Offer for models to be cast in a VR studio selling toys

A foreign studio that already works with top porn stars like Asa Akira is recruiting models.
Work on a contract. The contract is standard, provided for review and signing by those with whom the decision will be made to work.

Payment on the first Monday of the month. Payment amount – ~ $ 25 for 100 video views on the site.
Average statistics of earning models. ~ 300-500 $ the first month (when 5-7 of your videos are uploaded to the site). Further, as your videos arrive and your popularity on the site. On average, the income of a model with 30+ uploaded videos is ~ $ 1000-3000 per month. We take 40% from your earnings for support and help. You can settle with us after you receive the money. We work in this case through PayPal or Payoneer.

For work, they accept girls / couples who have / publish content in the POV style, as well as content that can be adapted for VR. (Frictions with a member or a dildo should be ~ 90% of the video).
Videos can be provided not exclusive, those that you have already used on other resources – PH, Hamsters, Xvideo, etc. The duration of the video is from 7 minutes. In more detail about the recommendations for the video, we will discuss with those with whom we will work.

After signing the contract, the model receives a login and password from the FTP server, where the video will be uploaded. After the model has uploaded the video to the server, it will be published on the site within 2-8 weeks, depending on the workload of the IT department, converting the video from normal to VR content.

For each video, there will be separate statistics of views and income. The information is provided by the manager at the end of the month, by mail, before payment.

Also, the model will be provided with a referral link to go to the site. If a subscription or any of the sex toys is purchased using the link, you get 25% of the income. You can earn additional income by posting a link in your social networks and on the available adult resources with which you work.

Also, active models can be given a toy to promote in their videos. Sent free of charge, by agreement (toy – male masturbator, adapted for video with VR and augmented reality. Retail price ~ $ 200).

To get started, you need to submit content for review. It can be any link to open sources (PH, XVIDEOS, XHAMSTER or a cloud service with your videos). P.s. We do not have the right to download and use them without a contract and we will not, it is natural for us, and we do not need it.

Further, after the answer comes from the office and the model is approved, the personal manager will give detailed instructions. Who is interested, send your portfolio to my telegram @alonesfs

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