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We are opening a set of models for our 3 partner ONLYFANS agency.

Pros of the agency:

  • A girl gets 700-800 $ in the first month of work with 1 questionnaire (you can do 2).
  • Payments can be received in the first 2 weeks.
  • Transparent income statistics.
  • The questionnaires can be sent to work already ready.

The file describes the requirements for content per month.
In the cart, the model should be in touch for custom and relaxed ready for anything.
Ready to go through verification several times for advertising (photos and videos of myself, faces and say certain words confirming identity)
Age 18+ and under 35

Without hesitation and with the understanding that income is on the rise and customers also pay on the accrual basis.
The main thing is that it is not fat and not with hanging boobs!

If anyone is ready to start work, I expect from you 5 photos and examples of videos that you are ready to shoot. As well as a description of what you are really ready for and why you want to work with us.

You can ask me the rest of the questions in PM. Contact @alonesfs

From the model it is important: To have good lighting, in the evening, a soft or a ring lamp A camera on the phone is enough, but a good resolution.

A girl should change images, in different niglazh / underwear / erotic costumes and wigs. Each image should contain: 50 photos (selfies, herself in the mirror, how she caresses herself, legs, piss, in poses, priests, without clothes, the period of undressing and caresses yourself)

For 10 videos for 30-60 seconds, as in this image, it shows itself and begins to undress and spank, but not the complete process. Further 5 videos in the same image as full of caress, legs, ass, with a sex toy.

A must-have image in the bath

20 Photos of naked feet from different angles and positions and one mini video (I threw off a screen of approximate photos) and the same number of photos of masturbation from different angles and in different images.

10 video selfies of a smiling face with filters for 2-5 seconds and the same number of photos.

10 videos of 3-5 minutes of masturbation for each image 10 videos of 4-7 minutes of masturbation with phaloemitters 2 videos of 7 minutes each in different images with a phaloemitter of sex from the back, how a girl caresses herself and sits on it, in detail how she ends (you can show without face), also in front.

3 videos of 5 minutes each in different images of how he swears and spanks himself with either a hand or something.
3 videos of 20 minutes full in the image from and to, foreplay, undressing, with sex toys.

There should be at least 5 images for the first stage, and for each image the entire list is higher.

This content is enough for 3-4 weeks Plus the girl must be in touch in a telegram, because individual orders come from clients for special video filming (not often, but there are up to 7 requests per week).

Phone number and account telegram are required.

Offer for models to be cast in a VR studio selling toys

A foreign studio that already works with top porn stars like Asa Akira is recruiting models.
Work on a contract. The contract is standard, provided for review and signing by those with whom the decision will be made to work.

Payment on the first Monday of the month. Payment amount – ~ $ 25 for 100 video views on the site.
Average statistics of earning models. ~ 300-500 $ the first month (when 5-7 of your videos are uploaded to the site). Further, as your videos arrive and your popularity on the site. On average, the income of a model with 30+ uploaded videos is ~ $ 1000-3000 per month. We take 40% from your earnings for support and help. You can settle with us after you receive the money. We work in this case through PayPal or Payoneer.

For work, they accept girls / couples who have / publish content in the POV style, as well as content that can be adapted for VR. (Frictions with a member or a dildo should be ~ 90% of the video).
Videos can be provided not exclusive, those that you have already used on other resources – PH, Hamsters, Xvideo, etc. The duration of the video is from 7 minutes. In more detail about the recommendations for the video, we will discuss with those with whom we will work.

After signing the contract, the model receives a login and password from the FTP server, where the video will be uploaded. After the model has uploaded the video to the server, it will be published on the site within 2-8 weeks, depending on the workload of the IT department, converting the video from normal to VR content.

For each video, there will be separate statistics of views and income. The information is provided by the manager at the end of the month, by mail, before payment.

Also, the model will be provided with a referral link to go to the site. If a subscription or any of the sex toys is purchased using the link, you get 25% of the income. You can earn additional income by posting a link in your social networks and on the available adult resources with which you work.

Also, active models can be given a toy to promote in their videos. Sent free of charge, by agreement (toy – male masturbator, adapted for video with VR and augmented reality. Retail price ~ $ 200).

To get started, you need to submit content for review. It can be any link to open sources (PH, XVIDEOS, XHAMSTER or a cloud service with your videos). P.s. We do not have the right to download and use them without a contract and we will not, it is natural for us, and we do not need it.

