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A young woman is rescued by a mysterious man… but who’s going to rescue her from him?I wrote this story mostly for myself because it’s one of my fantasies, but I thought I’d post it here anyway.

Who knows, you might enjoy it as much as I do.


The minute he saw her, he knew he had to have her. He had already seen her quite a few times, and enjoyed watching her. 

Every day she would come downtown on the train and wander around taking pictures of anything and everything that interested her. She was always alone, and she never seemed to be going anywhere specific.

The first thing that caught his attention, the first time he saw her, was the way she walked; she stood straight with her shoulders back, proudly showing off her body. But also hesitant, every few seconds she would glance downward as if unsure of herself.

It was like there were two different sides to her, fighting for control; she wanted to be confident but at the same time she was submissive.

She was beautiful; she had long, smooth, tan legs leading up to a small, sexy butt. Her stomach was flat and her hips curved to give her an hourglass figure. 

She had firm and perky C cup breasts that bounced as she walked. And her face was perfect, a small nose, high cheekbones, full pink lips, and Jade green eyes rimmed with long lashes.

Her hair was long and wavy, light brown that shone with gold in the sunlight. She looked about nineteen or twenty. 

She was usually wearing jean shorts that showed off her butt, a loose colorful top, and running shoes. Today she wore dark jean shorts, a green tank-top that matched her eyes, and had her camera bag slung over one shoulder.

He watched her stride down the busy downtown street, it was a weekday, and at noon there were quite a few business men and women on the street out for their lunch breaks. 

She moved easily between the crowds, occasionally he would see a businessman walk past her and then stop to turn and stare.

He knew exactly what they were thinking, but she didn’t seem to notice them.

Eventually she stopped and sat down outside a small café. She ordered a small coffee and sat watching the crowds walk by.

He moved closer, watching her from afar.

A few minutes later, a boy who looked to be about twenty sat down in the chair across from her, looking cocky. 

He was dressed in a tank top that showed off his multiple tattoos, he wore a baseball cap turned backwards and a pair of large sunglasses. He looked like the biggest asshole in the world.

At first it seemed as if she knew him, but as she glanced around uneasily, obviously trying to avoid making eye contact with him, it became apparent that she did not.

“Hey baby, you’re smokin’ hot. If you come back to my place we could have a good time.”

She looked stunned and slightly afraid. 

“No thank you.” She murmured, staring into her coffee.

“Aw come on baby! I’ll fuck you good.” 

He leaned across the table, looking her up and down.


This time she said it more firmly, flushing bright red.

“What’s the matter? My dick ain’t good enough for you?” He looked angry.

Without another word she stood, placed a few dollars on the table for the coffee, and walked away.

The asshole got up and followed her at a distance.

Her stride became faster and she kept glancing behind her. Ducking out of the crowds and around a corner she bolted into an empty alleyway. 

Thinking she’d lost him, she slowed down.

Suddenly two boys dressed similarly to the first turned into the alleyway ahead of her and began striding toward her. 

She turned back and began to run just as the boy who had been following her turned the corner. Before she could react she was pinned against the wall with a hand covering her mouth.

Twisting her arms behind her back roughly, the three boys dragged her toward the darker, more secluded section of the alley.

“Aw fuck man, you were right, she’s hot.” The one holding her wrists said to the first boy as he groped her. 

The other newcomer nodded excitedly, his eyes glazed over.

“Keep your voice down dipshit, or someone’ll hear!” The first boy- who seemed to be their leader- ordered.

“So who gets her first?” asked the second boy as he bound her wrists together tightly behind her back with rope.

As she suddenly realized what was about to happen to her, she began struggling frantically. Biting her captors hand, he flinched and uncovered her mouth. 

She let out a scream, but before anyone could hear her, she was cut off by a hard punch to the stomach. 

Winded and in pain she crumbled to the ground.

“Shut the fuck up bitch!” The first boy roared at her. Dragging her to her feet, he stuffed a piece of cloth in her mouth and tied it behind her head.

“She bit my fucking hand!” the second boy screamed in outrage.

“She bit my fucking hand! I’m fucking bleeding!” 

