Last Year’s Bathing Suit


“I told you I needed a new bathing suit!”

“My God, have you really grown that much since last summer?” Mom gasped, her eyes going wide.

“Yes,” I snorted, twisting and turning in front of the mirror. The top was a cup size too small and the bottoms barely covered my bottom. “I told you,” I growled at her.

“Well, it’s not like you look bad in it,” she said with half a grin, “I wish I still had the body to wear something like that.”

“Mom!” I cried.

“So, it’s a little skimpy,” she said, coming over and adjusting the straps on the top, “There aren’t going to be any boys there, are there?”

“No, but…”

“It’s bunch of thirteen-year-old girls running around in their bathing suits in Jenny’s backyard,” she reasoned, untying and retying the strings on my bottoms, “None of your friends are going to care if your suit is a little small. They might be a little envious…”

“Mom!” I gasped.

“It’s a good thing your Dad’s not home,” she said, standing behind me and looking at my reflection in the mirror, “He’d have a heart attack if he saw you in this.”

“Oh, my God, Mom!” I blushed.

“I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t let you out of the house,” she said, and then with a curious look on her face, she caught the front of my bottoms and pulled them away from my cunny.

“Mom!” I gasped, slapping her hand away.

“Kelsey Taylor, did you shave off all your hair down there?” she frowned.

“Oh, my God, Mom!” I cried, grabbing my cut-offs and pulling them on over the bikini bottoms.

“Well, it’s not going to be much of a secret that you shaved everything in those bottoms,” she snorted, “When did you start shaving your pubic hair off? You only just started growing it.”

“Oh, my God, Mom, all the girls do it,” I said, pulling a t-shirt on over my top.

“In the eighth grade?” she said, shocked at the idea.

“Can we go?” I said, grabbing my bag and Jenny’s birthday present.

We got to the party and Jenny’s Mom invited my Mom in for a drink while Jenny and I ran up to her room to drop off my bag and her gift. Then we ran back downstairs and out to the backyard. Most of our friends were already there.

“Oh, my God!” Jenny giggled when I told her about my bathing suit, “Come on, let’s see.” I was anxious about taking my shorts and t-shirt off, but everyone else was already in their bathing suits and splashing around in the pool.

“Holy cow!” Ashley gasped, when she saw my suit, “Your Mom let you buy that?”

“No,” I said, and explained that it was my bathing suit from last summer and that I had just outgrown it.

“You look like the girls in my Dad’s Sports Illustrated magazine,” Jenny said, and Ashley and Stacy quickly agreed.

“My Mom would never let me buy a suit like that,” Marcy said, and I had to explain again that it was my old suit.

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