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A crutch for my pregnant sister

I fucked my heavily pregnant big sister. At the time she was twenty six and I was a shy pimply faced twenty year old more comfortable handling books than girls. I was forever horny and spent a lot of time jerking off after or while reading sex novels and magazines. This was before the time of internet porn. I’d had two girlfriends but had never gotten past the kissing and feeling stage. The last one was a year before this incident. But I had done some fucking, having mustered the courage on about half a dozen occasions over the past two years to invest saved up pocket money on cheap prostitutes. 

My big sister Melody had moved back into the family home after her fiancé, with whom she’d been living for two years, had migrated to the USA. Two weeks after her fiancé’s departure she discovered that she was six weeks pregnant. Her pregnant belly grew rapidly, amazing everyone who saw it. By the time she was seven and a half months pregnant she was huge, looking as if she was ready to pop, and moved about slowly, as if she was sick. She often solicited my help to get up off a chair, or to move about the house, especially when climbing the stairs to her room. She called me her crutch.

Prior to her body’s ballooning, Melody had been an agile, thick, five foot eight volleyball player with massive round ass and full, high firm breasts. She was light caramel, a couple of shades lighter than my rich brown, with close cropped curly copper colored hair and spots of freckles on her smooth pretty face. She had full pouting lips and big shiny mid brown eyes. In other words, sexy as fuck!

Due to the discomfort of her huge belly, and accompanying pregnancy complications Melody’s fiancé had urged her to quit her job when she was five months into her pregnancy. He sent money for her support. During the day the two of us were the only ones at home, as I was awaiting entrance into university, and my other sister who was twenty three worked out of town and came home only on weekends. Mom and dad who were both teachers got home around five o’clock every day. Melody and I soon became very much attached, even more than we were before, now that I had to assist her. I even accompanied her to maternity clinic at times.

Melody had never been one for modesty where dressing was concerned, and now that she was pregnant and always complaining of feeling hot and restricted, wore very little around her ample body, especially when mom and dad were not around. During her teen years our dad whose favorite she was, jokingly nicknamed her ‘quarter yard’ which he said was the amount of material needed to make one of the skimpy outfits she favored. I had always been sexually attracted to pregnant women and usually experienced massive hard ons just from looking at or thinking about them. Now with Melody waddling around the house and sitting or reclining on the sofa wide legged I was constantly aroused. Due to the short or loose stuff she wore, not a day went by without me getting flashes of her fat crotch and ass or exposed boobs. Aware that she was my sister I at first tried to fight against the swelling in my pants when I looked at her, but after always failing to control my rampant cock I gave up trying. She had to be aware of my state when around her; for on a number of occasions I’d caught her taking furtive glances at my crotch. But she didn’t seem in any way put off or concerned about the obvious bulge that greeted her eyes. I welcomed the times when she would cling to me to go upstairs, or stretch out a hand for me to help pull her up from a chair or sofa. I relished those soft brushes of her ripe body against mine.

It soon reached the stage where I was mad with lust for my sister’s pregnant body fuelled by the fact that as the days went by she became more and more careless how she sat or lay around while I was about. Sometimes I’d be sitting opposite her chatting and she’d unabashedly open her legs wide giving me a prime view of her fat pussy barley covered by thin underwear. Or she’d be lying on the sofa with one leg bent at the knee causing the short dress or over sized shirt or whatever she was wearing to ride all the way up to her splendid crotch. At times she’d have on a short robe or nightie that should be knotted at the front, but instead was left open all the way as she moved around doing whatever she was up to. It seemed that she felt secure in those states of dress because I was her brother. If only she knew how badly I wanted to fuck her. It got to where I would sneak up to her room and touch or sniff her sheet and pillow or her worn blouses, bras and panties. I love the rich musty smell of her panties crotch, and would even lick or suck on them sometimes.

One day we were sitting drinking fruit juice and chatting idly about music and other light stuff. She happened to be wearing only a loose blue open front silk robe that couldn’t stretch enough to wrap around her swollen tummy while she was in a sitting position and pink sheer panties the waist of which folded up below her belly, barely covering her crotch. She suddenly stretched out her hands for me to pull her up. I got up quickly to oblige her, unmindful of the swollen cock lurching in my soft track trousers. As she straightened up she seemed to lose her footing, and fell forward onto me, almost knocking me over. I quickly threw my arms around her and steadied our bodies. I felt her belly’s softness pressing against my hard erection. 
“That was close,” she said. Then suddenly stepping back and looking down at the front of my track trousers, she brought a hand up to her mouth and stared wide eyed at the big bulge.
“Whoa, bro, what you trying to do, give me a C section or something, is that a big knife in your pocket?” She broke into giggles.