Ignoring him, the leader pulled a small blade out of his pocket and pressed it against her throat.

“Now listen to me bitch, you’re going to do everything I say, and if you don’t, you’ll regret it.” He growled, pushing the cold blade harder against her neck. 

“Got it?” 

She trembled, frozen, staring up at him. 

“Answer me bitch!” He screamed in her face.

She nodded, whimpering softly.

“You’re going to regret ever saying no to me bitch.” 

He started tearing at her clothes, groping her breasts beneath her shirt roughly.

Slipping the knife back into his pocket and spinning her around, he pushed her against the wall and began grinding the bulge in his pants against her ass. 

Leaning closer to her ear he whispered “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to walk when I’m done.”

He began undoing his zipper as she whimpered, when suddenly she heard two startled screams behind them. 
The boy spun to see what was happening just as a fist hit him square in the face, knocking him to the ground.

She turned to see all three boys knocked to the ground, stunned and bleeding.

A large man stood over the leader, looking angry. He crouched down and, pulling the knife out of the boy’s pocket, he pressed it against his neck.

“If you ever touch another woman, I will find you, and I will kill you. Do you understand?” 

The stranger’s voice was hard and cold. He was terrifying.

The boy just laid there, shocked, staring up into the man’s angry face.

“Answer me bitch.” The stranger commanded calmly as he pushed the cold blade harder against the boys neck.

Nodding furiously, the boy scrambled backward.

“The same goes for the two of you!” He spun and looked down at the two stunned and silent boys that had been watching, terrified.

Nodding and wide-eyed, the two boys stumbled backward, trying to get up. They took off clumsily down the alleyway while their leader stumbled after them.

The stranger strode confidently after them and, stopping abruptly, he whipped the blade in his hand straight at the leader.

It struck the boy squarely in the calf as he let out a startled scream of pain. The other two continued running. 

Without turning, and too afraid to stop, the boy limped away as quickly as he possibly could around the corner.

Unmoving and breathing heavily, the stranger stood staring at where the boys had been, his fists clenched.

The girl didn’t move. She couldn’t see his face, and although he had just saved her, she was still terrified of what this man might do next. So she sat trembling against the wall, her knees drawn to her chest, watching him.

As if realizing that she was still there, the man spun on his heel and strode toward her. Kneeling in front of her, he leaned in to untie the cloth covering her mouth. 

She flinched and scrambled away from him.

“Sit still.” He commanded.

She backed further into the corner as he walked toward her again. She looked absolutely terrified.

He stopped to look her over. Her shirt was torn and he could see a bruise already starting to form on her ribs.

Slowly he crouched in front of her again.

“It’s alright, I won’t hurt you.” 

His features softened and his deep voice became calm and soothing.

He leaned toward her again to untie the gag, and she sat still for him. Helping her to her feet, he gently spun her around to untie her wrists.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

She turned, rubbing her newly freed wrists, and glanced uneasily up at him and then back down again. 

“Lily,” she replied quietly.

“Your clothes are pretty torn up, and my apartment is just a block away. Come with me and I’ll give you something to wear.”

It sounded more like a command than a choice.

Lily glanced down at her half torn shirt. Realizing that this strange man could see quite a bit of her body, she blushed and covered herself with her arms. 

He handed her the leather jacket he had been wearing and she covered herself with it.

She wasn’t sure what she should do; she didn’t quite trust this man, and she certainly didn’t want to go to his apartment. 

But she also didn’t want to walk all the way home half naked, and she was afraid that the other boys might come back. 

So, reluctantly, she nodded to the stranger and without another word, he led her to his apartment.

______________________________Chapter Two________________________________

As she followed him down the sidewalk, Lily looked the stranger over.

He was very handsome. He was about 6’1”, well muscled, and looked to be in his early thirties. His hair was dark brown and slightly messy, but in a sexy way. He had sharp features and a strong angular jaw covered in dark stubble. 

His eyes were dark green and shone with intelligence. He strode forward with confidence, keeping one hand on the small of her back, almost possessively. 

She was glad for her long legs or she may not have been able to keep up with him.

His apartment was only about ten minutes away from where they had been. The building they arrived at seemed fairly new and modern, it was elegant, with black marble floors and chandeliers in the lobby. 

