Striptease (English striptease from strip “undress” + tease “tease”) is an erotic dance during which the performer gradually undresses. Professional striptease is usually demonstrated in nightclubs. The classic element of striptease is a pole (pole) around which a stripper or stripper dances and undresses. A stripper can go from the stage to the hall, flirt and sit on the lap of visitors. A typical rule is that visitors are not allowed to touch the stripper with their hands, but he can touch the visitor. Local and central authorities establish laws that determine how much a stripper is allowed to get naked. Sometimes a client can order a so-called “private dance”, where a stripper will dance only in front of him in a separate room (under the covert supervision of security). Usually this service costs extra money – around $20 in the USA. Visitors often give strippers money. Strippers often come up with sonorous pseudonyms for themselves.
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