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Pornography (from others-Greek: πρρνη “prostitute; fornication” + γράφω “I write, draw, describe”; πρρνη < πέρνημι “I sell”) is the display of sexual behavior in literature, images, sculptures, films, etc. in order to cause sexual arousal; according to one definition, “erotic outside of artistic”. The word pornography originally meant any work in literature and art depicting the life of prostitutes.

Since the very definition of pornography is subjective, it is almost impossible to describe its origin and development. Throughout the history of mankind, pornography has been and still is subject to restrictions and prohibitions by state and church authorities. The boundary between pornographic materials, condemned and concealed, and eroticism, the acceptability of which is much broader, usually reflects the changing moral limitations of a particular society over time. In many modern Muslim communities, “pornography” refers to films and TV shows that do not cause any objections in the West. On the other hand, in ancient Greece and Rome, images of the phallus and scenes of orgies were widespread, although it is unlikely that these images pursued the same goals as modern pornography. Nevertheless, pornography has a number of significant differences from eroticism.[]

In the modern world, the issue of pornography criteria is especially important in connection with the widespread development of the porn business.

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