I was lost for words, and before I could recover she waddled away in the direction of the kitchen. I looked after her departing body, at the hefty ass bouncing under the thin silk robe and the smooth rounded back of her thickened thighs and legs. I made up my mind right there that I was going to make a move on her very soon. To hell with the consequences, this was too much; I wanted to get lost in my beautiful sister’s sweet plump body and I was ready to take the leap. I wanted to feel those big, round ass cheeks and magnificent boobs in my hands. I wanted to kiss those sweet full lips and suck on her long nipples. I wanted to lick her clit and tongue her hot love tunnel till she shook in orgasm against my face. 

The next day, around mid-morning, she came downstairs wearing just a white cotton vest which failed to make it over her distended stomach, or to keep most of her lush boobs from falling out the sides. Below that was a white lace thong that also failed to do its job which was to cover her entire swollen pussy; instead it had slipped into the hot crack, leaving exposed two folds of smooth shaved pussy flesh hanging out for my hungry eyes to devour. I stared open mouthed at the sight approaching as I lay on the low sofa.

“What you watching at?” Melody asked, “Checking to see how much of my tummy you sliced away with your big knife yesterday?” she walked pass me grinning and giving me a good view of her bouncing, huge, slightly dimpled ass, the crack of which completely hid the string of her thong. She bent over a low table to pick up the TV remote and I nearly died at the sight of her fat lump of pussy peeking out at me from between her thick smooth rounded thighs. 
“This is it.” I thought as she walked back to the sofa and plumped down next to me, smelling of sweet body lotion. “I must nail that pussy today. She is practically offering it to me, even without my asking.”

About five minutes later she asked me to fix her a snack which I did. For the next hour and a half we sat watching a movie, which for a morning film had a good dose of steamy scenes. She was constantly fidgeting, her bare thighs bracing against mine. Sometimes at a tense moment of the movie she would lean heavily into me, often throwing an arm around me, causing her soft partly freed breast to crush against my arm. I knew she wanted it as much as I did, but neither of us wanted to take the really big first dive into dark taboo waters. 

At the end of the movie she said that she was suddenly feeling very tired and wanted to go upstairs for a nap. I got up and she extended her hands. I pulled her up forcefully, causing her to fall into me just like the day before. She pulled back at the feel of my hard cock against her tummy. Looking down at the tent in my boxers she said:
“What’s the matter with you bro, there you go again with that big knife of yours. I think you really want to give me a C section or something.” She stressed on the ‘something’. “And I’m not even due until another month and a half, so you’ll have to wait some to get a chance to use your knife on me” she giggled sweetly.
She stepped back a little more, and looking me in the eyes said:
“You know what, little bro; you’re a freak, and not an ordinary freak, a really big one. Imagine getting a hard on for your pregnant sister.”
I looked her straight in the face and said: “I’m an extraordinary freak my sis, because you are an extraordinarily beautiful, extraordinarily pregnant and extraordinarily sexy woman.” Her mouth fell open and she folded her arms around her stomach as she stood there staring at me wide eyed. I held her gaze, feeling her hot brown eyes boring its way into my soul. After what seemed like an eternity she spoke.
“I love that bro, I really love that. Your words make me feel so good. Come, give us a hug, knife or whatever is in there; I’ll take the chance.”
I stepped forward and hugged her tightly, feeling great as my powerful pulsing tool braced her big belly. I felt her hands softly rubbing my bare back. After about ten seconds she raised her face and planted a sudden but briefly lingering kiss on my lips, hers wet and parted, but without any tongue action involved. I was tempted to stick out my tongue but managed to restrain myself.
“Come, time for some crutch duties, help me up those stairs, I’m so tired I really need to lie down” I couldn’t help noticing the double innuendo in her words ‘crutch duties’

As we climbed the stairs she mentioned how the baby was acting up in her tummy, suggesting that it needed its regular tummy rub. I’d overheard her and mom talking about gently rubbing the tummy to soothe the baby whenever she started acting up. I had even seen her doing it on a number of occasions. I led her to the bed where she quickly deposited herself and thanked me.
As I turned to walk away, suddenly getting cold feet, I heard her softly say: “Even my arms feel so tired Mikey would you be a darling and rub my tummy a little so this little lady in here could quiet down?” 
“No problem sis” I said, trying not to show my excitement.
“There’s a little bottle with baby oil on the vanity over there” she said. Those words nearly floored me as the meaning sunk in. if she was going to have me apply oil it meant this was going to be on her bare belly, this was not going to be a rub through the fabric of her clothing as I have seen her done so often while sitting in the living room. With slightly shaky legs I went to the vanity and picked up the bottle. When I turned around and started walking back to her I noticed that she was already lying on her back, the hem of the vest hiked way up and over her tummy, settled in folds just under her breasts. She had managed to fix the small crotch piece of her thong so it just barely covered her pussy. There was a dreamy smile on her face and a faraway look in her eyes like she was high on something. I moved to the bed and sat down next to her. 
“Let me make myself comfortable and easier for you.” She said, raising one leg high and passing it over my head, bringing it down to rest on my thighs.

