered, in a very silly voice “Who is it?”

“Hello. I’m looking for an ignorant slut, is she there?” said Stacy.

“Sorry, the slut is busy right now.” Cindy had a dirty thought and quickly added, “she is sucking someone’s cock right now. Can you call back later?” Cindy grinned and winked at her friend.

“Well, I’m a cock-whore myself. Can I ‘cum’ over and help?” Stacy emphasized the word ‘cum’.

“The more cunts the merrier, whore, ‘cum’ over whenever and as often as you can!” Cindy hung up and the girls started laughing uncontrollably. Their occasional ‘snorts’ only made them laugh harder.

“DO IT! Call him, but put it on speaker!” cried Cindy. “I DARE you to make him have phone sex with you”

“OK!” agreed Stacy, “but you have to be quiet and let me do it, I learned a neat trick to sound sexy!”

"DO IT, now!"

They sat on the couch, the phone sitting between them on the coffee table. Stacy dialed and the phone rang. The buzzing echoed in the room. It rang twice, three times, then “Hello?”

Stacy took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled, while saying, ‘Hi, is Kevin there?” she sounded so sexy, even while disguising her voice. The breathy voice got Kevin’s attention.

“This is Kevin, who is this?”

Another breath, “Hi Kevin, I think you are so hot.” Cindy covered her mouth to keep from giggling out loud.

“Who is this?”

“Kevin, how big is your cock? Is it big? Is it fat?"


“I want you Kevin. I want your cock inside of me.”
“Who is this?” he asked again.
Stacy took another deep breath and moaned, “Ooooooooh, Kevin… I wish I was with you right now Kevin, I wish I could play with your cock and suck it for you. I think you are so hot, Kevin. I dream about your cock. I dream about you fucking me. Have you ever fucked a girl, Kevin?”

“Fuck, you are getting me horny, who is this?”

“Take out our cock, Kevin. Take it out and pretend it was me playing with your dick. I wish I was playing with your cock, Kevin.”

A moment passed…

“OK, I have my dick out” The girls looked at each other, amazed!

“Stroke it Kevin, stroke your cock for me,” Stacy encouraged. “Oh, I wish I was there jacking you off and sucking your cock. I want you so bad, Kevin; I want your cock in my mouth, in my pussy…in my ass”

“Shit! I’m so fucking hard right now.” They could hear him starting to breathe harder.
“Mmmm. I wish I could see it, Kevin. My pussy is so wet. My hot little pussy wants your cock.”
“Ugh! I’m going to fuck you so hard!”
“Jack it Kevin, jack your hard cock for me!” Stacy decided to send him over the edge. “Kevin, if I was with you, you know what I would do? After I sucked your cock and licked your balls, I’d bend over and let you see my hot ass and pussy. I’d open up my hot, wet pussy for you and let you fuck me. Fuck me now, Kevin! FUCK ME!” Stacy began to moan as if she was getting fucked, “Uh, uh, oooh!”
The girls were getting so turned on. They both wished they were with Kevin right now, doing all the nasty things Stacy was telling him.

The girls listened in amazement. They could hear the soft ‘fap’, ‘fap, ‘fap’, as he stroked his meat.

“Are you ready to cum, Kevin? Are you going to cum? I wish I was there to see your sperm fly and eat your cum!”

“I’m almost there, shit!”

“Do it, do it, Kevin!" The girls were so horny now. What started out as a prank had taken a different turn. Their horniness drove them further than they had expected. Stacy wished she was alone, so she could rub her hot pussy!

“Are you cumming Kevin? Are you shooting your sperm? I wish I was there to lick it all up. I love to eat cum, Kevin.”

“I’m cumming, shit, I’m coming! Aaah, aaah, aahh, fuck!”

They listened to Kevin moaning as he came, in stunned silence, they looked at each other wide eyed and smiled. The smiles got bigger, and then they couldn’t hold back any longer and started laughing and giggling out loud.

“What?” said Kevin, “Is this a joke? Who is this, is this Heather?”

“Maybe…” said Stacy. They laughed again, thinking about the bitch Heather catching some shit for their prank. “Good-bye jerk-off boy!” said Stacy as she disconnected the call. They laughed out loud.

“Oh My God, that was fucking hilarious!” said Cindy “I can’t believe you got him to jack himself off!” She took a deep breath and said “Hi, is Kevin there”, Cindy imitated, “I want you so bad, Kevin”, she giggled, “jack it for me Kevin! FUCK ME, KEVIN! Ooooohh!"
“This is so much fun! What do we do next?” asked Stacy. “Anyone else we can call?”
“Well, first, I’m getting hungry,” said Cindy (anything to take her mind off sex, she was so horny!), “Mom left some money for us, want pizza?”