He steered her into the elevator, nodding to the man at the head desk as they passed by.

Much to Lily’s surprise, he pushed the button for the Penthouse on the 60th floor. 

They rode the elevator in silence, occasionally he would glance down at her, looking her over. 

His hand never left her back.

A few seconds later the elevator dinged and came to a halt. He entered a code into a small keypad under the elevator buttons. The small red light on the pad turned green and there was another ding as the doors opened up into a huge apartment.

He allowed her to get out first. She stepped out onto the soft white carpet and glanced around the room in awe. It was amazing. 

The elevator doors closed behind them and without a word he wandered off down the short set of stairs in front of them and around the corner. 

Unsure if she was supposed to follow him, she stood unmoving and surveyed the room; The floor at the bottom of the stairs was dark oak hardwood and polished, there was a small wooden table in the center of the foyer with a small bouquet of dark red roses in the middle.

The walls were light brown, and there were beautiful black and white photos of cities around the world spread out all along them.

She could see part of a large window in the room straight ahead, and part of a black leather couch. 

Her curiosity got the better of her and she wandered into the next room.

Huge was too small a word for this apartment, this was a mansion. 

The wall straight ahead of her was made completely of floor to ceiling windows, with a breath-taking view of the city. 

To her left was a stone wall made up of different colored rocks, with a large gray stone fireplace at the bottom. In front of the fireplace was a black shag rug and a long black leather L shaped couch, with a small glass coffee table in front of it, and a matching chair on the opposite side. 

The fireplace was lit and flickering gently.

To her right was a black grand piano and two smaller black leather chairs that matched the couch. 

There was a banister behind the piano and a tall black iron spiral staircase that led down to an immaculate and beautiful modern kitchen.

The entire apartment was well furnished and very masculine.

Setting her camera bag down against the wall, she wandered over to the window and looked out onto the city; they were high above downtown, she could see most of the city from where she stood. The sun was just beginning to set and a soft orange glow lit up the surrounding skyscrapers. 

“Beautiful isn’t it?” 

He had come up behind her silently, and she jumped.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you” his voice was deep and smooth.

Lily stared up at him, unable to move or speak.

“You can change into this.”

He handed her a large, clean, dark-green T-shirt, which she assumed was his.

“Thanks.” She murmured as she tentatively took it from him.

He just watched her, as if expecting her to change in front of him.

“Oh” he suddenly realized what she wanted. 

“The bedroom is down that hallway and to the left, there’s a bathroom attached where you can change.”

He looked slightly disappointed.

She nodded and wandered off down the hall. He watched her go.

Finding his bedroom, she wandered in and glanced around the room.

It was similar to the rest of the apartment; lots of black and brown, modern and comfortable with a few paintings on the walls. 

Against the far wall was a huge king-size bed covered in soft looking dark brown sheets and pillows. The wall to her right was made up of one large window.

She wandered into the bathroom around the corner and closed the door; there was no lock.

Removing his leather jacket, she examined herself in the mirror; her green tank top was completely torn to shreds, and she could see a few bruises forming on her ribs. 

One of the straps on her lacy black bra was broken and part of it was ripped, so she removed it completely. Her shorts were also torn and the zipper was broken, so she removed them too. 

Luckily she was wearing her tight women’s boxer shorts, instead of her usual skimpy panties, so she didn’t feel too naked.

She pulled the too-big T-shirt over her head, bunched her torn clothes into a ball and threw them in the trash.

The shirt came down almost to her knees- like a short dress.

She wandered out of the bedroom and back into the room where she’d left him. He was sitting on the couch in front of the fire. He seemed to be lost in thought.

She cautiously wandered over to the fireplace and he looked up with a smile when he noticed her, looking her up and down appraisingly. 

She suddenly felt much more naked.

“Would you like something to eat?” he asked suddenly, getting up from the couch and moving toward the spiral stairs.

“No thank you.” she was hungry, but she wanted out of this strange man’s apartment more.

“Nonsense, you must be starving.” He ignored her and wandered down the stairs. 

He seemed to have a slight accent she hadn’t noticed before. 