I poured oil on the huge sexy belly and started a gentle rub, trying hard to avoid looking at the fat tempting crotch. As I rubbed I felt my cock lurching wildly in my boxers as her leg just inches away from the hard muscle provided a sweet pressure on my thighs.
“Oh Mikey, you’re good at this, this feels so good, I’m tempted to have you add this to your daily crutch duties, if you wouldn’t mind the extra work” she said.
“I don’t mind at all Mel, anything to please you sis, you know I love you”
“Oh, you’re so sweet” she said, and gave my hand on her tummy a quick soft squeeze.
“You are sweet too” I said and brazenly leaned forward and pecked her tummy with my lips.
“Thanks”, she said, then added “rub a little lower Mikey”
I placed my hands below her belly button and heard her moan softly as my hands glided over her soft flesh. I felt her leg on my thighs move and settled softly against my throbbing erection.
“A little lower” she murmured. 
I let my hand rub just above the folded waist of her thong, feeling the plump soft rise of her mound. She shivered slightly and her hips jerked as she spread her leg wider. She raised the leg on my thigh, bending the knee and bringing the soft sole of her foot to rest on my hard cock.
“Lower baby, lower, you can rub all the way down, nothing to be afraid of, this breed of pussy doesn’t bite or scratch.” Her encouraging words were a huge turn on; I felt my entire body grow hot with desire as I let my hand softly slide under the waist of her panties. I felt the sole of her foot massaging my rampant wood. She jerked hard as I cupped the fat wet pussy in my palm.
“Oh yes baby, yes, I love that, squeeze my pussy, squeeze my pussy good, I love it. The sound of those words coming out of my sweet sister’s mouth was shocking. I squeezed as she urged, and felt her trying to wiggle under my hand’s pressure, which was a bit difficult in her bloated state, but she managed alright, and I looked on in fascination as she bumped and ground and rolled her body against my massaging hand.

After about two or three minutes of cupping and massaging her wet pussy in my palm, I hooked my fingers into the string waist and pulled at the tiny panties. At first I thought she’d had a change of mind, because she didn’t raise her hips to facilitate the removal of her underwear, she just lay there staring at me with something like shock on my face, and I wondered briefly if this episode was going to be aborted. But then she smiled slightly and raised her hips and ass enough for me to slide the thong down. I noticed a string of slimy cunt juice clinging to the panty crotch as I pulled it away from her pussy. She was really wet and gushing pleasure fluid. She raised and bent the leg on the bed, allowing me to slip the garment off. It remained dangling around the other leg. I brought my right leg up on the bed and spread it wide before sliding forward so our groin areas were almost touching. She spread her thighs wide, her left foot on the bed and her right foot on my left thigh. In that sitting position between her thighs, I grabbed my hard urgent cock and pressed it forward onto her pussy lips rubbing it against the entrance to her pink tunnel. Holding it against her wet flesh I rubbed the smooth bulging head against her stiffened clit and between the hot lips, with her all the while just staring at me and moaning softly and undulating as best she could her demanding big body.
“Push it in Mikey, push your cock into my pussy baby” I heard her snarl.
I pushed forward and entered the hot, tight sweetness hole. She gasped and threw back her head then leaned it to the side as she bit into her lip and grimaced. What looked like tears trickled from her eyes and ran down to mix with perspiration on her neck. I grabbed her full hips in both hands and pushed forward roughly. She screamed softly and her entire body trembled.
“Yes Mikey yes, fuck me strong,” she said “fuck it good and hard, it’s been so long, oh fuck, fuck, fuck. Slam my pussy baby, punish it with your hard cock. Oh gawd, how I luv this, ah, you making me feel good baby brudda.”
She tightly grabbed my hands that were on her hips and began a slow rolling and thrusting of her hips as I stroked in and out of her hungry cunt. She was drenched in sweat, and blowing hard as we fucked, brother and sister matching each other stroke for stroke.
“Let me go on my side baby, but don’t pull out.” She begged.