“Sure, you order it, you know what I like” said Stacy.

“I don’t think they have ‘hot cum’, as a pizza topping, whore,” Cindy joked.

“Fuck, I’m hotter than a two-dollar whore right now, slut” said Stacy. She lifted up her shirt and pushed out her panty covered crotch to prove it. She showed Cindy the large wet spot in the middle of her hot, pink panties.

“How about me?” ask Cindy, she pulled up her shirt as well. “Am I wet too?” If anything, her baby blue panties were even wetter than her friend’s!

“Yup, your pussy is soaked too. We are two hot, wet twats, aren’t we?” said Stacy

“Yup, we need cock,” said Cindy, matter-of-factly.

“Yes, we need fat cocks up our tight cunt holes,” said Stacy. The girls were enjoying their dirty talk. They were young, hot and horny. They were also sexually frustrated, and they knew their parents would never let them have boyfriends. The dirty talk, when they were alone, was their only release. Being alone in the house allowed them to talk even raunchier!

“Hey, the pizza delivery boy has a cock! Think he would fuck us with it?” said Stacy, doing her best stupid, bimbo slut routine.

“Let’s find out!” said Cindy, jokingly. “We could answer the door naked, and ask him to fuck our brains out!” She added, “It would almost be worth it, just to see his face, when two naked, hot chicks answer the door.”

“I know what!” said Stacy. “I dare you to answer the door like that,” waiving at her friend’s current outfit.

“No way, my shirt barely covers my ass!” exclaimed Cindy.

“Pull it down, like this!” Stacy grabbed her friend’s shirt and pulled it down, stretching it past her ass. Cindy’s tits strained against the material. She was now showing a bit of cleavage as well. “There, it is fine now! I DARE you, I DOUBLE DARE you!” Stacy said, egging on her friend. She knew Cindy couldn’t refuse a double dare.

“Alright, fine,” said Cindy, “but I’m ordering from that other place. All I need is some pizza-guy asking my dad about the hot slut from the last order”. They giggled. Cindy pulled down her shirt over her ass again, stretching it to make sure it stayed put.

They ordered the pizza, put on a movie and waited. Cindy placed her purse on the table, next to the door, so she wouldn’t have to prance around looking for it. She hoped to pay for the food quickly and avoid any embarrassment.

“Ding-Dong” rang the door bell, a half hour later.

“Coming!” yelled Cindy, as they both stood up. Stacy didn’t want to miss this!

Stacy snickered, “Cumming! You said you were ‘Cumming’!” She added, “Wait a second!” When Cindy stopped, Stacy reached over and gave both of Cindy’s nipples a hard twist!

“Stacy, you fucking whore!” Cindy looked down at her pronounced nipples poking thru her shirt. Turning red, she walked to the door, pulling her shirt over her panty covered ass as best she could. She opened the door, trying to not be obvious that she was hiding her hard nipples from his view, and turned redder as the guy lustfully looked at her. She said, “You can put it there,” pointing to the table by the door, where her purse was. What, her purse was gone!

She looked around for the missing purse, as the pizza guy followed her in, checking out her ass the whole time. She finally saw her purse on the floor, at the other end of the small entry-way.

“Stacy!” She thought, that fucking bitch! Payback later, whore!” At that moment, she decided to play along and not let her friend get the best of her. She dropped her arm, stuck out her chest, and walked as sexily as she could to her purse, her ass towards the pizza-guy. She stopped and noticed her friend in the shadows, peeking from around the corner, watching the whole thing! She would show her…

“How big is it?” she asked, “I mean how big is the bill? I mean, how much is it?” She grinned, looking her friend in the eye.

“Uh, err, it’s $14.98”, he stammered. Cindy slowly bent over, legs together, knees locked, reaching for her purse. Her t-shirt was riding higher, and higher, as her head went lower! The guy couldn’t believe his luck and stared at her ass lustfully. Her baby-blue panties slowly, ever so slowly, came into view. He could now see her entire, beautiful ass, and even the bulge of her crotch! She fumbled in her purse a moment more, giving him and eye-full, and slowly stood up. He adjusted himself, and looked away sheepishly.

She walked back to him, her eyes twinkling, and handed him a twenty dollar bill. “Keep the change”, she said, and taking a deep breath then exhaling slowly, said, “I like to give good tips, have a nice night” She looked down at her protruding nipples. His eyes followed, staring openly at her perky breasts and hard nipples. ‘Gorgeous fucking tits!’ he thought, still not believing his luck!