Unsure whether she should follow him or bolt out the door, she stayed in place.

Before she could make her decision, he came back up the stairs with a plate of cheese and fruit and placed it on the table by the fire.

He sat down in the chair by the window and beckoned her over.

“Come and eat something.” Once again, it was a command.

She slowly walked over and sat on the couch opposite him. 

She surveyed the handsome stranger suspiciously and realized that she didn’t know his name.

“Who are you?” she blurted without thinking, a slow blush creeping over her face.

He looked up at her from selecting a grape, and a small smile appeared on his lips.

He was silent for a moment and then replied “My name is Nikolae.”

He was one of the sexiest men she’d ever seen, she felt her throat catch and her face get hot as he looked her over. 

There was an air of importance to him, he was well groomed and sounded intelligent, his posture exuded confidence. 

He was obviously very well-educated and successful, so why was he being so nice to her?

He watched her silently, casually leaning back in his chair, arms spread out on the back. He was wearing a black button-up shirt, and dark jeans. 

He slowly began running his finger across his bottom lip absently, staring at something.

She followed his gaze to between her legs and realized that she had been sitting with her legs spread, displaying her panties.

She quickly closed her knees and pulled the shirt over them, covering herself. She flushed an even brighter red.

He looked back up into her eyes, a crooked smile on his face. 

There was something in his eyes as he looked at her, something that made her want to bolt for the door.

“Thank you for saving me.” She said suddenly, wanting to break the silence.

“I don’t know what would have happened to me if you hadn’t been there.” She said, embarrassed. 

She shuddered as she had a sudden flashback of the day’s events. 

He let out a small sigh and leaned forward, uncrossing his legs.

“You’re welcome.” 

“Eat something” he said, gesturing to the fruit.

She glanced at the fruit wearily and then picked up a strawberry and took a small bite; it was the best strawberry she’d ever had. She reached for another.

He was back to watching her. 

She was beautiful. He watched her pink lips wrap around the strawberry. 

She probably tasted like strawberries, he thought. He wanted to taste her, ALL of her.

Noticing the look on his face, she fidgeted uncomfortably, glancing toward the elevator door.

“Why were you downtown alone?” he asked suddenly.

His question threw her off, she didn’t expect him to ask.

“Err… I like taking pictures” she nodded toward her camera bag.

“Sometimes I like to come downtown and take pictures of people.”

“You couldn’t come with someone? Friends? Boyfriend?” he questioned further.

“I just moved here and I live alone in a small apartment. My family lives’ in another city…. and I have no boyfriend.” 

She looked down at her hands.

She had never been a very popular girl, she was the weird girl. Most of her time in High School was spent in the library reading. 

Most guys wouldn’t even talk to her, she never understood why. Sometimes she saw them staring, but they would never say anything. She’d never even been on a date before, she had always just assumed that guys weren’t attracted to her. In fact, she had never even been kissed.

Eventually she had learned to live with it, although she often felt lonely… not to mention horny. She fantasized quite a bit, mostly about older men. Boys her age were too immature for her, she liked mature, intelligent, dominant men. Usually she fantasized about her teachers.

He couldn’t understand how such a beautiful girl didn’t have a boyfriend.

“So are you going to school here?”

“No… I just graduated a few months ago actually, with a Journalism degree.” 

She didn’t want to answer any more of his personal questions.

“I moved here for a job, but I don’t start for another month.”

“A Journalist? Beauty and brains…” he looked surprised.

She blushed at the compliment; no one had ever called her beautiful before… or smart, for that matter.

“I’m not beautiful.” She murmured, flushing a deeper red.

He stared at her, eyebrows raised.

“You are very beautiful.” He seemed slightly bemused.

She stared at him with wide eyes. Why was this man, this handsome, sexy man- who could have any woman he wanted- interested in her?

She stood abruptly, stepping away from him.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done, I wish there was some way for me to repay you.”

At that, his eyes lit up and he stood gracefully.

“Perhaps there is a way…” his voice was calm and smooth again.

He moved toward her as she began to back away.

“I should probably leave before it gets dark…” her voice trailed off as he came closer.

Her back was against the wall now as he towered over her.