Further, after the answer comes from the office and the model is approved, the personal manager will give detailed instructions. Who is interested, send your portfolio to my telegram @alonesfs

Earning on Pornhub / Pornhub in the 2021 model program

I am glad to welcome dear members of the forum, perhaps some of you have heard about the Model Payment Program from Pornhub, perhaps some have tried to work or are already working successfully.

For those who do not know, Pornhub pays a high%, to be more precise, about 80% – 90% of impressions and clicks on ads on your videos, this can be either a recording of your performances from live sex chats, or a specially filmed porn video for Pornhub. Your income is paid from $ 100 to paxum, bitcoin (usdt) or a check, on average on the 15th of each month, I will attach a screenshot of the check from the Pornhub below, the most convenient way for me is verge cryptocurrency, I can also advise usdt because this crypto is tied to the dollar USA and does not skip the course. Instructions on how to register a USDT wallet. To simplify the receipt of cryptocurrency, you can use the well-known Binance exchange. There you just need to select a spot wallet, press ENTER to find a USDT coin, copy the wallet to receive and paste into the PX.

Models from all countries, without exception, are accepted for participation. Pornhub claims that income fluctuates in the region of $ 1000 – $ 3000, from experience I can say that this is quite realistic already in the first half of the year. The profit depends on the countries in which you are watched, I tested when you broadcast your video from Russian to English and from Russian to German you start to collect an increased number of views due to this, so do not be lazy to translate the title of your video into some other language, it also depends on the niche in which you work, there are popular categories and Pornhub himself advises them on the main page, look and choose a category for yourself. On average, 1 million views is roughly equal to $ 1000.

From my observations, I will say that it is quite possible to get 100,000 views in 24 hours, but this is far from every day, but it is quite possible. Recently, Pornhub has also been uploading your videos to a number of other sites such as youporn, tube8 and others, which will also increase your income. I noticed that the most profitable thing is that free videos that you download are freely available for everyone, they give you money from ads on your videos. One of the undoubted charms of the Model Payment Program is that you can work without showing your face, wearing a mask, or not showing your head at all in the frame.

In order to earn good money and collect the maximum number of views, for this it is necessary to often touch on the gaming theme and tags that teenagers are most interested in, since there are more of them there, as well as on YouTube. But I advise you not to cheat and not fill in left-wing passports, especially those that are burned. Almost everything that is on Google in the pornhub already knows about them and you will be blocked because of this without payment. If you decide to go for fake documents and do not want to burn your IP in order to avoid possible problems, use the anti-defect browser

Linken Sphere.

And so this is an excellent income. There is an opportunity to earn the first $ 100 in the first month. To do this, you will need to download somewhere around 10-20 videos. I myself am personally looking for models for shooting and am ready to cooperate in this regard. If that I am in Litva, shooting porn is not prohibited by law. I really like that you can film without a face. Since I have already filmed with the ranked models of Pornhub before when I was 18 years old. Then I managed to light up my face, many personally know me as a porn model. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but then I filmed in 3 sets and then refused further filming because of a small payment. In general, those attempts at shooting then did not help me with anything but to show myself as a porn model.

More than a million people have watched my videos. If I was in a modeling program, I would have made several thousand dollars. And then I received only 50 euros per shooting day. You should understand how lucky you are now that there is such an opportunity. You can provide yourself with a peaceful old age. There are tons of ideas for what kind of video you can shoot in order to collect a lot of views. Although the pornhub is large, there is still a lot of free space for quality performers. I see Pornhub now as a YouTube platform 10 years ago, when it was easy to collect views and cash in on monetization. But now this little train is gone and YouTube generously bans all your undertakings for any slightest misstep, and pays a penny. In Pornhub, you will now earn 100 times more than on YouTube in the same time.

On Pornhub, you can also fantasize and focus on popular YouTube videos. Since, when a failure occurs in the work of YouTube, viewers go to the Pornhub and there they begin to look for what they are used to watching on YouTube. I believe that now the era of the Pornhub has arrived. Since everywhere there is unemployment and a bunch of prostitutes who are even ready to cheat on their husbands, for the sake of some 5000 rubles. And the deputies themselves have their own strip clubs. Depending on the country you are in. In ours it is all legal and open. In yours, it may be closed establishments only for your own, rich moneybags. This all speaks only in favor of Pornhub. You don’t have to cheat, you can film with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Develop sexuality in yourself and at the same time earn money and not be ashamed that someone will see you naked, because you will not show your face. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to shoot sexy videos on popular topics from YouTube, you will be on top in the Pornhub.