“Thanks for the tits!” he said excitedly, “I mean TIP! I’m so sorry…” Now it was his turn to be embarrassed. He turned, fumbled for the door and left as fast as he could.

“You fucking SLUT! I can’t believe you did that!” Stacy said, coming around the corner once the door closed. “You gave him a fucking hard on! I watch him adjust his dick in his pants!”

“You are the whore who moved my purse!” admonished Cindy, “it’s your fault I had to act like a cock hungry slut”. She giggled. It was exciting to act like a cock tease. It made her wet! WET? “Oh my gosh, Stacy, could he see my wet spot?” She turned her ass to her friend and bent over like before. Stacy was enjoying the view the pizza-guy had just received, and stared hungrily at her best friend’s ass covered panties. She was getting hungry, but not for pizza.

“Well, can you see it?” Cindy asked again, wiggling her ass.

I can see it, Stacy thought, I can see your ass and hot pussy. “Wait a second”, she said aloud, “let me get closer,” she moved closer, bent over and stared at the sight before her. Her friend was soaked! She was close enough to smell her friend’s hot pussy juice too! She breathed deeply, but quietly.

“No, I don’t think he saw it,” Cindy lied. “I can see it up close, but probably not from where he was. It was a little dark after all.”

“Thanks! I’d have been so embarrassed! Cindy said, relieved, “Let’s eat.”

They carried the pizza to the coffee table, got some more cold drinks and began eating, while they watched the rest of the movie.

“Mmmm, good pizza,” said Cindy.

‘”Yeah, and nice tits too!” said Stacy. Soda almost shot out of Cindy’s nose!

“How big was it? Cindy asked, “How big was his bill?”

“About this big,” said Stacy, holding her hand out about eight inches apart. “He had a nice big bill”.

The girls laughed until they nearly cried, reliving the experience with the pizza delivery guy, and the phone call to Kevin. They ate and drank like teenage girls, and belched loudly like girls do when they are together. The finished dinner, and then put everything away. It was time for bed.

They went to the bathroom together to wash up, brush their teeth and get ready for bed. Cindy dropped her panties to pee, and exclaimed, “Hey, my panties are soaked! I thought you said he couldn’t see my wet spot!” She peed into the toilet while staring down at the wet crotch of her panties.

“I didn’t see anything earlier” Stacy continued to lie, brushing her teeth and listening to her friend tinkle. “Maybe you sprung a leak during dinner?”

“Yeah, right, liar,” said Cindy as she finished, standing up and flashing her bush as she pulled up her wet panties.

Stacy took a pee while Cindy washed up and brushed. Stacy noticed that her crotch was just as soaked as her friends. Stacy saw Cindy sneaking a glance at her while she was on the toilet. She opened her legs to give her a better view, pretending to look away. They finished up and went to Cindy’s room, turning off the light behind them.

Sitting on the bed, they talked about typical girl things, ‘boys’ and ‘kissing’. Then they talked about ‘making out’, what it would be like and then, the conversation turned to what a ‘real slut’ one of their schoolmates was.

“Can you believe her?” said Stacy. “She walks around like a whore, shaking her tits, and bending over, so boys can stare at her ass!”

"Like I did to the pizza guy?" Cindy grinned.

"You know what I mean!" said Stacy, "We might talk about being ‘Sluts’ and ‘Whores’, but she is always showing off her goodies."

“Like this?” Cindy laughed. She stuck out her tits, gave them a shake, and began to strut around the room, with exaggerated motions.

“More like this!” said Stacy, as she got up from the bed. As her friend watched, she pulled her shirt down, and squeezed her small boobies together. Then she bent low to show off her cleavage. Part of her fat nipple slipped out. “Whoops, get back in there, girls!” She gave them another pinch.

They both began walking around the room, striking sexy poses – hands on hips, asses out, lips puckered. They would pretend to drop things, just to bend over and show each other their tight, panty covered asses! As they walked, trying to shake their asses, with their legs tight together, the motion of their thighs made their slick cunt lips rub together; they were both getting extremely horny. Their nipples were hard and visible, poking through their thin shirts. The girls had been walking a sexual tightrope all night long and were craving release.

Then things got hotter!

"Let’s play ‘Truth or Dare’!” said Stacy.

They asked only innocent questions, at first, and then it got dirtier and dirtier.

“Truth” said Stacy.

“Have you ever seen a hard cock?” asked Cindy.