“Stay” he said softly, staring at her lips.

“I really can’t stay, really, you’ve been so kind, I don’t want to take up any more of your time…” 

She began to ramble as he leaned closer.

He was only a few inches away as she started to panic.

She tried to move to the side and go around him so that she could bolt for the elevator, but he blocked her with his arms, his hands on the wall on either side of her head. 

Before she could think of what to do next, his mouth was on hers. She tensed and her eyes went wide, his mouth was warm and firm as his tongue looked for a way past her lips. Before she could react, her body took over and her lips parted. 

His tongue darted into her mouth, exploring, as his hands moved down to explore her body. She relaxed and her eyes closed as his one hand moved to cup her breast with an expert touch.

She did taste like strawberries.

Suddenly, as she realized what was happening, her eyes flew open and she brought up her knee to push him away, kicking him in the shin.

He released her, letting out a cry of pain and surprise as she bolted for the elevator door.

Grabbing her camera and running to the other room, she reached the elevator to find that there was another keypad similar to the one she had seen on the inside before. She punched random codes into the pad, desperately trying to get out.

Seconds later, Nikolae came striding into the room; he looked angry.

She glanced around the room, looking for another way out, as he made his way up the stairs.

“You can’t leave.” He said coolly.

Unable to find another way out, she darted around him and back down the stairs. He lunged to grab her but missed.

Now he was really mad. No woman had ever said no to him. He would have this girl whether she liked it or not.

Lily ran through the other room, down the iron staircase, and into the kitchen. She ran for a door on the far side of the kitchen, however, when she tried to open it, it was locked.

There was a small counter in the center of the kitchen and she dove behind it.

Calmly, Nikolae came down the stairs with the fluid grace of a panther; He knew there was nowhere left for her to run.

Sitting on the bottom step, he blocked her only way out. 

“Lily, come out, you can’t hide.” His calm voice made her hesitate.

“I just want to make love to you. Come here.” Although it was an order and his voice was firm, he sounded calm and gentle.

She considered going to him, she felt strangely aroused. However, her fear got the better of her and she stayed in place. It wasn’t so much a fear of him as it was a fear of not having any experience. She had no idea how to have sex.

He waited for a few minutes, knowing she would have to come out eventually, but when she didn’t move or reply after a few minutes, he began to get angry again.

Standing, he stepped away from the stairs and stalked toward the counter. 

“Lily, I’ll give you one more chance. Come to me now.” He was losing his calm and this time his voice had an edge to it.

Hearing him get closer, she stood up and faced him; he was on the opposite side of the square counter. 

“Come here.” He commanded firmly.

She did not reply, she only glanced around him, looking for a way out.

He lunged to the side suddenly, reaching around to grab her, but she was too fast. She ran around the opposite side and toward the stairs.

Now he was really mad. 

Forget making love, he thought, I’m going to fuck her until she screams my name.

His eyes were cold as he ran for her, she hadn’t expected him to be so fast and he caught her arm just as she reached the stairs.

Before she had a chance to fight back, he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. She flailed and hit his back, but he didn’t care, and he was too strong for her to break free.

“Put me down!” she continued to struggle.

The shirt slid up over her back as he carried her up the stairs, giving him a nice view of her perfect ass. He smiled smugly, pleased with himself.

He carried her down the hall and into his room, tossing her onto his large bed. He pulled the door shut and locked it.

Taking the few seconds of freedom, Lily scrambled to the edge of the bed and searched for something she could use to defend herself.

He was not amused. He strode toward her, a steely determined look on his face. He didn’t know what it was about her, but he wanted this girl more than any woman he had ever met.

He grabbed her and, in one swift movement, tossed her back onto the bed.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, he was enjoying this game. He was extremely aroused and could feel his cock twitch in anticipation.

Moving to the side of the bed, he grabbed her ankle as she tried to climb away, flipping her onto her back and pulling her toward him. 

He held her wrists together above her head while he climbed on top of her to straddle her hips. She was pinned to the bed by his body. 

Feeling something hard poking into her, she looked down to see a large bulge in his jeans.

She looked up at him with wide eyes, unable to speak. He leaned in to kiss her again, more roughly this time, and then sat back up to look at her.