Below is a screenshot that clearly shows how important SEO video and tag optimization is. If you take on non-competitive tags with a high request rate, you will collect a lot of views and be popular there. There are also a lot of other income options out there. Both from views and from selling videos, you can also get tips and money for downloading your videos. I advise you to set minimum price tags for the download and sale of your videos, then they will be bought, but otherwise they are not needed since there is porn in bulk. High quality and free access. You can also earn for going to live sex chat there. They have now screwed on this function. I do not yet know how much more profitable it is to work in the live chat there, but I noticed that basically they pay for everything higher than their competitors. (I read about this on the forum where the web chat workers themselves communicate.) The admins and owners of Pornhub spend thousands of dollars on prizes for the members of the model program every month. For the top models, Pornhub spends and pays in prizes around $ 165,000 a year.

>>Registration on Pornhub model program<<

You can also make money on your erotic photos in the Pornhub. You also upload your verified photos and get money for their views, since on each page of your photo there will be an advertisement that the viewer will also see. Well, it will give you additional attraction to your person and your video. If you are interested in working there with me, you can write, you can work remotely, you can shoot a video, and I will set up the SEO since I have been doing this for 8 years. I am a good advertising specialist. My cases of selling adult goods were bought by affiliate CPA networks. Since I was making a lot of sales without advertising costs. I was in the top for adult. I also worked with the singers of the Voice show and they paid me for the promotion of their channels on YouTube. And in Pornhub in this regard, everything works the same way. Perhaps you have some legal problems with this in the country. It is not prohibited to shoot and distribute porn in Lithuania.

And for others, they can go out and without my help register, verify their account and start making a profit. For verification, you will need to download how you keep your ID or passport from your face. And write your nickname on a piece of paper so that it can be clearly seen (also on your face and also upload it to the model office). Then you will be verified. The rest is just small to follow the rules and upload your videos. Track and analyze where you do best and where you can earn the most. You can write to telegram who is interested in my help and cooperation: @alonesfs

For those who want to develop separately, I offer my own promotion methodology, suitable for everyone, both beginners and professionals. Collected knowledge base and analysis from pornhub. Operating time over 8 years. Very useful to anyone. I can offer it for 100 euros. The information is current for 2021.

Sections of the Methodology that are included in the promotion on the PX:

  1. Acquaintance with the functionality of the chip in the account setup.
  2. Professional customization of tags and selection of video titles.
  3. Tools for the selection and analysis of tags.
  4. Statistics and analysis of popular categories of porn on the PX.
  5. We analyze the quality of the video which videos are watched most of all.
  6. List of social networks and self-promotion
  7. The importance of photo albums and teasers
  8. What not to do on a pornhub
  9. Ideal video performance
  10. Which videos are the most popular and why.

You can get it all + my support for any questions.

I accept payment on WebMoney,

Skrill. Perfectmoney. Bitcoin. Paypal.

For questions about boosting views on a percentage of your channel income with live traffic without the risk of being banned in Pornhub Xhamster and Xvideos, write to the telegram: @alonesfs

Buy cheap views and likes on a pornhub in the service: Stream-promotion

We are also looking for new specialists who are ready to spin channels at a percentage, preferably with experience and understanding of how porn site algorithms work.

We are also promoting girls’ solo accounts on Onlyfans. You can buy living paying subscribers from the US $ 3 = 1 person from us. We are also looking for models for work in the Onlyfans Agency. Our specialists manage and promote your page themselves. You only send content to the bot’s telegram. Which we will connect you after verifying the questionnaire. Payments are made to Paxum. In the amount of $ 400-800 already in the first month of work. Communication via telegram: @alonesfs

Below I attached a screenshot of how I scored 32,000 views with the correct SEO settings per week. And the more views, the more earnings. Therefore, think, I will say for sure that you can earn more with me. But as you can alone, you can, the option is good for those who have a couple. A girl can really work alone and there will also be demand. When it comes to guys, the gay porn category is good. In principle, I told you the most important thing. Focus on the information that I gave. So as not to make mistakes and not lose your account without payment. Better not to try to upload other people’s videos and passports. You may not even have time to withdraw money, your account will be frozen. You will only waste time. In general, this is really the best way to earn money that I know now.