She brought her leg up and over my head as I leaned forward going all the way into her body to the root of my cock while I pushed back and straightened my legs alongside hers. She lay on her side backing me, my groin against her wet soft ass, and my cock to the hilt in her tight pussy. I began a slow in and out movement as she raised her leg high and bent her knee. I reached up a hand and secured it in the crook of her knee to hold her in place as I rammed her pussy. I felt my own body now begin to drip sweat. I pumped her good and fast as she grunted and cursed like some ghetto bitch, which she definitely was not, but she did it convincingly, making the hairs and pores on my body tingle with a mixture of titillation and embarrassment at her foul mouthed outbursts. As I pumped my cock into her I heard a distinct little fart escape her ass and she giggled and said: “excuse me” a few seconds later another one slipped out, causing her to giggle again. The slightest of stink odor wafted up to my nostrils, and somehow I found it enjoyable.
“You will have to excuse me bro” she said, panting “there’s a lot of gas inside me and I don’t think I can hold it back any longer, I’m sorry”
“Don’t be sorry sis, just let it out I don’t mind”
Immediately I heard the loud expulsion and felt a hot blast of wind against my groin, followed quickly by another equally forceful blast and after a few seconds a smaller one. She sighed heavily and then started laughing.
“Baby brother, you’re really fucking the shit out of me” 
About a minute later she said “grab my clit and rub it Mikey, rub my fucking clit, I want to cum now”
I released her leg, letting her rest it on my shoulder as I gently rubbed her stiff clit between my thumb and forefinger. She began to buck her body, and then I heard her making hissing sounds that grew increasingly louder as I continued my rubbing. She made a sudden grunting sound and her entire body began to tremble and jerk.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck oh gawd, fuuuckkk! She shouted loud enough to make me wonder about our neighbors.
Shortly after as her body’s explosion died down, I felt my own explosion signal its coming and I quickened my movements and started my own uncontrollable grunting.
“If you’re goin to cum I want that load in my mouth baby, I want it in my fucking mouth” she pleaded, as she felt my haste.
Just before I exploded I pulled out and quickly straddled her, ramming my bursting cock into her open waiting mouth. She clamped down on it hard sucking hungrily as I let my load loose. My body jerked roughly for several seconds, but she held my cock tightly in place inside her mouth until she had sucked me dry.
After a while I heard her start to gag and I pulled out. She cupped her hands under her chin, raised her head up a little and emptied a mouthful of cum into the soft fleshy cup. She looked at me and smiled and then began rubbing the slimy stuff all over her breasts and neck and upper arms.
“You’re not the only freak” she said softly, a satisfied look on her face. I leaned down and took a stiff cum laced nipple into my mouth and started sucking hungrily on it.
“You can bite it, not too hard though, I enjoy a little pain sometimes”

I bit into the long nipple and she winced, grabbing my back and sinking her nails into the flesh. I continued to alternate between sucking, licking and biting her nipples as I caressed the full globes of her breasts. She moaned softly throughout my mouth’s administrations. I felt my cock begin to stiffen for more action. I stretched a hand behind me and stroked her pussy that had begun to full up with moisture again. I let two fingers into the hole and worked them around gently. After some time I slid down and placed my face between her thighs, inhaling the sweet pungent female aroma before sinking my face onto the appreciative mound. I licked and tongued and bit her pussy for a long time, until, with her clit clamped tightly between my lips and my tongue tormenting it, I felt her body shudder and heard her hiss and grunt as she exploded into another orgasm. Before her shuddering could end I got up and turned her over, making her get onto her knees quickly with elbows on the mattress and her big ass high in the air. Spreading the red cheeks, I pushed my fully hard cock up to the hilt inside her. She screamed softly and pushed back against me. With my cock deep in her I began a slow rolling with my hips against her ample ass, enjoying the feel of the flesh against me. She began a slight rolling of her own, matching my movements against her. I straightened up and let her do all the moving. I leaned back a little and began slapping her chunky ass and rump, until they were smarting red with finger images.
“Yes bro, yes”, she whispered as I slapped her ass. “I love that baby”
I grabbed her rumps, deliberately sinking my fingers hard into the soft flesh, giving her the little pain she liked as I pumped her pussy with a slow but steady rhythm. She began to fart again and this urged me to quicken my pace. I came with a force unlike any I’d ever felt, and flooded her insides with hot sperm.

“I want to lie down” she whispered weakly, and I pulled out my semi hard cock from her twitching pussy.
I got up and stood at the side of the bed, looking down at my heavily pregnant bloated sister lying on her back sprawled out, her eyes closed, a satisfied little smile on her full sexy lips, as her creamy caramel body glistened with sweat. I leaned over and pressed my lips against hers causing them to open and let my tongue into her mouth to find hers. Our tongues fenced for about a minute until she leaned her head to the side causing a separation of our mouths.
“I love you Mikey” I heard her softly whisper, and right before my very eyes within seconds she was soundly asleep. I stood there for a long time allowing my eyes to examine her entire body. Our fucking continued for a year until her fiancé came home from the USA and married her. Two weeks later he went back, and we resumed our fucking which continued for another year until her and the baby left to join their father and husband. In the days that followed I missed her terribly and began to look a lot in the direction of my other less older sister, enjoying her company every chance I got when she came home on weekends, trying to gradually set the stage for intimacy.