We are opening a set of models for our 3 partner ONLYFANS agency.

Pros of the agency:

  • A girl gets 700-800 $ in the first month of work with 1 questionnaire (you can do 2).
  • Payments can be received in the first 2 weeks.
  • Transparent income statistics.
  • The questionnaires can be sent to work already ready.

The file describes the requirements for content per month.
In the cart, the model should be in touch for custom and relaxed ready for anything.
Ready to go through verification several times for advertising (photos and videos of myself, faces and say certain words confirming identity)
Age 18+ and under 35

Without hesitation and with the understanding that income is on the rise and customers also pay on the accrual basis.
The main thing is that it is not fat and not with hanging boobs!

If anyone is ready to start work, I expect from you 5 photos and examples of videos that you are ready to shoot. As well as a description of what you are really ready for and why you want to work with us.

You can ask me the rest of the questions in PM. Contact @alonesfs

From the model it is important: To have good lighting, in the evening, a soft or a ring lamp A camera on the phone is enough, but a good resolution.

A girl should change images, in different niglazh / underwear / erotic costumes and wigs. Each image should contain: 50 photos (selfies, herself in the mirror, how she caresses herself, legs, piss, in poses, priests, without clothes, the period of undressing and caresses yourself)

For 10 videos for 30-60 seconds, as in this image, it shows itself and begins to undress and spank, but not the complete process. Further 5 videos in the same image as full of caress, legs, ass, with a sex toy.

A must-have image in the bath

20 Photos of naked feet from different angles and positions and one mini video (I threw off a screen of approximate photos) and the same number of photos of masturbation from different angles and in different images.

10 video selfies of a smiling face with filters for 2-5 seconds and the same number of photos.

10 videos of 3-5 minutes of masturbation for each image 10 videos of 4-7 minutes of masturbation with phaloemitters 2 videos of 7 minutes each in different images with a phaloemitter of sex from the back, how a girl caresses herself and sits on it, in detail how she ends (you can show without face), also in front.

3 videos of 5 minutes each in different images of how he swears and spanks himself with either a hand or something.
3 videos of 20 minutes full in the image from and to, foreplay, undressing, with sex toys.

There should be at least 5 images for the first stage, and for each image the entire list is higher.

This content is enough for 3-4 weeks Plus the girl must be in touch in a telegram, because individual orders come from clients for special video filming (not often, but there are up to 7 requests per week).

Phone number and account telegram are required.

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