I was previously engaged in casino promotion, selling weight loss courses and adult products. The casino had a very good profit, today I looked at the screenshot there were $ 52,000 of deposits for my advertisement. From losing weight and selling adult goods, I earned about the same for 1,000 euros. Pornhub rules now. If you can shoot the video yourself and do not want to do nothing with the account, I can do everything for you and promote your channel and show you your percentage of the profit from this. We can agree on this already at the post office. For the rest, I just advise you to try it. To get additional profit, you can add a partner link to some kind of sex product in the website section, for example, a link to Titan gel and write something like: – I enlarged my penis with the help of this gel, and also perfectly improved my potency. I advise! Or add your own porn site. I don’t know any other options better. Thanks for attention!

Here I want to add FAQs on this topic:

How much money will i get?
The Model Billing Program pays you a percentage of the ad revenue of your verified videos. Your payout percentage depends on the performance (views and ratings) of your video. Check your account regularly to track your profits. Note. You must be logged in to access your tab.

For example, the average RPM (i.e. revenue per Mille or per 1,000 views) for 2017 was $ 0.69, 2016 was $ 0.62, and 2015 was $ 0.44.

On Modelhub, you retain 65% of your sales, no matter what you sell. How do we get a 65% number? That’s 80% of your net income minus payment processing fees.

How is income calculated?
We pay out a high percentage (80% +) of the ad revenue that your videos earn. Your earnings are based on your video views, plus your bid. The ad metric is calculated based on the effectiveness of ads around your video (clicks, user country, sales).

On Modelhub, you retain 65% of your sales, no matter what you sell. How do we get a 65% number? That’s 80% of your net income minus payment processing fees.

How often do we get paid?
Payments are made monthly with a minimum withdrawal of $ 100.

If you make less than $ 100.00 per month, your money rolls over to the next month.

Payments are made during the first week of every month, and the processing time depends on the payment method you choose.

Paxum and PayPal customers can expect to be paid in the second or third week of the month.

Checks are delivered by the third week of the month.

You can change your payment method and address in the settings tab. Make sure to change it before the end of the month to avoid missed payments!

How do I check if I’m in my video?
Videos are only eligible for income if they are verified during the upload process and if you have uploaded IDs for each artist present.

If you forgot to check your video during the upload process, just email us the link at [email protected]

How do I read my income tab?
On the “Earnings” tab, you will see the following information:

Free Videos – The number of videos suitable for making money in the program per month.

Free Video Earnings – Total income from those eligible for video per month.

Viewshare Videos – The number of videos available for viewing during the month.

Viewshare Video Earnings – Total income from video viewers per month.

Modelhub Videos – The number of videos submitted on Modelhub per month.

Modelhub Video Earnings – Total Modelhub sales revenue this month.

Other Earnings – Total income from all other Modelhub sales (tips and more)

Total Month Earnings – The total amount for the month (the sum of all previous earnings)

Total All-Time Earnings – The total amount for the entire period.

Once you see your payment being processed, please allow 1-2 weeks (if verified) or 2 days (if Paxum or PayPal) for delivery.

  • Pending earnings – there is an estimate and may change from day to day. Earnings are recalculated daily, so check back frequently to see your progress!

How do I get to the Hottest section?
Videos appear in the Hottest section and at the top of the home page if they meet the following criteria:

The video has been shown in the last two weeks
Views, ratings, comments, favorites and total times are exceptionally high

For companies that shoot porn, there is an offer for renting real estate for filming.

You may be interested in the following proposal.

I have a large base of real estate for filming pornography in Prague.

Some locations even have props, for example, a Villa on the hills of the elite district of Prague – Barrandov.

This facility has more than 15 different locations, with different interiors (equipped office, lecture halls, bedrooms, winter garden, terraces, swimming pool, sauna, etc.)

This villa has already been filmed for adult content by Wowgirls.

Since I have been cooperating with the villa management company for a long time and am a direct representative, I can offer you good prices for real estate rental.

The cost of renting an entire villa for a day is 1600 euros, if the villa is rented for 3 days or more, the cost is from 1400 euros,

Week – 1200 euros.

I send photos of locations to the application.

Please contact me, in more detail we can discuss the conditions and rental prices in telegram. – @alonesfs

You can find additional apartments for living and renting in Jurmala on the website:

When making a reservation, enter the promo code: Max and get a gift for any reservation of a private house or apartment!