YouPorn is a free pornographic video sharing website and one of the hundred most popular websites in the world. Since launching in August 2006, it has evolved to become the most popular pornographic site on the internet, and in November 2007, it reportedly became the largest free pornographic site. As of February 2013, it is the 83rd most popular site in the world and the fifth most popular pornographic site. In the category of pornographic sites, it was surpassed in the ranking by such competitors as , and, as well as an adult video site . This Web 2.0 (or Porno 2.0) site differs from many other pornographic sites in that it is completely free and it has advertising support. One journalist reported that in May 2007, the monthly advertising revenue was $120,000 and it belonged to Stephen Paul Jones[4]. There is also a version of the site for homosexuals[5].
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