The first thing he noticed was her small nipples grow hard under the shirt. He slid one hand under the shirt to play with one while he kissed her, as his other hand continued to hold her hands above her head. 

She wriggled and then arched her back to meet his touch as a small moan escaped her mouth. He chuckled softly, knowing exactly what he was doing to her.

She opened her eyes and blushed, realizing what she had just done. Regaining control she started to wriggle away from him again.

He frowned and held her in place.

“Sit still” he growled and pressed down on her more firmly.

Removing his hand from her shirt he slid it down over her stomach and into her panties.

She gasped and her eyes widened as she felt his finger stroke her sex. 

He smiled and leaned down to kiss her neck as his fingers slid back and forth along her pussy lips. She was VERY wet. 

Knowing he’d made her so wet so easily just made him harder.

Suddenly he sat up, removing his hand from her panties and releasing her hands. In one swift movement he grasped her shirt and ripped it in half.

She gasped, startled by his action and embarrassed that half of her was now completely naked, her perky breasts exposed to him. 

“Much better” he said with a smug look on his face.

He grinned at her and grabbed her wrists again, pinning her back down.

Leaning over her he began to kiss his way toward her chest. 

She closed her eyes tightly and tried to resist the urge to give in and let him take her completely. She refused to give him the satisfaction.

He soon reached her perfect breasts where he proceeded to kiss and lick his way over them and suck one of her erect pink nipples into his mouth. 

She moaned quietly, unable to stop herself as this stranger manipulated her with his expert touch.

Suddenly, he bit down gently on her nipple, making her yelp.

“That was for kicking me.” He murmured with a grin when she looked up at him in surprise.

He then went back down to give the other breast the same treatment, eliciting more moans from her.

He had begun to kiss his way down her stomach when, much to her dismay, he rolled off of her. He stood next to the bed, a frown on his face, and then swiftly pulled off his jeans.

Her eyes widened as he straightened to reveal a very, very, large bulge in his boxers. 

He grinned when he realized what she was staring at.

The source of his discomfort now removed, he climbed back on top of her and pinned her arms to her side as she wriggled away from him.

He didn’t care that she was fighting him anymore; he just wanted to fuck her.

Moving his leg in between hers, he pried her legs apart with one knee, preventing her from closing them.

He placed his well-muscled arms on either side of her and kissed his way down her neck.

She began pushing at his chest with all of her strength, hitting him and trying to make him move off of her.

He didn’t budge.

Grasping both wrists in one large hand he held them above her head again and kissed her forcefully, his tongue exploring her mouth as she fought him.

Suddenly a sharp pain shot through his lip as she bit him.

“OW! FUCK! You little…” 

He glared at her as she looked up at him in defiance. 

She could taste his blood on her lips.

That was the last straw, he would break her, and she was going to like it.

Reaching down, he pulled her panties to the side and slid one long finger into her slowly.

She gasped and let out a loud moan.

He stopped kissing her suddenly, surprised by how wet and tight she was. He hadn’t fucked a woman this tight since he was a teenager. He could feel his cock twitch at the thought.

She gasped and her eyes flew open as he slid a second finger into her and began to finger-fuck her.

“Wait!” She began to squirm again.

He frowned and grasped her wrists again with one large hand, holding her still.

“And why would I do that?” he murmured distractedly, still focused on finger-fucking her.

She mumbled something and he almost missed it.

“What?” he looked up from his task to stare at her, eyebrows raised in surprise.

She flushed as she met his eyes.

I’m a virgin.” It was barely a whisper.

He removed his fingers from her and loosened his grip on her wrists.

She didn’t have a hymen, but he knew that she was telling the truth by how tight she was and by the way that she was blushing.

“Please let me go.” She whispered.

He had no intention of letting her go. If anything, this made him even more excited.

“If you don’t try to run again, I won’t hurt you.” was his reply.

He released her wrists and stood up. She watched him uneasily and propped herself up on her arms, but didn’t try to run.

“Are you still going to…” she trailed off as he began to remove first his shirt, then his boxers.

“Yes, I’m still going to fuck you.” He finished her sentence.