“Besides the pizza guy’s?” laughed Stacy. “Only, my dad’s, once, when he was getting out of the shower!” They talked about how big it was, and how it looked. They giggled.

“Truth” said Cindy.

“Do you ever rub your pussy?” asked Stacy. “Don’t lie!”

“I rub it almost every night!” Cindy whispered.

“Me too”, admitted Stacy.

“Truth” said Stacy.

“Would you suck a dick?” asked Cindy.

Stacy paused…“Yes!”

“Truth” said Cindy.

“Would you swallow a boy’s cum?” asked Stacy.

“Well, at least once,” whispered Cindy. “Sluts like me have to know what cum tastes like”. Then, at the same time, they looked at each other and said, “Ewwww!”

Cindy considered what she could ask next, maybe she’d ask if her friend would ever make out with a girl, or lick a pussy? She never got the chance.

“Dare!“ Stacy shouted, bouncing on the bed. It was time to spice things up! She wondered what her friend would make her do! She pushed her shoulders back, and admired her small boobs as she waited.

“Kiss me like you would a boy!” laughed Cindy. She quickly tried to rationalize her statement, in case her friend was shocked, “We need the practice…”

Neither of them had ever kissed before. They had talked about it before. They yearned to kiss boys, to learn how to do it. A real kiss, a hot, sensual kiss! Would she do it?

“Pucker up, bitch!” Stacy said.

They both got up on their knees and moved closer together on the bed, meeting in the middle. Stacy placed her arms over her friend’s shoulder, and pressed her lips hard against hers. Cindy kissed her back. Stacy opened her mouth and gently sucked her friend’s lips! Cindy kissed her back, and then mimicked her friend’s actions, sucking on her lips until she let loose with a wet ‘pop’ sound. All their pent up desires exploded, and they began kissing each other passionately!

Stacy wrapped her arms around her friend and they fell on the bed. They parted their lips slightly, and darted their tongues into each other’s mouths. They began to feel each other up, getting hotter by the minute. A minute passed, then, they stopped, looked at each other in the eyes, and caught their breaths. Would they take this farther?

“Truth or Dare?” whispered Stacy, looking lovingly into her friends eyes.

“Dare” replied Cindy.

“Rub my pussy…” Stacy said. It was almost a question, as if begging, she was longing for release.

Cindy was too hot to refuse. She slowly reached her hand down and lifted up her friend’s shirt so she could gain access to her pussy. She slowly slid her hand down into her panties… She could feel the heat! She cupped Stacy’s cunt with her hand, feeling the soft hairs, and slowly rubbed it up and down.

“Aaahhh,” Stacy said, “it feels so good! Fuck, I’m such a whore! Mmmmmm! don’t stop. Please?” she asked.

Cindy could not refuse her friend. She knew how horny they both were. She was determined to make her friend cum! She rubbed some more, then easily found Stacy’s slit with her probing fingers. She slid her finger up and down her gash, spreading her pussy lips open, gathered some juice, and then smeared it up and over her lips and clit.

“Ahhhh” moaned Cindy, “it feels so good! Rub my pussy!” she whispered.

Her friend continued, rubbing her crotch and smashing her clit with her palm. Cindy began to rub harder. Stacy was soaking wet, the juices dripping from her cunt! Cindy plunged one, then two fingers up her fuck hole, and started to pump, like a cock would do, slamming into her hole! The squishing sounds filled the room. The smell of hot pussy was intoxicating.

“Yes, Yes!” Stacy cried. “Aaahh, Ahh”, you are going to make me cum!” cried Stacy.

Cindy fucked her harder. “Squish, squish, squish” As she finger fucked her hot cunt-hole, her thumb found her clit again. She began rolling it around in the hot, fuck juices. She felt her friend’s pussy tighten around her fingers. She reached up with her other hand and squeezed Stacy’s boobs, sending her friend over the edge!

“I’m cumming!” Stacy screamed, “I’m cumming!” She began spasming, as wave after wave of orgasms rolled over her. “Fuck, Fuck, FUCK!” she cried. Cindy kept finger fucking her, and rubbing her clit with her thumb. Stacy was having small convulsions as the orgasms consumed her. She finally rolled over, to stop the intense feelings. She clamped her legs together to keep Cindy’s fingers from fucking her hole any more.

“Whew! That was a big one!” said Stacy, as she loosened her vise grip on her friend’s hand.