“But if you obey me, I will be gentle.”

Her eyes widened as he pulled down his boxers to reveal his thick, nine-inch cock. 

He smiled and climbed back on top of her, pinning her down and kissing her passionately.

Sliding two fingers back into her as he kissed her, he began pumping them in and out again. 

She moaned and lifted her hips as he inserted a third finger while rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Wedging her legs apart with one knee, he positioned his cock at her entrance and slid his fingers out of her.

Caught off guard, she started to struggle again, doing her best to push him off of her. But it was no use, he was too heavy.

“Wait, no…” before she could protest further he slipped his fingers into her mouth, forcing her to taste her own pussy juices, and then slowly began to push his length into her. She was incredibly wet and tight.

He moaned loudly as her tight, hot, cunt squeezed his cock.

Removing his now-clean fingers from her mouth, he leaned down and kissed her roughly, moving a hand down to rub her clit. She moaned and wrapped her legs around him, unable to fight him any longer. 

This just egged him on and it took everything he had not to plunge into her and fuck her senseless. Slowly he pushed into her until he had almost completely filled her. He moaned loudly. 

She was so tight that he had to wait until she had adjusted to him before he could even begin to fuck her in earnest.

Her mouth opened in a silent moan and she squeezed her eyes shut, as he began to fuck her faster.

She gasped, biting her lip to stop herself from making any sound.

“Scream for me.” He grunted.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“Tell me what you want.” His voice was deep and sexy.

When she didn’t respond, he stopped moving.

“Tell me what you want me to do.” This time it was an order.

She wriggled in vain, trying to make him move. It was no use.

Her eyes pleaded with him, she was on the brink of orgasm and he knew it.

“Tell me what you want me to do to you.” He repeated.

He knew he was torturing her.

Her already flushed cheeks turned brighter pink.

“I want you to fuck me.” She whispered, embarrassed.

“What was that?” He smiled smugly.

Fuck me!” She shouted in frustration.

“Be careful what you wish for.” He grinned a wolfish grin and began moving inside of her again.

Her mind now taken over by pleasure, she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist, digging her nails into his back.

He let out an almost animalistic growl and began to fuck her faster.

She felt so good around his cock; wet, warm and tight.

“Oh FUCK!” He yelled as he started to really pound her, no longer caring whether or not he might hurt her.

AHHH! OH GOD YES!” She was moaning uncontrollably now. She arched her back, allowing him to go deeper, as a mind-blowing orgasm consumed her.

“Fuck. You. Are. So. TIGHT.” He grunted in-between each thrust as he fucked her mercilessly.

He knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Her pussy was now massaging his cock with every thrust as yet another orgasm rocked through her, making her scream.

Uh, uh… YES!” She shouted.

“Say my name.” He commanded between grunts.

She moaned loudly and arched her back, pushing her breasts against his chest.

“Nikolae!” she moaned.

LOUDER!” He commanded, pounding her even harder, her moans spurring him on.

“Uh… OH, OHHHHhhhh! YES! FUCK ME NIKOLAE!” She moaned loudly, having another orgasm.

At that moment he knew she was his.

Hearing her shout his name, as she finally gave in, put him over the edge and he could feel his balls tighten.

“Oh FUCK! I’m cumming!

Her eyes shot open as she realized what was about to happen.

He could feel her try to get away from him so that he wouldn’t cum inside her, but he held her down.

“AHHHHHhhhhhhh! FUCK YES!” He shouted as he buried his entire length into her pussy and shot his huge load deep inside her.

The feeling of his hot cum filling her felt so good that she was pushed over the edge again, having one last mind-blowing orgasm.

He collapsed on-top of her, un-moving, letting his cock go soft inside her.

As he pulled out of her and rolled to the side she could feel their mixed juices flood out of her.

She panted, unable to move.

He rolled onto his side and pulled her against him, her back against his hard chest and his arm draped over her stomach.

Burrowing his nose into her hair, he inhaled her subtle scent of vanilla.

She wasn’t sure whether she wanted to run away and never see him again, or if she wanted to stay with him forever.

Before she could decide, she fell asleep in his arms.

To be continued…

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