Cindy pulled her cum-covered hand from her lover’s twat, and brought them up to her face to look at. “I could tell” she said. She looked at her fingers – they were glistening with juices. She sniffed them, and then began licking the sweet cum off her fingers. She offered them to Stacy who also smelled deeply of her scent, then gently began licking the juices too.

Cindy looked in her friend’s eyes and said, “Truth or Dare?” with a smile.

“Dare” said Stacy wickedly, giving a wink, still licking cum from her fingers.

“Eat me,” said Cindy.

Stacy decided to give up all pretense of playing the game. She got up off the bed and took off her shirt, her perky tits at attention. She looked at her friend lying on the bed, and rolled down her panties, her tits and fat nipples hanging down lewdly. Naked, she walked to the light switch, stood there, and pinched her nipples again. Cindy watched her friend’s movements, admiring her beauty and her hot, sexy body. Cindy took off her shirt and pinched her nipples, just like her friend had done. She too dropped her wet panties on the floor. She threw back the covers, rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide, her juicy twat shining in the light, inviting her friend to join her. Stacy flicked the switch, and with the moon outside the window illuminating the room in a soft light, she joined her friend on the bed.

Stacy climbed on top of Cindy, positioning herself pussy to pussy with her friend, trying to rub their cunts together. She took a deep breath and said “I want to be your little fucking whore”.

Cindy took a deep breath, imitating he friend’s breathy talk and said, “I’m your fucking slut, now eat my pussy.” She grinned.

They kissed passionately, open mouthed, their tongues darting in and out. They smashed their mouths harder against each other, nearly bringing blood. They began caressing each other, squeezing each other’s breasts, and running their hands up and down their bodies, caressing all over. Stacy grabbed her friend’s ass, and Cindy lifted her leg humping her hot pussy into Stacy’s thigh. “I’m so fucking hot! Do me Stacy, do me!”

Stacy gave her a long kiss, and stared into Cindy’s eyes. She began moving lower, cupping her breasts, and sucking hard on a nipple. Cindy’s nipples hardened and the bud filled her mouth. She pinched the other one. “Aaaaagggghhhh”, her friend moaned, as she writhed on the bed. Stacy gave the same treatment to her other tit, till both nipples were swollen, and taut. She then moved lower, kissing her friend’s stomach, then lower, kissing just above her pussy. Cindy was going crazy with desire; she squeezed her tits, waiting for Stacy’s tongue to give her release.

Stacy decided to tease her some more, she put her head between Cindy’s legs and began licking inside her thighs. She could smell her friend’s hot pussy, and was craving to taste it, but wanted to drive her insane first! She licked and sucked both thighs, then, plunged her mouth over her Cindy’s hot gash. She slurped and swallowed some fuck-juices and pushed her tongue up her twat as far as it would go! She couldn’t believe how much pussy-juice there was. She pushed her face deeply into her hole, licking up as much as she could. It tasted so sweet. She held Cindy’s twat apart with her hands, and started finger-fucking her.

“Aaaahhhhgggg! Fuck, fuck that feels gooood! You are making me craaaazy!” cried Cindy, gripping the sheets with both hands, and shaking her head uncontrollably.

Stacy moved her mouth upward, searching for her clit. She found Cindy’s swollen bud and began licking and sucking it, continuing to fuck her friend’s cunt with her fingers. “Squish, squish, squish, sllluuurrrp!”

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming” cried Cindy, panting. “Oh fuck, fuck, I’m cuuuummmminnng!” She pinched her nipples again and exploded all over her friend’s face. Pussy juice was everywhere. The massive orgasm shook her, over and over again. Wave after wave enveloped her as Stacy kept plunging two fingers in and out of her twat. Stacy could feel her pussy walls grip her fingers like a cock. She kept licking her friend’s clit as she fucked her, finally giving it one last, long suck!

“Aaaahhhhrrrrgggg, stop, stop, stop!” Cindy panted. She squeezed her thighs together as her orgasm shattered her! She had had enough. Stacy gently withdrew her fingers, and gave her twat a single, loving lick.

Stacy climbed up to her friend again and caressed her hair. “Did you like that, my little slut?” She looked at Cindy and began running her fingernail around her pink nipple.

“You have pussy juice all over your face, whore” Cindy deadpanned. They burst into another round of giggling.

The two girls stayed up late that night, experimenting. They explored each other’s sexy, young, tight bodies. They practiced kissing and caressing, both gently and firmly. They learned to ‘scissor’ and discovered that their favorite position was’ sixty-nine’. They lay on their sides, licking, sucking and fingering until they came together. They finally fell asleep, exhausted in each other’s arms.

And, they still had another full day and night ahead of them!

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